July 17, 2005

At the cottage, Chris is destroying the papers when Pilar calls and tells him he better come back to the hospital. He grabs a briefcase and runs off saying if Sheridan ever saw those papers it would be a train wreck. He doesn't realize one didn't make it into the fire and fell under the table. 

At the hospital, Sheridan wakes up in pain and is sure something has happened to Marty. The doctor thinks it is a nightmare, but Pilar fears it's a premonition. She says Sheridan loves her boy so much, and she's had them before. Chris soon shows up. Sheridan sees he has his laptop. She says they have to use it to call Rome, Fancy has her laptop and they can find out what has happened.

In Rome, we see a replay of Luis, Fancy and Noah watching the train be blown up by the missile fired by the jet. THe helicopter pilot says NO body could have survived that. Luis can't believe Marty is dead. Fancy realizes her grandfather is too. Luis says that monster killed his son. Luis calls Interpol to find out what happened. The jet was not sent by them, most likely it was an enemy of Alistair's. They also can't get anywhere near that ravine to check for survivors for days. They tell Luis to just go back to Rome and wait. Luis tells the pilot to take them back.

Noah, Luis and Fancy are back on the streets. Luis is a wreck. He says he's lost Marty and Sheridan. Noah says they'll need to be there for one another now, but Luis says no. He says she's married to Chris and pregnant, he's walking away because he loves her that much. Noah tells Fancy they have to talk. He takes her to this plaza where there is a lion's head in the wall. He says local legend has it that if you stick your hand in the stone lion's mouth and tell a lie, it comes to life and bites it off. He tells Fancy that he loves her so much and realizes he will do anything to prove it. He swears nothing happened between him and Maya and he loves on Fancy Crane. He says this with his hand in the lion's mouth, and soon ends up screaming as if it was bit off. Fancy panics, and Noah laughs. She doesn't find it at all funny and scolds him for making jokes at a time like this. She says his funny little antics may have worked at one time, but no more. She says too much has happened and even if he is telling the truth, it's too late. She says she needs a man she can trust and depend on. Noah wonders if that man is Luis.

Fancy returns to her hotel, Luis is there. She comforts him. He doesn't know how he's going to tell Sheridan about this. Suddenly Fancy's laptop is ringing. It's Sheridan calling from the hospital. Fancy tells Luis he can do this. Luis prepares to break the new to Sheridan.

Ethan finds Theresa on the street and hears her talking to herself. He asks what she's talking about, what secrets is she keeping from him now? She's in tears and says it's nothing. He says he can see she's upset, tell him what is going on. She says fine, but first he has to promise to be there for Little Ethan, to be a father figure to him. He says of course. She cries that this news will affect them both, and it has to do with the death of a dream. She says she finally realizes it's over between them, that they'll never be together and she has to give up on the idea of it. He says he's been trying to tell her that for awhile. She knows, and she has finally realized it. She says she can't put herself through this hurt anymore, she can't do this to her kids. She says the number of times she has told Jane and Little Ethan that one day they will all be a family . . . it will never happen now. Ethan blames himself, he says he should have put a stop to everything earlier, he should have been stronger. She says not to blame himself, this is all her. She says she was stupid and believed in fate, which is a pretty word for foolishness. Ethan says he never thought he'd hear her say any of this. He goes to comfort her, but she cries no. She tells him not to touch her, to just go away. Ethan walks off, and she breaks down. Later a man touches her shoulder, she asks why he came back. It is Noah, he asks if she's okay? She cries in his arms.

Elsewhere, Chad is on the phone with someone. He's saying his marrying Whitney changes nothing, they will still see one another. Simone shows up, and Chad thinks he's been caught. She's here to give Whitney some news. Whitney soon returns from making her call home to the convent. Simone informs Whitney that their dad was in a car accident and he's in bad shape. She says Julian has the Crane Jet waiting to take them home. Whitney can't believe this. Whitney tells Chad how her dad was simply destroyed after his marriage ended. She says her dad felt like her mom had betrayed him all those years that she kept her past with Julian from him. She tells Chad she's so lucky to have someone like him, someone she knows she is safe with and would never hurt her. They head to the hotel to pack. Simone asks Chad to help her get a suitcase. They leave the room and  the phone rings. Whitney answers it, nobody speaks. She says she can hear them breathing, who is this? Chad and Simone return, Whitney tells them about the odd call Chad got on his cell phone. Simone jokes it's another woman. Whitney is worried, what if it was someone calling with news about dad? Simone says check the caller ID or press redial to see who it was . . . . 



July 18, 2006

Sheridan talks to Luis over the laptop link, she asks how Marty is. Luis tells her to hang on. He tries to pull himself together. Luis asks Fancy how he is supposed to do this? Fancy says he has to, Grandfathers death will be worldwide news soon. Fancy says shell give him privacy. Luis says this will kill her. Fancy says she needs to hear it from him. Sheridan keeps asking Luis if hes there, is Marty okay? Luis pulls himself together, he knows he has to do this. He sits down at the PC to talk to Sheridan. Sheridan tells him about her dream about Marty, she feels something has happened to him. Where is Marty? She knows something is terribly wrong. She asks Luis to tell her the truth, she feels that Marty is dead. Chris takes the PC from Sheridan, he wants her to calm down. Chris tells Luis that Sheridan is in the hospital, shes had complications but at the moment shes all right. Chris says Sheridan needs to be kept calm. Sheridan says shes fine and she demands to speak to Luis. Chris tells Luis that Sheridan is out of her mind, any shock could be detrimental to her and the baby. Chris asks Luis if the dream is true. Luis tells Chris that Marty is dead. Sheridan can see from the look on Chris face its not good news. She demands Chris give the PC back, she has to know the truth. Chris gives her the PC, she asks what happened? Luis wants her to calm down and not to get upset. Sheridan says nobody telling her anything gets her upset. She asks Luis if their baby is dead? Sheridan realizes maybe Luis should lie to her. Luis doesnt even have to speak, Sheridan realizes Marty is dead. Luis says hes so sorry. She asks how it happened, did he suffer. Luis explains the whole thing to her. Sheridan thinks Marty was terrified, but Luis thinks it was over quickly. Chris comforts Sheridan, and Luis feels hes let her down again. He closes the laptop and the connection.

Gwen wakes up and finds Ethan is gone. She wonders where he went, and if she finds him in Theresas arms then she is dead! In the plaza, Noah comforts Theresa as she cries in his arms. He asks what is wrong, hes never seen her like this. She says she was with Ethan, and she told him that they couldnt be together and he had to leave her alone forever. Noah doesnt understand, Ethan is her dream. Theresa says she knows, but now its over. Noah hugs her again. Theresa says she knows he wont leave Gwen and she wanted a clean break. Noah tells Theresa that tonight Fancy told him their relationship was over too. Theresa says shes sorry. Noah says everyone claims Rome is a romantic city, he guesses that isnt so if you are from Harmony. Noah says Fancy say after everything that happened with Maya that she couldnt trust him again. He says she said Alistairs death gave her that clarity. Theresa says what? Noah realizes she doesnt know. He tells her about Alistairs escape attempt, and how Alistair, Beth and Marty are all dead. Theresa says this has to be killing Luis and Sheridan. Noah says it will be hard for Fancy when she realizes what a monster Alistair was. Theresa realizes shes head of Crane again. Noah asks if she still wants to give up on Ethan? Theresa says yes, she is finished with him. Theresa says Alistair sent that email that someone would die in Rome, he probably didnt think it would be himself. Noah says Luis said a similar thing, Alistair chose the omega symbol and so many things ended in Rome, including him. Noah and Theresa hug one another again and Gwen shows up. She thinks Theresa is hugging Ethan and says shes going to kill her. As Theresa talks to Noah about how its all over, how Ethan will never believe in her, Gwen attacks Theresa. Gwen chokes Theresa and says she warned her to stay away from her husband! Noah pulls Gwen off of Theresa, and Gwen realizes her mistake. He calls her a whack job and says she almost killed Theresa! Theresa calls her a witch and says she was with Noah. Gwen says well she doesnt waste anytime does she. Gwen tells Noah to watch out for Theresa, shes out for her next victim, shes like a black widow spider. Noah tells Gwen that Theresa is one of the best people he knows. Gwen says Theresa has him snowed just like Ethan. Theresa asks Gwen what shes doing out here? Theresa guesses that she woke up, found her husband gone and assumed he was with her. Theresa says poor Gwen searching the streets for her husband and that wicked woman. Theresa tells Gwen if she wanted to she could take Ethan from her. Theresa tells Gwen she was right, Ethan was with her. Theresa says but she realized something, love isnt enough. She says Ethan is bound to Gwen forever because of his marriage vows, so she told Ethan that it was over. Theresa says shes given up on Ethan. Gwen calls her a liar, she doesnt believe her. Theresa says well they both know Ethan shouldnt trust her! Gwen goes off to find her husband. Theresa says Ethan is all hers now and forever, God help him. Noah tells Theresa shell be able to find true love again. Theresa says look who is talking, will he ever find love again? Noah says they are trying to cheer her up right now. Theresa says they are both accomplished liars, they can convince one another that theyll find true love again. Noah says right. Theresa says maybe they arent as good at lying as they thought. 

Fancy goes to the hotel lobby and orders a coffee. She runs into Ethan there. They share a hug, she asks what has happened? Ethan says he got news that should be great. He says Theresa is giving him up, shes moving on. Fancy says she cant believe that. Ethan says that she realized her dream of them being together is dead, he thinks shes really done with him. Ethan asks Fancy why she is not looking so good. Fancy tells him about the train and the explosion. She says right now Luis is talking to Sheridan and giving her the news. Fancy says she doesnt know how he can stand up let alone function, he had to watch his son die. She feels hes going to break soon. Fancy also tells Ethan how she and Noah are over, she told him they were finished. Fancy understands her grandfather pressured Noah with his schemes, but he wouldnt trust her to tell her the truth. Ethan understands. He says they have to gravitate towards the straight shooters in this world. Ethan says he tries to be honest, but what he found out tonight is that it is Theresa who doesnt trust him. Ethan says Theresa had something important to tell him, but she kept it to herself because she thought he wouldnt believe her. Fancy says with all her lies its no surprise. She asks if this has something to do with Gwen? Ethan doesnt know. Fancy says its like a cold wind from hell is killing love everywhere. She says Luis and Sheridan wont be together, she and Noah wont be together and now him and Theresa. Ethan says he has Gwen, don't lump him in with the rest of them. Fancy says dont lie now, she knows this is breaking his heart. Ethan says he is married. Fancy says he may love Gwen, but Theresa is his soulmate and they all know it. Fancy says she used to love Rome so much, but now she may never come back. She says Whitney and Chad are the only ones who escaped this pain. Fancy thinks it still may not be too late for Ethan, he can still choose Theresa. Fancy says hell regret losing Theresa for the rest of his life. Ethan admits he loves Theresa, but he says hes married. He says he wont be one of those country club guys who values their prenup for the third marriage over their vows to a priest. Fancy says what if Theresa was right, what if Gwen did lie to him, wouldnt that mean his marriage was a lie? He says yes and hed dump Gwen in a minute if that happened. However Ethan says that will never happen, there is no proof that Gwen lied. Fancy decides to head out and check on Luis.

JT is in the hotel, he says he has to find Gwen or Theresa and get them some money. JT sees Ethan in the lobby, he rushes to hide from him. He soon sees Gwen return and calls to her. Gwen asks what hes doing here, hes supposed to be gone. JT says he needs more money. Gwen gives him what she has, its not much. JT says he needs real money, he gives her the number to his Swiss bank account and says get him money or Ethan will get the truth. JT says he can get that money from Theresa if she cant provide it. Gwen says Theresa doesnt have a dime to her name with Alistair alive. JT says pick up a paper, Alistair is dead again and Theresa is back in charge. JT says she should feel lucky he has loyalty to her and her mom. He says make up her mind, cash or Ethan gets the truth. Gwen says shell call her mom and work something out. JT takes off, and Gwen then finds Ethan. As JT is trying to leave, Theresa and Noah are returning. Gwen panics at the thought of Theresa catching JT.  Noah asks Theresa what shes looking at? She only sees Gwen hugging Ethan. Theresa says she has to get over this. JT is hiding behind a podium and scoots off. Noah realizes Theresa is still tempted to go to Ethan. She admits she is. Gwen and Ethan kiss, and Noah thinks Gwen could save that for the room. Theresa says she cant watch this and turns away. However she looks back, she says its like an addiction. She wonders how she gets over it.

Fancy goes back to the room. Luis says he didnt want to tell Sheridan but she knew, she could hear it in his voice. He says he failed her again. Fancy says she doesnt blame him, he did everything he could. He says it wasnt enough, he lost his son and his love. Luis says his life is over. Fancy says no, and they will find love and happiness someday. Luis says its impossible, hell never find love again. She tells him hes young and strong, dont give up hope. Luis says the love he and Sheridan had comes once in a lifetime, lightening doesnt strike twice. Fancy says she hates that expression, its not true. He says the woman he loves is thousands of miles away and he cant help her. He says Marty would be alive if it wasnt for him. Fancy tells him not to give into despair, he has to believe hell find happiness in love. She says if he doesnt ride off into the sunset then shell lose her faith in happy endings. Luis says neither of them ended up with who they thought they would. Fancy says she has to believe theyll find love again, if she didnt believe that then there would be no reason to get out of bed. Luis says it doesnt matter anymore, his son, Sheridans son is dead. 


July 19, 2006

At the Bennetts, Sam and Ivy are glad to see Jessica is home. Unfortunately the homecoming is spoiled when Spike comes in and reveals they were married. Spike tells Sam that he and his girl got hitched. Jessica says its true, they got married. Jessica tells her dad not to be upset. He says dont be upset that she married a drug pushing pimp? Ivy says Jessica cant really be married to this degenerate. Sam says Jessica claimed she hated him and would never see him again. Sam asks if she is back on drugs? He thinks they can get it annulled. Jessica says she was fine when they got married, she married him because she loves him. Sam calls Spike a punk and says hell kill him for what he did to Jessica. Sam knows his daughter cant look him in the eye and tell him she wants to be married to him. She says she can and will. Sam asks why they came here? Jessica says they have no place to live, they have no money. Ivy cant believe Jessica would ask her father to live here. Jessica says it is their house, not hers. Sam says he agrees with Ivy, they cant stay here. Ivy takes Sam aside, perhaps Jessica and Spike should stay here. She says if he kicks them out theyll go to a motel or a shelter, at least here he can watch over her. Sam agrees to let them stay here. Jessica thanks her dad and hugs him. Sam says there has to be rules, and Jessica says Spike is okay with that. Spike says sure pops. Sam says rule number one, if he calls him pops, dad or chiefy then he is out! He says rule number two, Spike will get a job, and that doesnt mean as a pimp. He also says if he finds drugs here then they are out. Spike laughs, him living in this house with the chief of police is a trip. Ivy suggests Spike and Jessica leave them to digest this. They head out, Sam wonders how it came to this. 

At the hospital, Whitney and Simone arrive with Chad to see TC. Eve and Julian greet them. They go in to see TC. Eve doesnt get to prepare that hes had a stroke. They go in to see TC, hes speech is slurred and hes not doing well. Eve tells the girls to be strong, dont let him see they are afraid. TC thanks Julian for bringing his girls home. The baby sitter soon shows up with Miles. Whitney runs over to him and holds him. She says she missed a lot, but she wont miss anymore of his life. She and Chad kiss, and Eve and Julian make faces. Simone suggests Whitney explain. Whitney tells Eve and Julian the truth about Chad. Chad didnt want to break it to them like this. He says Alistair doctored everything, he is Liz and Alistairs son, and Liz is adopted. Julian says he supposes it is possible. Whitney says she can be with the man she loves now. Simone asks TC if hes okay? TC says hes so happy. Whitney sits with her dad. Julian tells Chad that he couldnt have asked for a better son. Chad says they arent rid of him yet, hes his and Sheridans brother. Julian thinks Sheridan will be proud. Chad asks where his mom might be. Julian says she left town, hell fill him in on it later. Eve tells Chad she was always proud to think he was her son and she hugs him. Chad says that goes both ways. Eve says she is glad for him and Whitney, but there is a hole in her heart knowing shes not his mother. Eve and Julian talk in private, it is better for Whitney and Chad this way. Eve says this means their son is still out there somewhere. Eve says maybe he is dead, maybe hes been dead all along. Back in TCs room, TC tells Whitney, Chad and Simone how sorry he is. He hopes they can all accept his apologizes. Simone says that is all in the past now. Simone gives her dad a hug. Chads phone ring, he says he thought he turn it off. He leaves and takes the call, he tells the mystery person that him marrying Whitney changes nothing, theyll still be able to see one another. Meanwhile, TC tells Simone, Whitney and Eve that all his girls are with him. TC then looks over at Julian. Back outside, Chad swears to the person that hell see them soon. 

At Tabithas, shirtless Miguel is looking for a wrench. He yells out to Tabitha, but Fox says shes not here. Siren is with them, she asks what is going on. Miguel says Fox messed with his car. Fox admits he did it to keep Miguel from leaving with Kay. Miguel says this is what Kay wants. Fox says shes not in his right mind, he wont let Miguel take advantage of Kay. Miguel says if hes going to go against Dr. Russells orders then he loves himself a lot more than Kay. Fox doesnt want to hurt Kay, but he cant sit around and watch Miguel go off with her. Miguel says hes run out of stalls, so stop acting like a kid. Miguel leaves to fix his car. Siren tells Fox to sit, shell make him something to eat, seafood stew. She thinks one serving of her stew will leave Fox never wanting Kay again. Siren begins making up her stew.

Tabitha and Endora find Kay in the attic. She was looking for a suitcase and found some odd things, she hopes the bones in this box are chicken bones. Tabitha says of course and she just needs to do a good cleaning. Tabitha realizes that Kays amnesia has her forgetting they are witches, they need to get her out of here. Kay opens a trunk and releases a floating head. He asks who Kay is, and then asks Tabitha why shes kept him cooped up here all these years? Kay cant believe this. Tabitha tells her it is an optical illusion on video. She pushes the head into the trunk and closes it. Kay says that was not a video it was real. Tabitha says she got her money worth when she bought it then. Kay says it looked real to her. Tabitha says everything up here is just for fun. Kay never knew she was into magic. Tabitha says its just pretend magic. Kay finds a lust potion and asks what it is for. Tabitha says it is what it says it is. Kay thinks maybe this will work on Miguel. Tabitha tells her to give that to her, its all just pretend. Kay isnt sure, this looks authentic. Tabitha takes the potion from her and suggests they all go downstairs and see if Miguel has fixed the car. 

Tabitha, Endora and Kay come down. Kay asks if the car is fixed, Miguel says yes. Meanwhile Tabitha warns Endora that Sirens mermaid stew is more powerful than a lust potion. Tabitha says if Fox succumbs to Sirens charms then hell be cursed for all eternity. Tabitha has the lust potion, they have to keep it away from Kay as well. Kay sees Tabithas potion on the table, she quickly swipes it from her. Kay packs her suitcase and tells everyone to have a nice weekend, she knows they will. She thanks Tabitha again for watching Maria, she knows her and Miguel will enjoy themselves this weekend. Tabitha thinks Fox should stop worrying about Kay being with Miguel when Sirens stew will put him into a trance. 

Theresa, Noah, Ethan, Gwen, Luis and Fancy are flying back home. Noah urges Theresa to change her mind and get Ethan back. Theresa says no, shes giving Ethan up even if it kills her. Theresa approaches Gwen and Ethan, Gwen asks if shes changed her mind and come to steal him? Theresa says no, she just wants Ethan to know Little Ethan wants to see him. She asks if they can come see Little Ethan then shell have a car take them home to Jane. Ethan says that would be fine. Later Gwen tells Ethan that she still doesnt trust her. Ethan does, he believes Theresa has given up on him. Meanwhile, Luis tells Fancy he swore not to leave Rome without Marty. He says he failed, and he never heard anyone scream the way Sheridan did when he told her the news. Fancy says hell feel better to see her in person. Luis isnt so sure, he let her down, he knows its over for them. Later Luis suggests to Noah that he talk to Fancy. Noah wishes Jessica would back him up on his story. Luis tells him not to give up. Later the pilot announces that they are making their decent so buckle up. Everyone sits down, Theresa asks Noah how Luis is. He says coping, and Luis was telling him to make things work with Fancy. Noah admits he thinks it is a lost cause, Fancy is in love with Luis. Theresa sees Fancy looking at Luis while twirling her hair, she thinks Noah could be right.

At the hospital, the doctor checks on Sheridan. He tells her that this is a tragedy, but she also has to think about the child shes carrying. Sheridan has decided shes leaving, shes going home right now. Chris says she cant go home, she needs to rest. The doctor will allow Sheridan to go home as long as she stays relaxed. Chris asks Sheridan if she is ready for this. Sheridan says yes, just take her home. 

Noah, Luis and Fancy get into a limo after landing. They head to the cottage, Sheridan is back home. Fancy says they can drop Noah off on the way. Luis asks them to just work things out for him. Fancy says theyve talked enough. Luis says perhaps they should listen, two people who love one another shouldnt be apart. Fancy says he and Sheridan are apart. Luis says thats a little different. Fancy drops Noah off, he says he hates this. She says she wont forgive him for cheating on her with Maya. He says he didnt cheat on her, Jessica knows the truth. Fancy says well shes not saying anything. Noah suggests they give this a few days, hell call her then. Noah then leaves and the limo continues to the cottage.

Noah goes into the house and asks his dad if something is wrong? Sam asks where he begins. Spike walks in and says Hey brother in law! Noah rushes to attack him. Jessica tells him to stop, and Sam tells Noah to let him go. Noah thinks his dad doesnt know what Spike has done. Sam says he does, he knows they are married and they are living here now. Sam tells Jessica and Spike to go upstairs, they need to speak with Noah. Jessica continues to feel guilty that Noah is not with Fancy. Spike says there is nothing she can do about it now. Noah meanwhile asks his dad how he can let them live here. Sam says this way they can at least keep an eye on them. Noah swears if he gets a chance hell kill him.

Ethan, Gwen and Theresa return to Pilars to see Little Ethan. Ethan hugs him and Little Ethan tells him all about the baseball game he went to. Theresa thinks her son shouldnt be calling him Uncle Ethan, he should be calling him daddy. Gwen over hears her say this. She tells Theresa to get over this, Julian is Little Ethans father whether she likes it or not. Gwen says Ethan wont be Little Ethans father just because they share the same name. 

Luis and Fancy head to the cottage where Sheridan and Chris are. Luis says he had to come see her, hes so sorry. Sheridan says she was just going through his things. Sheridan asks why he had to die? Luis wishes he could say something to help her. Fancy swears Luis did everything he could. Suddenly Sheridan is hit with a pain. Luis rushes to call 911. Fancy fears Sheridan is going to lose her baby.


July 20, 2006

Sam shows up at Tabithas, he tells Fox that Kay did go away with Miguel, but Miguel wont do anything to take advantage of her. Still Fox hates the idea of his fianc going away with Miguel. Sam says Miguel knows the situation and wont let it get out of hand. He says Eve thinks Kay will come out of this and they have to believe that. Siren suggests Fox sit down, her stew is almost ready. He says hes not hungry. She says he will be after a taste.

Tabitha warns Endora that Fox should be worried about that stew Siren is making, it will put Fox under her trance. Endora says she wants Fox with Kay. Tabitha says mermaids are fickle, since she cant have Miguel she wants Fox, and if she gets Fox then hell never love a mortal woman again. Endora thinks they have to stop this. Tabitha says Miguel and Kay getting together wont be a total loss, it will stop Miguel from being with Charity. Tabitha is glad Kay at least doesnt have her potion. Tabitha then realizes her potion is gone, if Kay uses it on Miguel then hell not be able to resist her. Endora says No! and steam comes out of her ears. Tabitha asks Siren if her stew will work? Siren says yes, and its only fair she take Fox if Kay takes Miguel. Tabitha reminds her of the curse that will befall Fox. Siren thinks it is a wonderful curse. She says to have a man so in love with her that hell never love another is a good thing. Endora tries to zap the pot, but Siren has a force field over it. Tabitha says they have to hope Fox doesnt eat the stew. Later Siren dishes up some stew for Fox. Endora keeps trying to zap it, but it does no good. Siren puts the stew on the table and says come and get it. Fox says hes not hungry, but Sam suggests he just try it. Fox says its a bit hot, hell let it cool down. Siren hopes he enjoys it and excuses herself. Sam ends up deciding to eat the stew since Fox wont. Tabitha sees Sam begin to eat up the stew! Tabitha says Ivy has no idea what is in store for her, and neither does Sam! As Sam eats it up, Fox wonders what really happened with Tabithas house, was it magic? Sam says he doesnt believe in Magic. Suddenly Sam is overcome with lust for Ivy. He begins screaming for Ivy and runs off looking for her as some terrible 70s inspired love theme plays. Tabitha laughs that Ivy is in trouble now.

Miguel and Kay check into their room. Miguel claims hes really tired after the drive, so hes not up for much tonight. She says shes not upset. Kay has her lust potion and plans to use it to get to Miguel. Miguel and Kay get dressed up to go to dinner. She suggests they order room service and stay in, but Miguel says they all got dressed up so they should go out. Kay doesnt know why Miguel is avoiding it, but they will make love thanks to the lust potion. They head down to the restaurant, they are a bit early so they wait by the bar. These two older gentlemen are there talking, one flails his arms as they laugh, he accidentally hits Kay in the arm. Kay yells Ow! and Miguel asks if they are blind or something. They say actually they are, is his wife all right? Kay says shes fine. The two guys head off to check on their table, cracking jokes on the way. The host tells them that they have a huge sense of humor and mean no harm. Miguel says its all right. Miguel and Kay are finally shown to their table. Miguel orders water, but Kay says they are on vacation and orders them champagne. Miguel gets a call from Fox, who once again warns Miguel not to touch Kay. Kay asks Miguel who is it? Miguel says its Fox. She asks what is wrong, is Maria okay? Miguel says shes fine, hes just making sure they are having a good time. Kay doesnt understand why Fox is always so worried about what they are doing. Fox makes Sam talk to Miguel and tell him not to do anything with Kay and to take care of her. Miguel says there is nothing to worry about. Later Kay distracts Miguel claiming to have seen a whale outside and dumps the lust potion into the champagne when it arrives. He drinks the potion down, and Miguel begins to feel strange. Miguel tells Kay he wants her, he pushes everything off the table and begins to ravage her. Of course its all in Kays head. Kay wonders how the potion will really affect him. In reality, Miguel tells Kay hes ready for desert, her! He rushes her back to the room. They head back to their room, Kay is quick to hide the potion under the pillow. Kay says this is wonderful, no Tabitha, Siren or Fox to interupt. When Kay says Foxs name, Miguel remembers his promise not to do this. Miguel says he has to go brush his teeth, but she wont let him go and says make love to her right now. Kay and Miguel end up in bed and Miguel is enchanted by Kay, who has a gold aura.

At Pilars, Pilar gives Theresa a hug, shes glad to see them. Gwen and Ethan have to leave to get back to Jane. Pilar sees sadness in Theresas eyes. Theresa says a lot has happened, her life will never be the same. Ethan tells Theresa they are going home, but would she like to go with them to see Jane? Theresa says of course. Pilar then gets a call from Valerie for Theresa. Theresa takes the call, she is told to check her emails. There is tons of email about Crane Industries. Ethan says now that shes back in charge shell have a lot of work. Pilar says she thought Alistair was alive? Ethan gives her the awful news about Martys death along with Beth and Alistair. Theresa tells Ethan that she cant go with them to see Jane. Little Ethan asks if he can go? Theresa says of course he can go. Ethan, Gwen and Little Ethan all leave. Pilar cant believe this has happened, and Pilar is glad Ethan looks after Little Ethan, its like Little Ethan has a second father. Theresa confesses to Pilar that Ethan is Little Ethans father. Pilar is confused, Theresa explains it all to her mother. Pilar asks if Ethan knows? Theresa says no, and shes not telling him. Pilar asks why she isnt telling him, he deserves to know. Theresa explains the conversation she heard in Rome between Ethan and his friend. Theresa fears Ethan would take Little Ethan away from her. Theresa says she lost Ethan to Gwen, she lost their daughter to them, she wont lose her son to them. Pilar says this is about Ethan knowing the truth so call and tell him the truth right now! Theresa refuses, she wont give Ethan the chance to take her son. Pilar says she doesnt know he would do that. Theresa says she cant take the chance, she barely gets to see Jane so she wont lose Little Ethan too. Theresa says Gwen has her daughter, shes not giving over her son too. Pilar thinks this is a plot to get Ethan back. Theresa says no, shes given Ethan up forever. Pilar cant believe it. Theresa says shes realized it wont ever happen. She says Ethan is committed to Gwen and his vows. Pilar says shes been telling her that for years. Theresa knows and she should have listened to her. Theresa says Ethan is with Gwen and she has to accept it. She knows shell never be with Ethan. Pilar tells Theresa that she will find love again. Theresa gets a call she has to take, its Valerie calling about more work. Pilar asks Theresa how she knows Ethan wont leave Gwen if he knew the truth? Theresa wont take the chance that hed sue for custody. Pilar says but he could follow his heart to be with her. Pilar says shes not going down that road again. Theresa then accidentally sees the spy cam on Gwens PC that she set up long ago to spy on them. She sees Ethan with Gwen and her children. She says Gwen has her dream. Pilar tells Theresa to call him and tell Ethan the truth, it is the only hope she has of living her dream.

At the B&B, Gwen tells Ethan this is how it should be, the four of them together and happy. She knows it wont last, she knows Theresa is out there scheming. Ethan says Theresa has given him up, but Gwen doesnt believe that.

At the cottage, Sheridan is going into labor again. Luis says the ambulance is on the way. Sheridan says she cant have the baby now, its too soon. Sheridan wishes she had stayed at the hospital, and she begs God not to let this happen. She says she lost Marty, she cant lose this baby too. The paramedics soon arrive, they try and slow the contractions and plan to take her to the hospital. They give her medication, but it doesnt work, another contraction happens. Sheridan begins bleeding, they fear shes losing the baby. Unfortunately the paramedics say they are sorry, they did everything they could. The one paramedic tells Chris the baby didnt make it, they are sorry. Sheridan cant believe this, she cant have lost the baby. Fancy cries to Luis that it cant be true, Luis cant believe this is happening. The paramedics see everyone out of the room to tend to Sheridan. Chris says he cant believe this is happening. Chris asks why this happened? Luis says because of Alistair Crane of course. Chris says hes dead, he couldnt do this. Luis is looking at the bracelet with the Omega symbol on it. Chris asks where he got that? Luis says it is a symbol Alistair and his people carried, and he knows anyone with it works for Alistair. Under the table the camera shows the paper with the symbol on it, the paper Chris failed to destroy. Luis vows if he finds anyone with this symbol that he will destroy them.

Fancy stays with Sheridan. The paramedics want her to go to the hospital, but Sheridan wont go. The paramedics have to take the fetus, Sheridan wants to keep it. The paramedics say state law requires them to take it. They say the body will be made available for burial after the coroner examines it. Sheridan wants to see the baby, the paramedics dont think it is a good idea. They eventually let her hold her baby. Sheridan cries over it. The paramedics eventually leave and say they have to take the baby. Fancy asks Sheridan to let them take the baby, so they give it back. As they leave Sheridan breaks down. Sheridan begs them not to take her baby. Chris holds her as Luis and Fancy watch. 


July 21 , 2006

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is getting a good laugh over the fact that it was Sam and not Fox who ate Siren's stew. Siren sees her stew is half gone and is sure Fox ate it and once the magic kicks in he won't be able to resist her. She approaches him and says he's so tense. She says let her help him. Fox brushes her aside, he says of course he's tense, Kay is off with Miguel. Fox walks off, Siren doesn't understand what is going on. She says half her stew is gone and Fox is still thinking about that fickle Kay. Tabitha tells Siren that unfortunately for her, Sam is the one who ate her stew. Siren says Sam is pretty hunky, where is he right now? Tabitha says with Ivy where he belongs, so back off. Siren says she still has some stew left, she'll make sure Fox eats it. Tabitha and Siren then fight over the stew, Tabitha wants it to give to the mailman. Siren says that is gross, she's like a thousand years older then him. Tabitha asks if she's never seen the graduate? As they both try and get the pot of stew away from one another, Fox walks in and asks what they are doing? Tabitha says the stew has gone back and she wants to dump it, Siren says nothing is wrong with her stew and she wants him to try it. Fox says he's far too upset to eat! Tabitha lets go of the pot, the stew flies all over Siren. Siren has to leave to change. Endora then zaps Kay's diary and makes it appear in the kitchen. Fox sees it and says she shouldn't be leaving this around for people to read. Endora zaps Fox in the head, he decides to read it as it could help him find a way to jog Kay's memory. He's stunned by what he reads, her handwriting has totally changed since being zapped. He reads that Kay is planning to get Miguel to make love to her on this trip. Fox can't take any more, he says he's going up there and stopping this. He takes off. Siren returns, she asks where Fox is. Tabitha says he went to try and stop Kay and Miguel. Siren says perfect, while Fox is stopping Kay from getting to Miguel, Miguel will be hot to trot and she'll move in. Tabitha asks Siren if she can even drive? Siren says who needs a car, she once outraced a nuclear sub. Siren then takes off, hoping to beat Fox there.

At the getaway, Miguel and Kay are in bed, Miguel is trying hard to resist Kay. He finds the lust potion under the pillow and asks what this is? She says he ruined the surprise, it's some massage oil she brought. He says it's half gone. She knows it's because he drank it, she wonders if it is even working. Miguel looks at Kay, she has a gold aura around her and is telling him to make love to her. The next we see Miguel is on the beach, Kay ran after him wrapped in a bed sheet. Miguel is telling himself he can't make love to Kay, but he's having such a hard time fighting it. Kay asks him what is wrong with him? He says he thought they should take a walk, maybe go for a swim. She says the water is ice cold. He says exactly. HE points at the stars and says they are so beautiful. Kay decides she has to take action, she drops her bed sheet and tells Miguel to make love to her. Her entire body is glowing gold now and Miguel can't resist. They make love. Afterwards Miguel says he's sorry, he tried not to do this. She asks what he is talking about, they are engaged. She says now she gets it. Miguel thinks she's remembered, but she hasn't. She thinks Miguel wanted to wait till their wedding night. She says that is sweet, but not necessary. She wants them to make love every night from now on. She says one thing is strange, it feels like they haven't done this for years. Meanwhile, Siren lands on the beach a ways away and sees Miguel and Kay. She says it looks like she beat Fox here, and Kay won't get Miguel.

At the Bennett's, Sam shows up yelling for Ivy. She asks what is it, what is wrong, what has happened? Sam says "Woman I want you now!" He picks her up and throws her on the couch. He tells her that he's making love to her right here. He rips his shirt off and jumps on her! We then see clothes flying everywhere. Ivy can't believe him, she doesn't know what has gotten into him. Later Ivy's hair is a mess, Sam says he wants to do it again. She says maybe he should take a break. He says no way. She says she needs a break then, maybe let her shower and cool down. He tells her no, he wants her all hot. Ivy ends up running off saying good things come to those who wait. Sam chases after her. At this point Rebecca shows up looking for Ivy. She sees the clothes everywhere and picks up Sam's undies. She hears them going at it upstairs and can't believe it. Later Ivy comes downstairs, Rebecca tells her how impressed she is. Rebecca says she thought she was a cold fish but obviously not. Rebecca tells Ivy she'd love to find out more about her, hinting that she wants to join the party. Ivy says she has no idea what has gotten into Sam tonight, but they don't play those sick games Rebecca is into with Julian. Suddenly Sam yells "Ivy I have another game for us to play!" Rebecca smiles at her. Ivy asks Rebecca what she wants? Rebecca says 170 pounds of that. Sam has shown up naked, Ivy covers him. Rebecca begins to fan herself. Sam says he needs Ivy NOW! Ivy tells Rebecca to show herself out. Sam begins ravaging her in the hall way. Rebecca starts saying "I'm guilty, arrest me, I have my own cuffs!" She says you can never get a good cop when you need one. She shows herself out as Sam and Ivy continue to make love.

At the cottage, Sheridan is devastated as the paramedics leave with her child. Chris holds her and says it was his baby too. Luis and Fancy don't know what to do. Luis says he hopes Alistair rots in hell for this, and he's making it his mission to bring down anyone involved with this omega plot. Fancy suddenly sees something on the floor and bends down to get it. It's not the piece of paper that Chris missed, it's a baby toy. She decides to get rid of it before Sheridan sees it. Later Chris tells Sheridan she should go back to bed. Fancy helps Sheridan, she says she'll run her a nice bath and change the bed sheets for her. Chris and Luis talk, they both tell one another how sorry they are over the loss of their children. Luis tells Chris he's lucky he never had to deal with Alistair, this is all his fault. Luis says he's going to make sure Sheridan is kept away from anyone involved with Alistair and his omega plot. Chris remembers destroying all evidence tying him to it, we once again see the piece of paper under a table that he missed. Later Luis and Chris check on Sheridan. Sheridan just wants to be alone with Chris to grieve. Luis tells Sheridan he's always here for her. Luis and Fancy leave them, Luis continues to vow to make sure Sheridan is safe from the omega people.

At the Blue Note, Noah is back working behind the bar. Chad and Whitney show up, Chad says it's good to see him working again. Noah says he needs something to keep his mind off Fancy. Chad asks if they can't work things out? Noah says he's willing, but he doesn't think Fancy is. Theresa shows up, Whitney is glad Theresa came. Whitney decides to go get them a table. Theresa and Noah talk quickly about love and trying to move on. A man comes over and asks Theresa to dance. She's not sure, but Noah says she'd love to. Theresa says why not, and they go to dance. Later Theresa returns to the bar. Noah asks what happened to the guy? Theresa says the guy was a new hire for Crane, he wanted a promotion. She says she told him he'd need more experience first, and he agreed. She tells Noah first thing Monday morning she's going to transfer him to the diamond mines in Siberia! Noah laughs. Theresa wonders if it will be like this for her from now on, will men only be interested in her for her name and money?

Julian and Eve show up, they see Whitney and Chad dancing. They are both really glad that Whitney and Chad can be together now, even though they've lost Chad as a son. Julian says Chad is his half brother and Sheridan's as well. Eve says and Fancy and Fox's uncle. Julian says and Little Ethan's . . . Eve says stop, it's all so confusing! They laugh. Julian says unfortunately Chad will have to be told that not only does he have Alistair for a father, but that it was Liz who tried to kill him and Alistair and that Chad is the product of rape. Eve says not tonight, let them have their fun. Julian agrees, but they'll have to have the talk soon.

Eve, Whitney, Julian and Chad sit down. Whitney and Eve discuss TC's stroke. Eve says the car accident and genetics probably played a factor. Julian says TC's temper doesn't help either. Whitney says when dad gets out of the hospital she will do everything she can to help, it will be all the Russell girls together again. Whitney says speaking of that . . . at the bar Simone is kissing Rae. Eve doesn't seem to like seeing it, Whitney asks her mom if it still bothers her? Eve says no, she wants Simone to be happy. Rae and Simone walk over, Whitney tells them to join them. Simone says they could pull up chairs. Simone sees Eve is fiddling with her hair, Simone thinks they aren't welcomed so they will go. Eve says no stay, of course they are welcomed. She tells Rae it's nice to see her again. Rae says the same to Dr. Russell, Eve insists she call her Eve. Simone and Rae soon join them, Eve says she is so happy to see both her girls happy with the ones they love. 

Julian and Eve share a dance later. Eve's beeper goes off. She decides to call the hospital, it could be about TC. As it turns out it is, and she has to go. Whitney asks if it is serious, Eve doesn't think so. Julian offers to go with her, but Eve says no. She says she's going to stay and work through the night, he should just enjoy himself.

Whitney talks with Theresa at the bar. Theresa tells him about the jerk she's sending to Siberia. Whitney is sure Theresa will find someone. She says what about Noah? Theresa says ew no, that's like dating her brother! Theresa says she's sorry, she might as well have put both feet in her mouth. Whitney says it's okay, she and Chad aren't related and they are happy. She just worries though, every time she thinks she'll be happy something ruins it. Meanwhile, Chad is making another on of those calls. He says him marrying Whitney won't change the amount of time he spends with them, they'll see each other as much as they always have. Theresa tries to convince Whitney everything will be fine with her and Chad. Whitney says Theresa is right. Chad walks up and tells Whitney she's stuck with him, till death do they part. Theresa asks Noah for some tea, he hands it to her. She goes to walk off with the tea and walks right into a new guy (Jared Casey). She spills it all over him and says she's so sorry. Jared says "Watch it! What are you an idiot?"

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