July 3, 2005
At the piaza in Rome, Luis can't believe Alistair and Beth got away. Fancy tells him not to give up, they'll find Beth and Marty. Meanwhile, Beth and Marty are running through the streets. Alistair has a plane waiting, they need to get to it. Beth won't leave without Marty, so they had to get him.

Beth and Alistair arrive at the hotel where Beth has Marty. Alistair tells her to hurry, but Beth has to pack all his favorite toys and books. Meanwhile,  Luis gets a call from Interpol, they have traced Beth and Alistair to a nearby location. They race off. They arrive at the hotel as Alistair and Beth, with Marty are about to leave. Alistair realizes Luis is in the hall with Fancy, and Luis soon hears Marty from behind the door. Luis bangs on the door and tells them to open up.

Edna and Norma realize during the big fight that Alistair's men stole their money. Edna cries she can't go back to working at the pizza parlor. Norma has an idea. They go to the lesbian club and work out a deal with the owner to perform a cabaret act. Norma dresses in a baby blue tux with a bad toupee, Edna in a stars and stripes outfit. Edna plays the piano and Norma sings. They are such a huge hit that the club owner signs them to a club tour of Europe. Edna sees mucho money in this for them.

Ethan and Gwen are headed back to the hotel when they find Theresa's broken cell phone. Ethan worries, what if something happened to Theresa? Gwen thinks with the cellphone broken, she's one and Theresa will never get the proof she needs to get Ethan back.

Elsewhere, Theresa is stunned when JT tells her that Ethan, not Julian, is Little Ethan's father. She says she needs proof, and how does he knows this? He says before he became editor at the paper he was a reporter, he got the scoop on everything. He asks if she didn't sleep with someone else around the time she was with Julian. She says Ethan, but she was on the pull. He says he dug into her pharmacy records, she was on the pill one day. He says it takes a whole cycle for the pill to kick in. She says she needs more proof. He hands her his PDA, which has all his important documents. She reads it over, whatever it says, it convinces her. She asks why Alistair would make him his heir though? JT says for once Alistair doesn't know something. Theresa realizes this is what she needs to get Ethan back. JT asks if they are square? She says she guesses . . . so he runs off leaving Theresa with his PDA. 

At the hotel, Chad and Whitney are reveling in their reunion and making love nonstop. Chad eventually stops to get some ice. Gwen and Ethan show up, they see Whitney and Chad in bathrobes in the hall way and kissing. Chad fills them in on the news and how the nun was right. Gwen begins to worry, the same nun told Theresa she'd win Ethan back. She wonders if the nun was right about Chad and Whitney, could she be right about Theresa?

Back in Harmony, Miguel and Kay are in bed, she asks Miguel to say he loves her. He does, he says he loves her more than any other woman in the world. To himself he admits he is having trouble not making love to Kay. Kay eventually leaves to check on Maria. Meanwhile, Tabitha spies on Siren and Fox, Siren is using her song to enchant Fox. Fox's love for Kay is stronger, he keeps breaking out of her song. She conjures up Poseidon's horn and pours golden liquid into his ear to enchant him. They begin to make love. Back out in the hallway, Kay shows up and finds Tabitha listening in. Kay tells Tabitha she's being tacky. Tabitha tries to question her, doesn't she find anything odd that is going on? Kay does, she doesn't know why she and Miguel live here. Tabitha doesn't either. She also doesn't know why Fox and Siren live here, and why does Siren think she's a mermaid? Kay eventually leaves to check on Maria, then she returns to Miguel. Meanwhile Tabitha goes to check on Endora. When Endora learns what Siren is doing, she throws a fit as well as lightening bolts all over the house. They soon cause fires to break out in Miguel/Kay and Fox/Siren's rooms.


July 4, 2006

At the hospital in Harmony, Eve and Julian are discussing TCs accident and how the girls may not make it home in time. Doctor Richard talks to them, TC is still deteriorating and he's not expected to make it. He asks if their daughters are on the way home. Eve says no, she cant seem to reach them. He says that is a shame. Eve doesn't want TC to die without seeing the girls again, should he wake up. Julian suggests they bring photographs of Whitney and Simone here so he can see their faces. Eve thinks it is a wonderful idea. Julian will go get them as  Eve doesnt want to leave TC. The doctor says TC is stable, it will do her good to go. Eve says if hes sure.

Eve and Julian go to TCs house, they find TC has been living in squalor basically. The house is a mess, there are empty booze bottles everywhere. Eve finds a letter TC wrote, he felt terrible for the way he reacted to the news about her and Julian, how he never should have turned to Liz and how he wanted to reconcile but she was with Julian by then. He also apologized to Simone for his reaction to her being gay, and hes sorry he pushed Whitney to play tennis when she always wanted to sing. Eve wonders if it really is too late for TC, what if Simone and Whitney never see their dad alive again. Eve feels terrible for what has happened to TC. Julian tells her not to blame herself. Eve says she does, if she had kept in touch more then she could have known what was going on, she could have stopped it before it got so bad. She says if he doesnt live then she wont forgive herself. Back at the hospital, a nurse checks on TC, and after she leaves his room he flat lines! The doctors soon arrive and try and save TC. Meanwhile, back at TC's, Eve gets a call on her cell phone, she learns TC has flat lined. She says shell be right there. Julian and Eve run off to the hospital.

Endora throws a tantrum and sets her moms house on fire! Lightening bolts bounce around the house and fires start all over. Miguel and Kay cant believe what is happening. Meanwhile, Siren sees the fire but says she has to get Fox to make love before the trance wears off. Outside Ivy sees the fire going on at Tabithas house. She comments how it seems the house is possessed. Sam shows up, he heard about it over the scanner. They dont know if anyone got out. Back inside, Miguel tells Kay to get out of the house and hell get Maria. She says no shell get Maria and he can help protect them in case something heavy falls. Meanwhile, Tabitha is trying to convince Endora to stop this. Tabitha tells her to think about water, conjure some up. Endora conjures fire sprinklers in the house, Tabitha thinks shes saved the house. Back in her room, Siren soon realizes the water has caused her tail to grow back. Fox begins to come out of the trance, he asks if she smells smoke. Siren kisses him to keep him from seeing her tail. Fox soon realizes the house is on fire, energy bolts are coming out of the wall and the house is shaking. Fox says they have to get out of here. Siren is hiding her tail from him by the side of the bed, she tells him to go without her, she needs to put on clothes. Siren ends up throwing herself out the window and into the neighbor's pool. There is so much smoke that Fox cant see what is going on. Meanwhile, Tabitah says the water is stopping, Endora needs to conjure up more. Endora is too tired, Tabitha says it is because of her tantrum earlier, she wore herself out. Tabitha grabs Endora and says they have to get out. Elsewhere, Kay and Miguel get to Maria. However the hall way soon catches on fire, they cant get out. Kay says they are trapped and they are all going to die! Fox makes it out and to Sam and Ivy, as does Tabitha and Endora. They all yell to Miguel and Kay, who are leaning out the window. They tell them to climb onto the roof ledge, they do. Miguel says the only thing they can do is drop Maria out the window. They wrap her up and drop her, Fox and Sam catch her. They then yell Miguel and Kay to get out. Miguel plans to lower Kay down, but the whole house is on fire by now. They dont know how to get out. Miguel and Kay have to jump, Sam and Fox basically help them break the fall by letting them jump on them. The fire department arrives, Sam is stunned when Kay hugs Miguel and kisses him. Tabitha explains everything to him about the shock and Kay's memory loss. Tabitha then realizes it is too late to save her home. They wonder how the fire started, and Fox thinks it must have been kids setting of fireworks, that explains the weird light show. Ivy says she supposes it is possible. Tabitha can't believe they all believe Fox's lame excuse. Kay says Miguel is so brave to have saved her and Maria. Meanwhile, Siren has landed in the neighbors pool, the neighbor sees a mermaid in their pool. The mans wife shows up, Siren climbs out of the pool. Sirens legs are finally back, the wife says that is a girl from next door. The man calls her a babe, and the wife says he never calls her that! Siren soon joins the others, she tells Fox not to worry about Kay and Miguel. She hugs Fox and says theyll get through this together. Sam offers to let them all stay at his place sinceTabitha let them stay with her when his house burned down. Tabitha says it was her pleasure. To herself she says it was her pleasure to see his house burn down that is. Tabitha then warns Endora that must be careful not to expose themselves as witches to those unsuspecting.

In Rome, Chad and Whitney take a walk. They run into Noah, Simone and Paloma in the piazza. Simone sees they are together, she what is wrong with them? Chad and Whitney explain everything to them. They are all happy for them. Chad asks why they wanted to meet them? Paloma says they have a lead on the stolen paintings, there is a secret room in the gallery where Alistair hid the paintings. They wanted to go see if they were there. Theresa shows up, Whitney lags behind to talk to her. The others leave, and Theresa tells Whitney her big news, Ethan is Little Ethans father. Theresa thinks once she tells Ethan, Ethan will come back to her. She thinks this is it, they will finally be a family. Meanwhile, Noah, Simone, Paloma and Chad head to the art gallery and locate Alistairs secret panel. They find the paintings and make calls to the authorities to have them picked up and returned to the rightful owners.

In their hotel room, Ethan asks Gwen why she thinks Theresa will take everything from her? Gwen says shes always in her face talking about taking him from her. Gwen says the girl schemes 24/7 and now she's ranting about some psychic nun. Gwen says what if the nuns prophecy comes true? Ethan says it wont happen. Gwen just cant help but wonder, what if he and Theresa are destined to be together just like Chad and Whitney? Ethan says hes sorry Theresa is getting to her, it upsets him that shes upset, but trust him when he swears hell never leave her no mater what. He says he loves her till death do they part. She says she loves him, Jane and their life together. Gwen asks him to make love to her, make her forget about Theresa. They make love, and Ethan tells her that hell always love her. Gwen hopes so, she hopes the old nun is wrong. Ethan says she and Jane are his family, his future is with her and not Theresa.

At the other hotel, Luis and Fancy are banging on the door, Alistair, Beth and Marty are inside the room. Marty calls out to Luis saying Daddy! Interpol shows up to help Luis. They break the door down, surprise surprise Alistair and company escaped somehow. Fancy finds photos of Beth, Marty and Luis, Beth cut out Sheridans face and put her own in. Fancy realizes Beth really is insane. Luis finds a closet with a false back, they head into the passage.

Alistair, Beth and Marty run through the ruins, Fancy, Luis and Interpol are on their trail. Marty keeps calling out to his dad, which the others hear. Luis knows Beth cant run that fast with Marty. Alistair, Beth and Marty hide, Alistair decides hes going to have to kill Luis. Beth says no, she loves him! The Interpol agents have to leave, they have new orders to pursue another case. They tell Luis good luck and leave them, Luis is furious.. Marty once again calls out to Luis, who follows the sound of his voice. However Fancy is knocked out, Luis chooses to stay behind to check on her. When Fancy comes too, she feels guilt ridden. She says they have to get after them. Luis thinks she needs to go to a hospital, but she says no shell be fine. The chase through the ruins continues. Beth realizes Luis isnt given up. Alistair says he wont be captured, he will kill Luis first.


July 5, 2006
In Harmony, Sam and Ivy bring Tabitha and the others snacks. Its a new day. Tabitha thanks Sam for letting them stay at his house. Sam remembers how nice she was when their house was sucked into hell. Fox isnt pleased, hes not happy that Kay slept with Miguel. Sam says Miguel wouldnt take advantage of Kay, and Siren says Miguel wants to be with her not Kay. Fox hopes Kays memory has returned, he doesnt know how much more he can take. Miguel shows up, they ask how Kay is, does she have her memory back? Miguel doesnt know, shes still asleep. Fox says this cant go on anymore, he gets the feeling that Miguel is enjoying this. Fox says he thinks Miguel likes having Kay in his bed. Miguel tells Fox he needs to calm down. Fox is calm, and he thinks hes right that Miguel is enjoying this. Miguel says hes trying to do what Eve said to do and not upset Kay. Fox thinks shell be upset when she gets her memory back and realizes shes been sleeping with Miguel. Sam suggests they have some coffee and try and relax. Ivy tries to suggest to Fox that if he thinks Miguel is trying to come between him and Kay then he may be right, trust those instincts. Siren tells Tabitha that Kay better get her memory back or else, shell do whatever it takes to get Kay away from Miguel. Kay finally shows up, she tells Fox she had the most amazing dream last night and has to tell him. Everyone thinks Kay has her memory back. Unfortunately she doesnt, she has an idea for their perfume campaign. She then goes to Miguel and says she wants to tell him too, and she kisses him. She wants a sexy campaign for the perfume, but then realizes this is something theyve already done. She says shes been so confused since the shock, but she remembers Siren was in the campaign. Fox says yes they have done that. Kay thinks shes back to normal if she's remembering. She asks who was with Siren in the shoot, was it Miguel? She cant believe she had Miguel pose with Siren. She says its a good thing she loves him so much and trusts him completely. Ivy leaves to freshen up, Sam goes to check in with the station. Kay and Miguel look at the photos of the ad campaign. She says these are hot, she cant believe she was okay with Miguel doing this. However she says she loves and trusts him. Fox asks Kay if she remembers the photo shoot. Kay doesnt. Fox suggests they look at some more photos. Siren asks Tabitha how long will this take, when will she stop hanging over her boyfriend. Tabitha says the photos may help Kay remember. Siren says she better. Tabitha tells herself she hopes not, Kay with Miguel will assure Miguel and Charity will never reunite. Meanwhile, Kay decides to go check on Maria, so she leaves the room. Fox tells Miguel they have to do something, this cant go on any longer. Miguel says they have to do what is best for Kay. Fox knows that, but letting her think shes in love with Miguel isnt what is best for her. Miguel decides to go take a shower, he has to get to work. He thinks Fox should call Eve and bring her up to speed on Kay

Meanwhile, Sam talks to Tabitha, the fire marshal doesnt know what caused the fire at her house, but he thinks something isnt right. Tabitha realizes this isnt good at all, and Siren frets as she could also be found out.

Upstairs, Ivy sees Kay sneak into the bathroom where Miguel is. Ivy calls Kay a little tramp, and says this is just what she needs. Later Ivy asks Fox to go get her make-up bag, she left it in the bathroom and Miguel is taking a shower. Back in the bathroom, Miguel is showering and Kay slips in with him. At the same time Fox knocks on the door. Miguel asks Kay what shes doing? She says what does it look like, and she kisses him. Fox then walks in and is stunned by what he sees.

At the cottage, Temporary-Sheridan is in bed. Chris is reading the paper and the news about Alistair and the going-ons in Rome. Sheridan wakes up, Chris tells her to go back to sleep, she needs lots of rest. Sheridan says she feels fine, but Chris says shes had a difficult pregnancy. She says shell let him pamper her, where is her breakfast in bed? He says coming up. She asks for the paper, he only gives her part of it. She asks for the front page, but he wont give it to her. Sheridan asks why hes keeping the front page from her? Chris finally gives it to her, the story is about the fight in Rome. Sheridan reads it, she hasnt heard from Luis, what if hes hurt? She says she has to call Luis and find out if he and Marty are okay. She cant get through, the lines are busy. She becomes worked up. She says she has to get through and reach Luis. 

In Rome, Ethan is asleep, but Gwen cant sleep. She thinks about Theresa telling her about the nuns prophecy. She remembers the nun said Chad and Whitney would get back together. Gwen told Theresa she had a chance with Ethan if Chad and Whitney reunited. Gwen worries Theresa could take Ethan from her. She begs God not to let that happen. 

Out in the hallway of the hotel, Theresa and Whitney are talking. Theresa is positive this news will bring Ethan back to her. Theresa says shell be reunited with Ethan forever. Whitney says but they already have a daughter together, what makes her think this will bring Ethan back to her. Theresa says it has to, the nun said so. She cant wait to tell him. She knocks on his door and says she has amazing news for him, Little Ethan is his son. There is no answer, a maid answers the door and doesnt speak English. Ethan and Gwen are out somewhere. Theresa says they have to go find them. Whitney says they could be anywhere. Theresa says shell find him and he will leave Gwen when he learns the truth.

Ethan and Gwen are site seeing around the city. Gwen still cant take her mind off the idea that Theresa could steal him away from her. Ethan tries to assure her that the nuns prediction is nothing to believe in. He only believes in the two of them. They stop at a little caf for some coffee. Gwen thinks maybe Ethan is right, maybe Theresa heard from the nun what she wanted to. 

Theresa and Whitney are walking the streets of Rome, Theresa is positive that Fate will help her find Ethan. They eventually find Ethan, Gwen excused herself from the table at this point. Theresa thinks shell finally be with Ethan. 

Luis and Fancy are still chasing Alistair, Beth and Marty through the ruins. Beth carries Marty so they can move faster. Beth says Luis is getting closer. Alistair says hell see Luis dead before he catches them. Luis and Fancy catch a glimpse of Alistair ahead. Luis says its over, give it up. Beth and Alistair soon find themselves trapped in a dead end. Beth asks what they will do? She says if he has something up his sleeve then use it now. Luis and Fancy show up, Luis says there is nowhere for them to go. Luis captures a video of Marty on his phone to send to Sheridan. Luis demands Beth hand Marty over, but she says no. Fancy tells Alistair to make her give Marty to Luis. Alistair feels Fancy has betrayed him. Fancy says she didnt want to believe the things people said about him, prove she was right to still love him and give Marty back. Luis says all he wants is his son, they can go free. Luis says they have no where to run so give him his son back. Beth tells Alistair not to let him take Marty. Alistair tells Luis hes delusional if he thinks hes won, he cant defeat him. A smoke bomb goes off, and Alistair, Beth and Marty disappear. They dont understand how they could have gotten out of here, it's a dead end. Alistair, Beth and Marty are in another part of the ruins running off. Luis gets a call from Sheridan, she finally got through to check on him. He says hes okay and Marty is good. Sheridan asks if he got Marty back. He says he got close, but he took a video and is sending it to her. Sheridan says she wants to see that hes okay. Luis fills Sheridan in on all the crazy things Alistair has been up to over hear. He tells her about the chalice and the symbol and the paintings. Luis says everyone working with Alistair is connected to the Omega symbol. Luis says he has to call her back, hes chasing Beth and Marty now. Sheridan asks him to stay on the line so she can hear. He says okay, he puts her on speakerphone and turns the camera on. 

Back in Harmony, Chris sneaks out of the room and looks in his suitcase, he sees the Omega symbol. Hey tries to pry it off his suitcase to get rid of it. He does and then he burns it. Meanwhile, Sheridan watches the video of Marty. She says hes so grown up and so beautiful. She hopes Luis will bring her Marty home. Later she watches Luis and Fancy trying to find Alistair, Beth and Marty. Chris returns and checks on Sheridan. She asks what is burning? He says toast, he ll have to make another batch. 

Back in Rome, Alistair stands by a cage of lions. He assures Beth theyll make it out, though he cant say the same for Luis and Fancy. Beth says hes not going to do what hes thinking of doing is he? He says its time to throw Luis the gladiator to the lions. Beth says she loves him. Alistair says hell never love her, he wants to take Marty and give him to Sheridan. Alistair tells Beth and Marty to go find someplace safe. He leads her to a safe room where she can lock herself in. Alistair then lets the lions loose on Fancy and Luis. They run for it. Meanwhile, Sheridan hears them roaring and soon sees lions chasing Fancy and Luis over the video link.


July 6, 2006

No Show, Wimbledon


July 7 , 2006

No Show, Wimbledon

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