April 17, 2005

On the plane, Fancy is up in first class and on her way to Italy. She thinks with any luck shell never see Noah again. Fancy hears a baby in coach crying and rolls her eyes. Later, Fancy falls asleep and dreams of Noah. In coach, the baby is annoying Maya, shes ready to throw it off the plane. Noah isnt paying attention the baby, hes thinking about Fancy. Maya tells Noah not to lose focus, Lena and her friends are dangerous. She says they have to do what Lena wants. She tells him if he doesnt get his heads out of the clouds then he will get killed and shell never forgive herself for it. Noah just wants to get the job over so he can get back to his life and Fancy. To herself, Maya hopes Lena will let them go once they do what she wants. Noah begins dreaming that hes Prince Charming and Fancy is a Princess. He wakes her up with a kiss. She tells him that hes no Prince, hes a slimy frog who slept with the peasant Maya. Noah says he did not make love to Maya, they were only pretending. Fancy says she hopes he used pretend birth control. Noah explains, in fairytale speak, that he did what he did to save all their lives. He says he traveled to the far away land of Italia to apprehend these bad people who were threatening them. Fancy seems to believe him and says he is her prince and they kiss. Maya hears Noah dreaming about Fancy and wishes he would keep his mind on the business at hand. Noah continues his fairytale dream about Fancy. Noah eventually wakes up, Maya jerks him and says it was just turbulence. She asks if hes okay, he was talking in his sleep about something. He says he was dreaming, his dream will soon be a reality though. Noah has to use the bathroom but there is a long line. He decides to sneak up to first class. Up in first class, Fancy thinks once shes in Rome shell never have to think about Noah. Noah sneaks in, but doesnt see Fancy and she doesnt see him. Hes told to return to his seat as they are about to land. Noah returns to his seat and the plane begins to land. Noah still wont stop talking about Fancy, he says she has to forgive him after all of this.

At the Book Caf, Paloma and Simone are down in the basement. They discuss the weird going ons at the convent and what is happening there and to Whitney. Simone says it is bizarre to think that the convent isnt a safe place for Whitney. She says growing up her family volunteered there, it was a safe place then. She says now it has a weird vibe. Paloma says that one nun did confirm that these paintings are very important to the church. Simone says she doesnt really think they can find these paintings does she? Paloma says why not? Simone says why will they succeed when no one else has. Simone says fine, maybe they will fail, but its no reason not to try. Simone says where will they start? Paloma says Italy. Simone asks how they get there? Paloma says if their cause is just then God will provide. Simone says now she sounds like her mom. Paloma says good, shes a strong woman and that is what they need. Paloma snoops around to see if they are missing anything. Simone jokes yeah, see if she can find two first class tickets to Italy. Paloma finds a steel lock box and thinks it is treasure. She breaks it open and inside is a stash of cash. Simone wonders how much it is. Paloma says she doesnt think she can count this high. Paloma says next stop, Italy.

Chad shows up to see Ethan at the B&B. Ethan says you again. He says if this is about Theresa then dont even start. Chad says hes sorry about that and this isnt about Theresa, its about Whitney. Chad says Whitney is whipping herself. Ethan says the church hasnt condoned that practice in centuries. Chad knows, but nobody can stop her. Chad says they have to find a way to get her out of that convent. Ethan asks what they can do, shell take her vows soon and be cloistered for life. Chad says if that happens then she will die. Ethan says she wont die, but Chad says she will. He says her back was infected, she got a fever from it all. He says the crazy thing is that Whitney doesnt seem to think she is doing anything wrong, shes atoning for her sins against God. Chad says she doesnt even make sense anymore, she talks like one of those crazy brainwashed cult members. Chad says Whitney is now saying she talks to God, that it was God who told her to whip herself. Chad says he has to get Whitney out of there before something worse happens. Ethan says they cant just kidnap her. Chad says they cant leave her there to die. Ethan says it is her choice to be there. Chad says there has to be a legal way to force her out of there. Ethan says this isnt his kind of law, but hell look into it. He says there may be a medical clause or something they can use. Ethan says once they start there is no going back. He says Whitney could hate him. Chad says as long as it saves her life. Ethan says hell get to work, but Chad should try and convince her to leave on her own. Chad thanks Ethan and says hes a good man for helping him in spite of what happened. Ethan says hes not in the business of losing friends because of one stupid mistake. 

At the convent, Whitney is praying when Theresa shows up to check on her. Theresa tells Whitney that she looks worse now then she did before. Whitney says she is fine. Theresa says dont lie to her. Whitney asks what shes doing here. Theresa says Chad and her mom told her what happened. She says they are all worried about her. Theresa says shes not well, she needs to get out of here. In the shadows the monk watches. Whitney says Theresa is wasting her time, shes not leaving. Theresa says something is wrong with her, she needs help. Theresa says she is falling to pieces, shes lost weight and is whipping herself. Theresa says thats not normal, and if she doesnt see that then it means she has a psychological condition. Whitney says she is fine, God sees her and knows her. She says she is doing Gods work. Theresa says Whitney was always the reasonable one, the logical one. Theresa says Whitney is in trouble and needs help. Whitney says only God can help her. Theresa says no and shes taking Whitney with her. The spying monk pulls out a knife and raises it as if hes going to strike. Theresa tries to drag her off, but Whitney fights and says shes not going with her. She says shes a servant of God and this is her home. Their struggle drains Whitney so much that she cant even stand and falls down. Theresa asks if she is okay? Whitney tells her to just go home and run her empire. Theresa asks why she is hurting herself like this? Whitney says because she is a sinner and God demands she be punished. Theresa says Whitney is no more a sinner than she is. Whitney says Theresa is a sinner, she needs to stop running after Ethan and make amends for her sins. Theresa says love is not a sin. Whitney says love is what destroyed her life. Whitney tells Theresa her love for Ethan makes her an adulteress, a temptress, if she doesnt repent then she will burn in hell. Whitney says God punishes wickedness, repent before God smites her. Theresa says shes not well, shes taking her out of here now. Whitney says shes not going anywhere with Theresa, shes a sinner. Theresa says God Whitney. Whitney says dont use his name in his house. She tells her to get out before God sends his fiery messenger to take her to hell. Theresa leaves and the monk sneaks in to see Whitney. As Theresa is leaving she runs into Chad. Theresa says Whitney is insane, they need to get her out of here. Meanwhile, the monk tells Whitney they have much to do and they must go to Rome. The cross on the wall opens up and he leads Whitney into the foggy light. 

At the cottage, Luis thinks this must all be a nightmare. He says he goes away to look for their son and she gets married and pregnant. Luis says this is supposed to be his life, how does this happen. Luis grabs her hands and says he cant lose her again. Chris tells Luis to get his hands off his wife. Sheridan asks them not to fight, Luis is ill. Sheridan asks Chris to let her speak to Luis alone, this is a shock to him. Chris leaves, and Luis says he knew shed get rid of him. Luis says they have too much history to give up on one another. Sheridan tells Luis to let her speak. She says she knows this is hard for him, its hard for her too. She says she thought he was dead, she never imagined her father would come up with such a ruse. She says when she thought he was gone that she wanted to die back then too, and if James hadnt come into her life then she probably would have died. She says they were two lost souls when Chris came along. Sheridan says Chris became important to her, and she fought those feelings because of him (Luis). She says one night on the beach she was upset. She says he came to him in a vision or dream, that he wanted her to move on and find happiness. She says she took it as a sign that she should move on with Chris. Luis says he doesnt want her to move on, he loves her and she loves him. Luis says he wont let this happen. Sheridan says he needs to accept what has happened. Luis says never, she still loves him. Sheridan says she thought he was dead and Marty was lost. She says shes opened up her heart to James and Chris. Luis says only because she was alone and vulnerable. He wants her to be honest to herself, what she has with Chris is nothing compared to what they had. Luis has once again taken her hands in his. Chris storms in and yells at Luis to get his hands off his wife and stop reminding her of their life together. Luis says if Sheridan remembers then she will want to be with him. Luis begs Sheridan not to give it up for a complete stranger. Chris pushes Luis away and says leave her alone. Luis tells Chris to do the right thing, give Sheridan a divorce. He wants Sheridan to tell Chris that she wants a divorce. Chris asks Sheridan what she wants to do? Luis says he can see in Sheridans eyes that she still loves him. He tells her dont fight it, they always find their way back to one another. Luis begs her to make it right, come back to him. Chris says fine, do what she wants to do. Sheridan says no, wait. She tells Luis they shared a great past, but she has to believe there was a reason things turned out this way. She says in this life and every other life they make the same mistakes. Sheridan says its time one of them stop the cycle and move on. She says she hates to be that person, but she has moved on. Sheridan says she loves Chris and is having his baby. She tells Luis that she loved him so much, and when he died she thought her heart broke for good. She says Chris helped her to heal and to move on. She says he needs to accept that, she is staying with Chris. Luis thinks Chris has done something to her to make her say such things. Chris tells Luis to stop badgering her, she doesnt need this stress. Luis says shell come to her senses eventually and he goes back into the bedroom. Sheridan is in tears. Chris tells Sheridan he knows how hard this was for her. She says he doesnt, she broke his hearts. Chris says someones heart had to be broken, and hes so grateful that she chose him. Sheridan says shes calling Pilar, he cant be alone now. She is afraid she has ruined Luis life. She wants to check on him, but Chris says give him time. Sheridan says she is worried about him. She goes to check on Luis. Hes looking out the window. Luis tells Sheridan that she is his life, without her he has nothing. He says she should have left him to die.


April 18, 2006

Out on the swing set, Fox tells Kay they should get married the first week of May. Kay says thats only two weeks away. Fox says his mother can whip up a masquerade ball overnight if she has to. Kay says its just so sudden. Fox asks why they need to wait? Kay remembers Miguel telling her that he loved her. Fox tells Kay that he loves her and he wants to marry her right away. Inside Tabithas, Tabitha is spying on Fox and Kay. Miguel asks what shes looking at? She says Fox and Kay, they are having a serious conversation. Miguel begins to wonder what they are talking about too. Tabitha says there is one way to find out. She dumps some cookies on a plate and takes them out to them. Tabitha walks out and says cookies fresh from the oven! Kay says fresh from the supermarket is more like it. Tabitha says the swing set is very impressive. Miguel asks if they are interrupting anything? Fox says no, they have important news to share. Fox asks Kay who will tell them? Kay thinks they should wait, but Fox says no way. Fox says he and Kay have set a date for their wedding. Tabitha asks when the happy day is? Fox says May. Tabitha almost falls over when he hears this. Miguel tells Fox that hes very happy for them. Fox asks Tabitha if shes happy for them as well. Tabitha says yes but its so soon. Kay says she is worried they cant get ready in time. Fox says then that is why they should start planning right away. He says they should go talk to their parents. They then head off. Miguel thinks to himself that it is too late.

At the Bennetts, Ivy and Sam discuss Miguel deciding to stay in Harmony. Ivy thinks he might have another reason to stay in town, perhaps Kay? Sam says Miguel has always loved Charity and Kay has only been a friend. He also says Kay is over Miguel and is in love with Fox now. Sam suggests they have a drink. Ivy says shed love one. He goes to get them a drink, and Ivy says Miguel is her only hope of keeping Fox from marrying Kay. Later, Fox and Kay show up and tell their parents they are getting married the first week of May. Ivy says thats so soon. Fox says she is good at planning things, but Ivy says its not a costume ball or a state dinner. Fox says the only thing that matters is that they get married. Sam agrees and says they are so proud of them. Ivy asks if they are sure they want to rush into it. Fox says they dont see a point in waiting. Kay says she doesnt know, this is happening so fast, she feels overwhelmed. Fox asks if shes changed her mind about marrying him? She says of course she does, but its all happening so fast. She wants to take their time and plan the perfect wedding. Ivy says she understands Kays hesitation, a wedding is an important day to a bride. Fox thinks everything will be perfect, just trust him. He says the sooner they have the ceremony then the sooner they can start their lives together. 

Back at Tabithas, Tabitha sees Miguel is down in the dumps. She realizes she cant let him give up on Kay. She says if he goes back to Charity then the dark side and herself will be destroyed. Tabitha asks Miguel if he needs to talk. Miguel says hes been a fool, he ran all over looking for Charity when the perfect woman was here in Harmony. She asks if hes in love with Kay. Miguel says yes, but now hes too late. Tabitha says its not too late. Miguel says Kay and Fox are getting married in a few weeks. Tabitha says if he loves Kay then dont lose her again. He says its too late, but she says its never too late. Tabitha asks if he told Kay that he loves her. Miguel says yes. Tabitha says good, now he has to make her remember her feelings for him. Miguel thinks maybe he does have time to get Kay back. Tabitha says shes sure of it. 

Back outside Tabithas, Fox and Kay are talking. Fox tells Kay not to worry, to be excited. She says she is. He says in a few weeks they will be husband and wife, they will be together for the rest of their lives. Miguel spies on them as they hug and kiss. Kay still looks a bit uneasy about all of this.

At the convent, Chad runs into Simone and Paloma. They have all come to check on Whitney and they all believe something odd is going on here. Chad agrees and wants to take Whitney out of here, he wants to take her home. Simone hopes Whitney leaves with him. Paloma wishes they could know Whitney was okay before leaving town. Chad asks where they are going? Simone says Italy. He asks why? Paloma claims it is just a study trip. Chad thinks maybe they can talk to Whitney, maybe they can get through to her. They go into the chapel, but Whitney is not there. They ask the Mother Superior where Whitney is. She thinks shes in the chapel, but they say she isnt. They ask if there is another way out of the chapel. She says no, if someone went in then theyd have to come out this way. They tell her that shes not there. The Mother Superior looks and says she doesnt understand, where could she have gone? Chad says she has to be somewhere around her. They decide to search this place until they find her.

Simone and Paloma look in Whitneys room for clues and find a piece of paper with the symbol on it. They wonder why its here in Whitneys room. Simone thinks it is something that could help them find her. Simone wants to show Chad, but Paloma tells her they cant. Simone keeps the symbol from Chad when he asks if they found anything. She tells him to just check the garden, Whitney likes to pray there. He leaves, and Simone asks why they are keeping this from Chad? Paloma says the fewer people that know the better. Paloma doesnt want to put Chad in danger. Simone says so they are in danger? Paloma says not yet they arent. She says they will find more clues in Italy. Simone says she cant go to Italy, her sister is missing. Paloma says Whitney is somehow connected to this, so they have to go to Italy. Simone thinks this isnt a coincidence. Paloma says they may not only find the paintings but also Whitney.

The monk tells Whitney that they must leave for Rome right away. She says its so far. He says he will be with her and guide her. She agrees to do whatever he asks, so he leads her into the secret room hes been appearing in. He leads her back into the basement and tells Whitney that they must prepare her for Rome. She asks what kind of preparations? He tells her not to worry, she does have faith in him doesnt she. She says of course she does. He says then do not worry, just do as he asks and she will be forgiven. He asks Whitney to remove her veil. She asks why? He says from this point on nobody must know she is a nun. She doesnt understand. He says it will be explained in time and to have faith. She does as he says, and then he blindfolds her for her own protection. He says she is embarking on a great adventure, one that will change her life forever. The monk talks with some blond woman as Whitney sits in a chair. The monk takes the blindfold off of her. She asks where she is. He says a place where nobody will discover her presence. She says it is the first step of her journey. The woman stands in front of Whitney, and the monk says she will help her with her transformation. The monk tells Whitney she will be changed so that nobody can recognize her. The woman tells Whitney to relax, and she approaches her with scissors. Later the woman finishes. The monk shows Whitney the new her. Whitney looks at herself in the mirror, she has short blondish-red hair (I think she stole a wig from Celeste on Days!) and a totally hip little outfit. Shes also wearing a boatload of make-up. Whitney says nobody will notice her like this. She asks if this is necessary, and the monk says it is. He thinks they should test the disguise right now. He takes her outside where they see Chad. He tells her to walk towards him. Whitney thinks Chad will know it is her, but the monk says he doesnt think so. Whitney says he looks so sad. The monk says he still loves her, but shes saving him from the fires of hell. She walks towards Chad and he walks by her, he doesnt recognize her. 

Pilar and Theresa arrive at the cottage. Pilar asks if Luis had a relapse? Chris says no, but Sheridan finally told him the truth. Chris says not only does he know that they are married, but that Sheridan is pregnant. This is news to Theresa and Pilar. Chris says she also said shes staying with him. Theresa says no, Sheridan and Luis belong together.

In the bedroom, Luis tells Sheridan that he wished she hadnt saved his life. She says she couldnt let him die. He says he wouldnt want to live if he knew what he was coming home to. She says life is precious. Luis says his life is nothing without her. He says at least when he was a hostage he had hope, now he has none. He says this is worse than the torture he had to endure. He says he doesnt want to live knowing she is with someone else. Luis asks if she still loves him. She says she always will, she is his soul mate. However shes married to Chris now and is having his child. She says she is sorry. Luis says dont say it unless she means it. He says if she meant it then shed leave Chris. He says they have different ideas of what a soul mate is. Pilar comes in to see Luis, so Sheridan leaves. Luis doesnt understand how Sheridan can do this. She says Sheridan thought she was dead. Luis says he understands that, but he doesnt understand why shes staying with Chris know that she knows hes alive. He says he and Sheridan have been through so much, he doesnt understand how she can choose another man. Pilar says Sheridan had lost everything, and then James gave her a reason to live again. She says Chris came later, and she thought shed never be with him again. Luis says he understands that, but he doesnt understand how she can stay with another man. Pilar says she married Chris and is having a child. Luis asks what about her commitment to him? He says he doesnt understand this and hell never accept it. 

In the living room, Theresa tells Chris that shes sorry but Sheridan and Luis belong together. Chris tells Theresa that he would expect her to feel this way as she is Luis' sister. She says they are the loves of one anothers lives. Sheridan walks out and says the situation is complicated, shes married to Chris and expecting his child. Theresa says so shes sentencing herself to a life without the man she loves? Sheridan says she loves Chris. Theresa says not the way she loves Luis. Theresa says this is exactly like Ethan and Gwen, and Ethan is miserable now. Sheridan says Ethan loves his wife. Theresa says Ethan will never be happy with Gwen the same way Sheridan wont be happy with Chris. Ethan and Gwen walk in at this point and Gwen cant believe it. Gwen says Theresa never gives up. Theresa says she doesnt when it comes to true love and happiness. She says Gwen knows Sheridan belongs with Luis, she (Theresa) doesnt want Sheridan to ruin her life like Ethan ruined his. Gwen says this is not about her and she needs to stay out of their business. Ethan says they should all calm down. Ethan asks Sheridan if she told Luis everything? She says yes and hes devastated. Theresa keeps interjecting, and Ethan and Gwen tell her to shut up. Sheridan tells Theresa that Chris is her husband and she loves him. Theresa asks if she loves Luis, and Sheridan says yes. Theresa says that is all that matters, not her marriage or her pregnancy. Gwen is shocked to learn that Sheridan is pregnant. Theresa says all that matters is the love Sheridan and Luis share, and that love will never go away. Gwen says this is hurting Sheridan, how can she be so cruel? Theresa says the longer Sheridan denies the truth the more hurt everyone else will be in the end. Chris tells Theresa to keep her nose out of his business, she knows nothing about this. Ethan tells Theresa this is none of their business and they should all leave. Luis walks out and says its okay, hes the one who is leaving. Luis is dressed and packed. Theresa asks Luis to stay with him and mama at the mansion. Sheridan tells Luis that shes sorry. Luis says he hopes he wakes up from this nightmare soon. Luis then leaves. Ethan goes outside to wait with him. Sheridan hates that shes causing him this pain. She thinks it must be hard on Chris too. Chris says he knows she still has feelings for Luis.

Outside, Ethan asks Luis if hell be okay. Luis doesnt think hell ever be okay again. Ethan says hes sorry, he knows what hes going through, he knows what it's like not to be with someone you love. Gwen soon comes out and asks Ethan if hes ready to go. He says yeah. Gwen tells Luis that they are here for him if he needs them. Pilar and Theresa then come out and they take Luis to the mansion. Theresa vows to herself that Luis ends up with Sheridan and she ends up with Ethan.


April 19, 2006

Noah and Maya arrive at their posh hotel in Rome. Noah says Lena has spared no expense setting them up. Maya says its a shame they cant enjoy Rome. Noah just wants to get this done and move on with Fancy. Maya says to herself that she cant let Noah tell Fancy the truth or they will all end up dead. They check into their room and wait around for Lena to call them. Maya suggests they go for a walk and check out Rome at night. He says no, he doesnt want to miss Lenas call. He says he wants this over so they can go back to Harmony and he can rebuild things with Fancy. He wonders how he ended up in Rome without Fancy. Maya tells Noah about how they used to talk about moving to Rome together. Noah honestly doesnt remember. Maya says it was so easy to dream back then. Noah is anxious, why hasnt Lena called. He wants this over with so he can go home and fix things. He says at least Fancy is safe in the States. Maya says staring at the phone wont make it ring. Maya suggests they go down to the restaurant, if Lena calls they can have the hotel forward the call to the table. Noah says fine and makes the calls for a reservation. 

Fancy arrives and the bellboy compliments her luggage, but to himself says it makes him sick. He wonders who she is here with, but she says no one. She says a man back in the States broke her heart recently and she never wants to see him again. She then turns around and says What are you doing here? It turns out it is Esme! Fancy hopes Esme isnt still upset for the little joke she played on her. They remember how Esme tried to kill her and Noah when she learned the truth. Esma laughs and says she was in a mood, lucky for her and Noah that her aim was off that night. Esme says its much better now and she slaps Fancy! Esme says be glad customs confiscated her rifle! Fancy says she is sorry and she should have told her about Noah. Esme says she should have. Fancy thought Esme would have made fun of her for being involved with someone out of her class. Esme at one time she would have, but Lord Sarnes mother has dissed her for not being elite enough so she has mellowed. She tells Fancy to enjoy her Noah. Fancy says Noah left her, she found him in bed with his old girlfriend. Esme says poor Fancy and comforts her. Esme also says poor her for not being that other woman. The bellboy gets excited, and Esme tells him not to get excited and think hes going to be seeing some woman on woman action. She tells him to take Fancys things to her room now. He does as hes asked. Esme tells Fancy life can be hard at times but just remembers she deserves this for the Lord Sarne trick. Fancy hopes Esme will forgive her. She asks to buy a drink to get started repairing things between them. Esme says a bottle of Crystal would be nice. Fancy says who said you cant put a price on friendship. In the background a sleazy looking man has arrived. Fancy points Gianni out to Esme, who Esme says hes the legendary Roman Romeo, the best lover in Italy. Fancy says Gianni thinks hes Gods gift to women.. She says hes pushy and touchy and feely, she doesnt like him at all. She went on a date with him once and couldn't get away from him fast enough. Esme suggests they go out tonight and find new men to make her forget about Noah. She tells Fancy to go get dressed and shell wait for her down here, they can eat at the restaurant first. Fancy leaves and Esme goes over to talk to Gianni. She tells him that he has lots of luck coming here, Fancy Crane is in Rome and is dying to see him again. Esme says Fancy is coming down to eat soon so he should surprise her. Gianni says he will. Esme thinks to herself that an evening with Gianni should settle the score between her and Fancy. 

Fancy returns to the restaurant after changing. She thinks shes meeting Esme, but meets Gianni instead. Gianni says Esme had to go, so its just them for dinner and dessert. Fancy says shes abstaining from dessert these days. Gianni says shell find his canola irresistible! He thinks they should skip dinner and go to his bedroom, Esme told him that she couldnt wait to see him again. A man gives Fancy a note, it says Now were even, Esme. Meanwhile, Noah and Maya arrive at the restaurant. They walk in and see Fancy at the table with Gianni. Fancy looks up and sees Noah with Maya. Noah thinks that must be one of Fancys old boyfriends, and Fancy thinks Noah is here to celebrate with Maya. Noah wants to tell Fancy the truth, but Maya says he cant do that. Noah heads to talk to Fancy, so Fancy grabs Gianni and they kiss. Noah is stunned, and Maya thinks Noah is too late as Fancy has moved on.

At the mansion, Luis tells Pilar and Theresa that he cant believe this is happening. He knows Sheridan wont divorce Chris if shes pregnant with his child. Luis doesnt know how he and Sheridan can be in love and not be together. Pilar wishes she knew how to make him feel better but she doesnt. Theresa thinks she knows what to do. She knows how she can get Sheridan back for Luis. Theresa says she can use Alistairs money and power to tear Chris and Sheridan apart. Pilar forbids it, but Theresa thinks she wont fail Luis like she failed her mother and papa. She says Sheridan and Chris are history. Luis says he wont let her do that, Alistair did that to him and Sheridan and it was wrong. Theresa says Alistair was wrong for coming between him and Sheridan, she just wants to right that wrong. Pilar wonders how she raised a daughter with no respect for marriage. Theresa says she has a respect for marriage when it is right, Ethan doesnt belong with Gwen and Sheridan doesnt belong with Chris. Pilar says that is up to God, not her. Luis tells Theresa she should be ashamed of herself, he came back here only to find out that she is married to Alistair. Pilar says she also tried to kill Alistair twice and almost killed Ethan. Theresa says it was her who saved Ethan from being taken off of life support. Luis says she is still alone, and she needs to learn plotting and scheming doesnt work when it comes to marriage. Theresa says thats how Gwen got married to Ethan. Luis says they are still married, and Pilar says marriage is sacred. Theresa says an over 50 percent divorce rate says otherwise. Pilar asks when she became so cynical? Theresa says it took time, but she has toughened up and wont give up on true love. Luis says she doesnt know what true love is, true love is giving the person you love what they want to make them happy, even if it doesn't make you happy. Theresa cant believe Luis is going to do nothing to get Sheridan back. She says if he doesnt then hell spend his life alone and hurting. Luis says Sheridan is with Chris now. Theresa says yes, hes holding her and kissing her and making love to her. Luis says he wants Sheridan to be happy, she made her choice just like Ethan did. Theresa asks how he can be okay with someone else making love to his soul mate? Pilar says Sheridan made her choice. Theresa says they know nothing about this Chris guy, they should have him investigated and she bets they can find something to make him leave Sheridan. Theresa says he could be a gigolo, Alistair could have hired him to be with Sheridan in case Luis was ever found. Luis tells Theresa to stop, she wins. Pilar says hes not joining his sister in tearing them apart is he? Theresa decides to hire the PI, but Luis says no. He says she won the argument, but he is respecting Sheridans choice. Theresa knows Luis wants to be with Sheridan and mama wants to be with papa, why wont they let her help them. Pilar says its wrong. Theresa says doing the right thing always isnt for the best. Theresa says one day Luis will realize he has to be with Sheridan no matter what it takes. Luis wont manipulate a break-up, he is going to have faith in his love with Sheridan and that it will bring them together. Theresa doesnt think so, but Luis says something will happen and make Sheridan realize she cant live without him. Luis wont let Theresa use the Crane money and power to help him, it cost their family too much already. He also tells Theresa that her life has been a mess since getting involved with the Cranes. He asks when she will learn? Theresa says his life has been a nuclear train wreck ever since he got involved with Sheridan. Theresa says love isnt always easy, but it is worth it. Luis agrees, but he wont do anything underhanded to get Sheridan back. He says if Sheridan doesnt want to come back to him then that is that. Luis walks off, and Pilar asks Theresa to let Luis handle this in his own way. Pilar says life has twists and turns and its all a part of Gods plan. Pilar says Luis will never manipulate Sheridan. Theresa thinks if Luis doesnt fight then hell regret it for the rest of his life. 

At the cottage, Sheridan tries to convince herself to think about what she has and not what shes lost. Chris asks if she is okay? She says she is, she was just thinking about how happy she is. Chris knows she is hurting over Luis. He asks if she has changed her mind, is she going to leave him for Luis? She says no, she loves him and wont break up their family to try and fix things with Luis. Sheridan says Luis wasnt there for her when she needed him most and she lost Marty. Chris says hes sorry he had his doubts, Theresa just rattled him. Sheridan says Theresa is insensitive and to ignore her. Sheridan tells Chris that she loves Luis and always will, but sometimes love isnt enough. Chris says Theresa doesnt understand that when it comes to Ethan. Sheridan says exactly. James asks mommy and daddy to play with him. As they play with James, Sheridan cant help but remember the good times with Luis. Chris sees shes zoning out and asks what shes thinking about? Sheridan just says shes still worried about hurting Luis. James wants a dinosaur book, but he says its at the B&B. James and Chris head to the B&B to get the last of their things and bring over. Sheridan is left alone in the cottage with her memories of Luis. Sheridan decides to get out of the cottage. 

Sheridan takes a walk and tries to talk herself out of worrying about Luis and focusing on Chris, James and the new baby. Sheridan decides to have a playground for James, Little Ethan, Jane and the new baby. She remembers how much she and Julian liked the playground mother built for them, until father tore it down. Sheridan says if only Luis believed her about Marty then hed be here to play with his cousins. Sheridan remembers the fight she and Luis had before Luis left to look for Marty. However she also remembers when Luis first proposed to Luis in the gazebo and how perfect it was. Later, Luis shows up and runs into Sheridan at the Gazebo, or at least where it once was. Shes talking to herself about how it was a shame to go through all that pain for nothing. Luis says it wasnt for nothing, they can still be together.

At the B&B, James and Sheridan pack some things. Chris grabs a bag that Sheridan asked him to pick up. They decide to put a book of James in the bag. In the bag Chris sees a photo of Sheridan and Luis. He says that was then and this is now, Sheridan is his wife and Luis lost her. He says he wont lose Sheridan. James asks if Sheridan will go away like his first mommy? Chris says no, Sheridan loves them so much that she only wants to be with them.


April 20, 2006
In Rome, Noah is stunned to see Fancy and Gianni kissing. Noah asks her what in the hell she is doing? Fancy asks Noah if hes following her now? He says no, is she following him? She says shes here on business for Theresa. Noah says sleazy business from the looks of it. Gianni says Are you insulting Gianni? Fancy tells Gianni to ignore him, shes trying to. Fancy says she doesnt have to ask what Noahs doing here. She thinks Noah and his girlfriend want some time alone. She goes to walk off. Noah says wait, and he tells Maya to entertain "Luigi" while he talks to Fancy. He takes Fancy aside and Maya worries Noah is going to blow everything. Noah asks Fancy to just talk to him. She cries and says go away, she has nothing to say to him. She asks out of all the hotels in the world why did he end up in hers. Noah says it wasnt his choice. She says well at least Maya has good taste. Noah says he didnt mean to hurt her, it kills him that he did. She says save it, shes switching hotels. She doesnt even know how he affords this one, and then she realizes he must be up to his old tricks again. She says hes running a scam, just like he scammed her. She says he disgusts her! He says hes not running a scam, but she thinks hes still the grifter she met in Vegas. He swears hes not running a scam. She asks how he can afford airfare let alone this hotel. She says its just like Vegas, what the con this time is. Noah says hes not running a con, get it through her head. She says she doesnt care why hes here, she has heard enough. Noah says he wants her to know hes only here with Maya for a specific reason. She thinks he could have stayed in Harmony for that. He says hes here for a good reason, and he hopes one day he can tell her why. She says she doesnt really care why hes here or how hes paying for it. She thinks maybe Maya is paying for it all. She remembers Noah told her she should work to make something of herself, now look at him. She tells Noah be a conman, be a grifter and gigolo, he means nothing to her. Fancy then storms off, but Noah grabs her to stop her. She yells at him not to ever touch her. She tells him he is dead to her from now on. She thinks hes just like every other guy who wants to use her. She says go back to Maya and leave her alone. Noah remembers Maya telling him Lena wouldnt leave Fancy alone unless they thought they were a couple. Noah lets Fancy go. 

Meanwhile, Gianni makes a phone call to a friend and talks about how he hopes to score some money out of Fancy. He talks to his friend Franco he says from now on it will be first class all the way. As he talks on the phone, Maya overhears him. Later Noah returns, and Maya is angry with him because Lena could find out he still loves Fancy if she or her people are spying on them. He says too late now. Maya asks if he confessed everything to Fancy, but he says no. He says hes almost did. SHe's not pleased. Noah says cut him a break, unlike her he's not used to playing this mission impossible game. He wishes Lena would call and tell them what she wants them to do. He also hopes Fancy will forgive him after its over. Maya says shes a smart girl, she will. Gianna walks up, kisses Mayas hand, says it was a pleasure and heads off. Maya doesnt trust him, and she tells Noah what she overheard Gianni talking about, hes after Fancy for her money. Noah says he knew he was a sleaze. Maya says Fancy must be used to guys taking advantage of her. Noah says nobody takes advantage of Fancy, no one. Meanwhile, Gianni invites Fancy out to a nightclub, so she says why not and they head off.

Miguel is working on a fishing boat with some others. Meanwhile, Fox talks to the harbor master about some business about docking fees. He seems Miguel and asks what Miguel is doing here? The harbor master says hes signed on to do some night fishing. Fox goes over to talk to Miguel, what is he doing working here? Miguel says he has to pay Tabitha rent and he has to help Kay support Maria. Fox says but why work here, Theresa could get him a job at Crane. Miguel says he doesnt want to get involved with the Cranes. Fox says Theresa is a Crane, but Miguel says only by marriage. He says since she got involved with them her life has been filled with nothing but pain and heartache. Fox says Theresa is on top of the world right now. Miguel says she sounds miserable to him, and she still doesnt have the man she loves. Fox says not all Cranes are bad, there is him and Sheridan. Miguel says Sheridan has broken Luis heart and Antonio is dead because of Alistair. Fox says dont judge his whole family because of Alistair. Miguel says anyone who gets involved with a Crane ends up miserable. Fox says not Kay, they will be happy. Miguel doesnt want to argue, he wont work for the Cranes. He says he likes fishing, he likes working here. Fox says fine, and he doesnt want to argue with him either. Fox says he owes him a big thank you, if Miguel hadnt left town to find Charity then he wouldnt have stood a chance with Kay. Miguel says he did leave and Fox and Kay fell in love, that is great. He says Kay is a great woman and anyone give his right arm to be with Kay. Fox decides to get out of Miguels way and let him work, but for some reason he doesnt believe Miguel is being honest with him about Kay.

Out on the boat, Miguel is working and a man tells him to be careful of the wind out here. Miguel begins thinking about bringing Kay and Maria out here sometime. He remembers kissing Kay. He says Fox was right, he was an idiot for leaving town and know hes lost her. Suddenly the mast swings and hits Miguel in the head, knocking him overboard. Miguel is soon found missing, and the captain says he hopes he didnt fall overboard as this isnt a good place to end up without a life vest. The coast guard is brought out but there is no sign of Miguel anywhere. 

At Tabithas, Kay shows Tabitha some dresses shes thinking about for the wedding. She asks Tabitha what she thinks. Tabitha says its just another white dress. Kay think even witches must get excited about weddings, but Tabitha says they like funerals. She remember the funeral of an old arch enemy, she wore a black dress with a train and a necklace made of her enemy's teeth. Tabitha tells Kat that she still thinks this marriage to Fox is a mistake, she should be with Miguel. Kay tells Tabitha that she keeps pushing her towards Miguel, why. Tabitha says she sold her soul to get with Miguel, but Kay says shes over that. She wants the truth from Tabitha. Tabitha says a child needs her mother and father, therefore she should be with Miguel. Kay says Tabitha is a single mother, why isnt she with Endoras father. Tabitha says she was never in love with him, it was a night of drunkenness between her and Endora's father, and she wont tell Kay who he is. Tabitha says but Kay is in love with Miguel. Kay says she was in love with him, its over. Kay says Miguel left her to go chasing after Charity. Kay says she met Fox and they are getting married. Tabitha says Kay belongs with Miguel, trust her. Kay says she doesnt do anything out of the goodness of her heart, she has no heart. Kay wants to know what is really up with Tabitha. She says something else is going on here. Tabitha tells her that if Miguel ends up with Charity and makes love to her, it could mean the end of Tabitha and Endora, even the end of the world possibly. Kay says so shes supposed to sacrifice her happiness to keep Miguel and Charity apart? Tabitha says yes. Kay says shes unbelievable, she has to be kidding her. Tabitha says she still loves Miguel, she never stopped. Tabitha says Kay is worried that shadow at her wedding is Miguel. Tabitha admits she worked to keep Miguel and Charity apart and lately shes been working to get Kay and Miguel together, but she hasnt had to work hard at all. She says nature is taking its steamy course all on its own, and if she wants to blame someone for her attraction to Miguel then look in the mirror. Later Fox returns. He says he had to take care of business on the docks and ran into Miguel, hes working on a boat. Kay says good for him, he likes fishing, he always has. Fox wanted him to ask Theresa for a job, but he refused and says anyone who gets involved with the Cranes ends up with a life of pain and heartache. Kay says not them. He says he knows, and he even thanked Miguel for leaving town as if he hadnt then the two of them wouldnt have gotten together. Kay cant believe he said that to Miguel, he must feel terrible. Fox says what is the problem, Miguel knew what he was doing when he left town, hes a big boy. Kay says it just must have hurt him to be reminded of Charity. Fox says he wont do it again. He asks if she made any wedding plans while he was gone? She says she has her eye on a wedding dress, but she says he has to wait till she walks down the aisle to see it. He looks at the book and tries to guess which dress is hers. He says it doesnt matter which dress she puts on, shell be beautiful. Later Fox gets a call from the harbor master, there has been an accident at sea and Miguel fell overboard. He says the coast guard is searching for him now. Fox says hell be there. 

Tabitha is reading the girls The Little Mermaid. Maria says theyve seen the movie, but Tabitha says they cut the blood, guts and pain out of the movie. Endora conjures up a blonde mermaid doll to play with. Tabitha is shocked, and Maria says not in front of the mortals. Tabitha says that is her line! Tabitha begins reading them the story.  Fox informs everyone about Miguels accident. Fox says hes going to the wharf. Kay wants to go, but Fox says she should stay with Maria. He says Miguel will be fine and she should try not to worry. Fox leaves and Kay worries that Miguel could be dead. To herself Tabitha says this would ruin her plans. Tabitha says she didnt see this one coming at all. She tells Endora she just wanted Miguel to end up with Kay and not Charity. Tabitha says on the other hand if Miguel is dead then they are still saved, its a win win situation. Endora tells her mom that shes bad. Tabitha says of course she is. She says if Miguels dead then Kay can be with Fox, and that is what Endora wants.

Fox arrives at the docks, he talks with the harbor master about what is going on. The harbor master says people have already been looking for Miguel, but they cant find him. The harbor master admits the situation doesn't look good. He says its a big mean ocean and its cold, bad things happen to careless people out there. Fox says Kay will be devastated if Miguel is dead. Out in the ocean, Miguel is floating on his back, it looks like he's unconscious.

On the estate, Luis tells Sheridan that they can still be together. He says all she has to do is leave Chris. She says she cant, but he can see it in her eyes that she wants to. Luis asks how can she not come back to him, they have a whole world to explore. She says no, too much has happened. Luis says they can get through anyything together. She says they cant change the past. He says they can change the future though. He begs her to come back to him. She turns away, and he says he didnt mean to put her on the spot. He says he knows this is difficult for her. She says so much has changed, even this place. She says it looks like they are rebuilding the gazebo. Sheridan says it used to be her favorite place. Luis says it is where he proposed to her. Luis says Alistair cant hurt them anymore, and the gazebo will be more beautiful and stronger than it ever was, just like they can be. Sheridan says she should go. Luis says wait, he says some of their flowers have survived. They have a flashback to planting them, Sheridan said theyd be together forever. Sheridan says it seems so long ago. Luis says not to him, the smell of the flower takes him back. She says they are just memories now. Luis gives her a flower, and she smells it. He asks if it makes her remember. She says yes it does. She says shes sorry, she knows she hurt him but she cant change what happened. She says shes having another mans baby, shes another mans wife. She says she cant keep having this conversation, its just to stressful. Luis says fine hell go, but he wants to know one thing, does she love Chris more than him? She says thats not fair. Luis says he just needs to know. Sheridan lies and says she loves Chris more! Luis is stunned and says he just wants her to be happy, hell leave her alone. He turns to walk away, but she tells him not to go. He asks what is it? He knows she is hiding something? Sheridan tells Luis she cant lie to him, she told him she loves Chris more because it would hurt him and push him away. She says she hates hurting him though. Luis asks if she is lying to him? He asks for the truth, who does she love more. Sheridan says him! They then hug. However Sheridan says she cant turn her back on James. Luis says hes not asking her to, but the two of them belong together. He says he will help her with James and her baby. He says theyll find Marty and have more kids of their own. She says this is too complicated, but he says its not. He says she should divorce Chris. Sheridan says but she loves Chris. Luis says not the same way she loves him. He says dont stay in a marriage she doesnt want to be in. He says she deserves better than that. He talks about the life they could have. Luis says they can be together, Love will find a way. 


April 21 , 2006
Noah is running through the streets of Rome trying to find Fancy and get her away from Gianni. He runs into Esme outside of a club. She is glad to see him again, calling him the most handsome man in the world. She says she finally has her second chance with Jonah. He says its Noah. She says its still from the bible, close enough. Noah asks if shes seen Fancy? Esme says not for hours, and why hes looking for Fancy when shes here for him. Noah says Fancy is with a jerk after her money. Esme says Fancy can take care of herself. Noah asks if shell help him or not. Esme wonders how such a cute boy could be such a downer. Noah thought Fancy was her friend? Esme says she is, but she did play that mean trick on her with her old boyfriend. She also says its not like Fancy is in any real danger. Noah thinks Esme knows something. She thinks hes so no fun, all he talks about is Fancy. Noah says shes with some guy named Gianni. Esme says every girl in Rome knows Gianni Valentino. She says he has always liked Fancy, but he is broke. Noah asks where they went? Esme says come inside with her.

In the club, Fancy doesnt look like shes having much fun. Gianni says she should smile. A waiter brings them some champagne, and of course Gianni has no money to cover it. He claims he was so excited to see her that he forgot to get money. She pulls out money to cover it. He snatches her money and says hell hold onto this in case he wants to order them another bottle. She says whatever works for him, everyone knows about his sense of pride. He says he is a man, and hes glad she came back to Rome as she always makes him happy. They are invited to a VIP party later, and Gianni says they will attend. Gianni talks to Fancy and wonders if her mood has anything to do with that man at the hotel. Fancy says no, she doesnt know him and never did.

Esme and Noah arrive, and Esme drags Noah out to the dance floor. Noah is looking around for Fancy. Esme sees she is there and quickly moves Noah to a table so he doesnt see Fancy. Noah refuses to sit and goes searching for Fancy. Fancy is still with Gianni, who asks her to dance with him. She doesnt know, but he convinces her to dance. Suddenly Noah finds Fancy. She cant believe that he's here, and Gianni calls him a stalker. Noah says he needs to talk to her, but she says no. Gianni says leave her alone. Esme shows up and says Ohh this could be fun! Esme loves watching men wrestle. Fancy says shes not talking to Esme anymore, this is all her fault. Noah begs Fancy to talk to her, but she says there is nothing he has to say to her. Gianni tells Noah to leave Fancy alone. Noah tells Fancy to ditch the jerk, hes using her. Fancy says talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Noah says hes not using her, he loves her. He then pulls her into a kiss.

At the mansion, Theresa is waling around and daydreaming about being with Ethan. She says all this money and power is nothing without the man she loves.

Outside, Luis thinks Sheridan has to leave Chris now that shes admitted the truth. He says she needs to tell Chris that she made a mistake and wants to come back to him. Luis then kisses her. She pulls away and says she cant do this, shes a married woman and has a family now. Luis says they are a family too, but Sheridan says they arent because they dont even have their son.  Sheridan runs off, and Theresa finds Luis on the grounds looking for Sheridan. Luis tells Theresa that Sheridan admitted she loved him more than Chris. Theresa insists she help him get rid of Chris with her money and power. She talks about how Sheridan is just feeling torn now, they have to get rid of Chris. Luis says no, but shes onto something. He says Sheridan is torn, and if he finds Marty then that is the way to get Sheridan back. Luis says he has to go, but Theresa says right now? He says yes, he has to go look for Marty. Theresa is worried, what if Alistair still has men out there waiting for him to come looking for Marty again. Luis says well hell do some research first, hell prepare. He says Theresa and her new power and money can give him everything he needs, keys, pass codes, bank accounts. He says last time Alistair stopped him, this time he'll use Alistair's secrets to find Marty and Beth. Theresa says she hasnt learned about them all yet, she's still figuring his secrets out. Luis says there has to be someone who can help them. Theresa says there is someone who can help them.

At the B&B, Gwen returns home late from work. She says she has never worked for a more demanding employer in her life. He wishes he could support her so she didn't have to work. He says the garage didnt work out, and he was considering of starting his own practice but doesnt think hell get any clients. Gwen wishes this would just end, but she doesnt see that happening as long as Theresa is in their lives. Ethan and Gwen once again get into Ethan always ending up in Theresas arms. Ethan says it doesn't matter because he only loves her. Gwen says Theresa will always be a part of their lives as long as they live here. Ethan wishes they could move away, and Gwen says she cant believe how close they came to moving to India. Ethan decides to surprise Gwen with a bit of news, he cooked dinner. He says he had to substitute a few things, but Gwen says shed eat her mothers feather boa right now because shes so hungry. They kiss, and they decide dinner can wait. Later they sit down to dinner, which isnt good at all. Ethan substituted the wrong things, and he decides to order out. The phone rings, its Luis calling. Ethan answers and asks what is up? Luis needs his help with something, so Ethan says hell meet up with him. Ethan says hell be right back and he runs off just as Sheridan arrives to see Gwen. Gwen asks Sheridan what is wrong, what happened? Sheridan says she told Luis that he was the love of her life, not Chris. She says but shes married to Chris and pregnant with his child. She says she cant just abandon Chris and James because she loves Luis, but she loves Luis so much it hurts. Gwen says she thought she chose to stay with Chris and honor her vows? Sheridan says its about more than the vows, this baby deserves a mother and a father. Gwen asks what about Marty? Sheridan says she doesnt have Marty and she may never have him. Gwen thinks she has her answer then. Gwen tells Sheridan she should honor the commitment she made to Chris. Sheridan tells Gwen she values her opinion more than anyone's, but is she giving her this advice because of Theresa? Gwen says no, but Sheridan wants the truth. Sheridan says shes always been a supporter of her and Luis. Gwen says maybe Sheridan is right, maybe she doesnt have any objectivity anymore. Gwen says Theresa probably is influencing her thinking. Sheridan says Luis isnt Theresa though. Gwen knows the situation is different, but shes become very protective of the institution of marriage. Sheridan says she just doesnt know what she should do. Gwen asks what if Luis or someone else finds Marty? Sheridan says she would be so happy. Gwen asks who she would want to be with then? 

Ethan meets with Luis, hes positive if he finds Marty then Sheridan will come back to him. Ethan doesnt see how this search will be any different than the last time. Luis says he came close to finding Marty last time, and this time he has access to Alistairs files to help him. Ethan asks how he can help? Luis says Theresa gave him access to Alistairs files, but she doesnt know much about them. Luis says he thought Ethan would know how Alistair might hide information. Ethan doesnt think so, but Theresa walks in and says he was groomed to be the heir. Ethan says he should have known she was behind this. Luis says Theresa is doing this for him, to help him. Luis tells Ethan that he knows he and Sheridan belong together, do this for Sheridan. Ethan agrees and he helps them crack into Alistairs files. Ethan manages to break Alistairs code and they find a bank account, possibly one for Beth. Luis says so they just need to trace it. Ethan does so and its in Italy, Rome to be exact. Luis thinks he found Marty.

Fox tries to convince the Coast Guard to let him come with them on the search and rescue operation. They refuse to let him come along, and they say he shouldnt get his hopes up. Kay calls Fox and asks if there is any word about Miguel? He says no, and Kay says he has to find Miguel.

At Tabithas, Tabitha is hoping Miguel is swimming with the fishes. She says Miguel wont get with Charity and Fox will get to be with Kay. Tabitha sees how upset Kay is and she knows its because she still loves Miguel. She tells Kay that its obvious she loves him and never fell out of love with him. Kay insists she doesnt love him, but Tabitha knows she does. Tabitha says she remembers her first love Barnabas fondly. Tabitha asks Kay if she ever told her about him? Kay says shes heard about Barnabas only a thousand times. Kay asks Tabitha to use her powers to save Miguel. Tabitha says shes been having issues with her powers lately, and the boys in the basement wouldnt dare lift a finger to help anyone. She also says Endora is sleeping, dont think about asking her. Endora is in her crib and is watching her mom and Kay on a magical etch-a-sketch. The waiting is driving Kay crazy, and she thinks this is her fault. She says Miguel told her that he loved her and wanted to marry her. She says she ran off and didnt even give him an answer. She thinks Miguel was distracted because of her that he had this accident. Kay says if something happens to Miguel then she is to blame. Tabitha tells Kay to just admit that she still loves him. Kay says dont say that, Fox is her life and her future. Tabitha thinks Fox makes her feel secure, whereas shes afraid of getting hurt again with Miguel. She says a safety net doesnt make a soul mate. Tabitha thinks Kay is fighting her feelings for Miguel because of Charity. She says deep down she is afraid if Charity returns that Miguel will go off with her again. Kay says maybe she is right, is it wrong for her to want to protect herself?

Fox ends up going out with the coast guard, but there is still no sign of Miguel. The coast guard says Miguel has been out there way to long to survive this. Fox doesnt know how he will tell Kay that Miguel could be dead.

In the water, a woman pulls Miguel under the water. She then kisses Miguel and brings him back to life. She pulls him to the beach, and he asks who she is? As Fox and the coast guard arrive, the mystery woman slips away. Miguel tells Fox a blond woman saved his life. They think Miguel is just out of it, and they take him home. The woman goes back into the water and watches Miguel being taken away. 

Fox brings Miguel home and Kay is relieved to see hes alive. She asks how they found him? Fox says he was on the beach, it was a miracle. Miguel is still out of it and asking for his angel from the sea who saved his life. Fox says he keeps saying some blonde saved him. Fox says they looked all around but there was nobody there. Kay says maybe hes hallucinating. Tabitha says he always did have a thing for blondes. 

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