March 20, 2005 

At the mansion, Theresa asks Miguel if hes okay with Kay and Fox getting married and Maria calling him daddy. He says not one bit. Theresa asks if he wants to be a family with Kay and Maria? Miguel says he doesnt want to be with Kay, he still wants to be with Charity. However he says he is Marias dad, not Fox. Miguel says he has realized Charity doesnt love him like he loves her, so hes staying to be a father to Maria. He says he never had any claim on Kay, so shes free to be with Fox. Theresa says Miguel may not have loved Kay, but Kay did love him. Theresa says he was Kays first love and a woman never lets go of that love no matter what. Miguel says but he didnt feel the same way about her. Theresa says yes, but he admitted if Charity hadnt come along hed be with Kay. Miguel thinks Theresas obsession with Ethan is causing her to project her feelings onto him, Kay and Fox. Theresa says maybe she is projecting, but she is just worried about him. He says why? She says she is his sister. Miguel says he is glad that Kay has moved on and found a man who loves her. Theresa says she is sure he is happy that shes moved on with Fox, but Kay was always there for him. She says they were inseparable since they were kids. Theresa says maybe he was thrown that she and Fox were engaged because hes realized that he does have feelings for Kay, that the love of his life isnt Charity but Kay. Miguel says it sounds like shes trying to push him and Kay together. She says no, she just wants what is best for him. Miguel says what abut what Fox wants? He says she dated him once, she has to care about his feelings. Theresa says Miguel is family, family comes first. Theresa says if he wants Kay and Maria then she can help him get them. Miguel says Fox and Kay are engaged, they must be in love. Theresa says Fox loves Kay, but what if Kay still loves him? Miguel suggests they drop this. Theresa says she just feels the sooner he follows his heart the better. Theresa knows he says hes staying for Maria, but what if it is more? What if he wants to be a family with Kay and Maria? Miguel says just because she wants to be with Ethan doesnt mean he wants to be with Maria. Theresa says well she knows she cant live with Ethan being with Gwen, so he has to decide if wants to be with Kay or not. Miguel says they are both obsessed with people they love, the difference is hes accepted Charity doesnt want to be with him. Theresa says Ethan will leave Gwen once she finds the proof that Gwen sent the truth about Ethan to the tabloids. She says Alistair has proof here, and she will find it. She says she wont give up, and if Miguel wants Kay then do what he needs to do to be with her. Miguel decides to go over to Tabithas and say goodnight to Maria. Theresa says shell walk him out, she has somewhere to be. 

At the B&B, Gwen is working on what Collier has sent her. She says at this rate shell be working 20 hour days. Jane cries so Gwen goes to try and put her back to sleep. She doesnt know how single mothers do this. She wonders where Ethan is right now. She wonders what he is talking to Chad about. She really needs Ethans help right now or she wont get this work done. She decides to go downstairs and get Ethan, he can talk to Chad tomorrow. Gwen decides to give Jane off to Mrs. Henderson for now, she stays up late and would love to take care of her.

Chad asks Ethan why is he with Gwen when everyone knows he loves Theresa more. Ethan says hes not with Theresa because hes married to Gwen. Chad says but he loves Theresa, they all know it. Ethan realizes Theresa sent him here, and he calls Chad "Theresas mouthpiece." Chad says hes not her mouthpiece, and everyone knows that he married Gwen because she was pregnant with Sarah. Chad says Sarah is gone and he thought hed be back with Theresa. Ethan says unlike Chad and Latoya, he takes his vows seriously. He wont divorce Gwen like Chad divorced Latoya so he could be with Whitney. Ethan tells Chad it is wrong for him to want to be with his half sister. Chad says and it is wrong for Ethan to be with Gwen when he wants to be with Theresa. He says Theresa is the love of Ethans life, not Gwen. Gwen walks in at this point and asks what he just said? Gwen asks what in the hell is going on here? Is he enlightening Ethan on love, the guy who is hot for his half sister? Gwen tells Chad that he needs to leave, their marriage is none of his business. Ethan says its no secret that Ethan loves Theresa. Ethan says Theresa sent him here to lobby on her behalf. Gwen says Theresa is scraping the bottom of the barrel sending the father of a child of incest here to lecture of Ethan on love. Gwen tells Chad to home to his bastard son slash nephew. Chad says hes going, but her marriage to Ethan is a sham and she knows it. Gwen cannot believe Chad would stoop to Theresas level and come here and say such mean things. Chad says he just wants what is best for Ethan. Ethan says and that is to come tell him that his marriage is a sham? Gwen says it isnt, they have a daughter, they are a family. Chad says Jane is Theresas daughter. Ethan says he needs to get out of here before he does something he regrets. Chad says he knows what its like to spend every day away from the woman you really love. He doesnt want to see Ethan or Gwen live a lie. Gwen says what lie, she loves Ethan and Jane more than anything. Chad says if that was true then she wouldnt deny Ethan being with the woman he really loves, and that would be Theresa. Gwen says she is not keeping him from Theresa, shes offered him a divorce and he has said no. Gwen says Theresa doesnt love Ethan, shes obsessed with him. She says look at what Theresas done, look at the tabloid scandal. Chad says Theresa claims she and her mom did that. Gwen says well they didnt. Gwen says every time Theresa does something awful and lies about it. Gwen says look at how she killed Sarah, her little boy, how she almost killed Ethan. Chad says in spite of everything Theresa has done, Ethan still loves her. Does Gwen think she can compete with that ? He thinks Gwen should find a man who really loves her. Ethan says Gwen is his wife and he loves her. Chad says as much as he loves Theresa? He asks Ethan if Gwen is his soul mate or is Theresa? Ethan says he told him to get out. Gwen is furious, and Ethan says hes upsetting Gwen. Chad says he doesnt hold a stick to Ethan, he tortures her 24/7 because she knows hed rather be with Theresa. Gwen says stop saying that, and Ethan says shut up. Chad says hes not scared of saying the truth, its too bad Ethan isnt man enough to do the same. Chad and Ethan end up in a fist fight. Theresa walks in and Gwen tells her that this is all her fault!

At Tabithas, Fox returns and Kay kisses him and says shes missed him. Fox asks where everyone went? Kay says Tabitha and Endora went for a walk, and Simone left. Kay remembers what Simone told her about examining her feelings for Miguel before jumping into marriage with Fox. Kay tells Fox that Simone is excited for them, but since shes a lesbian she wonders if shell give them power tools as a gift. Fox doesnt laugh, and Kay says it was a joke. Kay asks about their parents, but Fox says he didnt get to talk to them, they were having one on one time. Kay asks if they said something to upset him? He remembers listening to them talking about how they thought Kay would never get over Miguel. Kay asks Fox what is wrong? He says nothing, its just been a long day. Kay says today she woke up a spinster today and now shes engaged. Fox just hopes he didnt push her into this. She says of course he didnt, and she just feels bad that Martin and Pilar couldnt get married today. Fox says that wont happen to them will it? They won't end up like them. She says of course not. He asks if she means that, and she says she does. They share a kiss. Fox then thinks about how tough it must be for Miguel to give up the search for Charity, to accept they wont be together. Kay says she feels sorry for Miguel, his family has been cursed when it comes to love. Fox talks about how after Whitney he didnt know if he could love again. He says she hurt him, he understands why she did it, but it cut deep. He says that is behind him though, Kay and Maria are his future. However he asks about Miguel. It must have killed her when he left town to look for Charity. He asks how she got over it. Kay says she doesnt know if she ever got over him. Fox asks if shes saying part of her still loves Miguel. She says that isnt what she meant. She says she never had a relationship with Miguel. She says he was always in love with Charity, and nothing she did got Miguel to love her. She says it hurt her when he left town, but being a mother made her grow up. Fox thinks since Miguel has returned hes seen a difference in Kay, shes not obsessed with him anymore. She says shes not the love struck kid he left, shes a woman now. Fox says shes his woman! He says seriously, she and Miguel must have had so many special times together before she realized he was the one she wanted. Kay says sure, and she begins remembering her past with Miguel as little kids. She remembers how Miguel wanted to practice for baseball when it was still snowing out, so she helped him. She says he had the best season ever that year though, and he won and award that year and gave it to her in front of anyone. Kay says she just remembered when he hugged her, and she thought that was the best thing to happen to her. Fox doesnt seem to like this trip down memory lane. She says she didnt mean to go on like that. She says as much as she enjoyed that back then, it doesnt come close to being with him. She says she was a kid then, she didnt know what love was. She says now she knows what true love really is, and he should never doubt that. She says she loves him and only him. They kiss and hug, and Kay tells herself that Miguel isnt the man for her.  Meanwhile, Miguel shows up and is haunted by Theresas words to him, if he wants Kay then do what he needs to do to be with her. Miguel tells himself that hes fine with Kay being with Fox. Miguel knocks on the door, but nobody answers so he walks in. 

In Hawaii, Sheridan is with Luis talking about how this is a miracle, Luis didnt die, they are together again. Chris stands in the room and doesnt look happy at all. Sheridan cant believe it is really Luis, she thought she lost him, that he died a lonely and horrible death. Luis wakes up and calls out to Sheridan. Chris suggests they leave and let Luis rest, but Sheridan says not yet. He asks if she knows where Marty is? He says inside the house. Chris says they should let Luis rest now. Sheridan tells Luis to rest, they will make her father pay for what he did to him. Sheridan thinks soon Luis will tell them more about Marty. She begs Luis to get better, she cant lose him again, so many more people love him besides her. She tells him to concentrate on getting better and going home for her. Sheridan says she wants to get Luis back to Harmony as soon as possible. Chris says hell make the arrangements, so he leaves to do so. A nurse comes in to check on Luis vitals. The nurse says he seems to be getting stronger. Later the nurses talk in the hall about how Luis is growing stronger, and being back with the woman he loves is doing good. She says though Sheridan is still married to, oh never mind. They say the two of them together just takes their breath away, its the kind of love you read in books. Chris overhears them talking about Sheridan and Luis love and how great it is. Sheridan stays with Luis and she has flashbacks to when they were reunited in the past. Chris continues to listen in as the nurses rave about Luis love for Sheridan, how they are soul mates and meant to be together forever. The nurses leave, and Chris spies on Sheridan with Luis. Chris says he cant begrudge Sheridan her happiness, she has every right to be happy. Chris gets a call from Crane travel about the arrangements he made earlier. Meanwhile, Sheridan remains with Luis. She apologizes for what her father did to him, and for making him leave and find Marty. Luis finally stirs awake and sees Sheridan is with him. He asks if he is dreaming? She says no hes not dreaming, it is really her. He calls her his love and says he finally has her back. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her more than anyone or anything. He says she is his one true love. Sheridan smiles and says he is her love. Chris hears this and sulks.


March 21, 2006

Tabitha is coming home with Endora from their walk. She finds Miguel watching Kay and Fox sharing a steamy kiss. She thinks this doesnt bode well for their side. Tabitha walks in with Endora and says it seems her house is social central this evening. Miguel comes in and says he wanted to come say good night to Maria if that was okay. Fox says dont think he has to ask to see Maria, hes welcome here day or night. Tabitha says shell have a key made for him. He says he has a present for Maria, a charm bracelet with charms from every country he visited. He says he wanted her to know he was thinking of her no matter how far away he was. Kay says they are lovely. Kay says the earrings are nice too, but it will be a long time before she can wear them. Miguel says he actually bought the earrings for her. Tabitha thinks this is a giant leap for the dark side. Miguel says he wanted to get her something nice, he knows how hard it was for her raising Maria on her own. Fox says Miguel is a real stand up guy just like Kay always said he was. Kay takes Miguel upstairs to see Maria, since he doesnt know what room shes in. Tabitha then moves in on Fox and suggests they have a nice cup of tea. She decides to stir up some doubts in Fox. 

Tabitha talks about how great it is to see Miguel and Kay together again, but of course they were never really together. She tells Fox hes very secure in his love for Kay and hers for him, most men would be jealous to see their girl with a hunk like Miguel. Tabitha says even as children they were inseparable. She remembers how they used to play house in the back yard and use the neighborhood cats as their children. She says fluffy was a kitten then and loved it. Fluffy roars, so Tabitha throws her a giant chicken bone saying its time for her dinner. Tabitha says back to the story, she used to play the nanny to their furry children so they could sit on the swings and hold hands. Fox says it must have been fun, and hes glad she had a good friend. Tabitha realizes that was a bust. She realizes she has to make Fox doubt his relationship with Kay so Miguel and Kay get together. Tabitha then begins talking about another memory from the past, when Miguel and Kay played Romeo and Juliet for the school play. Tabitha talks about how beautiful Kay was, and how Miguel made a huge impression in those tights. She says everyone was so moved by the performance, there was open weeping. She conjures up a photograph to show Fox. He says they do look good together. Tabitha says and they always will. Fox decides to go see if Kay and Miguel got Maria to bed. Endora isnt pleased with her mom, but Tabitha says she has to do this. She says if Kay gets together with Miguel, the dark side will avoid certain doom. Endoras talkie bubble says her mother worries too much. Tabitha says she wasnt here when Charity was around, nothing she tried would kill that girl. Tabitha says if she has to break Foxs heart to keep Endora safe then so be it.

Miguel and Kay look in on Maria. Miguel jokes that she might end up a schemer like her mom. Kay says she hopes not, but Miguel says that party she planned for him in the 9th grade was the bomb. She says yes, but she did a lot of bad things too. Miguel says however Maria was conceived, neither of them regret it. Hes glad she found Fox, he really is the love of her life. Kay says shes sorry things didnt work out with him and Charity. He says there is  a silver lining, he is back here in Harmony where he should have been all along. They share a little group hug, and this is when Fox walks in. He spies on them from the door as they talk about Maria. Kay says shes so happy that Maria will have both of her parents to raise her. 

In the convent, Whitney has a dream about a naked Chad coming to see her and making love to her. Whitney wakes up and says she has to fight her urges and resist Chad. Whitney prays to God to make her impure thoughts go away. She says the more she fights her sick desires the worse they get. She asks God to tell her what to do? She decides to go to confession and then maybe shell be able to get some sleep. She goes to the chapel, but nobody is there to hear her confession. She ends up praying at the altar for Gods help and forgiveness. She says she has carnal and impure thoughts about having a life with Chad. She asks God for a miracle. Suddenly a light shines in her face, and she wonders if it is God. It turns out only to be the Mother Superior. She says she was here praying, and she asks why shes hoping for a miracle? Whitney says shes still having these powerful and explicit dreams about her half brother. She says she keeps praying to overcome them, but they are getting worse. Mother Superior tells her to have faith that God will help her cast out these feelings. Mother Superior leaves Whitney to pray. Whitney returns to the altar and continues praying. As she prays, the cross in the church lights up. She asks who is there? We hear the sounds of a door opening against stone. Whitney drops to her knees. The cross basically opens up revealing a monk in a chair. Whitney thinks its a visitation and she has to go get Mother Superior. The monk says he has come to see her. Whitney asks you know me? He says he knows her and her heart.

At the B&B, Theresa arrives as Ethan and Gwen fight. Gwen tells Theresa if she came to see how well Chad did her dirty work then she has to wait till Ethan kills him, and then they may kill her. She says this is all Theresas fault. Gwen begs Ethan to stop fighting with Chad, but they dont stop. Gwen tells Theresa how dare she use Chad in this way. Theresa says she didnt mean for them to fight, and she tells Ethan and Chad to stop as Gwen isnt worth this. Gwen slaps Theresa. Ethan ends up knocked out when he hits his head on some furniture. Gwen asks Chad to call an ambulance, but then Ethan wakes up. Ethan wants to go after Chad again, but Theresa stands in his way and says no! She says she didnt mean for any of this to happen. Gwen says what did she thinks would happen? Ethan says answer the question. Gwen says she cant answer the question, she is a psycho and Chad is an idiot for going along with her. Gwen says Theresa says she loves Ethan but all she does is hurt him. They end up arguing once again about the past. Theresa says what she has done she has done to try and help Ethan. Theresa says the point is she loves him, and she offered to give Ethan back his dream that Gwen robbed him of. Ethan says thats not love, she was bribing him to get him close to her. Gwen goes off about Sarahs death and her sacrificing their unborn son to have Jane. Gwen thinks Ethan has finally seen Theresa for the malignancy she is, and Ethan will never leave her for Theresa. Theresa says they all know Ethan loves her and he will come back to her. Gwen tells Theresa to get the hell out of here and leave her husband and daughter alone. Theresa says Jane is her daughter! Chad suggests they go, but Theresa refuses. Gwen says either she walks out of here now or shell throw her out piece by piece! Theresa begs Ethan to take Jane and come with her, but he yells at her to get out! Chad and Theresa leave, and Ethan cant believe Theresa got Chad to say those things. He wonders who shell send next? Gwen suggests they not wait around to find out, they should get Jane and leave. Ethan asks how, she just got a job? She says shell find another job. Ethan hates her supporting them and he hates not working. She says then get a job doing something else. Ethan would feel better knowing they had a job before they leave. She says then find something. Ethan says he will, he will find a job outside of town and then they will leave town. He starts talking about what he has to do. Gwen asks why hes making it so hard? She says get a job, go on welfare, do whatever he has to get her away from Theresa.

Theresa thanks Chad for trying to help. Chad thinks he made thinks worse, but she believes she will still get Ethan back. He says then he has to believe he can still be with Whitney. She thinks she ruined Ethan and Chads relationship, but Chad says she didnt and he always felt she should be with Ethan. Theresa says she for some reason feels Whitney should be with him, and they have to make Whitney see where her place is.

In Hawaii, Chris spies on Sheridan with Luis. Sheridan cant believe he is here. Luis says and that they are together again. Chris realizes Sheridan doesnt have the heart to tell Luis shes married to him now. Sheridan tells Luis having him here is a miracle. He says a miracle is coming out of that hell hole and having her here for him. She says she is here for him and always will be. They talk about Marty and Sheridan says Otto took Marty before the explosion. Luis says hes sorry, he was so close to bringing Marty home like she wanted. Sheridan says shes sorry, she shouldnt have insisted he leave Harmony on his own. Luis says she had every right to be angry with him for not trusting her about Marty. He thought once he brought him home that things would be okay. He says their love is stronger than hurt and anger, stronger than anything. A spying Chris says Luis may love Sheridan, but she is his wife now. Luis continues to say how sorry he is, he was so close to bringing Marty back. Sheridan asks what happened to him? He says he was in the same room with Marty, he had him in his arms. He says something hit him from behind. He says hes so sorry. Sheridan says he did the best he could. She says theyll find their son sooner or later. Luis says together they can do anything. Luis says he remembers being kept prisoner in the dark, being beaten. He says he remembers being left alone until the explosion. He remembers her coming, he remembers people saying he might not make it. Luis says he knew he had to hold on to come back to her. Sheridan says and he did. He says he came back for her. Sheridan then kisses Luis as Chris watches. Luis asks how she found him? She says it was an accident, she came looking for Marty. Sheridan tells Luis that everyone thought he died in Tangier, and there was DNA and dental proof. She says there is a body in Harmony that is supposed to be his. Sheridan says his whole family thinks hes dead, they are devastated. Luis damns Alistair. Sheridan says he should put his energy into getting better, not getting angry with her father. He says he was so close to bringing Marty home and having everything they dreamed of. Sheridan says they still can, they can find Marty together and then theyll all never lack for love again. Chris, still spying, looks like hes ready to kill. He says shes so consumed with Luis its like he doesnt exist. Luis feels terrible for what everyone went through thinking he was dead. Sheridan says she almost lost the will to live, but he kept her going, he was always alive in her heart and she never forgot him. Chris looks at his wedding ring. Chris decides it is time Luis knew about him, and he walks in. Luis asks if hes a doctor, but Chris says no. Luis asks who he is? Chris suggests Sheridan tell him.


March 22, 2006

Chad is at the studio and has dreams of Whitney vanishing before his eyes as she tells him to stay away from her. He knows something is wrong with her. He thinks shes in trouble.

At the Crane Mansion, Noah is sleeping in Fancys Princess bed and dreaming of running into the woman Maya has been talking with. He remembers how she told him to do as she told him or he, Maya and Fancy would all end up dead. Noah wakes up and Fancy is missing. He panics. Fancy soon comes in with a tray of food and says "room service." She can see hes upset. He says it was just a dream. She says well hes not dreaming now. He says this was a great idea of hers. They get into bed and eat up the food. Noah hears some kind of ticking, and he thinks it is a bomb. She says it is her clock, and she wonders what is with him. She says she is worried about him. He says dont worry, he just doesnt want anything bad to happen to her. She says as long as she is with him then she knows she is safe. They snuggle together and chit chat. Fancy then gets an idea, but not what hes thinking. She says they should go for a midnight swim. He says this isnt Saint Barts. She says they have a heated indoor pool. Noah doesnt have a suit, but she says who needs a suit. He says someone who goes swimming in a mansion where lots of people live and could see him. Fancy says if she doesnt care who sees her then he shouldnt either. They then head down to the pool for some skinny dipping. Noah makes it there first and jumps in. He wonders where Fancy is, and then flashes back to the woman threatening Fancy and Maya. Once again he thinks the worst. Fancy soon runs in with some champagne. He asks where she disappeared to? She says she realized he was winning so she took a detour. She tells him to relax, stop asking so jumpy. She asks if hes worried about something specific, but he says no and that everything is fine. He says it will be better once he gets her out of her robe. She says you think? He says yes, and she has to be the most beautiful woman hes ever seen. They then jump in the pool and kiss, unaware someone is spying on them. Noah says this reminds him of swimming in Las Vegas. Fancy says she cant believe how much she hated him. He says she had the hots for him from the beginning. We see flashbacks of their Vegas pool antics. Noah says he knew then he had met the love of his life. She says on some level she did too. As they kiss, a man spying on them pulls out a gun! 

Julian finds Eve has prepared a romantic dinner for two in his room. She says she knew he had been working hard so she thought they could both use this. She also thinks they should take this time to count their blessings, a new beginnings of sorts. Julian toasts to a new beginning and to their lives being as peaceful as they seem right now. Eve gets nervous, every time she thinks things are going well then it all just goes to hell. She says shes sorry, shes just superstitious. Julian says there is no reason to think this peace cant go on with his father stuck in a coma. He says his father is the one who has tortured them for so long. They discuss Simone being a lesbian and how TC seem to have calmed down about that, how Fox and Kay have moved on with each other, as has Fancy and Noah. He also says Whitney is safe in the convent, and Chad is doing a good job with Miles. Eve says he is right, maybe everything will be okay. Eve toasts to their lives staying the same way they are as in this minute. As they get romantic, Eve says it will be so great when he divorces Rebecca and they can marry. She says its so strange having Rebecca so close down the hall. There is a knock at the door, and Julian hopes it isnt her. He says whoever it is, it is rather late. Its Chad and he says its important. Julian lets him in, and he says hes sorry to barge in but its important. He tells them seeing Whitney earlier, they think something is wrong. He says shes lost a lot of weight, she has circles under her eyes, she looks sad and scared. He says hes getting a bad feeling about Whitney being at the convent. Eve asks about Miles, and Chad says the sitter is with him. Eve and Julian tell Chad that he has to respect Whitneys decision to be there. Chad says its wrong, they still love one another. Julian says them being together is not up for debate, it just cant happen. Julian says he has to get over these feelings for Whitney. Chad says easier said then done. Julian says if he loves Whitney that much then he has to get over her and move on. Eve says and they owe it to Whitney to respect her decision. Chad says they dont get what hes trying to tell them. He says Whitney is in trouble, hes had a dream or premonition. He begs them to help him help her. Chad says if they had seen her tonight then they would be just as worked up as he is. Eve says she understands how he feels, she didnt want Whitney to run off and be a nun either, but they have to accept that Whitney has a right to resolve her crisis whatever way she feels best. Eve says even if they dont agree with her situation then they have to give her credit for doing something healthy and not the opposite. Chad says like she did in the past? Eve says at least Whitney is around good and decent people who will look after her, Whitney is in a loving and safe environment. Eves phone begins to ring, its the Mother Superior calling about Whitney. Eve says shell be right there. Eve tells the others that Whitney was found passed out on the chapel floor.

At the convent, a monk sits in an illuminated chair before Whitney and above the altar in some secret room. He says he knows her, hes been waiting to meet her for a long time. She asks where he came from? He says he is always here, and he knows why she came here tonight, she came for absolution for her sins and forgiveness. Whitney wonders how he knows that. He says he knows everything about her. She says she doesnt understand. He says relax, seeking absolution for her sins is nothing to be ashamed of. She says no matter how hard she prays, she cant forget and she feels like she cant be forgiven. Whitney tells him that she committed an unspeakable sin, there is no redemption. The monk says no one is beyond redemption and no sin is unforgivable if she is truly repentant. She says she is sorry, but she is weak. The monk tells her to say it. Whitney says no matter how wrong she knows what she has done is,  she cant stop feeling the way she does. She says she has had sex with her half-brother, that is why God wont forgive her. She says her baby boy will have to live his life marred by her evil, yet even that doesnt stop her from thinking about Chad. She says she is an abomination, an insult to God, she doesnt deserve to live. She says she cant stop her heart and mind from thinking about Chad. She says she loves Chad, she still wants him. She asks how she goes on living? The monk tells Whitney that he can help her, he can wash away her sins and find the absolution she seeks. She says she wants that, but if the nuns cant help her then . . . He says only he can do this for her, but it wont be easy. He says she must do penance for her sins. She says shes not afraid, she has been punishing herself. The monk says he knows how shes been punishing herself. Whitney wonders how he knows. He says he knows everything about her. Whitney then thinks the monk must be God. She asks if he is God? The monk asks Whitney what her heart says? Whitney falls to her knees and then soon collapses. 

Two nuns soon find Whitney collapsed before the alter. They run to get the mother superior. Mother Superior calls Eve, and Eve, Julian and Chad soon show up to check on her. Whitney is back in her room in her bed. Eve says she looks helpless and tiny, and she has a fever. The Mother Superior says she hasnt been ill or complained of having as much of a sniffle. As Eve examines her, she finds the lashes on her back. Everyone is stunned.

In Hawaii, Chris tells himself that hes Sheridans husband and it is time Luis knew it. Chris walks in, and Luis asks if he is the doctor. Chris says no, so Luis asks who he is. Chris suggests Sheridan tell him. Sheridan says this is Christopher Boothe. Luis doesnt think they met, are he and Sheridan friends? Sheridan is speechless, but eventually says that Chris is her friend. Luis thought he knew all her friends. She says they met a few months ago and has been helping her look for Marty. He asks how they ended up on the island? Sheridan says they came looking for Marty and found him instead. He says hes sorry she only found him. She says dont say that. Luis thanks Chris for saving his life and for bringing him back to Sheridan. He says there is no way he can repay Chris for what hes done. A nurse comes in to remove Luis bandages. She says she asked Sheridan and Chris to leave the man alone and she sees his bandages are off. Sheridan says she did that, she's sorry. The nurse tells Sheridan and Chris to get out, no arguments. Sheridan says shell be right outside. Chris and Sheridan leave, and Chris says your friend? Chris says hes her husband! Sheridan says shes so sorry, it just came out of her mouth. Chris says she should have told him the truth. Sheridan says she didnt mean to hurt him, and she doesnt blame him for being angry. Sheridan says she just cant tell Luis yet, hes so weak and almost died. Chris says he's alive because he saved him. Sheridan says she knows, but if he can put his feelings aside for a minute. She says she cant tell Luis because he needs to believe she is here for him. She says his desperation to see her is what kept him alive. Chris says he told her? She says no but . . . Chris says he knows, she knows it because of their special bond. Sheridan says she cant tell Luis, it might bring on a relapse. Chris ask when she will be ready to tell him? Sheridan says if he feels this strongly about it then shell go tell him now. He says she doesnt have to do that. Chris says he saw her with Luis, she still loves him very much. Sheridan tells Chris that she never lied about her feelings for Luis, and she thought he was dead. Chris asks if that is why she married him. She says no because she loved him. Sheridan says this is all like some unbelievable miracle, Luis and Marty are both alive, its like the last year didnt happen. Chris thinks it is a miracle, as if Sheridan has been taken back in time, to a time before she met him. She says that isnt what she meant, but he says it is what it sounds like. She says it is just seeing Luis alive again and how shes so close to having Marty, its just reminder her of a time in her life before. Chris says he knows, Luis was the man she was going to spend her life with before he died. Chris asks how she feels about him (Chris). She says her feelings for him have not changed, hes been so good to her. Luis calls out to Sheridan, and she says Luis needs her and runs off. Sheridan returns to Luis, who has turned the radio on and it is playing one of their songs. He says he wanted her to hear, does she remember. She says of course she does. He tells her that the hope of seeing her again is what kept him alive.


March 23, 2006
Miguel lays in his bed somewhere thinking about his talk with Kay earlier. Kay told him he should stay at Tabithas for the night so he could be here in the morning when Maria woke up. He turns off the light to go to bed, only to hear Kay and Fox laughing and tickling one another in their room. Miguel soon begins to have a dream or fantasy in which he is the one making love to Kay! Miguel decides to take a cold shower. He does so and then heads back to bed and reads a magazine. He hears someone crying and thinks it is Maria, so he goes to check on her.

In Kays room, Kay tells Fox to hush, Miguel might hear them. Fox tells Kay how out of all the girls hes been with, shes the only one who can make him laugh. They kiss and say they love one another. They make love, and later cuddle in one anothers arms. They talk about finding one another and how lucky they are. Fox says Miguel is the loser in this as he (Fox) ended up with Kay. Kay says seeing Miguel again makes her realize that Fox is the only man she wants. Later, Kay falls asleep and Fox hears Maria crying and goes to check on her. Kay then ends up having a dream about making love to Miguel. Kay quickly wakes up from her dream and wonders why she dreamt that.

In the nursery, Miguel is trying to get Maria to stop crying. Fox shows up and hears Miguel is in with her, but she wont stop crying. Fox decides to go in and check. Miguel says he cant get her to stop fussing. Fox offers to try, and of course she settles down when Fox holds her. Miguel says that is amazing. Fox says she is just used to him, that is all.

At the B&B, Gwen is working once again and Ethan brings her some tea. Gwen says she never expected to be working all day and all night. Gwen then begins venting about what Theresa did earlier. Ethan says it is amazing what she did. Gwen says she is still shaking, and she cant believe he and Chad fought. Gwen says they need to get away from that woman. Ethan says she doesnt deserve this. Gwen says neither does he. Ethan says they do have to get away from Harmony, he will find a job somewhere. He also says he hates that she is the one working. Gwen says she doesnt care what he does, become a cherry picker, do what he has to do in order to get away form Theresa. Ethan sees a web cam on Gwens PC, she says it is for oversea conference calls. Ethan decides that they should have a little romance this evening, work can wait.

Theresa is at her office, shes watching Ethan and Gwen over the webcam! She calls Collier and tells him to give Gwen more work. Collier, who was asleep, says this is insane, hes given her more work than anyone can do. He says hes run out of projects for her, is she trying to make him kill her? Theresa says now that he mentions it. Collier says she is crazy. Theresa threatens him, call Gwen now and give her a new deadline, send her to get donuts, she doesnt care what he has to do. Later, Theresa sees Gwen going back to work. She says no bubbly or kisses for Gwen tonight. She thinks soon Ethan will get tired of Gwen neglecting him, but shell be here waiting to comfort him. Pilar walks in, she cant sleep, shes too upset. She says she doesnt want to see Katherines face in the morning. Theresa says she can throw Katherine out for her. Pilar says no, she should be here as shes Julians and Sheridans mother, and if she left shed go to Martin. Theresa says they deserve one another. Pilar says it hurts to much to think about that. Pilar then catches what is on Theresas PC, she sees shes spying on Ethan and Gwen. Theresa says shes making sure Ethan is okay, but Pilar says she is spying, has she no shame? Theresa says shes just doing what she has to do to get Ethan and Jane back. Theresa watches as Ethan tells Gwen how sorry he is that she has to work. Pilar tells Theresa that she has seen her lie and manipulate and use every trick in the book to get Ethan away from Gwen, but this is the worst. Pilar says she has never been more ashamed of her than right now, she has failed her as a mother, she didnt teach her right from wrong. Theresa says she taught her how to be a survivor, now hush and let her listen!

Back at the B&B, Collier calls Gwen and says they have a new deadline and he needs all the reports on his desk by the morning. Collier hangs up and hopes Gwen quits this job. Gwen cant believe this, there is no way she can finish this all. Ethan says this is ridiculous. Gwen says this means so much for their romantic evening. Ethan says this is nuts, quit the job and hell find a way to get them out of Harmony. Gwen thanks him for wanting to protect her, but they need this money. Gwen says shell scrub floors if she has to before she lets him go to work at Crane. Gwen says she has to get back to work now, and they kiss. They dont realize Theresa is spying on them. Ethan offers to help Gwen with her work, theyll finish it in no time and can get back to more important things.

Back at the mansion, Theresa gets upset when she sees Ethan kissing Gwen. She says this isnt the way it is supposed to be, Ethan isnt supposed to be helping Gwen. She says she wont have it. Pilar asks Theresa who she thinks she is telling people how to live their lives? She says Ethan should be with her, and by time she is through he will be. Pilar cant believe the person shes become, shes become Alistair. Pilar asks Theresa if that is what she wants? Does she want to be Alistair Crane? Theresa says she hasnt become that heartless monster. Pilar says this is what Alistair does best, spies on people, controls and manipulates their lives. Theresa says Alistair doesnt love, and she loves and will be with Ethan. Pilar says even if it destroys her soul? Theresa says yes, if it means becoming Alistair then so be it. She says Alistair gets everything he wants, and she wants Ethan. Pilar says whatever Alistair possesses, he destroys. Pilar says in getting Ethan, she will destroy him like Alistair has destroyed her. Pilar says she realizes right now she has lost her daughter, and she walks out of the office saying her heart is broken. 

At the convent, everyone is stunned to see the whip marks on Whitney's back. They ask the Mother Superior who did this. She says she has no idea who did this to Whitney. Mother Superior says shell find out who did this and they will be punished, this brutality won't be tolerated in a house of God, it shouldnt happen anywhere. Eve cries and wonders who did this to her. Whitney, who is out cold, dreams about Chad. She dreams about whipping herself and screams in her sleep. Julian thinks she must be reliving the attack. Eve says shes burning up, and they have to get the fever down. Eve gives her an injection to bring the fever down. She also says she needs to dress these wounds and give her some antibiotics. Eve says it is good they came when they did, these cuts are becoming infected. Chad says he wants to know who did this, he wants to make them pay. Eve says she wasnt happy about Whitneys choice to come here, but she thought she would be safe here. The Mother Superior assures them that they want to know who did this just as bad as they do. Chad decides they should take Whitney out of here, and he goes to get her things together. Whitney soon wakes up and asks why they are here? Eve says something terrible happened to her. Whitney is in pain, and Chad asks Whitney who did this to her? Eve asks who brutalized her? Whitney says nobody did this to her. Chad says someone tore her back wide open, who did it to her. She did this to herself. Eve thinks shes protecting someone, but Whitney says she did this to herself. Whitney says she is a sinner, her flesh is weak so she must pay penance. Mother Superior asks if she flogged herself? Whitney says yes, its the only way. Mother Superior says this is not the way to forgiveness, and self-flagellation hasnt been practiced in hundred of years. She says the church doesnt condone these practices. Whitney says he does. Julian asks who he is, who told her to do this. Whitney says he says it was right, it was proper penance. Mother Superior asks who told her these lies? Whitney remembers encountering the monk earlier. They wonder who this man was, was he in her room? She says no, he was in the chapel. She tells them it wasnt a man, it was God. She says she talked to God.

At the Crane mansion, a man with a gun spies on Noah and Fancy as they kiss in the pool. Fancy soon realizes someone is outside the patio doors, and she asks Noah what they do? Noah says hes going to sneak out and then take them out. They pretend like Noah is going for more wine. Noah tackles the guy and demands to know who he is and who sent him! Fancy decides to call the police, but the man says they shouldnt do that. Noah tells Fancy to call the police. The man says if they are going to call anyone then call Sam, hell know what to do. Noah holds his gun on the man and Sam soon shows up. Sam tells Noah that this is an FBI agent. Noah asks why he is stalking Fancy and him? Fancy says good question, why did he have a gun, why was he spying on them? The FBI agent says the bureau has been investigating the Crane Empire for awhile, but they havent been able to prove anything. He says now that Alistair is in a coma they figured now would be the best time to find the evidence they need. He says they are trying to bring a corrupt and evil mans reign of terror to an end. Fancy says her grandfather is not evil, but Sam says shes a little naive when it comes to her grandfather. The FBI agent says they believe Alistair is involved in a plot to kill thousands, people in Harmony included, people she knows and loves. Fancy asks how? The agent says he cant give her anymore details, this is a covert operation and must remain secret. Noah says this has nothing to do with him and Fancy. The agent asks if he thought it had something to do with them? Noah says no, just curious. The agent asks for full access to Crane Industry, and hed like to speak to Theresa.


March 24 , 2006
At the mansion, Theresa is watching Ethan help Gwen with her work and then get down to business. She's furious. She makes the comment that Gwen doesn't even no how to treat Ethan, she looks like she's sucking on a lemon instead of kissing the sexiest man alive. She things she should call up Collier and make him give her more work, or better yet, send her on a trip to outer Mongolia.

At the B&B, Gwen and Ethan make love, and they talk with one another. Gwen can't stop worrying about Theresa, what if she does something to stop them from leaving, what if she makes it so Gwen can't work and Ethan has to go work for her or else they starve. Ethan promises her no matter what, he will never go back to working at Crane Industries. 

Meanwhile, in the pool house the FBI agent continues to talk with Sam, Fancy and Noah. He needs Theresa's help in foiling one of Alistair's plots that could harm thousands of people. Fancy is still having a really hard time grasping this all. Noah says he knows she loves Alistair, and in his way he loves her, but she has been in Harmony long enough to see what the man is capable of. Fancy says it just takes getting used to. Meanwhile, Sam is not sure Theresa will want to help the FBI, she is liking the Crane Power a bit too much. They decide to go ask her.

Theresa is asked by the agent to help them, she's filled in on Alistair's plot off screen. Theresa asks the FBI agent what he needs from her? He says access to all of Crane Industries records and Alistair's personal files. Sam tells Theresa that Luis had those years ago but had to return them in order to save Pilar's life, finish what Luis started. Theresa wonders what Ethan would want her to do. She agrees, and says for all she cares they can bring down the whole empire. Fancy says but Grandfather worked his whole life building Crane Industries up as a worldwide company. Theresa says it is built on evil, but they can rebuild it on honor so people will no longer fear the name Crane. Theresa's one request is that Sam, who she gives back his job as Chief of Police, help in the investigation. She wants to make sure if Alistair wakes up from his coma that Sam has the proof against Alistair for her brother's death, proof to put him away for the rest of his life.

Fancy becomes so upset over what is going on that she decides to take a shower and crawl under the covers and hide. Noah says he'll join her. Sam asks to talk to Noah for a second. He says now that he's back as Chief of Police, he's going to be investigating other things, like the attack on Maya and the car accident at the diner. Sam presses Noah to confess what he's hiding before it's too late. Noah swears he can handle this, but Sam doesn't think so.

Theresa talks with the FBI agent and asks if it would help to have someone working with them that knows Crane Industries inside and out? The agent says it would. She knows the perfect person, Ethan Winthrop. He says as Sam's son he would be a good choice, but he's not working there anymore. Theresa says yes, but he hasn't taken a job elsewhere. Theresa convinces the agent to talk to Ethan about working with them, but keep her name out of it as they have history and he might not accept the job if it was her idea.

At the convent, Whitney swears to everyone that she saw God and he told her that he could give her forgiveness for her sins. They are convinced it was a hallucination, but she says she saw him in the chapel. Mother Superior reminds Whitney that she thought her flashlight was God's light. Whitney says this visit happened after she checked on her. Whitney takes them to the chapel and shows them where the wall opened. Chad and Julian find no gap in the wall for it to open, and Mother Superior assures them it does not open. Whitney says God can make whatever he wants happen, and it was a miracle. They take her back to her room to rest. She soon passes out. Chad thinks some lunatic is playing God, but Eve is convinced that it was all in Whitney's subconscious, she so wants forgiveness that she imagined God up. Back in the chapel we see the wall has opened up again, only ever so slightly.

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