March 6, 2005 

At the mansion, Theresa and Ethan continue to work on Ethan's project. He solves all sorts of problems, and Theresa says he's such a genius. She says this is why he needs to be a part of this project. He says once again that he'll be happy to talk over ideas with her, but he's not coming back to work for her. She says of course. She gets a call she has to take, so she excuses herself. It's Collier calling, and she tells him to keep Gwen busy and her plan for Ethan is working, they are getting closer. Theresa has a fantasy about Ethan telling her how he can't fight it anymore, and how she's right. He says they do belong together, at work and romantically. He says she's his soul mate and he loves her. Theresa tells herself that will happen. She gets back to working with Ethan. She gets a call from some construction firm in Boston that is interested in the project. Ethan, when he learns who it is, says she can't use them. HE says they do resorts and golf clubs, they will mess this up. He suggests she go with a local firm, that will create jobs in the community and it lets the community have a say in things. She says again he is right. Theresa tells Ethan that they have to face the facts, without him this project is doomed. She says she needs him to come work at Crane and on this project, it is his destiny. She tells him to think about the legacy he'll leave behind, how he'll make Harmony a better place for Jane. Ethan seems to be thinking it over.

In Pilar's room, Pilar tells Katherine to get out, but Katherine won't. Katherine says she won't play the martyr anymore, she has to stop this wedding for everyone's sake. Pilar can't believe Katherine's nerve, and she won't let anything Katherine says stop this wedding. Katherine says Martin loves her. Pilar says he does not! Katherine says Martin is only marrying her out of guilt, out of a sense of obligation. Pilar says that is not true, Martin loves her. She says he only feels pitty for Katherine. Katherine says that's not what she felt last night and this morning, when she was naked in his arms and when he kissed her. Pilar calls her a liar, but Katherine says she's not lying. She says she was in their bedroom when Pilar came to get her shoes, how would she know that if she wasn't lying? Pilar says Katherine may have been there, but she probably threw herself at Martin begging him not to do this as usual. Katherine says MArtin loves her, and deep down Pilar knows that. She says they were kissing and in bed, and if Pilar doesn't believe her then look at his back, look at the scratches on Martin's back.

In the kitchen, Father Lonigan continues to question Martin about which woman he loves, which woman does he want to be with? Has Martin been able to push Katherine out of his heart? Martin admits he was tempted by Katherine last night, but he was strong. He says he wants to marry Pilar. Father Lonigan says yes, but out of love or obligation? Martin says he's asked himself that many times, and the answer is both. He says he loves Pilar, but he does feel obligated to her. Father Lonigan says for leaving her and for hurting her? Martin says yes. Father Lonigan says he once told him that he felt married to Katherine in Mexico. Martin says yes, but that was when he thought he could never return to Harmony and to his family. Father Lonigan says but they did return in spite of all the danger to them and their family. Martin says yes, and Katherine will just have to move on with her life, to accept this and find someone else. Father Lonigan says that was the wrong answer. He tells MArtin  that Pilar is a good woman and does not deserve to be hurt again. Father Lonigan says if he cannot say he is marrying Pilar with a full heart then don't marry her. Father Lonigan says if he does then his marriage is doomed.

At a gay bar, Simone is drinking a cocktail when Rae approaches her. Rae is shocked to see Simone here, but Simone says it's a gay bar and she's gay. Rae says Simone was questioning that last time they talked. Simone says she's not anymore. Rae thinks Simone looks sad, does she want to talk? Simone agrees to talk to her. She begins talking about how alone she feels right now. Rae says she knows that feeling. Simone also says she's feeling like an outsider. She says right now her mom's friend is getting ready to get remarried, and Kay is getting ready to marry Fox. She says she and Kay always talked about how they'd get married, live next to one another and their kids would be best friends. Simone says that's not going to happen for her. She asks Rae if she ever thinks about that and if it upsets her. Rae says sure it does, people gay and straight alike want to be able to marry the ones they love. Rae says but times are changing as are people, soon they will be able to get married. Simone says she hopes so. Simone also talks about Chad and how she thought she loved him, but she really just convinced herself she was in love with the idea of loving him, of being normal. She knows now what her real feelings are and that she used Chad to try and cover them. Rae says she's been there. Simone says then she thought she found that person she could love and be with in Rae, but she misread that situation too. Rae says maybe not. Rae tells Simone that the only reason she pushed her away was because she was questioning her sexuality. Rae says she's been involved with people like that before, and she ends up getting hurt. Rae tells Simone that she loved her still, she never stopped and perhaps they can be together if Simone will still have her. Simone of course says yes.

In Hawaii, Otto tells his men to find Chris and Sheridan and not to let them find the nursery or it's over. Sheridan and Chris have found the nursery, and it sounds like a woman is singing to a child and bathing him in the bathroom. When they go inside they find a woman cleaning the tub. Sheridan demands she tell her where Marty is, but the woman doesn't speak English. She runs off, and Chris says she'll be sending guards soon. They run through the house and end up in another room. Sheridan suddenly gets a chill, as if Marty is close by. Chris says he's not here, but Sheridan says not that they can see. She finds a hidden door behind a tapestry. It's locked, so Chris breaks it down and heads inside, tripping on something. Meanwhile, one of Otto's men realizes what Sheridan and Chris have found. HE reports to Otto, and Otto says this is bad. He says he has no choice but to blow the house up and everyone in it, prepare to evacuate. The man says Alistair is in a coma, but Otto says he has his orders and knows what happens to people who disobeys Mr. Crane. Otto flips the switch on the wall revealing a big red button.


March 7, 2006

At Crane, Ivy continues to talk to Fox about how Kay sneaks over to her dads house to look at old photos of her and Miguel with Maria. Fox says Miguel was Kays first love. Ivy says just because she didnt get over Sam doesnt mean Kay isnt over Miguel. She tells Fox not to think twice about any of this. Fox says hell see her at the mansion and walks off. Ivy thinks to herself that went great! She goes back to see Valerie and says she really got Fox worked up over some old photos. Ivy says now all they need is for Miguel to come home and feed Foxs fear. Valerie says she did all she could to get Miguel back, and if it doesnt work then Ivy can get on a plan and bring Miguel home herself. Ivy says shes a little bit of nasty, no wonder shes done so well for herself here. Ivy says shell just have to keep her finger crossed that Miguel decides to come home.

Tabitha and Kay approach the mansion, they have the babies with them. Tabitha senses major misery and upheaval here at Casa Crane. Kay tells her to stop with all the doom and gloom, this is a happy night, proof that love wins out. Kay tells Tabitha for once just stop it with the unhappiness talk. Tabitha says shes sorry and perhaps she should let Kay and Fox run down the path of misery. Endora zaps her mother, and Tabitha says shes tried to stop Kay and Fox from dooming their relationship, but she wont accept that Miguel might be coming home. Kay says it wont happen, he wont stop looking for Charity. Endoras talkie bubble says wanna bet.

In Alistairs study, Theresa continues try to convince Ethan to take the job as Co-CEO. She tells him to put his personal feelings aside for the sake of this project. She says it will be his legacy, a legacy that Jane can be proud of. She says Jane will be able to say that her dad did something amazing, that he made a difference for good in this world. Theresa says as Co-CEO hell have the power to leave the world a better place for his child. She begs Ethan to accept the job. Ethan tells her no, he wont take this job. He says he wont have anything to do with her and Crane. Theresa doesnt know how he can turn down the chance to have it all. Ethan says she needed his help so he offered it, end of story. Theresa says she needs him. Ethan says hes not going to do this again, he wont accept any job offer she has to make him, in fact he wont help her ever again. Ethan says he knows what shes doing here, shes trying to lure him back to Crane with this project. He says all this does is prove he cant let his guard down around her. He says she used this to try and get him to come back to Crane. Ethan says shes been caught, his answer is no. He tells her to just stop, game over. Ethan then walks out of the study. Ivy then storms in and tells Theresa to just leave Ethan alone. Ivy says stay out of Ethans life and stop following him like a crazed stalker. Theresa says she was offering him the job she raised him for. Ivy says no that is just bait, what she wants is time alone with Ethan to get him away from Gwen. Ivy says even Ethan can see this. Ivy says Ethan doesnt want the job and he doesnt want her. Ivy storms out, and Theresa says Ivy is wrong and she will get it back. Later Theresa fantasizes about marrying Ethan at the mansion. In her fantasy, Ivy is tied to a chair and gagged! Ethan thanks Theresa for believing in them and never giving up on them. When Ivy begins to try and scream, Pilar gets up and slaps her as Martin holds her! Theresa says her dream will come true.

In Pilars room, Katherine tells Pilar that Martin kissed her and it was like they never parted. Pilar says shes lying, so Katherine tells her to look at Martins back and tell her that shes lying. Pilar slaps Katherine. Pilar calls her a filthy whore and that shell do anything, say anything to get Martin. Katherine admits she does want Martin, and Martin wants her. Pilar says no man is that desperate. Katherine says the marks on his back are the proof that they were intimate. Pilar cant even talk to her. She says this trick to stop her wedding wont work, she knows Martin would never do this to her. She tells Katherine to get out before she rips her lying tongue out. Katherine says the truth is that Martin loves her and they were in bed together. Pilar tells Katherine to get out of her face, she has to collect herself before the wedding. Katherine says this ceremony is a sham, he is going through with this meaningless ceremony out of guilt. She reminds Pilar that Martin tried to divorce her but she wouldnt hear of it. Katherine says Pilar used being a good Catholic to hold onto Martin. She tells Pilar to call off the ceremony, she cant force Martin to love her. Pilar screams get out! Katherine says shell go, but Pilar cant get her out of Martins heart or take her place in Martins bed. Katherine leaves and Pilar breaks down in tears. Pilar remembers talking to Martin and him and telling her that he and Katherine are finished, he knows it and she knows it. He swore that he was devoted to her and their future together. She remembers later questioning him now that the truth about Rachel was out, did he want to stay with her as Alistairs threats had no power. Martin said he did want to stay with her. Pilar tells herself that she will not allow Katherine to take Martin from her, she wont let Katherine make her doubt her husband or his love for her.

In the kitchen, Father Lonigan tells Martin if he still loves Katherine then he shouldnt marry Pilar. He says he cant take Pilar to be his wife if his heart is with Katherine, it isnt fair to Pilar. He knows Martin has good intentions, but he cant commit to Pilar. Martin says he will be faithful to Pilar. Father Lonigan says in mind and body? He says Martins silence says it all, he should not marry Pilar. Martin says he loves Pilar and is ready to be her husband again in the eyes of the church. He says he is committed to her and can forsake all others for Pilar. Father Lonigan says he has yet to hear Martin say Katherine isnt in his heart. Martin says Pilar is first in his heart, he wants to spend his life with her. He says he failed to live up to his first commitment to Pilar, this time he will keep his commitment to her. He says he owes it to her and his children. Father Lonigan says so Katherine is out of his heart? The wedding planner comes in and tells Martin its time to get ready. Father Lonigan says they arent finished yet. Martin tells Father Lonigan not to worry, he loves Pilar and will keep his commitment. Martin then leaves.

Martin goes to change and remembers Katherine in his arms the night before. HE tells himself that he loves Pilar too and will prove it. As he changes, Pilar is in the hallway. She keeps thinking about what Katherine said to her about what she and Martin did last night. She remembers Katherine telling her to look at the scratches on Martins back for proof. Pilar approaches the door to Martins room where he is changing, Katherines scratches are on his back.

Kay meets up with Fox and they kiss, she says shes so glad hes here. Fox begins to talk about their wedding, he hopes theirs is as beautiful as this. Kay says they will have the most beautiful wedding that Harmony has ever seen. Tabitha watches and wonders if this is temptation island. Fox tells Kay that he loves her and doesnt want to lose her. He wants to get engaged now and plan their own wedding. Kay says its just the planets. Fox doesnt care, accept his proposal right now. Tabitha tells Kay not to do it, disaster will ensue if she says yes. Kay tells Fox she wants to get engaged, but they have to wait and it wont be that much longer. Fox says hes gone on with this because he loves her, but he has never known her to be so superstitious. Fox does everything he can to convince Kay to say yes, but she says she has to wait. He doesnt understand why, it doesnt make sense. She says she knows, just do it for him. Fox says as long as she swears this isnt an excuse, that there isnt another reason shes dragging her feet. Kay swears she wants to get married to him more than anything, but if they get engaged now it will only cause misery. Tabitha says this is all true. Fox asks if there is no one else? She asks if hes worried about Miguel? Fox gets a business call and excuses himself. Kay talks to Tabitha about how if she doesnt accept his proposal then shell lose him. Tabitha says if she accepts it then shell lose him too. She says she must wait until the time is right. Kay says shes decided to accept his proposal, her future with Fox is too important to wait for space junk. Tabitha tells Kay to listen to her. Kay says she has and she has almost lost him. She says shes doing it her way. Endora implores her mom to stop Kay, but Tabitha says its too late. Kay goes to Fox and tells him to propose to her again, shell like his answer this time. Fox gets down on one knee and begins to propose to her. He asks her to marry him. Kay says she will marry him and accepts his proposal. Fox says nothing will ever come between them, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Ivy opens the front door and finds Miguel standing there. She tells him that his come coming will mean so much to everyone.

In Hawaii, Chris explores the hidden room theyve found. Sheridan waits outside and asks if he sees anything? She hears a bang, and she asks Chris if hes okay? Chris has fallen down and is unconscious. Chris gets up and says hes fine, he tripped on something and fell. He looks for what he tripped over. The passage way hes in is dark and dug into the rocks. Chris discovers a body, hes tripped over a body. Sheridan says it cant be her little boy, he cant be dead. Chris says they are alive, and this person is an adult. Sheridan wonders who the person could be, then she thinks it could be Beth. Sheridan yells to him if the person is a woman. Chris doesnt know, and he says hell bring the person out. Sheridan thinks the person must know where Marty is. Suddenly, Sheridan hears the self destruct message and tells Chris they have to hurry and get out of here. However, she doesn't want to leave Marty. Chris says they can't find Marty if they are dead.

Meanwhile, Otto tells his worker if hes positive Chris and Sheridan found the hidden corridor? The man says yes, so Otto says he has to destroy this house along with Sheridan, Chris and their guest. Otto says Sheridan cant live to see her hearts desire. He goes to push the button. Otto says he promised Mr. Crane that Sheridan would never see the guest. He tells his man to get the others and leave, they wont have much time to escape. Otto damns Alistair for making him kill his daughter and the two people near and dear to her. Otto pushes the button, and an alarm says the self destruct sequence has been activated and detonation will occur in twenty minutes. Otto asks God to forgive him for this.


March 8, 2006

Noah paces around the Bennett house waiting for Mayas phone to ring. He says ring damnit, ring! Sam finds Noah, he says he thought hed be over at the mansion for the ceremony by now. Noah says hes not going, Fancy doesnt want to see him right now. Sam knows this has something to do with Maya, and he knows its all connected to the attacks on Maya and Fancy. He demands Noah tell him what is going on. Noah says his dad will have to trust him on this one, he cant tell him. Sam says not good enough. He says hes tired of all of Noahs secrets. He wants to know what is going on. Noah says he doesnt have anything to tell, he has to figure this out for himself. He begs his dad not to press him. Sam is furious. Noah says once he figures it out then hell tell his dad everything he knows. Noah says he knows this is rough, but he doesnt have a choice. Sam says he does, he can tell him what is going on so he can help him. Sam tells Noah hes in over his head, hes dealing with some bad guys. Sam says Fancy could have been killed. Noah says he knows that, but there is nothing his dad can do to help him. Noah says he loves Fancy and wont let them hurt her again. Sam says then let him help him. Noah wont. Sam says Noah is so damn stubborn. Noah says he just needs time to figure this out himself. Sam says fine, but if he hears anything then hes getting involved in this. Sam also says whatever is going on, its not worth losing the woman he loves. Sam leaves, and Noah says he wont lose the woman he loves, thats why he is doing this his way. Eventually the phone rings, and Noah talks with the mystery woman. She says this isnt Maya. He says no, shes dealing with him now. He asks who this is, and the woman says it doesnt matter. He says whatever is going on to stay away from Fancy. The woman says she must mean a lot to him. Noah demands to meet her and her cronies face to face. The woman says that can be arranged, and she tells him to go to the wharf as someone will be waiting for him. The woman then hangs up. Noah ends up getting his dads gun out of a secret safe and heads off. 

At the mansion, Katherine has a talk with Fancy. Katherine didnt know Fancy was home already. Fancy says all she is doing waiting for the test results on her eye, she might as well do that at home. She says in the mean time she has to walk around looking like a pirate. Katherine asks where Noah is? Fancy says she doesnt know and doesnt care. Fancy says it is over between them because Noah couldnt be honest with her. She says she doesnt want a relationship with a man who keeps secrets. Katherine says life isnt always that cut and dry, maybe there is a reason he wont tell her what she wants to know. Fancy says if you truly love someone, you do whatever it takes to hold onto them. Katherine says yes she supposes you do. Katherine asks Fancy if part of the trouble with Noah is that she blames him for her eye? Fancy says not at all, she knows Noah would have traded places with her if he could. Fancy feels Noahs feelings for her arent as strong as her feelings for him. She says she was so wrong about Noah, she thought he was the one. Katherine says if she still loves Noah then it doesnt have to be over, maybe Noah has reasons for not opening up to her. She says true love doesnt always run a straight course, and sometimes people get hurt. Fancy wonders if they are talking about Katherine now. Katherine says shes talking about life in general. She says Fancy is young and has so much life ahead of her. She tells Fancy not to let Noah go if hes the one she wants. They continue talking about Noah and love. Katherine tells Fancy that her sister Rachel is one to go for what you want no matter what. Fancy says but Rachel isnt in love with anyone. Katherine says good point. Katherine just wishes Fancy the best and doesnt want her to give up on Noah. Katherine leaves, and Sam shows up. He asks if Ivy is around, but she doesnt know where she is. Sam talks with Fancy about what is going on with her and Noah. Sam says Noah wont talk to him, but he does love her. Fancy says just words, if you love some one then you should be honest. Sam says Noah wont tell him anything either, and he gets this stubbornness from him, he wants to do everything on his own. Sam also says Noah loves her and will probably love her for the rest of his life. Fancy asks then why cant he tell her the truth? Sam says he understands her frustration with Noah. Fancy says it is different though, she thought they would have a future together. She says she thought shed be Sam's daughter in law, but that wont happen. He says only if she lets it happen. He says they have to trust Noah enough to believe whatever he is doing it is for the right reasons. He asks if she loves Noah enough to do that? Fancy says she is worried about him, she doesnt want to lose him. He says they have to hope Noah doesnt do anything rash. 

Pilar approaches the door to Martins room. She thinks about Katherine telling her about being with Martin the night before and scratching his back. Pilar thinks Katherine is lying to her. She opens the door to Martins room and gasps. Martin has a t-shirt on, she didnt see the scratches. She is just upset that he has seen her, she didnt think he was here. She says this is bad luck, but Martin says its just a silly superstition. Pilar says she brought him something, she wanted him to find them. She gives him a package and says she should go. He says she looks like an angel in her dress. Martin tells her to stay here while he opens the box. Inside are Pilars fathers cufflinks. Pilar says her father left them for Martin when he died, but Martin wasnt here. She says she held onto them hoping hed return one day. Martin thanks her and says her father was such a good man. He says he is a lucky man to marry her a second time and he knows that. Pilar cries and says shell see him downstairs. Martin asks if everything is all right. She says she wonders if it is, does he really want to marry her? Is she the woman he wants to spend his life with? Martin swears he wants to be with her, he wants them to be a family. He wonders where these questions are coming from? She says probably just jitters. She says shell let him finish getting dressed. Pilar goes to leave, but she remains haunted by Katherine telling her about the scratches on Martins back. Pilar stops and asks Martin if he is sure there is nothing he wants to tell her? Martin says there is something he should tell her, there is something she needs to know. He says on their first wedding day he knew how lucky he was to be marrying her. He says he still feels that way, he loved her then and he loves her now. They then hug. Martin says he has to finish getting dressed. She sees she got make-up on his shirt. He says thats not a problem, and he takes it off to put another one on. She then sees the scratches on his back! 

Fox and Kay hug one another after Kay accepts his proposal. She tells him to heck with the planets, and she cant wait to marry him. Tabitha tells herself that will happen when hell freezes over. Tabitha says Kay is going to lose Fox now. Fox tells Tabitha that this is great, Kay is going to marry him. Kay tells Tabitha not to worry, she and Fox love one another enough to survive anything. Tabitha tells herself she doesnt think so. Fox decides they need to share a toast, so he pours some glasses of champagne. Tabitha tries to convince Kay to take the ring off and say she changed her mind. Kay refuses and says shes never been this happy. Tabitha says soon shell be unhappy, the dark side will freak. Kay says she doesnt care, shes tired of the curses and spells, she and Fox deserve to be happy. As Fox, Kay and Tabitha toast, all their glasses shatter! Fox says hes never seen that happen. He goes to get the cleaning staff to clean it up. Tabitha asks Kay if she believes her now? Kay says it was an accident, but Tabitha says it was a warning. 

Ivy is pleased as punch when Miguel turns up at the mansion. He asks if hes late for the ceremony? She says no hes right on time, and she cant wait to see the look on everyones face when they see him. Ivy says hes such a good son to come home for the wedding. Miguel says he had to be talked into it. He says Theresa assistant really pressured him in to coming back, is something wrong? Ivy says as far as she knows everything is fine and it was probably Theresa way of getting him to come home. Miguel says maybe, and he cant wait to see Maria. Ivy says shes an angel, and Kay and Maria are in the living room. She decides to take him in. Ivy announces to everyone that Miguel is here and sends him in. Of course by then nobody is in the living room, only a maid is there cleaning up the broken glass. Ivy tells Miguel she thought they were here, shell go find them. Miguel says its okay, and he would like to shower and change before the ceremony. Ivy has the maid take Miguel up to the guest win. He also asks Ivy to keep this a secret, he wants to surprise his parents. Ivy thinks they wont be the only ones surprised.

Fox, Kay, Maria and Endora are outside. Tabitha is with them. Father Lonigan approaches, and Tabitha calls him Father Stevie Wonder. She knows she cant let Endora get too close to him, hell sense shes a witch. Fox is glad they ran into him, he says he and Kay are engaged to be married. Father Lonigan congratulates them. Fox says hed like Father Lonigan to marry them, though they don't have a date set. Father Lonigan says he would be glad to. Fox leaves to tend to the kids, who are playing in the snow. Father Lonigan then asks Kay a question. He says it wasnt long ago when she was in love with Miguel. He says she went to extraordinary means to get Miguel. Kay knows, and she isnt proud of what she did. He says yes but she did sell her soul for Miguel, so he wants to know if she has put her feelings for him behind her? She says she is over Miguel, but Father Lonigan hears something in her voice that indicates she may not be as over Miguel as she thinks. Fox returns and says Marias jacket got covered in snow and mud, shes with Little Ethan's nanny now getting cleaned up. Kay runs off to check on Maria. Endora wanders over to Father Lonigan, and this worries Tabitha. He thinks she must be one of Marias little friends. Tabitha cant believe her own daughter is cavorting with a priest. Tabitha calls to Endora and tries get her to come, but she says no! Father wonders whos child she is as he senses she is a pure and loving soul. He says she has a truly spiritual essence. Tabitha says this is blaspheme, she had no idea her daughter was g . .. g . . . good. She wonders where she went wrong.

Fox talks with his mom in private, he tells her that he and Kay are engaged. Ivy says she thought . . . Fox says he was concerned about the photos, it did freak him out, but then he realized it didnt matter. He says Kay loves him and doesnt have romantic feelings for Miguel. He asks his mom to congratulate him and he hugs Ivy. Ivy tells herself shell just see if Kay marries Fox.

Upstairs, Kay walks into the nursery and says whoever is holding her daughter to put her down. The person turns around, and Kay sees it is Miguel. Miguel says she is really beautiful. He tells Kay it is good to see her. She says its good to see her too. Fox then walks in and sees all three of them together.

In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris are working to get out of the compound, Chris is carrying the body with him. At the same time, Otto and his men make their escape and plan to lock everyone else in. Chris and Sheridan continue to look for an exit, but Sheridan says if Marty is still here then she cant leave her son. Sheridan tells Chris to go, she has to find Marty. Chris says he wont leave her. He says they dont know if Marty is still here. Sheridan says she cant go, she cant leave him. Chris says he thinks Otto has probably taken Marty with them, they wouldnt hide him all this time only to kill him now. Chris begs her to come with him otherwise she will die here and Marty will never know his real mom. Sheridan agrees to go with him. Time runs out, so Chris says they have to go out the window. Chris smashes a window with a chair. Sheridan runs out, and she sees a car headed for the gate. She goes after it as Chris tries to get the man out of the house. Otto and his man speed toward the gate. He tells his man he doesnt like killing three people, Sheridan, Chris and their other guest they left behind. Meanwhile, the house blows up, and Sheridan is propelled by the blast. After the blast ends, Sheridan gets up. The man in the bag is next to her, Chris is no where to be found. She thinks he didnt make it out. Fortunately Chris comes out of the house. He says he just married her, he isnt going anywhere. Chris checks on the man and Sheridan goes off to find the car that was speeding off. Sheridan leaves, and Chris unmasks the man, who is Luis! 


March 9, 2006
Noah goes down to the foggy and spooky pier for his meeting. He has a gun with him. Noah calls out asking if anyone is here, he was told to meet them. He says come out and talk, he wants them to leave Maya and Fancy alone, hell help them with what they want. Nobody responds, and he wonders if this is a set up. He goes to leave and runs into the mystery woman from the phone. She tells him they finally meet, she can see what Maya and Fancy see in him. She says it would be a shame if anything happened to him. He asks who she is and what does she want. She says her name doesnt matter. He says it does to him, she tried to kill Maya and Fancy. She says her associates are more impatient than she is, and she says the incidents were only meant to be a warning. She says the agent took things too far. Noah says what agent, an agent of the government? She says shes not at liberty to say. Noah says shes no longer dealing with Maya, shes dealing with him now. He says the fun and games are over, he wants her to leave Maya and Fancy alone. He says he loves Fancy more than anything and he wont let her or anyone else hurt her. He tells her to leave them alone or she answers to him, understand. The woman says he doesnt understand, he doesnt call the shots. She says Noah, Fancy and Maya cant hurt her or her associates. HE grabs her, pulls out his gun and says wanna bet? She suggests he stop acting macho and start acting wisely. She says force and threats cant protect him or his ladies, if she or her associates wanted them dead then they would be. He says nobody messes with the people he cares about. She says dont say I didnt warn you. She then pulls out some kung fu moves and takes Noah down! She asks Noah, who is on the ground in pain, if they understand one another now. Noah says she fights dirty, why is he not surprise. She says he pulled a gun on her, she had no choice. He says normally he wouldnt hit a woman, but in her case hed make an exception. She says she can see what Fancy and Maya see in him. He says leave them alone, but she says thats not possible. He says why not. He says he and Maya kept quiet about the attic and Fancy has no idea what happened. The woman says that man was her partner and she cared about him very much. Noah says he didnt know, and he says they should have gone to the police but Maya said not to. She says Maya was right, going to the police would have gotten them killed. Noah asks what she wants from them? She says she wants to know who killed her partner and what they did with the package stolen from the trunk. Noah says what package? She says he was there, he must know what happened. He says he doesnt, and neither does Maya. She says then find out who killed her partner and what happened to the package they stole. She says if he does, she might let him, Maya and Fancy live. She then goes to leave. He grabs her and says wait. She pulls a gun on him and says shes in charge, and he should do ask she asked otherwise Maya or Fancy will die as well. Noah says to find who killed her partner and some stolen package after all this time, its not doable. She says she has confidence in him. He says he hasnt agreed to anything. She says he will, he has no other choice. She then leaves. Noah thinks there has to be a better way to protect Maya and Fancy than this.

At the mansion, Martin goes to change his shirt when Pilar gets make-up on it. She sees the scratches on his back and becomes upset. He asks what is wrong? She says shes sick of him and his lies, sick that he cheats on her with his whore. She then slaps Martin. He asks what this is about, why does she think he was with Katherine. She tells him to look at his back you adulterous pig. He sees the scratches in the mirror. He says he didnt realize. Pilar says what, that his whore marked her territory or that shed find out. Martin says he didn't realize Katherine did that, but they werent making love. He says Katherine begged him to make love to her but he refused. She says lying to her only makes her angrier. He swears it is true, he says she tried to seduce him and must have scratched him. She doesnt believe that, did she scratch him through his shirt? He says he was getting ready for bed and had his shirt off. Pilar tells him to stop, shes had enough. She says shes done with all of this and shes done with him. She then rushes off. Martin puts his shirt off and goes to go after her. Katherine shows up and says let her go, its best she know the truth. He says what truth, that she scratched him when they werent having sex? She tells Martin he loves her, he just isnt strong enough to face it. Martin says he has to make her understand, but Katherine says Pilar doesnt want to hear anything else. Martin realizes Katherine already spoke to Pilar. Katherine says thats how Pilar knew about the scratches. He cant believe what shes done. Katherine says shed do anything not to lose him. Katherine tells Martin that Pilar is now free to move on with her life and they are free to be together. Martin tells Katherine that she had no right to interfere. He says he was going to commit to Pilar. Katherine says because he feels guilty. He says he loves Pilar, but Katherine says not like he loves her. Martin says hes told her over and over that hes not leaving Pilar. Katherine says thats why she did this for him, he doesnt have to leave Pilar, shes left him. 

Kay finds Miguel with Maria in the nursery. Miguel says Maria is beautiful, and its good to see him too. Fox then walks in and sees them all together looking like a family. He sees Miguel and Kay holding Maria together. Fox quickly leaves before hes seen. He tells his mom that Miguel is back. Ivy says yes, and its natural for them to share a moment with their daughter, he shouldnt worry about it. Fox says shes right. Fox goes in and says hello. Kay says they didnt know she was here. Fox asks Miguel why hes back? Miguel says Theresas assistant tracked him down and asked him to come back, she sent the Crane jet. He doesnt know why. Kay thinks she wanted him here to see the wedding. Ivy says to herself and while hes here he can break up Fox and Kay. Miguel says hes glad to be back, just holding Maria again made it worth the trip. Ivy suggests to Fox they give them time alone, but he says no. He says they should toast to Miguel's homecoming downstairs. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Endora see that Miguel is back. Tabitha says they are off the hook for a wedding present for Kay. He says Kay didnt listen to her and now trouble is here to stay. She wonders which man Kay will choose to be with.

Theresa spies on Ethan feeding Jane as he says he knows Jane misses her mommy, he misses her too. He says shell be home from work soon. He says then theyll watch the ceremony together as one happy family. Ethan then sees Theresa is watching him. Theresa says she was looking for him. He says he doesnt know why, he has nothing more to say that she hasnt heard. Hes not coming back to Crane. She says she knows that, and she says she was just wanting Jane to get a nap before the ceremony so shes not fussy. He says he was going to do that after she has her bottle. Theresa asks if she can feed her, and he says of course. Ethan hands Jane over to Theresa. He goes to go get her a towel. Theresa tells Jane its mommy, not the blond imposter shes been forced to live with. Theresa before long shell be living with her, daddy and Little Ethan all the time. Theresa goes to put Jane down, with Ethans help. She cries and they try and sooth her. Theresa feels terrible, Jane is her daughter and she barely knows her. Ethan tells Theresa not to start in on the whole custody issue. Theresa says he just doesnt understand how it feels, she misses her and she should be with her real mother. Ethan says they arent going there. Theresa says shes sure Gwen is great, but now shes busy at work. Ethan puts Jane down, and Ethan suggests to Theresa that they go downstairs for the ceremony. They leave, and Little Ethan sees big Ethan and gives him a hug. Little Ethan misses him, they dont get to play because hes never around. Ethan says hes here now. Little Ethan wonders why Ethan cant stay, doesnt he like him anymore? Theresa says of course Ethan likes him. He says then why did he, Aunt Gwen and Jane move out. Ethan says its a long story, but they wanted a place to call home for their family. Little Ethan says he thought he was part of his family too. Little Ethan walks off, and Ethan says he is. Theresa tells Ethan not now. Ethan says hes sorry and leaves as Theresa comforts Little Ethan.

Downstairs in the living room, Fox decides to pour the gang some champagne. Tabitha tells Miguel he seems to become more handsome than ever since hes been gone. Miguel tells Tabitha that she hasnt changed a bit. To herself, Kay says witches age more slowly than Cher. Miguel says Endora has grown, and shes so pretty. Endoras talkie bubble says Your nice, but I want Fox with Kay. Tabitha says Endoras blond locks remind her of Charity. She asks Miguel if hes had luck finding her? He says no, every time he gets close she disappears. He says its so frustrating. To herself, Tabitha says its witchcraft. Tabitha tells Endora that they cant let Miguel find Charity, if they get together in an adult way then their time on the planet will be over. Kay fills Miguel in on everything that has happened since hes been gone, like Paloma returning, and the stuff with Chad and Whitney. Fox says not everything that has happened is bad, his mom and Sam are engaged. He then whispers to Kay why she hasnt told Miguel they are engaged, is she trying to hide it? She says shes not hiding anything, and she will tell him. Meanwhile, Ivy asks Miguel how long he plans on staying in Harmony? He says long enough to get to know Papa and get reacquainted with Maria. Ivy says she doesnt know, once he gets to know Maria he might not be able to leave. Miguel says Kay has done an amazing job with her. Ivy just hopes Miguel will be upset with the idea of Maria calling Fox daddy and hell decide to stick around.

Pilar goes into the kitchen in tears. Father Lonigan is there, and he asks what is wrong. She says shes calling off the ceremony, she wont marry a two timing pig like Martin. Pilar says Katherine said she and Martin were intimate and there are scratch marks on his back to prove it. Father Lonigan tries to calm her down, but there is no calming her down. Father Lonigan says he and Martin spoke earlier, and while he cant say what Martin said, that he is certain Martin didnt break his vows to her. Pilar says Katherine scratched his back and she didnt do it because he itched. Father Lonigan says Martin was faithful and resisted temptation, he wants to make a life with her and their children. Father Lonigan begs Pilar to please go back and talks to Martin. Pilar says its not worth it, but Father Lonigan says it is. He says she owes it to herself, to Martin and her children to try and mend this marriage. Pilar says she will give Martin a chance to explain, but only because she would hate for Katherine to end up with him.

Back upstairs, Katherine tells Martin how this is best for all, including Pilar who would have ended up in a loveless marriage. Martin says how many times does he have to tell her that he loves Pilar, they were happy together before he left Harmony. He says Pilar has suffered enough, and because of Katherine and her lies, he may have lost her. Katherine says Pilar knows that he still loves her and that she will always be in their marriage and in their bed. Katherine says Pilar will move on, and the two of them can have the life they deserve. She pulls him into a kiss. Outside, Pilar pulls herself together and prepares to go in. Fortunately Martin quickly pushes Katherine away and says he wont do this. He says he will be faithful to Pilar. Unfortunately she grabs him and pulls him into another kiss as Pilar opens the door. 

In Hawaii, Chris talks to Luis and asks who he is, he doesnt realize the man is Luis. He has a beard and is scruffy looking. Chris says maybe Sheridan will know who he is. Chris asks him if he knows what Otto did with Marty? He shines a light in Luis face, which makes him wince with pain. Chris says hes sorry, and her covers his face up because hes so sensitive to light. Chris wonders who he is. Meanwhile, Sheridan finds an a car and a cell phone, but the battery in the phone is dead. She says shell have to find another way to contact the police. Sheridan finds there are keys to the car in it, so she decides to get Chris and go for help. Sheridan goes to Chris and asks if the person he found knows where Marty is. Chris says if he does, hes too out of it to say. Sheridan thinks maybe she can get through to him. Chris says the man has been in the dark for weeks, hes sensitive to light. He says dont take the blindfold off of him. Sheridan kneels down, Luis face is covered so she cant see it. She questions him about Beth and Marty. He hears her voice and thinks about Sheridan and their past. We then see a Luis and Sheridan montage. Luis doesnt answer Sheridan, and she feels bad for him. They decide to keep his eyes covered until they get him to the hospital. She says they should get him in the car and to the hospital, she can call the police when they get there. They load him in the car and take off. Luis weakly tries to call to Sheridan, but she doesnt hear him. Sheridan speeds to the hospital, and Chris asks if he knows how fast shes driving? She says Luis taught her how to drive his police car a few years ago, she can handle this. Luis coughs, and Chris says it sounds like hes not doing too good. Sheridan says he has to be okay, he may hold a clue to where Marty is. They arrive to the hospital and the doctors and nurses take care of Luis. Chris tells Sheridan they have to be patient, if their friend knows anything about Marty then hell tell them when hes able to. The doctor and nurses examine Luis as Sheridan stands on the other side of the curtain.


March 10 , 2006

At the mansion, Miguel holds Maria and tells Tabitha he cant believe how big shes gotten and how much has happened in a year. Tabitha says hes missed a lot, her first words and her first baby steps. Miguel thinks she knows his voice, but thats all. Tabitha says he is Marias father even if she doesnt know it. Miguel says he has nobody to blame but himself for that. Tabitha says its a pity he hasnt found Charity yet.

Kay and Fox talk, Fox wants to know why Kay wont tell Miguel about their engagement. She says she was just surprised to see him. She says she will tell him right now. Kay and Fox go to tell Miguel. Kay says there is something Miguel needs to know. Ivy watches from the background. She says she knew bringing Miguel back would put distance between Fox and Kay. Miguel tells Kay before she tells him her news, he has something to tell her. 

Ivy asks Fox if hes okay, and he says he is. Ivy says this must be awkward for him seeing Kay with Miguel, but he says hes fine and hes not threatened by Miguel. Ivy says why should he be, Miguel has never showed an interest in Kay. He says they do have a child though. Ivy says Charity dumped Miguel and thats when he slept with Kay. She says men want what they cant have, Charity ran off so Miguel followed. She says he can't have Charity and  now he cant have Kay. Fox wonders what shes saying, that hell want Kay? Ivy says no, but Miguel just hasnt had luck with women. She hopes he finds Charity as she is the one he claims to love. 

Back to Miguel and Kay, Miguel says there is something he should have told Kay long ago. Tabitha listens in and thinks Miguel is going to say something big like he loves her. Miguel tells Kay that she has done an amazing job with Maria. He says shes wonderful, shes perfect and it is because of Kay. He says shes a terrific mother. He says hes sorry he missed so much of MAria's life, she's grown up so fast. Kay says babies do grow up. Miguel says he sees that and hes glad shes taking good care of her. He says Maria is happy and Kay is so happy too. Kay says there is a reason for that. Maria then calls out, Come here daddy! Miguel goes to Maria, but Fox does too. Fox takes Maria and says Thats my little girl. Miguel realizes that Maria was talking to Fox. Kay says shes sorry, but Miguel says its okay. He says Maria doesnt know him, and she works for Fox so he must see her a lot. He says maybe when Maria knows Fox is just her boss then shell understand. He takes Maria from Fox and says he doesnt mind does he? Fox says of course not. Fox realizes Kay hasnt told Miguel. He gives her a look, as does Ivy. Fox says Kay needs to tell Miguel, Miguel thinks hes still just her boss. Kay says she knows but he was hurt over Maria calling him daddy, imagine how hed feel knowing Maria would be with him every day. Fox says hes sorry if Miguels feelings will be hurt, but he chose to leave her and Maria. He says Miguel chose to chase Charity instead of being a father to his daughter. Fox says hes the one who has been here for Maria and will be there for her. Kay says she knows. Fox tells Kay that she needs to tell Miguel that hes the man she loves, will marry and will be Marias stepfather. Meanwhile, Tabitha says she knew Miguel would cause trouble, he could be the one who could destroy them. Ivy says to herself that this is for Foxs own good.

Pilar finds Katherine kissing Martin. She ends up running off in tears and runs into Theresa in the hall. Theresa asks what is wrong? Pilar says its over, shes calling off the ceremony. She says her father still loves Katherine. Theresa takes her mom to her room and asks what happened? Pilar says she saw them kissing. Theresa says maybe Katherine grabbed him and kissed him. Pilar says no, she tells Theresa about what Katherine told her, that they had made love and she scratched his back. Pilar says she saw the scratches on his back. Theresa asks if she thinks Katherine is being honest? Pilar says she saw the scratches. Theresa asks why he would do this? Pilar says here father claims Katherine tried to seduce him and he resisted. Theresa says but she saw the scratch marks. She says Martin says Katherine put them there, and Father Lonigan believes Martin is being honest. Theresa asks if she talked to papa? Pilar was going to when she saw him kissing Katherine. She says Martin would rather be with his whore. Theresa says she doesnt know that for sure. Pilar says she does, and she cant go through with this ceremony. Theresa doesnt understand why Papa would go through with this if he didnt love her. She says he thought he was doing the right thing. Pilar says she wont be the woman in his bed when shes not in his heart. Theresa tells her mom that she is angry and hurting, but she loves him and wants to be with him. Theresa says papa wants her too, and she is going to tell her mom what she has to do. She tells her mama not to give up, fight for him. Pilar asks how? She says her mom needs to march into that room and remarry him, she shouldn't give up. Pilar says it would feel like a lie though, she would seem him making love to Katherine all the time. Theresa says she knows it hurts, she knows how if feels more than anyone. She says she puts Ethan and Gwen out of her head and if she could get Ethan back then shed take them back. Pilar says she can take that picture of Ethan with Gwen out of her head? Theresa says she can. Theresa tells her mama think about all the years she waited, all the prayers and sacrifices she has made. She says papa is back, he is hers. She wants her mom to go through with the ceremony and not let anyone get in her way.

Meanwhile, Martin pushes Katherine away and says he wont do this to Pilar, he loves her. Katherine says shes a  lovable woman, but he doesn't love her. She says dont ruin Pilar's life with this decision. Martin says she is his wife and he wants to marry her, he wants to honor his commitment. She asks what about his commitment to her, what about the vows they made in Mexico. Martin says he thought they could never come back to Harmony then. Katherine says he cant convince her that he doesnt love her. Martin says this isnt about how he feels, its about doing the right thing. Martin says they are over, hes going back to Pilar. Martin tells Katherine that he doesnt want to hurt her, but she has to accept this. She says she cant accept it, she cant believe it. Can he really turn his back on what they shared? He says hes doing what he has to do. She says he doesnt have to do it, follow his heart. Martin says he followed his heart when they were hiding out, and he was wrong them. HE says he was wrong to abandon his wife and children. He says he helped her, but he didnt mean to stay away from his family forever. He says when he realized that he couldnt come home then he was devastated. Katherine says they had no choice at the time. Martin says he thought Pilar would have moved on. Katherine says they fell in love and she believes it was because they were meant to be together. She says she is his true love, and their vows were as real as his with Pilar. She asks why his commitment to Pilar is more important than his commitment to her? He says Pilar is his wife and the mother of his children. Katherine talks about their love and commitment, and how his love for Pilar is over but their love isnt. She says he doesn't love Pilar that way anymore. Katherine tells Martin he knows shes right, hes not in love with Pilar anymore, and they are the ones still in love. Martin says shes wrong and he is going to do it. HE says he does love Pilar and they will be remarried tonight. He says nothing Katherine can say can change his mind. She says he cant do this, hell be saying goodbye them forever. He says he knows. She says this will be a lie in his heart. He says he wont hurt Pilar again, he has to do the right thing, he has an obligation, a duty to her. Pilar arrives at this point and asks if that is all she is to him? An obligation? She says he only is marrying him because its his duty? 

The mystery woman calls Maya to scold her to be more careful with her cell phone. She says Noah answered her phone, they met and talked. The woman says Maya is right, hes a boy scout. The woman says he refused to tell her about the package. Maya says he doesnt know anything, and they didnt see who killed the man. The woman says she must have seen something, and they need that package back. Maya says shes wasting her time with her and Noah, they didnt see anything and dont know anything. The woman says they are her only hope, whoever has the package hasnt tried to sell it yet so they must still have it. Maya says Noah wont help, he wants to go to the cops. The woman says they cant let that happen, and if she has to threaten them again then she will. Maya says shell try her best, and if Noah ever knew she was working with them he would flip out. The woman says Noah didnt know when they were dating and he wont find out now. The woman says remember, shell be listening. Soon after the phone call, Noah shows up to see Maya. He tells Maya that the game is over, he wants to know what is going on. He demands to know who this woman is. The woman listens in as Maya and Noah argue. Maya swears she told him everything she knows. Noah says he should have gone to the cops years ago, this is way too dangerous. Maya knows, and she says he cant tell Fancy anything. Noah thinks Maya doesnt care about him or Fancy, if he did then shed tell him what she knows. Noah says the woman wants him to find out who shot the man in the attack and find some package. Noah says hes done with this, hes going to the police. Maya says he cant do that. Noah wonders what Maya isnt telling him. The woman then calls Noah and says going to the police would be a big mistake! He asks how she knows? The woman says it could be fatal to Fancy. He asks what she wants? She says find the man who killed her partner and find the package, without the polices help. She then hangs up on Noah. Noah wonders how this woman knew he was going to the police. He says she knows every move he makes. He says she knows things hes only told Maya. Noah says its her, shes been talking to them, shes in on this. Maya swears she isnt working with them, she reminds him that these people beat her up and almost killed her. She swears shes not working with these people. The spying woman hopes Noah buys Mayas act for her sake. Noah asks Maya if she knows who they are, but Maya says she doesnt. She swears she is a victim just like him. Noah says fine, but how do they know everything they talk about? He says the room could be bugged, but they dont always talk in here. He asks her if she carries something with her at all time? A purse, earrings, a jacket? She says she changes all of those regularly. He sees her necklace, shes always had it on her. Maya says she doesnt wear it every day. He asks if it is ever gone missing. She says no. He takes it from her and smashes it, smashing the bug inside. The woman is not pleased and says she has to do something about this and fast. 

In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris wait for news on the man they found. The doctors and nurses look over him, its Luis. Sheridan looks in the cubicle later, there is a body there with a sheet over it. Sheridan thinks the man is dead, they didnt get him here in time. A nurse tells them that they are in the wrong cubicle, the man they brought in is still alive. She says they are doing what they can for him and they have to wait. The nurse says theyll let them know when they can see their friend. Luis remains in the other cubicle and he calls out to Sheridan. Sheridan and Chris discuss Otto, theyve called the police and they are looking for Otto. Sheridan then wonders who the man is in there, why was Otto holding him hostage. She hates this waiting. She says they were so close, she could feel Martys love for her. Back in the cubicle, Luis thinks about his wedding to Sheridan is Mexico. He begins to smile, and the nurses wonder what hes thinking about. The nurse asks the doctor if hell make it, but the doctor says its too soon to tell. Back out in the waiting room, Sheridan suddenly begins to think about Luis for some reason. She says he just popped into his head. Chris says perhaps because shes worried about Marty. Sheridan says they were connected, they knew when one another was nearby. She thinks maybe hes trying to tell her about Marty. Sheridan tells Chris she doesnt want to hurt him, but he knows how important Luis is to her, he knows they had past lives together. Chris says he knows. She says forgive her, she is married to him and is committed to their life together. She says Luis is gone and part of her will always love him, but she loves Chris, he is her future. Chris suggests they go get coffee and food, by the time they return maybe the man will be well enough to talk. They then leave just as the doctors pull the man out, his face exposed. Of course Sheridan realizes she left the car keys behind, so she returns. He stops her though, he says he has her keys. Sheridan narrowly misses seeing Luis. Luis begins to come around as they take him off to X-ray. Chris and Sheridan return later and find the man is gone. They ask the nurse, and she says hes been taken for more tests. She says the man opened his eyes, but he hasnt really regained consciousness. Sheridan says shed like to see him. The nurse says she can see him when he gets into a private room. Sheridan says its important she find out if this man knows where her son is. Eventually they are let in to see the man. Sheridan walks in and says Oh my God! 

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