May 22, 2005

On the beach, the photographer continues to snap photos of Miguel and Siren. Alfredo loves it, and the photographer says this is so hot that he hopes the film doesnt burn up before he develops it. Fox tells Kay how hot the chemistry between them is, but Kay says its just okay. The photographer says hes never seen anyone move like Siren. He jokes she must be part fish as  shes swimming through the air. He asks if she ever swam competitively. She says she raced a dolphin to Key West once and won. The photographer says what? Miguel says dont worry shes kidding, she does it all the time. Meanwhile, Fox cant believe Kay cant see the chemistry between them, he can feel the heat over here. He says he knows she doesnt like Siren, but this campaign will be a hit. When the photographer calls for more sex, Siren gets on top of Miguel! Kay says wait a minute! Fox admits this isnt exactly a PG ad anymore. Alfredo doesnt care, he wants to push the envelope and go all the way. Siren giggles and tells Miguel that means him. The photo shoot ends and the photographer cant wait to develop the film. Alfredo cant wait to see it and thinks they have discovered the hottest new models in America. Kay suggests they get out of here as shes tired and thirsty. Fox thinks they should go to dinner to celebrate. 

The gang heads to the lobster shack, and Kay is forced to watch Miguel and Siren suck face at the table. Miguel goes to the bar to help Fox with some drinks, and Kay tells Siren that this isnt going to work. Kay says shes like a leach and Miguel will get tired of her. Siren thinks Miguel wont get tired of her, he hasnt indicated he is yet. Kay says he just doesnt want to hurt her feelings. She says Miguel is sweet and kind that way, unlike her. Fox comes over with some drinks for him and Kay. Miguel returns as well, and Fox toasts to Harmonys first supermodel couple. Miguel likes the idea, it pays better than the fishing boat. Siren didnt know they get paid to be together, she loves this job. Miguel asks Siren to dance, so they hit the floor. They dance and kiss, and Fox tells Kay it looks like they arent the only couple in Harmony meant for one another. Fox eats up his burger, but Kay isnt that hungry. Siren and Miguel return to the table. Miguel says hes so hungry he could eat a cow. Siren is puzzled, Miguel says its just an expression. Siren looks around sees the lobster tank, she says shes so hungry that she could eat a dozen lobsters. Fox says she is funny. Siren excuses herself and walks over to the tank. Theses two guys watch Siren, and when they turn to pay the waitress for some more beers, Siren eats all the lobsters in the tank. They turn back to see her chomping the last bit of one and they both say They are done! They leave the beer and walk off. Siren goes back to the table, she says shes not hungry, shes full. Miguel says but she hasn't eaten anything. Kay says she smells seafood. Siren says maybe they are making sushi, but Kay says not here. Fox then asks Kay to dance with him. They dance, and Fox tells Kay how lucky he is to have her. As they dance Kay cant stop watching Miguel and Siren. Siren ends up talking to Miguel into leaving to someplace where they can be alone. Kay becomes upset that they left and tells Fox they should go find them. He doesn't see why, so she says she forgot to get them to sign the photo release form. Fox says okay and they head off. 

Kay and Fox return to the beach to look for Miguel and Siren, Fox thinks they are down here doing it. Kay continues to moan about how wrong Siren is for Miguel. Kay drops the papers she needs them to sign. Fox picks them up, Kay lied, she did get their signatures. Kay pretends like she just doesnt know where her head is today, she must have forgotten. Fox thinks they can go home, but Kay says they cant leave them here. Fox says they arent their baby sitters. Kay says they should at least tell them they are leaving. Fox says fine. Fox goes back to the lobster shack to see if they are there. Kay then hears Siren giggling. She soon finds Siren and Miguel making out on the beach. Shes shocked by how much chemistry they really do have.

In Rome, Beth is in her hotel room looking at the tabloids, Fancy is on the cover. She thought she had found a friend and she turns out to be a Crane, Sheridans niece in fact. She that makes her Fancys aunt too, and Fancy is even worse than Sheridan. She says Fancy went on and on about her ex breaking her heart, meanwhile shes trying to steal Luis. She says she will show Fancy, she will end up with Luis. Beth says if Luis likes blond then shell give him blond. She puts on a blond wig. Later Beth reads about Sheridan getting married. She calls her a fool for trying to replace Luis. She says now she has to worry about Fancy, Fancy wont take Luis from Fancy. She says she made a mistake not getting rid of Sheridan when she had the chance, she wont make the same mistake with Miss Fancy Pants. She then stabs the picture of Fancy in the tabloid. There is a knock at Beths door, she cleans up the tabloids and tells them to come in. A woman shows up and Beth asks her to watch Marty while she runs an errand. The woman calls her Ms Crane. Beth says actually her last name is Wallace, Alistair is her father. Emily, the girl, says she sees the resemblance. Beth asks what she means, Emily says nothing. Beth then heads out. We see Emily has seen the tabloids Beth stabbed and wrote "Dead" all over.

At the hotel, Luis calls Interpol for an update on Beth, but they have no news for him. Fancy tells Luis how sorry she is, and Noah says hell find them. Noah asks to talk with Luis alone, so they excuse themselves. Noah thanks Luis for offering to take care of Fancy. He says hes worried about her being alone, and she wont let him take care of her. Luis says obviously. Noah says he doesnt want to hurt Fancy, so Luis tells him to talk to him about about is going on. Noah says nothing, so Luis says whatever. He says he has to focus on this email. 

Chad soon shows up, he sees Theresa and Ethan are here. He asks why they are here? Ethan explains about the girls being in danger, as well as Theresas email. Chad thinks the person marked for death could be Whitney. Ethan says it could be any one of them. Chad asks why anyone would threaten them? The monk watches and says someone has come all the way to Harmony to die, and they should be asking who that person is. 

Theresa apologizes to Fancy for sending her here. She also says this thing with Noah doesnt seem like him at all. Fancy says maybe she never really knew him. Fancy thinks Noah is good at tricking people like that, thats why she keeps falling for him. Theresa says Fancy loves him, but Fancy doesnt know anymore. She asks why she should keep putting up with Noah? Theresa says because he says he has a good explanation? Fancy says well he wont give it to her, and she thinks its a big congame he's running on her. Theresa thinks it is sad that they are both here in the city of romance with the men they love, but for reasons they cant control they arent with the men. Later Fancy asks Theresa if she made up the email to be with Ethan. Theresa says no she didnt arrange for any of this, how could Fancy think she would do this. Fancy says well she knows about her past schemes to get Ethan, but Theresa swears this isnt a scheme. She says it was Crane Security who found out about the girls being in danger, she didnt plan any of this. She also says it was Gwen who told Ethan to come to Rome, and the email she has no explanation for. Fancy says okay she believes her. Theresa says she would do almost anything to be with Ethan though. Fancy understands, so Theresa tells Fancy to go fight for Noah. Fancy says no, she cant deal with the pain again.

Meanwhile Chad talks with Ethan about the email, he explains finding Whitney earlier and she was claiming one of them would have to die and it would be her. He thinks the email is meant for Whitney. Ethan says he doesnt know for sure. Chad gets the feeling that someone close by is pulling all their strings and making them dance to their tune. Chad talks to Ethan about how Whitney has disguised herself, she doesnt even look like herself. She also wont let him help her, shes convinced what they did was a sin. Chad says he has to find her and help her. Ethan offers to help if he can, but Chad says hes here for his own reasons. Ethan just doesnt think it is a coincidence that they are all here. Chad doesnt either. He says hed love to try and figure this all out but he has to go back and look for Whitney. Chad leaves and the monk follows him.

Luis sees Noah standing afar and looking at Fancy. He asks why he doesnt tell her what is going on. Noah says hes in trouble and has to get himself out of it. He says hes just afraid once this is over he may not get Fancy back. Luis understands, he doesnt know if hell get Sheridan back after all of this is over. However hes never lied to Sheridan. Noah tells Luis hes doing the best he can, and he wishes Luis good luck with Beth and Marty. Luis says nothing will stop him from finding them. Noah says nothing will stop him from getting Fancy back when this is over. Luis tells Noah that he wont get Fancy back until hes honest with her about Maya and what hes up to. Noah says he cant do that now, but he will make things right when he can. Luis says it could be too late by then, Fancy wont stay single for long. Fancy then walks up saying Theresa talked her into doing this, shes giving him one more chance to explain everything. She says if he truly loves her then hell tell her what is going on. Noah says hes sorry but . . . Fancy says no shes sorry that she ever bothered to ask. She doesnt know why she bothered to try and get an explanation out of a lying and cheating bastard like him. She storms off. Luis tells Noah hes running out of time, he made the mistake of not trusting Sheridan once and hes still paying for it. Luis is hoping to make things right by bringing Marty back. Noah says if he tells Fancy the truth then hell create more problems, he loves her and if keeping her safe means losing her then so be it.

Meanwhile, Fancy tells Theresa that she doesnt want to hear it, some men are just rotten bastards. She wishes she had fallen for someone more like Luis. 

Luis, Noah and Ethan talk with one another. Ethan says Chad went off to look for Whitney. Noah says he has to get going, he has calls to make. Luis asks if this has something to do with what hes not telling Fancy? Noah says no matter how it looks to any of them, Fancy means everything to him. Noah then leaves. 

Ethan and Theresa check into their room, Ethan says the minute another room becomes available hes moving out. Theresa keeps telling him that this is . . . Ethan says not to say Fate! She says its meant to be. He says just another way of saying fate. Theresa says he can argue to kingdom come but it doesnt change the fact that they are meant to be together. Ethan says its been a long day and hes not going to get into this. Theresa says fine, walk away, thats what he always does when he knows shes right. Theresa says she has to freshen up and heads into the bathroom. There is then an knock at the door. It is a bellman and he tells Ethan that a room has opened up, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgeralds room has become available as hes staying with the other Ms Crane. The bellboy asks Ethan if hed like the room. From the bathroom Theresa spies on them. Ethan tells the bellboy hes going to be staying here. Theresa runs out to kiss Ethan as she says I knew it! 

Luis walks Fancy to her room. She thanks him and says shes fine, but he says there is a killer out there. She says she can call him when she wakes up from her nap if it makes him feel better. He says she wont have to do that, they are going to be sleeping together! He says he doesnt mean it that way, hes moving into her suite to watch over her. She says she doesnt need a babysitter, but Luis wont take no for an answer, he says shes stuck with him. Fancy doesnt think anyone is out there waiting to kill her, shes no threat to anyone, who would want to kill her? Luis insists he stay with her and he moves into her room. Luis tells her that it will be fun.

Beth arrives at the hotel in her blonde wig. She gets Fancys suite number and says life is so easy when you are Alistairs daughter. Beth heads up to Fancys room and listens in at the door, she hears Luis is in the room and thinks Fancy is trying to sleep with him. Beth says Fancy Crane is dead!

Chad walks the streets looking for Whitney, not realizing the monk is following. He says to himself Whitney warned Chad what would happen if he kept pursing Whitney, and he says if Chad keeps interfering they will both wind up dead. 


May 23, 2006

Tabitha watches Siren and Miguel making out in her bowl. She says her bowl is getting hotter than the internet. Tabitha tells Endora that her spell on the beach is working far too well. Endora thinks this means Kay will stay with Fox. Tabitha doesnt think so, Kay is going to have to choose between Miguel and Fox sooner or later. Endora says Fox! Tabitha continues to watch, she says Kay wont get Miguel out of her head by making love to Fox because Miguel isnt in her head, hes in her heart.

On the beach, Kay watches Miguel and Siren making out. Fox shows up and says it looks like they found them. Fox says once again they really do have chemistry. Fox comments about how they never do THAT. Kay says she's not gymnast. Kay says something is just wrong with Siren, shes been hanging all over Miguel since the other night. Fox says shes just into him, and he thinks it is refreshing to find a girl who doesnt play games. Kay says Miguel is only into her because hes on the rebound, but Fox doesnt think so. He says because of her, they found the first supermodel couple, Crane will be famous. Kay apparently gets all hot watching Miguel and Siren, kisses Fox and tells him to take her home and make love to her. Meanwhile, Siren wants Miguel to make love to her, but Miguel says they cant, its a public beach, kids could be around. She says so, they could learn something. Miguel then realizes the beach they are on, and how years ago in high school he and some friends were told a story by a Greek exchange student. He says they were told to write a list of the qualities of the girl you want to meet, put it in a box or bottle and then throw it into the sea for Poseidon to get and grant. Miguel cant believe he forgot about it. Miguel is thirsty and goes to get a drink for them. Siren quickly decides to go find that list. When Miguel returns Siren has the box with his message in it. She claims she was digging in the sand and just found it. She wants him to open it, she wants to hear the description of his dream girl. Miguel says he was only fifteen when he wrote this. Miguel then reads the letter he wrote. He reads her description, the girl is strong, funny, smart, independent and beautiful. Miguel says this could be a description of Siren. They then kiss.

Back in Tabitha's yard, Kay and Fox cant stop making out with one another. They are about to do it on the swing outside of Tabithas, but Kay remembers sitting on it with Miguel and talking about childhood memories. Miguel showed her a scar from when they were on swings as a kid and how hed forever link swings with Kay. Kay eventually tells Fox not here, not on the swings. He says he thought she wanted to do it here? Kay says its the middle of the day, Endora or Tabitha could see them. Fox says shes right, lets go upstairs. 

Kay and Fox go upstairs and make love, shes dreams shes making love to Miguel and not Fox. Afterwards he tells her that was basically the best they ever had. Kay says shes thirsty and will be right back. She heads down to the kitchen. Tabitha asks how work was? Kay says dont start. Kay doesnt know what is going on but she thinks shes going to cry. Endora conjures up Kleenex for her. Kay doesnt know why shes crying, what is wrong with her. Tabitha says shell tell her, but Kay doesnt want a lecture from Dr. Phil from Hell. Kay imitates Tabitha saying Kay dear, you dont love Fox half as much as Miguel. Kay says shes a witch, she doesnt know anything about real true love. Kay says she has real love with Fox, and she would never turn her back on her relationship with him just because she loves . . . . Kay cries, and Tabitha says she knows it is difficult. She says Miguel was her first love and a first love stays with you forever, just look at Sam and Ivy and Eve and Julian.

Back outside, Miguel and Siren are now sitting on the swing. Kay looks out seeing Miguel kissing Siren on their swing. She says Miguel said that was their swing, how can he share it with her. Tabitha tells her that she needs to examine her own heart, does she really want to live the rest of her life without Miguel.

In Rome, Ethan and Theresa kiss, but Ethan says no stop this. Theresa says but he chose to stay with her. He says she has it wrong, he is staying here to protect her just like Luis is protecting Fancy. Theresa thinks he really wants to stay with her, and she says fate has brought them here to be together. Ethan tells her fate didnt bring them here, someone very evil has something sick planned for them, and if the email she got is for real then someone is in danger. Ethan says hes here to protect Jessica, and as soon as he can he is going home to be with Gwen and Jane. Theresa says he doesnt mean that. She knows they are in danger but good things can come out of bad situations. Ethan tells her to come back down to earth, they are not a couple, if she keeps this up they will be lucky to leave Rome as friends. Theresa says they need to fight later, she forgot she was supposed to read to Little Ethan. She sets up a webcam on the laptop to read to Little Ethan. She is reading Pinocchio to him, they both have a copy of the book and read it together. Ethan laughs as Theresa reads, and Little Ethan asks if that is Uncle Ethan in the background. Ethan says it is him. They all talk, Little Ethan asks him to come play ball with him again as he had fun with him last time. Ethan says he will. Ethan asks about batting practice, but Little Ethan thinks it is boring. Ethan says but it is how he gets better. As they talk, Theresa thinks Little Ethan should see him every day and call him daddy, not uncle. Ethan sees the look on her face and just thinks Theresa is missing her boy. Theresa says she is, and she asks Ethan to be there for Little Ethan, and he agrees to be there whenever she needs him. She says Julian is great, but he's Julian. They eventually say goodnight to Little Ethan. Theresa says Little Ethan is the best part of her, though shes ashamed of how she got pregnant with him. She says it hurt their relationship, but that night did give her her little boy. She says like she said earlier, good things come out of bad situations. Ethan says its not the same, but she says it is. She says her biggest joy cam from losing Ethan. Theresa says if she could go back in time, she wouldnt change a thing. She knows going to Bermuda cost her Ethan, but she cant imagine life without her son. (Side Note: I think Theresa's mystery email about Ethan has just been solved!)  Ethan says and hell help her with Little Ethan, being a Crane isnt the easiest thing. Theresa says she is looking at this as a good thing for Little Ethan, hell grow up and run the company for the benefit of all. Ethan says she has improved the company. She says shes running it the way she thinks he would. She wishes he would come back to work, but Ethan wont. Theresa thinks hell change his mind, she will find the proof that Gwen sold him out to the tabloids  and hell come back to her professionally and personally. They continue to argue, Ethan basically tells her that hell be happy to help her raise Little Ethan, but Gwen will always be part of his life, can she handle that? Tabitha doesnt want Gwen a part of Little Ethans life, she already stole one child. Ethan says if Theresa wants him in Little Ethans life then Gwen will be there too, its a package deal. Theresa says the package deal should be her and him and the kids, that is what God wants. He tells her not to bring God into this, she uses him to justify what she wants. Theresa knows God will make it so they are together.

Beth listens at Fancys door, shes spying on Luis and Fancy. Luis tells Fancy hes not leaving her side, he gave up his room for her. She says how romantic. Luis says he brought some playing cards. Fancy says maybe they can play strip poker. Delusional Beth thinks Fancys comments are serious, she thinks Fancy is a tramp like her Aunt Sher Sher and she says Fancy Crane is dead! Fancy tells Luis hes sweet but she doesnt need protection. Luis says this email is a serious threat. Fancy says dont lump her in with the others, shes an international party girl, shes not here in Rome for any other reason but to forget about Noah. Luis thinks she should give Noah  another chance, he may be able to explain. Fancy says no, she wants to forget about Noah. Luis says read a book then. She says she wants to go shopping. Luis says bad idea, someone could be on the other side of the door waiting to hurt her. Fancy doesnt think so, and shes going shopping. He says the hell she is! Meanwhile, Beth cant believe Luis has just found another Crane woman to like after being dumped by Sheridan. She says she should have killed Sheridan the day she came back to Harmony. She says she wont make the same mistake with Fancy. The housekeeper shows up at this point and Beth gets an idea. Back inside the room, Beth and Fancy argue. Luis wont let Fancy leave. Meanwhile, Beth asks the maid to help her get into her room. She opens the door Beth claims is hers, and Beth shoves her inside and attacks her. When we next see Beth shes disguised herself as the maid, who she tied up in the room. Beth sneaks into the room acting like the maid. As Beth takes care of the bed, Luis thanks Fancy for putting up with him. He says hes going to go take a shower now. Fancy begins watching Luis as he takes his clothes off, as does Beth. They are mesmerized by naked Luis, who left the door to the bathroom wide open. Beth says to herself that Fancy needs to keep her eyes and hands off her man, just for this she deserves to die! Beth says she wont let Fancy take Luis from her. She grabs a letter opener and stands behind Fancy about to strike.


May 24, 2006

At the B&B, Rebecca shows up and blasts Gwen for letting Ethan go to Rome with Theresa. Gwen explains that she trusts her husband, and she had a very good reason for letting him go. She tells her about the photo Theresa received showing Jessica, Simone and Paloma in danger. Gwen says if anything happened to Jessica then she wouldn't have been able to live with herself. She also tells her that she trusts Ethan.

In Rome, Ethan and Theresa are having their regular fight about Gwen selling Ethan out to the tabloids. Ethan won't believe it and trusts Gwen. Theresa vows she will prove Gwen sold him out, she's going to find JT Cornell. She calls her assistant in the States, she wants her to find a photo of JT Cornell. The assistant has and says she'll fax it to Theresa. Theresa can't deal with arguing with Ethan anymore, so she leaves the room.

Ethan gets a call from Gwen, who is checking on him. He explains how the girls are safe, so Gwen asks if he can come home? He says not yet. He explains how many people from Harmony are here, and how they've been lured here by someone for some purpose. Gwen says if she didn't know Alistair was in a coma then she'd be afraid. Ethan says he needs to stay a little longer. She asks why Theresa can't come home then. He tells her that Theresa is still out to prove that Gwen and her mother sent the email to the tabloid. Gwen puts Ethan on speakerphone so Rebecca can listen in, he doesn't know she's there. She asks if he believes her, but he says no. He says as it turns out the editor of the tabloid JT Cornell is here and she thinks he can give her what she needs. Rebecca and Gwen freak, but Ethan thinks it's fine as once Theresa talks to him and realizes she's wrong, perhaps she'll give this quest of hers up for good.

In Fancy's Room, Beth is about to kill Fancy when Luis comes out of the bathroom in a towel. Fancy decides to take a bath and asks the maid to tell her friend this. She goes into the bathroom, only to sneak out. Beth realizes this but passes on to Luis that his friend is in the bath. Beth leaves and Theresa arrives. Theresa has come to talk to Luis. She tells him about JT, and he thinks Theresa needs to give up on Ethan as he's married. She points out so is Sheridan. Luis thinks their situations are different, but Theresa doesn't think show. She says when he's ready to take the advice he's dishing out, then maybe she'll listen. Luis begins to wonder where Fancy is. He knocks on the door and Theresa goes in when she doesn't answer, there is not Fancy. She snuck out long ago. Luis becomes upset. 

Theresa heads  to the bar in the hotel where she happens to meet JT Cornell, who introduces himself as Joe. He buys Theresa a drink.

At the club, Fancy is having a drink when Beth shows up and recognizes Fancy from the coffee shop. Fancy remembers her. They sit, drink and talk about their man troubles. As Fancy talks, Beth plots to kill her as she should have killed Sheridan. Beth suggests they go elsewhere. Fancy thinks the service at the club is terrible, so she tells Beth to lead the way. As they leave, Luis shows up wondering where Fancy is.


May 25, 2006

At the B&B, Gwen and Rebecca are still discussing the fact that JT is in Rome. Rebecca is positive that Theresa won't find JT, it's a huge city. As they discuss JT, Rebecca lets it slip that she knows him. Gwen asks how, Rebecca says they have a past together. Gwen thinks she knows what that means. Rebecca says it's not like that at all. She explains they worked together, once upon a time she decided she was going to travel and photograph people much like Jackie O, but instead of dealing with all those icky poor people she'd photograph high society and show the rest of the world how they really lived. She met JT at a function in New York, he had just graduated school and was on his first assignment. He was having trouble fitting in with the blue bloods he was to be writing about. Rebecca decided to give him some lessons, which of course meant they ended up in bed. Gwen tells her mother that she doesn't want to hear anymore, does she still have his number? Rebecca does, he happened to call her before he ran off to Rome. Gwen tells her mom to call him. Rebecca does, she gets his machine. She leaves a message saying she knows about his trouble with the IRS and heads up, they are sending Latino girls wearing too much eyelash all over the world to trap and track down people who owe them money, so beware any he may run into while in Rome! She also tells him to call her when he gets back to the states. Gwen can't believe this, she says she's not going to be satisfied until JT calls them and is out of Rome. 

In Rome, JT and Theresa are having a drink. JT, going by Joe, gets a call and has to leave the table. TemporaryEthan shows up at this point. He tells Theresa that he was just talking to Gwen when Jane did the cutest thing, she took the phone from Gwen. Ethan goes on with some Gwen and Jane stories, which annoy Theresa. Theresa says isn't that freakin fantastic, Gwen is just the mother of the year isn't she? JT returns and finds Ethan in his seat. He thinks he's already lost it and some other man has moved in on Theresa. Theresa tells him no, this is just an old friend but she's into making new friends now. JT asks her to dance and she says she'd love to. They hit the dance floor and Ethan watches. 

Luis shows up at the club just as Fancy leaves with BEth. He happens to see Theresa there, JT's gone to get her another drink. Luis asks what she's doing out of her room? She says she's taking his advice, she's trying to forget about Ethan and meet new people. He tells her not now, and to get back into her room, one of them could be killed. She tells Luis to stop lecturing, her, first he tells her to do one thing and then another. Theresa insists she'll be fine. She asks what he's doing, he says he's looking for Fancy. Luis eventually leaves, and Theresa returns to dancing with JT. He kisses her, which grosses out Ethan. Ethan then gets a call on his phone from Crane Security, they want to know if Theresa received the faxed photo of JT Cornell. Ethan says no, but email it to his phone and he'll show Theresa. They email him the photo, he's stunned to see that it is the man Theresa is with. He goes to show it to her, only to find that she is gone! JT and Theresa have left the club together.

At the ruins, Fancy and Beth are walking around with a bottle of Champagne. Beth stole it from the club, and Fancy says she's so like her friend Esme. Fancy says these ruins are creepy, and it's a great setting for a horror film. Beth says because of the way they are constructed, she could scream her head off and nobody would hear her. Fancy laughs and says stop it, she's scaring her. Beth says maybe the ghost of  Julius Creaser is here, this could be where he was stabbed. Fancy hopes not. Beth has a knife behind her back, and she points out arches to Fancy where she says the Romans used to kill women who were promiscuous and home wreckers. Fancy says that is awful. Beth says the Romans took family very seriously. Beth drops the bottle of champagne, and Fancy says too bad that was good stuff. Beth picks up a piece of the broken bottle, she's about to stab Fancy in the back when Luis shows up. Beth quickly hides, and Luis asks why Fancy is here alone. Fancy says she's not, she's with her friend. Fancy then sees Beth is gone and wonders where she went. She says she came here with the woman she met at the cafe that one day. Luis wonders why she ditched Fancy. Fancy says maybe she had to go to the bathroom. Luis thinks they should leave, this place is creepy and he's had his share of creeps with the catacombs. Fancy says they just can't leave her friend, she's really nice. They should look for her. Beth is hiding and is furious, she thinks Fancy is basically throwing herself at Luis.

At the hotel, Noah shows up at the girls room to check on them. They are having their hair done, and they suggest Noah get a haircut too. Noah says no thanks. They are also drinking wine and having a good old time. Paloma decides it's time to shop and she makes a call. A woman brings them outfits. They have a jacket for Noah, but he says he can't afford this and he wonders how they can afford any of this. Paloma says she saved money babysitting, and Simone says she never spent her high school graduation money. They put on a fashion show for Noah, he ends up thinking about Fancy. He says he has to go do something, but for them not to leave the hotel till he gets back. They agree, but soon after he's gone, they take off. They don't realize the monk is following them.

In Lena's room,  Lena isn't thrilled when Spike turns up. She says he shouldn't be here, Noah is looking for him though he doesn't know it. Spike asks what Noah wants with him? She asks Spike if she remembers that guy he killed in an attic long ago at the state college. Spike does, we see a flashback of him killing the man. Lena says well she told Noah this was all about him finding the person who killed that man and took a package from him. Spike says what package? Lena says it's a ruse, a lie to break up Noah and Fancy. She says if he figures that out then it will all blow up in their face! Suddenly Noah bangs on the door, he wants answers from Lena. Spike pulls out a gun and says he can deal with Noah. Noah bursts in, Spike is now gone. Noah says he needs answers about everything from Lena. Lena says she needs answers too, has he remembered anything? Noah says he hasn't. He then asks her why she's acting so nervous, is she hiding something. Lena looks into the corner and sees some boots sticking out from behind a curtain. Noah sees them and pulls the curtain back, it's just a pair of boots. She says she was looking for those. Noah thinks something is going on, he wants to know what she's hiding from him. 



May 26 , 2006

At the B&B, Gwen is freaking out and pacing around. Rebecca makes a drink and thinks Gwen should have one as well. Gwen doesn't need a drink, she needs her mom to call JT back. Rebecca says she left JT a message and she's sure he'll call her back when he gets the chance. Gwen says if her mom won't call him then she will. She dumps her mom's purse out to find his number. She's grossed out by some hand-cuffs she finds. Rebecca says they are just adult toys. Gwen also finds an envelope of photos. Rebecca says these are from her time as a photographer, and she finds one of her in bed with JT which could prove useful too them.

In Rome, Ethan is wandering around trying to find JT and Theresa. He can't believe Theresa is with this guy and doesn't know it. Meanwhile at JT's, Theresa tells JT he has a message on his machine. He says he'll get it later. He goes to make them drinks and ends up putting a drug in Theresa's to get her in the mood. She only sips her drink while JT chugs his. Theresa thinks she should go, but he tells her that she can't go yet. As they talk, it comes out that JT is in the news paper business and edited a big paper in the States. Theresa is intrigued. When JT excuses himself, Theresa ends up pouring her drink into JT's glass. He returns and she pretends she drank all of hers. He's so drunk he doesn't catch on. Theresa bumps into one of his tables and knocks over a photo of JT in bed with Rebecca, but he tells her to just leave it. Theresa asks about his paper days, tell her some stories. He talks about how he broke a huge story once, he called it paternitygate. He says he exposed a member of a very rich family as the son of a local yokel. Theresa begins to realize that this may be who she's looking for. When JT goes to get a drink refill, Rebecca calls and begins leaving a message for JT. Theresa thinks fate has smiled upon her. She picks up the phone and says hello to Rebecca in Spanish. Back in Harmony, Rebecca says "Theresa?" Gwen panics, she tells her mom not to tell her Theresa is at JT's apartment!

Luis and Fancy are back in the dance club. Luis goes to get them a drink and Fancy ends up dancing with some stranger. Luis can't believe her. Meanwhile, Beth arrives and thinks Fancy is just using the other guy to make Luis jealous. She says Fancy is far worse than Sheridan. The man dancing with Fancy gets a little too close for her comfort. She says she likes to take things slow, and he wonders if she's a tease. Luis sees the guy reach into his pants. He springs into action and decks the guy. Fancy asks Luis what he's doing? Luis says he was reaching for something in his pocket. The guy says yeah his phone! A club bouncer tells Luis to get out now. Luis says gladly and drags Fancy with him. Beth thinks Luis is making a fool of himself over Fancy.

Back in Harmony, Sheridan sits at her desk and looks at a photo of Luis, which she takes out of a drawer. She knows she shouldn't be missing Luis, but she does. She just hopes he finds Marty and brings him home.

Luis and Fancy return to their hotel in Rome. Fancy promises Luis she won't run away anymore, in fact she's going to bed. Luis goes into the bathroom to wash up. He also calls Sheridan. He informs her that he saw Beth and Marty, Marty looks well and healthy. He swears he will find them and bring Marty home to her. Sheridan says that would be wonderful. Luis says when that happens he knows they will be together as they were meant to be. He is sure things will work out. Meanwhile, Beth sneaks into the room. Fancy is asleep and Beth grabs a pillow and tells her to have a nice trip to hell. She then begins smothering Fancy.

Noah is searching Lena's apartment, he's sure someone is here. Spike is in the closet, and ends up hiding up near the ceiling by bracing himself against the walls when Noah opens the door. Noah doesn't find him. Lena tells Noah that he's wasting time, he needs to be concentrating on remembering who the shooter was and finding him. Noah suddenly remembers something, the man who shot her partner had a tattoo on his wrist, the same one Jessica has. Lena says then go question Jessica about this tattoo, he's wasting time here. She sends him away. Spike comes out, and Lena tells him to leave as she doesn't like him. Spike tells Lena that he's here for one reason, to kill Noah for the monk. He says he has no plans to disappoint the monk, and he walks off. 

Noah runs into Ethan on the streets, the girls have gone missing from the hotel.

The girls sneak out of the hotel and are followed by the monk. They make a wish in the fountain and then take a carriage ride to see the sites of Rome. They stop in the creepy ruins and get out. They don't know Spike is there. As Paloma and Simone talk, Spike grabs Jessica and holds her at knife point. He hides with her behind the carriage. Paloma and Simone soon realize Jessica is missing.

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