February 27, 2005 
Pilar wakes up and says it is such a beautiful day. She thanks God for this day and feels like everything is alive and wonderful, though maybe it is just her. Martin walks up to her and she says hes not supposed to see her before the ceremony, that is why she didnt go into the bedroom last night. Martin remembers how Pilar almost found him with Katherine. Martin says he knows this is bad luck but he had to see her before the ceremony. She asks why, has he changed his mind? He says no, hes committed himself to their family. Pilar says and to her and their marriage? He says yes. Pilar says shes just looked forward to this day for so long, shes had so much disappointment that its easy for her to worry. She says she should trust in Gods love and his love for her. She says shes so excited, she feels like she did years ago when they first married one another. She says the only thing that has changed is them. He says she hasnt changed a bit. She thanks him for that wonderful lie. Martin says he just wanted to see if she was still as committed to renewing their vows as he is. She asks if she really needs to ask that? She kisses him, and Katherine walks in. Katherine says she doesnt mean to intrude. Pilar says oh yes you do. Pilar tells Katherine that she knows they are renewing their vows and shed appreciate it if Katherine didnt interfere. Pilar knows Katherine still lives here even thought shes no longer married to her daughters husband anymore. Pilar says considering what is happening she thinks Katherine has better places to be, it would be awkward for her to be here. Katherine says she has something important to do and she should go. Martin says she doesnt have to go. Pilar says let her go, it must be difficult for her to let him go when she wants him back. Pilar kisses and hugs Martin, who gives Katherine a look. The help arrives and Pilar talks with them about setting up the chairs for the ceremony. Pilar is so excited, Martins head seems to be elsewhere. As Pilar works, Martin looks at a picture of Katherine on the table and thinks about last night with Katherine. Pilar tells Martin that he looks a million miles away. He says no hes right here. She says then lets get to work. Martin says right away boss. Pilar continues to give the help instructions, but they know what to do as she is the one that trained them. She says of course. She tells Martin that they need to go get dressed, shell use her old room here and he can use the one next to it. Martin says he left his tux at home, hell have to go back and get it. Pilar tells him to hurry. Martin then leaves. Pilar says this will be the happiest day of her life and nothing can ruin it. 

Katherine goes to the hospital and brings Alistair a plant. She tells him that hes such a wreck. She says it warms her heart to see him so ill, and she brought him some pansies. She says they come from the French word for thought, and when someone brings you pansies it means they are thinking of you. She says she thinks about him to refuel her anger. She says she needs anger to give her courage for what she has to do. She says she had to see him to remind her of the horrible things hes done to her. She says he robbed her of her innocence. She says it was Martin who taught her how to live again, Martin gave her back joy and optimism. She says now Pilar is going to take it all away. Katherine says she wont let Pilar do it, she cant let her do it. Katherine says she will stop her. Katherine says being married to Alistair all those years taught her a thing or two about manipulating people. She hates resorting to this behavior but she cant give up Martin. Katherine says her mom wouldnt approve of her being the other woman, but she feels like Pilar is the other woman. She says she was with Martin much longer than Pilar was. She says people will sneer and whisper about her, even Sheridan hates this. She says Sheridan cant bear the thought that she might hurt Pilar. Katherine tells Alistair that this is all his fault and he deserves every bit of happiness she can get. She wishes Pilar had only moved on with her life. She wishes she could convince Pilar to give Martin up, no one wants to be involved with a man in love with another woman. Alistair laughs in his head, and Katherine almost thinks she heard it. Katherine says shes hearing things. She says she cant do this, but she must do it. She says if she was a true Crane then she wouldnt think twice about taking what doesnt belong to her. She says Martin does belong to her though, and she will reclaim what Alistair stole from her. She asks God to help her find the strength she needs. Alistair says in his head that Katherine is a pathetic fool, she can blame him for everything gone wrong in her life, but dont kid herself as what shes about to do is not right. Katherine says she will get Martin back, she has been wronged so much and has to make the most of the life she has left. Alistair laughs and says Katherine is as selfish as he is, and he says she is the other woman and is stealing another womans husband. He says the whole world will see her as a man stealing two timing slut. Alistair laughs in his head, and once again Katherine thinks he is laughing at her. Alistair continues to laugh and says shes a good for nothing whore, she is as bad as he is. Katherine says no Alistair cant hear her, hes in a coma. She then walks out of the room. 

Gwen is getting ready for her interview, shes very nervous. Ethan tells her that she has a BA, years of experience, great references and is a brilliant. He says shes overqualified for any position those people offer her. Gwen hopes so, she says this is important to her and for all of them. Ethan says hes sorry that shes the one that has to go back to work, but until Theresa releases him from his contract then he cant work. Ethan tells Gwen that she is their only hope and he hates this. Gwen says its okay, she doesnt mind having to go back to work if it means they dont have to cross swords with Theresa. Gwen fishes dressing, and Ethan tells her that she looks like a million bucks. Jane wakes up and Gwen picks her up. She says she wont be able to feed Jane this morning. Ethan says he can do it. Gwen says she just loves the time she gets to spend feeding her in the morning. She says if she takes this job then she wont get to spend time with her in the morning. Ethan says he has an idea, he can drive her to her interview and she can give Jane her bottle on the way. Gwen says she loves that idea.

Theresa calls Collier to find out if he got the contracts. He says he did and he would be willing to offer Gwen a position, what should he give her, something entry level? Theresa says no, something more challenging. He says he has a vice presidency of acquisitions opening up. Theresa says perfect, and Gwen loves to work so dont hesitate to give her lots of work and overtime. Collier asks if Gwen will be committed to such a busy job? Theresa says yes, Gwen is in a sham of a marriage and needs to keep busy. He asks if Theresa didnt say she just had a baby? Theresa says she stole a baby! Collier asks what kind of nutjob hes hiring here? Theresa tells him that didnt come out right, she meant to say that Gwen took custody of a child and it isnt her baby. Theresa says given how Gwen loves her career so much, she is sure Gwen will not be interested in the child for long. Collier says hes not comfortable with this. Theresa says what she is paying him should make him very comfortable, do his job! She then hangs up on him.

Later, Theresa spies on Ethan and Gwen as they arrive at Collier and Co with Jane. Theresa cries that is her baby. Jane spits up on Gwen, and Theresa says throw up on her as much as you want. Ethan finds something in Gwens back to fix up the spit up stain. He puts a scarf or something over her shoulder. Gwen then goes in to meet with Mr. Collier. Ethan and Jane wait in the waiting room for Gwen. The secretary tells Ethan how its so adorable to see him taking care of the baby, keep up the good work Mr. Mom. She tells Ethan they must have a strong marriage, not many men would let their wives support them while they stay home. Ethan says hell get a job soon too. She says and then what, the wife will stay home with the baby? She says right, good luck with that! 

Gwen goes in and meets with Mr. Collier. He tells her how impressive her resume is. Gwen says thank you, but how did he receive it? HE says it was the headhunter who sent it. As he interviews her, Theresa watches via Alistairs monitors. Mr. Collier ends up offering her the job. He wants to make sure she can handle this job with a baby at home. She says her husband will be home with the baby. He says she may be traveling and can forget about weekends for a few years. Gwen says it is fine. He says welcome aboard then. He asks her to get to Human Resources and sign all the necessary papers. She asks when she can start? He says hed normally say in a few days, but they are in a crunch. HE asks if she can start now? She says sure, so he ends up giving her a bunch of work to start on. Theresa watches from her office and loves this. Back at Collier, Gwen tells Ethan that she got the job. Ethan says that is great. He suggests they go to lunch, but she says she has to start right now. He says that is quick, but that is okay. Jane then begins to cry. Gwen says something and settles her down. Ethan wonders how she did that. Gwen says hell learn in time. Ethan says he has to go then, and he says he and Jane will have a day out on the town. Gwen says goodbye and to wish her luck.

At the mansion, Pilar discovers Theresa watching Gwen and Mr. Collier on the monitors. Pilar says shame on her for lying to her, what does she think shes doing! Theresa says what does she think shes doing, she says that marriage is doomed. Pilar curses at Theresa in Spanish. She asks Theresa if shes lost her mind? She says Ethan and Gwen are married, they have a real marriage unlike Theresas sham marriage to Alistair. She tells Theresa that she is no better than Alistair, she is truly Mrs. Alistair Crane. Pilar says power corrupts the soul. Theresa says shes the same woman shes always been, shes only trying to get back what was stolen from her. Pilar says she never gives up. She begs Theresa to talk to Father Lonigan. Theresa says no way and she makes her mother promise to say nothing about this to anyone. Pilar asks how Theresa can do this to another woman? Theresa says Gwen is a conniving witch. She says Ethan loves her, he just doesnt know how to get rid of Gwen. Pilar tells Mrs. Crane that shes still stealing another womans husband, it is a sin. Theresa says Gwen stole Ethan and her daughter, she wont stop until she gets them back.

Martin returns home and begins to put on his tux. He wonders if he can really go through with this. Suddenly Katherine walks into the room, shes naked! She tells Martin that they are alone, he doesnt need to lie to her. She tells him to make love to her and kisses him.

In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris wake up. Chris asks Mrs. Booth how she is. She cant believe they got married, but she likes her new name. She talks about how romantic it was, any girl would give her teeth for such a wedding. She says her heart is almost full, the only thing that will complete it will be to find Marty. Sheridan says they should get going to the house. Chris says hes been thinking, he should go alone. She says not a chance. Chris says this could be dangerous, he doesnt want to take any chances with her life. He begs her to let him do this, if something happens to him then she can take Marty home and raise him with James. Sheridan says no way, they are going together and coming out alive with Marty. Sheridan says enough chit chat, they have to get a move on it. Sheridan gets up and Chris grabs some rope and says Sheridan has left him no choice. Sheridan gets ready in the bathroom as Chris dresses in the bedroom. Sheridan talks about how she cant wait to see Marty. Chris begs Sheridan one last time to stay here where it is safe. She says she promised to love and honor, not obey. She says they are doing this together. As Sheridan continues getting ready in the bathroom, Chris ties the rope to the doorknob and then to the furniture in the room so that she cant open the door and get out. He thinks that will keep Sheridan out of trouble. Later as Chris is getting in the taxi, Sheridan shows up and asks if he forgot something? He asks how she got out? She says she broke the window, and hell have to replace it. She says she cant believe she married such an overbearing oaf who expects her to sit home and smile while hes out conquering the world. Chris says he just doesnt want her to get hurt. Sheridan says they are married now, they are partners. She says she isnt going to huddle in the cave. Chris says okay, and they head off to find Marty. 

At the house, Otto instructs the goons to make sure their guests are in the car as its time to leave. He says after all these years its time to leave, he didnt want to blow up this house and everyone in it. Outside, Chris and Sheridan arrive. They see the gates opening, and Sheridan fears they are trying to escape. Sheridan says they have to get in. Back inside, the goons tell Otto its too late, Sheridan and Chris are here. Otto says close the gates and lock the place up tight. Back outside, alarms sound. Chris says they are onto them. As they are approaching the gates they quickly begin to shut. Back in the house, Otto realizes he may have to blow everyone up along with the house. Back outside, Sheridan and Chris run through the gate before it shuts.


February 28, 2006

At Tabithas, Kay and Fox are getting dressed for the wedding. Fox talks about how someday soon they will have their wedding day. He says he cant wait to see her in the wedding dress, and he cant wait to see her out of it. Kay says girls change out of the dress during the reception and long before the honeymoon. He says who said he was waiting for the honeymoon! Fox talks about their reception, and he talks about their first dance, which should be a waltz. Kay says she cant dance, and she sure doesnt know how to waltz. Fox says he can teach her how to dance, and he suggests they get started with lessons right away. They then waltz around the bedroom. Tabitha soon shows up with Maria, who has woken up. Tabitha gets a laugh at them dancing and says shes danced with the Chippendales before, all Fox is missing is that cute bowtie. Fox quickly puts on a shirt as he was half naked. Fox says he was just teaching Kay to dance. Tabitha says Kay can dance her way around anything. Kay takes Maria from Tabitha, and Fox gets a call from work. He excuses himself to take the call. Tabitha asks Kay if she has accepted his proposal, and Kay says not yet. Kay says she wants to as soon as it is okay. Kay thinks she has to get that ring around her finger before something else goes wrong. Tabitha warns her about the vision of the dark shadow over her and Fox. Kay says she wishes she knew what it meant. Kay ends up telling Tabitha that last night . . . Tabitha says she knows what happened in here last night. Kay says ew! Kay says as she was saying, last night she had a dream about Miguel. Kay insists shes over Miguel though. Tabitha asks them why does the dream bother her? Kay says she thinks the shadow at her wedding to Fox is Miguel. Tabitha says well if things dont work out with Fox then she can go back to Miguel. Tabitha says she obviously still has feelings for him. Tabitha asks Kay if Miguel came back, who would she want to be with? 

Ivy is at the hospital. Shes standing outside of Fancys room and talking to Valerie on the phone. She asks if Valerie has found Miguel. Valerie says not yet, shes actually had to do some work for Crane today. Ivy says stop the excuses, she has to find Miguel now. Valerie says shes doing her best. Ivy says keep at it until she finds him, she wanted Kay out of Foxs life yesterday. Ivy also reminds Valerie that she cant make a move on Fox until after Kay is gone. Ivy hangs up on Valerie and then goes in to see Fancy. Fancy is now sporting a black, diamond studded designer eye patch. Ivy asks how she is? Fancy says just great, all she needs is a parrot and a wooden leg. Ivy says Eve has a whole slew of eye specialists ready to examine her. However she says she can go home and let the doctors come to her, that is one of the advantages of being a Crane. Fancy says something her mother gave that up. Ivy says the Crane power cant get everything like love and happiness. Fancy says all she wants is to love Noah and be happy. Ivy asks if she really loves Noah? Fancy says she does, she knows because it hurts so much. Ivy says she doesnt like to meddle in her childrens lives. Fancy smiles and laughs, she thanks her mom for making her smile. Ivy says she just wishes there was something she could do, but love is difficult. Fancy says Noah is the only one who can patch this up. Fancy is sure that Noah is lying to him about his past with Maya. Ivy wishes the police would figure out what is going on with that girl. Fancy says they dont need the police, they just need Noah to be honest.

At Crane, Valerie hacks into Theresas cell phone records to find a number shes been calling in Mexico. Valerie calls a place called Hernandos Hideaway Bar. Unfortunately the man who answers doesnt speak English. Valerie, tries to ask for a man in Spanish, but mixes her languages up. She ends up asking for Miguel, and the guy says yes Miguel is here. The man calls over to Miguel, who is sitting at the bar. 

At the Book Caf, Noah is looking at the bullet and worried about Fancy. Maya shows up after getting his message, what does he want to talk about. He says what does she think. He wants to know who these people are, what isnt she telling him. Maya claims she has told him all she knows. Noah wants Maya to be completely honest with him, what is going on. Maya says she doesnt know, and if he doesnt keep his mouth shut then things will get worse for all of them. She says the best way to protect Fancy is to keep her in the dark. She asks if he wants Fancy to be in more danger. Maya swears to Noah that she doesnt know any more, he knows everything she does. Noah leaves, and Maya gets a call from the mystery woman. The woman says she did a bang-up job with Noah, the bug in her necklace is working perfectly. Maya feels bad about lying to Noah and says god forgive her. Later, the woman orders Maya to go to the hospital and find out what Noah is telling Fancy. Maya wonders what shes done to her life, and to Noahs. 

Noah goes to the hospital to see Fancy. Shes cold to him and wont let him kiss her. He says he came to help take her home. Fancy says her mother is here to do that, she doesnt need his help. Ivy says a lady needs the help of a kind gentlemen every now and then. Fancy says fine. Ivy takes Noah aside and warns him if he doesnt do something quick then hell lose Fancy. She then takes off. Noah asks Fancy to tell him what is wrong. She says she wants him to tell her the truth about Maya, and if he cant, then they have nothing to say to one another. 

At the mansion, as Theresa talks with Collier about keeping Gwen busy, Pilar stands there and doesnt like this at all. Pilar tells Theresa she is exactly like Katherine Crane, she guesses all the Mrs. Cranes steal other womens husbands. Pilar asks Theresa to turn her monitors off, she cant stand to watch her become the new Alistair. Pilar cant believe Theresa is doing this on the day shes getting married. Theresa claims she is not like Katherine or like Alistair. Theresa says shes not ruining a real marriage. Pilar says shes fooling herself, Ethan and Gwen are married and that is sacred. Pilar says she cannot deny that Ethan loves Gwen. Theresa says not the way he loves her, and every day he stays with Gwen he lives a lie. Pilar begs Theresa to leave them in peace. Theresa thinks they should agree to disagree and forget about this for today. She says they should be worried about her and making sure everything is perfect. Pilar says she cant sweep her sins under the carpet. Theresa says please, and she tells her mom to smile as this is her big day. She says she has to get dressed. Pilar says fine. She doesnt know why she puts up with Theresa, but Theresa seems to be able to twist her around her finger. Pilar admits she is glad she is having the ceremony here though, the living room looks beautiful. Pilar is nervous about being this happy, she feels like everything will be snatched from her. Theresa says that is ridiculous. She tells her mother that she will be such a beautiful bride. Theresa gets a call that she has to take. Theresa says Paloma will be here soon to help her get dressed and do her hair. Pilar thanks Theresa again for making this day so special for her. 

At Collier and Company, Gwen is working hard. At B&B, Ethan is trying to feed Jane and having a hard time. She throws food all over him. Ethan gets a call from Gwen. She hears Jane screaming in the background. Ethan cant get her to stop crying. She asks how he is? He says hes fine. Gwen asks if he needs help, but Ethan says nope hes fine. Jane keeps throwing her food on Ethan. Ethan tells Gwen it will be fine, hes taken on the attorney general, he can handle a fussy baby. Gwen has to get off the phone  and get back to work. Later Gwen surprises Ethan when she arrives home and finds Ethan a total mess. She gets Jane to eat easily. Ethan asks how she did that? Gwen says she doesnt know. He asks if Mr. Collier let her come home for lunch? She says he doesnt know she left, and she realizes she has to find a way to balance work with her home life. 

At the Lo-Fitz house, naked Katherine and Martin kiss. Martin stops her and says they cant do this, hes renewing his vows today, this is Pilars bed. Katherine says this is right, they belong together till death do they part. Martin says he wants her so badly but this is wrong. Katherine says no he wants her and she wants him, its not wrong. She says she wants them to make love. Katharine rips his shirt off. They soon hit the bed and begin to make love. Katherine says she loves him, she never stopped loving him. Martin tells her that shes so beautiful, shes everything hes ever wanted. Katherine says kiss me, make love to me. Martin pulls away and wonders what hes doing. Martin says he cant make love to her, he wont. He tells her to please get dressed. Martin says they have to stop this, its over and they cant bring back the past. She says this isnt about the past. Martin says it kills him to see her demeaning herself and begging for his love. She says shes not, she has his love. She says shes trying to make him see that they belong together. Martin says no, he's married to Pilar. Katherine says hes only Pilars husband by law, but real marriage is based on love, on the heart and soul. She says that is what they have. Katherine says if he throws this away then theyll regret it till they die. Martin says he is married to Pilar and he will stay married to her, he owes her that. Katherine says he owes her that when he loves her? Martin says that doesnt matter, he left Pilar and lived a life of luxury in Mexico with her while Pilar lived in poverty with their children. He says Paloma had to be sent to Mexico, Antonio and Luis didnt go to college and have now lost their lives. Martin says it is all his fault, his sons are dead because of them. Katherine asks if sacrificing his life to a loveless marriage will bring his sons back? Martin says no, but he will devote his life to making Pilar happy. Pilar says whatever time he has left on this planet will be about making Pilar happy and knows shes loved. Katherine asks how he can make Pilar happy when hes not happy himself. When every day he wishes he was with her?

At the house in Hawaii, Otto locks down the house and gives orders to shoot to kill Sheridan and Chris. Outside a gunman is patrolling and aims his gun at Chris and Sheridan. The red dot target is right on Sheridans head. Sheridan moves before he can shoot. The gunman ends up getting them in his sights again and shoots! As he shoots, Chris throws Sheridan to the ground. Sheridan isnt moving, and Chris drags her off into the woods. He asks if she is okay, is she hit? She of course isnt dead, shes fine. She thinks she hit her head on a rock, that is all. As they once again sneak off, the man continues to fire at them. He ends up shooting the door open, so they quickly sneak in. Sheridan then runs through the house opening doors and yelling out to Marty. Otto learns they are in the house and in the guest quarters. He orders everyone to the west wing. Sheridan opens a door and thinks shes found Marty. She hasnt, but she has found a folder with his name and with Beths name on it. Its filled with travel itineraries, and she says Beth and Marty are still here. Suddenly Otto finds them and holds them at gunpoint!


March 1, 2006
At the Lo-Fitz house, Katherine continues to beg Martin to be with her and not Pilar. She says he can't make Pilar happy when he himself isn't happy. He says he can, he did what he did to survive Alistair so he can do this. Katherine reminds him of all the passion they shared in Mexico. Martin remembers it, and she begs him to make love. He admits he loves her and wants her. She rips his shirt off and in the process scratches his back. Martin is about to make love to her when he sees a photo of himself and Pilar. Once again he says this is wrong and he can't do it. He says this must end, he's married to Pilar. Katherine says no, he's married to her in his heart and soul. She says she can't lose him. He tells her not to think of herself as a loser. He says look at this as a chance to move on and find someone who can love her. He says he can't do this anymore, he's marrying Pilar, he has to for her sake, for his children's sakes and for his grandchildren. Martin says he has to go, and he walks out on Katherine.

At the mansion, Paloma arrives to help Pilar get ready for the wedding. She's doing her hair, makeup and nails. Pilar talks about how happy she is about this day and how it's a new start for her and Martin as well as her and Paloma. She can see Paloma is upset, and she thinks she knows why. Pilar says she knows Paloma is close to Katherine and she thinks Paloma wishes her father was marrying Katherine today.

At the B&B, Theresa arrives and finds Ethan with Jane. He hope's she's not here with another work offer. Theresa says she's not. She claims she's here to invite him and their daughter to her mother's wedding today. Gwen then walks in and wonders what Theresa is doing here. Theresa is shocked to see Gwen, and Gwen wonders why she's surprised to see her? Theresa says she's not, she just didn't know how Gwen would react to her being here with Ethan. Theresa claims she came to invite Ethan and Jane to her parents' wedding. Gwen wonders if Theresa wants Jane there or Ethan there. Theresa says it would mean a lot to her mother for Jane to be there. Gwen asks why Pilar didn't invite them herself? Theresa says because she's busy. She then asks why Gwen is in the outfit she's in. Gwen says she got a job, and don't try and have her fired so she can get Ethan to come to work with her. Theresa says she won't, she knows Ethan isn't coming to work for her. Gwen says it isn't like Theresa to give up. Theresa claims if Gwen wasn't working she'd be welcomed at the wedding as well. Ethan tells Gwen it's her call as to whether he takes Jane. Gwen says since their problem is not with Pilar, it's okay. Later and Theresa holds Jane and Ethan changes, Gwen, who had left, returns. Gwen takes Jane and says she's changed her mind, she'll be coming with her family to the wedding. Theresa doesn't look pleased.

At the hospital, Maya spies on Noah as he talks to Fancy. Fancy knows Noah confessed the truth about Maya to her last night, but she was so out of it she doesn't remember what was said. She demands Noah tell her the truth. He tries to convince her that the past doesn't matter, that she should wait until she's stronger, to just let it go. Fancy refuses, she says his past with Maya has already hurt her. She says she hates secrets and she can't be with him unless he can tell her the truth about his past with Maya and why it is a danger to them.

In Hawaii, Otto holds a gun on Sheridan and Chris. Sheridan demands to be given Marty, but Otto says he takes his orders from Alistair. She says Alistair is in a coma so she's in charge. He says he knows about the coma, but he still takes his orders from Alistair. Sheridan promises him money, but he says Alistair has already set him up for life. Chris and Otto get into a fight, and Sheridan and Chris leave him on the floor unconscious. He later comes too and alerts the guards to find them before they find "his" room. Sheridan and Chris search and eventually come upon a child's room. Sheridan thinks she's found Marty.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha, Kay, Maria and Fox are in the kitchen. Fox tried to put Endora to bed and was attacked by Fluffy. His shirt is ripped up, so he has to go change his shirt. Tabitha continues to talk to Kay about her dream and which man she wants. Kay swears she loves Fox and not Miguel. Tabitha says then why did she think Miguel might be the shadow in her vision? Kay says for many reasons, he could be jealous of Fox's role in Mariah's life for one. Kay says the point is she wants to marry Fox. She asks Tabitha to check her charts and find out when she can do that. Tabitha consults the stars and says the planet's alignment is still days away. Tabitha continues questioning her about Miguel and if he came home  and wanted to be with her then what would she do. Kay says it doesn't matter, she'd still want to be with Fox. Fox walks in after hearing them talking about Miguel. He wonders if Kay won't marry him because she is waiting for Miguel to come home? Kay says of course not, and she makes excuses about how they were just talking about Miguel because he's Maria's father. Fox believes her and then heads to work. Tabitha tells Kay that Fox looked worried when he thought she was talking about Miguel. Kay says well he shouldn't be, she loves him and wants to marry Fox. 

At Crane, Ivy shows up and is excited that Valerie found Miguel. Valerie is on the phone with the bar in Mexico, and Miguel is there but wary about taking the phone. When Miguel's cell rings and it's about Charity, he tells the bartender to tell whoever it is that he's not here. Valerie is hung up on, so she tries another tactic. She does a security search of all cell phone calls made in the area of that bar, and she finds one cell phone is not registered to someone in Mexico. She calls that number and it is Miguel. Miguel answers and Valerie, saying she works for Theresa, is calling him to tell him that Theresa says he must come home immediately.


March 2, 2006
At the B&B, Gwen says its lucky she came home for lunch otherwise she wouldnt be able to go to this wedding with Ethan and Jane. Gwen says how happy Pilar will be to see Jane as she is her granddaughter, at least biologically. Ethan says hell go change. Theresa says dont rush, they have time. Gwen tells Theresa whatever game shes playing she wont win, she wont let her get within ten feet of Ethan. Later, Theresa makes a call to Collier, shes very angry that Gwen is not at the office where shes supposed to be. Collier says he didnt know Gwen would go home for lunch. Theresa says she wants him to demand Gwen come back to the office, if he doesnt do what hes being paid for then she will pull the contract. She says she cant break up Ethan and Gwen with Gwen always around. Suddenly, Ethan and Gwen (holding Jane) show up and say Theresa? Of course they didnt hear anything, they just say they are ready to go. Theresa says just one minute. Theresa tells Collier to do what theyve discussed. Theresa tells them that they should go. Gwen of course then gets a call from Collier, shes needed back at the office right away! He tells her unless she gets back now then hell give the job to someone else. Gwen says shes sorry and shell get right back there. Ethan tells Gwen she doesnt have to do this, hell get a job eventually no matter what Theresa does. Gwen says no shell get to the office and finish work and then meet them at the ceremony. 

At the mansion, Pilar asks Paloma if it bothers her that she and her father are getting married. Does she wish it was Katherine exchanging vows with her father? Paloma remembers questioning her father about his feelings for Katherine. Paloma says all she wants is for her and papa to be happy. Pilar says they will be, and she begins talking about how they were when they were first married. Pilar says they were so in love, and every day was a struggle because they had so little money. Pilar says this ceremony is just confirming their commitment to one another, and nothing or no one will come between them again. Pilar then tells Paloma she hopes she finds a man like her father to love and marry some day. Pilar says while love doesnt solve everything, it is a big part of marriage. She says she wants Paloma to have that kind of love, a marriage that will last forever. Later Pilar and Paloma break out the wedding dress. Pilar talks about how this dress has been a symbol of hope for her all those years Martin was gone. She says this dress will make her marriage come alive again. She talks about how she doesnt believe in divorce, nobody respects marriage anymore. She says it is more than a promise between husband and wife, its a promise before God. She says you do what it takes to keep a marriage together. She says in spite of what has happened with Katherine, she and Martin are still together. She says love is the most important thing in a marriage, and she and Martin will stay together and no one can come between them.

Theresa, Jane and Ethan arrive at the mansion and talk in Alistairs study. Theresa says this place gives her the creeps, it reminds her of Alistair. Ethan says it reminds him of almost dying from her poisoned guacamole. Theresa says she never meant . . . He says its okay, and he calls to check in with Gwen. Gwen is once again hard at work. As they talk, a secretary brings in more work for Gwen before she leaves. The woman says shes never seen Mr. Collier be such a task master before. Ethan tells Gwen if this job is too much then . . . Gwen says no, shes a big girl and can handle it. Gwen asks if Theresas tried to seduce him yet? HE says no, shes been on her best behavior. He thinks maybe Theresa has come to her senses and realizes he's committed to her. Gwen says yeah right, shes up to something. Gwen tells Ethan she has to get back to work if she has any chance at making it to the ceremony. Ethan says goodbye to Gwen, and Theresa continues to try and lure Ethan back. She sits at her PC and starts talking about how this is insane, this cant be happening. She asks Ethan to take Jane and go join the guests, she has a work crisis. He asks what has happened? She says nope, he wants nothing to do with Crane so he needs to go and let her handle this. A man shows up with a bunch of plans, saying they are the plans for her project and it is a shame it wont happen. Ethan thinks this is about his project, what has she done? 

Katherine returns home and cries to Rachel about how shes lost Martin. Katherine says Martin does love her, he told her so. However he insists on marrying Pilar. Katherine says hes going through with this because of guilt, he feels he owes Pilar. Katherine says Martin will sacrifice their love to make things right to Pilar and his children. Katherine says shes lost him forever. Katherine says Whitney Russell had the right idea, not joining a convent, but leaving Harmony. Katherine says she cant bear the idea of Martin being in Pilars arms. Rachel tells Katherine to stop being a quitter, there is a way to stop this ceremony. Katherine thinks it is too late. Rachel says perhaps instead of talking to Martin she should go talk to Pilar.

Father Lonigan is eating breakfast in the Crane kitchen. Martin talks with him about the wedding and how Theresa is pulling out all the stops. Father Lonigan says he can tell Martin is troubled, did something happen? Father Lonigan asks if this is about Katherine again? Martin says it is, she keeps approaching him and is trying to stop him from renewing his vows. Father Lonigan asks if these have been sexual approaches. Martin says yes, and though he was strong he was tempted. Father Lonigan reminds him that he and Katherine committed adultery while Pilar lived years in torment back here. Martin knows and says he will spend the rest of his life making that up to Pilar. Father Lonigan ask Martin to be honest, who does he want to be with, Pilar or Katherine? 

At Tabithas, Tabitha and Kay are feeding the babies and talking about Pilar and Martins vow renewal ceremony. Tabitha thinks it is a waste, Pilar and Martin dont exactly fall into the happy couple category. Kay thinks Tabitha is a bit cynical. Tabitha tells Kay all she does is dream of marriage. Kay says well she is going to marry Fox soon. Tabitha asks what about Miguel? Kay says Miguel is the past, Fox is her future. Tabitha conjures up a photo of Miguel to show to Maria. She asks her if her daddy is the past? Tabitha tells Kay that he is a handsome devil. Kay says he is. Tabitha says it breaks her heart to see a family broken up. Kay says since when? Tabitha asks Kay what if Miguel came back and wanted them to be a family, would she consider it for Marias sake? Kay admits that  she used to be somewhat attracted to Miguel. Tabitha says try obsessed. Kay says okay, the point is he wont come back to Harmony without Charity. Kay says hes so obsessed with her, what does Charity have that she doesnt? Tabitha says it seems Kay is still a bit hot under the collar about Miguel and Charity. Kay says no, and she says even if Miguel did come back, shed be married to Fox by then and nothing would come between them. Tabitha reminds her that there is still the matter of the success spell. Kay thinks if the dark side hasnt split them up yet then they wont. Tabitha says there is also that dark shadow in her vision. Tabitha says if she gets engaged then her troubles are just beginning. Kay tells her to stop spewing gloom and doom. Tabitha says fine dont heed her warning, shes still tied to the tracks of destruction and the 8:15 from misery is heading her way. Kay tells Tabitha to stop it, she will live happily ever after with Fox. Tabitha says dont kid herself, she made a deal with the dark side and she owes them. She says she and a Fox are doomed.

At Crane, Valerie talks with Miguel and tells her how important it is for him to come back here, she doesnt know why, but Mrs. Crane is insisting. He asks if someone is sick? Valerie and Ivy pretend like the phone is breaking up. Ivy makes static noise as Valerie says Cant hear, breaking up, very urgent! Meanwhile, Fox is about to walk into the office! Fox calls out to Valerie asking if she's in there, and Ivy hears his voice. She says if Fox finds her here then shes toast! Ivy trips over the phone cord and cuts off the call to Miguel. Valerie ends up telling Ivy to get out the window and onto the ledge, which she does. Ivy hides outside just as Fox comes in to see Valerie. Suddenly a bunch of pigeons begin landing on Ivy! Ivy tries to wave them away, and Fox hears her banging around. He wonders what is going on outside. Valerie says there is nothing outside, and she says the windows cleaners just left a rig out there. Fox believes Valerie and after they finish discussing business, Fox leaves. Valerie then goes to check on Ivy. Ivy begins easing her way to the window when suddenly she slips and falls.

At the hospital, Maya continues to spy on Noah and Fancy. Fancy demands Noah tell her the truth about Maya or they are over. Noah tries to stall, tries to say they have to get her to the mansion. She says she needs to know now. She says this secret must be huge, but sometimes big problems can seem small once you share them. Meanwhile, Maya gets a call from the mystery woman. She wants to know what is going on. Maya says Fancy is being insistent, and she thinks Noah is close to telling her. The woman tells Maya to stop him. Maya says there is nothing she can do. The woman says stop him, but Maya says it is too late. In the room, Noah is about to tell Fancy when he remembers the bullet on the pillow. Noah tells Fancy they should just get her home. Fancy says no way. She says she gave him a last chance and he wouldnt tell her the truth. She says they are finished, she wants him to leave. Maya tells the mystery woman this new turn of events. Maya feels bad for Noah, she doesnt like seeing him hurt. Fancy continues to tell Noah to just go. Noah leaves, and Fancy cries Why is he doing this. 

In Hawaii, Otto and his men are searching for Sheridan and Chris. Sheridan and Chris have found Martys room, she thinks her son must be inside. Suddenly they hear Ottos voice, so they run and hide before going in the room to see if Marty is inside. Otto and his men begin chasing them. Chris tells Sheridan, as they are being shot at, that they have to get out of here. Sheridan cries that she has to find Marty. Eventually Otto and his men trap Sheridan. Sheridan demands to see her son, but Otto says shell never see him again. As Otto is about to shoot Sheridan, Chris pushes her through a door and tackles Otto. Chris and Sheridan run, and Otto tells the men to capture Sheridan and theyll use her to get Chris. Sheridan and Chris are running through the house separately. Sheridan is eventually captured by Otto and his men. They tie Sheridan up, and she curses them and damns them. She begs to see her son for just one last time. Otto refuses, and has his men continue searching for Chris. Otto tells Sheridan once they find Chris, both of them will die. Chris is outside looking in. He vows to get Sheridan and Marty out of here if it is the last thing he does.


March 3 , 2006
At the mansion, Paloma asks her mom to come out and let her see her in her dress. Pilar comes out in her dress, and Paloma says she looks like a queen. She says when papa sees her then hell know hes the luckiest man in the world. Pilar says if only Miguel were here then everything will be perfect. Paloma says it will be perfect anyways. Pilar says she is right, today they are starting their life over. Paloma says she forgot she has something for her parents but it is at the house. She says shell go get it and not to worry, shell be back in time for the ceremony.

In the kitchen, Martin continues talking to Father Lonigan about the women in his life. Father Lonigan asks if he is having second thoughts about this wedding? He says Pilar is preparing for what she thinks is the second happiest day of her life. Martin says he knows, and he doesnt want to hurt her. Father Lonigan says would he marry Pilar when his heart belongs to another woman? Is he thinking of calling off the ceremony? Martin says Pilar has been hurt enough by his actions. Father Lonigan says that isnt an answer. Is he renewing his vows for love or out of a sense of responsibility? Father Lonigan remembers the confession Martin made to him awhile ago about trying to stop his feelings for Katherine. Has he been successful or does he still have feelings for Katherine.

Elsewhere, Katherine tells Rachel that Pilar wont call off this wedding, this is what shes been waiting for. Rachel says Pilar wants Martins whole heart, so she needs to tell Pilar that she doesnt have it. She says tell Pilar whatever it takes to call off this wedding. Katherine says its not that simple. She says Martin is a good man and will do the honorable thing. Katherine says she cant go to Pilar and destroy her, shes not cut out for this. Rachel says then shes going to end up lonely miserable and shell have to spend the rest of her life knowing Martin is making love to Pilar every night. Rachel tells Katherine to do something about this situation. Katherine says shes not Rachel, she cant walk in on Pilar and dash her hopes and dreams. Rachel says stopping this ceremony isnt only what is best for her and Martin, its best for Pilar too. 

Katherine goes to see Pilar and says she has to talk to her before the ceremony. Pilar thought Katherine was leaving before the ceremony. Katherine says she realized she couldn't do that.

In Alistairs office, Ethan looks over papers as Theresa makes a call to Collier to make sure Gwen continues to be kept at work. Theresa then talks to Ethan about all the problems shes facing to get this project off the ground. Ethan asks for some details, but she says no hes not to worry about this, he has told her that he wants nothing to do with her or Crane. Theresa says there are other people on staff who can help her. Ethan says hes just asking her to tell him a little more, he may be able to give her some ideas. Theresa talks to him about the zoning problems they are having. Ethan says there are ways around it, and he begins giving her section and housing codes she can use. Theresa says thanks, and she says shell figure this out on her own so he should go back to playing house hubby. He says if she doesnt mind, no more Mr. Mom references please. Theresa says shes so sorry. Ethan calls the nanny to watch Jane so he can help Theresa with work. As they are working, Theresa gets a text message from Collier that hes keeping Gwen late at work. 

At Collier and Company, Mr. Collier keeps Gwen working. She tries to work fast to finish so she can get to Ethan. Gwen finishes all the work she was given, but then her assistant piles on more work. 

At Tabithas, Kay talks with Fox on the phone. He called to tell her that he loves her. She says he's so sweet to call just to tell her that. He admits he was a bit troubled when he heard her and Tabitha talking about Miguel. She says it was only because of Martin and Pilars ceremony today. She swears that was it. Fox has to go, and they say goodbye. Tabitha tells Kay that she still has to deal with the darkside as well as Foxs mommy dearest, dont act like everything is going to go smoothly for her and Fox. Kay says theyve made it this far, nothing will break them up. Tabitha says she is so naive for someone with her mothers gifts. Then Miguel calls and talks to Kay. He asks if anything has happened with Maria? She says no everything is fine. Miguel gets another call, he says it could be about Charity so he has to go. Kay says some things never change with him. Tabitha continues to question Kays feelings for Miguel. Kay says shes sick of Tabithas dire warnings, nothing will get in the way of her future with Fox. Tabitha tells Kay shes getting in way over her head with the dark side. She says shes trying to help her, but Kay thinks Tabithas trying to ruin her day. Tabitha says shes trying to make her see what is inevitable. Kay says she and Fox are doing fine and will stay that way. Tabitha tells Kay that shes endured the wrath of the dark side before. Kay says shes not afraid of anything they or Poison Ivy throw at her. She says she and Fox can handle anything thrown at them. Kay takes Maria off and says they have a ceremony to get to. Tabitha tells Kay to go ahead, she and Endora will catch up to her. Tabitha tells Endora that it is time for them to stir up some fun.

At Crane, Ivy slips as she tries to climb back in the window. She ends up dangling as she holds onto the ledge for her life. Ivy tells Valerie to give her her hand, she cant hold on much longer. Valerie tries to reach out to Ivy, and she asks Ivy if this is worth it to keep Fox and Kay apart. Ivy says it is. Valerie eventually is able to grab Ivy and pull her in. Valerie then suggests to Ivy she stop manipulating her childrens love lives. Ivy says shes not manipulating them, shes protecting them. She says shes going to see Fox, she needs to keep working on getting Miguel back to Harmony. She then thanks Valerie for saving her life, and shes doing a good job with Miguel. 

In Foxs office, Fox looks at a photo of Kay and wonders if she really is over Miguel. Ivy comes to see Fox, and he asks what happened to her? She says its just one of those days. She asks how things with him and Kay are going. He says they are doing great. She says well shes happy things are going so well. Fox asks if something is going on that he doesnt know? Ivy says its probably nothing, but . . . oh shes probably blowing it out of proportion. Fox asks her to spill it. Ivy says Kay seems to be coming over too her dads to look at old photos, photos of Kay with Maria as a baby and Miguel. Ivy says she doesnt know why Kay wont take them over to Tabithas. She says she took a few of them to have them framed. Fox asks to see them, so Ivy shows them to Fox. He looks at them. He says they really were a family. Ivy says shes sure he and Kay are passed all that old baggage. Fox feels bad, and Ivy tells him not to read into this. Fox doesnt know why Kay is hiding these at her fathers house. Ivy says because hes at Tabithas. She says she didnt mean that the way it sounded. Fox says its true though. He wonders why shes hiding these in secret.

Meanwhile, Valerie calls Miguel back and says shes sorry they were cut off, but her sister is adamant that he return home for a visit, and shes sending the Crane jet to get him. She says after the ceremony he can go back to his search and will have the power of Crane Industries to help him. She asks Miguel if he will come home?

At the hospital, Maya talks to the mystery woman. She says Noah hasnt told Fancy, and he is crushed. The woman says excellent. Maya feels terrible for Noah, she still loves him. The woman says if Noah talks then hell be dead, so she should be glad he didnt tell anyone anything.

Fancy continues to cry in her room, why cant Noah be honest with her. Fancy is wheeled out into the hall, and Noah tries to talk to her. Fancy says shes not talking to him anymore. Noah says he loves her and that is why he cant tell her anything. He begs her to just forget about the past and concentrate on the future. He says he loves her and knows she loves him too, dont let this little thing ruin what they have. Fancy says keeping secrets isnt a little thing. The driver shows up for Fancy, and Fancy tells Noah goodbye. She tells the driver to get her home, so he wheels her off. Maya comes out of the shadows to talk to Noah. She asks if everything is okay? He says no, hes lost Fancy. Noah says they need to talk, and he demands to know if shes being completely honest about these people after them. Noah says if she knows where they are then he wants to know. He says he wants to find the people who hurt her, who hurt Fancy. He says he will make them sorry that they involved Fancy, he wants to make someone pay. Maya says if he wants to hit someone then hit her, its her fault. Noah says no its not. HE asks her again if she knows who these people are. Have they contacted her again? Maya says he is scaring her. He tells her to level with him now. Maya says the people keep calling her, but she doesnt know how to find them. She says she didnt tell him because she was trying to protect him. Noah says its a little late for that. Noah takes Mayas cell phone and plans to answer the next time they call.

Fancy is taken home to her room. Once alone she begins to cry some more. She wonders why Noah couldnt tell her the truth, why does it has to be like this. Fancy cries about how much she loved Noah.

In Hawaii, Otto and his men wait for Chris to come rescue Sheridan. Chris is outside the window watching them. Sheridan is still tied to the chair and is crying about how shes done nothing to them, why wont they let her be with her son. Chris realizes he has to get Sheridan out of there. As Sheridan pleads to see Marty, Otto just says it seems she married a coward as her husband has abandoned her. Sheridan says Chris is no coward, and she hopes Chris saves himself so he can rescue Marty. Suddenly Chris jumps through the window! He then takes out the goons and Otto. He quickly unties Sheridan and they run for it. Chris says they have to get out of here, but she says not without Marty. She wants to go back to the nursery they found. They eventually find the nursery, and Sheridan is positive Marty is in there. They head into the room, which of course is empty. Sheridan says these things are boys things though, shes sure these are Martys. She finds an old stuffed animal she gave him long ago. She knows Marty is somewhere in this house. Meanwhile, Otto is furious and tells the goons to find them and not to let them see the nursery. Back in the nursery, Sheridan and Chris hear someone singing to a child, and they think it might be Beth. Sheridan thinks Marty is on the other side of the door.

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