July 10, 2005
At the Bennetts, Tabitha is worried and tells Siren if the fire marshal investigates and goes into her basement or finds anything unusual, the FBI will be called in and she and Endora will be revealed as witches. Tabitha reminds Siren what they do to witches around here. We see a flashback of Tabitha being burned at the stake. Siren says she seems to remember a few human barbeques on the beach a few centuries ago. Tabitha says she cant let that happen to Endora. Tabitha tells Siren she has to help her stop the fire Marshall. Siren asks why should she? Tabitha says if she goes down then so does Siren. She says the humans will probably dissect her and put her in formaldehyde. Siren says fine shell help her. Tabitha says shell need Endoras help as well. They head into the kitchen.

Sam and Ivy talk, Ivy is all smiles and claims she likes having their kids at home again. Sam is still worried about Kay, maybe he should call Eve and have her check Kay out again. Ivy thinks shell be fine. Sam realizes Ivy really is in a good mood. To herself she thinks shell be in a better mood when Fox catches Miguel with Kay in the shower. Ivy decides to make brunch, she can make French toast. Sam says hes not that hungry, but hell take a rain check. Ivy offers to get them a drink then. Sam says sure, so she heads to the kitchen. 

In the kitchen, Tabitha, Siren and Endora get to work on a potion and a spell. Tabitha asks for some eye of newt. Siren doesnt think they have any. Tabitha says Ivy is the worst cook on the planet, perhaps they have something else they can substitute. Tabitha makes up the potion, nothing is happening, but she says it smells nice. Tabitha keeps trying to substitute things for the ingredients she needs. Siren finds some dried seaweed, Tabitha says Ivy tried to use it to make sushi and ended up sending her guests to the ER to have their stomachs pumped. Siren nibbles on it. Ivy shows up, she sees Tabitha is cooking. She thinks it is soup and says it smells wonderful. Ivy insists on sampling. Tabitha says its not done. Ivy thinks it will be delicious. Ivy tries it, begins to choke and then turns green! Ivy cant believe this, and Tabitha wonders what else can go wrong. Suddenly smoke shoots out of Ivys ears. Tabitha tells Endora to do something! Ivy is chocking at this point. Endora zaps her, and Tabitha performs the Heimlich as Ivy. She soon begins pounding on Ivys back as Siren thinks shes dying. Endora tells her to get back to basics. Tabitha gives her a kick in the butt, Ivy spits out what she was choking on. Ivy turns normal, and she asks what happened? Tabitha says she chocked on an olive. She asks why she turned green, she should have turned blue. Tabitha says some women develop strange allergies after botox. Ivy asks what is in that soup? Tabitha says a little of this and that. Siren pours in chili sauce saying everything tastes better with it. She asks Ivy if she wants another taste, but she says no. Ivy says from now on shell do the cooking, shes no Emeral, but shes never killed anyone. Tabitha reminds her of the banana bread incident. Tabitha says who knows, maybe Grace put a curse on her as this is her kitchen. Ivy says it was her kitchen. Endora causes a glass of water to splash on Ivy. Ivy scolds Endora, thinking she threw it at her. Tabitha claims it was just an accident. Tabitha quickly pours chili sauce on Ivy. Ivy says now she has to change and she leaves. Siren says that was close, and Tabitha agrees. Tabitha thinks they wouldnt be in this mess if Endora could control her temper. Tabitha says she has to finish this potion before the fire marshal arrives. Endora zaps the potion and suddenly bees fly out of it. Tabitha tells Endora how advanced she is for her age. Siren doesnt know what is going on. Tabitha says they are worker bees and they will fix the house. Back out in the living room, Ivy hears buzzing and says it sounds like a swarm of bees. 

Upstairs, Fox heads into the bathroom to get his mothers make-up bag, the excuse Ivy used to send him there. He walks in and sees all the steam, saying Miguel sure takes a hot shower. Fox wonders how Miguel can stand to take such hot showers. He soon hears some moaning, he says Miguel? He then sees Miguel kissing on Kay in the shower. He says this stops right now! Suddenly a hand grabs Fox and pulls him aside. Sam pulls Fox out of the bathroom, he stops him from making a mistake he might regret. He reminds Fox of what Eve said. Fox thinks Kay will be upset to learn she made love to the wrong man. Sam says if he wants Kay to remember then leave them alone. Sam is sure Miguel wont take advantage of Kay. Fox says he better not. (Due to cable troubles I was unable to catch a big chunk of what was going on here) Sam tells Fox that Miguel is handling things, they shouldnt interfere. In the shower, Kay asks Miguel why he is pulling away, why is he making excuses not to make love to her? She says he feels weird doing this in her fathers house. Kay doesnt care, she says if he loves her then hell make love to her right now. Fox cant take anymore of this. Sam knows how to stop this without startling Kay. They head to the basement and Sam turns off the hot water, turning Kay and Miguels steamy shower into a frigid bath!

In Rome, Ethan and Gwen are at the caf. Gwen excuses herself to get a paper. Theresa and Whitney then find Ethan at the caf alone. Theresa says this is it, once she tells Ethan then they will finally be together. Whitney asks Theresa if shes thought this whole thing through? Theresa says the nun was right about her prediction, she just knows Ethan will be with her. Whitney says Ethan has also told her that he values his marriage above all else, what if he doesnt leave her? Theresa says he will, and this will drive Gwen nuts. Theresa walks up to Ethan and says she has incredible news, shes about to make his dreams come true. He asks what shes talking about, and give him the short version as Gwen will be back soon. She says this will shock him, and she cant even believe it. He asks her what it is. Theresa says Julian is not Little Ethans father, he is. Ethan says he doesnt understand. She explains everything to him and shows him JTs proof. Ethan says this is incredible and he hugs Theresa. Theresa says now all he has to do is divorce Gwen and marry her. Whitney says just because Ethan is Little Ethans father doesnt mean hell leave Gwen. Theresa tells Ethan hell have to chose. He says he chooses her, he loves her and always has loved her. He says she was right all along to believe in fate. Whitney asks what about Gwen? Ethan doesnt respond, he kisses Theresa. Gwen shows up and prepares to hit Theresa, but Ethan stops her. He says never again, and he says hes sorry but hes leaving her for Theresa. Gwen asks what hes talking about? She says he cant be serious, she just left to get a newspaper. Ethan says things have changed. She says in two minutes? He says everything has changed, and he kisses Theresa. Gwen asks what is going on, why does he want to divorce her. Ethan tells her the news about Little Ethan. He says he cant turn his back on his family, and he needs to be with the woman he loves. Gwen tells Theresa that shell get her for this! Of course this whole thing is a daydream, Theresa imagined it all turns out like that. Theresa tells Whitney she knows it will happen that way when she tells Ethan the truth. Gwen walks up to them, she thinks this is another one of Theresas scheme. Theresa reminds Gwen that she said if Chad and Whitney could get back together then maybe she and Ethan could. Theresa says well they are back together, and it makes you believe that true love can conquer all. Gwen tells Theresa shes lost her mind, Ethan wont leave her. Theresa says shes wrong and is about to find out why. Ethan walks up and asks what they are about to find out?

In the ruins, Luis and Fancy run from lions. Fancy wonders where they came from. Luis says Alistair of course. Beth and Marty are hiding, she tries to convince Marty that Luis will be just fine. Alistair tells Beth he doubts that. Beth begs him to stop this, but Alistair refuses. Beth cries at the prospect of Luis being eaten alive. Luis and Fancy think they lost the lions, but it turns out they are right in front of them. Fancy cant believe her own grandfather is trying to kill her. Beth begs Alistair to stop this, but he says they are as good as dead. Beth says she never meant to hurt anyone. He asks what about Sheridan and Fancy? She doesnt care about the stupid blonds, she'd gladly feed their heads to the lions. Alistair says he never expected his daughters to fall for Luis, but they both did. He says now Fancy is with him. He says nobody listens to him, and when they dont they pay the price. Beth says she is listening, but he reminds her she betrayed him at the piazza. She says now they all pay, Sheridan loses her son, Fancy loses her life and . . . Beth says "I lose Luis." Beth doesnt know how Alistair can enjoy this, she cant watch it. Alistair is watching on his own video link. He says blood sport is in his genes, its in hers and Martys. Beth tells Luis she loves him and goodbye, and she runs off with Marty. Alistair says Beth will have to learn to get used to this if she wants to fit in with the family. He says everything has its price, and Fancy is paying for her betrayal. Meanwhile, Luis and Fancy thing they are dead, and they hold one another as they prepare to be eaten.

Back in Harmony, Sheridan watches Luis and Fancy running from the lions via the video link. Chris sees what shes watching, he says she shouldnt be watching this. She refuses to abandon Luis and Fancy. Chris tries to calm her down, he tells her to think about the baby. Sheridan says she cant help but get upset. She wonders how her father could do this to his own granddaughter. Sheridan thinks she has to help them. He asks how? She tells him to call the FBI, Interpol, anyone! She says they have to get them help. Chris tries to make calls, but they think hes joking and hang up on him. Sheridan says even if they did believe them, they couldnt help, her father probably has everyone paid off. Sheridan cries that they cant just watch them die. Chris doesnt know what they can do. Sheridan says they can pray, which is what she does. Sheridan continues to get upset over watching the video feed.


July 11, 2006

At the Bennett's, Sam and Fox shut off the hot water to stop Kay and Miguel from making love in the shower. They quickly head to the living room and act like they have no idea what is going on. Up in the bathroom, Kay is furious. She says the hot water just stopped, and something is going on. Both Miguel and Kay go to the living room in their towels, Kay demands to know what happened as she and Miguel where just about to . . . . Sam says obviously the heater went off. She says fix it, she really wants to . . . . Sam says he can't and he suggests she go put some clothes on. She leaves, and Fox faces off with Miguel. Fox has had it, he saw the way Miguel was acting with Kay. Miguel claims he's only following Dr. Eve's orders, but Fox says bull. Fox thinks Miguel has been after Kay since he returned. He says that's why he hasn't done anything with Siren, because he wants Kay. Fox tells him to be a man and admit that he wants to make love to Kay. Kay returns at this point and says of course he does, they are getting married. She asks Fox what is wrong with him?

In the kitchen, Endora conjures up some worker bees to fix Tabitha's house. Ivy hears the buzzing in the kitchen and heads in. She sees the bees and flips out as she's allergic. She grabs spray to spray them. Tabitha tells her not to do that, she'll anger them. Ivy doesn't listen, and the bees swarm around her and actually grow bigger. She screams, and Tabitha tells Endora to get them out of her. Endora zaps the bees and makes them leave. Sam soon shows up after hearing the commotion. Ivy tells him about the bees, but Tabitha says she must have been hallucinating. She says Ivy tried some of her soup earlier and turned greened, she must have been allergic to something in it. Ivy says she wouldn't' have food around that she was allergic to. Tabitha says well she did choke on an olive, perhaps the blood and oxygen to her brain was disrupted. Suddenly sawing, hammering and drilling is heard next door. Sam and Ivy become suspicious. Endora uses her magic to make the back door stick so they can't see the bees. By time everyone gets over to Tabitha's, the bees are gone and the house is fixed. They don't understand how this can be. The fire marshal is there, he's not happy as he was supposed to be investigating a fire but everything looks fine to him. He leaves, and Ivy says everything is not fine. She shows everyone paint on her hand and says the paint on the walls is still fresh.

At the hospital, Dr. Richards tells Eve that they revived TC, but it's not good. Eve looks at his chart, he's in a coma. Julian says at least he's still alive, and TC is a strong man. Eve says no, not this time. She says TC is going to die, it's only a matter of time according to the chart. Eve feels guilty, she blames herself for this. Julian says TC made choices, he chose to get in that car and drive drunk. Eve says because she destroyed his life, she robbed him of his happiness. Julian says TC is the one who wouldn't forgive her. Eve says she never should have lied to him, and she says TC did eventually forgive her and wanted her back. She says then she left TC for Julian, and she destroyed him. Julian won't let Eve blame herself for TC's actions. TC groans, and Eve runs to his side. She sees he is waking up, and she sees his vitals are getting stronger. She doesn't believe it but TC just may live. She asks Julian to get the doctor. He leaves to do so. TC wakes up, Eve tells him what happened. TC says he didn't want to live, he lost everything. Eve says he hasn't lost anything. He says he has, he lost her. She says she's still here and isn't leaving him. Julian returns at this point.

In Rome, Theresa is about to tell Ethan and Gwen about Little Ethan when they are interrupted by Ethan's friend Gary. Gwen remembers him from college, he married one of her sorority sisters Missy. Gary says yes and he just wanted to thank Ethan for his advice. Gary thinks things are going to work out for him and Missy now. Gary leaves and Gwen asks Ethan what that was about? He explains Gary and Missy have been having problems. Missy was having problems getting pregnant and Gary cheated with a woman. The woman claimed she was on birth control, but she lied and got pregnant. The woman wants Gary to divorce Missy and marry her or she won't let him see their child. Theresa says so Gary is going to marry her right. Ethan says no he's not. Ethan advised Gary that the woman's threats are empty, that he should make his marriage work and sue this woman for joint custody. Gwen talks about how this woman has no morals. She says she's lucky to be married to a man who knows right from wrong. Ethan then asks Theresa what she wanted to tell them?

At the ruins, Luis and Fancy are still running from the lions. Alistair is watching on his palm pilot and waiting for them to die. In Harmony Sheridan is watching on her sidekick phone. Elsewhere Beth is trying to run with Marty, she trips and sprains her ankle. Luis and Fancy try and keep the lions at bay by closing some old portcullises but the gates aren't working well. On one side of the gates Beth and Marty show up, and Luis fears the lions could get him. Fancy insists Luis go for Marty. He does, but then a lion comes for Fancy, and she's gotten herself stuck under one of the gates. He has to choose, he quickly saves Fancy but Beth and Marty get away. Fancy tells Luis to go now, he may still be able to catch Beth. Beth, Alistair and Marty get into a car and flee. Back in Harmony, Sheridan's feed has been lost as Luis dropped his phone. She has no idea what has happened. Suddenly she goes into labor. Chris picks her up and says he'll take her to the hospital.


July 12, 2006

At the hospital, Eve is with an awake TC as Julian listens in. He thinks he's lost everything, but she says he hasn't. She says he hasn't lost the girls or her, she's right here and is staying by his side. Dr. Richards shows up, Eve tells him that TC is awake and talking. He says this is a very good sign. As he looks over TC, Eve is paged. She learns Sheridan has been brought in. Both Eve and Julian have to leave to check on her. Later Dr. Richards talks to TC. He says while his body is getting better, he's worried about his spirit. The doctor tells TC that he has to want to get better. TC is feeling sorry for himself, he thinks he's lost Eve. Dr. Richards doesn't think so, she was concerned about him. He says it's her job, she's a doctor. He says it's more than that, he's never seen a woman love a man the way Eve loves him. When TC is alone he wonders if there is still hope. He can't believe he did this to himself and he holds out hope that Eve still loves him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Eve and Julian check on Sheridan. She says she's in labor. They try and calm her down, she says they have to find out about Marty, Luis and Fancy. As Eve is giving her drugs to stop the contractions, Sheridan explains everything she saw to Julian. Eve is able to stop the contractions, she thinks everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Julian makes calls to the people in Rome. He says his father has gone completely insane, so he's in charge of Crane now. He wants Luis and Fancy found and protected, the same for Marty. He also asks that Simone and Whitney Russell be found and brought home, their father was in an accident and needs them. To himself he thinks if they are here then TC won't need Eve as much. Eve overhears Julian's call and thanks him for caring so much. He says they are to be married, Simone and Whitney will be like his daughters soon. Eve kisses him and then runs off to check on TC. Julian realizes how he and Chris are in the same boat, they both love women who still have feelings for men from their past.

At Tabitha's, Sam and Ivy don't understand what is going on here, the paint is still wet on the walls, someone just fixed this house up. Tabitha thinks she's done for, she can't explain this. Ivy is convinced it has something to do with the soup and those strange bees. Endora casts some more spells, out walks Jimmy Carter (look-alike) and a bunch of handymen. They claim they fixed the house up and leave. Ivy doesn't understand how Tabitha pulled this one off. Siren warns Tabitha that her magical butt was saved this time, but if she doesn't help her Miguel away from Kay then she'll expose her and her demon child as witches. Endora zaps Siren, and Tabitha threatens to fillet her and feed her to Fluffy. Fluffy roars, and Sam asks what that was?

At the Bennett's, Kay wonders why Fox cares so much about her and Miguel? Fox can't take anymore, he has to tell her the truth. He says it started with the accident, when she was shocked. Miguel soon steps in and takes over. He says Dr. Eve told her she was supposed to be resting after the shock, and she really hasn't been. Miguel says Fox was upset with him, he thought the shower was his idea and Kay should be resting. Kay tells Fox that is nice of him, but why does he care? She says the Bennetts and Cranes don't get along. Fox says they are all like his grandfather; he, Fancy and Sheridan are different. She says true, and she feels Maria really likes Fox, that they have a bond. She doesn't know why. She says there seems to be a hole in her brain since the shock, she seems to be forgetting something. She wonders if that is normal. Miguel thinks it is. Kay has a favor to ask of Fox since Maria likes him so much, stick around for a few days and watch her. She knows Tabitha can do it, but she can be flakey at times and she wants Maria looked after while she's away. Fox asks where she's going? Kay says she and Miguel have hardly had any alone time lately, she's taking him on a romantic trip. Kay kisses Miguel, he pushes her away again. She asks why did he do that? He says they have to go pack of course. Kay runs off to pack. Miguel tells Fox he's sorry. Fox says he will be sorry if he forgets that Kay is his girl, he will be very sorry.

On the streets of Rome, Luis and Fancy just miss Alistair, Beth and Marty, who speed off in a car. Fancy feels terrible and blames herself, but Luis says he couldn't leave her to be eaten. Fancy thinks they can still stop Alistair. Luis makes calls and they take off.

In the hotel, Esme finds Noah sulking and hits on him. She says unlike Fancy she's no bore, she is okay with open relationships. She suggests she, Noah and that girlfriend of his have a three-way! Noah says Maya is dead. Esme says oh, well who do they know to be number three then? Noah goes to walk off, Esme follows him and pulls him into a kiss just as Fancy and Luis show up. Fancy thinks Noah is a pig, he's already moved on with Esme. Noah says that isn't it. Noah asks what has happened with Alistair. Fancy explains everything to him. He asks if she sees how horrible Alistair is? Fancy says yes, but Alistair wasn't there forcing him to make love to Maya. Fancy says she's over talking about this, they need to concentrate on Luis. Esme pulls Fancy aside and wants the scoop on the hunk. She says she's helping him find his son. Esme tells her not to lie, she can see it, Fancy is falling in love with him! Meanwhile, Noah asks Luis what his intentions towards Fancy are.

Elsewhere in Rome, Theresa chickens out of telling Ethan her news, she only says that she loves her son very much. Ethan and Gwen don't buy it. Whitney drags Theresa off to find out what is going on here. Theresa explains that she is afraid Ethan will take his own advice and sue for custody of Little Ethan. Meanwhile Gwen wants to go, but Ethan is sure something else is going on here. When Theresa still won't tell him anything, he takes Whitney aside to talk to her. Whitney says this is for Theresa to tell him, not her. Ethan just hopes Whitney and Chad can help Theresa find someone and move on. Whitney asks if he wants that for sure, he does love her still. Ethan says yes, but he also loves Gwen. Whitney says not the same way. Ethan asks if you ever love two people the same way? Meanwhile Gwen accuses Theresa of blowing smoke and says she has nothing, Ethan will never leave her. Theresa assures Gwen she has something huge, something that would kill her. Gwen says "let me have it sister!"


July 13, 2006

At the hotel, Esme has pulled Fancy into the restaurant to talk. Esme is convinced that Fancy is in love with Luis. Fancy says that is absurd, Luis is her aunt Sheridan's soul mate. She says she's just trying to help him find his son. Esme won't give it up, and Fancy tells her that she is out of her mind. Esme gets off track, she asks what they were talking about? Fancy says the fact that she's off her rocker. Esme says right, they were talking about Fancy loving Luis. Esme says since Fancy loves Luis now, can she have Noah? Fancy is foremost stunned that Esme remembered his name, but says Noah isn't hers to give. Esme begs her for Noah. Fancy asks if she is insane, Esmea says 4 out of 5 psychiatrists say no! Fancy says Noah isn't hers to give, and besides he'll just hurt Esme in the end. Esme asks if this has to do with Noah's old girlfriend Aztec? Fancy says she means Maya, and yes and no. She says Noah is a liar, he can't be trusted. Fancy says no man can be trusted, she's threw with men. Esme asks if the lesbian brigade battling Alistair has awakened some unknown feelings in her? Fancy says no, she is just done with men. Esme says she and Noah are concerned about her. Fancy says there is no her and Noah, and don't be. Esme says falling in love with a man who loves another woman is not a good thing, she and her aunt Sheridan could end up battling it out in a metal cage on pay per view. Fancy says for the last time she is not in love with Luis!

Meanwhile Noah confronts Luis about his intentions towards Fancy. Luis asks what he is talking about? Luis says for the last time he loves Sheridan. He says Fancy is only helping him look for Marty and yes, they have grown close, but it's just the situation. Noah tells Luis that he's been so caught up in everything going on that he can't see what everyone else does, he is falling in love with Fancy. Luis says that isn't so. Luis knows Noah loves Fancy and he tells Noah to try and tell her the truth again. Luis says after what Alistair has done to her perhaps she'll believe that he orchestrated the Maya and Lena thing. Noah says maybe. Luis says trust him, women love a persistent man. Noah says no, it's just too late. He's afraid he's lost Fancy. Luis gets a call, still no word on Marty. Noah tells him to look at all the good he had accomplished though, he stopped Alistair from taking over the world and he saved Fancy two or three times. Luis says he still doesn't have Marty, and that is what he came here for. He is afraid he's going to strike out and lose Sheridan.

On the streets, Gwen tells Theresa to lay it on her, tell her what she has to tell her. Ethan joins them, as does Whitney. Theresa says she has nothing to say other than she loves her son and can't wait to get home to him. Gwen gets fed up and tells Ethan they should go. Ethan eventually agrees, and they walk off. Whitney asks Theresa why she didn't tell Ethan the truth? Theresa says if she did then Ethan would do what he told Gary to do, he'd stay with Gwen and sue for custody. She says she won't lose another child to Ethan and Gwen. Whitney tells Theresa this is wrong, if Theresa is not telling Ethan then she will. Whitney yells at them to stop. Theresa begs Whitney not to do this, explaining again that Ethan will take her son, and everything she has done up to this point has been for her son's future, he could lose the Crane Empire and everything. Gwen and Ethan asks Whitney what is it? She just says have a safe trip back. They leave, and Whitney and Theresa talk. Whitney doesn't like this, Theresa lectured her for months about not denying Miles his mother. Theresa says every situation is different. Whitney thinks that is do as I say not as I do talk. Theresa says she's already lost Jane to Gwen and Ethan, she won't lose Little Ethan, he's all she has left. Gwen says Ethan is a good man, but Theresa says Gwen is not a good woman. Theresa says Gwen would push Ethan to sue for custody only to hurt her. Theresa says she won't lose another child to Gwen. Theresa says it may be selfish, but Little Ethan will thank her some day. Theresa says this is just like the nun said, she'd be bonded to Ethan but end up in pain. She says she didn't listen to that part, why doesn't she listen? Whitney says she's believed in fate for so long and ignored God, that is what happens. Theresa says no more, she won't lose another battle to Gwen. She says Little Ethan is all she has left now. She then recalls the email she got, she'd gain Ethan but lose her love. She says it was true. SHe then remembers the other part of the email, that someone from Harmony would die in Rome. Whitney says maybe it meant Maya? Theresa doesn't think so, she worries it could be Ethan.

Back in Gwen and Ethan's room, they are about to make love when Ethan starts talking about what Theresa was going to tell them. He says she totally changed her tune after Gary showed up, why? Gwen asks if he is for real? Is he really thinking about Theresa right now? Are they having this discussion again? Ethan can't help it, Theresa knows something and Whitney knows it too, he hates waiting for that shoe to drop. Gwen says if Theresa had something she would have said it, Theresa lives to make her look bad. Gwen says it was another one of Theresa's games. Ethan doesn't think so. Gwen says she doesn't care and she can't keep living like this, even when Theresa isn't in the room with them she actually is. Ethan says she's right and he's sorry. He tries to get back to making love, but she says no way. She says first he has to make reservations for them to get home. He calls and books them the next flight out. He then goes to brush his teeth. Gwen says to herself if Theresa does have something then why didn't she reveal it? She hopes Theresa keeps her mouth shut, and she says she better be extra careful from now on.

At the hospital, TC is wishing Eve was with him. In walks Eve on cue to check on him, he smiles at her and is glad to see him. He talks about how he's made such a wreck of things, but Eve says he's alive and that is all that matters. She says Julian is trying to have the girls found and flown home. TC says Julian is handy to have around. Eve says he's been her rock through all of this. Eve checks on TC, he can barely feel her touch. She says it will take time to get better. He says school starts in a few months, he has to coach. Eve is sure if he dedicates himself to rehab it will be okay, she'll ever help him. He says he'd like that. Julian shows up, TC thanks Julian for looking for his girls. Julian says he just wants to help. Julian wants to get a bite to eat and asks Eve if she can come. TC tells her it's okay, go. As they are about to leave, TC is hit with pains in his head. Eve rushes to him and asks Julian to get the doctor. The doctor returns, they don't know what is causing the pain but up his meds and order tests. Julian thinks he should just go, but Eve says she will go with him. She says TC should rest and she's a distraction, but she'll check on him later. They leave and TC damns Julian and all his money, charming his wife . . . Eve with it. He wonders if Julian's money is enough, if Dr. Richards is right and Eve still loves him. He wonders if there is still a chance for them.

In Sheridan's room, the nurses and doctors have her stable, but she's warned not to stress out. THey move her to her own room overnight for observation. Sheridan say she can't help but be stressed, she still doesn't know what is going on with Marty, Luis or Fancy. After talking to Julian, Chris lets her know that Julian has people looking into it. Sheridan says she could kill her father and his henchman for what they've done. Chris flashes back to burning his vendetta symbol. He says for Sheridan's sake and the baby's, she can never know the truth.

At the restaurant, Eve and Julian are celebrating their official engagement. Eve thinks what is going on with TC is a bit of a mood killer, but Julian feels she needs to think about something else for awhile. They share a dance, and of course the song that comes on is her and TC's song. She tells Julian this and how he used to try and sing it to her. She said he was out of picth but she loved him for trying. She says TC just has to be okay and make it through this, she's just so worried about him.


July 14 , 2006

In Rome, Theresa fears Ethan could die as the email warned. Chad joins Whitney as Theresa vents her fears to them. She calls Ethan to check on him, he's fine. She realizes he's with Gwen, she also begins to realize she'll probably never be with Ethan as he won't leave Gwen. Chad and Whitney have to leave to call the church in Harmony to let them know Whitney no longer wishes to become a nun. They leave and Theresa runs into the psychic nun. She tells the nun she wants her to kill her as she can't live any longer! The nun talks with Theresa, who is distraught over losing Ethan again. She fills her in on how her prophecy came true. The nun tells her to have faith, things happen for a reason, God has a plan. Theresa isn't sure she can believe that, but eventually agrees to try and move on and forget about Ethan somehow. 

Back in Ethan and Gwen's room, they make love and then go to sleep. Ethan dreams of Theresa, of being with her of making love to her. He ends up leaving to take a walk. He runs into Theresa, who is talking to herself about how she can't ever tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Ethan asks her what she said?

Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad are happy and look toward the future, but later Chad makes a call to someone and talks about how he's missed them, how him being with Whitney won't affect them and he still wants to see them.

Alistair, Beth and Marty are trying to flee Rome on a stream train. Beth wants to take Luis with them, but Alistair refuses. Alistair breaks his cell phone so nobody can make calls that can be traced. Beth lies to her father and claims she lost hers. 

At the hotel, Fancy learns Noah wants to talk so she agrees to talk to him. Esme is still going on about how Fancy is in love with Luis. Fancy approaches Noah and Luis. She walks up to Luis and says she's falling in love with him and kisses him in front of Noah! Of course it's just a fantasy that Fancy was having. Fancy does meet with Noah, who wants to know what he can do to make things work. Meanwhile, Luis gets a call from crazy Beth, who wants to see if they can work things out. Luis leads her on in order to trace the call.  Of course Alistair catches Beth on the phone, becomes furious is breaks her phone as well, telling her how stupid she is for believing Luis' lies. Fortunately Luis, Noah and Fancy learn from Interpol where Beth, Marty and Alistair are, they are fleeing on a train. They formulate a plan to chase after them in a helicopter and parachute down onto the train. 

Alistair, Beth and Marty are fleeing on the train. Meanwhile, the helicopter carrying Luis, Noah and Fancy flies towards the train, Alistair realizes they've been found! Interpol is supposed to be setting up a barricade to stop the train so the men can board. Suddenly an alarm on the train goes off, they've been targeted by missiles!  Luis doesn't understand what is going on, planes have shown up and they are aiming missiles at the train.  Even Alistair can't believe Luis would do this and risk killing his own son. Alistair realizes he's going to be taken out. Luis watches in horror as the train explodes!

At the hospital in Harmony, Katherine and Pilar both arrive to check on Sheridan and the baby. Pilar agrees to put up with Katherine for Sheridan's sake. Chris explains everything that happened with Luis, Fancy and Marty. The women stay with Sheridan while Chris heads home to rest. Meanwhile, Sheridan has a nightmare about Marty, both Beth and Alistair are in the dream fighting her for Marty. The nightmare stresses Sheridan into convulsions, Katherine and Pilar run for a doctor. As the doctor checks her out, Sheridan wakes up and realizes Marty is about to die!

Chris returns to the cottage and gets a call from Alistair, he has to continue with the plan as ordered or Sheridan will die! Chris refuses to do Alistair's work anymore, but Alistair reminds Chris that he owns him. Later Chris gets to work destroying all the evidence tying him to Alistair, but he misses a piece of paper!

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