December 25, 2006 -
No Show


December 26, 2006

At Tabithas, Edna and Norma surprise Tabitha when they jump out of the box. Tabitha says she knew they were out with those carolers. Still in their Christmas costumes, they say music is their lives now. Norma says they will sing a "slaying song" tonight.  Tabitha faints dead away. Edna and Norma tell Endora not to be afraid, they arent here to hurt her. Later Tabitha wakes up and finds Norma and Edna are still there. Norma is talking about sticking a needle through something, Tabitha thinks shes going to stab Endora. Norma says they were just stringing cranberries to decorate a bit. Edna says this place is so dismal that even the monsters wouldnt feel home here. Endora tells her mom to chill, they are nice. Tabitha says they arent nice and she says Norma jumped out of that crate with an Axe last year. Norma says that was so last year, she doesnt have an axe to grind with her anymore. Tabitha asks Enda what about her, she had it in for her after that her spell to make her young and not smelly wore off. Norma and Edna says that is before they found their true calling, ladies who sing to ladies. Norma says their signature song Lesbian is still number one on the rainbow charts. Edna and Norma say they just came home to celebrate with them. Tabitha says they dont celebrate that holiday here. Edna says but Endora loves Christmas. Endora says if Tabitha denies her Christmas then she could grow up to be like Beth. Tabitha says they can have a holiday celebration, as long as they dont call it what it is. Norma says conjure up some holiday chow then as they are starving. Endora conjures up a dinner table for them. Norma tells Edna that this will be a Christmas they wont forget. 

Later Edna and Norma are out of their outfits. Norma is actually done up in make-up and everything. They think about the loved ones they have lost, Daddy, Precious and Timmy. We see classic Tabitha and Timmy flashbacks, including Timmy dressed as an elf and the baby New Year. Tabitha says she misses her Timmy, life goes on without him but it will never be the same. Edna asks her if shes okay? Tabitha says shes just thinking about her memories of wonderful things. Later Norma shows up with an electric carving knife to carve the bird. She asks who wants a leg? Tabitha asks Norma if it is only the turkey she intends to carve? Norma says what else? Tabitha says a witch comes to mind. Norma assures her that those days are over. Edna says they have a reputation to uphold with their lesbian fans. They suggests they share some of their holiday favorites like Oh Come All Ye Flannel and Santa Claus is Coming to Provincetown Tabitha says they need not sing for their supper. They all toast to one another and soon end up laughing and having a good time. Tabitha suggests theyve started a new tradition. She says this time of year instead of them trying to kill her that they can get together and celebrate. Norma says but then it wont be a surprise. Norma says they dont want Tabitha getting complacent. Norma then does her Daddy voice and says Not on your life buttercup! Tabitha tells Norma that shes such a pistol. Norma says axe is more like it. We then see Norma has an axe in her hand. Tabitha toasts to next year.

Outside the tabloid office, JT hopes everyone in Harmony enjoys reading the muck he raked. He slips his flashdrive under the door to the office. He thinks its funny that he took everyones blackmail money and still exposed their secrets., Rebecca soon shows up and realizes what JT did. She jumps to the floor and tries to get her hands under the door and get the drive. JT tells Rebecca that shes supposed to be at the hotel waiting for him. Rebecca says thank god she didnt. She says he cant give this drive to the tabloid office, everyone will know she and Gwen outed Ethan. JT says and her point is? She says they paid him a fortune to keep quiet. JT says everyone else did. She asks how he could do this? He says hes a cad with no conscious. Rebecca asks JT to help her up off the floor, which JT does. Rebecca then slaps JT and calls him a bitch and says shell kill him! JT says watch the hair, he just combed it out! Shes trying to attack him, he holds her back. He says he doesnt have time for this, he has to get out of town before everyone learns he took their money and still exposed their secrets.

Later JT, still in drag, is sitting on a bench and thinks to himself about how he has to get out of town before the fallout begins. We see JT thinking about what will happen. We see a fantasy of Ethan dumping Gwen after reading the truth in the tabloid. We see Whitney telling Chad he is a cheating pig. We see Theresa saying Jared was using her just like Ethan said and she doesnt want to see him again. Ethan then confronts Theresa about Little Ethan being his son and says he never wants to see her again. JT says that is just the beginning, there are so many more secrets on that flash drive. JT then hears a honking. He says that is his bus, goodbye Harmony. He wishes he could stick around to see everyone's faces when their secrets come out, but its better he not be around. As he heads to the bus he runs into a Santa Claus who blocks his way. JT tells the fatso to move in and calls him a freak. JT walks off as Santa pulls a gun out of his salvation army kettle and follows JT.

At the cottage, Sheridan, Chris and James are celebrating Christmas. As Sheridan goes to take a photo of Chris and James, she sees an image of Marty and Luis in her camera. She says while she loves Chris and James, but she misses Marty and Luis so much. Later they open presents. James and Chris get her an ornament. Chris hopes to get an ornament for every year they are together, sort of a new tradition. They then hang it on the tree. Chris takes a photo of all of them by the tree. Later its getting late so Chris tells James its time for him to go to bed. He says no, but Sheridan says its the only way for the sugarplum ferries to come dance in his head. He agrees to go to bed and tells Sheridan that he loves her Chris takes him off. Sheridan then goes to find a gift she has hidden away. Its a gift to Marty from mommy and daddy. She says she misses Marty and Luis so much. Later Chris has tucked James in. He tells Sheridan how she has made him and James so happy. She says they make her happy too. He says hopefully they will make one another happy for the rest of their lives. Sheridan thinks to herself and says The rest of her life without Luis. 

At the hospital, the doctor is examining Fancy after coming out of her coma. The doctor tells Luis that this really is a miracle. He tells him to keep things light and upbeat, dont mention the rape unless she brings it up. Luis says he wont. The doctor says for now help her just enjoy Christmas. Luis looks in on Fancy. He vows to find the scum who did this and make them pay. Luis soon goes in to see Fancy. He says the doctor says shes doing great and Eve will fill her in as soon as she gets back from the wedding. Fancy remembers Chad and Whitneys wedding is tonight. She says he should go, but Luis says he wants to be with her celebrating Christmas. Fancy brings up the stakeout, but Luis says its Christmas and they shouldnt talk about that. Luis suggests they see what Santa brought her. Fancy says his gifts are at the mansion though. Luis says he got his gift, he has her. Fancy says Santa doesnt do returns so eventually he will get what Santa brought him. Luis says fine, he wouldn't want Santa to get in trouble. He gives Fancy her gifts. He gives her a pin of a partridge in a pear tree. He then jokes there are eleven more to go. She says he's giving her all twelve days? He says it was the plan, but he started making substitutions after 8 maids a milkin. Fancy thanks Luis and says hes so good to her.

Later Fancy has opened up all their gifts. She thanks him, she says not many men can pick out twelve presents. She loves her snow globe the best. He says he got one with just snow in it so she can imagine whatever she wants them to be doing in it, such as laying by the fire and sipping hot cocoa.. A nurse then interrupts and tells Luis that it is here. Luis goes outside and then brings in a candle lit Christmas dinner. Fancy says he shouldnt have gone to such trouble. He says he enjoys this. He then puts on some Christmas music for them. They have a champagne toast to their first Christmas together. He then remembers Santa brought Fancys stocking to the hospital. He claims he ran into Santa earlier and he asked him to give this to his lady friend. She says lady friend? Luis says Santa is old fashion. Fancy finds inside the stocking are two tickets to a romantic tropical getaway. Fancy cries, she says they have to talk about what happened. Luis says they will but not now, its Christmas. They eat dinner, but Fancy isnt touching hers much. She tells Luis that shes just not hungry. Luis says hell take it away. Luis wheels the food out of the room. Fancy relives the rape and cries. She says she can let Luis see her like this. She says she has to put on a brave face for Luis. Luis returns, Fancy and Luis are now wearing Santa hats. She thanks Luis for being so great to her. Luis says shes the great one. He tells her to get some rest and leaves her. Luis looks at her and says he loves her and that everything will be okay.

At the church, Chad and Whitneys wedding continues. Father Lonigan leads the service. As Ethan watches the wedding he cant help but daydream about Theresa. He says I do and Gwen hears this. She gives him a look. Miguel is watching the wedding too, and Fox is telling Kay that he cant wait until that is them up there. Even up at the altar, Chad is thinking of his affair. He thinks about this when Father Lonigan asks Chad if hes ready to forsake all others from this day forward. Father Lonigan has to repeat the question, he says he is. Meanwhile Rebecca shows up and sits next to Gwen. Gwen asks where shes been? Rebecca says with JT. Rebecca tells Gwen there is trouble brewing, big trouble. Rebecca tells Gwen what is going on, she whispers it in hear ear. As Father Lonigan asks if there is anyone who knows why these two shouldnt be joined then speak now or forever hold your peace . . . Gwen screams out NO! Chad thinks his secret is out. Ethan asks what is going on? Rebecca and Gwen say they are sorry, they just saw a mouse. Rebecca says let the wedding go on, dont let vermin in the church stop it. Theresa tells herself this must have to do with JT, they are up to something. The wedding continues, Chad and Whitney exchange their rings. As Father Lonigan speaks, Gwen and Rebecca discuss what JT has done. They both say JT must pay, he cannot get away with this. Meanwhile Sam is noticing Paloma and Noah are holding hands during the wedding, he seems to approve. Finally Chad and Whitney are pronounced husband and wife and they kiss.


December 27, 2006

At Tabitha's, Tabitha has broken out the MarTimmys and she is have a merry old time with Edna and Tabitha. She's so glad they have been able to bury the hatchet. Edna talks about Endora and how she looks so much like someone she knows, she just can't put her finger on it. Later they tell Tabitha that Endora seems tired. Tabitha thinks the holiday which they cannot name has tuckered her out. She puts her in the other room. Norma and Edna talk, they thought they'd never get rid of the little witch. They say now it's time to take care of her mother. Norma has her shiny hatchet, which has a red bow on it. They convince Tabitha to take a load off while they bring in a special desert. They leave the room and later return. Edna now has the hatchet, Norma has a butcher knife. Norma screams out "Happy Bloody Marries!" as she tries to stab Tabitha. The chase around the house begins. Tabitha throws money at Edna to district her. She then gets Endora to give her some juice.  Tabitha then magically lassos Edna and Norma. She also opens up a trap door to the basement. Edna has no idea what is going on, but Norma has been with the boys in the basement before. Norma reminds Tabitha she kicked their butts before, but Tabitha says they are much stronger now. She sends them down into the basement and laughs that this is what the holiday is about.

At the mansion, Ivy and Julian wake up at opposite ends of the bed. Both have a splitting hangover and when they see they are naked in bed with one another they scream out. They don't know how this happened. Slowly they remember the events of the night before. They both down some aspirin. Julian takes too many and Ivy points out that he's going to ruin his stomach. He says that sounds like something a wife would say. She asks why he'd say that. He points out that they were married for 20 years. She doesn't want to be reminded. He says this is perfectly natural, many divorced couples end up in bed with one another again after heart break or during trying times. Suddenly they hear music and noise, they realize a party is going on. Julian says this is still his house and he'll put a stop to it. He wraps the comforter around him to go see what is happening. Ivy wraps the sheet around herself and says she'll join him.

Downstairs everyone is enjoying Whitney and Chad's party. Theresa has provided the works for them. She wanted it to be everything Whitney has always wanted. At the party Ethan keeps wondering where JT is with the goods he needs. Rebecca and Gwen worry about when what they've done will hit the tabloids. Rebecca says they won't go down alone, JT was blackmailing half of Harmony.

Whitney and Chad share their first dance. Later TC asks Whitney to dance, after Sam encourages him to do so. Whitney is touched to see the progress her dad as made. Eve shares a dance with Chad. Soon others begin dancing.

Miguel fumes as he watches Kay and Fox having a grand old time. He talks to Noah about what is going on. He says Kay still hasn't give him any clue as to why she is angry with him. He also finds it very odd . . . . Fox is supposed to be dying but he doesn't look it at all. Noah says maybe he's putting on a front. Miguel says no, he's not even weak. He remembers how he found it odd that they overheard Fox on the phone with his doctor at the exact moment Kay was going to break it off with him. Miguel thinks Fox isn't dying at all, that he's pulling one over on Kay to keep her with him. He vows to find out the truth.

Julian and Ivy crash the party in their makeshift togas, stunning everyone. Sam comments that Ivy sure got over her broken heart fast. Eve is stunned to see Julian has been with Ivy. Rebecca isn't so nice. She lays into Julian saying if he was going to be cumulated for tawdry sex then it should have been with her. He also reminds Julian of all the nasty names he's called Ivy. When Ivy hears them she begins beating on Julian, as does Rebecca. Ivy tells Rebecca to butt out, this is her fight. She then shows Julian what a hell harpy she can be and kicks him in the groin. She storms off, but not before telling whitney she hopes her Crane marriage is better than hers was. Julian wishes everyone well and makes his exit. Fox has a quick chat with his dad to let him know everything is still on for him and Kay. Julian says marry the girl so they can turn her into a true Crane wife.

Jared grabs Theresa and reminds her that he wants to ask her a question. She says yes, but they keep getting interrupted.  Suddenly Paloma yells to everyone that it is time for Whitney to throw the bouquet. She grabs Theresa and makes her join the other single women. Whitney throws the bouquet and Simone catches it. She tries to give it to Paloma, saying she can't get married unless the laws change in the state. Paloma says then maybe they should. Meanwhile Miguel tells Kay that her not catching the bouquet could mean bad luck for her wedding. She tells him to leave her alone.

Noah tells Paloma that she didn't seem to try very hard to catch the bouquet. She says she's not ready to get married. She says she's already turned down one proposal this year. He asks from who? She says none of his business. She says besides she has to fall in love before getting married. Noah introduces her to the expression where there is a will there is a way. They kiss.

A reporter from Daily Private Lives shows up looking for JT. Ethan tells him that he's looking for JT as well. The reporter says JT put an envelope under the door with a note telling them to print this evidence on the front page of the paper. Ethan thinks JT gave them the goods he paid for, he wants them now. The reporter says the envelope was empty, that's why he's looking for JT. Rebecca and Gwen hear this and think it is their lucky day.

Everyone gathers as Chad and Whitney go to cut their gigantic cake. They find it hard to cut, as if something is inside. Sam jokes he can get his chainsaw. Chad says no he thinks something is really in this cake. He digs into the cake with his hand and out tumbles a dead body. Everyone gasps. Rebecca says this calls for another drink.

At the hospital,  Luis and Fancy begin talking about the rape. Fancy says she knows she brought it up, but she just can't. He reminds her that as a cop she knows every second is valuable. She begins crying saying she doesn't remember much, he wore a mask. She also says it's all her fault for defying him. Luis says while she did disobey an order, she is not responsible for a criminals actions. He reminds her that Burt was jumped and if Kelly was there it would be her in this bed. Fancy says she's so sorry. Luis says he's sorry, sorrier than she'll ever know. He presses her for anything she can remember. She flashes back to the rape and breaks down. When Luis tries to comfort her, she pushes him away. She soon stops and apologizes for attacking him. She tells Luis she just can't go back to the rape, it's just to fresh for her right now. 


December 28, 2006

At the hospital, Luis holds Fancy and says everything will be okay. He promises to find the bastard who did this and send them to prison. He says he loves her and will always be there for her. In the background there is a shadow. Fancy sees it and says someone is outside the door. Luis goes to see who it is, its Sheridan. Sheridan says she came to see Fancy but didnt want to interrupt his comforting her. He is glad shes here, Fancy can use all the support she can get. Luis and Sheridan head inside. Luis says Fancy is being released and he was about to take her home. Sheridan says she can help. Luis calls the nurse to have Fancys things brought in. He tells Fancy not to worry, dont be afraid, he loves her. As Sheridan watches Luis with Sheridan she is clenching her hands. 

Luis and Sheridan get Fancy home and back in her own bed. Luis gets a call from Sam about the body at the party. Luis has to head down to check things out, but says hell be back soon. Sheridan says shell stay with Fancy and take care of her. Luis heads out. Sheridan tells Fancy that shes here for her, shell get her whatever she needs. Fancy says what she needs is . . . . for her to get away from her and calls her a bitch! Fancy tells Sheridan to cut the crap, she is onto her games. Fancy says she is a cold hearted snake, she heard what Sheridan said to her at the hospital. Fancy says Sheridan thought she was unconscious and couldnt hear her, but she did. Fancy says she heard every nasty and toxic word she said. Fancy says she was going to open her eyes, but decided to see where Sheridan was going. Fancy mimics Sheridan saying Fancy, you and Luis wont work out; Fancy, Luis isnt the right man for you. Sheridan says poor sweet Aunt Sheridan, what an act. Fancy asks what is wrong with her? Fancy says she was just raped and she picked that time to pour poising in her ear? She tells Sheridan that shes nothing but a cold and heartless bitch! Fancy calls her sick for trying to plant sick and subliminal messages in her mind. Sheridan says she didn't, but Fancy wont let her take advantage of her. Fancy says Sheridan babbles on about how despicable grampy was, but Sheridan is worse. Fancy says Sheridan is pure evil, a monster!

At the mansion we see a replay of the dead body falling out of the cake. Everyone panics, Sam tries to keep the peace. The reporter says this is one good scoop. Eve and Sam examine the body. Whitney cant believe there is a dead body in her cake. Kay remembers Tabitha saw death coming to a wedding, she wonders if it was Whitneys wedding and not hers. Noah says this puts a damper on the evening. Paloma goes to offer help and Noah thinks shes so remarkable. Simone asks her dad if hes okay, does he need to sit? TC says no, shes taken care of him these past few months so now it is his turn to care for her. Eve says the woman in the cake is dead. Everyone wants to know who the dead body is. Rebecca thinks its a great way to go, the only better way is to drown in chocolate. Theresa asks everyone to remain calm. She asks Sam who this is. Sam doesnt know. Simone asks if someone is missing or if everyone is here? Paloma offers Sam help. He says shes still a cadet and he has to go by the book here. Noah talks to Paloma and asks if this doesnt get to her? Paloma says yes but you learn to control your feelings. The reporter from Daily Private Lives takes some photos. Sam says this guy is out of here and has security take him away. Sam takes the camera from him first. Sam tells everyone that this is official police matter. They ask if it wasa murder? Sam says they dont know that yet. Sam says hes sorry but the party is over. Chad figured that much. Sam asks everyone to go into the foyer, and nobody can leave before he says its okay. 

Everyone makes their way to the other room. Theresa tells Jared it was a murder, but who was it. Meanwhile Ethan is still talking about how he will prove Jared is not right for Theresa. Elsewhere Rebecca thanks god for this interruption and for the fact that the USB stick hasnt been given to the tabloid. Gwen and Rebecca say they have to find JT and his USB stick. Meanwhile Kay wonders who the woman is. Fox says hes sure theyll all find out soon enough.

Sam and Eve investigate the body. Eve says its hard to see who killed the woman with the mess over her. She says theyll have to wait for the coroner. Sam assumes she wasnt baked to death. Sam decides to find out who she is. Sam looks at the face and is stunned. 

Theresa tells Whitney how sorry she is about this. Whitney wonders who that woman is and who could have done this? Whitney says she knows this is selfish of her, but it is her wedding day and its supposed to be perfect. Theresa says maybe that woman wasnt so innocent. She just wishes this didnt happen.

Ethan is outside on the phone. Hes hired someone to track down JT, but they have no leads. Ethan says if he cant find that information JT has on Jared then he wont keep him from Theresa.

Chad talks to Jared, he thinks Jared looks a little jumpy. Jared says hes fine. He admits he is a bit spooked by the murder. Chad says him too, more than he knows. Jared brings up the blackmail. Chad says he paid that blackmailer a lot of money, but he doesnt trust his secret is really safe. Chad says hell do what he has to in order to keep it safe.

Kay and Simone talk. Kay is worried this is a bad omen. Simone says this doesnt mean Kays wedding will be ruined. She also realizes Kay is hung up on Miguel still. She says Kay has to get over the jerk. Kay says Miguel has always been honest, now its like he has totally changed. Kay says he cant believe he stabbed her in the back and acts like he doesnt know what he did.

Miguel talks to Noah. Noah says Fox is a Crane but has always been an upstanding guy. Miguel is sure Fox is lying about this illness. He also thinks Fox has done something to make Kay turn on him. Miguel wants to ask Eve about Fox, but Noah says she cant tell him anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Noah jokes maybe Miguel can play catburglar and see what is in his files. Miguel likes that idea.

Rebecca and Gwen continue talking about JT. Rebecca is sure the stick is in JTs bra. Gwen says what? Rebecca says its a long story. She also talks about how many people JT was blackmailing. She knows one is Chad, hes been spending far too much time at the Safari motel with another woman. Gwen thinks that is horrible, poor Whitney. Rebecca says Gwen is so innocent, even JFK cheated on Jackie. Gwen says thats a rumor. Rebecca says a fact, Grandma KNOWS, want the details? Gwen says no! 

Ethan talks to Theresa. He says its good to see her without Jared hanging on her. Ethan is sure Jared is a criminal. He says he has a PI searching for JT and his proof. Theresa tells Ethan that hes too late. Ethan asks what she means?

Back in the living room, Eve says this is shocking even for Harmony. Sam says this takes the cake. Eve says shell pretend he didnt say that. Sam says hell try and get the coroner here, and the media will have a field day with this as they love a big surprise.

Sam asks everyone to come into the living room as they have IDd the body. Sam tells everyone that the victim isnt a woman. Luis, who is now there, reveals the body. Sam says if anyone has been looking for JT Cornell . . . here he is. Rebecca runs to JT and clings to his body. She says nobody understood him except for her. She calls him her angel, her princess. She says he died wearing off the rack. As she goes on and on about their hidden love, she's searching him for the USB drive. Rebecca says this is tragic, she was just teaching him how to accessorize. Luis says this is enough, shes contaminating the evidence. As everyone is distracted, Miguel steals Eves office keys from her purse. He says step one complete. He vows to stop Foxs wedding as he doesnt trust him. 

With JT dead, Ethan thinks hell never get the goods on Jared. Jared says to himself tough luck Ethan , hes safe as Ethan has nothing on him. Theresa thinks her secret is safe, as does Chad. Meanwhile Miguel promises Kay that hell prove Fox is up to no good. Kay tells Miguel to just leave her alone. Rebecca is still wailing as Sam is saying this is enough. Gwen tells her mom shes embarrassing them, but Rebecca says shes trying to find the stick. Gwen tells Sam that her mom and JT were close. Sam asks if she lent him clothes? Rebecca says they werent the same size. Luis pulls Rebecca off JT and she yanks his bra out and says goodbye my sweet princess. She licks her fingers and says lemony.

Sam asks everyone who they think might have killed JT. Ethan says he knows exactly who killed him! Theresa asks who killed JT. Ethan says it is obvious, it is Jared. Theresa tells him that hes obsessed with this. Ethan says JT was going to bring him proof that Jared was no good, he thinks Jared killed him to keep him quiet. Sam asks if Ethan has proof, but Ethan doesn't. Sam says a lot of people had motive to want JT dead, he had a blackmail scheme going on. Sam tells Ethan to remember his fancy law school education and wait for evidence. He tells everyone they can go, but not to leave town. 

Ethan tells Theresa to stay clear of Jared. Theresa says shes trying to move on, and he wont let her be with anyone else. Ethan admits he doesnt like seeing her with another man, especially not Jared. He says Jared is possibly a murder and hes not good for her or Little Ethan. Theresa says they cant be with a man good for them as he made that clear, so let her go. To himself, Ethan says he cant do that.

Jared tells Whitney and Chad how he was going to propose to Theresa but this put a damper on things. Whitney says dont let it, find a place private and propose. Jared thinks hell do just that. Jared walks off. Whitney and Chad talk about how at least tomorrow theyll be off on their honeymoon and can forget this.

Gwen and Rebecca talk, the USB stick is still missing. Rebecca doesnt know where it could be.

Simone confronts Kay and says she saw Miguel talking to Kay, what was he saying? Kay says Miguel said he would find proof Fox lied to her. Simone says she cant believe Miguel, he slept with Charity at her shower. Kay says Miguel said Fox was a real Crane, perhaps the worst one. She says her mom said the same thing. Simone says it sounds like Kay wants Miguel to find something on Fox. Kay says that isnt true. Simone says she has to figure out things quick as shes about to walk down the aisle. Kay knows, but says its almost like shes going to walk down the plank. She warns Kay to figure out what she wants or her wedding could wind up worse than this one. Later Fox shows up and tells Kay she needs to stop worrying. He says they will be getting married soon and he cant wait. Simone hopes its a more peaceful wedding than this one.

Sam wonders aloud who would be so desperate to resort to murder to keep their secrets safe. The camera pans cross everyone in the room. Rebecca begins her wailing and performance again as everyone leaves. Luis asks Sam if Rebecca said why he was wearing this dress? Sam says she said he liked it, but that also he was afraid hed was being followed. Sam says JT was afraid and this was his disguise. Sam knows he has a lot going with Fancy, but he needs his help. He promises Luis he'll make detective again if he helps him solve this one. Sam tells Luis he can head up and check on Fancy, but Luis says hes sure Sheridan is taking care of her.

Chad is in the kitchen on the phone with his lover. He says they shouldnt have called him. He says he got married today. He says last night was hot and he cant wait for them to be together again soon. He says not tonight, it's his wedding night, but maybe new years. Chad turns around and sees Whitney standing there. She realizes she was right. She calls him a lying bastard and slaps him.

Outside the mansion, Gwen confronts Ethan about how he is desperate to get Jared away from Theresa that he accused him of murder. Ethan says he knows Jared is a fraud and hell prove it. He says he doesnt want him near Theresa or Little Ethan. Back in the mansion, Theresa finds Jared has set up a romantic candle lit scene in the pool house. She asks Jared if he did this. He says yes, he wanted this to be special. She says special? Jared says he keeps trying to ask her something and he keeps getting interrupted. He says he will finish this time even if a truck comes through the wall. Jared pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee and proposes! He says he thinks shes the most incredible woman in the world, hes never loved another person the way hes loved her. He says he wants to spend every minute with her, he wants Little Ethan to have a real father and her a real family. He promises to always love her if she agrees to marry him. He asks her to say yes, be his wife.

Miguel breaks into Eves office. He knows Fox is faking his supposed death to hold onto Kay. He opens Eves files to get the proof he needs. He finds Foxs files.


December 29, 2006
Miguel is in Eves office and looking through Foxs medical records. He ends up being caught by Eve. She cant believe he stole the keys to her office. Miguel says he can explain. She says he better have a good reason as she can have him arrested. Miguel says he needs to know if Fox is dying. Eve says what? Miguel says he knew it, Fox is lying. He says he could tell by her reaction. He says it was a hoax to keep Kay from leaving him. Eve says she never said anything, Miguel is jumping to that conclusion. Miguel says the look in her eyes said it all. He says Fox made it up, everyone knows what Cranes do when they get desperate. Eve says as Foxs physician she cant confirm or deny this. She also tells him to give her the file and theyll forget this. He refuses. He looks through the file to confirms that Fox isnt dying. Eve tells Miguel not to walk out that door with that file. He says he has to. She says that is privileged information, should he divulge what is in there then he could be in serious trouble! He says its worth the risk, he has to do this for Kay. Miguel walks off with the file as Eve yells at him to come back.

In Fancys room, Fancy wonders what happened to her aunt Sheridan. She says shes worse than grandfather ever was. Fancy says she was raped and instead of offering sympathy she tried to ruin the one good thing in her life. Fancy asks what kind of selfish bitch she is? Luis walks in and asks what is going on here? Fancy says it is nothing, she just keeps having flashes to when she was attacked. Luis wishes there is something he could do to make her feel better. She says him being here is enough. He says at least she has her favorite aunt around for moral support. Fancy says yes, her dear aunt Sheridan. Luis offers to get her ice cream, but she says no shes tired. Luis wishes he could stay but Sam needs him. Fancy asks what happened? Luis explains that JT was found dead and in Chad and Whitneys cake. He says JT was blackmailing half of Harmony, so there are quiet a few suspects. He promises Fancy that he wont be long. He says at least with Sheridan shell be safe. Luis really would appreciate it if Sheridan would stay here. He says knowing Fancy is with someone who loves her and she trusts makes him feel better. Luis leaves them. Sheridan asks Fancy why she didnt tell Luis, hed hate her forever. Fancy says even though Luis loves her now, Luis still cares about Sheridan. Fancy says she couldnt hurt Luis by showing him what a bitch shes become. She warns Sheridan to just stay away from her and Luis or next time she will tell him. Sheridan says shes blowing this out of proportion. She also says she was trying to help Fancy, that is all. She tells Fancy she loves her and hates that Fancy thinks the worst of her. Fancy says with good reason. Sheridan tells her to hear her out. Sheridan says the Cranes have history with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. She says her mother took Martin away, Alistair killed Antonio and he took Marty from both her and Luis. Sheridan tells Fancy that she has no idea what Martys death did to her. Sheridan asks Fancy why she thinks she married Chris? Fancy says she tried to figure that out, because of James? Sheridan says its part of the reason. She says she does love Chris though. She says there was a moment where she could have left Chris to be with Luis, but she didnt. She says she didnt want to put Luis through anymore suffering. She says any involvement with their family leads to pain and heartache. Fancy says she is not her, she and Luis can have a happy life together. Fancy says grandfather is dead. Sheridan says Alistair can reach beyond the grave, he would rather rot in hell then see either of them with Luis. Fancy says she and Luis are strong, they can handle what life dishes out. Sheridan asks if that includes her rape? Fancy says shell survive. Sheridan says shes sure she will. Sheridan says when she heard about it, it tore her up inside. Fancy says shes dealing with it and she has support. Sheridan says Luis . . . Fancy says yes, hes been wonderful. Sheridan says they usual are at first. Fancy asks who they are? She says the husbands and boyfriends of rape victims. She says no matter what they say, they cant get the images of the violation out of their minds. Sheridan says Luis may be a cop, but hes a man first. She says every time he touches her then hell have to remember a stranger touched her, had sex with her. Sheridan says they have to deal with this issue and she doesnt want to see Fancy hurt anymore than she has been. Sheridan says she has always been concerned only about her and Luis. Fancy says shes sorry she jumped to the wrong conclusion. She says the attack has her on edge, she should have known better. She hopes Sheridan can forgive her. Sheridan says she can. Sheridan leaves Fancy to get some rest. Fancy thanks Sheridan for trying to look out for her and Luis. Sheridan says shes here for her, she doesnt want her to make a mistake that will cause her terrible pain. Fancy falls asleep and Sheridan cant believe she bought it. Sheridan then leaves the room. After shes gone Fancy wakes up and says not quiet Aunt Sheridan! She says she wont let Sheridan ruin what she has with Luis, who knew Sheridan would turn into a bitch.

Ethan finds the maid cleaning up the floor where the cake and dead body were. Sam is still around. Ethan talks with Sam. Sam tells Ethan that he doesnt have to stick around. Sam asks where Gwen is? Ethan says she went home to be with Jane. Sam says he could have gone with her. Ethan says he thought hed keep Sam company. Sam thinks this is really about what JT had on Jared. Ethan says he wants to find out what JT had on Jared before Theresa gets too involved with him. Sam asks since when is it his job to be her knight in shining armor? Ethan says this is about other things than just Theresa. Ethan says he doesnt want Jared raising Little Ethan. Sam tells Ethan to be straight, is it Little Ethan or Theresa hes worried about? Ethan says hes not crazy about Theresa being with another guy, but he swears Jared could be dangerous to Theresa and to Little Ethan. Ethan says its his job to protect them. Sam says Ethan is going way out of his way here. Sam says Jared seems perfectly fine to everyone else. Ethan says hes tried to get Theresa out of his head but he cant, shes in his head and his heart. Sam says then Gwen has good reason to be worried. Ethan says she doesn't he will stay married and uphold his vows. Sam says then Ethan has to leave Theresa alone, he has no say in her love life, let it go. 

Luis returns to help Sam. Ethan is still hanging around. Luis learns why Ethan is hanging around. Luis says Ethan really doesnt like Jared. He tells Ethan hes sorry but nothing says Jared isnt who he says he is and Theresa likes him. Ethan says that is what bothers him, she could end up marrying him. Luis says Theresa can make her own decisions and if she wants to be with Jared well just Ethan has to accept it. 

In the kitchen Whitney slaps Chad. She says she was right, hes having an affair with another woman. She says she heard him on the phone planning his next date with her. She says she hates him! Chad says he didnt betray her, but she says he did. She says she asked him many times if he was having an affair, but he said he wasnt. She asks why he married her? Did he have to make a fool of her? Chad says he does love her with all his heart. She says he cant if hes sleeping with another woman. She wonders who the slut is, did he meet her in some bar? She says actually she doesnt want to know. She tells Chad to leave her alone and runs off. Chad smashes a bottle of wine and yells damn it all to hell!

In the pool house Jared is still proposing to Theresa. He says he loves her more than anything and wants her to marry him. He begs her to please say yes. He slips the ring on her finger before she actually answers. Before Theresa can say anything, Whitney runs in in tears. Whitney cries that Chad is having an affair with another woman, he lied to her. Theresa comforts Whitney. Jared leaves them alone to talk. Whitney tells Theresa that she caught Chad on the phone talking to a girl and making a date to sleep with her. Theresa says this doesnt make sense. Whitney says she should have followed her instincts. She says she knew this would happen but she didnt want to face the truth. Theresa says shes the one who told her to go through with it, she thought she was just having jitters. Whitney says she is the one who knew something was wrong. Theresa says she might not want to hear this, but Chad does love her. Whitney says no because you dont cheat on someone you love. Whitney says marrying Chad is the biggest mistake she has ever made. Whitney feels like a fool. Theresa says Chad is the fool, Whitney just followed her heart. Theresa says Whitney married him in good faith and Chad is the one who broke it. Whitney then sees an engagement ring on Theresas finger. She realizes she walked in on them. Theresa says Jared put it on her finger before she could answer. Whitney says but shes going to say yes. Theresa says she doesnt know, shes not sure. Whitney says Jared is a great guy, hed never hurt her. Why wouldnt she marry him? Whitney says let her guess . . . Theresa says it is Ethan, but now how she thinks. She says Ethan is persistent that Jared has some deep dark secret. Theresa says she doesnt want to believe it, but she doesnt know. She says Chad fooled them, so maybe Jared is fooling her. Whitney doesnt know. She then wonders what if JT knew Chad was having an affair. Whitney says both Jared and Chad could have good reasons for wanting JT dead. Theresa doesnt know what to think about anyone or anything anymore.

Jared goes to the kitchen and talks to Chad. He says he knew this would happen. Chad says he didnt meant to hurt Whitney, he loves her. Jared asks then why he kept going on with this lover of his? Jared doesnt get why he claims to love Whitney but then has these trysts in the hotel with his lover. Chad says dont say lover, its just sex and nothing else. Jared says so he doesnt have a good enough sex life with the woman he loves? Chad says they do but this is different, its separate from him and Whitney. Jared says that is great, tell that to his new wife. Chad worried that hes lost her forever. He didnt think anything could get worse after JT fell out of the cake. They talk about JT's murder and how many people he had dirt on.

Fox is talking to Kay about how their wedding day will be soon and nothing will get in the way of the perfect day. Kay tells Fox that she cant lie to him anymore. She tells Fox that she knows everything. She says shes known for awhile. Fox says he can explain, fearing she knows what hes done. As it turns out she just says she knows hes dying. She says she overheard him on the phone with the doctor. She says shes sorry she didnt tell him. Fox says no he should have told her the truth that he was dying. Kay asks why didnt he? He says he couldnt, it was selfish of him. He says the reason he didnt tell her is because he was afraid hed lose her, that she wouldnt want to marry him. He also says he was afraid if he did tell her that maybe shed marry him out of pity. He says he knows she wouldnt leave him if she wanted to. He doesnt want her to be with him because she feels sorry. He also wanted her and Maria to be taken care of after he was gone. He says he knew shed have all the Crane benefits. He says he wanted her and Maria to be taken care of in every way possible. Kay says that is the most generous and loving thing a person could do. She tells Fox that hes so amazing, hes been under so much stress and all he could think about was her and Maria. He says it wasnt all selfless. He says he couldnt imagine hurting her. He says she shouldnt go through a long and painful death. Fox tells Kay that hes calling off the wedding, he doesnt want her to marry him. She says he doesnt mean that, but he does. He says she doesnt have to marry him, she should find someone else that can make her happy. He doesnt want her with him out of pity. She says its not pity, its love. She says he means the world to her and she loves him. She says she wants to be with him, she loves him. They share a kiss and hug. Fox makes a face like he cant believe this is happening.

Grace calls home to Sam. She lets him know that the weather is so awful and she hopes to be home soon. Shes sitting in an airport. Across from her is a priest reading a paper. The priest notices Grace seems to be distressed. He asks if she wants to talk. He sits down next to her and says they have time on their hands. Grace says shes returning home after a long absence. She also has something terrible to share with friends and family, even though she knows it will hurt them deeply. He says secrets hurt people even more. Grace knows, and that is why the truth must come out. Later Grace calls Sam again. She says shes not flying out tonight, hopefully it will be the first flight tomorrow. Grace tells Sam that there is something she has to tell him, she has to tell him in person. He says it sounds serious. Suddenly their connection is lost. Grace says she has to get home before its too late. The camera pans to the priest. In his bag is a bomb. He says hes sorry but Grace wont tell anyone anything as she wont make it home.

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