August 21, 2006
Eve is outside of TCs house spying on him. She says recovering from a stroke takes patience and God knows he doesnt have any. She sees TC trying to stand up, but he falls over. She runs in to help him, but he says he told her to leave. TC gets himself up and onto the couch. Eve says she can help him. However he says he doesnt need her help. He says hes not a charity case. Eve says its simple human kindness. Eve asks why he wont let her help him. He says he doesnt need her pity. She says its not pity. He says shes feeling sorry for him, she thinks hes half a man, he can do better without her. She says his speech is better when hes angry because his brain is . . . He tells her to get out and never come back. She says fine, but if he changes his mind . . . He says he wont. 

At the fair, Theresa and Jared clean up. Theresa says she was the target, why did he hit himself with a pie? He says he deserved it. He says he was so upset with her for hiding the truth about her name that he didnt give her a chance to explain. He says then she was such a good sport in the booth, he realized he misjudged her. He says hes sorry, shes as real and down to earth as the next person. Theresa says they got off on the wrong foot, but she likes him. She laughs, he still has some whip cream on his face. He says she has some on her too. They laugh about it all. Jared asks if shes done with the booth, she says she is. Jared suggests they take a walk and enjoy this night. As they walk, Jared tells some story about how he wound up naked in some hotel lobby being photographed by a group of Japanese tourists. He talks about how it was the most embarrassing night of his life. Jared tells Theresa that he did misjudge her, but all the money and power will get in the way of them being serious. She says oh. He says he does like her, but the money thing bothers him. Theresa says okay, and there is a part of her that is glad he feels like that. She says most men would be interested in the money. Jared says it must be tough dealing with fortune hunters. Theresa says Fancy and Sheridan grew up as Cranes, they are the ones with experience with fortune hunters. She says she is rich now though, like really rich. Theresa says she really doesnt care about it. She says she didnt have money growing up and her mom taught them having money doesnt make you a better person. She says money isnt important to her. He finds that hard to believe. She says the money does come in handy, but it hasnt changed her. She says she made a promise not to forget where she came from. Theresa tells Jared about how poor her family was growing up, how they sent her little sister away because of it and how her mom worked six days a week for the Cranes. Theresa says the best thing about having this money is she can give back to her mom for her sacrifices. She says their home burned down a few years ago, she was able to rebuild it. She also can give her mom security now, she doesnt have to work every day. She also talks about how shes revamping Harmony, and her goal is to make a difference world wide. Theresa says money isnt what is important, people are. Jared is shocked by her, he says he shouldnt have prejudged her. He says someone is helping him give her a second chance. Theresa tells him the money isnt really an obstacle and she can prove it if he gives her a chance. Suddenly a security man from the house finds her. He says there has been a break in. She asks if her son is okay. The man says he is. Theresa asks if they got the intruder. He says no, he escaped, and someone is shot. He tells her that it was her mother. He says hes very sorry, shes been killed. Theresa cries and Jared comforts her. 

At the dunking booth we see a replay of the Marine Cadet showing up and dunking Siren. Of course once she hits the water her legs turn to a tail. Kay thinks shes finally exposed Siren. However a fog has shown up in front of the booth. Kay says she used her mermaid magic to conjure it. When the fog clears shes gone, Kay says she ran off. Fox asks how she can run if she has a fish tail? Siren is soaked and elsewhere, she vows to seduce Miguel tonight! Meanwhile, Fox tells Kay that this mermaid thing was funny at first, but now its getting old. Fox has to get back to work. Kay asks Miguel if he believes her? Miguel admits he saw something, but perhaps she just put the idea in his head that he saw a tail. He says mermaids dont exist. He says he has to get back to his booth now. Miguel walks off, Kay asks Tabitha why nobody will believe her? Tabitha says mortals dont believe in a lot of things like ogres, trolls, mermaids, the Easter bunny. Kay says the Easter bunny is real? Tabitha says well he used to be. Endora wonders if that is what was in the rabbit stew? Kay says she has to stop Siren from seducing Miguel and ruining his life. She says she doesnt want Siren to ruin Miguels life. Tabitha asks if shes saying Foxs little problem can wait? Kay says no, she has to find a way to save Miguel and break the curse on Fox. Tabitha asks how she will do that? Kay doesnt know, but there has to be a way. Endora uses her magic and manages to find the spell book Siren stole and threw away. Its soaked and the pages are stuck together. Kay asks Endora to help them, she cleans the book up. Kay then looks for the spell she needs. She finds it, it will not only release Fox but prevent Miguel from falling victim to the curse.  The spell is very complicated though. Kay says she will do it though. She says shell get rid of the flounder before she seduces Miguel.

Meanwhile, Miguel is walking along thinking about Kays crazy ideas. He admits he saw something in that tank. Siren sees Miguel walking alone and decides to seduce Miguel with her song. She sings to him and lures him into the fortune tellers tent. They begin to go at it on a pile of pillows inside the tent.

Julian shows up and meets with Fox, at the bar area no less. He asks where Kay is? Fox says he just left her with Miguel. He laughs at that given their past. Fox says that is over, she loves him now. Julian says really? Fox says yes. Julian warns him to be careful, past loves are very dangerous. Julian asks if he and Kay have a date for the wedding? Fox says no. Julian says marry her now, the sooner the better. He says elope tonight if they have to. He warns Fox that Miguel will use his past to try and get Kay back, trust him on this one, Kay will up and leave him if hes not careful. Fox says he thought his dad changed, he had them all fooled, he sounds like the same selfish bastard he grew up with. Julian says he tried turning over a new leaf and look where it got him. He says Alistair was right, nice guys finish last. Julian says if you want something you take it. Fox says this is the booze talking, put down the drink and get some coffee. Julian continues to rant, he has been nice to people and gotten walked over. He says he was nice to Theresa and look at her now. He says he stood by Eve and TC, and TC has used her weakness to draw her back in. Julian says hes through being nice, its time he start acting like a Crane. Eve shows up at this point and is stunned. Fox tells his father that he cant believe this. He says why not, being good has cost him his son and the woman he loves. He says he wants what he wants and when he wants it. Eve confronts him, Fox decides to leave them. Julian tells him to think about what he said, dont lose Kay. Eve tells Julian she hasnt heard such filth coming out of his mouth in years. Julian says its true, TC is drawing her back into his life. Julian says TC wants her back, he knows it. Eve says TC came close to dying and then had a stroke. She says she does care for TC, but Julian is the man she loves. She tells Julian he is drunk and wrong, TC kicked her out and told her that he never wanted to see him again. She says she came here to find him, but now she doesnt know if she wants him. Julian says then TCs plan is working. Eve says TC isnt manipulative, the only person that manipulative aside from Alistair is him. She thought that Julian was gone, but it seems hes alive and well.

Luis and Fancy show up at the fair, she loves it and wants to hit all the booths. Luis thinks she should be exhausted. Fancy says shes fired up, she feels like shes helped someone for the first time. Luis says thats why he loves the job. She promises him that she will be the top of the class. Fancy sees a Latin dance contest, and she says too bad all she learned in school was the Fox Trot and the Waltz. Luis says mama taught them the Rumba, Salsa and Tango. She thinks he should enter. He says he doesnt have a partner, Fancy says theyll find him one. The woman running the contest says they have a woman looking for a partner, it turns out to be Sheridan. Sheridan and Luis think this is a funny coincidence. Sheridan says she would have danced with Chris but he cant with his leg. Luis asks if he knows how to Latin dance? She says she wanted to teach him, but they never got around to it. She thinks its for a good cause. Both Sheridan and Luis agree to dance for the cause. The woman running the contest begins it. Fancy and Chris watch them as they dance the tango. Fancy and Chris comment on how good they are. The woman in charge says they make the passion seem so real. Luis and Sheridan win the tango competition, the woman says its like they were born to dance with one another. Chris walks over and tells Sheridan  that hes so proud of her. They then kiss as Luis watches. Fancy can see that Luis still loves Sheridan, maybe he always will. Fancy tells Luis shes really impressed, she didnt know Sheridan was such a good dancer as well. Luis says he taught her years ago. Fancy suggests he teach her and she can be his new partner. He says maybe and gives her her first lesson. Chris and Sheridan then watch as they dance. 


August 22, 2006

Jared and Theresa are with the cop, who claims Pilar is dead, shot during a robbery at the mansion. Theresa is in tears, she tells Jared she just saw her mother. She says her mom was taking a little toy boat up to her son. Jared asks if the man can check with the mansion, maybe he heard wrong. The cop radios up there, two paramedics are with Pilar. She's alive but only barely. She was shot at point blank range, the bullet graved her but didn't hit her directly. However she's lost a lot of blood, her pulse is weak, she may still die. The cop relays the news to Theresa and Jared, he says she's being taken to the hospital.

Ethan and Gwen meet up with Chad and Whitney. Whitney tells Gwen how their scheme worked, Theresa is with Jared and he's staying in town. Oops! Whitney realizes she let their secret out. She apologizes to Gwen in private, Gwen says it would have come out eventually. Ethan is fuming to Chad about what the girls did. Chad tells him to relax, and he admits he helped with their scheme as well. Chad reminds him that he's told Theresa she has to move on. Later Ethan reads Gwen the riot act for meddling in Theresa's life, something she's been up in arms about Theresa doing to her for years. Gwen says she's just evening the score. She begins to list everything Theresa has done to hurt them, Ethan eventually cuts her off. Suddenly Theresa and Jared show up. Theresa throws herself crying into Ethan's arms as Gwen rolls her eyes. Theresa says she's sorry, she thought he should know her mom has been shot and is being taken to the hospital. She tells him what she knows and then leaves with Jared. Gwen can't believe this. Ethan thinks they should go to the hospital. Gwen tells him that Theresa has Jared now, it's not his place. He says Pilar is like a second mother to him, it is his place.

Elsewhere, Sheridan becomes upset as she watches Luis teaching Fancy to dance. Sheridan tells Chris that she wants to go home right now. Chris remembers Spike is robbing the mansion, that is why they are at the fair. He tells her they can't go home. She asks why not? He says all her friends are here, spending time out is good for her recovery. She says she's seen enough, she wants to go home. Suddenly a cop finds Sheridan, he gives her the news about what happened at the mansion. Luis, who is dancing with Fancy, drops her in a second and rushes to find out what is wrong. Sheridan throws her arms around Luis and says she's so sorry, his mom has been shot. As Luis is filled in, Chris excuses himself to take a call. It's Spike, Spike says he needs Chris' help. He says the grounds are swarming with cops, he can't get off. Luis catches them, he asks Spike who he's talking too? Chris says not that it is any of his business, but it's a telemarketer. He tells Luis he realizes he's having family drama but not to take it out on him.

Kay is reviewing the spell in the book on how to get rid of Siren, it's more complicated than she originally thought. She vows to cast it and not only break the curse on Fox but save Miguel. Tabitha asks where Miguel is, why isn't he back? Kay fears he could be with Siren. Fox shows up, he says his shift has ended and now they can spend time together. She says not right now, she has to find Miguel. Kay says she thinks he's with Siren. Fox becomes upset, he tells Kay how he's sick of her always running off to find Miguel. Fox says she's not engaged to Miguel. Kay says she has good reason to find him. He says he knows, Siren is a mermaid. Fox says that story is getting a tad old too. A cop shows up, he tells Kay they need to find Miguel and let him know his mother has been shot. Fox is stunned, he thinks this is why Kay was looking for Miguel. He says he's so sorry, he feels like a fool. He agrees to help her look, they split up to cover more ground. Tabitha thinks Kay got out of that one just barely.

Siren is seducing Miguel in the fortune teller's tent. Kay finds them, but Miguel is in a trance. Siren tells Kay she's too late, nothing can break her song. Kay tells Miguel he can't make love to Siren because she loves him! That does the trick, Miguel snaps too and says "You love me Kay?" Endora and Tabitha watch, Tabitha thinks things are getting interesting now. Miguel is confused, Siren reminds him that Kay is engaged to Fox and not free to be with him. Suddenly, on cue, Fox arrives. He sees Kay and Miguel and Siren all in close quarters, he asks what is going on here? Tabitha can't wait to see how Kay explains this one. As it turns out, Fox is speaking of Miguel, who seems to be in a daze. Kay says he's in shock, trying to deal with the news that his mom was shot. Miguel says "Kay my mom's been shot? By who?" Fox says he'll have the road cleared of traffic and pull a car around to get them to the hospital. Kay asks if he can do that? Fox says he is a Crane. She thanks him. Kay takes Miguel off, Siren vents to Tabitha about how she's tired of Kay's meddling. Tabitha tells Endora it won't be long until Kay sends Siren back to the sea.

At the hospital, Theresa, Jared, Ethan and Gwen wait news. The doctors say Pilar is holding her own right now, but it is touch and go. Theresa is told she has a call. She takes it, it's Luis. Luis is at the mansion investigating the shooting .Theresa tells him to be careful. She also tells him what she knows. Meanwhile Gwen continues to tell Ethan they should go, but he refuses. Gwen begins saying all this time she thought Theresa was the one who hadn't moved on, maybe it was him? Later Theresa is allowed in to see her mom. Suddenly her monitors beep, a doctor says she's flat lining. She tells then to save her, she can't die! Ethan stands with Theresa and holds her as Gwen watches.

At the mansion, Luis can't believe he's investigating his own mother's shooting. He asks Sheridan where Chris went? Sheridan doesn't know, she decides to go find him. Luis tells Fancy when he finds the scum who did this he will put them where they belong. She says "you mean jail?" Luis says no, where they belong.

Chris meets up with Spike out on the grounds. Chris is furious and decks Spike. He tells him he shot an innocent woman tonight. Spike says she was in the way, she was going to call the cops. Spike tells him that he really messed up, he shot Luis' mother. Chris says Luis was suspicious of him before, but now he really is going to come after him. Spike says they can't let that happen, remember if he goes down then so does Chris. Suddenly Sheridan shows up. She asks Chris why he is out here with Spike?

Chad and Whitney return home, Chad has surprised Whitney with a romantic dinner. They enjoy themselves, Whitney can't believe this is all happening. She can't believe they are free to be together. Chad flashes back to his mystery phone calls. Later they make love. Afterwards as Chad looks at her sleeping, he makes a call. He arranges to meet the person at their usual hotel.


August 23, 2006
At the mansion, Luis and Fancy discuss the break in. Luis thinks it was an inside job, Fancy says only the servants and family members know the code to the house. Luis sees a blood stain on the carpet, he vows to get this bastard. Luis soon gets a call from the cops, Sheridan may have found the shooter.

On the grounds Sheridan asks Chris why he is here with Spike? Does he have a connection with this criminal? Chris says he saw a suspicious person, came this way and he ran into Spike. He swears he has no connection to this lowlife. Spike says he came here with good intentions. Sheridan asks how he got onto the grounds without anybody being alerted? Spike says there was no guard at the gate. Sheridan says impossible, but Chris says it might be possible. He says the guard could have stepped away to call the police. Chris asks why shes so suspicious of him (Chris)? Sheridan apologizes and says its only because her father has done so much to ruin her life, he hired men to pretend they loved her. She tells Chris hes been nothing but honest with her, she shouldnt jump to any conclusions. Sheridan then asks Spike why he is here? She asks spike if he is the one who shot Pilar? Spike says he came to see Fancy. He says some guys tried to rape Jessica and Fancy saved her, he wanted to thank her that was all. Sheridan says it still doesnt explain how he got in, what gate did he get through? Spike doesnt know, he says that guy over there can vouch for him. Sheridan asks what guy? When she turns her head, Spike runs off. Sheridan realizes she has to tell Luis. Chris pretends to call Luis and tell him about Spike, but he says his phone is not working. He does this so Spike has time to get away. Sheridan begins screaming for help. Luis and Fancy show up, Sheridan tells them about Spike being here. She tells them about Spikes lame story, Luis doesnt believe it. He thinks Spike was robbing the mansion and shot his mom when she caught him. Fancy and Luis go running after him. Spike ends up escaping in one of Alistairs escape roots. Chris and Sheridan find a puzzled Luis and Fancy, who  talk about how Spike disappeared. Sheridan says he probably used one of the escape roots of her fathers. Luis not only thinks Spike shot his mother but Chris too. Luis thinks he knows exactly where Spike is headed. Chris insists on going with Luis. Fancy and Sheridan also insist on going. Luis says fine, they'll all go.

Luis and the others show up at the Bennetts. Spike is inside hiding the loot he stole. Jessica finds him and says its late, what is he doing? Spike says he needs her help. Luis breaks down the door and begins beating up Spike! The others stop Luis from beating him, Spike threatens to charge him with police brutality. Luis says make it stick! Fancy says if Spike shot Pilar then they will find the proof. She also tells him not to give Spike anything to challenge the investigation. Jessica learns what is going on, that Spike is a suspect in Pilar's shooting. Luis questions Spike about why he was at the mansion. He says he was on the grounds, and he only came to thank Fancy for saving Jessica. Luis asks where he was two hours ago when his mom was shot? He says he was at the fair. Luis asks if someone can verify that? Spike says he does have an alibi. Luis says the whole town was at the fair and he bets nobody will say they saw him. Sheridan and Fancy say they didnt see him. Spike says he didnt see them either, but Jessica saw him didnt she? Jessica is hesitant to lie, she thought he was at the mansion. Spike says after they were at the fair. Luis asks Jessica if she was with Spike two hours ago. Jessica says she doesnt know the exact time. Spike says shes just confused about the time. Fancy says Spike claimed he was coming to thank her for saving her during the attack. Jessica knows she hasnt told Spike about the attack, how did he know? Luis asks Jessica if Spike is telling the truth, was she with Spike? Jessica says she didnt see Spike at the fair, she has been home with Ivy because she was sick. Spike says it was before she came home. Jessica says she wasnt at the fair. Spike says shes lying to get back at him. Luis then arrests Spike! Luis also suggests Spike tell him who helped him get on the Crane grounds, he wants their name too. Chris of course worries.

At the hospital, Ethan comforts Theresa as Eve and the doctors work to save Pilar. Fox, Miguel, Kay and Siren soon show up. Everyone is waiting on news on Pilar. Eve saves her, but says shes not out of the woods yet. Gwen suggest to Ethan they go home, but he says not yet. Gwen says Theresa has a ton of people here for her, what is he really worried about, that she will need him or she wont need him? She thinks Ethan needs to know that Theresa is still clinging to hope for them, that hes still in her heart.

Julian shows up, he asks Gwen what is going on here? Gwen says Pilar was shot at the house tonight, a burglar got in and shot her. He wonders why she was at the house? 

Julian tries to talk to Eve, but shes still angry with him and doesnt think he wants to hear what she has to say. She walks off. Julian rants to Fox this is all because he was too nice, because he arranged for TC to have care. He says hes losing her now. Fox says he wont lose Kay. Siren overhears them, she says Fox is under her curse so he wont love anyone but her. Later, Julian tries once again to talk to Eve, she blows him off.

Miguel asks Theresa how this happened, Theresa explains what she knows. Kay tells Miguel to think good thoughts, send positive vibes to his mom. Miguel thanks her for being here. Fox asks Miguel if he can get him or Kay anything? They says no. Siren suggests to Kay that Fox is growing a little tired, she will stay with Miguel for awhile so Kay can spend time with her fiance. Kay tells the fish shell have her eye on her, so dont think about taking Miguel off and seducing him with her song. Fox suggests they get out of here for awhile, but Kay wont leave. She vents about Siren acting like she even cares about Miguels mom.

Whitney and Theresa talk. Whitney is glad Jared is here for her, he seems good in a crisis. Theresa says hes exactly what she needs.

Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa is moving on with her life, can he move on with his? Gwen asks why he keeps pushing his way into her life? Ethan says she did that, she manipulated Jared into staying in town. Gwen says this is the first time in seven years that Theresa has hinted shes stopping her pursuit of him. Gwen asks Ethan if he wants her to move on or what? Ethan says of course, but Theresa is still Janes . . . Gwen says she knows, shes Janes birth mother. Gwen says but she is Janes true mother. Gwen says she cant do this anymore, it has to stop, shes done. Ethan asks what she means done, does she want to end their marriage? Gwen says he could finally be with Theresa and not feel guilty. Wouldnt that make him happy? Ethan says he doesnt want a divorce. Gwen asks Ethan for the truth, did he feel happy about her saying she was done, that he could be with Theresa. Ethan says no, his marriage and family are important to him. Gwen says she feels he would rather be with Theresa, hes always running to her side. Gwen says she doesnt want to spend her life with a man that is always thinking of another woman. She tells him to be a man and make up his mind as to who he wants.

Julian finally gets a chance to talk to Eve, he wants to know why shes being so cold to him? Eve says she doesnt know if she knows him. She thinks this new Julian was just an act. She says she has too much to do and cant talk now. Eve walks off, Julian says if he has to be like his father to keep Eve in his life then so be it. 

Miguel goes in and sits with Pilar. He talks to her, she wakes up. He tells her that she doesnt have to speak. Pilar says she wants to speak. She tells him that she loves him and is so happy to have him home. He says hes not leaving. He asks Miguel to promise to do something for her before . . . Miguel says she will be fine. Pilar says promise her that he will be with Kay. She says they should be a family. Miguel says shes going to marry Fox. Pilar says hes the one she loves. Miguel turns around and sees Fox, Siren and Kay watching. Miguel admits he loves Kay. Pilar says then go be a family with her. Pilar begins coughing, he asks if he should get the doctor? Pilar says just promise her that he will be with Kay. Miguel tells her not to upset herself, to get some rest. He says he promises, now get some sleep. Eve comes in to check on Pilar, she thinks Pilar is upset. Pilar says shes not, shes happy. Miguel leaves, Kay asks how Pilar is? Miguel says shes trying hard to get better. 

Julian talks with Fox about Kay and Miguel again. Fox says Kay is just upset about Pilar. Julian continues to warn him to be careful of losing Kay to Miguel. Julian says dont be nice, take a page out of Alistairs book if he has to. He says dont show anger and dont go off half cocked.

Jared brings Theresa something to drink. He asks how shes holding up? She says better now that hes here. Jared says hes here as long as she needs him. Later Whitney talks to Theresa again. Shes finding it hard to believe Theresa is with another man thats not Ethan. Theresa says she wouldnt have thought it was possible either. They talk about how maybe Theresa does have a future with Jared. Jared returns to Theresas side, he says her mom is strong like her and will be all right. Theresa thanks him for being here for her, they kiss. 

Gwen and Ethan watch them kiss. Gwen knows Ethan cant stand it. She tells him to make up his mind, which woman does he want to be with?


August 24, 2006

At the Bennett house, Luis arrests Spike. Spike says he didnt rob the mansion and he has an alibi. Luis doesnt think so, he says Spike will go down and so will his accomplice. Luis says Spike is too stupid to rob the mansion himself, he knows he had help and he'll find that person. Spike says he cant find something or someone that doesnt exist, there is nothing to tie him to the robbery. Spike looks in the corner, Luis suspects he stashed something he stole from the mansion. Luis looks around, he thinks this will be easier than he thought. Luis opens up a box by the fireplace where Spike was storing things earlier. Of course there is nothing in it. Spike tells Luis to uncuff him, but Luis refuses. Spike continues to claim he was at the fair. Luis says Jessica said she didnt see him. Spike says he thought he saw Jessica but he guesses he didnt. However he says Chris (played by a new guy temporarily) did see him there. Sheridan asks if Chris saw him there? Spike says tell them, they even spoke. Chris lies and says he did see him there. Luis asks why Chris didnt speak up sooner? Spike says he forgot, it slipped his mind. Chris says he did see him there, he was eating a hot dog. Spike says see he told him. Jessica says Spike promised not to do anything illegal anymore, hes kept his word. Luis asks Chris how long ago he saw him there? Chris says 2 to 3 hours ago. Luis still thinks Spike is the one who did this, hell find out how he did it. Spike tells Luis he cant blame him for this, Jessica says Spike is right. Fancy lets Spike go, she tells Luis they have no choice. Luis tells Spike that hes not completely off the hook, he will be watching him. Luis says if Spike makes one false move then hes coming down on him like a ton of bricks. He also recommends Spike not leave town anytime soon as he's going to start investigating those murdered johns again. Spike tells Luis if he keeps busting his chops then hell report him to Sam for harassing him. Fancy tells Luis they should go, but Luis says hes the cop and he says when they go. Fancy tells Luis they cant arrest Spike now no matter how much he wants to. Luis tells Jessica to keep an eye on this one. Luis and Fancy go to leave, Sheridan and Chris decide to leave too. They leave and Spike suggests to Jessica they go upstairs and have fun. Jessica says no, she hasnt seen him all night so how did he know she was attacked? How did he know Paloma and Fancy saved her? Spike says Chris told him when he saw her at the fair. Jessica says why he went to thank Fancy before he came to check on her? Spike says he was just so happy and grateful. He says he loves her so much, she knows that. He suggests they go upstairs so he can show her just how much. Jessica ends up buying his lies. She then goes to get him some beers. When shes out of the room Spike finds the loot he hid, which was in a secret door underneath the box Luis checked out. He thinks with a few more strings pulled hell be a very rich man very soon. Later Jessica talks to Spike, Luis threatened to reopen the murder investigation on those johns. She says what if Luis finds out she was the one who killed them? Spike tells her not to worry, he wont let Luis find out. She asks how hell stop him? Spike says he has his ways.

Luis calls the hospital to check on his mom. He learns shes okay and stable. He then tells Fancy that he knows Spike did it and he could have arrested him if Fancy hadnt let him go. Fancy says dont blame her there is no way to link Spike to the shorting. Luis apologizes, he says hes just frustrated. Luis takes Fancy home and checks out her room to make sure shes safe and sound. He tells her to rest up. Fancy suggests Luis get some rest too. She says hes too wound up, he needs to relax. Luis says he just wants to nail Spike. Fancy says it wont be easy especially with Chris alibi. Luis says yeah but he gets a bad feeling about Chris. Fancy thinks that is because of Aunt Sheridan, and she asks why Chris would protect a thug like Spike? Luis doesnt know. Luis' neck becomes all tense, he says it happens when he gets stressed. Fancy says she knows how to make him feel better. She gives him some towels. She says strip and follow her. They end up in a sauna together, Fancy gives him a neck massage. Eventually they start kissing one another.

Chris and Sheridan return home. Chris talks about how it sickens him to think someone broke into the house and shot Pilar. Sheridan says this isnt his fault so dont worry too much. She says Rebecca may have given the to someone, one of her escorts perhaps, or perhaps one of Fathers goons came back to plunder the mansion. Chris suggests they have that code changed, whoever did this could come back. Sheridan thinks hes right, and perhaps tonights intruder is the same person who shot him. Chris says its a possibility. Sheridan wonders who would do such a thing? Later they get into bed, Sheridan talks about how life is so fragile, one minute Pilar is fine and the next minute shes fighting for her life. She knows Luis wont rest until he finds who shot his mother. Chris says speaking of Luis, he and Fancy were great dancing at the fair tonight. He says they looked so natural together. Sheridan says they do make quiet a couple. Chris says Luis may not have gotten his man but he got his woman.

At the hospital, Jared continues to support Theresa. Jared walks Theresa back up to the mansion. She talks about how shes trying to make this place more hospitable for her son, and she tries to spend a lot of time at her moms house so Little Ethan realizes not everyone grows up in a mansion with all this stuff. Theresa says she wants her son to appreciate the finer things in life, but not to be consumed with possessing them. Jared tells her that shes a good mom and he feels even more like an idiot for thinking what he did of her. They end up sharing more kisses. Julian walks in on them and suggests they get a room as there is a child in this house. Theresa tells Julian not to start with her considering what he and Rebecca used to do in this house. Theresa explains to Jared how Rebecca and Julian used to treat this whole house as a sex amusement park which included a donkey. Julian is drunk and is ranting and raving about this house being burglarized and for Theresa not to touch things when she and Jared go upstairs, they need to preserve the evidence. Theresa reminds Julian that she is in charge here and will determine what is and isnt touched and investigated. Julian says her mother was shot, shouldnt she want the criminal found? Theresa says her brother will find the person. Julian says that some files were stolen, he needs them back. Theresa asks if hes doing business behind her back? He says these files pertain to older business he and his father did. Theresa says she hopes they won't tarnish the reputation of the company, she's trying to clean it up. He changes the subject, he talks about how hes taking their son to see the Red Sox in Boston tomorrow. Theresa says she forbids that.

Back at the hospital, Gwen tells Ethan that he needs to decide who he wants to be with, her or Theresa? Ethan says Theresa needed help tonight. Gwen says no Ethan needs help, its not normal for him to rush to Theresas side when hes married to her. She says get help getting over Theresa or they need to get a divorce. Gwen says he has to make up his mind, does he want to be with her or Theresa? Ethan is speechless, Gwen is shocked. She says the fact that he would consider being with Theresa after everything shes done is crazy and creepy. Gwen begins going down the usual list of what Theresa has done to them. She asks how on earth he could love Theresa is beyond her, but if he wants to be with her then do it. She says decide now, if he doesnt then shes filing for divorce. Ethan says nothing. Gwen says shes leaving, she doesnt deserve to be second best, she deserves a man who loves her as much as she loves him. She goes to leave, but Ethan stops her. He says he made his choice when he married her. He continues to say he cant help but feel connected to Theresa because shes Janes mother. Gwen says its more than that and he knows it. She says she cant do this anymore. She says he needs to make a clean break with Theresa, but she doesnt think he can. They argue back and forth. Ethans phone rings and she says gee I wonder who that is? It turns out it is Julian, he demands he come to the mansion immediately as there is a problem with Little Ethan. Ethan says he and Gwen are on their way.

Back at the mansion, Theresa and Julian continue to argue. Theresa tells Julian tomorrow when hes sober he wont give a damn about this game or Little Ethan. Jared agrees, he is intoxicated. Julian asks who he is? Theresa says leave him out of this, hes just a friend. Theresa says nobody, not even Little Ethan, should have to deal with him like this. Julian says if she continues to deny him his son then he will see she loses Little Ethan forever. Theresa says never! She says she is the boys mother and Alistair legally adopted him, Julian is out of luck. Ethan and Gwen show up, Gwen says she should have know Theresa was behind this. Julian says he wants to take Ethan to a Red Sox game tomorrow and Theresa wont let her. Theresa says Julian has been drinking again. Julian says hell be fine tomorrow. Ethan asks Julian if he will drink with Little Ethan, Julian says no. Ethan says then he sees no problem with Julian taking Little Ethan. Jared says Julian has drank a bit too much. Julian says he didnt drive and he wont drive tomorrow, that is what chauffeurs are for. Theresa reminds Julian this is her house and shes in charge. He says to think Theresas mother used to scrub his toilet. Ethan tells Julian to go easy, Pilar was shot tonight. Julian says its so frustrating when Theresa is being unreasonable. Ethan says she is being unreasonable, Julian has every right to Little Ethan. Theresa says he doesnt, but Ethan says he does as his biological father. Ethan says it doesnt matter that Alistair made him his heir, and no court will deny Julian from seeing his son. Theresa says she forbids Julian from taking her son to Boston. Julian threatens to file a suit against her. Theresa says try it, shell see him in court. Theresa vows to play the Mrs. Crane part to keep her son if she has to. She then storms out of the room. Ethan tells Julian that he doesnt know why shes being so unreasonable. Julian says all he wants is his parental rights upheld. Ethan says they will be and Theresa knows that true. Gwen says she doesnt know why Theresa is willing to go to the mat for a lost cause, unless it isnt one. Ethan agrees, its like Theresa knows something shes not telling them. Julian says he has every right to his son. Ethan says Theresa will learn that the hard way. Julian says Theresas new sidekick Jared isnt helping either. 

Meanwhile, Theresa tells Jared shell be forced to bury Julian if he takes her to court, and she has enough dirt to do it. He says how Mrs. Crane of her. Theresa says when it comes to her son all bets are off. Jared asks what if Ethan represents Julian? Theresa says the bottom line is nobody knows what she has sacrificed for her sons future, and if Ethan jeopardizes it then shell crush Ethan and Julian. 


August 25, 2006

Ethan is in bed making love to someone, who turns out to be Theresa. Of course it turns out it was a dream. He wakes up, Gwen asks if hes okay. He says just a dream. She wonders if it had Spanish subtitles. Ethan says theyve been through this, he loves her and only her. She says hes said that a thousand times but Theresa always creeps back into their lives. He says not this time, shes moving on with Jared. Gwen asks if hes moved on? Ethan asks if he would have agreed to help Julian if he was still pining away for Theresa? He tells Gwen that she has no reason to worry. He says hes going to shower and shave. Gwen tells herself that shes not worried about Theresa, shes worried about Ethan not being able to let her to go.

Ethan goes to the hospital to check on Pilar. He says he knows shell be okay. Pilar wakes up and sees Ethan is sitting by her. He tells her not to talk. She says no she has to speak to him. She tells Ethan that he said shes been like a second mother to him. He says that is right, he loves her very much. Pilar says she loves him too, and she will give him the same advice she gave her son. She tells him to leave Gwen, he belongs with Theresa, Jane and Little Ethan, they are his family. Pilar tells him to hear her out, Jane is his daughter and Little Ethan is his son. Ethan says his son? Pilar says hes like a son to him, hes the only father Little Ethan has known. She urges him to be with Theresa. Ethan says he loves Gwen, Theresa is with Jared. Pilar says if he leaves Gwen then Theresa will leave Jared. She begs Ethan to think about it. He says he will think about it. Ethan leaves. Pilar says she knows shes telling Ethan to commit a sin, but Ethan belongs with his children and Theresa. 

Jared shows up at Crane Industries to see Theresa. He got a message from her. She has something to discuss with him. She offers him the position he interviewed for. He says no. She asks if he took another job? He says no, he just doesnt want the position because they are dating. She says that isnt why shes offering him this, he has everything she is looking for and would be a strong asset to her and Crane Industries. She says she looked into his resume, hes a lawyer and passed the bar with flying colors. He also has his MBA. Jared says if he takes this job he wants to be reviewed in six months, he thinks they will see hes worth double what they offer. She says hes not shy asking for more. He says they are getting the best. She agrees to hire him on those terms. She hands him the contracts, he looks over it and sees it has Ethans name on it. Theresa says that must have been left in by mistake. She says Ethan was offered the job but turned it down. He wonders if she was the reason he turned it down. Jared knows they had a thing. He wonders if Theresa is trying to get him to fill Ethans spot in the work place and in the real world? Theresa says she is trying to move on and live a life without Ethan and the emotional chaos loving him caused everyone. She says focusing on this company and dating is part of moving on. She also says people arent interchangeable, she cant replace him or Ethan or her mother if she tried. Theresa says theyve had enough drama as is, she doesnt want him to think shes playing him a second time. Theresa then gets an important business call, she tells Jared its short notice but she needs help with this call and help closing some deal. They have a talk with a German company, the guy doesnt believe his companys revenue will increase as much as Theresa is claiming. Jared takes over and convinces the owner of the company that his revenue will increase more. He ends up sealing the deal, Theresa tells him that hes amazing. They end up sharing a kiss. Of course Ethan walks in on them, hes not happy. He sneaks back out before hes seen. Jared ends up getting to work, Theresa says his office should be ready just look for his name on the door. Jared then leaves. Ethan then sneaks in and hears Theresa leaving a message for Whitney about how Jared took the job and how amazing he is. Ethan hears her tell Whitney that shes starting to fall for him. 

At the cottage, TempChris and Sheridan are in one anothers arms. They talk about how much they love one another. He asks if something is wrong? She says she cant stop thinking about Pilar being shot last night and him being shot as well. She doesnt know how anyone got a hold of the code. Chris says it is like she said, Rebecca probably gave it to one of her escorts. Sheridan says she guesses and she says Luis will find whoever shot her mom and whoever helped them. They decide to go out to breakfast. Sheridan tells Chris how lucky she feels to have him in her life, she knows she can trust him, he will never hurt or disappoint her. 

Chris and Sheridan head out to the Book Caf for breakfast. Chris asks Sheridan what she wants to do today. Sheridan says she was thinking about what she wanted to do with her life actually. She has decided she wants to work at Crane, she was going to try and take over Fancys job at fashion design. She says she was always on the best dressed list when she lived in New York. Chris tells her to go for it, he thinks it is a great idea. Spike shows up and sees them talking and listens in. Chris says hes been thinking about working again too. He says hes going to go get an accounting job. Sheridan asks if hes allowed to work again after everything that happened with the mob. Chris says if he flies right sure. Sheridan suggests he work at Crane too. Spike hears this and likes the idea. Sheridan says if they both work there then James can go to day care and they can all go into work together. Chris says no, he wants to be an independent man, independent of her family and money. He hopes she understands. She says she does and she loves him more, she has so much more respect for him right now. Spike thinks hes an idiot, hes letting a golden opportunity passing them by. Gwen shows up, they invite her to join them. Chris gets a text message to meet Spike in the back of the caf. Hes not pleased. He excuses himself. Gwen talks to Sheridan about how Theresa is still a problem. Sheridan though Theresa was moving on and giving up Ethan. Gwen says she is, but Ethan cant seem to let her go. Gwen tells Sheridan that she gave Ethan an ultimatum and he chose her. However she doesnt know if its out of obligation or because he wants to be with her. Gwen says she is afraid part of his heart is still with Theresa. Gwen changes the subject to Chris, they seem to be doing great. Sheridan says hes wonderful, she tells her about how she and Chris want to start working again. Sheridan thinks she can trust Chris completely. They end up talking about Theresa and Ethan again, Sheridan suggests she give Ethan time to let it sink in that Theresa has moved on. She says its like Luis when he found out about her and Chris.

Chris meets with Spike, he doesnt want to talk to him or be seen with him. They argue, Spike assures Chris that they have nothing on him. Chris says Sam and Luis know hes dirty and are waiting for him to muck up. Spike says she wont get his hands dirty anytime soon. Chris asks about the dead johns, but Spike says its none of his business. Chris wants Spike to stay out of his life, but Spike says their partnership is just beginning. He orders Chris to take that job and then funnel money from Crane to the bank of Spike. Chris refuses, Spike continues to blackmail him. Chris still wont do it. Spike says have it his way, hell just go Sheridan all about Chicago. Chris says he knows about that? Spike says he knows everything! Gwen ends up leaving and Sheridan begins searching for Chris. Spike asks Chris if Sheridan is going to find out what a bad boy hes been?

At the station, Fancy is in her dress khakis. Sam shows up and sees Fancy, she brings him his coffee and calls him sir. He says just call her Sam. She asks how her mom is doing. Sam says shes doing better, she was upset to learn Pilar was shot. Fancy says she still doesnt understand how anyone got her familys alarm code to get in. Sam asks if Luis is here, Fancy says she hasnt seen him. She says maybe he went by the hospital. Sam knows Luis wont rest till he finds the person who did this. Luis walks in and says damn right! He says when he finds this person he will deal with them himself and in his way. Sam says he cant use his position on the force to play vigilante, he doesnt want to have to take him off this case. Luis says dont do that. He says hes just angry. Sam understands that, but dont do anything to Spike to make him angry and do anything else. Sam says he read Luis report, it seems Spike has an alibi. Luis says he hasnt even written the report. Sam says its right here. Fancy says she better go get ready for class. Luis stops her, he knows she wrote this report. She says she did it to help him, she thought he wouldnt have time to do it. Luis says shes never written a report, it has to be unbiased, accurate and thorough. A listening Sam says it was a well written report and very thorough. Fancy thanks Sam. Luis says dont coddle her. Sam says all hes saying it was a good report. Luis thanks Fancy. She says that is it? He says thank a lot, he appreciates it. He says dont do it again without asking him. Fancy thought being a good cop meant taking initiative. Sam says she has him there. Luis says hes not a cop yet, she still defers to him. Fancy says yes sir. Fancy walks off to the class room. Sam tells Luis he and Fancy are unbelievable. Luis asks what hes talking about? Sam tells Luis he knows what hes talking about, he just doesnt want to admit it. Sam and Luis talk about the case, Luis is beginning to suspect Chris may have lied for Spike. Sam asks if he knows something about Sheridans husband that they dont? Luis says he has nothing on Chris. Sam wonders if Luis would be this suspicious of Chris if he wasnt Sheridans husband? Luis says this has nothing to do with Chris being married to Sheridan and everything with him standing up for Spike, good guys dont do things like that. Sam switches topics, they talk about the Lobster Shack attack and Fancy and whether shell be a good cop. Luis doesnt know if Fancy can make the sacrifices needed being a cop. Sam admits he loves his job, but he wonders if working the long hours had an impact on his marriage to Grace. Luis agrees somewhat, you cant be committed to the job and have a relationship. A spying Fancy vows to Show Luis that it is possible. Later Luis gets the report on the gun and bullet used to shoot his mother, it matches the same bullet used in a shooting at a night club Spike owns. He says it also matches the bullet from the gun that shot Chris. Luis says something is going on here and he will find out what.

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