March 27, 2005
At the Crane pool house, Sam tells Noah now that hes chief of police again, he will find out what happened to Maya and about the car crash that injured Fancy. He tells Noah that he needs to be honest with him. He says Noah may think he can handle this but he cant, so what is he keeping from him. Fancy walks up and says and from her too. She says it sounds like Noah is keeping secrets from everyone. Sam asks Noah what hes keeping from them. Noah tells Fancy that he thought she was passed this. Sam says if it is the type of information that can get them killed then tell him. Fancy doesnt want to push him, but they are both worried about him especially if hes in danger. Noah says its about Maya. Sam says that is a given. Noah says its hard to talk about, its personal. Fancy says dont tell her that hes still in love with her. Noah says no, thats not what it is about. He swears Maya is the past and shes the only woman he wants. Fancy says thank God. He swears that she never has to worry about him loving someone else. Sam asks so what the secret about him and Maya is? Noah says its complicated. Sam suggests he get Maya and bring her back here to settle this. Noah agrees, it is time to get this out in the open. Noah leaves to get Maya, and Sam and Fancy remain behind and worry. Sam says they will sort this whole thing out. Fancy says she hopes so, but she just worries that whatever the secret is, it will ruin her relationship with Noah.

In Alistairs office, Agent Morison thanks Theresa for helping them stop Alistair and his illegal activities. Theresa says she wants to do the right thing, and she knows Ethan will be invaluable to them. The agent says if Ethan agrees to help. Theresa says he will, hes a real life Dudley Do-right. Agent Morrison decides to go see Ethan right now. After the agent leaves, Theresa spies on the B&B. She turns on her PC and ends up seeing Ethan making love to Gwen. Theresa says she cant watch this. She says that should be her in Ethans arms. She begins to fantasize about being with Ethan. Theresa realizes why Alistair was addicted to these cameras, she learns so much from them.

At the B&B, Gwen and Ethan are talking. Gwen refuses to let Ethan go back to work at Crane . He says he promised her that nothing would make him go back to Crane Industries. They make love, not realizing Theresa spied on them. Later, Ethan once again talks about how soon hell have a job and she wont have to work these crazy hours. Gwen isnt so sure he can escape Theresa's obsession, and she thinks Theresa is becoming more and more like Alistair. There is no telling what she will do with the Crane power behind her. Gwen is just glad there is no way Theresa can make him go back to Crane. On cue, the FBI agent shows to talk to Ethan. Theresa watches and cant wait to see Gwens reaction to Ethan going back to work with her. The agent explains to Ethan how they have been investigating Alistair for years and now is the time to take him down. He says lives around the world could be at stake right now because a of plan the man set into motion. He says Alistair has not only built a business empire, but an empire of evil. Ethan knows all of this, but nobody has been able to prove Alistairs evil. The agent says they have to act now. He says the FBI knows about  Ethans past as a Crane. They dont suspect Ethan of being involved in anything. Ethan asks what he wants from them? The agent says they need Ethans help to bring down Alistair. Theresa watches and thinks Ethan is hooked. Ethan tells the agent that he has no loyalties to the Cranes and hed be happy to help them however he can. Gwen asks the agent what it is he wants her husband to do? The agent says they want him to go back to work at Crane Industries. Gwen says no way. A spying Theresa says bingo! And she decides top make sure the office is all ready for Ethan.

Maya is packing her things, shes planning to leave and hopes they will leave Noah and Fancy alone. Unfortunately the woman shows up at the door and tells Maya that leaving Harmony wont make Noah safe. Maya begs her to leave Noah alone. The woman says Maya has a job to do so do it and dont screw it up. The woman tells Maya that they need Noah involved and she has to make it happen. Maya says she cant pull Noah in any deeper, hes a good man and is only involved by accident. She says Noah has been hurt enough already as has Fancy, they dont deserve this. She says shell do anything if they leave Noah alone. The woman says it wont work, they need Noah. She says do whatever Mata has to in order to get him, use whatever she needs to in order to get him onboard with this plan. Maya cant do this, Noah was never part of this and doesnt deserved to be mixed up with her (the woman). The woman says watch her mouth. She says Noah isnt innocent, he was with Maya the night her associate was murdered and the package disappeared. Maya says and he wanted to go to the cops, but she stopped him. Maya says he wants to go to the cops now. The woman says that cant happen. Maya doesnt know if she can talk him out of this. The woman says shell find a way or they will suffer the consequences. She tells Maya she has such a pretty face, it would be a shame for something to happen to it or someone close to her. Maya threatens her mothers life. Maya says she gets it. The woman says then dont test her. Maya gets a call from Noah asking to meet her and talk. Maya says they do have to talk. Noah says hell come over, but Maya suggests they meet at her moms restaurant instead. The woman tells Maya good girl, meet Noah and convince him to help her. Maya says its not like she has a choice.

Noah arrives at the Noodle House to see Maya. He sees Maya go in first. He tells himself they have to get this over with, they have to tell the truth. Suddenly the Noodle House explodes! Noah is blown to the ground and the house is on fire. Noah gets up and looks inside and sees the place on fire. He screams out to Maya.

In Hawaii, Sheridan is stunned, as is Chris, that Luis has brought the Justice of the Peace in to marry them. Luis wishes he could get down on one knee and propose to her, but he can't. He says this is all theyve been thinking about for years. He says they should do it right now. He asks her to marry him. Sheridan looks at Chris and then at Luis. She says she cant do this. Luis thinks she is just upset because she cant have the fairytale wedding. He says as soon as they get home they will have the biggest wedding the town has seen. He says but right now he just wants to make it legal. He knows when he left town it wasnt on the best of terms. Sheridan says that was her fault. He says the whole time he was gone, he wanted to find Marty and make her happy. Luis talks about how when he was captured the only thing that kept him going was thinking they would be together. Luis becomes exhausted, and she asks if hes okay? He says hes just a little tired. He just wants her to know that in his heart they have always been husband and wife. He says he doesnt want to waste another minute without it, he wants to make it legal now. He begs Sheridan to marry him. The doctor shows up and asks what all this is? Luis tells the doctor to congratulate him, hes getting married. The doctor says but he thought . . . Sheridan cuts him off and says yes and it is very all of the sudden. The doctor needs to examine Luis to make sure he can make the trip back to Harmony, but he could come back later. Sheridan says no, Luis health is more important. Sheridan and Chris leave so the doctor can examine him. 

In the hall, the Justice of the Peace goes to call his wife and say hell be late. Sheridan asks Chris what shes supposed to do? Chris says there is no question, she cant go through with this, he is her husband. He says she has to tell him. Sheridan says she hates this, she is what kept him going for months. Chris says hes a tough guy. Sheridan says hes weak, and when he learns the truth hell have nothing left to live for. Chris says she has to tell Luis the truth. Sheridan says it is so hard, she cant bear to see him hurt. Chris says more is at stake then feelings, if she marries him then shes committing a crime, she'll be a bigamist. The doctor comes out and tells Sheridan that Luis is getting better, his love for Sheridan has given him a will to live. He says Luis will be fine as long as he stays this happy and positive. The doctor tells Sheridan unless he keeps his spirits up, he could lose the will to live and die. The doctor is needed in the ER and has to go. Sheridan says she cant tell Luis the truth now. Chris says she cant go through with the ceremony either. Luis calls to her and asks her to come back, that they should get married now. 

Sheridan and Chris go back inside, and Chris says the Justice of the Peace will be back soon. Luis promises Sheridan as soon as they get home, theyll have the wedding of her dreams. He says he just wants to marry her today, and he asks Chris to get the Justice of the Peace. Sheridan says shell get him. Luis then realizes he doesnt have a ring, and he asks if she can go look in the gift shop. Sheridan says shell go look and she leaves. Luis asks Chris to stay, he wants to talk to him. Luis tells him that he has to ask Chris something important. He tells Chris how his looking after and helping Sheridan means a lot to him. He says like they say in soaps, Sheridan is his soul mate. He says he and Sheridan will grow old together, and its all been possible because of him. Luis says if he hadnt found him then hed be dead, he owes Chris his life with Sheridan. He says because of Chris, hell marry Sheridan. Luis says he wants Chris to be his best man. Meanwhile, the justice of the peace runs into Sheridan in the hall way. He returns to the room, and Sheridan says the gift shop didnt have any rings, and she doesnt know what to do. She realizes she has no other choice. Sheridan go into the room, and she learns from Luis that Chris is the best man. Luis asks if she found a ring, and Sheridan says yes. Sheridan gives Chris her wedding ring! Sheridan says that is all there was. Luis says perfect and they are all set. Chris is forced to watch as Sheridan and Luis are married and share a kiss! She gives him a peck, but Luis wants a real kiss. Chris is fuming inside as he watches them kiss. Luis thanks the JoP and Chris. He asks Chris to shake his hand, and he does. Luis says without Chris this couldnt have been possible. He thanks Chris and then asks Sheridan for another kiss. 



March 28, 2006

It Tabithas Kitchen, Miguel is upset as e looks through a photo album. He doesnt even know Maria, Fox is more of her father than he is. Tabitha is in the attic spying through her bowl. She says now Miguel is talking, and she needs to find a way to get Kay downstairs. Fortunately Kay walks into the kitchen. She says hes up late. He says he couldnt sleep. She asks if he sees anything he likes, referring to the album. He looks at her and says yes, she's in a skimpy nightie. As they make comments about their dreams without revealing too much, Tabitha realizes it will be easier to get them together than she thought. Endora causes magical trouble for her mom, knocking stuff over in the attic. Tabitha tells Endora that they cant let Miguel end up with Charity otherwise their side will be destroyed. Back in the kitchen, Miguel asks Kay why shes up. She says she has to put some laundry away. He says he never knew how hard she worked and it must be tough doing it alone. She says shes not alone, she has Fox. Miguel says well from now on hell be around to help. A spying Tabitha wonders if she has to draw these two a picture of what to do. She pours a potion into her cauldron and casts a spell. This causes a purple haze to appear around them, and they move in and kiss! The kiss of course was just in their heads. Kay snaps out of it and wonders what is wrong with her, she loves Fox. Tabitha wonders why her purple haze potion didnt work, and then she sees it expired around the French Revolution. Miguel helps Kay with Marias laundry and says shes gotten so big. They talk about potty training as Tabitha looks for more potions to use on them. Suddenly, thanks to Tabitha, Kays iPod shows up on the table. They dont know where it came from. On the iPod they see a video of her and Miguel as kids when they were on the baseball team. They continue to watch more videos of them as kids. They also watch a photo slide show. Miguel asks where this came from? She says it must have been her dad's doing as a surprise for her. They see a movie of them when they were older, and we see Kay pining over Miguel. He cant believe how she felt about him for so many years, why didnt she says something? She says she did, but she was too late when she did, he was in love with Charity. Miguel continues to beat himself up over missing so much of Marias life. She says Maria wont remember anything from now anyways, and hell be here from now on. She talks about everything they have to look forward to in Marias life. Kay and Miguel both agree they dont want to make any more mistakes in their lives. Miguel says he was so in love in Charity, but all he can think about is the pain they went through. He says the happiest times in his life were with her and their daughter. He says he doesnt know why he left her or his daughter. Tabitha watches and tells Miguel to lay his luscious lips on Kay. Kay and Miguel look into one anothers eyes, and it looks as if they are about to kiss! Miguel says maybe she was right all along and they were meant to be together. They then leave in for a kiss.

In Hawaii, Sheridan tells Chris as soon as Luis is well enough they will tell him that they are married. Chris says not if shes arrested for bigamy first. Sheridan says he heard what the doctor said, if he thinks hes lost her then he could die. Chris says he has lost her, shes his wife. Luis demands more kisses, and the JoP talks to Chris about how hes never married a happier couple, they obviously belong together. Chris says he cant stand this for one more minute! Luis asks what is wrong? Sheridan tells him no, but Chris says he cant put this off for another minute. He just says its long past time for the best man to kiss the bride. He gives her a peck, and she thanks him. He says he doesnt know how much longer he can keep this up. The angry nurse shows up and Luis claims hes a married man now so congratulate him. The nurse says but you two . . . Sheridan explains what has happened, and the nurse says okay. She says a jet from Crane has landed and waiting to take them back to Harmony. 

Later they all board the plane, but the captain has an issue. He says Sheridan is listed on the manifest twice, as Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald and Mrs. Boothe. He asks which is it? Chris says Mrs. Boothe. Sheridan says no! Sheridan thinks Luis has heard, but it turns out hes out cold. Sheridan thanks God, but Chris says hell find out sooner or later. Chris says she is his wife and he wont live this lie any longer than he has to. Chris says the minute Luis is out of the crisis zone then they have to tell Luis. She says it will hurt him so much. He says and this doesnt hurt him? Sheridan says Luis went through a lot, it could be months before he is well. Chris says he has to get better quick, he wont sit around for months. Chris says if she keeps up this sham of a marriage with Luis then their marriage will be the one coming to an end.

Theresa continues to spy on Ethan, Gwen and the agent at the B&B. Gwen asks the agent if Theresa put him up to this? She thinks Theresa did. The agent remembers that Theresa told him not to tell Gwen it was Theresas idea. The agent says no, and they have wanted a man on the inside of Crane for a long time and Ethan is the perfect candidate. Gwen still smells a Mexican rat. Ethan says the agent said Theresa didnt put him up to this. Gwen asks what Ethan would be doing? The agent says he cant say, only that Ethan would be doing a service to his country. He asks if Ethan has an answer? Gwen tells Ethan that he cant go back to working at Crane, if he does Theresa will try and seduce him on a daily basis. The agent gets a call and has to go, there is a terror alert. He says he hopes Ethan will do the right thing. Gwen tells Ethan not to tell her that he is thinking about going back to work at Crane. Ethan tells Gwen not to be like this, its not like the FBI asks him for help everyday. He thinks this might not be a bad career move. He says if he goes back and helps them, hell have a foot in the door to Washington DC. He says it could lead to a job abroad and far away from Theresa. Gwen says thats a big if. Ethan says yes but he hates not working, he wants to support them. Gwen says if he goes back to work for Theresa then shell spend every moment trying to get him back. Ethan says he will never let Theresa come between them again. Gwen thinks Ethan has decided to take the job. Ethan doesnt think he can turn his back on the FBI. She says so to hell with their marriage? Ethan says no, and hed only work as long enough for this investigation to be over. He says if he goes to work then she can quit her crazy job and be with Jane. He says it wont be as bad as she thinks.

At the Noodle House, Noah sees the place in flames after an explosion. Maya screams out to Noah, and he rushes to help. She's out back, she wasn't hurt. Noah asks how she avoided the explosion? We see a flashback, the mystery woman saved Maya from the explosion by dragging her out back and warned her that this was a warning, if she doesnt get Noah on their side then theyll blow up her mothers house with her in it next time. The cops and fire department show up, and Noah asks if anyone else is inside? She says no one. He says nobody could have survived that fire. The spying woman says Maya better listen to Noah and make sure Noah doesnt tell anyone the truth. Maya tells Noah they should go, they should leave Harmony. The mystery woman wonders what shes up to. Noah says they cant just leave, they have to tell the truth about everything and stop all of this. Maya says no! Noah says they have to tell the truth. The mystery woman says Noah is about to die! Maya says they have to leave, but he says the police will want to question them. She says no, no police now or ever. Noah says he wont spend the rest of his life looking over his sholder, the truth will come out eventually. He says they have to tell the truth now. The mystery woman says now she just has to decide how to kill Noah. Noah calls Fancy and promises to be there soon and tell her everything. Noah tells Maya he will tell Fancy the truth and his father, and hell get them protection. They then leave the scene of the crime. 

At the mansion, Fancy walks in on a spying Theresa and asks what is going on here? Theresa turns off the PC, and Fancy says she heard a Ethans voice, what is she watching. Theresa says shes watching an old press conference of Ethans. Fancy says that is pathetic, what else does she have on there. Theresa says she has lots of stuff on Ethan, she watches it to get her through the day. Fancy says she hates to admit it but she understands how Theresa feels. Theresa asks Fancy what is wrong? She says everything. Fancy cries about Noah and says she thinks she understands Theresa better after seeing what she went through to keep Ethan alive. Fancy says Noah said her obsession with Ethan was magnificent, and she sees that now. Unfortunately she doesnt know if she has a future with Noah. Theresa says he loves her though. Fancy doesnt know why they are talking, they arent friends. Theresa says shes not the monster Gwen makes her out to be. Theresa talks about how their families are close, and she is a good listener and secret keeper. Fancy says no, no more secrets. Fancy then realizes Theresa is her step-grandmother. Theresa says yes, so talk to poor old Granny. Fancy says Noahs keeping a secret, its something dangerous and she fears it will break them up. She says it has to do with his old girlfriend. Theresa says if Noah loves Fancy then hell chose her. She also tells Fancy not to let an old girlfriend come between them, she is Noahs future not his past. Theresa says hold onto her love for Noah just like she holds onto her love for Ethan. Fancy tells Theresa that she has a passion and zest for life, she couldnt wear her heart on her sleeve. Fancy says thats not how the Cranes are brought up. She wishes she could let go. Theresa says then do so, jump Noah the next time she sees him, tell him that she loves him and wants to get married. She tells Fancy to take action, but Fancy says she cant waste her time on a man who isnt only focused on her. Fancy then gets a call from Noah. He says he loves her, hes on his way home to tell her everything. He says hell be there soon. Theresa tells Fancy that this is good, he wants to put his past behind him.

Ethan shows up at the mansion to see Theresa, she is still with Fancy. Ethan says he has to talk to her about something important. Fancy tells Theresa maybe they will both win them men they love. Fancy then leaves them. Ethan says he needs to talk to her about coming back to work at Crane. Meanwhile, Noah and Maya arrive at the mansion front door and continue to argue about telling the truth. As they argue, someone aims a gun at them!


March 29, 2006

At the mansion, Theresa asks Ethan if he said wants to talk about coming back to work at Crane? He says yes. She says she is shocked, she really is. Ethan says just hear him out. He says the FBI came to see him about helping them investigate Alistairs illegal activities. Theresa says Alistair did have his finger in dirty dealings. Ethan asks Theresa if this was her idea, did she send the agent. Theresa lies and says she didnt. He says but she knew about the investigation. Theresa says yes, they asked for her permission and access to Alistairs files and she gave it to them, but she didnt know they needed his help. Theresa has her fingers crossed behind her back as she lies to him. Theresa asks if Ethan knows what they are looking for, they wouldnt tell her. Ethan says he doesn't know but he thinks it is a big deal and they consider it a threat to national security. Theresa says she always knew Alistair was evil, she guesses she didnt know how evil. Theresa says she offered to help the FBI, and shes glad Ethan said yes to help them. Ethan says she has it wrong, he wont come to work for her. Theresa says they need his help though, he knows so much. Ethan says he doesn't know as much as people think he does. Ethan says even when Alistair thought he was his grandson, Alistair never confided in him about anything. Theresa says he knows a lot, there has to be a way he can help them find what they are looking for. Ethan asks why Theresa cares so much about this? Theresa says they are a government agency, they can make him take the job, it's like subpoenaing someone.. Ethan says they cant make him take a job, he still has rights to privacy even in these troubled times. He says he will help the FBI as much as he can, but he wont come to work for her. Theresa says they may jump to the wrong conclusion, theyll think hes involved, he could be arrested. Ethan doesnt think so, and he says he knows Theresa would use this job to come between him and Gwen. He says he loves his wife and values his marriage, he wont risk it and nobody will make him waver on this decision. Theresa says she understands. Ethan then leaves. 

In the foyer of the mansion, Fancy waits for Noah to show up and wonders what is keeping him. She tries to call him but only gets voice mail. Sam shows up, and Fancy relays her worries to him about Noah. Sam learns Sally Chinns restaurant exploded, but nobody was inside. Fancy thinks this is related to Noahs secrets. Sam decides to go to his house and wait for Noah there, so Fancy goes with him.

Right outside the mansion, Maya begs Noah not to tell Fancy what is going on. Noah says he barely knows what is going on here, but he wont lie anymore. Maya says its too dangerous, but Noah says its already gotten dangerous. He says hes sick of lies and threats from people he doesnt know. He says hes telling the truth. Suddenly a female agent tells them both Hands in the air, your under arrest. Noah asks who she is, and she says FBI. Noah says they havent done anything, but she has warrants for both of their arrests. Noah says there must be a mistake. The agent says homeland security will be the judge of that, they are believed to be involved with terrorist activities. Noah says she has the wrong people, his dad is Chief of Police and is inside, they can talk to him. She wont listen to him, tells him to shut up and ends up cuffing them and taking them downtown. Noah says Maya has been very quiet, does she know what is going on. She says shes sorry, she didnt want him involved in this. He asks what is going on? 

Noah and Maya are brought to the local FBI office where the female agent and Agent Morrison question them. Noah says a huge mistake has been made. Agent Morrison knows Noah and his father, and he wonders how Noah got mixed up with these people. Noah says they are making a huge mistake, and he tells Maya to tell them. Maya says she cant. Maya says its true, she didnt want him involved but he is. She says she is sorry about this. Noah is furious with her. Agent Morrison tells him to shut up, anything else they say can be used against them. He wants to start the confessions, and the woman agent shows them a photo of the mystery woman and asks if they recognize her. Noah says that is the woman who has been threatening them, he met her once and she threatened him about going to the police. He asks who she is. They say they need them to tell them that. Noah says he only met her once, she had this secretive way about her. He says he called her the dragon lady, but he doesnt know who she is working with or for. He then realizes Maya knew who she was all along. Noah tells Maya to tell them who she is. Maya says she met Leena in college, it was before she met Noah. Maya says she did jobs for her to pay for school. She says she thought what she was doing was questionable, but Leena never told her anything. Maya says before she knew it they were using her. She says her friends got in on it, and they wouldnt let her stop working for them. Noah asks who they were? Agent Morison thinks Noah is faking and is in on this too. Maya says all she knows is they are dangerous and ruthless, they live to bring harm and death to others. Maya says they are in serious danger from these people cause they can cause trouble for them. Noah says she knew there was a threat to Fancy all along? He says he trusted her, and he wont let Fancy be hurt. Agent Morrison continues to believe Noah knows what is going on, but Noah says he doesnt. The female agent says she can help Noah remember, does he remember a night back in college? A night when he and his accomplice witnessed a murder in an attic. Noah says he wanted to call the police but Maya asked him not to. They say not good enough. Noah asks if she knew what was going on back then? Maya says she only knew they were bad people. She tells Noah not to be angry with her. He is furious, but the agents say they dont have time for this. They say they need their help catching this dragon lady. Noah asks what they want them to do. They say they have been in contact with her. Noah says hes only talked to her once, and neither have a way to contact her. Maya says she always calls her. The agents tell Noah and Maya to come up with a plan to lure her out into the open. Noah says that is there job, why should they do their dirty work. Agent Morrison says if they dont then theyll spend the rest of their lives in jail. Noah says they are expecting the impossible from him, he cant just find this woman. He says he doesnt know where to start. Maya says she doesnt either. Noah says they are the FBI, they find them. Agent Morison thinks Noah knows a lot more than hes letting on. Noah says he doesnt, and he wishes he had steered clear of Maya. Agent Morrison says Maya hasnt done him any favors, and they are all in danger as are their family and friends. Noah says he has to protect Fancy, but the agents wont let him go anywhere except where they want him to.

At Tabithas, Fox is in bed alone. He calls out to Kay in his sleep, but shes not there. Down in the kitchen, Miguel and Kay are getting close as Tabitha spies via her bowl. Tabitha is celebrating that victory is almost at hand. She jokes that 9 out of 10 witches suggests succumbing to passions to end happiness and bring on heart break. Tabitha ends up whipping up another potion to try and help them carry on a little more. Unfortunately she puts the wrong ingredient in and worries it might mess thing up. Kay and Miguel move in for a kiss, but back off. They both say they are sorry. Miguel says he doesnt know what got into him, but Kay says she shouldnt have lead him on. Miguel says it is his fault, and Kay has changed so much from the girl he left. He says shes a grown woman now, she is very beautiful. Kay says hes never said that to her before. Tabitha is upset that Kay has pulled back and remembered Fox. She wants Kay to get over it, and she wonders what kind of a man Miguel is putting up with this tease. She tells Miguel to stop being a gentlemen, kiss the girl. Back in the kitchen, Kay and Miguel remember a time when they and Simone were back playing baseball. Miguel gave the game ball to Kay for cheering him on. Kay said it meant so much to her. Miguel left to celebrate with the guys, and Kay told Simone that she thought Miguel was beginning to think of her as more than a friend. Simone told her Miguel was just being nice, and they were just buddies. Kay said some day Miguel would be more than her friend. Back in the present, Kay tells Miguel that she wants to show him something. They go out back and Kay digs up a baseball. He doesnt seem to remember it. Meanwhile, Ivy looks out the Bennet kitchen window and wishes Fox could see this. Kay says it is his game winning home run from his senior year. She says he gave it to her after the game. He says and she kept it all these years? He asks why she buried it. Kay says she heard if you bury a gift from someone you care about then they will return your feelings one day. Miguel says hes so sorry, he hurt her so much without meaning to. She says its okay, they were kids and they have grown up and matured. Kay sits on a swing and Miguel pushes her as she giggles.

At the Bennetts, as Ivy is spying on Kay and Miguel, Fancy and Sam show up. They ask if Noah is here, but she says no. They tell her about the explosion and Fancy says she has a bad feeling about what is going on. Fancy cant get a hold of Noah still, she is sure he is in trouble. Sam tells Fancy to go to the mansion and wait for him there, if he shows up in either place theyll call one another. Fancy says okay and she leaves. Sam tells Ivy he is worried, and he doesnt understand this curse that seems to be hanging over his family. He says every time things go well for any of them, problems happen. Ivy says maybe Noah is just stuck in traffic? Sam then hears Kay and Miguel outback giggling. He looks in on them, and Ivy says not to worry about that either, they are just having a trip down memory lane. Sam thinks Kay is jeopardizing her relationship with Fox. He wants to talk to her, but Ivy suggests he not as Kay wont like him butting in. She says its cold and asks Sam to go get her a sweater. When Sam leaves, Ivy calls over to Fox to wake him up. She hangs up on Fox when he answers, saying now Fox is awake and will wonder where Kay is. Sam returns and still doesnt like seeing Kay with Miguel. He doesnt want to see Kay ruin things with Fox. Ivy continues to keep Sam from interfering. Sam excuses himself to make some more calls about Noah. 

Back at Tabithas, Fox sees Kay is missing and wonders where she is. He then hears her outside giggling with Miguel. Ivy sees Fox looking out Tabithas window at Kay and Miguel and tells herself mission accomplished. Ivy goes outside and talks with Miguel, Kay has now left. She says shes having trouble sleeping, and he says him as well. She says maybe its just the newness of being back home. She asks how Maria is, and she says she is amazing. Ivy says Fox calls Maria a gift from heaven. Miguel says she is an angel. Ivy tells Miguel hes very generous, most young men would be jealous. Miguel says it looks like everything is working out with her and Sam. Ivy says yes, there is just something about first loves. 

Kay returns to her room and finds Fox up. He asks where shes been? Kay says she was downstairs finishing Marias laundry. A spying Tabitha watches and says she told Kay this engagement wouldnt last long, but she didn't know it would crumble this fast. 

Fancy returns to the mansion where Theresa is upset that Ethan has stayed with that bitch. Fancy asks Theresa is shes seen Noah, but Theresa says she hasnt. Theresa then tells Fancy not to let any one man own her heart, when they let them down it hurts. Fancy asks where this is coming from? She was just making plans for her future with Ethan? Theresa says not anymore, and she tells Fancy to just get out before she gets hurt. Theresa says the exs always win. She tells Fancy not to stick her head in the sand like she has. Fancy asks what Ethan said to her? Theresa says its just what hes been saying all along. Theresa says he will not leave Gwen no matter what and he wont work at Crane. Fancy asks if she tried to trick Ethan into working with her? Theresa says it doesnt matter, Ethan is an addiction for her and she cant kick him. She tells Fancy to take her word, dont let any man break her heart like Ethan has broken hers. 

Ethan returns to the B&B. He says he hates hurting Theresa like this, but his marriage has to come before anything, even his own feelings. Ethan then goes into Gwen. 



March 30, 2006
At the Book Caf, Simone talks to Paloma. Shes in the secret basement they found earlier and has been going through the documents. Paloma thinks she has finally found what they are looking for. Paloma tells Simone that she found documents on priceless stolen paintings. Paloma says these letters about the thefts go back to WWII, and the paintings were stolen from churches in Europe. She says the paintings were never recovered. She has an art book from upstairs, these paintings are some of the most valuable in the world. Simone says they could be anywhere now, this was years ago. Paloma says she wants to find out where they are. Paloma is sure Alistair is involved. She says the man is a monster, but nobody has proof to send him to jail. She thinks shes found that proof. Simone says nobody has been to able to nail him  so far, and besides hes in a coma right now. Paloma says he could wake up though. Simone says well she doesnt want Alistair to know she was trying to bust him. Paloma says shes not afraid of Alistair, and shes going to find these paintings. Simone tells Paloma to take the letters to the FBI or Interpool. Paloma says why should they have all the fun, what if they can find the paintings by themselves. Paloma says they both have time off from school and are both bored. She says they can do this to this to avenge Aliustairs treatment of their families. Simone says by becoming international crime solvers over night? Paloma wants to do this, and she says it will be fun, shes never been to Europe. Simone says she feels she is losing this argument. Paloma says she they can be international detective heroes like James Bond, and she never thought Simone would run away from an adventure. Simone says she came out, that has been enough for her. Paloma says suit herself, she will do this with or without her help. Simone says she is crazy, she is talking about exposing criminal masterminds. Paloma says they are hunting for a few old paintings that is all. Simone says she doesn't know the first thing about any of this. Paloma says that is the fun part. Simone says she has the same look in her eye that Kay used to get, and whenever she came up with some plan that she said it wasnt risky, and it always was. Paloma says she heard those stories about Harmony before she came. Simone says it was like a show on the Sci-Fi Channel. Paloma thinks the things Simone saw were amazing. Simone says they saw just about everything but the man upstairs. Paloma says she missed a lot of cool stuff. Simone says it wasnt cool, it was awful and scary. Simone says if she agrees to do this, where will they start? She says theyll learn on the way. Simone says this is Alistair they are talking about, he killed two of her brothers. Paloma says all the more reason to do this, and besides hes in a coma now. Simone says he could have people doing his bidding around the world. Simone asks if this is worth it? Paloma says it is to stop Alistair. Paloma asks Simone if she is in or out? Simone says if she is in, then were will they go first. She says someplace fantastic in Europe, maybe France or Italy. Paloma asks what she should do, should she buy one or two plane tickets.

At the convent, Whitney is sleeping and the other nuns are looking in on her. One nun asks the mother superior if it is possible that Whitney saw gone. Mother Superior says it is possible, but shes very ill and probably saw a hallucination. She hopes the medicine her mother gave her will make her well. They leave Whitney alone, and Whitney hears a voice telling her to wake up. She wakes up and asks if someone is there. He says she cant see him, but hes here. She realizes it is God. She says people wont believe her when she said she spoke to God. He says he doesnt reveal himself to everyone, and he asks her to meet him in the chapel. Whitney soon begins to think the voice was in her head, and she lays back down. The voice once again tells her to come to the chapel. Whitney says they arent real, she is a voice in her head. He says he is real and she should trust her own instincts. Whitney says nobody believes her. He says nobody needs to know but her. He says he has a task for her, something to ask of her. He says he will be in the chapel. Suddenly Whitney sees a glowing orb in her room. She follows it out and to the chapel. There the cross and wall open up again and Whitney is bathed in a white light. She says she cant see anything and is scared. He appears to her, he's sitting on the throne behind the altar. She says they said he was a hallucination. She says they checked the wall, there was no opening. The monk says God works in mysterious ways. Whitney asks why her, why cant others see or hear him. Why her with all her sins. He says about her sins, her whippings of herself . . . Whitney says her thoughts arent going away, she has to work harder to beat the evil from her body. She just wishes someone would believe her about him. He says their meetings must remain secret. He says he must talk to her about secrets that are going to be exposed by their enemies here on earth. He says there are secrets involving the church that must not be revealed, if they are then all mankind will pay the price. Whitney asks what the secrets are? He says they must remain hidden in order to avoid heartache and destruction of souls. She asks why he cant do something to stop this. He says he cant do everything by himself, but she can prevent these secrets from being revealed. Whitney doesnt know how she can help. He says she wants to atone for her sins, and she says she does. She says she hates herself for what shes done. He says that is why she has been chosen, to make up for her sins. He says if she is sincere about doing a proper penance then she will do what he asks and protect these secrets. He says they must stop people from going to Europe, people already on their way. Whitney says whatever he asks her to do she will.

At the mansion, Fancy tells Theresa that just because things arent working out for her and Ethan, it doesnt doom her relationship with Noah. Theresa says there is an ex involved though, this Maya. Theresa says Noah was supposed to be coming to see here to talk about Maya. She says he didnt show up, so what does that say to her? Is Fancy the most important woman in his life or is Maya? Fancy says there was an explosion at the Noodle House, shes afraid something has happened to Noah. Shes afraid someone stopped Noah from coming here to tell her something. Theresa says or maybe he was with his ex. Fancy says there is no proof he was. Sam walks in and says he is afraid he is. Sam says they have a tape of the explosion, Noah was with Maya. Theresa says big surprise, Noah chose Maya. Theresa then leaves. Sam tells Fancy that the tape comes from a traffic camera. Fancy demands to see it, so he plays it for her. She watches as Noah embraced Maya after the explosion. Fancy ends up in tears. She wonders if Noah even loved her at all. Sam says hes sorry, and hes sure Noah was just comforting Maya. Fancy says she wants to believe that. She wonders if it is linked to this secret? She also says they dont know where he is now or whether he is even alive. 

Noah and Maya are still at the FBI headquarters. Noah says they should have gone to the police and none of this would be happening. The agent says hell never no, and he and Maya are going straight to lockup. Noah says they are not putting him in jail, they have no proof tying him to that woman or her thug friends. The agent says then they can go to trial, and it could take months or years before a court date. He says hell probably go to jail for life still. Noah says what about his family and Fancy, they could be in danger. The agent says he should have thought about that before getting into bed with these people. Noah says Fancy is in danger, but they say she could be involved too. Noah says Fancy knows nothing, so they ask if he is admitting he does? Noah says hes not, and Fancy needs protection as does his family. Agent Morison says his father is a police chief, he can protect his family. Noah says he cant protect Fancy though. Noah asks how he can turn his back on an innocent woman. Noah wants their word she will be followed or put in the witness protection program. They say everyone knows her face, she won't work in the witness protection program. Noah says if anything happens to Fancy then it is on their heads! Agent Morison says he has to talk to his superiors and find out what they want them to do with them. Maya tells Noah that she doesnt know what to say. He suggests she say nothing, he has to think. Maya says about what, they are going to jail. Noah says no, he has to protect Fancy. Maya says there is no way he can escape from here. He says watch him.

Sheridan, Luis and Chris are flying back to Harmony. Chris watches as Sheridan tends to Luis. He thinks she is acting like hes the man shes really married to, not him. Luis ends up dreaming about coming home to the cottage with Sheridan. He talks in his sleep and says I love you. Sheridan says oh Luis. Chris tells Sheridan that she loves him back doesnt she, his wife is in love with another man. He tells her that he needs the truth, this is hurting too much. He says he never thought anything else could hurt more than watching their wedding ceremony. He says but this game shes playing with Luis, what will happen when he learns the truth? He suspects Sheridan doesnt know if she will tell him, that she wants to stay married to him (Chris). Sheridan knows this is hard for Chris, and she is sorry. She says this is all her fault, she sent Luis out to find Marty. She says shes sorry to Luis as well. Chris has decided to step out of the picture, he and James will leave town and get out of Sheridans life. Sheridan says no, but Chris says this is only fair to his son. He says James has already lost Maureen, he has to protect him from more hurt. Chris says he is trying to spare his own feelings too. Sheridan says they shouldnt do this here. He says why wait, he can take it. He says she loved him when she thought Luis was dead, but now its a different story. Luis keeps dreaming about the life hell have with Sheridan once they get home. Sam then showed up and brought them Marty back, with Theresa's help. Luis calls out to Theresa in his sleep and thanks her, and Sheridan listens to him. Chris says she cant even focus on him even though they are having the most important conversation of their lives. He says he still wants to uphold their vows, what does she want to do. The pilot then says the call Sheridan wanted put through is ready. Sheridan takes the call, its Theresa. Sheridan says she has something to tell her and it is very important. Theresa asks what is going on? Sheridan says Pilar should be there when she hears it. She tells Theresa to get everyone in her family to the cottage. Theresa asks for a clue. Sheridan simply says she wont believe it. Sheridan hangs up, and Chris still wants an answer to his question. He then tells her to wait, think it through. He says their lives depend on the next thing she has to say.


March 31 , 2006

Miguel has fallen asleep in a chair and is once again dreaming about Kay. He remembers asking Kay if she forgives him for leaving, and she says of course she does. He says sometimes he wishes he had never left. Miguel wakes up and checks on Maria. He doesnt know why he cant stop thinking about Kay, she loves Fox and will marry him. He tells Maria to learns from his mistakes, grow up to know herself and who the best person in life for her is. He cant believe Kay was right here under his nose all this time. 

Fox and Kay are in bed, their backs are to one another, and neither is sleeping. Kay is thinking about almost kissing Miguel, Fox is thinking about seeing Kay with Miguel outside. He remembers that Kay lied to him about where she had been. He wonders what else she is lying to him about. Fox gets out of bed and looks out back to where he saw them earlier in the swing. Kay gets up and asks if he cant sleep. He says no. She says she knows how to make him relax, but he says maybe later. She asks what hes looking at outside? He says nothing special unless he missed something. Kay doesnt get what hes saying. He says look out the window. She says she sees her old swing, and she realizes that he saw her on it earlier. She says she can explain. He says why did she lie to him? She says shes sorry, and she did go to do laundry, but she ran into Miguel. She says they started talking about old times and ended up out back like old times. She says its not a big deal. Fox says he believes her, she does have catching up to do with Miguel. Fox says he would have understood if she was honest. She says she didnt want to upset him. He says lying upsets him, and it makes him suspect shes hiding other stuff. She swears shes not. He asks her not to lie to him anymore. She says she wont, she promises. They then kiss and get romantic. As they make love, Kay sees Miguels face. She wonders why she keeps seeing Miguel when she makes love to Fox. After they finish and cuddle, Fox says she went into overdrive there at the end. She says what can she say, she was inspired. Maria can be heard on the baby monitor, so Fox goes to tend to her. Kay wonders why she was thinking of Miguel, she has to stop fantasizing about him.

At the FBI office, Maya tells Noah that he cant escape. Noah says he has no choice, he has to protect Fancy. She says try and get word to his father, he could be killed trying to escape. He says its a chance he has to take, he loves Fancy and wont let these terrorists hurt her. She says getting killed wont help keep Fancy safe. Agent Morison comes in and asks what the two terrorists are doing now. They say they arent terrorists. Maya says this is her fault, let Noah go and hold her. Noah says dont waste her breath. Noah says that they were discussing helping him find this Lena woman. Noah hopes the chump will buy his lie. Agent Morison says hes glad they have decided to cooperate. Noah says theyll do their best. Maya asks how they will find her though, Lena contacts her not the other way around. Noah says when Lena learns the FBI picked them up, then shell come for them. Maya says shes afraid of that. Noah says Lena will know that they are worth more alive then dead. The agent says they will be released, but they will be wired and have agents tracking them all the time. Noah quickly grabs the agents gun and says change of plans, either they walk out of here or he gets carried out. Agent Morison says he wont get away with this, even if he kills him there are a dozen agents outside. Maya says he told him this was a mistake. Noah says he has no choice, he has to save Fancy. The agent says even if he escapes, every agent in the Northeast will be looking for him as will Lena and her people. Noah says he and Fancy will escape, and he doesnt care about Lena, only Fancy. Noah orders him to move and lead them out of here. The other female Agent bursts in and has a gun, she says drop it! He refuses saying he'll kill her friend, so she grabs Maya and says if he leaves then Maya stays and takes the wrap for him. Noah gives himself up, and they say he is in more trouble now. Noah is cuffed, and he tries to make them understand how crazy in love he is and how he wants to protect Fancy. He says hell risk anything to keep her safe, there has to be something he can do to keep her safe. They say there is one thing, but he may not want to do it. He says hell do anything to keep Fancy safe. 

At the mansion, Pilar asks Theresa what she woke her up for? She was almost asleep. Theresa says Sheridan called, she is on her way home with Chris and wants them to meet her at the cottage. Pilar asks why they need to see her tonight, did she find Marty? Theresa doesnt know, but she said they wouldnt believe what she had to tell them. Theresa says she sounded very happy though. Pilar thinks it must be about Marty. She wishes Luis were here to celebrate with Sheridan. Theresa says they dont know it is Marty, and what if Chris asked her to marry her? Pilar says no, she wouldnt ask them there in the middle of the night to tell them about Chris. Theresa still thinks the news is that she and Chris are engaged. She says its hard to imagine her with anyone but Luis, especially at the cottage. Pilar says maybe it's time Sheridan move on and begin making new happy memories. Theresa says shell call Paloma and Miguel. Pilar says shell get her father, but Theresa says no way. Pilar says hes still part of this family and she cant avoid him forever. She says she might as well get it over with. Theresa doesnt know how she faces him knowing he loves another woman. Pilar says Theresa does it, but suggests they not argue about this again. Theresa wishes she could take better care of her momma and family, she wishes they would move in here. Pilar refuses and says that house is her home, their home.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin is thinking about Pilar walking out on him. He wishes he could have one more chance to make things right with her. Martin then finds Katherine is there and has made them dinner. He says she shouldnt be here. Katherine says Pilar doesnt want to see him anymore, she won't walk in on them. Martin says she was just upset, she may change her mind. Katherine says if Pilar didnt believe he was faithful then she doesnt really love him. Martin says he hopes Pilar will come back to him. She tells him not to lie to himself, they both know they should be together. Martin says he loves her but Pilar is his wife, he wants to be a family with her and their children. Katherine says she knows, but Pilar doesnt want to be with him. Martin says she was just upset. Katherine says stop waiting for something that wont happen. She says Pilar doesnt want him anymore, but they want one another. Pilar walks in and is furious, she thinks they are shacking up together in their family home. She then sees that Katherine has used her kitchen to cook for Martin and served him on her dishes. She knocks the dinner table over and damns them both to hell. Martin says this isnt what it looked like, he came here to find her and only found Katherine here. Pilar doesnt believe him and thinks hes lying again. She says the fact that he used their home to be with her whore makes her sick. Martin asks if she came to see him. She says she did. He asks if she changed her mind? Pilar asks what he thinks? She says Theresa called and Sheridan is coming home tonight and wants them all at the cottage. She, like a fool, decided to come get him. Martin thanks her for inviting him when she didnt have to. Pilar says hes technically still part of the family. Martin says hes hoping to be more, but Pilar says dont hurt his whores feelings. Katherine says shell follow them, but Pilar says Sheridan didnt invite her. Katherine says Sheridan is her daughter. Pilar doesnt know how a whore like her had a sweet girl like Sheridan. She tells Katherine to stay away and clean up this mess.

Sam and Fancy worry, they still cant get through to Noah. Fancy is worried something happened after that explosion. She has a bad feeling that Noah is in trouble. Fancy thinks there has to be a way to track down Noah. Sam ends up making a call and putting an APB out for his son and Maya and have them brought in for questioning about the explosion at Sally Chinns restaurant. Sam eventually gets a return call, and Fancy asks if it is about Noah? He says they found Noahs car, so they leave to check things out.  Fancy and Sam end up back at the Bennett House, They learn Noahs car is back here, someone moved it from it's original location down by the wharf. They go searching for Noah and end up waling in on him making love to Maya! 

At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan walk into the cottage. Sheridan hasnt been here since he left, it represented everything she lost. She says shes been at the B&B managing it, thats where she met Chris. Luis says he should have trusted her all along, if he had they would be a family. He also says hes sorry he couldnt carry her over the threshold, but hell make it up in bed tonight. He kisses her as Chris walks in and throws their bags down. Luis asks if his back went out and he dropped the bags, but Chris says he just lost his grip. He asks Sheridan where she wants her luggage? She says in her bedroom. Luis says put his there too. Chris is about to object, but Sheridan says Chris would be happy to. He says so Luis can share her bed, no way, that is out of the question. Luis asks where he gets off saying he cant sleep with his wife? Chris is about to tell the truth, but Sheridan stops him. He claims hes just concerned about Luis, he needs to be looked after by a doctor, maybe even be in the hospital. Sheridan says Chris is right, and shell call Eve. He says hell see Eve, but not tonight. He wants to go to bed and asks Sheridan to come help him undress. They leave for the bedroom, infuriating Chris. Sheridan puts Luis in bed, and he begs her to join him, to make love to him. She says he needs to behave himself or shell have Eve come and sedate him. He says hell be good. Sheridan goes back outside, and Chris is furious. He wont let Luis make love to her to keep this going. Sheridan says she wasnt planning to make love to Luis. He says she wasnt planning to marry him either. Chris says enough is enough, when Luis family gets here and he tells them that they are married, she better set the record straight. Sheridan begs him not tonight. He says if she wont do it then he will. Sheridan says dont cheat Luis and his family out of this happy homecoming. Chris thinks Sheridan is dragging her feet. Theresa, Martin, Miguel and Pilar show up. Sheridan is surprised that Miguel is home too. Theresa says she couldnt get a hold of Paloma, so theyll have to tell her. Pilar asks if they found Marty? Sheridan says she did, but they got away before she could get him. However they found someone else being hidden there. She tells them all to follow her and brace themselves. She takes them into the bedroom where Luis is sleeping. He wakes up, and everyone is stunned to see him. They say this is a miracle. Luis asks about Paloma. Theresa says she couldnt get a hold of her. Pilar thinks they should go to church and give thanks for this. Luis says put a good word in for Sheridan and Chris, they saved him. Sheridan says shell fill them in on the story when they get back into the living room. Before they all go, Luis says he has more good news, he and Sheridan got married! Everyone is thrilled. Chris says Luis isnt the only one with an announcement to make.


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