April 3, 2005

Ethan returns to the B&B. Gwen asks if he told Theresa that hes not taking the assignment? He says yes, and she didnt take it well at all. Gwen says she's not surprised. 

At the cottage, everyone asks Chris what he wants to tell them? Chris only says hes happy to have helped bring Luis home alive. Pilar says they are grateful, but is there something else he wants to say? Sheridan thinks that is more than enough. Pilar has called Ethan and Gwen and asked them to come over. Theresa promises her mom that she wont cause trouble for Ethan and Gwen, hes broken her heart and it is over. Pilar wonders why she should believe her? Theresa says ask Fancy, she told her to stop chasing after Noah as no man is worth the pain. Pilar thinks Theresa has finally come to her senses. Meanwhile, Luis insists he is fine and suggests they all go out to the living room. They take Luis out to the living room and help him to the couch. Pilar offers to cook Luis something, but he says hes fine. Pilar suggests she make him tea, but Theresa thinks they should have champagne. Luis thinks they can toast to Miguel for being home as well as Paloma, to their whole family being reunited. Sheridan instructs Miguel as to where he can find some glasses and champagne. Martin asks Luis where hes been? Luis says he was looking for Beth and Marty. He says he was getting very close too, but when he finally found them is when he was taken hostage. Luis says he kept a video journal, but hes sure that was lost. Sheridan says no, it came back with his supposed body and she saw it. He says he meant every word on it, she was what kept him going. Miguel returns with the champagne. Chris looks out the window, and Sheridan thanks him for not telling the truth. Chris says the secret will come out soon, and if she wont tell them then he will. Meanwhile, Luis says he was kept someplace cold and dark for a long time, and it wasnt until recently that it got warm, which is when they must have moved him to Hawaii. Martin toasts to their son. Theresa looks at Sheridan and Luis, she says in spite of everything they found their way back to one another, it is Gods plan. Luis says its more like Gods miracle, and true love conquers all. Theresa said she did believe it but lost her faith, but now shes believing in it again. Pilar casts her a look. Luis asks what else has happened since hes been gone. Theresa tells Luis before he goes ballistic, everything has turned out for the best. He asks what she did now? Theresa says she married Alistair. Luis is furious and asks how this happened, was she blackmailed? Theresa says no, she thought it was the only way to get Jane back from Ethan and Gwen. She tells him to calm down. Luis says first she needs to divorce him, and second hes going to kill him. Theresa says he doesnt have to kill anyone, Alistair has been in a coma in the hospital since New Years Eve. Sheridan says this is true, her father cant hurt anyone again. Pilar explains what happened with the party, and how if it wasnt for Eve he would have died. Theresa says too bad Eve is such a good person. Martin says nobody has been caught, but Sam is on the case. Luis hopes whoever did it gets away with it, and with Alistair gone nobody can come between him and Sheridan. Ethan and Gwen then show up, they want to know what the surprise is. They Luis sitting on the couch. They are thrilled to see him. Ethan asks how this happened? Luis says love brought him back from the dead. They ask where hes been, and he gives them the three minute version. Meanwhile, Theresa tells her mother she made mistake, she was wrong to have given up on Ethan, true love always wins out in the end.

Outside the cottage, Katherine and Rachel are looking in. Katherine sees that Luis is alive, and her daughter must be so happy. Rachel asks what about Chris? Katherine says Sheridans love for Luis has never died, she wouldnt have gotten involved with Chris if she knew Luis was alive. Rachel asks what about Katherines love for Martin? Katherine says that is over. Rachel tells Katherine not to be a doormat, fight for the man she loves. Katherine knocks on the door, and Martin answers. He says she shouldnt be here. Katherine says why not. Katherine and Rachel barge in. Katherine and Sheridan hug. Sheridan says she hasnt found Marty, but she did find Luis. Katharine says hello to him, and Luis learns Rachel is in fact alive. He asks how, when? Rachel says its a long story. Meanwhile, Pilar asks Martin what shes doing here? Martin says he didnt ask her to come, but she does have a right. Pilar says she's not going to listen to him anymore. Luis tells everyone who has recently arrived that they havent heard the best part, he and Sheridan got hitched. They are shocked but congratulate them. Luis says nobody seems too happy about it. Katherine says they are just surprised. Luis says well they are going to have a wedding here in town, a huge one. He was going to call Father Lonigan tomorrow. Pilar says they havent heard, Father Lonigan was beaten and stabbed. Hes alive, but is in the hospital. Luis is sorry and says they will wait until he is better. Luis says this will be the biggest wedding the town has seen. Rachel says another vow renewal ceremony, she cant wait. Katherine tells her sister that was cruel! Rachel says family comes first. Rachel asks Miguel to get her and Katherine some champagne. Katherine and Rachel talk to Sheridan in private, they were just talking about her and Chris and wondering what is going on. Sheridan confides that shes not really married to Luis, she married Chris first. Gwen hears this information as well. Rachel thinks someone should get the scotch! Theresa comes over and asks what they are whispering about? Chris, who has joined Sheridan, tells Theresa what is really going on. Sheridan gives them the short version, she married Chris first and didnt tell Luis the truth as it could have killed him according to the doctors. She says then Luis surprised her with a wedding, how she could have say no? She says she went along with it. Chris says shes kept the lie going on since then. Gwen says this is heart breaking. Sheridan says life shouldnt be this complicated but it is. Rachel asks Sheridan which man she will stay with, she has two men who both love her. Sheridan says shell stay married to Chris, hes her husband and marriage is a sacred bond. She says she hates hurting Luis. Rachel once again says someone should get out that scotch. 

Later, Theresa tells Chris that shes sorry, but his marriage to Sheridan wont last. Theresa says Sheridan belongs with her brother. Chris doesnt think that is up to her. Theresa says it is just the love Sheridan has for her brother is deep and strong. Chris says Sheridan has moved on, she loves him now. Theresa says fate has brought Sheridan and Luis back together, and anyone who gets in fates way gets crushed.

Ethan talks to Theresa, Gwen told him the truth about Sheridan and Chris. Theresa says not to worry, Sheridan and Luis love one another and they will be together in the end. Ethan says Chris and Sheridan are married, Gwen says she is staying with Chris. Theresa says once Sheridan listens to her heart, she will go back to Luis. She says its just like when Ethan listens to his heart, hell come back to her. Ethan says shes wrong, Gwen is his hearts desire and hell never leave her. Theresa says never say never.

Martin continues to ignore Katherines advances, saying hes made his choice. Martin asks Miguel to come outside so they can have a word. Sheridan approaches her mother and asks why Martin was so cold to her? Katherine explains that she fought for Martin and stopped his vow renewal with Pilar. Katherine says she loves Martin, and in her heart he is her husband not Pilars, and she wont give up on him. She says her love for Martin is like Sheridans for Luis, it will never die. Sheridan says her mother is wrong, she has moved on. Katherine thinks Sheridan is lying to herself, her love for Luis wont go away. Sheridan wonders what they did to deserve this, its like their family is cursed.

Outside, Martin tells Miguel they haven't had a chance to talk since he got back. Miguel says he's been busy with things. Miguel is furious with his father, he came home for the ceremony as a surprise to complete this family. He says it was all a joke, he broke mamas heart years ago and did it again tonight. He says Theresa is right, he is nothing to them. Martin explains that Pilar misunderstood what really happened with Katherine and wont listen to him. Miguel says good for her. He says he has no idea what it was like for them. Miguel asks Martin how he could leave his wife and kids to run off with some whore? He says no man who abandons his wife and children deserves forgiveness. Martin asks what about him, he left Kay and Maria to look for Charity. Miguel says that was different, he never loved Kay, he wasnt married to her. He says he did however support Maria by sending checks. He also says hes home now and will help raise his daughter, but Kay is marrying Fox. He says he wants to make up for the time hes lost with Maria. Martin says thats all he wants for the them, he wants a chance to make up for his mistakes. Miguel doesnt know, he cant make any promises. Miguel wonders what is wrong with this family, why do things turn out so poorly for them. Martin doesnt know, but they both have their hands full. 

Later, one by one, people leave the cottage. Pilar talks with Theresa, she says Ethan will stay with Gwen. Theresa says seeing Luis come back from the dead has made her realize she cant give up on Ethan ever. Meanwhile, Sheridan takes Luis to bed, but he wont let her leave him. He says this is their honeymoon night, he wants to hold her and make love to her. Sheridan and Luis share a kiss, which Chris sees from the bedroom doorway. 

Sam and Fancy see Noah in bed with Maya. Fancy goes ballistic and starts hitting Noah, thinking this is the secret hes kept this whole time. Maya tells Noah to get this skank out of here. Fancy says she knows what is going on here, she seduced him. She calls Maya a slut. Maya asks Noah if shell let Fancy talk like that to her? Fancy then attacks Maya! Sam pulls Fancy off of Maya and says this isnt helping anything. Fancy says its helping her. Noah says Maya didnt seduce him, Maya is here because he wants her to be. Sam asks what kind of man is he, how could he hurt Fancy? Noah says Fancy wouldnt be hurting if she was so nosy. Sam cant believe hes hearing this. Noah says this isnt about Fancy, its about finding what he wants. He says what he wants is Maya, and he doesnt owe either one of them an explanation. Noah says he and Fancy were just dating, they werent engaged or married. Fancy says he told her that he loved her, she thought he wanted to marry her, to grow old with her. She asks if that was all a lie? Fancy asks why he lead her on. Noah says he didnt intend to hurt her, he just thought of it all as a big game. Fancy says hes sick. Noah says hes sorry. He says shes Fancy Crane, shes beautiful and rich, what guy wouldnt want to get in on that. Sam tells Noah that hes ashamed to call him his son. Noah says his dad is the one to talk, this sounds a lot like him and Ivy long ago doesn't it? Noah says Fancy was his Mt. Everest, he had to conquer her and he did, so now hes moving on to K2. Fancy cant believe this, and she thinks he is lying. She says shes seen his good side in Las Vegas when he saved her. Noah says yeah, a knight in shining armor. She says she thought so, maybe she was wrong. Sam is furious and asks Noah who taught him how to act like this? Noah says his dad did, he has a bastard son and let mom run off with some guy and then shacked up with his old girlfriend. Noah thinks Sam should understand why he cant be faithful to some chick he just met. Fancy says she cant stand being here for one more minute. Sam says hell take her home. Fancy hopes Noah is happy, hes broken his heart. They leave, and Noah hates doing this. Maya says he made a deal with the FBI to get Fancy out of his life and he has to stick to it. Noah says shes right, this is for Fancys own good. 


April 4, 2006

At the convent, Whitney is praying in the chapel. Below the altar where she is preying is an etching of the mystery symbol. She is remembering the monk asking her to keep the churchs secrets and stop the people from going to Rome. As Whitney prays, Chad shows up to check on Whitney. He thinks she should be in bed resting, but she says she needs to be here when God comes back. Chad says God will understand, she is sick. Whitney says she is tired. Chad picks her up and takes her back to her bed. After they leave, the wall opens back up. The monk comes out and touches and polishes the symbol on the floor. He wipes at it and it disappears! Chad takes Whitney to her room. He tells her how worried about her he is. She tells him not to be. Chad says he just wants her to be okay. Whitney says hes a very good man. She says she wishes things could have been different. Chad says they can be, they dont have to be apart. Whitney says she cant trust herself to be with him, shes staying here and he has to accept it. Chad says if this is what she wants then why is she crying? She says cause its hard. He says then come home to her family, to people who love her. She says no, she has to stay here. He says fine, but hes here if she changes her mind. Chad then leaves. Whitney says she knows God is here for her, she will pay her penance, save the church and let God take care of her.

Out on the street, Jessica is whoring it up again. She just got a new tattoo. Spike had her get it, he says it is special, unique and just like her. Spike looks at it, it is the Passions Vendetta symbol. He says it is perfect. Jessica asks what it means? He says it is a symbol of his love for her. He says she has to get to work though, they have to pay for the tattoo. Jessica says she thought she didnt have to turn tricks anymore, she thought Alistair was giving him money. Spike says Alistair is in a coma so they can kiss the money goodbye. He tells her that she has to do this for them. Jessica says shes scared, she is afraid of what might happen, she has nightmare about those johns that died. She doesnt remember killing them, but says she must have. Spike gives her some drugs and says not to worry, everything will be fine. Spike goes to talk to a guy about negotiating a deal. Later we see Jessica in bed sleeping. She remembers going with her latest John, and she was way strung out on drugs. He got violent with her like all the others. Jessica soon wakes up from her dream, and she tells herself it was just a dream. She sees the guy next to her, and when she checks on him yup, hes covered in blood. Jessica cries Not Again! Jessica looks for her phone and calls Spike. She begs him to help her, she did it again, she killed him. Spike shows up and tells her to calm down and tell him what happened. She says she doesnt remember doing it, she passed out and woke up and he was dead. She thinks she has to go to the cops, but he says no way. He says hell take care of everything. 

At the Book Caf, Paloma is looking at a paper with the symbol. Simone cant believe Paloma is still looking at these papers. Paloma says shes not afraid of Alistair, he is in a coma and stuck in a hospital bed. Simone says he has people who work for him though. Paloma says she cant walk away from this. Paloma says she has found a clue. She shows the symbol to Simone and says this clue will help them solve the mystery. She says the symbol is on all of the paintings, some of them are obvious and some arent. Simone says its like a wheres waldo puzzle. They go through the paintings and find the symbol on all of them. Simone says these are all by different artists, did they paint the symbol or did someone put it in there? Paloma thinks Simone is hooked on the mystery too. However they dont know what the symbol means. Paloma says shes scanned it into the internet to look for it, and she knows this symbol is the key. Later Jessica shows up, and Simone and Paloma see shes upset. They ask what is wrong. She sits down, and they ask if Spike hurt her again. She says shes okay, and she asks about these papers. Simone says they are working on a mystery. As Simone is about to tell her, Paloma hushes her up. Paloma goes to get them another latte, and she tells Simone they cant tell Jessica anything because she might tell Spike. Simone and Paloma return to Jessica and once again ask if shes okay. She says she is fine. She gets up to get some sugar, and they see her tattoo! They ask what that is. She says its her new tattoo, Spike got it for her. They ask what it is. She says its a symbol of his love, and its from some photo Spike had. They wonder where he found it. Jessica says she doesnt know.

Spike is down on the wharf getting rid of the latest dead John. Suddenly the monk shows up, hes wearing the symbol on his wrist. When Spike sees him he says Oh my God! The monk nods his head. Spike says oh its him, dont sneak up on him like that. Spike says hes been waiting for him, where has he been?

At Tabithas, Tabitha is back in the attic spying on Kay via her bowl. She sees Kay is having a hard time sleeping and thinks Kay once again is having trouble forgetting Miguel. She thinks it is time to wake up Fox so he can see what is going on. She ends up spying on the drama that happens between Fox, Kay and Miguel. She plans on feeding Foxs jealousy of Miguel and Kays relationship. When they discuss what is going on with Sheridan, Chris and Luis, Tabitha says things are going to get much worse for them as well.

Fox wakes up when a magical bell rings, thanks to Tabitha. He looks around, Kay is once again missing. Kay is downstairs on the couch when Miguel comes home. Miguel sees Kay on the couch and asks why shes up so late. Kay says she couldnt sleep. She asks where he was. He says he was at Sheridans place, Luis is alive! Kay is thrilled and they share a hug, which of course Fox walks in on. Fox asks what the hell is going on here? They explain they were just celebrating, Luis is alive. Fox cant believe this, and hes sorry for overreacting. Miguel says its okay, he would have reacted the same way. Miguel then says there is a problem, Sheridan married Chris before finding out Luis is alive. It gets worse though, Luis doesnt know the truth. Later, Tabitha comes downstairs and pretends to learn the truth about Luis and Sheridan, which she already knows. Tabitha talks about how Sheridan and Chris cant compete with the memories Sheridan has with Luis, and Luis and Sheridan have a child together, that is a very strong bond. Tabitha basically points out how much alike Fox, Kay and Miguel are to Chris, Sheridan and Luis without having to outright say it. Kay ends up pinching Tabitha, who says OW! She tells Tabitha that she wants to put some tea on and cant remember where the kettle is, so she wants Tabitha to show her. They leave, and Maria begins crying. Both boys get up, but Miguel goes to take care of Maria. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kay tells Tabitha she knows what shes doing, shes trying to make Fox insecure and make Miguel think she still has feelings for him. Tabitha says shes not talking about her, shes talking about Sheridan, Chris and Luis. Kay knows what shes doing, and she begins to think Tabitha was behind her almost kissing Miguel earlier and Fox seeing them together. Kay thinks Tabitha is using her witchcraft to try and get her together with Miguel. Tabitha says for years Kay asked her to help her get Miguel back. She tells Kay to think hard, search her feelings, if she had to pick between one or the other which would it be? Fox comes in to check on things, and Kay asks him to get some tea. Miguel then shows up looking for a bottle. Tabitha asks her again, which will it be? 

At the cottage, Sheridan leaves Luis and finds Chris waiting for her outside the bedroom. He refuses to allow her to sleep in the same bed with a man who wants to make love to her. Sheridan says she has to think about Luis condition, and he isnt well enough to make love anyways. Sheridan says shell just lie down with him until he falls asleep. Chris doesnt like this. Sheridan says she cant tell Luis the truth until he is fully recovered, and she blames herself for what has happened to him. She also doesnt want anything happening to Luis and have that hanging over their heads and happiness. Chris allows Sheridan to go be with Luis, but only until he falls asleep. Sheridan returns to Luis. He says he missed her so much, and when he was held captive he swore to escape and make his way back to her. He also says he swore when that happened hed never spend another night without her. They hug, and Sheridan looks conflicted. Luis eventually falls asleep, and Sheridan wonders how this could have happened. What will she do? Luis dreams about being with Sheridan, while Sheridan talks with Chris. Chris saw the way they acted in bed, Luis kissing her and her responding to it. He says he saw the way she feels about him, the bond they share. Chris says he needs to know who she loves, who she wants to be with. Before she can answer, Luis wakes up and calls out to Sheridan asking if shes coming back. Sheridan says she is and returns to him.


April 5, 2006

At the B&B, Gwen and Ethan have breakfast and talk about Ethan finding a new job. Gwen worries Theresa will try and stop him from getting a job. Ethan says hes looking at places with offices both in and out of Harmony so they can move. Gwen just wishes Theresa would stop scheming to steal him away. Ethan says shes just wasting her time, he will never leave Gwen. Ethan then gets a call from Little Ethan and Gwen thinks Theresa is at it again. Little Ethan asks him to take him to the park and coach his little league team. Theresa is watching as Little Ethan makes this call. Ethan says he cant today, he has to look for a job. However he says theyll get together next week for some coaching. Little Ethan says okay and he loves him. Ethan says he loves him too. Gwen thinks Theresa is using her son now. Rebecca walks in and asks what shes up to now. Gwen says using her son to get to Ethan. Ethan says as shameless as Theresa is, she wont use her son to get him back. Ethan says he loves her children too much to use them. This upsets Gwen, she says Theresa has one child and that is Little Ethan. She says Jane is not Theresas child, she is hers! Ethan says he considers Jane to be their girl, but there is nothing they can do to change the fact that Theresa is her biological mother. Rebecca says they could kill her, which Ethan takes offense to. Rebecca says that  shed settle for deporting her. Ethan sends Rebecca to go get some vodka or something, so she does. Ethan tells Gwen how he agrees with Theresa, he knows what its like to suffer the fallout of a paternity scandal. Gwen asks if hes saying he believes Theresa that they sent the information to the tabloids? Ethan says no, he just meant he knew what it was like to learn later in life the truth about your parents. He asks why she would think he was talking about the tabloid scandal? Rebecca says with Theresa there is no telling what lies she has told him. Ethan assures Gwen that he loves her and wont leave her. Ethan leaves to get dressed, and Rebecca and Gwen discuss how close that was, and if Ethan ever learned the truth then Ethan would leave her and take Jane. Gwen says Alistairs proof is still out there, Theresa could still find it. Rebecca says if she finds it then they are done for. Later Ethan shows up in a suit. Hes going to drop Jane off with his parents and then head to some interviews. He doesnt have any prospects, he just hopes he finds something as he is tired of not working. Gwen wishes him luck and hates seeing him stress out over this. Gwen realizes she needs to get dressed for work  too. Rebecca tells Gwen she needs to get a clue, if she doesnt quit her job then shell lose her husband. Gwen says she doesnt have time for this, she has to get to work. Rebecca has this vision of the future, Gwen has been named Harmonys Top Dog and Ethan is treated as one of the wives by some of the other business execs at the ceremony. Theresa then shows up asking Ethan for some business advice, and he takes her up on her offer.  Meanwhile, in real life Ethan checks his email and gets a bunch of rejections. He says he would take just about any job now.

At Crane, Theresa meets with Valerie and orders her to do whatever it takes, whatever it costs to find out who really leaked the information to the tabloids about Ethans paternity. She tells Valerie if she gets her this, she will repay Valerie with whatever she needs and wants. Valerie realizes how important this is to Theresa. Theresa says her whole future hinges on this. Later, Valerie lets Theresa know she made sure every company knows Ethan is still under contract with them and is off limits. Theresa says perfect, and she thinks it wont be long before Ethan comes back to her. 

Noah is in a chair thinking about Fancy finding him in bed with Maya the night before. He realizes hes lost Fancy for good. Noah brings Maya some breakfast, she stayed in his bed while he slept in the chair. He talks about what happened last night with Fancy. Maya says shes sorry Fancy had to see that. Noah asks if she is sorry or if it is wanted what she wanted since she got back to town. Maya says of course not, and she only returned to town because she needed his help. Noah says she has been lying to him about Lena, and she has cost him the woman he loves. Noah says it kills him to know how hes hurt Fancy. He says he cant do this anymore, he cant protect Fancy by breaking her heart. He says there has to be another way. Maya says there isnt, he heard the FBI. Noah says to hell with them, hes finding Fancy and telling her the truth. Maya says he cant tell Fancy the truth, hell sign her death warrant and theirs. Maya says for now Fancy has to believe what she does, once they bring down Lena and these terrorists then he can be with Fancy. Noah says it could be too late by then. He says he hates this. Maya gets a call, and Noah hopes it is Lena. It is Lena. Lena tells Maya she heard that she and Noah quiet the evening. Maya asks what she means? Lena knows who Maya was with last night, and she wants to hear everything. Maya asks what she means? Lena says she knows Noah was in her bed last night, and she knew Maya could bring him on board. Lena holds and gun and says she has plans for them both, big plans. 

Fancy meets with Eve, Eve gives her the news that her eye will be just fine. Fancy is thrilled. Eve decides to take the patch off and see how the healing is coming. Eve turns the lights down and takes the patch off. Eve says shes quiet, can she not see out of her eye? Fancy says she can see just fine. Eve asks if Noah is coming to pick her up, but Fancy says no. Eve says well she can drive, she just thought Noah would be here because he loves her so much. Fancy begins to cry. Eve asks if she is okay, is her eye hurting? Fancy says no, her eye is fine. She just claims shes overwhelmed being able to see things and people with such clarity. She thanks Eve for her help, and shes happy that Eve found true love with her father. Eve tells Fancy if she ever needs anything, even just someone to talk to, she is here for her. Fancy thanks her and says some things you have to get through on your own. Fancy then leaves and vows to get over Noah somehow. 

Fancy goes to work and finds a old flowers and a note from Noah. She damns him for breaking her heart. Theresa stops in to see her and is glad to see her eye is back to normal. Theresa suggests she go celebrate, hang out with Noah. Fancy begins throwing some old dead flowers in the trash and says they are dead like their relationship is. Fancy tells Theresa her advice was right, men arent worth it. Theresa says she was wrong, she was freaking out. She still believes in true love, she believes she'll be with Ethan one day. Fancy says well shes not her and Noah is not Ethan, they are finished. She tells Theresa that she found Noah in bed making love to Maya. She also tells her the horrible things Noah said to her. Fancy asks Theresa about her grandfather, she wanted to see him but he was moved out of the hospital. Theresa says yes, he's been moved to a long term care facility, and visitors are restricted right now. They begin talking business, specifically the website shes set up Fancy and Theresa soon end up hearing a very odd sound, and they wonder what it is. They find a handyman taking Ethans name off the office door as he was ordered to by personnel. She orders him to put it back on the door, Ethan will be coming back soon.

Chris wakes up at the cottage. Hes on the couch alone, Sheridan is not there. He realizes she stayed with Luis. The only thing that keeps him from completely blowing up is knowing Luis isnt well enough to make love to her. In the bedroom, Sheridan and Luis wake up. Luis wants to make love to Sheridan, but she says hes too weak. He says not when it comes to showing her his love. She says she loves him too, forever and always. They then go at one another! Chris then ends up walking in on them having way too much fun in bed. It turns out that Sheridan isnt doing anything with Luis, shes dreaming it. Chris decides to let her sleep, and he leaves the room. Sheridan and Luis then pull one another close in their sleep and begin to kiss. Sheridan soon wakes up in Luis' arms and panics. Luis wakes up, and he tells her about the dream he had, that they were making love. Sheridan tries to distract him with breakfast options, but he would rather have her. She says he needs to focus on getting better. She tells him to stay here and shell get breakfast. He says theyve only been married a day and shes already giving him orders, he loves it. She says she loves him too and she leaves. Chris is in the other room pouring coffee. He says good morning Mrs. Boothe. Sheridan says shes so sorry, she must have fallen asleep. Chris says she did, he checked on her and decided to let her sleep. She tells him how amazing he is. She says she knows how hard this is for him. He says even he has limits, last night cannot happen again, Luis will sleep alone tonight. He also says Luis has to know the truth before he wants to make love to her. Sheridan says shell tell Luis the truth as soon as hes strong enough. Chris asks her again, who does she want to be with? After spending the night with Luis, does she still want to be with him? Of course this is when Eve shows up, interrupting them. Sheridan takes Luis his breakfast, and Chris has a talk with Eve. Eve knows this must be difficult for Chris. Chris just hopes Eve can give Luis a clean bill of health so Sheridan can tell him the truth. However he gets a feeling that Sheridan doesnt want to tell him the truth, and hes beginning to wonder if Luis and Sheridan can ever be with anyone else. Eve thinks she should get some coffee. Chris asks Eve if their love was really that special? Eve says she wont lie to him, their love was extraordinary. She says a lot has happened since then. She says Luis and Sheridan had problems, Sheridan married Chris and she is sure Sheridan wouldnt betray Chris. Back in the bedroom, Luis talks to Sheridan about how they are soul mates, they always have been and always will be. They share a kiss. Eve and Chris walks in on this and Chris says No 


April 6, 2006
At Tabithas, Fox and Kay are going to work. Pilar shows up, and Fox asks Pilar to look after Miguel, its his first time with Maria alone. They leave, and Pilar walks in and likes seeing Miguel holding Maria. He likes being with her too. She says she knows what would solve all his problems, he needs to get Fox to leave Kay so that he can marry Kay and raise Maria with her. Miguel asks how she could say that, they are engaged. Pilar says its not like hed be breaking up a marriage. Miguel says this isnt like her. Pilar says he doesnt even know Maria. Miguel says hes back now and will help Kay raise Maria. Pilar says he shouldnt be helping her, he should be with her as God wants him to be. Miguel says Kay and Fox are engaged and he will still be a part of Maria's life, she can stay with him part time. Pilar says no, dont let another man steal this child like Katherine stole Paloma. Miguel asks if that is what this is about? Pilar says maybe it is on her mind, but she wants what is best for this baby and that is for him and Kay to be together. Pilar says Kay is a good woman and she could make him happy. Miguel says he has been thinking about Kay a lot lately, but it doesnt matter as shes engaged to Fox. He asks if his mother wants him to wreck lives like Theresa does? Miguel takes Maria and realizes she is hot, what if shes getting sick? What if she has meningitis? Pilar doubts that and she suggests she call Kay and have her come home and help him. He says Kay is at work. Pilar says she should be at home raising his child while he is out working. Miguel says womens lib started about 40 years ago and she herself worked her whole life. Pilar says not because she wanted to. Pilar says that is what is wrong with this country, missing fathers and mothers, families falling apart. Pilar says get Kay away from Fox so he can marry her. Pilar pushes him to get Kay to come home, to get her away from Fox, even lie to Kay that she (Pilar) left. Pilar tells Miguel he must get Kay to marry him.

Maya and Noah meet up with Lena. Lena says she likes seeing them back together, they are happy right? Noah says she bets. Lena asks what about Fancy? Noah says he doesnt care about Fancy, he only cares about Maya. He says Fancy means nothing to him at all. He claims Fancy was just a fling. Lena says he was worried about her before. Noah says that is before his life was threatened, and he has to look after number one and Maya. Lena gives them instructions for their assignment and says shell be in contact soon. Lena leaves, and Maya says he did well and she doesnt suspect anything. Noah hates this and he hopes the FBI closes in soon so he can tell Fancy the truth. Maya says they dont know how long the FBI will use them. Noah worries Fancy might move on, what if she hates him forever. Noah then gets a call from Kay asking him to come to the office to talk, and he agrees.

At Crane, Theresa tells Fancy that Crane Couture is coming along, she has a flair for this. Fancy thanks her. Fancy doesnt know how Theresa keeps working with what is going on with Ethan. Fancy wishes she could do it, she cant get Noah and Maya out of her mind. Theresa says shes sorry, and she does feel bad about being so negative last night. Theresa says she still believes true love conquers all. Theresa says this just isnt like Noah. Fancy says she saw him in bed with her, Theresa didnt hear the things he said to her. Theresa still thinks something else is going on. Kay and Fox soon show up and they learn Fancys eye will heal. Fox realizes something is bothering Fancy. Theresa tells Fox shes a little upset and just give her some time. Theresa asks Fox with some help with some reports, and he says his grandmothers wish is his command. Kay asks Fancy if shes okay? Fancy ends up saying it will be common knowledge soon enough. Fancy says she found Noah in bed with Maya. Fox asks if shes kidding? Fancy asks if she looks like shes joking? Kay says this doesnt sound like her brother, he wouldnt cheat on anyone. Fancy says shes not blind, at least not anymore. Kay thinks there must be a reason. Kay and Theresa discuss what could be going on, they are sure there is another reason this happened. Theresa and Kay decide to call Noah and have him come here, and they could even lock them in a room together. Theresa then gets a call from the chauffer, he happens to be at a garage and Ethan is there working. Theresa thanks him and says shell be right there. She asks Kay if she can help Fancy and Noah on her own, and Kay says sure. Theresa says something has come up, and she runs off. Kay then calls Noah about coming to Crane to talk for a few minutes. Later, Kay and Fox stall Fancy from leaving until Noah shows up. Unfortunately, Noah brought Maya with him. Fancy asks what hes doing here with her, and she asks Kay if she knew about this? Kay says yes, she called him. She thought they could talk, she didnt know hed bring her. Fox tells Fancy to talk to him. Fancy tells them to butt out. Fox tells Kay they should go. They leave, and Maya decides she should go as well. Noah tells Fancy that hes glad her eye is better. Fancy says she saw clearly last night, and she asks why he brought his slut? Noah says he didnt know shes be here, but he has something to tell her. Fancy asks why she should listen to him? Maya hopes he keeps his mouth shut. Fancy then gets a call from Lena. Lena says shes only a friend, and she asks if Noah is there with his girlfriend? Fancy asks who this is? Lena says she has something for her to hear, something that will change her life. Lena plays a conversation for Fancy, a conversation of Noah earlier telling her that he only cared about Maya and not Fancy. Fancy is in tears and Noah asks if shes okay? Fancy hangs up and tells Noah to leave her alone, she has nothing to say to him and doesnt want to hear another word he has to say to her. 

Meanwhile, Fox and Kay discuss Fancy and Noah. Kay hopes they can work things out, but Fox says to find the person you love in bed with someone else is a kick in the gut. Kay asks if that is why he was upset about her hugging Miguel? He says he was shocked, but he understood. Kay kisses him for being so wonderful. Kay then gets a call, its Miguel calling about Maria. Miguel asks if she can come home? Kay says she has a lot of work to do and babies get sick and get better. Kay says hes there and his mom is. Miguel, pushed by Pilar, lies and says his mom went to church to help with the bake sale. Kay asks Fox if she can go home, and he says sure. He says keep him updated on Maria. Kay then leaves. Fox wonders if shes going home for Maria or Miguel. 

Ethan shows up to see a guy named Jerry at a garage. They are old friends and Ethan asks for some kind of job, something fun to work on. The guy offers him a job for old times sake. Jerry says Ethan has come in here since a teen to tinker on cars, and lately he only comes in her when hes ticked off. Ethan says this is his hobby, he comes here to relax. Jerry says he has a gift for working on cars, does he know that? Ethan says aside from Gwen, only Jerry knows he comes here. Jerry asks what is bothering him, is it the job search. Ethan says that is just it, hes been barred from every company in the state, nobody will hire him. Jerry offers Ethan a job working for him here as a mechanic. Jerry says a job is a job, wouldnt it be great to earn money doing something he loves? He says the pay is good and the hours are flexible. Ethan says he has a deal. Ethan tells himself its not the money he was used to, but its honest money and he has to take what he can get. He thinks Gwen will like that Theresa isnt his boss. Ethan gets to work, and later is told a customer needs to see him. He asks who, and sees it is Theresa. She has shown up in a trench coat. Ethan asks what she is doing here. Theresa asks what hes doing here wasting his life in a garage? Jerry takes offense to that statement. Theresa says she is sorry, but Ethan has a law degree, so why would he spend his life working on cars. Jerry says its not his fault some uptown rich bitch has made it so he cant get another job. Theresa hands him some money and says shes deeply sorry for offending him and she asks for a moment alone with Ethan. He says fine and leaves. Ethan asks what shes doing here and how did she find out about this. Theresa says he knows her better than that. Theresa locks the door and says she has eyes and ears everywhere. He says she sounds more and more like Alistair. She says thats not true, and she asked him to help her do good but he wont. She says now hes here. Ethan says he likes this place. Theresa says he could work with her, but he wont because hes just afraid he will forget about his duty to Gwen and betray his vows. She says that is why he is working here, hes afraid of giving into temptation and being with the woman he really loves, her. Theresa tells him how she knows shes right, she knows he wants her and cant resist the temptation. Ethan says hes not a teenage boy who cant control himself. Theresa drops her coat and reveals her nakedness to him. She says now tell her that hes not tempted.

At the cottage, Eve and Chris walk in on Sheridan and Luis in bed kissing. Chris is furious and says no! Luis asks why they are barging in and what does it matter what he does with his wife? Eve says Chris was voicing her concern, she thinks he needs to conserve his energy. Sheridan says Luis should do what Eve says. Chris says he should go, and he walks off. Luis tells Eve that he knows hes not following her orders, but its been months since hes seen Sheridan. Eve suggests she look over Luis and asks Sheridan to go in the other room. She whispers to Sheridan to talk to Chris, this is killing him. Sheridan then leaves. Eve checks Luis out, and Luis thinks Chris reaction was just so strange. Eve doesnt think so, he cares about Sheridan and knows how important Luis is to her. Luis says he guesses. He also says seeing Sheridan again has meant so much to him. Eve asks Luis what these scars under his hair are? He says he was beat. Eve says it looks like he was tortured. He says he doesnt want to talk about it, its over and hes with Sheridan now. He says she is what kept him going and no one or nothing will come between them. Later Eve leaves and Luis lays in bed alone. 

Sheridan finds Chris about to walk out. She asks where hes going. He asks why she cares, she has her husband in there. She says shes sorry and calls him darling. He says he hates hearing her call him that when just two minutes ago she called Luis that. Sheridan says there is nothing she can do. Chris says there is, she can tell him the truth or kiss their marriage goodbye. He tells her to tell Luis and get it over with. Sheridan says she cant, hes sick. Chris says hes too sick to hear the truth but not have sex with her? He asks why Sheridan didnt try and stop him? Why did he have to stop them, and if he didnt where it would have gone. Sheridan says he doesnt understand. Chris says he does, the woman he loves cant make up her mind between him and another man. He says he wont wait around forever, she needs to make up her mind. Sheridan says this isnt fair, and Chris agrees. Eve shows up, and Sheridan asks how Luis is doing. Eve says hes doing well, give him time and hell be fine. Chris asks Eve if hes well enough to know the truth? Sheridan mouths No! to Eve, but she says he is. Chris says good, and he wants Sheridan to go in there and tell him. Sheridan says she cant, she needs time. Chris thinks she hasnt made up her mind yet. He says hes going for a walk and when he returns he demands and answer from her. Chris leaves, and Eve asks who shell choose? Eve says she knows how she feels, she had to decide between Julian and TC. She knew she would have to hurt one of them. Sheridan wonders how this could have happened. She says Luis was dead and she moved on. Sheridan admits she still loves Luis, but she loves Chris too. Eve says she knows it is hard but she has to decide, one man has to get his heart broken. Sheridan says she cant do this, but Eve says she has to. Eve tells Sheridan to decide what is best for her, who does she love more. Sheridan has flashbacks to her times with Luis. Chris returns and asks Sheridan if shes ready. Sheridan says yes, she knows which man she wants to spend her life with. .


April 7 , 2006
At Tabitha's, Miguel is glad when Kay arrives. She asks if Maria has a temperature, but Miguel says he couldn't get her to keep the thermometer in her mouth. Kay says he's supposed to be using the baby ear thermometer. He gets it and takes her temp, she has a little bit of a fever. Kay says all he has to do is giver her some medicine, use the syringe. He says a needle? She says no, it squirts the medicine into her mouth. Miguel asks Kay not to go back to work, he can't handle this alone. She stays to give Maria her medicine, playing the "Dr. Doolittle Game." Miguel asks what that is about? Kay says she couldn't get Maria to take her medicine, but then one day she and Fox watched Dr. Doolittle and he invented the game, he was the doctor and she was the baby animals. She says Maria loves it and it is the only way she'll take her medicine, thank God Fox was here to help with that. Miguel says he's here now and he will help her with Maria. They give her her medicine, and Kay thinks it will be okay for her to go back to work. Suddenly Miguel says she's not better. They take her temperature again, it's getting worse. Kay decides to call Eve for help.

At the cottage, Chris asks Sheridan what it will be, who has she chosen? Once again Luis interrupts. He walks out into the room saying he was lonely in bed, and he thought he heard his name. They help him to the couch, and then the woman from the B&B Mrs. Henderson shows up with James. James hugs Chris and then runs to Sheridan. As Chris and Sheridan play with him, Eve alerts Sheridan to the fact that Luis is getting suspicious. Luis claims he knows what is going on, she has bonded with Chris' son. She's become like a surrogate mom. Sheridan says yes, and Chris says James lost his mother and Sheridan has been helping him with James. Luis just feels bad he wasn't able to bring back Marty. Sheridan says they will. Sheridan takes Luis into the bedroom, and he vows to find Beth and Marty for her. They kiss, and Eve and chris once again walk in. Chris isn't pleased. Sheridan tells Luis to rest and leaves him. Chris tells Sheridan that he's tired of finding her kissing Luis. He says this isn't fair to him or James, she has to make her decision. HE says she was ready to tell him before, so tell him now, which man does she want?

At the garage, Theresa flashes Ethan and tells him how all this could be his. He can't believe her, but can't resist kissing her. He breaks away saying this is wrong, and he asks where Jerry is? She says she paid him off, he's gone. Ethan finds the door is locked and asks where the key is. Theresa says on her, he'll have to frisk her. Ethan tries to ignore her and work on a car. She says she knows he wants her and she wants him. She once again offers to be his mistress, Gwen doesn't have to know. He says he won't let her lower herself in that way. Theresa doesn't care, as long as she is with him. She begins undressing Ethan and rubs her skin against his. She says she knows he wants her, and to make love to her. Ethan picks her up and throws her on a workbench and begins to make love to her.

At the convent, Whitney is praying to God to help her forget her lustful and sinful feelings for Chad and Miles. Chad shows up with Miles and hears this. HE isn't happy with her. He tells her that she can't pray them away, and she should be part of her son's life. He talks about how hard this is for Mile's, he already knows something is different about him, people talk when they see them together and parents don't want their kids playing with him as if he'll infect their kids. HE says to top it all off, he knows his own mother doesn't want to be with him. Whitney holds Mile's and breakdown, she never meant to hurt Miles. Chad begs her to come home, and she asks if she did, what would happen? He says they'd raise Miles together. She says in the same house, they'd fall to temptation again. He says they can live in separate houses. She says no, it wouldn't work. She says people would talk even more, they'd say there is that ex-nun who left the convent to be with her child of incest. She tells Chad they can't be together ever and she yells at him to go. Mother Superior shows up and tells them not to do this in a place of worship. Whitney wants Chad and Miles to leave and never come back, so Chad goes. Mother Superior then tells Whitney she needs to calm down and she suggests they go help out in the kitchen. Mother Superior doesn't want Whitney being alone, she'll start to see things that aren't there. They leave, and the Vendetta symbol glows on the floor.

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