July 31, 2005
Luis brings Fancy back to the station, this time he puts her in a cell. She says ew, I have to stay in here? She asks if she cant stay in the station room? Luis says hes the low man on the totem poll, he shouldnt have taken her to the game. He says he has to follow protocol, her lawyer will be here soon anyways. Fancy knows that wont happen, she faked the call to stay with him. Luis has to go study, she tells him not to leave her. She thinks hed rather study her and kisses him! She says study her and shell make sure he gets an A. Of course it was just another dream of hers. When she snaps too, Fancy begs Luis to stay with her. He says he can stay but no talking, he has to pass this exam to get a raise and leave town. Fancy wishes hed give up on that idea. He says that wont happen, there are too many memories here for him. Luis sits in a chair outside of the cell and studies. Fancy says shell help Luis make such good memories that hell never want to leave. Fancy talks about how this place is tacky, and the jail in Reno . . . Luis asks how many jails shes been in? She says for her to know and him to find out. Luis thinks her lawyer is taking his time getting here. She says she knows and its driving her crazy. He suggests she take a nap, maybe when she wakes up hell be here. Fancy looks at the bed and says these blankets are filthy. Luis says hes sure they are fine, just not as nice as what shes used to. She says she can rough it. He says sure princess. She tells him that shes not a princess. She sits down and screams, there is a cockroach in here. He says there are no bugs, they spray this place once a week. He says hes trying to study here. She says then he can sit on the bed if he thinks its so clean. He finally agrees to give her his chair to shut her up. He looks at the bed and decides to stand after all. He admits the bunk has seen better days. Fancy says she cant sleep so shell help him study. She says she tutored the other girls in boarding school. He says in what, how to be a criminal mastermind? She says come on, people retrain stuff better when they are tutored. He says okay and gives her the book. She begins asking him questions. Luis isnt doing well, he rants about how this test is tough. Fancy says if he says so. Luis says its not like she knows the answers. Fancy says its common sense, and they should have a contest to see who knows the most. Luis says she thinks she could beat him? Luis says he took the test and passed it once before. She says and yet here he is in uniform. Luis says fine theyll have a contest. Fancy says they can make it interesting. Luis says he doesnt have the money to be hert. She says they can play a game, they can make things very interesting. However she says he wouldnt do it, hes too serious. Luis says hey hes fun, he can be the life of the party. Fancy says forget it, shell quiz him, he wouldnt live down being beaten by a spoiled princess. He wants to know what her challenge is. She says they play for clothes like strip poker. He walks off in a huff, Fancy thinks shes messed up. He soon returns, he had to lock the door so nobody walked in on him and a naked prisoner, he would lose his job. He doesnt know how shell explain to her lawyer while shes naked, she claims shell tell her lawyer she was strip searched. Luis lays down the game rules, the game begins. He asks when the first official police force was organized and by who? She says London by Sir Robert Peel, thats why they call English cops Bobbys. He doesnt know how she got that right. Luis goes next, he gets it wrong. He ends up taking off his shirt to give her a thrill. Luis doesnt see that Fancy has a cheat sheet! 

On the baseball field. Ethan is protecting Theresa. He scolds Jared for almost killing her. Jared swears it was an accident. Whitney calls the paramedics, Ethan calls Theresa honey and tells her to wake up. Chad tells Whitney that Ethan is acting like Theresa is his wife. Miguel begs Theresa to wake up.

Tabitha arrives at the ball field. She says she smells blood, whose is it, Theresa's? She wonders what Theresa is up to now. A fly shows up and fills Tabitha in on what happened. Tabitha thinks Theresa is playing possum. Tabitha wants Theresa to get off her keister and play ball, though what they are really playing is the age old game of battle of the sexes. Tabitha sees Jared and knows the lowdown on him, just wait till Harmony learns who he is and what he's up to. She cant wait to see that. Tabitha wants the game to get on, this parade of muscles is all well but she wants to get on to the battle of the sexes.

Gwen asks Ethan to let Jared check her out, he knows first aid. Ethan doubts that. Tabitha sees Theresa open her eyes quickly and calls her a little minx! Gwen says Theresa will be fine, but Ethan says she doesnt know that. Jared asks to look at her, Ethan says hes done enough. Ethan wonders where the damn paramedics are? Gwen yanks Ethan away from Theresa. She says hes making a spectacle of himself and a fool out of her. Jared looks at Theresa, all he sees is a little cut. Theresa suddenly wakes up. Ethan says take it easy, shes been hurt. She says shes fine, but they say she was unconscious. Ethan says he took a ball to the head. She says no the glove hit her, shes just dazed, shes fine. Gwen bets she is. Whitney calls the paramedics to tell them its okay. Jared thinks the game is over, but Theresa says no way. They say there is no umpire anymore. Theresa doesnt care, she continues to argue with Jared. She wants the game to go on, she wants to teach Jared a lesson. Theresa sees Tabitha in the stands, she asks her to fill in as the umpire. Theresa asks if she knows how to play baseball? Tabitha says of course she knows, she taught the man who invented the game the rules. She agrees to umpire for them. Theresa tells everyone to get back to their positions. Tabitha does a magical change into an ump uniform. She cant believe her old uniform fits and remembers fixing an old World Series. Whitney asks Tabitha where she got that uniform. Tabitha says she just found it over there, isnt this what shes supposed to wear? Whitney says yes, she looks great.

The game gets underway, Gwen isnt having a good time. She later has words with Ethan. He says hes sorry he over reacted, Theresa is Janes biological mother. Gwen says stop it, everyone here knows hes upset that Theresa is moving on. Gwen says she thinks Theresa has moved on, but he cant let her go now.

Fox asks Tabitha where Maria and Endora are? She says with a baby sitter, she needed time out. Fox says hes sorry they arent there to help her more. He tells her about this big argument that Theresa and the new guy had and how it led to this game. Kay yells to Miguel that she still loves him even though his sister struck him out. Tabitha sees Kays still stuck in her alternate reality. Miguel says maybe she just has good taste. Fox and Miguel once again argue over Miguel making love to Kay, they almost get into a fight. When Miguel sees Fox broke his new bat, by throwing it to the ground, a shoving match begins. The fight is broken up, Tabitha talks to Kay. Kay talks about how attractive Miguel is. Tabitha asks what Kay thinks about Fox? Kay says hed be all right if he would smile once in a while. Later Siren thinks Tabithas being a busy body. Tabitha asks Siren if Kays shown any sign of coming out of this. Siren says no, shes after Miguel. Tabitha knows Siren is after Fox, and if she makes loves to him then Endora will be very upset. She says Endora wants her brother to be happy. Siren says tough tuna, Kay took Miguel so shes taking Fox away from the entire human race.

The game continues, Jared is pitching and Theresa is up to bat. Whitney and Gwen discuss how Jared has gotten under Theresas skin. Whitney says Theresa likes Jared, even if she wont admit it. Whitney knows Theresa is over Ethan. Gwen just worries that isn't the case, and if she sees Theresa getting close to Ethan again . . . Whitney says shell what? Gwen says she better hope she doesnt she never finds out. Meanwhile, Jared gives Theresa an underhanded pitch, Theresa wants a real one. The next pitch Jared gives her a real pitch, Theresa his the ball. She ends up running smack dab into Ethan, they fall on the ground and it looks like Ethans about to kiss her. Gwen says that bitch did that on purpose! Gwen runs onto the field and tells Theresa she saw that, she did that on purpose. Theresa pushes Ethan off and says did what? She asks Tabitha if shes safe or out? Tabitha says safe! Gwen says hrmp! and she points to Ethan how Theresa pushed him away like she didnt care.

Kay is up to bat next, she keeps flirting with Miguel. Miguel tells Kay to stop it, Theresa tells Kay they are playing to win here. Kay knocks the ball out of the park, she gets a home run. Kay ends up running right into Miguel, she knocks herself out. Fox starts in on Miguel, he thinks Miguel hurt Kay. She wakes up wondering what is going on. Kay calls out for Fox, Fox thinks shes remembering. Tabitha tells Siren it looks like Fox and Kay are back together. Siren says then Miguel would go find Charity, she and her witchling will be toast! However it turns out Kay doesnt remember, she was telling Fox not to be hard on Miguel for what happened. She says she ran into Miguel. Kay says speaking of Miguel, he didnt tag her out. Tabitha yells Safe! Kay kisses Miguel to make him feel better. Siren tells Fox it will be all right, but Fox says nothing will be okay until Kay is his again. 

The game continues, it soon comes down to the men having four, the women having five. The bases are loaded, Jared is up. If Theresa strikes them out he wins, otherwise they lose. Jared calls her Tess, it gets her riled up. Theresa strikes him out, the girls win. Jared tells Miguel he never thought Theresa would be such an athlete. Kay comes over and kisses Miguel, Fox hates watching as usual. Tabitha says this war of the sexes is going to get much worse. Theresa talks to Jared, she rubs it in that he lost. He says he owes her a lobster dinner, how is tonight? She says great for her. As they talk, Gwen tells Ethan shes amazed, Theresa must have moved on, she doesnt see him leaving. Ethan says this is the best thing for Theresa. Jared tells Theresa that he hopes the dinners in New England are cheaper than in the city. She says he doesnt have to buy her dinner, winning was enough. He says he doesnt welsh on a bet. Whitney and Chad see them together, Whitney says well well well!



August 1, 2006

At the jail, shirtless Luis says this strip quiz is juvenile, Fancy agrees. However Luis says hes an all or nothing kind of guy, he wont miss any more questions so she better get ready to feel the breeze on her skin. He says shes been lucky so far, he doesnt know she has a cheat sheet. Luis continues to get answers wrong, off come his socks. Luis selects what he thinks is a hard one, and Fancy finally gets one wrong. She says since he lost his shirt first, shell do the same. Shes got a nice pink bra on underneath her top. The game continues, Luis misses another. Off goes his watch. He doesnt know how he has taken this exam once and is doing worse than she is. She says she is a natural. Luis soon ends up in only his boxers, he is wondering where her lawyers are. She says theyll show up soon. Luis asks Fancy a question, but he soon says oh wait wrong question. She doesnt have the right answer, she tries to use her cheat sheet. It doesnt have the answer to Luis question so she has to try off the top of her head. Luis eventually says her time is up. Fancy says she doesnt know this one. He asks what happened? He finally stumped her. Luis says they know what this means. Luis sits down and watches as Fancy takes off her shoes. Soon both Luis and Fancy are in their underwear. Fancy takes the book from Luis, she can't seem to find these questions he's asking her in the book. Luis tells her that he knows shes been cheating the whole time, he busts her. She asks how long hes known? He says long enough to get her in her underwear. They soon laugh about it. Luis says she was making him feel like an idiot, she quickly points out he was the one getting the questions wrong. Luis says obviously he needs to study harder. He says he will make Fancy pay for this, and not just for the parking tickets. Luis asks for the book back, she says no. He chases her around the cell trying to get the book. They soon end up falling onto the bunk and share a kiss! 

Miguel, Kay, Siren and Fox all return to Tabithas house. Miguel says he and Fox owe them both dinner, Kay suggests the Seascape. However she says not tonight, Tabitha is already cooking something. Miguel asks what is for dinner? Tabitha says a surprise, its in the oven keeping warm. Kay suggests they all clean up. Tabitha talks to Kay in private, she knows she took her potion. Kay says that potion was magic, Miguel was so turned on by it and it was like their first time. Kay knows it wasnt, but on that beach Miguel was doing things. . . . Tabitha says TMI! She wants the potion back, but Kay says all in good time. Kay tells Miguel they should go shower together. 

Kay and Miguel head to their room, Kay begins kissing on him. Miguel says he thought they were taking a shower. Kay says they should save water and take one together. Miguel say they told Tabitha theyd be down in a few minutes, so separate showers would be better. Miguel goes to shower, Kay looks at the potion and says Miguel will make love to her. After Miguel gets out of the shower, Kay jumps him! She gives him a drink to relax him, laced with the potion. She then gives him a massage, and soon they start going at it. 

Siren tries to talk to Fox, he tells her not to say it. He says Kay is his fianc, and he doesnt know how he can go on watching Kay with Miguel. Tabitha says according to Eve he doesnt have a choice. Fox storms off venting. Tabitha knows Siren is loving this, how can she be so non-challant about ruining a mans life. Siren says shell show him a good time. Tabitha says shell curse him forever. Siren says mortal women are boring anyways. Tabitha says by the time Siren is finished with him, hell wish he was never born.

Tabitha ends up watching what is going on in her bowl from the kitchen. She sees Kay attacking Miguel, and then she sees Siren singing her song to try and seduce Fox. Tabitha hopes Foxs love for Kay will help him resist Siren, otherwise hell be hers forever. Tabitha says she doesnt know which is worse, Kay seducing Miguel with her lust potion or Siren seducing Fox with the mermaid song. She says as long as Kay is with Miguel he wont be running off with Charity, but she does feel sorry for Fox. 

Siren sits on her bed signing, Fox hears her and goes to her room in a trance. He just got out of the shower. Siren tells Fox to come make love to her. They end up in bed, Fox tells Siren he loves her and only her. Siren says she knows.

Ethan and Gwen return to the B&B. Ethan asks if she wants to go out to dinner that he owes her. She says they need to watch their spending till they get jobs. Ethan knows shes upset about Theresa still. Gwen says he embarrassed himself and her, she wants him to admit that he hates that Theresa has moved on. Ethan says he loves her, she is his . . . . . Gwen knows, his wife, he says it like thats the only reason hes with her. Ethan says that is not true. Gwen says she saw him today, when Theresa ignored him it looked like someone had killed his dog. She says this is hard for her to take. Ethan says this cold front is new to him, he just hopes he and Theresa can remain friends. He says she is Janes biological mother. Gwen says that sounds so lame. She wants to know if Theresa is in their lives or out. Ethan says out, and he wont let her get to him again. She says she doesnt want to talk about this anymore. He realizes she doesnt think hes over her. Gwen says Theresa has been a thorn in her side for so long now. Ethan says it will just take him awhile to get used to Theresa not being around. Gwen says its no harder for him than her, it will take her a long time to stop looking over her shoulder. Ethan thinks Theresa is done with them, she couldnt come between them when she was really trying and shes not going to now. Gwen says he looked so good out there tofay, it reminded her of coming to all his college games. They end up kissing and soon make love. Afterwards Gwen says shes hungry and she suggests they go out for their lobster dinner. Ethan says what about the money? Gwen says they can be cheap and go to the lobster shack. Gwen thinks to herself that Theresa wont be there.

Theresa, Jared, Chad and Whitney go back to Pilars house. Whitney and Theresa are teasing the guys about their win. Jared asks where they should go to dinner. Theresa says someplace she can wear her new dress. Jared says chicks and their clothes. Jared and Theresa once again arguing, he thinks women live for their clothes when it is what is underneath that matters. Theresa thinks he means their bodies, she calls him a pig and tells him to get out of her house now! Jared says she is some piece of work. Theresa says why, because she doesnt have patience for a sexist pig? He says no because she is so gullible, its so easy to get her riled up. Jared and Chad and Whitney reveal they had a bet, he bet he could get her riled up in thirty seconds or less. Whitney says it only took him twenty. Theresa says fine, she does over react sometimes. Theresa says often, okay all the time they got her. Jared asks where they should go for dinner. Chad says they can decide later, and Chad suggests they go to his place to clean up. The boys leave, Whitney asks Theresa if Jared is growing on her? Theresa says like a barnacle. Whitney says he made her laugh, he may be the guy to make her forget about Ethan. 

Later Chad and Jared return, they are all dressed up. Jared talks about how hard it must be for Theresa to be single and raising a kid, He wonders where she lives, probably the public housing project by the airport. Jared says it doesnt matter to him. Whitney shows up, she tells them that was fast. Jared asks where Tess is. Whitney says getting ready, shes still hell bent on wearing this dress. Jared think she probably made it herself. Whitney goes to help Theresa with her zipper, Theresa hopes Jared likes the dress. Whitney says guys hardly notice what a woman is wearing. Theresa asks how she looks, Whitney says she doesnt have the words. Theresa says she knows it is different, that is why it cost a fortune. She says no point in being Theresa Crane if she has to wear cookie cutter fashion. Theresa reveals her original dress. Its this glittery gold designer disaster of a dress, completely with arm flaps/wings.

Theresa and company end up at the Lobster Shack. Theresa thought they were going to the Seascape, she doesnt know why she wasted her new dress for the shack. Jared talks to Chad, he thinks Theresa had to have made that dress, no store would sell that. Meanwhile, the owner of the lobster shack tells the hostess to seat Theresa now, she owns the land they are standing on! Another couple laughs at Theresa behind her back, they say all her money hasnt bought her good taste. Theresa soon sees everyone is staring at her, Jared say it may be her dress. Theresa knew she shouldnt have worn it. Jared likes it, he admires that she doesnt care what people think. He asks if she went for a Sex in the City look? He tells her that he admires her for making her own clothes. Theresa says it is kinda weird. Chad says he doesnt know what she was smoking. Whitney says she usually has really good taste. Theresa says it was a risk. Jared laughs, he says he likes her more and more, especially since she can laugh at herself. 

Gwen and Ethan arrive at the Lobster Shack, Gwen doesnt believe Theresa and Jared are here. She sees Ethans reaction and wonders why Ethan cant get over her.  Meawhile, Jared is still talking to Theresa about how he admires she makes her own clothes, and her boss probably doesnt pay her half of what shes worth. Jared talks about the jobs he worked, he used to be broker than broke.  Back at their table, Ethan and Gwen see them all giggling. Gwen tells Ethan to look how Theresa is looking at Jared, her eyes are sparkling. Gwen says this is huge, Theresa used to look at Ethan the same way. Gwen says she never thought shed see Theresa look at another man the same way. She says it looks like Theresa is moving on.


August 3, 2006

At Tabithas, Tabitha is watching the sexual going-ons in her house via her bowl. Miguel is ravaging Kay, he doesnt know whats come over him. Tabitha knows Kay is using her lust potion again, it puts Viagra to shame. She then checks on Siren and Fox. Fox is making love to Siren as her song plays in stereo. Magical green conch shells are over the bed blasting the music. He says he loves her and only her. Siren tells Fox hell only love her from now on. Back to Kay and Miguel, the deed has been done. Miguel says that was incredible, Kay agrees. Kay talks to herself, she hopes Tabitha has more of that lust potion. Meanwhile Miguel says he doesnt know what came over him, it was like he was under a spell. Kay says just think about what the wedding night will be like. Miguel remembers Fox threatening Miguel to keep his hands off of Kay, she is his fiance. Back to Siren and Fox, they finish doing the deed as well. Fox says hes never felt this way before ever. She says not even with Kay? He says who? The sirens song stops playing, and Fox asks why the music stopped? Fox snaps out of the trance, he has no idea why they are in bed together. Fox realizes they are both naked, how could this be. Siren realizes her spell is wearing off. Fox realizes he and Siren made love. He asks how they ended up in bed together? She begins singing again, he forgets everything again and says he loves being in bed with her, he loves making love to her. They end up making love again! Back in the kitchen, Tabitha sees Endora is up and out of bed. She tries to bribe her back to sleep with some food. Endora asks about Fox and Siren, Tabitha says she warned her that conjuring Siren was a bad idea. Tabitha tells Endora that Fox has fallen victim to Sirens curse. Endora wants Fox with Kay. Tabitha says Fox can never love a mortal woman again. Endora says not if she turns back time. Tabitha says dont you dare, things are complicated enough as is. Back to Miguel and Kay, Kay asks why they havent set a date for the wedding? Miguel says they are saving money before setting a date. She says forget the big wedding, they should get married tomorrow. Miguel says they cant do that, their parents would be disappointed. He suggests they talk about this tomorrow, hes beat. Back to the kitchen, Tabitha tells Endora that thanks to Siren, Fox will never be able to make whoopee with any mortal woman again. Endora says Noooooo! Endora says she wants Kay with Fox. Tabitha says she told her that it was too late, Fox is cursed. Tabitha says hell never be with a mortal woman again. Endora tries to turn back time, Tabitha stops her and deflects her spell with a pot lid. The spell charge goes into an electrical socket, races upstairs and shocks Kay, who is trying to turn off a lamp. Back in the kitchen, Tabitha tells Endora she has nobody to blame for this but herself, she should have sent Siren back into her book when she told her. Back to Kays room, Miguel realizes Kay is unconscious, something is wrong. She soon comes too, Miguel says he thought he lost her. He says he thought she was dead. She says she must have been in a deep sleep. Miguel says hes glad shes okay. He says sweet dreams. Kay sees shes naked and so is Miguel. Miguel says they like to sleep in the buff together. She says shes in his room, in his bed, where is Fox? Fox and Siren are once again making love in Sirens room. Kay is furious with Miguel, she thinks he took advantage of her. Miguel realizes Kay has her memory back. Tabitha watches this in the bowl, she realizes Kay has her memory back too. Tabitha says if Kay finds Fox in bed with Siren, well she doesnt know who shell kill first. Miguel races after Kay, who is looking for Fox. She ends up finding Fox in bed with Siren, she asks what he is doing with Siren!

Jared is walking with Tess on the pier. Chad and Whitney are also taking a walk on the pier. Whitney tells Chad how she loves being able to love him without feeling guilty. Chad says true love is too strong and pure to be denied. Whitney says that is what they have. They kiss, Theresa tells Jared its nice to see people in love, they are perfect for each other. Chad tells Whitney hes going to take her home and make love to her all night long. They say goodbye to Jared and Theresa. Chad tells Jared he thinks theyll be seeing him again shortly. Jared offers to take Theresa home, but she says shes going to go visit her brother. She says his son was killed recently and then lost the love of his life. Jared says he will at least walk her there to make sure she gets there in once piece. They then take off. 

At the jail, Luis stops kissing Fancy and says hes sorry, he didnt mean to. Fancy says it was her fault, she shouldnt have teased him. He says he teased her too and they just got carried away. Luis says not that it wasnt nice, it just cant happen ever again. Fancy says sure, no way. Luis puts his clothes on, as does Fancy, and  he says its late and she should go home. She says why is he releasing her if shes a criminal? He says shes not a hardened criminal. She says so why did he hold her all day if he could have released her? She says dont bend the rules for her. He says he has the authority to release her, hes determined shes not a flight risk. She says its not because he liked the way she looked in her undies? He says he did, but he knows she wont be leaving town for the next twelve hours. She says she cant guarantee that, shes a busy exec, she could be traveling to have lunch with Tommy or P-Diddy somewhere. She jokes that maybe hes trying to get rid of her so he can harass the other female prisoners now that hes taken advantage of her. He says she is the one who took advantage of him. He tells her it is time for her to go, can she promise him that she wont leave the country by tomorrow? She says she cant. He wonders why she doesnt want to leave, she wonders why hes trying to get rid of her. Luis tells her shes so stubborn, hes trying to get her to leave and she wont go. Fancy says he may be trying to tack on more charges. Luis says that is it, she is free to go. Luis says he needs to go grabs something to eat. They are back in the main area of the station now. Fancy says well she's hungry, she'll go too. He says fine. As they are about to leave Theresa and Jared show up, Theresa wanted to check on Luis. Theresa learns why Fancy is here, Luis and Jared introduce themselves to one another. Fancy and Theresa get a moment alone to talk, Fancy thinks Theresa got over Ethan fast. Theresa says well shes learned its time to back off and leave the married couples alone. Fancy asks if Theresa thinks Luis will be able to give up on Sheridan then? Theresa doesnt know, but she thinks if Luis wants to be happy that Luis has to move on with his life. Fancy says Sheridan said the same thing. Theresa asks Fancy if she told her that she was hoping Luis would move on with her? Fancy asks why everyone keeps asking if shes interested in Luis? Theresa says because its true. Fancy says even if she was, she wouldnt dump this on her Aunt Sheridan now. Theresa asks if Fancy is still in denial about being attracted to Luis? Fancy says all she knows is she is feeling confused and guilty. Fancy says Sheridan says she wants Luis to move on, but when Sheridan saw her with Luis today she didnt look too happy. Theresa understands. She says Sheridan has loved Luis for so long that she cant see him with anyone else. Theresa tells Fancy its not her, its Sheridan. Theresa tells Fancy to follow her heart, if it leads her to Luis then so be it. Theresa thinks Fancy would be good for Luis. Theresa wants Luis to be happy and fall in love again, shed like it if that someone was Fancy. Fancy asks Theresa about her and Jared. Theresa says shes realized Jared isnt the pig she thought he was. Theresa says theyll just have to see where things go. Meanwhile, Luis talks to Jared about Tess. Luis tells Jared that Theresa may seem indestructible at times, but shes not and he would hate to see her hurt. Jared says they are just getting to know one another, that is all. Luis says if he hurts her then hell answer to him. Jared asks Tess if they are ready to go. Theresa says yes and they take off. Luis then asks Fancy if shes ready to get a bite to eat? Fancy says sure, she knows a place down by the river that has fantastic food. He says he doesnt need snails, they are going to a deli. She says shes fine with the deli. Luis tells her to wait for him outside. She heads outside, Luis then locks her out! Fancy bangs on the door, he doesnt answer. Eventually Luis tells Fancy she is going home, hes staying here. Fancy realizes he tricked her into leaving. She says how dare he lie to her! He says she wouldnt go home. Luis says shes been released on her own recognizance, theyll deal with the tickets tomorrow. Fancy says shell go, but she tells herself that Luis wont be able to lock her out of his heart forever.

Jared walks Theresa home. Jared says her brother seems like an amazing guy. He sees a limo on the street and says he should call Luis to give it a ticket. She says maybe it couldnt find a parking space. He asks who is pretentious enough to drive a limo, let a lone double park it? He thinks it is probably one of the Cranes. Theresa says not all Cranes are bad, Fancy is one. He says shes bad if thats her limo double parked and waiting for her. Jared then asks what the lights on the hill are, a museum? She says no the Crane Mansion. He says so the Cranes use gas guzzling limos as well as enough electricity to power a shopping mall. She says a house that big needs a lot of light. He wonders if Theresa is their press agent? He starts talking about Alistair's new wife. He cant recall Alistairs new wifes name, but he says she was a real money grubbing whore, Harmony's own Anna Nicole Smith.. 

Whitney and Chad return home. The sitter heads off after Chad thanks her and pays her. Whitney holds Miles and tells him how much she loves him and how shell never leave him again. Later Whitney says a prayer thanking God for letting her be with Chad. Chad puts Miles down, he tells Whitney they have the rest of the night to themselves. Whitney tells Chad how he must have been so lonely all these nights here without her, she knows she was lonely without him. He says he didnt know how this incest thing would work out, but he never did stop loving her. They then make love. Later they cuddle, Whitney says she cant imagine feeling this way about anyone else can he? He just says he loves her, and everything is now in the past. She says so many things are in the past. She says Theresa seems to be over Ethan now, she hopes Theresa and Jared have a shot. Whitney heads to check on Miles. Chad then gets a call from the mystery person. He says he cant let Whitney hear that, shed freak out big time. Whitney later returns with Miles. 


August 3, 2006

Julian is at the Blue Note drinking. Noah says hes looking a bit depressed, is everything okay? Julie says hes just missing Eve a bit. He says hes with TC helping with his recovery. Noah hopes TC pulls through, he and his dad are old friends. Julian says he does too, and Noah was lucky to grow up with two parents always there. He says his own parents never cared for him, he was never there for his children. He says Fancy was closer to his father than her. Noah hopes Fancy will realize what a monster Alistair was. Fancy shows up, Noah says they were just talking about her. Noah then walks off. Fancy asks Julian why hes alone? He tells her about TC and Eve and then asks what is going on with her and Noah? Julian says it seems they are having problems. She tells him that they are over. Julian says she doesnt seem so sad, has she moved on to another victim? He asks who it is? Fancy says she doesnt want to share yet. Julian thinks the man doesnt know hes been targeted. Fancy says hell find out soon enough. Fancy tells Julian that hell never guess where shes been the past few hours, she was in jail. He asks why? She says she was speeding, then unpaid traffic tickets appeared. He asks if she is okay? She says fine, Luis arrested her. Julian says it must have been Dejavu for Luis, that happened with Sheridan. Fancy says Luis told her about that. Julian says hell take care of the tickets. Julian gets a call and excuses himself. Fancy talks to herself, she says she knows what she wants, she wants Luis.

Later, Julian and Fancy end up sitting and talking. Julian is glad she is back in town and okay, and it is insane what Alistair did to them all. Fancy says it was hard believing what a monster Alistair was, but it explained a lot about things. She understands why he (Julian) was never there for his own kids. Julian hopes shell forgive him for that. She says she has, she loves him and wants them all to be happy. Julian is curious about who has Fancy smiling. She says shell tell him soon.

Jared and Theresa go back to the Blue Note. He offers to buy her a drink as long as its not hot tea. Theresa swears that was an accident, and she points out that he hit her with a baseball. He says they are even then. He suggests they start over and leave out the physical abuse. Theresa agrees. Noah brings them some drinks and comments on Theresas dress. Theresa introduces Noah and Jared, Noah remembers him. Noah makes small talk, Jared says hes new to Harmony, he likes it, its a small town. Noah says the down side is that everyone knows everyones business. Theresa tells Jared as long as he has no secrets then its no problem. Later Theresa says she has to go to work tomorrow so she should get home. Jared heads to the bathroom, which gives Theresa a chance to talk with Fancy. Fancy tells Theresa that Luis is planning to leave Harmony. She asks Theresa to think of a way to stop him. Theresa says she doesnt know. She says its the first time everyone in their family has been in the same town. She says she doesnt want him to go, but she cant make him stay. She understands why he wants to leave, he cant stand to see Sheridan with Chris just like she hates seeing Ethan with Gwen. Fancy asks if shes leaving too? Theresa says no, she needs to run Crane Industry, she also wants her son raised with his family. Fancy admits she almost left town after she and Noah broke up, but she stayed. She wants to help Luis get through this. Theresa says shell talk to him. Julian then walks up, he tells Theresa that hed like to spend more time with his son. Theresa says hes not his son. Julian asks what she means? Theresa says he never acted like his father, she doesnt want to confuse Little Ethan. Theresa says he never showed any interest in him. Julian says hes trying to make up for that. Theresa says Little Ethan doesnt need Julian and she doesnt want Julian in his life. Julian says is she denying him visitation rights? She says he has no rights, he had ignored him his whole life. Julian threatens to sue her for custody, she says shell crush him in court. Julian says they arent finished here, Theresa says they are. Julian walks off.

Noah talks with Jared. He says Theresa has been through a lot lately, her friends and family are all looking out for her right now. Jared returns to Theresa, he sees she just argues with Julian. Theresa calls him the devil in the flesh. Jared says she really hates the Cranes huh. She says he has no idea. 

Later Fancy and Julian talk some more. Julian is puzzled by Theresa's reaction and says hes not a monster. Fancy says Theresa doesnt trust him, he hasnt shown an interest in Little Ethan before. Julian says the child is his and he is going to take an interest in him.

Theresa and Jared go back to Pilars place. Jared says her moms place is nice, it looks new. She says they had a fire, she had it rebuilt. He says she did? Theresa says she helped is what she meant. Jared asks her why she was upset with Julian? Theresa doesnt want to go there now. Jared says he doesnt know too much about her really. Theresa tells him about her family. He tells her that she needs to forget about the Cranes, move on with her life, find a nice young man and fall in love with him. She asks who that might be? Jared then kisses her.

At jail, Luis is thinking about what happened between him and Fancy. He wonders why this had to happen to him and Sheridan? Sheridan is outside the police station, her car isnt starting. She hopes anyone but Luis is inside. Luis is inside studying, he ends up taking a break and gets some coffee. Sheridan tries to walk in but finds the door is locked. She wonders why it would be locked? She knocks on the door. Luis says if that is Fancy to go home, they are done here! Luis opens the door and sees it is Sheridan. Luis says hes sorry, he thought she was Fancy. Sheridan asks why he was telling Fancy to go away? Luis says thats a long story. Luis tells Sheridan she can come in. Luis tells her the whole story (leaving out the strip trivia), and how Fancy didnt seem to want to leave and he had to trick her into leaving. Sheridan talks about how Fancy always was a pest. Luis says he thought Sheridan was stubborn but Fancy really has her beat. Sheridan asks if he is alone here, where is Sam and the others? Luis says Sam is off duty and the other officers are on patrol. Luis says hes the only one here. Luis asks Sheridan what shes doing here? He says her bag is dripping. Sheridan says James wanted ice cream, she ran out to get him some. She says then her car broke down, and she didnt want Chris to drag James out here to rescue her. Luis says he can help her with her car, but Sheridan says the battery is dead. She says she needs a ride, Luis says he can do that. Sheridan says no! He says no? She says she just meant he cant leave the station. She says shell take a cab. Luis says he doesnt mind. Sheridan says its okay, shell find another way home. Luis doesnt want her out there alone, he will have dispatch forward all calls to his cell phone. He tells her not to make her the most stubborn over Fancy. He tells Sheridan they should go before her ice cream melts everywhere. 

At the cottage, Chris is waiting for Sheridan to return from getting ice cream. He is worried, he knows there is a lot of danger out there. He says Sheridan can never know his connection to Alistair. Chris picks up James toys, he continues to miss the paper he dropped that has the vendetta symbol on it. Outside someone shows up with a Omega Symbol flashlight. Chris decides to call Sheridan and this is when he sees someone is shining a red omega symbol on the door. Chris asks who is out here? Spike reveals himself, Chris asks Spike if hes crazy? What if Sheridan had seen him? He says he wanted to talk to Chris seeing they were both forced to work for Alistair. Chris says that is over, but Spike doesnt think so. Spike got a file from Alistair, it spells out everything on Chris. Chris looks at it and tears it up, Spike says that is just a copy. He says the original is safe, and if Chris wants it to stay that way to start cooperating. Spike tells Chris that he works for him now. Chris says no way. Chris tells Spike to leave. Spike says hes calling the shots and Chris will do what he tells him to do unless he wants Sheridan to know the truth. Chris goes to attack Spike, Spike pulls out a gun. They fight over it and it goes off! 

Luis ends up driving Sheridan home. They dont really talk, Luis wonders how it got to this point. They shared an amazing love and now they can barely talk. Luis says he still . . . Sheridan says its over, shes married to Chris now. She says she wont break her marriage vows. Luis and Sheridan eventually arrive at the cottage, Sheridan sees Chris is on the ground. They run to him, she sees hes been shot. She feels for a pulse.

At Tabithas, Tabitha and Endora watch everything going on in the bowl. Kay and Miguel have found Siren and Fox in bed. Kay asks Fox how could he do this? Fox is confused, he doesnt know what is going on. Kay ends up attacking Siren saying shes going to kill her! Miguel and Fox pull them apart. Kay says the bimbo freak deserves to die, she seduced her fianc. Siren says so what, she slept with Miguel. Kay says she did, why were they in bed together? Miguel says she really doesnt know? Kay knows what they were doing but why? And what are Fox and Siren doing? Miguel explains to Kay about the accident she had. She remembers the shock. Miguel says she had amnesia after that, well partial amnesia. Fox says she remembered some things but not others. They say she never remembered being in love with Fox, all she remembered was loving Miguel. Kay asks Miguel why he let it go that far? Siren says because Miguel is still in love with her! Fox asks what in the hell she means? Miguel says Siren doesnt know what shes saying. Kay still wants to know why Miguel would let her make love to him? Fox wants to know as well. Miguel says Eve told them they couldnt shock her out of her amnesia, they let her live in the past. Miguel says he tried to discourage her and he could only put it off for so long. Kay tells Fox how sorry she is, she didnt know what shes doing. Fox says she had amnesia. Kay says yeah she had amnesia, what is his excuse for making love to Siren? Fox says he had no intention of sleeping with Siren. Kay says so Siren took advantage of him and seduced him! Siren says Fox wanted her, he kept saying he loved her and only him. Kay runs off, Miguel runs after her. 

Kay goes into the kitchen where Tabitha and Endora are. Kay asks Tabitha if shes responsible for this, she knows Tabitha watched them in the bowl and knows what is going on. Tabitha tells Kay she did not cause this and neither did Endora. Kay asks how this happened? Tabitha says Miguel told her the truth. Kay asks why Miguel took advantage of her? Tabitha says Kay took advantage of Miguel. Tabitha says Kay stole her lust potion and gave it to Miguel. Kay remembers that. Tabitha says Miguel tried to resist but couldnt. Kay says this is awful. Miguel shows up, Kay says she is so sorry that she got him involved in all this and she feels bad. Maria cries, Miguel goes to tend to her. Tabitha tells Kay now she has to decide which man she wants to be with, who does she really love? Kay cant believe this is happening. She says she and Fox were to get married and now she doesnt know what will happen. Kay says she slept with Miguel and Fox slept with Siren, can things get worse?

Meanwhile, Siren tells Fox that they were hot together, he has to admit it. He says yes. . . . wait no. He says he doesnt remember what happened, and what they did was wrong. Fox says hes going to go take a shower and get dressed and hed like her to be gone when he gets back. Fox leaves and Siren says that was fun, she owns Fox now and if Kay doesnt watch out then shell take Miguel too.


August 4 , 2006

At Tabitha's, Siren talks to herself about how she was able to seduce Fox and now he's all hers. Meanwhile, in the kitchen Kay is talking with Tabitha. Tabitha tells Kay she's going to have to figure out which man she loves and wants to be with. Kay says this is a mess, and she doesn't understand how Siren seduced Fox. Tabitha explains Siren used the mermaids song, Fox was helpless to resist. Siren soon shows up, Kay goes into a rage and attacks her! Tabitha and Endora watch, Tabitha thinks mortal Kay may actually kill Siren. She realizes that wouldn't be good, the police would soon show up. Endora doesn't want Kay to go to jail, she zaps them and they stop fighting. It's only momentary, Kay threatens to make tuna salad out of Siren, Siren tells her to try it, they attack one another again. They are stopped from fighting again when a magical net is thrown on them. Kay tells Siren she knows she seduced Fox into making love to her with her song. Siren says only because Kay tricked Miguel into bed with her. Tabitha says Siren has her there, she did use that lust potion. Kay says it doesn't matter, she will go make love to Fox over and over again until he forgets Siren. Siren laughs and asks Kay if she is forgetting about the Mermaid's Curse? Siren asks Tabitha if she did tell Kay about that? Tabitha says she did, she reminds Kay. Kay remembers, but claims it is probably just a silly tale. Tabitha says she's afraid it's not. Kay says she'll break the curse then, she'll go make love to Fox right now. Siren tells her to take a book, she'll need it! Kay leaves and Siren laughs at her. She says while Kay is busy trying to seduce Fox, she'll turn her song on Miguel. She says she'll have both hunks in love with her, maybe she'll make them carry her through the streets. She says nah, she won't let them leave the bedroom!

On the pier, Miguel is thinking about Kay and how he loves her and may have lost her to Fox again. Elsewhere, Roberto is talking to Paloma. Paloma says Rome was so exciting and now she's back in boring old Harmony. Roberto says she doesn't have to stay here. He pulls out his grandmother's ring, he asks her to marry him and come back to Mexico. She says she loves him but no. She explains she is just now getting close with her family, and they are all so unhappy right now as so much has happened. She says she can't leave them. Roberto says she has a good heart, but it is not her job to take care of her family. He says if she is married and happy perhaps that will set an example for them. Paloma asks Roberto if he can't stay in Harmony, but he says he can't. He says his visa is expiring, he has to go. However he promises to come back soon, and he will hold onto this ring and hopes she will wear it one day. Paloma and Roberto say goodbye, and then Miguel runs into Paloma. They talk, she tells him about Roberto's proposal. He thinks if she loves him then marry him, don't stay because the rest of her family doesn't have their act together. He tells her not to lose love if she has a chance with it. Paloma says she can't leave now, and besides she doesn't know if she loves Roberto enough. All she knows is she misses the excitement and danger of Rome, it really opened her eyes and made her feel alive. She changes the subject, she asks Miguel when he spoke about losing love, was he speaking of Charity or Kay? Miguel admits it was Kay, he may have lost her to Fox. Paloma tells Miguel to take his own advice, if he loves Kay then tell her, fight for her. Miguel ends up heading off after Paloma's advice.

At Pilar's Theresa pulls away from Jared's kiss. He asks if it was too much too soon? Theresa says no it's her. She realizes she's still not over Ethan. She tried to convince herself she was, but her head says one thing and her heart says another. Jared understands, he soon opens up to Theresa. He says he knows what it's like to love someone who can't love you back, he's been there. He tells Theresa that he was in love with a beautiful woman named Arabell, they met in Europe. He says their nights and days were filled with passion, they hardly left the hotel room they were in. Theresa asks what happened to her? He says he lost her. Theresa says she may have lost her chance with Ethan, but she won't let Jared lose his love. She says she's going to find Arabell for him. He says she can't. She says he doesn't know who she is, she has resources. He says she doesn't understand, Arabell is dead.

At the cottage, Sheridan and Luis find Chris in the front yard, he's been shot in the leg. He comes to, he claims he heard someone out here, it may have been a burglar. He says he didn't see who it was. Sheridan panics, James is still inside the house. She runs to check on him. Luis prepares to call an ambulance, Chris tells him no! Chris wants to be helped inside, so Luis helps him. Chris says it's just a flesh wound, he doesn't need a doctor. Luis says fine, but he still has to report this, all gunshot wounds must be reported. Chris says no! He tells Luis that will only bring reporters around and Sheridan has been through enough. Sheridan returns, James is okay. She asks where the ambulance is? Luis tells Sheridan that  Chris doesn't want this reported. Chris explains how he doesn't want reporters around causing trouble for her right now. She says she's used to the press, she can deal with them. Chris insists he's fine. Luis and Sheridan put him to bed, they then talk. Luis makes some calls, Crane Security didn't detect a burglar on the premises. He also says they have a new fail safe system, they would have caught anyone breaking in, no alarms were tripped. Luis thinks something isn't right here. He asks how much they really know about Chris and his past? Sheridan explains his story as we know it, she says she trusts Chris completely. Luis doesn't, Sheridan thinks he's only suspicious because Chris is her husband. Luis says he's going to nose around outside and see if he can find anything. Sheridan says she'll go check on Chris. Back in the bedroom, Chris panics, there is evidence outside with his finger prints all over it. He has to get that file with the omega symbol on it before anyone sees it. He takes off, hobbling out the bedroom French doors.

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