April 10, 2005

Kay calls Fox at work, he says Maria is sick and she and Miguel and Tabitha are trying to get her fever down. Fox says hes coming home, but she says its not necessary. Fox insists he comes home. When Tabitha learns Fox is coming home she tells Endora they must stop Fox from coming home. Tabitha asks Endora to help her cast a spell to keep Fox at the office and give Kay and Miguel more time together. Tabitha asks Endora for a little boost of magic. Endora zaps the PC and Tabitha thinks that should keep Fox busy for a little while. As Fox is about to leave, he gets emails and realizes he has to answer them all before he leaves. Back at Tabithas, Maria is getting better and Miguel tells Kay how great she is and how it must have been hard for her being on her own. Tabitha says Fox was here to help. Miguel says the bulk of it all fell on Kays shoulders. Miguel thinks hes been so selfish, he was chasing Charity all around when his real love has always been in Harmony. Kay is stunned and Tabitha thinks Miguel is about to tell Kay that he loves her. Tabitha and Endora go into the kitchen to give Miguel and Kay privacy. She begins lecturing Endora that she has to stop being soft with Fox and Kay, they need to think about their own lives here. she says Endora wants to grow up to be a wicked witch doesn't she? They decide to spy on Fox through the magic bowl. It turns out Fox is already done with the emails and is about to leave. Tabitha says they must keep him at the office. She tries to cast a spell, but it doesnt work. She says Kay was right, their love is stronger than that success spell. She says this is bad for them and they have to get Kay and Miguel together before Fox comes home.

Back in the living room, Kay asks Fox about what he said before. Miguel says his true love has been here in Harmony all along. She is shocked, but he says it cant come as a surprise to her. She says it is, she doesnt know how she feels. He ends up saying the love of his life is his little Maria, he never thought he could love anyone so much. He says he realizes how important the time he missed with her was. He says he should have been here. As he talks about chasing Charity and how it was almost like magic that Charity kept disappearing on him, Tabitha and Endora spy. Kay begins to realize it was Tabitha who kept him from finding Charity, and Tabitha thinks shes been found out. Kay sees Tabitha spying on them and she insists Tabitha come listen to Miguels odd experiences with magic. Fox then shows up and asks how Maria is? Kay says shes holding her own. Kay asks the boys to watch Maria for her while she talks to Tabitha in the kitchen. Alone, Miguel tells Fox that they should probably clear the air about Maria. Miguel says he appreciates the role Fox has taken in Marias life, but hes back now and hes Marias father. Fox says he knows. Miguel just wants to make sure Fox doesnt feel put out now that hes back. Fox says he understands that, but what he wants to know if Maria is the only reason hes staying. Is he staying to be near Kay as well? Has he given up his search for Charity to be more than the worlds best dad to Maria? Miguel says he is here for Maria and his family, there is nothing between him and Kay. Fox thinks there is a big something between them, Maria. Miguel says Fox didnt know what his and Kays relationship was like before he left. Fox knows how it was, Kay loved him but he loved Charity. Fox says Charity is gone now and hes available. Miguel says just because hes not looking for Charity doesnt mean he doesnt still love her or given up on her. Fox says but hes giving up his search for her. He thinks Miguel has found something else here in Harmony, or should he say someone else. 

In the kitchen, Kay accuses Tabitha of being the one who kept Miguel from finding Charity. Tabitha says so what if she did, shes always known how crucial it is that she keep Miguel and Charity apart. Kay says Miguel could have been back her sooner if Charity had told him to take a hike. She says he would have been here before she got involved with Fox. She says that would have changed everything. Tabitha thinks it sounds like Kay might like that. Kay says she could be with Miguel now and not Fox. Tabitha says Miguel is looking at her in a new way, and she is sure they could have been married by now. Tabitha tells Kay that shes rattled because she still wants Miguel. She asks Kay which one she wants the most? Miguel or Fox?

At the garage, Ethan and Theresa are going at it on the roof of a car. Theresa tells Ethan to make love to her. He says he shouldnt be doing this, but she knows he wants to as much as she does. As Theresa strips Ethan, he says hes only doing this one more time! Theresa says she loves him, and he says he loves her too. Of course he once again says he cant do this. She says dont say that and she keeps kissing him. Ethan pulls away and says he cant do this. He says his marriage is important to him. She says how many times have they almost made love. Ethan says when hes around her he doesnt know the difference between right and wrong. She says that is love. Ethan says she knows this is wrong too, but she has a hold on him, like a magic spell. She says no it is love. She says hes married to Gwen on paper, but they belong together. She says it is only natural that he wants to be with her, they are soulmates. She tells him not to fight it anymore, make love to her. Ethan says he wants to, and they kiss some more. Ethan continues to pull away from her and she says not again. He says he cant do this. Theresa flashes him and says this body is his. She says it is his and his alone, nothing will change that. Ethan picks up his overalls and she says they are still locked in here and shes not giving the key to him until he listens to her. He says there is nothing she can say that will make this right. She reminds him how perfect that first night they made love was. We see flashbacks to them on the beach. She says their whole lives could be like that if he would just be with her. Ethan says hes still married and he wont cheat on Gwen. Theresa tells Ethan that she doesnt blame him for wanting to be with her. He says dont play games. She says shes not, she messed everything up between them. She says if she hadnt gone to Bermuda then they would be together. He says this is doing no good, it is water under the bridge. Theresa begs Ethan to let them start over, forget all the bad choices and decisions. She says they can be together. Ethan says you cant turn back the clock. Theresa says then hell live his whole life in frustration and disappointment knowing hes chosen the wrong woman? She asks why hed do that when he doesnt have to? She says they could have a family with their children. Ethan says Little Ethan isnt even his son. Theresa says Little Ethan thinks of Ethan as his father though, and Jane is their child. Theresa tells Ethan to take a moment and think about what their life could be like. Theresa begins to paint a rosy little picture how their life could be together. Ethan tells her to stop it. She continues to talk about how they could be together, how they could have everything they always dreamed about. She says she could be a soccer mom, and Ethan can play baseball with Little Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa that this is crazy. She says it is crazy, she hates having fighting with him, that they yell at each other, she hates she is running this company she knows nothing about. She says as far as the money is concerned, she only wanted enough to make her mother and family comfortable. She knows Ethan wants the same things she does, she says they can have it all. Theresa says she will give everything up, the Crane name and money to be with him. He says he thought she was getting into it. She says she enjoyed the power, but it means nothing without him. Theresa says without Ethan she could turn into something she hates, another Alistair. She says his love can save her, that is the power he has. She asks Theresa to help her save herself.

At the cottage, Chris asks Sheridan if she has made a decision, and if it is a decision she came to on her own without pressure from him. She says they cant go on like this anymore, she has to end this. She decides they should go into the bedroom and she can tell them both at the same time. Eve decides to stay, just in case it is bad news for Luis then she can check him over. They all go into the bedroom. Luis can see something is going on as everyone comes in. He asks Sheridan if everything is all right? Is there something she wants to tell him? Luis says she looks kind of pale. She says she needs to . . . . Sheridan then faints! Eve checks on her. Sheridan comes too. Eve thinks it was probably just the stress. Eve asks Chris to help her put Sheridan on the couch. Luis says no, put her in bed here. Eve thinks that isnt a good idea, he knows what happens when they are close. She wants Sheridan on the couch and orders Luis to stay in bed and rest. Out on the couch, Eve checks on Sheridan. She decides to take a blood sample just to make sure shes not anemic. She says shell have it taken to the hospital, and then she can talk to Chris and Luis. The messenger picks up the sample, and Eve talks with Sheridan about making her decision. She says it will help her to get this off her chest, mental stress can lead to physical problems. Sheridan decides to go in there and face the music. She asks Eve to come with her, but Eve says thats not a good idea. She tells Sheridan that it will be okay. 

Chris and Luis are left alone in the bedroom. Luis sees how upset Chris is about Sheridan passing out. Luis says she was lucky to have such a good friend in him, and he thinks they must have grown close. Chris says yes. Luis says then he knows how special she is. Chris says yes and she is beautiful. Luis says she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Luis says it was tough seeing Sheridan with James, it should have been like that for her and Marty. He says it kills him that he didnt bring Marty home, if he had only believed her about Marty. Chris says it must have been hard to think that Alistair could have cooked up such a scheme. Luis explains how Beth figured into it all. Luis thinks this must be hard on Chris too, having the woman he loves taken away from him. Chris says you know? He says sure, it must have torn him apart. Chris didnt know he knew. Luis says he's not blind. He also says Sheridan told him about how he lost his wife. Chris realizes Luis is talking about Maureen, not Sheridan. Luis says he once thought he lost Sheridan, and he never wants to feel like that again. He hopes shes okay, and he wonders what she has to tell him. Chris says theyll know soon enough. Luis says as soon as he gets out of this bed then hes spending his life making her happy. Luis suggests to Chris that he could help them look for Marty, who else would be better to help bring Marty back to Sheridan. He says any friend of Sheridans is a friend of his. Sheridan walks in, and Luis asks how shes feeling. She says better, but there is something she needs to tell him. Meanwhile, Eve gets a call from the hospital and is shocked by what they say. 



April 11, 2006

At the Book Caf, Simone and Paloma are researching the symbol on the net, but they arent getting anywhere. They discuss how Alistair obviously knows what the symbol is, but hes in a coma. They know Spike knows what it is, as he works for Alistair, but who told Spike to have Jessica tattooed with Alistair in a coma? Every website Simone thinks she finds on the symbol is not in service. They wonder what is with that symbol. Later, Gwen shows up and buys some muffins. She tries to call Ethan but keeps getting his voicemail. She leaves him a message and says shes checking on Sheridan before heading home. She wonders if he got a job and hopes he did. Later, Simone and Paloma keep coming up with dead ends on the net. Simone is worried, what if some hacker is tracing their searches. Paloma says they cant let Alistair or his people stop them, solving this mystery could make them famous. Simone asks how they will find out about this symbol if not via the net. They think maybe the library, but they worry Alistair will have removed any books from the libraries. They decide to go to the convent library, hell have no control over the church and what a place to start given the paintings were stolen from the church.

At the convent, Whitney goes to the chapel to talk to God. She prays at the altar and says she wants to help him but she doesnt know what to do or where to start. She asks God to show her how to serve him. Suddenly the symbol begins to glow on a nearby pedestal. Whitney begs God to show himself to her, to give her a sign. She says everyone told her she was wrong and hallucinating, but she knows he is real. She asks to give her a sign. Meanwhile, Simone and Paloma show up, Mother Superior gave them access to the library. They decide to go find Whitney in the chapel and check on her. Paloma wonders if shes ever seen the symbol, but Simone doubts it. They walk into the chapel and are stunned by what they see. They dont see the glowing symbol, they see Whitney almost passed out while praying. They say she looked awful, and they want to have Eve come look at her. Whitney says she is fine and tells them to leave her alone. Simone says fine, shes Gods problem now. Paloma says she didnt mean that, but Simone says she did. Whitney says she didnt mean to snap at them, she had a fever last night and is better now. Whitney says mom was already here to check on her. She asks why they are here? Paloma and Simone explain they came to check on her, they used doing research in the library as an excuse.  Paloma obviously wants nobody to know what they are up to.  Whitney says she has to get back to her praying. Shes very weak and once again snaps at them, telling to leave her alone. They do, and Whitney keeps begging God to appear to her. A light shines down on Whitney and she thinks it is God. The cross and wall open up to reveal the room where the monk sits. Whitney thanks him for coming, she just wishes hed let someone else see him so they know shes not crazy. He warns her that danger is coming, people are searching for the secrets of the church. He says if they find them then he must destroy them! Whitney asks who is doing this? 

Simone and Paloma search the library but dont have much luck. Simone wonders if Alistair had this library purged like every other library in Harmony. Paloma doesnt know how Alistair could have done it. Simone says he could have had someone else do it. They soon find books on art with the pages of the missing paintings removed. Suddenly they hear odd music and think it is coming from the chapel where Whitney is. Simone wants to check it out, but Paloma tells her not to. Simone says shes not afraid of Alistair but she is afraid of this music? Paloma says this convent has a weird and evil vibe to it, she doesn't like it. 

At the cottage, Eve gets a shocking phone call about Sheridans blood work. Eve quickly goes into the bedroom to interrupt Sheridan and give her the latest news. Sheridan was just about to tell Luis and Chris her choice. Luis asks if this can wait, Sheridan was about to tell him something. Eve says it cant wait. Sheridan says fine, just one more interruption. Chris asks how many this makes? Luis asks why he cares? Chris says he just knows how frustration this must be. Sheridan leaves with Eve and Luis wonders what is going on. Luis asks Chris if he knows what Sheridan wants to tell him? Chris says nothing, and Luis realizes he does know. He tells Chris out with it! Chris says he didnt say he knew. Luis says he can read his body language, he is a cop. Chris says they should wait for Sheridan to get back. Luis says fine and he says Chris sure is protective of her. Luis has a man to man talk with Chris about Sheridan, when Sheridan thought he was dead was she with someone else? Chris says a lot of things happened while Luis was gone, but he doesn't want to speculate. Luis asks if Maureen knew if Sheridan was with someone else? Chris doesnt know, he and Maureen never discussed it. Luis says it doesnt matter now that hes back, their love is so strong that nobody else could get in the way. Chris says his doubts about Marty wounded Sheridan deeply, she may have moved on. Luis says even if Sheridan was with someone else, well she was out of her mind with grief. HE says when they do make love then shell forget about anyone else she was with. He says they will be together forever. 

Later Gwen shows up and talks with Luis. She rants to him about Theresa and how her obsession with Ethan has become insane. She tells him what Theresa has been up to, preventing Ethan from getting jobs anywhere else in order to lure her back to Crane and her. Luis cant believe what his sister has been up to. Luis says hes sorry, marriage is sacred and Theresa should know better to do this. He says hed hate for anyone to come between him and Sheridan. He says they are married now and if someone doesnt respect that then they are in for trouble. Chris excuses himself to get some air. Luis asks Gwen if Chris seems preoccupied to her. She says she cant say. Luis says he gets the idea that Chris knows what Sheridan has to say to him, and he wonders if Gwen knows too. Gwen says it wouldnt be right to tell him, and he just has to be patient. He says that is what Chris said, and he says this is just damn frustrating. Gwen checks her messages, Ethan found a job working at Jerrys garage. Luis says its a switch. Gwen says not exactly, he cant get a job as a lawyer and hes always loved working on cars. She says it is only temporary. She decides to go see Ethan at the garage. She tells Luis not to worry about Sheridan, things always work out for them. 

Sheridan asks Eve what this is about? Eve suggests she sit down. Sheridan thinks it is more bad news, but Eve says actually it is wonderful news, though the timing might not be the best. Sheridan asks what this news is? Eve says she is pregnant! Sheridan says she cant believe this. Eve knows this poses problems for her, and something as ill-timed as this can work out for the best. Eve says everything will be fine. Sheridan says of course it will, shes pregnant! Sheridan is happy about the news. Sheridan soon realizes Chris is the father. Eve asks if it changes her mind about who she wants to be with? Chris walks in and asks if what changes her mind? Eve asks for another moment. He says fine, but Luis is getting anxious. Eve tells Sheridan that she needs to process this all for her sake and her babys sake. She says Chris is the father of this baby, but Luis is Martys father. She asks Sheridan if she knows who she wants to be with? Chris asks what is going on, what are they whispering about. Sheridan says she has something to tell him, something that will change their lives forever.

Meanwhile, Luis has had enough of this waiting around and decides to go find out what is happening. Back in the other room, Sheridan tells Chris that shes pregnant, they are going to have a baby!

At the garage, Ethan tells Theresa that she has to stop this and he has to get out of here. Theresa says no and she says they belong together. Ethan almost kisses her, but only tells her to open the door. He tells her not to do this. She says do what, love him? Once again she talks about the life they could have with their kids, how they can make love to each other all the time, night after night. She tells him to save them both a lifetime of regret and kiss her. He of course does, but then again stops. He says he cant do this, he wouldnt be the man she loves if he gave himself to her. She says shell die without him. Ethan says he cant save her, he just cant. Ethan finally puts his clothes back on and threatens to break down the door if she wont open it. Theresa says fine, runaway to his safe little nest with Gwen. She tells him if he thinks he wont have any problems with Gwen then hes kidding himself, hell take all his problems home to Gwen. Ethan says hes with Gwen because he loves her. Theresa says not as much as he loves her. Ethan says not when she acts like this. She says she knows she is his true love. Ethan says Gwen is his wife. Theresa says so what, he has pity sex with her and fake kisses? Ethan says he doesnt have pity sex. Theresa says when hes with Gwen he imagines hes with her. Ethan tells Theresa that she should be ashamed of herself throwing herself at another womans husband. Theresa says Gwen is the one who should be ashamed of herself, she is a whore because only a whore stays with a man who doesnt love her. He says what about her and Alistair? Theresa says it is different, she married him for Ethans love and she was desperate. He says she was stupid and stubborn. Theresa says she thought she could handle him. Ethan wont go into this again and demands she give him the key. She says no and hell have to frisk her. He says he would rather stick them in battery acid. She doubts that and she says they belong together. Ethan says hes going to break this door down and hes walking out of this building, the end. As Ethan tries to break open the door, Theresa realizes she has to stop Ethan somehow. Theresa once again drops her coat and tries to distract him. It works, and she once again puts the moves on Ethan. As She is trying to seduce him, Gwen shows up and sees them through the window. Ethan ends up kissing her as Gwen sees them together! Gwen says Theresa is roadkill!


April 12, 2006

At the convent, the monk tells Whitney people are trying to discover the churchs secrets and they must stop them. He says if they discover the secrets then they must be destroyed. Meanwhile, Simone wants to see what the music coming from the chapel is, but Paloma doesnt want to see what is going on. She says this convent has a weird vibe, maybe thats why Whitney is so ill. Simone says all the more reason to check on her. Back in the chapel, the monk says they are coming and they cannot find what they are looking for, they must be stopped. Paloma and Simone approach the chapel door and see a very bright light coming from under the door. Simone doesnt like this at all. Simone insists they investigate. In the chapel, the monk continues to tell Whitney that they must stop these people and he asks if he can count on her help. Whitney says of course he can. Simone and Paloma walk in, nobody is there and the light is gone and the music has stopped. Whitney is gone too, and they dont like this. Simone wonders where her sister is. 

The monk has taken Whitney down into the catacombs below the convent. He tells her this is a sacred place and she must tell nobody about this. He says he has something here that she must see. The monk pulls out a book and shows it to Whitney. They book has photographs of paintings, old and rare paintings that were stolen from the church. Whitney asks if the church has any idea who stole them? He says no, its as if they vanished. He says they must find the paintings, it is crucial they be found. He asks Whitney to find the paintings as her penance. He says others are looking for them but she must find them first. He asks if she will do this, if she will protect the church's secrets? Whitney says she will. He explains how each painting has a symbol on it, and if read in the write order spell out a message. He says this message can cause great harm if it fell into the wrong hands.

Simone and Paloma run into a nun. The nun asks what they are doing here? They explain how they are researching some missing paintings. The nun is familiar with the paintings, they were stolen from the church after WWII. She doesn't know if they will ever see them again. She says they are very important to the church. They ask if she has seen Whitney. The nun says Sister Whitney is in the chapel. The girls say she's not, they were just in there. The nun says if Whitney left she would have seen her, and she did not. They said the bright light and organ music stopped as soon as they went in. The nun says there is no music scheduled today, and the only light in there is from candles, no fixtures are in the chapel bright enough to shine a light like they might have seen. They go into the chapel to see what is up. Whitney is there praying. Simone and Paloma tell themselves she was not here before and they are not crazy.

At the cottage, Luis decides to go find out what is keeping Sheridan. Before he can, James comes in with the babysitter, she says shes sorry she didnt know this was a bedroom. James built a birdfeeder and says he wants to show it to mommy and daddy. Luis thought his mother was gone, but the babysitter says James thinks of the new woman in Chris life as his mom. She says James is crazy about her and she loves him too. She says Chris and his new lady are such a perfect couple. She says its hard for a child to lose a mother, thats why shes glad Chris found someone new. Luis wonders why Chris didnt tell him about this new woman. Luis says this cant be, Sheridan is married to him now. He says its crazy to even think it. Luis tells the babysitter that Chris hasnt mentioned this woman, but there hasnt been time really. He says Chris has been a good friend, and hes sure this woman is wonderful to. The babysitter says she is, and he knows her well. Luis asks why she would say that?

In the living room, Sheridan tells Chris that she is pregnant. Chris is thrilled and he hugs Sheridan. He says shes made him the happiest man in the world and he loves her. She says this is a dream come true for her as well, ever since losing Marty she thought she wouldnt have another child. She says then he and James came into her life, and now this. Chris is thrilled, but then he says there is still the problem with Luis. Chris says Sheridan still hasnt made her decision between him and Luis. He asks what she will do. Will she stay with him or go back to Luis? Suddenly Luis walks in on them. He says hes just heard something he had a hard time believing, when was she going to tell him? Was she going to let him find out on his own? Sheridan says she was waiting till he was stronger, she didnt want him to have a relapse. He says if he had heard this then he might have, James told him that she can cook. He says shes been taking classes and everything, hes blown away. He asks Sheridan when she was going to tell him about the new her. She says she didnt think about it with everything going on. James wants soup, so Sheridan goes and makes him some. Luis and Chris have a talk, Luis says he's learned Chris is with a new woman. He says he's happy for him, and he hopes they are as happy as he and Sheridan are. Meanwhile, Sheridan makes soup for James and the babysitter reveals she told Luis about how James really loves her and how happy she is for her and Chris. Sheridan panics and says you told Luis? She asks exactly what did she tell Luis? The babysitter says only that Chris has a new woman in his life and James loves her very much. She says she didn't name her name. Sheridan realizes Luis is going to figure it all out sooner or later. Sheridan goes back to Luis and Chris and tells them both that she has to tell them something, she can't ignore it any longer.

At the garage, Gwen is furious as she sees Theresa seducing Ethan. She finds the door is locked so she throws a garbage can through the window, charges in and begins to attack Theresa! Ethan holds Gwen back. Gwen says Theresa is incredible, is she ever going to stop trying to seduce her husband? Ethan says hes sorry and this shouldnt have happened. Gwen says damn right, and she thinks Theresa showed up here to seduce her husband. She tells Theresa the naked trench coat thing is so overdone in porn, get a new routine. Theresa says Gwen doesn't have a clue what happened here. Gwen says she knows what really happened here, the door was locked and Ethan couldnt leave, and she bets Theresa had the key. Ethan says that is right. Theresa tells Gwen she is blind, she is clinging to a man in love with another woman. Gwen says if she thought Ethan still in love with her then shed kick him out for having such poor taste in women. Theresa says shes doing a good job of not seeing whats in front of her then. Gwen wants to kill Theresa, but Ethan tells her to stop. He says this wont help, they should just go home. Gwen says no, she wants this to end right now. Gwen tells Ethan to go get her car and pull it around, shes having words with Theresa. Ethan doesnt think this is a good idea, but he eventually leaves when Gwen insists. Gwen tells Theresa that she is so tired of her sick and pathetic attempts to get her husband.  Gwen wants Theresa to listen to her. Theresa says shes sick and tired of Gwens head in the sand fantasies that Ethan actually loves her. Theresa wants Gwen to listen to her. Gwen and Theresa argue with one another about the past, who stole Ethan from who and all that stuff. Theresa calls Gwen a whore, she sleeps with a man who doesnt love her, she pretends he loves her when he really loves her (Theresa). Gwen says Theresa doesnt know the difference between love and lust. They argue about the past and who stole Ethan from who. Gwen tells Theresa that she is crazy delusional about Ethan. Theresa says nothing she says will convince her that Ethan doesnt love her. Gwen realizes Theresa is right, and so she says they are done. Theresa says they arent done, she wants Gwen to walk away from Ethan. Gwen asks why shed do that? Theresa says Ethan only married her because she was pregnant and he only stays with her out of obligation. Gwen asks how she thinks she got pregnant, by making love to Ethan! Theresa says Ethan would have been in her bed if it werent for Gwen framing her for the tabloid. Gwen tells Theresa that shell never prove it. Theresa tells Gwen if she loved Ethan then she would have let Ethan be with the woman he loves. She says Gwen is the pathetic whore here, she holds onto Ethan when she knows he doesnt love her. Gwen lashes out at Theresa and says she's the whore who married Alistair. Theresa says only to get Ethan and Jane back. Gwen says Jane is her daughter, she always will be. Theresa says Ethan doesn't agree, he knows Jane is her daughter and Jane belongs with her. Gwen says Theresa is a terrible mother, Jane does not belong with her. She says now that she has Alistair's money and power she leaves Little Ethan with the nanny all the time so she can go after Ethan. Theresa says she is a wonderful mother. Gwen goes to storm out, trips and ends up with transmission fluid or something all over her. Ethan finally returns and asks Theresa what she did? Theresa says this is all on Gwen. Ethan says they should go, but Gwen says no. She says she can't live like this anymore, she has to know if Ethan loves her or Theresa. She says if he wants to be with Theresa then be with her. Ethan says he loves Gwen, he is staying with Gwen. 



April 13, 2006
Shirtless Fox and Miguel are putting a swing set together in Tabitha's backyard. Fox still wants an answer from Miguel, why is he still here and not searching for Charity. Isnt she the love of his life? Miguel says Charity is a lost cause. Fox says if he really loves Charity then hed keep searching for her. Miguel says Fox is right, and he guesses he has to accept hes not with Charity anymore. Fox wonders to himself if it is because he loves Kay. Fox asks Miguel how he can give up on his soul mate? Miguel says he and Charity were set to get married when Kay got pregnant. He says he knows it sounds lame, but he thought he was making love to Charity. He says Charity eventually forgave him and they were back on track until Charity freaked out and left town. Miguel says he took off to find her, but every time he came close she disappeared like magic. Miguel says she doesnt want to be found, and she's no longer the love of his life Miguel says that is his daughter, he loves her and Maria loves him.. Miguel says there is no point loving Charity if she doesnt love him. Fox asks if he doesnt miss Charity, miss her touch, how she feels to him? Miguel says he did, but its been so long and things are different. Fox says if he says so. Fox says all he knows is he loves Kay the way Miguel says he loves Charity, so if Kay left then hed go after her and wouldn't stop until he found her. He says that is the difference between them. Later Fox decides to go in and get cleaned up.

Inside, Tabitha and Kay spy on Fox and Miguel. Tabitha ogles their flesh and says they remind her of Romulus and Reams. Kay wonders how many MarTimmys Tabitha has had. Tabitha says enough to want to know who Kay wants to be with. Kay insists she loves Fox and shes marrying Fox. Tabitha says but Miguel is her first love, the father of her child. Kay says that Miguel loves Charity now. Tabitha says not according to what shes heard, Miguel just told Fox that hes given up on Charity. Kay says finally. Tabitha says now Miguels heart is open for new love. Kay says Miguel did once say theyd be together if it werent for Charity. Tabitha feels that still holds true. Kay isnt so sure about that. She thinks the boys are probably hungry so shes going to take them out some food. Tabitha thinks they are hungry, hungry for Kays love. Kay comes out with food for the boys, but by that time Fox has left to get cleaned up. Miguel tells Kay that hed like to talk to her. HE says he needs to let her know something. She says he sounds so serious. He says he is. He says being back in Harmony has meant a lot to him. He talks about how he ran off to escape his problems, to not accept the fact that he had a daughter and his life had changed. He says he sees that was selfish, they made a beautiful girl and a life together. He says he meant what he said back then, if it wasnt for Charity then they would have been together. He says it took loving Charity to realize she wasnt right for him, but Kay is. Kay asks what hes saying? Miguel says hes in love with her. A spying Tabitha thinks this is good news.

Noah and Maya are waiting on the pier to meet up with Lena, who seems to be a no show. Maya tells Noah to try and make the best out of this bad situation. Noah says this is so far past bad. He says Fancy really hates him now. He remembers Fancy got that phone call that upset her, he doesn't know what it was about. He just wishes he could tell her the truth so she wouldnt hate him. Lena finally shows up and tells them that she has an assignment for them. She wants them to go home, pack and be ready to leave on a moments notice. Noah asks where they are going, but she says none of his concern. He grabs her as she tries to walk away and says he doesnt like not knowing where they are going. She twists his arm and puts him in a hold. She says he cant win, he has no idea who hes dealing with. She says if he doesnt do as she says then he, Maya and his ex Fancy will all end up dead. She lets him go and then walks off. Later they meet with the two FBI agents. They say that all they know is shes sending them on a trip and she wont say where. They say they have to be ready at a moments notice. Noah says the problem is his passport is expired. The FBI take care of that. Noah also makes one last request, he asks for a pen and paper if they dont mind. He gives it to Noah,. Noah sits down and begins writing a note to Fancy on official FBI stationary. He is writing a letter to Fancy, he wants it given to her in case anything happens to him. He says once hes dead he doesnt think the FBI will care about this act being kept up, so at least she will know the truth. Later Noah and Maya are back on the pier somewhere. Noah is upset, he loves Fancy too much to lose her over this. Maya says keep his voice down, someone could be listening. He says he hates this more and more every second. Lena shows up and says hate what? He says he hates her always sneaking up on them. She says it makes eavesdropping more and more easier. She hands them their instructions, they are being sent to Italy.

At Crane, Fancy has a talk with Theresa. She tells her that she shouldnt be wearing a trench coat this time of year. Theresa says she got cold. Fancy says wearing clothes might help. Theresa says showing up to see Ethan naked didnt help anything. Theresa explains to Fancy how she tried to seduce Ethan, but it didnt work. She says Ethan was so close to giving in until Gwen barged into the window like a super bitch. Fancy says Gwen is his wife, dont call her names. Theresa cant believe Ethan has chosen to stay with Gwen. Fancy says he loves her, he takes his marriage vows seriously. Fancy says Theresa was right before, they shouldnt chase after men who dont put them first. Theresa says Ethan would put her first if it werent for Gwen. Fancy think she should respect Ethan for that, he's staying true to his vows. Theresa does, but she feels if two people love one another then you shouldnt let anything or anyone keep you apart. She feels the same way about her and Noah, they belong together. Fancy says hes with Maya now. Theresa says this is not like Noah, he worshipped Luis growing up and Luis would never disrespect a woman. She says if Fancy is right about Noah and Maya though, then he doesnt deserve her. Fancy says shes dated her fair of eurotrash and low-end royalty, but those men dumped their women to be with her. She says shes never been dumped for another woman. Theresa wonders if Fancy ever wished she was a witch in order to cast a spell on a man to get him to love her? Fancy says no, why would she trick a man into loving her if he loves someone else. Theresa says ask Gwen that question. They begin arguing about wedding vows. Theresa says she agrees your not supposed to break vows, but Ethan married Gwen for all the wrong reasons. She says one of these days Ethan will see Gwen for the liar she is and he will dump her like toxic waste. Theresa says all she wants is to be a family with Ethan, Little Ethan and Jane. Fancy says she hadnt gotten around to thinking about having a family with Noah. She did think about their life together and it was nice, being without him isnt. She says she thought she had found everything she wanted in him. Theresa suggests Fancy take a vacation, go abroad and use one of the foreign offices as a base of operation for new fashion ideas. Fancy settles on Italy.

At the B&B, Gwen has cleaned up and has to have a talk with Ethan. She wants to know why he was kissing Theresa in the garage. Ethan says he was pulling away from her but couldnt. She says he and his muscles couldnt push her away? He says he wont push a woman. Gwen says he always has an excuse when it comes to Theresa. Why didnt he taze her with a jumper cable and finish her off with a tire iron? Ethan swears he was trying to get away from her. She says she knows Theresa has the morals of a crack whore, but why didnt he lock himself in a car or something. He says he thought he could reason with her. She says so why didnt he call the police, why didnt he bust out the window? She says he stayed there with her, he let her touch him, he touched her. Ethan says she tried to seduce him but it didnt work, he stayed true to her. Gwen says he still stayed there, he did everything but take her on the hood of a car. Ethan remembers he almost did that too. She asks what is wrong with him, why is he trying to defend her. Gwen asks if he still loves Theresa? He says no, and Theresa just kissed him. Gwen says dont insult her, he kissed her back. She doesnt understand why Ethan wouldnt want to hurt her after everything shes done to them. Wouldnt he want to hurt her? Ethan says no. Gwen says he still loves her doesnt he. Ethan says hes never lied to her, yes he has feelings for her as he almost married her. Gwen thinks Ethan is sorry he married her instead. Gwen begins to wonder what would have happened if she hadnt crashed his party with Theresa. Ethan says he did not give into Theresa because he loves her, he wants to stay true to her. Gwen says shes sick to death of this, how many times has he sworn he wants her but only after she finds him with Theresa? Ethan says he thinks after today Theresa will accept that nothing is going to work to get him back. Gwen says yeah right, Theresa will come between them till the day she dies. Ethan says he loves her and nothing will come between them, not even Theresa. They hug, but Gwen knows if Theresa can find the tabloid evidence then it will be over for them.

At the cottage, Sheridan tells Luis that she has to tell him the truth. She says a lot has changed since hes been gone. Luis says he thinks he knows, hes put it together. He talks about how Chris has a new woman in his life and how James thinks of this woman as his new mommy. Luis says with Sheridan wanting to talk to them both, he knows what she wanted to tell him. Of course he has it all wrong as usual. He thinks Chris is involved with Sheridans old friend Dottie, the one who ran the DNA tests on Marty. He thinks Chris and Dottie are planning a big wedding and that got Sheridan wanting one too. Chris says he has this all wrong, but Luis doesnt think so. He thinks they should set a date for a big wedding, maybe the end of May. HE says they could have the wedding outside or even here. Sheridan tries to cut him off and tell him the truth, but he keeps going on about the wedding. He talks about the guest list, who they will invite and have at the wedding. Chris tells Luis to stop and listen to Sheridan. Luis decides to call the church right now and book a space. Sheridan says no. Luis asks what is wrong? Chris tells Sheridan to just tell him. Luis tells Chris not to speak to his wife that way. Sheridan tells Luis that shes not his wife. He says fine, significant other, life partner, whatever. Sheridan says no, they werent married in Hawaii, it was all an act. He says but it was his surprise, he contacted the Justice of the Peace. Sheridan says it was a surprise all right, but they arent married. She says she only went along with him as to not upset him. So he says and her telling him this now isnt upsetting? Sheridan says Eve told her that he was no strong enough to handle the truth. He says what truth? Sheridan says their marriage isnt legal. He asks why not? She says because shes already married to someone else. He says but he loves her. Sheridan says she loves her husband too. Luis says this cant be. Chris tells Luis that it is true. Luis asks who the man is? She tells him it is Chris!


April 14 , 2006

n Tabithas backyard, Kay is stunned when Miguel says he loves her. She thinks hes just upset about Charity and feeling close to Maria, and she happens to be Marias mom. Miguel says that isnt it. Kay thinks hes missing Charity and is reaching out to her. She says its okay, she wont hold him to it, it will be their secret. Miguel says he meant what he said, he loves her. A spying Tabitha says she couldnt have orchestrated this better if she tried for days, though she did have something to do with it given she kept Miguel from Charity. She says it is love drawing Miguel to Kay though, not them. Tabitha says Charity is far away and Miguel is here declaring his love for Kay. Back outside, Kay is having a hard time believing this. She says she spent most of her life trying to get him to love her, but nothing worked. He says he was a jerk back then, he was doing the same thing trying to force Charity to love him. He says he decided he would tell Kay how he felt before he lost any chance with her. He asks if hes too late. Kay says she worked really hard to get over him, she thought he would never come home. Kay says eventually she met Fox and she began to forget about Miguel. Miguel asks if she loves Fox. She says yes, she loves Fox and Fox loves her. Miguel says well he loves her. He says dont throw a future away with them and their little girl. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her, he realizes she is the woman he should have been with. He begs Kay for a chance. Kay says no, she loves Fox. She tells Miguel to move on, find someone else. Miguel says he cant, its not too late for them to be the family they always hoped for. He begs her to say yes, not to break his heart. Kay says this is crazy. Miguel says she knew all along what he just realized, they are meant to be together. He says first loves never go away when children are involved, look at her father and Ivy. Kay says stop this, he has no idea what hes doing to her. She says he left her to raise their daughter alone, she had to work at a cannery to make ends meet. He says he sent money, but she says she needed support. She says she learned to depend on herself. He says hes back now and has learned his lesson, he wants a chance to make up for his mistakes. Kay tells Miguel to stop, she cant listen to anymore. He says she has to, and she has to believe him. She wonders if hes been drinking, but he says he hasn't. Miguel says he meant it, he loves her and wants to marry her. Kay cant believe this. Miguel says all he knows is it would be a tragedy if he blew things with her again. He says dont throw away what they could have, they could be a family with a white picket fence and a SUV. Miguel gives a little kiss to Kay and tells her not to throw what they could have away. He then gives her a real kiss! She stops the kiss. He tells her to think about what he said. He then leaves. Later Miguel checks on Maria and decides to give her bath. Tabitha says hes in a warm and fuzzy mood. Miguel says he has high hopes for the future. Back outside, Kay wonders why Miguel had to say those things to her now. She says she is in love with Fox, they are engaged to be married. She says but Miguel is her first love and hes waited years for him to say those things. She wonders what joke God is playing on her now. Fox shows up (after seeing Fancy below) and thinks shes talking to herself. He says they need to talk about the wedding. Fox says he doesnt want to wait any longer, he wants to pick a date and marry her as soon as possible. 

Noah and Maya return to the Bennett house. Maya says shes so sorry for dragging him into this. Noah says as soon as they finish this task for the FBI then everything else is the FBIs problem. Noah just hopes he can convince Fancy to forgive him. He says hes not mad at her, just disappointed. She says because if she hadnt returned then hed be with Fancy still. Noah tells her to just go pack. Noah heads to his room to do the same. Meanwhile, Sam and Ivy show up and are talking about him and Fancy catching Noah in bed with his ex. Ivy says she thought they were so in love, she was relieved that Fancy fell for one of the good guys. Sam decides to go find Noah and talk to him. Ivy decides to go to the estate and check on Fancy. Sam goes up to Noahs room to have a talk with him. Sam asks him what has gotten into him? He says Fancy trusted him. Noah says he doesnt want to talk about it. Sam says too bad, and what is all this packing about. Noah says hes going away on business to Rome. Sam says he didnt think he even had a job? Noah says he doesnt have time to talk about this. Sam asks what is going on here, is he in trouble? Does this have to do with Maya? Sam demands to know why Noah broke Fancys heart. He thinks its not like Noah to hurt Fancy like this. Sam wants the truth. Noah says the truth is that Fancy isnt the woman for him and Maya is. Sam says so hes in love with Maya? Noah says yes, he loves Maya and is going to Italy with her. Sam says just like that? Noah says yes, and that is the way the cookie crumbles. Sam says hes been investigating him and Maya, something happened and the FBI has been brought in and blocked his investigation. He thinks Noah knows something. He says he can help Noah if hes in trouble. Noah says he can help him by giving him a ride to the airport. 

Fancy is at home packing a suitcase for Italy. She packs light and decides to buy what she needs when she gets there. She says to hell with Noah and his trashy girlfriend. Fox shows up and sees shes packing. He asks where is she going? Fancy says shes going to Italy on business. Fox thinks this is out of the blue. Fancy says so what, this trip is perfect timing. Fox says hes just never known her to run away from her problems. She says shes not running away. She asks to borrow his new blue briefcase. He says fine. Fox says its a shame she and Noah broke up, Italy is romantic this time of year. Fancy says drop it. Noah thinks there has to be an explanation, Noah is crazy about her. She says not only did she see Noah and Maya making love, some person called her and played a tape of Noah saying he was over her. Fox wonders what it is with the Bennetts and their past loves. She asks if everything is okay with Kay? Fox admits things have been messed up with Miguel being back in town. He says Miguel is around all the time. Fancy says thats just because of Maria. Fox says hes not sure that is it. He just wishes Miguel would go back on the road where he came from, go find Charity. Fancy says maybe he will leave soon, but Fox says hes announced his plans that he's staying to be the worlds greatest father. Fancy thinks that has to be tough on him given how close he is to Maria. Fancy tells Fox to go talk to Kay, tell her he doesnt want to wait to get married that he wants to get married now. Fox and Fancy say goodbye and Fox heads off to see Kay. Later Ivy shows up to check on Fancy. Ivy sees the suitcases and asks if shes gong someplace? She says Italy on a business trip. Ivy wonders if she is running away from Noah. Fancy asks what Sam told her? Ivy says she got the grizzly details, but there has to be an explanation. Fancy says she knows what she saw. Ivy says this doesnt make any sense, Noah isnt a saint, but hes not cruel and heartless. She says maybe hes involved in something beyond his control. Fancy says yeah its called sex, Noah cant keep control of himself. Ivy begs Fancy to stay here and work things out with Noah. Fancy says Noah doesnt want her and she doesnt want him. Fancy says she saw Noah making love to another woman, she needs to know no more. Ivy says this doesnt make sense, Noah is like Sam, he has moral fiber. Ivy says no offense but her mom isnt the greatest judge of men. She says she trusts her own judgment, shes going to Italy. Ivy thought she had finally found the right man. Fancy says so did she. Ivy wishes there was something she could do. Fancy says there is, she can drive her to the airport. 

Lena meets Maya at the airport. She says good girl, shes right on time. Maya hates what shes doing, but Lena says she should be thanking her for getting her back with Noah. Lena tells Maya to do what shes telling her to do. Lena then walks off. Noah soon shows up and meets with Maya. Sam is with him. Sam asks Noah if this is what he wants . . . to do. Noah says yes. Noah and Maya head to the plane. Ivy and Fancy soon show up and Ivy sees Fancy off. Fancy leaves, and Sam runs into Ivy. They talk and learn both Noah and Fancy are headed to the same place. Ivy says Fancy has no idea, she wanted her not to tell Noah where she was going. On the plane, Fancy is in first class while Noah and Maya are in coach. Lena talks to Maya on the phone, she says theyll hear from her once they arrive in Rome and to enjoy her boyfriend. 

At the cottage, Luis is stunned to learn that Sheridan is married to Chris. Sheridan says shes sorry, she was afraid the news would cause a relapse, and she couldnt face losing him again. He asks how long theyve been married? She says they married in Hawaii the day before. She tells him why they got married, to make sure James or Marty was cared for if something happened to one of them. Luis says this is like Antonio all over again. He says this is a habit she has, she marries men who arent the love of her life. Sheridan says she thought he was dead. Luis says well now all she has to do is fix it. Luis says she isnt thinking about staying with him is she? Chris stands up to defend Sheridan. He says Sheridan mourned him, she was devastated over his death. He says then she met Maureen and James, and Sheridan and James formed a close bond. He says Sheridan became a second mother to James after Maureen died. Luis says that is a sad story, but this isnt about Chris or his little boy. He says its about him and Sheridan. Chris says he was trying to explain things. Luis says so Chris says Sheridan fell in love with him because of James? Chris says James saved Sheridan, he helped her to want to live again, to look to the future. Luis doesnt blame Sheridan for getting close to James. However he thinks Chris took advantage of Sheridan, he used his own son to get close to her. Luis says she is a lousy son of a bitch, and she decks him. Sheridan tells him not to do this. Chris says they can fight if it makes him feel better, but hes supposed to be resting. Luis says he doesnt give a damn about him or his health, hes a hypocrite! Luis says he pretended to be his best man at his wedding. Chris says he only did it for Sheridan and it was the toughest thing he had to watch. He says she even used his ring to seal the deal. Luis says damn you. James runs out and to Sheridan. He hugs her and calls her mommy. He says its time for dessert. Sheridan says Mrs. Henderson will get him an ice cream cone. James leaves, and Luis continues to say Chris used his son to get Sheridan. Sheridan says not true, she met James long before Chris. She says nobody here is the bad guy. Luis says fine, hes back and all she needs to do is divorce Chris. Chris says she cant do that. He asks why not, is he blackmailing her? She says no, stop putting it on Chris. He says theyve waited years for this, if she doesnt want a divorce then get an annulment. She says no, she cant do that because she loves him. Luis says she cant love him the way they love each other, this just cant be happening. He says after everything theyve been through. He says no. He looks at a photo of him and Sheridan and throws it across the room. Sheridan says no. She goes to get the photo he through and trips. Chris rushes to her, as does Luis. Chris tells Luis to stay away from his wife! Chris blames Luis for almost making her fall and says she needs to be careful in her condition. Luis asks what condition? Sheridan says no, but Chris says Sheridan is pregnant. 

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