September 19, 2005 

At the mansion, Theresa tells Alistair that she wants to align herself with him completely. He asks her if he is sure about this, think carefully. She is sure. He warns her that once she gives herself to him completely, he will never give her up. He will own her mind, body and soul. She asks if he is backing out of their deal to help her get Ethan and Jane. Alistair says no, but she needs to know that if she joins forces with him then she will be tainted goods in Ethan's eyes, he'll never have her back. Theresa doesn't believe that, she'll play his game and win. Alistair says even if Ethan does the unthinkable and wants her back, nobody plays his game and wins as he makes up the rules. Alistair gets a phone call, he tells the person very good and he'll be there shortly. He then says what, that can't be? Alistair hangs up and tells Theresa that he has some business to attend to, and she should think about his offer.

In the living room, Ivy and Gwen are still trying to convince Ethan that Theresa is insane and a danger to little Jane, and that she should not be allowed to see the girl. Ethan refuses to believe that, he won't believe that Theresa would ever hurt her own daughter. Ethan eventually leaves to take care of things, and Theresa shows up and overhears Ivy and Gwen talking about how Theresa should never be allowed to see Jane again. Theresa lashes out at them for trying to keep her from her daughter. They say that Ethan agrees with them, and right now he is off filing the necessary papers so that Theresa is never again allowed to see Jane without a responsible adult present. Theresa refuses to let this happen.

At Pilar's, Pilar and Martin are discussing Theresa's foolish behavior when Ethan shows up. HE says he needs their help with Theresa. He says Ivy and Gwen are on a bender to keep Theresa from every seeing Jane again. Pilar says that would kill Theresa. Ethan knows, and that is why he wants their help to talk to Theresa and save her from herself and her own foolish actions.

At the Blue Note, Fancy and Noah end up in the storeroom together, and they wonder what the other is doing here. Fancy says she came to find her wrap, but Noah thinks she followed him in here. She says as if! He says he came in here to find a rat, but perhaps she was the rat. Fancy doesn't believe his story, until a rat scurries across her feet causing her to scream and jump into his arms. She later decides she needs to get out of the storeroom, but they find that they are locked in. Noah is glad as this gives them a chance to talk, and for her to explain why she really came here. He breaks out the champagne, and she swears she came for her wrap. Fancy gets a little drunk and giggly, and the two bond. Noah just hopes that her grandfather or his goons don't show up and ruin things, leaving him for dead like last time. Fancy says please, her grandfather hasn't a clue where she is right now. Outside, Alistair looks in the window from the alley and is furious that Fancy is with Noah.

At Crane Industries, Chad talks with Valerie. He is holding Miles, and she takes him and calls him her little man. She tells Chad how much she cares for him and for Miles, and how she will wait until he's ready to have a relationship. He thanks her, and he says he can see how well she and Miles get along. Valerie knows Whitney is still a problem though. He says she is. Valerie tells him that Whitney is his half sister and they can never be, plus she joined a cloistered convent to get away from him. Doesn't that tell him something. Chad just isn't ready to move on right now. Valerie tells him what an incredible team they could be, both in and out of Crane Industries. She then begins talking business, Fox is up to something secretive. Chad thought all the scheming was behind them, but Valerie says Fox was raised to be a Crane and he's still not happy that Chad got the office he had his eye on. She says Fox knows Julian favors Chad here, and he doesn't like that. She suggests they keep a very close eye on Fox, and she'll be his spy. Meanwhile, Kay and Fox are busy kissing, and she tells him that they need to get to work. He begins telling her about this amazing secret deal he has set up with a think tank in China, and how it's going to blow everyone away when he reveals it. He gives Kay her first assignment, she needs to email his proposal to the corporate offices in China. Chad, Miles and Valerie show up, and they all talk. Valerie convinces Chad he needs to put up a front with Fox like they are getting along, so Chad asks Fox to be Miles' godfather. Fox is honored and says of course. Chad suggests they go to his office to celebrate. They all leave, all but Kay who wants to send out the emails for Fox. Valerie hangs behind too and spies on Kay. She says she won't let Kay take her down.

On the Crane jet, Eve and Julian buckle themselves in, and Eve says goodbye to Harmony. Suddenly sirens are heard, and Eve says it is the police. Julian tells the pilot to take off, but he can't. He says they'll take his license if he does. The cops board the plane and arrest both Eve and Julian for attempting to flee and obstructing justice. 

In jail, Eve and Julian are in opposite cells. Eve is devastated, but Julian says they will get out of this. Eve says not her, by attempting to flee she's going to look guiltier than ever. Eve says the jury is going to fry her for sure after this. 


September 20, 2005

Eve is in jail and Julian is blaming himself. Julian says when he finds out who is really responsible for this . . . . Julian leaves to call his lawyer, and Eve thinks she should probably used to being locked up. Julian is freed thanks to Judge Reilly, but he cant get Eve bail. He says that is his fault, he never should have convinced her to run. Eve says she could have said no to running away with him. Julian knows his father did this to them, he will stop at nothing to destroy those he feel have betrayed him. Julian once again apologizes to Eve for all of this. Julian promises to find a way to get her out of here, and they share a kiss through the bars. Later, Eve thinks about Lizs eruption in the courtroom. She thinks shes going to be in prison for the rest of her life.

Ethan is still at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house asking Martin and Pilar to help him talk sense into Theresa. Pilar says Theresa is too irrational to reason with right now, and she explains everything that happened with the disks and the confrontation with Gwen. Pilar thinks they are too late to save Theresa, she is determined to win him and Jane back. Pilar shutters to think what she will do next. Ethan says if they help him to get Theresa to act responsibly then he can convince Gwen to allow Theresa see Jane. They thank him for doing this, but Pilar says getting Theresa under control will be a problem. Ethan thinks first they need to get her out of the Crane Mansion.

At the mansion, Theresa tells Ivy and Gwen she doesnt believe them, Ethan wouldnt banish her from Janes life. Gwen says he is just protecting her from her psychotic mother. Theresa knocks over a chair and says she isnt crazy. Gwen says is she certifiable. Theresa yells at Gwen that she is a liar and she admitted the truth to her about sending the email to the tabloid. Gwen tells Theresa to accept defeat, she has lost her daughter and Ethan is finished with her. Theresa says Ethan wouldnt do this, shes going to find him and ask him. They say hes gone. Theresa cries, and Gwen says as usual it is all about poor Theresa. Gwen says never mind what she has put her through, and Gwen begins listing all of Theresas atrocities against her. Ivy says yes Ethan has finally seen the violent monster she is that might actually hurt her own child in a psychotic rage. Gwen tells her to look at her arm, it isnt the new fall look, it is proof she is a lunatic and a dangerous one. Theresa runs off, and Rebecca shows up and wonders what she missed. 

Later Ethan returns, and he is not happy with Rebecca for making Eve look bad in court. Ivy tells herself shell be glad to see Eve go and take her own secrets with her to jail. Gwen feels sorry as Eve has always been so nice to them. Rebecca asks what about her, Eve is sharing her husbands bed. Ethan says speaking of her husband, he hands her legal papers. She reads the divorce settlement and says this is outrageous. She says there isnt enough money for her limo driver or her pool boy here. Ethan says well their marriage was brief, she signed a prenup and they didnt have children. Rebecca says she wants more and shell get it, even if she has to hold Julian hostage! Ethan says this is not his problem as his priority is Eve. Rebecca storms off. Julian then shows up and tells Ethan that he thinks it is over for Eve. Julian informs him about their escape attempt, and how father stopped them and had them arrested. Ethan says the judge will not give Eve bail now that shes a flight risk. Julian says Eve will go to jail and the real would be killer will get off free. Ivy looks cold, and Gwen makes a face. Ethan and Julian discuss the case, and they realize perhaps Liz wasnt the victim. Julian begins to suspect Eve was the victim, and Rebecca was the one who poisoned her. 

Later, Gwen talks with Ethan about limiting Theresas visits to Jane. He says he talked with Martin and Pilar about talking sense into Theresa and getting her back home. He says step one is getting her out of this mansion, theyll deal with everything else in time.

Rebecca is in her room brooding over the settlement, but decides to worry about it tomorrow. She turns of the light to sleep, and a hand grabs her mouth. She tries to scream but cant. It is only Julian, and she asks if she is trying to scare her to death so he doesnt have to pay her alimony. He says as tempting as that is he wants her alive to tell the judge she is the one who poisoned Eves drink.

Theresa returns to her room and is furious that Ethan betrayed her. She calls Alistair and tells him that she has thought it over and wants to take his offer. She says she is ready to do everything he wants of her. He says everything, and she says yes. He hopes she realizes this is it, there is no turning back. Alistair says theyll talk later, right now he has bigger fish to fry. Theresa looks at a photo of her, Ethan and the kids. She says this is her last chance for them to be together.

At Crane Industries, Fox and Chad have a drink while Miles sleeps. They toast to them, brothers and partners. Meanwhile, Kay sends off the email and then heads off. Valerie then sneaks in and sabotages Kay by deleting her email before they are sent off. Apparently Alistair is so worried about corporate sabotage that any and all emails first go to the legal department for review. She says Kay will have egg on her face and Foxs little project will be caput. Kay goes to join Chad and Fox, and Chad welcomes her to the company. He asks what shes working on, and she says shes just getting used to the computer system. Chad tells Kay if she needs help to ask him or Valerie. Chad then wonders where Valerie is. Valerie is still deleting Kays emails. Valerie eventually joins them, and she welcomes Kay as well and tells her to feel free to ask her if she needs help with anything. She thinks they will become fast friends. Kay says shed like that. Fox has to get back to his office, and Kay heads off with him. Valerie gives Chad a look. Chad knows the look and wonders what is going on. Valerie fills him in on eavesdropping on Kay and Fox, and learning about Fox deal with the Chinese government. Valerie says she told him not to trust Fox. He says she was right, but she says it is not about right or wrong, it is about who ends up on top. Chad says she is right and they have to stall them. Valerie says it is already handled. She says Fox wont suspect a thing, and Kay will be fired because she is so green. 

Fox and Kay go back to the office to check for a response, but nobody has responded. Fox wonders why nobody responded to the email. Kay says it is still early, but he says not over there it isnt. He says if they dont get a response soon then this project is dead in the water. They wait for a response, but nothing comes through. Fox decides to make a few phone calls to Asia and hope they get responses that way. He learns the emails werent sent, so Fox checks the other Asian offices, none of them got the email. Kay knows she sent those emails out. Fox says its okay, its her first day and most people make mistakes. Kay says she sent them, but then finds out someone in legal retrieved it and deleted them. Fox thinks perhaps something happened while they were sending, but Kay knows she saw the messages sent message on the screen. Kay doesnt understand how this happened. Fox says well they missed the deadline and it will be months before another opportunity comes along. Kay hates that she let him down. Chad and Valerie show up and asks if something is the matter? Kay says she just screwed up something for Fox and he missed a deadline. They offer to help if they can, but Fox says it is too late. Fox once again tells Kay that it is okay, it is her first day and mistakes happen. Valerie tells Kay not to be upset, things happen. Kay says it wasnt her fault, she was careful and didnt screw up. Kay says she thinks someone set her up to make her look bad. Valerie looks nervous as Kay explains how she thinks someone sabotaged her, but she doesnt know who. Perhaps someone who wanted her job? Valerie says there were others up for the job, but she is here for her as us girls have to stick together.

At the Blue Note, Alistair watches from outside the back door of the storeroom as Noah and Fancy sip wine. He talks to himself and says Fancy better not get involved with Noah, she better not force him to hate her. He says if Fancy fails him then she will regret it. He wants her to turn her back on Noah. He watches them kiss and cant believe this. He says hell give Fancy another chance to stay in his good graces as long as she doesnt give herself to Noah Bennett. 

Fancy and Noah are laughing and drinking in the storeroom. Noah says she has a nice laugh, and she says him too. Noah finds Fancys wrap and gives it to her. Fancy once again apologizes to Noah for hurting him, she lied to her grandfather because she knows he doesnt want her to get involved with some guy from the other side of the tracks. She then kisses Noah. Liz finally shows up and tells Noah to get his butt back out in the club and shimmy and shake some drinks. Noah says he cant, he has to leave. Liz says those ladies are waiting for their eye candy, but Noah says hell make it up to her. Noah and Fancy then run off together. 

Fancy and Noah return to the beach for a second go at their romantic evening. Meanwhile, Alistair has his limo driver follow them to the beach. Back at the beach, Fox and Fancy are dancing by the fire Noah has lit. As they get down to business, Alistair spies on them from the bushes. Alistair is of course pissed as he watches Fancy and Noah making love. He says Fancy crossed the line, she betrayed his trust and now he will destroy her and Noah Bennett. 


September 21, 2005

In Rebeccas room, Julian wants Rebecca to admit that she tried to poison the punch the night of Luis and Sheridans wedding. Rebecca screams to Alistair to help her, but Julian says nice try. Rebecca asks why she would try to kill Liz? He says the intended victim wasnt Liz, it was Eve. Rebecca says Eve was the killer, she couldnt be the victim too. Julian says only four people were in that basement, himself, her, Eve and Liz. He knows Eve didnt poison Liz, and he knows Liz didnt poison herself, so that leaves her. She asks how he could think that of her, she thinks life is sacred and she wouldnt try to hurt Liz. He says he thinks she tried to poison Eve, and Liz accidentally picked up the wrong glass. Julian cant believe he didnt think of this before. He says she had motive and opportunity. She asks how she got the poison? Julian doesnt know, but she is the one who did it. Rebecca says she didnt show up until after Liz was poisoned, but he says they only have her word and they know what it is worth. He thinks she could have been skulking around waiting to poison Eve. Rebecca remembers what happened the night she tried to poison Eve, but says really its not like she hangs around in church basements where they have the AA meetings. Julian thinks he has it right, but Rebecca says Eve is the killer and he needs to face that fact. She says Eve hates Liz, she wanted Liz dead. Julian says not as much as she wanted Eve dead. He says he wont rest until he can prove it. When the show returned from the news interruption, Julian is still accusing Rebecca of being the one who put the poison in the punch. Rebecca says fine, prove it buster! Julian says he cant prove it, and she says yes there is nothing he can do. She warns him if he tries to smear her name then shell hire a pack of lawyers to make sure he ends up flat broke in the gutter. She says he belongs there for that ridiculous divorce settlement he offered her. He says if she can keep Eve from going to prison then he will give her anything she wants. She says anything? Julian says name it. 

Meanwhile, Gwen continues to tell Ethan how Theresa is sneaky and a liar and wont stop until she gets Jane back as well as Ethan. Ethan says things are about to change, but Gwen doubts it. She says Theresa is delusional and crazy and cant be left alone with the baby. Ethan knows Theresa is her own worst enemy, but he knows she wouldnt hurt a baby. Gwen cant believe he just said that to her. Gwen says she is the reason she lost her Sarah, Ethan wasnt there to see Theresa push her when she was sick and nine month pregnant . Ethan tells her that it is being taken care of. He says eventually Theresa will come to her senses. Gwen says why, he obviously hasnt. The show was interrupted here for a local scandal. Later, Ethan is telling Gwen that he told her that Pilar and Martin would take care of it, Theresa is gone and they will talk sense into her. Ethan says with Theresa out of the house they have a chance at a happy and normal life.

Theresa is looking at a photo of her, Ethan, Jane and Little Ethan. She thinks siding with Alistair is her last and only chance. Pilar and Martin show up, and they say they are here to take her home. Theresa says shes not going anywhere. Pilar says this obsession with another womans husband needs to stop. Theresa says Gwen stole her daughter, she will get Jane and Ethan back. Pilar says it wont happen. Theresa says it will, she will use Alistair to help her. Martin says nobody uses Alistair, the man tried to kill his own daughter. Martin asks her if Alistair can make Ethan love her? Theresa says Ethan already loved her. Something is said about punishing people. Theresa says she is not going to be punished, others will. She says she just has to stick it out. Pilar says she warned her what would happen if she sold her soul to the devil. She says she has become vindictive and harsh, and for her to try and break up Ethan and Gwens marriage is a sin. Theresa asks if it was it a sin when Gwen ruined her wedding day, was it a sin when she sent the information to the tabloids and framed her? She says Gwen has caused her a life of pain and she hopes that pain falls back on her tenfold. Martin says this is like the exorcist, Alistairs voice is coming out of her mouth. Pilar says its like shes been brainwashed by Alistair. Theresa tells them to go home as they are trespassing. Martin says fine, and he picks Theresa up and says they are taking this little brat with them. 

Martin and Pilar take Theresa home. Shes furious and says they have kidnapped her and are treating her like a child. Pilar says they love her and are doing this for her own good. Theresa lashes out at her father, she says he doesnt know her, he ran off and left them so he can stop acting the part of her father. Theresa says shes going back to the mansion, but Martin grabs her and says he doesnt think so. Theresa breaks free and insists she return to her family at the Crane Mansion. Pilar says they are her family. Theresa says this isnt her family anymore, she is going to be with her children and Alistair will get her what she wants.

At the station, both Chad and Whitney show up, Eve had called them both with the news about what happened and asked to see them. Whitney looks at Chad, who has Miles. Simone soon shows up as well, she got the phone call too. A guard says Eve wants to see her children, and they are escorted to see her. In her cell, Eve thinks God is punishing her for all her mistakes and what shes done to her family because of all her lies. She thinks she needs to accept her fate. The kids show up to see her, and she is given all the time she needs as the cop is an old patient of hers. Simone asks what happened, and she tearfully explains. When the show returns from the news interruption, Eve is saying she should have taken the plea bargain. Whitney says no, she would have gone to jail for 45 years. Eve says at this point she will probably spend life in jail, and with any luck shell die soon. Simone tells her not to say that, and Chad says they will get her out of here. Chad says theyll visit her in the meantime, but Eve refuses to have Miles visit her in the state pen. She then tells Whitney that if she takes her vows then Miles will never see her either. Eve says the reason she asked them here was to say goodbye, this is it, the last time shell see them. They all share a family hug as Eve cries.

Out on the street, Jessica is begging Spike not to make her turn tricks. Spike tells her that she doesnt love him, and she is as selfish as everyone else. He says and after she helped hwe with the guy she killed. She knows she owes him, so he says prove it. He asks if she wants to stay with him and help him rebuild the club, or does she want to go back to that prison of a home with her dad. She says of course she wants to stay with him. He says then get your butt in gear and get back to work. He pushes her in front of a speeding car. The car stops in time, and the driver gets out to check on Jessica. He asks if that man pushed her, but she says no. He says he should take her home, she shouldnt be out here at night. Spike says she isnt alone. The guy says again hes sorry, and he gets back in his car. Spike tells her to go after him now. She heads over and talks to the guy, saying he shouldnt rush over and she could keep him company. When the show comes back, Jessica is being put in handcuffs by the man, who is a cop. Spike ditches her, and Jessica yells at him to come help her. The cops says pimps disappear when the cops show up, abut theyll catch him. Jessica yells that he cant arrest her.

Down on the beach, Alistair watches from the bushes as Fancy and Noah are making love by the fire. He is furious with Fancy for lying to him about Noah. He says Fancy has humiliated him, and shes going to pay the price. He aims a gun at them. He doesnt shoot though, and when the show returns from the news they have finished making love. Alistair is still watching, and Noah wonders what Alistair will say about this. Fancy says he wont like it. Noah wants the whole world to know about them. She says just dont flaunt it yet. He asks if she is ashamed of him? She kisses him and asks if that answers his question. She says they are only just starting out, they need time to get to know one another. Noah says maybe. She wants to keep this their little secret for the time being. Alistair spies and says hell keep the secret, and he spins the chamber in his gun. He says hes only loved two people in his life, Rachel and Fancy, and they have both betrayed him. Fancy is begging Noah not to tell anyone yet. He says it doesnt feel right. She says after everything shes done for him. He says like what? She always almost gets him killed. She begs him to just keep quiet for a little while. He says okay, for awhile but not forever. They kiss, and Fancy says what grandfather doesnt know wont hurt him. Alistair aims the gun at them and says what he does know will, and it will hurt them too.



September 22, 2005
At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin and Pilar are trying to convince Theresa that Alistair is only using her and they beg her not to let him do that. Theresa wont listen to her father as he has no say in any of this. Martin says fine, but listen to her mother. Martin leaves them, and Pilar lectures Theresa. She says her father did what he thought was right at the time, but he is back now and she needs them both to save her from herself. She says if Theresa puts her faith in Alistair then she will pay. Pilar says Theresa is breaking her heart, she has no respect for her father or for her. Theresa says she shouldnt have respect for her father given what he dead. Theresa does tell Pilar that she loves and respects her, but she has to do what she has to do. Pilar tries to talk her out of this, she asks how can she think about going back and being raped whenever Alistair chooses. Theresa says she has to get her daughter back no matter what she has to do. Pilar tells Theresa that she created this heartache all on her own, and Alistair will never help her. Theresa asks her mother if she wants her to be happy? Pilar says of course. Theresa says the only way shell be happy is to have her daughter and Ethan. Pilar asks if Ethan will want Alistairs whore? Theresa remembers Alistair said the same thing to her. Theresa says Ethan loves her and one day they will be together. She says now get out of her way, shes going to the mansion. Theresa then walks out. 

Martin takes a walk and runs into Katherine, who was also taking a walk too. Katherine feels guilty for what has happened to Martins family because of her. He says not to blame herself, she had to leave her marriage to Alistair and he had to be the one to help her. She says she should go, but he says not yet. He says he is worried about her, but she says she is fine. He asks if she really is? She changes the subject and asks how things with Pilar are going? Martin says they are going well. Katherine says he gave up so much to go to Mexico with her. He says so did she, and she is still with that same man who tortured her. Katherine says it isnt as bad as it seems, and she gets to see her children and grandchildren now. As they talk, Pilar walks out and finds them. She spies on them as Katherine tells Martin she shouldnt be here, it isnt fair to Pilar, and he must keep his word to her. She walks off, and Pilar looks at them.

At the mansion, Gwen is talking to Ethan about how she wishes she could believe Theresa wont return, but she is obsessed with him. Ethan says Pilar and Martin will convince her it is too dangerous for her to come back. She asks since when does Theresa listen to Pilar? Ethan knows they wont let her out of their site now that they have her away from Alistair. Gwen thinks hes right about that. She goes to check on Jane, and Ethan has a drink.

In her room, Rebecca tells Julian what he is saying is that if he helps her clear Eve then shell get anything she wants? Julian says yes. Rebecca says he must love Eve very much, and he says with all his heart. Rebecca asks what kind of thing is that to say to his wife? He says their relationship was based on lust not love. He once again offers her anything she wants. She says so hed revise that divorce settlement? He says yes, anything she wants, just name it. Rebecca begins to fantasize about Julian waiting on her hand and foot. She is dressed as a queen, and he as a peasant. Hes begging for her forgiveness for doubting her, for doubting their love. He says he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her, and he calls her his queen. She says she wants a surprise, and Julian brings in a donkey. Rebecca says he remembered! Julian snaps her out of it and tells Rebecca to tell him something to use to save Eve. Rebecca says she doesnt know anything. Julian says she is a liar, he knows she poisoned Eves punch glass. Rebecca says she knows nothing and to leave her alone. Julian refuses, and he shakes her. Rebecca says he is hurting her, and she knees him in the groin. Gwen shows up and asks what is wrong with her? Rebecca says Julian is trying to kill her. Gwen asks Julian and Rebecca to tell her what is going on here. Rebecca says Julian is desperate to save Eve and thinks she may know something. Gwen thinks Julian is onto her mother. Julian has left the room, but Rebecca hushes her because Julian may hear her. Rebecca closes the door and then explains that Julian suspects the truth, he accused her of poisoning Eve, and of course she denied it. However she tells Gwen about the offer Julian has made her. Gwen asks if she is thinking what she thinks shes thinking? Gwen says if she confesses then shell go to prison for the rest of her life. Rebecca says she wouldnt tell the truth unless she got a no-jail time plea bargain. Gwen says Julian wont be able to convince Grace Nancier to let her walk. Rebecca says the Cranes have power, but Gwen says this is different, its an attempted murder trial. Gwen says if she goes ahead with this scheme then she wont stand by her side. She says Theresa would use this against her to get Ethan. Gwen begs her not to do this and walks out. Rebecca soon realizes that Gwen is right, and if anyone is going to jail for a long time it wont be her. 

Ethan talks to Julian and asks if he had any luck with Rebecca? Julian says no, but hes not giving up yet. Ethan wishes him luck. Later Gwen returns, and Ethan asks why she looks upset. Gwen says her mother is being her annoying and crazy self as usual. Ethan says he has a cure for that. He puts on some music and they dance together. As they dance, Theresa returns. Gwen is talking about how Theresa is gone and things will get better. Theresa says sorry to disappoint them, but shes back.

At the station, Jessica is brought in by the undercover cop for prostitution. They are stunned to learn this is Chief Bennetts daughter. Jessica is photographed and booked. When she is grabbed by her arm by one of the cops, she cries out. The cop says what is wrong, and he looks at her arm. He sees she is cutting herself again. He says her father told him about this She says it is none of his business, and doesnt she get to make a phone call. He says yes, does she want to call her father. She says no way, shell call someone else. They tell her that she can get out easy given this is her first offense, if she gives up her pimp. She refuses to give up his name. They ask why she cares, he doesnt give a damn about her. She says he does, he loves her. They tell her to suit herself. Suddenly Spike walks in! Jessica warns him about the undercover cop. Spike has come to bail out Jessica, and shes free to go. The cop tells Jessica to take care of herself. Spike thinks Jessica is trying to get him busted, but she says no and she tried to warn him the cop might recognize him. Spike says it is lucky for her that the undercover cop didnt recognize him! They then head off.

Meanwhile, Whitney tells her mom not to say goodbye, this isnt over. Simone says Ethan hasnt even presented her defense yet. Eve says the jury already thinks she is guilty and she knows shell spend the rest of her life in prison. She says shell miss all of them so much, and she is so so sorry. She wishes she had told them all the truth, and shes so sorry for what happened. They say she brought them up to be honest and responsible, and they were wrong to blame her for their problems and mistakes. Eve remembers Simone telling her about her girlfriend being mean to her, so she tells Simone that she needs to follow her heart otherwise shell never find happiness. She says dont listen to others, follow her heart. Eve then talks to Whitney, she says if she had known Chad was alive she would have told her the truth. Eve says she didnt know, and she is sorry. Whitney says she knows and she is sorry for blaming her. Eve also says she knows Whitney thinks she has sinned against God, but it wasnt intentional. She says the convent isnt the answer. Eve says this baby needs his mother, throw away the guilt and be a mother to her baby and a friend to her brother. Whitney asks if she is saying to live with her brother? Eve says no, but she can have a life with them. She knows Whitney wont be happy to be away from her baby. Whitney says she cant, she just cant. Julian soon shows up, and they ask if he found anything to help their mom? He says no, and hes sorry. The kids all have to go, and they leave Eve to talk with Julian. Eve thanks them for coming and says this is it, no more goodbyes. The kids all hug her and leave. Julian swears to Eve he wont give up on this. They kiss, and he says hell be there for her every step of the way.

Outside the station, Simone sees Jessica with Spike, and she tells Spike to leave her alone. Spike says he told her to stay away from his woman. Spike shoves Simone, and Jessica begs him not to hurt her. Spike drags her off as Simone begs Jessica not to go with him.

On the beach, Fancy is asking Noah once again to please keep his mouth shut about them. He says okay, not forever though, just for a little while. Fancy thanks him and thinks what her grandfather doesnt know wont hurt him. From the bushes Alistair says but what he does know will hurt them. He tries to shoot them, but the gun jams or is empty. Alistair picks up a rock to use to kill Noah, but then says this is too easy and he has a better idea. Alistair beaks into Noahs car and says this should do the trick. He then wipes the prints off his gun and puts it in the glove compartment along with something else. Meanwhile Fancy and Noah are going at it again. Alistair is making a call and says Fancy and her lowlife are about to be really surprised. Later the cops show up to break up the festivities. The cops tell them On their feet! Noah asks if they did something wrong? He knows this isnt a nude beach but . . . They tell them to shut up and get on their feet. Fancy asks if it is the bonfire that got them in trouble. They ask whose car this is, and Noah says his. The cops found an unlicensed gun and half a pound of cocaine in his car. Noah is arrested for selling drugs, and Fancy says this is a mistake. A spying Alistair says this is no mistake, Fancy will pay the worst way possible.


September 23, 2005

At the B&B, Chris asks Sheridan to be James Godmother. Sheridan is touched and surprised he asked her. He says she shouldnt be, shes been so good to both him and James. She asks if there is anyone else he wouldnt rather ask, friends or family? He says no, hes lost contact with everyone because of the witness protection program. Sheridan says she would love to be his Godmother. He says hopefully Sam will be his Godfather. She says but he hardly knows him. He says Sam seems like a good man and he knows hed be there for James. They see the headlines about Sam in the paper, and Sheridan begins talking about the bad blood between Sam and her father, and how her family keeps getting involved with people her father hates. Later Sam shows up, and he says he got Chris message. He doesnt know why Chris would ask him, but he says hed be honored to do it. Chris says great and hell give them the date and time for the Christening. Chris has to take James off to watch his favorite TV show. Sam talks with Sheridan about the way shes acting towards Chris, she hasnt forgotten Luis already? She says of course not, she aches to hold Marty and see him again. Sam asks what about Luis? What if Luis comes back without her son? Will she still want to be with him? Sam tells her not to forget how much Luis loves her. She says she cant and wont. Sam says theyll talk later, and he leaves. Chris returns and tells Sheridan that perhaps they could go out to dinner and movie, something that doesnt involve diapers and coloring books. She says a date? Chris says sort of. Sheridan says she cant go out with him, it is just too soon. He says he understands. He goes to check on James, and Sheridan thinks about Luis and Marty. She wonders what shell do if Luis comes home without Marty. 

As Fancy and Ivy sit on the sofa at the mansion, Alistair reads the paper and says he will finally bury Sam Bennett, and enjoy doing so. Fancy begs Alistair not to do this, and she says she thinks she loves Noah. Alistair tells her that she lied to him, she has basically stabbed him in the heart with a knife. She says she is sorry, but he calls her pathetic for lusting after a blue colored clod like Noah. Alistair wonders what is wrong with this family and their tastes. He says he never thought Fancy would disappoint him, she was the only one who understand what it means to be a Crane. She says she does understand and she is sorry, but dont make Noah suffer for her mistake. Alistair tells Fancy not to beg, Cranes dont beg. He says he gave her all of this (being a Crane and the money) and this is how she repays him. He says she confused lust with love and then she lied to him. Alistair says she will suffer the consequences of watching him lay waste to the family of the man she thinks she loves. Fancy cries and Ivy comforts her. Fancy asks him not to punish Noah and his family for her mistake, Noah is a good man and his family cant hurt them. Alistair says they can, and he refuses to let what happened to Ivy happen to his own blood. Alistair says hes worked too hard to build this fortune and he wont let anyone tear it down. Alistair says he will crush Noah and finish Sam off. Fancy says she thinks she loves Noah. Alistair refuses to believe that and tells her to stay away from Noah or else. Fancy runs off, and then Alistair has some words for Ivy. Ivy asks him not to do this, let Fancy be happy and leave Sam and Noah alone. Alistair tells Ivy for years she wanted Sam back and lost him all over again. Ivy says that was her fault, she lied to Sam about Jessica. He says if Sam loved her then it shouldnt have mattered. Ivy says love and trust go hand in hand. Alistair says love doesnt exist, and what they both feel for the Bennetts is lust. Ivy calls him a heartless monster. Alistair says he is the head of this family and what he says goes. She says not this time, she will tell Fancy to follow her heart. Alistair pulls her into a kiss, and Ivy calls him a bastard. He says she is confusing him with her first born son. Alistair tells Ivy that hes always wanted her, and he will have her. He says stop worrying about Fancys future and worry about her own, as he has big plans for her. He says be careful what she tells Fancy as her advice could come back to haunt her. 

In her room, Rebecca is considering Julians deal. She wonders if she could do it, and what she would ask Julian for in exchange. Rebecca tries to think of a way to set Eve free and get what ever she wants.

Sam visits Noah in jail and shows him the morning paper, hes been accused of taking bribes. Sam says the DA claims they have years of mismanaged accounts from the police station which show Sam was taking kick backs. Sam says Alistair, in his own sick way, he thinks he is protecting his family. Noahs bail has been set very high, and Sam has to sell his boat to make the bail. Noah refuses to let him sell that boat as it means the world to him. Sam says Noah is what is important, and he will do what he has to. Noah asks him to hold off on the boat thing, he has friends who might be able to help him make bail. Sam says hell hold off until tonigh, but is Fancy worth this trouble? Noah says all of it and then some. Sam has to leave, and Noah tries to figure out how to post bail. Noah thinks at least he has his own cell. The guard then brings in a new cellmate, a big guy named Thumper. The guard says he comes courtesy Alistair Crane. Noah tells Thumper that he doesnt want any trouble, he can have the bunk and the pillow. Thumper grabs the pillow and tries to kill Noah with it by smothering him. Noah moves too quick and Thumper knocks himself out against the bars of the cell. Noah is then told his bail has been posted. He walks out and finds Fancy posted his bail. She tells him how sorry she is, and they hug. He tells her that it isnt his fault, and he has her to thank for bailing him out. He asks how she got the money? She says she sold some old jewelry her grandfather gave her. He says hes sorry, but she says no she is sorry. She says shes not good for him. He says she is the best thing to ever happen to him. Fancy says hes making this harder than it has to be. She says she cares about him too much to ruin his life, so they cant see one another anymore. She then runs out of the station.

At the courthouse, Julian tells Eve and Ethan, who has Gwen by his side, that he pleaded and even threatened Rebecca to confess, but she wouldnt budge. Julian is positive Rebecca is behind this and calls her a conniving snake. Eve tells Gwen not to take it personally, she is nothing like her mother. Ethan says he knows Gwen would never stoop that low. Gwen makes a frowny face. Liz walks in and says it is a lovely day, Eve is about to be found guilty and sent to prison. Later, TC shows up and tells Eve he knows what happened with her failed escape, and it is okay. He says he just wants what is best for her. Grace Nancier shows up and tells Eve to fasten her seatbelt as there is a lot of turbulence ahead. Court starts, and Ethan presents his case by calling his one and only witness, Eve Russell. Julian thinks this is madness, but Ethan says its their only hope. Meanwhile Grace thinks her chance to cross examine Eve will be her undoing. Eve takes the stand and talks about her relationship with Liz when they were children. Eve says she loved her sister and didnt know her father would molest her. She says she would have killed him if she had known, yes they heard her right. She says she loved her sister that much. Eve says Liz hated her though and blamed her for what happened, so she came to Harmony to destroy her and her family. Eve recounts everything that Liz has done to hurt her and her daughters, and Julian hopes this will turn the jury to Eves side. Ethan asks if she tried to kill Alistair, and she says no. She says she actually saved his life twice, even after he was poisoned. She also says she didnt shoot Julian, and while she threatened him so did half of Harmony on that night. She also says she didnt poison Liz and saved her life as well. She says she hates what her sister has done to her and her family, but in her heart she is still her sister and she still loves her. Liz is fuming at this point. Ethan rests his case, and Grace Nancier is given a shot. Grace asks how she expects the jury to believe all those lies? Grace asks if it is true that she lied to her husband about her past. Eve admits she lied to him about her past. Grace asks if it is true that she kissed Julian when she was married to TC. Eve says Liz and TC had done the same thing, but she admits yes she did. Grace asks if she is such a liar then why should the jury believe her? She is a liar and has lied under oath. Ethan gets another chance, and once again asks if she tried to kill the people she is accused of. Eve says no, and Ethan says he has no further questions. Eve is allowed to step down. Eve thinks shes done for, shes going to prison for the rest of her life. The judge calls the councilors to the bench, and Rebecca shows up. Rebecca asks Liz what she missed, and Liz fills her in. She says Eve is as good as convicted. The Judge says the jury will now deliberate Dr. Russells fate. The jury heads off, and Liz and Rebecca talk about how the jury will find Eve guilty any time now. Liz heads out for a quick bite to eat. Rebecca takes Lizs purse out to her and says she forgot it. Liz thanks her and says she admires Rebecca, shes a woman who will do anything to get what she wants. Rebecca tells herself that Liz has no idea, but she, Eve and Julian will soon find out. Rebecca walks back into court and smiles.

Tabitha is watching the going-ons in Harmony via her bowl, and she wishes Endora had some of her grandfathers talent for inflicting pain. She thinks if Endora watches some more cable that she will grow into her evilness. Tabitha watches what is going on in court and sees Rebecca is up to something, so she better nip whatever shes planning in the bud. She says this is no time to Leave it to Diva. Tabitha snaps herself into an outfit that the Beavers mom would wear, and we hear the Leave it to Beaver theme song. Tabitha decides to find a spell to stop this. 

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