August 14, 2006
Sheridan and James return to the cottage. He asks if she got her license renewed, Sheridan says yes. Chris asks if shes okay? She remembers watching Fancy and Luis at the station. Chris wonders what, or who, is on her mind. James shows Chris the police badge Luis gave him. He then runs off. Chris tells Sheridan it might be a good idea if she didnt see Luis as much, he only reminds her of losing Marty and the baby. She says she doesnt need Luis for that. Chris wishes he could do more for her, he sees that shes still hurting. Sheridan says grieving takes a long time, and she lost two children. Chris thinks shes doing too much, shes taking care of James on her own. Sheridan loves James, she says he makes her appreciates everything she does have. Sheridan then asks James who wants a Peanut Butter and Tomato sandwich? He says he does. Sheridan takes him to the kitchen to make one. Chris wonders if Sheridan would still feel the same way about him if she knew what he was about to do. Chris sees Sheridans PDA in her purse. He gets a call from Spike, he says he hasnt gotten a chance to get the codes yet. Chris says hell get him the codes, he needs time. Sheridan asks who was on the phone, he says just a pollster. Chris begins looking at Sheridans PDA, when she returns to the room she asks what hes doing with it. He says the alarm is going off and he thought it would be important. She says its to remind her to call the dentist. She sees a box set out, its to be sent to storage. He asks her to see if there is anything in it she wants to keep. She looks in it, there is a photo of her and Luis in it. James brings a sandwich out for Chris. Sheridan continues to look at the photo of Luis, she wonders if Fancy is who Luis really wants. Sheridan closes up the box. Chris says she looks sad is she okay? She says shes fine, she has her gorgeous husband and incredible son, she feels like the luckiest woman in the world. She tells him to send the box to storage, shes done with everything in it. Sheridan takes James to get some chocolate milk, Chris then snags the codes from her PDA. 

At the station gym the cadets are waiting to begin training. Fancy thinks she looks terrible in the sweats, she wants to have her maid bring clothes that fit. Paloma tells her to stop this, she has to be tough and if Luis has any reason to cut her then he will. She says she is tough, shes a champion equestrian! Paloma thinks the horse does all the work. Fancy says its a partnership. Paloma says it will be harder for them than these guys, they have to prove they are better. Fancy doesnt think it will be that hard. Luis walks in with a huge log. He says first test is to carry this log from one end of the room to the other. Fancy asks how heavy is it? Luis says as heavy as an adult who loves junk food. Fancy says wow this is a big room. Luis says on occasion they will have to struggle with, subdue a suspect and perform rescue operations. He says this test is designed to determine if they can do this. Fancy begins arguing, she could pull something trying to pick this up. She also says if they had to do something this physical wouldnt they have a partner? She thinks they could radio for strong people. Paloma wishes Fancy would shut her mouth. Luis says if she cant do it then leave, shes wasting all their time. He says he knew she couldnt cut it as a cop and call her princess. Luis says its time to start with the real recruits, Ms. Crane has wasted enough of their time. He says they dont need slackers, they need people with drive. Fancy says she didnt say she couldnt do it or didnt want to do it, she just had questions. Luis ends up telling Fancy that shes up first now, she has sixty seconds to pick up the log and carry it across the room, go! Fancy says not to rush her. Fancy goes over and picks up the log as everyone cheers her on. She then carries it across the room with a half second to spare. Everyone else carries the log, Luis smiles at Fancy. We then see them continuing to workout and train. Luis keeps shaking his head at Fancy. Paloma does too, she keeps messing up. Later the next test comes up. Luis says some are doing very well, others need to step it up. Fancy sees she broke her nail, Paloma says that is the least of her problems. Paloma says she keeps messing up, she has to get her act together. Fancy sees a rope, she can take anything except for climbing a rope. She says in boarding school she and Esme flunked gym because they couldnt do it, so Esme burned the gym down. Of course Luis says the next drill is the rope climb. Everyone makes it up and finally it is Fancys turn. Everyone cheers her on, Luis thinks shell never make it up. Fancy struggles to get to the top. The men cheer her on, Luis says they dont have all day. Fancy ends up falling off the rope. Luis tells her if she cant keep up with the others shell bounce herself out of the program. Luis says its time for a run now to the crane mansion and back. She says that is five miles. Luis says more like eight. Fancy continues with the training, she knows its the only way to get Luis respect and Luis himself.

Ethan and Gwen arrive to apply for jobs, they are in the Crane building but applying at a law firm. Gwen is nervous, she doesnt know if Theresa still has them blackballed. Ethan says this is a test, if they get hired then it means Theresa has moved on with her life. Gwen thinks the both of them working here would be great. Ethan doesnt like the location, the tenth floor of the Crane building? He says they could run into Theresa. Gwen says yes but they do get use of Crane daycare. Ethan says they have to get hired. Gwen says shes just so glad about Jared, as long as Jared is around they dont have to worry about Theresa. Later Gwen and Theresa both got hired. Ethan is glad he can support his family, Gwen looks forward to the day they can move and never see Theresa again. Ethan isnt thrilled to hear Gwen still wants to move. Gwen heads out, Ethan stays behind to do some work. Gwen thinks things are looking up, now if Jared and Theresa stay together their lives will be perfect. Ethan tells himself he doesnt know about that.

Chad runs into Jared in the hall, Jared vents about how Theresa lied to him about who she is. He says he never wants to see Theresa again. Jared tells Chad that she knew how he felt about the Mrs. Crane he read about in the tabloids, yet she wouldnt tell him who she was. Chad says you cant believe everything you read in the tabloids. Jared asks Chad why he didnt tell him who she was? Chad asks why should he have? Chad says they were getting along by themselves. Chad says so she is rich. He says Theresa is a terrific person. Jared says one who lies. Chad asks if he cant try and talk to her, give her another chance. The elevator they are waiting for shows up, Jared steps in it. Chad follows, he continues talking to Jared. He tells Jared every time Theresa turned around he was trash talking Mrs. Crane. Jared says Theresa had every opportunity to tell him who she was but didnt, she played him for a fool.

Whitney shows up to see Theresa, she asks what is wrong? Theresa says its Jared. She tells Whitney Jared came in for an interview and he found out who she is. Theresa says she should have told him the truth when she had a chance. Theresa says she should have heard the things he said. Whitney says maybe if she explains. Theresa says she tried but hes gone for good. Theresa says this is what she gets for not being upfront and honest. She thinks maybe shes doomed to spend the rest of her life alone. She thinks maybe she should give up men, her mother did fine without her father for years. Whitney says not because she wanted to. Whitney says she tried to tell Jared a few times but then hed go on a rant about Mrs. Crane. Whitney thinks Jared should be apologizing to her for what he said. Theresa says its still a matter of her not learning her lesson, she always waited for the perfect time to tell Ethan the truth and it never happened. She says she did the same thing with Jared. Whitney says maybe after Jared cools off hell come back. Theresa doesnt think so, he wont want to work things out with her. She says Jared feels like she played him for a fool. Whitney says most guys would love to learn the girl they like is rich. Theresa says that is what she liked about Jared, he didnt know she had money and liked her anyways.

Theresa heads to daycare to see Little Ethan, Chad finds Whitney in Theresas office. They talk, Chad says Jared is not going to forgive Theresa. However he is sure there is a guy out there for Theresa. Chad says shell bump into a guy and know they are meant to spend their lives together. Whitney was just hoping Jared and Theresa could work things out. Chad suggests they not talk about Theresa anymore. He wants to talk about their life and their future. Chad wants to make their marriage plans official. He pulls out a ring, he says he wants everyone to know they are getting married. Chad gets down on one knee and asks Whitney to join her life with his, to marry him. She says of course shell marry him. Whitney runs off to make plans, Chad then makes a call and says they are still on for tonight and he cant wait to see them again. 

Theresa is walking down the halls, she runs into Ethan. Shes shocked to see it is him. She apologizes for running into him. She asks what brings him here. He says he applied for a job at a law office, both he and Gwen got jobs. He says he came here to enroll Jane in daycare. Theresa says congratulations to them both. She says this works well for her, Jane and Little Ethan will get to see one another. Ethan asks Theresa if she arranged for him and Gwen to get hired? Is this a trick to get him back? Theresa says she had no idea he was applying to work here. He says hes sorry. Theresa says this is great, she came down here to cheer herself up and it hasnt worked. He asks what is wrong? She says she blew it with Jared, he found out who she was and doesnt want to see her. She says you think she would have learned, she just doesnt know why she didnt tell him the truth. She says she can think of many times she should have told Ethan the truth. She says she is an idiot, but he says shes not. Theresa says she is, she was thinking about spending her life with a guy she met for two seconds. He says she just has to find the right guy. Theresa asks who that is, if he knows to tell her. He says there is someone out there for her. She knows that person isnt him, hes made it clear and shes finally got it. Theresa wishes him luck and walks off.

Gwen heads to the Book Caf, she sees Jared is there. She goes over to talk to him. He remembers her from the ball game. She says she hears he and Theresa are dating. Jared says no they are done. Gwen says what! Gwen fears Theresa will go after Ethan without Jared around. Gwen says this isnt her business, but what happened? He asks why she cares. Gwen says Theresa is a good friend of hers. Jared knows who she is and he knows they hate each other because of Ethan. Jared gets it, she wants him with Theresa to keep her away from Ethan. He says he wont be used as a pawn by anyone, Theresa used him once and hes through with her. He says he wont make nice with Mrs. Crane to keep Theresa away from her husband. Jared says first Theresa used him to make Ethan jealous, now she wants to use him to keep Theresa away from Ethan. He wonders what is with the people in this town. Jared tells Gwen if she wants to keep Theresa away from her husband then find someone else to do her dirty work. Gwen tells him that he is off base. Jared says hes getting out of Harmony as soon as he can. Gwen is not happy, she cant let Theresa start chasing Ethan again and that is what will happen if Jared leaves town.


August 15, 2006

Down on the docks, a carnival is being planned. Miguel and Fox are both working, the tension between them continues. Tabitha shows up with the kids, Fox and Miguel continue to argue and call one another names. Tabitha tells them that they need to work together, they all have to support the hospital. Tabitha thinks this fair will be more fun than she thought. Maria tells Tabitha to leave her daddy alone. Tabitha says she hasnt tortured her parents, and it is Endora who summoned the mermaid. Kay shows up and tells Endora to please send Siren back. Siren walks up, she asks if they are talking about her? She then tells Fox and Miguel not to get too tired, she has plans for them. Kay tells Siren to stay away from them. Siren says sometimes a girl cant help herself. Kay smiles, she tells Tabitha that she has a surprise for Siren today. As Siren flirts with Miguel, Carl shows up to see Kay. He has a bouquet of seaweed and a can of tuna. Kay directs Carl to Siren. Siren runs off when she sees Carl. Kay tells him to go after her. Carl chases her down saying he brought her oysters and that he loves her. Siren vows to get even with Kay for this. Carl yells out that he has tuna and seaweed, they can party down. Siren says she will kill Kay, but not before bagging Miguel. Siren and Carl run all over the docks. Meanwhile Tabitha congratulates Kay. Kay says Carl will keep her busy for awhile, she wont let Miguel fall victim to the curse. Kay admits she hasnt beaten the curse on Fox yet, but she will. Tabitha asks if she chose Fox over Miguel? Kay tells her that she doesnt need this negativity. Kay looks around, she thinks the fair isnt looking too well. Kay asks if Tabitha cast a spell. She says no, the townspeople are wrecking it themselves. Tabitha and Kay talk to Miguel and Fox, they all agree they need to get this fair up and running and for it to be a success. Miguel tries to find out who is in charge. He leaves and Siren takes off after him. Later Kay finds Carl has lost Siren, she runs after Miguel fearing Siren may find him. Elsewhere on the docks, Siren begins singing her song to Miguel. Kay and Carl hear it in the distance. Carl thinks its a beautiful song. Kay runs off to try and find where they are. Siren tells Miguel to come to her, come into her arms. Kay shows up and covers Sirens mouth. Siren ends up telling Kay that Miguel will be hers. Kay says Miguels life will be ruined by the curse. Siren says so what and keeps singing. Kay realizes there is nothing she can do now as Miguel is heading this way. Carl shows up first and ends up kissing Siren! Siren fights with him and says let her go, but Carl says never again. Carl says his boat is at the harbor, he has a cabin just for her. He says they can make love for weeks while they head to the south seas. She says no and runs off, Kay chases after her. Kay laughs, Miguel and Fox show up and see Carl chasing Siren. Kay says they are just running for fair supplies that is all.

Eve is at her old house. Shes on the phone and is trying to find someone to get the fair organized and running. Julian shows up to see Eve, TC asks Julian if he cant knock? Eve tells Julian this whole fair on the wharf is a huge mess since the organizer left and headed to Boston. Julian says she should have let someone else take charge, shes over extended herself. Eve says she can handle it. Julian says he hardly sees her. Eve says she knows shes been busy, but they will spend time together soon. Julian thinks she doesnt need to be here anymore, they should go to Paris. Eve tells him that she cant, there is too much for her to do. Julian says he is the man she supposedly loves but she never sees him, how much longer is he supposed to put up with this? Eve lashes out at him, she says the fair is coming apart at the seams and TC had a stroke. He says he has hired nurses for TC, she can hire someone to take over the fair, he cannot hire someone to go to Paris with him. He says he guesses he could, but hes not that Julian anymore. Eve says she understands his frustration but right now TC needs her. Julian thinks Eve is using TC as an excuse to stay away from him. She says that isnt true. When she refuses to go to Paris, he says hell go himself. He then storms out. Eve returns to TC, she says shes sorry he had to hear that. She says Julian misses her but he can wait, shes hear for him until hes all better. Eve gets TC a drink, she tells him not to spill it. He says hes not a child. Eve says she knows but his recovery could take awhile. Eve apologizes again for Julian. TC ends up yelling at Eve to just get out! Eve says he cant stay here alone. He tells her to get out and be with Julian. He yells at her to go and breaks some dishes. He says hes no pity case, he tells her to go be with Julian. He continues to throw things and yells at her to go. Eve eventually walks out of the room. 

Ethan shows up at the Book Caf, he tells Gwen that Jane is enrolled in daycare. He asks Gwen what is bothering her? Gwen says Jared broke up with Theresa. Ethan gets a call, he says he has to go. He tells Gwen that hell see her later. Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad show up at the Book Caf, they tell Jared how they are officially engaged. Whitney is so happy, she talks about how there is so much to do. She goes off to look at the bridal magazines. Jared is glad someones relationship is working out. Jared says hes done with this town, he never should have come here.

Gwen talks with Whitney, she tells her how beautiful her ring is. She congratulates her. Gwen then tells Whitney that Jared is leaving Harmony, they have to stop him so he can be with Theresa. Gwen tells her if Jared leaves town then Theresa will plot and scheme to get Ethan back. Whitney does want Theresa to move on with her life, so she agrees to help Gwen. Whitney says they cant tell Theresa what they are doing. Gwen says or Jared. Whitney says they have to find a way to keep him in town. Gwen thinks Chad could talk Jared into something. Whitney says they need something for him to do. Whitney then gets a call from her mom. Whitney can tell something is wrong with her mom. Eve says everything is wrong, shes swamped with trying to manage the hospital fair. She says she has let so many things fall through the cracks, this whole fair is coming apart. Whitney says she thinks she can help her with the fair, she knows someone they could hire. Eve says that would be great. Whitney tells her mom that shell take care of it. Gwen loves the idea. They soon talk to Chad, he knows something is going on with them. Whitney says they are trying to get Jared back with Theresa, and she asks Chad to help them. Chad asks what he has to do?

Chad talks to Jared, he tells him how the hospital fair seems to be falling apart. Chad says its a shame, the money was to go to the kids wing. Jared has experience in fundraising, he thinks he could help. He says hed do it for the kids, where is the fair? Chad thought he was leaving town? Jared says well first hell help the kids out, they should go check this fair out. Chad and Jared leave, Gwen and Whitney say now they have to get Theresa to hook up with Jared. Later, Chad and Jared show up at the wharf, they see how bad it is going. Jared takes charge and gets to work. Gwen and Whitney soon show up, they thank Chad. Chad asks how they plan on getting him and Theresa back together? Whitney and Gwen havent got that part figured out yet. 

At the mansion, Theresa finds Pilar in Little Ethans room. Pilar is making sure Little Ethans computer cant access those horrible websites that let predators gain access to kids. Pilar also wants to know what Theresa is going to do to come between Ethan and Gwen so that their children can be with their father? Theresa says she has had a horrible day today as is. She says she blew it with Jared, he found out the truth about her last name. Theresa says she should have told Jared the truth. Pilar says just like she should tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says she wont do that. Ethan shows up, Theresa wonders why Ethan is here? Pilar says she warned Theresa that if she didnt tell him then she would. Ethan says he got her text message about Little Ethan and he doesnt believe it. Theresa asks her mother how could she? Theresa tells Ethan that shes sorry, she should have told him. Ethan says it doesnt matter who told him, he wants to make everything is running properly. Ethan heads to the PC, the message was about it. He wants to make sure he has the latest protection from those creepy websites. Pilar tells Ethan that she wouldnt tell Ethan the truth in a text message. She reminds Theresa she lost Jared because of her lies so tell Ethan the truth. It seems Theresa is going to tell Ethan the truth, she tells him they need to talk about Little Ethans father. Julian walks in and asks what about him? Theresa asks what hes doing here? He says he lives here and wants to find out what is going on with his sons PC. She asks since when he gave five minutes of his time to Little Ethan? Julian says that will change, he wants shared custody. He then tells Theresa shes basically a terrible parent, she went to Italy for weeks and left him with a nanny. Pilar says she was here with Little Ethan. Julian says she gets Ethan involved in Little Ethans life, and hes not the boys father. He says then she married Alistair and let him adopt him. Julian says he's here now and he will have a role in his sons life. Theresa says no mother would ever trust him with their child, its no wonder Ivy sent their kids off to be brought up in boarding schools. Julian says what a grand idea, perhaps hell take Little Ethan abroad with him. Theresa says he will do no such thing. Pilar tells Theresa to kill two birds with one stone, tell the truth. Ethan tells Theresa that she may not want to admit this, but Julian is right and deserves partial custody of his son. Theresa says no! Theresa asks how he can take Julians side. Ethan says hes taking Little Ethans side, the boy deserves a father. HE says if Little Ethan was his son then hed do the same thing, she has no right to keep Julian away from his son. Theresa says he has no idea how to raise a child. Ethan says Julian lives in the same house as her, its no big deal. He says if he had a son and didnt live with the mother then hed want equal custody for 6 months of the year. Theresa asks Ethan how he can betray her like this? Theresa says Little Ethan deserves a better father than Julian. Julian says like Alistair? Theresa says at least Alistair spent time with him, which is more than Julian did. Ethan tells Theresa to come on, she hated Alistair being with Theresa. Pilar asks them to excuse them, she drags Theresa outside. Pilar wants Theresa to tell the truth. Theresa says no, she heard Ethan, shell lose her son for six months. Pilar says if she doesnt tell the truth then Julian will get custody and he will take Little Ethan out of the country. Pilar tells her to tell Ethan the truth, but Theresa wont. Pilar says she will then, she goes back into the room and says there is something they both need to know.


August 16, 2006
Luis and the cadets return to the station after their jog. Fancy tells Paloma that shes never run that far in her life. Paloma says its not always easy to run in minolas. Fancy has a cramp, but tells Luis that nothing is wrong. He says then she can drop and give him twenty push-ups now! Fancy does her best. Paloma tells Luis to let up, but he demands she call him sir as he is not her brother here. He also refuses to cut them any slack. He says he cant send an unqualified rookie out on a case. Luis then tells Fancy they can quit whenever she wants to, but she refuses to give up. She does all twenty push-ups. Paloma tells Fancy how proud she is of her. Fancy cant believe she really did it. She asks Luis if he will say something? He says they dont congratulate themselves on work they have to do, and next time it will be fifty push-ups. Luis tells her to quit and save them all trouble, but she refuses. Later Paloma has a talk with Luis. She can tell Luis likes Fancy. He says she is as crazy as Fancy. Paloma says she knows he loves Sheridan, and people told her how much he and Sheridan used to fight before they realized they were in love. Paloma thinks Luis instincts are rusty, but he has a thing for Fancy. Luis says Fancy drives him crazy and the only person who gets to him is Sheridan, she is the only woman hell ever love. Luis says he will respect her marriage and move on. Paloma asks why he cant admit he finds another woman attractive then? He says he doesnt, especially not Fancy. Paloma tells him that hes lying to himself. Paloma leaves him and Luis remembers kissing Fancy. He wonders what is wrong with him.

Fancy goes into the back room at the station. She says she wont be scared out of being a cop, she can do anything Luis throws at her. She says she always gets what she wants. Fancy heads to her locker. Hidden in it is a photo of Luis. She says what she wants to do with Luis is no exception! Fancy heads into the showers, and later Luis shows up and thinks the place is empty so hes going to take a shower as well. Luis gets in the shower first. He turns off the water as there is a conserve water sign. Fancy then walks in on him, both see one another in the buff. 

Jessica arrives at the Book Caf and finds Simone working Palomas job. Simone says Paloma joined the police force, so shes taking over her shift. Simone says Paloma liked the excitement of Rome, she however was glad to be back to boring old Harmony. Jessica says good for Paloma. Jessica admits shes a bit jealous. Simone asks if she wants to be a cop? Jessica says no, but she likes that Paloma knows what she wants and goes for it. Simone says she could do that. Jessica says she doesnt have any experience doing anything respectable. Jessica admits she and Spike are looking for jobs though, it's part of their agreement with her dad to go straight. Simone doesnt get Spike, she acts Jessica why she married him? Jessica says she wont talk about it, hes her husband and thats all there is to it. Simone knows there is something about this sham of a marriage that Jessica isnt telling her. Simone asks if Spike threatened her? Jessica remembers why she married him, so he cant testify against her in the whole dead johns fiasco. Jessica tells Simone to drop it, hes her husband and she loves him. Simone says fine, they discuss trying to find a job for Jessica. Simone suggests she waitress, the lobster shack is hiring. Jessica decides to do that. Later Paloma shows up and catches up with Simone. She tells her how terrible it was, but how Fancy has it a lot worse than her. Simone wishes she could have seen Fancy. Paloma says Fancy toughed it out. Paloma asks Simone about her day. Simone tells her about Jessica looking for a real job. They both hope for Jessica's sake she gets the job at the Lobster Shack.

Jessica heads to the lobster shack, two guys hanging out there remember her from high school. Jessica says hi to them, she is here to get a job. They laugh, she knows they know what her former job was. She says that is in her past, shes changed. They say good for her, and they invite her to a party tonight. She thanks them but says she needs a job. One of the guys says he  know the guy who runs the lobster shack, he could introduce them. He says hes out back doing some repair work, they should go see him. Naive Jessica says okay. They head out back, Jessica finally realizes they should go back inside. The guys tell her to hang out here with them. They say she gives it up to guys she doesnt know and they are old friends. They want a freebee, but she says she doesn't do that anymore. They say consider this her retirement party and  and then they attack her. 

Down on the wharf, Jared is working and of course has to take his shirt off. Its dark, but its still hot according to Jared. Whitney tells Chad that with Jared running this they may get it up and running. She also says if Theresa doesnt get back with Jared then there will be a long line of women wanting to be with him. Chad says she keeps looking at him like he has something shes never seen. She asks if hes jealous? He says she belongs to him, she should be looking at him like that. She says she will for the rest of her life, but he doesnt get it. She says he doesnt get this because hes a guy, but he has this charm about them, hes handsome. Whitney says shes just thinking about Theresa, wouldnt it be great if Theresa could get a catch like Jared? He says that she cant force them together, but if she wants Jared to be with Theresa then it is what he wants. Jared interrupts them, he says he could use some help. Whitney says she was going to go pick up Theresa as she wanted to help. Jared says forget it, hed rather work alone. Whitney tells Jared the only reason she didnt tell him who she was is because he liked her for her, not her name or her money. Jared says he doesnt care about those things, he only cares about people being straight. Chad tells Whitney to let it be, its none of their business. 

At the mansion, Theresa refuses to tell Ethan the truth as Ethan will sue for custody. Pilar says if she doesnt tell him then Julian will get custody. She tells Theresa that she belongs with Ethan and their children. Theresa wont do it, so Pilar says she will. Pilar returns to the room where Julian and Ethan are, she says she has something important to tell them both. Pilar says her daughter disappoints her, she should be the one to telling them this. Theresa stops her mom, she says this is her responsibility. Theresa says she will tell the truth. Julian and Ethan tell Theresa to spit it out. Suddenly Little Ethan runs in and interrupts them. He asks why everyone is in his room? Ethan says they are working on his PC. Theresa asks Little Ethan to go brush his teeth and shell tuck him in. He says okay and says goodnight to everyone. Theresa suggests they take this outside, so they leave Little Ethans room. Julian and Ethan want to hear her news, Pilar tells her to tell them. Theresa says she was going to say she will not spend one minute less than she does with her son. She says she wants them to stop badgering her about custody. She then drags her mom off to talk. Ethan decides to leave, but Julian says he has something to discuss with him. Julian asks Ethan to represent him in a custody suit. Ethan is shocked to hear him talking like this, that hed take legal action to resolve this. Julian says he just wants to spend quality time with his son. Ethan says hes never taken an interest before, hes been the one who has subbed as Little Ethans father. Julian says he appreciates that, but he doesnt have to do it anymore. Ethan asks Julian why now? Why all of the sudden? Julian says perhaps hes changed, things have changed. He knows he was never there for any of his kids, he wants to learn from his mistakes and make things right. Ethan says that is admirable, but he wont help him sue for full custody. He says that wouldnt be right. Julian says he just wants joint custody. Ethan thinks that is fair. Julian says hell only sue for full custody if Theresa remains unreasonable. Ethan agrees to do so if that happens, he doesnt think it will. Julian then goes to tuck Little Ethan in. Julian tucks him in and reads the paper to him. He knows its dry reading but one day he might enjoy the stock market as much as he does. Little Ethan falls asleep and Julian says hell always be here for him. 

In the living room Pilar asks Theresa what made her change her mind? Theresa says seeing her son, she cant risk losing him. Pilar says Theresa cant blame Julian. Theresa says she doesnt blame him, but lately hes acting like the old Julian. She says he's a risk right now. Pilar says he will get back to normal when Eve returns. Theresa is hoping that, that hell forget about being father of the year. Pilar doesnt think Julian will forget about this. Theresa says Julian is bored and when Eve comes back he wont have time for a little boy. Pilar says they will see. Ethan shows up, Theresa argues with him and tells him how she is not giving Julian custody. Ethan advises her against that. He says a child deserves to know both parents, and she should know better growing up without a father. Ethan asks Theresa to just give Julian a chance. She says no. He says if she doesnt change her mind she will regret it. Ethan says Julian hired him to sue her for custody. He says he hoped shed come around, but if she doesnt then he will take the case. Theresa asks Ethan how he could do this? He says he believes what hes fighting for, its best for a child to know both parents. He says that is why hes defended her to Gwen telling her that Theresa deserves to spend time with Jane. Theresa says Little Ethan has been her son from the beginning, she has raised him by herself and she wont lose him. Ethan says she wont, all Julian wants is shared custody to get to know his son. Ethan says they all live under the same roof. Theresa says he could take her son with him. Ethan tells Theresa if she challenges Julian then she will lose. He tells her to be reasonable and give Julian what he wants otherwise shell risk losing full custody. Ethan says its up to her and he leaves. Pilar tries to continue to convince Theresa to tell the truth. She says it's better Little Ethan be with his real father than Julian. Theresa says her mom is right and she realizes she has to do it. 


August 17, 2006

At the station we see a replay of Fancy and Luiss naked shower incident. They stand there staring, Luis tells her to go get out. Fancy says dont use all the hot water, she has to shower too. Fancy puts her towel on and says wow! Luis gets out of the shower, he thinks Fancy did that on purpose, he thinks she wanted to see what she missed out on during their strip trivia game. She says he has a huge ego, he says he has reason to. She cant believe him and she says he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her. She says she could hear his mental camera clicking away. Luis tells Fancy that she has to be careful around here, they have to conserve water because they have a crummy old water heater. She says shell try and save water. Luis says its a good thing she didnt walk in on someone else like Sam. He suggests she head home, but Fancy says she hasnt showered. He says fine, hit the shower. As shes trying to go in, her towel snags on the dirty towel cart. He laughs, she thinks he didnt tell  her to watch out for that on purpose to get a second look. She then flashes him and says take a picture! He tells her to just get cleaned up. She starts her shower, this time its Luis saying Wow!

At the carnival, everyone is still working. Chad tells Jared hes sorry about Whitney. Jared thinks Whitney should get a new best friend. Chad says its a small town, people like to gossip and play matchmaker. Chad asks Jared if hes decided what to do when the fair is up and running? Jared hasnt. Chad thinks he should stick around and enjoy the fair. Meanwhile, Whitney thinks she has to get Theresa down here so Jared can see the truth about her. 

Gwen and Ethan show up at the pier, they are amazed by how much Jared has gotten done. Ethan learns Gwen and Whitney have been working to convince Jared to stay. Ethan asks why she wants Jared to stay? She asks why he wants him to leave? Gwen says he could make a big difference in all their lives. Gwen and Ethan find Chad trying to convince Jared to stay, Gwen hopes he stays too. Ethan says Jared is a grown man and can make his own decisions. Ethan decides to help them with the carnival, which means he has to take his shirt off as well.

At the mansion, Pilar and Theresa are discussing Theresa having to tell the truth. Theresa doesnt know, if she tells the truth then Little Ethan wont inherit the Crane Empire. Whitney then calls Theresa and asks her to come down and help with the fair. Theresa says shes in the middle of something, she could send the staff down. Whitney says no, that is something Mrs. Crane would do. Whitney says for people to see her working would inspire others to help. Theresa says she cant, a lot has happened. She says she is going to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Whitney says Ethan and Gwen are here, so Theresa says shell be right there. Theresa tells her mom she will tell Ethan the truth, so they head off.

Back at the docks, Whitney and Gwen talk about how their plan may just work. Theresa shows up and sees them together. Theresa asks Whitney what is going on with them? Whitney says she was just showing Gwen her ring, she tells Theresa that Chad officially proposed. Theresa says shes so happy for her and they hug. Whitney says anyways they have to make sure this fair is a success. She says her mom has been so busy with her dad she hasnt had time for the fair. Whitney says she and Gwen got their heads together and figured things out. They point Jared out to Theresa and say how he's in charge now. Chad comes over and Theresa congratulates him too. Theresa then goes to talk to Jared to see what she can do to help. Theresa says Whitney told her that hes in charge, she asks if she can do anything. He says go back to her mansion on the hill and stay there. Jared then walks off. Theresa says that went well. Theresa then sees Ethan, she asks if they can speak in private. Ethan says he supposes, so they go off to talk. Whitney sees them leave, Whitney is afraid Theresa may go back to focusing on Ethan. Chad says nothing shes tried to get him back has worked. Whitney knows Theresa still could tell him the truth about Little Ethan.

Theresa and Ethan talk. Ethan brings up that he and Gwen are planning to leave town soon. Theresa thought they just got new jobs? Ethan says as soon as they save enough money they are leaving town. She asks why? He says because the three of them cant live in the same town together given their past. Ethan says the only chance they have to be happy is to go their separate ways. She asks where theyd go? He says far enough away. Theresa asks what about Jane? Ethan says theyll take Jane and theyll work out when she can see her. Theresa realizes if she tells Ethan the truth then shell lose her daughter and her son. Theresa of course chickens out of telling Ethan the truth. She tells Ethan that she is sure Whitney and her mother appreciate his help, that is all she wanted to tell him. Ethan knows Theresa is hiding something from him, this is the second time she hasn't told him something important.

Pilar shows up, Theresa tells her mom why she didnt tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says she cant lose both her children. Pilar says maybe Ethan wont leave town if he knows the truth. Theresa says or maybe hell leave the minute he gets custody of his son. She says shes lost Jane, she cant lose Little Ethan. Pilar says shes jumping to the worst conclusion, she hasnt lied to him this whole time about Little Ethan. Pilar thinks this news will cause him to leave Gwen. Theresa says hell never leave Gwen. Theresa says if he did, then shell be back where she started, her son wont inherit the Crane Empire. Pilar says what about Ethan being robbed of his son and Little Ethan being robbed of his real father?. Theresa says once Little Ethan is grown and in charge then shell tell the truth. Theresa says if Ethan knew the truth he could sue for full custody and leave town with both of her children. Pilar says she just doesnt want Theresa to end up like her, alone for most of her life. She tells Theresa not to make the same mistakes she did, find a way to be with the man she loves. Theresa says maybe if Ethan and Gwen do leave that someone else will come along. She wishes Jared understood she wanted to make sure Jared wanted to be with her for her. Pilar says he may, but if he doesnt then he wasnt right for her. Theresa admits she could see herself being happy with him.

Whitney tries to talk to Jared about Theresa again, but he doesnt want to hear it. Whitney tries to explain to her why Theresa married Alistair. Chad joins in, he tells Jared how badly Alistair treated Theresa. Whitney also says Theresa has changed Crane Industries image since taking over. Whitney asks Jared to give her another chance. Chad says they dont mean to come off so strong, but they hope he will give her another chance. Jared refuses, he says he cant trust Theresa. He says he also cant live here because of Theresa. Theresa then confronts Jared and says they have to talk.

At the Book Caf, Paloma is eating a muffin. She says she really loves them. Simone says shell have the baker make her a batch. They decide to head to the Lobster Shack and see if Jessica got the job.

Out back of the Lobster Shack, the two creeps are attacking and attempting to rape Jessica. Simone and Jessica soon show up, but they dont see Jessica. Some guy says she should be around here somewhere. Back out back the guys have dragged Jessica off. She is fighting them, but there is two of them and they are stronger. They begin ripping her clothes off as she screams. Eventually Paloma and Simone hear her, they rush out back. The guys are tieng Jessic down. The girls free her, the guys say she was begging for it. Simone and Paloma dont believe them. Paloma says theyll go to jail for this. One guy pulls out a knife and says they wont if there are no witnesses.

At the station, Luis gets the call about the Lobster Shack. Fancy demands to go with him, he initially refuses. She says shell just follow him, so he says fine but stay out of the way. Luis drives there, Fancy ends up dozing off. He wishes she had gone home, but she says she will get used to these hours. Luis thinks she should go back to designing clothes. Fancy says she doesnt want to and she enjoyed her first day of training. She says she did everything he asked her to do, he admits she did. However he says dont get cocky on him. She says she is confident, not cocky. She says that is his department. Luis says just listen to what he says when they get there. She agrees she will.

Back at the Lobster Shack, the girls are trying to fight off the men. The guys say get lost or watch, but they will have their way with Jessica and then theyll kill them all. Paloma and Jessica end up jumping on the guys and beat the tar out of them. Soon they hear the cops sirens and the guys try and run off. Luis and his gun stop them though. Simone has been cut, Jessica and Simone go into the Lobster Shack and clean her up. Luis asks Paloma what she was thinking? Paloma says they had no choice, they were going to rape Jessica. Fancy asks about the knife, Paloma says she kicked it out of his hand and it may have gone into the dumpster. Back-up shows up and Paloma goes with them to see the guys get booked. Fancy thinks Luis should be proud of Paloma. Luis says he is, but dont let her know that. He also tells Fancy not to go thinking she can do what Paloma did. Luis says they need to find that knife. Fancy asks which one of them has to find the knife? He says she cant take statements cause shes not a cop yet. He orders her to get into the dumpster and find the knife. He gives her some gloves. She asks for a hazmat suit, but he says no. He then helps her into the dumpster to get started. She of course falls in. He asks what is taking her so long? She says shes knee deep in lobsters and coleslaw. Fancy eventually finds the knife and she tells him to get her out of here. He helps her out, and she of course falls on top of him. He says get off of him, she stinks and hes about to hurl! She says not bad for a first timer. He tells Fancy that hes proud of her. Fancy thanks him. Luis says he knows hes been pushing her and hell understand if she wants to quit. Fancy says no way shes loving this. 


August 18, 2006

At the fair, Theresa tells Jared that they need to talk. He says he doesnt think so. She says shed like to talk to him. He asks what she wants? Theresa says she wanted to tell him that he has every right to be angry. She says she was just enjoying being with someone who didnt know who she was, it was nice being with someone who liked her for her, not because they wanted something from her. She also says he formed a terrible opinion about her. Theresa says the tabloids are wrong about her, shes not a gold digger. He asks why she didnt walk away from the money? Theresa asks why would she? She says she has every opportunity to make up for Alistairs evil, she can use his money to do good. Jared says he thinks he believes her. Theresa hopes so, shed like it if he gave her another chance. Chad, Whitney, Gwen and Ethan all watch. Gwen tells Ethan how much easier it would make things for them if Theresa found someone other than him to obsess over. Theresa asks if hell give her another chance? Jared says he cant. She asks why not? Jared says they live in completely different worlds. Theresa says shes still a down to earth girl. Jared says she cant have all that money and power and be a regular person. He says she has no idea who she is, he walks off. Whitney tells Theresa that was brutal. Chad offers to talk to Jared, but Theresa says no. Theresa says no man wants to be with Mrs. Crane, that is the fact she has to accept. Gwen worries when Jared walks away, she wonders what Theresa said. Ethan says he guesses that things arent going to work for them after all.

Theresa talks with her mom about how good Jared is, and how he doesnt think shes a good person. Pilar says she belongs with Ethan. Theresa says Ethan doesnt want to be with her. Pilar says he would if she told him the truth. Theresa says she cant tell him, hell sue her for custody of Little Ethan. Pilar says she doesnt know that. Pilar feels if she tells Ethan that hell leave Gwen. Theresa says he wont leave Gwen, and now Jared doesnt want to be with her either. Pilar says if Theresa wants to live under that dark cloud then she cant help her. Pilar won a boat and decides to take it to Little Ethan. Theresa says hell love that boat. Pilar and Theresa then hug. Pilar says if Jared is the right man for her then hell see how wonderful she is. Pilar tells her not to give up on Ethan though.

Later Whitney, Chad and Theresa have some sodas. Whitney says some of the volunteers didnt show up, Theresa says she could work a booth. Theresa says she has nothing better to do and its for a good cause. Whitney takes Theresa to a booth. Ethan then asks Chad what is going on with Jared? Chad says Theresa and Jared are over, Jared is leaving town. Ethan says too bad, he was hoping she found someone. Chad tells him to stop it, he is glad Jared is leaving. Ethan says he cares about her and wants her to be happy. Chad says then stop telling Theresa that he loves her. Ethan says hes having a hard time doing that. He says he does loves her, he misses knowing Theresa loved him. Ethan says when he saw Theresa was actually moving on, he couldnt stand it. Chad tells Ethan he is one messed up individual. Ethan says he knows. Chad tells him hell be out of luck when Theresa finds someone else to fall in love with. Chad says Theresa doesnt take love lightly and hell lose her forever.

Whitney assigns Theresa to the pie throwing booth. She puts her face in one of those painted ply board character cut-outs. Gwen of course is the first to step up and throw a pie at Theresa. Gwen of course hits her. Gwen says this is too much fun, she keeps playing. Theresa tells everyone to step up and throw a pie at Mrs. Alistair Crane. Everyone begins laughing. Jared soon shows up and sees what is going on. Later Gwen tells Ethan how much fun that was, and then she sees Jared hanging around. She thinks there could be hope for Jared and Theresa after all. Jared eventually takes his turn throwing a pie, Theresa says this is perfect. She says see if he can make a bulls eye. He ends up putting the pie in his own face, they laugh at one another. 

Kay, Miguel and Fox are at the fair. They are all working at booths, Siren arranged for it. Kay says they will just be randomly assigned to a booth. Fox tells Kay he has to finish one of the booths, but then they will spend time together. Miguel and Fox both work on finish the booths. Siren then returns, she is furious with Kay and says shes about to turn her into fish food. Kay warns Siren she will stop her from getting Miguel. Siren doesnt think she can do that. Kay says shell make Miguel see her who she really is. Siren says shell never convince Miguel that shes a mermaid. Later Kay talks to a woman deciding who works what booths, Kay talks her into assigning Siren to a certain booth. Miguel returns, he tells Kay he wants to talk to her. Kay says she wants to talk to him too. She tells Miguel that Siren is a mermaid and if things work out then hell see for himself. Fox then shows up and wants some time alone with Kay. Kay tells Miguel theyll talk later.

Kay and Fox end up going on the tunnel of love ride. They get stuck inside, and use the time to kiss one another. Miguel waits outside and basically sulks. Siren shows up and gives Miguel his assignment, she doesnt know what hers is, all she knows is it is booth 20. She suggests they get something to eat, so they go off. Meanwhile, Fox suggests to Kay that they make love, nobody would know. Kay suggests they do it. Suddenly Fox goes into a trance, Kay realizes it is the curse. Fox eventually snaps out of the trance, he asks what is going on? She says they are stuck. Fox doesnt remember anything but kissing her. The ride starts again, Kay vows to make sure Fox is okay. Meanwhile Miguel and Siren find out that Siren has the dunk tank. Siren says she cant do this! Kay and Fox show up, Kay asks why cant she do this? What happens if she spends too much time in the water? Siren says she gets wet.

Elsewhere, Tabitha is trying to win a prize for Endora at one of the booths, Tabitha is terrible at the game though. Tabitha suggests they try another game, but Endora wants the prizes at this booth. Tabitha tries one last time, Endora uses her magic to basically steal the animals and cause them to float into her stroller. Tabitha still cant win, the guy working the booth says its time for his break. He leaves and Tabitha soon sees Endora stole all the animals. The guy working the booth sees it too and calls her a thief. Endora and Tabitha run for it. Tabitha tells Endora how she is incorrigible. She says no more magic in public, shell get them arrested or burned at the stake. Tabitha tells her to send the animals back. Endora says she said no more magic? Tabitha tells her to do it! The man who is chasing them finds where they are hiding, they have to run for it again. Tabitha and Endora take a break, Tabitha tells her to send the animals back and conjure something for her headache. Endora conjures some wine, which gets Tabitha in trouble for having alcohol outside of the designated area.

Tabitha soon rejoins, Kay, Miguel, Fox and Siren. Siren is in the booth, a big marine shows up. He asks if he can go first, he has to get back to his post. Fox says sure, so he hugs Fox. He says sorry he gets carried away sometimes. Tabitha says hey that was nothing, a cadet once hugged President Bush at his graduation. The guy says that was him, Gabriel Whitney at their service. He then tries to hug Tabitha, she says back off now. Gabriel goes first and manages to dunk Siren. She falls into the tank, which is see through. Miguel is stunned by what he sees. Kay and Tabitha cheer, they think Siren has been exposed.

At the station, Luis is processing the evidence and the case he and Fancy just worked on. Fancy is so excited, she says this is such a fabulous feeling. Fancy sees Luis put her name in the report, she gets very excited. Luis tells her to take it easy. Fancy says this means a lot to her. Fancy says she thought she wanted to be a cop before, but after tonight she knows this is what she wants more than anything. Luis finishes up the report. He suggests to Fancy she go sleep, but she says shes too pumped. Luis says they could go get dinner. Fancy accepts his invite. She wonders to herself if this night could get any better. 

Spike arrives at the cottage. Chris tells him hes late. Spike says he couldnt decide what shirt to wear. He talks about how this robbery will make him a rich dude. Chris has the codes for him, but he doesnt like this plan of his. Spike reminds him he can blow Chris out of the water with Sheridan. Chris warns Spike to stay away from Sheridan. Spike says this whole hero act is a trip. Spike says some of the things Chris did make him look like a weeblo. Spike wonders how Sheridan would feel if she knew what hes done. Spike says maybe they should tell her, and he calls out to Sheridan. Sheridan calls out from the bedroom if Chris called her? Who is he talking to? Sheridan comes out and asks Chris who is out there? He says no one, just a security guard. Chris says he was just doing his rounds. Sheridan returns to reading a story to James. Chris goes back to the door and tells Spike he almost got them both caught. Spike asks who is at the house. Chris says nobody but Little Ethan, Jane and the nanny. Chris warns him to stay away from the east wing where the kids are. Spike doesnt care about the kids, he wants the money. Spike thinks this will be a piece of cake, what could go wrong?

Chris and Sheridan head to the Lobster Shack for dinner. She thanks him for this idea. Chris says he feels so lucky to have her as his wife, he hopes he never disappoints her or lets her down. Fancy and Luis soon show up, Sheridan is troubled seeing them together. Later Sheridan excuses herself to call and check on James.

Luis and Fancy sit at a table, Luis tells her to order anything she likes as she earned it. Fancy talks about how strong shes getting, and shell be ripped after boot camp. Luis says if she finishes, its only going to get harder. Fancy says shell show him, she knows soon theyll be giving one another high fives. Later Fancy sees a woman getting her boyfriend to crack open her lobsters, a ploy of course, she claimed she couldnt do it. Fancy decides to use the same trick.

Fancy and Sheridan run into one another on the way to the ladies room. Fancy tells Sheridan how her plan to get closer to Luis is working. Sheridan asks how the training is going? Fancy says its so hard she thought she might die. Sheridan asks if that is why she wasnt cracking her own lobsters? Fancy says she has to let Luis think of her as a girly girl after seeing her being so tough and rough all day. Sheridan thinks Fancy must really like Luis. Fancy says she thinks shes falling for him. Sheridan asks if shes not moving quickly? She was just so in love with Noah. Fancy says shes over Noah, she cant trust him. Sheridan says she thought Luis cheated on her with Beth, but it was a lie. Maybe that is the case with Noah? Fancy says shes over Noah. She says she can see why woman fall for Luis, but how do they fall out of love with him? Sheridan says to herself that she never fell out of love with him.

Back at the mansion, Spike breaks in and begins working his way through the house. Unfortunately Pilar is there, she hears him in the house and thinks she must be imagining things. Spike gets a call from Chris, Chris wants to know if hes done yet? Spike says no and tells him to stop being an old lady. Meanwhile, Pilar says goodnight to the kids and heads out. Pilar soon realizes someone is here, she goes to call the police. Spike meanwhile approaches Pilar with a gun and shoots her! Pilar falls down after being shot.

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