June 12, 2005
In Harmony, Kay tells Fox that Siren is a mermaid and if Miguel makes love to her then hell never make love to another woman again. Fox thinks Kay has lost her mind, the tail she was wearing was fake. Kay says she was lying, it was real. Fox says so she lost the costume, but Kay thinks that is a convenient excuse. She tells Fox if they dont stop Miguel from making love to her then it will ruin his life. She tells him about the mermaids curse and how she cant let it happen to Miguel. She says mermaids are fickle, shell grow tired of him and swim out to sea leaving Miguel with a broken heart. She says she wont let that happen to him.

Miguel and Siren are on the beach where Miguel feels scales scraping his legs. Siren looks down and sees that she has a tail. Siren holds Miguel down to keep Miguel from seeing what is scratching his leg. He says it feels like a giant flipper. He thinks it is a big fish, and its creepy. Siren moves her tail off of him so he thinks the fish is gone. When her tail is out of the water they turn back into real legs. She then tells Miguel to make love to her. Later Kay and Fox arrive and Siren and Miguel seemed to be going at it. Fox says it looks like they are too late.

In Rome, Noah and Jessica are leading Spike through the streets to Lena. Noah tells Spike that hes fired his last shot, hes corrupted his last innocent girl. He says hes glad Lenas a cold bitch, hell get what is coming to him. Noah calls Lena to make sure shes ready, Lena says she is. Jessica doesnt fully understand what is going on here. Noah says its a long story, but Spike is responsible for him losing Fancy. She asks if this has anything to do with why hes here with Maya? Noah explains the murder he and Maya saw and gives her the short version of how he and Maya got involved with Lena. As they talk, Spike gets free of his bonds, decks Noah and runs off. Noah refuses to let Spike get away from him and chases after him. Noah grabs him and then gets a call from Lena, she thought he was on his way. He says hell be right there with this piece of trash and then shell never see him again. 

In Lenas hotel room, Lena looks at a photo of Noah and says hes in for an unpleasant surprise. Later Noah and Jessica bring Spike to Lena. Jessica thinks they should go, Noah should tell everything to Fancy. Noah says its too late, but at least hes done with Lena. Lena has a gun and is pointing it at Spike. She soon turns it on Noah and stands by Spike. She tells Noah all is not as it seems, Spike is her associate. Spike laughs as Noah realizes they are working together.

At the Vatican, Simone, Paloma and Chad run into the nun. She is glad to see them here, the evil one is using Whitney right now. Chad explains to the girls about the nuns predictions, that some evil guy pretending to be a monk has Whitney doing something for him. They begin yelling out for Whitney and are caught by the Swiss guards. The guards think they are hear to hurt the Pope. Chad explains that it is someone else they are looking for. The guards dont believe them, but fortunately the nun arrives and orders the guards to let them go, these are not the people they are looking for. The nun says the innocent one is here now and she is being manipulated by evil. Chad says they are trying to find her and stop her. The nun orders the guards to let them go, so they do.

In the Popes chambers, Alistair/The Monk gets burned by the Chalice. He thinks Whitney mislead him, she has not taking this task seriously. She says she has done everything he asked her to do and more. He tells her to try harder, they must get the chalice. Whitney says maybe he reached for it too quickly, theyll wait and try again. The force field still appears around the Chalice. Alistair tries to grab it again but he cant, he's shocked and thrown across the room. The monk thinks she tricked him, but she thought it would work. She says they should reverse the order, first the keypad/code ward and then turn the key. It doesnt work, and the monk is furious. She tells him to give it a chance, try and reach for it again. The monk says it better work this time for her sake. Alistair then reaches for the chalice, this time he gets it! The chalice glows in his hand as Whitney watches. 

The nun, Chad and girls are outside the Pope's chambers. They see the sparks flying from under the door, and the nun says they have the chalice, the innocent one is aiding evil. She says they must stop them. Inside Alistair is all about the chalice, hes saying it is all his, all his. Whitney finally begins to get a clue that the monk is not a good person, she says there is something about his voice.

At her hotel, Beth is looking at a tabloid and saying she loves Luis, he is such a hero. She says however he failed this time, Fancy did drink her poison. Later Beths nanny says her bags are in the taxi. Beth says goodbye to the nanny as well as Rome.

At the art gallery, Luis works to save Fancy. He pours something down her throat to make her throw up the poison. Fancy asks what she gave her, he says she doesnt want to know. The paramedics show up to check over Fancy, they want to take her to the hospital. Fancy says no way, shes not going anywhere. Luis thinks shes back to her old self, and he says Fancy is probably fine. Fancy says Beth got away thanks to her again. Luis says Beth could be anywhere by now. Fancy wants to look for Beth. Luis says hes not mad at her anymore ,its not her fault. Fancy says it is and she has to help him find Beth and Marty. Luis says he appreciates that, but Beth got away from him more times and it was all his own doing. Fancy still wont give up and says shell go look for Beth on her own. Luis follows her. 

They head out to the street, and of course they end up spotting Beth holding Marty on the street as shes waiting for a taxi. Luis sees her and yells Stop right there! Beth runs with Marty as Luis and Fancy follows her. Beth realizes Fancy is alive, her plan failed. Beth and Marty hop into a cab and speed off. Fancy spots a motor cycle, so she and Luis steal it and speed after the cab. A huge chase follows. Luis yells at them to stop, to pull over. The taxi spins out of control when it dodges a woman in the street. It runs into a wall and explodes! 

At the ruins, Theresa agrees to give JT ten million dollars if that is what it will take. JT says sold! As Gwen and Rebecca listen, JT tells Ethan that it is all true, he knows Rebecca and Gwen and they were the ones who outted him. In harmony, Gwen cant believe this. Theresa tells Ethan that they can finally be together, but JT admitted the truth. Theresa knows Ethan wouldnt have left her if he didnt believe their lies. Theresa says they can finally be together now. 

Gwen sits on her bed and thinks she lost Ethan to Theresa. Rebecca says she thought they could get out of this mess. Gwen thinks she should never have listened to her mom, she got her into this mess. Gwen tells her mother that she hates her! Rebecca says her schemes have never failed her in the past. Gwen says her husband is living with Eve under her own roof, she never should have listened to her. Gwen wonders what she will do. Rebecca says shes going to stop moaning, that wont help anything. Gwen thinks Ethan will hate her now. Rebecca tells JT that hell need that money for reconstructive surgery after she feeds him to a wood chipper. JT says hes in a lot of debt, its ten million. Rebecca says Theresa wont give him that money, and he has made the worst mistake of his life. JT sees Ethan and Theresa fighting and says something is off, Theresa looks upset. JT says he doesnt think Ethan believed him. Gwen prays that is so.

Back in Rome, Theresa tells Ethan that she told him what they did, and she understands hes in shock. Ethan is saying nothing. Theresa thinks hes upset with Gwen, but Ethan doesnt believe anything JT says and he doesnt believe Gwen and Rebecca would do this to him. Theresa says JT just told him, but Ethan says anyone would say anything for ten million dollars. Theresa cant believe that Ethan doesnt believe JT. Ethan says he needs proof, and he doesnt believe Gwen could do something so heartless. Ethan says he cant believe this without evidence. Theresa says then shell get JT to show him the evidence. Theresa then goes looking for JT, who is hiding.

JT is hiding and spying on them, he cant hear everything but tells Gwen that Theresa said something about getting Ethan proof. Gwen realizes Ethan doesn't believe her. Rebecca tells JT he has one last chance to save his hide, stop Theresa. JT says shes like the terminator. Rebecca tells him to get rid of her, figure something out. JT realizes Rebecca means business, and its either Theresa or him. JT sees a big concrete sculpture. He climbs up on top of the ruins and positions himself behind the stack of these stone things. Theresa sees him up there and begs him to come down. Theresa promises to give him the ten million once they convince Ethan they are telling him the truth. He says that wasnt part of the deal, its not his problem that Ethan didnt believe him. She begs him to help her a little more, call Rebecca and let Ethan hear her. JT says he doesnt know. Ethan shows up and tells Theresa to let this go. He sees JT is moving the stone and is about to drop it on Theresa. Ethan yells at Theresa, who is right under JT but cant see what hes doing, to stop. Theresa says she wont stop until he knows the truth. Theresa promises JT the money, she can also get him t he best tax attorneys and help fix his IRS problems. She just wants him to show Ethan the photo of him and Rebecca. JT says Rebecca scares him more than the tax man. JT rolls the stone over the edge and sends it down on a screaming Theresa.

Back in Harmony, Gwen says this is a dream come true. Rebecca says Theresa is still a threat to her marriage, as long as shes breathing. However Rebecca thinks JT will think of something. 


June 13, 2006

In Harmony, Kay sees Siren and Miguel on the beach and she thinks that his life has been ruined. Fox says Siren isnt a mermaid, but Kay says she is and now Miguels life is ruined by the curse. Fox says they have to leave, Miguel wont appreciate them watching. Kay says no, they may not have made love, they have to stop this. Kay yells out to Miguel to stop, shes a mermaid. Miguel hears Kay screaming, but cant understand her. Kay ends up running over to Miguel. She asks if hes made love. Miguel says not that it is any of her business, but no. Fox says hes so sorry, but Kay says he cant make love to a mermaid. Miguel says shes not a mermaid. Siren asks if this is about her costume? Fox says it is, Kay is convinced shes a mermaid. Kay tells Miguel that shes telling him the truth. Miguel asks how she knows for a fact? Kay remembers Tabitha admitting it to her. Of course Kay cant tell Miguel this is how she knows Siren is a mermaid. Kay says she just does, and she tells them about all the evidence. She says she eats raw fish, there was the fish scale in the bathroom, she swims like a fish and that tail? Kay says it was no costume. Fox says he gives up, as does Miguel. Kay demands to talk to Siren alone, she has a question to ask her that might be embarrassing. Fox tells Miguel to let them go, they need to work this out themselves. Miguel doesnt understand this, this is nuts. Fox says hes sorry he couldnt stop Kay. Miguel asks Fox why she dislikes Siren so much? Fox thinks shes being protective of him, he is Marias father, and maybe she has some intuition about Siren. Maybe Kay senses shes not the right woman for him. Miguel says thats not for Kay to decide, and hes putting an end to this. 

Kay tells Siren to admit shes a mermaid. Siren says Fox and Miguel think shes crazy. Kay tells Siren she knows because of Tabitha. Siren says well she cant tell them without letting them know Tabitha is a witch, and she cant tell them without revealing she used witchcraft to make love to Miguel. Siren says shes figured it out, but she doesnt need magic to make love to Miguel, her body is magic. Kay begs Siren not to do this, Miguel will never be able to make love to another woman again. Siren says after Miguel makes love to her, he wont want to. Miguel walks up to them and says he needs to talk to Kay. Siren says shell go talk to Fox. Miguel tells Kay that she has to let him decide who he wants to be with, and he wants to be with Siren. Kay reminds Miguel of the strange and weird things they have seen. Remember the fireball in the sky, when the birds attacked their house, when the walls bleed? Kay says they even fought with demons from hell. Kay says lets not forget when her house was sucked into the ground. Kay says why is it so hard to believe Siren is a mermaid? Miguel says shes right, other strange things have happened like when he thought she was Charity the night they made love. Kay says but they have Maria, and he should want the chance to have more children if he meets the right girl. Kay tells Miguel about the mermaids curse. Miguel tells Kay this is crazy, Siren isnt a mermaid. Miguel says he lost Charity and he lost her, but he found Siren. Miguel tells Kay to just let this be. Kay tells Miguel that he hasnt lost her. Miguel asks if there is still a chance for them to be together. Kay says what shes saying is that she is the mother of her child, and his friend. Miguel says she is engaged to Fox. Miguel says he deserves someone special, and that someone is Siren. Miguel and Siren head off, and Fox tells Kay to let them go. Fox says let go of this idea that Siren is a mermaid, next thing he knows shell be saying she believes in magic and witches. 

At Lenas hotel, Noah realizes Lena and Spike are working together. Noah says so Spike is the guy who shot her partner? He says he doesnt get it. Lena says no he doesnt, and Spike isnt the only one involved. Lena says her partner was shot, but he betrayed her and had to be eliminated. Noah asks then why did she send him and Maya to look for the shooter? Maya walks in and Lena says ask her. Noah says dont tell him that shes working with them as well. She cries that shes so sorry. Noah demands answers. Lena says shell give him to them, but first Jessica has to die. Lena tells Spike to do it, they have their orders. Noah tries to protect Jessica, but Spike knocks him down and grabs Jessica. Jessica begs Noah to help her. Noah begs them to let her sister go, they wont go to the police. Lena says they arent afraid of the police. Lena tells Spike to get Jessica out of here, shes sick of listening to her. Noah jumps on Spike and begins beating him to a pulp. Noah tells Jessica to run, but Lena grabs Jessica. Maya ends up smashing Noah over the head with a vase and Spike thanks her, he didnt know if she was still on their side. Later we see that Noah is tied up and Spike is about to take off with Jessica. Lena tells Noah that his sister isnt the only one to die, hell die too! Lena points a gun at him as Jessica screams. 

In the Popes chamber, Whitney doesnt like hearing Alistair say the chalice is his. She thought they were using it to save the church. Alistair says yes, that is what he meant, it was his to save the church with. Outside the room, the nun, Chad and the girls see the lights shooting out from under the door. The nun says the evil one has the chalice, they are now doomed. Chad says not if they stop them. Chad and the girls bang on the door, they tell her to open it up. The monk tells Whitney not to let them in, they are the evil trying to destroy the church. Chad yells through the door that the monk is the one who is evil. The Swiss guards show up, Chad says they have to break the door down. The guard says its fortified, they cannot break it down. The nun goes for the key as Chad tries to convince Whitney that the monk is evil and hes the one out to destroy the church. The monk tells Whitney not to listen to them, they are evil and they must stop them. Whitney doesnt know who to believe. The monk tells Whitney this is her one chance for salvation for her sins. Chad yells not to listen to him, open the door. The monk says he needs her to help him control the power of the chalice, can he depend on her no matter what Chad says. Chad keeps pounding on the door and says she is in danger. The monk tells Whitney they are the ones lying, have faith. Chad tells Whitney the monk is evil. The monk tells Whitney that she has to save hers, Chad and her sons souls. Whitney tells the monk that shell protect him. Whitney asks what he will do with that? The monk has a gun, and he says he wont let anyone get the chalice. The nun returns with the key and they unlock the door. There is another door between the outer door. Whitney yells to Chad not to come in here, but Chad says they are coming in. Whitney begs the monk not to hurt them, but he says he cannot allow them to take the chalice. Chad opens the first door and sees Whitney and the monk behind the second, which has a grate in it. He sees the monk also has a gun. Whitney tells Chad and Simone to get out of here. Paloma and Simone say she doesnt look like Whitney at all. The monk tells them all to leave, they will not take the chalice. He makes the guard leave and Chad lock the outer door. He then makes Chad throw the key through the second door, which traps them all in the little causeway. He tells Whitney to watch them while he does work. Chad tries to convince Whitney hes evil. The monk builds a fire, and the nun says he must be stopped. If he puts the chalice in the fire then the secrets will be revealed, they will all die. The nun tells Whitney that the monk, if he is a monk, could bring about the destruction of the church. Whitney says no, they are lying. She says she has to do this to save her souls and Chads and Miles. The nun says they are trying to save the church and the world. The monk tells Whitney not to listen to them, they are lying. Simone and Paloma decide to try and pick the lock. Whitney continues to believe the monk is trying to save the church. The monk then puts the chalice in the fire. Alistair thinks hes won everything, it is all his. He says he's going to live forever.

At the ruins, we see a replay of JT dropping the stone on Theresa. Ethan jumps in and saves her, but the stone conks Ethan on the head. JT thinks Rebecca and Gwen will kill him for sure now. Theresa tells Ethan to wake up! Theresa tells JT if she has killed Ethan then shell hunt him down. JT says hes sorry, Rebecca and Gwen were threatening him. Theresa says who cares, she will use the power of the Crane Empire to destroy him. JT says hes getting the hell out of here and runs off. Ethan eventually comes to, and Theresa kisses him. Ethan tells her not to do this, but Theresa knows he wants to. He says hes married and those vows are kinda sacred. She says vows based on lies arent sacred. Ethan doesn't want to argue about this again with her. Theresa says well then if he wont believe her then shes going to find JT. Ethan says she doesnt have to do that. Theresa asks if he believes her? Ethan says hes going to consider the fact that she believes shes telling the truth. Theresa says she is, she had the proof but Gwen burned it. She says with JT she can have that proof again. Theresa has faith in him, just have faith in her. Ethan says Gwen never lied to her. Theresa says she can prove to him, but Ethan says why would Gwen and Rebecca ruin his life? Theresa says so he would call off the wedding to her of course. Theresa says shes going to find JT and runs off.

Ethan and Theresa eventually return to the hotel, Theresa couldnt find JT. However shes not giving up. She doesnt know why she didnt think about this earlier, she calls Crane security and tells them to find JT Cornell. She also says a fifty million dollar reward will go to the man who captures JT Cornell. Ethan thinks this is excessive, but Theresa doesnt think so, shed pay anything to find JT.

On the streets of Rome we see a replay of the taxicab crashing and exploding. Fancy tells Luis he cant go into the car, hell be killed. Luis runs to the car to try and save Marty. The driver emerges in flames, and Luis grabs a tarp and puts him out. Fancy thought it was Luis who was on fire. Luis runs back to the taxi to try and save Marty. Fancy calls for help. Suddenly the car explodes once again, the entire thing goes up in flames. Luis is alive, he was thrown in the explosion, and Fancy tells Luis he cant help Marty anymore, only God can. Luis says he has to get him, but Fancy says its too late.


June 14, 2006
On the beach, Miguel tells Siren that Kay trying to convince everyone that shes a mermaid is crazy. Siren is crunching on a crab, he asks what shes eating? She says just some candy. He says if she was hungry they could have gone to a diner. She says food isnt what shes hungry for, and they kiss. Miguel tells her that her breath is fishy, so dont eat anymore of that candy. Siren says she wont. Siren wants to get down to business, but Miguel thinks tonight isnt a good night to make love for the first time. He says Kay attacking her upset him, they should just go back to Tabithas and call it a night. Miguel says he wants their first night together to be perfect. Siren realizes this is all Kays fault, and Siren says Kay will always be around. Siren says what if she bothers them again in the future? Miguel says they can always go away for the weekend. Siren says every time they want to make love? Miguel says no, and nobody controls his life. Siren says then show her right now, show her nothing can keep him from making love to her. She tells him to forget everyone and everything, take her and make this their first time. 

Kay and Fox return to the Bennetts home, Fox is telling Kay that she has to drop this mermaid business. Sam and Ivy walk in, Sam asks how they are doing tonight? Fox says the wedding is still on, so they are okay. Sam thinks once they are all married they will all be happy. To herself, Ivy says shell never let Kay marry her son. Later Ivy and Kay go over wedding ideas and plans. Kay is spacing out, and Sam asks Kay what is wrong, shes not very excited. Sam asks what is bothering her, maybe he can help. Kay says maybe he can, and she and Sam go to the kitchen to talk. Ivy asks Fox what Kay is upset about? He says shes been upset about Siren lately, Kay thinks Siren is not right for Miguel. Fox says Kay is trying to protect her friend Miguel. Ivy says perhaps the problem isnt Siren, perhaps Kay is in love with Miguel and wants to be with him herself. Fox tells his mom that Kay loves him, not Miguel. He says Kay will marry him, not Miguel. Ivy says she stands corrected if that is the case. Fox excuses himself to get some stuff from the florist for her. Ivy realizes she has struck a nerve with Fox by questioning Kays feelings for Miguel. Fox returns with information for his mom, he also apologizes for snapping at her about Kay. He says they will get married and that is all there is to it. Ivy tells herself that she wont allow it.

In the kitchen, Kay asks her father to find and arrest Miguel, put him in a cell by himself. Sam asks why? Kay says hes about to make a huge mistake, its for his own good and Marias wellbeing. Sam says he cant arrest someone without just cause. Kay asks when sex is illegal. Sam says if Miguel is having sex with Siren there is nothing he can do, they are consenting adults. She says arrest Siren for solicitation, Siren is hounding him to make love to her. Miguel says she hounded Miguel all the time if he recalls. Kay says this could ruin his life. Sam says hes not the sex police. Kay says Siren is not right for Miguel, he shouldnt be with her. Sam asks who Miguel should be with, her? Kay says no, shes with Fox and shes only looking out for Miguel as a friend. Sam doesnt think so, it sounds to him like she still loves Miguel. She says she doesnt love Miguel, but she cares about him and doesnt want to see him hurt. She begs her dad to arrest Miguel, put him in jail, hopefully by tomorrow hell realize it was a mistake to be with Siren.

Pilar shows up at the cottage to check on Sheridan and James. She asks Sheridan how the baby is. Sheridan says they are still a team and shes being careful. Pilar asks if there is news on Marty. Sheridan says nothing yet, she just hopes Luis finds and brings Marty home. She says if he doesnt then he doesnt know what hell do. Sheridan also passes the news about Alistair to Pilar. Pilar wonders if there is no end to his machinations. Sheridan says apparently not. She says she has tried to call Luis to warn him and the others of the danger they are in. Pilar asks her to try again, so Sheridan calls the hotel. There is no answer. Sheridan decides to try Luis cell phone. The call wont go through, and she hopes nothing bad has happened.

At the hotel in Rome, Jessica stands in front of Noah and begs Lena not to kill him. Noah damns them all, and Maya tells Noah shes so sorry. Lena tells Noah and Jessica they have had no choice as to their actions, they take their orders from Alistair, they are pawns in his game. Noah says but hes in a coma, Lena says he gave the order before his coma. Noah realizes this is all to break him and Fancy up. Noah damns them all. Lena says they all did as they were told. Maya tells Noah she is sorry, she had to do this, Alistair threatened to kill her family. Maya says Lena blew up her mothers restaurant when she was going to tell him the truth. Lena says and now they have to die. Jessica stands with her brother and says Lena will have to kill her to get to Noah. Lena says suit herself. Maya steps in front of Noah, she says they cant kill Noah. Lena says Alistair wants Noah dead. Maya wont let her do this. Lena tells Spike to get Jessica out of here. Spike knocks her out and carries her off. Noah is furious. Lena tells Noah that Alistair is out to destroy many lives, and neither one of them will find out what those plans are. She says shes killing them both. Noah breaks free and begins attacking Lena. Lena fights back, and its a huge fight. Lena ends up running off, Noah follows her saying shes dead! Lena heads to the stairs and Noah follows. Maya is following Noah telling him to let Lena go, she can kill him even without a gun. Noah says he needs Lena to prove to Fancy what is going on. They end up on the roof of the hotel. Lena grabs some metal spike and says shell kill Noah and Maya and leave the way she came. She waits for them, and the soon show up. They fight, and Lena ends up electrocuted when a lightening bolt strikes her and the rod. Noah tells Maya they have to get out of here, they have to stop Spike and Maya has to tell Fancy the truth. Maya says she cant, she cant tell Fancy the truth, Alistair will kill her family. Noah says he needs her to back up his story, its the only way hell get Fancy back. Maya says shes sorry for the trouble shes caused him. She says she loves him and always will. Noah says then help him. Maya says shes she will do it, shell do anything to help him, that is how much she loves him. Suddenly the hotel shakes, an earthquake seems to be happening (because of the chalice stuff) and Maya falls through the railing and over the edge of the building!

Jessica wakes up on the floor in a room, she sees spike is with her. Spike tells her that this is the end of the line for her, it is where she will die. Jessica begs him not to kill her. Spike says he has no choice, Alistair wants her dead. Jessica says she doesnt want to die. Spike says he isnt hot to off her, they did have their problems, but she is very nice and pretty. Spike says she doesnt deserve this. Jessica says then dont kill her. Spike says he has to. He points the gun at her and says hes sorry to see her go. Spike breaks down, he says he cant kill her. Jessica thanks him. He says no, hes supposed to be tough but now hes wimping out. Spike says shes been trouble since the get go. He says he never wanted to mess her up, it was all Alistair. Jessica says Alistair is evil, and she says Spike is a victim of Alistair too. Spike says this is why she makes him nuts, after everything he did to her, she is still nice to him. He says while he was doing a job spending time with her, but he never felt the way he felt about her before. Jessica says really? Jessica says she hated turning tricks, but she loved making love to him. She says she thought she had something. Spike says she really felt that about him? Jessica says yes, even after all the grief Alistair put them through, she can still see them together. Spike tells Jessica that she is amazing. Jessica says so is he. They then kiss. As they hug, Jessica tells herself now she has to get the gun from him. Jessica grabs the gun, pulls away from Spike and calls him a bastard as she points the gun at him. Spike can't believe her.

In the Popes chambers, Alistair waits for the chalice to heat up and reveal its power to him. Chad keeps telling Whitney that the monk is evil, but Whitney says hes doing Gods work. The nun says the fire will reveal the chalices secret, and if he learns what the chalice holds then they are all doomed. Chad begs her to unlock the door and let the guards in, but Whitney wont. She believes the monk is doing Gods work. Alistair tells himself soon he will be God on earth, a very angry and vengeful God. The nun says the fire will reveal a text on the chalice, and if read allowed it will grant power to the evil one. The nun sees the text is appearing. Alistair tells himself soon he will be God on earth. Simone and Paloma pick the lock, so Chad plans to douse the fire with the vat of holy water. They burst in, Chad fights with the monk as the girls all watch. As they fight, the guards show up and pound on the outer door, which is still locked. The nun screams for help. Alistair knocks the monk out and puts the fire out. The monk says Nooooo! The monk says hell kill Chad before he lets him lose the chalice. Chad says hes too late, the secrets of the chalice are safe. They think its over, but the monk pulls a gun on them and says the secrets will be his. He tells Whitney to warn him if they attack again, he must read the writing on the chalice. The nun is afraid the text will reappear. Simone says there must be something they can do. The nun says they can pray that Whitney comes to her senses and helps them. Alistair starts the fire again. Simone and the others try and convince Whitney to trust them, the monk is the evil one. The chalice begins to heat up, and the nun says they must stop the deceiver. Alistair begins to laugh, and lightening strikes begin to strike all over, even inside. Earthquakes start, and the nun says its the beginning of the end. Whitney says the monk is good, he speaks for God. Alistair laughs at them and reveals his identity to them all. He says he will soon be the most powerful man in the world. He laughs at them all and says its all his.

On the streets, Fancy tells Luis shes sorry but its too late. She says Marty is gone now, both Beth and Marty are gone. Luis says no, not his son. The fire department and police show up. Fancy fills them in on what happened. Luis is a wreck, he says he couldnt save his own son. Luis says hes lost his son and now hes lost Sheridan. He says hes lost everything. 

Fancy and Luis return to the hotel, they ignore the ringing phone. Fancy offers to make Luis a drink. He doesnt know how hes going tell Sheridan that their son is lost forever. Fancy tells him not to think about that, just rest. Fancy leaves to get more ice. The phone rings again, this time Luis answers it. Its Sheridan calling. She tells him that she checked on father, oh wait, first has he found Marty? Luis doesnt answer. Sheridan asks if he found Marty? Luis tells Sheridan that about Marty . . . Sheridan says she knows, she can tell he hasnt found him. Sheridan then tells Luis the news about her father, hes not in a coma, hes disappeared. Sheridan says there is a chance that her father is there in Rome. Luis is in tears. He says if Alistair is here then it explains a lot. Fancy returns, she learns Luis is on the phone with Sheridan. Fancy offers to talk to her. Luis goes to give Fancy the phone, but suddenly a huge lightening storm starts. Fancy looks outside and says something is happening, things are very wrong. Luis tells Sheridan something strange is going on with the weather over here. Suddenly the hotel shakes, Fancy thinks its an earthquake. Luis tells Sheridan they should talk another time. Fancy tells Luis not to tell Sheridan until they are home. Luis says theyll be home soon, and Sheridan thinks it means Luis found Marty.


June 15 2006

On the beach, Sam cant believe hes doing this, but he has never seen Kay so worried. Sam finds Miguel and Siren on the beach and hes not pleased, he arrests Miguel! Sam is arresting him for indecent exposure and about to have intercourse in public, that is public lewdness. Miguel cant believe this, they were just kissing. Sam finds a bunch of condoms, but Miguel says they havent been used. Sam says then he got here in time. Kay is hiding behind a rock, she says some day Miguel will thank her for this. She says shes doing this for him, not her or the two of them. Meanwhile, Sam says one of his men will take her back to Tabithas. Siren sees a spying Kay and says shes far too upset to go back to Tabithas, but shell get home on her own and will be fine. Miguel says hes sorry about tonight. Siren says this wasnt his fault. Sam then takes Miguel off. Siren says to herself there is something fishy about this, and it isnt her. Siren finds Kay behind the rock and smacks her, calling her a meddling mortal. Siren tells her how dare she have Miguel arrested. Kay says she was doing her civic duty, that seducing an unsuspecting mortal on the beach is against the law. Siren says shes not seducing him, he wants to make love to her. Kay says Miguel doesnt know she is a mermaid, and he doesnt know about the mermaids curse. Siren says the curse is the least of her worries, she is going to find out what happens when you make a mermaid mad. She then calls a bunch of crabs to show up and begin biting Kay on her feet. Siren laughs and walks off. Kay says she will never let Siren be with Miguel.

At the station, Miguel is locked up, and Sam tells him he wont officially book him and hell release him in the morning. Miguel asks why he did this. He then realizes Kay put Sam up to this. Sam admits Kay put him up to this, and Kay is certain that hed be at risk if he was with Siren tonight. Miguel asks if Kay told him why? Sam says no, does he know? Miguel says Kay is convinced Siren is a mermaid, that is why. He also tells Sam about the mermaids curse Kay is upset over. Sam says this has to be a joke, but Miguel says it isnt. Siren shows up and visits with Miguel. Sam is furious, he thinks Kay has used him. Sam says hes sorry about what happened tonight, hell let them spend some time alone for a bit but visiting hours are over. Siren tells Miguel as soon as he is out they will find someplace to make love and be together. Miguel says just not the beach.

Kay is waiting in the station and she thanks her dad for doing this. Sam tells Kay that Miguel told him that she thinks Siren is a mermaid. Kay says she doesnt think it, she knows it. Sam tells Kay that this is insane. She reminds him of all the other insane things to happen to their family, and he admits she has a point. He says strange things have happened here in Harmony, he wouldn't have believed them if he hadn't seen it all. He asks Kay if she is sure? She swears on her love for Maria, and she tells him about the mermaids curse. Sam says hell take her word, but he also thinks something else is going on here. He tells her to reexamine her feelings for Miguel before she marries Fox. 

In Rome, Theresa is calling Crane Security, she is demanding they find JT Cornell and bring him to her. The storms is causing problems with the search. Ethan is not pleased about all of this and giving Theresa looks. Theresa says shes not giving up on this, she wont stop until Ethan believes her. Ethan says hes not judging her, hes amazed at the lengths shes going to find him. He says its obvious she believes all of this. Later Ethan comes out of the shower, hes wearing just a towel. He tells Theresa the bathroom is all hers, and he suggests she relax as she already has Crane Security looking for JT. Theresa says its not enough, and this storm is driving her nuts. Ethan sees some Crane Industries report of Theresas and is impressed, shes come a long way since her days as his mothers personal assistant. Theresa says that was her first real job, if he doesnt count the burger hut and cannery. Ethan remembers those days of having gunk dumped on him. Ethan tells Theresa in spite of the fact that she has no degrees, this is good work. Theresa says well she is afraid of failing, and that is a good incentive. She says she has to make sure Little Ethans future is secure and a success, even if she digs herself an early grave. Ethan tells her not to say that, Little Ethan needs her around for a long time as does Jane. Theresa says shes not going anywhere anytime soon, but it is hard, she doesnt have the attorney she needs to make the changes she wants at Crane. Ethan says he cannot come back to work with her, it would just perpetuate the triangle they are all in. He says he wont do it, they've been over this. Theresa says Gwen created the triangle by stealing him from her. She says if it werent for Gwen then theyd be married right now, so blame Gwen and blame himself. Ethan asks what she is talking about, what did he do. Theresa says he loves two women. He says he cant help that, it is the way he feels. Theresa says she and Gwen can't help the way they feel either. Theresa says if Ethan only loved Gwen then this wouldnt be going on, but it is. Theresa says shes trying to put an end to it. Theresa says JT has the proof, that is why she has to find him. She says if she cant find him then she will stop, she will have to accept that the proof is gone and shes lost him. She says she cant let that happen, thats why she has to find JT. She says if JT isnt found then her dream for them to be together is a lost cause. She says nothing has changed between them in the past six yeas, and if there is no JT then there is no us. Theresa then gets a call, Crane Security is bringing someone up. Theresa is excited, she thinks they have JT. 

Meanwhile, JT is trying to get out of Rome. He refuses to destroy the evidence though, he says it will get him big bucks someday. JT ends up running through the streets of Rome, he thinks hes being followed. He soon ends up in a dead end.

In the Popes chambers, everyone is stunned that the monk has always been Alistair. Whitney is the most stunned, she feels duped. He laughs at her and tells her how gullible she is. He says now that he has the chalice he will use it to rule the world. The chalice continues to heat up in the fire. Whitney cant believe shes done this. The nun says she was chosen for her innocence. Alistair says the sister is right, she was so desperate to have atonement for her sins that shed do anything. He also knew Chad would come here to help his lover after Julian found out where Whitney was. They realize it was Alistair who allowed Julian to find this out. Paloma says he is a horrible person. Alistair informs Paloma and Lezzy that he tricked them here as well, he set everything up in the Book Caf for them to find. Whitney asks why he brought the others here to Rome? He says because with the powers of the chalice he can vanquish them all, he will destroy everyone who tried to destroy him. He says absolute power will be his, and that is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Whitney says he cant do anything without the chalice though, and she jumps Alistair! Alistair grabs Whitney and tells her not to give him an excuse to kill her. He has a gun in his hand still. Chad then attacks Alistair, knocking the gun out of his hand. Alistair fights Chad off, saying the chalice has made him stronger already. Whitney gets the gun and points it at Alistair. She tells him to move away from the chalice or shell blow his brains out. Alistair thinks she doesnt have the guts. Simone, Paloma and even the nun tell her to do it, to shoot him. Alistair says she is weak and pathetic, she wont do it. Whitney says she wont let him win. He laughs, and she shoots! Alistair then hits the floor (we hear it, we don't see it).

At the hotel, Fancy gets the feeling something terrible is happening as she looks outside at the storm. Meanwhile Luis is on the phone with Sheridan, who thinks Luis has found Marty. She thinks Luis is bringing Marty home to her. Luis remembers the explosion. Luis says he hasnt . . .  and Sheridan says shes sorry to put him on the spot. Sheridan says she had a dream, she dreamt he found Marty and brought him home. She says the two of them, Marty, James and the baby were so happy together. She knows it is meant to be. To himself Luis cant believe this, he hopes God will help Sheridan cope with the truth that shes lost Marty for good. Sheridan tells Luis that she knows hell make her dream come true. Luis says hed love to make her dream come true. Fancy tells Luis not to tell her until he is home and can do it in person. Sheridan believes her dream will come true, she knows Beth cant keep Marty from her forever. She asks Luis to be careful now that they know Alistair is in Rome. Luis says hell be fine and hell watch over Fancy. The static on the phone gets worse, so he says theyll talk another time. Luis tells her to rest and take care of her baby. She says she will, and shes saving her strength for when he brings Marty home. Luis tells her that hell be home soon, and he loves her. She says she loves him too, give Marty a hug for her when he finds him. Luis hangs up, and then he breaks down. Fancy is also crying, she says she cant imagine what hes going through. Luis says Sheridan is convinced hell find Marty. He says how does he tell her that he failed, that Marty is dead. Fancy gives him a drink and asks what she can do for him. He says that is sweet but there is nothing she or anyone can do for him. He says he has failed, he has lost Marty. He says maybe its his fault he died, if he didnt chase the cab then it wouldnt have crashed. Fancy says dont say that, but Luis says its what Sheridan will say. She says shes lost him twice. He says Sheridan doesnt deserve this. Fancy says neither does he, he aches for Marty too. Luis says he aches for them both, for the family theyll never be. He says Sheridans dream is only a dream. He says he lost their son and Sheridan. 


June 16 , 2006
In Rome, Luis doesnt know how to tell Sheridan that their son is dead. He says this will kill her. He thinks about Martys death and how he must have been terrified, he was burned alive. Fancy says dont think that way, hes in heaven and there is no pain there. Luis says at least Beth is in hell where she belongs. Luis says this will just kill Sheridan. Fancy tells him this wasnt his fault, but Luis says it was, if he had believed Sheridan when she said Marty was their son then it wouldn't have happened. He says he couldnt do that. He says its bad enough that Marty is dead, but now Sheridan will learn her father had a hand in this. Fancy says her grandfather is in a coma, what is he talking about. Luis says hes not, hes alive and well and somewhere out there pulling the strings. Fancy cant believe this. Luis says its true, the man in the hospital was a fake, he was wearing a mask to look like him. Fancy says this is just hard for her to accept, she knows everyone hates him and she should too, but hes always been kind to her. She doesnt know why he didnt tell her that he was better. Luis says dont expect any sympathy from him about the bastards. Fancy wonders what her grandfather has to gain from all this torture. Luis doesnt know, but it cant be good. Fancy wants to see him, he must be here in Rome. Luis says it is possible, but if he is here then hell be in disguise. He says he could be anyone anywhere. Luis then remembers the monk spying on him and Chad. He realizes Alistair was the monk Fancy begins to wonder if maybe she has seen him too. Luis remembers the monk went to the monastery nearby, he thinks that is where hell find him. Fancy wants to go with Luis, but Luis thinks that is a bad idea. Luis wants to go find him and kill him. He tells Fancy shes not going to want to be there when he does so. He says Alistair killed his son, so hes killing him. Luis then leaves.

At Theresas hotel, Theresa waits for security to show up with the person they found. Ethan has finally put on some clothes. There is a knock, and she says its about time, Thank God you are here. She opens the door and in walks Gwen. She says what a welcome! She says she had to come and see Ethan, and she kisses him. Theresa thought they were bringing JT, where is he? The man says hes still out there somewhere. She tells him to wait in the hall and wait for further orders. He says yes ma'am. Ethan asks how she got here so quickly? Gwen says her mother is still married to Julian, she let her use the Crane jet. Theresa thinks shes here to shut up JT. Gwen plays innocent and can't believe Theresa is going on about JT still.. Ethan tells Gwen he doesnt believe anything JT said. Gwen says its fine, let Theresa ramble. Gwen asks why hes staying with Theresa? He explains everything to her. Gwen then fills them in on the news from Harmony, Alistair is not in a coma, hes been faking it. Ethan cant believe this. Ethan realizes everything in Rome is Alistairs doing, and he wonders what Alistair wants from them. Theresa says this can't be. Gwen tells them Alistair is alive and kicking. Ethan says they should have known, they should have trusted all their instincts. Theresa says she thinks shes going to be sick. Gwen says Sheridan saw it with her own two eyes, Alistair is here in Rome. Ethan wishes Gwen stayed at home where its safe. Gwen says she had to come here to help Ethan. Theresa asks who is watching her daughter? Gwen says HER daughter is safe with the nanny at the mansion. Gwen says Alistair is up to something, and when he reveals himself he will want Theresa back in his bed. Once left alone, Gwen and Theresa quarrel. Gwen tells Theresa that Ethan doesnt believe her and he wont believe JT, who is long gone. Theresa says if she believed that then she wouldnt have flown all the way here on her broomstick. She says she has Crane Security searching for JT and is offering 50 million dollars to the man who finds him. Gwen tells Theresa that she is so obsessed with her own personal ends that she hasnt thought this through. Gwen says Alistair is awake, he is in charge of Crane Industries now, why would they take orders from her. Theresa says they dont know Alistair is alive, but Gwen says she told them. She says by now they all know Alistair is alive and well. Ethan returns, he cant get a hold of any of the others here in Rome. He asks Theresa what is wrong? Theresa says Gwen is trying to stop her from finding JT. Gwen says shes just upset that she told Crane Security that Alistair is alive. Gwen says now that Alistair is back, they arent taking orders from her anymore. Gwen also says now Theresa has no power at all. Theresa tries to call Crane Security, she is told that all her orders are to be canceled. She realizes nobody is looking for JT. Ethan tells Theresa she could now be in danger from Alistair. Gwen tells Ethan they have the room next door, they should go look at it. Ethan thinks Theresa could be in danger, but Gwen says Alistair wants her safe in his bed forever, she's in no danger. Gwen says they should go, besides Theresa has to figure out her next plan. They leave and Theresa says this isnt over, she will find JT and get Ethan back, she has to. 

In the Popes chambers, we see a replay of Whitney shooting Alistair. Alistair collapses, we hear this. Whitney also faints, but she soon comes too. She cant believe what shes done, she took a life, that is the greatest sin of all. The nun says she was serving God and this man is the devil. Paloma goes to check on him, Alistair is gone! His robe is there but hes gone. They ask how this could happen? The nun says it is evil. The nun says he has escaped, she can see it with her gift from God. Chad finds a bullet in the wall, she missed. They think when Whitney fainted he used the distraction to get away. Whitney says she was a fool, this is her fault. Chad says shes just too good to see his evil. He says hes glad shes in one piece, he was so scared for her. She says she knows, and she stayed away from him because of the monk. She says Alistair could have killed her just now, why did he let her live? Whitney says he was so persuasive, and that she believed if she didnt help him that both of them would be damned forever. Whitney says she cant believe she believed that story. Chad realizes she did it all for him. She says she couldnt let anything happen to him. He says she sacrificed so much for him. She says he did the same for her. Later the Pope arrives and learns what happened. Whitney begs for forgiveness and explains what happened. He says she is the innocent one, and she has done no wrong, she has been used by the deceiver. They all think theyve saved the chalice, but soon learn it is missing too. The Pope says the chalice must be found, the power could lead to the destruction of the world. The nun says she can feel the evil, the deceiver has the chalice. The nun says he has not read the inscription yet though. The Pope says they must get it back before he reads the words, he could destroy the church forever. They ask what the words say? HE says he did not dare to read them, the temptation is too strong for any man. As the Pope talks, Simone and Paloma discuss how fabulous his shoes are. He says if Alistair reads the inscription then hell be given the strength of God and the power to destroy the works of God, even the planet. Chad says then they need to find him and now.

Alistair is elsewhere in the Vatican, hes all in black. He calls them fools and says no one can stop him. Alistair ends up hiding in the monastery with the blind monks. He has the chalice and says they dont even know hes here with the holiest of all relics. He thinks they should be praying to him, he is God on earth. Alistair dresses back up as a monk. The other monks are praying and singing. He keeps talking about the power the chalice will give him. Suddenly someone grabs him from behind. Alistair says you . He also says "I said never come unless it was an emergency." He knows it is JT. JT is shocked to see Alistair is alive and in Rome. JT says hes supposed to be in a coma. Alistair says he wanted people to believe that. He asks JT why hes here? JT reminded him he was told by him to come here if he was ever in trouble. JT says Theresa has an army of people looking for him, he needs to escape. He says Theresa is like a bulldog. Alistair says hey that is his wife. JT says trying to escape he almost killed Ethan. Alistair says those people live and die at his command, he is not to kill anyone. JT says he understands. He asks Alistair if he can help him get out of Rome? Alistair says he can do anything. 

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