June 5, 2005
At the boat house, everyone is stunned when they see Siren caught up in a net, shes a mermaid. The photographer begins snapping, he says these photos will pay for his early retirement. Kay says shes a fricken fish! Carl says shes a mermaid. Siren falls out of the net and swims off. Miguel thinks shell drown, but Kay doubts that, she has a fin after all. Miguel jumps into the water and swims after her. Kay becomes upset, she thinks Siren doesnt needs to be saved, she is a fish. Fox says so she believes Siren is a mermaid. Kay says she had a huge tail. Carl tells Kay not to worry, that mermaid can swim underwater forever. Kay says shes worried about Miguel. Kay says Siren could be trying to drown Miguel and keep him down there with her forever. Carl tells Kay that she knows nothing about mermaids and sirens, they must not teach the Greek legends in school anymore. He says sirens used to lure men to their death on the rocks. He says Miguel might want to stay down there with Siren rather than come back at all. Kay wants to go after him, but Fox wont let her. Carl says Miguel has been down there awhile, they may not be going to rescue him but rather search for a body. Back in the water, Miguel gets Siren, who has legs again. Miguel comes up with her and Fox throws them a life preserver. Fox helps pull them in. Kay is happy to see Miguel is alive. Kay asks where Sirens tail went, dont deny it, they saw it. Siren says she wont deny it, she did have a tail. Siren says theyve heard of mermaids havent they? Fox says so she is admitting it? She's a mermaid? Siren says she didnt say she was a mermaid, they arent real. She says she doesnt know what Carl saw, but it wasnt her. He thinks it was. She says mermaids arent real. Kay says they saw her tail. Siren says it was a costume not a real fin.  Siren says she thought since the shoot is a water theme, she thought it would be fun to look like a mermaid. The photographer thinks it is a brilliant idea, as does Fox. Miguel says shes not only beautiful but she has a great imagination. Kay asks where her suit is now? Siren says she doesnt have it anymore. Kay asks if she doesn't have to return it to the shop, but Siren says she bought it so no. Kay asks where the costume is now? She says it filled with water and drowned, and it almost took her with it. She says Miguel found her just in time, he saved her life this time. They kiss. Kay is furious, that tail was no fake. Fox asks her if she really thinks Siren is a mermaid? Kay doesnt know, but she knows there is something fishy about her. 

In Rome, Ethan talks to Noah and says Fancy didnt sleep with Luis. Noah says she didnt deny it when he questioned her. Ethan says perhaps he got her so angry that she didnt care what he thought anymore and she didn't explain the situation. Ethan says Luis loves Sheridan and Sheridan only, hell never give up on her. Ethan says they are soul mates, and the only reason hes here in Rome is for Sheridan and their little boy. Noah says things have changed though, life has happened to Sheridan and Luis. Ethan says nothing, not even being married to someone else, has kept them from each other. Noah says hes sounding like Theresa and her fairytale logic. Ethan says he believes Sheridan and Luis will be back together. Noah says so Sheridan is the kind of mother, the kind of woman who would dump the father of her new baby? Ethan says no. Noah says Sheridan has moved on and Luis has too and that is the way it is. Noah says he saw them, he saw how Fancy was laying in his arms. He says nothing Ethan can say can change that. Ethan says Noah didnt give Luis a chance to explain. Noah says Luis has had his eye on Fancy from the start, thats why he offered to keep his eye on her. Ethan says that is not true, and its not his fault that Beth wants to kill Fancy. He says Luis is trying to protect Fancy. Noah says so its like that movie Body Language, well he didnt like the movie the first time around. Noah refuses to believe Luis didnt jump Fancys bones. Ethan doesnt know why hes trying to reason with him. Noah tells Ethan that he didnt see what he did. He says the way she was snuggling with Luis, it was the way she used to snuggle with him. Ethan says there is no talking to him about this. He says Noah hurt Fancy deeply, and if hes so devastated about her betrayal then why did he break up with her in the first place? Noah says he made a mistake before they even met, and he kept it from her. Ethan tells him then explain to Fancy what is going on. Noah says he cant, if he did then her life would be over. Noah tells Ethan the entire story about Lena. Ethan says so hes here in Rome to play double agent? Noah says yes, and if Fancy finds out then her life is in danger. Ethan doesnt understand why hes acting involved with Maya? He says its a ruse to keep Fancy away from her. Ethan says well she is mad as hell. Noah thought once it was over he could explain and then theyd get back together. However he says its too late, shes over him now. Ethan says he has to go to the cops, but Noah says he cant tell anyone. Ethan says he just did. Noah says he shouldnt have, and he swears Ethan to secrecy. Ethan agrees not to tell Fancy. Noah thanks him, he says hes a good guy and he always liked him, ever when he thought he was a Crane. Ethan wants Noah to come clean with Fancy, but Noah thinks its too late, hes lost Fancy and it is his fault. He says he pushed her into Luis arms. Noah says Fancys moved on, she is in love with Luis now.

Fancy and Theresa talk, Theresa asks Fancy what shed like to do, does she want to get out of this suite and see the city? Fancy says she wants to do something that counts, she wants to put her life on the line. Theresa asks if she means killing herself? Fancy says shes depressed, not suicidal. Fancy says she wants to do something worthwhile, she wants to help Sheridan and Luis catch Beth and get Marty back. Theresa says no way, Beth will try and kill her. Fancy says thats why shes the perfect person to lure her out into the open. Theresa says no, this is crazy. Theresa asks what she can do that Luis and Interpol cant? Fancy says act as bait. Theresa says this is the craziest thing shes heard. Fancy says that is a lot coming from her. Theresa says she never put her life on the line with a homicidal maniac. Fancy says shes not putting her life on the line, shell be safe. Theresa tells her that she wont be and she cant do this. Fancy tells Theresa not to try and stop her. Theresa says she wont stop her, Sheridan and Luis will. Fancy says they wont know until Beth has been caught. Theresa says shes telling them, shes telling Luis right now. Fancy says please dont. Theresa wonders why she is doing this? Fancy says she loves her Aunt Sheridan and wants her to be with Marty. She asks Theresa to help her with her plan, help her flush Beth out. Theresa thinks it is just too risky. Fancy then sees Esmes gallery opening invitation, and she realizes this is just what she needs. She says shell RSVP, and shell let people know shes coming. Fancy says when Beth gets word, shell come after her. Theresa says it could work, and this could lure her out into the open. Fancy thanks Theresa for her help, but Theresa says she didnt agree to back her up on this! Theresa says she cant back this plan up. Fancy says if she wont do this for her then do it for Luis, all she wants to do is help Luis. Fancy says she has to do this. Theresa tells Fancy to be careful. Fancy says she will, she will make sure Beth gets caught and nothing will happen to her. Theresa says she was talking about her heart. Fancy says shell get over Noah, but Theresa wasnt talking about him either. Theresa says she knows what Fancy is going through. Theresa says shes lonely and vulnerable, and Luis is vulnerable as well as handsome. Fancy says shes dead wrong about this. Theresa says shes ready to sacrifice her safety for her brother, one only does that for love. Theresa thinks Fancy is in love with Luis.

In VR land Whitney sees the virtual chalice, she asks if this is what she thinks it is, is it the holy grail? The monk asks her to describe it, she says its beautiful, its covered with all sorts of stones of value. Alistair is very pleased, he says the chalice is his and now he will rule the world. Whitney tells Alistair/the monk how shes seen paintings of it and read about it, but to see it for real, its amazing. She says its like it represents the meaning of life. Alistair takes the VR head set and wants to see it. He says he has to have it, he needs to touch it. He goes to grab it and is burned by a force field. Whitney doesnt understand why he got burned in VR world, it's not real. He says it is the power of the chalice. Whitney says but they are doing Gods work. She realizes he is evil, hes not doing Gods work at all. Whitney realizes he wants the chalice for himself. She says shes leaving, but he grabs her and says shell do what he tells her to! She says she is not doing this, she thought they were doing Gods work. He says they are, but she doesnt understand why it would burn his hands. The monk says the chalice is an object and cannot judge if hes friend or foe, and there are evil ones working within the church. He says they must complete this sacred mission. Whitney doesnt know if she can believe him. He says he showed her his face and told her how it was disfigured fighting the devil. He says she must have faith, they must get the chalice before the evil ones get to it. She asks why God chose her to help. He says because of her anguish over her mortal sin. He says God has decided that she and her soul are worth redeeming, and this is her second chance. He says she can take it or spit in Gods face. She says she wants to take it. The monk says then help him complete this mission. He says the future of the church rests on her shoulders. Whitney doesnt know, this is a huge responsibility. Alistair tells her that she is the chosen one, and only the true believer could be given this mission. He says she must remove the chalice so the evil ones cant steal it. She asks how they will get it. He tells her to put on the headset again, which she does. She sees the chalice is still there. He tells her to reach for it, she will not be burned as she is the innocent one. She goes to touch it when an alarm goes off and shes shocked by some force field. She gets frightened as the guard come, so she takes the VR off. She says she cant get it in the VR world, so there is no way she can do it in the real world. The monk says she will find a way, she has to. Whitney asks how without being burned or setting off an alarm? The monk says theyll find a way, her life depends on it. 


June 6, 2006

Whitney and the monk go to the art gallery. Whitney doesn't understand why they are here. He says they are continuing their mission. He shows her a painting of the Vatican and asks her what she sees. She says she sees the Pope addressing people at the Vatican. He tells her that this painting holds a clue to how to get and harness the power of the chalice, they need that clue. Whitney asks what it is, but the monk doesn't know. He says he's studied it for some time and can't figure it out. She asks why does he believe she can then? He says she is the innocent one, the chosen one, her eyes can see what others can not. She studies the painting, but without some knowing what she's looking for, she can't help. He tells her to keep looking, she must find it. 

Chad meets with an old friend, who is now a priest at the Vatican. Chad heard from friends in LA that Father Denny was now here. Denny tells Chad he heard he finally found his parents, he's a Crane, American royalty. Chad asks Denny if he heard anything else, but Denny didn't. Denny asks why Chad is here? Chad begins explaining how he's looking for his friend Whitney, who is working to be a nun. Chad opens up to his friend and tells him the whole back story about him and Whitney. Suddenly they hear the psychic nun in the background, Chad recognizes the voice. Denny informs him that the Vatican is very tense, a prophet has advised the Pope that evil is at work at the church, that evil is using an innocent one to do a mission which could destroy the church. Chad opens a door and sees the nun addressing the Pope. Chad recognizes her, she is the one who warned him Whitney was in trouble, that she was the innocent and needed to be saved. Denny says this is very bad, Whitney's actions could bring about the apocalypse if she is not freed from the evil using her. Denny feels they should inform the nun and the Pope about this right now. 

Ethan and Noah are still arguing about Fancy and Luis when Paloma, Jessica and Simone walk by. Noah asks if they don't listen to  him, he told them to stay in their room. They say they were hungry, so he says order room service. Noah escorts them back to the room and says don't leave. They ask what they are to do? He says play on the internet. They say they can do that at home. He says make a girls night of things then, do each other's hair. He says he's leaving and he's having a guard put outside the door to make sure they don't. He leaves, and they try and figure out what to do. Simone looks at a magazine and sees a photo and article about an art opening. She notices one of the painting in the photo is missing the corner, it has to be the painting those men took from them. They look the painting up on the net, it is the painting they have the corner of. They see it is of the Vatican and wonders what it means. They realize the only way to find out is to go to the gallery opening. Jessica says but Noah might catch them. Paloma says they have a 50/50 chance of that happening, it's worth the risk. Noah returns to check on them, they are still there. He talks to them about how it's important they stay here given what is going on with this email and plot against them all. They ask Noah why he's in Rome, he never told them. He says he can't say, but it has to do with why he and Fancy aren't together. Noah says right now he has to find a man with a tattoo on his arm like Jessica's. Jessica says Spike has a tattoo like that. Noah is stunned and leaves to try and find Spike. He wonders if Spike is the shooter then does Lena know he's in Rome?

Luis catches Fancy and Theresa talking about her plan, he demands they tell him what is going on. Fancy tells Luis her plan to catch Beth, he absolutely forbids it. He says Beth is unpredictable, there is no telling what she could do. Fancy thinks with Luis and the police to protect her then it will be okay. Luis still refuses. Ethan soon shows up, he agrees, the plan is a bad one and full of holes. Even Theresa, who understands why Fancy wants to do this, has to agree that it's a bad idea. Theresa says Beth is insane, she hired an orangutan to watch her mom. Fancy asks what a monkey has to do with her plan? They say Precious is an orangutan! Fancy agrees not to go ahead with her plan. Theresa decides to leave, and Ethan follows her to look after her. Meanwhile, Luis gets ready for the art gallery opening just in case BEth is there. He still insists Fancy remain here, and he's posting a guard to make sure she doesn't leave the room. Fancy later makes a call to Crane PR, she wants them to let the word out that she's attending the gallery opening. She's determined to go ahead with her plan, and she gets dressed.

Ethan goes after Theresa, she is set on going to find JT. She's going to the police and have an APB put out on him. Ethan decides if she's going through with this foolishness then he'll go with her to look after her. Back in Harmony, Gwen and Rebecca are relieved that JT got out of Rome. They are miffed when he later calls them from jail in Rome. He says he was arrested for public drunkenness and needs money for bail. Gwen says she'll send him the money, just get out of Rome with that proof! Back at the station, Theresa shows up and describes JT to an officer. He says they have him in custody actually and he'll take them to JT. JT is only feet away, still on the phone with Rebecca and Gwen!  

Beth talks with Spike, they are at some outdoor cafe somewhere. Beth wants Spike to kill Fancy for her, but not just kill her, make her suffer first by cutting off all her blond hair. Spike says Alistair adores Fancy, she's the only one he adores. Beth says daddy loves her too, he just doesn't show it. Spike thinks Alistair will be very angry if he kills Fancy. Beth says he may be right. Beth decides they have to kill Fancy and not make it obvious. Spike, after being threatened by Beth, eventually agrees. Beth says she wants Fancy dead by dawn. Spike gets word Fancy's attending an art gallery opening, so he'll do the job there. Beth says perfect, neither Fancy nor Sheridan will take Luis from her, he was hers first.


June 7, 2006
At the hotel, Jessica is worried about her brother going after Spike. Simone says Noah is a big boy, he can take care of himself. Simone says Noah thinks Spike is a part of this mystery. Simone says Spike is working for Alistair, and they found the I information on the paintings in Alistairs things at the book cafe. They discuss the importance of the symbol that seems to be appearing all over. Jessica just doesnt want Noah going after Spike, hes mean and dangerous. Paloma shows up in a gown, she is determined to go to the gallery and find the painting they tore the symbol from. Simone says Noah told them to stay here, but Jessica thinks Paloma is right, they should go. They all get dressed, though Simone still doesnt like the idea. They then leave for the gallery.

People begin arriving at the gallery. A table is placed out with masks on it. Spike and Beth show up first and grab some masks. Meanwhile, the girls arrive for the party, but they dont have invitations so they cant get in. They soon see some of the help arrive and go through another entrance saying they are late. Paloma thinks that is their ticket inside. They basically mug the girls, take their uniforms and lock them in a closet or something. Paloma tells them they are sorry and theyll give them all the tips. They go inside and a woman yells at them in Italian. A man then talks to them in English, start serving as they are late. The girls get to work, and Paloma tells them all to just say "Ci" if someone asks them something, it means yes. Spike and Beth are at the gallery in masks. They talk about killing Fancy, and Beth says they will give new meaning to the word performance art.

Fancy shows off her dress to Luis, but he says its too bad nobody will see her dress. Fancy says everyone at the gallery will see her, her plan is perfect. Luis says no its not, what if Beth kills her before he can nab Beth. Fancy says hell be by her side the whole evening. Luis says hes not letting her go. Fancy asks where he gets off treating her like a child? He says stop acting like one and hell stop treating her like one. Luis tells her that hed never forgive himself if anything happened to her, and Sheridan wouldnt forgive him either. He says a guard is posted outside, he takes something out of her bag to make sure she stays here, and he says the desk has orders not to let anyone call her. Luis then leaves. Fancy tries to make a call, but the hotel wont let her. Shes furious. Luis took her cell phone earlier, she cant use it. Fancy thinks there must be a way out of here, and she goes out the fire escape. Unfortunately a car zooms by Fancy and splashes mud all over her dress. She says shell need another dress, what else can go wrong. She damns Luis for this. Fancy goes into the hotel and asks the woman there to open the salon for her, she needs a new dress and hairdo, the works. The woman says shell see what she can do. Fancy gets a new hairdo and outfit and finally heads for the gallery.

Meanwhile, Luis is on his way to the gallery. He gets a call from, Sheridan, she wanted to check on him and make sure he was okay. Luis has another call coming in, so he says hell call Sheridan back. On the other line is Beth. Luis cant believe it. Beth says its her, his true love, the woman hes meant to spend his life with. Luis asks where his son is? Beth says she cant tell him just yet. She says its not time, but soon. Luis says he will find her, both her and Marty. Beth says she wants that, she just has to take care of Fancy first. Luis says Fancy has nothing to do with this. Beth says she does, why does he let these blonds take advantage of him. She says they dont love him like she does, she is the one who truly loves him. Luis says nothing is going on with him and fancy Fancy so leave her alone. Beth says daddy said the same thing, she doesnt believe him either. Luis says hes been talking to Alistair? That means hes out of the coma. Luis asks if Alistair is behind this, what is he up to? Beth hangs up on Luis. Luis returns to talking to Sheridan. He fills her in on what Beth said. Sheridan says they checked on Alistair at the hospital, he was in a coma. She says they even stuck a pin in him to see if he was faking. Luis says the conversation Beth had had to have been recent. Sheridan agrees to go back and check on her father again. She says if her father is out there, she wants him to come home immediately. Luis says it may not be true, it could be crazy talk. 

Back in Harmony, Sheridan goes to the home to check on her father. She finds something suspicious. She says no, it cant be. She begins pealing away a latex mask. The man in the bed is not her father after all. Sheridan says her father really is out there somewhere. Sheridan tries to call Luis, but there is no signal. She says she has to get in touch with Luis, his and all their lives are in danger.

Meanwhile, Luis arrives at the gallery and is given a mask for the party. Luis wonders how shell recognize Beth in a mask. He hopes Sheridan may learn something and call him soon.

Whitney is still examining the painting for the clue, but she cant find it. The monk tells her that she has to keep looking, shes the only one who can find it. He says hes going to the Popes chambers and will call when he arrives, hopefully by then she will have found what he needs. Alistair/the monk then leaves, 

At the Vatican, Father Denny calls the Swiss Guards so Chad can describe Whitney to them. The nun and Pope are gone, Chad says she knows where Whitney is. He says they have to find Whitney before its too late. The nun shows up, she says the deceiver is close, he is using the innocent one. Chad asks if Whitney is here now, but the nun says no. She says she is in danger though, and this fake monk is using her and then eliminate her when hes done with her. Chad says hell stop the monk, but the nun says hes evil.  Denny says the nun is right, he may have been tough in the hood, but dont mess with evil. Chad says hell do what it takes to keep Whitney safe. Denny has to go, he has a meeting. He tells him he will pray for him. Denny leaves, and the nun gets a bad premonition, the evil monk is here in the Vatican. 

Alistair arrives at the Vatican, and he spies on Chad and the others. He then calls Whitney and asks for the information on how to get into the Popes private chambers. She instructs him based on her VR experiences. He begins following her instructions Suddenly the Swiss guards, nun and Chad spot Monk. Chad and the guards begin chasing him. Chad tackles the monk and demands to know where Whitney is. Of course it turns out that he has the wrong monk. Chad apologizes to him, and he runs off. They continue searching for the imposter monk, the nun says he will be making his way to the Popes chambers. She says if he gets what hes after then he will destroy many lives and people.

The monk returns to Whitney, he asks if she found something. Whitney says she did find the clue, its right here. The monk asks where, she points it out to him in the painting. 

At the station, Theresa and Ethan are still arguing over JT. JT is also at the station on the phone with Gwen and Rebecca. Gwen is sending the bail money over the net. Rebecca is furious with JT for not getting out of Rome sooner. JT then sees Ethan and Theresa are here. Rebecca says get out of there, but JT says there is no where to hide. Gwen panics, she thinks shell lose Ethan for good. Theresa and Ethan are lead to JTs cell, but hes not there. She tells the guard to find JT, find him. Ethan tells Theresa to calm down, they dont know for sure if the man was JT or not. Theresa is sure he was. Ethan leaves to find the officer, and Theresa decides to go look for JT herself. Meanwhile, JT hangs up on Gwen and Rebecca just as Theresa grabs him! Theresa says this time he wont get away. A cop shows up and asks what is going on. Theresa says she has permission to be here, shes Mrs. Alistair Crane. Theresa wont let JT go, and she wonders where Ethan is. Theresa goes to look for Ethan and tells JT not to move. Theresa runs off, and JT says Becs wont be happy about this. Theresa finds Ethan and drags him in to see JT. They return to the station, but by this time JTs bail has come through and hes gone. Ethan says if it was JT then hes gone now. Ethan says hes tired of this, he doesnt want to hear anymore about JT. He says hes going to get a cab. 

JT is walking the streets, hes talking to Gwen and Rebecca. They tell him to get out of Rome right now. He says he understands. Meanwhile, Ethan tells Theresa he got them a cab so lets go. Theresa agrees to go with him. Ethan says hes going to a gallery opening tonight, does he want to come. Theresa says she would like to go with him. To herself, she vows to get Ethan back.


June 8 2006

In Harmony, Miguel, Siren, Fox and Kay are at a point by the ocean near a lighthouse. They have deck chairs and drinks, they are celebrating another photo shoot. Fox says Alfredo saw the photos of Siren in her tail and loved them. Tabitha shows up and Kay sees her, she goes over to talk to her. Meanwhile, Siren tries to convince Miguel to sneak off and spawn with her. He laughs, and she says her little joke. He says they can't, they aren't here alone, it would be rude. Fox gets a call and later tells Siren the photographer looked over the photos and said her tail costume was so real, he couldn't find a seam in it. He wants to know where she got it. Siren claims she got it on that box with the words. Miguel says she means the computer.

Meanwhile, Kay talks with Tabitha, she wants to know if Siren is a mermaid. Tabitha laughs and says don't be silly, mermaids aren't real. Kay says she thought the same thing about witches, but hello here she is. Tabitha claims she had nothing to do with Siren, it was them who brought her home after she rescued Miguel in the ocean. Tabitha asks Kay why she thinks this is  her doing? KAy says because whenever anything odd happens in Harmony it's her fault, Zombie Charity, portals to hell etc . . . Tabitha swears Siren isn't a mermaid and why would Kay think that? Kay tells her about Siren being caught in a net with her tail. Tabitha mumbles "that stupid twit." Kay says so it's true, she is a mermaid. Tabitha admits it is true, but it is not her doing. She says Endora conjured up Siren. Kay says everything makes sense now, her weird sayings, saying her parents were guppies, her food cravings, how well she can swim, her breath, the fact that Fluffy is always after her. Kay begins to laugh and says Miguel is hot for a fish! Tabitha tells her it's not funny, Miguel is in danger. Tabitha says there is a curse involved with mermaids, if Miguel or any mortal sleeps with a mermaid then he's doomed to love that mermaid for life, he'll never love a mortal woman again. Tabitha reminds Kay what Siren wants more than anything. Kay says to make love to Miguel. Tabitha says exactly, and once she does she'll bore of him and move on to her next conquest.

In Rome, everyone is at the art gallery opening. Theresa has another argument with Ethan about JT and the tabloid evidence. Theresa is positive fate will bring them back together. Later Noah arrives and asks Ethan why he's here? Ethan needs his help to help Luis find Beth. Noah thinks he shouldn't be helping that good for nothing . . . Luis shows up and argues with Noah, saying nothing happened with Fancy. Noah doesn't believe him and walks off.

Beth and Spike see Fancy. She orders Spike to kill Fancy. Spike still isn't sure Alistair will like this, but Beth swears Alistair is the one who wants this done. She says take a knife and stab her. Spike says okay and he approaches Fancy. We see a hand grab Fancy and her scream. It turns out it is Luis, he's not pleased she's here. Ethan and Noah run over, they thought she was supposed to be in her hotel room. Noah says perhaps she is here on a date with Luis. Fancy says speaking of dates, where is Maya? Luis once again begins telling Noah that nothing is going on. Fancy tells Luis not to lie anymore, their secret is out. She then kisses him, and he kisses her back. Noah storms off, and Beth is furious. She tells Spike he was supposed to kill her. Spike says he's had it, it's too public here Beth calls Spike an idiot and tells him to leave, she'll kill Fancy herself.

Luis asks Fancy why she kissed him, she's only making things worse. She says who cares what Noah thinks. Luis says he doesn't want anyone to think he's betrayed Sheridan. Fancy says how can he betray her, she's married. Luis says the marriage isn't real. Fancy asks if the baby she's having not real too? Luis says Sheridan loves him and they belong together. He tells Fancy to just stay put and not get into any danger. He walks off. Ethan walks up and doesn't know why she kissed Luis, she only made things worse. He says for a supposed couple who isn't one, they sure argue like a couple. Fancy doesn't want a lecture from Ethan. She says Noah deserves this, she's tired of his excuses and telling her to trust him. Ethan says it's obvious she still loves him, so why doesn't she trust him as trust is part of love. Fancy says that's something coming from him. She says half the world knows he loves Theresa, yet he won't trust her when she says Gwen and Rebecca sent the information to the tabloids. Ethan says it's complicated, so Fancy says so is her situation with Noah. She tells him not to dish out advice he can't take. Theresa then runs by, and Ethan goes to see what is going on.

Theresa luckily finds JT at the gallery scoring free booze. She won't let him get away, so he throws champagne in her face and runs. She chases him, Ethan sees this. He follows as he doesn't want Theresa going off and putting herself in danger.

Beth opens up a ring and dumps some poison into a drink. She then gives it to Fancy claiming a man sent it to her. She thinks it must be from Luis. As BEth watches and waits for her to drink it, she's caught by Luis. Luis demands to know where his son is. Beth tells Luis to do whatever he wants to her, soon it will be too late. Luis asks what she's talking about? We see Fancy is about to drink the champagne.

The three girls are being chewed out by the gallery owner. They keep saying Ci, which makes the woman more angry. Later they split up to find the painting. Jessica spots Spike, so she grabs Noah and says Spike is here. They go looking for Spike. Spike knocks Noah over the head and then grabs a screaming Jessica. Meanwhile, Paloma and Simone hear a tearing sound coming from behind a door.

Whitney and the monk are looking at the painting, the monk doesn't see the clue and becomes upset. He thinks Whitney is lying to him. She says perhaps her eyes are better than his. She grabs a black light and shines it on the painting. The word Agape appears. The monk doesn't understand, he asks if it means agape as in someone's mouth? Whitney doesn't believe he doesn't recognize this very important word in their faith, it's Latin for God's love of all mankind. The monk says of course, and he begins to laugh. He asks how this word helps them though? Whitney reminds him there was a keypad next to the chalice, this is the key to that keypad. She thinks they should go back to the Vatican. The monk says yes but first one last thing must be taken care of. He grabs scissors and destroys the painting. Whitney says this is a sin, how can he do this? He says he cannot let anyone else follow them. Suddenly the doorknob to the room begins to open, Whitney thinks they will be caught. Fortunately the monk sneaks them out a back way and they head to the Vatican. Paloma and Simone walk in and find the torn up painting. They see it is the one they were looking for. Paloma wonders how they will solve this mystery now. Simone just wants to find her sister. 


June 9 , 2006
In Harmony, Fox is looking at the photos of Siren in the net, which he was sent over the phone. Kay shows up and asks where Miguel is? He says he left with Siren. Kay asks where they went? Fox says he doesnt know, he was too busy looking at the photos. Kay tells Fox never mind the campaign, Miguel cant make love to Siren. Fox gets a call from the client, but Kay hangs up his phone and says they have to stop Miguel and Siren from having sex. He asks why cant they make love. Kay remembers Tabithas tale of the mermaids curse. She tells Fox that he just cant. Fox asks why she acts like something terrible will happen if Miguel makes love to Siren. Kay says something terrible will happen. She wont tell him anything, she just says they have to stop Miguel. Fox says its none of her business, and hes sick of her hysteria over Miguel and Siren. He asks her what is up with her? Kay remembers her moments with Miguel over the past weeks, and him saying he loved her and wanted to marry her. Fox asks Kay if she has feelings for Miguel? Kay says no, they are supposed to be getting married. Fox says they were supposed to marry in May and she pushed it off. Kay says she didnt have time to book everything, even his mom said it was a bad idea. She says she loves him and wants to marry him, dont doubt that. Fox says hes not the only one having doubts, Siren wonders about her feelings for Miguel too. Kay says Siren knows nothing, shes not even human. Fox says that wasnt nice, hes very disappointed with her for this name calling. Fox tells Kay if he didnt know better hed say she was still in love with Miguel. Kay says he has it all wrong. They begin arguing about Miguel, Fox thinks if Kay cared for Miguel then she would want him to move on with his life. Kay blurts out that Siren is a mermaid!

Miguel and Siren are on the beach, she wants to make love. He says there is a secret cove 50 yards down the beach. She says that is too far. She begins ripping his clothes off! She wants him to make love to her right now. Miguel thinks they should get a blanket because of sand, but Siren doesnt care about the sand. Miguel eventually cools thing down, they should take things slow and talk first. Siren says she feels like making love to him, and they kiss some more. When Sirens feet touch the water they begin turning into a fin! Miguel soon cries out in pain, it feels like fish scales are scratching his legs. Siren realizes she has a tail.

In Rome, Spike knocked Noah out and grabs Jessica. She screams, so Spike covers her mouth and pulls a knife on her. He says nobody will save either of them this time. As Spike is about to kill Jessica, Noah comes to and attacks him! Noah knocks Spike out and he checks to see that he has the tattoos. Noah knows Spike is the one who shot the guy in the attic. Noah says if he didnt have to take Spike to Lena then hed kill him for what he did to Jessica. Noah hopes Lena gives Spike what he deserves. Jessica tells Noah that hes scaring her. Noah is in a rage, and he fills her in on how hes lost Fancy because of all of this, shes with Luis now. Noah tells Spike to admit he killed the guy in the attic, and Spike does admit it was his first hit. Noah cant wait till Lena gets her hands on him. Noah calls Lena and tells her that he has the man who shot her partner and hes bringing him over. Noah has Spiked tied up and leads Spike off. At her hotel, Lena says now that Noah found Spike then it is Noah who has to be done away with, permanently

Paloma and Simone put the torn up painting back together. Chad arrives, and Simone and Paloma show him what they have found. Chad thinks it must have something to do with Whitney. They realize something must be hidden in the painting, a clue. They try and look for it, and Chad finds the black light. They use it and discover the message. However they dont understand what it means. Paloma recognizes it as Latin, but they still dont know how it figures into anything. Chad thinks it has to do with a treasure in the Popes chambers, they have to get to the Vatican right now and he'll explain on the way.

Luis has Beth and demands she tell him where Marty is. Beth is more fixated on Fancy enjoying her champagne. Luis realizes Beth poisoned her. He yells to Fancy, who is about to drink the champagne. Luis has to let Beth go to rush to Fancy to stop her, but she drinks the champagne and passes out. Luis thinks hes too late. Fancy looks at Luis, and Luis thinks perhaps he knocked the glass out of her hand in time, and she says yeah and kisses him. Fancy soon realizes what shes doing. Luis says maybe she thought he was Noah, and he says that must be it. Fancy asks why he flew at her like that? He says she was about to drink poisoned champagne. While saving her, Beth took off. Fancy once again feels guilty. Luis just wishes Fancy stayed in her room. He says she is a Crane, she doesnt care about anyone but herself, she does what she wants to and damn the consequences. Fancy says shes sorry, but Luis says that doesnt help him find Beth. Suddenly Fancy becomes dizzy and doesnt feel well. She ends up passing out! Luis realizes she drank the poison after all. He begs her not to die on him.

Beth is outside and calls the babysitter. She tells her to get Marty ready as they are leaving Rome tonight. Beth returns to the hotel and prepares to leave with Marty. Beth tells Marty that theyll be with his daddy soon. She thinks that she has killed Fancy, so soon Luis will be hers.

JT is running around the streets of Rome. He calls Gwen and Rebecca back. He says he is still in Rome and Theresa is after him. Gwen thinks shes going to lose Ethan after everything theyve been through. Theresa is running after JT, and Ethan is following her. He wants her to come back to the gallery, but Theresa says she wont let JT get away. She tells Ethan to go back. She runs after JT, and Ethan follows her. JT soon thinks hes lost Theresa, so Gwen tells him to run and get on a plane. She tells him if he doesnt lose Theresa then her life will be over! Theresa is still looking for JT, Ethan wants her to let this go and return to helping Luis. Theresa says no, fate brought JT to the opening tonight. She says she has to find JT so he can tell Ethan the truth. Ethan wishes she would stop saying fate, but Theresa says its always been about fate and the fact that they belong together. Theresa says JT will prove that she didnt betray him. Ethan says there is no proof. Theresa asks why he just cant believe her. Ethan says because Gwen is his wife and he trusts her. Theresa says he wont for long, and he wont run away from this chance to get him back. JT ends up at some ruins, and he climbs up onto them. Theresa isnt far behind, and JT says Theresa is like the bunny in the battery commercials, she wont be stop. Gwen and Rebecca keep telling JT to get out of there. Theresa climbs up onto the ruins after JT. There is scaffolding as the ruins were being repaired. Ethan realizes it really is JT. JT removes some of the scaffolding so Theresa cant get to him. Theresa asks why hes doing this, she just want the truth. She says she wont let him get away with this, but JT says she has no choice, there is no way Theresa can get to him. She says nothing will keep her from him. Shes about to jump the gap, but Ethan stops her and says she cant do this. JT says no guy is worth killing yourself. Theresa doesnt care, runs and jumps! She ends up hanging onto the ledge, and Rebecca and Gwen cant believe she is alive. They had hoped she'd fall to her death. Gwen thinks Theresa will get to JT. Ethan cant believe this, Theresa almost killed herself. She climbs up and says it is worth it. Unfortunately Theresa trips on some bricks and goes over the edge. However she once again grabs a hold of something, and Ethan says hes coming to save her. Gwen and Rebecca get updates from JT, Gwen says Ethan better not die saving Theresa. Theresa pulls herself up before Ethan makes the jump. Theresa then runs after JT. Ethan ends up jumping over and runs after her. JT tells Rebecca that both Ethan and Theresa are after him now. Gwen tells JT to run! He runs, he gets back down to the ground. Both Ethan and Theresa are on his trail. JT thinks Theresa wants to send him to jail, but Theresa just wants him to tell about the tabloid story. JT finds himself cornered, and Theresa begs JT to tell Ethan the truth. On the phone, Rebecca and Gwen tell him not to say anything! Rebecca says hell regret it. Theresa tells JT who she is, she is one of the richest women in the world, she can give him anything. Gwen says Theresa is lying, shell send him to jail. Theresa says name his price and hell have it. JT asks for ten million dollars, and Theresa says its done. Gwen says no! JT tells Ethan it is true, he knows Rebecca and Gwen, they outed him and Theresa had nothing to do with it. Theresa tells Ethan now they can finally be together.

Whitney and the monk end up at the Vatican. He hopes Whitney is right about the password. Whitney thinks she is, and she says sometimes the monk acts like he doesnt want to save the church from evil as much as she does. To himself, Alistair says shes doing his work and this Chalice will make him the most powerful man in the world. Unfortunately for them, the secret door to the Pope's chambers is being guarded by a Swiss guard. The monk distracts the guards by throwing something, so he runs off. They then sneak into the secret door. Whitney asks what if the Pope is inside, but the monk says hes not, hes out riding in the popemobile! They sneak in and see the chalice for real. They unlock and reveal the chalice with the key and then prepare to entire Agape into the keypad. Alistair reaches for the chalice and is burned by it. Alistair thinks Whitney failed him and is furious.

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