March 13, 2005 
At the mansion, Theresa listens in as Ethan calls Gwen to see when she'll be here. Gwen doesn't know as she has oodles of work left to do. Later Theresa apologizes to Ethan for trying to woo him back to Crane, she promises not to do it again. She then asks him for one tiny favor, just look over a few more ideas for her. He tells her that as he said before no. Later, Theresa gets a call from Mr. Collier, who begs her not to be angry. She asks if Gwen left work? He says no, but, well. He sends her a picture phone photo so she can see what he means. Theresa looks at it and says "That bitch!"

In Martin's room, Pilar has had it with Martin and his "whore" and says the ceremony is off. She says she was a fool to think Martin loved her, but all he sees her as is a duty and a responsibility. She says she was a fool to believe in him. She says the day of their vows he was in bed with his slut. He says he wasn't, he didn't make love to Katherine. Pilar says stop with the lies! She thinks about all the years she wasted waiting for him, how many people told her to move on but she believed in their marriage. She says she believed wherever he was that he was thinking of her too, but he wasn't. She says she wasted so much time, so many years, but no more. He swears he loves her, so she asks him if he can say he doesn't love Katherine, that she's the woman he wants to be with? Martin stays silent, and she calls him a coward.  Katherine makes a comment to Pilar that Martin doesn't really love her. This sends Pilar into a rage and she attacks her! Martin pulls Pilar off of Katherine and tells them to stop this. Pilar tells Martin she doesn't want him, and she's going to burn their bed that he slept with Katherine in. She tells Katherine if she wants Martin then take him.  She says she never wants to see him again and storms out of the room.

In Fancy's room, Rachel comes to visit Fancy and check on her. Fancy says her eye isn't really hurting, but Rachel wanted to check on her heart. She asks Fancy about Noah. Fancy says they are over, Noah couldn't be honest with her about Maya. Rachel knows Maya isn't being honest with Noah, she heard Maya on the phone talking about how she still loved Noah. She also knows Maya and Noah are mixed up in something dangerous. She wonders if she should warn Fancy. Rachel ends up telling Fancy that perhaps Noah has a reason for not telling her the truth, perhaps he's trying to protect her from something. She tells Fancy not to lose love, she's spent her whole life without love. She tells Fancy to take Noah back, tell him that she wants him. 

In the kitchen, Noah shows up and has a talk with Sam. Noah talks about how Fancy has dumped him for not telling her the truth. Sam urges Noah to be honest with Fancy and get her back. Noah does want to be honest with Fancy. He says he wants to tell his dad the truth about this Maya mess. As he begins to tell his dad, Fancy walks into the kitchen. Sam decides to leave and let them talk. Noah asks Fancy if she needs something? She says "Yes, this." She then grabs Noah and pulls him into a kiss.

In the living room, Fox asks Kay why she's not telling Miguel they are engaged. She once again says it's difficult, he was so hurt when Maria called him daddy, imagine how he'll feel to learn Fox is going to be in Maria's life every day. Fox says Miguel has to get used to it, and the sooner he's told the better. He wonders if there is another reason she's stalling, is she still in love with Miguel? She assures him that she's not in love with Miguel. She tells Fox that perhaps she's just not used to the idea that a guy like him wants to be with a girl like her. He thinks it's the other way around, he's so lucky to have found her and can't believe she wants to be with him. As they kiss and say I love you, Fox says all they have to do is be honest with one another and they will survive. He says so many couples in Harmony have been torn apart by lies.

In the nursery, Miguel is with Maria, Endora and Tabitha. They are talking about how much of Maria's life Miguel's missed looking for Charity. Paloma shows up and hugs her brother, and they have a talk. Paloma wonders if Miguel's search for Charity is worth losing out on his daughter. He says he loves Charity. Paloma knows that, but what about Maria? She also says does Charity even love him, she seems to run from him wherever he goes. He says it's not like that. He says he's come close to finding Charity several times, but something odd always happens. He explains one time in London he had an address for her . . . . We see Miguel looking for a 49 Carnaby Street, but he can't seem to find that house. He asks a woman, who is Tabitha in disguise, and she claims that house was bombed and blown off the face of the earth when she was a little girl. Miguel walked off, and Tabitha revealed the house she was standing outside of and sweeping the porch of was the house he was looking for. Back to reality, Miguel begins to realize how much he's missed out on. Meanwhile, Endora shows her mother a vision of Kay and Fox all happy, but then a dark shadow comes over them, they are zapped by lightening, and turned to skeletons. Tabitha is sure the dark shadow in Kay and Fox's future is Miguel. Miguel then tells Tabitha and Paloma that he's made a decision, he's staying in Harmony with Maria.

In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris find that the man has been bandaged and has an oxygen mask on. They ask the doctors if he is okay. The doctors say it's too soon to tell, and he may have eye damage due to being exposed to the light so quickly and after so long. Sheridan says that man may know where her son is. When she touches his shoulder, she has flashes of Luis. She senses she knows this man, and he knows something about her son. Later they are asked to leave so the man can be treated. Chris then gets a text message, the police haven't found any trace of Otto or his car. Sheridan fears with her father's money and connections Otto has gone into hiding already. They walk off and Otto shows up. He says Luis is as good as dead!


March 14, 2006

In the Crane kitchen, Noah and Fancy kiss. Noah asks Fancy what is going on? She asks if he missed sex-ed in junior high? He says she broke up with him and is now kissing him like hes the last man on earth. She says hes the only man for her, all she needs to know from him is that he loves her. Noah promises Fancy to tell her everything about Maya, but Fancy says no. She says she doesnt want him to tell her about Maya. Noah asks Fancy what is going on, shes always been on his case about being honest. He says she broke up with him for keeping secrets. She says she changed her mind. She says shes realized that all couples have secrets, and if he has one then that is fine. She says he can keep his secrets, she has secrets about men that she doesnt want to tell him. He says what? He cant believe shes been keeping secrets from him, and he demand she start speaking. She begins naming all these men all over the place that shes been with. He shudders, and she says now he knows what it feels like. She says she doesnt have any secrets though, unless he wants to know details about her exs. He says he doesnt want to know, but why doesnt she want him to be honest anymore. She says she has a new outlook on life, she knows now that he must have a good reason for keeping this a secret. She says shell keep her nose out of his business, and whatever it is, it isnt a good enough reason to keep them apart. Fancy says she loves him and life isnt worth living without him. They kiss. He asks if there is someplace they can go be alone together. Fancy says race you! They then run off.

Fancy and Noah go up to Fancys Princess Room to make love. Later he tells her that she may be Princess Fancy in this room, but she makes love like a wild wench. She says that better be a compliment. She makes a Pirates of the Caribbean joke, and he says not to joke about it as he feels guilty about what happened. He does want to tell her about Maya, but she says its not important. She says nothing and no one will come between them again. Meanwhile, someone lurks in the hall. Fancy hears them, and Noah goes to check on it. Fancy tells him to come back to bed and forget about it, but he says he doesnt like being spied on. He opens the door and nobody is out there. She says come back to bed as hes putting on a show. He returns to bed, and Fancy is laughing. She says what if it was Rebecca and she saw him naked, she would have hog tied him to her bed and shed never see him again. Fancy really thought someone was out there. Noah says they were wrong. As they have more sex, the person hanging out around their door returns.

In the living room, Ivy asks Fox where everyone is? Fox doesnt know. Ivy asks if Kay has told Miguel the truth about them. Fox says shes doing it right now. Ivy thinks Fox must be nervous, Kay has been reluctant about telling Miguel the truth. Fox asks his mom if she thinks Kay would rather be with Miguel? Ivy says she doesnt want to answer that, she hates meddling. Ivy says Kay accepted his proposal and must have her reasons for not telling Miguel. Fox says Kay didnt want to tell him because Miguel was hurt when Maria called him daddy. Ivy says oh is that what she said. Fox demands his mother tell him what she is thinking. Ivy just wonders why this news would hurt Miguel when hes obsessed with Charity? Ivy says she thinks Kay isnt trying to burn bridges. Ivy claims she didnt mean to upset him, she just meant if she didnt know better then shed think Kay would be keeping her options open. She says she does know better though. Ivy says she is sure Kay got Miguel out of her system by now. She also is sure all those photos she kept tucked away of Miguel is all innocent. She says its understandable if Kay dreamed of having a real family with Miguel. Fox says shes going to have a real family with him. He wonders what is taking Kay so long, so Ivy suggests they go find out. Fox says she doesnt have to prove anything to him. Ivy says fine. Fox takes off, and Ivy says if Fox only knew what she had to do to bring Miguel back to Harmony and break them up. She says it will be worth it to keep that snake out of Fox's life.

In the nursery, Miguel is talking to Maria about Kay and what a spitfire she was back in high school. Kay walks in and says she doesn't know about that. Miguel tells Kay that he had no idea how much hes missed out on in Marias life. Kay tells Miguel that there is something she has to tell him. Miguel asks what she wants to tell him. She doesnt know why this is so hard. Maria begins babbling, and Miguel says shes getting so vocal. He says he cant believe hes missed all of this, shes done such a great job with her. Miguel says look at them, they are a regular little family. He says so what did she want to tell him. Fox and Ivy soon show up to spy on Kay and Miguel. Fox feels guilty for checking up on her. They look in and see Kay and Miguel looking cozy as they check on Maria. Ivy knew her plan would work. Fox walks in, and Kay says hello to Fox. Miguel says they were just talking and he was congratulating Kay. Fox says well Miguel can congratulate him too. Miguel says why? Fox says Kay didn't tell him the news? Miguel says he was just telling Kay how shes done a great job with their daughter. Fox realizes Kay didnt tell Miguel, and she says she was just about to. Fox ends up telling Miguel that they are engaged. Miguel says hes happy for them, and he has some news for them too. He says hes decided to stay in Harmony. Ivy cheers when she hears this. 

Theresa is walking around the wharf talking to herself. Shes furious, Ethan brought Gwen dinner at work after everything she did to keep them apart. She ends up running into Chad sitting around. He calls her boss and congratulates her on her promotion. He also knows Theresa is going off about Ethan, but then he realizes he shouldnt give her advice about relationships as hes in love with his own half sister. Chad says he knows what they all think of him, they are creeped out by it. He says but he cant let go of Whitney. Theresa says she cant let go of Ethan, and they should both get the people they want. He says she does remember that shes his half sister and a nun. Theresa says it doesnt matter. She says she isnt saying they should be physical, that would be weird, but she thinks they should be a part of each others lives. Chad says hes tried, Whitney wont see him or Miles. Chad says he can only take so much, he cant keep beating his head against that convent gate. Theresa says that is where they differ, she believes she belongs with Ethan and wont give up. Chad says so far that has only gotten her a lot of pain. He also doesnt think Whitney will show up at his doorstep and say shes changed her mind. Theresa decides they should go to the convent right now and tell Whitney to start listening to her heart.

At the convent, Whitney is woken up for visitors. She is furious when she learns it is Theresa and Chad. Whitney wants them to leave, but another nun tells her to mind her manners. Whitney knows why they are here. She says  Theresa wants to whine about how Ethan belongs with her and Chad is going to go off about how Whitney needs to listen to her heart and come home and raise their black Crane heir together. Whitney asks if that about sums it up? Theresa says she is bitter, and Whitney says she is. She asks what she has to say to get rid of them? Theresa says Whitney is half right, they came here to convince her to leave this place. Whitney calls them cruel for coming here after all this time and bringing this up again. She says what is she supposed to do, leave here and become the object of ridicule? She says thanks to her testifying at her mothers trial everyone knows her history. Theresa says everyone also knows she didnt know Chad was her brother. She says they know now, and now everyone knows about Miles. She says even if Miles turns out to be fine, who would want to marry him? What about how the other kids in school will be towards him. She wishes Chad would have let Miles be adopted, but he says he wouldnt be with his son then. Theresa asks Whitney when she became such a coward? She says the only thing Whitney is doing in this convent is hiding. Whitney says she would rather be a coward than a fool, and she attacks Theresa for being so self obsessed with herself and fate. Theresa says that is pretty funny coming from her. Theresa says she gave up her child, and Chad says and she turned her back on everyone who cares about her. As they argue, another nun listens at the door and wonders what is going on in there. Whitney tells them both that neither of them is a poster child for success in life. Chad says they love her, what is it going to take for her to get that. She says she doesnt want their help, to leave her alone and get out. The nun in the hall thinks Sister Whitney needs help right now. 

Theresa and Chad leave, and they talk about how angry Whitney is. Chad thinks Whitney hates him. Theresa says no, she hates herself and shes conflicted about what she should do. Chad says hes scared, what if shes having a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, the other nun gets the Mother Superior to check on Whitney. Whitney tells the Mother Superior that shes fine. She explains how she had a difference of opinion with old friends, and everything is fine now. Whitney returns to her room, and we see her back is bleeding! 

In Hawaii, Sheridan is talking to Chris about her feelings, she feels drawn to the man, she feels they have a connection. She hopes he wakes up and can help her find her son. Otto, dressed as a doctor, spies on them. He vows to make sure Luis never recovers. Sheridan wonders when the man will wake up. Chris says the doctor said he was in bad shape. Chris thinks it must be terrible to lose your eyesight. Sheridan hates that shes lived in such luxury while others have suffered. Chris excuses himself to check in with the doctor. Sheridan stays with the man and tells him that hes not alone, and hes safe. When she touches him she gets flashes of Luis again. Otto spies on them and says if Sheridan realizes that is Luis then theyll both have to die. Sheridan wonders why she feels Luis when she touches him. She wonders if maybe he knew Luis, maybe this man helped Luis search for Marty. Otto is chased off when Chris returns. Chris asks Sheridan if something is wrong. Sheridan says she just wishes this man could wake up and help them. Luis begins convulsing, and Sheridan calls for a doctor. Otto, who is still lingering, thinks he wont have to kill Luis after all. The doctors rush in to help Luis, and Sheridan says if the man dies then shell never find Marty. Otto says to himself that shell never find him anyways. Later the doctors come out, the doctor says the man is stable for now. He says that man is fighting to stay alive, something is keeping him alive. Sheridan says shell keep praying for him. Luis meanwhile continues to think about Sheridan as he lays unconscious. Sheridan wonders what is keeping that man alive. Chris thinks it must be love, a great and all consuming love warms one from within. Back in the room, Otto sneaks in to kill Luis. Suddenly, Sheridan has a horrible premonition that something is very wrong. She says its the same feeling she got when she knew Marty was her son. She says she cant ignore this, something is wrong, they have to check on that man. Back in Luis room, Otto is smothering Luis with a pillow. 


March 15, 2006

Outside of the convent, Theresa and Chad worry about Whitney. Theresa begins to cry about Ethan leaving her, her parents are breaking up, her daughter is being raised by her enemy. She wonders what ever happened to true love. Chad says dont look at him, he still loves Whitney and she wont even consider being part of Miles life. Theresa says Whitney is doing this because she loves him as much as he loves her, but she cant bear the guilt of being in love with her brother. Theresa thinks there must be a way for him to get Whitney back. Chad thinks this has something to do with her and Ethan. Theresa says they are both striking out on their own, but if they work together . . . Chad isnt sure about this. Theresa says he saw Whitney, she didnt look good at all. She looks like she hasnt been sleeping. Theresa says they have to stop Whitney before she makes a huge mistake. Chad says hes tried, and there is no way they can convince Whitney not to do this. Chad says its different for them than for her and Ethan, he and Whitney have the laws of the world and the church against them. He says he doesnt think they can be together and resist temptation. Theresa says she knows how they can be around one another without giving into those desires, but first he has to help her with Ethan. She tells him not only to do this for her, but for her kids. She says if Chad helps her get Ethan back then she knows she can help him be with Whitney. 

In her room, Whitney looks in the mirror and tells God that shes so sorry. She says nothing she can say will atone for the sins shes made. She says she cant resist temptation, and for that she must be punished. Whitney wonders how this happened, how did she become so evil. She begins to think about being with Chad. Whitney says she knows it is a sin, but she still loves him and wants to be with him. Whitney takes off her dress and we see her back is scared. She then takes a whip out of her drawer and begins lashing herself with it. After she whips herself she prays and vows to rid herself of her impure thoughts, she will dedicate herself to becoming a servant to him and earning his blessings and forgiveness. 

At the B&B, Gwen finally returns home from work as Ethan is trying to feed Jane, but making a mess. Gwen decides to take over, and Ethan gladly lets her. Ethan says he didnt want her to have to come home to this mess. She says its okay, and she loved the surprise dinner at the office. Ethan watches her with Jane and says shes so much better at this than he is. She says he will be fine in time. He says in any case, hes glad shes home. Gwen asks what happened with the ceremony? Ethan says he doesnt know. Gwen feels bad for Pilar, though with Theresa pulling the strings shes not surprised this happened. She says bad things tend to happen to good people with Theresa in charge. Ethan tries to quickly clean up, but Gwen tells him not to worry about it. He says he didnt want the place to be a mess when she got home. She says shes just happy to be here. She talks about work and how Collier is as big of a workaholic as she is. She thinks maybe he was just testing her today or something. He asks if shes sure shes up for all of this. She says she loved it, and Collier has her working on a big Shanghai acquisition. She says she may even get to go to China for the deal, why does him and Jane come with her. She thinks it would be fun. Ethan says maybe it could work. Gwen says shed love to have him with her for many reasons, one of which is to be away from Theresa. As Gwen is hanging her very expensive suit up, she learns she put her jacket on Janes dirty diaper. He says that is his fault, but she says shell take it to the dry cleaner in the morning. She says nothing can ruin her mood for tonight. She asks about Theresa and how awful she was to him today. He has flashbacks to his arguments with her about the job. He doesnt tell her anything, they just end up getting down to the business of making love. Unfortunately a knock at the door interrupts them, its Chad. Gwen says it must be important if hes come over this late. Ethan lets Chad in. He says hes sorry its so late, but its urgent.

Theresa returns home and thinks things are looking up, she and Chad will help each other get the people they love back.

Tabitha and Endora return home. Tabitha tells Endora to can that googley eyed act she put on for Father Lonigan, she scared her acting like a little angel with a priest. Tabitha says the evening was a huge success though, Pilars dreams went up in smoke and Miguel came home to Kay and Maria. She turns on her bowl to see what else is going on. She says she warned Kay not to accept Foxs proposal, but she wouldnt listen. She says Kay will have to pay the piper for her defiance. She says Kay has the boys in the basement all riled up, she and Fox will never find happiness now. Tabitha says she knows Endora wants Fox to be with Kay, but she cant help them now. Endora ends up zapping the bowl, and sending a beam that hits a lamp at the mansion, causing it to break. Tabitha tells Endora that she should not abuse her gifts given to her by the darkside by leaning towards good. She says the boys in the basement will be angry with them both. She doesnt know what the punishment will be if Endora saves Fox and Kay. Tabitha says she may have gone a bit soft, but she hasnt lost it completely. She says she remembers how humans treated them in the old days, how they burned anyone at the stake if they acted just the slightest bit odd or eccentric. Tabitha asks Endora if she understands her point? She says she may be upset with her, but she wont let any mortal hurt her. Tabitha says she loves her in spite of her fondness for goodness. She says she wont let anyone harm her, not even the boys in the basement. They roar, and she tells them to do what they want to her but dont touch Endora. Tabitha tells Endora to look at the trouble shes getting them into, no more good deeds. Tabitha continues to lecture her about how they have to make sure Miguel stays in Harmony and doesnt go off looking for Charity. She says if Miguel gets back together with Charity it will cause a war between good and evil. She says if Miguel wants to stay with Kay then dont get in his way, it is best for them in the long run. Endora doesnt look happy about this.

At the mansion, Fox and Kay learn from Miguel that hes decided to stay in Harmony for good. They are shocked. He says its time he stopped thinking about himself and start thinking about his little girl. He says Charity doesnt want him to find her, and while hes been gone Maria has been thinking another man is her father. He says it hurt hearing Maria call Fox daddy, so its time she knew who he was. He says he has to step up to the plate and help Kay raise their daughter. Ivy thinks with Miguel back, there is no way Kay will marry Fox. Fox says there is no reason he should give up his search for Charity, they were made for one another. Miguel says he thought that too, but Charity kept vanishing when he gets close to finding her. He thinks it is time for him to take a hint. Ivy, who is spying, thinks soon Kay will be Miguels problem and not Foxs. Suddenly, Endoras beam shatters a light bulb in a lamp. Kay leaves to get something to clean up the glass. Miguel takes Maria and says this is why hes staying in Harmony, he doesnt want Kay to have to keep being a single parent. He says he appreciates Foxs help, but he needs to step up and be a father to Maria. Spying Ivy says when this is over shell find Fox a wife suitable for him. Kay returns and cleans up the glass. Ivy walks in and asks if they have told Miguel about their engagement. Miguel says he knows and hes happy for them. He asks when the big day is. Fox says hopefully soon. Ivy tells Miguel that hes a very special young man, not everyone would be okay with this. Miguel says Kays happiness is important to him. Ivy says not every young man would give his blessing to let another man raise his daughter. Miguel says hes going to help Kay with raising his daughter. Miguel says hes decided to stay in Harmony to be part of Marias life. Ivy says well, there should be no problems between him and Fox. She asks what about Charity though? Miguel says Charity obviously doesnt want him to find her. Miguel says he knows what he should be doing, he should stop chasing someone who doesnt love him and settle down and help Kay raise Maria. Ivy goes to Fox and tells him that shes so sorry. Miguel tells Kay how sorry he is for not being here for her and their little girl, he will be here for them from now on. Kay begins to think about her sexy dream about Miguel. She tells herself it was only a dream, it didnt mean anything. 

In Hawaii, Otto begins to smother Luis with a pillow as Sheridan feels the man is in danger. They interrupt Otto trying to kill him, and Chris tackles him. Sheridan screams as the two men fight, and she sees the mans heart monitor failing. Otto runs out the window, and Chris chases after him. Sheridan calls the doctors for help, and they work to save Luis. The doctors manage to stabilize him, but they dont know if hes going to be okay. The doctor asks if she got a look at the man who tried to smother him. She says she knows who he is. She says shell stick around and give a statement, she wont go anywhere. She says if Otto isnt caught then this man is the only one who can help her. She begs to be allowed to talk to him, but the nurse says shell just have to wait until this man wakes up on his own. Later, when Luis is left alone, Sheridan sneaks in to see the man. She talks to him and says she feels so close to him, he must know where Marty is. She says she knows hes been to hell and back, but does he know where her son is. She doesnt know if she can hear her through those bandages. She decides to take his bandages off so he can hear her. She unwraps him and is stunned to see it is Luis! 

Chris chases Otto through alleyways, and they soon end up on a cliff. Chris demands Otto tell him where Marty is. Otto says hes wasting his time, he did have Marty but it doesnt mean he knows where Marty is now. Chris thinks Otto is lying, and he asks how he can do this to Sheridan? Does he have any mercy at all? Otto suggest Chris be more concerned about his wife and what shes doing at the hospital. He says Chris should have let him kill that man, hell regret saving his life. Chris thinks Otto is stalling. Otto then jumps off the cliff! Chris returns to the hospital wondering how hell tell Sheridan that Otto is dead, and why was he gloating about the man. 


March 16, 2006
At the B&B, Chad comes to see Ethan. He says he's sorry it's so late, but it's an emergency. Gwen says its okay. She hopes nothing is wrong with Whitney. As Ethan talks with Chad, Rebecca shows up to see Gwen. Rebecca asks Gwen why shes wearing a flannel nightgown, she should be wearing silk or satin to keep Ethan happy. She says if Gwen would listen to her advice then Ethan would be here with her. She thinks Ethan is with that slut Theresa. She asks where he is, they know hes not working late as the bum doesnt have a job. Gwen says that isnt his fault. She knows, and Rebecca says she cant believe Gwen is the breadwinner, never did she picture this life for her daughter. She says thats why shes here, to find out about her first day at work. Gwen asks why she didnt call? Rebecca says her new lover lives around the corner and she came by. She asks where the unemployed man is? Gwen says hes talking with Chad, and even if he wasnt, she trusts him. Rebecca tells Gwen that shes told her never trust a man and never trust your husband. She also tells Gwen not to trust Theresa, not for a second.

Chad talks to Ethan about how he and Theresa visited Whitney at the convent. He says Whitney looks really bad, shes lost weight, she has dark circles under her eyes and she went crazy on them. He says he doesnt know what to do, he could use Ethans help. Ethan says hell help anyway he can. But what can they do to change her mind? Chad doesnt know, but they have to do something. Ethan once again asks Chad what he can do to help Whitney? 

At the convent, Whitney is trying to sleep, but she cant. She says shes atoned for her sins tonight, and she says please let her sleep. She falls asleep and ends up dreaming about making love to Chad. She wakes up from her dream and thinks she is damned. Whitney goes back to sleep, but she keeps dreaming about having sex with Chad. She then dreams a cross falls on them and burns her. Whitney wakes up and begs God to save her. Whitney gets dressed and says she cant sleep, it is just too risky. She says her dreams keep taking her to Chad. She thinks it is the devils work. She says she has to get out of here. She leaves her room and the cross falls off the wall and onto her bed like in her dream. Whitney goes for a walk, and ends up walking all the way to Chads recording studio. She then sees a woman talking Miles for a walk. She thinks it must be a babysitter, where are they going at this hour? She follows the babysitter and Miles.

At the mansion, Theresa thinks shes getting pretty good at the wheeling and dealing. She says Chad is going to help her get Ethan, and in return shell help Chad get Whitney back. She thinks by summer shell be Ethans wife. Miguel walks in and hes reunited with Theresa. They share a hug. She is shocked to see him here, but he says when the Crane jet arrived to pick him up he couldnt say no. Theresa says she didnt send the jet, so Miguel wonders who did. Theresa says it wasnt her, she assumed he wasnt coming home. Miguel says her secretary called and said it was urgent he come home. She asks which secretary? He says Valerie. She says thats odd, shes really not her assistant. However she thinks Valerie knew she wanted him home, so she went all out to please the boss. Miguel thinks hes been hijacked back to Harmony, and hes not exactly happy about this. Theresa says her employee just wants to impress Mrs. Alistair Crane. Miguel says dont say his name, how could he marry such a sick old man? He is a criminal. Theresa says she knows, and she explains the whole story of how she was desperate to get Ethan and Jane. She says Alistair tricked her, it was a nightmare, but things are looking up now. She says Alistairs in a coma, and willed everything to her and Little Ethan. Theresa says now shes in charge, what she says goes. Miguel says money isnt everything. She says she knows, but she can buy just about anything with it. She says now she can take care of the family. Miguel asks if they want her to? She says shes working on it. Theresa tells Miguel that it is nice to have him back. She asks if hes seen his daughter. He says shes gorgeous, shes the most beautiful little girl shes seen. Later Miguel asks where everyone is, what is going on with the ceremony. Theresa says there wont be a service. She says Mama wasted her life waiting for Papa, he is still in love with Katherine. Theresa explains how Mama found them kissing before the ceremony. Miguel cant believe he hurt her after all those years. He thinks he came all this way for nothing. She says no, he came for his family and for his little girl. She says that is worth it. He says yes, just holding Maria made the trip worthwhile. She asks if he found Charity. He says no, he kept coming close but something kept them apart. He doesnt think Charity was running from him, but he thinks someone or something was trying to keep them apart. He thinks maybe if he stays here, Charity will come back to him. He says hes staying here in Harmony with MAria. Theresa understands a parents love for a child, but how do you give up the love of your life?

Ivy returns home celebrating her victory. She thinks she should call Valerie and thank her for her work. She knows this will break Foxs heart having Miguel back, but she knows best. Ivy heads inside and Sam asks how the ceremony was? She says it never happened, and she doesnt know why. She says there was no official canceling, and they all assumed it was off and they left. Ivy says she thinks it probably has something due to Theresa handling the whole thing. Sam says he thought Martin and Pilar would be happy. He says hes at least glad Ivy is home, and they kiss. Sam decides to get her an old fashion Bennett nightcap. She decides to just have a glass of brandy, so he says hell be right back. Ivy thinks to herself that there will only be one bride in this family, and thats her. She looks at her ring and Sam returns, he thinks shes thinking about the engagement. Ivy asks why he says that? He says shes looking at her ring, he thought she was thinking about their wedding day. Ivy says yes, and she cant wait to be his bride.

Simone is on the wharf and sees a couple in love and kissing. She says shell never have that in her life, open affection with a partner. She says people would never accept it. 

Kay, Fox and Maria return to Tabithas. Kay says what a bizarre night. Fox says it sure was. They dont know why the ceremony was called off, and then Miguel showed up. Kay was just as surprised as he was about Miguel, she didnt think hed ever come home. Fox asks if she thinks Miguel really is giving up looking for Charity? Kay says hes always been a man of his word, so she thinks he is staying. Fox says maybe its for the best, Maria should know her father. They kiss as Tabitha and Endora watch. Endora thinks it is true love, but Tabitha says the boys wont allow it. The boys begin growling and spitting fire out the air ducts, and Fox worries about the sounds coming from the basement. He thinks he should go check on it, but Kay says no its okay. Fox says he needs to make some calls before bed, so he leaves the room. Tabitha asks Kay what happened after she left, but Kay thinks Tabitha and her bowl know everything. Tabitha says she thinks Kay owes her an apology, she warned her about the dark shadow over her future. Kay says that shadow isnt Miguel, he is no threat to her relationship. She thinks Miguel coming home is nothing but good news. The boys roar, and Kay says shut up, everything is fine. Tabitha tells her that her entire world is about to crash down around her, but dont say she didnt warn her. Later Simone arrives, Kay called and said she has good news. Kay and Fox tell her that they are engaged. Simone is happy for them and congratulates them. Simone asks if Kay started the wedding plans, and dont tell her she pulled out the file from High School. Simone tells Fox that Kay was such a tomboy, but she had this secret file on her dream wedding and it was full of plans. Kay asks Simone if shell be a bridesmaid, and Simone says she will. Simone says shell start planning the best bridal shower of all time. As Kay and Fox kiss, Simone feels a bit down. Kay asks Simone what is wrong? Simone says its just silly. She says she was just realizing how shed never have this, a wedding, a reception, children, a house. Fox says she just has to get out there and meet the right woman. Simone says even if she does, it wont be legal, and it wont be the same as a wedding. Simone says just ignore her, and that she loves them both. 

In the hospital in Hawaii, Sheridan unmasks the man and sees he is Luis. She says it cant be. She wonders if her mind is playing tricks on her. She says this is impossible. She thinks it must be one of her fathers sick jokes, or maybe shes losing her mind. Luis looks at Sheridan as she says hes dead. Chris walks in and asks what is wrong? Sheridan faints in his arms. Sheridan comes too, and she tells Chris that the man in the bed is Luis! Chris says Luis is dead and buried, this man cant be Luis unless those DNA tests were a lie. Sheridan says her father could have switched the DNA results, but Chris says the FBI ran the tests. Sheridan says she knows, but this man is Luis. Chris says it cant be, it must be an imposter or look-alike. Sheridan says that does sound like something her father would do. Chris says Alistair could have hired or kidnapped this man and forced him to impersonate Luis. He tells Sheridan that she knows what her father will do to make her miserable. She knows he is right, and she remembers the Luis imposter Alistair and Julian hired years ago. She says this man cant be Luis. Luis stirs awake and tries to speak. Sheridan says she knows Chris is right, and she damns her father for tormenting her even when hes half dead. Chris says she has him to protect her, he wont let Alistair hurt her ever again. Sheridan wonders who he is, he may still know where Marty is. Sheridan asks Chris if he caught Otto. Chris says he didnt, he jumped off a cliff. Chris says he thinks Otto is dead. Chris then remembers what Otto said to him, that hed be sorry he didnt let him kill this man. Sheridan wonders why hed say that. Luis continues to wake up, and his vision clears. He sees Sheridan and thinks about their past. Chris and Sheridan continue talk about who the man must be and what he might now. They think they can buy his cooperation. She says he really does look like Luis. Chris thinks it took months of planning to make him look like this. Sheridan goes to his side, and Luis looks at her. He tries to call out her name, but cant speak. Sheridan says he keeps going in and out of consciousness. Chris thinks they should string him up and make him talk, but Sheridan says no more violence. Chris tells Sheridan to go rest, hell stay here and guard this guy. Sheridan eventually agrees, but the man grabs her hand as she tries to leave. She says hes hurting her! Luis calls Sheridans name, and Sheridan realizes it is really Luis. 


March 17 , 2006
At Tabithas, Simone tells Kay and Fox how happy she is for both of them. Kay and Simone talks about how they will be the talk of the town soon. Simone says they need to put an announcement in the paper, and Simone offers to help her write it. Kay thanks her, and they talk about how some old rival from school will be so jealous. Fox decides to go see his mom and let them have their girl fun. Fox leaves, and they talk about Ivy. Kay says Ivy hates her, she doesnt want them marrying. Simone says she should be careful then, she doesnt want Fox to have to choose between them. Kay says not to worry, she is always careful when it comes to Ivy. As they get to work writing the announcement, Tabitha tells Endora that this is a waste of time as there will be no wedding. They work on writing the announcement. Kay doesnt know how to phrase all their parents names, and if they should include Grace with her father or not. They end up including Grace, but then they dont know how to phrase Ivys last names and whether to put her with Julian or Sam. Simone says its all so confusing with their odd relationships, fathers-in-laws and step-fathers, mothers-in-law and step-mothers. A spying Tabitha says this wedding wont happen, Miguel will stop it. Endoras talkie bubble says she doesnt get it. Tabitha explains how they cant let Miguel get together with Charity or else the scales will be tipped in favor of the good side. She says thats why they have to use Kay to distract Miguel. Later, Kay decides to run this by as Fox to see what he thinks. Kay then says she almost forgot to tell Simone, Miguel is back. Simone asks if he found Charity. Kay says nope, hes giving up on finding her. Simone asks how long Miguel is staying? Kay says for good, he wants to be a father to Maria. Simone asks Kay how she will handle this? Tabitha listens in and hopes Simone asks hard questions to Kay about Miguel. Simone reminds Kay of all the years she spent trying to get Miguel, all the crazy schemes she helped Kay with. Kay says that is in the past, she is over Miguel. Simone says but Maria is the result of one of her schemes, she tried to get him to marry her because of Maria but it didnt work. Kay says she knows. Simone says so Kay is claiming Miguel is history, she has no feelings for him at all. Kay swears she doesnt. Simone isnt so sure. Kay says she is way past Miguel, she loves Fox and wants to marry him. Simone just wants her to just take time, examine her feelings for Miguel now that hes back without Charity. Simone doesnt want anyone to get hurt, not Fox and not Miguel. Kay says no one will get hurt, she wont mess this up.

At the Bennetts, Sam and Ivy are discussing their wedding date. Ivy says she wants to wait until Fox and Kay set a wedding date, she doesnt want their wedding to interfere with theirs, it should be a special day. Sam thinks Ivy is so special for caring about Kays feelings. Ivy says well she will be her step-daughter and her daughter-in-law, she only wants the best for her. Ivy says to herself that wont be Fox. Later Ivy tells Sam that Miguel is back in town and hes given up trying to find Charity. Sam says he cant blame him after all this time. Ivy says hes going to stay in town and be a father to Maria. Sam says its about damn time, he knows he loves Charity but he has to start acting like a father. Ivy agrees, every child should know their mother and father. Ivy says she regrets keeping Ethan from him. Sam says he and Ethan are fine now, which Ivy is grateful for. Fox walks in and listens in as Sam and Ivy discuss Miguel. Ivy says shes just worried about Kay and Fox now that Miguel is back. Sam says he never thought Kay would get over Miguel. Ivy asks Sam if he thinks she has gotten over him? Sam talks about how Kay loved Miguel since pre-school, and she never seem to outgrow it. He says they were always inseparable, Kay would do anything to please Miguel. Ivy says she remember how Pilar always thought Kay would marry Miguel, she did some amazing things to end up with him. Sam says she was relentless in trying to get Miguel. Sam says he felt sorry for Kay when Miguel left town to find Charity. Ivy says how could he not feel sorry for her. Sam says he thought Kay might have been suicidal after Miguel left, he was very worried about her. Fox slips out just before Sam says hes glad he was wrong about Kay, she moved on and is in love with Fox.

At the B&B, Rebecca tells Gwen not to trust Ethan where Theresa is concerned. She tells Gwen to stay alert for any sign that THereasa is getting to him. Gwen says shes not getting to him, hes made it clear to her that he wants nothing to do with her. Rebecca says that wont stop Theresa. Rebecca says she just wants her to see the truth about men. Rebecca says her father was a good man, the only exception. Gwen asks why she left him then? Rebecca says to provide better for her of course. Gwen says please, she married Julian because he was good in bed. Rebecca says she just wants Gwen to be happy. Gwen says she is happy, shes happy with Ethan and Jane. Gwen eventually boots Rebecca out, and tells Jane not to listen her, they are going on a trip to China and will get away from that bad Theresa. Later Gwen gets a call from her boss about work, he has some more work for her to do if its not too late. She says she doesnt mind working late and to email her the work.

Ethan tells Chad its late and hes tired, so how can he help him with Whitney. Chad says maybe he can talk to her. Ethan says and say what? Chad says that she is making a mistake and should be with him and Miles. HE knows they cant be married, but they should be together for Miles. Ethan says he knows how Whitney feels about church, and he thinks it would be wrong to change her mind. Chad says Whitney needs to be with Miles, that is what is best for them. Ethan says Whitney put Miles up for adoption because he was the product of incest. Chad says they didnt know they were siblings, they were in love and still are. HE says why cant people who are in love see what is right in front of them and take it. Ethan agrees, people should follow their hearts. Chad says Ethan isnt following his heart. Ethan asks what he means and why is he here? Chad says he wants his help with Whitney. Ethan says he already said that. Chad says Whitney is close to taking her vows. Ethan says this is nothing new. Ethan wants to know why Chad is really here. Chad says fine, its because of Gwen. He says he knows Gwen isnt his true love. Ethan tells him to get to the point. Chad asks why hes with Gwen and not Theresa? 

Whitney follows the babysitter around. She wonders what Chad was thinking leaving Miles with this woman, who has taken the baby out into the cold. When the woman leaves the baby to get hot chocolate or coffee from a stand, Whitney picks Miles up and he cries. The woman sees this and yells at Whitney, threatening to call 911. Whitney says the woman shouldnt have left him alone, and she is the babys mother. The woman says she has heard about her, she heard she abandoned her child. She thinks Whitney wanted to be free to run around and have fun. Whitney says she is a good person. The woman asks then why doesnt she make a home for his baby. She says she cant, and reveals her habit to the woman. The woman says she abandoned her baby to become a nun? Now she has heard everything. She wonders what kind of woman abandons her child to become a nun! 

Whitney returns to the convent and wonders how she became so evil. She says her own baby doesnt know her anymore, he cries when she touches him. She says she deserves to be punished, and she takes her whip out. She then sees the cross fell off the wall, and she thinks God has forsaken her. 

At the mansion, Theresa cant believe Miguel is giving up Charity, his true love. Miguel says if Charity wants to be with him then shell come back to him, hes chased her long enough. He says its time he comes home. Theresa says its just that she is his true love. He says true love doesnt always work out, look at her and Ethan. He says its been a disaster. Theresa says she and Ethan will be just fine. Miguel says hes married to Gwen. Theresa says for now, but he will leave her eventually. She says Ethan is in love with her, he has told her this. Miguel asks then why is he still with Gwen. She says because he feels obligated to her, but shes working on this plan . . . Miguel says he doesnt want to hear it. HE says he loves her and he wants her to be happy, but what about Gwen? He says she is Ethans wife, Gwen was Ethans first love. Theresa says but she is his true love. Miguel says he feels sorry for Gwen, she has no idea what shes up against. She says not to feel sorry for Gwen, she is a horrible person. She tells Miguel that Gwen set her up for the whole tabloid fiasco. Theresa suggests they not think about Gwen anymore, shes just glad Miguel is home. Shes glad hes decided to stay and be with Maria. She also thinks having him here will help Mama heal. Miguel says he should have been here a long time ago, he doesnt know what took him so long. Theresa questions Kay about Fox and Kay. Miguel says hes happy for them. Theresa says Kay was always in love with him. Miguel says hes glad she moved on, and he says hes okay with them getting married. Theresa asks what about having Fox raising his daughter?

In Hawaii, Chris is positive that this man is not Luis, Luis is dead. Sheridan says no, this is Luis. She says he has Luis voice, that cant be faked. She says this is Luis. Chris says it would be a mistake to jump to conclusions. Sheridan says she also feels this Luis, she can feel the bond they have had through the centuries. Sheridan says this isnt the first miracle theyve had. She says she was presumed dead once, but he didnt give up on her. She says she wont give up on Luis. Sheridan thinks she needs to tell the doctor who he is. He doesnt want to let her hand go. She says shell only be gone a moment, when she returns shell never leave his side again. Chris begins to worry, should he have let Luis die? Sheridan brings the doctors in and demands the best for this man, she will spare no expense. The doctor says they expect him to be fine. Chris asks if the scars on this mans face could be the result of plastic surgery, but the doctor says no. He says they look like the man was hit with an object. Sheridan wonders what Luis went through, and she swears shell never leave his side again. She says she will take care of him, he will be all right. She kisses him on the forehead

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