February 13, 2005 
At Crane, Ethan tells Theresa that her offer is tempting, but is he really supposed to forget about what shes done to sabotage him? She says if the price is worth it then swallow your pride. She says all his dreams for Harmony and Crane can come true. She tells Ethan that hes the one with the experience, she needs him. She tells him not to let a once in a lifetime opportunity slip away. She says stay here in Harmony, take his rightful place as head of Crane. He says co-head. She says yes, and with him by her side then Crane Industries will bring light into dark places, they can build a brighter future together. She begs him to say yes. Ethan tells her that her offer is tempting. She says its no less than he deserves. She says here he can wield power without having to answer to anyone, it's better than being president. He says he has to answer to her. She says this would be a partnership in every sense of the word. She says this is a chance to reverse decades of Crane corruption and evil. She says this is all hes ever wanted, dont let it slip away. They almost kiss, but Ethan pulls away. He says no, he rejects her offer. She says he cant, and this isnt about them, its about making a difference. She tells him if he takes this job then it will be a pathway to a life of fulfillment, success and love. She knows his bones are crying out for him to accept this job. She shows him his name plaque on the door, she says this is real. She says the power hes dreamed of his entire life is no longer a dream. Ethan says this is all hes ever dreamed of, hell admit that. She say which dream, the dream of making a difference or of being with her? She says this is his chance to have it all, hes in love with her. He says stop this, he married Gwen. She says vows based on lies arent vows at all. Theresa says Gwen lied to him, she sold him out to the tabloids and framed her. Theresa says Gwen is the one who robbed him of his birthright. She says all she wants to do is give back what is rightfully his. She says shell give him back all he dreamed of, including her. She says he was robbed of the life he deserved. She says she wants to give that life back to him. Ethan says there is no proof that Gwen sold him out, and he made marriage vows and have to stick to them. Theresa says have to? She says that is no way to talk about vows, that sounds like a prison sentence. She says you marry someone because love pulls you together, because you feel incomplete without the other. She says but he has to stay married to Gwen? She says well his heart belongs to her. She asks if his idea of fidelity is staying in a loveless marriage? He says its not like that, but she says it is. Ethan says he loves Gwen. Theresa says maybe he loves the idea of Gwen, love the face she lets him see. Theresa says Gwen is malicious and conniving. He suggests she not talk about conniving. Theresa says she has done many things shes not proud of, but she did them all for him and her children. She says their love is the kind they right novels about. Ethan says he knows it, he feels it all the time. Ethan says if he could make love to her for the rest of his life then he would but he cant. He says hes married, what kind of man would he be if he broke those commitments and promises. Theresa says hes locking himself in a prison with Gwen. She says he will live year after year in that cell without love. Ethan says they have love. Theresa says what he has with Gwen is a candle compared to the fire he could have with her. She says by staying with Gwen, he is sentencing her to jail as well. She says her cell is lonelier. She says she made a marriage vow in her heart to him, and she cant walk away from that. Theresa says if she cant be with him then she cant be with anyone else ever. Ethan says he never wanted to hurt her, but they have to give up wishing what they cant have. He tells her that its time to move on. He says she can find love someplace else if she gives herself a chance to find it. Ethan says he cant and wont ever leave Gwen. Theresa says then dont. He says what? She says dont leave Gwen, spend his life with her. Ethan says okay this is an about face. Theresa says they can still have their dream for happiness. Theresa tells Ethan that shell be his mistress, they can have a secret life together. 

Julian arrives at the hospital and learns what has happened to Fancy. Sam and Ivy explain everything to Julian. They tell him that Fancys face was injured, she may lose her eye. Eve shows up and Julian asks her to tell them that Fancys eye can be saved. Eve says they still dont know yet, but it is very serious. However shes in no place to make predictions. She says once the test results come back then shell be in a better place to tell them what she thinks.

In Fancys room, Fancy asks Noah why Maya is here? Fancy then remembers how Noah was going to tell her about his past with Maya. Maya says no he cant! Noah tells Fancy not to worry about that stuff now. Fancy wants to know why Maya is here. Noah says she was worried. Fancy asks about who? Maya says about both of them. Fancy questions Noah about the accident, why did it happen and what does he know? She begs Noah to tell her everything. She says he has to finish telling her about Maya. Noah says shes too weak, she needs to rest. He says they can talk about this later. Fancy says no now, she wants to know now. Fancy passes out, and Maya tells Noah if he tells Fancy anything then they will both wind up in more danger. She says he has to keep his mouth shut.

Noah goes out to see Sam, Ivy, Julian and Eve. He says Fancy was awake but is unconscious again. He says she was confused but wanted answers. Ivy says maybe by time she wakes up then Eve will have better news. Ivy says Fancy wont get over losing her eye if that happens. Noah wonders what hes done to Fancy, this is all his fault. Sam hears this and asks Noah to tell him what is really going on here. They go off to talk alone, but Maya follows. He knows something is going on here, first Mayas attack and now this. He demands both Noah and Maya tell him what they know. Noah swears he doesnt know what is going on. Sam says hiding the truth only makes things worse. He asks if he learned nothing after the mobsters from Vegas? Sam says he may think he can handle this but he cant. Sam doesnt want a call at 2am to come identify his body. Noah says he just needs time to figure out what is going on. Sam says dont wait too long, there are a lot of secrets in this town, dangerous secrets. 

Noah returns to Fancys side. Shes still out. Maya tells him that they are still in danger and if Fancy knows the truth then shell be in danger. Noah says he almost lost her once because of lies. Maya says that car was meant to kill him, and telling her the truth is like painting a target on her back. He says they should have gone to the police years ago. Maya says it was a decision they have to live with. Noah says whoever is doing this wont stop. He says he has to tell Fancy the truth as well as his dad the truth. She hopes Noah will change his mind for all their sakes. Noah tells Fancy that she doesnt deserve this, and hes so sorry. He says this is all his fault. He tells Fancy that he loves her. He says when she wakes up he will tell her everything. Maya says if he tells her then they are both as good as dead. 

Meanwhile, Ivy, Sam, Julian and Eve discuss Mayas attack and the attack on Noah and Fancy. Eve wonders if they are related to the attack on Alistair and on Julian at the cannery. Sam says he doesnt know. Sam says they seem different though, whoever went after Alistair showed cunning, tonight was just brute violence. He thinks Fancy was innocent, whoever this was went after Maya and Noah. He also says whoever went after Julian and Alistair targeted them specifically. Julian says whoever tried to kill them could still be out there. Eve wonders why the same person hasnt tried to kill Julian again? He says they could be plotting against him as they speak. Sam asks who hates them both enough to want them dead?

Liz sneaks into Alistairs room and looks at him. She says he is helpless, unable to move or speak. She wonders where his guards are now, nobody cares enough about him to post guards? She says anyone can walk right in and kill him, and he cant lift a finger to stop them. Liz closes the door to his room and taunts him about how he cant do anything. She says hes weak, hes nothing and he cant ever hurt her again. Liz has flashbacks to New Years Eve. She remembers Alistair threatening to reveal a secret to Eve, the secret that caused her so much pain and suffering. Alistair said she would be ruined, in fact shed be dead in the water. Liz said not if she made sure he was dead first. Liz continues recalling to threaten to kill Alistair, but he said she never follows through with her threats. Alistair once again threatened to tell the whole town about her. He said Eve would come out looking like an angel, she might even find real happiness. Liz threw her drink in his face and started hitting him. Back in real time, Liz tells Alistair he will get what he deserves and after all this time shell have her revenge. Liz grabs the plug on his life support and says nobody deserves to die as much as him. She says she will savor his death like one savors a fine wine. She says it is Valentines Day, everyone is giving one another hearts. She says the only heart she wants is his. She'd like to rip it out, but says all she can do is stop his heart. She then pulls the plug on him and says hes on the midnight train to hell. 

In Hawaii, Chris proposes to Sheridan. He says he didnt want to do it like this, but it kills him to think that she thinks hes working for her father. He says he was sneaking around to get her this ring. Sheridan says she doesnt know what to say. Chris says he loves her, shes so easy to love. He says theyve both been hurt and lost so much, yet God has given them another chance at happiness. He tells her to marry him. Sheridan says nothing, and Chris realizes he made a mistake. He says it was presumptuous of him to think this would work. He says he didnt mean to put her on the spot, and hes sorry if his love for her is unwelcomed. He thinks perhaps he should go home. Sheridan says no, its not him. She says its the question. He asks what that means? Sheridan says the question terrifies her, she cant answer it yet. He asks why not? She tells him that her life has been a series of disappointments, every time she thinks shes found happiness it is snatched away from her. She says she cant bear to be disappointed again. He says he wouldnt disappoint her. She says maybe not on purpose. He says she opened herself up to Lois and he didnt disappoint her. She says he died. She says Lois was the one bright spot in a life of pain. She says her father sent her all over the world and to all sorts of doctors. She says her only friend was Pilar, who she rarely saw. She also says she was famous, but she didnt even know the smiling princess on the covers of the magazines. She said she used to make up stories about Princess Sheridan, she was happy, had friends, had parents who loved her, would grow up to find love and have a family of her own. He says she does have a family, she has him, James and soon Marty. Sheridan says every time she ever found someone who loved her they left. Chris says her father cant hurt them anymore unless she lets him. She says the scars are still there and it will take her time to heal. Chris and Sheridan hug one another. Sheridan tells Chris that she just doesnt know if she can open her heart that way again. Chris says his mistake was in rushing things. He says she can still have it all, and he hopes someday her fantasy will come true with him. However he says he wont rush her, and his offer still stands. He says hopefully someday she will accept it. Chris suggests they take a walk and go stargazing. Sheridan thinks that sounds lovely. Chris says his offer still stands, and maybe someday soon hell make it again. Chris leaves to get changed, and Sheridan wonders if she made a big mistake. 


February 14, 2006

In Hawaii, Sheridan is smelling a flower and thinking about Chris proposal. She wonders if she made a mistake as she does love Chris. Sheridan begins remembering how her father said horrible things to her, how all her boyfriends leave her because they must sense something about her that drives them off. She remembers Alistair telling her that everyone leaves her, even her mother left her. Chris finds Sheridan outside talking to herself. He asks if shes ready to go? She says shes all set. He says hes made reservations at a local restaurant. Sheridan says shes been thinking about his proposal. He says his timing was off and hes sorry, it was too soon. However the offer is still on the table. To herself Sheridan knows Chris is offering her so much, but shes afraid it will fall apart like her other relationships. 

Chris and Sheridan arrive at a restaurant for a romantic Valentines Day dinner. They talk about how beautiful it is here and what it would be like to live here. Chris says pretty amazing probably, but paradise can also be found with the one you love. Chris tells Sheridan some story we dont hear, and Sheridan laughs. She thanks him for making her laugh, it feels good. A boy comes over and gives them both leas for Valentines Day. She thinks about Marty and perhaps they can bring him back here one day for a family vacation. Later Sheridan and Chris share a dance. They then see a couple getting engaged next to them. They watch, and Sheridan smiles. Sheridan tells Chris that she now sees he was right, they dont have to be in Hawaii to be paradise, they just have to be with the one they love. Sheridan says shes been thinking about his proposal. She says shes ready to give him an answer.

At Tabithas, the doorbell rings. As she goes to get it we hear a voice over announcing that the role of Fox Crane is now being played by Mark Wystrach. Tabitha looks around as if shes trying to figure out where the voice is coming from. The voice tells her to answer the door! She answers the door, its NuFox. Tabitha says he looks handsome and Kay is still getting dressed. Hes got flowers and candies for Kay. To herself Tabitha thinks this is a ridiculous day. Tabitha asks Fox if he has big plans for Kay? He says he does, he has a big surprise for Kay. Kay shows up and he gives her the flowers and candy. She says they are her favorite flowers, and shell probably eat the whole box of candy. He says this is just the beginning he has a big surprise for her. Tabitha uses magical x-ray vision to see Fox has the ring around his neck, hes planning on proposing and it is too soon. Tabitha feels bad, she says Kay is like a daughter to her and she cares about the girl. Tabitha says if Fox proposes now then their relationship is doomed. The boys in the basement roar. Fox asks about the sound and Tabitha once again says its just her old plumbing. Fox decides to call the plumber in the morning. Tabitha says he can try but shes had it repaired many times. Fox suggests to Kay that they go, but Tabitha tells Kay they need to have a quick chat about Maria first. Fox leaves them, and Tabitha warns Kay that she is walking into danger. She says Fox is going to propose to her tonight. Kay knows they cant become engaged until the planets are aligned. Kay says finding ways to stall Fox is making her crazy. Tabitha says just beware, tonight is the night for marriage proposals. She says if Fox proposes then she must say no. 

Fox and Kay go to the Seascape for dinner. They see a couple at the next table get engaged, and Kay thinks it is so romantic. As they dine, Tabitha uses her bowl to spy on them. Fox thinks it must be so romantic to get engaged on Valentines Day. Fox says he still has the ring, he keeps it with him at all times. Tabitha spies on them and wants Kay to wait. The boys in the basement roar, and she says she knows they dont care about Kays happiness but she does. This makes them angry, and a photo of Kay and Fox is shaken off the table and it cracks. Tabitha thinks it is a bad omen. Later after sharing a dance, Fox and Kay return to their table. Kay tells Fox how this place is wonderful, everything about this place is wonderful. He says he still has once more surprise for her, its the best one yet, its for both of them. He tells Kay to close her eyes. She does, and Fox tells Kay that she knows how much he wants to marry her. Tabitha continues to watch and thinks the proposal is about to come. Tabitha tries to send telepathic messages to Kay not to let Fox propose. Back at the restaurant, Fox tells Kay that he loves her and has never felt this way about her before. He says he has a surprise that will make this a Valentines Day shell never forget. She asks if she can open her eyes yet? He says is she ready for a day shell never forget? He tells her to slowly open her yes. She does, and Fox has a woman to join them. Kay says shes really not into that sort of thing. Fox says its not like that, shes an astrologist who specializes in the planets. Fox says shell give them a reading. The spying Tabitha wonders what Fox is thinking, everyone knows those people are fakes. Tabitha says usually these fakes are harmless enough, but this one is going to be down right dangerous. Fox tells Kay that hes heard this woman is good, but the spying Tabitha says shes a fraud! Kay tells the woman that they should do this. She sits down with them and she begins by cleansing their aura of negative energy. She says she has consulted all her charts and has consulted the spirit book. She says she has something to say, and begins moaning. Tabitha says the woman is not only a fraud but a lousy actress. The astrologer says she has news, important news. She says the planets and spirits are in agreement, there is a strong romantic energy in the atmosphere. She says this is the best possible time for them to get engaged. She says the couple who gets engaged now is blessed by the stars. The spying Tabitha says no no no, dont listen to her! 

At Crane, Ethan asks Theresa if she is serious, she cant be. Theresa says she is. She says he wont leave Gwen, but that is no reason they cant deny their love for each other. Theresa tells Ethan that he can stay married to Gwen and she will be his mistress, its the only way theyll ever be happy. Ethan says she cant be his mistress. She asks why not? She says if he wont leave Gwen then why should they live without love. Ethan says he has love, he has Gwen in his life. Theresa tells Ethan to just stop this. She tells Ethan shes going to show him the passion he doesnt have with Gwen and will never feel with Gwen. Theresa begins to seduce Ethan and they kiss. They soon really begin to go at it. Theresa rips his shirt off, and he throws her on the desk. She says she wants him, but Ethan stops and says no. Theresa says they can do this. She kisses him again and he kisses her back. Once again Ethan stops, he says he cant do this. He says he would have to tell Gwen, he cant keep secrets from her. He also says he couldnt go to mass anymore as hed have to confess this. Theresa tells Ethan to let go of this guilt, shes offering her body, heart and soul. She tells him to take what shes offering. Ethan says he cant, she deserves to be someones wife, not the other woman. He says he respects her too much to do that to her. She says then make her his wife, she wants that more than anything. She says however she is willing to be his mistress as shes willing to do anything to be with him. Ethan tells her that she wont be happy being with him just part of the time. She says she doesnt want to be his mistress, she wanted to be his wife. However she will settle for this. Ethan says he cant do this, hed lose his self respect. She says hell lose that if he wont be honest with himself. Ethan tells Theresa to think about what shes done in the name of loving him. He begins speaking about the things shes done such as getting pregnant by Julian and then marrying Alistair Crane. Theresa tells Ethan it was all because she loves him, shes always loved him. She says fate means for them to be together. He doesnt believe in fate, and he wont do this to her or to his wife. He says he wont live a lie, he cant be with her. He says what is the sense of wanting something if you cant have it. She says he can have it and they cant turn off their feelings for one another. He admits he loves her, but hes committed to his wife. Theresa says she accepts that and she doesnt care if she cant have all of him, she just wants to be with him. She says just be with her.

At the hospital, Sam asks Julian if he knows anyone who hates him and his father enough to kill them? Julian says the list of people is long. Eve asks if he thinks the person will come after Julian again? Sam says no, nobody has made an attempt on his life for years. Julian thinks Sam is right, and it is his father who is the one this person hates. In Alistairs room, Liz pulls the plug on Alistair and stands there to watch him die. In his bed, Alistair seems to be struggling to breath. Alistair begins to convulse in his bed. Liz laughs and says its payback time for him, hes getting what he deserves. The nurses realize something is going on with Alistair and they say they need a crash team stat. Liz hears them coming. Meanwhile, Eve is paged to Alistairs room, so Ivy suggests to Sam they go too as maybe they can watch him die. Eve comes in and begins working with the nurses to try and save Alistair. Sam, Ivy and Julian watch. Ivy cant believe all these people are trying to save him. They stabilize him, but then he codes again. Nobody has noticed that the plug is unplugged, and nobody has found Liz, who is hiding in the room. Eve doesnt understand what is going on here. Sam finds Alistairs life support has been unplugged and thinks this explains it. Eve says this is crazy, someone has to have unplugged it. 


February 15, 2006
In Hawaii, Sheridan tells Chris that she was thinking about him asking her to marry him. She says he asked her a question and shes ready to give him an answer. Chris says he doesnt want her to feel like hes pushing her into something. Sheridan says she doesnt, and recently she hasnt been able to focus on anything but Marty. Sheridan says but she loves him too, she loves him and James. She says finding Marty will complete their family. Sheridan says she wants to find Marty, but its also time for her to move on with her life. She says Luis told her to go and find love and happiness, and thanks to Chris she has. Sheridan says that is why if he asks her again then shell make it worth his while. Chris gets down on one knee and asks Sheridan to marry him. Sheridan says yes. Chris and Sheridan return to their hotel. Chris is on cloud nine because Sheridan has said yes. HE tells her how wonderful their life together will be, and hell give her anything she wishes for. 

Otto is walking around his place and steps on a kid's toy. He asks a man for an update. The man says he just walked the grounds and their guests are resting comfortably. The man asks Otto how much longer they will be here. Otto says indefinitely. The man says Mr. Crane is in a coma, what if he dies. Otto says then they are to keep following the instructions that he left them on the DVD. Otto says no one can find them especially Sheridan. Otto plays the DVD. On it Alistair tells Otto that a few things are happening around here. He says either one of his enemies is rattling his cage or someone has come back from the dead. Otto knows that Rachel came home and spooked Mr. Crane before she tried to kill him. Alistair goes on and says if Rachel really is alive then their Hawaiian hideaway could be revealed. Alistair says a lot of effort has been put into making their guests secure. He doesnt want Sheridan to ever find this house, so he is to do anything to stop Sheridan, he knows what to do if it comes to it. The man asks what Mr. Crane meant about saying you know what to do? Otto shows the man a button he is to push if Sheridan finds them or the guests, it triggers an explosion to blow this house and everyone in it up. Later, Otto gets a call from someone who is following Sheridan. He learns Sheridan and Chris are engaged and they are back at the hotel. Otto thinks if Chris gets Sheridan to stop looking for Marty and goes home then that is good. The man asks what if she finds out the kid is here. Otto hopes not, he doesnt want to kill anyone. The man says Alistair is in a coma, how will he know. Otto wont take chances, if Sheridan shows up then they all go up in a blaze of glory.

At the Seascape, the astrologer tells Kay and Fox that now is the perfect time for them to get engaged. Fox thinks there is no reason they cant get engaged tonight. A spying Tabitha cant believe Kay is starting to believe this airhead. Tabitha knows the boys in the basement want Kay to accept Foxs proposal, but Endora will never forgive her if she lets Kay lose Fox. Tabitha says she has to stop Kay from accepting Foxs proposal. The astrologist continues to explain how if they wait then the earth will orbit out of the ideal romantic sun. She says acting now will guarantee them a lifetime of love. Kay asks if she is sure? She says the planets never lie. Fox tells Kay they should do it, but Kay says mercury is still in retrograde. The astrologer calls Mercury a charbroiled chunk of space junk. She says the cosmos cares less where Mercury is. Kay says then nothing must be stopping them. A spying Tabitha cant believe Kay is forgetting what she told her, she will be doomed if she accepts the proposal now. Tabitha says she needs to go to the Seascape and stop Kay. Tabitha ends up conjuring up Mother Goose to baby-sit for Endora and Maria. Mother Goose says not her again, shes got that blond brat. Tabitha says her name is Endora and shes not a brat. Tabitha says she didnt have time to be picky with her babysitter, and she has read her nursery rhymes. Tabitha says she finds they are filled with child abuse, animal abuse and adult situations. Tabitha tells her rub a dub dub three men in a tub, how gay is that! Mother Goose says she has a dirty mind! Tabitha says and shes just plain foul. Mother Goose asks why she conjured her if she finds her so distasteful? Tabitha says she needed a sitter as a situation came up. Mother Goose says if Endora gives her webbed feet again then Tabitha has to pay the doctors bill. Tabitha says both girls are asleep, everything will be fine. Tabitha then zaps herself into new clothes and then zaps herself over to the Seascape. Back at the seascape, Fox thinks this is the time to get engaged. He says hes sure Tabitha meant well, but how many Martimmies did she have before reading her horoscope. Suddenly Tabitha pops in as Fox is saying Tabitha couldnt predict yesterdays weather much less the future. Tabitha pretends to be shocked to see them, and she claims she has a gift certificate she has to use up. Fox introduces the astrologist and that she was giving them a reading. The astrologist says she was just in the nick of time too, some home grown fake told her she had to wait for the planets to align. Ari, the astrologer, says her charts and spirits tell her that this is the best time for Kay and Fox to get engaged. Ari says Kay got bad information from a dimwit who cant tell a planet from an asteroid. Kay tells Ari that the dimwit was Tabitha. Ari looks uncomfortable and says what she meant was . . . Tabitha knows what she meant. Tabitha says just because she dresses the dress and talks to the talk doesnt mean she can predict the future. Ari says she happens to be attuned to the spiritual world. Tabitha laughs and says shes tone deaf. Fox tells Tabitha to take it easy, Ari is a professional. Tabitha says the hack is a quack. Tabitha calls Ari a washed up con artist pretending to be a clairvoyant. Tabitha zaps her glass and knocks it over onto Aris charts. Ari freaks out and asks how she did that? Tabitha says you tell me, oh you cant without your charts. Ari tries to dry her charts off and Fox says how sorry he is. Tabitha then zaps something else, knocking chocolate all over them. Fox doesnt know where that even came from, they havent had desert yet. Tabitha thinks Ari should have seen all this. Ari says she can sense Tabithas hostility. Tabitha thinks maybe its a guilty conscience over taking peoples money and giving them bad advice. Ari says not true, she has a special spiritual connection. Tabitha says its all in her mind. Ari says she has a highly developed six sense. Tabitha says then read her mind. Ari says she doesnt work that way. Tabitha says well she can see her every thought. Tabitha says they dont want her to tell Fox and Kay that all her gifts come from the books in her purse. Ari says ridiculous, she has no books in her purse. She picks her purse up and of course there are books in them that she has no idea where they came from. The books are Astrology for Beginners and Faking Your Cosmic Connections. Ari swears she has no idea how these got in here and she wont be an object of her ridicule. Ari runs off, and Fox takes the books away to give back to her. Kay tells Tabitha that shes enjoying herself isnt she. Tabtha says yes. She says that woman was a fraud and Kay was taken in by it. Kay realizes Tabitha was spying on her again. Tabitha says yes and she should be glad she was. Kay says Ari is an expert. Tabitha says an expert in telling dim wits what they want to hear. Tabitha says shes telling her that she cannot become engaged to Fox yet. Kay asks how she knows what Ari is saying isnt right and Tabithas predictions are the wrong ones. Tabitha says shes been practicing her craft since the last ice age and Ari is a nitwit. Kay says she may not have powers but she is good. Tabitha says if she is so good then how does she not know shes about to get swamped. Tabitha says shes turning her into a toad. Tabitha then zaps her and turns her into a toad! Fox goes looking for Ari and only finds a frog. Fox thinks one of the appetizers is on the loose. Kay tells Tabitha to turn Ari back into a person. Tabitha says only if she holds off her engagement. Kay says but she wants to get engaged now. Tabitha says if she doesnt promise her then Ari will spend her life as a fly eating toad. Kay promises not to get engaged, but she feels like shes cursed. Tabitha says if Camilla could tuff it out then so can she. To herself Tabitha says its Fox that is cursed, cursed by the Crane curse. Fox returns and says he couldnt find Ari. Tabitha zaps the toad and brings Ari back. She spits a fly out and says Ew! She says Fox can keep her charts, shes outa here. Kay continues to tell Fox that they have to wait just a little longer, she just cant risk having the cosmos on their case. Kay says she trusts Tabitha over Ari. Fox says hell wait then. Fox says he just wants their life together to be perfect. Kay says it will be if they wait a little longer. The lights in the restaurant flicker, but Tabitha knows it was the dark shadow hovering around them and not faulty electricity. 

At the hospital, Sam finds Alistairs oxygen has been unplugged, so he plugs it back in. This is enough to stabilize him. Eve says someone had to have pulled the plug out intentionally. Sam says whoever did it almost killed him this time. Eve wonders who did it. A nurse says whoever did it almost killed him. Liz hides behind a crass cart and listens in. Eve says hes stable for the moment, but she has to run more tests to make sure he hasnt taken a turn for the worse. Sam thinks whoever did this wont give up. He suggests Julian put a guard at the door as whoever did this will probably try it again soon. Julian begins to wonder if the person who tried to kill father is also the one who tried to shoot him. Ivy says she was wondering the same thing, what if the person stops going after Alistair and comes after him again? Sam thinks that is unlikely. Eve decides to report this to the hospital and the police, and Julian decides to stay here in case there are paparazzi hanging about. He says he has to pretend to be a loving family. Eve asks if hell be okay? Julian thinks whoever did this is long gone. The hiding Liz says wanna bet on it. Sam goes with Eve, and Sam asks Ivy to come with him as he has something to show her. They all leave Julian alone with his father, or so they all think. Julian wonders who had the guts to try and kill him, was it the same one who shot him? Julian hears a banging sound, and Julian realizes someone is here. He demands them to show themselves. Julian soon finds Liz hiding behind the crash carts. 

Sam takes Ivy outside the hospital where he has a romantic picnic set up for Valentines Day. He says he wanted to do more, but the accident happened. Ivy says this is perfect and hes perfect for doing this. Sam asks Ivy to sit down, he has something for her. He presents Ivy with a diamond heart necklace. She says it is so beautiful and she loves him. Sam tells Ivy that shes made him so happy. She says the same for him, and there is nothing that she wants more than to spend her life with him. Sam notices the champagne hasnt arrived, so he goes to check on it. Sam runs into Eve and asks her to keep Ivy company. He says she can join him in a toast, next Valentines Day Ivy will be his wife. Eve goes over to Ivy. Eve tells Ivy that she finally got what she wanted. Ivy says yes and she couldnt be more thrilled. Eve asks what will happen when Sam learns about David. She doubts Ivy will be dancing for joy then.

At Crane Industries, Theresa continues to beg Ethan to let her be his mistress. She says she wants to be with him and she knows he wants to be with her. Ethan says he cant do that. Theresa says but he loves her and wants to be with her. Ethan says what he wants is to be able to look in the mirror and not flinch. He says hes committed to Gwen and the two of them cant have any connections personally or professionally. Ethan says she has to accept that this is the end of the two of them. Ethan says she has to let him go find another job. Theresa says she is CEO and has to do what is best for her company, so shes holding him to his contract with Crane. Ethan tells her not to do this. Theresa says hes staying right here with her. Theresa says she expects him here at 9am. Ethan says she cant hold him to his contract to hold onto him. Theresa says he is full of himself. She says he has knowledge about Crane, corporate secrets she cant let get out. Theresa says if she doesnt hold him to his contract then her company will be put at risk. She says be here at 9am sharp. Ethan says he doesnt like what shes doing, but he understands it. He says he guess he has no choice but to break his contract. She says even if he cant take another job until his contract expires. He says yes, maybe Gwen will get a job. He says all he cares about is putting distance between them. Ethan says there is little to no reason for them to have any contact, so goodbye. Ethan then walks out. We see Ethan get into his car. He talks about how leaving isnt easy but its the right thing to do. As Ethan pulls out. Theresa steps in front of his car. He hits her and she falls over. He yells out "Theresa!"


February 16, 2006

On the hospital roof, Eve talks with Ivy about the whole David Hastings fiasco. Eve says the secret will come out eventually and Ivy's world will crash down around her. Ivy says she has gone to great lengths to keep the truth hidden, Eve won't say anything and neither will Kay. Eve says Kay knows? Ivy says yes, Kay found out and she hated her mother so much that she said nothing. Eve doesn't believe that. Ivy says believe it, Kay is as much of a schemer as . . . Eve says you? Ivy says Kay is no good for Fox and he deserves better. Eve says Kay loves Fox and she's willing to bet that she'll tell Fox the truth. Ivy doubts that otherwise she'd lose Fox.

In Alistair's room, Julian finds Liz hiding and demands to know what she is doing here. She asks if he's really that stupid? Before anymore can be said, Sam shows up. Liz hides and Sam asks Julian if he knows who might do this to Julian. He says nobody other than the usual suspects. Sam talks to Julian about how he never liked him before, but he's become an honorable man. Julian says that's thanks to Eve, and perhaps he could have been an honorable man years ago had he stood up to his father in Boston. Sam says he's sad about TC and Eve's marriage breaking up, but Eve has had a good influence on Julian. Later Eve comes in to check on Julian, and Julian continues to let Liz hide. When Eve finally leaves, Liz comes out of hiding . She wonders why he didn't give her up? He wants to know what she's doing here. She tells him she'll spell it out for him. She says she stabbed Alistair, she tried to smother him, she poisoned his drink and cigar. She also says it was her that shot him in the cannery years ago! Julian is stunned and doesn't believe this.

In Fancy's room, Noah sits with Fancy and promises to tell her the truth when she wakes up. Gwen comes in to see Fancy. She also asks if Alistair died. Noah says no. Gwen wishes he had, he's a monster for trying to ruin all their lives on New Years Eve. Noah asks Gwen if she thinks a secret can destroy a relationship? Gwen flashes back to Alistair blackmailing her and Rebecca. Gwen says she believes in always being honest, but sometimes it is better to lie than tell the truth. After Gwen leaves, Noah is confused about what to do. Fancy stirs away. She sees flowers by her bedside. Noah says they are for Valentines Day. Fancy wonders why she can't see well, and then she feels the patch on her face. She asks what has happened to her? He explains she has glass in her eye and the doctors are running tests. She then remembers he was about to tell her about Maya before the accident. She says she needs to know what he was going to tell her.

Ivy returns home and makes a call to Valerie. She says they have to break Fox and Kay up and she knows just how. She says they have to find Miguel and bring him home, that will stop the wedding. Sam walks in and asks what she's talking about? Ivy tells him she's just planning a pre-wedding surprise for Kay. Sam thinks she so wonderful.

In the parking garage, Ethan rushes to Theresa after hitting her with her car. She's okay. However she then refuses to let him leave. She is afraid if he drives away then she'll never see him again. He says she has to let him go, it is over between them. Tearfully she steps aside and lets him go. Theresa gets in her car and begins driving. She thinks about the good times with Ethan. She ends up swerving on the road and driving dangerously. Meanwhile Ethan is driving and sees Theresa. She's speeding right towards a cliff! He thinks she's going to drive over it, so he speeds in front of her and cuts her off. She gets out and kisses Ethan, she thinks he's come back to her. He says no, he was stopping her as she was about to drive right off the cliff. She says she didn't notice, she was just upset. He says she has to be more careful, she has to think of her son and of the company she's running. Ethan once again leaves her.

Ethan meets with Gwen at the Seascape, and he gives her the news about the job. Gwen asks if Theresa did this, and Ethan says she did. He also says she is holding him to his contract with Crane, so he's out of a job. Gwen wonders what they will do. Ethan doesn't know but promises they'll figure it out. Later as they are dancing and kissing, Theresa comes in to dine alone. She sees them together, and Gwen sees Theresa watching them. Gwen kisses Ethan and then winks at Theresa.

Tabitha, Kay and Fox return home. Fox heads upstairs to check on the kids, and Kay talks with Tabitha about getting engaged. Tabitha says not only does Kay have the success spell working against her, she has the planets against her. Kay agrees to wait for the planets to align to get engaged, and she says she'll deal with the spell on her own. Suddenly Fox screams out, and Tabitha remembers Mother Goose is upstairs. They run up and find Fox on the floor with Mother Goose holding him down with her crook. Tabitha tells her to let him go. Fox thinks this woman is insane, but Tabitha explains she is the baby sitter. She says she comes from an agency where they dress up like nursery rhyme characters. He thinks she takes her job very seriously. Tabitha says she's an actor. Later Fox and Kay go to bed, and Tabitha listens in on them. She can't believe this is going on in her home. Endora wakes up and sends some magic orbs into their room. She puts the night sky on the ceiling. Fox asks Kay how she did that? She says she bought it on the internet. As they make love, Endora makes fireworks in the sky for them.


February 17 , 2006
Chris and Sheridan are in bed together making love. Later they cuddle and talk. They talk about how Sheridan turned him down at first, how she was surprised by his proposal and wasnt ready for it. Sheridan talks about how when she finally found love she lost it. Chris says hes not Antonio or Luis, hes not going anywhere. He says even if Alistair was as strong as an Ox, he wouldnt let him come between them. Sheridan says yes, and soon theyll have Marty back. She says her father will never take anyone from her again. Later, Chris and Sheridan head down to the beach. Chris has arranged for not only a bon fire but some dancers. After the performance, Sheridan thanks them and says that was beautiful. She and Chris then enjoy the fire on the beach. Then the two goons from the mob show up. Sheridan wonders if they have news on Marty. The mobsters know where the boy is and tell them theyll take them to him. Sheridan thinks shes getting Marty back tonight.

At the hospital, Maya paces around talking about how Noah cant tell Fancy what happened that night in the attic. Maya then gets a call from the mysterious woman. Maya tells the woman shes changed her mind, shes not going through with the plan. The woman says its too late to change her mind , she will go through with it if she values Noahs life and her own. Maya says Noah and his girlfriend were hurt today, and Noahs girlfriend could lose site in one of her eyes. The woman says pity. She tells Maya they both knew the risks in this plan and if she had acted quicker then none of this would have happened.

In Fancys room, Fancy still wants answers from Noah, she wants the truth about him and Maya. She says shes waited long enough. Noah says she has been patient. However he says now isnt the time, she needs to rest and get better. She says she wont get better until she understands what is going on with him. She says all she can do is think about what happened between him and Maya. She says all she does is imagine the worst possible scenarios between them. She says if he loves her then trust her enough to be honest with her. Noah says it has nothing to do with them now, but Fancy says whatever his big secret is it hasnt stayed dead and buried. She asks him to tell her what it is before someone else gets hurt. Noah says he has to be so careful for the very reasons she just said. He says Maya has already been hurt, he doesnt want anyone else to get hurt. She says that is why he has to tell her, that car could have been related to the attack on Maya. Noah says that is impossible, it was just an accident. Noah says nothing in her life has anything to do with Maya, he wont let anybody hurt her. Fancy continues to beg Noah to tell her the truth before it is too late. Noah says he cant tell her, so she tells him to get out. She says if he wont get out then she will leave. She tries to rip off the bandage, and he stops her. He says its protecting her eye. Fancy says just one more thing she hasn't been told about. Noah yells for a nurse. He says she cant take the bandage off, her eye could be damaged. Noah tells Fancy that there is glass in her eye and a surgeon is coming to examine it. A doctor comes in and Fancy demands to see her eye. He says not until the surgeon looks at it. He says if she wont calm down then they have to sedate her. When Fancy wont calm down, the doctor calls for a sedative. Noah asks if this is necessary? The doctor tells Noah to leave. He leaves and they give her a shot to sedate her. 

Noah goes out into the hall where Maya is. She asks how Fancy is doing? He says shes scared and wants the truth. He says she has been sedated. Noah feels guilty about not telling her the truth. Maya says he is protecting her by not telling her the truth. 

In Alistairs room, Julian tells Liz she wasnt here in Harmony when he was shot. Liz says she was, she and Antonio had just arrived in Harmony. Julian says Eve almost went to jail for life and it was her the whole time. Liz says that would have been justice. Liz says she wants to see them both six feet under. Julian wonders if this is because of the rape he doesnt remember. He says he has changed and he has apologized. He asks if shes so dedicated to a life of vengeance and bitterness? She says yes! Julian can understand her hatred for him, but why does she hate his father? What did he ever do to her? Liz tells Julian he is so gullible. Liz tells Julian that he didnt rape her, she lied to get a reaction from him. She says he will believe anything that anyone tells him about that period of his time of his life. Julian says he remembered it, but Liz says he only imagined what she told him happened, he remembered nothing. Liz says it was Alistair who raped her, not Julian. Julian says so much of what he did back then is a blackout. Julian says so everything she said was a lie? She says no not everything. She says they did meet at the Jazz Club, and he came onto her, but he was a mess. She says she let him take her home to try and get answers about Eve, but he ended up passing out drunk in his own vomit. Julian asks then why does she hate him enough to shoot him. She says she took a shot at the person she could hit at the time, she wanted to punish him for his part in it all. Julian says so this is all about Eve? She says he was an outlet for her anger at the time, but it was his father she wanted dead and she still does. Liz says Alistair showed up after Julian passed out and he was very angry. Julian says his father was angry at him back then for spending his money on Eve, drugs and booze. Liz begins remember back to that time. Alistair was banging on the door and yelling at Julian to open the door. Liz opened the door and he thought Liz was Julians maid. Alistair told Liz to go find Julian and bring him here. Liz said she wasnt the maid. Alistair then saw Julian passed out drunk. Alistair then looked at Liz and said she didnt look like that black slut of Julians. Liz said she was not slut, she was a good church girl and God fearing woman. Alistair then raped Liz. Julian says hes sorry, and it was his fault she even met him. Liz tells Julian how she tried to fight him off and Julian was so out of it that he couldnt lift his head. Liz says she wasnt a person to Alistair, just a way to satisfy his desires. We then see flashbacks of Alistair raping Liz. Liz tried to fight him off, she even slapped him. That only turned Alistair on and he hit her. He told her he could give it to her rough if that is how she wanted it. She fell on the bed and said get away daddy. He said he could be her daddy. She began crying about how this wasnt right as Alistair raped her. Julian says his father is Harmonys own Marquis De Sade. Liz says the only thing she could think about as Alistair raped her was her own father raping her. She says she tried to fight him off, but he was too strong. We then see flashbacks of the aftermath of the rape. Alistair told Liz to tell his son that his father dropped by. He then left Liz on the bed. Julian says no wonder Liz hates him so. Liz says that is why she cant rest until hes dead. Liz unplugs Alistair again, and Julian goes to stop her. Julian says he hates him as much as she does, but she cant do this or she will go to jail. Liz says she wont, not unless he reports her. Julian says he wouldnt, but she would be caught eventually. Julian says right now his father is a vegetable, this is punishment enough, killing him will put him out of his misery. Liz says he will recover and then hurt them all again. Julian says not this time. He suggests she stop thinking about revenge and think about what she wants to do with her life instead. He says she is young and beautiful, she can find love if she lets go of this hatred. Liz says as if you care about me. Julian says he doesnt want to see her rot in a cell for the rest of her life. Liz says fine, let him shrivel up and die. Liz then leaves the room. Julian tells his father that hes a miserable old man, he destroyed a young womans life and created someone as vengeful and nearly as cruel as himself. Julian says Liz was right, he doesnt deserve to live. Julian then goes to pull the plug on Alistair. Alistair says to himself He doesnt have what it takes to finish him off. Julian stops and wonders if Alistair said something? Julian thinks about all the lives his father has destroyed, and he says never again. He says soon his father will be dead and buried and theyll all be free of him. To himself, Alistair says Well see about that. Julian says Rebecca may never give him a divorce, but he can still be with Eve. Julian says but Alistair will die never having known love at all. Julian says hopefully his legacy of pain will die with him. Julian says his grandchildren will be able to have peaceful lives without him. Alistair says to himself Dont bet money on that. Julian says his father isnt worth killing, hes not worth going to jail for. Julian then leaves the room. Alistair is left alone in his room. He says Julian was too weak to pull the plug, and hes far from incapacitated. Alistair says Julian and the rest of them have no idea what he has in store for them. 

Tabitha is on a laptop and having trouble. She is banging on the keyboard, she cant figure out how to turn it on. She zaps it with lightening bolts, and an evil voice says You got mail! Tabitha wonders who has been writing to her. She looks into the laptop and sees Julian and Liz talking. Tabitha remembers how the curse she put on the Cranes long ago is still going hot. She tells the boys in the basement to sit back and enjoy the pain and misery to come. Soon Tabithas picture changes and she sees Sheridan and Chris on the beach. Her laptop screen then zooms in on Ottos house. She is shocked by what she sees there and says even she didn't expect this.

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