December 4, 2006
TC is at his house struggling to walk. He say Eve has been his rock, his coach and his angel. He says hed still be flat on his back if it werent for her. He says he wants everyone to know how special she is. He says he wants them to see the miracles she works. He decides to go surprise her at Kays shower. Suddenly TC falls down. TC tells himself to get up. He pulls himself up with a walker. He says he has to go to Eve and show her how much he loves her.

At the shower, Miguel says he has to tell Kay something. Kay says she has something to tell him too. He knows tonight has been hard on her, it must not have gone well with Fox. She asks why he cares? He says because he loves her. She says hes unbelievable. She says shes incredible too, not getting what is going on. She tells him she cant believe this. She says a lot has happened since she went to tell Fox the truth. Miguel asks if Fox knows shes leaving him? Miguel says hes been looking all over for her. He says he left to buy flowers for her. She asks where they are? He says the only place open was the gasngrill. He says he guesses he lost track of time. Kay damns Miguel for lying to her and slaps him! Kay then runs off.

Fox tells his dad that hes drank enough. Julian suggests Fox concentrate of Miguel and Kay right now. Fox says it kills him to hurt Kay like this. Julian says shell be fine. Fox ends up following Kay and Miguel.

Miguel follows Kay into the house. He wants to know why she called him a liar. Then he says he knows why. Fox is spying on them, he thinks this is the end of Kay and Miguel. Miguel thinks Kay is upset with him for pressuring her to tell Fox when he says he wouldnt. She says that he is just so unbelievable. Again he says how terrific she is. Spying Fox says Kay thinks Miguel has chosen Charity over him. Miguel is telling Kay that Fox is strong and losing her wont kill him. Kay says but his illness will. She says its horrible loving someone who is sleeping with someone else. She tells Miguel that they are over, shes marrying Fox and Miguel can go to hell. Miguel is stunned. She tells him to leave her alone, she doesnt want to see him again. Fox tells himself that Kay will be better off with him. 

Outside at a table Grace is on the phone with Eve. She tells Eve she sounds so serious, what does she have to tell her? Eve remembers Julian warning her that Grace would have some choice words for her when she found out what she did. Eve tells Grace that shes betrayed her in the worst possible way. Grace thinks she could never have betrayed her. Eve says she has and shes had to deal with the guilt this whole time. Eve says she never meant to hurt her, she just felt powerless to resist. Grace asks what she did? Eve says she was weak and afraid. Eve says she threatened to expose her past. Grace has heard about her past from Sam. Eve says if she knew the truth would come out anyways then shed have stood up to her. She says the thought of TC and the girls hating her was more than she could bear. Grace asks who this she is? Eve says Ivy, Ivys been blackmailing her for years. Eve says Ivy made her help her. Grace doesnt believe this. Eve says she did horrible things for Ivy. Eve says she knew Ivy used David to break up her marriage and she kept quiet. Grace says you knew and kept quiet? Eve says yes, shes so sorry. Grace says you miserable, selfish bitch! Grace says she hates her! Eve says she hates herself too for failing her. Grace damns Eve straight to hell for what shes done. Eve says that is where she has been living since doing Ivys bidding. Grace thought Eve was a good person. She calls her a horrible and treacherous backstabber and calls her Judas. Eve tells Grace that she loaths herself even more than Grace does. Eve says cant begin to tell her how sorry she is. Grace says save her breath, shell never forgive her for what she did. She says Eve will pay, as God as her witness she will pay! Grace then throws the phone down. Eve talks to herself, she wonders how her life came to this. Julian shows up and says hell tell her what she did wrong. He says she never should have left him years ago, she should have made him fight for her back then and stand up to his father. He says there would have been no Ivy and no TC. Eve says so now its her fault? Eve tells him to go home and sober up. Julian begs her to come him with him, he still wants her, he knows they can get it right. He then kisses her. She tells him to let her go, but he says he wants her and he will have her. He begins ripping off her clothes. She tells him hes disgusting, he says she needs to stop playing so hard to get and hes going to give her something. He says hell make her love him, shell give herself to him whether she likes it or not. TC shows up and ends up smacking Julian with his walker. Julian gets up and slugs TC, who falls over. Eve calls Julian a monster and slaps him, saying if he touches TC again then she will kill him. Eve runs to TCs side saying hes suffered so much already. Julian then realizes hes just hit a man recovering from a stroke. Eve tells Julian he is despicable. Julian says hes sorry, he had too much to drink. Eve says go away and leave us alone. Julian says he remembers when they were us. Eve says not anymore now leave. TC gets upset, but Eve says Julian isnt worth it. Eve helps TC walk away. Julian says goodbye Eve . . . goodbye forever.

At the B&B Sheridan asks Gwen how she gets Luis out of her system? She says she cant get the image of Luis and Fancy kissing out of her head. She asks what is wrong with her, she should be focusing on Chris and James. Gwen says the problem is she loves Luis too much to let him go. Sheridan says no, shes not obsessed with Luis. Sheridan says shes not in love with Luis, its Fancy and Luis together that bothers her. Gwen says because she is still in love with Luis. Sheridan says she's not. Gwen asks Sheridan why shes stalking them? Sheridan says she followed them because she was afraid they were taking things too far too soon. Gwen says maybe because shes afraid if Luis commits to Fancy then shell lose him. Sheridan says that would mean shes petty. Gwen says if she wants Luis back then tell him how she feels. Sheridan says but hes with Fancy. Gwen says the longer this goes on the more awkward it will be. Gwen tells her to find Luis and tell him that she wants him back. Later Sheridan paces around, she claims shes feeling much better now. Sheridan says she isnt going to go see Luis, shes finished with him. She says she cant risk losing Marty again. Gwen says she means James. Sheridan says she meant she cant risk losing James like she did Marty or her baby with Chris. Gwen thinks Sheridan is having a breakdown. Gwen asks Sheridan if perhaps shes still grieving over Marty and that is why shes still angry with Luis. Sheridan says they both know one has to try and get over the death of a child, Gwen had to come to terms with Sarahs death. Gwen says that was Theresas fault, Theresa killed Sarah. Sheridan tells Gwen that she talks about her obsession with Luis, well she is still obsessed with Theresa. Sheridan thinks Gwen fears Theresa will steal Ethan again. Sheridan says Gwen is the one obsessed with a man here. Sheridan says she has let go of Luis, but Gwen doesnt believe her and says the thought of Luis and Fancy together is making her crazy. Sheridan says Gwen should spend less time analyzing her and more time worrying about herself. Sheridan says the whole town knows that Ethan loves Theresa more than her, so she should just divorce Ethan and get it over with before Ethan leaves her for Theresa. Gwen asks Sheridan why shes trying to hurt her when shes trying to help her. Sheridan says Gwen isnt trying to help her. Sheridan says Gwen thinks she should desert her husband and son. Gwen tells herself either shes delirious or Sheridan is totally losing control. Gwen says okay so Sheridan is content with James and Chris. Gwen asks if James is the only reason shes with Chris? She says they know in Sheridans heart shes still in love with Luis. Sheridan says so Gwen is saying that she doesnt love her husband? Gwen says shes trying to help Sheridan sort out her feelings. Sheridan says Gwen is doing the same thing Eve did to her. Sheridan says Gwen wants her to feel crazy. Gwen says shes not acting like herself. Sheridan tells Gwen shes no friend, shes just confused her and made her feel worse. Sheridan then takes off. 

Luis and Fancy are at the B&B and are kissing by the fire. They talk about how they make each other feel in their hearts. Suddenly a fire alarm starts going off. They try to ignore it, but the owner announces over speakers that this isnt a drill and they have to evacuate. Luis and Fancy cant believe this. Fancy says its like someone is conspiring against them. They wrap up in blankets and head out. Outside the owner apologizes to everyone. She says someone reported the fire to her. Luis asks if any of them reported it? Everyone says no. It turns out there was no fire, it was a false alarm. Fancy says so if there isnt a fire can they go back inside? The owner says due to insurance they have to wait for the fire department to come first. Luis and Fancy realize they cant leave because all their things are inside. Luis and Fancy end up sneaking behind some bushes where they kiss one another. Later Sheridan shows up and catches them together. She snaps a photo on her camera phone and says gotcha! 

Jared and Theresa are in bed at another hotel. They are kissing and telling one another they love the other. Meanwhile, Ethan is speeding to find Theresa and Jared. He says hell get Theresa away from him before its too late. Back at the hotel., Jared says the circus is coming to town and hed like to take her and Little Ethan. Theresa says that would be good, but then she remembers Ethan was going to take Little Ethan. He says well they could go to the zoo or mystic seaport. She says no, shell cancel with Ethan so they can go. Jared says she doesnt have to. She says he is the man in her life and her son has to get used to them doing things together. She says they will go to the circus. He says shes starting to take this relationship seriously. Theresa says she is. Jared then excuses himself to use the bathroom. While Jared is in the bathroom Ethan shows up. She asks what hes doing here? He says hes here to protect her from Jared. Theresa asks how he knew where she was? He says he tracked her down through the nanny. He knew she was here with Jared. He says Jared has been playing her and he can prove it. He tells her to come with him to Crane, hell show her. Theresa says shes not going anywhere with him. He says he has proof. Theresa says she doesnt believe him. He asks why not? She thinks this is to stop her from moving on. Ethan says this is about Jared, hes been lying to her. Theresa says like she tried to prove the same to him about Gwen? He tells her not to mix up these issues. He says she needs to get away from Jared right now. Jared calls out from the bathroom asking if everything is fine? She says yes. Theresa tells Ethan to leave or shell have him arrested for stalking. She says for years he has told her to move on, now hes making up excuses to see her. She tells Ethan to get out and stay away. She closes the door on him. Jared returns, he asks if she is okay? Theresa says there was just this guy at the door that didnt know what he was talking about. She tells Jared to make her forget about the guy. They begin kissing. Outside Ethan hears Theresa saying Oh Jared! Ethan ends up kicking down the door and says the party is over. He and Jared attack one another as Theresa screams.


December 5, 2006

Noah finds Miguel sitting outside in the snow alone. Noah tells him its snowing, Miguel didnt notice. Hes been too busy trying to figure out where he went wrong with Kay. Noah says theyve all had to ask that about his sister at least once. Miguel says everything was going so well. He says shes changed her mind about them, shes decided to marry Fox. He also says Kay says she hates him and doesnt want to see him again. Miguel says he just doesnt get it. Noah says his sister is nuts, but not this nuts. He says Miguel had to do something to set her off. Miguel says he hasnt. Miguel says hes looked over everything theyve done since making love earlier. Noah says no details! Miguel says the only thing Kay was worried about was Charity. He says she kept making him swear that he was over Charity. He says she felt if Charity came back that hed leave her. He says he swore it wouldnt happen, hes committed to Kay. Noah tries to play devils advocate here. Miguel swears hes over Charity, it wouldnt matter if Charity came back. He says whatever he and Charity had is dead and buried, she is his past.

In Tabithas living room, Simone asks a crying Kay what Miguel said? Kay says he said nothing. She says he acted like nothing happened. Simone says that bastard! Kay says hes sick, hes been playing her for a fool. She says Miguel doesnt know she saw them having sex so hes acting like nothing happened. Kay says Miguel is a two timing bastard. Simone asks why she didnt confront him? Kay says shes just so blown away by this. She says Miguel has always been sweet and nice, so to find out hes just as two faced as . . . Simone says as every other man. Kay says Fox isnt like that. Kay says it just hurts so bad. Simone says shes heard enough, shes going to let Miguel have it. Kay stops her and says no, this wont make anything better. Kay wonders how Miguel can live with himself. How can anyone be so heartless. Kay says after all the lies shes told to think she couldnt tell when someone was lying to her. She also thinks about how close she came to ending it with Fox, a man who would never hurt her and do anything for her. She says it kills her to think she almost hurt Fox when hes so sick. She thanks God she didnt call off her wedding to be with Miguel. Simone tells Kay that she has to confront Miguel, tell him that she saw him with Charity. Simone says its time to nail Miguel to the wall.

Charity meets with Fox down on the wharf. She says he has an evil laugh. He thinks everything went perfectly, Kay and Miguel are finished. She says hes quite pleased with himself. He says Kay saw her and Miguel doing the nasty, its over for Kay and Miguel now. Charity says Kay must be so hurt. Fox says she is, but he cant think about that. He says he wont lose Kay, she is his and he did what he had to do to hang onto her. Fox says this was the only way to do it. Charity says it sounds like he wants to own Kay. Fox says not fair. He says he found the woman he wants to spend his life with and hell be damned if he lets Miguel take her away. Miguel shows up and asks Fox if they are good or what. He says Kay wont be calling off her wedding. Miguel says it worked like a charm, Kay feels totally betrayed. Fox says he knows. He says its for a good cause. Charity says yeah his cause. Fox says he had to save his relationship some how. He thanks them both very much for the help. Miguel says no problem, any time. Charity just shakes her head.

Fancy and Luis finally get back to their room at the B&B. They continue kissing and making out. Luis says if he didnt know any better he would think someone up there didnt want them to make love. She says what, like they are cursed? She thinks that is ridiculous. He says some fool might pull the fire alarm again as its about to get hot in here. Later the champagne Luis ordered shows up. He signs for it. The guy is offering him some flannel PJs as it is cold and Luis is only in a sheet. He says no thanks. Luis pushes him out saying PJs are the last thing he needs. He then turns around and finds Fancy is gone. He soon finds shes in the bath and suggests there is enough room for two. He says he could use a good soak. He puts the champagne on the side of the tub and then joins her in it. He says this was an excellent idea. They begin kissing. Fancy tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her too and only her. He says only one thing is missing. She says now what? He opens up the champagne. They en up drinking it out of the bottle. They continue to kiss one another in the tub. Later they head to the bed and Fancy tells him to make love to her.

Sheridan returns to the cottage. Chris says he was starting to get worried, where has she been? She recalls spying on Fancy and Luis and taking a photo of them. She says she just went for a walk, she loves Harmony in the snow. Chris says hes glad shes okay. She says shes more than okay, shes perfect. Chris makes Sheridan some tea as she seethes over the photo of Fancy and Luis she took. Chris is telling Sheridan how they should go skiing and take James. She starts thinking about spending winters with Luis. She says she loves the snow. Chris asks if she is okay? Sheridan says yes she was just thinking about when they should go. He says the sooner the better. He has some vacation time. He says James might put a crimp in it being romantic, but he thinks theyll get some romantic time alone. He even saw some article in a paper about a ski instructor who runs a camp for kids, it will be perfect for James. As Chris is making the arrangements, Sheridan sees an old copy of the tabloid with Fancy and Luis porn shoot on the cover. She gets an idea. Sheridan says shes hungry, shes going to make something to eat. He says no hell get it, she should relax. While hes out of the room, Sheridan calls the paper and asks for their fax number as she has a photo theyd be interested in. Chris returns later with the food. She didnt want him to go to this trouble, but he says he loves her and would do anything for her. She says she doesnt know what she did to deserve him. He can see something is wrong. He knows shes had a tough year losing Marty and their baby. He hopes having him and James will help her deal with the grief. He hopes some day he can make Sheridan as happy as she makes him. She says he has. He says he doesnt know if he buys that, but hell keep his fingers crossed. He really does hope she can find happiness with him and James. She says she has, she loves their life together and has no regrets. Chris takes the dishes to the kitchen after they are done. He says then they can get ready for bed. She thanks him and says she loves how he takes care of her. He says its his pleasure. After hes gone Sheridan faxes the photo to the tabloids.

Whitney is thinking about talking to Theresa about how she suspects Chad is having an affair. Shes in bed, Chad suggests they make love to keep warm. She tells him no. She says she just wants to get sleep. He asks what is going on, she doesnt let him touch her or make love. Hw says they cant go on like this. She says they cant. He says not this again. He says there is no other woman, dont let her suspicions poison what they have. He says she is the only woman in the world for him. She says he was there at that horrible motel. He says he came to look for her. Whitney says and its just a coincidence that Valerie was there? Chad says with another guy! She asks what about what Rebecca said, she saw him there. Chad says she shouldnt believe what that witch says. He begs Whitney to just let this go. He promises that hes not having an affair with Valerie. He says they cant go on like this, they havent made love in forever. Whitney says she just wants to be alone. Whitney walks into another room, there is a knock at the door. Of course it is Valerie. Valerie says they have to talk, its important. Chad goes into the hall and asks what is it, if Whitney sees her then shell freak. Of course Whitney finds them together, she thinks they are having an affair. Valerie says she should go. Whitney so No bitch you ain't going anywhere, we are going to settle this. Chad tells Whitney that she has this wrong. Whitney wants to know how long this has been going on. Valerie says she is here on business. She says Ethan found something on Jareds PC and now Ethan has gone to find Jared and Theresa. Valerie says Theresa wont want this bad publicity, shes afraid of what will happen. Whitney apologizes to Valerie. Valerie says there is no time for that. Whitney goes to change so they can all go over to where Theresa is. Valerie then tells Chad that Whitney obviously knows about his trips to that motel. She tells Chad to break it off with whoever he is seeing or things will get ugly. She says shes just glad its not her. 

Theresa is yelling at Ethan and Jared to stop this as they fight. Theresa ends up throwing water on them. She asks if they are proud of themselves? Theresa lashes out at Ethan for attacking Jared. Ethan says he is trying to warn her about Jared. Theresa thinks Ethan is trying to stop her from moving on. Ethan says he has the goods on Jared, he is not a good guy. Ethan says this guy will take down Crane and ruin her reputation. He begs Theresa to come back to the office so he can show her what hes found. Theresa says so he was in Jareds office? He says that doesnt matter, what matters is what he found. Theresa wont go, she says she trusts Jared. She tells Ethan to let her go, let her move on. He says that isnt what this is about. She says he made his bed and has to lie in it. She says go back to his saintly wife and his marriage vows based on lies. She says shes had it, the more he says the sorrier he sounds. Ethan says shes making a mistake. Theresa doesnt think so, but even so its her mistake to make. Ethan says hes onto Jared. There is a knock at the door, its Chad, Valerie and Whitney. Chad says Valerie says Ethan found something on Jareds computer, they wanted to check on things. Valerie tries to explain what happened as Theresa is not pleased she knew about this. Ethan says dont blame Valerie, he talked her into this. Theresa says she should fire Valerie for this. Ethan says no she was trying to protect her. Theresa tells Valerie to leave, shell deal with her tomorrow. Valerie says shes sorry and she goes. Theresa tells everyone that everything will be fine once Ethan leaves her alone. Theresa tells Ethan to get out. He sees a laptop and realizes they can use this laptop to link to Crane and show Theresa the proof. Jared says that is his laptop, its private. Ethan asks what hes worried about? Jared says fine, knock himself out. Ethan gets to work on the laptop. Theresa tells Ethan that this is crazy. Theresa tells Jared that there is nothing Ethan can show her to make her change how she feels about him.


December 6, 2006
At Tabithas, Kay is still talking about how she is so glad she didnt call it off with Fox for Miguel, who is a two timing jerk. Kay says she cant wait to find Miguel and tell him what she thinks of him. Noah walks in and asks what did Miguel do to her? He tells Kay that shes his sister and he loves her, but she does like to stir the pot. He says Miguel is outside and he is upset. Noah says Miguel doesnt know why shes upset with him. Kay cant believe Miguel dragged him into this. Noah says she almost ruined their family to get Miguel, so why is she rejecting him. Kay says hes feeding Noah lies to get him on his side. Kay wants to go give it to Miguel, she asks where he is. Noah says in the backyard. Kay says this will be a conversation that Miguel wont forget.

Kay goes outside to talk to Miguel. He wants to know why shes so angry with him. She says she cant believe him. She tells him they are over. Miguel asks if Fox said something to her, did he put her up to this? She says dont even say that. She says Fox is a good person, hed never hurt her. Miguel asks what he did to make her hate him like this. She says when she s done with him he wont be able to hold his head up in this town. He wants her to explain what is going on. She says she is disgusted at him, horrified and humiliated. She says he knows what he did, but he says he doesnt. She says stop lying. She suggests they pretend they never got together again and this was all a mistake. She says she cant believe she made such a stupid mistake. He demands an explanation. He says hes lost and confused, he has now clue what is going on aside from the fact that hes losing her.

Noah talks with Simone, she tells Noah that Miguel is a two faced liar, a jerk and Kay is justified in hating him. Simone says she wishes Kay could find her anger, but shes just shell shocked. Noah says Miguel is a great guy, he loves Kay and its turned him into an idiot. Simone says Miguel has snowed him, Miguel is a liar. Simone says Miguel should be glad Kay is the one telling him off, if it was her then shed rip his head off. Noah asks what Simone did. She says hes so blind, she says typical men always covering for one another. He reminds her that shes covered up for Kay for the last twenty years. She thinks he should be on Kays side, but Noah says all he knows is that Miguel is in the snow in a lot of pain. He asks what Miguel did? Simone says forget it, shes had it with all of them. She then walks off.

Fox is talking with Miguel and Kay on the wharf. Miguel says he broke Kays heart. Fox says shell get over it. He says they are doing the right thing, Kay will be much happier with him. He also says Kay betrayed him first. Charity asks if he always punishes those he loves? He says hes kept Kay, that is what counts. He thanks them both for their help. He says he loves Kay and shed have been miserable if she married Fox. Miguel says well Kay saw them making love and she heard him tell Charity that he loved her, its over for him and Kay. Fox pays Miguel and Charity for their good job. Fox tells them to get out of these disguises. They then take off their Miguel and Charity masks. Fox says its amazing what latex and good make-up can do. He says Kay will never know she didnt see the real Miguel and Charity making love. 

At the cottage, Sheridan faxes the photo to Daily Private Lives. She says this will be on every newsstand in the northeast, theyll already infamous as the porn cops of Harmony. She thinks this will finish them. Chris returns and asks Sheridan if shes ready for bed? She says shell be there in a minute. He tells her not to be long, hell be waiting. He then heads off. Sheridan keeps looking at the photo and thinks Luis and Fancy will be done for. Later Sheridan and Chris are in bed. Sheridan dreams about what she did and wakes up. She wonders what shes done. She wonders how she could have done what she did. She wishes she could get it back, but its too late now. She wonders what kind of person she is to hurt two people that she loves so dearly. She wonders what she has done to Luis. Chris finds Sheridan up and about and asks what shes doing out of bed. He asks if shes having trouble sleeping. She says he knows her. Sheridan says she was just looking for something to read. She tells him to go back to sleep, shell stay up and read for awhile. She insists he go back to bed. He says whatever she says. Sheridan talks to herself, she realizes she still loves Luis.

Fancy and Luis are at the B&B. Fancy asks Luis to make love to her. He says all night long. They lose their towels. They say they love one another and begin to get down to business. Unfortunately there is a knock at the door. Luis wonders who it is now, the sex police? He thinks they can just go away. The knocking continues, Sam says its him and they have to open up. They let him in, Fancy says its not what it looks like. He says it is exactly what it looks like and he thought he made it clear that they couldnt fraternize. He asks if there is a reason he shouldnt fire them? Luis says they were being discreet. Sam shows them the photo of them kissing and asks if this is being discreet?. Luis asks where he got this? Sam says this was going to be on the cover of the Daily Private Lives. He says they should be thankful that he has a contact there, he was able to kill the story. He says it wasnt easy either, this was big news. He says he warned them both about this. He says the media could have had a field day. Fancy asks if they have a reporter following them? Sam says no it came from an outside source. Fancy wonders who would do a sick thing like this? Luis says hes sorry and if Sam wants to fire him then go ahead, he doesnt need a lecture on his personal life. Sam says pretty cocky coming from him. Sam says he doesnt want to be here, trust him. He says if she wasnt a cadet then hed say have a blast. However this is affecting his department. Luis tells Sam that he thought he was his friend. Sam says hes been his friend since he was a kid. Sam says hes no morality police, his own love life is a mess. He says if they are in love then hed say great, have at it. However he says when their behavior affects his department then he has to step in. He says he has a very big decision to make here. Fancy says dont fire Luis, get rid of her. Luis says no they are in this together. Sam says knock it off. He says he should have his head examined for not getting rid of both of them. They thank Sam. He says dont thank him. He says if the mayor or commissioner learns of this then they are all canned. Fancy thanks him. Fancy leaves to splash some water on her face. Sam tells Luis he has some thinking to do, what is it with him and the Crane women anyways. Sam tells Luis to start thinking about their futures, if the tabloids learn about this then Luis will lose his chance to be detective again. Luis says he understands but he loves her, what is he supposed to do. Sam says he cant tell him, but if this gets out then his career is down the tubes. Fancy hears all this from the bathroom. Later Sam is gone and Luis promises Fancy no more interruptions. He says he is going to make love to her. She says she wants to, but she doesnt want to put his career at risk. She says they just dodged a bullet thanks to Sam. She says his career could have been destroyed. She says someone is out to get them. She says what if that sicko is outside right now? She tells Luis that she doesnt want him to lose being a detective because of her. She says this is his career and she knows he loves being a cop. Luis says so now what? Fancy says all she knows is they cant . . . at least not yet. Luis says they will find a way, he promises her that.

At the other hotel, everyone is waiting for Ethan to show them this proof on Jared. Ethan says he found the proof, he tells Theresa to look at it. She wont, she says she trusts Jared. He tells Theresa that she cant keep her head in the sand, look at the computer. She says shell look only to get Ethan to back off. She looks at the PC and sees what Ethan has found. Ethan says read it and weep. He says hes not one to say he told you so but . . . .Theresa appears stunned by the information. Ethan says Jared is a thief and this will ruin her. He says all the money in the Crane pension funds have been emptied and Jared authorized it. Ethan says Jared has been using her since he came to Harmony. She says she cant believe this, but he says she cant argue with the facts. Ethan says when the media gets word of this that Theresa will be ousted from the company. He tells Theresa she has to do what is best for the company and send this guy to prison. Theresa says she doesnt care what the file says, she trusts Jared. Ethan says she cant close her eyes and wish the facts away, Jared is a thief. She says hes not, Jared is a good man and she doesnt think hed use her or destroy a company that has been good to him. Ethan says she doesnt know anything about him. She says she knows what is in his heart. Ethan tells Theresa that this will ruin her, she cant trust Jared because her heart tells her too. Theresa tells Ethan that he is such a lawyer, if he had listened to his own heart instead of needing proof about Gwen then they would be together now. She says she tried to make him see the truth, but he and lawyers only care about facts and evidence. Ethan says Jared is a lawyer. Theresa says stop. She knows he still loves her, but he also loves Gwen and refuses to see the truth of her crimes. She says he always wants to believe the best in Gwen, well that is what shes doing with Jared. Theresa says he could have rigged this, she wont throw her future away over this. She says she wont believe Jared has done this to him. Jared tells Theresa that Ethan is correct, he did take the money. However he says he didnt take it for himself, he reallocated the funds and made the pensions stronger. He says the original pensions were funded by Crane Stock, which didnt work well for Enron. He says hes diversified it into other stocks. Ethan thinks this is bull. Jared says he was only trying to help Theresa and Crane. Theresa doesnt know what to think. Ethan says this is garbage. Jared tells Tess she can believe him or believe Ethan. He tells her to look into her heart, is he telling her the truth? She says she doesnt know. Jared says then ask Chad, he knew all about it. Chad confirms it is. Theresa thanks Chad. She tells Jared she never should have listened to Ethan for a second. She says all shes wanted was to find a man that would never hurt her, now she has. Ethan cant believe this. He tells Theresa she needs to believe him. Theresa reminds him how many times shes told him that. Whitney tells Ethan he should go. Whitney and Ethan go into the hall. She says Jared is a good guy and loves Theresa. Ethan says no. She says yes and Theresa loves him too, or she will if he leaves them alone for five minutes. Whitney says his anger and jealousy are causing him to act like this. Whitney tells Ethan that it is over, if he thinks Jared is lying then Chad must be too.  Back inside the room Theresa says shes so sorry. Jared says dont be, she has to do this as it is her job. Theresa thanks Chad for confirming Jareds story. Jared then casts a look at Chad . . . . 


December 7, 2006
Paloma is on the docks making a wish on a star. She says she's lonely and wishes for someone to love. Suddenly Noah runs into her. They do a little chit chatting. Paloma is on the way to the mansion with some of Theresa's clothes, it seems Pilar still likes to mend them. She says you can put a Lopez-Fitzgerald in the Crane mansion but not take the Lopez-Fitzgerald out of her. Noah comments as beautiful as her family . . . Paloma says what? He says he was just saying how all the women in her family are so beautiful. Noah has to be going. Later Paloma wonders if the stars heard and granted her wish and that is why she ran into Noah.

Fox once again thanks the fake Miguel and Charity. He says Kay may be hurting now, but he is what is best for Kay and he will take care of her.

Miguel and Kay are talking outside of Tabitha's. Miguel still doesn't know what this is about, unless it's about Charity. Kay lashes out at him in anger. He still wants to tell Fox the truth about them no matter what. Kay tells him even if he tells Fox it won't matter, they will never be together. Noah soon shows up and tries to play peacemaker. He tells Kay to tell Miguel why she's upset, but she refuses as she's so angry she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Fox soon shows up. Miguel tells Fox there is something he has to know. Noah stops Miguel from telling Fox the truth. He makes up some lie that there is a problem with the tuxes for the wedding. Fox says he can handle that. Noah tells Miguel that now is not the time to do this, it's not what Kay wants. Fox continues to remain confident that he has broken up Miguel and Kay for good.

At the hotel, Whitney is talking with Ethan in the hall saying he has to let this go, Chad defended Jared . . . unless Ethan thinks Chad is lying to. Chad shows up and asks Ethan if that is the case? Ethan says no of course not, but he still doesn't trust Jared. Meanwhile Theresa is talking with Jared. She is thanking him for everything he's done for her and the company and for looking out for them. Back out in the hallway, Chad has a talk alone with Whitney. He wants her to come home, but Whitney refuses. Whitney tells Chad that they need time apart, she's going to take Miles to her parents house tonight. Chad can't believes this. Meanwhile Ethan once again bursts in on Jared and Theresa. Jared threatens to call the cops on Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa she just can't trust this guy. Theresa tells Ethan it is over, she trusts Jared and her future is with him. She tells Ethan that he has to let this go, to let her go. She reminds him how he told her to move on. He reminds her how she begged him to always be a part of Little Ethan's life. Theresa tells Ethan that won't change, her son loves him very much and they'll always be in one another's lives because of Jane and Little Ethan. However she says Jared is in her life too, it is time Little Ethan got to know him. Ethan says no way, he will not let Jared spend time with Little Ethan. HE tells Theresa he loves that boy as his own son, he won't allow this. Whitney and Chad return after hearing all the yelling. Theresa tells Ethan this is not his place or his decision to make. She says he has to accept this and go. Ethan ends up storming off. Chad has a quick talk with Jared about the Whitney situation. Jared warns him he's about to lose the love of his life over this affair thing. Meanwhile Whitney tells Theresa of her decision to stay with her parents until she can figure out what is up with Chad. Later Jared thanks Theresa for defending him to Ethan. She tells him how when he was about to leave town she realized just how lost she'd be without him. She says he is her future. They kiss.

Sheridan is wandering around the mansion wondering what she's done to Luis and Fancy. Luis and Fancy happen to show up. Luis brought her home. They are kissing on one another and telling one another how much they love the other. This of course gets to the spying Sheridan. Luis and Fancy agree that they can't be together, even though each offered to quit their jobs. They decide to wait till Fancy graduates. Luis says they'll go out for a huge celebration and make love all night long. Fancy knows it will be wonderful. Sheridan tells herself being in Luis' arms is wonderful . . . what has she done to her life, she's lost Luis and everything else! Sheridan then intrudes on them, saying she's sorry she didn't know anyone was here. Luis was just leaving. Fancy tells Sheridan how wonderful Luis is. Sheridan says she knows, which is why she wants him back! Sheridan attacks Fancy, but it turns out to be another daydream. Paloma shows up and Sheridan leaves them to talk, but she doesn't really leave. She spies again. Paloma and Fancy talk about Luis. Fancy says he's so wonderful. She explains what is going on. Paloma says at least they don't have that psycho Beth to deal with . . . then again could sheridan? They say no, Sheridan could never do anything to hurt them. Sheridan tells herself they'd be surprised. They hear a noise, Fancy goes to check as Sheridan hides. She doesn't see anything. Paloma feels weird, what if Sheridan was spying on them. Fancy doesn't think that is possible, but to herself she wonders if it is. Paloma has to head off. Sheridan listens in as Fancy gets a call from Luis and they flirt over the phone.

Luis heads to a bar where he thinks about Sheridan. The bartender asks what he's thinking about Luis says just a happy memory from the past. The bartender asks if he's sure it's the past. Luis is sure. Later Ethan shows up. He and Luis talk. Ethan tells him how he's sure Jared is a bad guy and he tried to prove it to Theresa, only to make Jared look like more of a hero. Luis tells Ethan he has to let his sister go. Luis knows it's hard, it took him long enough to get over Sheridan. He says if Ethan can't leave Gwen then he has to let go of Theresa. Later Chad shows up. He has a quick talk with Ethan about his problems with Whitney. Chad gets a call and excuses himself. He tells the person things are bad with Whitney. HE says he's alone tonight, they should meet at the motel. He says tomorrow he plans to lay down the law, either he and Whitney have a future or they don't.


December 8, 2006
Kay is having a dream that shes in bed with Miguel and they worked things out. Of course the phone rings, its Charity. Miguel is talking to her, Kay is yelling Go away you slut! Miguel is saying of course he only loves her. He says hell be right there. Kay tells Miguel he cant leave her for Charity. Miguel says he did last night. She says she thought they worked things out. Miguel says he thought Charity left, but Charity is still here and he cant settle for less. He grabs some condoms and leaves. Kay yells out Dont leave me! She wakes up from her dream, Fox runs in and says hes here. Tabitha is spying , she thinks she was dreaming of Miguel and not Fox. Later Kay talks with Tabitha as they sit on Kay's bed. Tabitha needs to know what is happening as her magic bowl conked out on her. She knows Blondie is back in town. Kay begins explaining everything that happened. She says Miguel lied to her about being over Charity, they couldnt keep their hands off one another. She says if Charity came back a virgin then shes not one anymore. Tabitha faints dead away! Tabitha comes too, she asks Kay to clarify what happened with Miguel and Charity as her fate relies on it. Kay says they hooked up, but Tabitha needs to know what that means. Fox then shows up with breakfast for Kay. Tabitha zaps away the OJ and says he forgot it. He says no he didnt . . . he sees its gone so he goes to get some more. Tabitha then asks Kay to clarify what happened, what does hooked up mean. Kay says they made love, they had sex. Tabitha asks if shes sure? Kay says yes, she and Simone saw them. Tabitha says there is no time to waste, she and Endora have to take off on the ship they left her and shell only be safe once shes past Jupiter. She says Endora can blast them off from Area 51. Kay doesnt understand how Miguel could make love to her. Tabitha is worried about the darkside and what will happen. She says Charity and Miguel making love was the prophecy that ended the darkside, it was to usher in a new era of love, understanding and all that nauseating rot. Tabitha asks Kay if shes certain they did the deed? Kay says yes ask Simone. Tabitha says Simone is gay, she may not remember how to do the deed. Kay says they saw them, it was them. She says shell never forgive Miguel for this. Kay tells Tabitha maybe the darkside was wrong about the prophecy, but Tabitha says that means she wasted seven years trying to keep them apart. Tabitha says no they weren't wrong. Kay says maybe there is a time lapse between the fallout. Tabitha says no something is wrong here, they don't see any evil politicians fleeing Washington. Tabitha asks where Charity is, she couldnt have come into town and do Miguel and then leave. Tabitha is sure she'd at least stay for the wedding. Fox is outside, realizes he didnt think about this. He says Charity has to be at the wedding to keep his plot going. Fox leaves to make some calls. Meanwhile Tabitha realizes she has to find out what really happened, if Miguel and Charity did push push then shed be a pile of ashes. Tabitha leaves and Miguel comes in (after the stuff below) and begins to ravage Kay!

Miguel is home at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Pilar is making breakfast, Luis and Miguel are at the table. Miguel still doesnt know what happened last night with Kay. Theresa soon shows up for breakfast. Pilar calls up to Paloma, Luis says she left for the station early. They soon talk about Luis and Fancys relationship. Luis says he and Fancy arent official until after Fancy graduates. Theresa says he cant put things off with Fancy for that long. Luis says Fancy knows hes worth waiting for. Pilar says she hasnt seen Luis smile like this since Sheridan. Luis says he and Sheridan are over and things look bright for him and Fancy. Later Theresa is talking about her problems with Jared and Ethan and how Ethan wont let her go. Luis says its like how he felt when Sheridan married Chris. Theresa says he moved on though, Ethan however talks about letting her go but comes up with excuses to stay close to her. She says now hes saying he needs to protect her from Jared. Luis says he doesnt envy her. The phone rings, Luis answers. Fancy is on the phone thanking him for the flowers (details below). Luis returns to find Miguel now eating his food. Luis says he wasnt finished! Pilar offers to make him some more. Luis and Miguel begin talking about Miguels problems with Kay. They tell him that he cant let Kay marry Fox, he has to find out why Kay is mad at him and fix it. Luis says he should have done a lot of things not to lose Sheridan. They say they thought he loved Fancy. Luis says he does, but he still regrets his mistakes. He doesnt want Miguel to be left regrets. Pilar says Luis is right. Pilar then offers to make some coffee for Luis and Fancy for their ride to the station. Luis cant wait until Fancy graduates so they can start their lives. Miguel is still eating food, Luis and Theresa tease him that hell need a diet soon. Miguel asks Luis if he could be with any woman he wanted, would he want to be with Sheridan or Fancy? He also asks Theresa the same thing, Jared or Ethan? Luis says his answer is that things are different now then they were then. Theresa likes that answer. Pilar says its not an answer to the question. Luis says its the wrong question. Theresa says they are happy with who they are now, that is the right question. The phone rings, this time it is for Theresa. Its Valerie calling about her travel arrangements to Boston. She wants the Bently limo, she wants her chef to prepare her dinner in Boston and she wants Kobe Beef. She says shell be in to work soon. After her phone call, the family makes fun of her call. Theresa says shes sorry if her arrangements seem snobbish, but the more she controls the less she worried about business going wrong. Luis asks what if they tickled her and made her lose control. Pilar tells them not to pick on thier powerful and rich sister. Theresa warns them not to touch her. She smashes toast on Luis and Miguel, which starts a huge food fight. Pilar yells at them all to stop! She asks who will help her clean this mess? Theresa says Miguel will eat it up. They all offer to help her clean up. They tell Miguel he should go find out what is up with Kay. Theresas ride shows up, she has to go and cant help them clean up either. Theresa is still covered in food though. She asks Luis if hes happy with Fancy. He says he is. He asks if shes happy with Jared? Theresa says she is. Theresa says she has to get going now, who knows what crisis is waiting for her at the office

Fancy wakes up and finds flowers in her room. There is a card, they are from Luis. She says the maid must have brought them in as a surprise while she was sleeping. Sheridan shows up, she says what beautiful flowers, they must be from Luis. Fancy says yes, isnt he wonderful? Sheridan says yes he is. Luis says and hes hers, all hers. She calls Luis to thank him. As she tells him how happy she is, Sheridan is fuming. Fancy offers to come by his house and pick him up for work. Luis tells her that hes tried to find out who took their photo outside the B&B, it wasnt the paparazzi. She asks who else it would be then? Fancy says it had to be them that called in the fake fire to get them outside and get a photo. Luis says he doesnt know, but whoever is responsible has ticked him off. Fancy says its hard to imagine someone being so mean. Fancy says shell be over soon and she loves him. Later Fancy tells Sheridan that shes sorry to go on and on about Luis in front of her. Sheridan says shes happy for her. Sheridan tells Fancy she doesnt want to interfere . . . but . . . She says when you get flowers from the man you love it is wonderful, but when it is Luis . . . She says Luis doesnt have money and these flowers are an extravagance. She says if Luis has to treat her like this and she expects it, hell start to resent her. Fancy asks Sheridan if Luis splurged on her? Sheridan says yes and look what happened to them. Fancy says shed never push Luis to spend money her. Sheridan if she doesnt let him then he wont feel like a man. Fancy doesnt know what to do, getting these flowers made her feel special. Sheridan says then savor them as long as they last. Fancy leaves to get dressed. Sheridan then dumps salt in the flowers in order to kill them. Shes got a wicked smile on her face as she does this. Later she says she cant believe she did that, what is wrong with her. Fancy returns all dressed for work. She sees Sheridan is still here. Sheridan says yes she just took a bite of her breakfast, she didnt get a chance to eat. Fancy says she has to run. Before she goes, Sheridan tells Fancy how there is a legend about flowers, for every day the flowers live it represents a decade of love. Fancy says she should make sure the flowers have enough water. She sees they are wilting already, but she says it doesnt matter. Fancy knows she and Luis will be together for the rest of their lives. Fancy leaves. Sheridan says she cant let Fancy have Luis, she cant! 

Fancy shows up at the Lopez-Fitzgerald's to pick Luis. The kitchen has been cleaned, Luis is in uniform now. Pilar wonders how they will stay professional until Fancy graduates? They say lots of will power. Pilar says theyll need it. Pilar leaves them and they kiss. Sheridan is outside spying on them.

Ethan shows up at Crane. Chad says Theresa isnt here, and Theresa has had anti-hacking software installed after his stunt. Chad says Ethan came off looking like an idiot. Ethan asks Chad to tell him that he doesnt think Jared is a threat. Jared walks in and says so Ethan still out to get him? Ethan says damn straight. He says he knows hes out to manipulator Theresa and hell prove it. Jared and Ethan begin arguing over Theresa. Jared says Theresa made her choice and is moving on. Ethan says its who shes moved on with. Jared says nobody thinks hes out to hurt her. He says let Tess move on and live a life without him. Ethan knows hes up to something. Jared wonder how Gwen feels about this obsession. Ethan says leave Gwen out of this. Jared asks Ethan who he hates more, him for being with Tess or himself for not being man enough to leave his wife? Ethan tells him to go to hell. Jared says he will be here for a long time , get used to it. Ethan says he wont let Jared hurt Theresa. Jared tells him to go home to his wife and leave Theresa alone. He says hed be happy to leave Theresa alone, as long as he knows shes safe. Jared says if he wants her to be happy and safe that means living a full life, which includes a loving and sexual relationship. Jared says if that isn't with  him then who. Ethan says he cant think of anyone . . . Jared says that is because Ethan doesnt want to let Theresa go. Jared tells Ethan to go home before he loses both Gwen and Tess. Jared says Ethan will only have his cat to keep his company while hes living with Theresa and their own kids, including Little Ethan. Ethan then lunges and attacks Jared! Chad breaks up the fight for all of a second, they keep going at it. 

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