January 30 2006 
Summary by Catwoman
Gwen and Ethan go in to check on Jane. Gwen remarks how Jane will learn to walk and talk in India. Ethan says he's not happy with the long flight. Gwen says she knows its long, but worth it; it's a whole new start for them. India is a fascinating place. Gwen says she doesn't care if Julian had transferred them to the North Pole. It will be the first time since they are married that they don't have to deal with Theresa. Gwen talks about how wonderful the move is going to be, and to be away from Theresa. She feels like she's won the lottery, she'll never have to see Theresa again. Ethan says they are moving to India, but Theresa will still be a part of their lives. Gwen says, "What the hell are you talking about?" Gwen says, "What do you mean Theresa is going to be a part of our lives?" Ethan says, "We can't cut her out completely. She is Jane's biological mother." Gwen says, "I am her mother." Ethan tells Gwen she will raise her, but Theresa is her biological mother and they can't ignore that. Gwen says, "Why not? Theresa is insane, or did you forget how Jane was conceived?" Ethan explains that Theresa should get to see Jane, even the courts would allow that. Gwen goes on about how Theresa is insane. Ethan says if Theresa ever acts like an adult than they can't deny Jane the right to know her own mother. Gwen says they are moving half way around the world to get away from Theresa, but Ethan is still saying she should be a part of their lives. Ethan says their lives, no, but Jane's life, yes. Gwen says Theresa is going to use Jane to get her claws into Ethan. Ethan explains that he's trying to do the right thing, not just for them but for Jane. She has the right to know her birth mother. But the ball is in Theresa's court. If she doesn't act like a responsible adult, she won't get to see Jane. Gwen thinks that Ethan is always defending Theresa, but Ethan says they are moving halfway across the world to get away from her. He's doing the right thing for them, but he has to do the right thing for Jane, too. 

Hanna tells Theresa to listen up. Theresa needs to figure out what her rights are. Hanna says, "You don't recognize me. I've lost weight, but this face, this bod is famous." Theresa says, "Your name is Hanna, right?" Hanna says, "Listen up when it comes to rich men, I wrote the book." Theresa says she's read about her, how Hanna found out her rights, and used them to her advantage. Theresa continues to talk to Hanna. Hanna says all rich men are alike, but if you play your cards right, you can win the game. She asks if Theresa is thinking about divorce, and she says she'll weaken herself there. She should wait to be a widow. Theresa says her husband is in a coma. Hanna says that's perfect, it gives her time to figure things out. Does Theresa know what's in his will? Theresa says no. Hanna says to find a lawyer, and not to let them take advantage of her ignorance. Theresa says Julian is in charge of the empire right now. Hanna says the sons are the worst. Her hubby left her oodles and oodles of millions in his will, but when he died, his son tried to keep her from it. But she knew her rights and she fought him all the way to the Supreme Court. Hanna continues to talk about how she won and now she spends her days shopping, she has a say at the board meetings, she bought a baseball team and how they all hit home runs with her. She says she gets to spend her days at spas like this. Theresa says Hanna sounds like Rebecca. Hanna asks "Who? I earned every penny, just like you have." Theresa says she didn't marry Alistair for money. Hanna wants to know "Then why did you marry him?" Theresa says, "For love." Hanna tells her to "save it for the court, you don't have to lie to me." Theresa explains that she did marry Alistair for love. He promised her if she married him, then he'd help her get back the man that she loves. Hanna says, "Wow you're good, I didn't think of that." Theresa says "Yes, but Alistair didn't keep up his end of the bargain." She tells Hanna how Alistair wants rough sex, etc. Hanna tells her she needs to get herself a good attorney. Theresa says it's not about the money. Hanna says, "Of course it is. Come to mama and we'll figure out how to get you what you want, and what's what." Theresa wants to know if she thinks this could work? Hanna says she's convinced the supreme court. Theresa is Mrs. Alistair Crane. She has more power than she thinks. Don't let her marriage to this evil, dirty old man be for nothing. Theresa has to be practical, and doesn't seem like the kind of girl to roll over and say "uncle". Theresa needs to turn the situation around and make it work for her. And don't let anybody get in her way. Hanna says, "Trust me, you're going to thank me for this. Remember what Marilyn said, 'Diamonds are a girls' best friend.' " Theresa thinks to herself maybe Hanna is right, maybe she does have more power than she thinks.

Kay is looking at Ivy and Valerie in Tabitha's bowl. Kay says she knew they were working together. Ivy and Valerie are talking about driving a wedge between Fox and Kay. Kay says she needs to stop them before she loses the man she loves.

Fancy tells Noah it's over between them. She wants to know the truth about Maya. Noah says there is nothing between him and Maya. Fancy says forget it, it's over between us.

Maya is on the phone with a woman. Maya says Noah is in love with someone else. The woman says to stay focused, not to lose sight of her goal. Maya says she has another call and hangs up with the woman. It's Noah. He says he needs to talk to her, can they meet? She says yes, she's at the wharf. He says he'll come meet her. Maya wants to know what is this about? Noah says the past. It's time to put it to rest. She hangs up and says, "Sorry Noah, we can't put the past to rest, it's about to be reopened."

Noah thanks Maya for meeting him. She says he sounded so serious. He says it's about that night. She says it was a horrible night. Noah says he wants to tell Fancy. He loves her and he wants, no needs to have an honest relationship with her, but he can't if he's keeping secrets. Maya says No. Noah says that's why he wanted to talk to her. Maya says you can't. Noah says he's not going to let what happened in that attic ruin his life. Noah tells Maya he'll do anything to be with Fancy. Maya says not too long ago he said the same thing about her. Noah says that she is the one that brought them to an end, not him. Maya says she didn't have any choice. Noah says their love is gone, it's over. After her, he thought he wouldn't love anyone again. He was scared, then he meet Fancy and she irritated him, she annoyed him into loving her, but he does, he loves her deeply and he's not going to lose everything that means something to him over something that happened so long ago. Fancy means everything to him and he's going to tell her everything. Maya says ok, I see you're sure about this. Noah says he is, but he doesn't want to hurt Maya, that's why he had to talk to her. Maya says she understands, he's always been an honest man, that's why she fell in love with him. But before he tells Fancy, there's something they have to discuss, something very important. Maya says there is something else they need to talk about that night in the attic. Noah says, "Like what?" Maya can't just show up in his life and start making demands. Maya says what happened that night in the attic doesn't just affect him, it affects her too. She needs time. He says how much time, she says she doesn't know. He says he's sorry but if he doesn't act fast, he'll lose Fancy. Maya says she needs his help, Noah says Fancy means too much to him to risk losing her and he starts to leave. Maya yells, "Noah wait!" Noah walks off. Maya says to herself, "I have no intention of losing you either." Maya's phone rings, she answers it and says Noah is determined to tell Fancy the truth. The woman says, "What's wrong with yo, you're supposed to lure him back to you." Maya asks how was she supposed to know he was in love with another woman? Maybe she can lure him back to her if she had more time. The woman says, "You had your chance now you"re finished." Maya wants to know what that means. The woman hangs up on her. Maya goes to leave as two men stop her. She says, "You're in my way." They say, "You aren't going anywhere."

Fancy shows up at Tabitha's looking for Fox. Kay asks if she's ok? Fancy is crying. She says she wants to talk to Fox. Kay says he's working right now. Fancy wants to know why, she thought they were going away on a trip. Kay says they were, but she came down with something at the last minute. Fancy says she doesn't look sick. Kay says she's feeling better. Fancy asks if Fox asked Kay anything, then goes on about how love is precious, hang on to it and make the most of it because you don't know when it will slip away. Kay wants to know who she is taking about, her and Fox or Fancy and Noah? Kay wants to know what happened with Fancy and Noah. Fancy says it's over. Kay tells her no, they love each other. Fancy says sometimes that's not enough. Kay wants to know what happened. Fancy explains that it's too much to get into, but it's not something they can get past... well someone that Noah can't get over. Kay says this is terrible, Fancy can't break up with Noah, they are happy. Fancy says she knows, then ten seconds later it is over. Fancy says that Kay has to go away with Fox. Kay says she knows, but she's not been feeling too good. Fancy says she looks fine to her, they have to treasure every second, you never know when love will be taken away. Fancy says she needs to be alone. Kay tells Tabitha she needs to be with Fox. Tabitha warns he'll propose to Kay and she'll say yes and then it's over. Kay says yes but every way she looks, it spells disaster. Ivy and Valerie, Tabitha and her bowl. Kay has to go be with Fox, the man she loves.

Ivy and Valerie are in Fox's office. Fox walks in and says, "Mother to what do I owe the honor?" Ivy says she's worried about him. Fox says, "Seriously, why are you here?" Ivy says she's insulted. Fox wants to know why she came all the way down there. Ivy explains that the jeweler called and wanted to know if the ring fits. Fox says. "Oh so you know I want to propose to Kay, are you trying to stop me? Are you going to tell me why I shouldn't propose to Kay?" Ivy says that if Kay is the woman Fox wants to marry, then he has her blessing. Fox things it's amazing, he thought she'd be upset. Ivy says, "What woman wouldn't want her son to be happy? What did Kay say when you proposed?" Fox says he hasn't asked her yet. Ivy wants to know why not? Fox explains how weird things keep coming up. At first he thought Kay was trying to avoid him. Ivy thinks maybe Kay is trying to avoid him. Maybe Fox is ready to get engaged but maybe it's too soon for Kay to become engaged. Fox wants to know why Ivy doesn't think Kay is ready. Ivy explains that maybe Kay just isn't ready, maybe it's too soon. Valerie says, "Come one, even I know about that other guy, Miguel." Ivy talks about how Miguel got Kay pregnant, then left her to go after Charity. Fox says Kay hasn't talked about him in months. Ivy says what about Fox and Whitney? It wasn't that long ago he wanted to be with her. Fox says that was different. Ivy says yes but there are similarities. Fox says what similarities? Ivy makes a comment about not every girl in harmony wants to saddle you with someone else's baby. Fox says that's enough, Kay doesn't even know he wants to ask her to marry him. Ivy and Valerie keep on about it being too soon for Kay,etc. and Fox finally says maybe they are right. Ivy asks Fox what is he going to do? Fox says he'll wait. He never thought about this from Kay's point of view; he thought the way they love each other, she'd want to marry him as much as he wants to marry her, but he'll wait. He's glad that he bought the ring so when she's ready, at least he'll already have the ring. Kay shows up. Fox asks why is she there when she's sick. Kay says she feels better, she wants to go away with him, like he planned. Ivy is secretly angry, and Valerie makes a comment about how they can't stop Fox now. Tabitha is watching from her bowl and wants to know why Kay is there, she should go home now.

Noah runs into Fancy outside of Tabitha's. He saw her go over to Tabitha's to look for Fox. Fancy says he's not here. Noah says, "but I am. Can we talk?" Fancy says there's nothing to talk about. Noah says he's sorry he hurt her, he wishes he could make things better. He wants to hold her hand. Fancy tells him to stop it. Noah says he's serious, he wants to hold her hand. He wishes he could read palms to know if what he's about to say will work. He loves her, and she's right, she deserves to know the truth. Fancy wants to know what is he saying? Noah says even if it's against his better judgement, he's going to tell there the truth about Maya. 

Ethan says everything is loaded up, they are ready to go. The car is waiting to take them to the Crane jet. Gwen tells Jane to say bye-bye to this house, she won't see it for a very long time. Ethan says they are off to a new start, a whole new life in a new and exciting place. Gwen says she can't wait. They open the front door and Theresa is there with a big smile on her face and says, "Good evening." Gwen gets angry and tells Theresa to wipe the smile off her face, they are leaving and to get out of her way. Theresa continues to smile and says, "You aren't leaving. You aren't going anywhere."


January 31, 2006

At the mansion, Theresa tries to stop Gwen, Ethan and Jane from leaving. She says she's Mrs. Alistair Crane, she can do anything she wants. They laugh at her, as does Julian. Ethan, Gwen and Jane leave and Theresa fumes. Julian tells her it was a nice show but give it up, AListair never has and will never put a woman in charge of Crane or his power. Julian says until Little Ethan is of age, he runs things. Theresa says they'll see about that. She calls the pilot and threatens him not to take off, that she'll charge him with stealing the jet. Julian tells Theresa this is foolish, he can rescind that threat. Theresa decides to call Alistair's attorney and see what rights she does have. He basically laughs at her and says she has no power, Alistair has never given power to a woman. Julian tells Theresa to just hope Alistair dies and live a nice life with her son. Theresa refuses.

On the Plane, the pilot at first tells Ethan that they can't take off because of an order from THeresa. However later he gets clearance to take them to India.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora watch what is going on around the town in their bowl. Tabitha checks on the planets, but they aren't yet aligned.  Endora tries desperately to zap them into alignment, but they snap back. Tabitha says even her magic can't do that. Endora says "not yet!" Later Tabitha watches as Kay dismisses magic and the effect of the planets on her and Fox. Tabitha thinks Kay is really digging herself in deep here.

Fox and Kay drive to their little romantic inn. On the way, Tabitha appears to Kay in the reflection of her window. Tabitha warns Kay not to accept Fox's proposal or she's doomed! 

At the Inn, Kay and Fox arrive to a very romantic setting. As Kay looks around, Fox plays with the ring behind his back. Later they take a romantic bath together. They look up out the skylight at the stars. Fox knows about astronomy, he took a class in college. Kay only knows about the zodiac and astrology, she reads her horoscope every day. She sees a shooting star and makes a wish. He wishes he believed in wishes. She begins asking him if he thinks things like the planets and magic exist and can affect them. He jokes with her and says he wishes magic existed and that he could just wave his hand and get what he wants, but he doesn't. She says she doesn't believe it either, the planets, magic spells and even the boys in the basement can't keep them apart if they love one another. He says who, but she says nothing. They then kiss.

In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris arrive. Sheridan is determined to find Marty. They head to the hotel and Sheridan can't stop talking about finding Marty. She looks at a photo of Otto Krause and is positive he's the key to finding her son. The camera pans over where we see Otto spying on them from behind a paper.

In the park, Noah is talking with Fancy. He agrees to be honest with her about Maya. He says they met in college when he saved her from a rough guy. He says Maya was the one, so he thought, the big one. He sees this hurts Fancy, but she insists he continue. She needs to know why it ended. He says something happened, something terrible. Suddenly they hear a scream and run to see what is happening.

On the wharf, two men attack Maya. Noah and Fancy show up, and they run. Maya is out cold. Noah doesn't see it is her. He chases after the men, but he loses them. Meanwhile, Fancy calls the paramedics and then realizes she knows this woman . . . they met earlier at the Blue Note. When Noah returns he looks at Maya, who is still unconscious, and sees it is her. Fancy is shocked. 


February 1, 2006

On the pier, Fancy is stunned when Noah reveals the attacked woman is Maya. He doesn't want to wait for the ambulance, he has an EMT kit at his house. He picks Maya up and takes her home. Fancy calls Eve as Noah attends to Maya lovingly. He begins bandaging her cuts. She is worried, she wonders if Noah is over Maya. Eve arrives and tends to Maya, but says she needs to be in a hospital. Noah says no, he'll take care of her here. Worried, Fancy realizes this is the woman that probably wrote Noah the letter in which she said Noah claimed he'd never love anyone like he loved her. Eve calls in a prescription for Maya. Maya begins to stir awake. Noah takes her hand and says he's here for her.

At the inn, Fox and Kay get out of bed and go to have dinner in their room, but it hasn't arrive. Fox decides to forgo dinner and get to the question. He begins telling Kay how much he loves her and can't live without her. How he can't wait to start a life and family with her. MEanwhile, Tabitha and Endora are spying through the magic bowl. Tabitha realizes they must do something. Endora zaps Tabitha to the inn and disguises her as a bell hop. Tabitha then brings the dinner in and insists on serving them. Fox insists they are okay and gets rid of him. Next Endora disguises Tabitha as housekeeping. She barges back in to turn their bed down. She then warns Kay not to say yes or she knows what will happen! Kay says she doesn't believe in magic or planets anymore. Fox gets rid of her again and this time puts a chair in front of the door to stop anyone else from barging in. He thinks the mood has been ruined, but Kay tells him to continue. Fox proposes. Kay looks at the ring. Tabitha watches from her bowl as Kay tells Fox that she loves him with all her heart but can't marry him. She then runs out of the room.

On the plane, Ethan and Gwen wonder why the plane has stopped yet again. Julian, Theresa and Alistair's lawyer board. Gwen demands to know what is going on. Theresa says she told them she'd stop them and she has. Gwen says she can't, but Julian is afraid she can. Alistair's lawyer has a DVD which he insists they all watch. Alistair made it on New Years Eve as a change to his last written will. He speaks about how in his last will he put Julian in charge in case anything happened to him. He says given there is a chance he may be murdered at his party tonight, and because Julian betrayed him, he's changing things. He says Little Ethan will now take over the company, but of course he's too young. Alistair says therefore he leaves Theresa in charge until he's of age. Alistair laughs and wishes he could see their faces, but he has a vivid imagination. He says Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane has the power now, what she says is law. Julian, Ethan and Gwen can't believe this. Theresa laughs and tells Jane she's not going anywhere, none of them are because what she says goes. Theresa tells Gwen to get used to this!

In Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan are eager to find Otto, not realizing he is trailing them with a gun. They go to a tax office thinking that is the best place to start. Sheridan says Otto would have to look law abiding to blend in. Otto spies on them and says he can't be found. He's about to kill Sheridan yet stops when the tax man tells them bad news, the computer system is down. He says he can't do searches, they'll have to come back tomorrow after it's fixed. Sheridan asks what about old paper records? Otto draws his gun again thinking Sheridan has a death wish. He puts it away when the tax man says they do have paper records, but it is closing time and he has plans with his family. He says they'll have to come back tomorrow. 

Sheridan and Chris return to their hotel. Chris has a romantic dinner prepared for them in advance. They dine and then make love. Meanwhile, Otto returns to the closed tax office. He pours gasoline over everything and lights it on fire. He says nobody will ever find him or his guests.



February 2, 2006
At Noahs place, Maya wakes up and looks at Noah. He asks if shes okay, does she have any pain? Eve says easy, not to overwhelm her. Maya asks what happened? Noah says she was attacked, did she see who did this to her. She says she remembers now. She says shes sorry to bring him so much trouble. Noah wants to know who did this to her. Eve once again tells Noah to ease up with the questions. Noah talks with Fancy, they both wonder who would do this. Fancy hopes Noah will tell her the rest of the story. They step outside the room and let Eve examine Maya. Fancy asks Noah to tell him the whole story about him and Maya. She doesnt want to seem like the jealous girlfriend, but shed feel better if she knew more. She wonders if all of this is connected to his past with Maya. Noah says all he knows is that Maya is afraid of someone or something. He admits he saw her earlier in the evening at the Blue Note. He says earlier she begged him for help, but he said no. He wonders if he had helped her earlier then this wouldnt have happened. Fancy asks why he kept this from her. He says he just wasnt ready to talk about it. She wonders what else hes keeping from her. She knows something happened between them and she wants to know what. He explains how he met Maya in college, she was dating a guy who attacked her and he stopped it. Suddenly Eve interrupts to tell Noah that Maya wants him. Noah goes in to see her, and Fancy wonders what happened between them. Noah rushes back to Mayas bedside. Maya tells him how sorry she is that she came to Harmony, but he feels if he helped her earlier then this wouldnt have happened. Noah promises to make it up to her, but she says its too dangerous for him. He asks why him? She says he knows why, this has to do with it. He says he let his guard down after so much time passed. She tells him to stay out of it, forget he saw her. He says he cant, but she says he has no choice. She says this was just a warning, forget about her and worry about his new life. He says he cant do that. She says he has to, and whatever he does dont tell anyone. He says he has to tell Fancy the truth, but Maya says he cant. Fancy spies on them but cant hear. She just sees how Maya looks so upset. Noah tells Maya that Fancy deserves to know the truth. Maya tells Noah that what happened tonight is because of the night in the attic, and that these people mean business. She says he has to lie to Fancy to protect her, this is the only way to protect her. Maya says it was wrong for her to come back and contact him, and now that "they" know the two of them are in danger. Noah still owes her the truth, but Maya says doesnt protecting her come first. Maya begs Noah not to tell Fancy anything. Maya then begins to cough. Eve comes in and tells Noah that he has to leave, Maya has to rest. Maya begs Noah to promise her. Noah leaves the room, and Fancy asks what is going on. She asks if he is ready to tell her everything? Maya says he cant tell her, hes sorry. Fancy asks what Maya said that changed his mind? He says he cant go into it. Fancy says she was serious when she said shed leave him if he wasnt honest. Noah says shell just have to trust him. Fancy says if he cant trust her then she cant trust him. She says shes so disappointed in him. Noah says hes sorry, and she says so is she. She says he claimed she was the most important woman in his life, but his actions speak differently. Fancy storms off.

Katherine and Rachel go to see an unconscious Alistair at the hospital. Katherine is still a bit frightened, but Rachel says hes no threat to anyone anymore, even them. Katherine says he made their lives hell and she hopes he suffers. Rachel thinks that can be arranged. Rachel says Alistair might be able to hear every ugly word said about him. Katherine cant stay here, and she says she needs to find Martin and see how he feels about her. She tells Rachel about facing off with Pilar over Martin and telling Martin how she feels. Rachel wants Katherine to be happy and tells her to go. Katherine then leaves. To himself, Alistair says she is a pathetic excuse of a woman and deserved everything he did to her. Rachel continues to tell Alistair how she hopes he is suffering, it must be horrible to be trapped in a body that cant move. Alistairs voice says its not so bad, hes still causing grief and pain through his will. 

Pilar and Martin arrive at the Book Caf to see Paloma. One of the other workers says shes in the stockroom right now. They order some coffee while they wait. Pilar, to herself, just hopes Katherine stays out of their lives so she can live with Martin happily every after. She picks up a bridal magazine, and Martin laughs at her. She doesnt want him to think shes a twenty year old bride, and he doesnt. She asks him if this is what he wants, and he says it is and hes with her all the way. Pilar is happy and hugs him, but Martin doesnt exactly look thrilled. Martin tells her how he thinks of this renewal as a way to bring the whole family closer. They talk about perhaps having Miguel come home.

Downstairs, Paloma and Simone look through some of Alistairs boxes, but they only find old tax records and accounting files. Simone is convinced Alistair is hiding something here, he wouldnt store these here when he has other warehouses. Paloma says she has to get back to work or she could get fired. Simone thinks they need to return, they have to find something on Alistair. Paloma agrees that there is nothing shed like more than to take him down. 

Paloma and Simone return and run into Martin and Pilar. They talk about their vow renewal ceremony. Pilar tells Paloma that she knows she loves Katherine, and in spite of her feelings about her, she will always be grateful towards her for helping raise Paloma. She just hopes Palomas feelings for Katherine wont stop her from attending the ceremony. Katherine shows up at this point and spies on them. Paloma agrees to come, but she says she wont lie, she still loves Katherine. Paloma says Katherine was never anything but wonderful to her. Pilar says she just hopes Paloma will eventually understand why she sent her away. Paloma says they have been through this, and she loves her and papa. Pilar and Paloma hug. Paloma says she now has to get back to work. Martin leaves to drink his coffee as the girls continue to talk. Katherine grabs Martin and asks if he has thought about what she said. Martin suggests they talk outside. 

Outside, Katherine tells Martin everything has changed and for the first time they are free to be together. She says she loves him, does he still love her. Martin says of course he does. She says but he loves Pilar too. He says he never stopped. Katherine knows that. She says she wont pressure him into something he wont do. She says he does have a choice though, he can call off this ceremony. She says he cant just throw what they had away when they finally have a second chance to be together. Martin cant stay here with her, so she says at least think about what she said. She tells him to admit that life is too short to settle for anything less than the real happiness. Martin says Pilar deserves to be happy too. Katherine says yes but not at their expense. She says Pilar could have moved on but she didnt. Martin says she didnt know what happened to him. Katherine says she does now, so let her move on. Martin says Pilar doesnt want to move on. Katherine says well she doesnt want to spend another day without him.

Back inside, Pilar talks to Paloma. Paloma wants everyone to be happy, though shes afraid this ceremony will hurt Katherine. Pilar says Katherine can move on and find someone other than her husband. Paloma looks outside and sees Martin hugging Katherine. 

On the plane, Ethan , Gwen, Julian, Theresa and the lawyer watch Alistairs DVD in which he leaves all his money and power to Theresa. He talks about how he likes Theresa, she isnt a tree-hugger like Julian, shes more like he is. He says she has nerves of steel and doesn't waver from a goal. He says from now on they will all be under the thumb of his wife, he says what Theresa says goes, they will live under the gospel of the not so saintly Theresa. He can just imagine all the heartache Theresa will bring upon each and every one of them. The lawyer turns the video off, and he says this supersedes all other wills and instructions. Ethan says Alistair wasnt of sound mind when he made this, and Julian says theyll fight this. The lawyer says they have no leg to stand on, they answer to Theresa now. Theresa says what she says go. Gwen thinks Theresa somehow orchestrated this. Theresa suggests Gwen be nice to her. Julian says this is outrageous. Theresa says not to worry, she learned a lot from him too. She says she may have the makings of a dictator, but shell be a benevolent one. She says for starters they should all head home and have a chat about the future. Gwen says yeah right. Theresa suggests they not get off on the wrong foot. Gwen says shes six years too late. Theresa tells Joel the pilot hes free to go, but Gwen says hes taking her to India as planned. Ethan tells Theresa that they are taking Jane and leaving tonight. Theresa says its not going to happen. She tells Joel he takes orders from her now. Ethan says fine theyll take a commercial flight. Gwen says they have custody of Jane now and she cant do anything about that. Theresa says theyll just see about that. Gwen says Theresa wont take Jane from her. Theresa says she knows this will hurt, almost as much as when Gwen took Jane from her. Gwen says they arent coming home with her, and Ethan agrees. Theresa says she is about to offer them a deal of a lifetime. Gwen says Ethan would never work with her, they were going to India to get away from her. Theresa says well unfortunately the job in India is no longer available, but she does have a more generous offer for Ethan. Ethan says he could get a job anywhere, but Theresa wants him to just give her job offer a thought. She says he doesnt want to see the company he poured years into fall apart does he. Julian says he will help Theresa. Theresa suggests they not talk about this anymore tonight, they should all go home for dinner. Gwen refuses, so Theresa tells Gwen shell just have to sleep on the runway as this jet isnt going anywhere. They say theyll find a hotel, but she says not on the company credit card they wont. Gwen says she has money, but Theresa says all in Alistairs banks. Theresa says they are flat broke, so theyll have to come work with her. She says they do want to prove for their family dont they. Ethan and Gwen realize they dont have a choice, and Gwen says Theresa is just as cold as Alistair is. Julian offers Ethan cash, but Ethan says theyll be fine. He says they can stay at Sheridans room at the B&B. Theresa thinks theyd want Jane to be comfortable. Gwen thinks shed be more comfortable in a shack with them than with Theresa. They leave, and Julian tells Theresa shes making a mistake. Theresa tells herself she still kept Ethan in Harmony and soon shell be back with her where he belongs.

Ethan and Gwen check into the B&B. Ethan swears to Gwen he loves her and Jane and Theresa will have to accept that. He promises her that it will be okay.

Theresa returns to the mansion and to Little Ethan. She asks what Little Ethan is hiding. He says a surprise, she cant look. She says okay, but its late so he has to get to bed. She sends him off to brush his teeth and wash his face. Ethan leaves and Theresa sneaks a peak at what Little Ethan was making. It was a card for her. Theresa vows to give Little Ethan the dad he deserves, and she will make them a family. 


February 3 , 2006
At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin is reading the paper. The headlines say that Alistair is stable. Paloma comes out and Pilar asks if she slept well. Paloma says not really. Pilar thinks maybe shes excited about the vow renewal ceremony. Pilar tells Paloma that it means the world to her that shes taking part in the ceremony. Paloma says she knows what marriage means to her, she couldnt disrespect her beliefs. Pilar tells her to look through a book of some bridesmaid dresses and see if she likes any. Pilar leaves the room, and Paloma talks to her father. Paloma says she saw him last night with Katherine. Paloma asks if he is still in love with Katherine. He says its complicated, but admits he is. Paloma asks what about mama, how can he do this to her? Martin says that he loves them both and in the end one will be hurt. Paloma tells Martin that he knows what she thinks, Katherine was the only mother she ever knew. Paloma says she loves Katherine very much, but she has come to love mama too. She understands why her mama sent her away. She says mama was noble to put what she (Paloma) needed in front of her own needs. Paloma says shes seen mama in a whole new light now. Martin asks so she wants him to stay with her mother? Paloma doesnt want to see mama hurt. She says either stay with mama or go back to Katherine now. She doesnt want him to break mamas heart later on. Martin says he will keep his promise to Pilar. She says but he still loves Katherine. Martin says he knows.

Fancy is at the mansion eating a huge tub of ice cream in the kitchen. A maid asks Miss Fancy if she is okay, she seems upset. Fancy claims shes fine, as long as she doesnt think about losing Noah. Theresa shows up in some swanky business suit. She asks Fancy why shes not eating breakfast in the solarium. Fancy asks Mrs Crane if that is an order? Fancy knows Theresa has been put in charge of everything. Theresa says that is right. Fancy says shell find a new place to live as soon as she can. Theresa says she doesnt have to leave. Theresa says this is her home and she wont kick her out. Theresa says she wont force anyone to leave who has the right to be here. Rebecca shows up demanding to know where her grapefruit is, where is the cook? Fancy says he ran out saying hed never serve her in bed again. Rebecca tells Theresa to do what she was born to do and serve her her grapefruit. Theresa says okay. She picks it up and shoves it in Rebeccas face! Rebecca is furious. Theresa gives Rebecca the news, shes in charge now. Theresa says Alistair has left her in charge. Rebecca wonders how much sangria Theresa has had today. Rebecca doesnt believe her, so Theresa tells her to ask Gwen. Rebecca says shes in India. Theresa says no shes at the B&B, she stopped Gwen from leaving with Ethan and her daughter. Rebecca says this is absurd. Fancy says Theresa is telling the truth. Theresa tells Rebecca that she should probably look for a new place to live as shes pretty close to throwing her out. Rebecca vows to find Gwen and undo whatever Theresa did. Theresa says do that and tell her to return Ethan and Jane to her. Rebecca says shell never have them, but Theresa says she will and shell find Alistairs proof that they outed Ethan to the tabloids. Rebecca ends up storming off. Theresa tells Fancy that she meant what she said earlier, she wont make her leave. She says she is like her granddaughter now, and she is fond of Noah so she wouldnt make her leave. Fancy says shes not an idiot and to leave Noah out of this. Theresa thinks she must be having problems with Noah, and perhaps she can help her. Fancy says shes not buying Theresas kind and caring act, and the only reason shes not throwing her out is because of Ethan. Fancy says she doesnt want to see Ethan seeing what a bitch she is. Theresa suggests Fancy not cross her or she will find out what a nasty peace of work she can be. Later, Fancy thinks about how her and Noah promised not to let anyone or anything get between them. She wonders why shes sitting here getting fat, she loves Noah and he loves her. She thinks Noah is obviously protecting Maya, he can either be mad at him or trust in their love. Fancy says she wont lose the man she loves over drama with an ex of his. She says he means to much to her. Fancy grabs her purse and takes off.

Paloma, Pilar and Martin arrive at the mansion. There is food set out, but Pilar wont let them touch it. Theresa shows up and asks why they arent eating any of the things she set out for them. Martin says they didnt know they were for them. Theresa says and this is just the beginning. Theresa informs them about Alistairs will change leaving her all the power. Martin and Pilar dont look pleased. Theresa wants them all to move in here with her, she wants them to live like the Cranes instead of working for them. Paloma loves the idea, but Pilar and Martin dont. Later a maid shows up, and Theresa orders her to tear this mansion apart and not to stop until she finds Alistairs secret files. The maid asks if she can have a break since shes tired, but Theresa casts her a look. The maid says shell get back to work. Theresa says good or shell be looking for a new job. Theresa returns to her family. Pilar tells Theresa that they arent taking anything from her, they dont need this to be happy. Paloma pouts! Martin sides with Pilar, they dont need to live here to be happy. Theresa says they are family and deserve what they can get out of the old man for the grief hes caused them. Pilar says money cant give them back Luis or Antonio, they will take nothing from the Cranes. Theresa at least offers to give Paloma a job at Crane Industries as Fancys assistant, she knows she wants to work in fashion. Paloma thinks about the secret room below the Book Caf. She cant quit as she wont have access to it or the files anymore. Paloma thanks her but says shell stick with the Book Caf, something good may come of it yet. Theresa cant believe they are turning their backs on the easy life. Later, Martin and Pilar talk about Theresa and how the power has gone to her head. Pilar says Alistair is still in control, he will punish Theresa from his grave. Meanwhile Paloma thanks Theresa for the offer, but she has to respect mama and papa's wishes. Paloma asks Theresa what shes going to do with her power? Theresa says shes going to make sure shes a family with Ethan and Jane.

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the mansion. Gwen doesnt know why Ethan has come to see Theresa. Ethan thinks Theresa has realized her tactics backfired and she wants to make it up to them. Theresa shows up and gives Ethan an envelope. She says this is the proof that Gwen outed him to the tabloids. Ethan reads it and is shocked, its all true. Gwen quakes as Ethan lashes out at her for destroying his life and pinning it on Theresa. Of course its all a nightmare of Gwens. Gwen wakes up in her bed alone. She looks around and hopes the dream wasnt a premonition. Later Gwen finds Shirtless Ethan on his laptop. Hes looking at job posting and emailed his resume to lots of firms. Gwen thinks a recommendation from Julian will open more doors. Ethan says Julian will do what he can, but hes not running Crane anymore, Theresa is. Gwen cant believe they are trapped by her, but Ethan says a company out there will hire him. Gwen isnt so sure, other companies could be afraid to hire him out of fear of retaliation from Crane. Ethan says they just have to hope someone takes a risk. Ethan promises Gwen that Theresa may have Alistairs power but she doesnt have the power to destroy them. Gwen worries to herself that she could destroy them if she finds that proof. Later Rebecca shows up and sees Theresa was telling the truth, they arent in India. Gwen tells her mother everything that Theresa did. Gwen says Ethan is trying to find another job right now. Rebecca says it never occurred to her that Alistair would give her all his power. Ethan shows up all dressed up in a suit, he has an interview for a job with a company in New York. He says the company is like Crane but only smaller. He says the CEO is in town and eager to meet him. Gwen says shell send him positive energy and thoughts all day long. Gwen just hopes he gets the job. Ethan leaves, and Gwen just hopes the interview goes well as the sooner they leave the better. She says Theresa is bound to find Alistairs proof eventually. Rebecca says Theresa hasnt found it yet. Gwen says but now she has access to everything, all of Alistair's power and resources. Gwen says they have to be prepared. Rebecca says she is, if push comes to shove then she is prepared to do whatever it takes to stop her. Rebecca grasps a knife as she said this. Later Ethan returns with news, hes been given a job in New York. Gwen hugs him, and Ethan says everything will be great and Theresa cant do anything about this job. 

At the Bennett house, shirtless Noah brings Maya her breakfast. Shes still in bed sleeping. He sits by her, and she wakes up. He tells her to go back to sleep, he just wanted to check on her. She says its okay, shes too achy to sleep anyways. She says she hates being alone and asks him to stay with her. He says okay. Noah continues questioning her about the men who attacked her, how is the attack connected to what they saw so long ago in that attic? Maya doesnt know, but whoever shot the man must have known they were there. Maya tells him that for a long time it seemed like the night never happened, and then she got a call from someone who knew all about what happened in the attic. She says then she began to feel like she was being watched. She says she got scared and came to find him for help. She says instead all she did was bring whomever was watching her straight to him. She says she has put him and Fancy in danger. Maya says she should have stayed away, but Noah says he can take care of himself. Maya says she should get back to her hotel where she is safe, where they all are safe. Noah says no, she needs to stay here. He says his dad used to be the Chief of Police, they can take turns watching her. Maya says she cant live with the guilt that they may get hurt. Noah says they can go to the cops, they can help them. Maya says he cant go to the police. Noah says they have to, they should have gone to the police long ago. He says its better late then never. He picks up the phone, and she begs him not to call the cops. She says they will look like suspects and cant prove they are innocent. Noah agrees not to call the police. Noah says fine, but he does have to tell Fancy. Maya says if he does then the people will kill Fancy too. Noah says he cant keep this from Fancy, he could lose her. Maya asks if that is better than Fancy losing her life. Noah says he hates this. Maya blames herself for bringing this on him, but he says the past would have caught up with them eventually. Later Maya says shes sore and asks if she can take a hot shower. He asks if shes up for it? She says shell be fine once she gets moving. Noah says hell be here in case she needs anything. She thanks him and says she couldnt get through this without him. Maya then heads into the bathroom. As Maya showers, she ends up crying out in pain. Noah rushes in and helps Maya, shes in pain and her back is giving out. He grabs her to help her. Of course this is when Fancy shows up! She hears the shower running and thinks Noah may be in there. She calls out to him, but he doesnt answer. Fancy thinks it could be Maya so she shouldnt barge in. She then hears Maya crying out in pain and Noah telling her to hold onto him. When she walks in it looks like they are making love.

In Hawaii, Sheridan once again looks at her locket which has photos of James and Marty in it. She says it wont be long now before she finds Marty and takes him home. She says no one will stop her. We see a man walk into the room and spy on Sheridan. Of course it is just Chris. He has brought fresh pineapple. She says shes too nervous to eat, but he insists. Sheridan just hopes Otto and her fathers people wont find out they are here. Chris says so far they havent, and theyll keep using their aliases. Sheridan says they have to get to that tax office and find Ottos records. Chris says if they find Otto then theyll find her son. 

Sheridan and Chris are stunned when they arrive at the tax office and find it burned to the ground. Chris asks a fireman what happened here, but he says its still being investigated. They ask about the files, everything is gone. Sheridan says this is terrible, they were counting on these records to find Otto. Sheridan wonders what the chances are that this happened. Chris thinks it is no coincidence, it is arson. Sheridan thinks Otto must know that they are here. Later the fireman tells them that it looks like it was arson. Chris says someone set this fire to keep them from finding Marty. Sheridan thinks this is a warning, next time they could be killed. 

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