January 9, 2006 

Fancy tells Noah that she knows her grandfather has done terrible things, and she knows people hate him. She says but she has seen a side of her grandfather that makes him human. She says she knows he can be a monster, but he also did this for her. She takes Noah to her special room, which is a room fit for a queen. She says Alistair designed and built this for her. Noah cant believe a tyrant did this. She says that is just it, how can someone who created something so beautiful be such a monster. Noah says the room is like a fairytale. Fancy says Grampy said she was his real life princess, and every night he tucked her into bed he told her how special she was and how this special room was so she wouldnt forget it. Noah says he agrees with Alistair for once, she is special and special to him. Noah says he cant afford to build her such a room to show her, all he can do is love her. Fancy says that is all she wants. He says he does, and they kiss. They then make love. Fancy tells Noah hes the only man shes ever brought here. He says not even the French tennis pro or that duke the tabloids said she dated. She says nope, this is her special place and she would only share it with a special man, and that man is him. Fancy becomes sad, looking around reminds her of how much her grandfather loves her. She doesnt know how he can be so mean to everyone else. She says knowing someone hates him enough to kill him upsets her. Noah says obviously Alistair upset someone else enough to want to kill him, and she knows what Alistair admitted to tonight. He says Alistair loves blackmailing people. Fancy asks if he blackmailed him. Noah flashes back to Alistair showing him a file on Noah and his former girlfriend. Noah lies to Fancy and says Alistair didnt threaten him tonight. Fancy is glad, she though he might try and come between them. She says nothing will ever come between them again, and they will live happily ever after. 

In the pool house, Kay asks Fox if Alistair was blackmailing him. He says no, just like he knows Alistair wasnt blackmailing her. Fox says he just wanted her to know hes not hiding anything from her. She says okay. Shes says this whole situation has just had her upset. Fox tells her that shes too good for Alistair to have anything on her. Kay flashes back to Alistair threatening her earlier. Fox suggests they take a swim, they have the pool all to themselves. Fox says he loves her and after everything that happened tonight hes glad they dont have secrets. They share a swim and kisses. He keeps saying how honest she is, but she says no shes not. He thinks shes just worried about the whole phone off the hook thing, and he tells her that she fessed up and that wasnt why he was fired, he was fired because Alistair is a bastard. Fox then says he has a confession, he brought her here to seduce her. She smiles and laughs. They dance and end up dancing their way over to a bed to make love. Kay feels guilty and says God help her if he ever finds out the truth. After they make love they cuddle and Fox talks about how perfect and happy they are. Kay worries that if Alistair lives then this will all be ruined when he exposes her secret. 

In the attic, Katherine cant believe Rachel is alive. Sheridan thinks she killed Rachel. Rachel says no, she was just trying to protect her father. Pilar says they saw her corpse, and Katherine recognized the jewelry. Rachel says it wasnt her, and her hatred for Alistair kept her alive all these years. Sam thinks to himself that perhaps Rachel was the one who stabbed Alistair. Katherine realizes Sam suspects Rachel and thinks she has to protect her. Rachel tells everyone that shes been living in the Crane attic since autumn. Katherine asks how? Rachel tells Katherine that she always was curious, but her face looks different, so does Martins. Martin says he and Katherine had plastic surgery to elude Alistair. Rachel says she thought Katherine was really dead and she only came back after she leaned she was alive. Ivy says they all thought she died in a boating accident. Rachel says when she broke her engagement to Alistair he wouldnt accept it, he faked her death and held her prisoner for years at the Crane cabin. She says he married Katherine and had Sheridan and Julian. She says when she escaped finally she came to kill Alistair, and that was the night Alistair blamed Sheridan for killing her. Rachel feels terrible that her actions caused Alistair to torture them all. Ivy asks how Alistair could blame Sheridan for her death if he knew she was alive. Rachel says Alistair didnt know she was alive until tonight. She says Alistair thought she was a ghost, so she made it clear she wasnt. Rachel begins to recount the actions the night Sheridan thought she killed her. She says Sheridan poked her with a letter opener and drew blood, but she didnt really hurt her. She says she was taken from the mansion and when she woke up she was in some remote estate. Martin realize Alistair knew she was still alive and he made him bury someone else's remains that night to cover up that she was still alive. Katherine says shes still confused,  did Alistair think that woman in the coffin was her? Rachel says he couldnt have. She begins to say how she realized Alistair was going to keep her a prisoner on that estate forever, so she could die there, escape or die trying to escape. Suddenly Gwen and Theresa are heard arguing, so Ethan excuses himself to deal with it. Sam asks Rachel so tonight was the first time Alistair saw her. Rachel says yes, though she has been rattling Alistair by letting him catch glimpses of her. She wanted to see if Alistair had changed, and he had, he became more evil. She says hes still keeping couples apart. Katherine says he did that to her and Martin, he said if they didnt stay away from one another that hed tell Sheridan she killed her aunt Rachel. Pilar realizes Martin only came back to her to protect Sheridan and Katherine. Meanwhile, Sheridan leaves to go find Chris and tell him this wonderful news. Katherine asks Rachel how she escaped the compound? Rachel says it was an accident. She says she fell off the cliff and into the sea, she was believed to be dead. She says a fishing boat found her, and she went into hiding until planning her comeback from the dead. The security guard shows up and gives the bagged knife to Sam. Sam says hes no longer the chief of police, why give this to him. The guard says Alistair left instructions, if he was ever the victim of a crime that Sam was to lead the investigation. Ivy thinks this is some sick joke, he was the one who had Alistair fired. Katherine says it is because Alistair knows how honest Sam is, that hell find the person and bring them to justice. Sam says hell see what he can do. Sam asks Rachel if she has ever seen this knife. Martin and Katherine ask if this is necessary, but he says it is. Sam thinks if it was Rachel who tried to kill Alistair then Ethan can help her if she confesses. Katherine doesnt want Rachel to say anything. Sam says as soon as the knife is sent to the lab theyll know whose knife it is. Rachel says no need, yes, its her knife. Sam asks if she stabbed Alistair, but Rachel says no. She says she used the knife to scare Alistair, not kill him. Martin says this mansion is full of people who wanted Alistair dead. Katherine says any of them could have stabbed Alistair. Sam asks how Rachels knife ended up in Alistairs neck if she didnt stab him.

In Alistairs room, Gwen tells Theresa that shes wrong, Alistair has no proof of the tabloid scandal. She says she burned the proof, but Theresa thinks Alistair had his own proof and she is here to try and find it. Theresa cant wait until Ethan learns this, and she wont have to break her promise to God as Ethan will leave Gwen and come back to her. Theresa begins fantasizing about her life with Ethan. Ethan and Theresa have inherited the mansion, Alistair died, Ethan is running Crane Industries and the kids are a bit older. No longer Little Ethan and Jane were outside playing in the snow. They come in and Theresa pours them hot chocolate. Jane asks what ever happened to the skinny blond lady that made them call her mommy? Ethan says Gwen got caught in a lie and had to be punished. Ethan says they need more wood for the fire. He calls for more wood. Gwen is being forced to chop wood in the snow as her punishment. One of the security guards whips her as she chops. Back in the real world, Gwen says Theresa will never be a family with Ethan as shell kill her! Gwen then attacks Theresa. Ethan arrives finally and breaks up the fight, Gwen claims Theresa attacked her and tried to kill her. Theresa says Gwen attacked her. Gwen claims she went to check on Jane and found Theresa ransacking the room. Theresa says that is a lie. Gwen says she was saying Alistair had something on her, Alistair was going to expose her. Theresa says shes a liar and Gwen was looking for the tabloid evidence that Alistair had. Gwen cant believe she is still going on about that. Ethan of course sides with Gwen. Pilar comes up and asks what is going on. Theresa says Gwen is trying to make her look bad in front of Ethan. Ethan tells Pialr to tell her daughter to stop her scheming as shes looking like a lunatic. Ethan and Gwen leave, and Theresa is thrilled. Theresa tells Pilar what she caught Gwen looking for. She thinks Gwen knows her time is running out. Pilar reminds Theresa about her promise to God, but Theresa says she doesnt have to break it, she just has to find the proof and prove Gwen is lying. Meanwhile, Gwen continues to lie to Ethan about how she cant believe Theresa lied about her. Ethan says he believes her, it is okay. Gwen says Theresa scares her, shes already tried to kill Alistair and she might try and kill her next. She wants to get Jane and leave. 

The mysterious figure begins ransacking the study. They throw a photo of Alistair into the fire. Meanwhile, Eve and Julian are in the kitchen having some tea. Julian thinks it has been some night, and he asks if Alistair will pull through. She thinks he will unless something unexpected happens. Cue to the study where the figure is now smothering Alistair with a pillow. It appears that the figure succeeds as Alistairs heart monitors beep and his heart rate drops to zero. Meanwhile, Eve decides to check on Alistair. She walks in on the man trying to kill Alistair. She asks who he is and what is he doing. She says he killed Alistair! 

Meanwhile, Sheridan shows up in the study and finds it has been ransacked, and the figure is still there hiding. It seems there are two figures running around the mansion in black outfits! The person sneaks off, and Sheridan yells for help as there is an intruder. Chris then shows up and asks what is wrong? She tells him about the intruder, but Chris says he didnt see anything. They look at the mess made in the study. Chris is glad she wasnt hurt. Sheridan thinks they must find out who the person was and what they were looking for. Chris says let security handle that. Sheridan then tells Chris the news that Rachel is alive, she didnt kill anyone. Later, Sheridan thinks the person who tore this library apart tried to kill her father, they must have been looking for what her father had on them. Chris says maybe not, it could have been someone else.

At the same time, Eve wrestles with the figure in the study and yells to Julian for help. When Julian shows up, the figure runs off. Julian goes to chase him, but Eve says it is too dangerous. Julian asks what they looked like, but Eve doesnt know if it was a man or a woman as they wore a disguise. Julian says she is a remarkable woman, he wouldnt have fought to save Alistair. Julian thinks he might have helped them finish the job. Julian says so far someone has tried to kill Alistair twice, and he doesnt think theyll stop till they succeed. Alistair is still alive, his heart is once again beating. The person obviously didnt finish him off.


January 10, 2006

It's the next morning at the mansion.

Kay and Fox are still enjoying the Crane pool, and Kay is still worried about Fox breaking up with her. Fox tells Kay that she seems a bit tense. She says she is just worried about the fallout from last night. Fox doesnt think it can affect either of them as they dont have secrets. Fox says in fact look in the pool, hes not hiding a thing. Kay says woah! and joins him in the pool. Later they get out of the pool and are in towel robes. Fox wonders if it is wrong for him to feel so happy when someone just tried to kill his grandfather. Kay says not given what he's done to them. Fox says its still creepy that there is an attempted murderer in the mansion. Kay says what is creepy is that it could be anyone of them. Fox says its not one of them though, they dont have any secrets. Fox thinks they should shower and see what is for breakfast.

Fancy and Noah wake up in Fancys special room. Noah looks at Fancy and worries about the blackmail Alistair has on him. Noah knows he has to destroy the information Alistair has or they wont live happily ever after. Noah says he cant lose her. Noah and Fancy share some morning kisses (ew morning breath!) Later they decide to head downstairs for breakfast. Fancy says she wants to check on grandfather first, she wants to see if the roads are clear to get him to the hospital. She also wants to know who tried to kill him, and hopefully he'll wake up and tell them. Noah says unless the person tries to kill him again. Fancy says all the more reason to get him to the hospital where hes safe. 

Pilar catches Martin with Katherine in Katherine's room. She listens at the door as Martin tells Katherine that he has to get back to Pilar before she wakes up and finds him missing. Katherine hopes Pilar didnt hear her. Martin doubts it, otherwise Pilar would have come in and seen what happened. He says it would have upset her to see her thrashing around in her bed. Pilar fears Martin is back with his mistress. Katherine tells Martin he should go, and she thanks him for coming to her and giving her what she needs. Katherine sees Pilar in the doorway. She tells Martin to go to her. Martin races after an angry Pilar. She tells him not to bother explaining, she knows what she saw and heard. She asks how he could leave their bed to make love to Katherine. He says he didnt make love to Katherine, but Pilar knows what she heard. He says he got it all wrong, he went downstairs to make coffee and heard Katherine crying out. He thought she was in danger, but she was only having a nightmare. He says that is what she walked in on, him checking on her. Pilar says Katherine blurted out the truth in the attic, that he only came back to her to keep Alistair from telling Sheridan about Rachel. Martin says she knew that, and he told her that he wanted to be with her, to renew their vows and be a family again. Pilar says that was then and this is no, there is no one blackmailing him now. She asks which woman he will be with? She says forget it, go back to Katherine. He says nothing has changed, hes still committed to her and will stay with her if she still wants him.

Rachel and Katherine catch up with one another. Katherine tells Rachel to have her back is a dream come true. Rachel says for her too, she thought Katherine was dead for years as well. Rachel blames herself for Katherine marrying Alistair in the first place. Rachel says she tried to tell her she was breaking it off with Alistair, but then he kidnapped her and faked her death. Katherine says dont blame herself, Alistair fooled her too. Katherine says he didn't show his true colors until after they were married. She says it took her years and Martins help to leave him, Martin saved her life. Rachel can see how much Katherine loves Martin. Katherine says they got very close over the years, Martin is . . . was her soul mate. She says their love was something she never experienced. Rachel can see that Katherine still loves him and he still loves her. Katherine says it doesnt matter, hes with Pilar. Rachel senses Pilar has her doubts about his commitments. Katherine says they have had a hard time letting one another go, and Pilar keeps finding them together in awkward situations. Katherine wants Martin and Pilar to be happy though. She says she took Martin from Pilar and their family. Rachel asks why Pilars happiness is more important than hers? She tells Katherine that she has suffered so, if she can be with Martin then do it. Rachel says she deserves to be happy. 

Sheridan and Chris are together. Sheridan didnt sleep well, she cant forget her fathers lies about her killing Rachel. Chris says her father is a monster, there isnt anyone here that he hasnt threatened. Sheridan asks Chris if her dad threatened him? Chris lies to Sheridan and claims Alistair hasnt blackmailed him. Sheridan is glad, she loves him and James and would hate for her father to ruin their happiness. Chris says he wont let that happen, and they kiss.

Jessica opens the door to the mansion and in walks Spike. She asks what hes still doing here? He says waiting to take her home with him, its too dangerous for her to be here. He says he spent the night in the garage, and they can leave as soon as its safe. Jessica says she wouldnt be here if it wasnt for him, and she punches him. He asks what that was for? She says for drugging her, bringing her here, tying her to a bed and threatening to kill her. She tells Spike to get away from her as she never wants to see him again. Spike tells himself the feeling is mutual, but until Alistair dies then hes stuck sticking it to her and her family. Spike tries to explain it was Alistair. Sam and Ivy show up, Ivy grabs Jessica and Sam goes after Spike. Sam wont hear Spike out, he decks him! A huge fight between the two erupts. Ivy and Jessica beg Sam to stop, and Ivy says Spike isnt worth it. Jessica asks her dad not to kill Spike. Spike begs Jessica to call the cops. Sam tells Spike to never come near his daughter again or he will kill him. Sam then throws Spike out into the snow. Later Jessica goes out to give Spike a peace of her mind. She says she loved him and he took advantage of that, she never wants to see him again. Spike says he was trying to protect her last night. He says Alistair made him do everything, he was trying to get to Sam. Spike says hed never do that to her, but Alistair said hed kill her if he didnt do it. Spike says besides Alistair offered him cash for the club and for their own place. Jessica says she doesnt want to see him again. Spike says she cant bail on him now, as soon as Alistair pays him then she can stop working the streets and can go back to school. He says theyll get a house and raise a family. Jessica says he wants to settle down with her? Spike says its all hes ever wanted, he only did this for their future together. He says he loves her and begs her to come with him. Jessica doesnt know, and she tells Spike he still used her and wouldnt let her stop working on the street. Spike says he was just so eager to get to the good part. Jessica doesnt know why she should believe him. He says because he loves her and she loves him. Jessica hears her dad calling out to her. Jessica leaves Spike and goes back inside to her dad. However then she turns around and tells Spike that she loves him and they should get him somewhere warm. 

Theresa tells Jane that shell be back soon but first she has to rattle her evil step-mothers cage. Theresa looks in on Ethan and Gwen who are asleep. Gwen wakes up and sees Theresa looking at them, so she begins to seduce Ethan. Theresa thinks Gwen should enjoy Ethan while she can, shes going to find that proof and Gwen will end up with nothing. Later, Gwen talks with Ethan. She is upset that Alistair didnt die, and shes afraid Alistair will hurt them. Ethan asks if Alistair threatened her? Did he have a secret on her? A spying Theresa wants her to tell the truth and get it over with. Gwen lies to Ethan and says Alistair didnt threaten her, and they could never and can never could keep secrets from each other, he knows that. Gwen says she is worried, Theresa could have tried to kill Alistair and she could try and kill her next. Theresa says when she is finished with Gwen, shell wish she had killed her. 

In the living room, Alistair is on his sofa, hes still hooked up to the monitors. Many people gather in the kitchen for breakfast. The roads havent been salted yet and the phone lines are still down. Theresa realizes Rachel is the woman who she met when Ethan was in his coma. Rachel says yes. Theresa asks where shes been all these years, and Rachel gives the short recap of her escape from Alistair and her living in the attic for awhile now. Theresa realizes that Rachel has seen and heard a lot that has gone on here then. Rachel says yes, she heard Alistair hurting her and her tears. Theresa asks if Rachel knows where Alistair keeps his secrets hidden. Rachel cant say, when he wants something hidden it stays hidden. Sheridan says he didnt keep her hidden. Rachel says that was luck, luck and Otto, a man who works for Alistair and probably saved her life when she fell off that cliff. Rachel says Otto was the one who told Alistair she was dead. She says she hadnt thought of Otto until recently. She says she heard Alistair and Otto talking recently about keeping someones paternity a secret. Theresa asks what she heard? Rachel says it was talking about Otto guarding his latest guest and to keep them from being found. Sheridan thinks her father is hiding Beth and Marty. Sheridan asks where it was that Alistair held her, but Rachel doesnt know. She says she ended up on a boat and somehow ended up in Montana. She says she has no memory of how she got there. Sheridan is still hopeful they might find Marty. Suddenly Pilar and Martin walk in and say bad news, Alistair is awake. They all head to the living room. 

Noah heads to the study and searches Alistairs PC, but its pass worded. Sam catches him and thinks Alistair must have something on him too. Noah says yeah, and if Fancy finds out then hell lose her. Sam asks Noah if he wants to talk about it. Noah says yeah but he cant as its bad. Sam says he wont twist his arm. Noah thanks him and says right now he has to get rid of that file before Fancy reads it. He says he loves Fancy and he wont let anyone, especially Alistair take her away from him. Sam doesnt want to see him lose the woman he loves, hes been there. Noah asks if hes talking about mom or Ivy? Sam says both. He says hell always love Grace, but she chose David and now he has a second chance with Ivy. Noah says so he doesnt want mom back? Sam says hes done everything he can do, David's  story is legit and he has to respect Graces wishes. He says hes lost his mom and there is nothing he can do to change that.

Ivy and Kay overhear Sam and Noah discussing Grace. Kay feels guilty and tells Ivy that her dad is clearly still hurting, she has to tell him the truth. Kay walks in to see her father, but Ivy stops her and says she cant tell Sam the truth. Kay says he deserves the truth, and she is thinking clearly for the first time in a long time. Ivy says no matter what she did, Grace still chose David, but Kay says it is still her fault. Ivy says Sam wont be happy with her when this truth comes out. Kay knows that but doesnt care, at least hell know what a snake Ivy is before he marries her. Ivy says what about Fox? Shell lose Fox. Kay says maybe not. Ivy says whats done is done and she regrets what she did, but she cant change things without hurting more people. Noah and Sam find Ivy and Kay, and Sam asks if everything is okay? Kay says everything is fine. Sam and Ivy leave, and Noah asks Kay what is going on? She says she has done something really bad. Noah asks what? She says it is unforgivable. Noah says hes done something terrible too. Kay is worried that Alistair will rat out her secret. Noah suggests she come clean before Alistair announces it. Kay says if her secret comes out then shell lose Fox. Noah says hes in the same boat as her, and they are just postponing the inevitable. Ivy then shows up and says Alistair is awake.

Fancy sits with Alistair and wishes he could tell them who did this to him. Suddenly Alistair wakes up. Everyone else soon arrives to hear Alistair name his killer. 


January 11, 2006

At the mansion, everyone stands around Alistair and waits for him to reveal who tried to kill him. Sam and Fancy both ask who tried to kill him. Eve checks on Alistair and wants him to save his strength, but Fancy wants a name. Suddenly Rachel plunges a needle into his chest and injects him with something. Sam grabs her, and Eve asks what she injected into Alistair? Rachel says nothing good. Fancy hands Eve the vial that Rachel used on Alistair. Eve says this will kill him for sure. Rachel says she came what she did to do. Sam says he thought she said she didnt try and kill him last night. Rachel says she didnt try last night, but she did try today. She says she hopes she kills the sick bastard. Fancy begs Eve to help him, and she does what she can. Eve asks Rachel how she knew what this drug would do to him, it isnt used on humans. Rachel says when she ended up in Montana she was taken in by a doctor Gillespi, who was a vet. She says she became his assistant and was taught how to humanly put animals down. Fancy cant believe she used an animal drug on her grandfather. Rachel says he deserves to die, she only wishes she could have given him something to make him suffer. Sam says they still have to find out who tried to stab Alistair last night. Sheridan asks why, its like giving to charity anonymously. Sheridan says her father has gotten everything he deserves, Eve says hes taken a turn for the worse and she needs help. Nobody wants to help him, so Fancy volunteers. Eve asks Fancy to keeps his neck wound from bleeding while she looks for something to nullify whatever Rachel gave him. Eve finds something and then asks someone to try the phones. Julian says the land lines are dead, and nobody is getting cell service. Eve tells Fancy shes trying what she can, but what shes doing is dangerous. Shes mixed a number of drugs to try and counter what Rachel have him. Rachel hopes Eve fails in saving him. 

Katherine and Rachel discuss what has happened to them, and Rachel blames herself for everything. Katherine tells her not to feel guilty. Rachel says if she goes to prison for killing Alistair it will be a small price to pay for ridding the world of his evil. Meanwhile, Chris asks Sheridan if she is okay, and she says she is fine. She says she doesnt feel anything for her father, nothing at all. Gwen asks Ethan if he thinks Alistair will survive? Ethan doesnt know, and he thinks most men would be dead if they had gone through what Alistair has. Meanwhile Kay worries about the kids home alone with the baby sitter. She tells Fox she needs to get home. Fox says there are old snow shoes in the stable, they can use them. Fox says he and Kay are going to try and get off the estate, and theyll call the police and paramedics as soon as they are home. Sam wishes them luck. Ethan talks with Julian about how he used to admire Alistair, but he was a kid then. He says he tried to be like Alistair, and everything came crashing down when they found out he wasnt a Crane. He says Alistair turned his back on him. Julian says so did he, and hes sorry. Ethan says if anyone is to blame it is the person who sent the email to the tabloid. He knows Theresa claims she didnt do it, and she blames Rebecca and Gwen. Ethan says he cant believe Gwen did it though. Ethan says whoever did it, they hurt him greatly. Theresa listens and vows to find the person who hurt him no matter what it takes. 

Eve injects Alistair with the drug, which not only didnt work but sent Alistair into cardiac arrest. Fancy begs Eve to help him. Julian asks what they do? Theresa says there is nothing they can do. Eve performs CPR on him when Rebecca shows up. She asks what is going on around here? What is all the noise about? Julian says Alistair is dying. She says again, cant he die more quietly. Fancy helps Eve give Alistair CPR. Everyone stands around and hope they fail to save Alistair. Noah hopes Fancy screws up and Alistair dies. Eve says they got him back, the crisis is over. Rebecca cant believe this, and Sheridan wishes Eve wasnt such a good doctor. Sheridan and James decide to try and get back to town too, she wants to get to James and try and find information on this Otto person. Gwen asks how she will track him down? Sheridan says shell start with the internet, and she wont stop until she finds him. Sheridan feels bad for the people who Alistair still has secrets on, they have a way of coming out. Gwen says dont say that. Sheridan says if she has a secret shes keeping from Ethan then she better tell him and soon, before Alistair does. Sheridan and Chris then leave. Gwen tells her mom that Sheridan is right, she has to tell Ethan what they did. Rebecca asks if shes out of her mind? 

Theresa races off, and Pilar follows her asking what shes up to. Theresa says she heard Ethan talk about how much his paternity being revealed hurt him, and how Gwen said she was going to reveal the truth to Ethan. Pilar says Ethan could forgive her, but Theresa doesnt think so. Theresa thinks hell dump Gwen and come back to her. Meanwhile, Rebecca takes Gwen off to lecture Gwen about not telling Ethan the truth. Gwen says she has to, if he hears it from her rather than Alistair then he might forgive her. Rebecca doubts that he would forgive her. Gwen says she cant go on lying, she has to be honest with Ethan. Ethan walks in and Gwen shoes Rebecca so she can talk with Ethan. Gwen says she needs to talk to him. Theresa listens in and waits for her to spit it out. Gwen tells Ethan that she needs to talk to him about the truth, she is going to tell him the truth before Alistair does. He asks what truth she has to tell him.

Later, Liz tells Eve she may be a brilliant doctor, but shes a lousy human. She says if she had let Alistair die then she could have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. Eve wonders why Liz is here? She says she came to support TC, he was upset about Simone. Eve says dont give her that, and she wonders if Alistair had a secret on her. 

Fancy and Noah go to the attic to get blankets for Alistair. Fancy cant believe everyone downstairs, and she thinks they are all as bad as Alistair as they all have nasty secrets. She is glad they dont have any secrets between them, honesty is what will ensure their happiness. Fancy goes to open a chest to find the blankets. Fancy morphs into a man, who is then shot in front of Noahs eyes. Noah screams No! and tackles Fancy. She asks what is wrong with him? He says hes sorry, and he had a horrible memory from years ago. She wonders what he remembered. She says he's sweating he's so frightened.

Tabitha is in her cross country ski gear and makes her way back to Harmony. She says she had to mug a cross country skier to get this transportation to get home. She worries about what Endora is up to with the baby sitter.

At home, Endora has a man dressed like the tooth fairy tied up while she makes all her toys float around. Endora wont let him go, so he says wait until her mother gets home. Shes been eating cake and sweets all night long, and he says she needs to stop as it makes her hyper. He thinks he'll get kicked out of the fairies guild if they hear about this. She zaps the tooth fairy and then plugs his mouth with a ball so he stops talking.

Tabitha soon returns home and finds what Endora has been up to. She asks where the regular babysitter is? Tabitha also says shes told her not to torture the babysitters. Tabitha takes the ball out of the tooth fairys mouth. She asks him where the normal baby sitter is? He says Endora cast a spell on her and gave her a second head that only talks in French. He says he tried to help while she went to the witch doctor for help. He says look what he gets for helping out. He then warns Endora when her teeth fall out shell only find dental floss under her pillow. Tabitah tells Endora that soon the whole magic kingdom will be gossiping about her, and shell never get her powers back if the Darkside thinks she cant control her own daughter. Tabitha begins cleaning up, but then asks Endora to use her magic to clean up this mess. Endora does. Tabitha then tells Endora how lucky she was to stay home, that party was hell. Tabitha says shes so glad to be back here. 

Later, Fox and Kay return to Tabithas. They have their snow shoes on and she yells at them for getting her floor all wet. Fox wonders how Tabitha got here? Tabitha says she found cross country skis and skied here. Fox cant believe she skies. She says she was a downhill champion in her days. Fox leaves to try and get cell phone reception and call for help. Kay asks Tabitha how she really got home? She says she skied all the way from Boston, Endora zapped her there. Kay fills Tabitha in on Rachels attempt to kill Alistair. The bowl begins to bubble and Tabitha checks it out. She tells Kay that she doesnt want to see this, but Kay does. Kay says if it is about her then she deserves to know. She sees that the bowl is showing her marrying Fox, and she thinks this is great news. She says its not lying again is it? Tabitha says no, but she didnt see the whole story. Kay asks what is it, Fox wont drop dead will he. Tabitha says nothing will happen to Fox, but something will happen to her. Kay watches the vision in the bowl, something bad happens at their wedding and causes her to scream No! Fox returns and asks what is wrong? 

Chris and Sheridan return to the B&B, they rode a bobsled home. James comes down and wishes them a happy New Year. Sheridan takes him off to get breakfast. Chris gets on the PC and hopes Sheridan doesnt find out his secret otherwise it will tear them apart forever. Later Sheridan joins Chris at the PC and they search for information on Otto. She vows to find Beth and Marty and not to let anymore secrets destroy her life again.


January 12, 2006
At the B&B, Sheridan works on the PC to try and find Alistair's henchman Otto. Sheridan hasnt found anything yet, but wont give up. She hasnt found anyone named Otto in Crane files yet, but says at least she's not looking for a John or some other ordinary name. She thinks she may be crazy for putting her hopes in such a crazy story from her Aunt Rachel, but she cant give up hope. Chris continues to worry that Sheridan might find something on him in the Crane files. He tries to convince her to take a break as she is exhausted. He thinks she needs to get some sleep, but she says not now. She says Luis died trying to find Marty, she has to finish what he started. Sheridan says shes sorry for snapping at him, but Chris understands. Chris still wants her to get some rest. He says once she is feeling better then hell help her find this Otto person. He swears hell help her find Marty. Chris says Mrs. Henderson is going to watch Marty so she is going upstairs. She says she doesnt want to go to bed, but he says he didnt say anything about bed. Chris makes Sheridan a bath to enjoy. Sheridan looks up and sees a photo of Luis and Marty on the mantel in the bathroom. Chris knows she misses Marty and promises to help find Marty. Sheridan says she is still missing Luis, but it is getting better. She says she never thought shed find a love like this again, and being with him makes him happy. Chris gets in the bath with Sheridan and they kiss.

At Tabithas, Fox asks Kay why she screamed? Kay says she did it, its her fault, all of it. She says she did a terrible thing. Fox asks what shes talking about. Tabitha drags Fox away from the bowl and says Kay is just upset at the terrible cleaning job she did and she found a cockroach in her fruit bowl. She also thinks Kay is upset about the murder attempt on Alistair tonight. Kay continues to see the vision in the bowl and says its all her fault. Fox asks her what has her upset. Kay says she destroyed them and its her fault. Fox says he doesnt understand. Fox thinks they are fine, but Kay says not for long. Tabitha wonders if Kay is ill or hallucinating, maybe she took some of Jessicas drugs. Kay says no, she has learned secrets eat away at a relationship and she has to face the music. Kay tells Fox that he has to listen and be patient, its a long story and not a pretty one. She knows hell be angry with her, but they love one another. Fox says she can tell him anything. Kay says she hopes she can. She says it is about both of their families, and its bad. Fox says he loves her and thinks shes wonderful and nothing can change that. Kay hopes he still feels that way when he learns what she did. She tells Fox that shes responsible for breaking up her parents marriage. Tabitha cant believe the secret is finally out. Fox says he knows shes not to blame, and he begins recapping Sam and Graces story and Davids return. Kay tells Fox that none of it was true, her mom was never married to David, he was a stranger. She also says they dont have a son together either. Fox says David had a marriage certificate and John took a DNA test. Kay says it was lies, it was all faked. Fox says who would want to do something like that, and who would have the money and the power to do it. Kay says it was Ivy. Fox asks if this is a sick joke? Kay says shes sorry. Fox realizes Kays not lying. Fox says so his mother ripped apart a marriage, that is disgusting. Kay says she knows. Fox asks how she found out? Kay says that is the bad part. Kay says she overheard his mom and David discussing their plot, she was paying him and blackmailing him. Fox asks why she didnt tell anyone. Kay says she couldnt tell anyone. Fox asks why not? Why didnt she save her parents marriage. Kay says she was mad at her mom at the time. She says her mom was always nagging and criticizing her. She begins to mimic Grace saying Kay Im so disappointed in you. Kay why arent you like you like your cousin Charity. Kay says she couldnt take it anymore. Kay says she hated her cousin Charity, and she hated her mother and wanted her mom to hurt. Kay says she knew she could hurt her mom where it hurt her the most. Fox says so she let her mom leave town with a strange man because she was mad at her? Fox says lets think about how this all worked out for everyone, look at what happened to Jessica for starters. Fox is furious with Kay. Fox says his mother is a cold blooded liar, and everything hes loved about Kay has been a lie too. Kay tells Tabitha its not supposed to be like this. Tabitha says she thinks Kay has lost Fox, hes gone forever.

In the mansion attic, Fancy asks Noah what has him so upset, hes white as a sheet and all sweaty. She asks if hes sick, but he says no. He says hes fine, but she says hes never looked this bad since she met him. She says they swore to be honest, what is wrong. Noah recalls the vision he had of the man being shot, and he says it was all an accident. She says what was an accident? He doesnt want to talk about it. She says she wont push, but let her in on what happened. He says being here reminded him of a prank in college, they pulled a joke on a fraternity brother and it went very wrong. He says that is all. Fancy suggests they get the blankets and get out of the creepy attic.

In the nursery, Theresa listens at the door and waits for Gwen to confess all to Ethan. Ethan doesnt think Gwen is one to keep secrets, that is Rebecca's style. Rebecca is at another door listening and is insulted. Gwen says she does have a secret, it has been gnawing at her and has poisoned their marriage. She says she did something terrible and hurt many people, and he wont forgive her. He thinks it cant be that bad. She says it is, its pretty terrible. Meanwhile, Rebecca catches Theresa eavesdropping, and they get into a catfight as the Kill Bill theme plays. Of course the catfight interrupts Gwens confession. Ethan breaks up the fight, and Theresa wants Gwen to finish her confession because it involves them all. Rebecca claims it is about her, she wanted to kill Alistair. Rebecca says she told Gwen and that is what Gwen was going to tell Ethan. Theresa thinks Rebecca should come up with a better lie, and she wants Gwen to admit to the tabloid scandal. Theresa tells Gwen for once be honest with Ethan. They of course are interrupted by Pilar, who says Alistair is awake and is going to say who tried to kill him. Theresa says good, maybe Rebecca or Gwen did stab Alistair to prevent him from exposing them. Theresa thinks their secret is about to come out.

In the living room, Eve thinks Alistair knows a secret about Liz and she wonders what he has on her. Liz says that is absurd, and maybe Alistair has something on her. Eve says her secrets are all tapped out because of Liz. Eve wants to know what Liz is hiding and she wont give up till she finds out. She says Alistair is going to get better, and when he wakes up hell reveal all. Alistair suddenly wakes up and looks around at everyone staring at him. He thinks he died and went to hell. Eve says no, and she asks who tried to kill him. He says it would be his pleasure to send the person who did this to him to jail. He also plans to expose all their secrets. As Alistair tries to name who stabbed him, he begins coughing. Eve says if this is too much then stop and conserve his strength. Alistair says no, he will name his attacker and reveal all their secrets. He says anyone who has crossed him will lose everything, they all live in houses of cards and hes going to knock them all down. Rachel tells Alistair to get to the point or shut up. Alistair cant believe she is here and is throwing in her lot with this bunch of losers. He says he loved her. She says he never loved anyone but himself. He says he grieved for her for years when she fell off that cliff. She says he kept her a prisoner for years, and she knows he let Sheridan think she killed her. Rachel says Sheridan knows shes alive, she knows everything now. Alistair asks how she could betray him. Rachel says she did a lot more than that, she tried to kill him. He says she didnt stab her. Rachel says no but she injected him with poison to kill an elephant. Eve says this is true, and Alistair is stunned. Rachel says unfortunately Eve saved her life, and she wishes she had stabbed him last night. Alistair says he knows who did stab him last night, he never thought that person had it in them. Alistair says they lost though and he won, he always win. Fancy soon shows up and asks what is going on, and for them to leave him alone. Fancy tells him to calm down and shell get him some water. Ivy tells Fancy she needs to wake up, shes wasting her time helping Alistair. Fancy says hes her grandfather and the only member of this family who gave a damn about her. Ivy and Julian both say that isnt true, and it is time she accepts that Alistair only loves himself. Fancy says she loves Grampy and he loves her. She admits shes seen parts of him lately that she doesnt like and that even frighten her, but there must be an explanation. She says she wont desert him. Sam asks Alistair who tried to kill him? He says it was one of the guests, someone they all know, someone who is a member of an established family member. He says he never thought they'd carry out their threats, but they tried to kill him before. He says he always wins though. Sam asks who tried to kill him? As hes about to name the name, the cops arrive and tell everyone to freeze and put their hands in the air. The paramedics rush in to get to Alistair. The cops keep yelling at all the guests to stand away from Alistair. Sam asks if this is really necessary? The cops say they are acting accordingly given the situation. Eve says they have been trying to save Alistairs life. Fancy says please, Eve did save his life but the rest could have cared less about him. They couldnt wait for him to die. Fancy begins to explain the whole story, including that Rachel trying to kill Alistair. Everyone tries to defend Rachel, but Rachel says she can speak for herself. Rachel admits she tried to kill Alistair, and she isnt sorry. She says he is a sick man if there were any justice then hed be dead. She does say she didnt stab him though. The paramedics say they need to get Alistair to the hospital now. Pilar thinks Theresa should be here, and she goes to get Theresa. Alistair tries to name the killer, but everyone tells him to stop or hell have a heart attack. Sam says hes to weak to say it so write it down. Theresa, Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca soon join as Alistair tries to write Alistairs name. Alistair struggles to write the name.


January 13, 2006

At Tabithas, Kay cant believe how much she has hurt Fox. Tabitha says telling him the truth has devastated him. Kay decides to try and fix things. Tabitha tells Endora that these mortals are capable of destroying themselves with or without their help. Kay goes to talk to Fox. Fox cant believe Kay didnt do anything, that she let her mom leave town with a stranger and destroyed her family in the process. Kay says she can make him understand, but Fox says she cant. He says shes not the woman he thought she was, he doesnt know who he is. Kay begs Fox to give her a chance to explain, but Fox doesnt think it is possible. Kay says she loves him, and he has to understand what it was like to be Graces daughter. Fox says she was amazing from what he hears. Kay says she was, she was perfect in fact. Kay says she couldnt live up to her moms standards, and when Charity showed up it was like her mom loved Charity more than her. Fox doubts that. Kay says her mom hurt her, and when the opportunity to get back came along, she took it. Fox asks if she struggled with the decision she made or did it come naturally? Kay says it wasnt easy and after her mom left and her dad was destroyed it made her feel horrible and she didnt know how to make it better. Tabitha tells Endora that Kay enjoyed it, she felt horrible for all of two seconds. Kay says when her dad and Ivy got close again, she convinced herself that it was all for the best. She says she knew in her heart that it was wrong, and that is why shes telling him now. Fox says if she can lie about this then what else is she lying about. Fox says he loves her but he doesnt know if he can trust her again. He says she has broken his heart. Kay says she has never lied about anything else, but he says not true. She says turning the phones off that night wasnt a lie, and no lives were ruined. He says unlike what she did to her dad, mom and sister. Fox says hes not surprised his mom would stoop to this level, but he didnt think she had it in her to do something like this. She says shes not the same person, and loving him has made her a better person. He thought she was perfect when he met her, and he thought she was nothing like his family but shes just like them. He wonders how hes supposed to trust her again. Kay says she was stupid and selfish and juvenile, she wishes she could undo it but she cant. He says she cant do anything, she cant tell her father the truth or hell be crushed. Kay doesnt blame him for hating her. He says he doesnt hate her, he feels bad for her. He says when he learned Whitney lied about the baby, he was crushed. He says then he realized she was desperate to lie about something like that. He thinks maybe she was desperate too. Kay says she was, she was stupid and weak and she wishes she could take it back but she cant. Fox hugs Kay, and Tabitha cant believe the silly boy is going to forgive her. Kay thanks Fox for forgiving her. Fox says its not that simple, their trust is broken and he has to find out if he can get it back. Fox leaves to get some air. Kay wonders why she opened her big fat mouth, she thinks shes lost the only man shell ever love. Tabitha comforts Kay but then realizes shes not supposed to be feeling sorry for Kay. The boys in the basement roar, and she claims she didnt mean it. Kay says she did mean it and that she likes her too and there is nothing wrong with being friends. Tabitha says lets just keep it on the down low. Kay asks what shell do now. Tabitha thinks it is too late for her now. Kay thinks there is something Tabitha can do, but Tabitha says shes not casting another spell. Kay asks Tabitha and Endora to turn back time, but Tabitha says she cant do that. She says she hasnt had that power in decades. Kay thinks Endora could do it, but Tabitha says it is too dangerous. Tabitha says besides, shes far too young to understand time manipulation let alone the concept of time. Endora thinks its a peace of cake. Kay thinks they should let Endora try, she wants to. Tabitha says she has no idea how to do it. In her talkie bubble we see all sorts of mathematical equations. Kay thinks Endora wants to try. Tabitha agrees to let her try. Kay tells Endora to zap Fox. She does, and time goes all wacky. Fox, who is standing outside, acts all strange. Tabitha worries that he could have been zapped into another century. Fox walks in and looks around like he is clueless. He asks Kay if they were upset about something? He doesnt remember, he thinks he lost track of time. Tabitha tells Endora hats off, she did it. Kay says before he went outside they were talking about what happened at the mansion. Fox says this is weird, he feels like he lost time. He says oh well, they are all safe. Fox picks up Endora and spends time with her. Kay cant believe it worked, and Tabitha tells her next time keep her mouth shut! Kay says shell never be so stupid again.

At the mansion, Sam pushes Alistair to write the name of his attacker. Everyone watches and waits. Unfortunately Alistair doesnt write anything, just a straight line, and it could have been the first letter in anyone's name. Fancy and Rebecca both think it was Theresa who did it, she has tried to kill him before. Rebecca says in fact Theresa just attacked her earlier, and she fake faints into a cop's arms. Rebecca comes too and says she may need CPR. Everyone says she is fine, but she says shes not fine and she convinces the cop to stay with her as shes very upset. Gwen tells her mother not to do this now. Meanwhile, Rachel tells Katherine that shes going to leave, she has to get to Sheridan to help her try and find Otto. She asks Katherine to cover for her. Rachel then slips out. The paramedics attend to Alistair and plan to take him to the hospital once he's stable. Theresa says he has to talk, he has to reveal everyones secrets. Suddenly Alistair begins to code. Eve says they are losing him. Eve and the paramedics work to try and save Alistairs life. Fancy begs Eve to save him and cries that he cant die. Noah comforts Fancy, but he secretly hopes Alistair dies. Theresa talks with her parents, she needs Alistair alive so he can tell Ethan what Gwen and Rebecca did. They say if he lives then Alistair will still be her husband. Theresa says Ethan will leave Gwen though and they can fight Alistair together. Pilar reminds Theresa about her promise to God, was it another one of her empty promises? Theresa says she meant it when she made it, and Ethan will be the one who comes back to her. Theresa says Alistair has to stay alive long enough to tell what he knows. Rebecca asks if hes dead yet? Fancy says that is horrible, but Rebecca says they all hate him and want him dead, everyone but her. She doesnt think they should have to pretend to mourn him. Katherine says she agrees, they all hate him, everyone in Harmony hates him. Everyone begins to review what Alistair has done to them over the years. Fancy cant believe nobody is praying for him. Theresa says she is, she wants him to live and tell everyones secrets. The cops refuse to let anyone leave until everyone is questioned. Sam offers to question people who want to leave, so they all get in line to be questioned. Suddenly Alistair flat lines. Theresa goes berserk and she jumps on him and begins beating him and tells him to wake up, not to die on her. The paramedics say she isnt helping, she's just worsening his knife wound which is bleeding. Fancy thinks Theresa is trying to kill him, but Theresa says shes trying to save him. Theresa yells at the old man to get up and stop dying on her. Ethan thinks this is Theresa version of first aid. Alistair seems to respond and comes too. He reaches for Theresas face. She tells him to focus, tell Ethan what he knows about Gwen and Rebecca. She begs Alistair to tell Ethan the truth, he owes her for saving his life. 

At the B&B, Sheridan and Chris enjoy a bath together. Sheridan thanks Chris for coming into her life and giving her a reason to live. Chris says shes given so much to him and James as well, they came into one anothers lives at just the right time. Later, Chris and Sheridan meet up with James. He wants to know why they are in their bathrobes, did they take a bath. Chris says yes and they warmed up in a bath from being outside in the snow. Sheridan says nice save. Rachel shows up. She caught a ride on a snowmobile and wanted to know if theyve had luck finding Otto. Sheridan says not yet. Rachel tells her to keep looking, he may really be hiding Beth and Marty. Rachel thinks there has to be a clue somewhere and they cant stop looking. Rachel helps Sheridan on the PC, but they need a password to access Alistair's files. Rachel suggests they try porn related passwords, Alistair was always a fan of porn. Sheridan says he probably still is. Chris says hes rooting for them, but he doesnt want them to get their hopes up only to be disappointed. Sheridan cant find any trace of Otto in the files she's able to access. Rachel says Alistair is meticulous about recording his crimes, they are like trophys to him. Chris asks Rachel if there was anything else she overheard that might help. She says she heard a lot of things, and she remembers via flashbacks what Alistair was planning for Sheridan. He wanted her to learn something as it would hurt her. Sheridan says if Father has hurt Marty then shell kill him with her bare hands. Rachel gives her more ideas, and Chris brings them some coffee. Chris asks Rachel if it is possible that Alistair wasnt talking about Beth and Marty. She says yes, but he did mention Sheridans name. However he threatened revenge on everyone really. Sheridan says hes a monster and shell beat him at his own game.

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