January 2, 2006 
No Show Today


January 3, 2006

At the parks department, Norma and Edna are stuck in a Christmas ornament and packed in a box somewhere. Edna thinks they will be stuck here till next Christmas thanks to Tabitha and her daughter. Norma says they need to get out of here, and Edna gets an idea. She says it is a dark stormy night, and things always happen on these nights in the movies. She thinks about how lightening brought Frankenstein to life, and it could break the spell keeping them trapped in here. Norma says if they are hit by lightening then theyd fry! Norma says even if they wanted to get struck by lightening, they are inside and the storm is outside. Edna says the wind could take off the roof. Suddenly the roof is blown off, and Edna begins calling to lightening to strike them. Norma says lighting kills, but Edna says she spent enough time with Tabitha to know how spells work. Lightening soon strikes the boxes of ornaments. However, they remain in the box of ornaments, until lightening strikes again and blows the ornaments up and sets them free. Norma says it worked! Edna wants to celebrate, but Norma wants to kill Tabitha first. Edna says gut the witch, but not until she makes her hot to trot. 

At the mansion, we see a replay of Rachel revealing herself to Alistair. Alistair turns into a blubbering idiot and runs off. She chases after him with a knife. She asks if hes not happy to see his one true love? She says hes her prisoner now, and for all the pain and misery hes caused her and the others she condemns him to death. Alistair says no and runs off. Alistair thinks he gave her the slip and goes to call for his driver to come pick him up. However, he doesn't get a phone signal. Rachel walks in and says the line is dead, care to guess why? Alistair tells her to stay away from him. Rachel says she said the same to him, but he never did listen did he. She says he had plans for her every night, and now she has plans for him. He says her plans wont stop what hes put in motion tonight, hes exacting his revenge on all of them and her coming back from the dead wont stop it. She says tonight is about her revenge, and guess who is going to die tonight? Rachel tells him that he hasnt changed a bit. He says he loved her, he wanted to keep her for himself. Rachel says she knew he would turn this announcement to his advantage, and she has caused quite a bit of panic for him. Alistair says she is no match for him and never was. He slips away, but she says he will pay tonight with his life. She chases after him.

In the living room, Tabtha tells Kay that murder is moving closer and is about to strike. Kay goes to Fox, and everyone else yells at Alistair to show his face. They know hes out there hiding. Fancy doesnt know what to think anymore about her grandfather, this isn't funny. Sheridan tells Chris that she wont let her father hurt anyone else she loves, shell see him dead first. Midnight chimes in, and Tabitha says murder has arrived. The lights all go out at the stroke of twelve! The only light comes from the lightening outside. Everyone screams as the mansion goes dark. The lights come back on, everyone seems to be okay. Eve is worried about Simone, she doesnt know yet that Alistair paid Rae to seduce her. Julian suggests they worry about that later, first they have to protect her from TCs wrath. Simone introduces Rae to her mom and Julian. Eve says theyve all heard a great deal about her. Pilar and Martin check on Katherine, who is okay. Meanwhile, Jessica wakes up and wonders what is going on. Fancy wonders the same thing. Ethan thinks this is Alistairs sick idea of a joke. Tabitha says this is no joke, there will be bloodshed tonight. Fox says of course it is a joke, everything he does is a joke and they should track Alistair down and kill him. Everyone agrees that is a good idea. Kay asks Tabitha what is going on? Tabitha says that dramatic moment was a warning, murder has arrived and will soon strike. Tabitha says her choice of who should get it would be Alistair. Suddenly the guests smell smoke. Sheridan says the house must be on fire. Ivy thinks Alistair is burning them alive. The room begins to fill up with smoke. Everyone drops to the floor, and Martin searches for where the smoke is coming from. Sam suggests they check the doors and windows for weak spots. They cant seem to find a way out. Julian says the steel was put in incase the locals ever rose up and attacked the mansion, but he had controls put in every room as well. Katherine says Julian is right. Julian tells them where to search for them. Julian finds the controls and ends up releasing the steel doors that had dropped down. Everyone runs, and Tabitha soon realizes there was no fire, the draft from the storm just forced the smoke from the chimney back down and into the room. She says now everyone has scattered and she cant keep her eye on them. She decides to use the punch bowl and the party to watch everyone. She casts a spell to get bowl-o-vision working on it. She begins spying on everyone and everything going on around the mansion. She sees Rachel stalking Alistair and thinks maybe he is the one murder has come for. She then sees that Norma and Edna have escaped, and she worries they are coming for her. They are on the way to the Crane Mansion to kill Tabitha. Tabitha wonders if she is the one to be murdered tonight. Tabitha decides to high tail it home before they arrive. Edna arrives, and Tabitha tells her to run as a murder is going to happen tonight. Edna says yeah, Tabithas. Tabitha knows Edna is upset about the ornament thing, but Edna is more upset about not being young anymore. Tabitha thinks if Edna is here then Norma is close, so she better go. She turns around and runs right into Norma. Tabitha offers to pay Norma off, but Norma says she cant put a price on her pain, daddy has never been the same since they left her motel. Edna gasps, but Tabitha just says his skull fell off his corpse in a rocking chair accident. Norma says the point is that Tabitha left her to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, now shell leave Tabitha to pick up the pieces. Tabitha says they cant kill her, it is too dangerous. Tabitha warns them that something ghastly will happen at the mansion tonight, and Edna knows what Alistair is capable of. Edna says he is trouble, but so what. Tabitha says Alistair gathered everyone here for a murder, and if they dont leave then theyll be blamed for it. She says and they wont be thrown in a nice padded cell, theyll be in a cell on death row. Norma and Edna think shes lying, so Tabitha shows them what theyll be blamed for via a vision in the bowl. They scream when they see it. Tabitha says no one is prepared for what is to come. Norma says it is barbaric, and Edna agrees. Tabitha says theyll blame her, she is an escape mental patient. Tabitha says they know how people jump to conclusions. Tabitha says they have to leave Harmony and never come back. Edna says Tabitha is right. Norma tells Tabitha shell be back one day for a pound of her flesh. They then leave. 

Guests have scattered about, and everyone has been separated. They worry about their loved ones and how they could end up be the one who is murdered. Fox and Noah both fear Kay and Fancy may be the ones who could be killed by Alistair. Later, Noah finds Fancy and they kiss. Meanwhile, Fox finds Kay and they hug and kiss. 

Chris finds Sheridan outside the mansion. He says hes been looking for her, and what is she doing out here. She says she needed fresh air. He says they should get back inside. Sheridan cant shake knowing that she killed her aunt, and because of it Alistair has destroyed every relationship shes had. Chris says he hasnt destroyed them and he wont let him. Sheridan says Luis and Antonio said the same thing. Chris says things are different now and Alistair will pay. Sheridan says hes right. Sheridan then gets a text, something is wrong with James and hes in the living room. Chris says hes at the B&B, but Sheridan says her father could have done this to hurt her.

Julian is searching for Eve and is worried Liz may try and kill her. Julian soon finds Eve. TC and Liz show up, and Liz is upset nobody was worried about her. Eve gets a text that Simone has collapsed in the living room, so they rush off. 

Sam finds Ivy and Jessica, and Martin and Pilar find one another. Katherine finds them and asks where Theresa is? Pilar gets a text message that something has happened to Theresa in the living room. Later, everyone else gets text messages, Ethan has had a relapse in the living room. 

Rebecca has just had a little tryst with the waiter. Ethan finds Rebecca as she's pulling herself together and asks if she has seen Gwen. Rebecca doesnt know where she is, but she hopes shes killing Theresa as she must be the victim of this murder party. Ethan begins arguing with Rebecca when Gwen shows up and is reunited with Ethan. Gwen asks her mom how she was able to get here in this horrible weather? She says the Crane jet has snow tires, and has Gwen killed Theresa yet? Gwen says Alistair has been playing horrible games, and they have to check on the children. Ethan says Rebecca is right and Theresa could have been Alistairs victim, and then they go into the hall and see her on the floor. Ethan thinks Theresa was the victim. Rebecca says Happy New Year and she toots her horn. Ethan runs to check on Theresa, and he holds her and wonders what Alistair did to her. Gwen says Oh My God, Ethan! as he ignores her. Gwen tells Ethan they have to get the children out of here, but Ethan refuses to leave Theresa as he left her too many times already. Gwen says if he doesnt come with her now . . . Ethan says Theresa has a pulse. He thinks she needs CPR, so Rebecca grabs Ethan and says shell rip his tongue out if he does it! Theresa wakes up and asks where she is? Gwen says Theresa is fine, they need to get to the children. He says in a second. Theresa says Gwen is right, they need to get her children to safety. Of course the who little Jane belongs to argument erupts again. Ethan then gets a text from Pilar, they are in the living room and in trouble. Theresa says she has to get to her, and Ethan goes with her. Rebecca says her New Years resolution is to get Theresa out of their lives for good.

Simone finds Rae and Rae suggests they get out of here. Simone wants to find her parents first, but Rae doesnt think they care about her. She says both her mom and dad were giving her weird looks tonight. Simone refuses to turn her back on her dad the way he did her, and she thinks maybe hell come around if he sees this. Simone runs off, and Rae says this has gotten more complicated then she thought. 

Everyone is lured to the living room by text messages that someone they love is in trouble. Rachel worries that Alistair is about to cause more heartache, and she says shell stop him. People soon discover theyve been lured into another trap. They all say Alistair is a monster. Tabitha wonders where Alistair is. Alistair then stumbles into the room with a knife in his back! He then collapses, and Rachel watches from the background. 


January 4, 2006

At the mansion, we see a replay of everyone being lured back to the living room only to have Alistair stumble in with a knife in his back. He collapses as everyone looks at him and gasps. Fancy goes to him and says somebody help him, dont just stand there do something. Rebecca says that looks yummy, and she goes to get some food. Fancy tells Eve to do something. Eve checks on Alistair and says there is no pulse, hes dead. Rebecca says shell drink to that, and everyone begins to party and enjoy the buffet! Julian says it is about time, and Fox asks Fancy why shes so upset? Fancy says they are all heartless. She says she knows nobody liked him, but they have to find out who murdered him. Ivy flashes to threatening Alistair, as does Fox and everyone else at the party. Kay and Tabitha both vowed to stop him, Julian vowed to protect Eve from Alistair, Noah remembers Alistair threatening him with evidence that would make Fancy never want to see him again. Liz remembers Alistair threatening her, that shed be ruined, dead in the water. Theresa remembers telling Alistair shed protect Little Ethan from him. Ethan recalls threatening him, and Gwen remembers her mother threatening to stop Alistair. Sheridan recalls threatening Alistair at Midnight Mass, and Katherine remembers threatening Alistair. Pilar and Martin also remember vowing revenge on Alistair. Fancy tells them all that they are all monsters, and she walks off. Sam says Fancy was right about one thing, someone murdered Alistair. Sam says he cant just sit back and observe. Kay says hes not a cop anymore, Alistair had him fired. Sam says he cant turn his back on this, and whoever murdered Alistair is in this room. Tabitha says she thought their New Years treat was ruined, but it seems they will play the murder game after all. Rebecca thinks Theresa did it, she got rid of a husband she detested and now Little Ethan owns her empire. Sam says Theresa isnt the only one with motive, he despised him. Everyone begins saying how much they all hated Alistair. Theresa is glad hes dead, and Pilar says shes free and Luis and Antonio can rest in peace. Katherine says she never thought this day would come. Fancy says he was her husband. Martin says he got what he deserved. Sheridan says they should drive a stake through his heart to make sure he doesnt come back. Fancy says not her too. Sheridan says yes her too. Gwen says so far this year has been great. Rebecca says whoever did this should keep on going, she knows others here shed like to see dead. Fox toasts to Alistairs death, and Fancy cant believe this, she cant believe they are making jokes. A spying Rachel says this isnt a time for humor, its a time for deep, heartwarming joy. Pilar begins to say a prayer that God will treat Alistairs soul with justice. Martin says if there is justice for Alistair then he'll rot in hell. Alistair moans, and Fancy thinks hes alive. She asks Eve for help. Eve doesnt feel a pulse, but then she finds a very faint pulse. Everyone groans. Ivy says if they leave for awhile the pulse might go away. Theresa thinks they should put a pillow over his face. Rebecca says she tried that once, they could open the window and let him freeze to death. Fancy says they are all fiends. TC tells her to let him die. She says she cant let him die, hes still her grampy. She says shell call 911. Noah says nobody will get here in time. Fancy tries the phone but its dead. Theresa tells Eve to just let Alistair die. Sam thinks he must be in great pain. Rebecca says if they jiggle the knife it would hurt even more. Rebecca also suggests Theresa whip up some special guacamole. Katherine says they cant stand here and watch him die, they should go play bridge in the solarium. Fancy tells Eve she took an oath, she has to try and save his life. Fancy begs Eve to save him, he still has a chance. Eve says it cant hurt to examine him. Theresa says she could see the wound better if she pulls the knife out, but Eve says its holding blood vessels together and is the reason hes still alive. Kay tells Theresa nice try. Eve tells Fancy that Alistair is critical, shes amazed hes still alive. She says he needs an ICU, and without medical equipment he will die. Eve says she cant do anything even if she wanted to, he needs a hospital. Fancy says when she was growing up, Grampy always had medical equipment here. She knows it is still here, and everyone knew it too and didnt say anything. She says there is a whole mini hospital in here because he was afraid hed have heart attack one day. Rebecca tells them where it all is. Fancy says they have to help him. Julian says okay hell help, and Noah says hell help too. He says hes only doing this for her though. A spying Rachel says whoever tried to kill Alistair will make sure he dies. Eve tells Fancy not to get her hopes up, it will take a miracle to save him. Sam says there is still an attempted murderer among them, the truth will come out and whoever did this will face the consequences. Eve, Julian and Noah leave to get the medical equipment as Fancy tells Alistair to hang on. Fancy says she cant believe what shes heard here tonight, one of them is a murderer, but they are all murderers at heart. She says God will punish them. Rebecca says or put them at the front of the line for heaven. Sam says they all had motive to kill Alistair, but who had the opportunity? Everyone begins to think about seeing Alistair earlier in the evening.

Ivy has a flashback about being caught by Alistair looking for something. She claimed she was looking for old photos of the children. Alistair says he never thought she was very interested in raising her children, except for Ethan. Ivy tells Alistair that shell tell Sam he is here, hes very interested in finding him. Alistair thinks Ivy came here to be alone with him, she is the one trying to murder him tonight. He wants her to cut the games, but she says shes not playing games. She says shes with Sam now, they are happy and he cant do anything about it. Alistair wonders what Sam will do when he finds out the truth about David Hastings. Alistair recaps how Ivy hired David to pretend he was Graces long lost husband. He says he will expose her secret, and everyone will hate her. He also threatens to reveal how Ivy is using Valerie to destroy Foxs relationship with Kay. Ivy tells Alistair that she hates him and wishes him dead. 

Sam begins thinking about Alistair taunting him with the video of Spike with Jessica, and how Spike could have killed her. Sam hopes Alistair dies, nobody deserves to die more than him.

Rebecca breaks out the wine, she says if he dies they can celebrate, if he lives they can drown their sorrows. TC says hes at her party. 

Meanwhile, Katherine asks Sheridan how shes holding up. Sheridan says shes not, shes waiting for her father to finally die. She also is thinking about killing her own aunt. Katherine says she was young and it wasnt her fault. She tells Sheridan not to agonize over it. Sheridan says shes not, she feels a sense of relief knowing her nightmares were real. Sheridan wonders if tonight is even real. Katherine says she understands what she means, she isnt feeling any pain at all over this. 

Theresa tells Pilar that its over, but Pilar says Alistair could live. Theresa says he wont, and Pilar says if anyone deserves to die it is Alistair. 

Fancy, Noah, Julian and Eve return with the equipment. Fancy asks Ethan to help, but Gwen says hes still recovering. Ethan admits he has the strength, he just doesnt care if he dies. 

Fox recalls his encounter with Alistair earlier. Fox talks about taking over Crane Industries one day. Alistair says hed like that wouldnt he? Fox says hes the best man for the job. Alistair says hes an idiot and a sap, all those drugs and booze Julian took pickled his DNA. Alistair tells Fox that hell never run his empire, hes been fired from Crane Industries and he can take Kay with him. Fox says hes making a mistake. Alistair says Cranes dont normally make mistakes, but he made one when he didnt have him drown when he was born. Alistair says Fox has no function or purpose to him. Fox says he can say the same to him, and he cant think of a single soul who wouldnt like to see him dead.

Kay has a flashback to her run in with Alistair. She asked him about firing Fox. She told him that he couldnt do this, this job means everything to Fox. Alistair calls her a whore and a moron. He says she is a scheming and tawdry unwed mother latching onto Fox so he can support her and her bastard child. Alistair says hell stop this relationship, but Kay says Fox loves her and he cant tear them apart. Alistair said he knew a secret about her that would cause Fox to drop her. Alistair says he knows about Ivys plan with David and how she knew and did nothing to stop it. He says once he tells everyone, her family will turn their backs on her. Kay vowed to stop him no matter what she had to do.

Tabitha recalls her run in with Alistair. Alistair revealed he knew the truth about Endora being his granddaughter. He also knows how old she must be given she looked the same when he was a boy. He also threatened to bring Endora to the mansion to oversee her education, and how Tabitha would never see her again. Tabitha says she can stop him. Alistair knows she is a witch and laughs at her. He says all of her voodoo hoodoo doesnt scare him. Tabitha says it should. Alistair said he was the power in this town and her herbs and chants are useless against her. Tabitha says so he thinks, and there are other more traditional ways to get rid of someone. Tabitha threatened to stop him dead. Alistair told her to go home so he didnt have to call an exorcist.

Eve continues to work to save Alistairs life. She doesnt know if hell live or not. Julian then recalls his encounter with Alistair tonight. Alistair told him how he was a sorry excuse of a man. Alistair thought Julian put the ad in the newspaper to scare him. Julian says he didnt place the ad. Alistair thinks it was him, and he turned the tables on him by inviting the whole town up here. Julian doesnt care whether Alistair lives or dies. Alistair says he can still punish Julian, he hasnt even begun. Julian asks what he can do, he still has Eve. Alistair says he has an ugly little secret on him and will tell it to Eve. He says this secret will destroy them both. Julian asks what he knows? Alistair says now hes worried. Alistair says once hes finished with Julian hell wish his life was over. Julian then threatened to kill Alistair. 

Noah looks out the window and thinks he sees a woman outside. He says it must be his imagination. Kay thinks they should find a way to get Jessica home as she is in bad shape. TC wants to go home too, hell walk if he has to. Sam says nobody is going anywhere. He says hes not the Chief of Police anymore, but he wants them all to stay here. He says no one is free to go until the police arrive. Rebecca tells Sam that nobody here is going to run for the border, so if they want to go home let them. Sam says no, nobody is free to go. TC doesnt have time to play Agitha Cristie, but Tabitha thinks it would be fun. Pilar thinks Sam is right, they should try and figure out what happened tonight. Sam says everyone here had motive and probably opportunity to kill Alistair. He says the question is, which one tried to kill him? Outside Rachel is spying on them all. She says the night of revenge, the night of justice, tonight is the night Alistair dies. Eve then says Alistairs heartbeat is stopping, hes dying. Fancy begs Eve to save him.


January 5, 2006
At the mansion, Fancy begs Eve to help Alistair. Eve says shell do what she can. Everyone stands around and watches. Nobody feels sorry for Alistair. Pilar says she just cant pray for him to live. Martin says they could pray for his soul if he had one. Katherine just wants his black heart to stop. Rebecca wishes Eve would just let him die, and she tells Gwen to keep her fingers crossed he dies. Gwen says she doesnt believe in luck or fate like Theresa, she will take action. Noah asks Theresa how she is doing. Theresa says shes praying for Alistair to die, she is enjoying watching him suffer. Theresa says if that makes her horrible and evil, well so be it. Noah understand how she feels. Kay asks Tabitha if she cant cast a spell to finish him off? Tabitha says it might be risky, and sometimes the old fashion ways are best. Liz hands TC some champagne, and he asks her not to wait on him, better yet leave him alone. She tells him to relax and drink his drink, who knows how long they will be here. Meanwhile, Ivy asks Sam if he really thinks the police will charge someone with murder? He says theyll at least want to question them, and besides there is too much ice out there to leave. Sam wishes he could get Jessica home, but Jessica says its okay. Eve continues working to save Alistair, even though no matter what she does hell probably die. Eve thinks if she can get his heart rate up then he might live long enough to get to the ER. Eve needs a defibrillator and says they could rig one up. Eve asks for help, as does Fancy. Nobody rushes to help him. Fancy begs Noah to help him, if he helps save his life then Alistair will make it up to them. She thinks Alistair will finally accept them as a couple.

Noah has a flashback of confronting Alistair. Alistair pulled a gun on Noah and threatened him. Alistair says he owns this town and makes sure what happens here does happen. He tells Noah they are all puppets to him. Alistair thinks Noah put the ad in the paper, but Noah says that wasnt him. Alistair says it did inspire him to throw this party and reveal everyones dirty secrets. He says hell make the earthquake and tsunami look like a walk in the park. Alistair has a file on Noah and he shows it to Noah. Alistair shows him that it is on Noah and his former girlfriend. Noah is stunned that Alistair has this information. Alistair says once Fancy sees it, shell never want to see him again. Noah says he wont let him do that. Alistair asked what hed do, kill him?

Fancy continues to beg Noah to help save Alistairs life. Noah says fine, what can he do. Eve needs a lamp, they need the cord for a defibrillator. Eve asks Julian to help too, she needs plastic plates for paddles. Rebecca says plastic plates here? Julian agrees to help as well. They rig up some Frisbees and pans as the paddles and make a makeshift defibrillator. Eve shocks Alistair, and everyone hopes it doesnt work. Gwen asks Ethan if he thinks Theresa did it? Ethan says everyone here except for Fancy wanted to kill him. 

TC goes outside for a breath of fresh air. Liz follows and asks if he isnt freezing? He says hes fine, and he doesnt know why Eve is trying to save that monsters life. Liz says because her noble sister thinks it is her duty to save lives. TC doesnt want to hear her badmouth Eve anymore. Liz asks who he thinks tried to kill Alistair? TC doesnt know, but whoever did it did them all a favor.

Liz remembers her encounter with Alistair earlier in the evening. He revealed to her that he had a secret on her, and shed have a bad New Year after he revealed it. He was going to reveal a secret to Eve, a secret that caused Eve a lot of pain and suffering. Liz thinks Alistair is bluffing, but Alistair says hes not. Alistair says shed be ruined, in fact shell be dead in the water. Liz said not if she made sure he was dead first.

Liz tells TC it is too cold out here so shes going back inside. TC then recalls seeing Alistairs video message claiming he paid Rae to seduce Simone and make her gay. TC goes back inside. A spying Rachel says so many people want Alistair dead, but none more than her. Back inside, Eve says Alistairs heart rate is better, but his blood pressure is still too low. She says his wound needs to be closed, but she cant do that here. Julian says oh well. Eve tells everyone as much as she knows they all want Alistair to die, she cant be responsible for letting him die. Theresa asks why not, none of them would say she was negligent. Fancy tells Theresa to shut up, calling her a bitch in the process, and that she would say Eve was negligent and she would press charges. Noah says Eve is doing everything she can.

Theresa remembers her encounter with Alistair earlier. They argued over Little Ethan. Alistair revealed that he had already adopted Little Ethan, something Theresa didnt know. Alistair says Little Ethan is now his son and the soul heir to his fortune. He also says hes going to destroy this whole town, including her. He said after tonight only him and Little Ethan would be left standing. He told Theresa how hed turn Little Ethan into another him. Theresa threatened to protect Little Ethan. Alistair asked what shed do, she tried and failed twice to kill him. Theresa says the third time is a charm.

Ethan gives Gwen some champagne. Gwen wishes Alistair would die and then the police could arrest Theresa. Ethan says a lot of people wanted him dead. Gwen says she knows, just wishful thinking. Gwen goes off to talk to her mom, and Ethan has a flashback to meeting Alistair earlier. Alistair told Ethan to take his wife and take someplace else to freeload. Ethan says it was Alistair who insisted they live here. Alistair says but now he wants him gone. Ethan says that is fine, they are leaving., but Alistair says Little Jane will stay with Theresa and him. Ethan says over his dead body. Alistair says that could be arranged. Alistair then accused Ethan of putting the ad in the paper, but Ethan says he didnt do that. Alistair says well the ad gave him inspiration to have his own bash. He says hes going to use the party to get rid of him. Alistair had expected Gwen to pull the plug on him. Ethan says she had the right to, every test said he wouldnt come out of that coma. Alistair says he knows, he had the test results all changed. Alistair says the results said he would have been fine, so he changed them to get rid of him. Ethan cant believe what Alistair did. Ethan told Alistair he was a sick man for doing that to Gwen, Gwen who has never hurt anyone. Alistair tells Ethan he doesnt know some of the things Gwen has done, but he will. Ethan thought Alistair was lying to him, and he told him off and threatened to kill him. 

Gwen and Rebecca talk, they recall Alistair threatening them. Alistair thought one of them put the ad in the paper, but neither of them did. Alistair had evidence of their tabloid scheme and was ready to reveal it to Ethan. He also told Gwen that he switched the medical tests regarding Ethans coma, he was always going to be fine. Alistair says he wanted Gwen to turn off his life support. Gwen says she feels sick. Alistair says well she was weak, she didnt pull the plug so now he has to tell Ethan the truth about the tabloid. He says theyll have to watch him run back to Theresa. Rebecca said hed never get away with this, and theyd stop him no matter what it took. 

Sheridan remembers Alistair telling her that she killed her Aunt Rachel. Sheridan thinks Alistair cant cause her anymore pain now. Katherine asks Sheridan if she is okay? Sheridan says she feels like shes losing her mind. She says she felt like she killed her mother her whole life, and then when her mom came home she thought her nightmares would go away. She says now shes found out she killed Rachel. Rachel spies and so desperately wants to tell Sheridan shes alive. Sheridan says when she killed her, Alistair became a monster. Sheridan says it is her fault Luis and Antonio are dead, but Katherine says this is all Alistairs fault. Sheridan says she is a murderer. Katherine asks what she is saying? Before Sheridan says anymore, Chris interrupts. Sheridan is glad her father didnt take him away. Chris then recalls confronting Alistair earlier in the evening. Alistair had secrets on Chris that he was going to reveal. Katherine also recalls her confrontation with Alistair earlier in which she threatened to kill him for breaking their agreement about Sheridans secret. Alistair said she broke the agreement by putting the ad in the newspaper. HE thinks Katherine had put the rose petals around and with her scent on them as only Katherine knew about it. Katherine said she did no such thing. Katherine threatened to kill Alistair after he threatened to hurt Martin.

Rachel begins to wonder if she pushed this too far, if she opened a Pandora's box. She says its too late to close it now, and she heads up to the attic. 

Tabitha, Ivy, Kay and Fox all rejoice over Alistair's impending death. Fox says is there anyone aside from Fancy who wants him to live? Ivy says nope, certainly not the one who tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Eve continues to shock Alistair to try and save her. Martin then has a flashback of confronting Alistair earlier in the evening. Martin says that some of them want to see Alistair dead more than others. Pilar then remember her confrontation with Alistair earlier over what he did to Luis and Antonio. She threatened to kill him. Alistair told Pilar that Martin only went back to her in order for his agreement not to tell Sheridan about Rachels death. He says now that Sheridan knows the truth, how long will it take for Martin to go back to Katherines bed? He wonders who will be in Pilars bed then. Pilar lashed out at Alistair and promised to have her revenge on him. 

Rachel goes up to the attic. She wonders what she has done, and says she cant live with herself. She says its too late to justify what shes done and things have gone too far. Back down in the living room, Eve says Alistair is stable for the moment. Nobody but Fancy is happy about this news. Sam says when Alistair regains consciousness hell be able to tell him who killed him. We then see Alistair thinking about everyone who threatened to kill him. Sam also has no doubt that Alistair will follow through with his threat to expose all their secrets. 


January 6, 2006

At the mansion, Tabitha looks outside and says nobody is getting off the estate tonight, at least not by traditional modes of transportation. She says Alistair was so cocky towards his guests that he forgot he was the intended target. She wonders how many more attempted murders there will be tonight. 

Eve and Julian sit with Alistair. Eve says it is still too soon to tell if Alistair will survive, he needs to be in the hospital. Eve says shes never met anyone with such an intense will to live. Julian says its his drive to hurt people that keeps him going. Chris tells Sheridan and the others its almost like Alistair invites these attempts on his life in order to show everyone how powerful he is. Katherine says one day he will die, and they will live in a world without him. They wonder who was pushed far enough tonight to stab Alistair? Eve says if he comes too then theyll find out.

Up in the attic, Rachel begins to cry and says shes so sorry about what happened, she never meant for it to go this far. She thinks she has put the people she loves in more danger. Her cries echo through the house. Tabitha is the first to hear it and thinks this isnt a good sign. Tabitha wants to be home with Endora, so she decides to use some magic to escape. Meanwhile, Katherine hears her sister crying, and Pilar, Martin, Chris and Sheridan hear it too. Katherine says it sounds like . . . no it cant be. Martin asks who she thinks it is? Katherine says it must be a voice tape on a loop, a sick joke. Sheridan asks who cant it be? Katherine runs off, and they follow her.

TC walks outside and says nobody is leaving here tonight, at least not till morning. TC walks back in and sees Simone, who just said goodnight to Rae. TC tells Simone how worried he was about her. Simone thought he was mad at her. He says he knows the truth, Alistair paid that woman to seduce her, shes not a lesbian. He says  he saw it, Alistair showed it to them on a video email. Simone says no, Rae isnt like that. Simone says Alistair probably faked it, Rae fell in love with her because of her. TC says Rae is working for Alistair and he thinks Rae just wigged out and tried to kill him to protect her secret. Simone tells her dad that he is the one who wigs out and attacks people, hes pointing the finger at Rae because hes the one who tried to kill Alistair. Julian and Eve overhear Simone yelling at TC, and they ask what is going on here? TC says he was just trying to tell Simone that shes not a lesbian, that she was brainwashed by Alistair and that woman. He says there is nothing wrong with her that a good boyfriend wont fix. Simone tells her dad to stop this, she did not become gay because of Rae, she was already attracted to women. TC says he doesnt want to hear this. Simone says too bad. She asks her dad if he thinks people become gay because someone thinks it is a good idea and buys them a pair of army boots? She says it doesnt work like that, shes gay because shes gay. Simone says stop pining everything on Rae, everyone knows he is the one with the hair trigger temper. She says and if he did see photos of Rae and her then that set him off and he tried to kill Alistair. TC slaps Simone and says dont you ever say that again! Eve and Julian are stunned, and Eve tells TC how dare he! Simone runs off in tears. Eve asks TC asks what is wrong with him? She wonders if  hid did  go crazy and stab Alistair? They argue over Simone, Eve says nobody turns gay. TC says that is not true, and if anyone is to blame it is Eve. He says Simone was starved for attention, and it doesnt hurt that the first boy she loved turned out to be her brother. Liz says TC does have a point. Eve tells Liz to stay out of this, but Liz wont. She says with all the drugs and alcohol she put into her it is a wonder her nieces didnt turn out more messed up than they already are. Julian tells her to shut up. Eve tells TC to accept who Simone is or hell lose her, theyve pretty much lost Whitney as is, does he want to lose Simone too? TC says he doesnt want Simone to ruin her life. Eve says love is unconditional. TC tells her to save the lecture for someone who he still respects. TC walks off, and Julian and Eve face off with a dirty mouthed Liz. Liz tells Eve she is behind the melt down of her family, and she wont find eternal happiness with Julian. Eve asks Liz what happiness she will have? She says when she looks at Liz she sees someone to be pitied. Eve tells Liz that she is a miserable, bitter and lonely woman. Eve says she may have her troubles, but she has a life and a chance at happiness and that is more than Liz has. 

Simone finds Rae and demands answers from her, did Alistair pay her to start a relationship with her? Rae cant believe Simone is asking her this. Simone says her father told her this, Alistair sent him a tape of them exchanging money. Rae says she knows Alistair, he gave her money to start her club. She says it was only business. Rae swears it is the only connection she has to Alistair, nobody paid her to go after her. Rae says she saw her one night and was drawn to her. Simone says but she also broke up with her out of the blue. Rae says she is so young, and she is the first relationship she had. Rae says its natural to fall for the first person youve been intimate with. Rae says shes not up to that commitment right now. Rae says she cares about her, she just doesnt want her to think it might be forever. Rae says shed never lie to her. Rae also says shed like to get together with her some times, but she cant give her a full time commitment. They share a kiss which TC walks in on and says Hell No! He tells Rae to stay away from his daughter. Rae stands up to TC and says Simone isnt a little girl anymore. Simone says not to bother trying to argue with her father, but Rae takes him on and says he cant order Simone around. TC says he can and he orders Simone to go get her mother. Rae tells Simone not to take her fathers garbage anymore, if Simone wants to see her then she can. She also warns TC not to threaten her, if he comes after her then hell wish hed never been born. 

Gwen and Rebecca are in the study and discuss how Alistair was threatening them with the tabloid evidence. Gwen says they need to take action now. Rebecca thinks Gwen wants to kill Theresa and asks how they will do it. Gwen says there is another way to stop Alistair from exposing them, find the evidence he has on them. Rebecca says she much rather whack Theresa. Gwen says shes no murderer and Rebecca is lucky to have gotten off on her attempted murder of Eve. Gwen thinks they need to find whatever Alistair has against them. Gwen decides to search Alistairs bedroom. Rebecca says if you find any photos of me . . . Gwen says shell take care of it. Gwen leaves, and Rebecca searches the study and drinks. Meanwhile, Tabitha is in the hall and uses a painting as a magic window to check on Endora and ask her to help her get home. Endora zaps Tabitha and sends her home. At the same time. Rebecca leaves the library and sees Tabitha disappear! Tabitha finds herself outside in the snow, she finds a sign about the Red Sox and thinks shes in Boston. Back at the mansion, Rebecca dismisses what she sees and goes to get more booze. She then leaves the study, after taking the brandy. We then see a person in dark clothes come in and begin searching the study. 

Theresa finds Ethan in the kitchen. She heard what he said to her earlier tonight when he thought she was dead, that he said he wasnt going to leave her again. Theresa begs Ethan to listen to his heart, leave Gwen and come back to her. Ethan says he said those things because he was upset. He says the things he said hurt his wife, the woman he loves. He tells her that he will stay married to Gwen for the rest of his life. Soon Katherine and the others show up, they ask if someone was crying in here? Pilar says no it was just them. Katherine is very upset, and she has says she has to find out if it is real or not. Everyone follows Katherine, but Pilar stops Theresa and asks what she was doing in here with Ethan? Theresa says they were discussing his feelings for her. Pilar tells her to stop trying to come between a husband and a wife, and remember shes still married to Alistair. Theresa says maybe not for long. Pilar says everyone will think Theresa is the main suspect, especially with her talking about being with Ethan. Theresa says she doesnt care, she loves Ethan and will be with him. 

Kay and Ivy talk in the greenhouse, Alistair knows everything about the whole David Hastings scheme. Ivy thinks Kay tried to kill Alistair, but Kay thought it was Ivy. Kay says they are finished, when Alistair regains consciousness he will tell everyone the truth. Suddenly they turn around and see Sam and Fox standing there. Of course they didnt hear anything. Ivy says they were having girl talk and they startled them. Fox says they wanted to update them on Alistair, hes stable for now. Kay asks about the roads, can they leave and go home? Sam says no, they are stuck here. Sam says he knows they are thinking what he is, when Alistair wakes up hell reveal all their secrets. Fox doesnt think he can do anything more to him. Sam says they are lucky, Alistair has done his worst to them. Sam says others arent as lucky, they are still waiting for the bomb to drop. Later, Katherine and the others show up looking for the sounds of the crying. They all too begin to hear someone crying. They think its coming from upstairs, from the attic. Pilar says Katherine seems to think she knows who it is, but Katherine says she doesnt, she just wants to help them if they are in trouble. They all go running after the sound, everyone but Chris. Chris goes to check on Alistair. Kay and Fox hang behind too, Fox wants to talk to Kay about secrets. Fox can see Kay is about to snap, he wants to get it all out into the open and talk about these secrets. Kay says she doesnt have any secrets. Fox says he knows that, he was talking about his secret. 

Julian and Eve check back in on Alistair, who is still going strong. Liz is sitting in the corner sulking. Eve and Julian discuss who did this to Alistair, and how whoever did it could try and kill him again. Julian suggests they take a break, Alistair will be fine. They head off to the kitchen and get some coffee. Liz is gone at this point. When Alistair is left alone we see the dark figure sneak in and try and kill Alistair with a pillow! 

Gwen is searching Alistairs room when Theresa catches her. Theresa wonders what Gwen is looking for, and then she figures it out. Theresa walks in and offers to help her find the evidence she is looking for, the evidence that she sent proof on Ethan to the tabloids. Theresa says until this moment she thought the proof was gone, but now she knows the proof still exists. Theresa says shell find it before Gwen does. Gwen says shes crazy. Theresa says even if she doesnt find it, when Alistair wakes up that hell tell them what she did. Theresa even thinks maybe Gwen killed Alistair.

The others find Rachel in the attic. She tells them to go away. Katherine says Oh My God! It is you! Katherine says she recognized her voice, but she didnt think it was possible. Sheridan asks who it is. Katherine says she cant say it. Rachel turns around and faces them all. Katherine says Rachel. Sheridan says but she thought she killed her. Katherine asks if it is really her, is she alive? Rachel says yes she is alive. Sheridan says this means she didnt kill anyone! 

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