August 7, 2006
At Tabithas, Siren gloats to Tabitha about how shes taken Fox from Kay and now she will take Miguel. Tabitha asks her why? Siren says because she can. Tabitha says shes just being viscous to Kay. Siren says Kay shouldnt have been so mean to her, plus she loves having two gorgeous men loving her. Miguel returns and asks Tabitha if shes seen Kay? Siren says Kay is busy with Fox so why dont they spend time together? Miguel says not now and walks off. Siren says that has never happened before. Tabitha thinks she may have a harder time with Miguel than she thinks. Siren says no, he will want her. Tabitha says perhaps Siren spent too long in the deep, maybe all men arent susceptible to her. Siren says her song always works. Tabitha says what fun is using magic, shouldnt a man want her for her? Siren thinks Fox wants her, but Tabitha says hes with Kay now isn't he. Tabitha tells Siren mortal men like women who make them work, they like the chase. Siren says that makes no sense. Tabitha says what shes saying is play hard to get, pretend to be in distress. Siren says okay shell try it. Siren then runs off, Tabitha wonders what the dingbat will do. Endora says shes going after Miguel, way to go mom! Tabitha says as long as Miguel doesnt go after Charity then they win in the end. Tabitha thinks they might as well watch it in the bowl. Tabitha watches Kay and Fox talking, she thinks Kay is deluding herself. Tabitha says Kay cant beat the curse and shes still is in trouble for getting engaged when the planets werent on her side. Endora says she wants Fox with Kay, but Tabitha says it wont happen. Tabitha wonders who will get Kays heart in the end, Fox or Miguel. Endora wants her with Fox, Tabitha says she knows but with Fox cursed he might not be able to be with Kay.

Kay goes to Fox, she knows she has the power of love on her side and Fox loves her. Fox is glad to see Kay, he says hes sorry about what happened with Siren. He says he is so sorry. She says she knows he is. Fox doesnt know how she can forgive him. He says it sounds lame, but he doesnt know how he ended up in bed with her. He doesnt want to hurt her. Kay suggests they forget it and focus on them. Fox soon begins going on about how he is starting to believing in the power of magic, especially with all the weird stuff going on. He remembers Kay was afraid to get engaged before the planets aligned, she may have been right. Kay says even if she did believe in the power of magic, she knows something more powerful, the power of love. Kay says true love is more powerful than any curse or spell. Kay kisses him, and at the same time Miguel shows up knocking on the door to speak with Kay. Miguel asks if shes there, he needs to talk to her. Kay says its not a good time, can it wait? Miguel says he guesses he can. To himself Miguel says he needs to tell Kay how he feels, that he doesnt want to lose her. Meanwhile Kay and Fox are getting it on, she thinks she was right and the Mermaids Curse cant win out over their love. Maria starts crying though, Kay has to stop and tend to her. Kay tells Fox shell be right back and for him not to go anywhere.

Miguel walks back to his room, he sees and hears Siren crying in her room. He asks what is wrong? She hugs him and says Kay is so mean to her, she says such terrible thinks. Miguel asks what she said? Siren says Kay makes her feel bad, not normal. Miguel thinks Kay is angry that she slept with Fox. Siren says it just happened, one minute they were taking and then next they were together. Miguel says like him and Kay. Siren says she forgave him and Fox, but she wont forgive her. Siren asks why nobody likes her? 

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha watches Siren playing damsel in distress for Miguel. She wonders if Miguel will take the bait. Siren begins kissing Miguel, he stops her though and says he cant do this. She says why not, did Kay tell him something terrible about her? Tabitha comments that Siren just blew it, she pushed too hard. Back in the room, Miguel says Kay said nothing, he just needs time to think. He says he needs to be by himself tonight. When Miguel goes to leave her, she starts singing her song. Tabitha and Endora watch through the bowl, Tabitha says Miguel is done for now. Tabitha admits that it would be good for them as Miguel could never be with Charity, but its bad for Kay. She says Kay is a pain, but she is their pain and shed hate to see her with nobody. Endora sends off a spell and ends up making Miguel deaf! Siren is so busy singing she doesnt hear Miguel saying hes deaf. Siren gets up, looks out the window and sings. When a man comes to her its not Miguel, its Fox! Down in the kitchen Kay gets a bottle for Maria. Tabitha is still afraid of Sirens curse, but Kay thinks nothing will stop her. Suddenly Miguel turns up, he tells Kay and Tabitha that he cant hear, hes deaf.

Ethan meets with Chad at the basketball court. Chad says Whitney is at a mommy and me thing. Ethan is on his way to Pilars so he cant stay, hes babysitting Little Ethan and needs to get his teddy bear. Ethan says Theresa is busy with work these days, them watching Little Ethan gives her more time. Chad says plus shes going out with Jared now. Ethan asks for the low down on Jared. Chad asks why hes so curious? Ethan says he doesnt want to see her get hurt. Chad thinks it is more than that. Ethan says Theresa has chosen to move on, he has no hold on her. Chad asks Ethan if he can let her go? Ethan says he did when he married Gwen. Chad says no he didnt, and he needs to figure out if hes going to stay in this marriage with Gwen and spend his life without Theresa. Ethan says dont start this with him again. Chad thinks Ethan needs a reality check, he is still hung up on Theresa. Ethan says he just doesnt want to see Theresa get hurt. Chad says let her get hurt, life hurts. He thinks Theresa will be more hurt by Ethans mixed signals. Ethan says hes been honest with her. Chad says yeah, he says he loves Theresa but cant leave his wife. Chad suggests Ethan stop dangling that string in front of her and  move on with his life. Ethan says he has, Chad disagrees.

At Pilars, Theresa apologizes to Jared for being so insensitive. He says dont worry about it, he should have told her Arabelle was dead. Jared says they should forget it. Jared says he should go. Theresa says of course, she has work to do before bed too. He says that boss of hers is a slave driver. She says she just doesn't want to fall behind at work. Jared says he had a good time tonight. Theresa says she did too. Theresa then moves in and kisses Jared. Jared comments that kiss was better, she didnt pull away. He wonders if she is feeling less guilty. She asks why she would? He says because hes not Ethan. He asks if shes actually trying to get over him? Theresa says she has to. Jared doesnt mind being the guy who helps her. Theresa doesnt want to use him. Jared says she can used him, as long as he can see her tomorrow night. Theresa would like to, but she doesnt know if she will be free. He says she has his number, call if she is free. They share another kiss. This time Ethan shows up and sees them kissing through the window. Theresa tells him goodnight and hopes she sees him tomorrow. Jared leaves, Ethan has hidden himself away in the bushes or something. Theresa wonders why she likes Jared so much. Ethan knocks on the door, Theresa answers thinking it is Jared. She asks if hes back for another kiss? Ethan gives her a look. Theresa says shes sorry she thought he was . . . . Ethan says Jared? Theresa asks Ethan what hes doing here, is Jane okay? Ethan says Jane is fine, its Little Ethan. Ethan says he wants his teddy bear. Theresa says hes really attached to it, she says when she was younger she never attached herself to her animals. she doesn't know where he gets this from. Ethan says he was like that as a kid, he had a stuffed dog as a kid and he couldnt get to sleep with out him. Ethan says when he saw Little Ethan and how upset he was, it reminded him of his little dog. He says its funny, Ethan isnt his child yet they share so many characteristics. Theresa says they say children copy those they are around. Ethan says even though Little Ethan is Julians son, he sees himself in that little boy. Theresa goes to get the bear, she says Little Ethan is just like Ethan because hes his son. She says he cant know, if he did then hed sue her for custody. Theresa brings the bear to Ethan, he thanks her. Ethan then asks Theresa if shes dating Jared? Theresa says no, she just met him. Theresa says hes a nice guy. Ethan asks if shes sure hes a nice guy? She asks what that means? He asks if Crane has done a background check on him? Theresa says she doesnt do stuff like that. He says she does, she learned too well from Alistair. Theresa says she thinks hes a nice guy and shes usually a good judge of character. Ethan asks if she is talking about him? Theresa says she thought he was strong enough to leave Gwen because he loved her, well she was wrong. Ethan says she did misjudge him then if she thought he'd betray his principals. Theresa says she didnt misjudge Gwen though. Ethan says Theresa . . . She says hes right, they are moving on. She then shows Ethan the door if that is all he has to say.

Back at the court, Jared shows up to play basketball with Chad. Jared says he lost track of time, he was with Theresa. Jared takes his shirt off to play some ball with Chad. After their game they talk about Theresa, Jared says he likes her a lot. Chad says hes known Theresa for awhile, it would be good to see Theresa have fun for a change. They soon end up playing more ball.

At the cottage, Sheridan tells Luis Chris is not in the bedroom, hes gone. Luis was outside looking around, he goes into the cottage, they decide to look out back. Chris is outside hobbling around looking for any evidence. There are scraps of paper on the ground with the omega symbol. Before Chris can find the papers, Luis and Sheridan find him. Sheridan sees Chris wound is bleeding since he came back out here. Luis asks why he is out here anyways? Chris says he heard something, he was worried. Luis says Chris should have told him. Chris says he was acting instinctively, he didnt want them to get away. Sheridan helps Chris back inside, Luis asks Chris if he happened to see anything? Chris says no. Luis decides to check things out anyways. Luis ends up finding a gun, possibly the gun that shot Chris. He says hell take it to the lab and have it checked out. Chris is of course worried. Back in the cottage, Chris says he needs to head to the bathroom. Sheridan offers to help him but he says he can do this himself. He goes into the bathroom, Luis offers to make Sheridan some tea as she sees shaky. Sheridan says they have everything under control, maybe he should go. Sheridan says Chris can care for her, shes married to him now. Luis says if she had waited one more day then she wouldnt be married to Chris, shed be free to be with him. Sheridan knows, but she says theyve been apart in every other lifetime, why should this one be different. She says there is a reason they arent together. Luis says yeah tragedy. Sheridan says dont torture himself or her with what might have been. She tells him that he deserves someone else to love, he deserves happiness. Luis cant do that, and he says she knows how he feels about her marriage to Chris, it shouldnt have happened. Sheridan says she did and she loves Chris. Luis says she said he loves him more. Sheridan says she made a commitment. Sheridan says he deserves happiness, it just cant be with her. Luis leaves and Sheridan helps Chris back into bed. 


August 8, 2006

At Tabithas, Miguel tells Tabitha and Kay that something is wrong with his ears, one minute he was fine and the next he was deaf. Tabitha grabs a flashlight and looks into Miguels ears, they are full of wax. Kay says gross. Tabitha says its not earwax though, its candle wax! Tabitha says she never saw anything like it. Endora admits she did it to save Miguel from the curse. Tabitha then warns Kay if Miguel is down here, who is Siren singing too? Kay says Fox! She says Siren cant be seducing him again. Tabitha says she can and she is one fickle fish. Kay says she and Fox were about to make love, and if Siren seduces him again then . . . Tabitha says shell bind Fox to her forever. Tabitha tells Kay to use her bowl to spy on them while she takes care of Miguel. Tabitha tells Endora shes told her that shes a witch, not a guardian angle. Tabitha cleans out one of Miguels ears, but there is still wax in his other ear that is making him hard of hearing. Tabitha soon clears his other ear out, he doesnt know how this happened. Miguel asks where Kay went, Tabitha says to see Fox she thinks. Miguel thinks just when he thought he and Kay could be a family with Maria, she has to go and be with Fox and remember they are getting married. Tabitha tells Miguel it may not be as it seems, she thinks Kay misses Miguel as much as he misses her. Miguel thought Kay was back with Fox, back to planning the wedding. Tabitha says things arent as they seem, and she thinks Miguel has a real shot with Kay. Endora zaps Miguel behind Tabithas back and causes him to fall asleep. Tabitha is talking to Miguel about what he has to do, not realizing hes asleep on his feet. Tabitha eventually realizes hes asleep when he starts snoring, and she knows Endora did it. Tabitha says her mother told her shed get her comeuppance if she had a daughter as willful and as stubborn as she was.

Up in Sirens room, Sirens song attracts Fox and not Miguel. Shes not too disappointed, she ends up kissing him.  They then make their way to the bed. Kay soon shows up and tells Kay to stop it, get away from Fox! Siren says shes too late, it was over between him and Fox the fist time they slept with one another. Siren says the mermaids curse is much more powerful than Kays imagination, Fox wont sleep with any mortal woman ever again. Siren asks Kay to excuse them so they can make love again. Kay refuses and pulls Siren off of Fox. They fight, its a knock down drag out fight. Kay ends up taping Sirens mouth shut to keep her from singing. Kay looks in on Fox, he says he loves her. Kay says she loves him too and she  is just going to take out the trash. She then drags Siren out of the room.

Paloma drops in on Luis at the station. She brought ice cream and two spoons. Luis takes a break for ice cream. Luis asks what is up with her. Paloma says she could use some advice if hes not to busy. He says no, hes waiting for the report on a gun that was used in a shooting. She asks how he knows? He says he doesnt know for sure. He says Chris was shot tonight and he found that gun near the scene of the crime. Paloma tells Luis she never thought of it before, but what he does is a lot like putting a puzzle together. She also thinks seeing Sheridan married to Chris must be killing him. Luis says he did everything he could to get her back but shes resolved to stay with Chris. He says there isnt much he can do, he has to try and live each day. Fancy shows up, she hears Luis talking to Paloma. She thinks Luis could be happy with her, but she has to clear it with someone first. Fancy leaves. Paloma talks to Luis about her future. He thought she was going to college. Paloma cant see herself going to college to get a job in a cubicle for the rest of her life. Luis says she just has to find what she loves and go for it. Luis says she could be the first kid to graduate from college. Paloma says she doesnt know what to major in. Luis tells her to go after what interests her. Luis gets a call he has to take. As he talks, Paloma looks at the gun Luis is waiting for prints on. Luis says no word on the tests yet, but hes not giving up. Luis talks to Paloma about what she could do, maybe international law. Luis says a guy here is going to law school at night, hell go get the book for her. Paloma then sees a poster aimed at getting police recruits. When Luis returns, Paloma tells Luis she wants to be a cop. Luis says over his dead body! 

At the cottage, Sheridan gets Chris back in bed. She tells him to rest and shell go make him some tea. Sheridan leaves and Spike shows up with a knife, saying hes here to finish what he started. Chris tells Spike to tell him what he wants and get out. Spike says his silence first, if Chris tells anyone then hell make his wife pay. Chris says he told everyone he was shot by a stranger who was trying to break in. However Chris says Luis does have a the gun, it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Spike says thats a problem, that gun cant be traced back to him. Chris says he doesnt take orders from Spike, but Spike says he does. Spike says if Luis traces that gun then Chris will only get busted himself. Spike says he will take Chris down with him and then have a lot of explaining to do to Sheridan. Chris says he wont go to prison or lose Sheridan. Chris tries to attack Spike, but Spike pushes him down and holds a knife to his throat. He says he doesnt like people who dont take him seriously. He begins twisting Chris leg where the bullet hit him. Spike tells him if Luis finds out that is his gun well then the pain hes feeling now will be like a walk in the park. Spike tells Chris he will get that gun from Luis otherwise Chris will end up six feet under.

Meanwhile Fancy shows up to pay a visit to Sheridan. They talk in the living room as all the Spike stuff goes on in the bedroom. Fancy says she heard about Chris, will he be okay? Sheridan says yes, but she wont be able to sleep without knowing who shot Chris. Sheridan explains how Luis gave her a ride home tonight and they found Chris, Luis was there for her. Sheridan says she doesnt know what shed have done without Luis tonight. Fancy wonders if they might get back together some day? Sheridan says theyll always be connected in some way, but she made it clear that she is with Chris and Luis has to move on. Fancy says that is why she came over, to talk about Luis moving on. Sheridan says she wants to talk about Luis? Is he okay? Fancy says hes fine, well physically. Sheridan knows Luis is depressed, but she doesnt know how to cheer him up. Fancy asks Sheridan if Luis met someone who was interested in him, someone who thought they could make Luis happy, how would she feel about that? Fancy asks how shed handle Luis moving on? Sheridan says the truth? Fancy says that is why shes asking. Sheridan says she would hope shed be able to present a front of grace and dignity, but on the inside she probably wouldnt do so well. She thinks it would be hard for her to see Luis with someone new, and she knows that sounds hypocritical. She says she loves Luis enough that she wants him to be happy. Sheridan says it would be difficult, but shed root for him and the woman he found. Fancy says that is very brave. Sheridan says and easier to say than do. Fancy says she knows someone interested in Luis, how would she react? Sheridan asks if she knows this person, who is it? Fancy says nothing, Sheridan asks if it is someone she hates? Fancy says no its her! Sheridan drops her tea pot.

Ethan returns to the B&B, Gwen asks what took him so long? He says he ran into Chad on the way to Theresas. Gwen wonders if Theresa tried once again to get him back? Ethan says no, shes moved on. Gwen asks if hes moved on as well? Ethan says Theresa is out of his life, but Gwen wants to know if shes out of his heart. Gwen says she gets the feeling hes not over her. She reminds how he acted at the baseball game. Ethan says he guesses he still hadnt accepted she was going to stay out of their lives, but tonight he saw Theresa and Jared getting closer. Gwen says they were kissing? Did she know that he was there? Ethan says no, it wasnt an act. Gwen wonders if Jared really could be the answer to her prayers. Gwen thinks this is great for them. Gwen goes to check on Little Ethan and take him his bear. Ethan talks to himself about Jared, he decides if Theresa wont look into his past then he will. It turns out Jared checks out. Gwen returns, she sees Ethan was checking out Jared via the PC. Gwen says she thought he was over Theresa. Ethan says he is. She says no he was trying to find something to break them up. Gwen says all these years shes blamed Theresa, now shes wondering which one is at fault. Ethan says he cares for Theresa, she is Janes . . . Gwen says if he says it then shell slap him! Gwen says Theresa has worked like a maniac to bring them nothing but pain or heartache, so she doesnt care if Theresa moves on with Hannibal Lecter. Ethan says if Theresa dates Jared then hell be around Jane as well as Little Ethan, that is his concern. Gwen looks at the report Ethan found, Jared is clean. Ethan says and that is good. Gwen says there is nothing to stop Theresa from dating this guy and she thinks Theresa finally gave up on him is because of Pilar. Gwen says perhaps Pilar finally convinced Theresa to leave Ethan alone.

At Pilars, Pilar sees Theresa in the living room working. She thought she heard Ethan. Theresa says he came by to get Little Ethans teddy bear. Pilar isnt going to give up on Theresa until she tells Ethan the truth about his son. She wants Theresa to call him and tell him right now. Theresa refuses to call Ethan. Pilar says what she is doing is no different than what Ivy did to Ethan. She says one day someone will expose the truth and Ethan will know she lied to him, he will never forgive her. Theresa says the situations are completely different, if Ethan knew the truth then Gwen and Ethan would sue for custody. Pilar doesnt think hed do that. Theresa says he would, hes done it before. She says on top of all this, Julian is threatening to sue for custody. She thanks God she met Jared, hes the one bright spot in her life right now. She says shes finally met the one guy who might help her forget about Ethan. Pilar tells Theresa that she cannot forget about Ethan. Theresa says her mother has told her to leave Ethan and Gwen alone for years. Pilar says Jared is a stranger, she knows nothing about him. Theresa says no its what Jared doesnt know about her. He doesnt know shes a Crane and he still likes her. Theresa tells Pilar that she watched her mom hang onto a dream of Papa coming home for years, and when he finally came home he was with another woman. Theresa says she doesnt want all those years waiting and pining to happen to her. Pilar doesnt want that for her either, she just wants her to be with the one she loves. Theresa says it wont happen with Ethan, and she doesnt know why none of their family can be happy and in love. Pilar doesnt know. Pilar says shes given up on a dream of being with Martin, but she wont give up on Theresas dream of having her dream. Pilar tells Theresa that she should be with the one she loves, stop seeing Jared and go after Ethan. Theresa says she wants her to go after a married man? What about Gwen? What about their vows? What has changed? Pilar says her dreams were shattered, she doesnt want Theresas dreams to be shattered. Pilar says Theresa belongs with Ethan and Gwen has to be considered collateral damage. Theresa says this isnt her talking, it's like an alien took over her body. Pilar says it is her talking, and shes 100% sure family belongs together. She says if Gwen gets hurt then so be it, do whatever she has to in order to get Ethan back.


August 9, 2006

At the station Luis tells Paloma there is no way he will let her be a cop. She says shes not asking for his vote, shed like it but she will do it anyways. Sam walks in and asks what is going on? Luis says his sister thinks it would be a good idea to be come a cop. Paloma asks why they have these posters up if they dont want new applicants? Luis says shes not becoming a cop and that is final. He wants her to go to college and become a lawyer. She says she wants to be a cop. Luis says it is not for discussion. Luis asks Sam to tell Paloma to tell her that he picked the worse profession possible. Sam hopes Luis doesnt tell all their recruits this. Paloma says see Sam is for it, but Sam says he didnt say that. Luis says he wont let Paloma put her life on the line every day, he wont lose her. Sam asks Luis for a word in private. Luis tells Sam that Paloma should go to college. Shes young, she doesnt know what she wants. Sam says he had a conversation with Luis like this once. Luis says that was different, Sam says why because he was a man? Luis asks Sam how hed feel if Kay or Jessica wanted to become a cop. Sam says given what Jessica has gotten herself into, it would be a blessing. Sam warns Luis, he told Jessica to stay away from Spike and look what happened. Luis says that hes saying shell become a cop to spite him if he forbids it. Sam says he doesnt have much to lose, hes allowing Spike and Jessica to live with him to keep and eye on them. He should do the same with Paloma. Sam tells Luis to let Paloma give it a shot. Luis goes back to Paloma, he says he doesnt want to give her a hard time. He says being a cop is serious business, it is exciting but also dangerous. She says she knows, but she thinks it is what she wants to do with her life. She says she doesnt want to fight with him, he says he doesnt want to fight with her. He tells her to go home and think about what he said, think about college and a profession where her health isnt on the line. She says shell think about it. Paloma then leaves.

At the cottage, Sheridan is cleaning up the pot she broke, she says she must have misunderstood what Fancy was asking. Fancy says she didnt, she came to ask for her permission to go out with Luis. Fancy says she didnt mean to upset her. Sheridan says she didnt, shes just clumsy and her nerves are shot. Fancy says then its okay if she goes out with Luis? Fancy says she knows Luis is in love with Sheridan still, but she says she likes Luis and hes an incredible man. Sheridan says he is, not that Chris isnt. Fancy says she accepts how Luis feels about her and maybe hell always love her, maybe this is a crazy pipe dream. She says she should just go. Fancy says she can see Sheridan is not ready to think about Luis moving on. Sheridan says she should be, she told Luis that he needs to move on. She says she cant be self-hypocritical. Fancy says it may be worse that its her attracted to Luis. Sheridan says no, shes fond of Fancy and shes grown a lot this past year. Sheridan just thought she was with Noah. Fancy says she doesnt trust Noah anymore. She says shes had a thing for Luis since Rome, which is idiotic since all he did was talking about getting back with Sheridan when he found Marty. Fancy thinks shes making things worse, shell just go. Sheridan says no, she still hasnt answered her question. Sheridan wants Luis to be happy, does he know how Fancy feels? Fancy says no, shes tried to drop hints but hes not picking up. Fancy says she also wanted to to let Sheridan know how she feels first. Fancy says she wouldnt dream of pursuing Luis if she didnt think she could make him happy. Fancy feels that Luis could be the one. Sheridan tells Fancy that she has her blessing. Fancy thanks Sheridan and they hug. Sheridan says it was kind of her to ask, Fancy says she had to. She says now that Luis is free she just has to figure out how to get Luis to ask her out. Fancy says any ideas? Sheridan says no. Fancy thinks that is going too far. Fancy talks about how awesome Luis is, and if she could end up with Luis then shed feel like the luckiest woman on earth. She quickly says second luckiest, Chris is great too. Fancy says she should go and thanks Sheridan once again. Fancy then leaves, Sheridan lets out a moan. She wonders what she has done. 

In the bedroom, Spike continues to hold a knife to Chris throat and pushing on his leg. He wants Chris to agree to do just what he wants him to. Chris agrees to do what Spike wants him to. Spike tells Chris he better do what he wants, otherwise hell blow Chris out of the water to his wife. Chris says hell be in touch soon with instructions. Sheridan calls out that shes bringing Chris his tea. Spike hears her. Sheridan opens the bedroom door and is stunned. Of course Spike is gone, Sheridan sees his wound has opened up again and he is bleeding. She thinks she should call Eve, Chris assures her that hell be fine. She goes to get fresh bandages, Spike comes out from the closet. Chris tells him to go, and he finally does. Sheridan returns and helps Chris get comfortable and dresses the wound. Sheridan says this terrible night is over, she just hopes Luis finds out who shot him. As Sheridan talks about all the terrible things that have happened in her past, she talks about the men her father hired to be with her. She says she was gullible enough to believe they all loved her. Sheridan says it feels good to be loved for who she is and that he has no connection to her father. Chris says stop it, he has something to tell her. She says he sounds serious, he says it is serious. Chris tells her that he just wants her to know how grateful he is to have her in his life. She says he tells her that all the time, and she knows that. Sheridan then tells Chris about her talk with Fancy, they were just talking and Fancy has found a new guy to move on with. She doesnt tell him its Luis though.

Fancy shows up outside the police station, she has to find a way to get Luis attention. She sees a rock on the ground, picks it up and prepares to throw it through the window! Before she does Paloma comes out and sees her. She asks why she was about to do that? Fancy claims she was working on her arm exercises, but Paloma knows better. Fancy admits she was doing it to get arrested. Paloma asks if shes been arrested enough already? Does she like jail food or what? Fancy says or what. Fancy asks why shes here at this hour? Paloma says to talk to Luis, she has decided to be a cop. She has gotten an application, she tells Fancy not to tell Luis as he is hoping she will change her mind. Fancy says why? Isnt he the one who trains the new recruits? Paloma says yes, he spends lots of time with the new recruits. Paloma then asks her how things with Noah are? Fancy says the same. Paloma figures out all this time around the station has something to do with Fancy liking Luis. Paloma tells her to go for it, Luis has been so unhappy since Sheridan made it clear they were finished. Paloma says it would be great if she could snap him out of it, just try something else besides the rock. Paloma leaves, Fancy thinks since Luis is in charge of training new recruits . . . . . She says she always looked good in khakis.

Back in the station, Luis is waiting for the ballistics report. He and Sam are in the gym working out to kill time. Sam talks to Luis about trying to get him to stay in Harmony, but Luis thinks nothing is holding him here. Sam knows how Luis feels, he was reminded about Grace all the time after she left him. He says he got over that with Ivys help, being with someone who loves you makes the difference.  Luis doesnt know if there is someone like that out there for him. Sam says he never knows. Sam then begins ranting about Jessica marrying Spike the slime. Luis says theyll nail him soon enough. Sam hopes it is before he hurts someone else. Later Luis and Sam get back into their uniforms. Sam still talks about Spike, hes glad Grace isnt around to see what has happened to Jessica. He says he wont rest until Spike is in jail.

Meanwhile Fancy sneaks into the station and sees nobody is in the main office. She sees the poster for recruitment and says shed join the cub scouts if Luis were on the poster. She takes the application and thanks Paloma for the excellent idea. Also at the station, Spike slips in as Fancy is filling out her application. She doesnt see him break into Luis desk and steal the gun. He then looks at Fancy and says it seems like they have the whole place to themselves. Fancy decides to finish her application later, she goes to walk off, Spike is now outside spying. Luis shows up in the station and Spike says another time he guesses. Spike walks off. Luis sees Fancy, he didnt know she was here. She says she came to thank him for going easy on her. She asks what hes up to, he says hes waiting for a crime report on a gun. He soon finds out the gun is missing. He says he told Paloma to lock the door when she left. Fancy says Paloma did, she says she remembered the trick he used to bypass it. He asks her if anyone else came in after her, she says no one. Back outside Spike says he is home free.

At Pilars, Theresa cant sleep, shes thinking about her mother telling her that she should be with Ethan. Theresa then notices someone is outside the house. Theresa grabs a vase and approaches the door. She opens it and smacks the person over the head, who turns out to be Jared. She says what is he doing sneaking out here in the middle of the night? He had brought her flowers. She thought he was a burglar. She says he came her in the middle of the night to surprise her? He wanted to put them on the porch for her to find in the morning. He guesses it was a stupid idea. She says no its sweet. They pick up the mess that has been made, Jared doesnt know how she doesnt have a line of men waiting to date her. Theresa says only him. He hopes that he's the first and last in line then. Theresa invites him in and gives him an ice pack, but he swears he doesnt need it. She offers him some coffee, but he doesnt want to keep her up. He doesnt want her to be late to work with her hard nosed boss. She asks why he says that? He says its obvious by the way she blushes when he brings up work. She says there is something she needs to tell him. Suddenly salsa music begins playing, Theresa says her mom sleeps to it. Jared asks her to dance, and they do. Paloma returns home and applauds them, she says shes impressed. Theresa introduces Jared to Paloma. Jared ends up convincing Paloma to dance with him, as a way to break the ice. She asks him where he learned to dance like this? Turns out Jared lived in Mexico, and they bond over some clubs they both went to. She says small world, and now hes dating her sister? Jared returns to dancing with Theresa and says yes he is.


August 10, 2006

At Tabithas, Kay is cleaning up the kitchen and telling Tabitha how today will be a good day, the Siren situation is under control. She thinks Miss Finland wont be heading after Fox today. Kay says Fox went into work today. Tabitha asks if she got Fox to rise and shine for her last night? Kay says no, he was in a fog until he fell asleep. However she thinks tonight will be the night. Tabitha tells her not to be surprised if he doesnt, remember the curse. Kay thinks her love for Fox is stronger than a curse. Tabitha says just because she took care of Siren doesnt mean Fox will make love to her. Tabitha asks what she did with Siren anyways. Kay says she put her in the trash after taping her up. Tabitha says they wont take her, there is a law against dumping bodies in landfills. Kay says then theyll have to find a more permanent solution like sending her back to the ocean. Tabitha says it will take more than duct tape to stop Siren. Kay knows and says Tabitha will help her. Tabitha says they tried once before and failed. Kay says theyll get Endora to send her away, but Tabitha says Endora likes her. Kay says there must be some way to get rid of her. She tells Tabitha to use her powers. Tabitha remembers there is a book in the attic with a spell guaranteed to make a mermaid swim with the fishes. Kay says then lets get it, the sooner they are rid of Siren the better. 

Siren has freed herself and returned home. She says if those raccoons hadnt eaten the duct tape then shed be in a landfill. She thinks shell show Kay, shell sing her song to Miguel and seduce him. Miguel is in the bathroom getting out of the shower when Siren walks in. She grabs him from behind, Miguel is surprised it is Siren. He asks where she went last night, he told her that she could sleep in his room and hed take the attic. She suggests they both sleep in his bed right now. Miguel says he cant be with her now, he has to go to fish. He says the more fish he catches the more money he makes, and he has a quota to make. Siren realizes she can help Miguel make his quota, as that means hell be home all the sooner. 

Kay and Tabitha head to the attic to search for the book, Tabitha takes a trip down memory lane with all her junk like her first broom and Benedict Arnolds wig. They cant find the book, Tabitha then thinks Siren must have taken it. Kay asks how Siren knew it was up here? Tabitha looks outside and says Sirens free from her garbage prison. Kay says shes going to find her and get that book back. Tabitha says the book is long gone by now. Kay doesnt know what to do now. She thanks God Miguel and Kay arent here for Siren to get her hands on. 

Kay and Tabitha return to the kitchen, Kay tried to convince Endora to send Siren packing. She says Fox isnt with her because of Siren. She says now Siren is after Miguel, and she could ruin both Fox and Miguels life. She begs her to send Siren back to the ocean. Endora says shell think about it.

Siren goes to the wharf and throws the book Tabitha and Kay were looking for in the ocean. She says now Kay and Tabitha will never get rid of her. Meanwhile Miguel is out fishing, but they cant seem to catch anything. Siren casts a spell and sends all sorts of fish to Miguel. The haul the fish in, they think theyll be going home early today. Siren watches and says Miguels big catch deserves a big celebration, and shell give it to him all night long.

Miguel returns home to shower, Siren joins him in the shower. They end up kissing. 

At Crane Industries, Valerie tells Theresa she has three applicants for her to interview today. Whitney comes in to see Theresa, she says she and Chad have never been happier. Valerie comments, as shes leaving, that shes glad for her and Miles as she always felt sorry for Miles when he thought she was his mom. Whitney says what a lovely woman! She says next time she brings breakfast for them shell bring catfood for Valerie. Whitney asks how things are going with her and Jared? Theresa tells her about their night last night. When she learns about the vase incident, Whitney says Jared is a keeper, she nearly killed Ethan when she first met him. Theresa says maybe this is a sign, maybe she is supposed to date him. Whitney says relax and have fun with the guy. Theresa says there is one little problem, he hates her. Whitney asks why she hates her? Theresa says Jared thinks she is dirt. She tells Whitney about Jareds tirade about the Cranes, especially Mrs. Crane. Theresa says he has no idea she is Mrs. Crane, he thinks she is a struggling and single mother. Whitney asks why she hasnt told him the truth? She says because its nice knowing he likes her for her, not because shes Mrs. Crane. Theresa thinks if she tells Jared the truth then hell use her or be intimidated by her. Whitney gets what shes saying, but she knows better than anyone that Jared is bound to learn the truth. Whitney tells Theresa that shell have to tell him the truth. Theresa knows, and when she does there will be no going back. She says shell miss having things being simple between them. Whitney says he likes her already though, maybe he still will. Whitney tells her to call Jared and make a lunch date. Theresa says what if he dumps her? Whitney says he will if he finds out the truth from someone else. Theresa calls and leaves a message on his cell phone to meet with her for lunch.

Outside Theresas office, Jared shows up for an interview! Valerie conducts a pre-interview with Jared, she thinks hes an excellent candidate. Jared asks Valerie to level with him about Mrs. Crane, what shes like to work with. Valerie says shes great. He says he understands if she cant be honest. Valerie says no really. She says she didnt know what to expect when she took over from Mr. Crane. She says she was pleasantly surprised, shes fair and gives credit where it is due. She says she treats everyone from the executives to the maintenance staff the same way. Jared says she sounds too good to be true. Valerie says shes tough, but not nasty like Mr. Crane. Jared says this Mrs. Crane sounds nothing like the one hes read about. Valerie says you cant believe everything you read in the tabloids. He wonders if he can believe her? Valerie says shes being honest. Valerie says shell see if Mrs. Crane can meet with him now. Jared thinks that woman is one hell of an actress, and Mrs. Crane only married Alistair for money and power. He thinks shes the same money hungry slut that he read about in the tabloids. 

Valerie comes to see Theresa, she has a qualified applicant and someone who is gorgeous. Theresa says she cant hire someone based on their looks, this isnt an NBC soap. She doesnt care if the guy looks like Jesse Metcalfe. She says she needs to find someone hard working and qualified. Valerie says he is and it doesnt hurt that hes easy on the eyes. Theresa says okay send him in and try not to drool all over him. Back outside, Jared checks his voice mail. Valerie tells Jared that Mrs. Crane will see him now. Back in Theresas office, Whitney slips out a back way before her meeting. Jared heads into Mrs. Cranes office, hes stunned to see Theresa there. Theresa asks what hes doing here. He says hes interviewing for the job. He asks if she works here too? She says yes this is where she works. Jared ends up pulling her into a kiss.

Sheridan is at home looking at a photo of her and Luis. She remembers giving Fancy her permission to date Luis. Chris calls out to her, she hides the photo. Chris comes out to the living room, he says he woke up and she wasnt there. She says she couldnt sleep. He knows something is bothering her, what is going on? She says shes just so unsettled about everything that has happened lately with the shooting. Chris assures her that he is fine, the bullet barely grazed his leg. She says shes still worried about what happened, what if someone hurts James? Chris says he loves her too much to let anything happen to her or James. He says he will keep her and James safe and this was just a simple burglary gone wrong. She says he should go back to bed and shell make him breakfast.  He would rather she come with him. She says he wouldnt get much rest. She says she was thinking of taking James to the park and was going to renew her drivers license. She says that will give him the day to rest. He says and after hes rested? She says maybe he will get lucky, and maybe Luis will too. Chris says excuse me? She says she just meant maybe Luis would get lucky tracing the gun. Sheridan says shell feel much better when that man is behind bars. Later after Sheridan leaves, Chris goes outside and gets the evidence he left out there. He says he wont lose her, he thinks hes taken care off all the evidence. He keeps missing that one piece of paper underneath a piece of furniture.

At the station, Luis fills Sam in on the gun being stolen last night, thanks to Fancy. Sam says Fancy didnt know that would happen. Luis says shed never make it as a cop. Outside, Fancy then shows up saying she cant wait to be one of Harmonys finest. Paloma shows up as well, she realizes Fancy was serious about becoming a cop. Fancy says she is, shes hoping to spend more time with Luis. Paloma asks if that is after he is over her breaking into the station and allowing the gun to be stolen from evidence? Fancy says Luis was so angry and she felt like an idiot. Paloma says he cant hold it against her forever. Fancy and Paloma go inside, Luis is ranting and raving about Fancys irresponsibility. Sam points out that Fancy is here. Luis hopes she closed the door, she says he has eyes and can see for himself. He says this is the police headquarters, some place you dont break in and leave open. He says if she came to apologize well its too late. She says she was going to apologize, but not now, not until he apologizes for being a jerk. He says hes a jerk, but hes not apologizing for it. Fancy says he acts like she did this on purpose. He says maybe she did. They argue back and forth as everyone watches. Sam says he hasnt seen anyone go at it with Luis since Sheridan. Paloma wonders if maybe Luis and Fancy are meant for one another. 

Later Luis asks Sam about the recruits, Sam says they are all here. He says Paloma applied, as did three others. Luis asks who the forth person is? He doesnt realize it is Fancy. Luis tells everyone at the station that all recruits must have filled out their applications, he is missing one as he only has three. Fancy hands him hers, she says shes applying. He says no fricken way! He thinks this is a joke, like Paris Hilton working on a farm. Fancy says dont compare her to Paris Hilton, she gives young, rich and blond a bad name. Luis says this is a police station not the set of the next Naked Gun movie. Fancy says shes serious and gives him her application. He says shes been rejected for being her. Fancy says she wont go anywhere, hell give her the same consideration the other recruits are being given. He says as a recruit she needs to take orders and hes ordering her to leave. Paloma tells Luis that he cant do that. Luis tells her to stay out of this or shes going home too. Paloma says for what? Luis says because he doesnt want her doing this. Paloma says she is and so is Fancy. Luis says he is in charge, if he refuses their application then shes going home. Sam suggests Luis rethink his position. Fancy says she can handle this. Fancy says if he rejects her because he knows her, well that is bias and grounds for a law suit. She also says if he rejects the only two female applicants then she smells a sexual discrimination lawsuit. Luis asks if they are kidding him? Sam says the law is on their side. Sheridan and James walk in at this point, Sheridan asks Sam what is going on? He says Fancy and Luis are arguing, Fancy is winning. Fancy tells Luis if he doesnt allow them to apply she can bring about a sexual harassment lawsuit for what happened in the cell. Luis says that is blackmail. He tells both Fancy and Paloma to go home before he arrests them for loitering! Sheridan watches as they argue. Fancy refuses to leave and she says Paloma isnt leaving either. Luis tells her that being a cop is a dangerous business. Fancy says with hotheads like him on the force shes not surprised. Luis says the uniforms are standard issue, not designer duds. Fancy says shes not that shallow. Luis says being a policeman is dangerous business and he doesnt want them to be one, so go. Paloma and Fancy both refuse. Sam decides to stop this before it gets worse. Sheridan realizes this is the same way she and Luis used to argue. Sam steps in, Paloma and Fancy say Luis wont let them apply. Luis says they dont understand that this is serious business. Fancy and Paloma both say they are serious. Sam says hell talk to Paloma and Fancy. Luis then sees Sheridan is here. Fancy and Paloma look at the way Sheridan looks at Luis, they wonder if shes over Luis or not. Fancy says she claimed she was, maybe she was fooling herself. 


August 11, 2006

In the shower at Tabitha's, Miguel and Siren are kissing one another. Miguel eventually pulls away, he says they shouldnt do this. He says he likes her a lot but things are different now. She says Kay? Siren asks if he really loves her or does he just want to be with her because they made love. He says both. She says Kay loves Fox. Miguel says hes going to tell Kay how she feels and he hopes that will change things between them. He says he thinks Kay is the only woman for him. Siren asks why he lead her on and made her think she was special. Miguel says she is special, but he is still in love with Kay and thinks she loves him too. Siren says she understands. To herself Siren says Miguel will make love to her, and she begins singing to Miguel. Of course because of the water he cant hear her. She tries to sing louder, he says maybe his ears arent back to normal. Suddenly Siren begins to cough, she cant sing anymore. Miguel gets out of the shower and dries off and then walks out of the bathroom.

In the kitchen, Kay continues to beg Endora to send Siren back to the ocean, Endora says shell think about it. Kay begs her to make it so Siren wont hurt Miguel as she hurt Fox. Endora says shell make sure she doesnt do that, but shes not sure about sending her back. Endora says shell keep Siren around but run interference. Kay says she wants her gone, but Endora says Siren stays now let her eat. Kay tells Tabitha to make Endora do it. Tabitha says if you have a witchy daughter with more powers than you then you choose your battles more carefully. Tabitha says get over it and get on with life. Kay says no, Siren has to go before she makes love to Miguel too. Tabitha tells Kay to give up, there is no way to dispatch Siren. Miguel soon shows up to talk to Kay. Tabitha knows Miguel is going to make a pitch for Kay, so she takes Endora off for her bath. Miguel tells Kay he wants to talk about them. He tells Kay that he loves her, things would be easier if he didnt, but he does. Miguel says when they made love when she thought they were together, he says it was everything he hoped for and more. He says he was never so happy, being with her was magical. He says they fit, its like they are meant to be. Kay says she always thought so too. He says he just wants her to know how he feels. He says he loves her mind, body and soul and wants to be with her and Maria. He hopes she cares enough about him to think about it. She says she does care about him, a lot. Tabitha returns and realizes shes interrupting something. Kay says no they are finished. Miguel leaves and Kay talks with Tabitha. She doesnt know why Miguel couldnt have told her that he loved her before she met Fox. Tabitha says he was too preoccupied with her pasty faced cousin. Kay says Charity ruined everything. Tabitha says tell her about it, that brat cost her her full powers. Kay wonders what she will do about Miguel. Tabitha tells her to be honest with herself, she still loves Miguel. Kay says she loves Fox too. Tabitha says this is like a country music song. Tabitha says until Polygamy is legal shell have to choose. Kay wonders which one. She doesnt know how to choose between the two. Tabitha says the situation has to be resolved. Kay says she loves Fox so much, and she wasnt expecting him to come into her life. She says now she cant imagine her life without Fox. She also says shes dreamed of a life with Miguel for so long. She wonders why this had to happen now. Tabitha tells her because she got engaged to Fox when the planets were out of alignment. Kay says that is just astrology. Tabitha says the column in the Harmony Harold is just astrology, her warning came from the darkside. She also reminds her of the dark shadow they saw in the bowl. Kay wonders what she will do. Tabitha says she has to figure this one out for herself. Endora calls out to her mom, Tabitha says she has to go. She tells Kay to make a choice soon otherwise shell lose both of them. Kay thinks shes made her choice, she cant back out of her engagement now. Tabitha says even if she wanted to?

Miguel talks to Siren, he says he told Kay how he felt and just hopes shell chose him. Siren thinks she still has a chance to get Kay to make love to her. Miguel visits with Maria, he hopes Kay chooses him and that they can be a family. Later Kay eavesdrops and hears Miguel telling Maria how he hopes Kay believes how much he loves her. He says Kay really was his first love, and he made a terrible mistake not realizing how much he loved her. He tells Maria she deserves to be happy, and he loves them both so much. He says hed love for them all to be a family.

At the cottage, Spike returns to see Chris. Chris tells him to get out of here before Sheridan and James get back. Spike says he wants Chris help and if he doesnt give it to him then hell destroy his marriage. Chris asks what Spike wants him to do? Spike says he wants money. Chris says how much? Spike says more than Chris can cough up. Spike wants Chris to help him to rob the Crane mansion. Chris says he wont use Sheridan to help her rob the family. He says all she has to do is find the alarm code to the mansion and give it to him. Chris says he wont betray Sheridan. Spike says he has no choice, what will Sheridan think when she learns that Alistair hired him to fall in love with Sheridan. Chris says things changed, he fell in love with Sheridan for real. Chris says that wont make a difference to her. Chris wont let Spike blackmail him into helping him, get out and dont come back. Spike says he knows everything about him. Spike tells him that he knows Alistair hired Chris to swoop in after Sheridan found James, he hired him to pretend to be James father! Spike says James is an orphan, his father bailed and the mother died. He knows Alistair paid him to pretend to be the boys father and fall in love with him. Chris says that is how it started but he fell in love with Sheridan. He says he hasn't done what Alistair wanted of him for a long time now. He says he loves Sheridan and James. Chris says that doesnt matter, when Sheridan learns the truth he will lose her forever. Spike tells Chris to help him or hell tell Sheridan everything. He tells Chris to help him rob the mansion, Sheridan will be none the wiser.

At the station, Sheridan and Luis talk. Fancy and Paloma wonder if Sheridan is over Luis not. Fancy says she claimed she was, but she may be fooling herself. Luis asks Sheridan why shes here? She says she wanted to renew her license before it expired. She also is taking James to the park. They discuss Fancy and Paloma wanting to be a cop. Paloma asks Luis if they are starting class? He says yes, as soon as they leave. Paloma and Fancy say they arent going anywhere. Sam tells Luis he hates to break this up but his other recruits are waiting. Luis says hell start with the real recruits while Sam convinces Cagney and Lacey to go home. Sam says hes staying out of this. Luis takes James with him to help him with the new recruits. He gives James a little badge, James says hes a policeman! Sheridan thanks Luis for doing this. Luis and James then go off. Sheridan tells Fancy she cant believe shes joining the police force. Fancy says she is not a pampered princess who cant do anything physical. She says she survived falling walls and lions. She says she wants to do something that matters with her life. Sheridan says she could find something a little less dangerous. Fancy admits she is doing this to be close to Luis. Fancy asks Sheridan if shes still okay with her wanting to date Luis, they saw the way she looked at him. Sheridan says its fine that she date Luis. Fancy asks Sheridan for a favor then, talk her up to Luis. She says Luis respects Sheridan, tell Luis that she thinks she would make a good cop. Sheridan says shell talk to Luis for her, but she cant promise anything. Luis brings James back out to Sheridan, Paloma and Fancy go to join the other recruits. Luis tells Sheridan this is such a joke. Sheridan tells Luis that Fancy seems committed to this. He says till the next whim comes along. Sheridan doesnt think its a whim, Fancy wants to join the force and shell be great. Sheridan says wasnt Fancy everything he needed as a partner in Rome? Sheridan says Fancy wants this and doesnt give up till she gets what she wants. Luis says typical little spoiled rich girl. Sheridan says shes not, Noah wouldnt have fallen for her if she was. She also says he doesnt believe that about her, he reminds Luis that he fell for her once. Luis says she didnt want to be a cop. Sheridan says Fancy does and she has her reasons. Luis says crazy ones. Sheridan says give Fancy a chance. To herself she wants Luis to give Fancy a chance to be a cop and his love. Luis says hell regret this but hell give Fancy a chance. Sheridan is glad, and its for his own good, Fancy and Paloma could have sued him. Luis knows, he just thought they would quit. Luis ends up going to teach the new recruits. He hands them belts to put on. Fancy cant get it right, so she asks Luis to show her how to do it properly. He does and Sheridan watches. He tells her to try now, she gets it right. There is some serious inappropriate flirting going on, Sheridan sees it. James looks at Sheridan and asks if shes okay? She says yes and she thinks Luis and Fancy might be too.

At Crane Industries, Jared kisses Theresa. She pulls away, he asks if hes afraid the big bad boss woman will catch them. Theresa says about Mrs. Crane . . . Jared realizes this really is where she works, he cant believe he didnt figure it out. He says he knew she had a bitch for a boss, he should have known it was her. Jared thinks Theresa is her personal assistant. Jared wonders if Mrs. Crane is in back in a private office snacking on some puppies. Theresa says she called and left him a message, she said she wanted to talk to him about something. Jared says they can talk about it later. He wants to know if this gold digger is as nasty as he thinks she is. Valerie soon walks in, she says shes sorry shes late. Theresa worries Valerie will bust her. Valerie hands her Jareds resume and tells Jared that  Mrs. Crane has another interview in twenty minutes so don't waste her time. Jared asks when Mrs. Crane is coming? Valerie says shes right here and introduces Jared to Theresa Crane. Valerie leaves. Theresa says she can explain, she was going to tell him at lunch today. Jared says she played him for a fool, she let him believe she was a struggling single mother. She says she does work hard and she does struggle running this company. He says he doesnt even know who she is. He says she is a liar! He says give her a chance to explain. He doesnt know what she could say to make him understand. He says he cant believe he was such an idiot. He says the time they spent together, he thought they connected. He wonders how he could be so stupid to think she was real. He says he is a complete fool, but she is far worse than he thought she ever thought she was. Theresa asks to explain, but he says she lied to him, strung him along. He says she wasted enough of his time and walks out. Jared storms out, and Valerie wonder what happened. She thinks Jared turned out to be a real jerk. Theresa says hes not a jerk, and she asks Valerie to cancel her next meeting. Theresa thinks Whitney was right again. She says she finally met someone nice and sabotaged herself.

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