June 19, 2005
In their room, Gwen and Ethan make love. Ethan tells Gwen how he loves her so much and how she feels so good. Gwen says she loves him too, and they are so good together. Ethan tells Gwen not to ruin this moment, but he has to ask her, is she sure she doesnt know JT. He says he knows it is crazy but Theresa is so adamant about this. Gwen acts insulted that hes questioning her about this. Ethan asks if shes sure she never crossed paths with him. He asks her to be honest. She says shes always honest. He just wants her to think about it, she could have met him and forgotten about it. Gwen thinks about her involvements with JT. She tells him she cant believe hes grilling her. He says if Theresa is wrong them why did JT try and kill her? Gwen says she doesnt know, shes capable of anything. Gwen says it hurts her when he questions her, he is believing Theresa over her. Ethan touches Gwen on the shoulder, but she says dont touch her. Ethan says hes sorry, he loves her and believes her. He says he doesnt like to see her like this. Gwen says she cant believe he thinks she is  capable of lying to her husband. He says he doesnt and he believes her. Ethan ends up going to sleep, and Gwen gets a call on her cell phone. She thinks it is probably her boss trying to find her, but it's JT.

In her room, Theresa can hear through the walls, she is forced to listen to Ethan and Gwen making love. She asks how much more is she expected to take, Ethan belongs with her. She says she has to save Ethan from a life with Gwen. She then hears sirens outside and wonders what is going on. She says she has to stay focused, she has to find JT Cornell. There is a knock at her door, its Noah. Noah is frazzled, he says Lena and Maya are both dead. He also says Jessica is missing, Spike has her. Theresa tells him to stay calm. Noah explains everything to Theresa about how Lena got killed and how Maya fell off the roof during that weird earthquake. He says he rushed to the street to help her but . . . Theresa asks if that what the police and sirens outside are about. Noah says yes, she didnt deserve this. Theresa thinks he loved her. Noah says along time ago he did, but Fancy is the only woman for him. She asks why he was here with Maya? He says it is a long story. He explains it all to her, how he was doing everything to protect Fancy. He says it turned out to be a hoax, it was all orchestrated by Alistair. He says Alistair couldnt bear the thought to see him with Fancy. He cant believe Alistair can ruin peoples lives while in a coma. Theresa says hes not in a coma, hes alive and well and may be here in Rome. Noah says hes going to kill him! Theresa says not if she gets to him first. They talk about how theyve both lost the people they love because of lies others told or set up. Theresa says nobody believes her that Gwen is the one who exposed Ethan. Noah says he believes her, she convinced him long ago. Later Noah calls the cops about trying to find Jessica. Noah says if Alistair has Jessica then hell have his defenses up and hell weasel out of it. He wonders why Theresa married him? She says long story. He asks why doesnt she divorce him. She says she cant she has to protect her son and his interests. Noah says most kids make it through life without a gazillion dollars and a criminal empire. He says nobody who works for Crane finds happiness. Theresa says she will change Crane, she will make it a place for good. She says that is why Alistair cant be let back as head of CI. Noah and Theresa both vow to kill him. Noah asks if she knows of any Crane properties here in Rome. They research on the net about what Crane owns here. There are lots of property. Theresa says look for the odd ball ones. They soon come across the church of the blind monks. Theresa remembers Luis mentioning it, they decide to check it out. 

Jessica holds a gun on Spike. She says hes going to die now. Spike says he thought they made up. She says she tricked him just like he fooled her for months. She says hes been working for Alistair all along, hes part of this plot to put her loved ones in danger. Spike tells her to be careful with the gun. She says she thought he loved her. He says he does, he couldnt kill her, isn't that love. She says no he is sick, and he took advantage of her to get back at her father. He says it started that way, but he hated being mean to her. She tells him to be still, or she will shoot him. He calls her sweety. She says dont call her that again, shes not a babe or a thing, she is Jessica Bennett the woman he tried to destroy. He says she has it wrong, but she says she heard what he and Lena said, they were working for Alistair. She says her life is in ruins because of some old mans idea of a sick joke. Spike says she is wrong, Alistair is not joking. He says she should go ahead and kill him because if she doesnt then Alistair will. Spike then begins warning Jessica about all the evidence Alistair has on her for killing those Johns. He says Alistair hates them all, especially her father. He says hell do anything he has to in order to destroy them all. Spike says shes going to get the death penalty. Jessica begins to lower the gun. She says she didnt kill them, she would have remembered. He says she killed that first one, and they will make her pay. He also says her family will suffer too, her father will lose his job and Fox will leave her sister. He says even little Maria will suffer, nobody will let their kids play with her. Jessica says no, she  cant hurt her family anymore. Spike says its too late, her familys named will be blackened for generations. They all be related to the killer prostitute. She cries that her poor dad has been through enough. Spike says hes sorry but it will all come out. He says her father could even go to jail with her. He says there is a way to make it all go away. He tells her to put the gun down and come with him. She says no. He says fine then she and her dad will go down. Jessica puts the gun down and Spike says thats his girl. 

At the Vatican, Whitney asks the Pope for forgiveness. He tells her not to worry, right now they must stop the deceiver. The nun says if he gets the power he will become the anti-Christ. The Pope says evil will win and the power of good will be vanquished forever. The nun tells Whitney and Chad that shes never seen him so worried, if the evil one reads the words on the chalice then they are all doomed, the world will be full of evil. Whitney thinks this is all her fault. Chad tells Whitney to stop beating herself up, Alistair could have used anyone to do this. He says she is too good to see through his masquerade. She still blames herself and thinks of herself as a monster. Chad and the nun tell her how she is not to blame, Alistair is. Whitney keeps saying she hates herself. The nun says dont say that, whatever she has done God knows she is pure at heart. Chad says she was used. Whitney says it doesnt matter, she is the reason pure evil has won out. She says she cant forgive herself, and if she sees Alistair then she will kill him herself.

Fancy wants to go with Luis to find her grampy, she also says she needs to learn the truth. She needs to hear it from his lips that hes done this. Luis says they wont have time to chat, he will kill her grandfather when he finds him. She admits she doesnt want to see him hurt Grampy. He says he said he will kill him and she shouldnt come. She says she needs to find out the truth, maybe it will make her grow up. He says fine, but dont say he didnt warn her. She says if he is right then they have to stop him before he hurts another.

At the monastery, JT says the monks chanting is driving him nuts. He also doesnt know what Alistairs fascination with the fancy cup is about, it may not even be real gold. Alistair says with this chalice nothing can harm him or his followers. He says this chalice is the key to the secrets of the universe, and once he finds those secrets out then the world will be his! JT doesnt know why hes playing Indiana Jones and the secret of the goblet, but hes in real trouble right now. JT says Theresa is after him and he could end up in prison. Alistair tells JT that it would be better that he stay silent in prison than rot in a shallow grave. JT says if hes forced to talk then Theresa will go back to Ethan. Alistair says Theresa will do what he wants or shell die. He says when he tires of her then hell find another woman. He says with the power hes about to have there will be thousands of women begging to come to his bed. JT says that cup can do that? He says yes, its power is endless. JT asks to see it, but Alistair says nobody touches it, it is his and his alone. He says with it he will rule the world. JT asks what is so special about the cup. Alistair says he has no idea what power this chalice holds. JT says teach him. Alistair says hell do better, hell show him. They go into the basement and Alistair tells JT to build him a fire. JT says its almost 90 degrees down here. Alistair tells him to obey him or pay the price. JT says fine, he has nothing else to lose. Alistair says wrong, he could lose his life. JT starts the fire and Alistair puts it in. Meanwhile, JT realizes he needs money to get out of here, so he makes a call. He calls Gwen and tells her that he needs money to get out of Rome. She says he needs to leave, things are heating up here. He laughs and says she has no idea. Gwen says he is fine, Crane Security isnt looking for him anymore. He says Theresa still is, so send money. Meanwhile, Alistair is heating up the chalice and saying hes the master now, show him the words no other man would dare read.

Luis and Fancy arrive at the church where the monks are. Luis thinks this is it, theyve found Alistair. They walk into the church, Fancy thinks its creepy like a horror movie. Luis thinks Fancy shouldnt be here, but she says her Grampy wouldnt hurt her. He says even when he learns shes siding with the enemy? She says he is big on loyalty, but its a risk shell take. Chad calls Luis and fills him in on what is going with Alistair and the holy chalice. Luis tells Chad where he is, so Chad says he and Whitney are on his way. HE tells Luis not to let Alistair to expose the Chalice to fire, its just like Lord of the Rings and he knows what that ring could do. Suddenly Luis and Fancy smell smoke. They race to find Alistair. Suddenly a major storm begins to brew and the creepy omen-like music plays.



June 20, 2006

At Tabithas, Tabitha is in a robe and has her hair up in curlers, shes got a lot of hair as it looks like a Christmas Tree on her head. She tells Endora that rolling her hair is such a chore, she was hoping Kay would help her but shes so busy with Siren. Tabitha heads to the bowl to see what has been going on with Kay. She sees that Kay had Miguel arrested. Tabitha says this is not good, Siren will be very angry. Kay walks in and doesnt care if Siren is angry or not, if Siren and Miguel have S E X then he cant be with a mortal woman again. Tabitha thinks this is about her, but Kay says no she is only doing this for Miguel, she loves and is marrying Fox. Kay says shes not afraid of Siren. Outside Siren spies on them and says Kay should be afraid of her. Tabitha says all this has done is angered Siren, Miguel will be released tomorrow. She says she hasnt solved the problem of Miguel getting it on with Siren. Kay says that is where they come in, make Siren disappear. Tabitha says Endora is the one who conjured her up. Kay says then make Endora conjure her away. To herself, Siren thinks Endora wont do that. Tabitha asks Endora to conjure Siren away, but she wont. Kay tells Tabitha to make her get rid of Siren. Tabitha says Endora has more power than she does these days. Kay offers her money or a pony. Endora is able to conjure those things up. Kay threatens to tell Maria not to play with her. Endora then seals her mouth shut with tape. Kay says fine, if she doesnt help her then Miguel will be doomed to love Siren forever, and he doesnt belong with her. She says she doesnt want Marias dad to be sad does she? Endora says no, but to get rid of Siren will make Miguel sad too. Kay tells her to just do it. Endora doesnt like Kays tone, so she zaps her! Tabitha tells Kay to duck, and Kay only gets her hair singed. Tabitha tells Endora  that Kay isnt wrong in wanting Siren gone, she was wrong for conjuring Siren. She says Siren could change her mind and want Fox next, causing big problems for Endora's little plan. Endora still wont conjure her away. Siren walks in and thanks Endora for sticking up for her. Siren then argues with Kay, she says Miguel will be home soon and she will serve him breakfast in bed, herself over easy. Tabitha tells Siren to be quiet, she wont have adult talk around Endora until she's at least 16. Tabitha and Siren begin trading insults. Kay tells Tabitha not to let her talk to her like that, zap her back to the ocean. Siren says Tabitha is a witch past her time, she cant do anything. Siren says she is just bone dust with big hair. An angry Tabithas eyes glow red, and she zaps Siren. Siren disappears. Tabitha thinks she sent her back out to sea, but then the pipes gurgle. They soon hear roating coming from the pipes, and water as well as Siren shoots out of the kitchen sink. She says shes back! Tabitha zaps herself back into clothes and her normal hair. Siren meanwhile cant believe they thought they could get rid of her that easily. Tabitha tells Kay she told her it would be difficult if not impossible for her to zap Siren back. Siren says shes not going anywhere unless Miguel goes with her. Siren says she loves Miguel and she wants him. Kay says she just wants to Spawn with him. Siren knows she does too, and if she comes between them shell take action. Kay asks Endora if shes hearing this. Endora doesnt care, and Tabitha says Endora wants her with Fox. Siren tells Kay if she doesnt stop then shell make sure she and Fox never walk down the aisle. Kay says she doesnt scare her, so Siren chases them all around the house. 

In Rome somewhere, Beth and Marty are speeding off on a motorbike. Beth tells him that they will stop and eat something soon. She says there is a pizza place up ahead, theyll stop there on the way out of town. Meanwhile at a pizza restaurant, Norma and Edna are making and serving pizza. Norma is the cook and pretends she sees Tabitha in all the tomatoes as she chops them up. They are going under the aliases Sophia and Luigi. They talk, Edna thinks people should be waiting on her, she shouldnt be waiting on them. Edna says if Alistair comes out of the coma then she will make him pay her more money to keep quiet. Norma thinks hed pay anything so people didnt know they made a baby together. Beth and Marty walk in, and when Beth sees her mom she screams. Beth thought they were in an asylum. She says she was, and that is where she met Norma. Edna says they flew the cuckoos next together and have been sailing the world. She wonders what sick mess Beth has gotten herself into now. Beth says shes still keeping Luis on the run, and she did not come here to play twenty questions, she came here to eat. Edna wants Beth to give her some of Alistairs millions, but Beth doesnt have them. She says if she did then she wouldnt be here eating. Beth snaps and tells her mother to get her that food. Edna offers her some spaghetti and pours it all over her head. 

Noah and Theresa arrive outside the church of the blind monks. Noah and Theresa both want to find Alistair and make him pay. Inside the church, Luis fills Fancy in on the chalice that Alistair stole and the power it will grant him. He says they need to find Alistair. Chad and Whitney show up, Luis tells them there is smoke somewhere in here. Whitney, who now looks normal again, tells them they have to find and stop Alistair before he destroys them all. They search all over the church, but they cant find him. Whitney says maybe there is a secret room like the convent at home. Theresa and Noah walk in, Theresa is glad to see Whitney is okay. Noah tells them that Spike has Jessica and may be taking her to Alistair. Fancy asks why he didnt bring Maya to help him look for Jessica? He says Maya is dead, she fell off the roof. Fancy says Maya was a slut, but she didnt wish her dead. Noah tells Fancy the truth about Maya, Lena and her grandfather. Fancy of course doesnt believe him. Noah says its true, and Spike is involved too and kidnapped Jessica. Fancy asks why? Whitney says Jessica may be a sacrifice, Alistair is trying to become a god. Chad says he has the initials for it. Fancy is confused, A.C.? Whitney says as in the anti-Christ.

In the basement, Alistair is heating up the chalice. Meanwhile, JT is on the phone with Gwen, he wants money to get out of Rome. She says fine, and she agrees to come meet him and give him money. Gwen arrives at the church, she goes inside to find JT. Shes shocked when she walks in and sees everyone in Harmony is here. She quickly hides. Meanwhile, JT is looking for his license, he doesnt know where it is. He does still have the proof on Gwen and Rebecca, which is money in the bank. 

Back upstairs, Theresa asks Luis if he found Beth and Marty. He says short answer yes, but there is a lot to tell. Luis says Beth and Marty are dead, they were in a car crash and the car exploded. Everyone tells Luis how sorry they are. Gwen hears this and feels bad for Sheridan. Everyone walks off to search, and Theresa finds something on the floor. Its JT Cornells license, that means hes here. She says she has to find him. Gwen realizes she has to get to JT before Ethan or Theresa do. Theresa shows the license to Noah, she says she has to find him. She also calls Ethan to get him to come over here as well. Ethan wakes up and he tells her that he was sleeping, and hes not leaving his . . . Ethan then notices Gwen is not here. Theresa says maybe shes at the church. Ethan thinks that is a leap. Theresa says then come here and prove her wrong. He says hes on his way. Gwen hears all of this and says Ethan cant find the proof. Ethan soon shows up, and they catch Gwen lurking about in the church. Theresa is positive that Gwen is here to find JT. Theresa says shell find JT before Gwen does and then Gwen will be out on the street. Chad says nobody will be with anyone if they dont find Alistair and the chalice. Gwen asks what he is talking about? Luis gives them the short version of the chalice. They all begin searching for Alistair and the chalice.

Back in the basement, Alistair keeps heating up the chalice. JT hears a lot of noise upstairs, he thinks people are here looking for them. Alistair refuses to leave, in a few moments he will ruin the world. Another earthquake occurs, JT thinks the whole place will come down. Meanwhile, the others are still looking for Alistair. Ethan finds a grate and sees Alistair in a basement with JT Cornell. Theresa thinks shell finally get the proof. Gwen says only Theresa would think about that when the future of the world is at stake. Alistair continues to wait for the text to show up, and he says in a few minutes he will be immortal and the new God. 


June 21, 2006
Siren is chasing Kay and Tabitha around the living room with a wrench. As shes about to hammer them both, Miguel and Fox return and hear Kay screaming. Endora turns the wrench into a pie just as Miguel and Fox walk in. Kay tells Miguel and Fox that Siren was trying to kill them with a wrench, but Siren says she has a pie and that is all. Kay swears she had a wrench. Tabitha knows this is Endoras doing, she has made Kay look like a psycho. Kay asks Tabitha to tell them. Tabitha is at a loss for words, and Fox tells her not to drag Tabitha into this. Siren claims she made the pie as a peace offering, she doesnt know why Kay is acting like this. She says Kay just freaked out. Kay says she is lying. Kay doesnt know why nobody believes her. Miguel asks if she can blame them? Siren says because shes lying again. Kay calls her a bitch. Miguel says she owes Siren an apology. Kay says no way, Siren was trying to kill them. Siren says maybe the light hit the pie tin and Kay thought she saw metal. Kay then realizes Endora switched the pie. Fox says shes lost it, how can a baby change a wrench into a pie. He doesnt know what is wrong with Kay, Siren was offering a logical explanation and she won't take it. Kay says it sounds crazy but it is true and Siren is making her look like a fool. She says she is telling the truth, and Fox was not here for the other worldly happenings in town a few years ago. Kay tells Miguel that Siren is a mermaid, but Miguel doesnt believe her. Fox tells Kay that hes worried about her, he thinks she needs professional help. Miguel tells Fox to go easy on her, Father Lonigan always warned them of evil in Harmony and even the existence of witches, so a mermaid isnt that strange. Endora then uses her magic to make the pie float across the room and hit Siren in the face. Fox of course thinks Kay did this, Miguel and Fox were out of the room and didnt see it happen. Kay says she didnt do it, but Fox doesnt believe Siren would do this to herself. Kay doesnt know why shes explaining herself, they dont believe her anyways. Fox asks if she can blame him? Tabitha meanwhile tells Endora this isnt nice at all, she's making Kay look bad. Miguel and Siren say they should go upstairs. Kay tells Miguel that he cant have sex with her. Miguel says this is their business, and Fox is right, she owes Siren an apology. Fox tells Kay to apologize and do the right thing. Kay says shes sorry. Siren says its okay, she understands. Siren says she just wants them to be friends. Siren and Miguel then go upstairs to get cleaned up. Kay says shes going to bed too, but Fox says not so fast. He thinks they have to clear some stuff up first. Fox says he doesnt know her anymore, things are getting worse for them because of Siren. Endora realizes shes made things worse. She zaps Fox, who begins pledging his love to Kay. He says hes so sorry and shes just under a lot of stress. They kiss, but Tabitha warns Endora this isnt going to last. Upstairs, Miguel and Siren are getting hot-n-heavy when Maria begins crying. Miguel decides to go check on her. Miguel checks on Maria, as does Kay. Siren and Fox watch, Fox thinks they have Maria under control so hes going back to bed. He says goodnight, but Siren thinks the night isnt over yet.

In Rome, Luis looks in a grate to the basement of the church where Alistair and JT are. Luis begins breaking the grate open so they can get in there. JT tells Alistair they have to get out of here, but Alistair wont leave without the power and knowledge of the chalice. Luis breaks in, but another locked gate still remains between him and Alistair. Alistair tells Luis hes busy with something at the moment, something to help him take over the world. He tells Luis to maybe have some wine and cheese while he waits. Luis says these bars wont keep him safe from him. JT tells Alistair to hurry before the crazy woman catches him. Alistair says even Theresa wont get through those bars. Fancy asks her grandfather what hes doing? He says he didnt think she would come. Luis tells Fancy that hes out to destroy the world. Meanwhile, back outside Theresa decides to go to the basement, she wants to get to JT Cornell. Gwen asks Ethan not to follow her, but he does. Theresa yells to JT that he wont get away from her this time. JT is about to run, but Alistair says nobody can get in here. JT wont listen, he flees another way. There is a second door out (why they didn't come in it I don't know). Theresa chases, and Ethan follows. Gwen follows them as well, not pleased about this. Meanwhile Alistair begins reading the words on the chalice. Luis cant pick the lock, its too rusted. Luis says he should have killed him long ago. Alistair tells him to watch his language, he is in a church. He also tells Luis not to blame him for his own failures, he lost Sheridan and Marty all on his own and deserves what he got. Alistair says he should have believed Sheridan but he didn't. Noah tells Alistair to shut up, he is doing the same thing to Luis that he did to him and Fancy. Noah says he knows all about Lena and Maya. Alistair says he and Luis are two peas in a pods, they blame him for their failures. Noah knows Alistair deliberately broke them apart. Alistair asks if he can prove all that? Noah says he knows very well Maya and Lena are dead. Alistair says everything he said never happened. He tells Fancy how difficult it is for him to trust others, everyone is always blaming him for their failures with no proof. Noah tells Fancy not to believe him. Noah says Alistair knows what he did to them all. Alistair says he didnt force Noah to get into bed with Maya and to break Fancys heart. Noah says hes twisting the truth to make him look bad. Noah says he will fine proof and make Fancy understand what hes done. Luis says hes been waiting to make him pay for years, and he is going down. Alistair says by time he breaks through the bars hell control the world. Fancy is confused, she doesnt know what to think anymore. Alistair tells her that she can share the power with him. She says she doesnt want to if what Luis and Noah say is true. He says its not true. She asks why he pretended to be in a coma? He says he had to get away from his enemies, they kept trying to kill him. Fancy says Luis wouldnt kill him for no reason, but Alistair says hes till threatening his life. Alistair says hes never done anything to Luis. Luis says he kidnapped his son, he stole his own daughters baby. Alistair says he did what was best for Marty, Beth is a much better mother than Sheridan. He says besides he owes her, she never experienced the benefits of being a Crane. Luis says its a miracle that anyone survives being born into his family. Luis says hell never forgive him for this. Alistair says hell see its all for the best, hell see that in time. Luis tells Alistair that Marty is dead, as is Beth. Alistair is actually stunned by this. Luis tells Alistair that he murdered him the same way hell murder Alistair. Luis and Chad break in, and Alistair threatens to smash the chalice if they come near him. Luis doesnt care, but Chad says its important to the church. Alistair says Chad is right, if he smashes it then he smashes the hope for the whole world. Luis says his son is dead because of him, and Noah says the he ruined his future. Chad says the chalice is more important. Alistair suggests they listen to Chad. Luis cant stop thinking about Martys death. Luis doesnt give a dam about the chalice and begins strangling Alistair.

Whitney is outside the church, the nun shows up. She once again tells Whitney this is not her fault. Whitney asks how she can stop Alistair from destroying them. The nun feels they are too late. The nun also tells Whitney that she knows she has experienced much sorrow and loss, this made her vulnerable to the evil. She had a vision of her future, she saw that what Whitney desires most is within her grasp. Whitney says that cant be, what she desires most is to be with her half-brother Chad. The nun says her vision is clear, she will get what she wants. The nun tells herself that she knows her vision to be true, but once she has her heart's desire then she will lose it. Whitney asks what else she saw. The nun saw another vision of her friend Theresa, she needs to be warned. Whitney asks what will happen to her? The nun says its better if she speaks with her, she must hear something of great importance about the man she loves. Whitney asks what will happen to Ethan and Theresa? The nun says she will be faced with a choice that will change her life forever. She tells Whitney she should pray for her friend. Whitney asks if she is in danger. The nun says only if she gives into the temptation. The nun feels she should speak to Theresa about this herself.

Gwen tries to keep Ethan from following JT, but Ethan says he would think shed want this all put to rest as well. Gwen says she does. They find JT and Theresa demands JT tell the truth. He says he did, but she says show him proof. Gwen looks at JT, and Theresa says Gwen is trying to intimidate him. Theresa tells JT that hes caused a lot of pain and damage, this is his chance to redeem himself. Gwen says dont listen to her, shes out of her mind. Ethan says that expose ripped his life apart, he needs the truth. Theresa wants JT to tell Ethan where he got that story. He reminds her about the money, she says it is his. Gwen says Theresa has no money, dont believe her. Theresa says Gwen is doing it again. Gwen tells Ethan that shes grasping at straws and JT will say anything to get out of trouble. Gwen says this is a huge waste of time. Gwen says who wouldnt say anything for such money. Theresa says she wouldnt give that money away if she wasnt telling the truth. Theresa tells JT she doesnt have access to the fortune anymore, but he has been running for a long time. She says just do the right thing and tell Ethan the truth. Ethan asks JT to tell him who stuck the knife in his back, was it his wife or Theresa. JT says hell tell Ethan what he wants to know. 


June 22 2006

Miguel and Kay are in the laundry room at Tabithas. Maria has been sick again, but Kay is glad shes over it now. Kay is doing her clothes. Miguel doesnt know how she raised her by herself. Kay says she managed, but shes glad hes here. Miguel feels guilty that he wasnt here sooner. She says hes here now and that is all that matters, though . . . Miguel knows she doesnt want him involved with Siren. They agree not to argue about it now. Kay starts the wash, but its not working. The machine is busted so Kay tries to fix it, she tells Miguel shes done it many times before, you just need to jiggle the wires. They are sparking, which Kay doesnt realize. As Kay tries to fix it, Miguel finds old boxes of Marias clothes. He cant believe she was so small. He also sees old photos of her and Maria. Miguel realizes how much of her life hes missed. He says he never knew how expensive babys were, and he should have been here for her instead of chasing Charity around. He says he grew up without a father, he should have known better. Kay says hes here for her now and Maria will always know hes here for her, that is what counts. Kay says she needs to get this washer working, its late. Miguel offers to move the washing machine out a bit so she can reach the wires better. They talk about how this is what they always though a marriage was like, two people helping each other and working together. Kay says she really took her mom for granite, she never knew how hard it was being a single parent. Miguel moves the washer, and Kay says this helps she can get to the wires, which are still sparking. Kay and Miguel both end up being electrocuted by the wires and are knocked out. Miguel stirs awake first. He goes to check on Kay. There is a fire going, he puts it out. He runs to Kay who is out cold. He asks her if shes okay, to wake up. Her hand is all burned. When Kay finally comes to she pulls Miguel into a kiss!

In Rome, at the pizza parlor Beth has gotten cleaned up after having spaghetti dumped on her. She tells her mom how shes a horrible hag and a bad mother. Marty repeats this! Edna says she gave her a rich daddy, so cough up some money. Beth says shes running from Luis and has no money to spare. Edna doesnt believe that, she knows daddy has her well fixed up. She says dig into daddys pockets. Norma runs out asking where her daddy is? Edna says calm down, her daddy isnt here. Beth asks what is going on, who is her daddy. Edna says long story, short version is they left his skull back in Harmony. Beth asks if this is the wacko who tries to kill Tabitha. Norma hears the word wacko and asks what she is saying, who is she? Edna says this is her daughter. Norma knows all about Beth and what she did, she is a wacko! As Norma says she kidnapped a woman and stole her baby, Beth says not in front of her child, he is here and listening. Beth tells Marty hell see daddy again soon. Edna says Luis is here in Rome? She says Luis wont stop until he gets Marty. Beth says Luis thinks they are dead. She tells her mom about the taxi crash and explosion, they got out but Luis doesnt know. Edna says she is cruel, she tortures Sheridan and now shes torturing Luis. Beth tells her to shut up now or shell send her back to the asylum. Norma says dont threaten my Edna! Beth says my Edna? Norma says Edna is her soulmate. Beth says are they saying? Edna says no lectures, not from the woman who kissed Charlie. Edna says they were on the run together, they leaned on each other, they bonded. Norma says especially working on the ranch. We then see a Norma and Edna Brokeback Mountain flashback! They had eaten all the beans and sheep and are hungry. Some shirtless cowboys show up to make sure they are okay. They boys suggest they all sleep in the tent for the night, it will sleep four. Norma says make that five. They all go into the tent, but its Norma and Edna who ended up falling asleep in one anothers arms. Norma says they were good times. Enda tells Beth to stop smiling, at least she has friends. Edna then tells Beth shes going nowhere without forking over some money. Beth claims they have no more money, so Edna says then she'll get it from someone else. Enda says she could get the money from Sheridan, one call and Sheridan will pay big bucks for the location of Beth and Marty. Beth says fine, shell make a call and theyll go meet someone for some cash. Beth makes a call saying she has to meet him to get some cash. "They" dont know where he is, so she asks for a message to be given to him. Beth then tells Edna that theyll go meet Alistair and get money. Edna says Alistair is in a coma. Beth says he was faking it, hes alive and well. Edna says she knew he was too mean to die. Beth says Alistair has been able to pull of a lot of stuff without anyone suspecting him. Marty meanwhile eats gelato and smiles. Beth is glad to see him smiling, being on the run has been hard on him. Edna says stop running, give him back to his mom. Beth says she is his mother and is doing good raising him. Edna lectures her about dragging him all over the world and keeping him from his real parents. Beth tells her mom not to lecture her about raising kids, she remembers how she was brought up. Edna says at least she wasnt confused and thought she'd marry a man who doesnt love her. Beth says Luis loves her, hes just confused by Sheridan and now Fancy. Edna says Alistair's niece? Beth says Fancy is one dead blond. Edna says oh lord here we go again. Beth gets a call, they are going to meet Alistair. However she says its up to daddy whether they get the money. Norma begins crying, she thinks shes going to see her daddy again. 

In the church basement, Luis doesnt care about the chalice and attacks Alistair. He begins strangling him and says he will die. Fancy screams stop as Noah holds her back. Chad says he cant break the chalice. Luis says take it from him then. Chad tries, but Alistair wont let go of it. Luis says Alistair will pay, they will finally rid the world of him. Fancy breaks free of Noah and begs Luis not to do this, hell go to prison. She says hell never be with Sheridan again, doesnt he want to be there for her when she learns about Marty? Luis lets him go and says he has Fancy to thank for his life. Luis tells Alistair he will go back to Harmony and stand trial. Fancy thanks Luis, and she tells Alistair he is lucky. Alistair coughs, and Chad says hand over the chalice. Fancy says give him a moment, he almost died. Chad says he deserves to die. They demand he hand over the chalice, but Fancy says he needs to catch his breath. Alistair flips a lever and causes a cave-in. He then laughs. Alistair appears to be buried in the cave-in.

Elsewhere in the catacombs, Theresa begs JT to tell Ethan the truth. Ethan says he needs to know who leaked the story, was it Gwen or Theresa. He agrees to tell Ethan what he wants to know. Theresa says go on, tell him everything, tell him that it was Gwen and Rebecca. Suddenly Whitney shows up and says Theresa has to come with her now. Theresa says she cant, JT is about to tell the truth. Gwen says this is a fantasy. Theresa says no, and Whitney knows the truth that Gwen ruined his life. Gwen says his life isn't ruined, they are happy, they have a daughter. Theresa says Jane is her daughter. Ethan says enough, if JT has proof he wants it. Theresa says JT has a photo of her and Rebecca in bed together and an answering machine tape. Ethan asks if this is true. JT says isnt showing Ethan anything without the money. Whitney tells Theresa that she has to go, she has to talk to this nun about the pain she sees in the future. Gwen begs Ethan not to believe this garbage. Theresa says this is over, JT will open Ethans eyes. She begs JT to tell Ethan the truth. Suddenly the cave-in begins to happen! JT is knocked out and buried in some rubble. Whitney tells Theresa, who is trying to get to him, that they have to get out of here. 

The cave in begins burying people. Theresa is buried, and Ethan rushes to save her as Gwen watches. Ethan is then buried along with her as Gwen screams. Chad shows up to protect Whitney. Gwen is conked on the head, soon Chad and Whitney are buried. Elsewhere Noah watches as Luis and Sheridan are buried. Basically everyone is buried in the rubble, including Alistair. Soon  people begin to stir. Noah gets himself out of the rubble he is in. He rushes to help Luis and Fancy. Gwen wakes up and fumes that Ethan went for Theresa. He eventually comes to help her. Chad and Whitney wake up, they help Theresa and Ethan. Theresa then looks for JT. Ethan agrees to help Theresa, he wants to help JT but also get to the bottom of things. Gwen begins shaking, he asks what is wrong? She says she was almost buried alive, another cave in could occur at any moment. She says she is weak, they need to go .He says they will go soon. Meanwhile, Alistair of course has disappeared. They wonder how. Fancy says he must be here. At the same time Ethan and Theresa realize JT is gone too. This of course makes Gwens day. Everyone regroups, Alistair and JT are gone and Alistair still has the chalice. Fancy wonders where he went. Theresa thinks hes with JT, and she was so close to the truth.

Alistair and JT are headed down a secret passage through the catacombs. JT tells Alistair hes good, he can make a fortune in Vegas with the disappearing act. He says he has a fortune and something priceless. He holds up the chalice and says they will pay! The chalice glows blue.


June 23 , 2006
At Tabithas, Siren, Fox and Tabitha are wondering where Miguel and Kay have disappeared too. Siren thinks it is funny how they always disappear together, and she says Kay cant get enough of Miguel no matter what she says, Fox thinks she is doing laundry, so they head to check on her. Siren vows that if Kay and Miguel are together then she'll drown in a sea of troubles. Everyone is shocked to find Kay kissing Miguel. Siren asks if this is how they do laundry around here? Miguel says its not what it seems like. Fox says it is, and Siren says its Kays fault. Siren says Kay kissed Miguel. Tabitha thinks it was a mutual decision. Fox asks Kay if she has something to say. Kay says its hard to talk. Fox says its over. Kay then begins seizing. Miguel explains what happened, the washing machine electrocuted them both. Kay wont wake up, Tabitha says she called Eve. Siren says Kay will come around, she will be fine. Fox still needs to know which man Kay wants. Siren wants to know the same thing. Fox carries Kay to the living room, Eve and Ivy have both shown up. Miguel explains everything to Eve. Ivy, upon hearing about the kiss, thinks she still cant give up on Miguel. Ivy tells Fox that Kay will be fine, but in times of crisis people act instinctively. She says Kay kissed Miguel, she must have deep feelings for him still. Fox says they dont know the whole story. Kay begins coughing and comes to. They ask Kay if shes all right. Kay asks what is going on, what happened? Eve asks Kay how she is feeling, what does she remember. Kay says she remembers fixing the washing machine and then it is all fuzzy. She asks why they are staring at her? Fox asks if he can talk to Kay? Eve says she seems okay so yes. Fox asks Kay about her kissing Miguel, why was she kissing Miguel? Kay asks what he means? Fox says he caught her kissing Miguel. She says this isnt his business, kissing Miguel is as natural to her. She says she thinks about kissing Miguel every minute of every day. Fox says shes killing him, but she thinks hes being dramatic. Siren goes to Fox and says shes sorry, she tried to tell him all along that Kay was after Miguel. Fox says there has to be an explanation. Fox asks Kay why she was kissing Miguel? Kay says because hes the love of her life, there is no other man but Miguel. She kisses him again! 

At the goth/tattoo club in Rome, Simone and Paloma are looking for Jessica. Paloma figured they might be here, you always find Spike in sleazy clubs. They then see Spike and Jessica kissing on the dance floor. Paloma thinks they have to save her. Paloma decides to call Luis for help. They soon realize something is wrong, Jessica seems to be liking being with Spike.

Beth, Norma and Edna are walking through the streets of Rome to meet Alistair. Norma is complaining because shes hungry, she hasnt had pizza in an hour. Edna says soon theyll have money and eat real food. Beth says theyll have their money and Luis will come to his senses and marry her. Edna tells her that shes cuckoo! Norma asks where the little birdie is? Edna says she has nuts all around her.

In the catacombs, everyone tries to figure out where JT and Alistair went to. Luis searches where Alistair was last standing, some of the bricks are Styrofoam and he finds a secret passage. They head down it. They realize Alistair stood under the foam, he caused the cave-in as a distraction.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Theresa face off. Whitney asks if they have to argue all the time, they are in the middle of a crisis affecting all mankind here. Whitney says they need to be working together here. They dont listen, they keep arguing about JT. Whitney tells them to stop, and Whitney tells Theresa she has to meet the nun at the Vatican, she sees pain in her future. Theresa says shes in pain right now. Whitney begs her to go, so Theresa says she will. Theresa warns Gwen shell be back though, she wont get away with this. Gwen thinks she already has. 

Luis, Noah, Ethan and Fancy are trying to find Alistair. Fancy is glad her grampy is still alive, and she and Noah argue. Fancy says nobody can back up Noahs accusations. Noah says Jessica can, shell tell Fancy it is all true about Alistair, Lena and Maya. Paloma calls Luis and lets him know where Jessica is. They all decide to go find Spike, he may know where Alistair is hiding. Ethan has to stay behind and make sure Gwen is okay. 

Theresa and Whitney arrive at the church to talk with the nun. Whitney tells Theresa that the nun sees things, she thinks she will get back together with Chad. She says the nun saw something important for Theresa too, something involving pain. Whitney introduces Theresa to the nun. The nun tells Theresa that she has had a vision of the man she loves and her future. The nun tells Theresa she will learn something that will bond her together with the man she loves. Theresa thinks it has to be the information about JT. She says she has the power of God on her side, nothing can stop her now. The nun says there is more, she still sees great pain. Whitney asks about the pain? All she sees is a dark red haze, that means pain. Theresa thinks she can handle that if Ethan is by her side.

Back at their hotel, Ethan and Gwen are making love. Gwen thinks Theresa will never get the proof and shell never lose Ethan. Gwen tells Ethan that she is relaxed, and for the first time in a long time she feels like Theresa cant hurt her. Ethan says as long as JT is out there Theresa will think he has proof that will break them up. Gwen says but JT is gone and Theresa will never find him.

Alistair and JT are ahead in the catacombs. They hear Luis yelling, but Alistair says with the chalice and Gods power hell destroy his enemies. They end up in a secret lair which looks just like his office at the Crane Mansion. Alistair says this room has been duplicated all over the world for him. JT pours himself a drink as Alistair gets to work trying to decipher the text on the chalice. JT hopes it can help him with his problems, he thinks Alistair owes him. Alistair says dont speak to him like that, hell smite him like God smoked Sodom and Gomorrah. They then hear someone on the other side of the door. Alistair aims a gun at the door and says whoever walks in walks to death. Outside, Beth, Edna and Norma shows up. Norma is looking for her dad and is talking to all the skulls asking if they have seen her daddy. Beth unlocks the door to Alistairs secret lair. Beth walks in, Alistair doesnt shoot her. He cant believe shes alive. She runs over to hug her dad, hes glad shes not dead. She sees he has the chalice and congratulates him. Alistair introduces JT. Alistair asks if Marty is okay? Beth says hes fine, hes at the safe house. She says shes just here for more cash for herself and for . . . Edna and Norma then walk in. Alistair asks Edna what shes doing here? She says he looks good for someone who has been in a coma, and this place is very comfy looking aside from the dead guys outside. Edna refuses to leave without some money. Norma ends up looking at Alistair and seeing her dads skull superimposed on his face. She hugs him and says his honey lamb has come home again. Norma tells him that he looks wonderful, he has skin and everything. Alistair says she is no daughter of his. Norma doesnt understand why her daddy is mad at her. Edna gives Norma some booze, and Alistair asks Beth why she didnt lose them in the catacombs. He also says she isnt to come unless its an emergency. She says it would take an army to get rid of Norma, and she did leave him a message. Alistair says she sees he did leave a message. Beth tells Alistair how she has missed her daddy. Alistair says not her too, please. Beth says he is her daddy. He says yes and he is glad she and Marty are okay. Beth begins saying she wishes they could spend more time together. Alistair says hes been busy lately. JT asks Alistair how many more people know where they are. Alistair says only one other, and that person will keep quiet if he has a brain in his head. Alistair soon begins handing out large sums of cash. Edna says this is it? He says its enough money to keep them on the run for years. Norma says she cant be away from her daddy for that long. Beth says hes not her daddy. Norma says she understands, it is a secret. Edna decides they should take a few other things to pawn, and she likes the chalice. Alistair says if she touches it then she doesnt leave alive. Edna says he can keep it. Beth tells her mom that chalice will give Alistair the power of God. Edna thinks she is nuts, but JT says hes seen it work. He plans to use it against Theresa, while Beth plans to use it to get Luis back. JT and Beth ask if Alistair got it working yet, but he says he cant concentrate with them hovering over him. Alistair thinks hes finally got it, the power is finally his. Alistair holds it up and begins reading the words. The chalice begins to glow red and another earthquake happens. The chalice explodes in light, and Alistair says he will destroy them all!

Back at the club, Jessica and Spike are dancing. Paloma and Simone watch, they think Jessica has lost her mind. Luis, Noah and Fancy show up, they dont understand this either. They think Jessica may be on drugs again. Luis and Noah go to fetch Spike. They grab him away from Jessica and begin beating him. Luis demands to know where Alistair is hiding. Spike says he doesnt know where he is. Luis says hes going to have him extradited to Harmony and he'll wind up in jail for what hes done to Jessica. He says no jury will let him off once Jessica testifies against him. Spike laughs and says she wont be able to. Luis asks Jessica what hes talking about? Spike tells her to tell them. Spike tells them all that she and Spike got married! Spike laughs as she shows them her ring. 

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