December 18, 2006 -
At the seascape, Chad asks Whitney for an answer, are they getting married? Whitney says she hates ultimatums, why is he pressuring her. Chad says hes been pretty patient, he loves her. He says he cant go on like this. He says they share a bed and he wont let her touch her. He says he needs an answer now. Whitney says come on, please. Chad says hes heard it all before. He says hes doing this for Miles too, he needs a mother and a father. He says he loves her, but love isnt enough. He says he wants to spend his life with her, so either she makes a commitment to marry him or they need to decide on the details of their splitting up. Whitney tells Chad that she will marry him. She says she will take a leap of faith and trust him. Chad hugs her and says this is what love is about. He says now Miles will have a real mother and father. He says theyll need a house and maybe after the honeymoon a dog. He says shes made him the happiest man on earth, he cant wait to tell everyone. They kiss.

In her office, Theresa asks Jared what he wants to ask her? He doesnt know where to start. He says hes so nervous. She says he can ask her anything. She tells Jared to just ask her. Jared says he realizes they havent known each other long. He says hes come to care a lot about her. She says shes come to care a lot about him. Jared thinks they are great together, and Little Ethan is such a great kid. Jared was hoping they could spend a lot more time together. Theresa says shed like that. Jared says the easiest way for them to spend more time together is if they were to . . . . suddenly the phone rings. Theresa answers, it is Whitney calling with the news that she and Chad are to be married on Christmas Eve. Whitney asks her to come to the Seascape to celebrate. Theresa says shes with Jared, so Whitney says bring him too. Theresa says shell be there. Theresa says break out the champagne. Theresa then passes on the message to Jared, they have to go celebrate with Whitney and Chad. She then remembers he was going to ask her something. He says it can wait, he wants her undivided attention. Theresa says she just loves it when people get married Theresa runs off and Jared says his question can wait, Theresa is worth waiting for.

At the seascape, Chad tells Whitney that shes made him the happiest man in the world. He can hardly believe they are getting married. He says no second thoughts? She says no, shes loved him for so long. She says just forget the crazy suspicions she had, she knows he loves her and would never hurt her. Chad has a flashback of Jared telling him that he knows this cheating is tearing him apart. Jared told Chad that he had to chose, tell Whitney the truth or learn to live with this secret. We then see Chad going to the hotel to meet with his lover. Whitney asks Chad what is wrong? He says nothing, nothing could ruin this moment. They kiss as Theresa and Jared show up. Theresa is screaming. They all hug and say congratulations. Theresa asks them to break out another bottle so they can toast to the wedding. Whitney and Chad run off to get more champagne. Jared tells Theresa he wants to toast too, they have something to celebrate as well. She asks what the toast is for? Jared says hold on woman, hes getting there.

At JTs, Ethan holds a folder that JT gave him. JT says he dug and dug and got some good dirt on his pal. Ethan says Jared is not his pal, he needs to stop Theresa before she makes a huge mistake. JT says like marry him. Ethan says not to say that. Ethan opens the folder and asks what the hell is this, its empty. Ethan asks if this is a joke, what kind of game is he playing? Ethan grabs JT, who says Ethan is always manhandling him. JT asks if he went to law school on Rikers Island? JT tells Ethan they had a deal, he gives him the dirt on Jared for his tax problems to go away. Ethan says hes working on it. JT tells him to work harder. He says he has the dirt on Jared and it is good. He suggests Ethan get to work as what he found out, well he wouldnt want a woman he cares about near that guy. Ethan says he better be telling him the truth. Ethan heads out to deal with JTs problems. 

Ethan goes to meet with some IRS inspector who is stamping Audit on lots of papers. Ethan shows up, the tax guys name is Dave. They went to school together and were in a fraternity. Ethan says Dave was always the wild and crazy kegger. Ethan didnt think  hed ever turn out to be an IRS agent. Dave says it was supposed to just be a temporary job, but then he found out about this little old lady in Omaha lying about her property to the government. He says it lit a fire in him, it was like a religious calling. He says he swore to shake every dime out of people who try and keep it from the government, and that is just what he does. Ethan says wow, great story Dave. He says hes here on behalf of a client JT Cornell. Dave looks the guy up, Dave says theyve been looking for him for some time. He says there is a cell waiting for him in Guantamino. Ethan says they can do that? Dave says they are the government, they can do anything. Dave says the only way to avoid it is to pay off all his back taxes and the interest. Ethan asks how much it will take. Dave does some calculations and shows it to Ethan. Ethan says that is a lot of money. Ethan pulls out his checkbook and is prepared to pay off the taxes. Dave says JT must be some friend. Ethan says this is for another friend. Dave says he doesnt have to do this, they will get the money from JT eventually. Ethan just asks for a receipt, Dave gives him one. Ethan thanks him and suggests they get together some time. 

Back at JTs, JT looks at his file on Jared. He says Jared is worse news than he is. JT gets a call from Ethan. He says hes at the IRS, his problems are taken care of. Ethan says now he wants all the dirt on Jared. JT says no problem at all. He decides to go to the Seascape for dinner and tells Ethan to join him. Ethan says hell see him there. Ethan is sure hes got Jared now. JT looks at the file and says Ethan will be getting his money worth.

Ethan shows up at the Seascape to look for JT. He sees Theresa and Jared together. He runs over and pushes Theresa away from Jared. He says hes got the goods on Jared finally.

At Tabithas, Kay is listening in on the imposters talking on the phone. Fake Miguel says whatever happens between them, Kay can never find out. Charity understands, Kay cant find out they are in love, it would hurt her. Miguel says putting on this act in front of Kay and then seeing her on the side  is so hot.

Downstairs, the importer Charity hates this, this is terrible. She tells Fox its time to adlib, he has no idea how to write a love scene. They continue on, Miguel tells Charity how if she wont marry him then he has to marry Kay for their daughters sake. He also appreciates that Charity seems okay with being in this situation. Charity says children is what it is all about. Fox is telling Charity to stick to the script, but she says he doesnt know anything about women at all. Miguel is fumbling with the pages of his script and repeating his lines. Miguel tells Charity that he wants to be there for his daughter as she grows up, but he just loves Charity so so so so so much. The Charity imposter tells Fox that this is just terrible. Fox says shes being paid now read it as he wrote it.

Back in her room, Kay listens in as Charity and Miguel tell one another how much they love one another. They are reading terrible lines like My love for you burns like the lava at the center of the earth and like tectonic plates that move continents, our love is unstoppable. Kay cant believe shes hearing this.

The fakes continue on talking about how they cant wait to make love again. Charity hopes it is in a bed this time, that shed was freezing. She says Kay deserves this for hurting her, she tricked Miguel into sleeping with her and getting her pregnant. She tells Miguel to give her a kiss to tide her over until they are together again. They make kissy noises.

Kay thinks shes an idiot, she cant believe she misjudged Miguel so badly.

Fox thanks the imposters, though he could have done without the adlibs. The fake Charity thinks that was a little much, how can Fox be so happy about breaking Kays heart. Fox says it kills him to hurt Kay, but shell get over this and this is for the best. He says Kay loves him, he knows what will make her happy. He says once shes over Miguel, they will spend their lives together. Fox then tells them to get out of here. Fox says after he and Kay are married and he fulfills her every desire, Kay will forget all about Miguel. As the imposters are leaving, hes forced to hide them in the closet as Kay comes downstairs. Fox asks Kay what is wrong, is she upset. She says no shes just very emotional because of the wedding. He asks Fox if he knows where Miguel is? Fox says he was in the sun room earlier. Kay heads off to check, Fox then tries to sneak the imposters out. They have to hide again when Miguel shows up (after the stuff at the station below). Fox hides in the closet with the imposters this time. Miguel sees Kay, he says she looks so beautiful and pulls her into a kiss.

Back in the closet, the fake Miguel tells Fox that he has to get out of here, hes allergic to mothballs. Fox spies on Miguel and Kay, who are kissing. Kay asks Miguel what hes doing? He says hes kissing the woman he loves, he does it when hes happy. Miguel says hes found Charity and shes waiting for Kay to call her. Miguel swears they arent in love anymore. Kay cant believe Miguel wants her to call Charity. In the closet Fox says this isn't good,Kay  will find out the truth if she talks to Charity. The fake Charity says its funny how the truth always comes out. Fox wonders how hell get out of this one. 

At the station, Miguel is on the phone for the real Charity. He says he needs her help. She says anything, he knows that. Miguel says what they had was amazing, but theyve both moved on. He says unfortunately Kay thinks they are still in love. He wants Charity to tell Kay that they have not spoken to one another since she left town, let alone seen one another. He then asks her to come home, but she says she cant. She says her memories of Harmony are so painful. She says she loved him, but what she remember most about Harmony is that evil stalked her everywhere. She says she has started a new life, she is happy now. She says she cant come back to Harmony. Charity says Harmony if full of bad memories for her, her mom burned to death when they moved there. Miguel says he understands how this is hard for her. He says it would mean the world if she would come back. He says she found her happiness, now he can have his with Kay. Charity says she left so he could be happy. She thinks her leaving was the right choice as he has moved on. Miguel says please, if she can find it in her heart to do this then it will make a world of difference. He also says when she left town it wasnt fair to him to leave him without an explanation. He thinks if she comes back they can get closure. Charity tells him that she just cant go back to Harmony right now, maybe not ever. Miguel asks Charity if she will at least call Kay. Charity says she will, she hopes they are happy together. Miguel says she isnt making a mistake. She asks Charity to wait there, hell find Kay and have Kay call her. Hes also glad Charity is happy too. She says thank you and goodbye.

Luis is at the station. He watches Miguel talk to Charity. He thinks letting Miguel use the stations resources was worth it. He then calls Fancy to ask how shes doing. He gets her voicemail again so he leaves a message. Kelly walks by, Luis asks why shes here? She asks if hes not going to compliment her on her dress? Luis says it's nice, but shes supposed to be on the stakeout. Kelly says well she was supposed to be, but Fancy took her place. She realizes Luis didnt know about this. Luis cant believe Fancy did this. Kelly says shes sorry, but Luis says its not her fault. Kelly says she wouldnt have gone along with this if she had known. She says she has a new boyfriend and she just wanted to go to the party with him. Luis says shes not the one who is wrong, she isnt the one who defied an order. Kelly says Fancy is a good cadet and will make a good cop. Luis reminds her that Fancy is the one who got them on the front page when she insisted on going to the strip club, shes also the one who almost got herself killed going after a murder suspect. Luis says now Fancy thinks she can handle sex crimes. Kelly says Fancy will be fine, she has Burt and he has enough experience for both of them. Kelly heads to her party. Luis realizes this is why Fancy isnt answering her phone. Luis radios to Burt, but Burt is still tied up.

Luis talks with Miguel. Miguel thanks Luis for his help. He says Charity wont come home, but she will talk to Kay for him. Miguel runs off. Luis continues to radio Burt, who wont answer. He decides to go down to the scene and make sure everything is okay. Luis drives to the stakeout, he is sure something is wrong.

At the stakeout house, the peeper is on top of Fancy. She has her mouth taped shut with duct tape, but we hear her screams through the tape. She asks him to let her go. Hes telling he that he knows she likes it. Fancy ends up kicking the peeper off of her and head butting him. She tries to run, but he slaps her hard. She ends up falling down unconscious. he peeper then yells serves you right bitch! He then throws Fancy on the bed, shes not responding. The peeper begins raping Fancy. He slaps her and tells her to wake up! 

Outside, Burt is in the snow and hears Luis calling on the walkie talkie. Hes trying his best to get to the walkie talkie, but hes tied up and gagged.  Luis finally shows up. He finds Burt. Burt says hes sorry, he snuck up on him. Luis asks where Fancy is. Burt says in the house. Luis tells Burt to call for backup. Luis then heads inside to find Fancy. He doesnt see her in the living room, he calls out to Fancy. Back in the bedroom we see Fancy is being raped. Luis is walking through the halls trying to find Fancy. The peeper is now up and about with his knife drawn. Luis and the Peeper are both on opposites sides of the same door.


December 19, 2006

At his place, JT says now that Ethan has solved his problems with the IRS, hell turn over his file on Jared. He also says now that he doesnt have to live on the lamb he can stick around and finish his business. JT has his latest blackmail letter to send off. JT heads out of his house for the Seascape.

Rebecca is with Gwen at the B&B. Rebecca says Christmas shopping is hell when you are poor. She says no limos, no personal shoppers, she had to stand in line . Gwen tells her mom welcome to the real world. Gwen says Christmas is usually her favorite time of year, but not this year. Gwen says with JT out to blackmail everyone, what if he turns around and blackmails them. Rebecca says JT is not going to blackmail them, he has all their money. She says hell move on to greener pastures. Rebecca pulls out her flask and spikes the juice. She tells Gwen to sit down and have a drink. Gwen says she doesnt want one. She wants JT to leave town before he tells Ethan what they did. Gwen says the man has a cellphone, he could call Ethan from timbucktwo. She tells Gwen not to worry, JT is blackmailing a few people and then leaving town. Gwen is just afraid this will all backfire. Gwen demands her mom call him and find out when hes leaving town. Rebecca begins making the call. 

JT is out on the street when he gets Rebeccas call. She asks what hes doing. HE says hes tied up with business. He says great news, hes squared away with the IRS. She says did they back down? He says not exactly. Rebecca ask when hes leaving town? JT says that is the good news, now that hes in the clear he doesnt have to leave town so he can blackmail everyone. When Gwen learns this shes not pleased. She says he has to leave town!

Back in the B&B, Gwen and Rebecca fight over the phone. Gwen says she had a deal with JT, he cant back out of it. Rebecca says he wont, the only thing changing is hes not leaving. JT is asking Rebecca what is going on, he hears fighting. He asks if shes at the mud wrestling club again? Rebecca says not tonight. She tells JT that Gwen is a little paranoid that he might double cross her now that hes not leaving town. JT says hes never backed out of a deal before. Rebecca says bad time to go there. Jared says it doesnt matter, Ethan is preoccupied with something else now. JT explains Ethan is the one who helped him in exchange for dirt on Jared. He says what he has on Jared is as black as it gets. Meanwhile Gwen is not happy. She says if Ethan breaks up Jared and Theresa then shell just go after Ethan again. Rebecca asks JT if he gave the info to Ethan yet? JT says hes about to, and he hangs up. Gwen asks her mom what they do now? Rebecca says they have to stop JT and Ethan from meeting. Rebecca goes looking for JT and Gwen says shell find Ethan.

At the Seascape, Whitney and Chad find Ethan about to fight with Jared. Chad stops them. He demands to know what is happening. Theresa says Ethan came over to attack Jared. Ethan says he was right about Jared, even JT thinks Jared is a slime and JT is as low as they come. Ethan asks Theresa for a chance to show her how terrible this guy is. Theresa tells Ethan that hes not wanted here and his accusations are out of line. She says hes spoiling the celebration. Ethan asks what there is to celebrate? Theresa says Chad and Whitney are getting married and he burst in and broke up their happy moment. Ethan says hes trying to prove to Theresa that JT is no good. Ethan tells Jared that JT has dug up dirt on him so he should leave town as Theresa wont let him be a doorman at Crane Industries once she hears what JT has on him.

Later Chad asks Jared what JT has on him. Jared says nothing. A man comes in and gives Chad a letter. Chad gets a blackmail letter from JT. Chad explains to Jared that this is the second one, someone knows about his secret. Chad says if Whitney learns then his marriage will be on the rocks before it starts.

Theresa tells Ethan that hes out of control. She says go home to his wife and their daughter. Ethan says no, he will get this proof. Theresa says he cant trust JT, JT double-crossed her and didnt give him the proof that Gwen and Rebecca double-crossed him. Ethan says JT will come through for him. Theresa says she bets JT made something up. Ethan says no they had a deal. Theresa says she had a deal too, he betrayed her. Ethan says this is real. Theresa says so where is he? Ethan doesnt know, he should have been here by now.

Out on the streets, someone takes a shot at JT! JT runs back to his hideout screaming. He blocks the door with a desk and closes all the blinds. He then hides behind another desk. The bullet hit the briefcase he was holding. HE says he needs to write a thank you note to the maker. JT realizes someone knows what hes up to.

Gwen arrives at the Seascape as Theresa is still arguing with Ethan. She says hes wasted enough of their time. Ethan says he should have been here. He tries to call JT but gets his voice mail.

At Tabithas, Miguel wants Kay to call Charity, Charity will tell her the truth. Fox and the imposters are in the closet, he says this is bad. He says he cant let this happen. Miguel tells Kay to call Charity. Kay says she doesnt want to talk to Charity and she doesnt want to talk to Miguel ever again. Fox spies and hopes Kay sticks to her guns. Miguel asks Kay why shes treating him like this. Kay cant believe hes pulling this on her. Miguel says he was just talking to Charity and telling her how he loves Kay, not her. He wants her to call Charity. Kay calls Miguel a monster and storms off. Miguel follows asking what is wrong? Fox quickly sneaks the imposters out while Miguel and Kay are gone. However he doesnt get them all the way out, he hears Kay yelling at Miguel to leave her alone. Fox knows Kay cant see him with them, she'll know what is up. Fox hides them in the living room as Miguel and Kay argue at the front door. Simone has shown up, shes taking Kays side. Kay is trying to leave, but Miguel wont let her leave until she talks to Charity. Kay says she cant stand Miguel and slaps him. Kay takes off as Simone yells at Miguel to leave Kay alone. Simone grabs Miguel to keep him away from Kay. Miguel asks Simone why Kay is acting like this? Simone says hes a huge fool. Meanwhile Fox has gotten the imposters out the window, he throws the backpack and fake masks out to them as well. Kay shows up, she asks what hes doing? Fox says just looking for his bride to be. Kay asks if someone is outside? Fox says no. Kay then tells Fox that she loves him, she thinks they should move up the date. She says she cant wait to marry him. Meanwhile, Miguel realizes Simone knows something. She asks Simone why Kay is acting like this. Simone says Kay is marrying Fox so leave her alone. Miguel says he loves Kay. Simone says it doesnt mater , he has to get over her.

In the kitchen, Tabitha is coughing and has a literal frog in her throat. Tabitha tells Endora that isnt going to stop her from telling Kay the truth. Tabitha says shes going to tell Kay the trust about Miguel and the imposters. Tabitha says if Kay is with Miguel then Miguel cant make love to the real Charity, so they will be safe and sound. As Tabitha is about to tell her, Endora makes more frogs come out f Tabithas mouth. Tabitha is coughing them up into her magic bowl. Tabitha cant believe this. She says she is impressed, but Endora has to stop. Endora wants Kay to marry Fox. Tabitha says Endora is going to get them killed, she has to tell Kay. Every time Tabitha tries to leave, she coughs up another frog. Tabitha asks what they are supposed to do with these Frogs? She says they arent in France and there isnt much meat on them. Tabitha tells Endora how this is a mistake. Endora threatens to put snails in her throat. Tabitha says then they would be in France. She says fine Endora can have it her way. Endora cant wait for the wedding, but Tabitha says they cant go out this time of year. Tabitha reminds who comes this time of year. Endora says Santa? Tabitha says no, shes fat but not jolly. Tabitha says Norma and Enda could try and show up and any minute to give them the gift of death. Tabitha thinks they have to get out of here while the getting is good. Outside we see someone leave a package at the door. Tabitha begins packing a bag. As she does she tells Endora to send the frogs off to a swamp. Endora zaps them away. Tabitha tells Endora that she knows shes young, but she must remember Endora. Tabitha remembers Norma trying to kill her and Timmy with an Axe one year. Endora says those two are nuts. Tabitha says Endora doesnt know the half of it. Tabitha says they have to get out of dodge. Tabitha and Endora are about to head out, Tabitha is talking about going to Australia. Tabitha finds a present on the doorstep. Tabitha asks what that is? Endora says Its a present (she actually says this, so cute!) Tabitha says it does look like one. She thinks its a present for Fox and Kay. She picks it up and reads the card, it says to Tabby and Endora. She wonders who sent them a present. Tabitha takes it inside. The present starts moving around, Tabitha worries it could be from Norma. She says a bomb could be inside it. She puills Endora away from the gift. Later Tabitha decides to open the gift. Inside is a pretty little doll. Endora says Its a doll! Tabitha reads the card, its from Norma and Enda all right. Tabitha thinks the doll could be Chuckys bride, they should throw it away. Tabitha checks the doll out, she says it seems like nothing is wrong with it. Tabitha wonders what Norma and Edna are up to now.

Sheridan, Chris and James are with Father Lonigan and Eve at the church. They are all helping with the orphanage Christmas party. Chris helps Father Lonigan as Eve and Sheridan talk. Eve asks Sheridan how she is doing? Sheridan says you mean is she still crazy with jealousy over Luis and Fancy? Sheridan assures Eve that shes over that. Eve is glad to hear that. Sheridan says she doesnt know what she was thinking, shes married. She says she loves her husband and son, she cant interfere with Fancy and Luis. Eve says good for her. Eve asks what brought on the big change of heart. Sheridan says she just woke up and realized she was being silly. Eve says it wasnt silly to be jealous, she loved Luis for so long. Sheridan says well its over, she loves Chris. Meanwhile Father Lonigan is happy for Chris and Sheridan, he says Sheridan deserves to be happy. Chris says nothing will spoil this holiday. 

Noah and Paloma show up at the church, as do Spike and Jessica. Spike looks at Chris and smiles. Chris sends James off to play with the kids. Father Lonigan welcomes everyone. Paloma explains to Father Lonigan who is here, she leaves out Spike. Spike says hes here too. Jessica is glad to be here, she has a lot to make up for. Paloma tells Jessica not to think about the past, shes moving on even though Spike is still in her life.

Spike goes to see Chris. Chris tells him to stay away from him, James is here and can ID Spike. Spike says they hell have to keep his mouth shut. Spike sees all the loot people have brought in, he thinks about selling it all for a nice profit. Chris says hed rip off orphans at Christmas? Chris notices Spike has a nasty cut on his hand. Spike says its nothing. Chris tries to stay away from Spike, but Spike wont leave him alone. Spike thinks Chris should be stealing him money. Chris says patience is a virtue. Spike says hes been keeping an eye on the sum hes embezzling for him. Spike says hed leave Chris alone faster if he stole the money faster. Chris says he cant, there is an audit next month. Spike says hell leave him alone for the moment. Chris doesnt want Sheridan seeing them together, Luis is trying to prove they are in cahoots. Spike says Luis wont bother him. Spike says right about now Luis probably isnt giving a damn about what they are doing. Chris assures Spike after tonight Luis will have much bigger fish to fry. The camera pans down to Spikes pocket, a ski mask is there.

Father Lonigan is playing with all the kids. Eve tells Sheridan that James is so adorable. Sheridan says hell be handsome like his father. Eve wonders where the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are, they are usually all here. Sheridan thinks they will come, all but Luis. She says Luis wont come because Fancy wont help the orphans, People Magazine isnt here to take her picture. Eve says that isnt nice, Fancy has matured a great deal. Eve says shes going to be a policewoman soon. Sheridan says Fancy didnt become a cop to serve the greater good, she did it to get closer to Luis. Sheridan says she got the idea in her head and threw herself at him. Sheridan says that is one of the many reasons it wont work out between them. Sheridan tells Eve to just wait and see, Luis and Fancy wont make it as a couple.

Everyone begins setting up the dinner for the kids. Noah and Jessica talk about seeing mom again. Jessica is worried about Graces reaction to Spike. Noah says dont think about him, its Christmas, worry about Spike another time. 

Paloma and Noah talk, they are both glad to see Jessica around others and acting happy. Noah says he cant believe shes actually married to Spike. Noah says for Christmas he wants a Grace Bennet special, he wants her to come home and convince Jessica to divorce Spike. Paloma says from his lips to Gods ears. She asks what else he wants for Christmas? They see mistletoe, Noah says this. Noah then pulls her into a hot kiss!

At the stakeout house. Luis tries to get into the bedroom. There is something, a chain, on the knob, that alerts the Peeper to Luis. Luis opens the door and sees Fancy on the bed. The Peeper jumps out with a knife and pushes Luis to the ground where they fight. Soon Burt shows up and grabs the Peeper. The peeper gets away and jumps through a window. Luis sees Fancy is out of it. Burt runs off after the Peeper. Luis checks on Fancy, he cant feel a pulse. He's telling her not to die on him. As Luis tends to Fancy, we see the window the Peeper broke out of has blood on the glass. Luis begins performing CPR on Fancy, he saves her life. Her pulse is weak though. Luis begs her to come back to him, he says he cant lose her. Luis is putting a cold cloth on her head and telling her to come back. He begs God not to do this, to bring her back to him. Her eyes begin to flutter. HE tells her that everything will be okay. Burt shows back up, the perp got away. He also says an ambulance is on its way. Fancy wakes and begins yelling get off me. Luis says its him. Fancy cries Let me go!


December 20, 2006
Julian is sitting at home thinking about losing Eve. He then says no one gets away with blackmailing him. Ivy shows up to scold Julian for pushing Fox to marry Kay. She wont let Fox marry that duplicitous tramp. Julian says get a life ex-wife, if Fox wants Kay then hell get her, the Crane men always triumph. Ivy asks if that is what happened with Eve? She says hes pathetic sitting around looking at photos of Eve. Julian reminds her that Sam tossed her out on her butt. Ivy says they are both losers, do they really want that for Fox? She wants him to call Fox and convince him to give up Kay. Julian refuses. He says if he hadnt been weak and stupid then hed still have Eve. Ivy says so he wants Fox to make up for his failure with lies and deceit? Julian tells Ivy to get off her high horse, they all know what Ivy did to get Sam, even hes never gone that low. Ivy says it didnt work for her, lies and manipulations always have a way of backfiring. Julian then gets a call about Fancy being attacked and raped. Julian and Ivy rush to the hospital.

Tabitha and Endora have been forced to come back home, their car wont start. She is afraid Norma and Enda will show up and get them. Tabitha finds Kay woes is meing herself over Miguel and Fox. Tabitha tries to tell Kay the truth, but Endora zaps her mummy and puts more frogs in her throat.

Noah, Simone and Paloma show up. Noah tells Kay that she missed out at the church party. Kay says maybe shell go next year. Kay asks Jessica how she liked it. Jessica had a good time, plus she knows with everyone wanted her around so she couldnt drink or get high on drugs. Noah says that isnt why she was there, Christmas is a time to start over. Kay asks if that means if shes forgiven? Noah says he wont lie, it still bothers him what she did to their parents. He says but it would be bad karma not to forgive her. Jess agrees, besides shes going to be a bridesmaid. Miguel shows up, he asks Kay if this is what she really wants. Kay says yes, she cant wait to be married to the man she loves.

Outside, Fox is taking with the imposters. They have their masks in hand. The imposter Charity doesnt like this. Fox says Kay belongs with him, he knows what hes doing and hes not quitting until they are married.

Fox walks into the living room and asks what is going on here? Kay says nothing, she loves him. She then kisses him. Fox gets a call he has to take, while Noah, Paloma and the others decide to go get some unused decorations from their house and decorate for Tabitha.

Later they are decoration, Noah and Paloma are singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Jessica decides to go take a walk and pick up some needed Christmas lights. Noah doesnt like her going out at this hour. She says why, because if shes by herself she go to a bar, get some drugs, turn a trick? Paloma says no they trust her. Jessica says they make her feel like they dont. Noah tells her that its okay if she goes. He says just dont take too long. Kay says her dress will be here soon. Jessica heads off.

Tabitha runs into Miguel in the kitchen. When she tries to tell him the truth, she begins coughing up another frog, which Endora quickly zaps away. Miguel asks Tabitha if whatever she has to say, can it wait? He asks if she has any idea why Kay changed her mind about marrying him? Tabitha says not to take what Kay says at face value, if he loves her then dig around, dig deep, dont give up. Later Tabitha tells Endora that charms and tricks only go so far, shell eventually learn secrets always come out.

Back in the living room, the boys in the basement arent thrilled about the tree Paloma and Noah put up. Noah hears the noises from "the furnace." He thinks he should go look at it, but Kay says no its always doing that. She goes over and tells the boys to cool it, shell get rid of this stuff soon.

Jessica heads to the wharf. She sees a happy couple kissing one another. She wishes that could be her. She then sees a bar and says she hasnt had a drink in weeks. She says so what, its Christmas. She heads in to get a drink. Miguel and Charity, the imposters, are walking around. The masks they have on are itching one another. They want to take them off, but think its too risky. They end up running their latest lines from Fox. Later Jessica shows up with her booze in hand. She thinks everyone must be wondering where she is, she still has to get the lights. She then hears Charitys voice. She goes and sees Charity with Miguel The imposters then cant deal with their masks, they take them off. Jessica is stunned.

At the Seascape, Jared assures Chad that there is no dirt to be found on him. Jared is thinking perhaps his marrying Tess wasnt meant to be. Chad says if it is then it will happen. Jared says not if Ethan has his way.

Gwen meets with Ethan, she learns first hand from him what is going on. Gwen asks Ethan why he cares who Theresa is with. Ethan says Jared is not a good guy. Gwen tells him to just stop. Ethan says he wont stop, JT has dirt on Jared that will keep him away from Theresa. Gwen says so this is about Theresa. Gwen asks when this will end, will he ever get over Theresa? Ethan says this is not about Theresa, its about that slime Jared. He explains how he helped JT with his taxes for the dirt on Jared. She says so Theresa breaks up with Jared, why does he care? Ethan says hes not about to let Little Ethan call that slime ball daddy.

Theresa and Whitney talk. Whitney asks Theresa what if JT Cornell came in and nailed Rebecca and Gwen finally. What would she do? Would she go back to Ethan or stay with Jared? Whitney says never mind, she doesnt want to know. She says whatever happens tonight that will decide it. Theresa says she cant imagine there is dirt on Jared, but why would Ethan say there was a secret? Jared walks up and thinks Theresa doesnt trust him. Theresa says she does trust him, she knows JT has nothing on him and thats why hes not here. Jared thanks her. He doesnt know what Ethan has found out, he has a few unpaid tickets but that isnt a national crisis. 

Whitney and Chad talk, they both cant wait to be married. Whitney thinks about this grief JT is causing Theresa and Jared, shes glad they dont have to worry about that. Whitney walks off and Chad pulls out his blackmail letter. He says if only.

Ethan eventually calls JT and demands the information on Jared now. Ethan tells Theresa and Jared that he has JT on the phone, Jareds time is up. Ethan wants to know when JT is coming. JT says hes not. He says he was outside the seascape when someone took a shot at him. JT says hes leaving town and will be in touch when things cool down. He then hangs up on Ethan. Ethan then accuses Jared of trying to kill JT Cornell tonight. He says the only problem is he missed, JT is alive. Jared says he didnt shoot at JT. Theresa knows someone who would want to stop JT, that would be Gwen. Theresa knows Gwen would do anything to keep JT from telling Ethan the truth. Gwen says that is ridiculous. She walks off and Theresa chases her. Theresa says they both know shes nervous about JT talking. Theresa warns her that JT will sell himself to the highest bidder every time, so Gwen should worry. Gwen thinks Ethan is right, that JT has dirt on Jared. Theresa says Jared has nothing to hide, unlike Gwen. Theresa wonders what Gwen will do when he finally leaves her and takes Jane? Theresa says shell have one Merry Christmas trying to decide between Jared and Ethan. She says what a choice, whereas Gwen wont even have coal in her stocking. Gwen tells Theresa to get over herself, shell never have Ethan. Theresa says she may not want Ethan anymore, but either way, Gwen will lose everything.

Ethan tells Jared hes going down buddy boy. Jared says hes not his buddy, not his boy and not going anywhere. Theresa quickly keeps them from fighting. She tells Ethan that he didnt believe her about Rebecca and Gwen so she doesnt have to believe him about Jared. Ethan says he will find JT and get the answers. Ethan storms off.

Whitney asks Chad if someone really tried to kill JT. Chad says why wouldnt someone want to shut him up for good. Whitney says he sounds like JTs death would be justified. Chad says that isn't what he's saying. Whitney says well whatever hes done, he doesnt deserve to die. Whitney does know that JT has the truth about Gwen and Rebecca, so he could have something on Jared.

Whitney goes and talks to Theresa. She asks Theresa what if JT tells the truth about Little Ethan? Theresa says shed kill JT before he has the chance.

Jared has another talk with Chad. He realizes JT is blackmailing Chad. Jared says this guy is asking to be killed. Chad says he said it!

Ethan tells Gwen that hes headed out to find JT. He says he owes it to Little Ethan to protect him. Gwen insists on going with him.

At JTs place, JT thinks he has to run before someone tries to kill him again. Rebecca shows up and knocks on his door. JT wont answer. Gwen calls her mom, neither of them can find JT. Rebecca says he better not have skipped town without her. Gwen thinks that would be a dream. Gwen doesnt trust JT, she wants him out of town before he tells Ethan anything. Back inside, JT is hiding under his desk. He knows if he stays here then hes a dead man . . . but how to escape without being seen. He then gets an idea. Later we see a woman sneak out of JTs place. Rebecca sees this and thinks JT is cheating on her. She bangs on the door and demands JT open up. The door opens, Rebecca walks in and demands to know who JT is sleeping with. JT however isnt around. She thinks maybe that tramp is on her way to meet JT, so she follows her. Rebecca catches up with her and demands to know where JT is. Rebecca is stunned to find the woman is JT in drag! Rebecca says hes a drag queen and never told her? JT says hell no, hes hiding from someone who tried to kill him. JT doesn't know who it was, but it was probably someone he blackmailed. Rebecca asks how many letters he sent out? JT says one too many, now he has to hide out until he figures out who is trying to kill him.

At the church, Eve talks with Sheridan about what she was saying earlier about Fancy and Luis and how the odds were against them. Eve thinks it sounds like she is against them. She wonders if Sheridan is still in love with Luis. Sheridan says she knows her niece, she is willful and headstrong, she does what she wants. She says that is why her previous relationships ended so badly. Eve says Fancy could change with the right man. Sheridan says Luis isnt that man, shes not his type. She says he needs someone mature, someone he can count on. Sheridan says Fancy is her own worst enemy, she thinks the rules are for everyone else but her. Sheridan says it always catches up to her and she never seems to learn.

At the stakeout house, Luis is trying to calm Fancy down. Fancy keeps reliving the rape in her head. The paramedics show up to help Fancy. Luis tells them that shes been badly beaten and possibly raped. They put her on a stretcher. Luis tells her to hang in there and that he loves her so much.

At the hospital, Eve is back at work. She asks Luis what is going on. Fancy has been brought in. Luis explains what happened, he begs Eve to save Fancy. Sheridan has shown up, she tells Luis that Eve will do the best she can. Luis is saying how much he loves Fancy as Sheridan listens in. Luis is glad Sheridan is here, Fancy needs their support. Sheridan asks what happened. Luis explains, he feels responsible as he was her superior. Sheridan says this isnt his fault. She says Fancy is very charming, but she is also immature. Sheridan says she never learned how to listen to anyone. Luis thinks Fancy does this to prove herself to him. Luis says he loves her though, she doesnt have to prove anything to him.

Later Eve comes out an fills Luis in on what happened. Fancy has been raped. Luis asks if shell recover. Eve says she cant say. Luis says so she still might die? Luis says he cant lose Fancy. Sheridan continues to watch as Luis aches over Fancy. Luis says hell kill the bastard who did this. Julian and Ivy show up just as Fancy flatlines. Eve rushes in to try and save Fancy as everyone watches.


December 21, 2006
On the pier, imposter Miguel asks the imposter Charity why she took her mask off. She says nobody is around and its chocking her. Miguel takes his off, not realizes Jessica has seen all. Jessica wonders what is going on. Jessica then hears them talking about how Fox paid them to sleep together in order to fool Kay. Jessica gasps. They hear something and run for it. Jessica doesnt believe this and heads home.

At Tabithas, Miguel is still trying to find out from Kay what is going on. Kay says leave her alone, she hates him lying to her face. Tabitha and Endora show up, Tabitha asks Kay why she hasnt stopped all this decorating? Kay says shes trying to keep the boys in the basement calm about it. Tabitha feel this is another reason she needs to get out of here. She is sure Norma and Edna are around. There is a knock at the door, Paloma says its carolers. Endora wants to see them so Tabitha answers the door. A bunch of carolers are out there. Endora loves it. Tabitha doesn't and she is still sure they are in grave danger from Enda and Norma. Tabitha then sees something familiar about some of the carolers. She realizes one of them dressed up as a huge snowman is Norma. Enda is also there, shes dressed as an elf. Norma holds up a hatchet from behind her carol book. The carolers finish and soon head off.

Miguel asks Fox if they can talk. Miguel wants to know if Fox knows why Kays been acting so odd. Fox thinks about meeting with the imposters. He tells Miguel perhaps its just pre-wedding jitters that is bothering her. Fox is sure shell be back to normal as soon as they are married. He says Kay is the most amazing woman in the world, but Miguel already knew that. Fox thinks Kay will be his forever as long as nobody finds out about the impersonators.

Paloma tells Kay to cheer up, it is Christmas and shes about to marry the man of her dreams. Kay says she is happy. Tabitha tells Kay that she just saw Norma and Enda, they are here. She says they are close, too close. Endora thinks her mom is losing it. Tabitha says she's not.

Jessica soon shows up at the house. She tells Kay she wont believe it, she saw a fake Miguel and a fake Charity! Fox doesnt look happy. Fox asks if she saw little green men too? Paloma asks if shes drunk? Jessica says just a little. She swears she saw a guy who looked like Miguel and sounded like him, but it wasnt him. Fox suggests shes confused because of the booze. Jessica says no, she saw something, it just didnt make sense. She says she heard them and saw them and then they pealed off their faces. Noah says this sounds absurd. Fox realizes Jessica drank a whole bottle of booze. They think this is all because of her drinking. Fox suggests she is hallucinating. Jessica says she isnt. She says she heard them, they said Fox was behind the whole thing. Endora is shaking her head as this is going on. Tabitha says she told her that secrets all come out. Kay thinks this is just ridiculous. Paloma agrees that Jessica is jsut drunk. Jessica swears she didnt drink until after she saw them. Jessica soon passes out, Noah catches her. Fox worries, what if Jessica tells the same story when sober. Fox tells Kay how Jessica has a lot of problems, they need to support her. Miguel is starring at Fox and giving him a look. Tabitha knows Miguel wont rest now that a seed of suspicion has been planted. Tabitha asks Endora to look at the pain shes causing by keeping this secret? She also wonders if she imagined Edna and Norma outside. Tabitha says if they arent here yet then they will be.

Outside, Enda tells Norma that they got under Tabithas skin, she was scared. Norma says theyll go a lot deeper than her skin.

At the Crane Mansion, Chad and Jared keep talking. Chad tells Jared to go propose to Theresa now. Jared thinks now is as good of time as any. Whitney and Theresa are looking through wedding books. Jared asks Whitney for a moment with Theresa. She ends up taking off to see Chad. Theresa asks Jared if anything is wrong? He says no, hes just excited as its an exciting time. Jared tells Theresa he has a question to ask her. Before he can ask her, they are interrupted as some men are bringing things in for the wedding. He has brought in Theresas gift for Whitney. She wants to check it out and runs off. 

Chad asks Jared if he asked her, but Jared says nope. Jared says he was interrupted again. Chad says hang in there. Jared asks Chad about the blackmailer, someone still knows about his affair. Chad says he will have to make sure Whitney doesnt find out. Later Chad tells Whitney that hes going to the office to take care of a few things so hes free tomorrow. As Chad is leaving Jared follows him out. Jared asks if hes going to that motel. Chad says he is. Jared asks if its worth the risk? Chad says he cant help it. Later Jared says he has to head off and clear his calendar for tomorrow too. Theresa then presents Whitney with her present. Its under a sheet, we dont know what it is. Theresa says its for the big day. Theresa unveils it, its a dress for Whitney. Theresa knows it is everything Whitney ever wanted in a dress. Whitney says its the gown of her dreams. Whitney tells Theresa this may be silly, but she fears something will happen to keep her and Chad from getting married. Theresa says stop those negative thoughts, get them out of her head. Whitney says shes right, this will be a great day.

Ethan shows up at JTs place looking for him. Gwen is with Ethan. They see JT is long gone. Gwen says who knows who else is chasing him, she cant blame him for running. Ethan vows to track JT to the ends of the earth. Gwen asks when this obsession with Theresa will stop. Ethan says this is about Little Ethan, he wont let Jared be his step-father. Gwen says Little Ethan isnt his son. Ethan says he has his name, he feels responsible for him. Gwen thinks this is because she cant give him a son. She says this has to do with the fact he cant have children with her. Gwen thinks Ethan wants to be a family with Theresa, Little Ethan and Jane. Ethan assures Gwen this is not about Theresa, its about Janes brother. He says he just wants to protect him from Jared. Gwen says fine, but she doesnt like this. Gwen says JT is gone so they should leave. Ethan remembers a seedy motel on the outskirts of town, they should go there. Gwen says okay, so they head off. Gwen hopes her mom has gotten rid of JT by now.

Rebecca and JT (in drag) are at a hotel somewhere. JT says someone is trying to kill him, and he is beginning to think he knows who did it. He wont say who he suspects though. JT asks how he looks, Rebecca says she finds it strangely sexy. She says he is one hot broad. JT says he is a hot broad and he kind of likes it. JT begins talking about how they are both hot hoochie mamas. They begin kissing. 

Enda and Norma show up and see JT and Rebecca making out in the hall. Norma talks about how that reminds her of the lesbian bar scene in Europe. Norma says they were so fabulous. Edna thinks the woman is Rebecca Hotchkiss. Enda says if this place is good enough for Rebecca then it could be okay for them. Norma says Rebecca may be ritch but she has no class. Enda says its better than the motel Norma and her dad ran. Norma says she told her never to speak about her daddys motel. 

Chad soon shows up at the motel to meet his lover. Rebecca happens to see Chad walking by, she wonders what Whitney might say about this.

Later Ethan and Gwen show up and hear JT moaning. Ethan is sure he heard a man's voice. However they only see two women making out. Ethan wants to get a closer look, the one woman is a tad tall. JT is blocking Rebecca from their view at this point. Gwen thinks they should just leave them and go upstairs and look around.. They leave and Enda and Norma return. Enda yells out at JT and Rebecca You go girl. JT says hey there is only one girl here. Norma says whatever floats their boat. JT and Rebecca head off to JTs room.

Gwen tells Ethan they havent found JT and this place is creepy, they should go. He says fine, but hes not giving up on finding the evidence or keeping Jared from Theresa.

In his room, Chad yells at his lover. He says listen to him, hes getting married tomorrow and they wont stop it.

At the hospital, Eve is using the paddles to save Fancy, who has flat lined. Luis watches and begs Fancy not to die. Sheridan stares at Luis. Eve soon begins performing CPR and says she wont let Fancy die. A nurse sees the family watching from outside, so Eve has them close the door. Julian tells Luis to just let them do whatever it takes. Eve soon comes out, she says Fancy is alive and stable. Ivy asks what happened, why did her heart stop? Eve doesnt know, they have to run tests on her and find out if she has internal bleeding. Luis asks if he can see her. Eve says they can. Julian and Ivy also go in. Eve stops Sheridan, she wants to know how Sheridan is feeling. Sheridan says relieved of course, she cares for Fancy. Eve asks how she feels about Luis and Fancy, this ordeal will bring them closer. She asks Sheridan how that makes her feel? Eve is worried Sheridan still has feelings for Luis, who is moving on. She wants Sheridan to go home and be with her husband and child. Sheridan says she gets it, she thinks shell do something crazy as that is what Cranes do when they lose something. Eve says she knows its true. Eve asks Sheridan to think about what shes said.

Luis sits with Fancy and holds her hand. Shes out cold, he tells her that he loves her. Ivy wonders if shell be okay. Julian says Eve is a good doctor. Ivy tells Julian she hopes he didnt get the wrong impression of her clinging to him out there. She says she's still angry at him for pushing Fox to marry Kay. Julian says he didnt get the wrong impression, they were upset over their daughter. Ivy hopes Eve didnt get the wrong impression either. Julian says they are through, they should just think about Fancy. 

Luis, Julian and Ivy talk about Fancy. Luis decides to find out if there is word on the scum who did this. Ivy says they have to find him. She says seeing Fancy lying there makes her feel guilty. Julian says hes the one to blame. Ivy talks about how they sent Fancy away to school when she was so young. Julian says its how they were all brought up. He says children go away to learn to be civil and then they get to know their parents. Ivy and Julian share some swigs of booze. She remembers they did this when they were married, but this is a celebration right. Julian says yes, Fancy is going to be okay. Eve tells Julian and Ivy that shes done a rape kit, they may get some DNA from the attacker. Eve says they dont have to hang around, she can call if anything changes. Julian and Ivy then head off together. 

Luis tells Eve they have nothing yet on this guy, but they will get him. Sheridan shows up, shes still around. Sheridan goes in and sits by Fancy. Sheridan says they have to talk about Luis, she doesnt think Fancy really loves him. Sheridan tells Fancy she knows shell be okay, and they will be better friends than before, but Luis isnt the man for her. Sheridan says she really doesnt think that Fancy loves him. She says Luis isnt the man for her, it would never work out between them.

Luis asks Eve why Fancy isnt awake if shes okay. Eve says sometimes the body shuts down as a protective measure. Eve is sure shell come out of this soon when shes ready. Luis thanks Eve for her help.

Eve goes in to check on Fancy and finds Sheridan talking to Fancy. Eve demands to know what Sheridan is doing? Sheridan promises shes not a monster.

Julian and Ivy return to the mansion and continue sharing some drinks. Ivy talks about how Sam tossed her out and shes on the street now. Julian says she deserved it, but she can stay in her old room. Ivy asks what about Theresa the monster of the manor? Julian says hell find a way to knock her off the throne, the squatters havent taken over the whole mansion. He says her old room is still free. She says shes tempted. Ivy sees a photo of Fancy on the dresser. She didnt know he had it. He says he feels guilty too about what happened. He thinks about all the years they never spoke, she was closer to his father than her. Ivy says they were terrible parents. Ivy says tonight she couldnt bare the thought of losing her though. Julian comforts Ivy, Ivy says she should go. Julian says she can stay here, in her old room he means. Ivy says she could . . . temporarily. Julian says they should be close in case they call about Fancy. Soon Ivy and Julian begin kissing one another and get it on!


December 22, 2006
Fox calls up the imposters and demands they be more careful. He says Kays sister saw them take off their masks, but thankfully Jessica was drunk and nobody believed her. He says if they can manage not to do anything else stupid then his place to marry Kay should go off without a hitch. He says he knows Kay will never confront Miguel about seeing him with Charity. He says if she did then Miguel could figure things out, but he knows Kay wont.

Miguel talks to Kay outside, hes saying he loves her and Maria. She says hes a liar and leave her alone. He asks what hes lying about, is this about Charity? Kay says she has nothing to talk to him about and to leave her alone.

Tabitha talks with Endora about Enda and Norma. They keep sending Endora presents. Tabitha wonders if this means they are ready to bury the hatchet, so to speak. She also thanks Endora for zapping the Christmas stuff out of here, the boys in the basement didnt like it. The doorbell rings, Tabitha wonders if the carolers are back. She goes outside to find a huge box. Endora says its another present. Tabitha says a crate this size should have a few tazmanian devils in it. Endora says her mom is a witch not bugs bunny. Tabitha sees its from the North Pole. Endora says its from Santa. Tabitha says Big Red is far too old fashion to ship. She says besides shes off his list. She thinks maybe Fox went overboard for Maria. She asks Endora to zap it in the house, which she does. Tabitha opens the card attached to the crate, its from Norma and Edna and is a Piece offering, as in pieces of something chopped up. Tabitha says they might as well see what is inside. She tells Endora if something explodes or catches fire to make sure this doesnt take her mommy out. Endora zaps herself into a firemans outfit. Tabitha opens the crate, out come Norma and Enda, still dressed in their costumes. Tabitha says so they were with those carolers. They say music is their life now, they begin singing Jingle Bells. When Norma says Oh what fun it is to sing a slaying song tonight . . . Tabitha says nooooooooooo!

JT and Rebecca are in bed together, JT is still in drag! Rebecca asks JT to give her a kiss. He rolls over and kisses her. JT says getting in touch with your feminine side . . . last night was amazing. Rebecca thinks JT should wear a bra from now on whenever they do it. JT says he doesnt plan to be in drag forever, just until whoever it trying to kill him stops. Rebecca thinks they should go shopping, she would never be caught dead in the same outfit twice and neither should he. He says he doesnt want to be caught dead period. Rebecca tries to get JT to tell him who he is blackmailing, but he says he cant say. She thinks hed never reveal anything on her and Gwen, but he says he never says no to his golden geese. He assures her he has more cash cows lined up, otherwise he would put the squeeze on her and Gwen. Rebecca says so all that dirt is on his little drive? He says yes and anyone would kill him to get the dirt. Rebecca tells herself that even she'd kill him for it. 

Later Jared goes to shower as Rebecca looks all over for the drive, she doesnt want what she and Gwen did coming out. JT spies on her from the bathroom. He knows even shed kill him to save herself and that bitch Gwen. Later JT shows up still in disguise. He says he has to run errands and feels he needs to do it like this for his own safety. Rebecca has on some rubber gloves and a doctors headband thing. She wanted to play army doctor with him. He says kinky! He says maybe later. Rebecca offers to safeguard his flash drive, but he says no its safe. He also insists he do these errands alone. Rebecca is left behind, she realizes shell never get her hands on that drive. Outside, JT says this is why a woman in his position cant be too careful. He says he has to get out of Harmony before he ends up dead, which isnt a good look on him. 

JT takes the memory stick, puts it in an envelope and plans to give it to Daily Private Lives to publish. He says the sales will soar and him being a major stockholder, well his stocks will go through the roof. He then slips it under the door of the office.

At the B&B, Gwen catches Ethan calling to find JT. Gwen begs him to stop. He swears hes only doing this to protect Little Ethan. Gwen says she was hoping to give him his Christmas present early. She gives him the gift of sex. She then asks Ethan for a present, dont make a scene about Jared at the wedding today. Ethan agrees to wait till after the wedding for her. He says as soon as the wedding is over he will find JT and get the proof that Jared is no good. He says once Theresa finds out the truth, Jared will be out of her life. Gwen worries to herself that she could be out of Ethans life if he learns from JT that she is the one who sent the info to the tabloids.

At the cottage, James and Chris fix Sheridan a special Christmas Eve breakfast. In spite of this, Sheridan keeps thinking about Luis and Fancy. She says she loves Luis more than Fancy ever could. Later Sheridan thanks them for breakfast. Chris plans to take James ice skating. Sheridan tells Chris shes going to go to the hospital. Chris says give Fancy their love. Sheridan remembers being caught by Eve telling Fancy how things wouldnt work out for her and Luis. Sheridan says shes not a monster, she just cant let go of Luis.

At the hospital, Eve tells Luis something has happened, something unexpected. She says shes so sorry but Fancy . . . Luis asks what has happened? Eve says Fancy is in a coma. Eve says they wont know anything until they run more tests. Eve says shes so sorry, Fancy was doing so well until this. She also doesnt want Luis to have false hope, it would take a miracle for her to come out of this. Luis says its Christmas, this is the time for miracles.

Later Sheridan shows up and spies on Luis with Fancy. He tells Fancy that he never thought hed be happy again until he met her. He says just her being her was enough. He says he loves her so much and he cant lose her. He begs God to bring Fancy back to him. Suddenly Fancy comes out of the coma. Luis thanks God for bringing Fancy back to him. Sheridan has now disappeared. She has left some poinsettias behind though. Fancy remembers what happened, but Luis suggests they not think about it. He says this is their first Christmas together. She thanks him for being here. He says he wouldnt be anywhere else. He says she is his Christmas miracle. She says she loves him. He says he loves her too. He then puts Santa hats on them both. 

At the mansion, Theresa brings Whitney breakfast. It is Whitneys wedding day. Theresa wants this day to be everything Whitney wanted and more. Theresa says today is the first day of the rest of her life with Chad.

Chad is passed out at the hotel, we see condoms on the nightstand. Jared shows up with coffee and his tux. He yells at Chad to wake up, he is getting married today. Chad apparently tied one on last night. Chad doesnt know what he was thinking. Chad swears he loves Whitney and he has to stop doing this. Chad tells him to drink the coffee, shower and shave. Chad doesnt know why he cant stop this. Jared says dont worry about that now, he has to get to the church on time to marry Whitney. As Chad gets ready he thinks about arguing with his lover the night before. Chad tells Jared how his affair has gotten complicated. Jared says shes jealous hes marrying Whitney. Chad says and how. He also says it would be a miracle if this didnt blow up in his or Whitneys face today. Chad also says if this blackmailer tries to ruin his wedding then he will do whatever it takes.

Back at the mansion, Eve shows up to help Whitney get ready. Simone is there too. Whitney asks her mom if daddy can walk her down the aisle. Eve doesnt know, he overexerted himself at kays shower. Theresa and Whitney head down to the limo, Simone is down. She tells her mom that shell never be able to give her a wedding day. Eve says she doesnt know, times are changing and one day real love will win out. Eve says she is so happy Simone has someone to share her life with. She asks if Rae is coming, Simone says she is.  Eve says finding love is all that matters.

At the church, everyone is getting ready for the wedding. Kay talks to Sam, hes a bit cold to her. Kay asks about mom. Sam says shes stuck in London due to bad weather, shes trying to get home. Kay knows hes disappointed that mom wont be home in time for Christmas. He says hes been disappointed a lot lately. Fox shows up, he apologizes again for what his mom did. Sam tells Kay it is Christmas and shes his daughter, he does love her. They hug and then Sam walks off. Fox tells Kay that her dad is coming around. He also says it wont be long before they walk down the aisle.

Pilar and Miguel show up. Pilar knows how hard it is seeing the one you love with another man. She knows that heartache, but shes moving on. Miguel doesnt want to move on though. He doesnt know why Kay is angry at him.

Noah and Paloma run into one another. Noah gives her a card for Christmas. She says but she didnt get him anything. He says just say yes. She opens it, its tickets to the Scissor Sisters. She loves them. He says he knows, he overheard her. He thought they could go . . . and get dinner before hand. Paloma says that would be perfect. 

Eve and TC show up. TC is on a cane, he is determined to walk Whitney down the aisle today. Simone and Whitney show up, Whitneys in her dress. Whitney is happy to see her dad there. TC hugs both his girls. TC also says he will be walking her down the aisle, he has his running shoes on. TC asks Simone if Rae is here. Simone says shes inside. TC decides to find her and wish her a merry Christmas. Simone thanks her dad. Theresa tells Whitney that Father Lonigan is ready to begin.

Father Lonigan begins speaking about the wedding. The wedding is taking place during Christmas Mass, the holy father in Rome permitted this because of their good deeds in Rome this past summer. Everyone has taken their positions, Chad and Jared stand at the altar. Simone walks down the aisle with Baby Miles. Rae and Simone smile at one another. Theresa follows Simone. Eve is prepping Whitney. She says shell never forget this moment, her little girl all grown up and beautiful inside and out. Eve goes into the church as TC prepares to walk Whitney down the aisle.

Whitney is walked down the aisle by TC. Chad stands at the altar and thinks how he does love Whitney, no matter what else. Fox tells Kay soon that will be them up there getting married. Miguel looks at Kay. Jared smiles at Theresa as Ethan fumes. Whitney arrives at the altar, Father Lonigan suggests that share in Whitney in Chads love and the love of God and Jesus. Everyone in the church sings Hark The Herald Angels Sing.

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