August 28, 2006

At Tabithas, Kay begins working on the spell to undo Sirens spell. She also wants to use the second spell to get rid of Siren. Tabitha says hush, Endora is fond of Siren. Tabitha has gathered all the ingredients, Endora starts the fire under the cauldron. Kay sees how complicated the spell is. Kay hopes fox and Siren dont find out what they are doing. Fox and Siren walk in, Fox asks what that is supposed to mean. Tabitha claims they were planning a double surprise birthday party, it turns out Fox and Siren have birthdays close together. Tabitha says she was making a batch of her famous polenta as well. Tabitha has covered the ingredients on the table, Kay sends Fox off to run some chores. He leaves and Siren finds out that they are working on the spell to break her curse. She tells them theyll never be able to cast that spell, for starters she has to have her tail and Fox has to be here for it to work too. Siren walks off. Tabitha tells Kay their plan is foiled, dont let Siren go into the sun room. She calls them amateurs and goes to see what they are hiding. They trick her into going in there. They then splash water on her and tie her hands and gag Siren. Kay tells Siren that its magic time. Fox returns with a box Kay asked him to get, inside is some strange costume. Kay says it will all be explained. Later Kay is going through the spell list, everything is done except getting Fox into that costume. She says once hes in the costume he has to shoot an arrow and hit Siren. Endora doesnt want Siren hurt. Kay says she wont be hurt, much. Siren begins screaming through the gag, Kay finds her tail is disappearing. They throw more water on her and get her tail back. Fox shows up, he asks what Kay needs him to do next? He then thinks the polenta Tabitha cooking smells a bit terrible, they should order Chinese. Kay says never mind it, she asks Fox to put on this cupid costume. He asks why? She says Marias daycare is making a hunks calendar to raise money and hes Mr. February. She says please, but he says no way. He says this doesnt look like cupid unless he was in an extra in a gay pride parade. He also refuses to have this photo make it onto the internet let alone be seen around town. Kay suggests they can photoshop it and put someone elses head on it. She suggests that guy across the street who dinged his car, his daughter is in Marias class and theyll put his head on it. Fox agrees to do this. Kay checks on Siren again and rewets her tail. Fox leaves to get changed, Tabitha and Kay continue with the spell, with Endoras help. Endora ends up conjuring a heart target with Siren placed behind it. Sirens gold tail fanny is the bull's-eye. Fox yells out that he  is embarrassed by the outfit, Kay tells him to just get out here. She says get out here, she wants to see him. He shows up, Endora claps. Tabitha says hes adorable. Kay tells him to shoot the arrow and hit the target. Fox says shes lucky there is a target or hed shoot her instead. Kay tells him to fire, but he says she needs a camera. Tabitha thinks they are done for, Endora conjures up a camera. Fox then tries to hit the bulls-eye. He misses the first time, and the second. Sirens tail begins to vanish, Tabitha realizes she needs more water.

At the station, Luis says the same gun used to shoot Chris and his mom was used in a nightclub shooting. Luis says something smells. He says hes going to question both Spike and Chris, and if either of them were involved in his moms shooting then it will get ugly fast. Luis decides to go talk to Spike. Fancy wants to come but he forbids her, he says hold down the fort. After Luis leaves, she says sorry but a good cop always stays close to their partner. She hopes one day soon they'll be partners in more ways than one.

Spike is somewhere talking about how hell be very rich soon. Suddenly Luis grabs Spike from behind and puts him in a choke hold. He demands Spike tell him who let him into the mansion to shoot his mother. Fancy shows up and tells Luis to stop, let him go. Luis lets Spike go and talks to Fancy. Luis is angry that Fancy followed him. Fancy says he was angry when he left, and Spike could bring him up on charges. Luis says he is trying to get a confession out of Spike. Luis tells Fancy to follow his lead. Luis returns to questioning Spike, who keeps claiming he had nothing to do with the shooting. Luis tells Spike hes screwed up, his accomplice is already ratting him out. Luis suggests to Fancy they get out of here. Spike panics, he asks who is lying about him? They are about to leave when Spike says okay hell talk, hell tell them whatever they want to know. Spike cries that he doesnt know how he got himself into this mess. Luis says hell get them a good lawyer. Spike says thanks, but then calls Luis a sucker! Spike thinks if Luis had anything on him that hed arrested him a long time ago. Spike then asks how mommy is doing anyways? Luis then attacks Spike. Spike soon pulls a knife on Luis and tries to attack him. Fancy tells Luis to stop this, Spike says this is police brutality and Fancy is his witness. Fancy claims she has hysterical blindness, she didnt see a thing. Spike asks how theyll explain his bruised or broken rib? Fancy throws some booze on the floor and says it looks like he slipped on some booze while getting drunk. Spike says its too bad Fancy didnt get thrown to the lions by her grampy. Luis asks how he knows about the lions? What does he know about Alistair? Spike says he just did a little work for him, that was it. Luis warns Spike he has evidence and hell be rotting in a jail cell soon enough. Spike says he has nothing on him. He then slips on the booze and falls down! 

Luis and Fancy return to the station, Fancy tells him that his temper isnt helping. Luis says he knows. He also admits if she didnt follow him hed probably have killed Spike. Luis knows that guy is guilty, Fancy thinks so too. Luis says she may have cop instincts after all. Luis vows to make Spike and his accomplice pay for this. 

At the Book Caf, Spike continues to blackmail Sheridan. He says hell tell Sheridan the truth about Chris. Chris says he cant do that, he wont lose Sheridan. Chris says hell do whatever Spike wants. Spike tells Chris that he is his forever and a day, dont forget it. Spike vanishes, Chris tells Sheridan how much he loves her. They talk about Sheridan going to work at Crane, Sheridan says she is still impressed about him not taking that job at Crane as is Gwen. Chris says about that, he changed his mind hed like help getting a job at Crane. Sheridan says the problem is if his co-workers know how he got the job he could be resented for it. She says shell think it over. Chris thinks it will be best for them, they can both spend more time with James this way. He says if people resent him then hell get over it. She agrees to help him get the job. Sheridan excuses herself to make some purchases, Chris calls Spike to let him know he got the job. Spike says the time table is going to have to be moved up since Luis is all over him.

At Crane, Ethan listens in as Theresa tells Whitney how great Jared is, how smart he is, how she thinks shes over Ethan and wants to spend her life with Jared. Theresa tells Whitney that she has to go. Ethan comes in to see Theresa, she asks if they have a meeting? He says no, but they have to talk about Julians request. Theresa wont hear of it, they argue over Julians request. Theresa doesnt understand how Ethan can take Julians side against her. Ethan says how about the people shes teamed up with lately, shell do anything without regard for the other people in her life. Theresa asks what he is talking about? Ethan says forget it, hes here about Julian. Theresa says no. Ethan says Julian has parental rights. Theresa says not if the courts take them away, that is how he and Gwen stole her daughter. Ethan says lets stick to the subject which is Little Ethan. He says Julian only wants shared custody and they live in the same mansion. Theresa says but if he has custody then he can take Ethan away from up to six months. Ethan says not without her permission and they can work this out. He says Julian is Little Ethans biological father. Ethan says a boy deserves to have his father in his life. Ethan says she has made it difficult for Julian to see his son since day one. Theresa says her son needs a good influence and role model, and that is not Julian. Theresa says she would give anything for her son to have his father and for them to be a family. Ethan says then give Julian custody. Theresa says no, hes unpredictable. Theresa says Julian could get bored and drop Little Ethan in a second. She says what if he turns into the old Julian again? She says he was a selfish bastard for far too long and he could backslide. She says she knows Ethan wont do that to her son, he promised to always be in her sons life. Ethan says he will, but she should be worried about the other man in her life. He says single mommies who have boyfriends come and go cause problems for their kids, they dont learn  to form attachments. Theresa says so this is about Jared? Ethan says he doesnt think Jared is good for her or Little Ethan, she needs to get rid of that guy. She asks if he has proof hes a bad guy? Ethan says no. Theresa says well she needs proof because everything she has says hes an upstanding guy. She thinks the problem is that Jared feels so right in her arms that Ethan cant stand it. Theresa says she never thought any guy but him would make her happy, but he does. Ethan says he wont make her happy, hes not the right guy. Theresa asks who the right guy is then? Theresa says this isnt about Jared, its about the fact that Jared is not Ethan. She says there will never be a guy for her that he approves of will there? She asks Ethan if he wants her to end up alone and pining after him? Theresa says she wants to be happy and theyve established that it wont be with him. Ethan says yes. Theresa says then let her live her life. She says he chose duty and Gwen, so he needs to let her make her own mistakes and find out who the right . . . Ethan pulls her into a kiss.


August 29, 2006

At Tabithas, Tabitha tells Kay that Fox has to hit Sirens butt while she has the tail. Sirens tail is disappearing, they need to get water on her. Kay doesnt know how to do that without alerting Fox to what is going on. Kay distracts Fox with a kiss while Tabitha grabs a vase of water. She hands it off to Kay who dumps it on Siren. Fox then hits the bulls eye. Fox asks why she threw water everything? Kay says for effect, to make it look wet in the picture. She says it will look cool. He asks if he can take this outfit off now, she says yes. He leaves to change. Kay pulls the arrow out of Siren and puts it in the pot as she recites MacBeth. Siren frees herself and says Kay will never manage all three parts of the spell, its too hard. Kay vows she will. Kay is waiting for something to happen. Endoras spell on Siren keeping her chained to the heart wears off, the target disappears. Siren tells them watching them try this spell and fail has been fun, but she has to go seduce Miguel now. Suddenly the cauldron glows, Tabitha says the first part was a success. Kay and Siren fight over the book, Siren gets the book from Kay. Tabitha tells Endora that Fox needs her help, do something. Endora zaps Siren outside and locks all the doors. Kay gets the book and tells Siren to go away. Siren is throwing a fit outside. Tabitha fears Fox will hear her banging, so Endora casts a silence spell on Siren. Siren decides to climb into a window on the second floor. Meanwhile Tabitha and Kay work on the next part of the spell, which means Fox has to make Endora laugh while hoping on one foot under a ladder and eating an oyster and holding a candle. Kay says this isnt simple, but Tabitha says they just have to make Endora cry and get Fox to cheer her up. Endora begins crying and Fox shows up and  asks what is going on? Kay says Endora is upset and they cant calm her down. They tell Fox to make funny faces to amuse her. As he tries, Kay and Tabitha set up the other props. Fox sees them and asks what this is for? Tabitha says props to help Endora. Tabitha soon learns, via a magic watch, that Siren is climbing up the trellis, there is a window open upstairs. Tabitha sings a song to Endora to try and cheer her up, telling her to close the upstairs window. Endora gets the message and zaps it closed. They next tell Fox to stand on one leg and hop up and down. Fox does it with them. Fox begins thinking this is all ridiculous. Tabitha and Kay realize Siren is coming down the chimney, Kay says thats reserved for Santa. Tabitha says not in this house. Kay speeds things up, she tries to feed fox and oyster and get him under the ladder. Siren shows up, having come down the chimney. Fox wonders if they are cooking Tuna? Kay tries to get Fox to eat the oyster, but he says not till Endora cheers up. Tabitha distracts Siren with fresh seafood, Fox is able to do all the required stupid tricks. Sirens silence spell ends up wearing off. Tabitha warns Siren not to say anything or she blows her own cover. Fox still doesnt understand this, he says hes had enough of them for the day. He says hes checking in with the office and leaves. Siren warns Kay she still wont complete the spell, Fox is hers forever. Siren asks Kay if shes seen what the third part requires? Kay says no. She and Tabitha look at it, Tabitha says this will be difficult. Tabitha says this will make everything Kay has ever done before with magic look like childs play.

At the station, Luis tells Fancy this is why police work can be frustrating. He says he knows Spike shot Chris and his mother, but there is nothing he can do about it as he doesnt have enough proof. Fancy asks if he really believes Chris is mixed up in this? None of them know anything other than what Sheridan has told them. Luis says shes always been too trusting, hes doing a background check on Chris. He says he doesnt want Sheridan hooked up with some criminal. Fancy hopes one day Luis will worry about her as much as he does Sheridan. Later Luis begins showing Fancy how to load a gun and hold it. He takes her to the shooting range for some practice. He teaches her the standard position and then fires. He gets two bulls eyes. Luis says hes been at this a long time. He tells Fancy to try, She holds it with one hand, he shows her how to hold it properly. Fancy of course misses the target all together. Luis gets in close behind Fancy to help her fire the gun properly. They end up sharing a major kiss because they get so turned on over their close proximity to one another. Of course it was all in Fancys head, there was no kiss. The second time Fancy shoots she hits the target, he says shes a natural. She says no its his good teaching, he made her really understand it all.

Sheridan and Chris return to the cottage, Chris is feeling guilty about getting this job for Spike. Chris ends up getting all dressed up for a job interview. Sheridan says she is liking the idea of them both working at Crane, they both will be able to have lunch together. To himself Chris hopes Sheridan wont be able to get him the job then Spike cant blackmail him. Chris phone begins ringing, he claims its just another firm he interviewed at. Sheridan says he should probably tell them he has a job. He eventually takes the call when Sheridan leaves the room, she's gone to get him a briefcase. He says he hasnt heard from them since Alistair died. He learns Luis is doing a background check on him. Sheridan returns asking Chris why he looks upset? Is it about turning down that other job? She says he can work there if he wants to. Chris says no its okay. Sheridan says she just spoke with Valerie, he has the job, he doesnt even have to interview for it. She says she has to go to the station and sign a statement about his shooting. Chris asks if the police have to be involved? Sheridan says Sam insisted. Chris panics. After Sheridan leaves Chris tells the person on the phone that he has to stop Luis now! Chris soon learns the check has been stopped, his file was wiped clean years ago. Chris feels bad, hes gone from being Alistairs puppet to Spikes puppet. He wonders what hes doing to the woman he loves. Chris says Luis would be dead if it wasnt for him, and its good to know Luis is the enemy. He says it makes it easier to do what he has to in order to make sure Luis never takes Sheridan from him.

Back at the station, Luis gets the background report on Chris. He says he cant believe this. It turns out the national database is down and it will take time to get the check. As Luis is calling Interpol for the check, Sheridan walks in and learns what hes up to. She says how dare he do this!

On the courts, Jared and Chad are playing some shirtless basketball. Jared talks about how his new job is great as is Theresa. Jared says he may have found the woman he wants to spend his life with. Chad asks if he means marriage? Jared says he knows they arent even close to that, but hes just thinking down the road. Chad says they barely know one another and remember, Ethan and Theresa were together for a long time. Jared says thats not a problem, Ethan is yesterdays news and he is Theresas future. Jared ends up beating Chad, which Chad says is unheard of around here. Jared says when hes hot hes hot, they should get back to work.

At Crane, Theresa stops Ethan from kissing her. She asks what that was? He says hes sorry. She says what the hell is going on here? Ethan says he lost control, it was wrong for him to do that. Theresa says Ethan has to let her go. She says what happened to Gwen is my life, I will never leave my wife Theresa. He says hes sorry but he couldnt help it. He says he cant help but wonderful how happy they could have been if they had stayed together. Ethan says he has tried to deny he loves her but he cant. He says hes loved her for so long. He then pulls her into another kiss! She yells at him again, he says hes sorry. Theresa asks where this is coming from? He says maybe its because of what Pilar said, Pilar wants him to leave Gwen and be with her. He says hes cared about Pilar his whole life, shes suddenly done a 180 and he doesnt know why. Theresa knows why but wont tell Ethan. Ethan says he doesnt know what is wrong with him. Theresa says she does, he cant bare that shes trying to move on. She says it is making him realize what he will lose. Theresa asks Ethan if he wants to be with her after afll? Ethan says she is in his heart. Theresa says so what? She says he always is telling her time and time again that love isnt enough, that marriage, duty and responsibility were important. He says he knows. He says for years shes dreamed of a family with him and the kids, he dreams about it too. Theresa says it wasnt a dream for her, she wanted it to come true. She asks Ethan if hes saying he wants to be that family? Ethan says he cant, hes married to Gwen. She says shes heard this before. He says forget the kiss, but she says she cant. He says he has a duty and obligation to Gwen and he does love her. Theresa says then let her go. She says if he doesnt want to spend his life with her then let her go. She says who she moves on with is none of his business. She tells him to get out, just go! Ethan leaves, Theresa cries Damn you Ethan! When someone returns, she yells get out and leave me alone! Its Jared, she says shes sorry. He asks what is wrong? She hugs him and cries on his shoulder. Chad peaks in and sees them together and says my my my. Ethan returns, he tells Chad he needs to talk to Theresa (again). Chad says shes busy. Ethan sees her with Jared and says damn! Ethan says he doesnt trust this guy, he has a gut feeling. Chad says hes jealous of Jared, he wants to be the one in Theresas arms.


August 30, 2006
Kay warns Siren that she will reverse the spell on Fox and stop her from doing it to any other guy. Siren says shell never get that third part of the spell cast, its just too hard. Tabitha agrees, the third part is the most challenging. Siren says give it a shot. Siren thinks the time Kay spends trying to save Fox will give her time to seduce Miguel. Kay and Siren continue to argue with one another, Kay tells Siren as soon as she finishes this spell she will never bother her and the man she loves again. Siren asks which man that would be? Fox or Miguel? Kay tells her to shut up. Kay storms off, Siren says Kay is crazy if she thinks it will be that easy to get rid of her. Tabitha says for once she agrees with fish girl. Siren tells her not to insult her! Tabitha and Siren soon start arguing, Siren says Kay is a foolish mortal and is no match for her.

Miguel is outside looking in at Kay. He wonders if he should take his moms advice or should he forget about Kay. However he says Kay acts strange around him, what if she loves him as much as he loves her? He says there is only one way to find out. 

Kay goes upstairs and reads about the third part of the spell. Fox has to become so jealous that hes ready to kill. She wonders how she makes Fox jealous enough to kill? She looks over and sees photos of Miguel on her desk. She says of course! She says she hates to hurt Fox, but its for his own good. Tabitha later shows up to find out what Kay will do. She says whatever it takes to complete the third part of the spell. She knows its hard, but shes going to use Miguel. Tabitha casts her a look as if to say "Oh Brother!"

Spike shows up at the cottage. Chris asks why hes here in broad daylight and how did he get passed security? Spike says he has his ways. Chris says if he gets caught with him one more time then its over for them both. Chris tells Spike to get out of his house. Spike says you mean your wifes house. Spike says he just got here, he hasn't even had any coffee. Chris says he must be insane for coming back here after shooting two people. He says hes lucky Luis hasnt beaten him and left him for dead. Spike says actually he did, thats why hes here. He says Luis threatened his life. Chris laughs, but Spike says this isnt funny. He says the hot cop has to go bye bye, and Chris is going to do it! Chris asks if his drugs have fried his brains? Spike says hey he sells them, hes not stupid enough to take them. He also tells Chris not to play saint, he worked for Alistair for years. Spike says hes taken over now. Chris refuses to do anything for Spike. Spike says he will kill Luis. Chris says he didnt murder for Alistair and he wont murder for him. Chris refuses to do it, he says its insane. Chris says he already helped Spike shoot Luis mother, he wont add anymore mistakes to the list. Spike says then speed up this thing with the money so he can get out of town. Chris says he cant steal from his wifes family. Spike says hes said no to him once today, he wont do it twice. Chris says he wont steal from his family's business. Spike thinks he can do it without getting caught. Chris says people are caught embezzling every day. Spike says Chris wont, hes in the perfect position. Spike tells Chris he will do this unless he wants Sheridan to know the truth. He says if Chris doesnt do this, not only will he kill him, but hell kill Sheridan, but not before he tells her the truth about him. Spike says so what will it be? 

At the station, Sheridan is furious with Luis for doing a background check on Chris. She thinks this isnt about an investigation, this is about her. Sheridan accuses Luis of being jealous. Luis says that is ridiculous. He says hes investigating Chris because he feels there is a reason, and because hes worried about her. She says dont be, Chris is a wonderful man and father. Luis says if hes wrong hell admit it, but he is doing this investigation. She says fine waste tax payers money. Fancy suggest Sheridan go home. Sheridan asks whose side she is on, she should be talking Luis out of this. Fancy tells Sheridan that she agrees with Luis. She says it is a little strange that Chris is the only person who saw Spike at the fair. Sheridan says its not strange, the place was packed. Luis thinks that Chris is protecting Spike. Sheridan asks why hed do that? She says hed never be friends with that slime ball. Sheridan tells Luis she thinks this is about Pilar, she knows he loves her as does she. She cant blame him for wanting Spike to be the one to nail, but Spike didnt do this. Sheridan says he was at the fair. Luis says only according to Chris. Sheridan says he needs to drop this, hell never find the real shooter if he insists on nailing Spike and now hes dragging Chris into this. She says hes letting personal feeling clouding his judgment and shes disappointed in him. He tells her to just trust her, she once again brings up Marty. Luis says hes going to have to live with that for the rest of his life. He says he thought their love was strong enough to survive anything, but he knows now that isnt true. He also knows she will never come back to him, he's given up on then. She says then why is she going after her husband? He says because things about her husband dont add up. Miguel shows up to speak to Luis, Luis excuses himself to speak with Miguel. Fancy tries to calm Sheridan down. She also says there is something they have to get straight. Fancy says the night Chris was shot, Sheridan gave her her blessing to date Luis. Fancy can see its not okay, she still loves Luis and wants him for herself. Sheridan says she doesnt have time for this. Fancy says she loves her, if she wants her to back off she will. Fancy says tell her before she loses her heart to Luis completely. Sheridan says nothing has changed, shes still committed to Chris. Fancy says shes not speaking of commitments, shes speaking of who her heart is yearning for, thinking of when shes alone. Fancy asks Sheridan how she knows in a month she wont dump Chris to be with Luis? Sheridan says it wont happen, nothing will ever change her feelings for Chris. Sheridan assures Fancy she wont change her mind and wishes her luck. Fancy thinks shell need it as she watches Luis and Sheridan look at each other as Sheridan is leaving. 

Luis and Miguel talk, Miguel says hes in love with a woman who is with another guy, he doesnt know what to do. Miguel says its Kay. Luis asks if Kay knows how he feels? Miguel says hes tried to tell her and he thinks Kay feels the same way about him. However he doesnt think shell break up with Fox. Miguel then tells Luis what their mom told him, to fight to be a family with Kay and Maria. He doesnt know what to do, should he fight for Kay or just let her go? Luis says this is a tough one. Miguel says Luis has more experience than him with situations like this. Luis asks if he really loves Kay? Miguel says he does. Luis says then go for it. 

At Crane, Jared offers comfort to Theresa. They end up in a kiss, which Ethan sees. Ethan shakes his head, hes not happy. He knows Jared is just too good to be true. Theresa tells Jared they have to stop meeting like this. They continue their flirting, Jared can see something is wrong though. Theresa insists nothing is wrong. He asks if shes thinking about her ex? Theresa says Ethan is the last thing on her mind right now. Jared tells her there is something they have to get straight about Ethan, with him working downstairs wont that be awkward? She says no, it's a big building. He says it is a big building but also one parking garage, few elevators and one day care. Theresa says it wont be a problem, Ethans taken off years of her life as is, she doesnt care if she ever sees him again. Later Jared suggests they go out for lunch. She has too much to do before some meeting at the Seacliff Inn. He suggests they go over there early then and eat. Theresa agrees. Theresa runs downstairs to check on her son, Jared calls someone and asks for a favor.

Ethan returns to his office, hes furious. He keeps saying Theresa is making a mistake about Jared and he will find out what is up with him. A man then shows up to meet with Ethan. He introduces himself as Stuart Allen. He says he used to work at Crane. Ethan says he doesnt anymore? Stuart says no, long story. He explains he was working on a security program to protect against terrorism. Stuart says he walked into work one day and was canned, no warning nothing. Stuart says he was there too many years to be treated like this. He says these things happens, but his firing had nothing to do with money and budget cuts. Ethan asks so he wants to sue Crane for wrongful termination? Stuart says no, he can easily get a new job. He says he found out Crane is using his technology and he wants them stopped. Ethan says its not that easy, Crane owns any rights to any idea developed by their employees. Stuart says he owns the patent to this idea, his boss was informed about this and he wants to sue Crane for this reason. Ethan says he understands his position and he wishes he could take the case. Gwen walks in and asks why cant he? Ethan excuses himself and talks to Gwen. Gwen thinks after everything the Cranes have done to him, he would like to take this case. Ethan says this suit could devastate Crane, it would hurt others. Stuart walks out, and he says hes sorry to eavesdrop. He claims the reason he chose Ethan is that he has inside information. Ethan says and it would be unethical of him to do this. Gwen asks Mr. Allen to excuse them. He leaves, Gwen asks if he is not doing this because of Theresa. Ethan says if this case is as solid as Stuart says it would cripple Crane, they would hurt Julian, Sheridan, Fancy, Fox, both of their mothers and thousands of workers. He asks if she wants to do that out of spite for Theresa? Stuart Allen returns, he sees Ethan isnt comfortable with his offer. Stuart says if Ethan wont take the case, he will find someone else who will. Ethan says he needs time to think about it. Stuart leaves, he says hell be at the Sea Cliff inn. Gwen continues to urge Ethan to take this case. She says its a huge and high profile case, he hasnt worked in awhile and well the partners might talk that hes walking away from it. She says this could put him in line for partner, they could move to New York and she could be a full time mother to Jane. She begs him to take this case. She admits she wants Theresa to get what shes owed, she thinks the other Cranes will throw Theresa out when they learn what happened to Stuart. She says the other Cranes should be running the company anyways. Ethan says if he takes this case then it will poison his relationship with Theresa. She says that is the point.

Jared and Theresa arrive at the Sea Cliff inn, hes booked them a room for a private lunch. She tells him that hes amazing, hes always surprising her with something new. He hopes this is a good something. She says its incredible. He tells her how he thought they could use the time away from interruptions of the office. She says so he did this so they can work? He asks if she has something else in mind? She says they should do some work for the meeting. HE agrees, but first they should have champagne. He says hell let her pick out the desert. She smiles.


August 31, 2006

Outside of Tabitha's Julian shows up and runs into Fox. They chit-chat, Julian asks Fox if he has thought about their talk about Kay, about how he should stop playing nice. Fox simply says he knows Kay loves him and not Miguel, he's not worried. Fox is headed in, Julian says he'd like to come in . . . but doesn't say why.

Inside, Tabitha is telling Kay that her plan to use Miguel to make Fox jealous is a terrible one. She asks how she will explain what she did to Fox? What about poor Miguel when she drops him for Fox? Kay says she'll figure it out, she has to save Fox though. Kay heads off and Tabitha talks to Endora. They see Julian and Fox outside, Endora thinks about when Julian gave her a red balloon. She says she misses her daddy. Tabitha tells her not to start that. Julian and Fox come in, Fox goes off looking for Kay. Julian talks with Tabitha, he tells her how she's done such an amazing job with Endora. He says he'd like to spend more time with her. Tabitha says no way! Julian says she sounds like Theresa, she is fighting him for shared custody of their son. Tabitha says ditto Theresa! Julian warns her that if she fights him then he'll sue her too. She says how very Crane of him. Julian speaks of Timmy, of how he taught him to be a better person and he wants to do right by his children. Endora calls him daddy! Julian says she is an angel. That causes the boys in the basement to rumble, Tabitha simply claims it is her stomach. As Julian and Endora play, Tabitha tries to turn him into a rat, but Endora blocks her spell. Later Tabitha learns Fox is missing, and she realizes he's about to walk in on Kay.

Upstairs, Kay readies her seduction. She puts on music and puts on only a towel. Miguel walks in and she accidentally drops her towel. She picks it up. Miguel says he came to see her, they need to talk. She says just a minute. She says she should put on some clothes and kisses Miguel with a peck before she runs off. Miguel calls Luis for advice, once again Luis tells him to go for it. Kay returns and says here goes nothing as she closes the door. Meanwhile Fox is headed for Kay's room to see her.

At the station, Luis is with Fancy and Paloma. Roberto shows up to see Paloma, she's excited to see him. She re-introduces him to Luis, they remember one another from Mexico. Paloma and Roberto leave. Fancy suggests to Luis they go get a bite to eat. He says they can't, cadets and officers can't fraternize. He says it's in the book, actually officers of different ranks shouldn't even fraternize. Fancy checks the book, she realizes he's right. She moans and whines, saying she jumped into that dumpster for nothing. He says she can still quit, but Fancy says no, she loves police work. Fancy heads out for the day.

On the street, Paloma fills Roberto in on everything that happened since he left, such as her become a police woman and her mother getting shot. She says her family is more a mess now than ever.

At the cottage, Spike continues to ask Chris what his decision is? Sheridan shows up, Spike rushes to hide and knocks over an orchid on his way out. Sheridan comes in, she doesn't see Spike but she sees the orchid. She's upset at chris for knocking it over. He claims he accidentally did it while cleaning. She says orchids are so delicate, she just got this one to bloom. She doubts it will recover from the crash to the floor. He says he'll buy her another, but she says she wants this one. We see a flashback, of course it was a gift from Luis. Chris offers to help her save it, they work to try and keep it alive. Later Chris asks how it went at the station. Sheridan tells him about Luis running a background check on him and suspecting him of being in cahoots with Spike. Chris is troubled, Sheridan asks what is wrong? He says he's just upset that Luis would suspect him, he saved his life after all. Sheridan assures Chris that she knows he is a good man.

At the pool house Spike is stealing some booze when Fancy shows up. He hides, she moans about how she's not going to get to spend time with Luis now. Fancy soon hears a noise. Later we see Luis show up looking for Fancy. He sees her face down in the pool.

At the Inn, Ethan arrives to meet Stuart Allen. He is told to go to room 434, which happens to be where Jared and Theresa are steaming up the sheets. He is of course stunned and says "My God!" Theresa tries to run after him, but he takes off. She feels bad, he looked so hurt. Jared says Ethan made his choice remember. She says yes and she has moved on. Meanwhile, Ethan finds Stuart Allen. He's so angry that he agrees to take the case! 



September 1, 2006

Spike shows up at Jessicas bedroom. He says its Christmas and hes her personal Santa. He gives her some new clothes, she says she loves them. He then surprised her with a diamond bracelet. She asks if this is for her? She asks if they can afford this? He says there is nothing not good enough for her. Jessica kisses him and says you love me. He says sure I do. Jessica confesses to Spike that she hated him for forcing her to marry him. He says he knows. She says she did hope he had feelings for her though. Spike says he does and he did. He says he tried to explain but she wouldnt listen. He says she is his girl and always will be. Jessica knows that, she knows how much money means to him and these gifts show her that he loves her. Spike decides to take her out to dinner tonight to show her how much he loves her. She says that means so much to her and she loves him. He says he knows she does.

Rae meets up with Simone at the Book Caf, they are making a date for tonight. Roberto and Paloma show up, Simone is glad to see Roberto is back. Paloma suggests they all go to dinner if they arent busy. Rae says they arent, Simone says they have plans. Rae asks if she doesnt want to double date? Paloma asks if shes afraid of people talking if they are in public? Paloma says nobody cares she is gay, Roberto says shes right they love her. Paloma suggests they all go out to dinner. Rae says Simone can't worry about others, if they have a problem with her well it is their problem. Simone says okay, she cant worry about what people think. She says they will go out to dinner with them. 

In Kays room, Miguel and Kay are about to . . . when Miguel freezes thanks to Tabitha. Tabitha tells Kay they need to talk. Kay says she doesnt have time, she has to make Miguel make love to her so Fox sees and gets jealous. Tabitha says that is why shes here, Fox is on the way up. She tells Kay she must do this before its too late or she has to start the whole spell over again. She says dont talk, grab Miguel and do it. Tabitha vanishes and Miguel unfreezes. Kay then seduces Miguel! Of course a crying Maria spoils the mood, Miguel goes to tend to her. Kay waits for Miguel to return, however Fox shows up instead. He tells her how exceptionally ravishing she is looking this evening. Fox says his father was just telling him to worry about her and Miguel. He ends up pulling her into a kiss as Miguel returns. Miguel apologizes, Fox tells him to shut the door on the way out. Fox then continues kissing Kay. Kay stops and says she really needs ice cream, can he get her some? Fox says fine, he tells her not to go anywhere. Fox then leaves. She wonders what she will do now . . . 

Downstairs, Tabitha sees she is covered in spots. She says its the witchs virus, they catch this when things get out of control. Tabitha says if her voice starts to change or she starts to float then shes in big trouble. Suddenly Tabitha begins talking like a man. Tabitha says shes got the dreaded virus, shes doomed! Tabitha returns to see Kay, Kay asks what is with Tabithas face and those spots? Tabitha says she has the witchs virus and its Kays fault. Kay asks how she caused it? Tabitha says it is all the insanity with Fox and Miguel. Kay asks what she will do? Tabitha says she has to go away and get cured. She says she wanted to see if Kay was on the right track. Kay doesnt think so, Miguel thinks shes nuts and Fox is hanging about. Tabitha says Endora has an idea, they should cast a spell to erase the seduction of Miguel from his memory later on. Kay asks if they can do the same to Fox  so he forgets catching her with Miguel? Tabitha says no, then hell be back under the mermaid's spell. Kay thinks shell never stop Siren. Tabitha tells her that she has to try. Kay says if she cant get Miguel up here then both Miguel and Foxs lives are doomed. Tabitha says shell do what she can, this virus is causing her to lose her powers. Kay then tells Tabitha her hair is changing colors! Its turning pink. Tabitha says she has to go cure herself, but Kay says she has to help her first. Tabitha says shell go look for that spell to erase Miguels memory.

Martin shows up outside to see Miguel, he asks how is Pilar doing. Miguel asks if he hasnt seen her? Martian says she wont let him see her. Martin talks about how much he does love Pilar and he wants to spend his life with her. Miguel wonders why love is so hard. He talks to his dad about loving Kay, how he wants to be with her and family. However he doesnt get her, one minute shes making moves on him the next shes all over Fox. Martin says Kay must be confused about her feelings. He says she was in love with her for a very long time. Martin tells him if he loves Kay then fight for her. Miguel says mama said the same thing. Tabitha calls out telling Miguel that Kay wants to see her. Miguel asks what is with her voice? She says shes getting sick, just go straight up and see Kay. She says dont come into the living room, she doesnt want him to catch this cold. Miguel tells his dad it was good to see him. Miguel then heads inside and back upstairs.

Fox tends to Endora when Tabitha shows up in a beekeeper outfit. Tabitha says shes tending to a hornets nest. Fox says he came to get Kay ice cream and gave some to Endora. He asks Tabitha what is wrong with her voice? She says scratchy throat. Fox heads back up to Kay. Tabitha takes off her outfit and then checks the bowl to see what is happening. Tabitha hopes Miguel is already there. Back upstairs Miguel shows up to see Kay. Kay is relieved it is him. She pulls him into a kiss. Meanwhile Fox is headed towards them. Back downstairs, Endora tells Tabitha she looks scary. Tabitha says she has to go get cured, but not before she finishes the spell to erase Kays memory. Tabitha soon begins floating, she says she has to act fast as who knows what will happen next. 

At the Inn, Ethan agrees to file the lawsuit for Stuart Allen as of tomorrow. Stuart leaves, Gwen shows up and learns Ethan took the case. Gwen asks why he changed his mind? He remembers walking in on Jared and Theresa. Ethan claims he just thought about it and decided Stuart has a legitimate suit. Gwen says this could be amazing for his career. She owes him an apology, she thought he didnt want the case because of Theresa. She knows now this has nothing to do with Theresa. Later Gwen and Ethan have dinner at the Inn. Ethan continues to be troubled. They soon see Jessica and Spike show up for dinner.

Jessica tells Spike how this is the best place hes ever taken her. She says shes so happy. Spike excuses himself to make a call. Simone, Rae, Paloma and Roberto show up. They run into Jessica, who talks about how good Spike is being to her, she doesnt deserve him. They say she deserves better, Spike uses her. She says Spike is treating her right, hes changed.

Spike meets with some guy outside. The guy says Spike owes him money, get it to him or hes a dead man. Spike says he has a way to pay him back. He points inside to Jessica and says she likes it rough. The guy says likes the ice shes wearing. Spike says take her and the ice, that will even them up right. The guy says she better be worth it, Spike says she will be. Later Jessica heads off looking for Spike as he never returned. She attacked by the guy outside as Spike watches from a hiding spot.

Paloma, Roberto, Simone and Rae are dining. A blackout soon occurs. Rae jokes that she thinks Simone arranged the blackout so nobody would see them. Simone jokes she did. Simone says seriously she doesnt care who sees them together.

In Jared and Theresas room. Theresa says she hated that Ethan saw them like that. Jared admits it was uncomfortable, but at least he knows the truth. Theresa wonders why he was even here? Jared doubts he expected to see them here. She says Ethan looked pretty hurt. He says Ethan did. Jared suggests she go take a shower. She tells Jared that shes sorry that the moment was spoiled. Jared says the night isnt over unless she wants it to be. Later they are both in robes, their clothes are being laundered. He suggests they stay the night, she agrees. He says they can go home if shes still upset about Ethan, the choice is hers. She says shes just upset over hurting Ethan. He says he understands, the fact that shes so worried about him shows that shes a caring person. She thanks him for being understanding. Jared says he got into this knowing she was hung up on Ethan. He says he knows shell move on eventually, and there is no reason they cant enjoy one another. She doesnt see any reason either. She says they should stay. He says no regrets? She says no regrets. They hug. After a few drinks, Theresa becomes giggly. He asks if her she wants more, she says is he trying to take advantage of her? He says no that would be sexual harassment. She says but hes her boss. He laughs and says good point. He ends up asking her to dance, which they do. They kiss as well. Suddenly the lights flicker and go out. She wonders if the whole hotel is dark. He leaves to find some candles. Theresa crawls into bed after the champagne hits her. 

Back down in the restaurant, the lights go out. Ethan and Gwen wonder what is going on. Ethan suggests they head out, but Gwen says she booked a room. She says Jane is with the nanny, it will be okay. She tells him shes going to get the room ready, he should come up and meet her in the room. He says okay and hell see her there.

Up in the hallway, someone knocks out Jared! Meanwhile, Gwen is waiting in bed for Ethan, who ends up going to the wrong room, Theresas room. He takes off his clothes and climbs into bed with a naked Theresa. Ethan is complaining about drinking too much. Drunk Theresa and Ethan soon begin going at it!

At the Crane mansion, Luis jumps in and pulls Fancy out of the pool. He begins performing mouth to mouth on her as she appears dead. Fancy was just faking and soon pulls Luis into a kiss! He asks if she is okay, she says better than okay, shes great. He says is this some game? She says she thought of it as a practice drill. She says she had to find a way to get him over here. She says she learned a rescue technique, that is work related. She also has a dinner waiting for them. Luis says she set him up. He laughs, Fancy says it was a creative way to get around the rules. Luis ends up pushing her into the pool, she pulls him in. They begin laughing. He says shes unbelievable. She says so is he and they kiss. Later Sheridan and Chris show up with plans to use the pool, they see Luis and Fancy in it kissing. Sheridan is not a happy camper. Sheridan suggest they leave, Luis and Fancy obviously want to be alone. 


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