February 20, 2005 
No Show, Olympics 


February 21, 2006

Kay and Fox are in bed together talking about starting their lives together as a married couple. Fox says the faster they get engaged the faster they can marry. She says as tempting as that is . . . Fox knows, they have to wait for the planets to align. Kay says it wont be long before its safe for them to get married. Later, Fox gets a text message calling him to work. Kay is disappointed that he has to go into the office, and she thinks this is the success spell Tabitha cast on him. 

Ivy shows up at Crane Industries. She tells Valerie that they have to stop Kay from marrying Fox, they have to find Miguel and bring him home before Kay marries Fox. Valerie says shes been searching for leads on Miguel on the net but hasnt had any luck. Ivy says she thought she was a wiz on the computer. Ivy says they need to get Miguel back as soon as possible. Valerie says well his parents are getting married tomorrow, maybe he'll come home. Ivy thinks that is great, maybe hell come back. Valerie says she hasnt found any plane, train or bus tickets in his name. He also hasnt rented a car. Ivy says maybe he bought a new car, she should check car registrations. Valerie says shell never find a car registration given Miguel could be anywhere. Besides he could have someone elses car. Ivy says well they can at least cause Kay and Fox some trouble, and she tells Valerie to call Fox and tell him come to the office. Valerie ends up messaging Fox to come into the office as he needs to monitor foreign stocks. 

Fox arrives at work and gets to his office. He almost catches Ivy with Valerie, but Ivy quickly hides. After Fox leaves to go to his office, Ivy says that was close and they cant let Fox find out they are working together. Ivy says they have to get back to work finding Miguel, and they have to find out if Miguel still has a thing for Charity. Ivy says that will determine how they get Kay and Miguel together. Valerie decides to check some missing person chatrooms to see if Miguel posted a message about Charity. Valerie says finding Charity might be hard, she heard she had some Zombie double or something. Ivy says she did and the Zombie caused a lot of trouble around here. Ivy says the worst was when Tabithas nephew Timmy lost his life because of that thing. Ivy then says there was the time when Charity opened up a portal to hell in her closet, and Miguel and Kay got sucked down there. Ivy says too bad Kay didnt stay there. Ivy admits there has been a lot less weird stuff going on since Charity left town. Valerie finally finds an address for Miguel, he was doing gardening work on Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives reference!). Meanwhile, Fox runs into trouble and needs something. He decides to see if Valerie has a copy of what he needs. Ivy hears Fox coming and panics. Fox walks into Chad's office (where Valerie is working) and says Oh my God! He is just shocked by how messed up Chads office is. Ivy is hiding under the desk! Fox says he heard her talking to a woman, who was it? Ivy panics and Valerie tries to deny she was talking to anyone.

At the mansion, Katherine talks to Rachel about how shes going to lose her soul mate to his wife. Rachel says there is something she can do about this, fight for Martin! Katherine says even if it costs Pilar her happiness? Meanwhile, Theresa talks to Martin and Pilar about her idea to have their wedding here. Martin says no way, he wont get married in the house of a man who has brought them so much unhappiness. Martin talks about the horrible things that have happened here. Theresa knows, and she feels that they need to replace those memories with ones of joy and love, and what better way to do that then by having their wedding here. Martin says he appreciates what shes trying to do. Theresa says shes always known mama wanted to have a big wedding even though they couldnt afford it. Theresa says she knows mama loved her wedding day, but she thinks part of her always wanted a lavish wedding. She says now she can make that dream come true. Pilar says this is very sweet of her, but its not necessary. Theresa says shes already hired a wedding planner. Pilar tells Martin that she knows she hates Alistair, but to recommit to their marriage here seems fitting to her since he is the one who kept them apart. Theresa agrees and they can all have a fresh start. Pilar asks Theresa if something has happened with Ethan? Theresa says yes, but they are focusing on them now. She asks her dad to give mama her dream wedding, he owes that to her. Martin says they wear him down so fine, hell renew their vows here. Pilar says they started their marriage here so its like going full circle, they will be where they were before Alistair and Katherine. Theresa gets a call, shes needed at the office so has to go. She tells her mama to get whatever she wants, chocolate strawberries and champagne fountains and whatever. Theresa leaves and then Katherine and Rachel walk in. Katherine gives Martin a hurt look. Rachel suggests to Martin they step aside and let Pilar and Katherine talk. Pilar tells Katherine shed like her not to be here tomorrow when she and Martin renew their vows. She also tells her to stay away from her husband. Katherine says no, she cannot stay away from Martin. She says she loves him. Pilar says she may be a Crane by marriage but she is just as selfish as Alistair. Katherine says shes fighting for the man she loves. Pilar says that is her husband, and she took her away once and she wont let her do it again! 

In the kitchen, Martin talks with Rachel. Rachel says he doesnt seem excited about the ceremony. Martin says hed rather not have the ceremony here but Pilar wants it. Rachel asks if that is all, or perhaps he doesnt want to spend the rest of his life with Pilar? Martin says Pilar is his wife and he put her and the kids through hell when he left town with Katherine. He says this can help heal the hurt he caused them, so that is a good thing. Rachel wonders if this is a good thing. She asks if he honestly can say he doesnt love Katherine more than Pilar, that shes the one that he wants to grow old with. Martin says he wants to be with Pilar. Rachel asks Martin to humor her and play a game. She asks him to picture his future. He says imagine himself in his golden years sitting on a porch somewhere in the country. She says hes at peace, satisfied with the way he lived his life. She says the woman hes shared his life with is there, he reaches over and takes her hand. Rachel asks Martin who that woman is? She asks which woman has his heart. In his vision, Martin looks at the woman. He is shocked, and Rachel asks who it is. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha is still watching Sheridan via her laptop screen. Kay comes downstairs and Tabitha asks why shes not with Fox. Kay says he had to go to work. Tabitha points out that her success spell is working. Kay says she doesnt have to be reminded. Kay says she heard something on the news about Fancy being in an accident and she was worried about Noah. As Tabitha is about to tell her something about Noah, Kay sees that Tabitha is watching Hawaii on her PC. Kay asks what it is about. Tabitha says Sheridan is in Hawaii and she and the man she loves are in for a shock. The picture unfortunately goes on the fritz. Tabitha cant see Sheridan and Chris on the screen but Kay can. It becomes fuzzy and then just shuts off for Tabitha. Tabitha thinks her powers have become so weak that she cant even piggy back off of Endoras powers. She says shes too old to be a working witch. Kay wonders how old she really is. Kay says once she said something about being three hundred years old, but the other day she mentioned the Ice Age which was 10,000 years ago. Tabitha says she has been in this body since William Ethan Crane burned her last body at the stake in 16 something or another. Tabitha says the point is her powers are fading faster than Michael Jacksons career. Kay thinks perhaps she needs more calcium or something. Kay wants to go check on Noah and Fancy and let Fox know about his sister. Kay heads out. Tabitha says Fancy may never get better, and shes in the same bloody bad eyesight boat. Tabitha finds some vitamins to take, and they improve her eyesight a bit. Tabitha continues to watch what is going on in Hawaii.

Kay arrives at the office to see Fox. She says she has something to tell him and couldnt do it over the phone. She tells him about Fancys accident and how she could lose her eye. Fox cant believe this and says he has to get to the hospital. Kay says visiting hours are over and there isnt anything they can do. She says Noah is with Fancy right now, he was in the accident too but wasnt hurt. Kay says she thought she could come help Fancy out with her work. Fox says that is so nice of her and he says Fancy keeps a to do list in her office. Theresa shows up and says it looks like the gang is all here. She says she overheard Kay say something about helping Fancy. Theresa says that is good but they should have a talk first. Theresa and Kay head to Fancys office to talk. Theresa tells Kay that as the mother of her niece she wants Kay to know shell always have a job here if she needs it. Kay says that is nice of her, but shes going to marry Fox and hell take care of them. Theresa says even so, if she needs anything then shell make it happen. Kay thanks her. Theresa says she just thinks that family should help each other, which is why she never understood Miguel leaving them to find Charity. Kay says he calls and sends money. Theresa says she just thinks he should be here with his daughter, not chasing someone who doesnt want to be with him. Kay bites her tongue, so Theresa tells her to just say what she has to say. Kay says shes been doing the same thing with Ethan that Miguel is doing with Charity. Theresa says the situations are different, but Kay doesnt think so. She doesnt know how Theresa can be so down on Miguel when she behaves just like him. Kay says if she wants to be with Ethan then shes going about it the wrong way. She says Ethan is as stubborn as their dad, and forcing him to stay and work with her will only make him miserable. Kay says the only way Ethan can stand up to her is by staying with Gwen. Theresa says so Kay is saying she made Ethan dig in his heels? Kay says yeah. Theresa asks what she should do. Kay cant say, but she says Ethan is a victim like her, they both married the wrong person. Kay says let Ethan see for himself that Gwen is wrong for him and hell come back to her on his own. Theresa asks how Gwen is the key when she holds onto Ethan tighter than a pit-bull with a pork chop. Kay says trust her and follow a few simple steps and Ethan will be back in her arms before no time. 

In Hawaii, the mob goons lead Sheridan and Chris to Ottos hideout. Sheridan thinks shell finally get Marty back. Sheridan says now all they have to do is get passed Otto to get in there. The goons say all they know is Otto is here, but Sheridan is sure Otto is holding Marty. They try and come up with a plan to get into the place, which is guarded like a fortress. They hide when some guards show up. They listen as the guards say that Otto has ordered they get the guests out and relocate them right away. Sheridan says it sounds like they are moving Beth and Marty tomorrow. Sheridan thinks by this time tomorrow shell have her son back. The goons say they have to be careful, and Chris says theyll have to arm themselves. Sheridan says shell kill Beth herself if need be. Sheridan ends up stepping on a twig and the guards hear this. They go to check out what they heard when Otto shows up. He tells them that they have to go over the plans to move their guests and they have to do it now. Fortunately for Sheridan shes not caught. The goons say they have to go, and good luck as theyll need it. Sheridan and Chris are left behind. Sheridan says they need to get weapons and formulate a plan. Chris tells Sheridan that hes sorry but he cant help her. She asks why not? Chris says if he is killed then who will take care of James? Sheridan says she would, but Chris says they arent married. He says James could go to Maureens family or put him in a foster home. He says hes sorry but he cant help her, he has to think of his son. Chris asks if she is angry with him for putting James ahead of Marty? Sheridan says no, but she will do this on her own. She says if anything happens to her then take care of Marty. He says he cant, the courts, her brother or even her father can take Marty from him. Sheridan thinks they should have taken care of this legally before hand. Chris says they can, they can go get married tonight. He says if they did then legally they would have rights to each others children. He asks what she says, will she marry him tonight? Sheridan says she will marry him and tomorrow theyll get Marty back.

Back in Harmony, the spying Tabitha says happily ever after wont describe Sheridans marriage to Chris, shell wish she never said I do. 


February 22, 2006

At the hotel, Chris asks Sheridan if she is okay with this. Sheridan says she wouldnt have said yes. He asks what about Luis, he knows she still loves him in her heart. Sheridan says she hasnt lied about that, but she knows it is time to move on. He just doesnt want her to feel pressured. She says she doesnt. There is a knock at the door, its Lenny and Fat Harold. Chris has invited them to be witnesses at the wedding. They ask why they are doing this all of the sudden? Chris and Sheridan say they were engaged, but they are doing this for practical reasons in case something happens to one of them tomorrow. They agree to be their witnesses. Sheridan says great, they are to meet the Justice of the Peace on the beach. They all leave and Otto walks into the room from the terrace. He says enjoy the wedding, there wont be a honeymoon.

Sheridan and Chris go down to the beach and have their ceremony. The justice of the peace begins the ceremony. Sheridan suddenly says stop everything! Sheridan says she doesnt have her something borrowed, that is bad luck. One of the women gives Sheridan her necklace for the ceremony. The wedding then continues. Chris and Sheridan say their I dos and they are pronounced man and wife. Later Lenny and Harold toast to them, and the Justice of the Peace says hes never seen such a happy couple before. Chris and Sheridan say they are happy, and they have a big day tomorrow. They get back to their room. Lenny and Harold talk about how they do look happy and its too bad about tomorrow. They say Otto wont let them stay alive. 

Sheridan and Chris return to their room, Chris has had it all set up for a romantic wedding night. They discuss how they will bring Marty home to James, theyll be brothers now. Sheridan says she feels like all her dreams are coming true. She says tomorrow shell have everything shes wanted. As the kiss, Otto spies on them. Chris and Sheridan then make love. Outside, Otto plots with Lenny and Harold.

At the mansion, Rachel asks Martin who was in his vision, was it Katherine or Pilar. We see Martins vision of the future, but we dont see the womans face. Martin wont say who it is. Rachel says she knew it, it is Katherine. Martin says no it is Pilar. He says hes over this game, he has a lot of work to do before tomorrow. Rachel says she considers it work to marry Pilar? Martin says he just meant he is busy. Martin says hes done discussing this with her. Rachel knows Martin wishes it was Katherine he was marrying tomorrow. Martin tells Rachel that he wont deny loving Katherine. He says he and Katherine had many years together, but they knew they were on borrowed time and they were both married. He says Pilar didnt deserve any of this. Rachel thinks Martin is bound to punish himself for doing a decent thing for Katherine long ago. Martin says he doesnt consider it punishment, and if he can make things up to his family then he will do it. Martin walks out and Rachel knows it was Katherine that Martin fantasized about.

Meanwhile, Pilar warns Katherine to stay away, but Katherine says thats impossible. Pilar says shell have to deal with her lovelorn problems on her own, she cant have her husband, not again. She says Katherine has inflicted enough pain on her family for a lifetime. Katherine says she never meant for that to happen. She also says if Pilar loves Martin then she wont hold him to this, shell release him and let him go. Pilar says how dare you! Pilar tells Katherine to stay away from Martin, she has no idea what shes capable of. Katherine says she never set out to cause her pain, Martin came to her rescue. She says they both suffered at Alistair's hands. Pilar says so did she and their children. Katherine says it wasnt their fault they fell in love, they tried to fight it. She says nobody is to blame here, it just happened. Katherine says as the years went on their love grew, and they were married in every sense of the word. Pilar says no she was his mistress. Pilar says if anyone deserves to be alone it is Katherine. Pilar says she should get used to it because tomorrow Martin is marrying her again, he was never her husband. Katherine says they still love one another. Pilar says she doesnt care, Katherine will never come between them again. Martin walks in and asks what is going on here? Katherine says nothing is going on. The wedding planner Marvin the Marvelous then walks in. He then says he knows which person is the bride and which is the groom, he thinks Katherine is the bride by the way her prince looks at her. Martin tells the man that he has it wrong. Marvin says hes never wrong about these things, but Martin says he is. Marvin says hes so sorry, then this must be a friend of the couple? Katherine says yes. Martin and Katherine exchange glances. Marvin asks Pilar where she wants to start? She doesnt know, she suggests he help them. Pilar then tells Katherine to excuse them as they have a lot to do. Later, Marvin leaves and Pilar tells Martin shes actually starting to believe this will happen. Martin says it is. She asks if hes still upset about having the ceremony hear. He says hed rather to it elsewhere, but if it is what she wants. Pilar says tomorrow is their official new beginning, they will start over brand new and nothing will get in their way. 

Meanwhile, Rachel tells Katherine that she is positive Martin wants to be with her. She tells Katherine to stop this wedding or shell lose Martin for good. 

At Crane Industries, Fox asks Valerie who she was talking to and where did the woman go. Valerie says he must be hearing things. Ivy bangs her head on the desk, and Fox goes looking for the source of the sound. Valerie stops Fox before he can find Ivy and says okay she was talking to someone. Valerie says when she thought she was resigning she put out feelers to other companies. She says one was interested and keeps trying to steal her away. She says she didnt want him to think she was being a traitor. Fox says he doesnt and hes glad she stayed here. He says next time this happens level with him, dont try and hide it. She says of course. He then asks her for the numbers for the Asian markets. Fox gets them from her and then leaves. Ivy then comes out from under the desk. She says the things she does for her family. Ivy says now back to the job at hand, getting Fox away from Kay. Valerie says what if Fox comes back in? Ivy says its a risk they have to take, they have to get Miguel back to Harmony. Later Valerie learns Miguel called Theresa, apparently hes not coming home for the wedding. Ivy wonders what is wrong with that boy, cant he take a few minutes to come home for his mom. Ivy says they have to find him and convince him to come home. Valerie realizes how hell bent Ivy is about getting Fox away from Kay. Valerie asks why she hates Kay so much? Ivy says she wont let what happened to Ethan with Theresa happen to Fox. 

Meanwhile, Theresa wonders why Kay is giving her advice on how to break Ethan and Gwen up. Kay says she would never do that. She says she knows how much Theresa loves Ethan, everyone does. She says she was once in love with a man who wasnt interested in her and it took her a long time to get over him. Theresa says Miguel. Kay says yes. Kay says shes the last person who should be giving her advice, shes the queen of dreams and schemes. Theresa says she does love Ethan, but shes out of ideas and Gwen isnt going to let Ethan go. Kay cant believe that Theresa is giving up. Theresa says shes not, and shes just trying to get back what is hers. Theresa vows that she will be with Ethan. Kay asks what shes going to do then, shes tried almost everything. Theresa says she needs a new strategy. Kay asks if she ever check the womens magazines. Theresa thinks she wont learn anything from one of them, she can write those things in her sleep. Kay thumbs through one and reads an article on reasons men leave their wives. The number one reason is over money. Theresa says she knows that. Kay says the number one obstacle is when the wife earns more money than the husband. Theresa says neither Ethan nor Gwen is working now though. Theresa then gets an idea, she knows what she has to do. Theresa then gets a call from Miguel. Theresa talks to Miguel, hes calling to say he cant make it to the wedding. She begs him to come home. They end up getting cut off. Kay asks what Miguel called about. Theresa says she couldnt hear him well, but she thinks hes not coming home for the wedding. Kay says that is too bad, Maria would have liked to see her dad. Theresa asks Kay if she would have liked to see him too. Kay says sure, but Fox is the man she loves. Fox listens in as Kay says this. Theresa says Kay is lucky because Fox loves her too. Theresa says one day she could be with Ethan though. Theresa says she was just thinking the same thing. Theresa says what if Gwen suddenly got a big job, that would put tension in their relationship. Theresa says thanks to Kay she has a way to get Ethan back. Fox doesnt seem to like this. Theresa leaves and Fox confronts Kay about helping Theresa break up Ethan and Gwen. Kay says shed never do that. Fox says he just heard her and Theresa talking. He says Ethan is his half brother too, he has respect for his marriage. He says Theresa is a mad woman when it comes to Ethan. Kay says she agrees with him. Fox says hes really disappointed in her. Kay says she didnt do anything wrong. He asks then why Theresa was thanking her for help. Kay then says maybe it was her fault. She says she was reading an article in a magazine and she didnt mean to cause problems. He says so she really didnt mean to cause harm. He says he hopes Theresa just wont give her the credit, some people wont be as understanding as him. He says his mother would kill to have Theresa out of Ethans life, he hates to think what shed do to someone aiding and abetting the enemy. Kay fears shes messed things up, but Fox says she hasnt.

Theresa returns to her desk and begins making some calls. She calls someone and asks them to find her a job for someone she knows, and offer this woman cant refuse. Later Theresa learns Gwen is meeting with the company tomorrow. Theresa says this is perfect, and soon Ethan will be with her. 

At the B&B, Ethan is on his PC checking his email, nobody will hire him as a lawyer. He says one company did offer to hire him as a trainee. Gwen says shed rather starve then have him take something so beneath him. Gwen tells Ethan that she has faith in him, hell find a job somewhere. Gwen says they need to get his mind off this work stuff, and she forces him into bed with her. Later we see them cuddling in bed. Ethan says she has reminded him what is important, her and Jane. Gwen says they should know watch the DVD they have been waiting to see. He says okay. Ethan leaves to get the DVD. Gwen then says she wishes she was as confident as shes pretending, she feels as hopeless as Ethan does right now. Later, Ethan and Gwen watch March of the Penguins. Gwen is astonished by how the male penguins care for the eggs while the females look for food. Ethan says like any good parents would do. Ethan gets an IM, so he runs and checks it. Turns out it is an email for Gwen. Gwen reads it and says it is from a headhunter, they have a position open in a company for her. Ethan didnt know she put out any feelers. Gwen says she hasnt. Ethan says maybe it was an older resume. Gwen says she guesses. Gwen reads over the offer, she cant stop thinking about it. Gwen says she always dreamed of working for this company but she never thought they'd be interested in her. Ethan says she has a great reputation. Gwen says yes but she hasnt worked in a long time and she never considered going back to work. Ethan asks if shes considering it now? She says they need the money. He says yes but this is a local company and he thought she wanted to move. Gwen says she does, but nothing has popped up and this could be a godsend. Ethan realizes shes going to take the interview. Gwen says she is, this could be the answer to their prayers. Gwen is excited about this. Ethan isnt, so she asks if he has a problem with her going back to work? He says hes fine with it, but its just an interview so dont jump the gun. Gwen knows what shes going to wear to knock the socks off. She says this will be so great and it wont matter now if Ethan gets a job. Ethan doesn't look happy.


February 23, 2006
Tabitha abandons her laptop and goes back to her trusty bowl to spy on what is going on around town. Tabitha watches Kay with Fox and fears shes gotten herself in trouble by getting involved with Theresa. Tabitha asks where Kay is, and she sees herself looking into the bowl. In the background Fox and Kay have just arrived. Tabitha quickly covers her bowl up and says hello to them. Tabitha tells Fox that shes sorry about Fancy. Fox just hopes she doesnt lose her eye. Tabitha says that would be terrible, but there is no shame in wearing an eye patch, pirates do it all the time. Fox says she always seems to know just what to say. Fox decides to go take a shower before bed. Fox leaves, and Tabitha tells Kay she knows how she helped Theresa. Kay is not pleased that Tabitha is spying on her still. Tabitha says she has to make sure she doesnt get engaged. Kay says she wont, shes learned and wont put her future with Fox in jeopardy. Tabitha cant help but feel Kay will do something to muck it all up.

Kay and Fox head upstairs to bed. Fox gets in the shower as Kay puts on a purple negligee. Kay then gets a call, its Miguel! Miguel hopes he isnt calling too late. He says hes sorry he hasnt called in awhile, he has been on the move a lot lately. He says he keeps getting close to Charity, but then she disappears. Kay says it must be hard for him. Miguel asks how she and Maria are doing, she looks like shes growing up fast in the latest photos she sent. Kay says she is and shes beautiful just like him. Kay wishes he could see her in person. Miguel says he wants to see her before she forgets him, but he keeps thinking hes so close to finding Charity. Kay tells herself if she had a nickel for every time she heard that. A spying Tabitha vows to stop that from happening, if Miguel and Charity make love then Charity still comes into her full powers. Tabitha wonders if Kay could convince Miguel to give up on Charity and come home. She also says his return could cause lots of problems beneficial to the dark side. The boys in the basement roar. Kay continues talking to Miguel, he cant make it home for the wedding as hes too close to finding Charity. Kay just wishes he could be home, and she says maybe if he comes back then Theresa could use her power to find Charity. Miguel says he doesnt want her help. Kay says she just wishes he could come home, theyve all missed him. Miguel says he has to go now, and tell Maria he loves her. They hang up the phone, and Kay and Miguel both lay down in their beds. Kay wonders why Miguel is so determined to find a woman who doesnt want to be found. The spying Tabitha wonders why Kay wont learn her lesson. She says both men love Maria, and Kay loves both men. Tabitha says this is a recipe for disaster. Kay lays in her bed and wonders what Charity has that she doesnt. Kay says oh well, its just sad that hes chasing after her, its a shame that he loves someone who doesnt love him. She says Miguel is a great guy and could make someone happy. Kay goes to sleep and ends up dreaming Miguel comes to bed with her. He tells her that Maria is beautiful, beautiful like her mother. Miguel says he is through looking for Charity, he belongs here with her and Maria. He says he made a mistake leaving her in the first place, this is where he belongs if shell have him. She says shes waited so long for this, but now shes . . . . Miguel kisses her in her dream, and she calls out Miguels name in her sleep. Fox, who has gotten out of the shower, hears this! He asks Kay if she said something? He thinks it was his imagination, and he keeps drying off in the bathroom. Kay continues to dream about being with Miguel. She says this is wrong, she loves Fox and they are getting married. Miguel says they arent married yet. Kay says this feels good, but Fox wont like this. She says he has to stop kissing her, Fox will be really mad. Kay begins saying Miguel . . . Fox . . . . Fox comes to bed and wakes Kay up. He says that must have been some dream, she was yelling out. Kay asks what she was yelling? He says a mans name. Kay says she can explain . . . Fox thinks she was dreaming about him, and Kay says of course, who else would she be making love to in her dreams. A Spying Tabitha thinks Kay is lying, it was Miguel in her dreams. Tabitha thinks Kay better be careful or she might end up with no one keeping her warm at night. 

At the B&B, Gwen is all excited about her job interview. She tells Ethan in fact if she gets the job then Ethan wouldnt have to work, shed make enough money to support them. Ethan says shes getting a little head of herself. Gwen says yes, but she does think she needs to get online and check out what the company has been working on lately. Ethan says dont be surprised if things have changed since shes been out of the workforce. Gwen says she isnt worried and she thinks this is just what they need to secure their future. Gwen reads about the company and the job and thinks this is tailor made for her. Ethan still finds it odd that she got a call out of the blue with such an incredible job offer, the timing is just amazing. Gwen says she knows it is. Gwen thinks God works in mysterious ways. Ethan says yes he does. Ethan says if she goes to work then she wont be able to spend as much time with Jane. Gwen says she will miss Jane, but Ethan will be there for her. Ethan says what about when he gets a job? HE says they cant have Rebecca baby-sit, shell mix Janes juice with vodka and drink it herself. Gwen suggests they not worry about it now. Gwen says he cant work until his contract expires, and that is a ways off. Ethan says he just doesnt loose ends where his daughter is concerned. Gwen says his daughter? She asks what Ethan is doing, hes picking on her and making trouble. She asks if he doesnt want her to go back to work? Ethan says maybe hes just having his hard time with the idea that she got offered a dream job and he cant even get an interview for one job. He says things arent turning out how he thought they would. Ethan says he always thought Gwen would stay home with the kids and hed be the breadwinner. Gwen says their roles will be reversed only for a short time, and this is all Theresas fault. Gwen also says this is exciting for her, she likes getting dressed up and having a career. Gwen says this job will be a great change for both of them. Ethan supposes, more men are stay at home dads nowadays. Gwen hands Jane over to Ethan and goes to look for a suit to wear tomorrow. Ethan just wishes it was him. Gwen asks Ethan for his opinion on which suit to wear. He suggests she decide in the morning. Gwen wonders what is going on with him. Ethan says he just wonders what he and Jane will doe while shes out working. Gwen can see how much this is bothering her. Ethan finally admits it is, he is feeling inadequate as a father, husband and a man. Gwen assures him that there is nothing inadequate about him. He says thanks but he cant find work. Gwen says that is Theresas fault, not his. Ethan says Theresa is relentless, shes not even hiding it anymore. He says she tried everything she could to get him to work there, and when he refused she turned on him just like Alistair. He cant believe shes doing this to them. Gwen is glad he finally sees her as the selfish little bitch she is. Gwen says Theresa has brought them closer than ever, and this new job will get them out from under Theresas thumb. Gwen asks Ethan to be happy for her, they can live on her salary until he goes back to work. Ethan says shes right and hes happy for her. He just wonders how Jane will react to not having her mommy at home. Gwen says right now one of them has to bring home a paycheck. Ethan just wishes there was a way to make Jane understand all this. Gwen says as soon as Ethan can find a job then shell stay home with her. 

Theresa returns home to the mansion. She says she has to make sure Collier and Company hires Gwen. She thinks that will leave Ethan furious and frustrated with Gwen. Theresa thinks it wont be long before Ethan leaves Gwen and brings Jane back to her. Theresa then hears Pilar fighting with Katherine and Rachel. She goes into the living room and asks what is going on? Pilar says she and her father are trying to plan their wedding but Rachel and Katherine keep interfering. She says Katherine lurks about waiting to make a move on Martin. Rachel says they came in to have a drink, and they live here, Pilar doesnt. Martin tells Theresa that things will be calmer after tomorrow. Theresa says of course they will, after tomorrow everyone will know how committed they are to each other. Theresa then says tonight mama has to stay here and Martin has to stay at their house because he cant see mama on their wedding day. As Theresa is rushing him out, Katherine asks to speak to Martin before he leaves. He asks what about? Pilar thinks it can wait until tomorrow. Pilar sees Martin out, tells him to sleep well and says she loves him so much. He says he loves her too. Pilar says she cant wait until tomorrow. Martin says its all hes been thinking about too. Martin kisses Pilar and then leaves. Pilar says to herself that she wont let Katherine ruin this, she wont let her come between them again. Meanwhile, Theresa has a talk with Rachel and Katherine. Theresa tells them to sit, make themselves comfortable. She tells them to enjoy this feeling of comfort as the next time they come between her parents or even try to then she will throw them out! She says she is Mrs. Alistair Crane after all. Theresa says this brings her to her next point, Alistair has all had his way with them. She says she deeply empathizes with them. She says they are family and have a right to be here. Katherine thanks Theresa, and Rachel says of course they do. Theresa says just respect her wishes, leave her parents alone and dont come between them. She says if they don't then shell have them shipped back to Boston in matching pine boxes. Katherine says thats an awful thing to say. Pilar walks in, after listening, and says one more thing, dont be here tomorrow during the ceremony. Theresa says goodnight and please turn the lights off because unlike the two of them living here, electricity isnt free. Katherine pours herself a drink. Rachel says she warned her not to wait so long to make a play for Martin. Rachel says now hes gone. Katherine says Theresa standing there waiting to pounce didnt make it easier. Rachel fears it could be too late to stop Martin. Katherine says it cant be. Rachel says once Martin recommits to Pilar then he wont leave her. Rachel says if Katherine wants him back then she better do something and fast. Katherine says shell give it everything she has, and she leaves. 

Pilar tells Theresa it was very smart of her to have her father leave, now Katherine cant make a move on him every two minutes. Theresa says you cant be to careful with the man you love. Theresa suggests Pilar go upstairs and get a good night sleep. Pilar thanks Theresa for everything shes doing to make this day special. Pilar leaves, and Theresa makes a call to Mr. Collier's office and demands she speak with him. He happens to be working late, something his wife doesn't like. Theresa talks with him and thanks him for agreeing to meet with Winthrop. Mr. Collier says her resume is impressive. Theresa says Gwen is smart and savvy, and real workhouse. She says once he hires her then she can stay late working and he cant go home early to his family. He says he didnt agree to hire her, and jobs here are hard to come by as people enjoy working here, unlike Crane. Mr. Collier says they have a low turnover rate, and he doesnt have room for her right now. Theresa says then make room, she wants him to hire Gwen Winthrop and he will. Theresa says Gwen is more than qualified to work there, she cannot say enough wonderful things about her. Mr. Collier asks why she doesnt give her a job? Theresa says that is a long story, and this is a personal favor for Gwen to pay her back for everything Gwen's done to her over the years. Mr. Collier asks what is in this for him? Theresa says if he hires Gwen then shell make sure Collier company is awarded any Crane contract they bid on regardless if they are the low bid or not. Mr. Collier says they have a deal. Theresa later says having money and power to get what you want is different but interesting. She says you can pay people off or intimidate them. She says tomorrow mama and papa will renew their vows, Gwen will get her job, and Ethan will want Jane to have a full time mom. She says that will lead Ethan and their daughter back to them.

Martin returns home and is shocked when Katherine turns up. He asks why shes here. She says she came to beg him not to renew his vows. She says it would be a mistake, they belong together. Katherine says he doesnt belong with Pilar anymore. She begs Martin to stay with her, and she kisses him. He of course kisses her back. Eventually Martin pushes her away and says this isnt right. Katherine says it is right, they love each other. He says he loves Pilar too thats why hes renewing his vows. Katherine says hes doing this out of guilt. She says this isnt fair to him or Pilar, Pilar deserves true love and Martin deserves what they have. Martin says he cheated Pilar out of so many years, he owes her what time they have left. Katherine says hes noble, but Pilar wont be happy with him. Martin says hes marrying Pilar. Katherine says they were together for so many years, and their memories are too precious to bury. She tells Martin not to deny himself the happiness and future they deserve. Martin kisses her again and they fall onto the bed! Suddenly there is a knock at the door, Pilar asks Martin if hes in there. She asks if hes asleep. He says hes not. He asks Katherine to hide, but she says no way. Pilar goes to open the door, and Pilar says my god!


February 24 , 2006
At the hospital, Fancy is still out cold. Noah has brought her a rose and talks to her. He says this is all his fault, he thought his past wouldnt affect them. He says he never thought anyone would be hurt by it. He says he loves her and he knows she wants answers about Maya. He says he has to get it out, he doesnt know if she can even hear him. He says she knows most of it, he sailed through college thinking nothing could touch him. He says he met Maya and everything changed for him. Fancy stirs as Noah is talking. Noah says when he met Maya she was being beat up by her boyfriend, and he stepped in. He says it turns out Maya is from Harmony, and her mother is Sally Chin. He says they had never met each other before college. He says after he did the knight in shining armor thing, they talked and realized they were from the same town. He says there was an attraction between them, but he could tell Maya had a secret. Noah says Maya got involved with some bad people and was running from them. He says he tried to help and then one night they ended up someplace they shouldnt have been. He says they saw something, they saw someone . . . Maya walks in and stops Noah. She says he cant tell her anything. Noah says he cant keep putting this off, Fancy deserves to know why shes in danger. Maya says shes not even conscious, she wont even hear it. Maya says what Fancy doesnt know cant hurt her. Noah and Maya leave the room, and Fancy begins to wake up. In the hallway, Noah argues with Maya about telling Fancy the truth. Noah tells Maya that he thinks shes never been completely honest with him. Maya says she doesnt want to put him in danger but trouble finds her wherever she goes. Noah asks if this is a surprise, she was here all of five minutes before she got beat up. He says then the car accident happened, what is next? Maya says she doesnt know, but she heard from the people. Noah asks who are they and what do they want. Maya says she doesnt know who they are, but they want them to keep quiet. She says as long as they were apart then they werent worried. She says now they feel Noah will tell Fancy everything. Maya says they want them all dead. Noah asks why she didnt tell him this before. She says she was scared. Noah says they have to go to the police. Maya says they cant, theyll kill them first. Maya begs him not to tell Fancy anything. Noah says nobody is safe anymore. Noah says hes telling Fancy and his dad. Maya says then they are good as dead, these people are everywhere and see everything. Noah says hes still telling Fancy. Noah goes in to tell Fancy. He walks in and finds a bullet on Fancys pillow where he had put a rose earlier.

At the B&B, Gwen is telling Ethan how she knows hes not thrilled about this job, but it is a good opportunity for them. She says its not like shes working to give them wild trips to Bora Bora. Ethan knows. She says and it wont be forever, eventually Theresa will back off and let him out of his contract. Ethan isnt so sure, she is obsessed with him. Gwen knows, which is why she hopes she gets this job otherwise hell have to work for Theresa at Crane. Ethan says she is right, and he doesnt think it will come to that. He says Collier is lucky to get her and she should be thanking her for going to work and supporting them. He says he hasnt been appreciative of what shes doing. Gwen says they are both tired and frustrated, they have to stick together on this. Gwen says theyll make a deal, shell work for now and later hell work and support them forever. He says deal, and they kiss. Later Gwen packs her briefcase with everything she can need for the interview. Ethan says she forgot to pack the kitchen sink. She says funny, he should have his own show on the radio. Ethan says maybe it could be his new career. Gwen then sees that the briefcase has Ethans initials on it. She says it will be okay, shell just say she borrowed it. Ethan says he can pry the plaque off, but she says no as hell need it in the future. Gwen says shell buy her own briefcase with her first paycheck. Ethan wonders how this happened to him.

At the LoFitz house, Pilar knocks on Martins bedroom door. She asks if shes asleep? He says hes not. He asks Katherine to hide, but she wont, she wants to face Pilar. Martin cracks the door open but Pilar says stop, she cant look at him. Martin thinks hes been found out, but shes only talking about how it would be bad luck for them to see each other. Maritn says that is right and he forgot. He asks why shes back home? She says she forgot her wedding shoes. He says he could have brought them to the mansion in the morning. Pilar says well she missed him and his voice, she wanted to hear it. Martin says its good to hear her voice too. He asks where her shoes are, hell go get them. Martin then tells Katherine, who looked like she was going for the door, not to do it. Martin gets the shoes and gives them to Pilar without actually seeing her. Pilar asks to kiss Martin through the door, so he does. She tells him good night and that she loves him. After Pilar leaves, Martin thanks Katherine. Katherine says Pilar has to know sooner or later, and sooner is better. Martin says he cant hurt Pilar again. Katherine says she doesnt want to hurt Pilar either, she never did. She says she hated that they hurt her in the first place. Katherine talks about running away with him and when they finally fell in love with each other after realizing they could never go back home. Katherine tells Martin the longer he takes to tell Pilar that he still loves her then the harder it will be for her. Katherine tells him to tell Pilar the truth and tell her that he wants a divorce. She says shell go with him and support him. She says once it is done they can then leave and go back to Mexico. Katherine says Pilar can move on and find someone who loves her rather than someone who is obligated to her. Martin says he wont do it. Katherine says hes not going to cancel the ceremony? Martin says he cant hurt Pilar. She says so hes sacrificing his happiness for Pilar? She says if he goes through with this then hell be lying to himself and to God. Martin says no, his heart tells him this is the right thing to do. Katherine says hes doing this out of guilt and hell never be able to stay faithful to Pilar because shell always be in his heart. Katherine says eventually hell want to be with her, he wont stay faithful to her. Martin says hes thought long and hard about this. He says hes going to do the right thing. Katherine asks what about him, is he willing to go through his life denying his feelings for her? She also says Pilar isnt an idiot, she will know. Martin says not if he devotes himself to her. Katherine doesnt think he can make that sacrifice. Martin asks why not and says she was willing to do it before. Katherine says yes for Sheridans sake, not Pilar's. Katherine says now Sheridan knows the truth and Alistair is in a coma. Katherine says Alistair cant hurt them and she has no more reasons not to sacrifice being with him. Martin says he doesnt know. Katherine says she does, they belong together. She tells him to stop pretending it isnt true. She tells him to give into his heart, give into their passion. Martin says he cant do this, hes sorry. Katherine says if he walks away from them then hell be making a terrible mistake. He says its not a mistake, hes going to commit himself to Pilar and make her happy. Katherine says if he does this then hell be doing her a grave injustice. Martin says hes doing this and she cant talk him out of it. He asks her to go. She says no, so he says then hell leave. Katherine asks why, because he cant be alone with her? Because hell want to make love to her? She thinks he wont be able to resist her. Martin says that isnt it, and he storms out. Katherine cries and wonders why Martin is doing this, he doesnt love Pilar, he loves her. 

At the mansion, Theresa attempts to drink some of Alistairs brandy and chocks. She says she must say, Alistair is one repulsive pig. She says she is enjoying everything that he left her though, shes understanding the meaning of power. She says she can make sure her parents have a wonderful ceremony and she can make sure Gwen takes that job she set up for her. She says once Gwen is buried in her work, Ethan will turn to her. She says then they will all be a family. Theresa begins imagining how it will all play out, Gwen wont come home from dinner first, then shell be working on weekends, and eventually shell be too tired to make love to Ethan. Theresa thinks Gwen will hand Ethan to her on a silver platter. Theresa begins fantasize about Ethan coming to her and saying how his marriage to Gwen has fallen apart, Gwen has become consumed with her job, she has time for nothing but her job. Ethan says also there is a male caller to the house, and he thinks Gwen is having an affair at work. Theresa says she tried to get Ethan to work with her, but he said no. She says this is kinda his fault, Gwen had to get a job. Ethan says shes right, and shes been right about a lot of things. Ethan tells Theresa that he loves her, shes the only one he loves. He says she has always been right, fate means for them to be together. He asks Theresa to take him back, and she says of course. Theresa is positive it will happen like that. Later, Pilar shows up to see her daughter. Theresa asks why she's up at this hour? Pilar says she had to go get her shoes from the house, but she didnt see Martin before the ceremony. She also thanks Theresa again for making this day so special for her. Theresa is just glad her dreams are coming true. Pilar asks Theresa what shes doing up so late? Pilar sees the portfolio with Collier and Company and she has contracts out. Theresa gets a phone call and she answers it. She tells them that shes sending the contract over tonight. Pilar asks what shes up to, she knows something is going on. Theresa says it is business. Pilar says it is monkey business. Pilar knows what shes doing, shes paying Collier off so they wont hire Ethan. Theresa says that is not what shes doing. She says shes paying them to hire Gwen to work there. Pilar asks why? Theresa says its the best idea shes had. She says Gwen will be so busy with her job that shell ignore Jane and Ethan. Theresa says then shell take back what is hers. Pilar says she cannot do this. Pilar says this is wrong. Theresa says her mom has seen the way she has suffered, and Ethan doesnt love Gwen like he loves her. Pilar reminds Theresa that she worked here when Ethan and Gwen were in love and got engaged. Theresa says Ethan didnt know love until he met her. Pilar says they took holy vows in church, stop trying to destroy that. Pilar says Theresa is doing the same thing that Katherine is trying to her father and her. Theresa says no, Katherine knew they were happily married, she is just trying to get back what is hers. Pilar and Theresa argue over this. Theresa says she wont live her life the way her mom did, she heard her mom crying every night and missing papa. Theresa says she never got over him and moved on. She says she wont end up being all alone. Pilar says then find a man who will return her love instead of run from her. Theresa says she will make Ethan come back to her, she will take what is hers. Theresa says she and Ethan are soulmates and shes trying to right a terrible wrong. Pilar says what wrong, the tabloid scandal? Theresa says yes, she is trying to right that wrong. Pilar says by destroying a marriage blessed by God? Theresa says Gwen is evil and Ethan will see that soon. Pilar says she honestly thinks Gwen will neglect Ethan and Jane? Theresa says she will, Gwen is a career woman at heart. Pilar asks what makes her think Ethan wont feel neglected by her? Pilar points out after all Theresa is the CEO of Crane now. Theresa says she doesnt want a career like Gwen does. Theresa says all she wants is Ethan and her children. She says once she gets Ethan back then shell put him in charge of Crane. Pilar says no way, she wont let Theresa destroy this marriage. Theresa says maybe this is wrong of her, and she tells her mom she wont go through with it. Pilar says shes happy to hear her say that. Pilar says she will be rewarded for doing the right thing. Pilar heads back to her room, and Theresa tells herself this is the right thing to do. She says she wont spend her life without passion and love. She signs the contracts and says nothing and no one will stop her from getting rid of Gwen and getting Ethan and her daughter back. She then faxes the contracts to Collier and Company. 


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