January 23 2006 
Summary by Corey
Theresa tells Ethan that he and Gwen are not leaving Harmony. A fight erupts between the three, with Ethan insisting that Gwen is his wife and he loves her.

At the hospital, Fancy visits Alistair and talks to him. Fancy ponders if Noah has a secret and confides in Alistair about whether he does. As Fancy ponders, Alistair's lips start to move. Fancy lays her head on Alistair and as she is talking to him Alistair remembers New Years Eve night when he told Noah that he knows his secret. 

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Ethan gets a massage from Gwen. A Bottle of Ky Warming liquid is sitting on the table next to their bed (product placement!). 

In the Nursery, Theresa attacks Julian and explains to him why Ethan can't leave Harmony. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen make love.

In the library, Theresa and Julian have a heart to heart talk about Ethan leaving Harmony and about Theresa's future with Ethan. Julian encourages Theresa that perhaps it is time that she moved on and lived her life without Ethan. Theresa says never and throws a bottle across the room.

Noah runs into Maya (ex-girlfriend) at the Blue Note. they discuss why they fell out of love and the secret about Noah is revealed. Noah and Maya were in an attic, while in the attic they see a man rummaging through a chest and then all of a sudden he is shot. It did not show who shot the man, it just showed a gun pointing at him and shooting him. Noah was an accessory to murder. They parted ways after that, because it was Maya's idea. Now she has a gun and wants to kill Noah. 


January 24, 2006

At the mansion, Eve runs into Sheridan and Chris, who are having a little make out session. Eve says she's looking for Julian, and Sheridan says there were just about to go into the library. Chris has to go deal with something with James, so he leaves. Sheridan and Eve talk about how well things are going for her with Chris. Sheridan says she's finally happy again, Chris has taught her how to live and love again. Sheridan tells her how they have a lead on Marty. They then head into the library to see Julian.

In the library, Theresa refuses to accept that she's lost Ethan, she loves him and Ethan loves her. Eve and Sheridan show up. Julian tells them that Theresa knows Ethan's leaving Harmony with Gwen and Jane. Theresa begs them to tell Julian how this is a mistake, how Ethan won't be able to live without her. Eve and Sheridan side with Julian, they think Ethan should go. She can't believe they don't see her side, this is about true love. Eve says but Ethan is married to Gwen and he loves her. Theresa says not the way he loves her. Sheridan says maybe that is why Ethan is leaving, so she can focus on Little Ethan and move on. Theresa says she wants Ethan not someone new. Theresa still believe Fate will bring them together, but Sheridan thinks Fate is trying to tell her that she and Ethan don't belong together. Theresa can't believe Sheridan is saying this. Sheridan says Luis is beyond her reach, just as Ethan is beyond hers. Sheridan says she had to move on, and Theresa has to as well. They all try and convince her to try and move on, but she won't. Theresa once again starts saying how Ethan only married Gwen out of guilt, and Jane is her daughter. We take a trip down recap lane going over all of Theresa's schemes. Theresa refuses to listen to any of them, she says she'll stop Ethan from leaving and prove them all wrong. Later Sheridan talks to Eve about the lead Rachel gave her. Eve then questions Julian what Alistair said, the person who tried to kill Alistair may be the same person who shot him at the cannery. Eve's worried, the killer is still out there. Julian says he's had security at the mansion increased, and he thinks the person who tried to kill Alistair will just let him die on his own. Sheridan agrees, and she feels if Alistair dies then she will be able to find Beth and Marty all the easier.

Chris heads to the hospital to see Alistair. He recalls Alistair blackmailing him. Chris then grabs the cord attached to Alistair and says they'll see who has the last laugh. 

Gwen and Ethan hold one another in bed and talk about how wonderful tonight is. They make love again as we see a nice shot of their KY Warming Liquid (yuck!) Ethan gives her a massage with the stuff. Later Theresa spies on Ethan and Gwen as they are together. She ends up running off in tears. She heads to the nursery to see Jane, and she vows that she will not let Ethan leave her.

At the hospital, Fancy tells her Grampy that she has to go, she keeps having this feeling that Noah is in danger. Fancy heads to the Bennetts, but Noah isn't there. She worries about where he is. Fancy decides to go check the Blue Note, and she wonders why Noah isn't picking up his cell phone. 

At Tabitha's, Fox continues to sleep as Kay looks at the ring. She puts it on, and Tabitha reminds her that she can't get engaged to Fox right now, and to take it off. Of course the ring ends up stuck on Kay's finger! As they struggle to get it off, Fox stirs. Tabitha tells Kay to get the ring off or she'll lose Fox. They turn to Endora for help, and she puts sheep in Fox's head to keep him asleep. She also ends up zapping the ring off of Kay's finger. As Kay goes to put the ring back, Fox wakes up! Fox then tells Kay she has been running all over to avoid her, why? She says she's not trying to avoid him. She says Maria was just crying, and Tabitha thinks she is crying again now and sends Kay off. Fox thinks he should go with Kay, but she tells him to stay with Tabitha and Endora. Later, Fancy shows up asking if they know where Noah is, but they don't. She decides to go back to the Blue Note and look there. Fancy talks to Fox and fears something bad has happened to Noah, she gets this feeling that they are in trouble. She tells Fox how someone is spying on them, and she doesn't know who or why. She says she just can't lose Noah. Fancy says lately she's wondered if Noah will ever commit to her and settle down. She tells him about all the hints she's dropped about getting engaged and he's not getting them. Fox then tells Fancy how Kay seems to be avoiding him every time he gets ready to pop the question. Fancy thinks Kay is just worried about Maria, it is cold and flu season. Fancy suggests to Fox that he take Kay away on a romantic trip where she can only focus on him. Kay returns with Maria. Fancy heads off, and Fox tells Kay he has to ask her something. Kay suddenly screams out she lost her hearing, she's deaf! Fox doesn't believe her, and then she says she's cured! Fox then asks if she wants to go away tonight to a little country inn in the mountains. Kay accepts and says she can't wait. Fox goes to call the inn, and Tabitha tells Kay she's got herself in another disaster, why does she think Fox wants to take her away? Kay says oh no! Tabitha once again says if she and Fox get engaged then they are doomed.

On the streets, Noah asks Maya why she is here. Maya puts her gun back in her bag, she had her back to Noah. She claims she's here because of him, she still loves him and wants him back. They then kiss. Noah asks Maya what that was about? She says she just missed him. He says but after what happened in the attic, after seeing that guy get killed and leaving him there, he never forgave himself. He says he's moved on, he's happy with someone else. Maya asks if he's as happy as he was with her? Noah says he loves this woman. Maya, who still has a gun in her purse, says it can't compare to what they shared. Noah says nothing could. However he says their relationship wasn't all wine and roses, and things went bad after the man in the attic was killed and they did nothing. Noah says he loves Fancy now and she loves him. Maya says she knows. Noah realizes she's the one spying on them, and asks what she wants. Maya says she just wanted to see how he was doing, if he was happy. He says he is. He says if she wants something then just ask. Maya says things have been hard for her since they split up. Noah says it's been hard for him, he tried to blame her for for what happened with the murder, but then he blamed himself. HE says he shouldn't have listened to her, he should have told the police what he saw. He says that's when he had to drop out of school and went on the run. Maya thanks Noah for keeping quiet and protecting her secret. They both agree that neither of their families would have understood. Maya says she can't change the past. Noah asks so why she is here now. She says it's a matter of life and death.  She says she needs him help and not to turn his back on her. Noah asks what he wants him to do? We hear footsteps, and Maya says they are getting closer and runs off. It turns out it is Fancy. She wonders who he's talking to in such a dark alley?


January 25, 2006
Summary by Rennee

Noah and Maya talk as Fancy approaches. Maya disappears and Fancy questions him about who he was talking to. She tells him it sounded like a woman. He makes up some lame excuse, which she buys.

Sheridan and Katherine talk. Sheridan talks about finding Marty. Katherine tells her how lucky she is to have someone to support her like Chris does. She tells Sheridan that its obvious that he loves her. Katherine then tells Sheridan that she has to tell her something. She tells her that she still loves Martin and shes going to fight for him. Sheridan reminds her that she said she was going to let him stay with Pilar. Katherine says now that Alistair has nothing to hold over her head, she cant. She has to follow her heart and she loves Martin. Katherine wants Sheridan's okay with this. Sheridan simply says she must do what makes her happy, and in the end the choice is Martins.

Piliar and Martin continue making plans for their wedding vows. Pilar wants to renew their vows on their wedding day, which Martin agrees to. Pilar then has a flash back about Katherine coming to warn her that she was going to fight for Martin. Pilar then tells Martin that she wants to get married tonight. He then reminds her that she wanted a big beautiful wedding. She says she just doesnt want to loose him again. He promises that she wont. They hug as she thinks about Katherine. Later, as Pilar tries on her wedding dress, Katherine shows up and tells Martin that she loves him and wants him back.

At the hospital, Chris tells Alistair that he deserves to die. He tells him that he has causes Sheridan so much pain and then he tried to threaten him. He says that wont happen. Just then, Rachel walks in. Chris asks what shes doing there, and she says the same thing you are. Rachel then tells him that they cant kill him that he isnt worth it. She then tells him about her past with Alistair. She tells him that on the night of their engagement party that she caught Alistair in bed with another woman. She then called things off with Alistair and was going to leave him, but he locked her up and placed an add in the paper declaring her dead. Later, Rachel remembers a clue, the name of the place Alistair sent her to. They inform Sheridan, who looks up the name Kamaimai on the internet.

Simone catches up with Paloma at the Book Cafe. Paloma is working, Simone fills her in on what happened at the party. Sam shows up at the Book Cafe and asks Simone and Paloma if they have seen Jessica. They said no. Hes afraid that shes gone back to Spike.  Later, Paloma and Simone go into the basement as Paloma needs supplies. Down there they find a secret room with boxes of Alistair's documents.. 

Noah and Fancy return to the Bennett home. Noah and Fancy are making love as Noah calls out Mayas name.


January 26, 2006
Theresa is holding Jane in the nursery. She says she promised her a life with her mommy and daddy and she wont break it. She refuses to let Ethan leave Harmony with Gwen. Eve finds Theresa and begs her to reconsider this obsession with Ethan, it will only lead to heartbreak. Theresa says her heart is already broken. She says Ethan leaving Harmony won't help, he still loves her. Eve says he hasn't left his wife for her. Theresa says he will, Ethan will come to his senses and realize leaving is the biggest mistake of his life. Eve tells Theresa that it kills her to see Theresa in pain, she's known her since she is a little girl. Theresa says she's not a girl anymore, she's a woman with two children. Theresa tells Eve to just admit she's not on her side, she can't be on Gwen's side and then act like her friend. Theresa says she made it clear she wants Ethan to be with Gwen. Eve says it doesn't all have to be so black and white. Theresa says there is no middle ground here. Eve says she's on no one's side, she still thinks of Theresa as one of her daughters. She says she can't think about Whitney without Theresa, and she wants Theresa to be happy. Eve says well it didn't work out with Whitney, so is she trying to make out for her failure with Whitney with her? Eve says if she was trying to hurt her then she did. Theresa says she's sorry. She knows she loves Whitney, and if Eve has failed her as a mother then she has failed her as a friend. Theresa says the only way she can be happy is to be with Ethan. Eve just thinks if she gives up on Ethan then she can find a man who loves her and little Ethan. Theresa says Eve needs to understand that she and Ethan belong together and she won't give up on him. 

Ethan finds Julian on the phone with someone in the living room talking about Ethans transfer. Ethan asks what the news is? Julian tells Ethan that hell be going to India, is that far enough away? Ethan is shocked. Julian says he wanted to make sure it was far away, and India is far off. Ethan thinks Gwen will love it. Julian says and Theresa will get the message. Ethan says yes she will and that is the point. Ethan pours himself a drink and Julian asks him how he really feels about the move. Ethan says it's for the best. Julian says he'll probably never see Theresa again. Ethan says all decisions have a price, some are more expensive then others.  Julian asks how he'll tell Theresa? Ethan says he'll tell her the truth. Julian suggests he keep where he's going a secret. Ethan says true, God knows what she'll do if she finds out he's moving to India. Theresa walks in and hears this. She says she will not let him leave. He didn't want her to know, and he wants her word that she won't follow. Theresa says she's not going to India and neither is he. She says he can't seriously take their daughter around the world. Julian leaves them to talk in private. Theresa tells Ethan that he can't be serious about leaving Harmony to move to India, she needs to be with her mother and parents. Ethan says he is taking Jane. Theresa says he won't take Jane from her. Ethan says he's sorry but she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. Theresa says Jane is not Gwen's daughter. Ethan reminds her how Jane came into being. Theresa reminds him that he claimed she didn't trick him, he knew who she was. Ethan says she has to accept that Jane is leaving with them. Theresa says she won't let Ethan lie to her as easily has he lies to himself. She knows he loves her. Ethan won't deny that. She says then don't go. He says that is the difference between them. He says he loves her and that is why he must leave, they can't be around one another. Theresa says she won't let him go, and she locks them in the living room. She then puts the key down her blouse and says if he wants it then get it. Ethan says she's degrading herself. She says she's proving a point, so take the key. HE says she's playing a dangerous game. Theresa says nothing about them is a game. She begins touching Ethan and says she knows how much he wants to touch her, and that he thinks about her when he's with Gwen. She kisses him, but he says stop. He says he'll be a faithful man and walks away from THeresa. He then calls Gwen and tells her to start packing, they are going to India ASAP. He also says he foolishly locked himself in the living room so send the maid down with a key. Theresa begs Ethan not to do this, it will be the biggest mistake of his life. HE says no this is something he should have done years ago. He says if they don't stop this circle of pain then no one will find happiness. Ethan says when he leaves he'll hire a lawyer to help her with Alistair. The maid unlocks the door, and Ethan thanks her. Ethan then leaves. Theresa runs after him and grabs him. She cries and holds him. He cries too and tells her to look at him. Ethan says they need to get away from each other and get on with their lives. Ethan says she'll meet another man and he'll love her the way she should be loved. Theresa says she wants him and not to do this to them. Ethan runs upstairs as Theresa screams at him not to do this to her. She breaks down in tears.

At the mansion, Sheridan thinks these numbers must be coordinates; it must be where Alistair hid them. They look up the location in an atlas. Unfortunately they only have one coordinate, 20 degrees. They don't know anymore, and there isn't enough to go on. Rachel says the word Kamakaikai has to be a place. She says maybe Japan or an island in the position. Chris says there are thousands of islands in the pacific. Sheridan asks Rachel if she remembers anything else, but she doesn't. Julian and Eve show up, and they learn of the little clue Rachel remembered. However it's not enough. Eve and Julian think they should try hypnosis. Sheridan says Eve hypnotized her once, it could work. Rachel says she'll do it. They decide to put her under right now and see if Rachel remembers anything. Eve takes Rachel under. Rachel describes the place she is in, a locked room, and a window with locked shutters. However once in awhile Alistair unlocks them to let the air in. Eve asks about the air. She says it is soft and warm, he wishes they'd be open all the time. Eve asks what she can see. She says it's always night when they are open, it's too dark too see. She says she does see lights in the distance and a cliff. Eve asks what she hears. Rachel says she hears the ocean, birds chirping. Eve asks about smells. She says Otto smells. Eve asks what does she smell outside. She says lush fragrance, fruit, flowers, hibiscus. She also smells pineapple. Chris thinks it could be Hawaii, and it is on the 20th parallel line. Eve then brings Rachel out of her state. Rachel asks if she helped, and Sheridan says she was incredible. Julian says they believe it is a Hawaiian Islands. Sheridan thanks Rachel for helping her find her little boy.

Fancy is stunned that Noah has called her Maya, and he asks who the hell Maya is? Noah says it isn't what she thinks, but Fancy demands to know who she is. Noah says he'll tell her. He says Maya is someone he knew long ago. SHe asks how long ago, how did he meet her. He says college, they went out. He says she is the first girl he had feelings for and it didn't work out. Fancy asks if he loved her. He says he was, but it was over long ago. Fancy asks how her name just popped out then, she must still mean something to him. He tells her that she's making too much out of this. He says for awhile he thought Maya was the one, but life happened. Fancy remembers the love letter she found in his wallet. Noah asks what she's thinking about? He says he reminds her of their no secrets promise, he knows she's hiding something. Fancy says she's just trying to make sense out of what he's telling her, or not telling her. She says if Fancy means so much then why didn't he tell her about Maya. Fancy thinks he is being dishonest, she thinks his grandfather has a secret on him and it has to do with Maya. Noah says there is nothing to tell. Fancy says well she has something to tell him, unless he tells her the truth then they have no future together. He hopes keeping his secret is worth it.

In her hotel room, Maya puts her gun on her desk. She then looks at an old photo of her and Noah. She wonders if he is really over her. Maya then gets a phone call from someone. They ask if she is in Harmony, and Maya says yes. The woman on the phone asks if she has made contact, and Maya says yes. The woman says then she'll proceed as planned. Maya doesn't think she can go through with this, but the woman says that isn't an option. Maya begs not to be made to do it. The woman says she was okay with this before. Maya says that is before she saw Noah, and she can't do this. She says he's a good man and all she's done is hurt him. She says she can't hurt him again and begs this woman not to make her do it. The woman says she's never heard Maya so emotional about anything. Maya says Noah has moved on with his life and is with another woman. Maya admits she still loves Noah too, she loves him with all her heart.  The woman says she knew Maya still loved Noah. Maya says she tried to forget him but couldn't, no other man has come close. She says that is why she can't do it. The woman says if everything goes as planned then she can live happily ever after with Noah.

At Tabithas, Tabithas bowl begins to bubble over so she checks on it to see whats happening. She sees Sheridan, Chris and Rachel looking for information on Marty. Tabitha thinks Sheridan should let this go, she has Chris and James. Tabitha says she's never met anyone as ill fated as Sheridan, unless you count Theresa. She hopes Endora doesn't grow up to be like either of them. Tabitha then begins talking about Eve, she's a medical expert in every medical field their is. She thinks Eve should just be called Wonder Woman. Tabitha prefers Dr. Bombay over Eve, but if Eve unlocks Rachel's memories then it will bring up more unhappy memories. Tabitha watches Rachel's hypnosis session and says Sheridan may find Marty, but in the end she'll wish she never looked for him.


January 27 , 2006
Summary by Jennie

Fancy demands that Noah tell her all about his relationship with Maya, or their relationship is over. He tells her that Maya was a part of his past and that Fancy is part of his present and future. She says they wont have a future if he cant tell her the truth. She asks him if the love letter he carries in his wallet was written by Maya. Noah is upset that she went through his things; she tries to explain that she saw it during the tsunami. He tells her she is a hypocrite saying he has secrets when she has been snooping through his things. He has a flashback of he and Maya being in the room when the man is shot. He tries to get her to drop the whole thing. A car backfires and he throws Fancy on the bed saying someone is shooting at them. She questions his reaction but he says it was no big deal and she says like your past with Maya is no big deal? Then she asks if what just happened has something to do with his past with Maya. He tells her that she is trying to turn this into an issue of trust, when that is not what it is. She insists again on him telling her again and when he wont tell her she tells him they are through!

Gwen and Ethan are packing for India when Gwen has daydreams of her and Ethan having a renewal wedding ceremony in India (complete with a very interesting dance number ok really the whole day dream is a dance number). They get word that the Crane jet is fueled up and ready to go as soon as they are ready. 

Theresa is crying on the floor when Pilar comes over for their appointment at the spa. Theresa tells her about Ethan and Gwen taking Jane and moving to India. She tries to get out of going to the spa but Pilar convinces her to go, maybe it will help take her mind off things. Theresa says it wont help but she will go with her. Pilar is having a good time but Theresas mind is on other things. She sends Pilar to get ready for her massage and is talking to herself asking herself why she would have ever married a man 3 times her age, what good could come of that stupidity. She is interrupted by a woman, Hannah Nicola Smythe, who tells Theresa she needs to find out what is hers if her marriage should come to an end.

Maya is also at the spa and tells different staff members how she is planning on rekindling an old relationship and how what happens that night is going to determine her future.

Sheridan tells Katherine that she and Chris are going to Hawaii to look for Marty. As they are talking Katherine tells her that she told Martin that she still wants them to be together, she says that Pilar was in the next room though so she doesnt know how he feels about it. 

Valerie shows up to talk to Ivy; they plot about how they can stop Fox from proposing to Kay. Ivy says she will do whatever it takes to make sure Fox doesnt marry the wrong woman. They decide to use the problem at the office ploy and head off to Tabithas to get Fox.

At Tabithas Fox is out of the room making sure all the arrangements for his weekend with Kay are in order. Tabitha convinces her to not go, saying she would never be able to say no if he proposed. Kay agrees and Endora makes Kay seem like she is sick. Fox comes out and sees that Kay is sick and cant go away. Fox and Kay are sitting on the couch when Valerie shows up to get Fox to go back to the office. He is going to wait until the next day but decides to go in. Fox tells Valerie he is going to take his own car and he will meet her back at the office. After he leaves Kay is looking out the window and sees Ivy and Valerie, and realizes that they must be working together to keep Fox away from her.

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