June 26, 2005
Fox and everyone at Tabithas are stunned as Kay says there is no other man in her heart but Miguel, and she kisses him. Ivy tells Fox its best he find out now what a two timing tramp Kay is. Siren however isnt about to let Miguel go so easily, she tells Kay to get her lips and her paws off her man. She pulls Kay away from Miguel. Kay asks who she thinks she is? Ivy thinks this is all perfect. Meanwhile Tabitha thinks Kay is about to lose everything. Fox doesnt understand this, she has always denied having unresolved feelings for Miguel. Kay doesnt know why she would have done that, she loves Miguel. Ivy tells Fox there are dozens of other girls out there, but he doesnt want to hear this right now. Eve asks Kay if she can talk to her, she needs to figure this out. Eve sits with Kay and they talk. Eve asks her who her name is, what year it is. Kay says this is dumb, she knows who she is, what year it is and that she and Miguel are to be married soon. Kay says she doesnt have time for this nonsense, and she leaves to check on Maria. They ask what is going on here? Eve says she thinks her brain was affected when she had that shock, like amnesia, but shes been jolted into an alternate reality. She thinks Kay has confused her feelings for Fox and Miguel. Siren thinks shes lying, but Eve doesnt think so. Eve thinks Kay doesnt remember being involved with Fox at all. Eve asks Miguel what they were talking about before the shock. Miguel details what they were discussing, being single parents, Maria, how hard it's been raising her. Eve suggests it made her susceptible to this confusion, perhaps it stirred up her old feelings for Miguel. Ivy thanks God for New England Light and Power. Eve says for now they should let things be, they dont want to scare her with the truth. She says it would be like waking a sleepwalker. Fox says she isn't suggesting that they let Kay keep on thinking shes engaged to Miguel. Eve says that is what shes suggesting. Fox wont let this happen, but Eve says if they told her the truth then worst case scenario is that shed never remember who she is in love with. Eve suggests a good night sleep will have Kay back to normal by morning. If not then theyll have to cross that bridge when they come to it. Siren cant just pretend this is normal, and Fox doesnt know if he can either. Eve says if he wants what is best for Kay then hell try. Fox asks to talk to Miguel in private. Fox asks Miguel where hes sleeping tonight? Miguel says he guesses with Kay. Fox says the hell he is. Miguel says hes just trying to follow Eves orders, they have to play along. Fox wont let Miguel get in bed with Kay and act like hes her fianc. Ivy tells Fox not to be upset with Miguel, and what could happen in one night. Meanwhile, Siren tells Tabitha that Kay has made a big mistake. Kay returns she tells Miguel that Maria is asleep so they can go to bed, she hopes hes not too tired. She then kisses him.

At the club in Rome, Jessica reveals she married Spike. Noah cant believe this, and Luis says hes calling her father. Jessica says shed rather give her dad the news herself. Simone and Paloma say she hates Spike, she left town to get away from him. Jessica says its a womans prerogative to change her mind. She says shes now Mrs. Herbert Lester, and she loves Spike and he loves her. They kiss. Luis says the only reason hes not calling Sam is because this will break his heart. Noah ask Simone and Paloma if they knew nothing about this. They swear they didnt. They think Jessica is high again, she wouldnt have married him otherwise. Jessica says shes not on drugs, she married him because she loves him. Fancy thinks there isnt much they can do if Jessica wants to be married to him. Luis still wants Spike to tell them where Alistair is. Noah wants Jessica to tell Fancy the truth about Maya and Lena. Jessica says she wishes she could tell Fancy what he wants her to, but she cant lie for him. Noah asks how she can say that, she was there. He says she knows how much he cares about Fancy, she is his last chance to prove this to Fancy. She says she cant tell a lie. Noah says so marrying a pimp is more important than him? He thinks Spike has her pumped up on something, why else would she stab him in the back. Noah says Spike works for Alistair, she knows that. He asks how she could turn her back on her family like this? We see flashbacks of Spike telling her how sorry he is for everything he did, and how he tracked her down in Rome because he was worried about her and he loves her. He also twisted her mind about her family, saying how her family doesnt love her at all. They soon talked about the dead johns. Jessica doesnt remember killing them, but Spike says the evidence is against her. He talked about how her father and Noah could be brought down as accomplices, and Kays boy would dump her and shed have to run off and hide with her kid. Spike then suddenly knew how they can get around this, if they were married then he couldnt testify against her. Jessica said she wanted a knight in shining armor, she wanted to live happily ever after. Spike said hell be her knight and save her from the gas chamber. She cant believe this is her choice. Spike said it is him or the gas chamber. Back to reality, Noah asks Jessica to tell him why she married him, he will help her get through whatever is going on no matter how bad it is. Jessica says she married Spike because she loves him. Luis has had enough of this, he shoves Spike down and demands to know where Alistair is. Luis threatens to beat the truth out of him if he doesnt tell them where Alistair is.

In their hotel room, Ethan cant stop thinking about the cave-in and how Theresa was determined to get to JT. He tells Gwen he needs the truth. She says shes never lied to him. He says theyve known each other for twenty years, and they took vows to be together forever and raise a family. However he says this wont happen if he doesnt clear his mind of these nagging doubts. He says Theresa has raised questions about her and her mother. Gwen assures him that they are wild accusations and shes hurt that hes believing Theresa over her. Ethan says something doesnt feel right to him, why would Theresa be fixated on this JT guy. Gwen says because shes Theresa. Ethan says Theresa risked her life to get to this guy, and Theresa swears JT has proof that Gwen and Rebecca sent the story to the tabloid. Gwen says shes lying. Ethan asks why? Why would she risk her life for something she wasnt sure about. Why would she do that? Gwen doesnt know how to make sense of Theresas motivations. They continue to argue about Theresa. Ethan says he is still nagged by this, hes never seen Theresa so out to get to this guy. He demands Gwen be straight with him, does she know JT Cornell or not? Gwen lies to Ethan and says she does not know JT Cornell. Gwen says the way Ethan is looking at her and talking to her, well hes scaring her. Gwen says she doesnt know JT, but if she did why would it matter. Ethan says the tabloid editor isnt the problem, the tipping off of the editor isnt the problem either. He says the lie is the problem, if she has been lying to him for years and years then that is unforgivable, their marriage wont survive. However he says they have nothing to worry about since she told him she didnt give JT that information. 

Whitney and Theresa talk about the nuns prediction. Theresa is sure shell be with the man she loves soon. Whitney reminds her that the nun also saw great pain in her future. Is she going to stick her head in the sand and think everything is all rosy? Theresa says why not. Theresa says they just got amazing news, but Whitney says shes ignoring the facts. Whitney says Gwen is still married to Ethan and Chad is still her brother, the nun is wrong. Theresa says shes not, things will work out for them she knows it. Theresa says she doesnt run scared when everyone threatens her. She recounts the email she was sent, that she would win Ethan in Rome but lose her love in the process. Whitney says its the same contradiction the nun saw in her vision. Theresa says shell deal with whatever is to come tomorrow, today she knows shell end up with Ethan. Whitney wishes she could have such hope. Theresa thinks she can, think the glass is half full not half empty. Theresa says good things will happen for them both. Whitney says Ethan will never leave Gwen, hes told her a million times he wont. Theresa says she believes she will get Ethan. Theresa says shes close to finding JT, and once she does hell help her get Ethan back. Theresa says God will come through for them, he works in mysterious ways. Whitney says so does Satan.

At Alistair's secret chamber, more tremors occur as Alistair unlocks the power of the chalice. He works on transcribing the last few words. Norma picks up the chalice and Alistair demands she give it back right now. She says she just wanted a little drink out of it, and daddy can have it back soon. He says hes not her daddy and wants it back. Norma and Alistair soon fight over the chalice. Alistair tells Edna to tell her friend to let it go. Edna pulls on Norma, and Beth pulls on Alistair. JT watches and makes jokes. The chalice soon ends up flying up into the air as Alistair screams nooooo! Everyone rushes to try and catch the chalice, Alistair manages to leap for it and catch it. Alistair says the power of the chalice is his. Alistair then says everyone stay away from him, if anyone touches the chalice then hell kill him. Norma doesnt know why daddy is so mad. Beth says stop calling him her daddy, shes not Normas daddy! Edna cant believe Precious is the most normal person she knows. Meanwhile, JT decides to do some snooping for the scoop. Norma, Edna and Beth end up in a huge fight, so JT uses the distraction to break into Alistairs desk. He reads something and cant believe they were all so right, Alistair Crane is a bastard. Alistair continues to wait for the chalice to reveal its power, Norma and Beth are wrestling and JT has found the pot of gold. The chalice begins to glow and Alistair laughs. He then makes a beam shoot from it and it carves the Vendetta symbol in the door. Everyone looks at him with fear.


June 27, 2006

At the Crane mansion, Julian asked to meet Rebecca. Rebecca arrives in a cooks outfit to play a game, but Julian says he didnt ask her here for that. He says he wants to ask again for a divorce, he wants to marry Eve. Rebecca once again tells him no. Julian says they had a great relationship, but it was only based on sex. HE says hes with the woman he loves now and he wants to marry her. He asks Rebecca to let him be free to marry her and free herself to find love as well. He tells her that she will be wealthy, she can travel the world and meet many men. Rebecca says all right. She says shell give him a divorce. Julian thanks Rebecca. She says just make sure her settlement is bullet proof, shes holding him to his word. She asks if he wants to have one last romp for old times sake? He says he doesnt think so, hes going to go tell Eve. Rebecca then goes to find the gardener. 

TC has been drinking and looking at photos of Eve. He wonders how he was so stupid as to let her go. He decides to get out of here, there are too many good memories here. He grabs some car keys and stumbles out of the house drunk, bottle of booze still in hand. TC drives and says he should have forgiven her for the affair, if he had hed still have his wife. Suddenly TCs car spins off of the road.

At Tabithas, Fox argues with Miguel, he wont let him go to bed with Kay. Miguel says hes only trying to help Kay. Eve says Kay has suffered a shock and may simply need a good nights sleep to recover. Fox doesnt like this, and neither does Siren. Miguel says its only for one night. Fox says she better remember tomorrow, this cant happen again. Meanwhile, Kay and Tabitha talk in the kitchen. Kay plans on making love to Miguel all night. Tabitha says anything that keeps Miguel away from Charity is fine with her. Kay shows up in the living room with wine and candles, but Eve says no no. Eve says wine is a stimulate and she needs a good night sleep. Siren asks Tabitha if Kay is faking. Tabitha says she isnt. Later Julian shows up to give Eve the wonderful news, Rebecca is going to give him a divorce after all. He says they will finally be married. Eve is thrilled. Eve asks if Rebecca will keep her word? Julian believes she will. Eve cant believe that they will finally be married. Julian says and it will be forever. Eves phone rings, it is the hospital. Shes stunned to learn that TC has been in an accident. She says shell be right there. Eve tells Julian that they dont expect TC to live. 

Miguel and Kay hit the bed. Kay kisses on Miguel, who says they should rest. She says shes not tired, she wants to make love. Fox spies on them from outside. Miguel tries to convince her that she needs to rest. Kay says fine, but will he at least hold her? He does. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells Siren that Fox wont stand for this much longer. Siren says Kay just has to get her memory back. Tabitha says if they dont then they will have a very volatile situation on their hands.

In Rome, Gwen and Ethan discuss Theresas obsession with him. Gwen swears she isn't lying to him. Does he thinks shed do something so horrible and lie to him about it? Ethan says no he doesnt, but his mothers lie cost him his heritage. He says his parents marriage was based on lies, and hes glad he didnt have to worry about that. Outside their room, Whitney and Theresa arrive. Theresa is positive Ethan will leave Gwen. Whitney reminds her that the nun also said she was going to suffer, and dont forget the email as well. Chad soon shows up to see Ethan too. Theresa bangs on his door, Ethan answers and sees Theresa and the others. He asks what is going on? Gwen is in bed and Chad says it looks like they are interrupting. Ethan says it is sorry and invites them all in. He asks what is going on. Chad wants to know if Ethan knows where Luis and Noah went. Ethan doesnt know. Theresa says she needs to find JT. Ethan says Luis and Noah are looking for them both. Theresa then tells Ethan she will find JT and he will prove the truth to him. Gwen says give it up, Ethan knows she doesnt lie to him. Theresa says shes been lying for years, but it ends tonight. Theresa tells Ethan about the nuns vision, she will get information that binds them together. Ethan says it wont happen, Gwen doesnt know JT Cornell. Theresa says Gwen is lying, but Ethan believes her. Theresa says shes lying, shell get the proof and get him back. Meanwhile Chad asks Whitney what is wrong? Whitney tells Chad about the nuns vision for her. Whitney says obviously the nun is wrong, they cant be together. Later Ethan gets a call from Noah, they know where Alistair is and Luis is heading there now. Ethan asks for his location, theyll all meet him there. 

At the club, Luis attacks Spike to get the truth out of him where Alistair is. Meanwhile Jessica screams not to hurt him. Fancy, Noah and the others dont understand how she could marry him. Jessica begs Luis not to kill him, but the others tell her to tell Spike to give them the info. Jessica says he cant give them anything if hes dead. Luis says shes right and lets him go. He falls to the ground and Jessica runs to him claiming hes dead. Of course hes not dead, so Luis gets rough again. Meanwhile, Noah tries to talk to Fancy, but she says shes heard enough. Noah swears Jessica knows the truth and is lying. He swears this was a setup by Alistair. Fancy says shes tired of hearing this. Noah says its the truth. She tells him to stop trying to come up with explanations, she doesnt want to hear it. Fancy says she cant get past the picture of him and Maya in bed. Noah thinks maybe she doesnt want to because shes falling in love with Luis. Fancy says dont be ridiculous. Noah has seen how she looks at him. Fancy says she admires Luis, he is everything she once thought he was. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Spike to just tell them where Alistair is. Spike says hell tell them, he tells them about his hidden room. Fancy insists on going with Luis, she can help. Luis says fine. Noah says hell meet them there, he has a call to make. Paloma and Simone want to go with Noah. He says okay, and he says Jessica has made her decision as to whose side she is on. Noah calls Ethan to let him know where Alistair is, Ethan says he and Chad will meet them all there. Meanwhile, Jessica feels terrible about lying to Fancy. Spike says she is not to say anything, she is married to him and does what he tells her. Jessica says she only married him so he cant testify against her, and she hates him. Spike says she doesnt hate him, she loves her spike man. He says her family has never been there for her and she knows it. Jessica says she guesses he is right. 

In Alistairs hideout, everyone is mesmerized by Alistair unleashing the power of the chalice. He says soon the power of the world will be his. He says he is one step closer to possessing all the power. Beth asks when hell have it? He says when he breaks through all the levels. Beth asks if she could borrow the cup to get Luis back? He tells her silence, he needs complete concentration. Meanwhile JT has uncovered the latest secrets Alistair has been hiding. Edna catches him and asks what he found in Alistairs desk? JT wont tell, its a bargaining chip. Edna says nobody bargains with Alistair. JT says he knows something even Alistair doesnt know, that along with what he just discovered puts him in an important position with Mr. Crane. Alistair keeps chanting and unlocks another level of the chalices power, which unleashes more rays of light. Norma thinks Alistair is in danger and tackles him, saying shes saved her daddy. Alistair is furious, he was so close and she ruined it! He tells someone to get this aberration away from him. Norma cries that shes always letting him down. Edna keeps Norma away as Alistair tries to break through the second level.

Luis and Fancy head through the catacombs to find Alistair. They soon see a guard in the tunnel. Luis comes up with a plan to distract him. Fancy asks to help. Fancy approaches the guard saying shes been looking for this place, her grandfather told her where he was. The guard says hes expecting no one. Fancy says her grandfather will be happy to see her. As she distracts the guard, Luis sneaks up and smacks him from behind. They then look for the secret door to Alistairs room. Back inside the room, Alistair can feel the power in the chalice. He tells everyone to be quiet, he needs silence to work. Suddenly the door opens and Luis walks in. He sees Beth and cant believe shes alive. HE grabs her and asks where Marty is.


June 28, 2006

First 10 minutes the show interrupted due to regional flooding news

Whitney, Chad, Simone, Paloma, Theresa, Ethan, Gwen and Noah are making their way through the catacombs. Theresa hopes JT is still with Alistair and has the proof that Gwen ruined Ethans life. Gwen tells her she never gives up. Meanwhile, Simone cant believe Alistair had Whitney living down here. Whitney says she knows. It turns out Whitney is leading them in circles. They cant find Alistairs lair. 

In Alistairs room, Fancy gets hit by Alistairs chalice beam as hes trying to kill Luis. He says hes sorry to Fancy. Beth says she doesnt want Luis dead, she loves him. Alistair asks Fancy why shes with Luis, he turned Sheridan against him and now hes doing it to her. Fancy wonders if Alistair has always been like this. She says Luis loves Sheridan and wants to be with her. Alistair says thats impossible, shes married and expecting another mans child. Norma recognizes Luis, and Luis realizes this is the crazy woman who tried to kill Tabitha. Edna says water under the bridge, she's had lots of shock therapy and they have traveled the world together. Luis tells everyone enough, he wants to know where Marty is. Beth says Marty is safe, and Alistair says Beth is right and hell never see him again. Fancy asks how Alistair could be so mean? Beth tells Fancy not to question daddy! Fancy slaps Beth for trying to kill her at the art exhibit opening. Alistair sets the chalice down and says everyone better be quiet or hell kill them all with the chalice. Luis grabs Beth harder and demands Beth tell him where Marty is. Beth wont, and Alistair says get his hands off his daughter. Luis says then Alistair tell him where Marty is. Alistair doesnt know where he is. Alistair tells Luis hes sick of him interfering in his plans, he turned Sheridan against him and now Fancy. Alistair says Luis has been a thorn in his side for a long time, and every time he tries to get rid of him it doesnt work out. Alistair says now things have changed, and the first edict of his reign is Luis death. Fancy begs her grampy not to do this, Luis just wants his son back. Beth calls Fancy a stupid blond. She says Marty is her son, Luis cant have him and Fancy cant have Luis. Beth then slaps Fancy. Alistair scolds Beth as Fancy is dear to him. He also tells Luis he will not raise Marty, Marty is a true Crane and will be raised as one. Luis wont let that happen. Alistair says with the Chalice neither him nor any other idiot from Harmony will stop him. Alistair then realizes the chalice is gone, JT has taken off with it. As he tries to leave, Chad, Noah and the others show up and stop Alistair. They grab Alistair and hold him back. Theresa looks around and wonders where JT is. Gwen runs off, and Theresa follows. Ethan and the others learn Beth is alive and is hiding Marty. They also see Edna and Crazy Norma. When Ethan learns JT was here with Alistair, he realizes Theresa was right. Alistair suggests they all find JT before he deciphers the chalice, if he does he could destroy the world. Ethan sees Gwen and Theresa are gone, which isnt good. Whitney says they need to concentrate on the chalice. Ethan and Chad escort Alistair out and Luis and Noah take Beth.

JT has run off and has the chalice. He wonders how to use it to make himself the top dog. Gwen begins running after JT, she has the money for him to get lost. Theresa is hot on her trail, she knows Gwen is after the proof so she needs to get to him first. Gwen eventually finds JT and says she has his money. She pays him off just as Theresa arrives and takes a picture with her camera phone. She says gotcha and runs off. Gwen then chases after her.

Alistair is drug out to the piazza as is Beth. Luis demands once again Beth tell him where Marty is. Ethan wonders where Gwen and Theresa are. Suddenly they hear Theresa shouting help from the catacombs. Whitney and the girls go to help her. Chad follows to see what is going on. Luis then asks Alistair where his son is. Alistair doesnt know, and Beth wont say. Luis says they can hold daddys head under the water in the fountain till Marty appears. Beth says no! Alistair is not bothered, and suddenly tons of Alistair's men appear out of nowhere and surround them all.

At Tabithas, Siren and Fox spy on Kay and Miguel who are in bed. Kay wants to make love, Miguel is trying to keep her off of him. Siren thinks this is all just too weird. Fox agrees, but he says Eve says there have been other cases like this. Fox says this is killing him but Kay isnt responsible for her actions. Siren asks "and Miguel, how long is he supposed to resist?" Fox says they are about to find out. They see Miguel is kissing all over Kay. Siren wants to barge in, but Fox says no. He says Miguel has to stop this, but why isnt he? Siren says they have to stop this before it gets any hotter. Fox says okay, but in a way that doesnt startle Kay. He doesnt want Kay to forget who she really loves. A spying Tabitha wonders if that is Fox or Miguel. Miguel finally stops Kay and suggests they wait until after they are married to make love. Kay says she doesnt want to wait. Miguel says she needs to rest and hes going downstairs. She says hes not going anywhere. Fox eventually walks in and tells Miguel that he has a phone call downstairs. Kay is on top of Miguel at this point holding him down. Kay says she didnt hear the phone ring. Fox says well she didnt hear him knock either. Miguel leaves, and Fox tells Kay to sleep well. Kay thinks if Miguel is getting bad news she should be there for him. She tries to leave, but Siren stops her. Siren says they need to talk. Kay doesnt know Siren, she guesses she is Foxs girlfriend. She says what kind of name is Siren and why they arent at home instead of here so late. Siren says shes a mermaid remember? Kay says excuse me? Siren realizes Kay really isnt faking, she doesnt think shes a mermaid anymore. Kay says shed like Siren to leave now. Siren refuses to leave Kay alone with Miguel. Kay realizes Miguel has been gone awhile, she thinks something bad has happened and she should go check. Siren says no, she needs to stay here with her. Siren remembers an old re-run of I Love Lucy where a second hit on the head jogs someones memory. She thinks the worst that could happen is Kay dies. She grabs a baseball bat and approaches Kay from behind. 

Meanwhile, Fox has a talk with Miguel about making out with Kay. Miguel says Kay was coming onto him, he was just humoring her like Eve said. Fox says Dr. Russell didnt tell him to have sex with her. Miguel tells Fox to chill unless hes looking for a fight. Fox thinks hes right, Miguel wants to have sex with her. Miguel says he doesnt want to make love to Kay, and he thinks Fox is upset because maybe hes wondering how much Kay really loves him. Fox says that is not it. Miguel says he didnt plan on this, hes in a jam and trying to make the best of this situation. Miguel says Kay wants to make love to him and hes trying to stop it, but stuff happens when a woman is in a bed with any man. Fox says then sleep elsewhere. Miguel says he tried, Kay wont go for it. Tabitha continues to spy, she thinks this isnt good, Miguel wont be able to keep his hands of Kay, Fox will feel threatened and Siren will be threatening Kay. Endora begins to cry, so Tabitha has to give up spying to tend to her. Fox tells Miguel not to take advantage of Kay, hes not engaged to her. Miguel says they are both in this together and hes trying to help Kay from forgetting she was ever with Fox. Fox says if Kay doesnt wake up and remember the truth, well this is tearing him up.

At the hospital, Eve sits by TC, who is in his bed and bandaged. She begs him not to die, she says he has so much to live for. A doctor comes in to see Eve. The doctor says theyve done all they can, hes stable for the moment. Eve says he doesnt think hes going to make it does he. The doctor says it doesnt look good. Eve asks to see his chart. She reads it and cries. Julian stays outside and watches. The doctor says there is one thing left to do, they can pray. He also says a nurse will watch TC around the clock. The doctor leaves and Julian learns how bad the situation is. Eve begins to have flashbacks to the good times between them. Julian goes to Eve, she is feeling terrible as this is the second car accident to threaten his life. Julian says this time they arent to blame and they are here to help him. Eve knows TCs knee never healed and he became a drug addict. Julian says she brought him back from all that and lost him thanks to Liz. Eve says TC must have really been hurting to drunk drive. Eve asks Julian if she can stay here tonight, she cant stand it if TC died alone. Julian says theyll stay together. Eve doesnt even know how to reach the girls and tell them about TC. Julian says it may be best to keep them in the dark.


June 29, 2006

First 5 minutes or so of the show interrupted again due to regional flooding news

In the piazza in Rome, a huge fight is going on between the good people of Harmony and Alistairs men. Ethan says they cant fight everyone on their own. Luis tells Paloma and Simone to run and get some help. They do, and Ethan hopes they come back soon with help. Beth cries to Alistair not to let Luis die, dont let her sons father die. Alistair says she is not Martys mother, Sheridan is. Fancy says this psycho is right, stop all of this. Alistair says no, all his enemies must be destroyed. Fancy says Edna is just an old woman in poor health. Alistair says those are good reasons right there. Fancy says this is wrong, he cant kill innocent people. Alistair says he can, and they cant stop him. Beth then pulls a gun on Alistair! Alistair asks where she got the gun. She says one of his goons gave it to her. She says call off the goons now. Alistair says she is as cold as him. She says compliments wont get him anything, call off the goons or shell shoot him dead. Alistair says this is what he gets for sleeping with one of the great unwashed. Beth asks Alistair what it will be, call off his goons or Fancy loses her Grampy. Beth cries how shes loved Luis since High School so he better let him live or she will kill him. All the fighting has now stopped, Norma tells Beth to leave their daddy alone! Beth says Alistair is not her daddy. Norma says give me the gun, Im not going to axe you again. She screams and somehow the gun flies out of Beths hand and into Alistairs. He thanks Norma, and then tells his men to kill them all. The fighting resumes. Beth is not pleased with Norma, and she tells Norma to get over their and save Luis, who is being beaten to a pulp. Fancy cries this is too terrible to watch. Beth says poor delicate blond, if Luis lives then she still cant have him. Alistair warns Beth not to hurt Fancy.

Simone and Paloma head to the police station to get help. The cop wont have anything to do with this, he tells them to go away. Simone thinks the police have been paid off. Paloma asks what they will do? Simone knows who hates Alistair and who will help them. Paloma hopes shes right about this, so they run off. Simone and Paloma end up heading to a lesbian bar! Simone asks the head lesbian for help, and she asks why she should help them? Simone says this is why, and she kisses Paloma! Paloma is stunned. The head lesbian says nice, but she could have just said shes gay. Paloma says Simone is, shes not. The lesbian asks if she's sure about that? Simone says they need her help. When they mention Alistair is after them, the head lesbian calls him an evil old breeder. She riles the women to go kick some bigoted butt. Simone and her band of lesbians march into the piazza with their own gay pride parade to kick Alistairs butt. Alistair says no it cant be! He says his body is going to be torn limb from limb. 

In the catacombs Whitney meets up with Theresa, who is arguing with Gwen. Theresa decides to show Gwen the photo she took of Gwen with Ethan, she can tell Ethan what she saw. Theresa shows the photo to Whitney, and Theresa says this is the moment Gwen has lost Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa something is wrong, her phone isnt working. Theresa says her battery died, tell her she saw them before it died. Whitney says she didnt. Theresa says she can still recharge her phone and show it to Ethan. Theresa says shes going back to the hotel and Gwen should settle into one of these empty niches. Whitney leaves, and Gwen attacks Theresa over the phone. They have a knock down drag out fight over the phone, and Gwen eventually smashes it. Gwen says no phone, no picture and no Ethan for Theresa! Gwen says after all this time she has finally won. Theresa says no, this is a minor set back. She says shell find JT, but Gwen doesnt think so. Gwen says shes finally won. We then see a flashback of all their cat fights. Gwen says to the victor goes the spoils, she has Ethan and Theresa doesnt. Theresa says the nun said Chad and Whitney would be together and shed get the information to be with Eve. Gwen says fine, if Chad and Whitney get back together then maybe she will get Ethan, but she doesnt see that happening. Gwen tells her all the kings horses and all the kings men cant put her cell phone together again. Theresa cries she hates her. Gwen doesnt care and tells Theresa to just stay away from her husband. Gwen walks off. 

JT is still running through the catacombs, Chad is chasing him. Chad corners him and demands the chalice. JT says he has something more valuable, what if he tells Chad that Whitney and him can be together? Chad says how that can be possible? JT agrees to tell him if he lets him go. Chad says no way, JT is just lying to get him to let him go. Chad says he wont believe this, they are going to the Vatican now. JT says he can be with Whitney, shes not his sister and he can prove it. JT says Alistair used them to try and keep Julian and Eve apart, but it didnt work. JT says all he knows is that they arent brother and sister. Chad says this means he can be a family with Whitney. JT says yes now hes going. Chad doesnt believe him, DNA tests proved he was Whitneys brother. He thinks JT is lying. He says hes taking JT to the Vatican to give the chalice back. JT says he saw the proof that they werent brother and sister. He shows Chad the proof he stole from Alistairs office. Chad looks it over and is stunned. He says so its true, Whitney isnt his sister and they can be together. He learns Liz is his mother and Alistair is his father. Chad asks how is this possible? JT also says Liz is adopted and has no idea, neither does Eve. Eves mother adopted Liz after her first husband died. He says they share no blood at all, they can be together. JT goes to run, but Chad grabs the chalice. JT then takes off.

Whitney goes to the church and prays for a miracle, a miracle to let her be with Chad. A light shines through the window and then the holy mother Mary appears to her. She says God has heard her, be firm in her faith and shell get her miracle. Mary says her prayer was heard and it has been granted. Whitney thanks her and thanks God. Mary tells her to go to Chad now. She runs off. She returns to the catacombs and finds Theresa. Whitney asks what happened? Theresa says Gwen destroyed her phone. Whitney tells Theresa what the virgin Mary told her, and she asks where Chad is. Theresa says she hasnt seen Chad since he went after JT. Whitney tells Theresa her prayers have been answered, she will be with Chad and Miles. Theresa says really? Theresa says this is incredible.

Whitney soon finds Chad, who has the chalice. She sees he has the chalice, and he shows her the proof that JT stole from Alistair. He says they arent brother and sister, hes Lizs son and Liz is adopted. Whitney says so they can be together. They hug. Meanwhile, Theresa shows up and asks where JT is. Chad says he ran off. Theresa says she has to find him, and she asks why they are so happy? Whitney says she got her miracle. Theresa says if the nun was right about them, then shes right about her and Ethan. Theresa is convinced she'll get Ethan back.

Tabitha watches in her bowl as Siren approaches Kay from behind with a bat. Kay screams, Miguel and Fox bang on the door and ask what has happened. We see Siren standing over Kay, who is unconscious on the floor. Fox and Miguel break the door down, they see Kay out cold on the floor and Siren standing over her with the bat. Miguel asks if she hit Kay? Tabitha says its obvious that Siren has killed her. Siren claims she was trying to kill a fly and Kay just fainted. Endora quickly conjures up a fly. The boys believe her, and Siren tells Tabitha the bump on Kays head may just jog her memory. Kay wakes up and says Siren tried to kill her, but the boys say she was trying to kill a fly. Kay doesnt believe that, and the boys claim she fainted and hit her head. Kay tells Fox that she needs to talk to him about tonight. Fox says hes ready when she is. Kay says his girlfriend is demented and dangerous. Fox realizes Kay doesnt remember yet, and he hopes shell remember tomorrow. Kay says shes tired and she wants to go to bed now. Fox thinks they should wait and make sure shes okay, but Kay thinks shell be fine. 


June 30 , 2006
At Tabithas, Siren and Fox watch as Kay and Miguel kiss and dont stop. Fox says time to come up for air now. Fox says perhaps they should take Kay to the emergency room. Kay says she doesnt need the ER, she just needs the love of the man of her dreams. Siren tells Fox this hurts doesnt it. Fox cant believe this is going on, he doesnt know how much longer he can humor Kay. Siren says she knows they can get through anything together. Tabitha knows Siren is making her move on Fox, and she reminds Endora of the mermaids curse. Endora curses In her talkie bubble. Tabitha asks where she learned those words? She says TV. Fox asks to talk to Miguel, so they talk. Fox says this is insane. Miguel says they have to play along with this fantasy. Kay then asks everyone if they can clear out, she and Miguel want to go to bed. Fox warns Miguel that all he better do in that bed is sleep. Miguel says of course. Fox tells Kay to get some rest. She calls him a party pooper, and she tells Fox remember what she said about Siren, shes crazy and thinks shes a mermaid. Siren and Fox leave them. Siren tells Fox that they can get through this together. Fox says hes going to sleep on the couch downstairs, but she says he should sleep in Miguels bed with her. Fox says what, she wants him to sleep with her? He says no way, hes not jumping in bed with another woman. He says Kay and Miguel won't make love. She says she just asked him to sleep with him, not have sex. She says they can rest just like Kay and Miguel. He says thanks but the couch will be fine, and he needs to be alone anyways. Fox walks off, and Tabitha asks why Siren shes all smiles? What is she up to? Siren claims nothing. Tabitha warns her that Endora wants Fox with Kay, she wont sit by and let her be with Fox. Siren tells Endora that Kay has been rude to her, so she must be punished. Siren says when Kay gets her memory back, shell have lost both Fox and Miguel. She says isnt that hilarious? Siren then takes off. Tabitha promises Endora that shell keep her eyes on Siren. 

Miguel is in bed, hes telling himself he cant make love to Kay, he cant keep coming up with excuses. Kay walks in wearing a negligee. She was hoping this would perk him up. Kay begins kissing him. Tabitha spies on them from her bowl. She thinks if they dont do something then Miguel and Kay will make love. Tabitha tells Endora that she wants her to hit Miguel. Endora zaps Miguel through the bowl, and it throws Miguel out of the bed. Miguel is okay, but he claims that was a mood breaker so they should get to bed. Kay says they can just snuggle. Miguel just hopes Kay doesnt come onto him again. Later Kay realizes Miguel has yet to say he loves her, is something wrong? Kay thinks he doesnt love her anymore. He tells her that he loves her, he says he didnt know he wasnt saying it. Kay says shes just used to hearing him say it to her all the time. Miguel tells her that he loves her more than any other woman, that is the truth.

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha spies on Siren, shes about to use her song to lure Fox into her bed. Endora wants to zap her, but Tabitha says Mermaids have their own magic that protects them. In her room, Siren begins singing and sets her tune to Fox. Fox is in the bathroom washing up when he hears the singing. He falls under Sirens spell. He feels compelled to find where the music is coming from. Tabitha explains nobody but Fox and them can hear the song, and they have to do something. Fox walks like a Zombie to Sirens room. She ends up spinning this green vortex around him. Tabitha says its Neptune's Tunnel, it blocks Fox from hearing anyone else. Fox kisses Siren, and Siren tells him to wait in her room for her. Siren then tells a spying Tabitha, who is in the hall, that nobody can fight her song and Tabitha cant stop her. Siren then goes to make love to Fox. Tabitha tells Endora they have failed. 

In the catacombs of Rome, Whitney and Chad are together, Whitney hopes Theresa will be this happy too someday. Theresa says she will, the nun has to be right about her as well. She says she has to find JT and get that proof. They take off and look for JT. They cant find him, so Theresa tells them to go celebrate, shell keep looking for JT. Chad says first they need to get the chalice back to the Pope. Theresa tells them that shes happy for them, Whitney has her life back and they have given her hope. Whitney says theyll actually be able to have a normal life like everyone else. Whitney and Chad then leave. Back above ground Theresa then hears JT cursing at a motor bike. She runs off, leaving her crushed phone behind near a fountain. Theresa runs after JT, who speeds off on the bike. She ends up jumping on JT and his bike, causing them both to crash. Theresa soon comes to and jumps on top of JT, she pins him to the ground and threatens to beat him with a brick she picks up. She wants JTs proof. She slams the brick on his hand and says that is a taste of what she has in store for him. Theresa says she wont let him stand in her way, she has God on her side. He thinks shes insane, but she says a nun foretold it. JT says he can give her something better than the tabloid proof, he can give her what the nun predicted. He says he has information he kept from even Alistair and its shattering information. He tells Theresa that Julian isnt Little Ethans father, Ethan Winthrop is! 

Whitney and Chad bring the chalice back to the nun. She thanks them, she says they have saved the church and maybe all of mankind. Whitney and Chad hug and kiss. Whitney tells the nun that her prophecy came true, they arent related. She says she wont be taking her final vows, she is not leaving Chad again. The nun is happy for them, marriage and raising children is an equally valid way to serve God. They walk off, and the nun hopes they are happy while it lasts, great trials are coming for them. Later Whitney and Chad return to their hotel room. Chad tells her that all hes ever wanted was her. Whitney says they are free to be together without stigma. They then kiss and begin to undress one another.

In the piazza, the big fight continues. Suddenly Simone shows up with her lesbian parade. Alistair is afraid, he thinks hes going to be torn limb from limb. Simone says Sick Em Sisters! The lesbians then begin beating up all the men. Beth ends up defending her dad when a lesbian tries to attack him, and Alistair says good girl. Gwen shows up and gets filled in by Fancy on what is going on. Fancy and Gwen scream warning at the men, Noah becomes upset that Fancy seems to only care about Luis. Beth cries to her dad to let Luis go. Alistair says the lesbians turned the tide, Luis will be fine probably. Beth thanks God for the lesbians. All of Alistairs men are rounded up and run off. Luis then tells Alistair that he and Beth are going to jail. The lesbians cheer. Luis thanks the girls, Paloma says he means women. He says without them they never would have won the battle. Simone says you can always count on the sisterhood, they hate Alistair as he's a homophobic bigot. Noah wants Alistair to confess the truth to Fancy, but he wont. Noah tries to attack Alistair, but Luis holds him back. Luis tells Alistair its time for him to go to the authorities. Alistair asks Simone and Paloma to tell Luis what happened when they went to the cops? They say the cops have been paid off. Alistair says the cops are his employees, they wont punish him. Luis says there will be justice, he will make Alistair pay himself. Luis then begins strangling Alistair! Ethan and Fancy stop Luis, they say hell end up going to jail. Luis decides to call Interpol to come take him into custody. Fancy hopes they wont hurt her grandfather. Noah says he is a monster! Noah calls Interpol. Beth asks Alistair what they will do? He says what do you mean we? He reminds her that she betrayed him. Beth says she got caught up in a moment and she saved him from a lesbian. Alistair says if he goes to jail then she does too. Alistair has an escape plan, he has a controller that will blow the whole piazza up. She says with them in it? Alistair says they wont feel a thing. He pushes the button, but it doesnt seem to be working. Luis says the police are on the way to get him. Luis sees Alistair has something in his hand. Beth tells Luis shell see him in heaven and throws herself into his arms. Alistair then blows everyone up! Everyone soon wake up, it was just a smoke bomb. Alistair and Beth are both gone. Fancy is glad her grampy didnt get hurt. Noah cant believe her. They argue, and Noah asks if they can forget this and start over. She says there isnt an us and there may never have been. Meanwhile, Luis vows to find Alistair. They hear him laughing at them all. He speaks through an intercom, he says hes long gone. He tells Luis hell never see Marty again and Sheridan will never forgive him.

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