February 6, 2005 
At Tabithas, Kay tells Tabitha about turning Fox down and not being able to explain why. We see flashbacks of Fox assuming the worse. He thinks maybe she is still in love with Miguel and thats why she cant marry him. Kay cries to Tabitha that shes lost Fox forever. She thinks shell have a long lonely life unless she gets hit by a bus. Tabitha thinks shes being dramatic. Kay says shes not, shes lost her one chance at true love. Tabitha says accepting Foxs proposal would have guaranteed misery and heartbreak. Kay says that is what happened anyways. Tabitha says she started this dead end road with that success spell. Kay says Fox thinks shes been lying to him about being over Miguel. She wonders why this is happening, all she wants is to be with the man she loves. Fox walks in and says hes sure Miguel will be back shortly. Kay tries to talk to him, but he leaves. Tabitha tells Kay to let him go as it is best for everyone. She tells Kay she could end up like Renee Zelwigger and Kenney Chesney, look what the boys in the basement did to those two. Tabitha promises Kay if she accepted Foxs proposal then things would be much worse. Kay decides she has to be honest with Fox. She says lying always gets her in trouble. She says Fox deserves to know the truth. Tabitha says sure, tell Fox all shes done, about how she and Endora are witches, how they cast a spell on him, how she used evil to trick Miguel to get pregnant. She says if all that doesnt kill him then the boys below will. Kay says she has to tell him the truth and runs after Fox. Kay grabs Fox and says she has to tell him why she said no. Tabitha spies on them and hopes Kay doesnt do it. Kay says she wants to be with him, and rejecting him had nothing to do with Miguel. She says she has no feelings for Miguel, she only wants to be with him. Fox says they why didnt she say yes. Kay says she wanted to but she couldnt. He asks why not? She says because . . . . She sees Tabitha spying on her and making the keep your lips zipped sign. Kay tells Fox she couldnt accept his proposal because of magic. He says magic? She says well maybe magic isnt a good word, cosmos is better. She says right now the planets are out of line, and if she says yes now then they will never be happy. Fox asks if she is kidding? Kay says shes not. Fox says so the stars told her to say no, this is hilarious.

In Hawaii, Sheridan doesnt think theyll be able to find Otto Krause now because the office of tax records burned down and now fathers people know they are here. Chris thinks there is a way to beat them, theyve come too far to give up. Sheridan says Otto will make sure she doesnt see Marty again. Sheridan says her father is in a coma and still controlling everything. Chris says not for long, he knows how they can get Marty back. Chris thinks they should use his old mob connections. She says no way, they are far too dangerous. She doesnt want him to get involved with the mob again. She says Luis has already died trying to find Marty, she cant lose him too. She says getting involved with organize crime is a bad idea on any level. Chris says then theyll have to think of something else. Sheridan says shell pretend shes moving here with her family, shell ask for daycares and preschools in the area. She thinks Alistair would want Marty going to the best schools. Chris says Alistair could have him home schooled, so hell go look up the best private tutors. Chris leaves, but plans on going to the mob anyways as he thinks they are their best chance. In the room, Sheridan makes calls to daycare centers but cant find any one with a child that matches Martys description. Meanwhile, Chris meets with the mob. These two goons tell Chris before they get to business, they have something to settle first. Back in her room, Sheridan hears something at the door. She goes to open it, and Chris falls over bruised, bloody and beaten! 

At the mansion, Theresa looks at a photo of Ethan and thinks Ethan will come back to Crane Industries and her. Ivy storms in and calls Theresa a bitch. She says she wont let her ruin Ethans life again. She is furious with Theresa for stopping Ethans move to India and she wonders what Alistair was thinking putting her in charge. Theresa says it doesnt matter because she is in charge now. Theresa promises Ivy that Ethan will be with her. Ivy says Ethan is married to Gwen, why cant she leave them alone. Theresa asks if this is going to go on much longer as she has a lot to do. Ivy says if Theresa loves Ethan so much, why did she kill his daughter, why did she sacrifice his son, why did she reveal his paternity to the tabloids? She broke Julians heart and she denied Ethan his birthright. Theresa admits that she did things that unintentionally hurt Ethan, but it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the email to the tabloids. She says they set her up to take the fall. Theresa says one day Ivy will believe her. Theresa says Gwen destroyed the proof in the incinerator that night, remember it was that night when she backed Gwen up to make her look like a liar in front of Ethan. Theresa tells Ivy that Alistair has his own proof and now that she holds the keys to the kingdom, shell find Alistairs proof. Theresa says once she does find it, Ethan will leave Gwen and come back to her. Ivy says if she had a nickel for every time Theresa said shed win Ethan back then she wouldnt need what Julian is paying her from the divorce settlement. She says though she and Julian wouldnt be divorced if the world still thought Ethan was a Crane. Theresa says but shes with Sam now, isnt that what shes wanted. Ivy says she wanted Ethan to run Crane Industries more, and now Theresa is the one in charge, how ironic is that. Theresa agrees, she wanted Ethan to be running Crane Industries as well. Ivy says then why reveal the truth. Theresa says she didnt. Theresa says if Ethan is as happy with Gwen as Ivy say he is, then her overtures to win him back wont matter. Theresa plans to give Crane to Ethan because she loves him and he is the best man for the job. Theresa says then Ethan could go into the politics. Ivy says and then the president. Ivy still says Gwen will be the first lady as they are married. Theresa says they wont be when she reveals the truth about what Gwen did, and she swears it is the truth on her love for Ethan. Theresa gets a call and tells Ivy that she has to go to a conference. She doesnt know what shes doing, but shell do the best she can until Ethan returns. Ivy leaves and likes the idea of Ethan running Crane.

At the B&B, Gwen worries maybe Theresa will ruin this job in New York, but Ethan doesnt think so. He says Lawrence Grant is going to let them stay in the corporate housing until they find their own place and theyll be able to enroll Jane in the best preschools around. Ethan leaves to make calls, and Gwen and Rebecca discuss how Theresa wont give up without a fight. Rebecca says and now she has all the Crane resources at her disposal she'll be more powerful. Ethan returns and tells Gwen hes started the moving process, but there are things at the mansion he needs to get. Gwen is worried about what Theresa will do when she learns of this move. Ethan tells her not to worry, Theresa cant keep them here. Gwen says what about Jane? Ethan says he can always chose to press charges against Theresa for his attempted murder. Rebecca likes that Ethan is playing hardball for once. After Ethan leaves, Ivy shows up to see Gwen and Rebecca. Rebecca thinks Ivys here to change the sheets and give them some fresh coffee. Ivy says she needs an honest answer from them, did they leak Ethans paternity to the tabloids? Gwen asks why she thinks this now? Ivy says Theresa is so adamant that they set her up. Gwen says shes also adamant that she didnt kill her babies, and she thinks Ethan is supposed to be with her. Ivy says its just that Theresa seemed so sincere about her claims, and she wonders what the secret Alistair had on the two of them the night he was attacked. Rebecca cant believe Ivy is siding with Theresa over them. Gwen tells Ivy that Theresa would do or say anything to hold onto Ethan. Rebecca says this is just another one of her games. They swear they had nothing to do with Ethans paternity being revealed. Gwen asks Ivy if she believes them. They swear it was all Theresa. Ivy claims she believes them, but if she finds they did hurt her son . . . Gwen and Rebecca, who have their fingers crossed behind their back, say she  never will.

At the mansion, Theresa sees Ethan and thinks hes come back. He says no, hes through with Crane Industries and hes through with her. Theresa says he cant walk away from her, hell be back once he realizes he needs a job. She also thinks hell be back because he cant stay away from her. Ethan says she just doesnt stop. He then walks away. A man shows up and has an envelope with the latest intelligence report Alistair used to request. Theresa says that isnt her style, and she wants a stop put to all the spying. The man says okay and hell add this to Ethans file. When Theresa learns its info on Ethan, she decides to take a look at it. The man informs Theresa that Ethan, Gwen and Jane are moving to New York.

Ethan returns to the B&B. He says he got his things and they are ready to go to New York. Gwen can't wait.

At Noahs, Fancy is stunned to catch Noah in the shower with Maya. He says its not what she thinks. Fancy runs out, and of course Noah cant leave as hes keeping Maya standing. Maya has passed out. Fancy cries that she trusted Noah, she trusted in her heart. Noah helps Maya out and he puts her back in bed. Maya comes too and asks what happened, so he explains. Maya says shes so sorry, she doesnt want to make trouble for them. Noah says hell be back after he explains what Fancy saw in the shower, that and everything else. Maya begs him not to, but Noah says he has to otherwise hell lose Fancy. Maya says if he tells her everything then the men who attacked her will make sure he loses Fancy for good. Meanwhile, Fancy storms out of the Bennett house. Noah chases after her wearing only his PJ bottoms and says she has to hear him out. She says she knows what she saw, but he says she doesnt. Fancy slaps him and says she never wants to see him again. Noah says she doesnt understand, first of all he wasnt naked, he had on these pajama bottoms. He says and he wasnt in there with her, she was in there alone. He says she cried out in pain and fainted, and he jumped in the keep her from falling. He swears he didnt cheat on her, he loves her. She says well she doesnt love him so get out of her life and stay out. He tells her that Maya was beaten last night, would she really be up for making love and in the shower? Fancy says maybe? He says he needs to go inside otherwise he wont have anything to make love with in the future. She thinks he risked frostbite for her. They go inside and Noah goes to change. Noah returns to his room to get some clothes. Maya once again begs Noah not to tell Fancy the whole truth. She says hell put Fancy in danger, she could end up like her or worse. Noah says hell protect her. Maya asks if he thinks he can really protect Fancy against the people they are up against. He says hes protected her from Vegas goons, from an earthquake and a tsunami, he can do this. He finishes dressing and heads off. When he gets downstairs he finds Fancy is gone. Fancy returns, she said she did leave but decided to come back. She tells him to prove shes not a fool to trust him, start talking and dont stop until hes told her everything. 


February 7, 2006

At Tabithas, Fox cant believe Kay said no to his proposal because of astrology. He says this is great, he thought there was a real reason she said no. Tabitha spies on them and thinks this isnt good, the boys in the basement wont like this. Fox is going on about how this is fantastic, he thinks they can get engaged today. Kay says no they cant get engaged, they cant even talk about it yet. He realizes she is serious about this planets out of alignment thing. Fox says the planets will line back up eventually right. Kay says she guesses so. He asks why she doesnt know so, what is going on here. Kay says while shes into astrology, shes not into reading the charts of the planets. He says but that is what astrology is. She just knows right now isnt the time to get engaged. He asks if this really is the reason she said no? She says yes, but he says it sounds like shes covering for something else. Kay says shes not. Fox asks how they will find out when the planets line themselves up again. Kay says Tabitha would know, shes interested in this stuff. Fox suggests they find her then. Fox says he just loves her so much, he just wants her to wear his ring. A spying Tabitha says Fox better not hold his breath. Fox finds Tabitha and asks her if she can find out when the planets will be realigned so that he and Kay can get engaged. Tabitha says shell get the charts and consult them. Fox goes to make coffee, and Tabitha tells Kay this wont hold him off forever. Kay doesnt want it to be forever, she cant wait to marry him. Kay asks how long it will take, but Tabitha doesnt know. She says the boys in the basement make up their own rules, who knows if theyll let them stay together. In the kitchen, as Fox is making coffee, sparks fly out of the air duct. He wonders what that was. Fox asks Tabitha about what he just saw. She says its just her furnace acting up. He says shes been claiming that for as long as hes been coming over here, so why doesnt she just buy a new one. Tabitha says Cranes never have to worry about where their next meal comes from, but shes a woman alone living on a fixed budget. She says maybe next winter she can afford one. He says sorry and he hopes she can buy a new furnace as that thing must keep her and the girls up at night. Fox asks if she found the book. Tabitha says she has and she tells Fox it will only be a few months before the planets line up. Fox says well Kay can at least were the ring, but Tabitha says no. She says wearing the ring is like accepting the proposal. Fox thinks they are both blowing this out of proportion. Kay begs him to just wait a few months. Kay says she is very superstitious, things havent gone her way these past few years. She says that is why she wants to start things off on the right foot. She asks Fox to humor her, so he agrees to wait. Later, Tabitha tells Kay shes still playing with fire here. Kay says shes given up enough for the boys in the basement. Tabitha says the boys still want payment for the success spell. Kay says she still believes true love is more powerful than any spell. Fox comes up with the idea of having Kay wear his ring on a chain around her neck, and she agrees. Kay decides they are engaged to be engaged. Tabitha tells Kay that is as close as shell get to it too, she cant trick the boys in the basement. Kay tells Tabitha that shes tired off all this gloom and doom, her life is wonderful and will stay that way.

At the B&B, Gwen and Ethan are looking at apartment prices in New York. Ethan thinks they should consider Connecticut or New Jersey, but Gwen wants an apartment in Manhattan. Ethan agrees, New York it is. Gwen cant believe this is really going to happen. Gwen looks at Ethans face and asks why hes not excited? Ethan says things arent as cut and dry as she wants them to be. Gwen says with Theresa out of their lives, how can it not be easy. Ethan says Theresa has been abused with broken promises, violence and some brutal rapes. Gwen says Theresa knew what she was getting into when she married Alistair. Ethan says she was desperate to be near Jane. Gwen says no she was desperate to be near him. She also reminds Ethan of the unspeakable suffering shes had to go through because of Theresa. Gwen cant believe this and says she wont live like this anymore. She says if Ethan wont protect her and Jane from Theresa then she will, she doesnt want to see her again even if that means not seeing him. He says she doesnt mean that, but she does. She says she doesnt want to leave him but she has suffered more than enough at Theresas hand. She says Theresa will stop any opportunity they have. She says they are still on the same continent with Theresa, on the same coast. She says if she knew hed never see Theresa again then shed feel safe, but hes already talking about seeing her. Gwen says either he is 100% on her side or hes not. She says otherwise shed rather go live alone with Jane (because Jane now belongs to Gwen?). Ethan says he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Gwen says but hes not saying that he doesnt love Theresa. Ethan says hes never lied about that to her, hell always care about Theresa. However he will never jeopardize what is important to him, their marriage and family. Gwen says then he agrees getting Theresa away from them is right. He says yes, that is why they are moving. She says what about when Theresa wants to see Jane. He says they dont have to be there, and the next time they see her will be at Janes wedding. Gwen says she would love that. She thinks Theresa will be so busy running Crane to worry about them. Ethan says if it werent for Lawrence Grant, none of this would be possible.

At the mansion, Theresa is fuming, who does this Lawrence Grant think he is trying to hire Ethan. The security man says that Mr. Grant has always been a thorn in Alistairs side. He also says Mr. Grant is currently here in Harmony. Theresa decides to go pay Mr. Grant a visit.  Theresa meets with Lawrence Grant about the job offer he made to Ethan. He first extends his sympathy about Alistair, but Theresa says hes getting what he deserves. Lawrence likes her honesty, he was hoping to never have to deal with Alistair again. Lawrence talks about how  Lawrence asks how may he help her. She says he hired Ethan Winthrop, she wants him to rescind his job offer. Lawrence says he wont do that, and if that is why she came then she wasted her time. Theresa says she is the new CEO of Crane, so he wants her to reconsider. Lawrence talks about everything he had to do to keep Alistair out of his life and business, how horrible it is to have Alistairs shadow over you all the time waiting to destroy your company. Theresa says better his company then his personal life, nobody knows better than her the damage Alistair can do. Theresa says Alistair has ruined her life and the lives of her friends and family. Lawrence says never again will Crane oversee a move he makes, and hiring Ethan is just delayed justice. He says this is over, dont call him and he wont ever call her. Theresa says she understands his position, she knows her husband is a monster. She says Alistair has done unspeakable things to her and her family, shes been through hell and back because of Alistair. She says she is a survivor though, and that is why Alistair made her his successor. She says the hoops hes had to jump through are nothing compared to the humiliation Alistair has heaped on her. She says shes endured way more than Lawrence has. She says if she survived Alistair then she can survive him, he cant break her. She says shes not going anywhere until he takes back his job offer to Ethan. Lawrence applauds her and says most impressive, but shes only been married to Alistair for a few months. Hes done his research on her, and begins reading the profile he has on Theresa. He recounts her whole history in Harmony. Theresa says this has nothing to do with this discussion, leave her personal life out of it. Lawrence thinks her personal life is why she is here, it is all about Ethan. Theresa decides to correct the story so Lawrence gets the facts straight. She says she loves Ethan and will never give up on him. She says she even married Alistair to get close to Ethan. Lawrence says and her daughter. Theresa says yes. She says and now she is head of Crane Industries and Lawrence will not hire Ethan. Lawrence says they both know this has nothing to do with business, and she reminds him of his five year old daughter playing dress up. He says hes a real businessman, hes hired Ethan and nothing she can do or say will change that. Theresa says she may not be an expert in business, but she is a fast learner. She warns Lawrence if he thinks Alistair gave him a hard time then hell think Alistair is a pussycat compared to her. Lawrence just laughs. Theresa promises Lawrence if he doesnt give her Ethan then shell sink him and his company. He thinks shes bluffing, but she says shes done her research too. She says she knows when Ethan started working at Crane that he signed a contract, hes not free to accept other employment. Lawrence suggests their legal departments fight that out. Theresa thinks they should leave the legal department out of this. Shes going to turn this over to the department Alistair used to solve sticky issues, to overthrow pesky governments around the world, the one that he used to have high ranking officials assassinated, the same department he used to kill her brothers. Lawrence says shes a nice catholic girl, she was raised to know right from wrong, she's no murderer. Theresa says he knows of the separation of church and state, well she believes in the separation of business and church. Lawrence says she is not Alistair, she doesnt have the authority to use that evil power. She asks if hes willing to take that risk? He thinks shes bluffing again. She says its his gamble to take. Theresa tells him that she has nothing left to lose, and now that she has the power to get what she wants, shes going to get what she wants. She tells Lawrence to tell Ethan the job is no longer available or shell turn Alistairs special department on him. Theresa says if his business means anything, if he feels responsible to his family and shareholders then call Ethan and say hes rethought the job offer. Lawrence picks up the phone and begins dialing.

In Hawaii, Sheridan is stunned to find Chris at their door, unconscious and bleeding. She realizes he must have gone to the mob after all. Sheridan begs him to wake up, he cant be dead. He wakes up and says ouch! Sheridan helps Chris get into bed. She asks who did this to him, did he contact the mob after all? She thinks this is all her fault. He says hes the idiot who contacted them. Sheridan says this is her fault for getting him involved in her life, he could be killed like Luis. Chris says Alistair killed Luis, and right now hes very much alive. Sheridan thinks Chris should see a doctor, but he says no. She says fine, shell get a wash cloth to clean him up. She cant believe he did all this for nothing, but he says who said it was for nothing. She asks if he found Marty? Where is he? He says misunderstood, after he was beaten up the thugs offered to keep their eyes and ears open for anything. He says if they hear anything then theyll know. Later Chris is shirtless and all cleaned up. Sheridan loves him for what hes done for her. She thinks he should rest, but he says they can rest later. Sheridan says hes in pain, they shouldnt be making love, he should be resting. Chris thinks there is a solution, and he takes her over to the hot tub. They get in the hot tub together and Sheridan gives Chris a back massage. Chris tells Sheridan how lucky he is to have her, but she thinks shes the lucky one. They then kiss.


February 8, 2006
Fox and Kay are headed to Sams place to tell Sam and Ivy the news. Kay thinks maybe they should keep this a secret until they can actually get married. Fox says okay, as long as they can be engaged to be engaged. Kay says they are. Fox also says he wants to do this the right way, he wants to ask her dads permission. Kay says she loves him so much.

At the Bennetts, Ivy asks Sam whats going on up there? Sam says a friend of Noahs is recuperating from being mugged down on the wharf. Sam says Noah said it was an old friend from school and asked him to keep an eye on her. Ivy says if shes really hurt then shouldnt she be at the hospital? Sam says Eve examined her and gave her the okay to stay here. Still, Sam thinks there is more to this story. Sam says Noah doesnt want anyone else to see this girl. Upstairs, Maya looks at a photo of Noah. She prays Noah wont tell Fancy about what happened in the attic. She says shes afraid for all of them after last night. She wonders how Noah can forget what they had together, and she just hopes Noah keeps what happened in the attic in the past.

Later, Fox and Kay show up with some exciting news for Sam and Ivy. Fox stops Kay and says he has a question to ask Sam. Sam says he sounds serious. Fox says hed like to have his permission to marry Kay. Sam says absolutely and hugs them both. Ivy fumes and says to herself that Kay will not marry her son! Sam tells Ivy that Kay and Fox are going to get married. Ivy says its wonderful though shes a bit surprised, it happened so fast. Kay asks if she thought theyd keep dating for a decade or two? Ivy says no, but it does seem rushed into. Fox says its not official and they are holding off on making it official. Fox says shell have plenty of time to plan that oversized wedding. Fox says he has to go back to work now, as they probably know Theresa has taken over the whole damn company. Ivy knows and isnt pleased about that either. Fox leaves, and Sam tells Kay how happy he is for her. Sam goes to check on their houseguest, and Kay decides to go to Tabithas. Ivy stops Kay and says they need to talk. Kay says about what, perhaps Valerie, the woman she was hoping would break them up? Ivy tries to play innocent, but Kay tells her to save it as she knows all about what Ivy has tried to do to her at Crane. Kay tells Ivy she wont stop her from being with Fox. Ivy calls her a tramp and says it will never happened. Kay says it will, and if Ivy tries to stop her then shell take the chance and tell Sam the truth about David. Kay warns Ivy shes serious, and Ivy says she understands. Kay says she almost forgot, she needs to get her moms recipe box. Ivy says to herself that this is not over. 

Sam goes upstairs to check on Maya. He introduces himself to her. Maya explains how she and Noah dated a long time ago, but he obviously doesnt like talking about them with anyone. Sam says he guesses not. He tells Maya that she looks familiar, have they met? Maya says her mother is Sally Chinn, shes out of town right now otherwise she'd be taking care of her. Sam says the woman who runs the Chinese Restaurant on the wharf? He finds it odd that she grew up here yet didnt meet Noah until college. Sam asks Maya about the attack on the wharf, did they take anything from her? She says they didnt take anything. He finds this odd, when two guys attack someone they normally want something. Maya says she doesnt know, maybe they ran off before they could take anything. He asks if she knew them. Maya says she didnt, and she wonders why hes asking her all these questions. He says he used to be the chief of police, its just habit. Sam asks if she has any enemies. She says not that she can think of. Maya thinks she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sam says maybe, but if someone tried to send her a message then they could come back. Sam says next time she could end up dead.

Sam goes downstairs and sees Kay with her moms recipe box. He realizes how serious shes taking this whole thing with Fox. Kay says she is, and Fox loves her cooking. Kay heads out, and Sam tells Ivy how happy he is for Kay and Fox. Sam says he never thought Kay would get over Miguel. Ivy says to herself she wonders where Miguel is right now as he could come in very handy. 

Noah takes Fancy to a restaurant to talk. She asks why they had to come all the way out here to explain what she saw. Fancy says Maya was naked, he was almost naked and his hands were all over her. Noah says she misunderstood. He explains how she was screaming and he ran in to help her after she collapsed. Fancy says shes not blind, she could tell he knew his way around her body. He says of course he does, they were lovers. Noah tells Fancy that theyve both had other lovers, and shes being jealous for no reason. He says Maya and he were close, but shes history. He says she is the woman he loves, Fancys body is the only one he ever wants to hold in his arms and make love to. Fancy says really? Noah swears that Maya means nothing to him. Fancy wonders why he kept her a secret then. Noah says hes sorry he never told her about Maya, but he didnt tell her about any of his old girlfriends. Fancy says she needs to know about the women he said I love you to. She wants to know if shes as pretty or smart as them. Noah says fine hell tell her. She says and shell tell him about his old boyfriends. Noah says no thanks, there are things he doesnt want to know. She says he has nothing to worry about, he is the best lover shes had. Fancy asks Noah to tell him about Maya, why did they break up. He says okay hell tell her everything. Noah struggles with telling Fancy about him and Maya, he says talking about this isn't easy. Suddenly a car speeds through the window right towards him and Fancy. 

At Lawrence Grants office, Lawrence makes a call and asks for Ethan to be brought in ASAP, its important. Lawrence tells Theresa that shes getting what she wants. He asks if he can expect no retribution from her? She says as soon as he tells Ethan there is no job then his company will be back in business. She says let this be a lesson to him not to underestimate Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane! Theresa says she has to go now, but he is not to mention to Ethan that she had anything to do with this. She wants him to call her as soon as Ethan leaves though. Theresa leaves, but drops her charm bracelet on the way out.

At the B&B, Gwen says shes scared to be this happy, she doesnt want the rug pulled out from under her this time. Ethan says it wont be, and its all thanks to Mr. Grant. Gwen hugs Ethan as she thinks it will all be okay. Later as Gwen is packing, Ethan gets a call saying he needs to go meet with Lawrence about his contract. Ethan tells Gwen not to make a face, he probably just wants to iron out some details. He says hes going to go and soon theyll be in New York. Ethan leaves, and Gwen thinks New York may not be India, but its big enough to get lost in so Theresa cant find them. Later Rebecca shows up to congratulate Gwen on her move to New York. She also comes to help her search for an apartment and share a drink. She has some Martinis-On-The-Go. Rebecca tells Gwen how she will be visiting often and Jane will get to know her Aunty Bec, shes far to young for Grandma. Rebecca and Gwen look through some of the listings, though Rebecca is worried that Theresa could still do something. Rebecca thinks there have been many times they thought they beat Theresa, but every time she rises out of the ashes like a blood sucking vulture. Gwen tries to convince her mom that she doesnt need to be worried about anything. Rebecca asks if she never worries that Ethan misses making love to Theresa. Gwen says no, and they only did it a few times anyways. Gwen says she and Ethan are starting a new life in New York and Theresa will be nothing but a horrible memory.

Ethan arrives at Lawrences office and gets the bad news, the job is no longer available. Lawrence tells Ethan that hes afraid he cant hire him. Ethan asks what happened? Lawrence says hes not in the position to take on any new personnel right now. Ethan wonders if someone at Crane called and told him not to hire him, because it happened before. Lawrence swears this is just about business. Ethan says and Theresa had nothing to do with this? Lawrence says no, hes never met the woman. Ethan says okay and hes very disappointed. Lawrence says hes sorry to have put him through this. Lawrence hopes one day in the future Ethan can come to work for them. Ethan goes to leave and thats when he finds Theresas charm bracelet. He says that bitch! Lawrence asks Ethan if hes okay? Ethan says no, but he will be as soon as he puts someone in their place. Ethan leaves.

Theresa arrives at Alistairs office to pack up his stuff. She asks Valerie to go get her some coffee. Valerie says she doesnt work for her, get her own coffee. Theresa says she is Mr. Alistair Crane and apparently she hasnt read the Wall Street Journal this morning, she works for her now. Theresa tells Valerie to go get the coffee and then clear out the office next door as that will be Ethans new office. Theresa also wants a decorator brought in as this office has to be redone in her tastes. Theresa also tells Valerie that shes sorry she was so rude to her, shed like to be friends. Valerie says shell help her anyway she can. Fox then shows up and gives Theresa hug. He says this is something new. Theresa hopes he wont mind taking orders from her now, and hell always have a job here. He says wow that means a lot to him. He says he thinks this is great, but he has good news to. He says he and Kay are engaged, well engaged to be engaged. Theresa says that is wonderful she guesses. She says she is surprised, she didnt think he and Kay knew each other long enough to be serious. Fox says this from a woman who fell in love with Ethan through a magazine. Theresa says okay he has a point. Fox and Theresa joke about their new relationship not only through Alistair, but through Maria. Fox says he needs to get back to work, but call him if she needs anything. He then takes off. Later, Theresa makes a call to her brother NuMiguel. Miguel asks how shes doing? Theresa asks if there is news on Charity, but he says not yet. Theresa says she has some news for him, it will blow him away. Theresa tells Miguel about her becoming head of Crane Industries. She tells Miguel if he ever needs anything then she can help him now. She says he can hire an army of detectives to find Charity if he needs to. Theresa asks if hes thought about coming home for a visit. He says hes thought about it. She suggests he does come home because things are going on he should know about. Miguel asks if something is wrong? Theresa says she just wants him to come see his daughter. He says he calls her every day and talks to her as Kay holds the phone up to her. Theresa also says mama and papa are renewing their vows. Miguel knows and hell try and make it, but he has one more lead to follow up. Ethan storms in and Theresa tells Miguel that she has to go. Ethan throws the charm bracelet on her desk and asks what shes trying to do.


February 9, 2006
Sheridan and Chris are relaxing in the hot tub in Hawaii. Sheridan says this really is a tropical paradise. She hates that Chris was attacked trying to find Marty for her. He says it was his decision to go to the mob, and if they find him then the cuts and bruises will be worth it. He says time is of the essence, they have to play to win. Sheridan says hes right, and she should get back to work. Sheridan says she just cant sit back and wait for the mob to come through for them. Chris says he understands. Later they try and figure out how to search for Marty. Sheridan says going through schools is impossible, no school will give out the name of the children there. They decide to search through doctors records, but Sheridan says doctors cant give out that information either. Chris says then call them and pretend to be Beth, she can trick them into thinking she needs to make an appointment. Sheridan begins to worry, what if Marty got sick? She wasnt there for him. Sheridan also wonders what if Beth isnt using Martys real last name. Chris suggests she use the name Marty Crane, it would be like Alistair to be that arrogant. Sheridan begins calling doctors, but nobody has a listing for Marty Crane or Lopez-Fitzgerald. They decide to start over again using Krause or Wallace. Again Sheridan fails to find Marty through pediatricians. Chris says the wont give up, theyll keep searching for Marty. She doesnt know what to do besides going door to door with his picture. Chris says thats it, theyll show Beth and Martys picture to people. Sheridan thinks Chris isnt in shape to go out, she insists he stays here. He agrees only after he realizes he cant get up and walk on his own. Chris wants Sheridan to wait for him to rest and they can search together, it's too dangerous for Sheridan on her own. Sheridan says okay, shell go get some coffee while he rests. Later Sheridan returns and finds Chris fast asleep. She tells him to rest and then leaves. Chris then gets out of bed, hes dressed. He makes a call and Sheridan overhears him. Chris says shes gone and he thought shed never leave. Chris tells whomever hes talking to that they have to act now before Sheridan gets wind that something is up. Chris tells the person to do their part and make this happen, he has to make his move tonight. Sheridan wonders what is going on. Chris arranges a meeting with the person. After he hangs up he says damn hes good, Sheridan doesnt suspect a thing. A spying Sheridan thinks Chris is working against her. 

At the B&B, Gwen and Rebecca are still packing for New York, they havent heard the news yet obviously that there is no New York job anymore. Rebecca talks about how Gwen can never have enough sexy outfits to please Ethan. Gwen says their relationship is about more than sex, they love each other. Rebecca says but you have to show that, she needs to let Ethan have it 2-3 times a day! Gwen tells her mom that shes something else. Rebecca says a tired husband doesnt cheat. Gwen isnt worried about him cheating on her. Rebecca reminds her where Jane came from. Gwen tells her mom to stop, she and Ethan are starting a new life in New York and Theresa will stay here by her lonely self. Rebecca is still on the sex thing and telling Gwen how shell try and come up with a list of things to spice the bedroom life up. Gwen says she can keep her husband satisfied. Gwen thinks about giving Ethan a massage and she smiles. Rebecca wants the juicy details. Gwen refuses to discuss what she and Ethan do in bed. Rebecca says fine, but shes glad that Gwen is making an effort in the sack. Gwen finishes packing, and Rebecca says she needs to go as she has an appointment with the acupuncturist, who happens to be sticking her with more than just needles. Gwen thinks they should just not discuss their sex lives with each other. Rebecca tells Gwen that she loves her and she wants her to be happy and stress free. Gwen tells her mom that she loves her too and she will be fine once shes in New York. Rebecca says shell miss her, but Gwen says she can come visit as soon as they are settled in. Rebecca leaves, and Gwen tells Jane it wont be long until they are in New York and far away from Theresa. Gwen then begins instructing Jane how to say goodbye and good riddens to that loser Theresa. 

At Crane, Ethan confronts Theresa with the charm bracelet he found at Lawrence Grants office. She plays innocent, but he tells her not to lie, he found this at his office. He tells Theresa to admit what she did. Theresa says fine she did it, she made Lawrence to withdrawal his offer, but shes not sorry. Ethan demands Theresa call Lawrence Grant and make this right. Theresa says no, he wont work for anyone else but Crane. Ethan says hes his own man, hes not her puppet. Theresa says she knows, and thats why she wants him to work here. Ethan says shes insane, hes going to find another job, anything that will take him away from her and her sick obsession for him. Theresa says that he doesnt mean it, and the only reason he wants to leave is because he cant be near her. She says being near her will remind him of what they could have together. Ethan says hes leaving, hes finding a job elsewhere. Theresa says try but no matter where he goes shell stop him. She says shell make sure nobody will touch him with a ten foot pole. Ethan looks at a photo of them on Theresas desk. He cant believe shes acting this way. She says she doesnt want to fight, she only wants to be with him. Ethan says this isnt going to make him leave Gwen. He says she is more of a match for Alistair than he thought, here she is trying to trap him into something she wants. She says and what he wants, hes always wanted to run Crane Industries. Theresa says he is in her thoughts every day and night, she cannot stop until they are a family with Jane and Little Ethan. Ethan says they arent going to be together, not now and not ever. He asks how many times theyll go through this? Theresa says until he realizes he doesnt love Gwen, that he pities her. He says no he pities her. He says he loves Gwen very much, but Theresa says not like he loves her. She says they connect in a way they dont connect with anyone else. Theresa says despite all that has happened they still love each other and thats why she wont give up. Ethan says if she wont leave him and Gwen alone then he will have to stop it. He says he and Gwen will leave and find a job elsewhere. She says that wont end it, not if he takes Jane. Ethan says he wont deny her seeing Jane, but he has rights just as much as she does. Theresa tells Ethan if he leaves Harmony then she will follow him wherever her goes, shell be a part of his and Janes life no matter what. Ethan says that wont make him love her, in fact hell probably end up hating her. Theresa says he wont hate her, he loves her. Ethan says shes playing God just like Alistair. She says she sees it as helping the people she loves. She says he has the power to do good here. He says no deal. She thinks this is because he loves her and is just afraid to be near her. Ethan tells her to stop it. Theresa tells Ethan he has the power to set things right, all he has to do is divorce Gwen so that they can be together. Ethan says that will never happen, he married Gwen in church and takes his vows seriously. He says even if he did leave Gwen, they cant be together as shes still married to Alistair. He says if she leaves Alistair then shell lose Little Ethan. Ethan says what she wants is a fantasy, and the reality is hes taking Gwen and Jane and leaving. Ethan says if she loves him as much as she says she does then shell leave him alone. Theresa grabs Ethan as he tries to leave. Theresa says shes sorry, she doesnt want to fight with him. Ethan says this has turned ugly between them. Theresa says shes sorry, she just wanted things to work out for them. Ethan says dont make him listen to the fate speech again as fate keeps ripping them apart. She says that is Gwen and Rebeccas doing. Ethan says the bottom line is they wont be together and she has to realize it. Theresa says fine, if they cant be a couple then they can be a team in business. Ethan asks what shes talking about? Theresa says she remembers how he wanted to make Crane Industry a force for good, well now he can put those plans into motion. She tells Ethan that she has something to show him. She shows Ethan a sketch of his old dreams for Harmony. Theresa says shes ready to make his dream come true. Ethan says seeing his old sketches and ideas on paper like this is amazing. He forgot how much work he put into it. Theresa says she wants to implement this plan right away, but she cant as she needs him to be in charge of the project. 

At the restaurant, we see a replay of Noah trying to tell Fancy the truth when the car drives through the window of the restaurant and mows down Noah and Fancy. The driver gets out and flees as a woman yells for someone to call 911. The cops arrive and a woman explain to the cops what happened. She explains how it looks like the driver of the car hit them on purpose for some reason, and then they fled. The paramedics tend to Noah, who is unconscious. He soon comes to, Noah says he is okay. They say he could have internal injuries. Noah looks around and remembers the accident. He asks where Fancy is, Fancy Crane? They havent found Fancy. Noah says shes here, they have to find her. The cops say if anyone is buried under this mess then there is no hope for them. Noah won't accept that. He finds her, shes under a bunch of debris. They begin pulling the stuff off of her. The paramedics check on Fancy, her pulse is weak and she has head trauma. Noah says they have to get her to the hospital. They cant though because shes pinned by the car and the table. They say they'll need a tow truck, but Noah says there isn't enough time. Noah summons some superhuman strength in order to free Fancy. The paramedics say they have to get her to the hospital and get her stabilized. Fancy is taken by ambulance and Noah goes with her.

Fancy is brought to the hospital and a doctor, NOT EVE, takes care of her. The doctor takes Fancy off to examine her, she has head trauma, bleeding and her right eye is in bad shape. Later the doctor comes out to talk to Noah. He says the damage to Fancys optic nerve and cornea is bad, Fancy may lose her eye. Noah goes in to see Fancy, who has a bandage on her eye. 



February 10 , 2006
At Crane, Theresa tries to convince Ethan of all the good he can do if he comes back to Harmony, he can revitalize the slums of Harmony. She says they can work together side by side rebuilding Harmony like the people rebuilding New Orleans. She says its like rebuilding Harmony after Hurricane Alistair. Theresa reminds Ethan of all his dreams to prove big business could be a force of good and at the same time make money. Ethan says she cant just wave her wand and make this stuff happen. Theresa says no, but she has contacted her designers and architects and they will start the project out past Crawford street where the slums are. She tells Ethan all about her plans to create a heath center, a youth center and a job training center for the people there. Ethan thinks her plans are all wonderful. Theresa listened to every word Ethan ever said, she learned a lot from him. She tells Ethan all he has to do is stay on board and they can make his dreams come true. Theresa says surely hes not going to take their daughter and raise her in some strange city. She says everyone he knows and loves is in Harmony. Ethan asks if she thinks Gwen will accept any of this? Theresa says she has something to show him, and she takes him to the office next door to see his new office. Howie the handyman has just finished putting his name on the door. Ethan thinks she jumped the gun, he hasnt said yes yet. She asks how he can say no? She talks about her plans to redecorate this office. Ethan says this doesnt feel right to him, but she says it is all perfect. She says this is what he was groomed for, head of Crane Industries. Ethan says she is the CEO though. Theresa says she was going to make him co-head of Crane Industries, theyd run this place as equals. She says this is his birthright, just reach out and grab it. Ethan says this is tempting. Theresa reminds him of all his plans that Alistair threw out. She says things will be different now, they can make money and help those who need help. She says all he has to do is stay here, together they can turn Harmony into paradise. 

At the hospital, Eve arrives and meets with Noah and the other doctor. Noah is glad to see Eve, the doctor says Fancy may lose her eye. Eve says shell examine Fancy and goes in to look at her. Noah begs God to save Fancys eye, he can do what he wants to him. Eve talks with the doctor about Fancys eye, she thinks they need to get an eye surgeon in here before making a decision. The doctor says its a shame, she was such a pretty girl. Eve says with luck she still will be. Meanwhile, Noah thinks he needs to call his dad and Ivy and tell them about this.

Sam and Ivy are at home, Sam is eating liverwurst and asks Ivy to try some. She doesnt think so, she'll make it for him but she won't eat it. He asks her to for him, and when she tries it she says its good. He knew it and says hell have her drinking beers by the end of the year. Ivy then turns her head and spits it out in a napkin. Ivy just cant believe all that is going on, Fox and Kay getting married and Noahs friend upstairs was attacked. Ivy says she is surprised about Fox and Kay, she thought Kay still had a torch for Miguel. Sam says she was heartbroken when he left and never thought shed bounce back, but she did. Sam toasts to Kay and Fox, may they find happiness. Ivy says to herself Not in my lifetime. Sam talks with Ivy about how lucky he is to have her. He says hes thankful that shes in his life. Ivy says she loves him too. Sam then gets a call from Noah. Sam tells Ivy that Noah and Fancy were in an accident and Fancys in bad shape. They say they have to get to the ER. Maya has hobbled down the steps and insists on going too. Sam cant argue with her and so they take her. 

Maya, Sam and Ivy show up at the hospital and meet with Noah. Ivy asks what happened, where is Fancy? Noah explains how they were at the diner and car crashed through the window and hit them. He says he was lucky and got by with only some scrapes, but Fancy was pinned under the table and the car. Noah says it took a long time to get her free, and shes injured. Ivy asks how bad? Noah says shell live, but her face is bad. He says she may lose her eye. Ivy says she has to see Fancy. Sam says to let the doctors do their work. Ivy says her poor baby. Ivy wishes she had been a better mother to her children. Sam says its not her fault, it was an accident. Maya blurts out it was no accident. Noah turns to Maya and asks what she said? What does she mean? Maya says she warned him not to tell Fancy the truth about the attic. Maya says if shes being followed then he is too, he is in as much danger as she is. Noah tells Maya he never got to tell Fancy the truth, the car crash happened first. Maya suggest he keep the truth from Fancy, her life may depend on it. Later, Sam tells Ivy, Noah and Maya what hes learned from his buddies at the station, it doesnt sound like an accident at all. He says the car drove straight for Noah and Fancy, and the car was stolen. He says whoever did this, the driver ran off, did this on purpose. Sam asks Maya if this is connected to her mugging? Before she can say anything, Eve comes out and Ivy asks how Fancy is? Eve says she is concerned about the eye, a surgeon is coming in to look at Fancy. Ivy and Noah both want to see her, so Eve says only for a few minutes. They go in and see her, and Ivy tells Fancy how she will be just fine. Eve suggests they not give Fancy false hope, even though shes unconscious. Ivy decides she has to call Julian, hed want to know about this. Noah sits by Fancy and says he loves her no matter what happens. Maya appears hurt to hear this. Later, Fancy stirs awake. She asks Noah if he got the check? Noah says they arent at they diner. She asks where are they, why does she feel funny. Noah says there was an accident at the diner, a car hit them. Fancy remembers, he was about to tell her about Maya. Maya listens in and says this cant happen. Fancy sees Maya standing in the back and asks what she is doing here?

Kay brings some cookies to the office to surprise Fox. Fox tries them and says they are great. He didnt think she should have gone to the trouble, but she says he needs to keep up his strength with Theresa as the CEO. They kiss, and Valerie walks in but goes to leave. Fox asks what is up? She has something for Fox, her letter of resignation which is effective immediately. He tells her that she cant leave now, with Theresa here she has a shot at going to the top. Valerie says that is what Theresa said. Fox is called to legal, so he tells Kay to talk some sense into Valerie. Fox leaves, and Valerie tells Kay that she doesnt have to say anything, shell tell Fox that she begged her to stay. Valerie packs up her stuff, and Kay sees photos of Valeries family. Kay questions Valerie about her family and where they live, they dont live in the good area of town. Her dad doesnt get a pension and her mom hurt her back. She says shes supporting them all. Kay tells Valerie that she doesnt have to leave. Valerie tells Kay she knows Kay blames her for coming between her and Fox. Kay says she knows she was working with Ivy against her and Fox and dont bother to deny it. Valerie asks how Kay found out? We see a flashback of Kay learning about their teaming up via Tabithas bowl. Kay says she just does, however she knows why Valerie did it, she was trying to make a better life for herself and her family. She knows everything was Ivys idea too, she can hear Ivy promising her the world while threatening her at the same time. Kay tells Valerie that she wont tell Fox, he loves his mom and it would crush him to find out what a monster she is. Kay tells Valerie she wont talk as long as Ivy keeps her claws in. She tells Valerie to stay here, just keep out of her and Foxs lives. Valerie asks Kay if shes sure? Kay says as long as she stays away from Ivy then yes. Valerie agrees and says she never liked Ivy. Fox returns and hopes they have some good news from her, legal is in a tizzy over Theresa canceling Alistairs arms shipments to Saudi Arabia. Kay says Valerie is staying, and Fox says good job Kay. Valerie leaves to do some stuff, and Kay tells Fox that Valerie is smart and she can learn a lot from her. Fox says why bother, shell be staying at home as soon as they are married. Kay says excuse me? Does he expect her to give up her job after they are married. Fox says yeah. She says this job was his idea ,that he liked having her near him. He says yes but he thought shed want to stay home with Maria, plus they were going to adopt more kids. Kay says whether she stays home or not is her choice, she likes working here and working with him. Fox says its fine for the time being, and with any luck theyll be rich and both of them won't have to work. He says wouldnt she want to stay home like her mom, like his mom should have? Fox says doesnt she want to be like Grace? Kay cant believe shes going to marry a Neanderthal, too bad she cant get pregnant otherwise hed have her barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Fox tells her that hes not his grandfather, he would never force her to stay at home. He says if she wants to work then hell stay home with the kids. She asks if he means that? He says yeah sure. He says once they adopt more kids he just thinks shell want to stay home, its a natural thing that happens. Kay tells him not to hold his breath. Fox asks if they have to argue about this now. She says no, but she wont make any promises about this. They then kiss.

Meanwhile, Ivy calls Valerie and tells her to keep Fox and Kay apart. Valerie tells Ivy no! Valerie says Kay is onto them, she has made peace with her and promised no more spying. Ivy says Kay is no threat, and she can control Kay. Ivy says she has an ace up her sleeve that will muzzle Kay for good. She tells Valerie not to worry, shell end up with Fox and millions and wont need her job. Ivy says she has a way to break up Fox and Kay, and Fox will need a shoulder to cry on. Valerie says this is a mistake, but Ivy says its not. Ivy says Mrs. Foxworthy Crane has a nice ring to it. Valerie looks in at Kay with Fox and agrees to keep working for Ivy. Ivy says she knew Valerie would see things her way. 

In Hawaii, Sheridan listens at the door as Chris talks on the phone and plots against Sheridan, so it seems. Sheridan realizes this is why she hasnt been able to find Marty, hes working for her father. Sheridan says shes going to turn the tables on Chris and follows him when he leaves. Sheridan, in sunglasses and scarf, follows Chris to a playground with lots of kids. Chris sees him talking to a boy. After Chris leaves she runs up and grabs the kid who she thinks is Marty. The kid yells at her to let him go, and woman in charge says let go of that child, she is scaring the children. Sheridan says this is her son. When she looks at him she says shes sorry she thought he was her son. The woman tells Sheridan to just go. Sheridan apologizes, she shows a photo of her son to the woman and ask if they have seen him. The woman says no and shes sorry. The woman then takes all the kids off. Sheridan wonders where Chris went to as shes going to kill him. 

Sheridan returns to the hotel and begins packing her things. She plans to leave and find Marty on his own. Chris returns and asks what shes doing? Sheridan says she knows what hes doing, she knows hes working for her father. She says he cant keep her from Marty. He says shell find Marty and Chris wont stop her. Chris says he can, and he pushes Sheridan into the room and slams the door behind them. Sheridan begs Chris not to hurt her, but he says she doesnt understand. She says she does, she followed him. He says she doesnt understand. She asks why she shouldnt scream for help. He says shell only feel like a fool if she does. He says he was planning a surprise for her, that was all. He tells Sheridan that hes trying to help her find Marty because he loves her. Chris gets down on one knee and proposes to her, he even has a ring. 

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