January 16 2006 
At Tabithas, Kay and Fox are professing their love to once another. Fox still has this odd feeling that hes lost some time. Tabitha brings Maria out to see Fox and Kay. Endora is also with them. Kay tells Tabitha shes never seen Fox this happy, and shes so thankful to Endora and her spell. Tabitha tells Kay that she dodged a bullet, but next time Endora may not be able to save her. Kay just hopes Alistair dies before he reveals her secret. Fox then gets a call from his dad. He thinks maybe Alistair has died. Julian says Alistair is still alive. He also says there are problems at Crane Industries, their stock is plummeting because of Alistairs health. It seems the word is out. Julian says hes now in charge of Crane Industries and he is rehiring Fox. Fox says hes thinking about a career change, money doesnt mean much to him anymore. Julian says too many Cranes have worked to build this company and they have to stabilize it for future generations. Fox says okay and agrees to go to work. Fox tells Kay that Alistair is alive, but isnt doing well. He says he has to go to the office and put some fires out in the business world. He says but he'll leave his heart here with her. She says she understands, so he leaves. Tabitha says gag me. Endoras talking bubble has a big heart in it. Tabitha tells Endora not you too! She says Fox and Kay should enjoy this while they can, reality will soon come crashing down on them. Kay is deliriously happy and thinks how wonderful it would be if Fox became Marias daddy. She says she hates to even hope for it, being a single mom is hard and shes been afraid to hope for the light at the end of the tunnel. Tabitha thinks maybe the light is a train coming to run her over. Kay says she knows it is Fox. She says Fox has so much love to give, he has such a great heart. Tabitha reminds Kay that the spell she cast on Fox will break them up eventually. Kay doesnt want to talk about that, she wants to be happy for just a little bit. Kay says shes finally starting to believe in happily ever after. Tabitha says not all fairytales end that way. Kay says she cant help but be hopeful. She says its hard being a single mom. Tabitha says she knows, and she chose to raise Endora without a father. Kay says if she could do it over she would have waited to have Maria. She would have waited until she found a man she loved. Tabitha says she could have told her that was a good idea from the begining. Kay talks about how in love she was with Miguel, but he never loved her. She says she just always thought theyd wind up together because they were best buds. Tabitha says but he fell for that dreary Charity. Kay says she never should have blamed Charity for that, she and Miguel just never had that love connection. Suddenly the bowl goes insane and Tabitha is afraid they are getting another message. Tabitha says Kay has forgotten something, and they see the dark vision of Kay and Foxs wedding. Kay says they have to stop what is trying to ruin things for her. Kay doesnt understand why this is happening. Tabitha continues watching the vision and says its not a something that will ruin her wedding but a someone. We see more of the wedding day vision, a gloved hand reaches out for Kay as she and Fox stand at the altar. Kay cant even tell if it is a man or a woman. Kay tells Tabitha they have to get rid of him, she has to cast another spell. Tabitha says you dont just snap your fingers every time you want help from the dark side. Tabitha tells Kay she has been demanding a lot of spells from her and Endora lately, and magic doesnt just float away into nothing. She says all her spells have surrounded them with a magical smog, and if they get mixed up then who knows what will happen. Kay says shell take her chances. She begs Tabitha to help her, shell owe her big time. Tabitha says she already does. Kay says shell clean the house and do the dishes. Tabitha asks if shell massage her neck and feet? Kay says yes. Tabitha says shell try, but not to get her hopes up. Tabitha says shell need Endora for this. Tabitha tells Endora that it is magic time. Tabitha says they will cast a spell to chase the dark shadow away. Tabitha and Endora then cast a spell and zap the bowl. Kay looks back into the bowl and hopes she doesnt see the dark figure at her and Foxs wedding.

At Crane Industries, Valerie is glad Fox is here because its been insane here since the news about Alistair got out. Fox says she does know he was fired though, and his father rehired him and as soon as Alistair recovers hell probably be out again. However hes very happy right now, hes so in love. He tells Valerie that love is really the only thing that matters, Kay is his only true love, and now he knows what he has to do. He says there was a time he felt work was the most important thing, but he was wrong. He says the only thing he cares about is being a family with Kay and Maria. Valerie is glad hes happy, but they have problems here and now. Fox asks if shes ever been in love, because it makes the brain shut down about everything else. Valerie steps up and takes care of business while Fox remains love sick. She says shell call Chad in. Valerie takes more upset calls from offices, and she tells Fox he needs to get it together as his dad is counting on him. Fox tells Valerie she is competent, she and his dad can handle everything. She asks what hes going to do? He says make and important phone call that will change his life forever. Unfortunately the line is busy so hell have to call back. Fox ends up making Valerie dance with him, and she wonders what is wrong with him. He says hes celebrating his newfound happiness. He tells Valerie once he makes that phone call then hell be this happy for the rest of his life. Later Valerie takes more calls, and she explains to him how all of the offices around the world are afraid the company will be worthless without Alistair. Fox isnt worried, his father is capable or running the company and Valerie is the most competent business woman he knows. Later Fox makes the call to the one person who can help them. Valerie asks Fox what hes up to?

At the mansion, Alistair tells Theresa to Come to Papa! She calls him a pig and tells him to talk, tell them what they did. Everyone says Alistair needs to get to the hospital, he could die here and take what he knows with him. Theresa says hes fine, he just tried to make out with her. She tells Alistair to tell them what he knows about Gwen and Rebecca. Theresa pushes him to tell them what Gwen and Rebecca did or shell strangle him. The paramedics and cops say she cant threaten his life, and they need to take him to the hospital. Alistair says he promised to talk and he will. As he goes to speak he has another heart attack and passes out. Eve attends to Alistair and Fancy cries Dont die grampy. Rebecca asks Eve to tell them that hes finally dead. Eve says hes had another heart attack, but hes not dead. Eve says they have to get him to the hospital. Noah tells Fancy they need to get out of here for awhile. Fancy wants to be at the hospital, but Noah says the hospital can call her if anything changes. He wants some alone time with her. She says she wants that too. Noah says hell get the police to question them so they can leave quicker. Meanwhile, Theresa continues to tell Gwen that Alistair will expose her, and she dares Gwen to come to the hospital and find out if Alistair is going to expose her or not. After Theresa, Gwen and Ethan are questioned, Theresa continues to push Gwen to go to the hospital. Gwen refuses, and she thinks Gwen is afraid and has something to hide. Ethan says there is plenty of time for Alistair to tell them what he knows, if he knows anything. Julian then asks Ethan to go to the hospital with him, they have to monitor Alistair and make business calls there to try and save Crane Industries from disaster. Theresa tells Gwen she can stay here while they go to the hospital, but Gwen wont let Theresa fill Ethans head with lies. Ethan says he wouldnt believe them anyways. Gwen says she will go to the hospital with them. Theresa thinks they need to stick a fork in Gwen as shes done. Theresa tells Gwen shes going to lose Ethan forever. Gwen and Rebecca pray that Alistair dies. 

Noah and Fancy head to the park to ice skate. Fancy still thinks they should be at the hospital. Noah says she needs to get over this attachment she has to her grandfather. Fancy says if she wants to go there then he cant stop her. Noah says hes not trying to tell her what to do, and if she wants to go to the hospital then hell take her. He just wanted to try and protect her from the craziness going on. Fancy says shes sorry for snapping, hes so nice and sweet for wanting to protect her. She says they do need this time alone. As they go to get skates, a woman shows up and spies on them. Noah and Fancy skate, fall down, and do a lot of kissing. Fancy thanks Noah for doing this and says its just what she needed. He says he knows. Fancy gets a chill and says she feels like someone is watching them. Noah asks why anyone would watch them? A woman in high heeled fur boots is watching them though. Fancy thinks Noah is right, nobody is watching them and why would they. Noah is afraid someone could be watching them though, and if so they could be in danger.

At the hospital, Eve is with Alistair in his room. Theresa Julian, Gwen, Rebeca and Ethan burst in, and Eve tells them to get out as Alistair just came out of surgery. Theresa sees that Alistairs eyes are open and she thinks hes ready to talk. Eve tells them all to leave, shell examine Alistair and then let them know if he can talk or not. Pilar and Julian drag Theresa out of the room. Eve and the nurse examine Alistair, whose eyes are open but doesnt respond or speak. Eve says Oh My God after she shines a light in his eyes and he doesnt flinch. Eve orders more tests and then goes out to see the others. Outside, Theresa gloats to Rebecca and Gwen that Ethan can see how nervous they are. Eve comes out and says she has good news and bad news about Alistair. Theresa thinks the good news is that he can talk. She thinks there really cant be bad news if he can talk.


January 17, 2006

At the park, Fancy and Noah continue to ice skate as a woman spies on them. Fancy still feels like someone is watching them, and Noah says he feels it to. Noah sees something and takes off. He just finds a little kid who had wandered away from his dad. Noah and Fancy think the kid was watching them and that was it. Later, Fancy gets a call from Julian with an update on Alistair. He wants Fancy to head to Crane Industries to help Fox put out the fires. She says she'll go to work. Noah decides to go see if there is any news on Jessica. Noah and Fancy part ways. As Noah is leaving, he gets the feeling that someone is watching him. Little does he know he's being followed as well.

At Tabitha's, Kay looks into the magic bowl and is upset to learn Tabitha's spell didn't work, the dark vision is still there. At her and Fox's wedding a hand reaches towards them. The person pushes Fox away from Kay and seems to attack her. Kay fears she and Fox might end up dead. She thinks there must be some clue as to who this person is. Tabitha breaks out her tarot cards to give Kay a reading. Tabitha wonders what Kay would do without her in her life, not everyone uses magic to solve their problems. Just then Noah walks in. He asks what is going on here, what are they talking about magic for. Kay says she was just saying Tabitha's advice is almost like magic. Tabitha takes her tarot cards into the kitchen to finish the reading. Noah asks Kay if she really believes in those things, and she says of course not. Noah asks if there is any news on Jessica, but Kay says no. Noah gives Kay the news Fancy got on Alistair, he's alive but isn't talking, he's had a stroke. Both Kay and Noah hope Alistair will die and take their secrets with him. Meanwhile, Tabitha finishes the reading and says the planets are against Fox and Kay. She also realize Fancy and Noah have a problem, they are being stalked by tragedy. Tabitha returns to Kay, and Noah goes into the kitchen to call his dad to see if he has news about Jessica. Kay asks Tabitha if there is any hope for her? Tabitha says yes, but she won't like it. She tells Kay she cannot get engaged to Fox! 

At Crane, Fox makes a call and has a jeweler come in. Fox plans to buy Kay an engagement ring and propose. He looks at all the rings while Valerie tells herself that Fox was supposed to buy her a ring eventually. Fancy shows up later to help Fox. She learns Fox is going to propose to Kay. Fox asks Fancy to help him pick out a ring. He shows her some he likes, but Fancy says he can't give those to Kay. Fox says they are the biggest and the best. She says exactly! Fancy tells Fox that he has to pick a ring that fits Kay, a ring she'll feel comfortable wearing around her family. Fancy wants to go with a smaller setting, but Fox says they do nothing for him. The jeweler says Fancy is actually right and she has a good eye, the ones she has picked out, while smaller stones, are flawless stones. Fancy gives one to Fox, and he asks if she is sure Kay will like this. Fancy says she'd bet on it. Fancy says this ring will make Kay very happy.

At the hospital, Theresa continues to argue with Gwen. She tells Gwen that Alistair will expose her and she will lose Ethan, Ethan will learn that she has lied to him for years. Ethan tells Theresa to stop this. Eve then gives everyone the good and bad news about Alistair. The good news is that Alistair is alive, the bad news is that he has had a stroke. Theresa says so he can't talk, maybe he can still write or scribble things. Eve says Alistair is unconscious and there is a good chance he's suffered brain damage, they won't know until more tests come back. Gwen and Rebecca feel victorious.  Pilar asks Theresa how she likes fate now? Theresa tells her mom she still believes in fate. She says Alistair could still recover. However, even if he doesn't, she knows Alistair has proof somewhere and that's what he threatened Gwen and Rebecca with. Theresa says one way or another that proof will be hers, she will expose Gwen. Meanwhile, Julian talks with Ethan about what is next for Crane Industries. He talks about undoing all the wrongs Alistair has done over the years. Ethan is onboard, and Julian says he'll need his help with this. Later, Julian tells Eve how he plans to reopen many of the factories Alistair closed as well as help repair the environmental damage the company has done. Eve is proud of him, but thinks if Alistair recovers he'll just undo it all. Julian says perhaps it would be best if Alistair didn't recover, that he died. Elsewhere, Ethan tells Gwen he has a surprise for her. He has a way to rid themselves of Theresa forever. He says with Julian in charge of Crane, there is no reason they can't leave Harmony. He says he can put in for a transfer for another state, even another country. Gwen is thrilled and says she'll finally be rid of Theresa once and for all.


January 18, 2006

Julian sees Katherine at the mansion and tells her that Alistair must have made a deal with the devil, hes still alive. Julian says now that hes head of Crane Industries he plans to right many of fathers wrongs. They both admit neither is praying for Alistairs recovery. Katherine says there is something she is praying for. She talks about true love, she had it once with Martin, alas it wasnt meant to last. Julian says true love lasts forever, he lost Eve but found their way back to one another. Katherine says their circumstances are a bit different. He tells Katherine she deserves love too, and if she loves Martin then chances are he feels the same about her. He says true love is too precious to waste and it doesnt come around that often. He says once you have it grab it and never let it go.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar is worried about Theresa trying to find the proof against Gwen and Rebecca. Martin says if Alistair lives then hell never let Theresa go. Pilar says Theresa has a will of iron, she has since Ethan married Gwen. Martin says he understands, people do strange things when they are separated from the one they love. Martin wonders if he had been around if Theresa would have turned out different. He quickly points out that Pilar did a wonderful job raising her and the rest of the kids. Pilar says they should stop dwelling on the past. She says if Alistair lives and exposes Gwen and Rebecca, Alistair will keep Theresa from Ethan out of spite. Martin says theyll help her get through this, that is what parents are for. Pilar begins to wonder if he will really stay with her now that Alistairs threats dont have any power. He promises her that he is committed to her and their marriage. Pilar is grateful and says she doesnt think she can stand losing him again. Martin says he is here and is not going anywhere again. Pilar thinks they should have a renewal ceremony in front of God and all their friends. He agrees, so she goes to find a colander and pick a date out. She breaks out all her books and begins planning the menu, the ceremony, everything. Martin doesnt seem too happy. Martin decides to let Pilar get to work and hell go to Sally Chins and gets some takeout. He says hell be right back and leaves. 

At the B&B, Sheridan is on the PC still searching for information on Otto. She says she has to find Marty and brings him home before her father recovers. Shes afraid if her father set some sick plan in motion before his accident, well he cant stop it now. Chris tries to get her to stay calm, but she cant. She asks Rachel if there is anything else she can remember to help them. Rachel of course suddenly remembers something important. She remembers Ottos last name, its Otto Krause. Chris says this makes finding him easier, they can do an internet search for him. Sheridan thinks they can search through her fathers private files so they should get to the mansion. Rachel stays with James as Chris and Sheridan take off. Rachel hopes they can find Marty, as she says to herself if Otto has Marty then he is in grave danger. Later Katherine drops by to see Rachel. Rachel realizes something is bothering Katherine. Katherine admits there is something she needs to talk about. Rachel thinks it is about Martin. Katherine has been thinking about what she said, that she shouldnt let go of Martin. Katherine says she cant break up Pilar's marriage again, she did it once and she cant do it again. Katherine says no matter how much she wants him, she must find a way to live without Martin and without love. Rachel says they need to think about this logically. Rachel says Katherine obviously still loves Martin. Rachel says both of them have wasted so much time, they cant waste anymore. Rachel asks if Martin still loves her? Katherine says yes. Rachel then says what this is about is Pilar's feelings, so think about what kind of marriage is she trying to save here. Rachel says if Martin stays with Pilar then its not fair to Pilar. She says it might work for awhile, but in the long run it will cause more pain and it will eat away at Pilar. Rachel says eventually Pilar will grow bitter. She thinks it is best they make a clean break and Pilar find someone who loves her and much as she loves them. Katherine says it still isnt right. Rachel says neither is living a lie. Katherine says Martin will want to do the honorable thing. Katherine says she is the reason Martin was gone for so long. Rachel says that Martin stayed with her in Mexico all those years because he loved her, and they can try to deny it, but it will catch up with them eventually. She says then what, theyll all be hurt far worse. Rachel tells Katherine that she deserves love, all of them do. 

Katherine heads over to Pilars house to have a talk. Martin is out getting the takeout. Pilar asks Katherine what she wants? Katherine wants to know if Pilar wants to spend her life with a man in love with another woman. 

Back at the mansion, Julian finds Sheridan and Chris trying to break into Alistairs PC. He asks what they are looking for? Sheridan says for her son. Sheridan tells Julian what Rachel overheard Alistair discussing on the phone, that it was okay if someone died. Sheridan fears Alistair was talking about Marty and Beth. Sheridan asks Julian for help, so he agrees to help them. Julian thinks the old passwords are probably no longer working since Father hasnt trusted him in years. Julian feels bad about everything he did to her and Luis. Sheridan says hes a changed man now. Julian gets to work trying to hack into the files. They begin trying to crack the password using movies or novels involving treasure as Alistair thought of Rachel as his treasure. The password is of course Treasure Island. However theyve only gotten through one password, and there can be more ahead of them. The search for Otto and something odd happens. Suddenly the PC brings up a photo of Otto. Sheridan thinks that is the man who has her son.

At Tabithas, Tabitha tells Kay shes been lucky so far, her love for Fox should have been destroyed by now. She says if Kay wants her love for Fox to last then not to get engaged before the planets realign. Kay asks how long she has to wait? Tabitha isnt sure when, but the planets wont be realigning soon. Kay thinks this is crazy. Tabitha says fine, ignore her thousands of years of experience. She warns her if she gets engaged before the planets realign then her relationship is doomed. Kay says this isnt a problem, Fox is no where near asking her to marry him. She thinks this is good news, her relationship with Fox isnt doomed after all. Outside, Fox talks with Fancy. Fancy thinks Kay will be over the moon when Fox proposes. Fox and Fancy then head inside, and Fox tells Kay that he has to talk to her. He holds the ring behind back. Noah shows up and gives Fancy a kiss. Tabitha offers them all some hot chocolate. Fox says he has to say something first. He tells Kay that he loves her and hes never met anyone like her before. He says they have a connection, a once in a life time connection. He says when you meet someone like that then you have to do whatever it takes to hold onto them. Kay says she feels the same way. She now understands all those old love songs she used to hear on the radio. As Fox is about to get down on one knee and propose, Fancy says she just remembered something important and drags Fox off. Kay wonders what that was about. Tabitha thinks it was rude, she doesnt let people keep secrets in her house. Fox asks Fancy what is wrong? Fancy says he cant do it, hes making a mistake. He says hes going to propose and she cant stop him. Fancy says she just doesnt want him to propose like this, he needs to make this romantic and special. Fancy thinks this isnt a special place to propose, especially in front of the town crazy woman. Fox realizes Fancy is right. Meanwhile, Noah tells Kay it was fun watching Fox make a sap out of himself, but hes happy for them. Back out in the hall, Fancy gives Fox some ideas on how to make the setting for the proposal romantic. Fox plans to propose tonight, this will be something Kay remembers for the rest of her life. Fox goes back to Kay, who asks what he wanted to talk to her about. He says he wants to know if she wants to go out to dinner just the two of them. She thinks that is sweet. She asks if he is sure, and he insists they go out. He says this will be a night to remember so go get her favorite dress on. Fancy looks over at Noah and wishes he was ready to commit to her. Kay heads upstairs and Tabitha follows her. Tabitha reminds her not to become engaged to Fox. Kay says Fox is not going to pop the question. 

Later  at the Bennetts, Noah says Fox was acting very odd. Fancy tells him to keep this a secret, but Fox is going to propose. Noah says wow. Fancy asks if he isnt happy? Noah says he just hopes it isnt too soon. She says so even if they love each other he thinks it is too soon? Noah says he just thinks they should take time, theyve only known each other for a few months. Fancy says like them. He says yeah, and she doesnt see him proposing to her. Fancy says nope and it never entered her mind. She goes off to get a drink, and Noah realizes Fancy is thinking about it. Fancy  returns with some drinks, and Noah thinks by now Kay is engaged. He tells Fancy not to get the wrong idea, hes all for marriage. He says his parents had the greatest one he ever saw. She says but it didnt last. Noah says his mom had amnesia, she didnt know about David. He just wants Fox and Kay to be sure about this, he thinks they should take time to really get to know one each other. Fancy just thinks if you find that right person then you should know the difference between them and other people youve dated. Fancy thinks if you find that right person that you want to be with forever then you know it in your heart, it doesnt matter how long youve dated. 

At the Seascape, Fox and Kay are enjoying a dinner. Fox has given Kay flowers and he orders champagne. She is stunned. He says she deserves the best life has to offer. Kay says she already has that, she has him. Fox says that isnt enough, he wants to make her happier than ever before. Fox tells Kay that he has something to say.  Back at Tabithas, Tabitha and Endora are watching their favorite new show Medium. Tabitha sees Endora is sleepy so she puts her down for a nap and decides to try and tune into Fox and Kay. She watches them enjoying their night at the Seascape. She thinks they are being sickeningly sweet. She then sees Fox has something in his hand, and she wonders what it is. She says its almost like Fox is planning to propose. Tabitha then sees Fox is holding a ring! She realizes Fox is going to propose, and if Kay accepts then the relationship is doomed forever. 


January 19, 2006

Today's Summary by JerseyGirl 
Katherine asks Pilar if she wants to spend the rest of a life with a man who is in love with another woman. Pilar says she has forgiven Martin for that. Katherine wants to know why Pilar would want to be with someone who would always be thinking about holding another woman and not her. Pilar tells Katherine she doesn't know where this is coming from, but Martin came back to his family. Katherine tells her that doesn't change the fact that Martin is still in love with her, not Pilar. Pilar says how dare Katherine walk into her home and tell her Martin is not in love with her. Katherine says she knows Pilar is a proud woman and deserves to be with a man she loves and one that loves her. Pilar tells Katherine to get out and never come near her family or Martin again. Katherine says she's not leaving until they straighten this out once and for all. Pilar tells her to get out. Katherine says she's not leaving till they talk this out. Pilar says she has nothing to say to her. Katherine says they have plenty to say to each other. Pilar tells Katherine that Martin is committed to renewing his vows to her and Katherine needs to accept it. Katherine says Pilar needs to admit the truth that deep down she knows Martin is still in love with her (Katherine). Pilar says she can't believe Katherine is trying to steal Martin away from her again. Katherine keeps saying that Pilar knows the truth and that deep down Martin is in love with Katherine, not Pilar. She says that Pilar knows that the only reason Martin is back with Pilar is because of Alistair and his blackmailing them to keep the truth about Sheridan killing Rachel, etc. Pilar says Martin is back with her because he loves her. Katherine says she stayed away because it was the right thing to do, to have Martin honor his vows. Martin and Pilar were only together for a short time, a few years. Pilar says it was longer than that, they have five kids together. Katherine says that Martin and she were together for a very long time, they built a friendship, etc. and why should Pilar's love be more important than hers? Pilar says how dare you ask that, they are married in a church before god, they have children. Katherine is a slut and stole her husband. Katherine says Pilar knows that's not true, that she and martin fell in love. Pilar calls her a bitch and slaps her. Katherine says Pilar will not slap her again. Pilar says she stole her husband. Katherine says she did not steal martin. she is through being made to feel guilty, she is not a whore and a tramp. She gave up the man she loves for Pilar. Pilar says don't try and sound honorable, she only did this for Sheridan, she only did this for herself and that Katherine doesn't care that she's stealing another woman's husband. Katherine says Pilar's only trying to hold Martin to his sense of duty, but doesn't' care about his feelings. Pilar is the selfish one here. Pilar tells Katherine to get out of her house or she's calling the police. Katherine says she'll leave but she's going to fight for the man she loves. Pilar says she's going to fight for the man that loves her, and she never wants to see Katherine again.

Noah and Fancy continue to talk about finding your soul mate and making a commitment and getting married. Noah talks about Fox proposing to Kay, and Fancy says she wasn't talking about Fox, she was talking about them. Noah asks if she's asking him what he thinks about marriage. He says marriage is an institution and who wants to be in an institution? Fancy says, ha ha, she's heard that one before. Noah says if Fox wants to marry Kay, then that's great, but he feels marriage is a serious thing. Fancy asks if he doesn't think it's too soon for Fox and Kay to get engaged. He says Fox has had plenty of relationships before Kay. Noah asks Fancy if she wants to go out and have some fun. She says sure, then after Noah leaves she says Fox is asking Kay to marry him right now.

Tabitha watches Kay and Fox from her bowl, trying to figure out what Fox is up to and what Fox is hiding in his hand. She figures out it's a ring and that Fox is going to propose to Kay. She goes on about how if Kay accepts, then their love is doomed forever. Kay thinks Fox is sweet for going all out for dinner. She doesn't know what she's done to deserve this. Fox says he wants this night to be special. Tabitha is at her bowl working on a spell to help Kay. She pours a pitcher of water in her bowl, as Kay is sipping champagne. Fox tells Kay he wants to ask her something as Kay suddenly realizes she has to go to the ladies room, and go now! Tabitha calls Kay and warns her that Fox is about to propose to her. Kay is ecstatic as Tabitha tries to warn her that she can't accept the proposal. Kay ignores her, talking about how she's got to act surprised now and hangs up on Tabitha. Tabitha says Kay is a ding-a-ling for ignoring Tabitha's warning not to get engaged to Fox yet. Tabitha calls Kay back and asks if Kay understand what she is doing. Kay says yes she does, she's trying to get back to her table to get proposed to. Tabitha asks her again if she's thinking about what she's doing. Kay says OH no, as she remembers Tabitha's warning. Kay says Fox has a ring, it will kill her to say no, what if he doesn't ask again? Maybe Endora can put a hex on Fox to make him forget about proposing? Tabitha says more magic? Besides Endora is asleep. Kay says to wake her up, in the mean time she'll try and stall Fox. Please help her. Tabitha agrees, but doesn't promise anything. Kay says this is insane, she must be the only woman in the world to use magic to stop her boyfriend from proposing. 

A waiter brings Fox 2 parfaits and says Kay's ring is in her parfait, just like Fox asked. The waiter says a lot of women get proposed to in the Seascape and it's always great to see their reactions. Kay returns and Fox says he took the liberty of getting dessert. Kay says it looks great, Fox says dig in. Kay is eating her parfait and Fox asks how it is. Kay says wonderful. Fox says he wanted it to be perfect. Kay keeps eating and finds the ring (unbeknownst to Fox). She thinks to herself what a rock. Kay stops eating and says she's stuffed. Fox says she should finish her dessert. Kay wants to dance. Fox repeats she should finish her dessert. She asks if he's trying to get her fat, he says no and goes to dance with her. Kay is thinking this is insane (while they're dancing) and she has to find a way to stop it (trying to avoid the proposal). Fox asks Kay if she's alright. She says yeah. He says she doesn't feel alright, she's tense. She says she's just exhausted, maybe they should go home. He says but he planned this wonderful night, and she's tired? He asks for them to stay a little longer, he promises she won't regret it.

Tabitha tries to wake Endora. Endora doesn't want to wake up. Tabitha says drastic times call for drastic measures and starts beating on a pot with a wooden spoon singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall". Tabitha starts blowing a horn. She wonders how Endora can sleep through all this racket .Tabitha goes back to the bowl and says she's running out of time. Endora wakes up. Tabitha says, "do you know how long I've been trying to wake you up? Fox and Kay are in big trouble and we need your magic powers to help them. We have to stop Fox from proposing to Kay tonight." Tabitha asks Endora to help find a way to stop Fox. Endora zaps the busboy through the bowl and he goes and takes the parfaits off Fox and Kay's table. Tabitha says Endora's a genius for making the bus boy take away the dish with the ring, without the ring, Fox can't propose to Kay. Endora saved them - she saved Fox and Kay's true love. 

Fox is upset the missing parfaits are gone and goes to look for them. Kay tells the waiter to tell Fox she had an emergency and had to go. the waiter tries to get her to stay but she leaves. Fox finds the dishes in the kitchen (with a lot of others and starts to look for the ring. He finds the ring. The waiter Andre is in the kitchen and tells fox Kay had to leave she had an emergency fox said he didn't know it was going to be this difficult to ask Kay to marry him.. he is determined to ask Kay tonight to marry him. Tabitha and Endora are watching the bowl and say "oh dear, he is determined to propose, their relationship is over."

Noah and Fancy are now out having a few drinks at the Blue Note and are talking about Fox and Kay and how Fox was going to propose right there at Tabitha's house. Fancy goes on about how if you know its the right one you'd know right away. Queue a mysterious woman's feet walking away (she was apparently eavesdropping). Noah has zoned out. Fancy asks him if he's listening to her, he says he needs to speak to Liz. A woman sits down and starts talking to Fancy. They start talking about marriage, the woman says that man don't want to settle down. Fancy asks surely all men aren't like that. The lady says that the guy Fancy is with looks the type.  Fancy says she's talking about her brother, he's proposing to his girlfriend tonight. The woman makes reference to Noah not looking like the type to settle down. The mystery woman is watching Fancy from a table. Fancy says the woman is wrong about Noah, he's not like the other guys, he's different. The woman asks if she's right, and Fancy says she knows she's right. The woman says she hopes Fancy's right and that she hopes Fancy will have a ring soon. The woman says he's going to have a million different reasons as to why he's not ready.  Fancy refuses to believe all men are like that. The woman has one more piece of advice, once you get a ring out of him, drag him to the church immediately. She has a friend that's been engaged for 14 yrs. and her man keeps putting it off. Guys are all the same. The woman leaves. 

Noah returns and say Liz gave him 6 more hours behind the bar. Is Fancy alright? Fancy says she just learned a little about something she never considered before. The mystery woman orders a Campari and soda. The waiter says she' beautiful, and she says she's heard that often. He says she looks like she could be trouble, as she smiles and says "big trouble." (she's looking toward Noah and Fancy sitting at the bar). Noah asks Fancy again what's wrong. She says she's just wondering if Fox asked Kay to marry him yet. He says since he has no messages he doesn't think so as Kay would call everyone. Fancy says marrying the man you love is every girl's dream. Fancy goes to the bathroom and runs into the mystery woman. The woman says Fancy looks preoccupied. The woman says let me guess you're thinking about a man, and Fancy says "how'd you know?" The woman says she knows what a man can do to you.


January 20 , 2006
Summary by laurie

At the mansion, Sheridan, Chris, Julian are all in Alistair's office looking for clues on Otto. They think he is the one watching Beth and Marty. Sheridan says Rachel heard her father talking to Otto about a paternity secret and asked how his guests were doing. 

In the nursery, Theresa is holding Jane and talking about how they will all be a family again once Ethan learns the truth that Gwen is the one that sent in the information to the tabloids. 

In their room, Ethan asks Gwen if the reason she wants to leave Harmony so bad really only about Theresa, or was it something else? Gwen said no what else would there be, I just need to get out of this house as soon as possible. Ethan says they might have to wait a month or two to get my transfer complete cause he has a contract he has to uphold. Gwen says she doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize his career, but she just doesn't think she can wait that long. Ethan says he'll go talk to Julian now and see if he might be able to transfer him somewhere else quickly.

At the Blue Note, Maya and Fancy are talking about how men are all different. Noah meanwhile says that talking about marriage made me think of you. Noah pulls out the letter from his old girlfriend and reads it again. 

At Tabitha's, Fox walks in the house and asks Tabitha where Kay is. Tabitha says she doesn't know, but Fox says she was just talking to her. Fox decides to check the kitchen. Tabitha tells Endora that they need to do something quick, and then she zaps Kay back in the living room. Tabitha says boy that was close and Kay says too close. Kay says they have to help her hide somewhere as Fox can NOT propose to her tonight. Fox returns yelling "Kay are you out there" and so Endora pops her back in the kitchen and she lands on the counter. Then Endora pops her into the playpen. Tabitha zaps her right behind Fox so when Fox turned around she was right behind him. Fox says oh there you are, and that he knew she was somewhere around here. Kay claims she just got here.

Sheridan and Chris locate Otto's passport number and realize they can trace where he's been with this and maybe where he is now.

Ethan walks into the study and tells Julian that he has to talk to him. Ethan tells him that he needs a transfer outside of Harmony somewhere because Gwen thinks it would be best if they left harmony because Theresa will not give them a moments peace. Ethan says all this conflict and turmoil isn't good to raise Jane around. Julian says it might take some time, he doesn't know how long it takes for a transfer like this but, he will try his best.  Julian says he would do anything for you. 

In the nursery, Gwen walks in on Theresa and asks what are you doing. Theresa says she's putting her daughter down for bed. Gwen says legally she is my daughter. Theresa says yes but not for long. Theresa says she can't wait for Alistair to wake up so he can tell Ethan about Gwen ruining Ethan's life. If Alistair doesn't wake up then Theresa says she will find the proof herself and tell Ethan, so Gwen is going be destroyed one way or another. She tells Gwen that Ethan will find out, the truth always comes out . Gwen says her secret will always be safe forever and Ethan is going to make sure. 

Fox chases Kay around the living room and catches her. Fox says he really has been wanting to ask her a very important question all evening. 

BAck at the Blue Note, Noah continues to read the old love letter as Fancy and Maya are talking about the letter that Fancy found. Fancy says her man can commit, he has before. She says she found an old love letter. Fancy starts telling Maya everything in the letter said, and Maya finishes what Fancy was reciting. Fancy wonders how she knows what it said. Maya says all love letters say that, it's so predictable.

Ethan informs Sheridan that he and Gwen are leaving Harmony. Sheridan says are you sure about this, are you sure you want to leave Harmony? Ethan says yes, Gwen is adamant about getting out of harmony and far far away from Theresa. Ethan says if they leave Harmony then Theresa can finally get out of Alistair's life and her and little Ethan can finally find some happiness somewhere. Sheridan asks if he is doing this for Theresa or for Gwen, and does he still have feelings for Theresa? Ethan smiles nervously and says that is no secret. Sheridan says that moving out of Harmony won't help him get away from Theresa if she is still in his heart. She said it doesn't matter where he goes if Theresa is in his heart then she will be with him anywhere he goes. Ethan says so you want me to stay here? Sheridan tells him to follow his heart. Ethan tells her that he is committed to Gwen and he does love her.Sheridan says just follow his heart as to where to go.

Theresa and Gwen argue about what Gwen did to Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa that there isn't a day that goes by that she is not sick to her stomach for lying to Ethan about what she did. However she says she would rather have a lifetime of guilt for lying to him then to totally lose him altogether. Gwen says she is going to make sure he never ever finds out what she did, and Ethan will help her. Theresa asks what she's talking about? Gwen says she'll see soon. 

Maya tells Fancy to forgive her for being blunt, but if your boyfriend still has his old girlfriend letter in his wallet and he will not commit to you then how do you know it isn't because he still loves her?

Fox tells Kay that he wants to ask her something. Maria then starts crying, so Kay runs off to get her and says it could take hours to put her back to sleep. She tells Fox to come back tomorrow or something. Fox says he won't go anywhere because he's been waiting all night to ask her something important, and he'll stay all night if he has to.

Theresa and Gwen continue to argue about what Gwen has done. Theresa says she may have done a lot of things, but she's never intestinally hurt Ethan like Gwen did. Gwen says you killed my daughter, my unborn son, and poisoned my husband and you almost killed him. Theresa warns Gwen that they are living in the same house and she will watch her like a hawk, if she slips up she'll see it.

Kay learns Endora fakes a Maria like cry to get Kay away from Fox. Kay decides to just confess to Fox. She goes down to see him, he's sitting in a chair with his back to her. She tellhim not to get upset and not to turn around until she's done or she'll lose her nerve. Kay says that she loves him very much and she can't wait to marry him, but she just can't do it tonight. She says if he loves her that much then he will understand and just be willing to wait. She can't wait till he is a father to Maria and a great father to kids they might have someday. However she says she can't marry him right now and she know it sounds crazy but she just hopes he understands. She asks Fox if he's willing to wait? Tabitha tells Kay don't get your hopes up sweetheart because he has fallen fast asleep. Kay says on my gosh and sees the ring box in his hand. She takes it out of his fingers and opens it up and tries it on. She asks if there is no way she could accept his proposal tonight. Tabitha says no if she accepts tonight then their love would be doomed forever and she would lose Fox forever. Kay says all she ever wanted was a loving man like Fox and now the only thing she's ever wanted she can't have. Kay puts the ring back in the box and back in Fox's hand and says not right now but soon darling. 

Fancy is outside the Blue Note saying she feels like Noah is slipping away from her. She says she's being silly,  he just told her that he loved her.  Back inside, Noah and Maya run into one another.

Ethan goes to the nursery and tells Gwen it is all set. Gwen tells Theresa that they are leaving Harmony forever and finally going to get away from Theresa. She says that Theresa has been standing in the way of their happiness for way too long and she is excited and starts hugging Ethan. Ethan  looks sadly at Theresa, who is crushed.

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