May 1, 2005
In Rome, Whitney is upset because she sees love all around her. The monk returns and tells Whitney she looks unhappy. Whitney tells her how shes reminded of Chad. He tells her that her love for Chad is a sin, and only he can forgive her for her sins. She wants that and asks what she must do for penance. He has a task for her. The monk takes her back into the catacombs and the secret room. He says she must get into the Vatican, into the Popes secret chambers and find a chalice, in the chalice is a clue. He says they need this clue to continue with their journey. She doesnt understand why she must get this clue for him when hes God. He tells her not to question him! He gives her a Virtual Reality Head Set which was the whole layout of the Vatican built into it, she is to use this to practice getting the chalice. He says by time she is to try the real thing, shell know every inch of the Vatican and getting the chalice will be easy for her. Whitney agrees to do what shes asked and begins to practice with it. We see Whitneys computerized vision of trying to sneak into the Vatican. The monk laughs, he says she'll be so good she could get away with murder.

At the mansion, Sheridan and Ethan continue to talk about how they love the people they are married to, but they love Theresa and Luis more. Ethan wishes they werent so noble when it comes to their vows. Ethan wonders what if something could happen that would make it okay for them to be with the ones they truly love. Sheridan tells him not to wish for things like that, they must remain true to their spouses.

Theresa and Chris are still arguing about Luis and Sheridan. Theresa says her mom just told her that Luis got onto a plane and is headed for Rome, when he returns with Marty Sheridan will leave Chris for Luis. Chris begins to worry Theresa may be right about Sheridan leaving him. Sheridan and Ethan show up, and Sheridan is upset to learn Luis is on his way to Rome. She thinks she didnt try hard enough to stop him, but Theresa says nothing could have stopped him from going. Chris agrees, Luis is Martys father and hed do what it takes to save him. Chris asks Sheridan who she will chose if Luis returns with Marty though? Sheridan assures Chris she will stay with him, but Luis will always be a part of her and Martys life. He says he understands. Sheridan cant help but worry about her father. Chris says hes in a coma, but Sheridan worries he may have woken up. Chris thinks they would have been called if that happened. She insists they go check on him at the care facility he is at, just to make sure nothing has changed.

At the hospital, Sheridan and Chris enter Alistairs room, hes gone! Sheridan panics, she knew something like this would happen. Back at the mansion, Ethan and Theresa argue about, what else, Gwen. Theresa thinks it is ironic that the only reason Ethan stays with Gwen is because of Jane, their daughter. She asks if Jane hadnt been born, would he still be with Gwen? Suddenly Ethan gets a call, its Gwen, Jane is really sick. They rush off together to check on her.

On the island, Kay and Miguel are together and coming close to making love while Fox makes his way to the island. Hes still fighting the fog and can make out Miguel with a woman. He says it better not be Kay. Back at Tabithas, Tabitha watches this go on via her magic bowl. She also threatens to feed the mermaid to Fluffy. The mermaid begs for her life, she wants to stay, she wants to live. Tabitha says that cant be, she wants the mermaid back in her book. Unfortunately only Endora can cast her back as she summoned her, those are the rules. Endora of course wont do it. Tabitha sees Fox is still trapped in the fog, Endora was supposed to get rid of that Fox so that he can find Miguel making love to Kay. The mermaid doesnt likes hits, she wants to be with Miguel, she loves him since she saved his life. Tabitha looks in the bowl and sees Miguel and Kay seemed to have stopped cold, so she casts a love spell to get them hot for one another again. The mermaid says Tabitha is mean. Tabitha continues to threaten to feed her to Fluffy if she wont go back into her book. The mermaid makes them an offer, if Endora makes her human then shell make Miguel love her. She says he will be with her and not Charity, and Fox and Kay can be together. Tabitha wont have it, but Endora likes the idea and turns the mermaid into a human. As the mermaid examines her legs we hear "Part of Your World" playing in the background. Tabitha cant believe this, but she says its too late though, Fox has just found Kay and Miguel on the island! Endora and Siren both yell "No!" Back on the island, Fox walks up as Miguel is kissing on Kay. Hes furious.


May 2, 2006

At Tabitha's, Tabitha tells Endora and the mermaid that they are too late, Fox has arrived on the island and seen Miguel and Kay together. The mermaid thinks it isn't too late, Endora could teleport her to the island. Before Tabitha can throw a fit, Endora zaps the mermaid away. Tabitha can't believe this, and she doesn't think this will work because mermaids are fickle creatures, they fall in and out of love too easily.

On the beach, Fox finds Miguel kissing Kay and goes insane. He pulls Miguel up and punches him. Suddenly Kay and the mermaid switch places. The mermaid is on the beach, Kay is teleported up to a cliff ledge. She wonders how she got here and how she got back in her clothes? She screams for help, which Fox and a puzzled Miguel here. They help Kay down. Kay asks Fox why he's here? Fox asks Kay why she's up there? They wonder who Miguel was kissing, and they meet the mermaid, who now has legs. They ask what her name is and she says siren, as she remembers hearing one. Kay wonders why her parents named her that. Siren asks why Fox's parents named him Fox? Miguel and Kay are both secretly puzzled, they are positive they were kissing one another. Fox asks Kay what happened with her, why was she up there? Why was she here? She explains that Miguel left the house acting weird, so she followed him. Before she knew it they were in a boat, they got lost in the fog and they ended up here. She says they must have been separated and she climbed up there looking for him to get stuck.  Fox feels terrible, he though Miguel was kissing Kay, he even punched Miguel. They question Siren as to who she is, why was she kissing Miguel, does she know him. She says yes, she saved him the other day. Miguel realizes it is her, but why did she run off? Siren claims she was naked, she likes to skinny dip. She says she returned later to check on him but he was gone. Miguel and Kay talk in private, they are sure they were with one another, but perhaps they weren't after all. Meanwhile, Fox tells Siren that saving someone's life is a big responsibility, she now has to look after Miguel forever. Siren is all to eager to do just that.

At the hospital, Sheridan is panicking that her father is gone. She's sure he's after Luis and frantically calls and leaves a message with Luis. Then a nurse brings Alistair back into the room. She explains Alistair is still in a coma and his doctors just wanted another cat scan of him done. Chris tells Sheridan there is nothing to worry about. He thinks they should go home to check on James.

At the cottage, Sheridan and Chris return. James is happy to see them, the nanny was watching him. Luis calls, and Sheridan talks to him. He asks what is wrong? She explains what happened with Alistair and how it was a false alarm. As they talk, Chris takes James to get ready for bed. Sheridan learns Luis made it to Rome, and she wants him to be careful. Sheridan ends her call, but Luis doesn't realize this. He keeps talking thinking Sheridan is still on the phone. He says he loves her and when he brings Marty home they will be a family again. Chris was on the phone in the bedroom, he tells Luis that he doesn't think so, Sheridan is his wife now so stay the hell away! Meanwhile, Sheridan dreams about Luis bringing Marty home and what she'll do if that actually happens.

At the B&B, Theresa and Ethan arrive to check on Jane. Gwen is furious to see Theresa there, she wants Ethan to throw her out as Jane is not Theresa's child. Theresa demands that Gwen hand over her baby. Ethan calms them both down and say they have to think about Jane here. He calls Eve, Eve doesn't think she has to be taken to the hospital but there is a danger of dehydration. Gwen says she can't get Jane to keep anything down. Theresa knows what to do and demands they give her Jane. Gwen refuses. Theresa damns Gwen and asks if she hates her so much that her vendetta comes before Jane? Ethan tells Gwen to give Jane to Theresa, she has been able to help her before. Gwen hands the baby over and Theresa knows just what to do. Theresa is able to get Jane to eat and keep her food down. Ethan thanks Theresa. He says she is a wonderful mother and she saved their daughter's life. Gwen hates having to watch Theresa being thanked and hugged by Ethan.

In the catacombs of Rome, Whitney is using the VR Headset and navigating the Vatican. She thinks it is so real looking, but the monk says it's just virtual reality. He tells her that she must get the chalice. She manages to get the door to the Vatican open, but there are Swiss guards in front of the Pope's room. She can't get by them and she feels she's in real danger. She takes the headset off. He tells her that there is another way into the Pope's chamber, a secret way. Whitney sees a red light blinking on the wall and asks what that is? He says never mind that, he wants her to focus on the chalice. He says he must leave her, so she is to keep trying to get that chalice. Whitney goes back to work. She gets back into the Vatican and then sees a door way up high near the ceiling. She thinks it must be the other way into the Pope's chambers. She begins to climb up to it.

In Rome, Luis and Chad talk about their loved ones. They look around, and two men show up. They ask Luis if he's Luis? He says yes. He says they work for Alistair and must know why he's here. Luis panics, but it turns out they were sent by Theresa to look after him and help him. They say they will be here if he needs them. Chad and Luis continue talking about their plans to find Marty and Whitney. Luis ends up calling home to Sheridan after learning she was trying to call him. He's upset after Chris yells at him. Luis vows to be a family with Sheridan again. CHad knows even if he finds Whitney, he can't be with her. He says he'll never be with another woman as Whitney is the only one he loves. Later Luis sees a monk walking around and watching them. Luis thinks he looks familiar, and he yells at him. The monk runs, and Luis chases him.


May 3, 2006
At Tabithas, Tabitha tells Endora that the hook-ups and break-ups on Laguna Beach are more easy to follow. She says thanks to Endora, Kay is back with Fox and Siren is now with Miguel. She says Siren is going to cause more trouble then she realizes. Tabitha looks in her bowl and watches what is happening on the beach.

On the beach, Miguel and Siren kiss. Fox says hes happy for them, hes never seen two people so more connected. Kay thinks Siren is coming on a little strong. Fox asks why she has a problem with this? Kay admits she doesnt like Siren, there is something fishy about her. Fox asks what is fishy about her? Kay says she was out here swimming, naked. Fox says so, she has the body for it. Kay says its cold out here. Fox says so she likes it cold. Kay says they just dont know much about her, and she wants to know more. Fox asks why she cares? He says blond Charity already ruined Miguel's life, he doesnt need to be two for two. A spying Tabitha thinks Kay is right to be concerned, mermaids ruin men's lives. Fox and Kay tells Miguel they need to be going back to town. Miguel decides they should take Siren with them. Fox thinks hes right, they cant leave her here. Fox says grab her stuff and theyll go. Siren says she doesnt have anything. Kay asks how that can be possible? She says what about her shoes, her purse? What does she do for food? Siren says she catches fish to eat. Miguel thinks she must be very into nature. Siren says her life revolves around the sea. Fox wonders if they should take her to her place or back with them to Tabithas. Kay wonders where home is for Siren. The spying Tabitha thinks if Siren doesnt passed the muster then the two of them will be outed as witches! She remembers being burned at the stake many years ago, she's not going through that again. Siren says shes not from around here. She says she was with her boyfriend on their way to New York, she wanted to be a model. She says unfortunately her boyfriend ditched her and took off with all her stuff in his car. Kay says so all she has is that bikini? Siren says yes. Miguel says she has nothing to be ashamed of, she looks amazing in it. Siren thanks him for being so nice and kisses him. Kay wonders why Siren didnt call the cops, but Siren says she didnt have a phone. Tabitha says seaweed for brains is pretty quick. Both Miguel AND Fox seem to be interested, more like infatuated, by Siren. Miguel thinks they should get Siren back to Tabithas so she can change and get a shower. He also says they can get a bite to eat, what does she like? She says lobster. When Siren talks about she likes raw lobster with the shell, Kay says that is just weird. Fox takes Kay aside and says she is picking on Siren and he knows why. Tabitha thinks Kay is toast. Of course Fox doesnt have a clue, he just thinks shes worried about Miguel getting his heart broken again and how it will impact Maria. Fox tells her not to worry, Miguel is just grateful to Siren for saving his life and she likes having a man around who appreciates her. Fox tells everyone they should get going. Miguel says Siren will be coming with them. Fox says perhaps Kays dad can investigate her ex-boyfriend and get her stuff back. She says no, she doesnt want anyone to get in trouble. Miguel thinks sometimes a clean break is best. Kay asks what about her family? She says they are at sea on a cruise. Miguel tells Kay to just leave Siren alone, she saved him and now he wants to help her. A helicopter from Crane arrives to pick them up. Siren is in awe, shes never flown in a helicopter before. 

Back at Tabithas, Tabitha watches as the helicopter lands with the kids. Tabitha cant believe she has to deal with all this stress, the kids living here is bad enough but now a mermaid. Tabitha tells Endora that mermaids are second to politicians at being untrustworthy. The kids all come in, and Tabitha says they were so worried about them that they couldnt sleep. Tabitha asks who this woman is. Miguel introduces Siren to her. Tabitha asks Siren what brings her here? Siren says Miguel. Fox says Siren is the one who saved Miguel. They say they brought her back with them because she has no place else to go. They were hoping she could stay here for the night. Miguel wants her to stay in his bedroom. Tabitha sees Kay is fuming, but she doesnt know why Fox cant see this.

At the B&B, Gwen tells Ethan that Jane is sleeping like an angel, you never would have known she was so sick earlier. Ethan says Theresa did such a good job, she is a good mother. Gwen says they could have taken care of it, and Jane is fine so Theresa can go home. They wonder where Theresa even is? Shes out in the hall way on the phone saying she wants Gwen taken care of tonight. She calls Collier and tells him to call Gwen into work right now. Collier agrees to call Gwen in, though he doesn't like doing it. Gwen and Ethan then walk out into the hall where Theresa is. Gwen asks what shes doing here, who is she talking to? Theresa asks Gwen if shes the phone police? Gwen doesnt know why she couldnt phone someone from their room. Theresa says she didnt want to wake Jane. Gwen says Jane is fine so she should go home now. Theresa says fine, she will go home. Theresa says shell look in on her one last time before she goes. Ethan tells Gwen see, shes not using Jane to get to him, shes going to leave as soon as she says goodnight. Gwen tells Ethan that she doesnt trust her. Ethan says shes trusting them to look after Jane. Theresa tries to stall for time until Collier calls. Theresa asks if one of them will stay up and watch Jane while the other sleeps, just in case something happens. Suddenly the phone rings, on cue its Gwens boss and he needs her to come into work and handle a crisis. Gwen says she cant her daughter has been sick. He asks if shes okay now, and she says yes. He doesnt see what the problem is. Ethan says hell watch Jane, it will be okay. Theresa says she can stay too. Gwen says no way, Collier can fire her for all she cares but shes not leaving Theresa alone with Ethan. Ethan however takes the phone and says Gwen will be right in. Gwen asks why he did that? Ethan says Jane will be fine and he and Theresa will look after Jane. He says Theresa knows what is going on better than either of them, that is why she should be here. Gwen says she doesnt trust her. He says trust him, what happened in the garage wont happen again. Gwen doesnt like this, but she says fine shes going to work. Theresa silently cheers. Gwen leaves, and Theresa tells Ethan this is how it should be for them. He tells her to stop it, but she says he knows shes right and it hurts to know that. He says it does hurt. Theresa knows he wants to be loving towards Gwen, but that scene he put on earlier, was that to show her that Gwen is his one and only? Ethan says Gwen doesnt trust her around him for good reason. Theresa says he still sent Gwen away, is that because hes not afraid to be alone with her or because he saw the chance to be alone with her and took it? Ethan says nothing. Theresa says she knows he has to lie to Gwen, and she knows he has to lie to her, but to lie to himself? She thinks it must be so exhausting to live such a lie. Ethan remembers having a talk with Sheridan about what if they didnt honor their vows, what if something could happen to make their love for Theresa and Luis win out. Ethan tells Theresa that the truth is hes a married man who loves his wife and daughter. He says all he can give her is his gratitude for helping with Jane. Theresa tells Ethan that he loves her. Ethan walks away from her. Theresa says if he walks away, his heart will always be with her, and his heart will bring him back to her. Later, Theresa and Ethan end up in bed sleeping next to one another. At work, Gwen learns she is going to have to work all night. Shes upset, that leaves Theresa with Ethan all night long.

In the catacombs, Whitney remembers wondering what the red light flashing in the room was, and how the monk told her to ignore it and keep practicing to get into the Popes room and to get the chalice. Whitney thinks she cant let God down, she has to keep practicing. She thinks God really does work in mysterious ways. She begins using the head set once again. She begins to try and get into the Popes chambers. Whitney opens a door, but it leads nowhere. She realizes they must be another story up. She begins climbing a wall in the game to get to a doorway or window high up, but ends up climbing the tombs in real life. She tries to get through the window to the Popes chambers. Unfortunately she falls, and as she does she screams. She ends up unconscious on the ground after her fall, shes pulled down various skeletons with her. 

On the streets of Rome, Luis thinks there is something familiar about the monk walking around, and he decides to talk to him. The monk ignores them, so Chad thinks he might be afraid of them or not speak English. He tries speaking Spanish to him. The monk then takes off, and Chad and Luis chase him. They end up hearing Whitney scream, and Chad recognizes it. He says its Whitneys scream, and shes close by. He knows Whitney is in trouble. They begin searching for Whitney. Luis also looks for the monk, who is hiding and spying on Luis. Luis doesnt know why the monk seems so familiar to him.

In Alistairs room at the hospital, someone comes in to see him. It turns out it is a nurse. Meanwhile, Sheridan has a nightmare about being chased by her father. She ends up in a dead end in the catacombs, and she begs her father not to kill her because Chris, James, Marty, Luis, they need her. He laughs at her and says they are lost. Sheridan wakes up from her nightmare. Shes in bed with Chris. He asks what is wrong? She says her father is out there and is planning to kill them. Chris says it was just a dream, her father is in a coma. Sheridan feels he can still hurt them somehow. Chris makes her some tea and tries to help her relax. Sheridan says the dream was so real, she was trapped in catacombs with no way out. The phone then rings, and Sheridan thinks it cant be good news. It is the nurse from the nursing home, she needs to speak with Sheridan. Sheridan talks to the nurse, she asks what is wrong? The nurse needs her approval to administer a new medication, they couldnt get a hold of his wife or son. Sheridan says its fine, and shes glad to learn hes still in a coma. Chris hopes she can relax now, she has nothing to worry about until her father comes out of that coma. Sheridan wishes she could believe that. Shes afraid to go back to sleep, she could have that dream again.



May 4, 2006
At Tabithas, Kay cant believe Miguel just met Siren and wants her to sleep in his bed. Fox says she has to sleep somewhere. Siren says shed love to sleep in Miguels bed. In her head, Kay calls Siren a slut. Miguel wonders why they are all staring at him. He then realizes they thought he wanted to sleep with Siren. He says he was going to give her his bed and hed sleep in the attic. He tells Siren hes sorry, he didnt want her to think that is what he meant and he doesnt mean to embarrass her. Miguel says no wonder they are all shocked, and he hopes he didnt offend Tabitha. Tabitha says in her day she spent her charms with more than one man only after knowing her for a short time. To herself Tabitha remembers one time it was a whole Roman army. Kay still thinks its getting crowded here, and Miguel says Kay is  right. He thinks he and Siren can just go stay at mamas house, but Kay and Tabitha both say no! Neither of them want Miguel and Siren out of their sight. Tabitha says Siren can stay here. Miguel, Fox and Kay go to get things ready for Siren in Miguels room. Siren thanks Endora for making her human again. Tabitha tells Siren that she does not belong here, she will send her back to the bottom of the ocean. Tabitha tries to send Siren back with here magic, but Endora keeps stopping her. They end up with dueling lightening bolts. Tabitha says Mermaids are fickle, she could decide shes in love with Fox come tomorrow! She says then Miguel will go off and find Charity, which means the end for them. Tabitha wants Endora to get rid of Siren, but Endora refuses. Siren thanks Endora and says she wants to live here with Miguel. Tabitha tells Siren this isnt over yet. Siren tells Tabitha to eat a crab cake! She says she loves Miguel and soon Miguel will love her. The kids return, Kay has picked out some clothes for Siren. Miguel has also prepared the room for her. Siren would like to take a bath, so Miguel says he'll show her where it is. Kay wonders what is up with Miguel, he was in love with her but now hes smitten with Siren.

Up in Miguel's room, Siren chooses Kays teeny tiny nightgown rather than the flannel PJs Kay picked out for her. Fox tells Kay to let her have them, she has a closet full of clothes. Siren says new clothes for a new life on land. Kay says excuse me? Siren quickly says her bathing suit is for the water, these are for dry land. Miguel says he got some fresh sheets if she wants to help him make the bed. Its obvious she doesnt have a clue on how to make a bed. Kay wonders how it is that Siren doesnt know how to make a bed. Siren says she sleeps on a water bed, but Kay says they still have sheets. Tabitha and Endora listen in, and Tabitha realizes they have to save Siren. They head in to check on things. Tabitha thinks Siren is pretending to be a dumb blond like Jessica Simpson. Kay thinks she really doesnt know how to make a bed. Fox says maybe she is from a wealthy family and never made a bed, and Siren says thats it. Kay thinks Fox must know her family then. Siren says her family is in fishing. Fox begins questioning her, so Tabitha suggests they all get some sleep as it is late. She convinces them to leave, and Tabitha warns Siren that she needs to be more careful as nobody can know shes a mermaid.

Miguel shows Siren to the bathroom and tells her where the extra towels are. He says hell be in the attic if she needs anything. Siren thanks Miguel with a nice long kiss. Miguel leaves and Siren puts on some music. She takes off her bathing suit and steps into the bath. She enjoys her very first bubble bath. As soon as she gets wet her feet turn back into a fin.

Tabitha spies on what is going on via her bowl. She sees Siren turn back into a mermaid in the tub, and she sees Miguel heading back to the bathroom. Tabitha thinks hes going to find out the truth. Miguel knocks on the door and asks to come in. The door is locked, and Siren has a tail and doesn't know what to do. 

Fox and Kay get into their bed, and Fox wonders if Kay is jealous of Siren. She says no, but there is something about her. She also wonders how they got so close so fast. She thinks Miguel should be taking things slow. Fox tells Kay to just be happy for Miguel, Siren could be the one.  Kay says she could be trouble too, and she has to find out. 

In Rome, Fancy wakes up in bed and find Noah is gone. She wonders if this has anything to do with Maya. Fancy calls down to the front desk to see if Noah is there or left a message. They say he was there but left. Fancy thinks maybe he went to get her flowers. She thinks she has to go get a gift for him too. 

At the club, Lena meets with Noah and Maya. Lena says shes here to reconfirm the mission shes sending them on, she wants them to find out who killed her partner and find what was stolen from the trunk. Noah says how about he sends her to the morgue instead. Maya tells him no, if he does this, if he kills her then hell go to prison for life. Noah backs down, and Maya tells Noah to do as Lena says if he loves Fancy. Lena then pulls a gun on Noah and says shes tired of him. She says Noah should have killed him when he had the chance as now shes going to kill him. Noah says she doesnt scare him, and he knows she needs them to carry out her little plan. He says theyll do what she wants and get on with their lives. Lena says they all want things but it is no guarantee theyll get them. She tells Noah this could be the last thing he ever does. Noah asks what they are to do. Lena tells them to listen closely and follow her instructions or they could both be dead. We dont hear what Lena wants them to do, but whatever it is, it stuns them. Noah cant believe it, and Maya says this is risky.

Fancy walks into the club where Noah, Maya and Lena are meeting. The doorman at the hotel told her that he came here, and she wonders why. Fancy spots Noah as he and Maya are leaving their meeting with Lena. Noah says he wont go on this suicide mission without seeing Fancy one more time. Maya says he can't see her, it's for Fancy's own good.

Simone, Paloma and Jessica show up at their hotel in Rome. They are glad Jessica left Spike finally. Jessica asks them so what are they doing here in Rome? Simone and Paloma say they are researching an art project as well as looking for Whitney. Jessica asks how Whitney ended up here? They dont know, but Chad is here looking for her too. Jessica says shes pretty streetwise thanks to Spike, so shell help them look for Whitney. As Jessica brushes her teeth, Paloma talks about how they have to keep an eye out for the symbol. Simone ends up worrying about her sister, she hopes wherever she is that shes okay. 

Jessica, Simone and Paloma head out to see Rome. Jessica is so happy to be here, and she says this is a real high, not the feeling she gets from those stupid stickers. They decide to start looking for Whitney in the churches. They head to one, and some man follows them. Jessica begins to think she hears something, like someone is following them. Simone and Paloma hear nothing. Suddenly these men in black jump out and grab all of them. 

Chad races around trying to find where Whitneys scream came from. Down in the catacombs, Whitney is out cold after her fall. Whitney is still caught in the Virtual Reality head set, and in the game some creature attacks her. She screams again, and Chad hears her. He finds a door and thinks Whitney is behind it. He breaks the door down and ends up falling into a deep pit behind it. Chad is knocked out, but soon stirs awake. Chad looks around, he sees the Vendetta symbol on a rock. He says that symbol was on the door her broke down to get down here. He thinks maybe Whitney is down here, so he begins searching for her. As Whitney lays on the ground, it sees the monster or tiger from the game is very real and is walking around her. Chad walks through the catacombs and finds a skeleton with a medallion around its neck, he gave it to Whitney long ago. He wonders why this is here. He sees its hanging on a knife plunged into the skeleton, and the knife has blood on it. He goes looking for Whitney, who we now being seen drug off by some one or some thing. 

Luis chases the monk around Rome. He chases him all the way to a monastery. He walks into the monastery/church where there are many monks. Luis doesnt know how to find the one he was chasing when they are all dressed alike. He talks with one of the monks and explains he is a police officer from the states and was pursing someone who came in here. He says it was a monk who ran in here, but they are all dressed alike so he doesn't know which one he was chasing. The monk knows Luis home town, it is the home town of Alistair. Luis asks what his connection to Alistair is. The monk says he knows Alistair personally. He says their order is supported by Alistair, he paid for this church to be renovated. The monk says Alistair is a good man, a saint. Luis says the Alistair he knows is not good and is no saint, hes as evil as the devil myself. The monk insists that Alistair is a very good man. Luis says well he was chasing a monk who ran in here, but there was something familiar about him. He says the monk ran off when he asked to talk to him. Luis thinks he must be a member of his order. Luis asks if he saw the monk come in here. The monk says when they are praying and chanting they are oblivious to their surroundings. The monk also tells Luis no monk could have seen anything. Luis finds that hard to believe. The head monk  claps his hands and they all remove their hoods and show Luis their eyes. Luis says hes sorry, he had no idea they were blind. Luis says their priest back home is blind, he wasnt born that way though, he is blind because of Alistair. The monk says he cannot believe the man he knows would live to hurt others. He says the Alistair they know has done more for this order than anyone could have thought possible. Luis thanks the monk for his time and heads out. The monks also head out when a bell tolls, but one lags behind. We see his eyes are blue, he is not blind at all.


May 5 , 2006
Tabitha watches in her bowl as Siren bathes and Miguel is knocking on the door. Tabitha tells Endora that they are in deep poop if Miguel sees Siren in the bathtub with her tail flopping about. She decides they should go help the silly fish.

Fox and Kay are in bed, Kay is sitting at the end and worrying about Siren. She just has issues with her story, she keeps saying it's fishy. Fox defends her story, and he asks Kay if shes sure shes not jealous of Siren. Kay asks why she would be. He says she is in love with Miguel and Miguel likes her. Kay says so what. She says there is just something not right about her, something fishy. Fox thinks that maybe Siren is just what Miguel needs to get over Charity. Kay says it isnt what he needs. Fox asks then what does Miguel need? Suddenly they hear Miguel pounding on the bathroom door and loud music from the bathroom. They decide to go see what is happening.

In the bathroom, Siren realizes Miguel cant see her like this. Miguel is asking Siren if shes okay, to open up the door as he needs to talk. Siren tells him to give him a minute. She says she has to get out of the water to get her fin to go away. She climbs out of the tub and there is a big thump as she lands on the floor. Miguel thinks Siren is in trouble and tells her to open the door. Siren says shes okay, but Miguel cant hear her with the music up so loud. Fox and Kay show up, Kay says the music is going to wake up Maria. Miguel thinks Siren is hurt, so they decide to break down the door just as Tabitha and Endora show up. They all burst in on her and are stunned. Siren is back in the tub, and she has feet again. Miguel turns the music down and Kay wants to know why its up so loud. She says there is a baby asleep here. Siren says shes sorry, it didnt seem so loud to her. Miguel thought he heard her fall, but she says it was the soap. Kay tells Siren that there are children here so they cant have such loud noise. Miguel says Siren will be more careful in the future. Kay asks how long Siren is staying? Siren doesnt know, and Miguel asks Tabitha if she can stay for awhile? Tabitha says they can discuss this later, Siren is taking a bath and they should leave her. As they go to leave her, Kay finds a scale on the floor and wonders what it is. Tabitha says it is some bath salts she picked up at the new spa boutique. Kay says no, and she says it smells like when she scaled fish at the cannery. Siren asks how could she! Kay says she needed the money, and she hates being around nasty slimy fish. Siren is insulted and says she thinks it smells wonderful. Tabitha suggests they go and let Siren bathe in peace. They all then leave. Kay still says something is not right with that girl. Meanwhile Miguel lags behind and tells Siren to sleep well and enjoy her bath. Siren tells him not to go, and she asks him to come in with her as the water is great.

At the club in Rome, Noah and Maya cant believe the mission Lena has given them. She tells them to do it or die trying. Lena leaves to talk to someone, and Maya shows up looking for Noah. She finally sees Noah and heads over to him, hes with Maya. Noah is talking with Maya about how he wants this over with so he can be with Fancy again. Maya asks if she told Fancy anything, but Noah says he didnt. He says she doesnt know why he left, and he hates hurting her. Lena returns to them and tells them to accomplish their mission as soon as possible. Noah says and that is it, then he can go on with his life? She says yes, if he lives. She says this missions is dangerous, and she walks off and leaves them. Noah and Maya continue to argue about Fancy, Noah wants to tell her the truth but Maya says he cant. He says when Fancy learns what happened then it will break her heart. Maya says better a broken heart than have her killed. Meanwhile, Fancy has been side tracked by Giani, who has grabbed her. He wants Fancy to head to a private club with him and dance the night away. She says she is here looking for Noah. Giani says the crude American has already forgotten her, and he points out that hes with Maya. Noah is dancing with and kissing Maya. Fancy cant believe hes done this to her, how could he do this to her. They are of course just putting on an act for Lena, and Noah hates it. He says Fancy is the only one in the world he loves. Giani wants Fancy to leave with him, but she says shes telling that jerk what she thinks of him. She walks up to him, calls him a bastard and slaps his face. Fancy says how dare he tell her that he loves her, take her to bed and then sneak off to be with this slut. Noah says he doesnt owe her anything, he does whatever he wants. She says what she wants is for him to go to hell. She says she hates him and storms off. Noah feels like hes destroying the woman he loves. Noah hates seeing Fancy with Giani, but Maya says shes safer with Giani than with Noah. 

Luis finds the men on the street who have grabbed the girls. He begins fighting with them, but one pulls out a knife and goes after Luis. The girls all jump him, and Luis gets the knife away and chases the goons off. Paloma asks Luis if hes okay, and he is. Luis thanks them for their help, and he asks why they are here? Paloma asks why hes here? He explains he had a lead on Beth so he came here. Simone and Paloma say they are here studying art for school, and Jessica says she came along. They tell him about Chad and Whitney, Luis says he knows as he and Chad were on the same plane. He says Chad is looking for Whitney now, he thinks he heard Whitney screaming earlier. Luis was helping him but got side tracked by some mysterious monk. Luis tells them everything that happened with him and the monk, as well as the church funded by Alistair. Luis says anyways it is late, he wants to take them to their hotel and to lock their door for the night. Simone asks if those men will come after them again, but Paloma thinks they are long gone. They walk off, and the men return. One of them holds a token with the symbol on it.

In the catacombs, Chad finds Whitneys necklace dangling on a knife stuck in a skeleton, and there is blood on the knife. He thinks Whitney has been stabbed and that is why she screamed. He runs through the catacombs searching for Whitney. Whitney is being dragged off by someone or something, we don't see what. Whitney wakes up and begins screaming. We hear large cat roaring sounds, and Whitney is trying to get away from whatever is after her. Chad hears her screams and runs towards them. Whitney has been taken into a passage by the monk. She tells him that he scared her, why did he drag her off like that. He says he didnt drag her, he just found her here sleeping. She says someone or something was dragging her, but he says it must have been a dream. She says it was no dream. He tells her that they must go now though, someone else is here and if they discover them then all is lost. The monk then leads Whitney away from Chad. Whitney thinks she hears Chad calling her name, but he tells her to ignore it and leads her through the catacombs.

Meanwhile, Luis takes the girls back to their hotel. Out front Simone thinks she hears someone calling to Whitney. Suddenly Chad shows up, he broke through a door in the catacombs that lead to the street. They are puzzled to see him, and he asks them where Whitney is? They havent seen her and ask where he came from. He says through a door. He shows them where it was, but there is no door there. Its just a wall. Chad swears there is a door here. Simone says this is the wall to their hotel. Luis finds the hotel doorman and ask them if there is a door in the hotel lobby leading to the catacombs, but the doorman says that is impossible. Chad swears he was in there, so Luis suggests they go over this step by step. Luis says hell help Chad, and he wants the girls to go back to their room. Jessica convinces them to find a club and have fun. Simone doesnt think so, but Paloma likes Jessicas idea. Simone asks what about those guys who attacked them? Paloma doubts theyll come near them again. Suddenly they are surrounded by them once again. It turns out they dont want to hurt them, they want to talk to them. They show them the symbol and ask if they recognize it. Every one of them knows what it is, but they say nothing.

Chad and Luis look for the door Chad found into the catacombs. They find the door with the symbol, and Chad says that's how he got in. They go to break it down, but it only leads to a house. Luis says they have the wrong door, but Chad knows it is the right place. He says this wasnt here earlier.

Back in the catacombs, the monk tells Whitney to get back to work with the VR device. Whitney says she wants to know what is going on here, but he tells her not to question God. She asks who was following them? He says there are enemies of the church everywhere, now she must get back to work. He says they must recover the chalice before the enemies of the church find it. Whitney says she needs to know what is going on, she wants to understand what this is about. The monk says fine, but she must be prepared to accept the responsibility of this knowledge. The monk says that evil people have infiltrated the Vatican, and he needs her to find that Chalice. He says the Pope is a good man, but he does not know of the evil around him that threatens the church. Whitney asks why hed pick her to do this job, she is ordinary. The monk says hes always chosen ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He calls Whitney the Joan of Arc of today. He says she must find that chalice otherwise the church, the pope and her very soul will be destroyed. Whitney once again enters VR land. She describes how shes in the Vatican and she finds a secret door. She sees a long staircase going downstairs. The monk tells her to go down the stairs, shes getting closer. Whitney heads down the steps and we see a pair of glowing eyes watching her from behind a wall.

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