April 24, 2005
Maya returns to her hotel room only to find Lena sitting there. Lena has been waiting for her. Maya says they didnt expect to see her, they thought she was going to call. Lena says she finds people pay more attention when they talk face to face. She asks where Noah is and why isnt she keeping him away from Fancy. Lena thinks it seems that Maya is feeling sorry for Noah, that she wanted him to go off and spend quality time with Fancy. Lena tells Maya that she is a foolish girl, if Noah and Fancy reunite then everything goes up and smoke and Noah and Fancy will die. Maya asks what more Lena wants her to do? She says find Noah before he finds Fancy and dont let them get back together. Lena says there are forces at work here in Rome, forces she has no control over. Lena says if angered these forces will make all their enemies pay. She says they are all in grave danger because of Noah and Fancy. Lena tells Maya to keep Noah and Fancy apart or they will die, they will all die here in Rome.

At the club, Noah tells Fancy that he loves her and they kiss. Fancy looks around and wonders what happened to Esme. He says she and Gianni realized they were with the wrong people. Fancy tells Noah this doesnt change anything. He tells her Maya means nothing to him, and they should just enjoy this night and forget the past. Fancy hopes Noah has some money, Gianni has all of hers. Noah decides to get it back, but she says forget it. She says she only wants him. They end up sharing a dance together. Fancy agrees not to think about the past or future for tonight, only this night. They continue to dance, profess their love and kiss.

At Tabithas, Miguel is semi-out of it on the couch talking about the girl with blond hair. Kay and Tabitha wonder if hes talking about Charity. Fox asks if they are talking about Charity? Kay is wondering if she rescued Miguel. Fox says no way, Miguel was alone when they found him. Kay asks Miguel if the woman who rescued him was Charity? He says Charity . . . . Kay and Tabitha dont know if Charity is back or not. Tabitha hopes not, it will be the end of her and Endora and the end of Kays hots for Miguel. Kay says she doesnt have the hots for him. Tabitha tells her to stop lying, she is terrified Charity is back because then shell lose Miguel again. Kay says she is not! Fox walks up and asks if Kay really thinks Miguel saw Charity? Kay says she doesnt know. Fox says it would really mean something for Miguel, he would finally end up with the woman he truly loves after all. Fox doesnt understand why Charity would have taken off if she rescued him. Kay says maybe she took off, but Fox says it was just a beach and some water. Tabitha then sees Endora standing in the doorway. She says she shouldnt be out of her crib, shes not supposed to come downstairs on her own. Tabitha carries Endora off and tells her that Charity might be back in town. She sees Endora smiling and asks if shes got something to do with this? 

Meanwhile, Miguel wakes up and hears Kay and Fox talking about Charity. He asks if Charity is here? Kay tells Miguel to take it easy, he almost drowned. She wants to call Eve, but Fox says the coast guard doctor looked him over and said he's okay. Miguel says no hospitals, no Eve. Miguel asks about Charity, is she here? Kay says she thought she was who saved him. Miguel says it wasnt Charity, it was someone else. Fox asks who it was? Miguel just remembers the woman kissing him under water. He doesnt know who she was, but she was beautiful and had long blonde hair. Tabitha and Endora listen in and Tabitha wonders what Endora has done. Endoras talkie bubble says Im not telling. Miguel tells them what he remembers about falling into the water and being kissed by this woman, but in reality she was breathing into his lungs. He says it was like she was breathing into his very soul, it was a miracle out of nowhere. He says it felt so right. He also remembers the woman being there with him on the beach. Fox says after they found him there was nobody on the beach, not even a footprint. Kay sees Miguel has a bump on his head, is it possible he imagined all of this? Miguel says was real. Kay thinks Miguel should rest, so Fox helps him upstairs. Tabitha tells Kay she has a jealous green aura all about her, she should be lucky nobody else can see it. Kay walks off, and Tabitha wonders what Endora has to do with this and the blond who saved his life. Tabitha takes Endora into the kitchen and uses her bowl to find out information about the blonde. Endora says Good place to look, you might find her there! Tabitha thinks the truth will cause a splash. Endora says Right, Spash! Tabitha asks Endora what she had to do with Miguels rescue and who is this woman? Tabitha turns away from her bowl, and we see a mermaid swim by! Tabitha says whatever Endora is up to, she will find out. 

Upstairs, Miguel passes out once he hits the bed. Kay tucks him in and thanks Fox for saving Miguels life. Fox says he really didnt help much, he helped himself or that blond woman helped him. Fox says if there even was a woman. Kay says Miguel thinks there was. Fox thinks Miguel just had visions of Charity, thats all. Fox and Kay then head to their room. Miguel dreams about the blond woman who saved his life.  Meanwhile, Kay and Fox return to their room, he thinks this blond really got to Miguel. He also says when they found Miguel on the beach he was mumbling something about losing the love of his life. He thinks he was talking about Charity. Fox asks if Miguel said a name? Fox says no, but it has to have been Charity, who else would he have meant?

At the mansion, Luis, Theresa and Ethan find an expense account in Rome. Luis thinks it must be for Beth and Marty. Luis says hes going to Rome, hes going to find Marty. He says when he returns with Marty then Sheridan will leave Chris for him. Sheridan then walks in, and Luis tells Sheridan that hes found Marty and hes bringing him home. Sheridan hugs Luis and then kisses him! She says shes sorry and she doesnt know what came over her. They all explain to Sheridan what they have found. Luis says hes going to Rome and will bring Marty home, then they can be a family. Sheridan says no, shes married to Chris now and cant ever be with him again. Luis asks what about their marriage is Mexico. She says as beautiful as it was, it wasnt official. Ethan and Theresa leave them to talk. Sheridan assures Luis that nothing will change. He says how she can say that after that kiss they shared. He says what they have is stronger than what she and Chris have, she cant talk around their love because its inconvenient. Luis says hes bringing Marty home, can she really turn her back on them? She says she wont turn her back on Marty, but shes carrying Chris baby and this child deserves everything they couldnt give Marty. Luis thinks she will change her mind when he brings Marty back. She says it wont work, she will stay Chris husband. Luis says they belong together, she knows it as does he. Luis copies down the information from the PC to begin his search. She says dont go, if he goes again then hell be in danger. Luis says Alistairs in a coma. Sheridan says her father has people all over the world working for him. HE says hes not afraid, he wont let anyone stop him from getting Marty or her back. Luis says hes going to Rome and wont return without their boy. Sheridan is afraid for him. Luis says hell be fine, but Sheridan says that is what he said before. Sheridan says she cant let himself put his life in danger when she just got him back. Luis says she wont take him back. Sheridan says but she knows hes alive and safe. Luis says none of that matters if hes not with her, and if hes not with her then hed rather die. Sheridan begs him not to go. She admits she loves him more than Chris but she cant turn her back on Chris and the children. She says if he comes home with Marty that it wont change anything, he has to accept that. Luis wont accept it. He tells Sheridan about his dream, about how he would rescue Marty and hed watch them walk down the aisle. He dreamed about getting their own house somewhere. He tells her about his dream for how things should be. She says it sounds perfect. He thinks it is possible. He says that dream kept him alive all this time, and it will protect him when hes in Italy. He just hopes she doesnt give up on it either. Sheridan tells Luis that it wont change things, but he thinks it will. He says hes been to hell and back for her and hes doing it again, hell do whatever it takes to be with her. He then kisses her.

In the kitchen, Ethan and Theresa talk about Luis and Sheridan. Theresa hates seeing her brother like this. He says Sheridan keeps pushing her away. Ethan says she is married. Theresa says in name only. Ethan suggests they not go there. Ethan says maybe once he finds Marty . . . Theresa says Sheridan claims she wont go back to him. Theresa doesnt understand how life is so simple for some people, they find the one they love and they get married and have a life together. Ethan says life isnt that simple for everyone, she doesn't really think that does she. Theresa says she does, but not for her family, her family is never simple when it comes to love. She begins listing all the problems her family members have had with love. Theresa thinks her family is cursed. Ethan asks what about Paloma? Theresa says things will change for Paloma in time, she's still young. Theresa says it wouldnt be as bad if there werent children involved, they arent with their parents. Ethan asks if she would be with Julian because he is Little Ethan's father? She says no, but as it stands her son has no father at all. She says she wants to be a family with the person she loves just like Luis wants to be happy with Sheridan and Marty. She wonders if any of them will be happy. Ethan thinks he should go, but he doesnt like leaving her like this. She thinks he should be used to it. She says shes sorry, shes upset. She thinks Luis should be with Sheridan, she thinks they should be together too. Theresa says shes done playing games, shes going to be honest. She doesnt understand how Sheridan can walk away from Luis. She says they belong together. Ethan says he knows. Theresa asks if he believes in Luis and Sheridan's love then why doesnt he believe in their love? Theresa says she lives for him. He says she lives for her children, for Little Ethan and Jane. Theresa says Jane, the daughter who calls Gwen mommy. She asks why he is torturing them, why does he chose to spend his life without her. He says their situations are not the same. Theresa says what they have is real and deep and he cant push it away. She doesnt know what its like between him and Gwen, but she knows its nothing like what they have. She says their love is like a flower, it needs water and care or it will shrivel up and die. She says that is what is happening to them, to their spirits and souls. She says every day they die a little more, dont let that happen to them. She says dont spend a day without her when he has the power to make them both happy. Ethan says he will honor his vows to his wife. Ethan says hes tired of this conversation. Theresa says he can walk away, but she will never walk away from him. She says she knows somehow he will come back to her. She then kisses him! 


April 25, 2006

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is in the kitchen with Endora. She is watching the events with Miguel, Kay and Fox play out as Endora uses her magic to influence things. When Tabitha asks Endora if she's doing this, Endora says "No!" She actually speaks rather than using a talkie bubble. Tabitha tells Endora whatever she's up to, she'll find out.

In Kay's room, Kay and Fox get ready for bed. Fox questions Kay as to why she asked what name Miguel was calling, does she know of another love of his life other than Charity? Kay lies and says of course not, she was just wondering. Fox talks about how he can't wait till they are married, and how their marriage will last forever because it's built on trust and honest.

In Miguel's room, Miguel is dreaming of the woman who rescued him. Suddenly, thanks to Endora's magic, the woman appears in his room! SHe tells him to come to her, and she leads him out of the room. Miguel appears to be in a trance. Kay sees Miguel walking down the hall and begins to follow him. 

On the pier, Miguel finds a boat tied to the pier and jumps in it. Kay yells at him to stop, but it's as if he can't hear her. She does a "bionic woman" jump, complete with sound effects, and lands in the boat with Miguel. They go out to see as Tabitha watches from her bowl back at her house. She realizes some kind of magic is at work, Kay and Miguel have embarked on a magical journey.

Chad, Paloma and Simone are leaving the convent. Simone and Paloma wonder why Whitney had the symbol in her room, Chad wonders where Whitney could be. Chad thinks they should see if Crane Security can track her down.

At the mansion, Eve and Julian are having a romantic dinner and evening. Julian presents Eve with a gift, a diamond necklace. She says it's too much, but Julian tells her nonsense. Suddenly Eve gets a feeling, a premonition of sorts that Whitney is in trouble. Chad, Paloma and Simone show up at this point and Chad tells Eve that Whitney is missing, she's not at the convent anymore. Chad is sorry for interrupting, he tried to get Crane Security to help him find her but they wouldn't. Julian makes calls to Crane Security to get them on it and he also fires the person who gave Chad a hard time. Simone worries about Whitney, she tells Paloma she can't go to Rome with her now. Paloma understands and stands and says they will stay here and research on the net and when they know Whitney is safe, then they will go to ROme. Meanwhile, Julian gets word on where Whitney might be. He tells them to verify this. He doesn't tell Eve anything yet as he doesn't want to worry her. To himself he says she can't be there.

In the study, Theresa and Ethan return as Sheridan and Luis argue. Luis wants to use their joint account to continue the search for Marty, but Sheridan won't let him. She won't let him risk his life. When Sheridan tells Luis that bringing Marty home won't change her mind, that she won't leave Chris, Theresa slaps her! Luis is stunned, but Theresa lashes out and tells Sheridan how dare she! Theresa says she would give anything to hear Ethan say the words Luis just said to her, she has true love and she's giving it up. Luis calms Theresa down. Theresa tells Luis he is going to Rome, and she gives him one of her accounts to use. Sheridan says no, that is Alistair's blood money, he swore to never use it. Luis breaks that word, he's going to use this money and go to Rome and bring Marty home. He is positive that Sheridan will change her mind when he returns with Marty. Luis leaves, and Sheridan faints! Ethan and Theresa rush to catch her. 

In Rome, the monk leads Whitney through underground tunnels. He talks about how a sacrifice must be made. They arrive at a door, and he tells her it is time for the sacrifice. He pulls out a knife, Whitney screams and he stabs. It turns out the knife is a key to the door, and the knife is sacrificed to open the door, it breaks. The monk says the knife was very old, but it is the only key to this door. They go inside and Whitney sees a light, she thinks someone is in there. He says it can't be, but it turns out it's only a lantern they have seen. They enter the room and the monk instructs Whitney to stay here and pray. He has other things to take care of. He leaves and Whitney prays.


April 26, 2006
In their boat, Miguel and Kay are headed out to see. Miguel can't believe Kay followed him. She asks what he is doing? HE says he heard the woman calling to him and felt compelled to come find her. The woman keeps saying "Miguel come find me!" Miguel can hear it, but Kay can't. Miguel decides to turn around and take Kay back, but then weird magical things begin to happen. First they run into a weird band of fireflies that distract them, then then wind up in a fog bank. Kay becomes frightened, so Miguel holds her and tries to calm her down. 

At Tabitha's, Tabitha watches what is going on with Kay and Miguel on the boat and begins to suspect Endora. Meanwhile, Endora zaps Fox so that he has a dream that Kay has run off to the pier, he is chasing her and trying to find her. Endora then causes it to rain in Fox's room so he wakes up. Tabitha finally realizes Endora is up to bad things. She puts boxing gloves on Endora to keep her from casting anymore spells. Fox comes into the kitchen looking for Kay. He sees the boxing gloves on Endora and wonders what is going on. Tabitha tries to convince him Kay will be back soon, but he's worried and runs off to look for her.

At the mansion, Julian gets a call and confirms that Whitney is in Rome. Eve wonders what on earth she's doing there. Chad says she is taking her final vows soon, maybe it has something to do with that. Meanwhile, Paloma and Simone discuss what an odd coincidence this is, they are positive Whitney is somehow involved with the symbol and the paintings mystery. Julian gives Eve more bad news, though Whitney went to Rome, there has been no trace of her since arriving. Eve wants to go looking for her, but neither she nor Julian can get away. Chad says he'll go, and Simone and Paloma claim they will too. Eve asks Simone what about school? Simone claims she just got an art scholarship to Rome to study ancient paintings. Paloma says so did she. Julian and Eve think this is sudden. Chad says actually they mentioned going to Rome to him earlier. Paloma says God works in mysterious ways. Eve thanks them for going to Rome and looking for Whitney, she feels better.

Chris finds Sheridan on the floor with Theresa and Ethan worrying about her. She begins to come too, and Chris asks what happened. Theresa says she fainted because of Luis. Chris asks what he did? Theresa says he's going to look for BEth and Marty, Sheridan was afraid for his life and fainted over the thought of possibly losing the love of her life. Ethan takes Sheridan to the kitchen to get some food, and Theresa has a chat with Chris. She asks him what it will take to get him to leave Sheridan, how much, what is his price? He says she can't buy him off. She says everyone has their price, and she goes as high as twenty million dollars. He refuses. She says he could use this money to achieve his wildest dreams. Chris says all his dreams have come true because of Sheridan, he loves her and won't leave her. Theresa tells him that he might as well take the money and go because in the end, Chris will lose Sheridan. She says leave now with a little pain or later with a lot more. Chris still refuses.

Sheridan and Ethan go to the kitchen and talk. Ethan makes her some food and tells her that he doesn't want to see her rush into this decision between Chris and Luis, take her time, don't make a mistake she might regret later on. He tells her to choose the man she truly loves with all her heart. She asks Ethan why if she is encouraging her to do that isn't he with Theresa? He says he has to honor his vows. She asks if she shouldn't do the same? Ethan figured she'd take that route too. Sheridan wonders why doing the right thing has to be so hard. Ethan doesn't know, but he says maybe some day they will both be able to have lives with the ones they love.

Luis talks to his mother about finding Marty and Beth, he says he's going to Rome. She says he cannot do this, he just returned, it is too dangerous. He says he's going to Rome, he's going to find MArty and bring him home and then Sheridan will realize she is supposed to be with him. Pilar says she must change his mind and takes him to church. She orders him to pray for forgiveness in front of a statue of Jesus. Luis says praying has done him no good. Pilar says God hears and answers every prayer. Luis ends up praying to God to help him find Marty. Pilar says he should not be praying to break up Chris and Sheridan's marriage. Luis says he is supposed to be with Sheridan, Chris is an imposter and God knows that. Suddenly the church doors blow open. Pilar senses evil, she worries for Luis. Luis says he's going and leaves. Pilar prays for guidance and safety for her son.

On a Plane to Rome, Luis and Chad happen to run into one another. They both say they are going to Rome to get back the women they love.


April 27, 2006

In Rome, Noah and Fancy are still dancing with one another. Fancy says this is the most amazing night of her life, she never thought shed be this happy again. He says neither did he, but here they are. Noah tells her that he sorry for what happened, and they kiss. 

Esme and Gianni are drinking. Esme hates seeing Fancy and Noah dancing cheek to tongue. She tells Gianni to get to work, why is Fancy under Noahs spell and not his. Gianni doesnt know what she sees in him unless shes blinded by love. Esme thinks its gone on long enough, they are practically conjoined and not at the hip. Esme tell Gianni to go get Fancy, shes supposed to be his date. Gianni says if word got out that he lost a woman to another man then hed have to lower his rates. Esme says prada doesnt grow on olive trees. Gianni heads over and asks if he cut in. Noah says no he cant. Gianni says Fancy is his date, but Noah says Fancy is with him now. Fancy says ask Esme to dance, but Gianni says he wants to dance with her. Noah tells Gianni that Fancy is with him and no one will come between them again. Fancy calls Noah her night in shining armor. Esme then confronts them, she says she wont let Fancy get away with Noah a second time. Fancy says he was never hers the first time. Noah gives Esme a little kiss and says sorry. She says okay go have fun, so they run off. Esme is furious, she doesn't know where that voice came from. Esme grabs Gianni and says hes back on the clock.

Noah and Fancy take a moonlight stroll through Rome. They decide to go for some espressos. They run into two kids selling fresh biscotti, so Noah buys some. The kids run off, and then Noah realizes that hes been pick pocketed! Fancy thinks this is her fault, but he says not to blame herself. She says they could try and catch them, but he says its no bother now. Gianni says she gave her money to Gianni, but not for that. Noah suggests they at least enjoy their biscotti by the fountain. He wishes he had some change to buy an espresso. Fancy says there are coins in the fountain, but Noah says theyll get arrested. Fancy says nobody will see them, so they jump in the fountain. They get money for two espressos and use some of it to make some wishes. 

Whitney is in the ancient room and praying to God to return to her, shes ready to pay penance and do his will. She asks him to return and tell her what to do. The monk spies on her and says in due time, all the players arent here yet but they will be soon. The monk finally returns, and Whitney thinks God has returned. She asks when she should start her mission, but he says shes not ready yet. He asks her to stay here and keep praying, she will soon understand. Whitney doesnt like it here and asks if she can do this elsewhere. He says no, she must remain here. Whitney says she senses evil here, but he says not in his presence. He tells her to pray and wait for his return. He leaves and Whitney continues to pray. Suddenly all the candles blow out, and Whitney becomes frightened. She knows evil is here. She becomes frightened and decides she has to leave, she cant take it anymore. She runs off, and we see the symbol glowing on the wall. The monk returns and finds Whitney is gone. He grows angry and says she wont escape him, hell kill her first!

Whitney gets back to the streets, she says something evil was down there, she felt really strange. Fancy sees Noah and Fancy enjoying themselves, she doesnt realize it is them though. She says she and Chad once dreamed of coming here, but that dream will never come true. She begins to miss Chad, she thinks they should be here having fun but it can never be. Whitney runs off in tears. 

Spike and Jessica return home. Jessica is tired and wants to rest, but he says she still has work to do. She says no more, shes beat. He says there is beat and then there is BEAT. He raises his hand as if to hit her. She begs him not to hit her. He says when she gets crazy like this there is no reasoning with her. He says hes tired of arguing with her all the time, she says she loves him but then acts like this. She says shes sorry. He says then get back to work until her back is as sore as her feet. She says no. Spike grabs her arm and says that is the wrong answer. Jessica says she cant keep doing this, its killing her. Spike says what is the big deal, all she has to do is lay there and say Oh big boy, youre the best. She says if its so easy then he should do it. He says and have every desperate housewife in Harmony fighting over him? No way, that would really kill him. He begs Jessica to just go back to work. She says no. Spike threatens to tell Sam about all those dead johns. He says she could end up in prison with a lot of women who think like Simone. Jessica says she doesnt want to go to jail, but she doesnt want to turn tricks anymore. He says what if he promised it would only be for a few more weeks. She says fine shell go back out. Spike says one more John and theyll call it a night. He says fix her lipstick and hell go get her some stickers. Spike leaves the room and Jessica puts on her make-up. She looks in the mirror and wonders what shes done to herself. She says she cant keep doing this, so she runs off. 

Simone and Paloma are in Paloma's room and are packing and booking their plane trip to Rome. They also discuss how Whitney must somehow be tied into this whole mystery. Paloma wonders if Whitney knows what is going on or if she is in the dark too. They finish packing and decide to head out, they have to stop by Simone's house to leave a note for her parents. Suddenly Jessica bursts in and says they have to save her! Jessica tells them how Spike hurt her tonight and threatened her saying as long as she kept working the streets then nobody would investigate the dead johns. She says she cant believe the person shes turned into, she wants to stop this, but she knows Spike wont let her. Paloma thinks Spike will come here for her. Jessica asks them to help her hide. Simone thinks they should take her to Rome, and they say theyll explain whats going on on the way. She says she cant afford this, but they say they can pay for it. The girls head out just as Spike breaks into the window of the room looking for Jessica. He sees them heading out the front door. As hes about to follow, the monk calls Spike and orders him to come to Rome at once as he has a job for him.

On the wharf, Fox is looking for Kay and realizes she must be out in the water. He wonders where a boat is when he needs one. He is then magically led to a boat. Fox then heads out to sea. 

Tabitha continues to try and watch what is going on with Miguel and Kay via her bowl, but there is a fog in her bowl and she cant see what is going on. She wonders if Endora is doing this. Endora wont give her mother a straight answer. Tabitha says she will stop Fox herself then. Tabitha finally gets an image of Kay and Miguel in the boat, and she says its their very own little love boat. Endora says but Kay loves Fox. Tabitha says but Kay still wants that dream of Miguel making love to her and knowing it is her. She says Miguel is desirable. ENdora says dont forget Fox! Tabitha then checks in on Fox, hes heading towards them in his own boar. Tabitha tells Endora that Miguel, Kay and Fox are currently over-spelled, their mortal bones cant take anymore. She says they have to de-spell them all with some Spell B-Gone. She says first they need protection. She casts a bubble around Endora and a hazmat suit for herself. She then begins spraying her Spell Be-Gone into the bowl. She starts by getting rid of the success spell she cast on Fox. Tabitha gets Endora to help her with the cleanup up of the spell mess theyve made. Colored fog shoots out of the cauldron and as Tabitha sprays it, it turn into glitter and falls to the floor. Endora uses a magical vacuum to clean them up. Tabitha hopes they got all the spells rid of, but she sees the spell is still leading Fox to Kay. Endora is glad, but Tabitha tells her not to muck this one up for them, they need Kay to be with Miguel. Endora zaps Fox, and Tabitha reveals to Endora that she has tricked her, soon her spell will lead Fox to Kay and Miguel and he will find them making love to one another. Tabitha says he wont take Kay back, which means Kay will be free to be with Miguel without any guilt whatsoever. Tabitha says Endoras misguided matchmaking have saved the day. Endora says No!

Out at sea, Miguel and Kay both are hearing the voice of the woman now. However they cant see her. Kay says shes scared, so he comforts her. He says he wont let anything or anyone hurt her. Kay says she thought when Charity left town that all the weird stuff left with her. Miguel says hell protect her, he loves her. Miguel then sees something straight ahead. They both stand up, the boat hits something and they fall overboard. Kay screams, and from his boat Fox hears her. 

Miguel and Kay wash ashore and lay unconscious on the beach. Miguel hears the woman calling to Miguel to wake-up and come to her. He wakes up and finds Kay next to him. He goes to wake her up. She finally does and asks what happened. He says they hit rocks, were knocked overboard and washed ashore. Kay says shes so cold. Miguel says hell build a fire, but he doesnt know how to start it. Suddenly the fire starts itself. Kay says shes scared, and Miguel says hell keep her safe. Kay is still cold, so they take off their we clothes and huddle by the fire for warmth. As they get very close and warm up, Fox continues to make his way to them. Kay tells Miguel she doesnt know how theyll explain this to Fox. Miguel says theyll tell him the truth. Soon a smoke comes out of the fire and envelopes them. Kay thanks Miguel for taking care of her. He wishes he could do it all the time. She says Fox wouldnt like that. Miguel asks Kay what shed like? She says shed like things to be as simple as they were in high school. They end up sharing a kiss. Meanwhile, back on the boat, Fox sees Miguel on the beach about to make love to a woman. He says it better not be Kay. Back on the beach, Kay thinks they shouldnt do this, but they dont stop.


May 6 , 2006
Maya has been looking for Fancy and Noah, but can't find them. She returns to her hotel where Lena is still waiting. Lena orders her to find them and keep Noah away from Fancy or they are both dead. Lena says not only are Fancy and Noah in danger, but the two of them could be killed by these forces at work as well. Maya says the only way she can stop Noah and Fancy from being together is to make Noah think their separation is only temporary until they trap her for the FBI. Lena cant believe Noah fell for that whole thing and says hes a fool. She tells Maya that she has to keep Noah and Fancy apart permanently, that is what "they" want. Maya feels bad about what she's doing, she is still lying to Noah and he doesnt know it. Lena says they have a job to do.

Noah and Fancy are still playing in the fountain when they are scolded by the police for being in the fountain and stealing money. They are told to put the money back and leave or they will be arrested. They quickly leave, not realize a mysterious figure is spying on them. They wind up in more trouble when Fancys car has been towed for being illegally parked. Fortunately a kind stranger offers them a ride for free back to their hotel. Back at the hotel, Noah and Fancy get down to business in the bedroom, and Fancy wants Noahs word that he wont let anyone come between them again. Later, Maya arrives and spies on them. Fancy is asleep, and she tells Noah that they have to go. Noah refuses to leave Fancy again or continue this stupid charade for the FBI. Maya says Lena is in Rome, but Noah doesnt care. Maya eventually convinces Noah to leave Fancy and return to the task they were sent to do, to catch Lena. Noah kisses Fancy goodbye and leaves.

Lena makes a call to someone. She says Maya is working on splitting up Noah and Fancy, if she fails then they will die. 

Tabitha continues to watch the Kay, Miguel and Fox drama unfold through her bowl. She thinks once Fox finds Kay and Miguel making love that it will be the end of them. Endora, unhappy with this, casts more magic to keep Fox trapped in the fog. Tabitha scolds her as theyve cast one too many spells already. Endora hugs her little mermaid doll and begins making it dance. Tabitha finds it odd that she likes the doll so much, she must have really enjoyed the story. She talks about how mermaids are big trouble and cause all sorts of problems for witches, stay away from them. Later, Tabitha soon realizes that Endora has in fact conjured a mermaid. She transports the mermaid to her house to deal with her. The mermaid lays on the floor wondering where she is. Tabitha wants Endora to cast her away, but the mermaid doesnt want to return to the book. The mermaid pleads with Tabitha to be allowed to stay. The mermaid says she won't be any trouble. Tabitha of course doesnt believe her and threatens to sick fluffy on her. The mermaid swears she is good. When Tabitha mentions Miguel's name, the mermaid lights up. Tabitha realize it was her who saved Miguel from drowning. She decides to feed the mermaid to Fluffy.. 

On the island, Miguel and Kay are kissing. Kay thinks this is wrong what they are doing, but she cant seem to stop herself. Miguel tells her how much he loves and wants her. Suddenly Miguel hears the mermaid calling to him again. He wonders where she is, who is she. She sits on a rock flapping her tail and calling to Miguel. Meanwhile, Fox makes his way through the fog to the island. He can see Miguel is with a woman, but he cant see who it is. He says it better not be Kay as it looks as if they are about to make love. He tries to convince himself it isnt Kay. Fox fights the magic fog to get to Miguel and the woman he's with on the beach. 

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