September 26, 2005 

At the Bennett house, Noah explains to his father that Fancy bailed him out of jail. Sam would like to thank her, but Noah doesnt think shell be coming around soon. Sam thinks she is in love with him for sure. Noah says Fancy told him that they cant see one another ever again. He tells his dad how Fancy said she was no good for him and ran off after bailing him out. Sam says she has guts, she defied Alistair and bailed him out of jail. He thinks that is love. Noah isnt so sure, why did she run away, why didnt she say she loved him? Sam thinks she does love him, but Noah still isnt convinced. Sam tells Noah that true love is the sweetest thing on earth, and if he finds it not to let it pass him by. He says if Noah loves Fancy then fight Alistair, the Crane Empire, the whole world. He says it is worth fighting for. Noah says what does it matter, if they stay together then nothing but bad things can happen for this family. Sam says nothing bad can come from love. He tells his dad to look at both his past with Ivy and mom, or look at Ethan and Gwen and Theresa or the Russells. He says there are no happy couples in Harmony, and the only thing you get out of true love is pain for you and those around you. Noah says he is surprised how deep his feelings for her are, and he never thought love could hurt like this. Sam says it doesnt always have to. Noah says he bought into that old clich about finding the right girl, marrying, having children and growing old together. Sam says hes forgetting about college tuition, the mortgage and other problems most couples face. Noah says yeah, like in-laws from hell. Sam says Alistair isnt the normal in-law, but if he loves Fancy then fight for her. Noah says but then his dad's life is ruined, and that isnt fair. Sam once again tells him not to give up on love, fight for Fancy. Noah thinks maybe if he gives up on Fancy then Alistair will lay off them. Sam doubts it, and Sam says things and money dont matter. Sam says the one thing he wants more than anything is for his children to be happy, if Fancy makes him happy then forget the consequences. Sam gets a call from the guy he was going to sell the boat to, and he lets the guy down easy. Noah tells himself that he cant let his dad lose everything hes worked for, he has to tell Fancy they cant see one another again. Noah calls Fancy and leaves a message, he asks her to meet him in the park by the rose garden. Later Sam thinks about Grace and hope shes happy wherever she is. He also thinks Noah has met the true love of his life, and that they have what the two of them once had. He hopes their story turns out better than theirs did. He ponders what is worse, having an incredible love and losing it, or losing it before it begins.

Fancy shows up at the B&B in tears and cries to Sheridan that her life is over. Fancy says she is in love and is miserable. Sheridan thinks it is Noah, she read the paper. Fancy says she knows Alistair planted the drugs in his car, and now Sam is being investigated for being corrupt. She says Alistair is going to destroy the whole family because she fell in love with Noah. Sheridan says the story sounds familiar, he did the same thing with her and with Julian. Fancy says grandfather thinks they all need protecting, and mother says Cranes who fall in love are cursed. Sheridan says the only curse is her father. Fancy wonders if she really has to stay away from Noah, and she wonders why love hurts so much. She wonders how Alistair can be so mean, hes never been like that wit her before. Sheridan says not to you, and he has turned his back on her because she is in love. Sheridan reminds Fancy that her father thinks they were put on this earth to work, not be happy. She says consider herself lucky, Alistair did care for her for a long time. Sheridan says shes always been a disappointment to him, but then when she fell in love with Luis is when she felt his full wrath. She tells Fancy at least Alistair hasnt tried to kill her yet. Fancy says those tabloid stories were true were they? Sheridan says yes, and consider herself warned that the worst is yet to come. Fancy asks what more can he do? Sheridan says Alistair is just getting started, whatever he does will be evil, sick and long. She says he likes to draw the pain out. Fancy says she thought Sheridan was a fool to turn her back on Luis, until now. She says then she met Noah and she understood. Sheridan tells Fancy to fight for Noah if he is what she wants. She asks how she can be with Noah if Grandfather is going to destroy him and his family. She thinks maybe if she bats her eyes at her grandfather and talks in her bad little girl voice then hell forgive and forget. She says she can still have a good life cant she? Sheridan tells him not to give up on Noah for fathers sake, otherwise Alistair will continue to run her life and tell her every decision to make. Sheridan tells Fancy not to give up, fight. Fancy says that is rich, she gave up on Luis and ran away to live in a tacky B&B. She asks Sheridan if she hasnt let grandfather win? Sheridan says she hasnt given up on anything, she is here because she cant go back to the estate and she is trying to figure out what she wants. Fancy says she is sorry, she is just scared and confused right now. She doesnt know what choice to make. Fancy wonders why this had to happen, she had a great life before Noah. She thinks she can have her old life back again, she can get grandfather to forgive her and leave the Bennetts. She says then shell go to Australia. Sheridan tells her not to make big decisions on the spur of the moment, and not to give up on love and Noah. She tells Fancy she has to make up her own mind, but dont listen to anything Alistair says to her. Fancy apologizes for dumping on her and for what she said. She just hopes she can make the right decision. Fancy then heads off. Later, Sheridan folds laundry and thinks about what she said to Fancy, and what Fancy said to her. She calls Chris and asks him if the date offer still stands then shed like to accept.

Fancy and Noah meet in the park to discuss things. She says she was about to call him when she got his message. He says they have to talk, and she says she knows.

Tabitha is still watching Bowl-O-Vision. She would so like to watch Fancys pain all day long, but needs to focus on Rebecca. She asks to see Rebecca, but then tells the bowl not photos of her from her collection, she wants to see court. She sees the jury is out and says this cant be. She also knows Rebecca is up to something. She says if Rebecca succeeds then Eve will walk away a free woman. Tabitha searches for a spell to make Eve be voted guilty. She finds the not guilty spell which she used at the OJ trial, but not the guilty spell. Tabitha watches the jurors and then worries about one of them who doesnt seem to think Eve is guilty. She quickly works on her spell to make them all vote guilty. 

In court, Grace Nancier gloats to Eve, Ethan and Julian that Eve should have taken her deal. She says Toodles! and walks off. Eve thinks this is it, she's going to jail for the rest of her life. Rebecca approaches them and tells Julian they need to speak, she may have a way to keep his hussy out of jail. Julian says the only way she can save Eve is to admit she did the poisoning. Rebecca says fiddlesticks, that is his imagination running away with itself. Julian says he may not have proof, but he knows it was her. He asks if she is here to confess? She tells him to come with her and talk in private, so he does. He wonders what this is about, they know shes not going to confess. Rebecca says there is more than one way to skin a cat, and if she finds a way to keep Eve out of prison will he still give her anything? He says yes, but what can she do. Can she really save Eve? She thinks she can, so Julian wants to know what she wants in return.

Meanwhile, Liz tries to convince TC that Eve is the liar, not her. Liz says all she ever wanted was justice. She says Eve hates her, she poisoned her. TC says Eve isnt capable of killing anyone. She says Eve is capable of anything, and she points out that she is with Julian right now. She says they look like too little love birds. She says Eve will do anything to get what she wants. Liz says the chickens have come home to roost, and if he wants Eve to stay out of prison then pray as only a miracle will save her.

In the jury room, the jurors are talking about Eve. The head juror wants to vote and get out of here before cocktail hour. He says she is guilty so just vote. They all vote, but one woman seems to be holding out. 

Back in court, the bailiff says he has an announcement. Liz is positive they have found Eve guilty. The bailiff only tells them to stay close for when the jury come back. Grace Nancier says that is it? She asks if he has heard anything from the jury. The bailiff says no. She wishes they would hurry up and shes trying to get this on the evening news. Liz is also angry and says shes been waiting long enough for her sister to get the hell she deserves. Grace assures her that they are probably just enjoying the free snack cakes or something.

Julian returns to Rebecca to discuss a deal. Meanwhile, TC asks Eve how shes doing. She says shes trying to be strong. TC says whether she goes to jail or not, she is his Eve and always will be. He asks what Rebecca and Julian are talking about? Eve says Rebecca says she can keep her out of jail. TC says she wont do anything unless it benefits herself.

Meanwhile, Rebecca assures Julian that she can save Eve, as long as he signs a little piece of paper for her. He asks what it is? She says sign it sight unseen. Julian signs it! Rebecca asks if Alistair taught him nothing, never sign anything you dont read. Julian doesnt care as long as Eve stays out of prison. Rebecca says she will, but once he realizes what he signed hes not going to be a happy camper. 

Back in the jurors room, everyone votes guilty. The last juror says the foreman hasnt read her vote yet. He looks at her ballet and cant believe it. A spying Tabitha wonders how she voted. She voted not guilty, so they are stuck. Tabitha panics and tries to whip up another spell before Rebecca does what she is planning.

Back in court, Rebecca approaches the bench and demands the judge come out as she needs to speak to her. Everyone wonders what Rebecca is doing. The bailiff says shes going to be thrown in jail, but Rebecca says not when he hears what she has to say. She says it is time for the truth to be heard. Rebecca pounds the gavel and says she is not used to being kept waiting. The judge comes out and asks what is going on? She says finally. He wants Rebecca to explain herself. She says she has something to confess.


September 27, 2005

In the park, Noah and Fancy have a talk about the two of them. Noah says the odds are against them, her grandfather, well they dont have a choice. Fancy says she knows. Noah and Fancy tell one another about their family talks. Noah says they come from two different worlds, and he wont let her or his family suffer. Fancy says not to worry about her, but he is right to worry about his family. Fancy says Sheridan scared her, Alistair tried to kill her and Luis. Fancy worries what he has planned for him. Noah says he can take care of himself, but Fancy says so far hes not doing a great job. Fancy says he is facing bogus drug charges and his father is being investigated. She says from what Sheridan says, Alistair could really hurt him. She says shes never seen this side of Alistair before. Noah says it isnt pretty, and Alistair wont stop until she gives him up. Noah says he could cut her off, and he wouldnt ask her give up everything for him. Fancy says and she wouldnt ask him to put himself and his family in danger. They eventually agree to break up. They soon begin criticizing one another. Noah cant believe the way she dresses up her dog, she cant believe the junk food he eats. He says she cant walk down the street without getting in trouble, and she says he doesnt listen. Fancy says but he makes her laugh, and Noah says she makes him try something new. They say they make one anothers hearts skip a beat, and they are the best kisser. They lean in to kiss, but stop and realize they have to stay apart. Fancy says it is over, it really is over.

In his office, Alistair gets a call and learns Fancy is with Noah. He is not pleased and thinks Fancy ruined her last chance. He says she is like every other member of this backstabbing family, and theyll all find out what he has planned for them. Alistair makes another call and asks to make sure the video cameras are installed, he wants to replay the expression on his family faces over and over again when they get the news.

At Crane Industries, Fox is talking with Kay, who is taking notes on what Fox is saying. Fox is working to salvage the Chinese deal. He also wants to get into Alistairs good graces and take over this company. Kay wants to help him make all his dreams come true, and says that is why she has to quit. Fox is shocked, and asks what this is about. Kay says he needs someone to help him accomplish his goals, and that isnt her. Kay knows someone is sabotaging her here, someone retrieved the emails from her computer and deleted them. Fox says whoever did this is out to get him, not her. He says that is why he needs her, he can trust her. He begs her not to quit as he needs her. She says from now on shell just have to watch her back. She agrees to stay.

Meanwhile, Valerie is talking with Chad, he has a big plan for Liberia. Chad says he may not have an ivy league education, but hes decided hes going to run this company one day. Valerie tells him he is a Crane through and through. He doesnt know if that is a compliment. She says from her it is, and the two of them working together make an unbeatable machine. She says theyll smash that glass ceiling and go straight to the top. Valerie pulls him into a kiss, and he eventually puts an end to it. Valerie knows hes not ready for a new woman, and as usual she jumped the gun. Valerie says Whitney is in a convent and gone for good, when hes ready to admit that then she will be here. Chad knows he owes her a lot for covering for him. Valerie says shes done more, she sabotaged Foxs project. She says shell make sure every one of Kay and Foxs plans crash. Chad hates doing this, but admits he wants to win. He says the Cranes took everything from him, and this country is his birthright. He says hell beat Alistair at his own game. Valerie says and shell help him, together theyll go all the way.

Chad and Valerie go to see Fox and Kay, Chad says Alistair has summoned them all to his office. He says this cant be good. They go into Alistairs office, and Fox asks what they did. He says nothing. He tells them theyve done nothing, they are useless to him. He starts with Fox, who thinks he is heir to everything he has built. However hes too stupid to realize his girlfriend passed off a child on him that wasnt his, it was his brothers. He says but at least he has a Bennett to comfort him, how low can Fox get? He says her father is a crook, her brother is a drug dealer and her sister is a whore. Kay tells Alistair that he is a liar. He says he likes gumption, but her new position with Fox is temporary until he gets tired of her and throws her out. He says when that happens, she wont get her job at the cannery back. He says he doubts her family can survive by the money Jessica makes on her back. He then turns to Chad, the accidental result of Julians drunken night with Eve. He says Chad calls him a Crane, but Cranes dont waste years on pop-music and relationships with their sister. He then turns to Valerie, Chads own black Lady McBeth. She says the term is African American, but Alistair cant be bothered to keep up with politically correct lingo. Chad wants to leave, but Alistair says not another step. He says he has something to say that will change everything. He orders them to come to the Seascape tonight, otherwise they are all fired. He tells them to now go. 

Chris is on the laptop and thinks poor Sheridan. Sheridan shows up and asks what hes looking at? He says the movie times for their, but he sees she has a paper so he shuts the computer. She thinks hes lying, and she says their date is off. Chris says he was just trying to protect her, but hell show her. He pulls up a website which has a news article on Luis. Sheridan says no, Luis is dead? Chris says no hes not, he was injured and is receiving treatment at hospital. Luis tracked Beth to Spain, and she got tipped off on him getting too close. She got to a private plane, and a van crashed Luis car to stop him from stopping her. Sheridan says Beth got away again, Luis was so close to stopping her. She damns her father for this. They soon end up fighting about love. Chris tries to urge her not to give up. Sheridan wants Chris to keep his advice to himself as he gave up on Maureen and James to make money for the mob. They eventually both calm down, and they apologize. Sheridan says the stress just got to her, and she is so sorry. Chris says it is only because of what her father put her through, and he hopes he never meets the man. She says there is no reason for their paths to cross. They still agree to out for dinner and a movie.

A spying Tabitha realizes she has to stop Rebecca. She says no time for dress up, it is battle stations time. She changes out of her June Cleaver outfit and searches for a spell to make the last juror change her verdict. Endora is snoring, and Tabitha wants her to stay that way so she doesnt conjure up goodness. She ends up getting the boys in the basement to try and help her, she upsets them and asks for some of their mojo. They strike her down with lightening, and then she tells the final juror to find Eve guilty, and she zaps her with lightening. In the jury room, the last juror is talking about giving Eve the benefit of the doubt when shes hit with lightening. She says screw it, lets hang Eve, lets give her the chair! Tabitha thinks she has done it. 

In court, Rebecca tells everyone that she has to confess. The bailiff asks if he should remove her, but the judge says let her speak. Rebecca says she has to tell the truth, it is time to confess everything. Rebecca takes the stand, and the judge asks why she waited till the jury was deliberating to say this? Rebecca says it is silly but she just remembered. Rebecca says she honestly just remembered, she saw something so nasty and it triggered her memory. She says psychiatrists call it sudden memory syndrome. They ask what she saw, and Rebecca says a vial of poison. Rebecca says when she saw it, it triggered a memory that she suppressed. She says she saw the same vial the night Liz was poisoned in the basement of the church. The judge asks where she saw this vial? Rebecca says she should take him back to the first time she saw it. She says it was in the church basement, she saw a hand hold that bottle and pour it into a cup of punch. She says she blacked it out, but now she remembers. She says the poison was never intended for Liz Sanbourne. Gwen thinks her mother has lost it, they are finished. Rebecca says Liz drank from the wrong cup as the poison was intended for Eve Russell. The judge asks how she knows? Rebecca says because she knows the poison wasnt intended for Liz as Liz was the one who poured the poison into the cup. She says Liz must have drank from the wrong cup. Everyone is stunned, and Liz says she is lying. Ethan says this changes everything, but Grace says this is a lunatic attempt to keep Eve out of prison. Rebecca says please, she hates Eve as she stole her pookie. Rebecca says if Eve went to prison then she would have a chance at getting her husband back. The bailiff says the jury has reached a verdict. A spying Tabitha tries to get the jury back in before the judge dismisses the whole case. The judge thinks Mrs. Cranes testimony is suspect, but Ethan says this changes everything. Grace says she has no proof, and Ethan says that hasnt stopped her. Rebecca says there is proof, the poison is in her purse. Liz says this is ridiculous, but as she empties her purse the poison is in it! Liz is shocked, as is everyone else. A spying Tabitha realizes she now has to keep the jurors from coming back as this could change their minds. She makes them all sit down and stay, but Endora wakes up and tells them to boogie and makes them stampede into the courtroom. Tabitha asks Endora what is she doing, is she bringing the jury back to stop her evil? The jury returns, and the judge wants them out of here. Rebecca keeps talking and tells the jury everything that has happened, that Liz tried to kill Eve but drank the poison by mistake, and then tried to pin it on Eve. Liz says it is a lie, and Grace agrees. She thinks it is a set-up. Rebecca says no, Liz brought the poison here to kill Eve if she was set free. Rebecca says they all know how much Liz hates her sister. The whole court is up in arms, and the judge is trying to get order. Liz says she has been framed. The judge tells her to be silent. He says he wished he had reviewed this before the jury reviewed the evidence, but that is water under the bridge. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells her daughter she is a demon for bringing the jury back in to hear the fake evidence. The judge says as any decision the jury has reached is suspect, he must declare a mistrial. He says Eve is free to go. Grace can be heard in the background screaming that she wants to hear the verdict, she wants her guilty.


September 27, 2005

Alistair is in his limo heading to the Seascape. He thinks by now everyone should have gotten his text messages.

At the convent, Theresa arrives and informs Whitney about her latest plan. Whitney tells her no, she can't do this. Theresa says it's the only way to get Ethan and Jane back. Whitney says it is too drastic. Theresa tells Whitney to look around, this isn't? Whitney says she was pushed to this. Theresa says so was she. Whitney agrees to go with Theresa, but only to try and talk her out of this. 

In the park, Fancy and Noah agree to break up, but as they are walking away, Noah stops her. He says he doesn't care about her grandfather, he wants to be with her. She says "Oh Noah!" and they kiss. Noah wants to let the world know about their love, they should go somewhere and celebrate. Just then Fancy gets a text message from Sheridan asking her to meet at the Seascape. They decide to head there.

In court, Eve is thrilled that everything is over and she is free to go. TC thinks now they can pick up where they left off, but she says she still has a lot to decide about who she wants to be with. TC says he understands. He also chastises Liz for being a horrible person. Liz asks Grace how this could happen? She says sometimes it happens, the wrong people go free and the right people go to jail. Grace tells Liz to call her, she'll try and help her with the charges that could come against her. Eve goes to Rebecca and says she doesn't know how to thank her. Rebecca says no need, she didn't do this for her. Julian wonders what the price he has to pay is, but Rebecca says later. Later Ethan informs Eve that the jury voted guilty, they really dodged the bullet. Julian suggests they all go celebrate, but Ethan says he has a potential client to meet at the Seascape. Julian says they'll all go there then and meet up after Ethan's meeting.

At Crane Industries, Fox wonders why his grandfather wants them all to go to the Seascape. Chad doesn't care, he won't go. He says if he's fired so be it. Fox tells him Grandfather will do a lot worse to him, so he better be there.

Chris and Sheridan come out of the movie, which was cute and reminded Sheridan of Marty. She then gets a text message from Fancy suggesting they meet at the Seascape. Chris and Sheridan decide to head there.

Tabitha is at home using her bowl. She's disappointed about the trial, but the prospect of the evil Alistair has planned at the Seascape thrills her. She realizes she can't leave Maria alone, so she conjures up The Nanny to sit for her. Tabitha and Endora then head out.

At the Seascape, Sam and Ivy are having dinner. They were invited by a text message from Fox, so they think. Sam can't believe their children fell and love, and he wonders if they will announce their engagement. This doesn't go over well with Ivy. Sam says he hasn't see Kay this happy in a long time.

Pilar and Martin show up, they got an anonymous message to be here. When they see Katherine, Pilar immediately blames her for setting this up. Katherine swears she didn't invite them, and she's here to meet Sheridan. Later Sheridan and Chris show up, and when Sheridan says she didn't invite her mother, Pilar once again thinks Katherine is up to something. Katherine swears she isn't, and Sheridan invites her to join them for dinner. Later, Pilar and KAtherine have a talk with Sheridan about being on a date with Chris. Sheridan swears they are only friends, and Chris is actually trying to get her to join Luis in the search. Meanwhile, Martin has a talk with Chris about how Sheridan is still in love with Luis. Chris is aware. 

Chad, Kay, Fox and Valerie arrive, and they decide to have a drink at the bar before heading in. When Tabitha shows up Kay asks what she's doing here and were is Maria? Tabitha says in the best of hands. KAy realizes she conjured something up. Tabitha begins talking about how she knows Alistair invited everyone here, so she is here to take part in the evil instead of being stuck watching it through her bowl. 

Noah and Fancy show up, and later Whitney arrives. Fox sees her and says he can't believe Whitney's been brought in on this too.

Julian, Eve, TC, Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca show up, and everyone finally realizes they've been set up by Alistair. TC of course blames Julian and thinks he's in on this. Julian says he's not, but TC doesn't believe him. Julian refuses to stick around for the show and tells Eve they should go. Alistair appears and tells him not to leave. Alistair says he brought them here for an announcement that will change the house of Crane. they wonder what evil he has planned now. AListair says weddings are never evil occasions. They wonder who he is marrying, and Rebecca thought if she ever left Julian that she'd marry Alistair. Alistair says he won't keep them in suspense any longer. He presents his bride to be, before the ceremony. HE pulls back a curtain and Theresa stands their in a wedding dress fit for a hooker. 


September 29, 2005
Simone finds Jessica working the street yet again. Simone had been looking everywhere for Jessica as she was worried about her. She cant believe Jessica is out here. Jessica says Spike says they need the money. Simone says then Spike should get a job. Jessica said she had one until Noah burned his club down. Simone begs Jessica not to do this, Spike is a jerk who will throw her away when hes done using her. Jessica says Spike loves her. Simone says that is the drugs talking, and she asks Jessica to come home with her. Jessica tells Simone to go as she has work to do. Simone says she cant like living this way. Jessica says she doesnt like living at home either. Simone says then come home with her, Jessica is too nice and beautiful to be used by men who dont care about her. As Simone leads Jessica off, Spike shows up and asks Jessica where she is going. Simone says shes coming home with her. Spike says no shes not, Jessica has a lot of work to do to make up for the money she lost for being stupid and getting arrested. Spike tells Jessica he risked a lot to bail her out, he did it because he loves her. He says she has set them back so she is going to make back that money tonight. Jessica says she is tired and needs rest, so he gives her some drugs to pick her up. Simone tells Jessica not to take the drugs, hes keeping her high to control her. Spike tells Simone Bitch shut up! Simone wont leave Jessica with Spike, and when she tries to take Jessica, Spike pulls out a knife. Jessica begs Spike not to hurt Simone. Simone says this clown doesnt scare her. Spike says big talk from a big mouth. Jessica steps between them and says shell go back to work. Spike says it is a good think Jessica stopped him from carving her face up like a turkey. Spike tells Simone to go home and for Jessica to take the pills. Simone begs her not to do this and this isnt her. Jessica says shell be fine, Spike will make sure of it. Spike and Jessica then head off together. Simone realizes she has to find a way to help Jessica, but how?

At the Seascape, we see a replay of Alistair introducing Theresa, his bridezilla. Everyone is stunned, and Rebecca calls her an opportunistic slut. Others say this is just awful, and they hope Theresa cant be serious. Sheridan says Luis would die if he knew this, and Katherine says Theresa cant marry Alistair. Tabitha tells Endora (who is destroying her food) to take notes as this is a stroke of evil genius. Alistair tells everyone that hes glad they are all here to witness this. Martin and Pilar stand up and forbid this to happen. Pilar refuses to allow this and says this marriage is a mockery of all marriage stands for. Alistair says one might think shes talking about her own marriage. Alistair tells everyone while they wait for Father Lonigan to enjoy the horsdouvres.

Sheridan cant believe this and says this news will kill Luis, he could stop this if she hadnt insist he leave to find Marty. Chris tells her that she doesnt know that, and she didnt force Luis to leave. He says Luis left to find his son just as much as she wanted him too. Later, Sheridan tries to call Luis and let him know what is happening here in Harmony. Sheridan thinks she has to bring Luis back to stop this. Chris seems worried and later makes another call asking for a favor. 

Whitney cant believe this, and Tabitha says she didnt think she was allowed out of her sister act. Whitney says she hasnt taken her final vows yet. Tabitha says well now she gets to see her friends wedding, and she didnt know Alistair and Theresa were dating. Whitney says they arent, she loves Ethan still. Tabitha asks if Alistair knocked her up? Whitney says no, and it is complicated. She says love is just complicated and makes them do things they normally wouldnt. Whitney walks off, and Chad sees this. He goes to follow her, which upsets Valerie. 

Gwen tells Ethan they have to stop this, Theresa would have the power to take everything from them if she became Mrs. Alistair Crane. Ethan is positive she wont go through with this, she will back out of this. Gwen says hes been wrong about Theresa before, and Theresa will do anything to get what she wants. She begs Ethan to go talk to Theresa. Ethan says that is a first, normally she foams at the mouth if he goes near her. Gwen says shed have him talk to the devil himself if she thought it would stop this wedding. Ethan continues to say Theresa wont go through with this, she is a hopeless romantic and wont want her first wedding to be a spectacle like this. Gwen says but the man of her dreams is married, and that is what this is all about. Gwen says Theresa lives in another reality, and everything they have is at stake. Gwen tells Ethan to do whatever Theresa says or wants, just stop her from marrying Alistair.

Noah and Fancy talk about what is going on, and how this is Alistair just causing more grief for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Noah begins recapping what Alistair has done to his family, and he wonders how Alistair has time to run the Crane Empire. Fancy has finally seen how mean her grandpa really is, and therefore she has changed her mind about them. She says she cant risk her grandfather hurting him or his family, they have to break up again. She says this is goodbye and walks off. Noah goes after her, he wont lose her and what they have together. Fancy cries as Noah talks to her. He says he wont let Alistair break them apart. Fancy says she doesnt want to lose him either. He says then dont let her grandfather break them up. He tells her what they have is special and worth the risk. She says she knows, but she is afraid. Noah says so is he, but then he thinks about her and hes no longer afraid. He begs her not to let Alistair pull them apart. She says she wont, and she wants him.

Eve talks to Julian about how Theresa could even think about marrying Alistair after what he has done to her family. Julian says hes still married to his mother, unless Alistair knows something he doesnt. Eve talks about how she may have ruined her marriage to TC, but she holds the concept of marriage dear. Julian promises Eve that if they are able to marry he will hold her dear to him. Later, TC talks to Eve about what is going on with Theresa. They talk about how both Theresa and Whitney used to dream about getting married when they were little. Eve says Theresa certainly wont have the wedding of her dreams. Eve ends up blurting out neither one of their daughters will have their dream wedding either. TC says Simone still can when she finds the right man. Eve remembers when Simone came out to her, and she says she just wants both her girls to be happy. TC says so does he, but lately Whitney is fighting a losing battle with her baby and Chad.

Fox and Kay discuss this marriage, and Kay says thinking about their wedding night makes her nauseous. Fox says he thinks this all has to do with Ethan and her daughter, after all everything with her does. Kay remembers he dated Theresa before Whitney. Fox says yes, but now she is with her. Kay asks if things were different would he still be with Whitney? He asks would she still be with Miguel if she did things differently. She says she doesnt know. He says neither does he. He says right now the only woman in his heart is her, and they kiss. Fox is sure this time it will be forever for both of them. Ivy spies on them and says that will happen over her dead body.

Chad follows Whitney and asks if she is okay. Whitney says no, and shes tried to talk Theresa out of this but you know Theresa. Chad says once shes made up her mind there is no changing it. Chad doesnt get why shed want to marry Alistair though. Whitney says her sick little mind thinks shell get Jane and Ethan back. Chad says but Ethan has said he wont leave Gwen. Whitney says Theresa thinks it is fate and wont let anyone tell her otherwise. Whitney says Theresas off the wall dream has her more convinced than ever that joining a convent is the right thing to do. She says love destroys lives, just look around them. Chad says loving her has made him happier than hes ever been, and it brought Miles into the world. Chad doesnt care what other people think, he loves her and she loves him. Whitney says but she cant love him. Chad says people spend their whole lives looking for their soul mate, and they are lucky to found one another. He asks her to come home with him and Miles and be a family. (EEEEEW!)

Tabitha begins stealing lobsters from the restaurant, and Endora doesnt like it. Her talkie bubble calls her mother a klypto says stealing is wrong, so she makes the lobsters bite her mother. Tabitha tells her that she doesnt know where she came from, but she better watch her Ps and Qs and keep her powers to herself. Tabitha says nothing can stop Alistair from turning Harmony on its ear when he marries Theresa.

Julian asks his father to stop this joke, but Alistair says it isnt a joke. Julian says hes still married to mother. Alistair tells Julian hell see, but the wedding isnt the only surprise he has planned for tonight. He tells Julian he should be careful and mind his own business, he knows about the papers Julian signed without reading them in order to free Eve. Alistair tells Julian Eves freedom will cost him dearly, but Julian thinks it was worth it. Alistair doesnt think hell think that way for long. Julian begins to wonder what he signed.

Gwen talks to her mother about what they will do if they cant stop Theresa from marrying Alistair. Rebecca says shell support her till she finds another man, and they dont have to worry about their security from now on. Rebecca says she is set for life. Gwen says she is too if Ethan stops Theresa, otherwise her life will be a living hell.

Martin asks Katherine how Alistair can marry Theresa when hes married to her? Katherine doesnt know. Rebecca tells them both to do something, if Theresa marries Alistair then shell be able to take Jane from Gwen. She says it isnt fair, Theresa already killed Gwens first two children. Martin says it didnt happen that way and she knows it. She tells Martin to do something, speak up. Talk to Theresa. Martin asks Katherine to talk to Theresa and let her know what shes getting into. Katherine says shell try, but she doesnt think Theresa will listen to her.

Pilar tells Theresa she cant do this, but Theresa says it is part of her plan to get Jane and Ethan back. Pilar thinks Theresa has lost her mind, she is using the holy state of matrimony for the unholy purpose of stealing another mans husband. She then slaps Theresa! Theresa says that hurt, and Pilar asks as much as when Alistair raped her. Theresa says that was her fault (WHAT!). Pilar says she slapped her to try and bring her to her senses and call this wedding off. Theresa says she cant do that, Alistair is the man who can help her get Ethan and Jane. Pilar says Alistair helps no one but himself, he will destroy her bit by bit. She says Alistair will use and abuse her, she will become a shadow of the person she is now. Pilar says what he will never do is help her get Ethan back. She tells Theresa to call this wedding off now. Theresa says there is nothing she can say to change her mind. Martin and Katherine show up, and Martin says Katherine can tell her why not to marry Alistair. Theresa says she doesnt need advice from the woman who tore apart their family. Martin says that was his fault, not Katherines. Pilar then realizes that Alistair cant marry Theresa while hes married to Katherine, so the wedding is off. 


September 30, 2005

On the terrace of the Seascape, Noah and Fancy share a dance and vow not to let Alistair come between them. Elsewhere, Eve talks with Whitney. She asks Whitney if she knew of Theresa's plan. Whitney says only as of this morning, and she tried to talk her out of it. Whitney says Theresa thinks it is her only chance to get Ethan and Jane back. Whitney claims love is a curse, it brings pain to everyone. Eve asks how she can say that, but Whitney thinks it is true and points out how love has hurt everyone in Salem.

In the restaurant, Gwen urges Ethan to talk to Theresa, do whatever he has to in order to stop this wedding. Meanwhile, Chris tells Sheridan he can have his friend at the FBI find Luis and bring him home. Sheridan thinks Luis would be able to stop the wedding, but she doesn't know if she's ready to face Luis again. She asks for time to think it over. When she talks to Gwen, Gwen urges her to bring Luis back to stop this wedding.

Elsewhere, Martin, Katherine and Pilar are trying to convince Theresa not to marry Alistair. Father Longian arrives for the wedding, but he thinks he is remarrying Alistair and Katherine. He doesn't know why they'd want to renew their vows. Alistair reveals he's not marrying Katherine. He says when he had Katherine declared dead years ago he also dissolved their marriage. Katherine says but he let her believe they were still married. Alistair says he lied. He tells Father Lonigan he's marrying Theresa. Father Lonigan refuses to conduct such a marriage. Alistair threatens him, but Father Lonigan isn't scared. Alistair says he should have taken more than his eyes that day. Father Lonigan leaves, and Alistair makes a call and finds a judge on his payroll to come in and marry him and Theresa.

Chad and Fox have a chat, Chad tells Fox that Whitney thinks love is a curse, and maybe she's right. Fox says that is odd coming from her. He says Whitney is locking herself away from the world for him and Miles, that is the purist act of selfless love.

Kay and Ivy have a little chat, Ivy wants Kay to stay away from Fox. Kay says or what? Ivy thinks Fox won't like it that she knew David wasn't her mother's husband yet she let her mom leave town with him. Kay says he also won't like that she is the one who hired David in the first place. Kay tells Ivy to give it up, there is nothing she can do.

Martin and  Sam have a talk about how their lives have fallen apart and how both of their little girls are out of control and there is nothing they can do about it. Ivy listens in, and Kay tells her that her dad would hate Ivy if he knew the truth, so stay out of her and Fox's lives. Ivy refuses and once again turns to Valerie. Ivy tells Valerie that Kay is planning to sabotage Chad so Fox can get control of the company. Valerie wonders why she is telling her this, doesn't she want Fox to have control? Ivy says yes, but only if he does it fairly.

Julian confronts Rebecca and demands to know what he signed. She reveals that he is obligated to stay married to her forever. HE says that is absurd. She says if he leaves her then she'll tell everyone Eve tried to kill Liz and she was mistaken. Rebecca says Eve got a mistrial, so she can be tried again. Julian asks why she's doing this? She says to protect what is hers. Later Eve returns to Julian, and he worries about his future with Eve. 

Ethan attempts to talk Theresa out of this wedding, but she says she is doing this so that he and Jane will eventually be a family with Little Ethan. Ethan tells her for the last time that will never happen so get over it. He says she can't control Alistair, but Theresa thinks she can.

The judge shows up and Alistair says the ceremony is about to begin. Nobody wants to stay, but he insist they all stay. He says afterwards he has a special gift for every one of them, something they'll never forget. Tabitha tells Endora she thinks Alistair's next surprise will rock Harmony.

On the streets, Jessica is high as a kite. Spike is telling her to get to work, and not to let Simone tell her otherwise. Simone watches from a distance as Jessica is picked up by a John. Jessica and the John go back to a sleazy motel, and Jessica loads up on more drugs. The John gets rough with her as he likes it that way and he begins beating her. Jessica has flashes of Kay telling her to get her act together as she loves her, her whole family does. Later Jessica calls Simone for help. She has blood all over her hands and tells Simone she didn't mean to, but she killed him! She killed the John.

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