May 15, 2005

At the B&B, Ethan tells Theresa that hes staying here with his wife and daughter, hes not going to Rome with her. Theresa begs him to go to Rome with her, but Ethan thinks they should let the police handle it. Gwen says Theresa doesnt care about Jessica or even her own sister, this is a scheme to just get Ethan alone with her. Gwen thinks she doesnt need Ethan, she has plenty of people over there to help her. Theresa says Luis and Chad are looking for BEth, Marty and Whitney right now. She says Ethan could help her focus on the others. Theresa says Ethan has to help her, but Gwen says it wont happen. Theresa gets an email on her phone, and shes in shock. Its a picture of Paloma, Simone and Jessica being blindfolded and taken off by some men. Theresa shows it to them, they have to go to Rome right now. Gwen and Ethan look at the photo on the phone. Gwen says Theresa could have rigged this, but Theresa says its from Crane Securities. She begs Ethan to come with her now. Ethan refuses, and Theresa says fine but she hopes he can live with himself if something happens to Jessica. Theresa leaves, and Gwen tells him this is just another scheme of hers. Ethan doesnt know and calls someone he knows at Crane Security just to make sure. He learns that Theresa is telling the truth, those girls are in danger. Gwen says this is terrible, and he should go to Rome after all. Ethan asks her if she is sure? She knows he wont be able to sleep if he doesnt do this. Ethan asks Gwen if shes sure, he knows what is going on in her mind right now. He says he knows she's thinking Theresa will be up to her old tricks. Gwen says she knows Theresa will try and seduce him, but she trusts him. Ethan says he loves her. Gwen knows, but she knows he has feelings for Theresa too. She tells Ethan if he decides to sleep with her in Rome, then he needs to let her know first. Ethan says it wont happen, but she says it happened before. Ethan swears he wont leave her again, but Gwen wants a promise. She says he he sleeps with or decides to leave her for Theresa, she wants him to tell her first. Ethan promises to tell her first if he plans to leave her or sleep with Theresa. Gwen says okay then. 

Theresa boards the Crane Jet. She thought Ethan would have come with her, but he wont. She calls the captain and says take off when ready, the other passenger isnt coming. Theresa sits down in her seat. Suddenly Ethan walks in. Theresa is thrilled. She runs into his arms and says You couldnt stay away from me. Ethan says hes here but only for Jessica, not so they can be together. 

At the cottage, Sheridan is worried, she thinks she should call him to find out how he is. Chris asks if shes talking about Marty or Luis? She says both of course. Chris asks Sheridan if Luis finds Marty, does she still want to be with him. Will she leave him to be with Luis? Sheridan says he is her husband and shes carrying his child, nothing will change that. He says he loves her so much, he just doesn't want to lose her. 

In Rome, the men point guns at the girls. Jessica thinks they should have expected this, but Paloma didnt expect to be shot. Paloma sees one of the paintings and the symbol, and the men say nobody is supposed to know it is here. They shoot, and the girls duck. The girls end up on the floor, and the men say it had to be done, they had to die to protect the secret of the paintings. The girls then get up, they are alive. The men say they are sorry they didnt have time to warn them. It turns out the men were shooting at other men who were coming to steal the painting. These burgers had come in and were hiding in a closet, they knew they were here because a silent alarm was tripped. The men tell the girls to stay here, they will removed the bodies. The men drag the dead burglars out of the room. The girls discuss what they should do. Jessica wants to go the police, but Paloma and Simone say no, they cant give up yet. Simone says they still have to find Whitney. They try and look at the painting, and them men return and wonder what they are doing. They say nothing, they are just trying to firguere out what this all means. As the girls look at the painting, the men say to one another if they figure out what it means then they will have to die too, which is a chame. Then men continue to tell the girls not to look at the painting. The girls ask how they are to learn if they cant look? He says they will learn in stages, and they will be told in time. He says for now they must wait, they are waiting for someone to come here to meet them. The girls talk amongst themselves, they are tired of waiting. Simone comes up with a plan. The girls launch the plan. Jessica distracts the men and asks them to look at her tattoo and tell her if it is really the same as the painting. They look at it and admire her butt while doing so. Paloma quickly steals the painting, and Simone sneaks up behind the men and knocks them over the head. The girls then run for it. 

On the streets, the nun tells Chad that it is too late, the innocent one is dead! Chad says no, hed know if something happened to Whitney, shes not dead. The nun says she felt the icy fingers of death on her heart, but Chad doesnt think so. He says they have to get to this church and help her.

At the church, the monk holds knife with blood on it. Whitney is on the ground. He says one of them had to die, and she chose to be the one. Whitney isnt dead though, but he did stab her arm. She asks why she isnt dead? She asks why he didnt kill her? He reminds her of the story of Abraham who was willing to offer his own son as a sacrifice to God. The monk says the offer was enough of a sacrifice, so God spared his son. The monk says God spared her life the same way. She says the sin is on her soul still. He says yes, but if she resists temptation then shell be in his grace, and if she finds the chalice then her sins will be forgiven. Whitney doesnt think she can find it. The monk tells her to pray, God will help find a way. The monk leaves her to pray. 

Chad arrives at the church calls out, and Whitney hears him. Chad and the nun enter the church looking for Whitney. Whitney is hiding behind a pillar. Whitney tells herself that she needs Chad so much now. Chad asks the nun if she feels anything new. The nun says she felt death, but now death is gone. Chad says he knew she was alive, they are connected by love. The nun says but he is her half-brother. Chad says they fell in love before they knew, and he knows its wrong. He says he just needs her in his life, even as friends. He also wants her in their sons life. Whitney listens and says he has to give up on her for both of their sakes. Chad leaves to look elsewhere, and Whitney comes out of hiding. She talks to the nun, the nun feels Whitneys pain, that she wants to die. She says she had to choose between herself and Chad, she chose to sacrifice herself. The nun warns her that shes being lied to, she must be careful, all is not that it appears. Whitney asks who is lying to her, and who is she? Chad returns, and Whitney runs off. Chad talks to the nun, is Whitney really here and in danger? The nun says the innocent one was here and in danger, but she is okay now. Chad leaves again to look elsewhere, and Whitney comes back out of hiding. The monk calls to Whitney, and when the nun hears his voice she leaves. The monk returns and tells Whitney its time for them to go, and no more games. He says they have a job to do and no more time to waste, if she fails then she and Chad will both pay the ultimate price. The nun listens in and makes the sign of the cross and then prays.

At the caf, Fancy is talking to Beth as Noah and Luis approach. Luis wonders who she is talking to, maybe an old friend. Noah says it wouldnt surprise him, Fancy has friends all over the world. They walk in, but Luis gets a call from Sheridan and walks back out to take the call. 

Luis talks to Sheridan, she asks if hes found Beth and Marty. Luis says not yet, but hes sure to get a lead from the bank tomorrow. He has a meeting with the manager set up.

Back in the caf, Beth and Marty go to the bathroom and Noah tries to talk to Fancy. Fancy tells him to just go away. Noah asks if that woman is an old friend of hers, but Fancy says no. She says they just met, and they are both involved with men who cheat and lie. Noah says he never cheated, but she knows what she saw between him and Maya. Fancy sees Luis outside and worries about him, she leaves to see if hes okay. Noah decides he has to take a walk and clear his head.

Fancy finds Luis talking to Sheridan on the phone. Hes filling her in on what happened, and how he ran into Fancy and Noah here. Fancy talks to Sheridan, and Fancy fills her in on the kiss they shared when Luis mistook her for Sheridan. Fancy says she is telling her this so she knows Luis still loves her, he loves her a lot. Sheridan says yes and she believes her. Fancy eventually hands the phone back to Luis. 

Back in the caf, Beth returns and sees their new friend is outside on the phone. She thinks maybe they should take her coffee to her. Before she does, Fancy returns. Fancy talks with Beth about how she left because her ex showed up, she was avoiding him. Fancy talks to Beth about how she caught her ex with his ex. Beth says her husband did the same thing to her. Beth gets the feeling though that they will be with the men they love very soon. Fancy and Beth eventually part ways. Fancy goes outside and talks to Luis out by the fountain. Beth wonders who the man is, so she takes Marty outside to play in the fountain.

Luis keeps talking to Sheridan, he says he wont come home without Marty. She says call her when he has news. He says he will and he loves her. She just says she knows. Fancy and Luis talk, Luis is positive that he will be with Sheridan once he finds Marty. He also hopes Fancy will be able to work things out with Noah, he can tell she cares about him. Fancy says if she didnt care then it wouldnt hurt so much. Luis knows that and he knows as soon as he finds Marty that all his problems are over. In the background, Beth holds Marty and is buying him a balloon. Noah returns to talk to Fancy, but she wont talk to him and walks off. Luis tells Noah he needs to go after Fancy, make sure she knows how much he loves her. Noah chases after Fancy. Luis decides he needs to walk off the stiffness hes feeling otherwise he'll be hurting tomorrow. Meanwhile, Beth decides to let Marty play in the fountain. She sees her friend has gone, she wishes she hadnt gone. Beth says she feels so lonely, but having friends here is too dangerous. She says its worth it to have Marty though. As they play in the fountain, Luis once again calls Sheridan and says she will find Marty. Beth hears a man say Marty, and she looks up and sees Luis back. Luis is on the phone telling Sheridan that when he finds Marty, she will be with him again. Meanwhile, Beth thinks they should ask that man why he said Martys name. Luis is telling Sheridan that he knows she doesn't want to hurt Chris, but he's going to have to accept that their marriage will be over when he returns with Marty.

Noah goes after Fancy, and she slaps him and says stay away from her, she never wants to see him again.

Back in Harmony, Sheridan is on the phone with Fancy and says Luis kissed you? Chris hears the way she says this, he looks a little disturbed. Later Sheridan talks to Luis again. Luis says he has a good feeling about this, he thinks Beth and Marty are closer than ever. She tells him to call when he has news. Chris asks Sheridan what has happened, so Sheridan explains the whole story about the catacombs and the kiss. Chris asks Sheridan if this bothers her, that he kissed Fancy. Sheridan says no. Chris asks Sheridan if shes jealous that Fancy is in Rome with Luis while shes stuck here with him? Before she answers, Luis calls again and they argue over whether they will get back together


May 16, 2006

Theresa and Ethan are on the jet to Rome. Theresa is checking her laptop for any updates, there is nothing from Crane Security. Ethan knows Luis and Noah and the others can take care of themselves, but what were those girls thinking getting involved with stolen paintings. Theresa is glad he is here with her, its nice to have the man she loves with her. Ethan says hes not here WITH her, hes here because the girls are in trouble. He also says they arent a couple and will never be one. Theresa doesnt believe that. Ethan says hes not going to sit here and argue about this the whole trip, he will tell the pilot to take him home. Theresa asks Ethan why hes here, he was supposed to be staying with Gwen and Jane. Ethan says he and Gwen talked, and Gwen told him to come. He says they found proof that the girls really were in trouble. She says he didnt believe her? Ethan says with her track record, who could blame him. He says Gwen also knows her track record of coming onto him, but she knows after Jerrys Garage that hell never let that happen again. Theresa says he makes her out to be Typhoid Mary. She says she will say once she proves it was Gwen who outed him to the tabloid, hell leave Gwen and come back to her. Ethan says thats it, hes having the pilot take him back to Harmony. Theresa says wait no, dont do that. Ethan says then can he call Gwen and tell her that they have an understanding, that this trip is about family and friends and she doesn't have to worry that Theresa will make a play for him? Theresa agrees. Ethan makes a call, but to herself Theresa says Gwen better worry that shell find that proof. Theresa has some Ethan and Theresa flashback as Ethan talks to Gwen. Later Theresa gets a mystery email, it says shell gain Ethan in Rome but lose her love in the process. She wonders what this means and who sent this? She then gets another message, someone in Harmony will die in Rome! All the emails are signed with the Vendetta symbol. Ethan gets off the phone with Gwen, he had a nice talk with her about how Theresa promised not to pull anything on this trip. Theresa says thats good, and the quicker they get to Rome the sooner theyll know their sisters are okay.

At the hotel in Rome, Noah tries to talk to Fancy. He says he can explain everything. She demands to be told the truth, why is he with Maya. He says he cant tell her that. Noah sees they are being watched by Lena, so to save her from danger he kisses her. This hides their faces. He keeps kissing her to avoid being seen by Lena. Lena asks the bell boy if hes seen Noah Bennett. She even pays him to refresh his memory about Noah. The bellboy does see Noah kissing Fancy, but he claims he hasnt seen him. Lena says shell check back with him in the morning, maybe he'll remember by then. Lena walks off, and another bell boy asks if that is not Noah over there. The man says some woman offered him money to give him up, but he didnt, they must be discreet for the safety of their guests. Mystery music plays as the two men talk. Meanwhile, Noah stops kissing Fancy and says hed like to tell her the truth but he cant, just trust him a little while longer. She says she doesnt trust him now. He says he knows she feels like hes jerking her around, but he loves her. She says he's a liar, he doesnt respect her enough to tell her the truth. She is furious with him. Esme walks up with a bottle of champagne and dark glasses. She says gladiators fight less than them! Fancy asks why she is wearing those dark glasses? Esme says to be prepared for the morning, who knows where she could wake up. Esme tells them both to get some new material, and then she mocks both of them by saying Trust me Fancy, No I cant youve cheated on me. Esme tells Fancy to go back to Giani, shell keep Noah occupied. Fancy says Esme can have him and she walks off. Noah realizes he has to get back to Maya and just hopes Fancy will give him a chance to explain later. 

Fancy goes back to her room and begins bawling. Esme shows up and tells Fancy perhaps she needs to accept that she and Norman arent meant to be together. Fancy says it's Noah. Esme says before she met . . . Noah she was more fun. Esme says she was so fun when they hid Alberts toupee, when they scared Madonnas horse, when they dared Ashley to lip-synch on live TV. Fancy says it seems Noah cares for her and looks out for her, but then she sees him with Maya. She says shes so confused. Esme tells her what she needs to do, she needs to meet someone else. Esme says she has just the thing to get her mind off of Nero. She goes through her purse and finally finds an invitation to a gallery opening. Fancy looks at it and doubts a painting will cheer her up. Esme says its the perfect place to meet someone to take her mind off of that . . . . Fancy says Noah! Fancy looks at the invite, it has the symbol on it. Fancy doesnt know, but eventually agrees to go. 

The girls are running through the street with the painting they stole from the men. They fear the men will kill them to get the painting back. Two of the men are chasing them. The men, armed with guns, say it is dangerous for the girls to be out this late, they could end up being killed. The girls reach a dead end and hide, and fortunately they arent caught by the men. The men leave to look elsewhere, so the girls sneak back to their hotel. Suddenly the men show up and corner them again. They point guns and say their days as amateur detectives ends here along with their lives. The girls beg for their lives, but the men says they trusted them and now they must pay with their lives for their betrayal. The girls say they have to have the painting, this is the key to finding Whitney. The men say they could have had the answers if they were patient, but they are going to have to die now. The men say hand over the painting so its not damaged when they shoot them. Fortunately Noah comes to their rescue and knocks the guys out. The girls start helping Noah fight the guys, Noah is stunned to see Jessica there. One of them men grabs the painting from Simone, but it rips and shes left with the piece with the symbol on it. The men run off, and Simone wishes they had studied the painting a bit more. Noah then sees the painting with the same symbol as Jesss tattoo, what is going on here, what does the symbol mean? He wants to know why those guys wanted to kill them over the painting. Simone comes up with a lie, she bought it at a street fair and the guys saw them and realized they had money. They wanted to steal it from them and rob them. He asks what about the matching symbols. Paloma says coincidence. Noah buys their story and asks if they know Luis and Chad are here, as well as Fancy. They knew about Luis and Chad. Noah says Chad found Whitney in the catacombs, but she ran off. Jessica asks what about Fancy, she thought they broke up. He says they did, which is good because as long as shes not with him shes safe from the trouble that follows him. Paloma doesnt think anyone is safe right now.

Luis is on the phone with Sheridan say he will find Marty and he will bring him home, and when that happens Chris will have to accept their marriage is over and they will be the family they are meant to be. Meanwhile, Beth is holding Marty and hears Luis say Martys name. She decides to see who he is and why hes talking about someone named Marty. She says lots of people are named Marty, but it cant hurt to ask. Luis keeps talking to Sheridan about their life when he returns with Marty. As he talks to her, Chris stands in the background. Sheridan tries not to say anything to tip Chris off or upset him. Luis says he wont leave Rome until he finds Marty. Meanwhile, Beth finally realizes the man is Luis! She books it. Chad shows up and talks to Luis. Beth and Marty are now hiding around the corner, but Chad saw them take off. He asks Luis if he saw that woman and her boy, but Luis didn't. Marty keeps talking and Beth tries to hush him. She thinks nasty Sheridan sent Luis to find her. Beth tries to keep Marty quiet claiming they are playing a game. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis keep talking on the phone. Luis swears Chad will find Whitney and hell find Marty, everything will work out. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her, remember that. Sheridan says she will. Chad and Luis decide to head back to the hotel. Suddenly Marty begins yelling out Daddy! The men dont hear and they keep going. Beth and Marty begin running another way. Marty keeps laughing, and Luis hears this and turns around. Luis and Chad chase after Beth, who ducks into a building with a lock that features the symbol. It turns out shes gone into an art gallery to hide. Beth realizes shes trapped, there is no way out and no where to hide. As Luis enters the gallery with Chad, we see a painting with the symbol on it. Beth hides in a room, and Luis approaches the door to the room shes in. Beth thinks shes done for, there is no way out. 

Back in Harmony, Sheridan looks at a photo of her, Beth, Luis and Marty. She says she should cut Beth out of this photo. Chris asks Sheridan if shes okay? Sheridan says she feels bad for Luis, he thinks they are getting back together when he returns. Chris asks why he didnt tell her about the difficulties shes having with the pregnancy. She says she didnt want to worry him, and besides it is their family business. He says he loves hearing her say that. Chris has a surprise for her, and he opens up his suitcase and says its in here somewhere. We see the vendetta symbol on the inside of Chris suitcase. He says he has something for her, something that reminded him of her. He gives her a book of art claiming her type of beauty has inspired artists through the ages. She looks at the book, she looks at a painting and one of them has the symbol in it. She says it's so beautiful. Chris leaves to get Sheridan some tea for her cough. He looks at a piece of paper with the symbol on it and hopes she understands. 


May 17, 2006

At Tabithas, Kay walks into the bathroom and finds Miguel, in a towel, at the sink. She says she didn't know he was her. He says he was just finishing up, he needed to get an early start before heading to work on the boat. She says she wanted to get a shower, and she finds Siren is already in it! Siren is covered in suds and asks if it's hot in here or just Miguel? She steps out and feels up Miguel. An upset Kay says she's all wet, let her help her dry herself. She throws a towel over her and starts scrubbing her to the point Siren cries out as Kay's pulling her hair. Kay says she's sorry, but since they are done perhaps they can leave so she can shower. Miguel says they aren't done, he and Siren still have to "do" each other. He then pushes her out of the bathroom!  Of course he was only speaking about putting body lotion on one another. Miguel and Siren kiss, and Siren talks about how she wants to make him happy. Miguel says he is happy with her, but he does have to get to work. He wants to get a house of his own to move out of here. She thinks they should get one together, she'll get a job so they can move quicker. He says he's glad she doesn't want to live on her parents money, but as for them moving in together, well they'll talk about that later. He says he has to go, and she tells him to hurry home as she has something to make him very happy.

In the kitchen, Tabitha and Endora are using the bowl to see where all this noise is coming from. It's of course the bathroom. Kay later shows up, she's fuming. She tells Tabitha that Siren is a shark, a piranha, a predator with an appetite for Miguel. Kay can't believe he is so memorized with her. Tabitha knows it is because she's a mermaid, and she tells Endora this is the trouble they cause. As Kay rants and raves, Tabitha points out to her that it is clear she is jealous. Kay swears she's not, she just can't believe Miguel is with her when he claimed to love her. Tabitha says once again she's jealous, and perhaps she still loves him. Kay says she doesn't, she's marrying Fox. However she doesn't want him moving on with Siren, she's just wrong for him. Kay says Siren doesn't know him yet wants to have his baby, he doesn't need another child right now. Kay swears that she would be happy if Miguel moved on with his life with another woman, as long as that woman isn't Siren.

In Rome, Luis and Chad are banging on the door in the gallery. Beth and Marty are behind it in a storage area. Luis warns beth he's breaking the door down, and he does. He then tackles Beth, which turns out to be a mannequin in the room that she put her coat on.  Beth found a door hidden in the back of the room and escaped. As Luis and Chad are about to follow, two cops show up. Luis and Chad explain what is going on, saying they are chasing Beth who stole his son from the US. The cops don't care and think Luis is lying. They think Luis and Chad broke in to rob the gallery and hid from them here in the storage room but were caught. They won't listen to the men and arrest them and take them away.

At the hotel, Fancy is unsure about this art gallery opening, but Esme assures her that it is a great place to meet a rich, handsome straight man who will make her forget all about Noah. She says this talk of men has her hungry, she suggests they go get some dinner, which they do.

Meanwhile, Noah escorts the girls back to their hotel. He's taking no chances that those men might come back to get them. He also wants to know again what they are doing here. Paloma explains she and Simone are studying art for school. He asks what about Jessica? She says they invited her to come along. He asks if Dad knows she is here. She says no, nobody can know back in Harmony. She says she finally wised up and left Spike, she doesn't want him finding out where she is. Noah asks how Simone and Paloma are paying for Jessica's trip. Paloma says Theresa gave them the money, she doesn't mind spending Alistair's money. Jess asks Noah how he's affording Rome. He says long story, he'll tell her later. He sees them to their room, they are cracking jokes about how this is like a horror film and the killer may jump out at any moment. They don't know someone is following them. The girls are starving and order room service, Noah stays to make sure everything checks out. He leaves them after the food arrives, telling them not to open the door for anyone. As the girls eat, Jessica says she's so thankful to be here where there is no Spike and no danger. Outside the room, Spike listens in and says he's sorry to have to disappoint Jessica, but she's wrong. 

At jail, Chad and Ethan pace the cell they are in. Luis feels he's failed once again, but Chad says this isn't his fault. Luis thinks it is. Chad wonders how long they'll be stuck in here. Fancy walks in and says not long, she's paid their bail and they are free to go. Luis thanks her, he says he didn't know who else to call. Chad decides to go back to the catacombs and look for Whitney since she seems to be living down there. They tell him to be careful. Luis decides to go back to the gallery and search for clues on Beth.

At the art gallery, we see Beth leave, she locks the door with a vendetta symboled key. She says she made sure that there is no evidence they were there. Luis shows up and she sneaks away. Luis finds the door is locked. He hears someone behind them and grabs them, it's only Fancy. She wanted to check on him and help if she could. He thanks her. He says the door is locked and he doesn't need to end up in jail again, it wouldn't look good. Fancy recognizes the name of the gallery, she has an art opening here later. She says what a coincidence. Luis isn't so sure, half of Harmony is in town and he thinks it's not by chance. She says he may be right. Luis says it's late so he wants to walk her back to her hotel.

Luis and Fancy return to the hotel and decide to have dinner. Luis talks about finding Marty and getting back with Sheridan. Fancy says his love for Sheridan is so wonderful, she hopes to find love like that some day. He asks if maybe she didn't find it with Noah? Fancy says Noah is back with his ex and out of her life for good. Luis says Noah is a good guy and he just can't believe he'd do this or let a girl like her go. Fancy doesn't want to talk about it and she heads back to her room. Noah walks in and joins Luis, he was just buying time till Fancy left. Luis asks what's going on with him and Fancy, but Noah says it's too complicated to go into right now.

In the catacombs, the monk tells Whitney that she must never see Chad again. She knows she can't be with Chad, but to never see him? The monk says it must be this way, their love is an abomination as is their child. He says if she wants to save their souls this must be done, and she agrees. Elsewhere, Chad is walking around looking for Whitney. He finds pieces of the painting in the rubble, the one with Whitney's face. He doesn't know how she could be on a painting thousands of years old, maybe she had past lives like Luis and Sheridan. He then hears Whitney talking to herself from behind a wall. He calls out to her asking if she's there. She says she is, but she can't see him. He says he loves her, he's taking her home and he and Miles need her. Whitney says no it can never be. She tells him that she's doing God's work here, he must go. He refuses to leave her, she can't live down here with these dead people. She says she hears God's voices and they can never see one another again, if they do then one of them will die. She says the one who will die will be her. She then runs off through the tunnels.


May 18, 2006

Kay and Fox are in bed. Fox is asleep, Kay is tossing and turning. Shes still convinced something is off about Siren. Fox wakes up and sees Kay is awake. He knows shes once again worrying about Miguel. He tells her to let this Siren thing go, shes being a tad over protective. He says anyone else might think shes jealous of Siren, but he knows better. Kay just says shes known Miguel a long time and she doesnt want Miguel getting involved with the wrong woman. She says Siren is strange. Fox says maybe he likes strange. She says he was involved with Charity. Fox and Kay soon end up making love.

In the kitchen, Siren walks in and says Good morning witch, what are you making Im starving. Tabitha, who is cooking, thinks shes chipper for someone up all night. She says shes a real woman now and wants to be ready for her Miguel when he comes home. Tabitha thinks Miguel will figure the truth out about her soon enough. She tells her to sit and serves her food. Siren looks at the bacon and eggs and says this is gross, doesnt she have kelp? Tabitha says if she wants to be human then she has to act human, which means eating human food. She tells Siren if she wants Miguel to love her that act like a human being. Siren tries the bacon, but doesnt seem to like it. Tabitha thinks it wont take long before Miguel realizes the truth about her. Siren says she will make Miguel fall in love with her, just wait and see. Tabitha says she knows mermaids, they are fickle and dont even stick with the same species for long. Tabitha tells her to get with a dolphin if she wants to make it with a mammal. Later Tabitha realizes Siren didnt eat her breakfast. Siren says she doesnt like it, she wants eels. Tabitha and Siren continue to argue, Tabitha is sure its only time before Siren shows her true colors. Siren swears she only wants one man, Miguel McYummy. She says she only wants to make love to him and him alone.

Miguel is working unloading fish in the cannery, and Miguel admires another guys tattoo, it's of a mermaid. The guy, Carl, asks if shes not a beauty. Miguel says he knows who it was modeled after, shes a beauty in real life. Carl says his tattoo is forty years old, he gets it touched up every so often to remind him of her beauty. Carl says it can't be the person Miguel knows. Miguel thinks it really looks like a girl he knows. Carl says it cant be his friend, the model for his tattoo was a real live mermaid. Miguel says mermaids dont exist, but Carl says they do. Carl tells him the story of meeting Siren when he was Miguels age. Carl says he was mesmerized by her, she was in the middle of the ocean and naked as a jaybird. He though maybe she fell off a ship and jumped in after her. He says he swam over to her and thats when he found out she was a mermaid. Miguel tells him that mermaids dont exist, they are only in fairy tales. Carl says he knows that they exist, and he got the tattoo of her to remember her. He says hes been looking for her every day for years but hasnt found her again. Carl says its a good thing he never found her. Miguel asks why not? Carl says because of the curse, when a man makes love to a mermaid then hell never be able to sleep with another woman again. 

Miguel returns home and Siren runs to him. He says watch it, he wreaks of fish. She says she smells divine. He brought home a bucket of fresh sea bass. She is ready to dig in, but Miguel says they should probably clean them and cook them first. Tabitha smacks down her spatula to remind Siren to act human. Miguel then tells them about this story that Carl told him, he met this mermaid forty years ago and fell in love with her, he even got a tattoo of her. He says the weird thing is the tattoo looks just like Siren. Tabitha, who was drinking her tea, spits it out. Siren says she cant be that woman, the tattoo is forty years old. Miguel says there is also some curse, if you make love to a mermaid then youll never make love to a human woman again. Siren says well why would you want to? Tabitha hadnt heard of that curse. Kay walks in and says shes glad Miguel is home, he should go see Maria as she is asking for him. Miguel leaves, and Kay follows. Siren thinks Kay stole him away on purpose! Siren says two can play this game, and when it is mermaid verses human, mermaid wins every time. Tabitha tells Siren that she doesnt know Kay very well. Tabitha also doesnt think Siren gets out into the real world much, she spends most of her time in the storybook. Siren says she gave Anderson that idea for that story. She also tells Tabitha she knows how magic works, its easy to bounce back between the real world and the fairy tale. She says she was visiting the book when Endora yanked her out of Chapter 3. Fox shows up with Maria in his arms. Fox is all smiles, Maria called him daddy again. Tabitha takes Maria from Fox and says shell dress her and get Endora dressed at the same time. Fox decides to get the kids breakfast ready, but Tabitha says Pilar is coming for Maria. The doorbell rings and Tabitha says it must be her. She then leaves. Siren watches Fox as he makes eggs. She is puzzled about how to crack the eggs. Fox shows her how to do it. 

Upstairs, Kay suggests to Miguel he take a shower first, he smells like fish guts. Miguel says Siren liked the way he smelled. Kay says once again the girl is weird. Miguel says well he likes her, and Kay has to accept that hes going to be spending a lot go time with her. Kay heads back downstairs and finds Fox teaching Siren how to crack an egg, but it looks like they are doing a lot more. Kay asks what is going on here? Fox says he was just teaching Siren how to crack an egg. Kay says they should get going to work, Fox says right he has to take over an account for Fancy while hes in Rome. Fox leaves, and Kay asks Siren what shes doing? Siren says she could ask that of her.

On the plane, Theresa re-reads her mystery emails. She doesnt know what to make of it and thinks it isnt funny. She wonders who sent it to her and how they knew she was going to Rome. She says if she does win Ethan back then she can handle anything else. She wonders if the email was a sick joke. She looks over at Ethan, who is sleeping on the couch. Hes pretty much out of it. Theresa says that sleeping pill really worked. She then says I wonder . . . Theresa gets on top of Ethan and unbuttons his shirt. Theresa tells him this is a good day, theyre about to join the mile high club. She then begins kissing him. Ethan gets woken up when the pilot chimes in that they are about to land, does she need anything else? Theresa yells yes, "Shhhh!" Ethan wakes up and cant believe Theresa is on top of him, but she says he was smiling like she hasnt seen in years. Ethan says he was dreaming and he didnt know it was her. Theresa thinks he did know it was her. Ethan says he has been over this again, he wont betray his wife. Theresa says it is fate that they will be together, she feels it will happen very soon too. Theresa once again talks about how it was Gwen and Rebecca who outed him, but he says where the proof is. Theresa says they burned it, but Alistair has the proof, though hes in a coma. Theresa says if she could find the editor of the tabloid JT Cornell then she could get the proof she needs. Ethan says without proof he wont believe anything she has to say, and he trusts and believes in his wife. Ethan leaves to shave before they land. 

In Rome, Fancy is sitting at the breakfast table thinking about Noah. The waiter asks if shes okay, Fancy says shes fine. He says a woman as lovely as her shouldnt look so sad. She claims shes not sad, and she tells herself not to waste her tears on a jerk like Noah. She says she has to move on with her life.

Beth is walking around Rome with Marty. Luis is hiding and watching her. He springs out, catches Beth and grabs Marty. The cops move in and grab Beth and arrest her. Luis says he cant wait to take Marty home to Sheridan. Beth screams as the cops drag her off. Luis calls Sheridan and tells her that he did it, he has Marty and Beth is in jail. Luis tells her not to cry, everything is fine. He says hell come home today and everything will be perfect. Of course its just a dream, Luis wakes up in his bed. He knows Marty and Beth are in Rome and nothing will stop him from bringing Marty home to Sheridan. Luis picks up the phone and makes a call to Interpol. Beth is outside of a hotel room door listening . . . .

Luis joins Fancy for breakfast. He asks if shes seen Noah, and she snaps no! He says okay, sorry. She says if he wants Noah then check Maya Chinns room, if hes not there then try some other cheap girl in town. Luis says this doesnt sound like the Noah he knows, and he knows Noah loves her as he lights up when she walks into the room. Fancy thinks Noah just conned him as well, and she doesnt want to talk about it anymore. The waiter returns and thinks Luis and Fancy are together, a beautiful girl like Fancy couldnt be alone in this city. She swears they are only friends, but the waiter says he knows love when he sees it. Luis and Fancy have breakfast and talk, Luis knows he is close to finding Marty and getting Sheridan back. Fancy says Sheridan is a lucky woman. Luis says hes a lucky man, well he will be when he gets his life on track. Fancy smiles, and Luis is glad to see her smiling. He says she seemed sad when he sat down. She says shes not sad just mad, but shes fine now. Luis says hes an expert in love gone wrong, and he thinks this thing with Noah is a misunderstanding. Fancy refuses to talk to Noah. A man walks by and Luis knows that guy from Harmony. He cant recall his name though, its something like PJ or TJ. Meanwhile, Beth is at a nearby table hiding behind a menu spying on Luis and Fancy. Luis sees Fancy isnt smiling anymore, and he knows she still loves Noah as its all over her face. She admits it still hurts, but its over and she has to get over Noah. Luis says talk to him. Fancy says its complicated, its more than just the other woman. Luis doesnt buy that, Noah has always been a one woman man. Fancy says he hasnt seen Noah in years, and people change. She says Noah isnt the nice guy Luis thought he was, maybe he never was. Luis takes her hand, and the spying Beth FUMES. She ends up taking their photos on a camera phone before running out of the restaurant. The waiter sees her taking photos of them and says its so good to see young love. Beth fumes, she says so Luis has left her for this dumb blond. She says someone is going to die in Rome!

The man Luis was speaking about is on the phone and says his name is JT, but to stop using it, hes using an alias now. He says he is on the IRS most wanted list, hes hoping if he keeps moving then nobody will find him. He asks the person on the phone how long the statute of limitation on tax fraud is. JT says thats bad, so from now on JT Cornell is dead! 


May 19 , 2006
At Tabithas, Tabitha is having tea, Miguel and Fox are in the living room. Fox is checking his email for updates on this big Crane Couture account hes taken over for Fancy while shes gone. Miguel wonders where Siren is. Fox says in the kitchen with Kay. The boys realize that cant be good, though they haven't heard any explosions yet.

In the kitchen, Siren and Kay are arguing. Siren thinks Kay is trying to move in on her time with Miguel. Kay says she doesnt have to move in, she and Miguel are already close. Siren says well Miguel wants her and Kay is so jealous she could spit. Kay says shes just trying to protect Miguel, shes suspicious of her. Kay thinks any girl who just got dumped and then jumps into bed with someone else is trouble. She also asks where she gets hanging all over Fox as well? Siren says Kay left him alone, dont blame her. Kay says Fox would never put the moves on Siren. Siren says Fox had his arm around her, not the other way around. Later Siren turns her back and eats a fish whole and throws the bones away. Kay asks what shes doing? Siren says having a snack, she skipped breakfast. Kay thinks she sounded like the Tasmanian devil. Siren wants Kay to make up her mind, which of the boys does she want? Kay says she loves Fox and shes marrying him. Siren says fine then leave Miguel alone. Kay says shes not going to do that. Siren tells Kay then shes going to risk losing Miguel and Fox. Siren walks off.

Kay and Siren return to the living room where the boys are. Siren is all over Miguel, and Fox is upset. He says Fancys client blew his lid and fired the model that Fancy hired. Kay asks what they will do? Fox says they have to find a new model, everything is ready and if they cancel it will cost thousands of dollars. Kay asks where they get a model this late? Later, Kay does some searches, but she cant find a model at this late of date. Tabitha asks what about the girl down the street, but Kay says she needs a professional. Tabitha says the professional was fired by Fancys client, why not someone hot new and fresh? Kay asks where shell find someone like that? Kay soon begins to think about Miguel, hed be perfect in the add. Tabitha thought she needed a female, but Kay says not necessarily. Tabitha wonders why Kay really wants Miguel for this shoot? Kay admits if he works on the shoot all day and works on the boat all night . . . Tabitha says he wont have time for Siren, well done Kay! Tabitha says it's no wonder the dark side liked her so much. Miguel walks in to get ice from the fridge, he and Siren are going to the beach to swim again. Kay ends up telling Miguel that he has a body to die for, hed make a great model and she needs one right now.

At the beach, Miguel is feeling funny about this, but Kay talks him into doing this for her. Fox walks up, he too found a model. Kay says she found one too, Miguel. Miguel thinks if Fox found a model then they can use them, he's off the hook. Foxs exocentric client (ie gay) Alfredo shows up, he hopes they have a better model than the skeleton Fancy hired, he paid her off and told her to go eat a sandwich or three. Alfredo says he envisioned a beautiful naked healthy girl on the beach. Kay says she rethought it, most perfumes are bought by women so why not use a hot male model. Alfredo says he does use them, just not during work. Fox says hes hired a fresh female model as well. Kay introduces Miguel, Fox introduces his choice Siren! Kay is not happy at all. Fox asks Alfredo what he thinks, Siren is an unknown. Alfredo asks if she works cheap? Fox says yes, and shes really all American as he can see, blond and in a bikini. Alfredo admires Miguel as well, he cant make up his mind. Kay vents to Tabitha, she can't believe this has happened. Tabitha says if Siren is working then she cant throw herself at Miguel all day. Kay likes that and suggests to Miguel now that hes off the hook he should go to his moms and play with Maria. Suddenly Alfredo gets an idea, he wants to use both of them in the campaign. Alfredo says it embodies his fragrance, and Fox tells him that hes brilliant, its timeless. Alfredo says it is brilliant, but it will only work if they have chemistry. Siren says they do. Alfredo yells at his photographer to get over here and photograph these two. Kay realizes this has gone from bad to worse. Miguel and Siren get oiled up, and the photographer takes pictures. Kay thinks they have no chemistry, but Alfredo says is she kidding this is hotter than a screening of Brokeback on Fire Island. Fox agrees, this is the heat their campaigned needed. Kay hates watching them work together. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Endora are playing on the beach, Tabitha tells Endora that Kay isnt happy about this. Endora is though, her plan is working out. Tabitha says she doesnt know mermaids though, they are flighty and fickle, if Siren sees a handsome man or any other male species then shell up and leave Miguel. Tabitha says then they are back where they started, trying to break up Kay and Fox so Miguel doesn't end up alone and back with Charity. The photo shoot starts turning sour, so Endora conjures up a rainbow! Miguel and Siren are taken with one another, and Alfredo loves it. He says they are magic together. Kay asks Tabitha what she did, but Tabitha says it was Endora. Kay says now Miguel cant keep his hands off of her. Tabitha says she doesnt encourage romance. Kay asks Endora to stop this, dont make Miguel like Siren anymore. Endora conjures up more magic a glowing yellow light that showers Miguel and Siren. Miguel and Siren really begin going at one another. Alfredo says its like disco all over again! Kay hates this, and Tabitha explains that Endora is a romantic and is too young to know the consequences. Kay says by time she learns it may be too late. Tabitha tells Kay to admit she wishes she was in Miguels arms. Kay says she cant deal with this now, shes working. Tabitha says one of these days Kay will have to come to terms with the idea that shes still in love with Miguel. 

Theresa and Ethan arrive at the hotel in Rome, they are told the room isnt ready but they can have breakfast while they wait. Ethan asks about his room, but there is only one room. Ethan says hes not surprised. Ethan asks for another room, but the hotel is full as it is tourist season. Ethan says this figures. Theresa says the suite will be fine, but Ethan says no. He thinks this is another one of her tricks, hes not cheating on his wife and hell get another hotel if he needs to. Ethan walks off, but Theresa stops him. Theresa says Crane Travel made the arrangements, and he wasnt supposed to be coming so she only had one room booked. She says he just showed up and she didnt think to call Crane to have the arrangements changed. Ethan doesnt believe her, and she admits she lied. She says she did want to share a room with him, but its not what he thinks. She tells him about her anonymous email saying someone was going to die on this trip. She says thats why she didnt want to be alone, she was afraid. He hopes this isnt a trick. She says its not, something bad is going to happen here.

Luis and Fancy are still dining, Luis is positive that Noah isnt cheating on her, hed bet his life on it. Fancy says then she guesses hes a dead man. Noah and Maya show up together, and Luis asks who that is. Fancy says his ex Maya. Luis is furious, its obvious Noah is with Maya as they are kissing. He wants to have a talk with Noah, but Fancy says no. Fancy says Noahs made a fool of her one too many times, shes done with him.

Noah and Maya stop kissing, they were putting on an act for Lena who was watching. Lena left. Noah hates the situation hes in, and he fears hes hurt Fancy too badly to be forgiven. Noah says he should have told her everything from the beginning. Luis walks up and suggests Noah explain it to him. He asks Maya to excuse them, he has to talk to Noah. Luis takes Noah aside and demands answers, how can he do this to Fancy. Noah says its complicated, but Luis doesnt think so. He thinks if you love someone like he loves Fancy then you dont cheat on them. Luis is disappointed in Noah he was an idiot to stick up for him. Luis says Noah is not who he thought he was. Luis walks off, and Noah tells Maya that he cant do this anymore, everyone thinks hes slime. Maya says he cant tell the truth, he cant put Fancy in danger as Lena will kill her. Noah says ever since Maya has come back into his life hes lost everything he loves one piece at a time. Noah walks off, and Maya says its about to get a lot worse. 

Theresa and Ethan walk into the dining area and see Luis and Fancy. They all say hi and hug one another. Theresa says she just left a message for Luis at the desk. Theresa fills in on what shes learned about what Jessica, Simone and Paloma are really up to. Luis says this is why they were attacked. Noah walks over, he overheard what she was saying. Luis gives Theresa his news, hes found Beth and Marty, they are here in Rome. He hasnt told Sheridan yet, he doesnt want to get her hopes up. Theresa says things are moving though. Fancy asks why Ethan is here, where is Gwen. Ethan says Gwen is home, he came for Jessica. Fancy says so Theresa talked him into this, Mmm Hmmm. Luis says this is weird, Chad swears Whitney was in the catacombs. Luis thinks this is very odd, he thinks theyve all been brought here for a reason. Ethan asks and who would do it though. Theresa then shows them the email she got. Luis reads it, he recognizes the symbol on the email as the one in the catacombs. Noah says Jessica has it tattooed on her back. Luis thinks one of them is marked for death. Ethan looks at the email, she didnt tell him exactly how the email started. Theresa says she knew hed think she was behind this. Ethan does, but Theresa says shed never talk about people dying, that is sick. Theresa says fate will bring them back together. Ethan says shes embarrassing herself, is she behind them all being here. Theresa says no, and she will prove Gwen sold him out all she has to find is JT Cornell. Luis says thats it, that's the guy they saw earlier here. Theresa cant believe hes here, hes been missing for months. Theresa says hes here and she will get the proof. Ethan says this is convenient, he thinks Theresa has gotten them all here for something. Luis doesnt think so, he thinks what is going on here is bigger and whoever is behind it is clever, they  used something important to all of them as bait. Luis runs down the list of how theyve all been baited here. Fancy thinks there is no reason for her to be here, she came for work. Luis isnt sure, he thinks Fancy needs protection. Noah says hell do it, hell stay with her for every moment of every day. Fancy refuses to have Noah with her, so Luis says hell protect Fancy. Luis doesnt want any of them alone right now. The monk spies and on them as they talk and laughs.

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