July 24, 2005
Fox arrives at the hotel where Kay and Miguel are. He asks the guy at the desk for Kays hotel room number. The guy says that isnt his job, go use the house phone. Fox does, he hopes hes not too late. Fox keeps getting put on hold by the operator, so when the guy behind the desk has to step away he looks at his PC to find out where Kay is. Fox bursts into the room, the only person there is the maid. She suggests Fox try the beach, many couples go there as its very romantic. 

On the beach, Siren sees Kay and Miguel together and realizes Kay must have given Miguel the lust potion. Siren says Miguel is supposed to be hers, she wont let Kay take him away. Kay and Miguel are kissing, Miguel is trying to fight making love to Kay again. Siren tries to get to them, but her fin wont turn back into legs. She tries to dry her fin to get her legs back. Unfortunately the high tide is coming in. The blind guys from the hotel show up, along with their wives. They find Siren and think shes a porpoise and is on the beach and in trouble. They decide they have to get it back in the water so it doesnt die. Siren tries to fight them, the woman keeps telling the fishy not to be afraid, they are only trying to help them. They realize the mammal is too heavy to get into the ocean on their own, so they decide to keep splashing it to keep it wet! Meanwhile Miguel  and Kay have made love again. Someone walks up and Miguel says he can explain this. It is one of the blind guys, he doesnt mean to interrupt but they have an emergency on the beach. He says he and his friends found a sea creature, probably a porpoise, and its beached itself. He says they are trying to help but they cant see. Miguel agrees to help them. Kay is so relieved that guy is blind, it would have been so embarrassed to have been seen. Elsewhere, Fox is on the beach looking for Kay and Miguel. 

Kay and Miguel join the group of blind people, but by time they get their Siren is gone. The blind people dont understand how it could have gotten away. Kay says there is no sign of it anywhere. She then sees fin marks in the sand, whatever it was was huge. One of the women thinks it went back into the sea on its own. The woman says they kept it alive and now it is home, there is nothing like doing a good dead for one of Gods creatures. Elsewhere, Siren is back on the beach, she has her legs back. She never thought shed get away from the save the porpoise people. She says now its time for her to go find Kay and Miguel. Siren and Fox soon run into one another, and then Kay discovers them together and asks what is going on, why are they here?

At the Crane Mansion, Luis is a wreck. Hes sitting outside on the grounds, Fancy comes to check on him. She asks if there is anything she can do for him? He says no. Fancy says Sheridan doesnt mean to push him away, shes just in shock. He says because of him, hes responsible for Martys death. He says hes the one who caused her to miscarry. Luis says he doesnt blame her for choosing Chris, she should be with anyone but him, hes caused her so much pain. He wonders how it went so wrong. Luis thinks he should have done her a favor and stayed dead. Fancy says that is crazy talk, she never saw anyone so happy as Sheridan was when he came back. Luis says so happy that she stayed with Chris and told him to take a hike. Fancy says she had just gotten married and was pregnant. Fancy says he did everything he could to find Marty. Luis says he failed, and now Sheridan has lost Marty and her baby. He says Sheridan has made her choice and for once he will do what shes asked and stay out of her life for good. Fancy wishes there was something she could say to help him. He thanks her. He says if she wants to talk to someone then go talk to Sheridan, hes not in the mood for talking. Fancy says he doesnt have to talk, shell sit with him as Sheridan has Chris. Fancy says shes sorry for that, but Luis says shes right. Fancy says hes not alone, he has family, friends, her. He says its not the same, Sheridan was the love of his life. Fancy says she knows, everyone does. Luis talks about how he thought things would be, he thought that he, Sheridan, Marty and Sheridan's baby could be together. He says instead he ended Martys life before he had a chance. Fancy says he didnt end Martys life, and as crazy as Beth was, she did seem to love Marty. She says he wasnt mistreated in any way, he had as good a life as he could have. Luis says Marty should have been with Sheridan, and he failed them both. Fancy says he has to stop taking this way, it wont help anything. Luis knows, it also wont bring Marty back. Luis says Sheridan has to move on with her life, and if she wants to be with Chris then he has to accept that. She says he has to move on too. Luis says he will. He says he wont stop loving Sheridan, but he wont make her have to chose. He says hes wasted enough of her time as is, he has to let her go. Fancy tells him that hes too good a person to be hurting like this. Hes glad she thinks so, he doesnt feel too good right now. She says hes so kind, caring and selfless, hes the most decent man shes met. She suggests they get out of here and away from the cottage. She says they could go to the mansion, but he says no. She says fine, someplace else away from the estate. She says dont say no, just come. He thanks her for being such a good friend, he doesnt know what hed do without her.

At the Blue Note, Theresa spills her tea on Jared. He calls her an idiot. She says she didnt see him there. He says because she was caught up in her own problems, and she is an idiot. She says shes sorry she apologized, he is a jerk. He tells her that shes a walking danger zone, girls like her shouldnt be let out of the house without a warning sign. She calls him a jerk, and he says shes a brat. He says her fake eyelashes are interfering with her vision. She says these are real. Noah and Whitney step in. Noah gives him a napkin, Jared threatens to call a cop and have Theresa arrested for assaulting him with a deadly weapon, hot water. She is wishing she had assaulted him. Whitney says it was an accident. Jared apologizes and says hes sorry, perhaps it was an accident. They agree to call a truce and start over. Jared introduces himself, she says he knows her name is Theresa. He says shes much more of a Tess than a Theresa. Theresa says nobody calls her that. Jared says they do now. Theresa says her name is Theresa. He says its a bad name, Theresa is for blondes with blue eyes, Tess has more spitfire to it. Whitney introduces herself, as does Noah. Noah tells Theresa that hell get her another cup of tea. Jared asks if they are both from here? Whitney and Theresa say they are both from here. They ask him for his story. He says hes pretty new in town. Noah returns with Theresas drink, he says hell take that and carry it to their table. Jared walks off, Whitney tells Theresa that hes kind of hot. Theresa says good lucks dont excuse rudeness. Theresa suggests they go, but Whitney says what about her tea? Theresa looks over at a smiling Jared.

Fancy and Luis show up at the Blue Note, Fancy goes to the bar to get him a beer. Fancy is shocked to see Noah. Noah says he didnt expect to have his job upon returning home, but there is a new manager and she was hiring. Fancy asks for two beers. Noah says she doesnt drink beers so she must be here with the some guy who does, maybe the same guy shes been making a fool of herself over for months in Rome. Fancy says Luis is heartbroken and shes trying to help him. Noah says she is so selfish with him but when it comes to Luis . . . .Fancy tells him to just stop. She says Sheridan lost her baby tonight, and Luis is blaming himself for that and Martys death. Noah says he didn't know. She tells him to just get them some beers.

Whitney and Chad join Theresa and Jared. Whitney keeps telling Theresa how hot Jared is and how Theresa likes him. Theresa thinks she is throwing the word hot around a lot, she sure got over her nun training fast. Theresa also says that Jared calling her Tess drives her nuts, she doesn't like him. Theresa sees her brother is here and goes to talk to him. Whitney says she hasnt seen anyone get to Theresa like this since the early days with Ethan. 

Theresa talks with Luis, who fills her in on everything that is going on with him and Sheridan. Luis feels he only represents pain and loss for Sheridan now. He says this is his fault, he should have believed her that Marty was their son. Theresa says he cant blame himself, but he does. He says if he believed her then theyd be together today. Luis says all those years he told her to give up her fantasy with Ethan, hes finally realized how hard it is to actually do just that. Theresa says he was harsh but right, shes given up on Ethan. As they talk, Theresa keeps looking over at Jared. Later Fancy rejoins Luis. She tells him if anyone is to blame it is her grandfather. She says she has grown up and realized the truth, she's seen her grandfather for who he really is, or was. She is afraid more of her life might be nothing but a sham since she believed in her grandfather. Luis decides to get some fresh air and take a walk, he needs some alone time. Luis sees Noah and Fancy looking at one another, he asks Fancy to give him a break. Fancy says she cant forgive him for cheating on her with Maya. Luis thinks Noah didnt cheat on her. Fancy says Jessica didnt back him up when he claimed that. Luis says maybe that has something to do with Spike, just try and forgive him. She says she cant, she cant put her heart on the line again. He says she deserves to be happy with a good guy,. She says he deserves to be happy too. Luis tells Fancy to talk to Noah, give him another chance, she deserves to be happy. Luis walks off, and Fancy wonders what if Noah isnt the man she wants. Noah walks over with a drink and says consider it a peace offering, he knows he was rude earlier and hes sorry.

Theresa tells Whitney the news about Luis and Sheridan. Whitney cant believe this. Theresa says Luis watched Marty die and now he thinks hes lost Sheridan forever. Whitney wonders how bad things can happen to such good people. Theresa says she doesn't have an answer, they have to take what they are given. She says she is going to live her life alone. Whitney says she doesnt have to give up on men, what about Jared? Theresa says hes a jerk, he cursed her out. Whitney says Theresa is the one claiming most men are intimidated by her, well Jared is not. Whitney wants Theresa to move on, Ethan isnt dead, shes not a grieving widow. Whitney tells her that she has to move on. Theresa says this from the girl who ran off to a convent. Whitney says she learned her lesson the hard way, so Theresa should listen to her. Whitney thinks maybe Theresa is still holding out for a life with Ethan and that is why shes not going for Jared. Theresa says she is moving on and she means it. She admits she loves Ethan and would love to be a family with him, but shes not beating her head up against a stone wall waiting for it to happen. Whitney thinks Theresa should tell him the truth about his son. She says no, shes lost her daughter to them, she wont lose her son, her son is all she has. Whitney doesnt think Theresa can live without love, she tried to move on with Fox. Theresa says that was just an infatuation. Whitney thinks Theresa will move on sooner than she thinks. Theresa tells Whitney not to go there, he is a jerk and nobody gets away with calling her Tess. Whitney says fine, they will pretend he doesnt exist. Whitney sees Theresa looking at Jared and says if he doesnt exist, why does she keep looking at him. 


July 25, 2006

At Tabitha's, Endora sits at the table while Tabitha decides to see what is going on with Kay, Miguel, Fox and Siren. Tabitha wishes Endora hadn't brought in Siren, she's made such a mess. Endora wants Fox with Kay. Tabitha says she knows, but Siren is making things worse. She'll make love to Miguel and leave him. Endora points out then he won't be able to be with Charity. Tabitha says true, but it's not guaranteed and it's just so complicated.

At the beach, Kay asks Fox why he's here? Fox comes close to tell Kay the truth, but instead claims she has to go home because Maria needs her. Kay flips out, what is wrong with Maria? She quickly calls home to Tabitha.

Back at Tabitha's, Tabitha answers Kay's call. Kay asks what is wrong with Maria? Endora wants her mom to lie and make Kay come home, but Tabitha refuses. Endora zaps her mother, but eventually Tabitha tells Kay nothing is wrong with Maria and she should stay and have a good time. Later Tabitha scolds Endora. She knows Endora wants Fox with Kay, but Kay with Miguel is so much better. She also says Endora is never to use her magic on her again!

Back at the beach, Kay tells Fox that Maria is just fine according to Tabitha, what is going on, why are he and Siren here? Siren says they did think something was wrong with Maria, she was really upset earlier. Fox says perhaps Tabitha got things under control, they just thought Maria wanted her mommy. Siren tells Kay and Miguel they are so sorry for interrupting them, go back to making love. Fox flips out saying WHAT! He demands to talk to Miguel and drags him off. Fox demands to know what Miguel has done, has he taken advantage of Kay? Miguel tells Fox to relax, but Fox won't. Fox thinks Miguel is taking advantage of Kay. Miguel tells Fox that perhaps this amnesia is how things are supposed to be. Perhaps Kay doesn't want to be with Fox. Fox asks Miguel if he is saying Kay is faking? Miguel says not on purpose, but perhaps subconsciously. Miguel suggests perhaps the pressure Kay was feeling to pretend she loved Fox was too much, especially when the man she really wants is him. Meanwhile, Siren tells Kay that she's going to make love to Fox, she hopes Kay doesn't mind. Kay asks why she would mind, why is this her business? Siren says she doesn't know, Kay just seemed a bit interested in what Fox was doing with her. Kay says no she wasn't. Kay looks a bit puzzled though. Back to Fox and Miguel, Miguel thinks this is Kay's way of dealing with her subconscious feelings, she really wants to be with him and not Fox. Fox tells Miguel he's a lousy shrink and he wishes Miguel never came back to Harmony. Miguel says he did and he's not leaving again. Fox tells Miguel Kay will remember and he will get her back. Miguel asks what makes him think so, what will he do if Kay never remembers? Fox says he's a Crane and Crane's get what they want. Kay eventually steps in and tells Fox and Siren that she doesn't know what is going on here, but she and Miguel are going back to their room now and she wants them both to leave them the hell alone. Miguel and Kay leave, Fox tries to go after them but Siren stops him. She says it will only make things worse. Fox says Kay has to remember. Siren asks what he'll do if she doesn't?

At the Blue Note, Julian is sitting at the bar alone. Whitney and Chad talk to him. Julian says Eve is still at the hospital with TC. Whitney is glad her dad has the best doctor on the case helping him. Julian still can't get over that Chad isn't his son, but he's glad Whitney and Chad are happy. Chad tells Julian he would really like to talk to him about his real parents Alistair and Liz. Julian says soon but not tonight. They leave him and soon Rebecca shows up. Julian wishes she'd leave him alone. She says now she agreed to the divorce, they can at least be civil. She knows Julian is upset that Eve has chosen to be with TC. Julian says she is taking care of TC, he had a stroke. He says that is all. To herself Rebecca knows this is killing Julian. Later Noah gives Julian another scotch, he asks Rebecca if she wants anything. Julian keeps saying no, she's leaving.  Rebecca knows Julian is trying to drink away the hole in his heart that is there because Eve has left him for TC. She asks Julian how many drinks he has had? He says he doesn't know, how many Rebeccas does he see? He says one too many Rebeccas and not enough scotches. Rebecca tells Julian not to be like that, remember the good times they had. Rebecca thinks Eve is probably remembering the good times with TC. She tells Julian to face it, sooner or later Eve is going to realize what she's lost and she's going to want her family back and her respectable marriage back.  Rebecca says when that happens, think about the good times they had and come and see her. Rebecca walks off and tells herself Julian may be ready to give up on her, but she's not ready to give up on him or his Crane millions.

Whitney and Chad talk to Theresa, they really like Jared and think he could be the man to help her move on and get over Ethan. Ethan and Gwen soon arrive, and Theresa looks over at them as they dance. Whitney sits next to Theresa, Theresa says that Ethan is the father of her children, he should be with her. Whitney asks what she's saying, is she not over Ethan? Theresa says no she is. She says she knows Ethan is never going to leave Gwen no matter how much he loves her. Whitney says good. Theresa knows she's beat this horse till it's dead, but she can't help but feel she and Ethan are meant to be together. However she swears she's over Ethan. Jared soon joins them. Whitney and Chad decide to dance, so Jared asks Theresa to dance. She doesn't know, but upon seeing Gwen and Ethan dancing she agrees.

Theresa is all over Jared on the dance floor, and Whitney and Chad see this. Gwen and Ethan see it as well. Gwen can't believe Theresa is here. She says the girl follows them everywhere. Ethan says she could have been here first. Gwen says maybe, but she is all over that guy and it's obvious she's putting on a show to make him jealous. Chad and Whitney discuss the same thing.  Gwen and Ethan eventually sit at the bar, Gwen goes to powder her nose. Ethan looks at Theresa who keeps dancing with Jared. Noah sees this and starts talking to Ethan about this guy. Ethan wants to know who he is. Noah doesn't know, he's new in town. Ethan wonders if he knows who Theresa is. Noah asks Ethan if he thinks the guy is a fortune hunter or something? Ethan says perhaps. Ethan just wants to make sure Theresa doesn't fall for the wrong guy. Noah thinks any guy would be the wrong guy as far as he's concerned. Noah says it's so obvious he is still in love with Theresa. Ethan says he never claimed he wasn't. Noah says then be with her! He says he thinks it's admirable that Ethan wants to honor his vows, but does he really want to spend his life with someone he doesn't love. Ethan says he does love Gwen. Noah says but not the way he loves Theresa, and Gwen must see that. Ethan says he's never lied to Gwen about that. Noah thinks Gwen must be insane to stay with him then. Noah asks Ethan what he's going to do when Theresa begins to date or get married, stare daggers at the guy the rest of his life? Ethan says he just wants to make sure Theresa is happy that is all. 

When Ethan sits at the bar and Gwen excuses herself, Theresa tells Jared she's tied. Theresa sits and Whitney joins her. Chad and Jared decide to hit the bar. Whitney demands Theresa explain what was with the show, it was obvious she was trying to make Ethan jealous. Theresa says she was not. Theresa claims she was trying to upset Gwen, Gwen has been so mean and nasty to her lately. She claims she wanted Ethan to see her and be jealous and that would upset Gwen. Whitney says her explanation is so confusing, but she thinks the one who is really confused is Theresa. Theresa admits maybe she was trying to get to Ethan. Jared and Chad return, Chad and Whitney hit the dance floor again. When Theresa sees Gwen and Ethan dancing again, she tells Jared they should go dance again.

Gwen returns from the bathroom. She tells Ethan they should have one more dance and then go home. He thought she wanted to go out, she says she'd rather be with him. They share a quick dance and split. They head back to their apartment and begin to undress. Gwen wonders who the guy was. Ethan doesn't know. Gwen says she was all over him, it's so obvious she was trying to get to Ethan. Ethan says or maybe she is moving on like she said she would. Gwen doubts that will happen. Ethan asks if they are talking about Theresa all night? Gwen says no and appears in a negligee. She and Ethan end up making love.

Back at he club, the minute Ethan leaves with Gwen, Theresa is ready to sit down. Whitney, Chad and Jared join her. Whitney and Chad kiss, and Jared moves into kiss Theresa. She says what does he think he's doing? He says what he thought she wanted him to. She asks why he'd think that? He says based on how she was all over him on the dance floor. She says she so wasn't. Jared says perhaps she was trying to impress that guy who left then. Jared asks who he was? Theresa says he was no one. Jared says since he left her, he was a jerk. Jared tells Theresa he will forgive her for this only this once. He says he doesn't like being used, he doesn't like games, but he does like her. He says he'll pay the check and go. Theresa says WOW! Whitney says wow indeed, he really likes her. Theresa doesn't know, he calls her Tess. Whitney says it's cute, it's something only they share. whitney pushes Theresa to go for it, this could be the guy who helps her move on and find love again. Theresa says she's too busy for love, she is a business woman and has to spend time with her children. Whitney and Chad don't believe she's too busy for love. As Jared is leaving, he and Theresa exchange glances.


July 26, 2006
At the hotel, Kay and Miguel are in bed. Kay is overjoyed the lust potion worked, being with Miguel was amazing. Miguel and Kay cuddle, Kay kisses him and tries to convince him to make love again. Miguel stops, he hates thinking about the fight they had with Fox. Kay says Fox was way out of line, she doesnt know why he cares whether they sleep together. Kay says Fox acts like hes her fianc. Miguel asks Kay say she could chose between him and Fox, who would she chose. She asks why hes asking a crazy question. He says humor him, if she could choose who would she chose? Kay that is a silly question and of course shed chose him. She says shes loved him since they were kids, hes the love of her life and the father of her child. She says if anything happened to him and she ended up with someone else, shed still love him. Kay then wonders what if Charity came back, would he want to be with Charity instead? He says no, he made a horrible mistake leaving to find Charity. He swears he will never do that again. To himself Miguel worries what Kay might do if she remembers she loves Fox. 

Siren is eating a nice seafood breakfast. Fox shows up, Siren asks if he was at the beach all night? He says he was too upset to sleep, he couldn't stop thinking how Miguel took advantage of Kay. Siren says to be fare, Kay couldnt wait to get into his pants. Siren says Kay and Miguel hooking up wasnt all Miguels fault. Fox just wishes Kay would come out of this alternate reality. Siren says she hates to see him so upset. Siren knows how they can make things better, she tells Fox to make love to her! Fox says what! Siren says it will help Kay and Miguel. Fox asks how? She says it could jog Kays memory, and Miguel has no right to be upset as he slept with Kay. Fox says this whole situation has him crazed enough. Siren asks so if they are having sex or not? He says no! Siren tells Fox there is nothing he can do about Kay, short of sleeping with her hes done everything. Siren tells Fox to just accept that its over. Fox says he loves Kay and wants to marry her, but he cant tell her as the shock could damage her. He says on the other hand hell go nuts if this keeps going on. Siren says that hes so stressed. Fox thinks she should be too, her boyfriend slept with Kay. Siren says its not like they havent done it before. Fox says back then it was different, Kay loved Miguel then. Siren says what if she still does love Miguel? Fox says no way. Siren thinks that Fox is afraid part of Kay still does love Miguel and that is what really bothers him. Siren thinks this shock has brought back some feelings Kay has for Miguel. Fox says shes not helping at all right now. Siren asks what she can do to help then? Fox says help him find a way to bring Kay back without damaging her psyche. Siren says she told him, make Kay jealous by have her seeing him getting it on with another woman. Fox says thats extreme. Siren asks if he can think of a better way? Later Siren says Kay and Miguel are approaching, are they doing this or not? Siren pulls Fox into a kiss, Kay asks Fox what he is doing! Siren says Fox was just kissing her, Fox asks if it bothers Kay? Kay says why would it, she says its great they are together. She says it is great Fox has a woman in his life. Siren thinks perhaps her plan didnt work. Fox says nope and now they are closer than ever. Siren knows this makes her chances with Fox all the more better. 

Theresa is in the office, she calls Collier and says that she doesnt need him to keep Gwen busy anymore, but their agreement still stands. She says his company will still receive preferential treatment on new contracts. Whitney walks in, she heard everything. Theresa says she was doing it so she could keep Gwen and Ethan apart, but that was before she found out the truth. Theresa says now Ethan can stay with Gwen, shes over Ethan and her dreams. Whitney says shes talked the talk before but never followed through. Theresa says its different now, her sons future is at stake. Theresa says she still loves Ethan, but after seven years of failing to get him, she has to move on. She says now shes going to concentrate on her work and her son. Whitney still thinks she can fall in love again. Theresa says if there is a man out there for her she is sure its not Jared. Whitney says why not, she thinks he is right for her, he is not afraid to ruffle her feathers and hes a strong man. Theresa asks when she became Jareds lobbyist? Whitney says shes not, she just wants her to be open to love. Whitney doesnt want her to go back to loving Ethan, the best way to keep that from happening is to move on with her life.

Later we see Theresa signing things left and right, we hear Valerie on the phone telling someone about the qualifications they need, dont waste Mrs. Cranes time with unqualified applicants. Whitney shows up, she was checking on Miles and Little Ethan at the daycare center. Theresa says Ethan is picking Little Ethan up for his game today. Whitney says Chad has a game too. Theresa suggests Whitney go with her, shes going to the game. She tells Valerie that shell have her PDA so Valerie can send her anything she needs to. Valerie talks about how the daycare has been such a hit, Chad was bringing Miles to it but obviously Whitney watches him now. Whitney tells Valerie she must have heard the news by now. Valerie has, and she is glad Whitney can be with Chad without people thinking they are incestuous freaks. Valerie takes off, and Whitney tells Theresa that she doesnt see how she does it all. Theresa is having problems keeping up with work, but its her sons future. Whitney says too bad Ethan cant help her. Theresa says another reason she cant tell the truth, she doesnt need her sons future taken from him just like Ethans was. Theresa gets a phone call, shes being asked about some figures from Zurich. She panics as she can't find the papers. After the phone call, Theresa spots some photos of Ethan on her shelf. Whitney says if she wants to move on with her life then she has to get rid of them. Theresa ends up shredding them, which Whitney says isnt what she meant. Theresa says she held onto this dream a lot longer than she should have. 

At the B&B, Gwen is getting ready to head into work. Ethan wonders if she really has to rush off this early? Gwen says he knows Collier, he probably has so much work that he and Jane wont see her until they are asleep. Suddenly Gwen gets a call from her boss, shes been let go. Gwen says she understands. She tells Ethan that shes been let go, the company doesnt need her anymore. She says shes getting severance pay and a recommendation. Gwen says now neither one of them has a job. Ethan says since they dont have to go to work they might as well sleep in. They begin to get it on. After they make love, Gwen talks about how wonderful their life could be without Theresa. Ethan says to himself that life without Theresa would take getting used to.

Fancy is in her bed dreaming. Luis comes in and joins her in bed. He tells her that she was right about him having to move on and fall in love again, and that he wants to make love to her. Of course its all a dream of Fancys. She wakes up from her dream to find Sheridan standing by her bed. Sheridan wonders why Fancy thought Luis was here? Fancy says she was dreaming about Italy, she was dreaming about the lions and trying to warn Luis. Sheridan knows they went through a lot in Italy. Fancy says it wasnt planned. She asks Sheridan why shes up, why she isnt in bed? Sheridan says she couldnt sleep, losing Marty was more than she thought she could handle, then losing her baby, well it was all too much. Fancy says shes so sorry. Sheridan was hoping she could stay with Fancy. She didnt want to be alone and she didnt want to upset James. Fancy tells Sheridan shes always here for her. Sheridan says likewise. Sheridan asks Fancy about how she heard she ended it with Noah. Fancy says she and Noah are finished for good. Fancy and Sheridan have a talk about Luis, Fancy asks if Sheridan blames Luis still? Sheridan says shes hurting too much to think about blame, she knows Luis is hurting too. She also thinks Luis could be blaming himself right now. Fancy says he does. Fancy asks if Chris has been good to her? Sheridan says yes, their baby meant the world to him. Sheridan says she loves Chris, but a part of her will always love Luis. Fancy asks if she thinks shell leave Chris to be with Luis? Sheridan says she made her choice a long time ago, shes staying with Chris and she loves him. Fancy says so there is no future for her and Luis? Sheridan says Luis will always have a place in her heart, but Chris is her future. Sheridan says she just hopes Luis can move on and find someone, he deserves to find someone and be happy. 

Luis heads to see Sam at his house. Sam has an icepack, he claims hes just a little sore today. Luis, who is in his uniform, tells Sam about Marty, Beth and Alistairs deaths in Rome. Sam tells him how sorry he is, does Sheridan know? Luis says she knows. Sam says he knows her baby with Chris wont replace Marty but . . . Luis says the baby is dead, she miscarried. Sam tells Luis he cant blame himself for this, but Luis says its all his fault. He says he should have believed Sheridan from the beginning that Marty was their son. Sam suggests Luis take some time off from work, he should be with Sheridan. Luis says there will be no grieving with Sheridan, it is over for them. Luis tells Sam hes like a brother to him so if there is anything he can do for him. Noah walks down the steps, he doesnt know how much more of this he can take. Luis says more Fancy stuff? Noah says no, hes living under the same roof as Spike. Sam says there wasnt anything else he can do, and at least they can keep an eye on them. Noah says he hates Spike for what he did to Jessica, he also suspects Spike is the one who kept Jessica from backing up his story about Maya and Lena. Luis says they just have to wait for Spike to step out of line and they can nail him. Noah says Spike will pay. Noah tells Luis how sorry he is for everything hes gone through. Noah asks Luis what hes going to do? Luis tells Sam he is here to talk about work. He says hes been gone so long he cant be detective anymore, but he wants to retake the examine and be promoted back. Luis also wants as much overtime as Sam can give him. Luis is planning to save up money to leave Harmony, there is no reason for him to stay without Sheridan. Sam says he cant leave Harmony, hes lived her his whole life. Luis says everywhere he goes hell be reminded of Sheridan, and every time she sees him then shell be reminded of what she lost. He says its best he leave town, Sheridan can move on with Chris. Sam says that is a really noble thing. Noah wishes he could be as noble with Fancy. Luis tells Noah not to give up on Fancy, talk to her. Noah says hes tried and Fancy has moved on. Sam says already? Luis says he was with Fancy in Rome, there were no guys around, she was helping him. Noah says Fancy is in love with him! Sam cant believe this, Luis is shaking his head. Luis says its ridiculous, he and Fancy are just friends. Noah says Fancy thinks they are more. Noah asks Luis if he has feelings for Fancy? Luis says he thinks shes a great girl, that is it. 


July 27, 2006

A lot going on today, a bit of a scattered summary because of that.

Luis is sitting in his squad car thinking about losing Sheridan. He says his shift is almost over, hell make it to the ball game soon. Meanwhile, Fancy is racing down the road, shes thinking about Luis. She thinks maybe Luis can move on with her. Luis ends up seeing Fancy race by and heads to pull her over. Fancy sees shes being pursued, she says bad car why cant you go slower! Luis runs a make on the plates to make sure its not stolen. Fancy is shocked when she sees Luis is the one pulling her over. Hes is equally shocked to see her, and then tells her that shes under arrest. Fancy says what! Fancy tells him to just write him a ticket, but Luis reads her her rights. She asks when speeding became a crime that requires arrest? Luis says she hasnt paid her tickets, shes doubled park, shes made illegal u-turns. He says there is a warrant out for her arrest. Fancy gives excuses for each violation, but he says shes still under arrest. Fancy cant believe hes arresting her after all she did to help him. She says shes sorry. He says shes still under arrest and hes taking her in. Fancy offers to buy all his tickets to the policemans ball, but he says hell just add bribery to her charges. She says fine do his duty and frisk her. He handcuffs her, shes furious. He reads her her rights, she says blah blah blah shes heard it before.

Luis takes Fancy to the station, nobody is there. They bicker and argue, Fancy wants to be let go. Luis says he cant. Fancy says her tickets were always taken care of by her grandfather. Luis says well grandfather is gone now. Fancy says and thanks to him so is Marty. She apologizes, she doesnt mean to rub salt in his wounds. He knows. Fancy swears she thought someone from Crane fixed this. He asks what she thought the long skinny envelopes were about? She says she didnt know what they were, they looked boring so she threw them away. She didnt know she was supposed to be responsible. Luis says that is just like what Sheridan said when he arrested her for reckless driving. She says so this is like history repeating itself? He hopes not, after they fell in love it just lead to so much pain. Fancy asks Luis if he thinks hell ever get over Sheridan. Luis says he doesnt think so. Fancy tells him never to say never. Luis doesnt want to talk about this now, he suggests Fancy call Ethan up so they can get her out of here. Fancy calls, hes not answering. Luis says then call Crane Legal, he needs to get to Little Ethans t-ball game. He says if Crane Legal doesnt answer he has to take her with him, he doesnt have a private cell and she wont mix with the other ladies here. Fancy pretends to not be able to reach Crane so she can stay with Luis. Luis has to take Fancy with him, per her plan, but he says he has to leave the cuffs on. She doesnt mind, he says that sounds like something Rebecca would say. She says its okay, shell keep her sweater in her hands, nobody will see. To herself Fancy says so shes being sneaky, but Luis shouldnt be alone right now and now he wont. 

Miguel and Kay are at the ball field, Miguel is coaching Little Ethans baseball team. Miguel has his jersey wide open. Kay wants to kiss him, but he says there are kids around. Siren and Fox continue to watch, Fox hates this. Later Kay suggests Fox suit up and join in, she asks Siren if she wouldnt like to see Fox in a uniform? To herself she says shed rather see Fox naked. Fox asks Miguel if they can talk about this game hes playing. They go aside, Fox has had it up to here with Miguel. He tells Miguel to button up his shirt! Miguel says hes trying to help Kay out, and he put Kay off as long as he could. Fox says Miguel put Kays psyche at risk just so he could get some. Miguel tells Fox to go to hell. Miguel walks off, Fox wonders how much longer he has to watch this.

Chad shows up and buys some lemonade from James, who has a lemonade stand. Sheridan and Chris are running it with him. Chad asks Sheridan if shes up for this? Sheridan says it helps her keep her mind off things. Jared shows up and introduces himself to Sheridan. He has a jersey on, hes apparently playing on Chads team.

Theresa runs into Sheridan. She thought Sheridan would be at home resting. Sheridan says she wanted to get out and spend time with her boys. Theresa and Whitney tell her how sorry they are. Theresa understands Sheridans need to move on from what happened, shes moved on as well. Chris brings Whitney some lemonade, he congratulates her on the news. Whitney thanks him, she and Chad are planning to marry and raise Miles. 

Later, Sheridan fantasizes about holding her baby and watching James and Chris playing baseball. She says only in her dreams, shes lost her son, her baby and Luis. Chris checks in on Sheridan, he asks what is wrong? She says she was thinking about their baby and Marty, theyve all suffered so much. Chris also knows she is thinking about Luis, she still misses him doesnt she. Sheridan says she does miss Luis, but Chris is her husband and she loves him and she loves James. She says she wants to be strong for him, but he says she doesnt have to be. She says this marriage means the world to her. Chris says this is all some cruel test, but theyll get through it together.

Ethan and Gwen talk with Little Ethan. Ethan gives him advice, Gwen says they are rooting for him today. 

Theresa gets a PDA message, she has to take it. Whitney thinks running Crane never stops does it. Theresa says nope, but she has Valerie working in the office so she can be here today. She looks over at Ethan and Little Ethan, shes glad her son still has Ethan in his life. They overhear some people comment about how Gwen, Ethan and Little Ethan look like the perfect family. Theresa says Gwen has her fantasy, how did things go so wrong? As they are talking, Jared tries to catch a fly ball and ends up landing right on Theresa! Jared says fancy meeting her here. Theresa asks what she looks like, home plate. Chad and Jared help Theresa up, Chad says that was an incredible play. 

Meanwhile, Little Ethan tells Ethan that he wants to learn to play like that guy. Ethan says he made a good catch but knocked his mom down. Gwen recognize him as the guy Theresa was with the other day, talk about fate finding Theresa a replacement for Ethan. Ethan seems annoyed.

Little Ethan comes over to meet Jared. Theresa introduces Jared to her son. Jared says so Little Ethan and Big Ethan huh. Whitney says Ethan is Little Ethan's god father. They talk some ball, Little Ethan invites Jared and his mom to watch him play. Gwen shows up with Jane, Gwen says Jane is her daughter. Theresa says no its not. Theresa asks Gwen if shes taking the day off work? Gwen says not that it is her business, but Collier gave her her walking papers. Gwen says shell be a full time mom, and Ethan says hell be looking for a job tomorrow. Gwen and Ethan hope Ethan wont have the trouble job hunting he did before. Jared wonders what is going on here. Chad says Theresa will have to fill him in later. Jared and Chad return to their game, Gwen says they make a great couple. Whitney agrees. Theresa walks off when she gets a call, Gwen says Theresa and Jared bicker like a married couple. Whitney says there is something there, Theresa wont admit it though. Gwen says perfect, Theresa always denies the truth. Gwen thinks this could be great, Ethan isnt enjoying this as much.

The little league game gets into full swing, everyone cheers Little Ethan on. Kay talks to Theresa about how Miguel is such a great couch, hes great at everything. Theresa makes an Ew face! Whitney tells Theresa that she and Miles are going to go watch Chads game, Theresa should come with. Theresa says to see Jared perhaps? Whitney and Theresa argue over Jared, Whitney thinks it would do Theresa good. Theresa disagrees. Later shirtless and sweaty Jared shows up to watch the game with Theresa. Jared apologizes for last night, he didnt realize she and Ethan had a son. She says oh no they dont, she named her son after Ethan as she was hoping they would be together one day. Jared understands, and he knows hes done stupid things to get a girl. Theresa says she is sorry about last night, she didnt mean to use him, she wanted to get to Gwen and that is what was going on. Jared is sorry for over reacting, he liked her and thought she was gaga for Ethan. Theresa says not anymore, her son and work are her priorities now. Jared says she has been working a lot, is this job worth it to miss her son's game? Theresa says it is worth it. Jared talks about how all his female bosses were terrible, they always tried to overdo it and act tougher than the man. She says just when she thought he wasnt the missing link. Chad, Whitney and Miles show up, Whitney asks what is wrong? Theresa says she just found out that Jared is a sexist pig. Whitney doesnt think Jared is a sexist, Jared says he isnt. He says he was just talking about the few bosses hes had. She says maybe he was a lousy employee, but he says hes tops at everything. Chad suggest he and Jared get a beer. Theresa tells Jared not to crush the can against his head, its not a turn on. Jared says you can always tell when a woman has gone long without a man. Jared and Chad leave, Whitney congratulates Theresa for chasing him off. Theresa doesnt care, she has to think about her son and her job. Whitney says she knows Theresa doesnt want to spend the rest of her life alone.

Gwen overhears Theresa yelling at Jared. Ethan thinks this means Theresa and Jared wont be a couple after all. Gwen says he knows nothing, when a woman gets that riled up over a man then it means she has feelings for them.

Meanwhile, Fox wishes he could jog Kays memory. Siren says if seeing them make out wouldnt bring Kay around then nothing will. Fox says theyll see about that. Fox calls over to Kay, Miguel doesnt like this. Later the game starts up, Kay is Miguels biggest cheerleader. Meanwhile Fox tells Siren hes going to remind Kay of their first Red Sox game, something traumatic and funny happened and it could trigger her memory. Fox gets a chance to talk to Kay. They talk about how much they both love baseball. Kay talks about how Miguel will be able to coach Maria when she grows up. Fox says if Little Ethan wasnt taking over Crane he could be in the majors, he could even play for the Red Sox. Fox remembers a trip to the Crane Box to watch the Red Sox, he was with this girl he liked and they were kissing and soon ended up making love. He says then his father walked in, and he was so embarrassed. He asks Kay if she ever had anything like that happen to her? Kays vision becomes fuzzy, she sees Miguel and Foxs face flashing before her eyes. Fox asks what shes remembering?

Gwen talks with Sheridan, she asks if Sheridan should be here? Sheridan wants to be here for Chris and James. Gwen tells Sheridan how Theresa actually seems to be moving on, life without Theresa will take getting used to but shes willing to try. Later Sheridan tells James that hes made 28 dollars and 50 cents. He says wow! Fancy and Luis show up, and Sheridan sees them together. She wonders why they are here together.


July 28 , 2006

Simone arrives at the hospital to see TC. Eve is there, they talk. Eve says hes ready to go home today. Julian shows up, hes going to help TC. Hes had the house equipped for TC, Eve thanks Julian for doing this. Simone asks if she should take all the get well plants home? Eve says good idea. Julian tells Eve they should get a move on it, they have a busy day and the habitat for humanity ball is tonight. Eve  says oh no, is that today? She says shes decided to go back with TC. Julian asks if shes leaving him? He says they can work this out. She says no she only meant she was going back to the house with him. He says hes so sorry. She knows since the accident theyve all been so tired. He tells her that he loves her so much. They kiss, she pulls away and says she better go, TC hates sitting here. Julian asks Eve to please reconsider the ball tonight. Simone tells her mom she can take care of TC, she should go. Eve refuses, TC needs medical supervision. Julian says hell hire a doctor for him, he feels they really need a night out. Julian says he needs to be with her. Eve says she really feels she should just stay with TC tonight. Julian begins to worry perhaps Eve is missing her family with TC. Later Eve and Simone help TC home. As they are wheeling him out a nurse asks Julian to please move hes in the way. Julian says Im in the way . . .

At the ball park, Kay becomes dizzy and feels weird. Fox hopes shes remembering. Kay keeps confusing Fox and Miguel, she hears them both saying they love her. Miguel asks what is going on, what is wrong with Kay? Fox says nothing, Kay is remembering. Miguel is angry, he says Fox should have left Kay alone, this could ruin her psyche permanently. Kay is feeling odd, she says she's very hot and dizzy. Siren thinks if Kay remembers then shell never get Fox into bed. She says she could always bonk Kay on the head again. Fox asks Kay if the story he told her made her remember anything? Kay says yes, she remembers she wanted to ask him if she could use the box to take Miguel to a Red Sox game. Fox says sure, anytime. Miguel returns to coaching the game, Kay tells Fox that when she and Miguel are there they will lock the door, nobody will walk in on them. Kay then takes off to watch and ogle Miguel. Fox wonders if there is a way to get Kay to remember. Siren says to herself maybe, but she wont worry about that till after she makes love to Fox.

Sheridan sees Luis and Fancy arrive to the game together. Chris thinks Luis is moving on with his life. Sheridan says so soon, Marty is barely cold. Chris says it is soon but she should be glad hes realized they are over. Sheridan says she never dreamed Luis would move on with Fancy. Luis and Fancy approach them. Luis asks Sheridan how shes doing. She says shes getting through the day. She says its been awhile since hes been in uniform. Fancy says he looks great doesn't he? Luis says hes been away so long that he lost his detective standings, he has to retake the test. Fancy says it will be a piece of cake. Luis doesn't know, it's a hard test. Chris asks if congratulations are in order? They are confused, Sheridan says it looks like they are on a date. Luis says no, they are here on professional business. Sheridan says as what, her body guard? He says no, he arrested Fancy. He explains the whole thing and why he brought her here. Sheridan hears the story and is reminded how that happened to them. Fancy and Luis head off to watch the game, Chris sees Sheridan is still in love with Luis. He vows to make her forget about Luis. 

In the stands, Gwen loves hearing Theresa vent about Jared, it just means she likes him.. Ethan says she doesnt know that, and he is annoyed to see Theresa talking with Jared. Gwen keeps pointing out how they can feel the heat rising up between them even from over where they are. Ethan thinks Theresa cant stand him, but Gwen doesnt think so. Gwen realizes Theresa is trying to move on, she wonders if Ethan will let her.

Chad and Jared return as Whitney lectures Theresa. She says Theresa ran off Ethan and has gone through every other Crane except Chad, who is off limits. She tells Theresa not to run off Jared, he likes her. Theresa says Jared is a sexist pig. Jared and Chad approach them, Theresa tells Jared to listen up and listen good! Jared says no she needs to listen, he wasnt talking about all female bosses, just the ones hes worked for. Theresa says she knows a boss who is wonderful, caring, always thinking of the little people. Whitney says oh yeah, modest too. Jared says from experience women bosses usually start out with good intentions, but climbing to the top turns them cold and heartless. He says you have to stay true to what is important, love, family and children. Theresa looks over at Ethan hugging Little Ethan, she lost that dream. Jared goes on and on about his female bosses, Theresa makes a pig noise. She asks Jared if he thinks the same thing about men who spend late nights and weekends at the office. He says all he knows about is the bosses hes had, maybe there are more out there like the one she knows. They continue argue about women execs, he doesnt think Theresa has the drive to get to that level. He says when a woman has a child she usually loses the work drive. Theresa thinks he expects a woman waiting at the door for her man to come home with his slippers. He says sure, and maybe his pipe. He laughs, and Chad suggests they go get another drink. Jared tells Tess hell make it up to her later, Theresa says in his dreams. Chad and Jared walk off, Theresa calls him a caveman. Whitney thinks Theresa really likes Jared. Theresa goes to watch the game, Chad returns and they compare notes. Whitney and Chad agree, Jared and Theresa cant stop talking about one another. Theresa runs into Jared at the concessions stand, they share a look.

Later Kay, Whitney and Theresa watch the game from the stands, Fancy and Luis join. The whole game depends on Little Ethan. Ethan hits a home run, everyone cheers him on. Ethan and Gwen come over, Ethan says hes so proud. Gwen says he can really run, he runs just like Ethan. Little Ethan comes over to see them, he thanks Uncle Ethan for all the batting practice. Chad and Luis congratulate him too. Luis talks with Ethan about helping bail Fancy out. Fancy tells Ethan he doesnt have to do that. Ethan asks what happened, Luis fills him in. Fancy says dont worry about it, her lawyer will bail her out soon. Luis says if Fancy is sure then theyll get her back to jail. As they leave Theresa asks if Fancy was in handcuffs? Miguel says she's working too hard. Theresa is constantly on her PDA. Later Jared shows up, as does one of the parents. The parents are taking the kids out for Pizza, can Little Ethan come. Theresa says sure. The parent has a kid on the team, its a girl named Sarah.  After the kids and parent leaves Jared says he thinks girls and boys shouldnt be on the same teams, they dont play on the same level. Theresa has had it, shes tired of his remarks. Theresa challenges Jared to a men verses women baseball game. He says she cant be serious. Theresa says women can do anything men can do. He says yes, within reason. He says men are bigger and faster, it's just nature and how they were built. Soon Gwen and Siren begin getting into the fight as they are insulted by Jareds words. Miguel warns Jared that Theresa, Whitney and Kay are great ball players. Jared says he doesnt want to see the girlies get hurt. Gwen says she is no fan of Theresa, but she wont let him get away with that! Gwen says she is one of those female executives he was whining about earlier. She says it is hard balancing a job and a family, but she likes working. She also says some people need the money. She says when her daughter grows up she wants every opportunity for her that a man has. Theresa begins listing everything her daughter can be. Jared says if these girlies want to play a little softball, but Theresa says no hardball. Jared says fine, baseball. Jared says are the guys up for it? The girls suggest they do this, Kay says shirts versus skins. Miguel says thats football, but Siren thinks that idea is hot. Siren tells the guys to take their shirts off. She wonders who is going to teach them how to play. The girls run off, and Miguel warns Jared hes in big trouble. He says Theresa and Kay are excellent ball players, and Siren and Whitney are great athletes. Ethan agrees, they are in trouble. 

The game begins, it is in deed shirts verses skin. Jared wants to make the game interesting, loser buys dinner. Theresa says she could go for a lobster dinner about now. Siren cheers yes! Theresa is pitching, Jared is up first. She strikes him out on the first pitch, but the second one Jared hits it and the ball nails Theresa in the head. Theresa goes down, everyone rushes to her. Ethan says nice job idiot! Jared says it was an accident. As Ethan tries to get Theresa to talk to him, Gwen realizes he is still under Theresas spell.

Luis and Fancy stop by the lemonade stand before leaving. They get some lemonade, Luis has to help Fancy drink hers because of the cuffs. Sheridan is not happy, Chris can see Sheridans jealous. Chris asks Sheridan if shes ready to get home. Sheridan says sure.  He asks if she's sure, she says her place is with him and their family.

Luis and Fancy  head back to the station. They talk about the game, Luis says he always dreamed of watching Marty play one day. He says that dream is gone now. Fancy says he will find love again, probably where he least expects it. He says no, not in Harmony. She says he doesnt know that. He says he does, hes leaving Harmony as soon as he has money. Fancy says he cant leave Harmony, that is just giving up. He says his life here is over. He says it was awkward for him and Sheridan today, that cant keep happening. He says there are too many memories here. To herself Fancy realizes she has to make Luis fall in love with her before he leaves Harmony.

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