May 29, 2005

Miguel heads to the warehouse to do some work on the boat. Of course his mind is on Siren. He wishes he could be with her right now and not working. Someone calls out to Miguel, he thinks its Siren come to see him. Its Kay, and he doesnt realize this. He pulls her into a kiss! He says hes sorry, he thought she was Siren, what is she doing here. Kay wanted to talk about Siren, she doesnt think shes right for him. Miguel says now isnt the time to talk, he has to get ready to go out to work. Kay asks if they can talk while hes working, but he says theyll talk later. Kay asks why hes doing this, he can do more modeling jobs if he needs money. Miguel says modeling is like acting, he cant depend on it. Miguel says this is steady work. Miguel says if he can get more modeling gigs hell take them and put the money in Marias college fund. Kay says hes such a good dad. Kay puts on a fishermans jacket, she says shes helping him load the lobster traps. He says if she really wants to. He says this reminds him of the summer they worked on the fishing boat. Kay says she disguised herself as a boy to fool the fisherman who didnt like the idea of a girl working with them. Miguel says those were good times. He remembers how hard she worked, and how he really respected her. Kay says she wanted to show them all she could do the job. Miguel thought she wanted that car she was saving for so bad. He knew she would grow up to be a success, and now she is. Kay tells Miguel she has a confession to make, she didnt take the job for a car, she could have worked at burger joint for the car. She says she took the job to be with him everyday. Kay says though he basically ignored her back then. He says they were buddies. She says exactly, they were buddies but he liked the prom queen and cheerleaders when it came to girls. Miguel says hes sorry he didnt pay that much attention to her. Kay says she used to cry herself to sleep over him. Kay says she thought that summer they worked together they were getting closer, but then he fell in love with Charity. Miguel says he was blinded by her. Kay says she felt like she had missed the boat. Miguel says when he came back to Harmony he realized he should have given up on Charity long ago. He says she was with Fox, so he missed the boat too. Kay thinks to herself, shes always wanted Miguel and now she has him, but she also loves Fox. Miguel continues telling Kay he was a fool not to see she was in front of his face all along. He says he knows she couldnt wait for him forever, and he wants her to be happy. Miguel says he told her that they couldnt be together so he moved on with Siren. Kay says shes worse than Charity, something is very strange with Siren. She says Siren just suddenly fell in love with him, and she throws herself all over him. Kay says shes a tramp. Miguel says stop it, she told him there was no chance for them and he should find someone else. She says she lied, she didnt mean it.

In Rome, Theresa answers the phone at JTs when Rebecca calls. She says not only has she found the editor, but Rebecca is going to give her the proof. Theresa says Ola Rebecca, Como Estes? Rebecca is stunned, and Gwen panics. Theresa tells Rebecca to tell her daughter that she has them right where she wants them, shes here with JT and hes going to tell Ethan everything. Rebecca says she has no proof, but Theresa says she has the calls on JTs machine. Rebecca says JT is just an old friend. Back at the B&B, Gwen gets a call from Ethan. She asks how he is, he sounds upset. Ethan says Theresa is missing, has she called her. Gwen asks why shed call her? Ethan says to aggravate her, she found the editor shes been looking for. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa hasnt called her. Ethan says he knew it was a long shot. Meanwhile, Theresa asks Rebecca whats wrong, why is she suddenly at a loss for words? Rebecca says shes speechless because Theresa is even more insane than she thought. Theresa tells her she wont slide out of this one. JT walks in and asks if that is Becky? Theresa says yes, does he want to say hi? JT says hey Becky, he still owes her for the Ethan Crane story. Theresa tells Rebecca that she has all the proof she needs now. Meanwhile, Ethan asks Gwen if shes okay. Gwen says shes fine and she had nothing to do with the email to the tabloids, he believes her doesnt he. He says yes, but she sounds upset. Gwen says she just misses him and Jane misses him too. Ethan says he misses her too. They tell one another they love them, and they hang up. Gwen they grabs the phone from Rebecca and asks Theresa what she wants. Theresa wants to know what shes going to do when Ethan takes Jane and leaves her all alone. Theresa wants to know how shell feel when she knows Ethan is making love to her. Gwen says she has been making these same threats for years, and she thinks Theresa is lying and this is a stunt. Theresa says shes not, shes with Joe and hes about to blow her out of the water. Theresa tells Joe to say hi to Gwen, and he does. Gwen says she has no idea who that is, she has no proof. Theresa says its her moms ex Joe, and hes going to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says Ethan will finally know shes the one who ruined his life. She says she feels bad for Ethan, hell soon know that shes nothing but a lying and manipulative bitch. They continue arguing, Gwen asks Theresa what makes her think JT will tell Ethan anything. Theresa says he will, she and Joe are old drinking buddies. Theresa then finds the photo Joe has of her and Rebecca in bed together. Theresa says she has to get out of here and find Ethan. Theresa then hangs up on Gwen.

Back in Harmony, Gwen asks her mother how she could be so stupid to take photos of her and JT in bed together. Gwen says she was married to daddy at the time too. Rebecca says she endured a lot staying in that marriage for Gwens sake, her father could bore a department store mannequin. Gwen says they have a bigger problem, she admitted to everything and it all recorded on the answering machine. Rebecca says theyll have to call Joe back and tell him to destroy the tape. Gwen says Theresa and Ethan could be there. Rebecca says its a chance they have to take. Rebecca calls Joe, who is still drunk on the floor. 

Theresa tries to get Joe to go with her to see Ethan, but hes so out of it that he falls over and passes out. Theresa yells at him that they have to go see Ethan and tell him about the tabloid. Joe of course has fallen on top of the photo of Rebecca and him, and she cant move him and get the photo back. Theresa says if she cant bring the proof to Ethan then she can bring Ethan to the proof. Theresa heads off to find Ethan while Joe snores. JT eventually makes his way to the phone to answer it when it starts to ring, it's Rebecca. Rebecca asks if Theresa is there, he says he doesnt see her and hes on the floor. She says get up and look around. Rebecca asks if Ethan is there. He says no, hes by himself. JT says he thinks Theresa went to go bring Ethan here, she said something about that. Rebecca tells JT to get out of there right now, if Ethan sees him then theyll all be exposed and Ethan will probably kill him. 

Meanwhile, Ethan continues walking the streets of Rome asking people if theyve seen Theresa or Joe. Theresa eventually finds Ethan, and she tells Ethan that Rebecca and Joe were lovers, and she has proof that they set him up and sent the email. Ethan asks if JT told her this. Theresa keeps rambling that she has proof and she drags him off. Ethan says hell go with her, but dont get her hopes up. Theresa says she found the proof, of course her hopes are up. As they arrive at the apartment, JT is inside on the phone. He tells Becs that they are already here, its too late for him to leave. Theresa is about to open the door to Joe's.

Luis is on the phone with Sheridan and telling her what is going on. Sheridan thanks him for looking after Fancy, and she gets the feeling Luis is keeping something from her. Luis says he didnt want to worry her, but Theresa got a email saying someone from Harmony was marked for death. Luis says someone is supposed to die here. Sheridan asks who sent it, but Luis says they dont know. Sheridan worries Luis could be the target, but Luis doesnt know who sent the email. Sheridan thinks it could be her father, it could be a plan he set in motion long ago. Luis assures her that hell be okay and hell get Marty. Sheridan and Luis continue to discuss the email and why everyone is in Rome. Later Luis once again talks about how he will bring Marty home and they will be a family. Sheridan says shes married to Chris, but Luis says not for long. Sheridan doesnt want to talk about it now, she just wants him to look after Fancy. They soon say goodbye, and Luis then realizes hes trapped, Beth had put a chair by the door to lock him in. Luis asks Fancy what is going on? He finally hears a commotion in the other room. 

Meanwhile, Beth is smothering Fancy with a pillow. Eventually Fancy goes limp, and Beth thinks shes killed her. Beth tells Fancy to have a nice trip to hell! Of course Fancy was faking it. She grabs Beth by the throat and they begin to rumble! As they fight, Luis yells from the bathroom Fancy what is going on! Luis kicks the door down and rushes out to Fancy. Beth is now gone. Fancy says that woman was here and tried to kill her, it was the woman she met at the coffee shop. Fancy describes her, and Luis thinks it was Beth. Fancy says she did say his name. Luis says shes not getting away this time. He sees she didnt go out the door, so he wonders where she is. Beth is hiding in a crawl space above the room. Luis learns she hasnt been seen leaving the hotel, shes still somewhere close by. They see the chandelier wobbling, and they realize there is a crawl space. Luis takes a fire place poker and begins stabbing at the ceiling. Then he takes his gun out and starts shooting! Beth falls down, it appears shes been killed! Unfortunately shes not dead, but Luis catches her and grabs her by the legs and pulls her through the ceiling. Luis tells Beth that hes got her and he wants to know where his son is.

Back in Harmony, Sheridan looks at a photo of Marty and remembers when she, Luis and Marty spent time together at the cottage. She hopes Luis finds Beth and brings Marty back to her.


May 23, 2006

Fox is in bed dreaming about being with Kay, but Kay isnt there. He wakes up and sees shes gone. He wonders where shes gone. He thinks she must be taking Maria on an early morning walk, so hell jump in the shower. 

Siren walks into the kitchen and sees Tabitha watching Kay and Miguel in her bowl. Siren looks into the bowl and is furious. Shes chomping on a raw fish as she watches. Tabitha tells Siren that Kay and Miguel are talking about their feelings, which leaves Siren out in the cold Atlantic ocean. Siren says but Miguel is hers. Tabitha says is he or does Kay still have a hold on Miguels heart. Siren and Tabitha spy on them and Siren says this wont do. Siren says two can play this game, if Kay makes a play for Miguel then shell do the same with Fox. Siren leaves, and Tabitha keeps watching Kay and Miguel. She wishes Kay would make up her mind and pick who she wants to be with. Tabithas bowl then shows her what Sirens up to.

Fox is in the shower when Siren steps in and grabs him from behind. He thinks it is Kay and says he just dreamt they were making love, wanna make his dream come true. Siren says shed love to make love to him. Miguel is shocked to see Siren in the shower with him. He freaks out and says he cant have sex with her. Siren says relax, she was kidding. She then asks Fox to wash her back. He says okay, and she really is a free spirit. She says she gets it from her parents. He asks if they are hippies. She says no, guppies. He says her parents are gay urban professionals? She says its a port smith term for members of the old guard. Fox continues washing Siren and eventually says shes all good and hes done with the shower so its all hers. Siren says one more thing, does he know why Kay followed Miguel to the fishing boat this morning? Fox is stunned to learn this is where Kay is. Siren says it seems like when Kay and Miguel arent with them, they are with each other. Does he think Kay still loves Miguel? Fox says no, Kay loves him, she doesnt love Miguel anymore. Siren says shes glad, but she still wonders why Kay followed Miguel to work. Fox says there is a simple explanation. Siren thinks they should go to the wharf and find out what it is. He says okay, hell get dressed and meet her downstairs. They get out of the shower, and Siren asks Fox to dry her back and he does!

At the docks, Miguel asks Kay if shes saying shes in love with him and not Fox. She says they go back a long way, they have history. She says she meant it when she said he should move on, just not with Siren. Kay says Siren is a freak. Miguel says shes different and out there, but shes fun, upbeat and loving. Kay says she wanted to have his baby the day she met him. Kay says shes a whacked out bird like on one of those Larry Winger talk shows, and hell end up on one of those talk shows about who her babys daddy is. Kay says she isnt going to stop badgering him until Siren is out of his life. Kay says she doesnt want Siren near her daughter, she is just weird. One of the bosses shows up and gives Miguel his assignment. Miguel tells Kay that he has work to do. The fisherman and some others end up recognizing Kay form years ago when she pretended to be a boy. Kay says oh yeah, she hid her hair under a cap and all and dressed like a boy. They says she sure changed a lot, and she must have had a great surgeon, shes one hot transsexual. She says they dont understand, but he says they dont care and if she wants to work with Miguel then its okay. She says they dont understand. Kay decides to stay and work with Miguel, and the guys continue to think Kay got a nip and tuck. Kay works with Miguel and continues to tell him how getting involved with Siren is trouble. He says let him pick his own girlfriends. She mumbles he picked Charity and that turned out to be a mess. Kay says when it comes to Maria, she doesnt want Siren around her. Miguel says Siren is great with Maria and Endora. Kay just doesnt want him to waste his time on Siren like he did with Charity. Miguel says he loved Charity, and he suggests they not talk about his love life anymore. Kay says she just wants to stop him from making a mistake. Miguel says they all make mistakes, learn from them and move on. Kay asks if he saw someone he cared about to make a mistake, wouldnt you tell them. He says yes he guesses so. Kay says if he thought she was making a mistake marrying Fox, if he thought there was someone better for her, would he tell her? Miguel says Fox is a great guy, but Kay says that isnt what she asked. He says Fox treats her right and is good for Maria. Kay wishes she could say the same about Siren. The captain then tells them that once they load the lobster traps they are free to go for the day. Miguel tells Kay that they should work and agree to disagree about Siren, hes not dumping her to please Kay.  Later, Siren and Fox make their way to the docks. They arrive and find Kay with Miguel. Kay asks what hes doing here? Fox asks what shes doing here with Miguel?

In Rome, JT runs to hide as Ethan and Theresa arrive at his apartment. Rebecca tells JT to run and hide and take the answering machine with him. He thinks it is too late. Ethan and Theresa make their way into the apartment, and JT is now hiding outside the window. He is telling Rebecca where he is, and hes afraid of heights. She says dont look down. JT says there are pigeons coming his way and hes allergic to feathers. Rebecca says thats why he sneezed when she flogged him with her boa. Gwen tells JT to just hang tight. He says Theresa isnt leaving and hes afraid of heights. Rebecca reminds him when he scaled her twin peaks. Theresa thinks JT is hiding here, but Ethan says he could have left. Theresa looks out on the terrace as a pigeon lands on JTs head. Hes trying his best not to sneeze and give himself away. JT tells Rebecca there is a pigeon on his head. She says shoe it away, but he says he might lose his balance and fall. He also says he could sneeze at any moment. Ethan and Theresa go back inside, and JT sneezes. Ethan thinks this was all a waste of time, but Theresa says she found JT once and shell find him again. She explains to Theresa what happened, but Ethan says there is no proof that Gwen and Rebecca are connected to JT. Theresa says she found a photo of him and Rebecca in bed, and obviously he took it when he left. Theresa wants Ethan to believe her, to believe Rebecca and Gwen ruined his life and set her up. He says without proof then he has to take Gwen's word. She says she spoke to them and they admitted everything. She then things the tape in the answering machine. She thinks once she plays the tape then it will prove everything. Out on the ledge, JT tells Rebecca and Gwen that Theresa is about to play the machine, which he didnt have time to take with him. She tries to play the tape, but its not working. She opens it up and the tape is missing. JT, out on the ledge, remembers he took the tape after all. Theresa says JT must have taken the tape. Ethan says that isnt the only thing taken tonight. He finds the drugs JT put in her drink, he thinks she took drugs and hallucinated everything. Theresa says she had a few drinks but didnt take drugs, she only had a sip and dumped her drink into his. She says that's why he was out of it and passed out. Ethan tells Theresa that none of this happened, its all made up because she partied to hard. Theresa says she didnt imagine any of this. Theresa says call Gwen, if he calls hell hear the fear in Gwens voice. Ethan says he talked to her earlier, and yes she sounded tense. Theresa says call her and she will freak out. Ethan says fine he will call Gwen. JT tells Rebecca and Gwen what is going on. Gwen says very soon Ethan will never believe Theresa again. Ethan calls Gwen, and she puts on an act for him. Meanwhile Rebecca tells JT to pull a Lucy Ricardo and slip into the next apartment and flee Rome, shell make it worth his while. He tells her that shes the best. Meanwhile Theresa takes the phone from Ethan and tells Gwen she knows shes lying and will prove it to Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa that he doesnt believe her, but she swears shes telling him the truth. Ethan tells Theresa to let it go, he believes his wife. Ethan says Gwen did nothing to ruin his life, it has been her all along. Ethan then walks off. Back in Harmony, Gwen and Rebecca have a toast to crushing Theresa once and for all. Rebecca says once JT is out of Rome they are home free.

JT makes his way back down to the streets of Rome. He says goodbye Rome, hello Spain. Two cops soon show up and find JT drinking in public. They arrest him for public drunkenness. He says he has to catch a flight to Spain, but they say hes going to jail. 

At the hotel, Luis demands Beth tell him where his son is. Fancy is furious and wants to kill Beth, but Luis says first things first. He wants to know where Marty is. Beth says dream on, she wont let her son be raised by that blonde bitch. Luis demands Beth tell him where Marty is. Beth says not on his life, Sheridan wont raise her son. Luis says hes not her son. Beth says he wont take him, daddy made that clear. Luis tells Beth that she is a sick and delusional freak. Beth tells him not to talk to her that way, he loves her, they were engaged to be married. She says he could have shot her but didnt, it is because he loves her. Fancy says she is a psycho. Beth tells her to shut up. She tells Luis to forget about Fancy, Sheridan and all the other blonds and be a family to be with her. Fancy cant believe Beth is her aunt. Beth tells Fancy she missed the opportunity with Sheridan, but she will chop Fancy into bits if she thinks she can steal Luis away from her. Beth says Luis is hers! Luis tells Beth to stop this, but she says shes just trying to protect him from that selfish blonde. She says let her kill Fancy before she ruins him like Sheridan did. Luis tells her to forget Fancy and Sheridan, tell him where Marty is. Beth says Luis will never find Marty. She says if he wants to see Marty then tell him how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Luis says she is sick. Fancy says duh! Beth tells Fancy to shut up. Beth says she made him happy once and can make him happy again. Fancy says Aunt Sheridan said she was a piece of work, but she had no idea. Fancy suddenly faints, hits her head on a marble table and passes out with a major head trauma. There is blood everywhere. Beth tells Luis that she can take care of Fancy for good, but he says no. He says he should have shot her at the cabin when he had the chance. When Luis checks on Fancy, Beth escapes. Luis quickly calls for a doctor. He tells Fancy shell be okay, he wont lose someone else to Beth. A doctor soon shows up, and Fancy asks Luis what happened. HE says Beth tried to kill her and she fainted. He tells the doctor what happened. Luis puts Fancy on the bed so the doctor can examine her more thoroughly. He says the blood is just from a a cut, and its stopped bleeding already. He says his wife will be fine. Luis says they are just friends. The doctor thought they were a couple, and says maybe they should be. The doctor then heads out. Fancy tells Luis that shes sorry she fainted, its why Beth got away. Luis says hell catch her again and next time she wont get away. Fancy worries she ruined everything, but Luis says Beth will be back because she thinks they are lovers. They get a chuckle at that, but Fancy cant stop thinking about Luis kissing her. 

Beth returns to her hotel room and says Fancy will die, she will kill her. She stabs a photo of Fancy. 


May 31, 2006

Tabitha continues to watch the going-ons with Kay in her bowl. Tabitha thinks Miguels love for Kay may be winning out over Sirens mesmerizing ways. Endora doesnt like hearing this. Tabitha explains to Endora how love equals the square root of need, times desire, plus romance, divided by hormones and lust. Tabitha says if they could just get Miguel away from Siren. She says the dark forces want Miguel with Kay together and Charity kept out of the picture. She tells Endora that she has to get over this desire to have Fox with Kay, and conjuring Siren was a mistake as eventually shell self destruct. Tabitha tells Endora that Siren cant be controlled and that is a concern. Tabitha tells her to finish her breakfast and leave their houseguests alone from now on. Tabitha tells her to stop thinking like a human and think like a witch. Endora makes a photo of Kay and Fox float in the air and hearts spin around it. Tabitha keeps watching her bowl, she sees Siren and Kay are fighting and thinks Kay could be in big trouble. She tells Endora that she went too far this time, Siren could turn into a real monster if shes pushed. Tabitha says all mermaids have a real mean streak, and they have to hope Siren doesnt hit Kay with a wave of violence.

At the docks, Fox wants to know what Kay is doing here with Miguel, why isnt she home with Maria. Kay says Tabitha is there with her. Siren asks what shes doing here with Miguel, answer the question. Kay says shed answer if theyd stop interrupting. Miguel tells them to relax, he can explain everything. Fox asks why they are here so early? Miguel says Kay had an idea for a new campaign and came down to scout the boats and see about  renting one for the next shoot. Kay says yes, its like a progressive campaign, first they started on the beach, next here at the boat house and finally on the high seas. Siren is suspicious, so Kay says she does believe Miguel doesnt she. Siren says she cant wait to hear all the details of the shoot. Kay hasnt figured them all out yet, but she thinks linking the perfume to the sea is the way to go. Fox believes her and loves the idea and he loves Kay. Fox asks why she didnt mention the idea before. She says she wanted to make sure it was doable. Fox thinks it is, and he tells Siren he told her there was nothing to worry about. Kay asks what Siren was worried about? Fox says nothing and just chill out. Fox goes to get some info for the photo shoot. Siren and Kay are left alone, Siren thinks Kay doesnt like Miguel. Kay says shes protective of Miguel as they do have a history. Siren says she understands, but Miguel is hers. She says if Kay keeps causing trouble then shell cause trouble for Kay, so stay away from Miguel. Kay tells Siren to get over herself, she isnt staying away from Miguel and she cant because they have a daughter. Siren says she used that baby to try and snag Miguel, but he doesnt want her. Kay says Miguel has been in her life for a long time and will continue to be long after Siren is gone. Siren says she means it, stay out of her way and shell send her packing to Atlantis. Kay says she has a mean streak, what will she do if she doesnt stay away from Miguel. Siren says shell lose both Miguel and Fox. Kay doubts that, but Siren says shell make sure of it. Meanwhile, Fox and Miguel talk about the photo shoot idea of Kay, and how Kay and Siren dont like each other or get along. Fox tells Miguel how Siren is a catch, and Miguel better act fast if he doesnt want to lose Siren to some other guy.

In Rome, Simone and Paloma return to the ruins to look for Jessica, who is still missing. They wonder if those guys after them grabbed her. Noah finds them at the ruins and told them not to leave the hotel. He says they should go back right now, and where is Jessica. They say they dont know. They explain about the carriage ride and how Jessica went missing. Noah helps the girls look for Jessica. They suspect the carriage driver took her, and Noah thinks they must be in the catacombs as he saw the symbol down there, the same symbol Jessica had on her back.

Spike has Jessica in the carriage and has a knife on her. Jessica knows hes angry with her. Spike tells the driver of the carriage they are in to step on it, Jess cant be late for her date with destiny. Eventually Jessica tries to fight Spike off, but it does no good. Later we see Spike and the driver dragging her to the door to the catacombs for her appointment. She screams, and fortunately Noah and the other girls show up. Spike pulls a knife out and says hell kill her this time if Noah comes close. Noah and Spike fight, Noah beats Spike to a pulp. Unfortunately the driver gets in on the act, and then the girls rush in to help Noah. Spike and the driver end up running for it. Jessica thanks them for saving her. Noah says they wouldnt have had to be saved if they stayed in the hotel. Noah asks Jessica about Spike and her tattoo. He wants to know where Spike was taking her. She said he mentioned the catacombs. Noah isnt going down there again without back-up. He says he will take them back to the hotel and then hes returning to find out what is behind this door. Noah takes them to their room and tells them this Roman Holiday is over, they all have to be on guard. Later the girls discuss this whole mystery. Simone wonders how Whitney fits into all of this.

Whitney is in the catacombs, she is beginning to have doubts about the monk and what he wants from her. She doesnt think hes a man of God, and she wonders if hes a monk at all. She thinks maybe this is a sick joke. The monk is spying on her and says as sick as the joke is, the punch line is even sicker. Whitney continues to realizes she has been a fool, shes not doing Gods work. When she tries to leave the monk stops her and says shes not going anywhere! He says her work is far from finished. She isnt listening to him anymore, she says he is not the voice of God, he is evil. She says the task hes given her sounds like illegal trafficking in stolen relics, not saving the world. She says shes leaving, but he refuses to let her leave. Whitney tells her that she is not in awe of him anymore, he disgusts her. The monk tells her that she has no faith, she is a heathen who lusts after her own half-brother. He calls her son a living sin and tells her that she is damned for defying Gods will. Whitney thinks the monk is evil, maybe evil has warped and twisted his face like his mind. He says this isnt about him, its about her. She continues to refuse to believe the monk speaks for God. She wants answers from the monk, she wants to know what the symbol on his bracelet is and who is he. He says he cannot tell her. She says why not? He tells Whitney to trust him, but she doesnt. She knows she is hiding a big secret. He keeps telling her to be quiet or she will regret it. Whitney then unmasks the monk and is horrified by what she sees.

At the hotel, Luis calls Interpol to tell them that Beth was just here trying to kill Fancy Crane, he wants them to stop dropping the ball. Fancy is in bed, shes still feeling guilty that Beth got away. He says its not her fault, and shell be back now that she thinks they are lovers. Fancy cant stop thinking about her kiss with Luis in the catacombs. She says that is so far fetched, hes in love with Sheridan and everyone knows it. Luis thinks maybe he should call Sheridan and let her know what is going on, but then thinks it might be too late there. He asks Fancy how her head is, is she feeling okay? She says shes tired. He says hell get some rest too, hell sleep in the other room. She says she feels safe knowing hes here. Luis goes to the other room to sleep on the couch. Fancy says shell sleep well knowing Luis is here to keep her safe.

On the street, Beth vows to kill Fancy before she can steal her man. Later we see Beth break into the hotel room and stand over Fancys bed, shes poised to kill her. She sees Luis on the couch and says theyd be together if stupid blond bimbos would stay out of their way. Beth tells Fancy nobody will save her this time, shes headed for a dirt nap. Beth holds a knife and says Sweet dreams bitch! Beth begins stabbing at Fancy, which of course is just a nightmare Fancy is having. Luis checks on Fancy and tells her that shes having a nightmare. She hugs Luis and says Beth was here and was stabbing her. She soon realizes shes okay, it was a nightmare. Luis gets her some water and tells her to get some rest. Fancy asks Luis not to leave her, shes afraid Beth will try and kill her. Outside the door Beth listens and says Fancy should be afraid. Fancy apologies to Luis for seeming so needy, but she is afraid. Luis says hell stay with her till she falls asleep. He sits in a chair by the bed, but she says just come in bed and lay down. She says she doesnt mind, and she feels safer already. They soon drift off to sleep. Back outside, Beth has her knife and tries to break in. The door is locked tight and Beth says Luis may be protecting her now, but one of these days shell get Fancy. Later Noah shows up to see Fancy and Luis, the door is locked so he tells the maid it is his room. She lets him in, and Noah is stunned to find Luis and Fancy in bed together.


June 1 2006

Julian and Eve meet up with Sheridan and Chris at the cottage. Sheridan and Chris tell them that they feel more is going on in Rome than they originally thought, many more people have been drawn into what is happening over there. They discuss Simone, Paloma and Jessica being over there and how they are up to something that has nothing to do with school. They say Theresa and Ethan are there as well as Noah and Fancy. Sheridan says shes really frightened. Eve tells Sheridan not to upset herself, its not good for the baby. Sheridan thinks someone has drawn them to Rome for an evil purpose, they are all in danger. Sheridan tells them about the email Theresa received, and how Luis almost found Marty. Shes worried something could happen to Marty. Sheridan keeps filling them in on other things, how Simone, Paloma and Jessica got into trouble with strange men and how Luis is very worried about Fancy. They wonder who could have planned such an elaborate plot. Julian says the only person he knows who could do this is his father. Sheridan says but hes in a coma. Chris says he and Sheridan checked on him the other day, he was in bed and they saw him. Sheridan says what if he has woken up. Chris says the home would have called them, but Julian says hed stop anyone from telling them something he didnt want them to know. Julian thinks they should go check on Alistair. Chris thinks it is a waste of time, it's pointless. He thinks it will upset Sheridan, but she says it would put her mind at ease. Chris says there is no way Alistair could have planned this. Sheridan says it sounds like hes sticking up for her father, and Julian agrees. Chris says hes not, and even if he came out of his coma then hed be a sick old man and unable to do this. Sheridan says he doesnt know her father. To himself Chris says he does, that is the problem. Julian says they will go to the nursing home and check on him.

The foursome head to Alistairs room, but before going in Sheridan gets a very strange feeling. Eve checks her out to make sure shes okay, everything checks out. Eve thinks shes having a panic attack, and this is bad for the baby. Sheridans vision goes blurry. We see her having visions of Alistair telling her that shed never be safe from him, he has the power to destroy them all and rule the world. Sheridan tells them about her dreams and nightmares about Alistair. She says Alistair is back, hes been coming to her in her sleep and now he just came to her in broad daylight. She says Alistair is awake and out to destroy them. Sheridan says they have to get in there, into his room. They go in and find him in his bed in a coma. Sheridan says she was so sure he wouldnt be here, maybe hes playing possum. Eve checks in and says hes still in a coma. Sheridan doesnt know how she could be so wrong. Julian decides to make sure he isnt faking. He takes Eves brooch and sticks the pin into his hand! Chris says thats barbaric, but Julian says its actually fun. Alistair doesnt respond, so Eve says he is definitely in a coma. 

In Rome, Real Ethan and Theresa are back at their hotel room arguing over JT. Theresa tells him what really happened and asks why wont he believe her. Theresa says there is proof and Gwen has been lying to him for years, he cant stay with her. She says this means they can finally be together. Ethan says he should never have come here, and he calls her a mad woman and says he doesnt believe her. He says there is no proof to back it up, Gwen is his wife and hes staying with her. Theresa tells him that shes not lying, but he says every other word she says is a lie. Theresa says she will swear on a stack of bibles. Ethan thinks this is just another one of her fantasies, she may think this is true but she drank a lot tonight and there were drugs at that apartment. Ethan says its possible she was drugged, everything she saw could have been a drugged induced fantasy. Ethan tells Theresa she could have convinced herself that anything was true, but he wont dump Gwen because of a fantasy she had when she was blitzed then she is wrong. Theresa says it was all real. Ethan tells Theresa to get this through her head, hes not leaving Gwen and he doesnt believe Gwen and Rebecca told the tabloids. He says if she did then that means his whole life has been a lie, not only did his mother lie to him but his wife lied as well. Ethan wont believe it and tells her to just drop it. Theresa says Gwen robbed them of their life together, she wont let her rob them of anymore time together. Ethan says if she is right, does he think hed dump Gwen for her? He says the innocent girl he knew is gone, shes changed. Theresa says she was forced to grow up fast and everything she is and has become has been directed to righting that terrible wrong, they were both betrayed. Theresa says Gwen stole her life, shes become a women he despises. Theresa says she can change though, the girl he fell in love with is still here. She says everything she does will be worth it to get him back. Ethan says he cant do this anymore, and she has to let this go. Theresa says no, and she suggests they just get everyone together and go back home. Chad walks in and says nobody can go anywhere until they find Whitney. He says he knows shes in danger and they cant leave until they find her. Theresa says she has Crane security working on it, but Chad wont leave Rome. Ethan says none of them are, they are stuck in some persons evil plan. Theresa asks if hes talked to Julian or Eve, but Chad says no as they will come here and make them victims as well. Chad, Ethan and Theresa discuss what is going on. They discuss how they have all been lead here for some reason, except for Fancy that is. Chad says who would do this to them, its all so sick. Ethan says if he didnt know better hed say it was Alistair. Theresa says hes in a coma, hes being watched 24 hours a day, it couldnt be Alistair. Theresa makes a call, Alistair is still in a coma. Chad says so Alistair cant be the mastermind.

Noah is stunned to see Luis and Fancy in bed together in one anothers arms basically. He says this isnt happening. Fancy wakes up and sees Noah walking out. Fancy asks where hes going? He says as far away from her as possible. She asks what is wrong? He says he just caught her in bed with Luis, what does she think is wrong! Noah asks how she could do this to him, how could she betray him, betray Sheridan. She says he doesnt understand, but he doesnt want to hear it. He doesnt know how to tells Sheridan this, she is not the women he thought she was. Fancy says funny coming from him, she found him having sex with Maya! He says he can explain. She says sure he can, and shes through with him and his lies. She says hes not the man she thought he was, hes two faced and a cheat. Noah asks what being in bed with Luis makes her? How could they do this to Sheridan? Noah tells Fancy that he has a good reason to be here with Maya, and he was going to tell her in time but now he doesnt care anymore. He says hes so disgusted, she doesnt deserve an explanation. She says fine two can play that game, he doesnt deserve an explanation either. He says she is nothing but a typical destructive and selfish Crane. He says he wants nothing to do with her. He then storms out. 

Meanwhile, we see a dream sequence of Luis returning home and telling Sheridan that Beth escaped with Marty. Sheridan tells Luis he let Beth get away, he chose Beth over her again. She says she cant do this anymore, she has to let him go. She says they are cursed. She says they arent meant to be together, but Luis says he wont accept it. She says accept it. She says shes chosen a life with Chris, they are finished for good. Luis, in his sleep, says Im so sorry Sheridan.

Fancy returns to bed in tears. Luis wakes up and asks if someone was here? Fancy says Noah was here. Luis asks what happened, did he come to his senses and beg for her forgiveness? She says not exactly. Fancy says it was just the opposite, its over for good, Noah is out of her life forever. Luis says hes sorry and hugs her.  Meanwhile, Noah is in the hall beating himself up. He doesnt know how Fancy could spit on their love like this.

In the catacombs, we see a replay of Whitney unmasking the monk. Shes horrified by his face, which is disfigured. She says no it cant be! He says it is, now she knows what he is. HE tells her to look at him, she insisted upon seeing his face. Whitney says she cant look at him, she didnt know. He says now she knows his secrets. Whitney looks at his face, which we finally see. He has long grey hair, a goatee and a very burned face. He says if he had revealed himself then she would not have helped him. He asks her to forgive him for his deception, for making her think he was God. He says God did chose them for this mission. He asks if she can ever trust him again? Whitney touches his face and asks him to forgive her, she did not understand. She says she should not have accused her of tricking him, and she calls him a poor soul. He says he understands her, he lives in fear and shame as well. She asks how this happened to him? He says he nearly died fighting the devil. He says doing Gods work is hard, and he was called to make a sacrifice to stop the devil and this is the result. Whitney says God will reward him one day, he will make him beautiful. The monk says he does not work for reward, he only obeys God. He tells her that she must complete this task she has been given. She says she trusts him and will do what he has asked of her. She then begins to pray. The monk says yes she will do anything and more! The monk says he has a new VR headset, she can use it to get into the chamber and find the blessed chalice. He tells her that the chalice is behind a secret door in the Popes chamber, and she needs to find the key to unlock the door. He says this is her only mission here on earth. She says she understands and will do it, but she is frightened. He tells her that if she succeeds then her soul will enjoy everlasting peace, but if she fails then her soul and her brother's will burn in hell. Whitney understands and says nothing will stop her from finding the chalice. The monk tells her how they are Gods soldiers on a holy mission, they will be tried and she may be called to sacrifice herself at any moment. He says their only goal is to find the chalice and find Gods church. He sends her to get the headset, he tells her where to find it. She goes off in search of it. Once shes gone, the monk peels off the mask hes been wearing. We learn that the monk is in fact Alistair Crane. 


June 2 , 2006
At the boat house, Fox tells Kay that they can start the photo shoot at anytime, its all set up. He says the client loves it, and they should be thankful Alfredo cant make it today. Fox says this will be great. Kay says she guesses. He tells her that she has to get over this dislike for Siren, she barely knows her. Fox tells Kay to lighten up, they should have some fun today. Kay doesnt know how she can when there is something fishy about Siren.

Miguel shows up and says hi to Carl. Miguel is now in his modeling outfit. He tells Carl to stick around for the shoot, but Carl says hes taking his boat out to go fishing, maybe hell see his mermaid today. Miguel says it's been forty years, he doubts it. Siren walks up and Carl says My love, after forty years it is finally you! Miguel tells Carl that hes scaring her, and he says this is Sien. Miguel shows Siren the tattoo Carl has, it does look like her. Carl says it is her, but Miguel doesnt have that ugly fish tail. Siren says ugly! Carl says it was beautiful. Miguel says if Siren was the mermaid then shed be 60 years old at least. Carl says Miguel is right. Carl decides to stick around for the photo shoot after all. Siren thinks that was a close call with Carl.

The photo shoot starts, and both Carl and Kay seem jealous to see Siren and Miguel making out. Suddenly the photographer realizes this whole place smells like rotting fish. He says he cant take it, he has to go reload. Kay tells Siren and Miguel they can stop kissing, the camera is gone. Fox and Kay leave to get coffee, and Miguel follows. Miguel gets time alone with Kay to talk. Miguel says it may be too late, but he wished he wised up sooner in regards to her. He says maybe they werent meant to be, but they have their little girl and Fox is a great guy for her. He says Fox has changed her, shes lightened up, shes happy when hes around. Miguel says he would never want anything less for her. Kay says she knows, and a little part of her heart may always pine for what might have been. Suddenly Carl shows up and asks who stole all her bait, its now nothing but bones. Siren walks in and lets out a huge burp. She says it must have been something she ate. Kay says her burps smell like fish, like something behind the dumpster at the cannery. She says its funny how Carls bait disappears and Siren smells like catfood. Carl wonders what Kay is trying to say. Siren tells Kay to leave her alone, but Kay knows something is wrong with her. Siren thinks Kay loves Miguel still and wants him back, what would Fox think. Kay says leave Fox out of this. She then pushes Siren into the water. Everyone runs over and asks what happened. Kay says she was talking to Siren and she stepped back and fell into the water. Miguel sees her and says hes coming in after her, but she says no, shes fine. She tells them all to leave her alone. They throw a net and catch her, she gets tangled in it. Fox and Miguel pull her up, and Kay and everyone see that Siren is a mermaid. Carl says he knew it, his love.

In Rome, Noah is stewing in the restaurant at the hotel. He wonders how Fancy could do this to him and how could he. He says of all the people in this world, Luis was like a brother, how could he stab him in the back. 

In their room, Luis tells Fancy to go find Noah and work this out. She says no, its over. He asks what they argued about? She says him. She says Noah found them together and thinks they made love. Fancy says he wouldnt let her explain, so she told him off for being a hypocrite. Luis says so Noah thinks they had sex? Fancy says it serves him right. Luis thinks he should have a talk with him, but Fancy says dont bother, it serves him right. She says she wants no part of him after what she saw of him earlier. She thinks Luis must think shes an idiot, but he says no, a broken heart hurts. She thanks him for being her friend. He decides he should head off and look for Beth and Marty. He says he will ask Theresa to come watch her. She thinks thats the bottom of the barrel of body guards, she can take Theresa out. He says he just doesnt want her to be alone. Fancy then remembers Luis getting naked in the bathroom earlier. Fancy stops herself and says what is she thinking?

In Theresas room, Theresa says its not Alistair who has lured them here. Chad says he doesnt buy it, it has to be Alistair. Theresa says its impossible. Chad then asks who it is.

Theresa soon goes to Luis room to keep her eye on Fancy. She vents to Luis about Ethan, but says it is a long story and she doesn't want to get into it. She wants them to all to get what they have to do done and get back to Harmony. Theresa says she needs to get back to work. Luis wishes she would cut her ties with the Cranes, but she wont, she wants to do good with the company. He says any time spent with them corrupts one. She tells him what is with him knocking the Cranes, Sheridan is one and is the nicest woman in the world. Luis doesnt realize Fancy is listening in. Luis says Sheridan is the exception, and come to think of it, Fancy is a lot like her. He says Noah is a fool to let her go. Luis then heads off to look for Beth and Marty. Fancy shows up, Theresa hopes Fancy isnt upset by their discussions. She says the Cranes do have a reputation of being selfish and destructive. Fancy says people throw stones at those who they envy. Theresa says its more than that, her grandfather was inhuman. Fancy says hes always been sweet to her. Theresa says shes been around long enough to see some of his plots. Theresa says Fancy is the only one who can say nice things about him, he lived to destroy lives. Theresa is just glad hes in a coma and cant hurt others. Later they spend time by trying on Crane Couture clothing. Theresa says the online sales have taken off, she cant wait to see her fall designs. Fancy says she has designs already and shows Theresa. Theresa loves them. Fancy tells Theresa that she really doesnt have to baby-sit, shell be fine on her own, she has to get used to it. Theresa says its okay, and they could watch a movie. Fancy says Beth is crazy but not stupid, she wouldnt come back here and try and kill her. Theresa says what! Fancy explains the whole thing to Theresa, with flashbacks. Fancy feels she is the reason Beth got away. Theresa tells Fancy not to blame herself, Luis will find Marty and be with Chris. Theresa says if he doesnt then hell be alone forever. Fancy knows that feeling, if she had it her way shed never fall in love again. Theresa knows she doesnt mean that. Fancy says right now she hates Noah. Theresa says she wont pry, but Ethan is just as bad. She says Ethan wont believe her and wants nothing to do with her. Theresa says she just wants to go back to Harmony and see her kids. Fancy has had it with Rome too. Theresa wonders why anyone would bring them here, who would do it. Fancy says for once nobody can blame her grandfather. Later they watch some romantic Italian film. Theresa and Fancy end up making a pact, no matter how much their hearts get broken that they dont give up on the man of their dreams. Fancy says the problem is the man of her dreams is and always will be Ethan. She says she thought hers was Noah, but she was wrong.

Luis finds Noah stewing in the restaurant and tries to talk to him. Noah loses his cool with Noah and decks Luis for betraying him and Sheridan. They then begin fighting. Chad and Ethan show up and break up the fight. Ethan says they are friends, but Noah says Luis and Fancy were in bed. Ethan asks what about Sheridan? Luis says nothing happened, he was protecting Fancy. Noah tells him to go to hell and walks off. Chad ends up leaving to look for Whitney. Ethan sticks around and talks to Luis. Luis explains what really happened to Ethan. Luis says Fancy is a great girl but Sheridan is the love of his life.

In the catacombs we see a replay of the monk revealing himself to be Alistair. He calls them all pathetic, none of them realize it has been him all along. He lights up a cigar and says this is his greatest plan. He says he holds their lives in his hands. Suddenly Whitney calls out that shes back. She walks in and asks where the monk is. He has his hood on again, and she tells him not to hide his face anymore from her. He tells her how kind she is, it is not her, it is him, hes more comfortable hiding his face. She says okay. She asks what the smell is, and he claims incense. He sees she has the VR head set. He asks if shes ready to begin. She says she is. He tells her that time is running out, she must find the chalice and find it now. 

The monk runs into Beth on the street and badgers her. She says she is supposed to be meeting someone, and a monk is the last person shes supposed to be meeting. Alistair reveals himself to Beth, she screams Daddy! He tells her not to call her that, but he has returned. She says the whole world thinks hes in a coma. He says he wants them to think that. Beth hugs him and says its so good to see him. He tells her to stop calling her daddy, they both have to stay as far away from the truth as they can. Beth says Luis is in Rome and is after her and Marty. He says he knows, he brought Luis here. She asks why? She says the only reason shes not in jail is luck. He tells her that shes clever, she wont fall into his clutches. Alistair says he needs Luis pursing her to forget about destroying him. Beth says if everyone thinks hes in a coma and Theresa is running Crane, how will he keep people from learning his secrets? Alistair says Theresa and the rest of them dont realize he control them right now, and soon hell be in possession of something that will give him to rule the world. She asks what? He says a special treasure, a chalice. She asks how a chalice can give him the power? He says it possesses the power of an ancient secret, a power as great as God. Beth says she wants one. He says dont worry, everything is under control. Beth says what about Luis. Alistair tells her to trust him, he is safe and will remain safe if she does what shes told. He says Luis is coming so hide. They do, and it turns out it was a trick by Alistair. Alistair slipped back into the catacombs. Beth wonders where he went, and what is this craziness about a chalice.

Back in the catacombs, Whitney uses the VR headset to go back into the virtual Vatican. Whitney finally makes her way into the popes private chambers, which she says is beautiful. She then begins looking for the chalice. Alistair, the monk, returns and asks Whitney how she is doing. She says she has made it into the chamber. He asks if she has found the chalice. She says no, she cant find it. She finds a book with a key in it. Whitney searches for where it might fit, and she finds an altar of some kind with a panel that has a keyhole and a number pad on it. She uses the key and the chalice pops out of the pedestal top. Alistair says the Chalice and the powers of the universe are his!

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