December 11, 2006
In Kay's room, Miguel shows up and kisses Kay. At first she responds, but then she slaps him and asks what the hell he's doing. They begin arguing about Fox and telling him the truth. Kay says it's over between them and she is going to marry Fox. Miguel wants to know what, what happened. She tells him that he has some nerve acting like he doesn't know. Miguel says he doesn't know. Kay says it is Charity being in the picture again. Miguel wonders if she has gotten electrocuted, Charity isn't here. She tells him not to act like he doesn't know that this is about Charity. She tells him she's going to marry Fox.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Fancy and Luis are kissing as Sheridan spies on them from outside. She is fuming mad. Fancy reminds Luis how they have to wait until she graduates. Sheridan ends up calling in a fake 911 call saying she needs help. Dispatch ends up calling Luis about the call. Fancy and Luis are forced to go their separate ways.

At the B&B, Gwen is wondering where Ethan has been. He shows up and starts making excuses about work. As she is trying to get the truth out of him, Sheridan shows up. Sheridan has to talk to Gwen, so Ethan leaves them. Gwen asks Sheridan what is wrong? Sheridan says it's Luis and Fancy! She can't stand it that they are together. She also says she's doing terrible things to keep them apart. Sheridan starts off by telling her that the last time she was here, when she went into the bathroom and took so long it was to call in a phony fire alarm at the B&B to stop Luis and Fancy from making love. She says then she snapped a photo of them in the bushes and sent it to a tabloid. 

At the park, Little Ethan is spending time with Theresa and Jared. They took the day off to spend it playing in the snow. Jared tells Theresa how her son really is a great kid. They are having a great time. They build a snowman and also have a snowball fight.

Ethan sees Theresa with Jared and Little Ethan at the park. He's spying on them from the bushes and doesn't know why Theresa can't see how wrong Jared is for her. Noah catches Ethan and realizes Ethan still wants Theresa back. Ethan does his usual denial, but Noah isn't buying it. They have a long talk about Theresa. Noah suggests one way to get her away from Jared is to find out if Gwen really was lying about the tabloids like Theresa always says she was. If so they could be together. Ethan says JT told them it was Phyllis who sold him out, why would he lie. Noah says money, power, who knows! Noah says as a bartender he hears things, JT has some blackmail scheme going on to get money from people, he's still in town. Ethan says he can't abandon his family to go on a hunt for JT. Noah says he doesn't have to, he knows where JT is hiding out. Noah says JT maybe able to give him the truth about the tabloid as well as some dirt on Jared.

Luis and Fancy both run into one another in the park. She was assigned to park patrol, he says he had to just get out of the office because he couldn't stop thinking about her. She says there is a word for that. He says yeah, horny. She says no, fate. He says Theresa must be contagious or something. They end up laughing, Luis says it's all he can do not to throw her down in the bushes. They end up going to get some hot chocolate to warm themselves up.

Gwen and Sheridan end up in the park. Sheridan continues telling her all the things she done to break up Luis and Fancy, such as the call she made this morning and putting salt in Fancy's flowers. She wonders what is wrong with her. Gwen says nothing is wrong, it's normal for her to feel like this because she loves Luis. Sheridan says she has Chris though and James, she shouldn't be thinking about Luis. She then sees Luis and Fancy together. She wonders what it takes to keep them apart! She runs over to them and calls Fancy a bitch for flaunting her relationship with Luis in front of her face. She tells Fancy to burn in hell and throws her hot chocolate all over her. Of course it was a daydream. Sheridan ends up running off crying that she's lose Luis.

Rebecca finds JT in the park, he's collected a bunch of money. Rebecca isn't happy with him. She knows he's holding out and wants answers. She asks who he is blackmailing. He says it's more like who isn't he blackmailing. She wants names and crimes. He says not here, it's not safe. He suggests they go back to his place and talk.

At JT's place, Rebecca once again asks for the information. JT says he's changed his mind, he just can't tell her as it would put her in danger. Rebecca doesn't like hearing this. She decides to turn to her old friend Jack Daniels. She tries to get him drunk, and when he's not looking she tries to grab his pen drive. He however catches her before she gets her hands on it. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, it's Ethan. Rebecca says she can't be caught here. JT suggests she hide in the bathroom. Ethan continues to demand to be let in.



December 12, 2006

Eve is in her office and finds a blackmail letter addressed to her. She opens it up and reads it. We dont see what it says, but she says this is impossible that they could know this. She says this is sick. She sees there is no return address and no stamp, which means it was delivered by hand. Eve calls her secretary to find out who has been in her office. Her secretary was out all morning. Eve says well someone was in her office. She says from now on they have to keep it locked up when neither of them are here. Eve wonders who could have found out about this, who would do this to her.

At Jt's place, Ethan has JT by his throat, he demands the truth on who really outed him to the tabloid. JT says it was Phyllis. Ethan doesnt believe it. JT says he did before. Ethan demands to know why Theresa would lie about this when it was easy to disprove. He demands to know the truth. Rebecca is hiding in the bathroom. She says if JT doesnt keep his big mouth shut then hes a dead man. Ethan is strangling JT, JT swears hes telling him the truth. Eve says hell make him take a lie detector test. JT says no it would be bad for his health, hed be electrocuted. JT tells Ethan that hell have to trust him. Ethan says he doesnt trust him. JT says then what will he strangle him to death? Ethan lets JT go, but he wont leave. Ethan says hes sticking to JT until he fesses up. JT says he has places to go and people to see. Ethan says they'll see them together. Ethan steals his passport and says hes not going anywhere. Ethan has to use the bathroom, but JT says no. Ethan says he has to. Rebecca wonders what she will do, Ethan cant find her! JT tells Ethan he cant go in, its a mess. Ethan heads in and goes to the bathroom as Rebecca hides in the shower. Rebecca looks at Ethan and says Gwen is a lucky girl, no wonder shell do anything to hang onto him! Ethan hears something and wonders if someone is in there. Ethan pulls the shower curtains back, nobody is there. He says maybe his bathroom has rats. We see Rebecca is hanging out on the window ledge. She says shes so sick of this. Ethan thinks the rats are coming in through the window. He closes it, which causes Rebecca to fall. Ethan goes back to deal with JT. He says he shut his window, he had rats. He asks JT if he wants to talk, but JT says no. Ethan grabs him by the throat again and demands the truth from him. JT says he has nothing more to say. Ethan says this isnt done, he wont give up on this. Ethan soon sees his blackmail letter collection as well as some photos. He sees he has a photo of Jared. Ethan demands JT tell him what he knows about Jared. JT says he doesnt know anything. Ethan demand he tell him what is going on, if JT doesnt tell him everything about Jared then JT will be sorry. JT says he has nothing. Ethan knows hes finding out dirt on everyone. JT says not him. Ethan suggests he get to work then. Ethan offers to help him with his tax problems if JT gets the dirt on Jared for him. JT tells Ethan that hes got a deal. 

At the park, Little Ethan asks if they can go skating. Theresa says sure. Jared says he has a problem, he doesnt know how to skate. Little Ethan says theyll teach him. He doesnt know but agrees, saying the feels like hes about to be sacrificed. They hit the ice and Jared and Theresa kiss. Little Ethan says Ewwww! Later Jared is set out to skate on his own, only to crash into a bunch of bystanders. Theresa begs their forgiveness, its his first time. He says she pushed him onto the ice. Theresa says she didnt. Little Ethan pushes him and says that was a push. Theresa tells him that he has to get back up and try again. Jared says ice skating is just impossible. Little Ethan says its easy, he can show him how. Jared says maybe another time, he likes more steady things below his feet like solid earth. Theresa says sometimes you have to take a leap of faith or you will miss out on some incredible things. They continue teaching him how to skate, he starts doing a little better. Little Ethan suggests they do this again tomorrow. 

Chad finds Whitney and Miles playing in the park. Chad asks to join them for their sons sake. He thinks they should enjoy the day and each other. Whitney doesnt know if she can. Chad says hes tired of putting up with her suspicions. Hed have hoped by now that shed have realized how wrong she was. Whitney says she did do some thinking last night. She says they are still not okay, she cant trust him. Chad doesnt know where this is coming from. She says dont you? He says tell him what he did wrong. Whitney cant believe he acts like he doesnt know what is going on here. He says they cant turn their life upside down over what Rebecca said, shes a nympho and a liar. Whitney says Rebecca only confirmed her suspicious, why would she tell her this if it wasnt true. He says shes a trouble maker, maybe she had too many Martinis that night. Whitney says she wants to believe him. He says then do, have faith in him. He swears there is no other woman in the world for him. Whitney says she doesnt want to make a mistake that she might regret. He thinks marrying him isnt a mistake. He says they made a child together, what could be more natural than raising him together. Whitney says she wants to believe in him she does. She says she needs more time. He says he cant accept that. He says he needs her in his heart and bed, but shes putting up barriers. He says shes poisoning everything they had and hes sick of it. He tells her to decide to be with him or they need to move on. He says marry him by Christmas or they are finished. She says he cant mean that. He says he does. He says the way shes treating him is killing him. He says either she married him now or they are finished. Whitney says this is so unfair. He says make up her mind or theyll call it a day. Whitney cant believe hes being so hostile. He says hes being honest, he wants them to get married. HE says Miles deserves parents who love and trust each other. He says he wont stand for what Whitney is doing. He says marry him by Christmas or they are finished. Chad kisses Miles and walks off. 

Whitney sees Theresa in the park and runs to talk to her. Whitney tells Theresa about Chads ultimatum over getting married. Whitney asks what she does? Whitney says she doesnt trust him, but she loves him. Theresa says Chad isnt cheating on her and she cant lose him.

Chad goes to the hotel to meet his mystery lover. They are in the shower, so we don't see them. Chad says hurry up and finish up as he needs them so much, he needs them now.

Gwen is telling Sheridan how it will be okay. Sheridan cries to Gwen that shes lost him forever. Sheridan thinks shes going crazy, she does the most bizarre things just to keep Fancy and Luis apart. Gwen says its normal for her to be jealous that Luis is moving on. Sheridan says this is more jealousy, its like shes possessed. She says she killed those flowers Luis sent Fancy. She says she just couldnt stand her having anything beautiful from him. She says she has all these feelings swirling around in her stomach, she cant help it. She says she wants to hurt Fancy. Gwen feels like she has an evil twin inside that is getting meaner and stronger. Gwen says its like shes making her do things she hates. Gwen says they need to go see Eve. Sheridan says no, she said horrible things to Eve. Gwen says shes a doctor, she can help. Sheridan agrees to go with Gwen to see Eve. 

Luis and Fancy see Gwen crying, they wonder what she is crying about. Luis says she said "She's lost him." Luis thinks maybe seeing all these kids reminded her of Marty. Fancy tells Luis its okay if he wants to go to her. Luis says no, shes with Gwen, Gwen can help her. Luis says his going over there will only make things worse. Later they see Gwen and Sheridan leave. Luis notes how Sheridan didnt even look their way. Fancy says she has her husband to take care of her. Fancy suggests they go ice skating, but Luis isnt in the mood. He says Sheridan is right, this whole thing is his fault. Fancy says dont be ridiculous. He says its true, if he had listened to her then Marty wouldnt have died. Fancy tells Luis she wont let him go on believing that. Luis tells Fancy that she has to accept him for who he is. Fancy says this doesnt help him or Sheridan. Luis says he cant help it, he knows that Marty would be alive if it werent for him. Fancy suggests they go get a bite to eat then, but Luis says he has some work to do at the station house. They realize they cant risk being around one another at the station and they have to keep playing it safe until she graduates. Fancy says hes got it and calls him boss. Fancy heads off on her own.

Gwen and Sheridan show up at Eves office. Gwen explains how Sheridan is having troubling feelings, shes going to leave them to talk. Gwen tells Sheridan that Eve can help her. Gwen tells Sheridan she can call her at any time. Gwen leaves them. Eve asks Sheridan to have a seat. Sheridan goes to apologize to Eve, but Eve says its forgotten and shes heard worse from Julian. Sheridan says its not like her. Eve says she knows. She tells Sheridan to talk to her. Sheridan says shes so frightened, all she can do is pray that shes not losing her mind. Eve asks Sheridan to tell her what is in her heart. Sheridan tells Eve every word she said was right, she cant stand to see Luis and Fancy together, it is driving her mad. Eve is glad that Sheridan is admitting this. Eve asks Sheridan if shes done anything she might be ashamed of? Sheridan remembers spying on them and putting salt in Fancys flowers. Sheridan just tells Eve she might says she has. Eve was worried this might happen, which is why she wanted her to talk to Luis. Sheridan says its too late, Luis is in love with Fancy. Sheridan says she has to wise up and face that shes lost Luis for good.

Fancy returns home and finds her flowers are all wilted and dead. She doesnt know what happened to them. She says they were so beautiful, and she remembers Sheridans legend that every day they lived would equal ten years of love. She says it cant be true as it would mean her life with Luis would be dead before it got started. She then gets a call from Esme. Fancy tells Esme that there is nothing she can do for her, sit tight and wait for a lawyer to bail her out. Esme is in jail again it seems. Fancy starts talking to Esme about how she and Luis and in love with one another. Fancy says that is disgusting and none of her business, but no they havent yet as they have to wait until she graduates. Esme starts yelling at her, Fancy says she knows policemen arent her favorite people in the world. Fancy says this is what she wants to do, but she has to wait until shes a full officer before she and Luis can be together. She asks Esme to keep her fingers crossed for them.

Gwen returns to the B&B and hears a noise. She says it sounds like rats, and what is that horrible smell? She says its like someone died in the hall. She follows the smell and finds Rebecca outside her room. Gwen asks what happened to her? Rebecca says she needs a drink. Gwen gives her water. Rebecca spits it out and says she said something to drink not water. Gwen gives her a real drink. Rebecca says she always told Gwen to drink 8 glasses of this a day to stay hydrated. Gwen asks what happened? Rebecca says she was at JTs when Ethan showed up so she climbed out the window. Gwen says again? Rebecca says yes, shell have to join the pigeons united. She says she fell into a garbage truck below. Rebecca says cats followed her all the way here. Rebecca ends up pulling a dead fish out from her boobs. Gwen asks what Ethan was doing at JTs? Rebecca says he was trying to find out who outed him to the tabloids. Gwen says great, after everything Ethan still doesnt believe her. Later Gwen is spraying Lysol as she tells Rebecca she better keep JT from spilling his secrets. Rebecca says JT wont tell anyone anything unless they can do something for him, and Ethan cant. 


December 13, 2006
At Tabithas, Tabitha is looking into her bowl and telling Endora how tonight is the night that someone wins 250,000 dollars on the Biggest Loser. She wonders who it will be as she recaps the contestants in her bowl. Endroa asks if they can eat cookies and ice cream as they watch. Tabitha thinks Endora is missing the point. Endora suggests they get back to work. Tabitha looks in her books for answers. She says every spell book they have confirms that if Charity and Miguel make whoopee that the darkside will come to an end. She doesnt get it, she saw Miguel and Charity doing the deed in the bowel. The boys in the basement roar. Tabitha agrees, it makes no sense. She says they should have been blasted to smithereens by now. Tabitha says something has gone wrong, but what? Tabitha keeps reading over the prophecies. She doesnt know how it hasnt come true. Endora suggests maybe it wasnt Charity. Tabitha says she saw her, Simone saw her and Kay saw her. She says Miguel did more than see her. Endora says they must all be wrong then. Tabitha says shell re-run the footage in the bowl one more time. She watches them in the bowl and says its Charity, shed know her and that vacant expression on her face anywhere. Endora says use X-ray vision. Tabitha says fine and she asks Endora for some juice. Endora zaps her mommy so she can use X-ray vision on them. Tabitha has the bowl zoom in and give her more light. She realizes Endora is the Einstein of the darkside, she was right. Tabitha zaps away all the books as they dont need them anymore. She says it wasn't Charity and Miguel making love, it was imposters wearing masks. Tabitha says this is an old Crane trick and Fox must have come up with it. Tabitha cant wait to tell Kay this news. Endora ends up magically trapping her mom in the kitchen. Tabitha demands Endora unlock the door. Endora says no way, she doesnt want Kay to know. Tabitha says they have to tell Kay, Miguel is the one she wants to marry not Fox. Endora says she wants Kay to marry Fox. Tabitha says they are both very fond of Kay, doesnt she deserve to marry the man she loves the most? Doesnt Fox deserve a woman who loves him? Endora says he has Kay. Tabitha says she is going to tell Kay the truth!

Kay is moping on the couch. She tells Simone that her dress arrived, as did Simone's. Kay knows she should be happy but shes not. Simone says get over Miguel, the jerk doesnt deserve her. Kay says she knows. She says its not like she doesnt love Fox, she does. However Miguel is the man in her heart. Simone tells Kay not to let Miguel ruin this thing with Fox, have a spectacular wedding and forget Miguel. Kay says but Miguel is the best man. Simone says and he'll have a close up view on what he missed out on. Simone says marry Fox and dont let Miguel get to her again.

Kay walks into the kitchen as Tabitha is telling Endora that she is going to tell Kay the truth! Kay says tell her what? Tabitha says she has good news. As she goes to tell Kay, Endora takes her voice away. Endora tells her mom that she doesnt listen, she cant tell Kay. Kay suggests Tabitha write it down. Tabitha begins writing, but it ends up being some kind of witchy shopping list for bat dung. Kay tells Tabitha she should go to bed and get a glass of warm milk. Kay tells Simone that they should go look at at their dresses. As they leave Endora is saying Uh oh uh oh oh dear! Tabitha gets her voice back as soon as they are gone. She tells Endora that there will be a big time out for this one. Tabitha says they have to tell Kay the truth about the Miguel and Charity she saw. Endora says Fox would be hurt. Tabitha says shes just making matters worse, shes just going to create problems for all of them that will last for years to come. 

Fox is on the phone with this dad. Hes at a bridal shop buying a tuxedo, and Miguel is on his way to get one as well. He says Miguel is still his best man. He says its like Alistair always said, keep your friends close and enemies closer. Meanwhile Noah and Miguel show up outside the shop. Noah doesnt understand why this wedding hasnt been canceled. Miguel doesnt know, but Fox did something, he knows that much. Later Noah and Miguel have been fitted for their tuxes. Noah says Fox has a great attitude for someone about to die. Miguel says because he knows a month with Kay is worth ten years. Miguel says he cant go on like this and hes going to do something about this wedding. Noah stops him and says Kay told him not to mention this to Fox, if he says anything then Kay will be angrier than ever. Miguel says he hates lying to Fox and he doesnt know what he did to upset Kay. Noah asks if hes sure he didnt say or do something. Miguel says no, the only thing that worried Kay was that his feelings for Charity would come back. Miguel says that is it, he has to find a way to prove Charity means nothing to him. Noah says if only Kay could hear him tell Charity that Kay is the one he loves. Miguel says that is it, he has to find Charity and get her to tell Kay they are done. Fox is eavesdropping, he says this cant happen. Noah asks Miguel what his plan is, he spent a year looking for her once. Miguel says hell ask Luis to help him, it has to work. He says he loves Kay too much to lose her to Fox. Fox says he will do what he has to, he wont stop Kay from marrying him. 

Theresa, Little Ethan and Jared are at the office. Jared says he had a good time today. Little Ethan says so did he. He tells his mom that he loves her. He also gives Jared a hug and thanks him. Jared says theyll do it again sometime. Theresa is smiling. Jared and Theresa make out as Little Ethan plays on the PC. Whitney shows up, she didnt mean to interrupt them. Theresa says they just got back from ice skating. Jared suggests to Little Ethan that they go to the book caf while Theresa and Whitney talk. They then head off. Theresa talks to Whitney about how Jared is very good with him and Little Ethan really likes him. Theresa doesnt see how anything can go wrong with them now. Whitney says then then fortune teller was right, shes happy for her. Theresa wants Whitney to be happy too. Whitney says this just isnt easy for her. Theresa says Whitney just needs to stop these crazy suspicions so they can move on together. Theresa says he did tell her to marry her by Christmas or it was over, and people dont give those ultimatums unless they are serious. Whitney says what about the fact that she doesnt trust him. Whitney says maybe this ultimatum is good, she certainly cant go on this way. Theresa asks if shes going to end her engagement? Theresa asks if she can give up the love of her life over a suspicion. Theresa thinks Whitney should just get married. Whitney still doesnt know. Theresa tells Whitney about the PI she hired. She says she can have him back on the case if she wants. Theresa says they will know for sure if what shes feeling is real or totally wrong.

At the Book Caf, Ethan is on the phone with JT. He says he made some calls and can get him a deal with the IRS. However JT needs to hold his end up, he needs every detail he can get on Jared. Chad catches Ethan on the phone and asks him if he ever stops? He asks who Ethan is talking to about Jared? Ethan pretends hes talking to Gwen and hell see her later. Ethan assures Chad he was just talking to Gwen about seeing Jared at the park. Chad says give it up, Jared is a nice guy. Chad says he cares about Theresa and she about him. Chad says he cant expect Theresa to live like a nun, she deserves happiness. Chad says if Theresa cant be with him then let her be with someone else. Ethan says he does want her to be happy. Chad gets up to get his own drink. Ethan tells himself that Jared isnt the nice guy everything thinks he is and hell prove it. Later Ethan talks to Chad about Whitney. Chad says its not good, he gave her an ultimatum and said if they get married by Christmas or they are through. Chad says he cant go on like this. Ethan says recalls Chad mentioning something about adultery. He asks if Whitney is right, is he having an affair with another woman? Chad says no way, Whitney is the only woman for him. Ethan says then what he will do? Chad says he has to convince her that shes wrong. Ethan says take it from him, its hell losing the woman you love. He asks Chad to imagine a life without Whitney, imagine her dating another man, marrying another man. Ethan says its miserable. Chad gets a call, he says now? Chad says yeah hell see them soon. Chad says he has to run. Ethan asks who that was? Chad says just a friend. Chad then runs off.

Little Ethan and Jared play checkers at the book caf while having hot chocolate. Little Ethan tells him that hes fun. Jared says he thinks hes fun too. Little Ethan asks if he really likes his mom. Jared says he loves his mom. Little Ethan asks if that means he will be his dad? Jared asks if hed like that? Little Ethan says yeah. Jared says then he hopes so. Later the nanny shows so Jared takes off. Ethan ends up running into Little Ethan. Little Ethan begins showing Ethan what he and Jared found while ice skating. (News broke in here for awhile, I didn't see what happened).

At the station, Luis and Fancy have to control their urges for one another. Fancy is glad they dont have to wait much longer. Luis says the minute she graduates they will go away, hes already taken time off for the both of them. He talks about making love to her all night long by the fire. She says it sounds like heaven. Luis pushes her under some mistletoe. She says its plastic. He says use her imagination. She suggests it could be an interesting scientific experiment. Later Sam talks to Luis about a peeping tom that has been causing problems, he wants to set a trap for him. He tells Luis a resident has given them use of their house, and how hell have Burt as backup. Sam says he just needs a female officer as the bait. Fancy says she can do it, but Luis says no way. Fancy says shes almost a real officer. Sam tells Fancy if Luis says no then no. Sam ends up picking another officer to do it. Luis tells Fancy how sex crimes are nasty and turn dangerous in a second. Sam asks Fancy to excuse them. Fancy helps the other officer button up her garb. She also questions the other cop Burt about how this set-up works. Burt and the female officer tell her everything. The female cop says she was supposed to have the night off tonight. She says she was supposed to go to a party with her boyfriend. Fancy tells her to go, shell take the assignment for her. The cop doesnt know, but Fancy assures her that it will be fine. She says okay. Burt asks Fancy if shes sure, Luis doesnt want her on the case. Fancy says Luis is a nervous Nelly and beside she has him to look out for her. 

Later Fancy and Burt are at the house and on the case. Fancy is inside and  gets a cell phone call from Luis. He asks where she ran off to. She says she had to wrap some presents. He tells her that he hopes shes not upset that he wouldnt let her go on the Peeping Tom case. She says no. He says sex crime cases are dangerous, hes glad Sam sent another officer. As Fancy talks on the phone, Burt is in the shadows outside. He radios someone and says the operation is a go. Meanwhile the peeping tom shows up, hes all in black. The peeper has a knife on him! 


December 14, 2006
Jared and Chad go ring shopping. Jared thanks Chad for helping him out. Chad says it is what friends are for. Jared is so nervous and he hasnt even asked the question. Jared asks Chad if he was this nervous when he proposed to Whitney? Chad asks which time? He says he proposed twice and he has a feeling they may not make it to the wedding. Jared says she still thinks hes seeing someone else. Chad says yes, so he gave her till Christmas to decide. Jared says gutsy since he is seeing someone else. Jared tells Chad if he wants to marry Whitney then he has to convince her that hes not cheating on her. Chad says how? Jared says by stopping cheating on her! A woman shows up at the counter to help them. Jared says hes looking for an engagement ring. She says how sweet, they make a lovely couple. Jared says no the ring isnt for Chad, its for a wonderful woman. The woman apologizes, she says she thought they were a couple as they are so handsome and well groomed. Chad says its okay, his fiance's sister is gay. The woman remembers him buying that ring awhile back. She asks how married life is? He says they arent married yet. She says long engagements are so romantic. She asks when they will marry? He says by Christmas, or the wedding is off. Chad excuses himself as Jared looks at the rings. Later Chad returns, after sending Whitney a message to call him. Jared picks out a nice and expensive ring. He hopes Tess will like it. Jared purchases the ring and jokes now he knows why they say a diamond is forever, it takes that long to pay them off. Jared says its worth it to spend his life with Tess. Chad tells him that he hopes Theresa says yes. Jared tells Chad that hes sure Whitney will come around too. Jared has decided to ask Theresa to marry him as soon as he sees her. Chad wishes him luck. Jared then heads off.

At Crane, Theresa is still talking to Whitney. Theresa says Chad has loved her since coming to Harmony. Theresa says Chad loved her even when they thought they were related, that isnt a guy who would cheat on her. Whitney says she never thought Ethan would cheat on Gwen, but he did. Theresa says the situations were completely different. Theresa says Whitney has no proof, Rebeccas accusations dont count. Theresa says focus on Chads love. Whitney says neither one of them does what they should do. Theresa says she knows. Suddenly Ethan bursts in. He asks Theresa if it is true, is she really going to marry Jared? Theresa says he cant barge in here and grill her about her personal life. He demands to know if shes going to marry him. Whitney says they should relax. Whitney asks Ethan how he came up with this? Ethan says he talked to Little Ethan, he said he was about to have a new daddy. Ethan says Jared gave Little Ethan the impression theyd be married. Theresa says she doesnt know what to say. Ethan says its true, shes going to marry him. Ethan says Jared is trouble, hes using Little Ethan to get to her. Ethan says she cant marry Jared. Ethan asks Whitney to keep Theresa from making this mistake. Theresa tells Ethan that she and Jared have not discussed marriage, they are only dating. Ethan says good, that gives him time to get the proof that Jared is a criminal. He also says Jared is not a decent guy, you dont go to a little kid and tell them you are going to marry their mom. Theresa says Ethan is the one always saying her son needs a father figure. Ethan says yeah, someone like him or someone like Julian, his real father. Ethan says not Jared. Whitney gets a text from Chad about calling her. She hasnt made up her mind, she doesnt want to call him. Theresa and Ethan both assure her that Chad does love her. Whitney decides to at least go talk to Chad. Whitney then leaves. Ethan and Theresa continue arguing about Jared. Ethan tells Theresa to trust him, Jared is bad news. Theresa says Ethan wouldnt believe her when she said Gwen and Rebecca outed him. She says JT has the proof, hes just lying to him. Theresa offers Ethan a deal, shell believe him about Jared without proof if he believes her about Gwen and Rebecca . . . without proof. Theresa says deal or no deal? He says no deal, she can walk away from Jared, but he is married to Gwen. Theresa says spare her the married excuse. She says this deal was about trust, he doesnt trust her. Ethan says Gwen is his wife. Theresa says and one day Jared could be her husband. He asks if she could see herself married to him? Theresa says what she sees is none of his business. She says he is married, he has no say in what she does with her life. She says back off and stop trying to dictate her future. Ethan tells her not to marry Jared, hes not who he says he is. Theresa says Ethan doesnt want her to marry anyone. Theresa says he wants her to be his piece on the side. Ethan says being with her is more than about sex, he loves her. Theresa says well he made his choice and she has made hers. She says she will be married one day. She says it may be Jared it may not be, but she wont wait for him. Ethan says he doesnt want to see her be hurt. She says that is what he is doing, he doesnt want to be with her but he wont let her go. Ethan says he wont let her go, part of him loves her as much as she loves him. Theresa tells him that he wont leave Gwen, so he has to let her go and move on. Ethan says he wants her to be happy and safe, he wants her to be with a man who loves her and would move mountains for her. She says shes with that man right now. Theresa and Ethan begin kissing. Outside the office, Jared shows up with a ring to propose to Theresa!

Whitney meets Chad at the jewelry store. He asks why here, does he plan to bribe her into marrying him before Christmas? He says that is what she thinks, that he is trying to bribe her into trusting him? Whitney says she doesnt know what she feels, but she knows she has this nagging suspicion about him. Chad says giving her an ultimatum was a mistake, he just wanted to show her how much he wanted to be with her. He says he loves her, she is the only woman he loves. He knows they could have a happy family if shed marry him. He says he loves her, have faith in him, take heart and marry him. Whitney says shes sorry, she hasnt made any decisions yet. He says at least she didnt say no. Whitney says she has to go, she has to meet her mom for dinner. Chad asks if he can walk her there, but she says shed rather be alone. Whitney heads out. The store clerk hopes Chad doesnt expect a refund on that ring when she dumps him. Meanwhile Chad thinks he knows how to convince Whitney to marry him. He begins making some calls. 

At Tabithas, Kay and Simone take a look at the dresses. The phone rings and Kay answers. It is Miguel, he tells her not to hang up. She says she told him that they were finished. Miguel says he knows shes upset over the possibility of Charity coming back. He says it wont happen and hell prove it. He says hes going to find Charity and have her prove it to her. Kay says he has to stop this, just leave her alone. Miguel says he cant, he loves her. Kay says this wont change anything, shes marrying Fox. She hangs up on Miguel. Kay tells Simone how she cant believe Miguel still thinks shed go back to him even after she saw them having sex. Kay and Simone discuss what they saw and heard and how Charity turned into such a tramp while she was gone. Kay says she wont let Charity win. Simone says if Kay is marrying Fox then Charity has one. Kay says she cant marry Miguel knowing he cheated. Simone realizes Kay still loves him. Kay says shed always love him. Simone says if Miguel owned up to what he did and swore it wouldnt happen again, would she forgive him? Kay says if he admitted it was a one time thing, could she marry him still. Simone says could she? Simone doesnt want her to make a mistake and marry Fox if her heart isnt in it. Kay says everyone makes mistakes. She says she made a mistake tricking Miguel into sleeping with her, not that she would trade Maria. Kay says if Miguel could admit that, then yeah shed go back to him. Kay says she would end things with Fox to be with Miguel. Kay talks to Simone about some of the crazy bad things she did to try and get Miguel. She says its only right she give him the chance to admit he made a mistake too and swear its over. She says she will forgive him, if she believes him. Simone says maybe it will happen.

Luis is at the station and on the phone with Fancy. He tells her that he knows shes bumed out about not going on the stakeout, but Peeping Toms can be dangerous. He doesnt feel comfortable putting her in this situation until shes graduated. Fancy tells Luis that she understands. As shes loading a gun, Luis asks what that was? Is she loading a gun? She says shes just practicing gun safety. He thought she was wrapping gifts. Fancy says she finished that. She says now shes studying for her upcoming exam. She also says if he tries to call later and she doesnt answer it is because shes Christmas shopping. He tells her to be careful. They say they love one another. Later Miguel shows up to see Luis. He explains the situation with Kay and how he hopes to find Charity so that Charity can let Kay know there is nothing going on between them anymore. Luis thinks that makes sense. Miguel asks for Luis help. Miguel says he cant find Charity on his own. Luis says he cant use police computers for personal gain. He says hes in enough trouble with Sam as is, if he does one more thing then he wont be promoted to detective. Miguel says fine, when he tells Mama that he couldnt be a family with Kay and Maria because he wouldnt bend one little rule . . . Luis says shell kill him. Luis says so what, hes blackmailing a police officer? Miguel says more like twisting his brothers arm. Luis says he cant. Miguel says then how about Luis tells him what to do and hell do it. Luis says that would be okay. Miguel sits at a PC and Luis says hes only doing this so he is happy. Luis gets Miguel into a federal database. He does a search for Charity. Luis says if Charity used her passport to get in or out of the country it will show up. He also says it can track cellphones and credit cards. Miguel doesnt know why he didnt try this before. He says Charity obviously didnt want to be found, she must not love him anymore. Luis talks about how life will be very good once he gets Kay back and Fancy graduates from the academy. The database comes back with thousands of hits. Miguel tries to narrow it down. Later Luis calls Fancy and leaves her a message. He gets a bad vibe, but hes sure everything is fine. Luis asks an officer to radio Burt and check in with him. The cop does as asked, but Burt isnt responding. Luis tells him to keep working on it. Luis checks on Miguels search, hes still waiting for results. Miguel looks at a photo of Kay. He says he has to convince her to marry him. Miguel then says he did it, he found Charity!

At the stakeout, Fancy says she hates lying to Luis. She thinks nothing bad will happen to either one of them though. Outside the Peeper has arrived. Burt is hiding in the bushes. The peeper sneaks up on Burt from behind. He watches and listens in on Burt and Fancy talking over the walkie talkie about their stake-out. Hes not happy to hear them calling him a freak. Back inside, Fancy pretends Luis is sitting in a chair and shes doing a show for him. She uses Luis as her inspiration to lure the peeper in. Burt watches and he seems to be getting turned on. Fancy is inside telling her imaginary Luis how she loves being good for him, but she can be naughty too. She says shed do anything for him because she loves him so much. Outside the peeper says Burt has to go so he can get the girl. Burt is so mesmerized by Fancy he doesnt realize the peeper is right behind him. Fancy soon ends up in her panties and bra. She asks her imaginary Luis to help her out of these last few things. Imaginary Luis ends up vanishing. She thinks she got a bit carried away. However she thinks her strip tease must have gotten his attention. Back outside, the peeper smashes burts head in with a rock. Burt goes down and the peeper pulls out a knife. Meanwhile Fancy is inside shopping online for some lingerie for her first night with Luis. Outside the peeper is breathing heavily and saying hell get her. He hears the walkie talkie on Burt going off, its an officer asking for Burts status. The peeper picks it up and says Roger, everything is okay here. Back at the station, Luis hears the peepers answers and says that is not official protocol. He demands Burt answer correctly. He needs a confirmation code that everything is okay. The peeper remembers Burt saying earlier that everything was Johnny Robert. He repeats it, Luis seems satisfied that everything is okay. The peeper keeps looking in on Fancy. 


December 15, 2006
Whitney meets Eve at the Seascape for dinner. She asks Whitney to tell her what is wrong, why does she think Chad is having an affair? Whitney says its just a feeling she cant get rid of. Eve asks if she has proof, Whitney says no. Eve asks what Chad says? Whitney says Chad keeps saying shes the only woman in the world hell ever love. Whitney says she just doesnt trust him. Chad shows up with flowers for both Eve and Whitney. He says he loves her and to marry her would make him so happy. Whitney tells him that she still hasnt made up her mind. Eve says Whitney! Chad says its okay, he knows Whitney thinks hes pressuring her. She says he is, he told her to marry her by Christmas or it was over. He says and he said he was sorry. He says if they cant make a decision then he has to move on. She says she knows. Chad says hell leave them to their dinner. He says he loves her with all his heart. Chad then leaves. Eve tells Whitney that he loves her so much and she has never loved anyone else. Whitney says she knows, but if he loves her so much then why was he seen in a sleazy motel naked. Eve says she doesnt believe that. Whitney says Chad denied it, so Eve asks who is feeding her these stories. Whitney says it doesnt matter. Eve says it does matter. Whitney says it was Rebecca. Eve says she cant believe a word that comes out of that womans mouth. Whitney says Rebecca only confirmed her suspicions. Eve says so Chad is getting late night calls, hes going out at odd times and not telling her where. Eve says it sounds like the life of a doctor. Whitney says but Chad is a businessman. Eve says he works for Crane, she knows how demanding Julian and Theresa are. Whitney says Chad did claim he was going to the office. Whitney says something isnt right though and she doesnt know what to do about it. Eve thinks Whitney should follow her heart. She says if Whitney loves him then get past these fears and suspicions. Chad returns later with their favorite chocolates. He asks Whitney if they can talk now that they are done with dinner. Whitney isnt ready, but Eve says at least listen to what he has to say. Whitney says fine. They head off to talk.

Julian and Fox are also at the Seascape. Fox can see Julian is still hung up on Eve. Julian says he tries not to be, just dont make the same mistake he did. Julian asks what is happening with Kay, are they still getting married. Fox says for now, and hes doing his best to stay on top of things. Fox gets a call from a dirty cop at the Harmony PD. He tells him that Miguel has apparently found Charity using the Harmony PC and how he told Kay he would find Charity to speak to Kay. Fox says this isnt good at all. Fox asks the cop to find out where Charity is. The cop says they found her on a Caribbean Island, that is all he knows. Fox thanks him, he then makes some more calls. He tells someone that he needs the both of them there right now at Tabithas. Fox tells Julian that he has to go. Julian wishes him luck, dont lose the woman he loves or hell regret it. Eve looks over and sees Julian staring at her.

When Eve is left alone, Julian swoops in and sits down. Eve is saying she just hopes Whitney finds peace and happiness. He asks Eve if she has found peace and happiness yet? Eve slaps him and says that should help. Julian says he deserves that. He says he came here to apologize for his behavior. She says you mean when you attacked TC, a stroke victim, a man who needs a walker to walk? Julian says he made an ass of himself and hes sorry. She says yes and hes becoming a drunken fool so leave her alone. She goes to leave when he sees her envelope. She thinks he knows what it is. She thinks he must have sent it to her. She calls him a bastard. He says he didnt send it. He pulls out his own letter which he got. Julian says someone has been busy digging up dirt. Eve asks but who? Eve says shes going to make this person pay. Julian says hell make this person regret it for the rest of their lives.

Whitney talks to Chad. She says hes not giving her the space she asked for. Hes always hovering and annoying her. He says he knows. He wanted to give her something. He hands it to her, its a scrapbook hes made that chronicles their whole relationship. He even has tickets from their first concert together and everything. She says she had no idea he was doing this. He says this is how much he loves her. Whitney sees the nasty tabloid articles on them, she asks why they are in there. He says to remind him about what theyve been through. He says if their love can make it through that then surely they can make it through this. He asks if she can put aside her doubts and trust in their love. Whitney says she doesnt know. He says he loves her and has done everything he can to prove it to her. He says he needs an answer, marry him by Christmas or he has to move on. She says she needs more time, but he says he needs an answer now, tonight.

At the station, Miguel finds Charity is on a small island in the Caribbean. Luis says Antonio mentioned it, there are only a few hotels there. Miguel starts making calls. He gets a list of all the hotels on the island. Luis tells Miguel that they will find her. Luis is worried about Fancy, she hasnt called him back. He says hes sure Fancy is just out shopping. He tells Miguel to get busy, find Charity. Luis is sure Miguel will be with Kay just like hell be with Fancy. Later Luis looks at Fancys graduation picture. Miguel says but she hasnt graduated yet. Luis says they always take them early to give to families and the press. Luis asks if Miguels had any luck. Miguel says not yet. Miguel calls all the hotels, but he finds no sign of Charity. Luis says he has too keep trying, this is what police work is about. Miguel keeps making calls and finally finds where Charity is staying. Shes staying on a resort in a short term apartment. Hes connected to Charitys apartment. We see Charity on some tropical island. She answers the phone and is shocked to hear from Miguel. Miguel says hes searched everywhere for her. Luis watches, hes very happy for them. He is still worried as to why Fancy isnt calling. Miguel tells Charity how he can't believe he's finally found her. Charity says she doesnt know why, she told him they dont have a future. Miguel says he knows that now. She asks why hes calling? Miguel says hes back in Harmony and in love with Kay. Charity says she knows Kay was always in love with him. Miguel says he wants to marry her and he needs her help. Charity says shell do what she can.

At Tabithas, Kay says as much as she wants it, she doesnt think Miguel will ever tell her that he wont have a future with Charity. Simone says she doesnt know for sure, Kay did admit if Miguel admitted his mistakes then shed be with him. Kay says she wants to be with Miguel more than anything in the world. 

In Tabitha's living room, Fox meets with the Miguel and Charity imposters. They arent in their masks yet. He gives them their scripts. Kay shows up as the two imposters hide. Kay asks Fox who was just here? He says nobody, she caught him practicing his vows. He says he has been trying to make sure that he says his vows perfectly at the altar. She is touched and says awwww He sees she opened her gift. She holds up a necklace and says its so great. He says he had Fancy make it, its one of a kind (which you too can buy at!) Fox tells Kay that nothing is too good for her, hell love her until the day he dies. Kay says she and Simone will just be upstairs. He says hell see her in a bit. She leaves, Fox tells the imposters to come out now. They thought for sure theyd be caught. He says they have to finish looking over the script, this will make sure Kay is done with Miguel forever. 

Upstairs Kay tells Simone how she feels terrible. She says Fox is practicing his vows and shes hoping to be with Miguel. She doesnt know what to do. Simone says she has to do what is best for her. Simone says if Miguel is in her heart then she has to tell Fox. Kay says the only way shell do that is if she hears Miguel says hes done with Charity for good. Simone says shell be here for her. Simone has to go. As she leaves fox shows up. Fox asks if she has a case of pre-wedding jitters? She says no, shes just got a lot to do. Fox then says Miguel is home, he is on the phone with Charity right now. He says maybe they are going to elope. Fox leaves to get some tea. Kay says she has to know what Miguel is saying to her. Kay picks up the phone to listen in. She hears the imposter Miguel and Charity talking on the phone. Kay is hoping Miguel will tell her its over. Fake Miguel tells Charity they have to talk about his future, her future and Kays future.

At the stakeout, Fancy is thinking about kissing Luis. She says if the peeper is out there she hopes he got an eyeful. Fancy radios out to Burt, but Burt isnt answering. The peeper takes the walkie talkie and says he loved her strip tease. He laughs and Fancy realizes it is the peeper. She says shes calling for backup, but he says not with these radios. Fancy realizes hes jammed the frequencies. Her cell is dead and hes cut the lines to the house. She goes to email the station but there is no internet signal either. Fancy realizes she has no way to call for help. Fancy says she has to do what shes been trained to do and be a cop. Fancy grabs her gun and says this guy is going down. Fancy says Burt needs her help, she wont sit here and be a target. Fancy puts on a coat and heads outside with her gun drawn. The peeper is in the bushes saying Thats right, come to me pretty lady. Fancy goes to Burt, who is tired up. She is then grabbed by the peeper. They fight, she breaks free and pulls her gun on him. However he has grabbed Burt and has a knife to his throat. He says get rid of the gun or Burt dies. Burt is shaking his head at Fancy. The peerer tells Fancy to put it down or watch Burt bleed to death. She puts the gun down. The peeper then picks it up and points it at her. Fancy asks what he wants, he got his show. He says hes not just a peeper, he says they are going to have fun. He grabs Fancy and holds the gun to her face. The peeper takes Fancy into the house and throws her on the bed. He has her tired up now. He begins ripping her clothes off as she screams.

At Crane, Jared is outside Theresas office with the ring to propose. Inside Ethan and Theresa are doing some serious making out. Jared is trying to pick the right words as Tess deserves it. Jared then sees what time it is, he forgot to email something to a New York office. He takes off to do that first. Theresa hears something, she then stops the kissing. She says hes married to Gwen and shes with Jared. Ethan says he didnt mean to step out of line, hes just worried about her. He says Jared is dangerous. She says she doesnt see any proof. He says hell find it. She says no. She says if he doesnt have the backbone to leave his wife then she doesnt want to see him again., Ethan leaves, Theresa cant believe she let herself get drawn in by Ethan again. Ethan leaves.

Later Theresa tries to call Whitney, but shes not answering. Theresa is upset, she says she has to stop letting Ethan get to her. A hand touches her, she asks why they came back! She then sees it is Jared, she says shes sorry. Jared wonders who she thought he was. Theresa says he just startled her, she thought Whitney was coming back to give her a hard time. Jared says she sounded angry, did they have an argument? Theresa says she just thought Whitney was coming back to have a last word. Jared can see shes stressed. He says shes working so hard. He begins giving her a shoulder massage. She thanks him and says that is just what she needed. She asks why he came by. He says he wanted to give her something. She asks what? He says this and gives her a kiss. He says he has another reason he stopped by. He wanted to ask her a question and hopes he gets the answer hes looking for. Jared is holding the ring behind his back.

JT is at home making more blackmail letters. There is a knock at his door. He asks who it is? A voice says special delivery. JT opens up and Ethan walks in. He demands that dirt on Jared. JT offers him a drink. Ethan says he wants information, does he have any. JT says Ethan hasnt given him much time to dig up the goods. Ethan though JT would already have the dirt on him. JT goes looking for the information while he tells Ethan he doesnt get him. JT says Ethan claims he doesnt want to be with Theresa, but hes always with Theresa and never really that concerned about his wife. JT is curious, why is that? Ethan wont talk as gossip is JTs livelihood. JT says used to be, dont worry this wont show up in print. Ethan says if he says so. JT swears it. He asks Ethan if hes in love with Theresa or prepared to spend his life without her? Ethan says this is personal and he wont share it with JT. He asks JT if he has the information. JT does, he hands him an envelope. Ethan says hell hold up his end of the bargain if this information is legitimate. Ethan hopes this will convince Theresa that Jared is up to no good before she does something she regrets. 

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