October 30, 2006

Kay and Miguel exchange looks at the park, Kay thinks Miguel will never forgive her. Fox swoops in and tells Kay how he doesnt care what shes done, he just wants to hold her and love her and never let her go. Fox thinks Miguel is making her upset, but Kay says hes not. She says they didnt even talk. Kay wants them all to know how sorry she is for keeping quiet about Ivys scheme. Kay says what she did was wrong, she could have stopped Ivy. She says there was no reason for her parents to break up. Kay says what she did was wrong and she has to deal with that for the rest of her life. She says she would never do that again though, she has changed. Fox says they understand, she was younger and upset with her mother for always siding with Charity. Fox says maybe she over did it, but he understands. Miguel says well he cant understand. Miguel says if Fox can justify this then there is no such thing as morality. He says maybe that is the Crane in Fox, but the rest of them know there is a right and wrong and you dont cross those lines unless you want to be damned. Fox tells Miguel to shut up. Kay knows what she did was wrong, there is no excuse for her destroying her family. Fox tells her not to be so dramatic. She says he doesnt get it, but he says he does. Kay says she needs to know if anyone can forgive her. Fox says he does. She says what about her family and what about Miguel. She asks Miguel if he can forgive her for this. Fox says she doesnt need his forgiveness, the only people shes hurt are her parents and siblings. Miguel says thats not true, she hurt Maria, Maria didnt get to know her grandmother. Kay says shes sorry, she already feels guilty about that. Kay says this can all get better if he forgives her. She begs Miguel to say something. He says he cant talk to her right now. Kay breaks down, Fox tells her that she doesnt need him. He says quit crying over Miguel, they should go home. Kay walks off with Fox. Fox tells her that he loves her, but she says shes evil. He says shes not. He says he can show her how much he loves her. He says he loves her and will never desert her. She looks back at Miguel. She says he hates her and is a shamed of her. Miguel tells himself hes ashamed of the fact that he still loves Kay even after what she did. 

At the motel, Rebecca spies on Chad and says hes a smart boy, Whitney would never dream of coming here to look for him. She wish she knew who he was with.  Meanwhile, Whitney and Theresa find Gwen in JTs room .Gwen says Theresa is a day late and a dollar short as usual. Gwen claims she and her mom already spoke to JT, Theresa is too late and she knows her secret. Gwen says it is over. Suddenly Rebecca shows up and blurts out Where is JT, did he tell her what he knows? Theresa realizes Gwen was bluffing, JT didnt tell them anything. Theresa tells Whitney they have to find JT now. Gwen and Rebecca try and stop them, Theresa throws cash in the air and says look Rebecca cash! She scrambles for it, Theresa and Whitney get away. Gwen asks her mom where she went earlier, Rebecca says she had to go buy condoms. Gwen can't believe her mom. Suddenly JT shows up whistling Camp fire races. Hes drunk and sees all four girls together. He says hey its a party, who are Rebecca's friends? He has some pizza and soon realizes Theresa is here with Gwen and Rebecca. He ends up running for it. Everyone chases after JT and tries to find him.

In his room, Chad swears he hears Whitneys voice outside, but he cant see her when he looks out. Rebecca takes a break from looking for JT and spies on Chad some more. She thinks maybe she should send Whitney to this room for a little surprise. Later Whitney shows up and Rebecca says thank you lord for sending her something to amuse her. Rebecca calls out Gwen hurry, Whitney is outside JTs room, hurry! Whitney thinks shes found JTs room, she bangs on the door and yells at JT to come out. Inside Chad hears her and says it is Whitney! Whitney says shes coming in and bursts into the room. She finds Valerie in bed, someone is hiding under the covers. Whitney says Rebecca tricked her into coming in here. She thinks Chad is hiding under the covers. She begins hitting the lump and telling him to show his face! Chad, fully clothed, walks in and asks Whitney if shes looking for him? Some strange guy named Stan was under the covers. Whitney apologizes to him. Chad says she thought that was him? She thought he was here to sleep with Valerie? She says shes so sorry. Whitney says Rebecca set her up, shes sorry. Whitney asks Chad why hes here? He says Crane security said she was here, he got worried. She says shes here with Theresa. She tells Chad how sorry she is for assuming the worst. As she hugs him, Valerie and Chad exchange glances. Chad suggests they get out of here, they leave Valerie and Stan. After they leave Stan laughs, but Valerie says its not funny. Outside Whitney apologizes to Chad for keep being so suspicious that hes cheating on her. She says she knows he loves her and wouldnt hurt her, yet she keeps acting like some jealous wife. They hug and Rebecca walks by. She says it seems Chad got himself out of his situation, but she wonders how she can use his secret to her advantage.

Gwen manages to grab JT, who stops running to eat some pizza. She tells him if he doesnt tell her Theresas secret then shell rip him to shreds. Theresa shows up and tells him if he opens his mouth then he gets none of her money. He wants the money, Gwen says she can match Theresas offer. Theresa says impossible, she has billions of dollars. Theresa says she wants to give him this money, oh shes so close to doing it too. JT shoves Gwen down and says Sorry honey, give my best to your mom! Theresa and JT run off. 

Gwen runs back into her mom, Gwen tells her that Theresa is going to pay JT off and they will lose this chance forever. Rebecca says all Theresa has is money, they have a secret weapon though. Gwen asks what? Rebecca says her! Rebecca calls out JT its Becky, I have hot cookies out of the oven and ready to eat. She says Come and get a spanking JT. Theresa is holding JT back, hes trying to get to Rebecca. Rebecca says that she can match Theresas offer, they can take a trip, she knows a little donkey farm. JT tells Theresa she may have the money but Rebecca has the honey. He runs after Rebecca saying Hes coming and needs a spanking.

As JT is running both Gwen and Theresa are yelling things out to him, making offers to him.  JT has to sit down to think things through. Rebecca, Gwen and Theresa are all trying to find out where JT seems to be hiding from them now. JT is still weighing money against sex. Theresa gets to JT first, she hands him the money and says get out of town now. He says hell do whatever she wants. Theresa is twisting his arm and making sure he gets lost now. Gwen soon shows up, each woman has an arm and is pulling on JT!

Out on the Crane grounds, Chris says he didnt kill Phyllis. Spike says he knows Chris killed her and wont the wifey be surprised to find out her husband is a cold blooded killer. Chris says Spike must be taking his own drugs as he didnt kill the maid. Spike says he did, the maid is worm food because of Chris. Spike asks Chris what kind of idiots leaves Omega documents around for people to see? Spike says Chris does. Spike says the maid found his papers and  was about to call Luis, thankfully he showed up. Spike says he had to kill Phyllis to clean up Chris mess. Chris calls him a fool and says now there is a murder investigation. Spike tells Chris he cant just forget about his association with Alistair and pretend everything will be okay with Sheridan. Spike says he has Alistair's file on Chris and Chris wears a black hat. Spike says men who wear black hats never get the girl. Chris tells Spike he made things worse, he didnt get the Omega document, he left it behind. Chris says he barely got rid of it in time. Spike says they make a good team, they should keep it up. Chris says as soon as Spike gets his money he never wants to see Spike again. He says hes married to Sheridan and they have a son. Spike reminds Chris that James isnt his kid and Alistair is still controlling them from beyond the grave. Spike says they all still work for him. Chris says he doesnt. He is not happy that Spike killed an innocent woman. Chris says wait a minute, the cops said Phyllis knew her attacker. Spike says they go way back, she used to dance at one of his clubs with her old man. Chris decks Spike, who threatens Chris that the next person he kills could be Chris. Chris says Spike shot Pilar, he shot him and now hes murdered Phyllis. Chris says he has to stop or their luck will run out, now get out of here. Chris walks off and Spike says Chris luck has already run out, he just doesnt know it yet. 

At the cottage, Sheridan is furious that Luis is here to arrest Chris for the maids murder. She tells him Chris didnt kill Phyliss, Luis is dead wrong. She asks what his proof is. He recounts finding the pen as well as the fact that Phyllis didnt fight with the killer. Luis says that must means she knew her attacker. Sheridan says Chris already said the pen was his and dozens of people on the estate could have done this. Luis then tells her about the paper Phyllis was holding was like those of Alistairs omega documents. He thinks whoever killed Phyllis did it to hide their association with the Omega society. Luis says he believes Chris had Omega documents in here, Phyllis found them and Chris killed her. Luis says Chris killed the maid to keep Sheridan from finding out that he was another one of Alistairs pawns. Sheridan says how dare he come into her home with this vicious accusation and almost no evidence. She says no wonder he got bounced back to patrolman. Luis is obviously hurt by that. Sheridan says an Omega document was here because it was his fathers estate with a network of secret passages and caves. She tells Luis if he wants to arrest her husband then go ahead, but once her lawyers get a hold of him he will never be a cop again and may even end up in jail. He says hes just trying to protect her. She says she has her husband for that. He asks where is he then? There is a murderer on the grounds and hes not here. He says if he was married to her then he wouldnt leave her alone. Luis says Chris doesnt love her, he was hired by Alistair to be with her, thats why an Omega document was found here. She says he doesnt think anyone but him can love her, that everyone else has been hired by her father. He says it is her track record. Sheridan says he thinks that little of her? She says he thinks nobody can love her unless her father hired them. She says she cant believe him, maybe he is on her fathers payroll too. Sheridan says its obvious he never loved her. She says it is all becoming so clear, he is just like her father! Luis says that is a vicious thing to say. She says the truth hurts. She says hes so good at judging others, he should take a look in the mirror. She says both he and her father have tried to control her life and never listened to her. He says that isnt true. Sheridan goes into the whole You wouldnt listen to me about Marty, he let Beth kidnapped their son, Marty died because he had to be right and wouldnt listen to her. Luis says hell pretend she didnt say that. She tells him to go ahead and live in his fantasy world. Luis admits he made mistakes but he is nothing like Alistair. She says no hes worse, Alistair at least didnt pretend to love her. She says Luis swore to love her though. Sheridan says you dont say you love someone and dont believe them, that is the kind of love you show a child or a dog. She says that makes Luis worse than her father. Luis says he is nothing like her father. She says he is, he thinks shes weak and a fool who makes mistakes. He says this is the thanks he gets for trying to protect her? She says shes not thanking him. Sheridan also tells Luis hes one to talk, he dated a Beth, a known psycho. Luis says he didnt marry her, but she did marry a murderer. Sheridan slaps him. Chris returns and asks what is going on here?

At the mansion Fancy is spending times with James. She asks what he wants to play, he says pretend. She asks who she should be? He says daddy. She says okay, who will he be. James says the man. Fancy asks what theyll do then? James begins beating on her playfully. Fancy asks him to stop this, is this what his dad and the man did? James says bang and pretends to shoot Fancy. He says she has to fall down and grab her leg. Fancy realizes that James has seen the man who shot Chris. She wonders what else hes seen. Fancy begins questioning James about this man and when hes seen him before. Fancy realizes the same man probably shot Pilar. Fancy asks if he was here last night when the police came, James nods. Fancy wonders who this person is. She keeps trying to find out what this mans name is from James, but he doesnt know. However he then sees Spike outside smoking, James points the man out to Fancy.


October 31, 2006

At the motel, Gwen and Theresa are playing tug-of-war with JT, who is yelling at them not to break the merchandise. Theresa ends up shoving JT down a laundry shoot and throws his money down to him. Gwen says Theresa could have killed JT. Theresa says whoops, he slipped! Gwen says this isn't over, they both race downstairs but JT is long gone. We see JT driving in his car off to somewhere. However he calls Rebecca and says he can't leave town without seeing her first. 

At the Blue Note, Eve joins Ivy at a table for a drink. She asks Ivy if it's true Sam found out about her scheme. Ivy says yes. Eve asks if Sam knows that she knew as well? Ivy says no, but it's only a matter of time before everyone learns Eve helped her destroy Sam and Grace's marriage in order to protect her own secrets. Julian happens to be walking up and hears this. He lashes out at them both. He tells Ivy that he should have expected something like this from her, that David was just too clean and too perfect. He also tells Eve he can't believe he tried to be a better person for her. He calls her a liar and a hypocrite and never wants her to point a finger at him again. He says he's going back to the man he was and wants to hear nothing from her about it. Later Eve and Ivy continue to commiserate. Eve fears this will ruin her relationship with Whitney, Ivy thinks she may have lost Ethan for good. However she says if she had to do it again she would, her time with Sam was worth it. She says this time she wouldn't trust anyone to help her, that was her downfall. 

Ethan commiserates with Noah at the bar.  Noah is working and talking to Ethan. They can't believe Ivy did what she did to Sam and Grace's marriage. They talk about how everyone thought Sam and Grace had such a strong marriage that nothing could break them up. Noah thought he found that with Fancy, he was wrong. He says look at Ethan, he's married to Gwen but his heart belongs to Theresa. Ethan says hey, he loves Gwen very much. He says he knows Gwen would never lie to him about anything, he can trust her. Later Gwen shows up and joins Ethan. They share a dance, Ethan tells her how he's so confused and upset over what his mother did. He says if anyone lied to him again that he doesn't know what he'd do.

Theresa joins Whitney, who is having a romantic evening with Chad at the Blue Note. Whitney fills Theresa in about how she's been dead wrong about Chad cheating with Valerie. Theresa tells Whitney that she got rid of JT, so her secrets should be safe. Whitney thinks they all have reasons to celebrate, but Theresa seems uneasy. She sees Gwen with Ethan. Whitney starts in about telling Ethan the truth about Gwen, but Theresa can't risk Ethan not leaving Gwen. Theresa heads to the bar. Chad knows Theresa's secret as Whitney told him. He thinks it is a shame Little Ethan can't be with his father. Whitney reminds Chad that she wasn't supposed to tell him and he can't tell anyone. At the bar someone approaches Theresa and she says "Oh my God, you!"

At the mansion, James points Spike out to Fancy. He's outside on the patio smoking. Fancy is stunned. Spike sees Fancy looking at him and runs for it. Fancy wants to go after him but can't leave James. Fortunately Paloma shows up. Fancy asks Paloma to watch James, she just saw the man who may have killed the maid and has to go after him.

At the cottage, Chris shows up after Sheridan slaps Luis. He asks what is going on here? Sheridan explains that Luis is here to arrest Chris for killing the maid. Chris says that is absurd, what evidence does he have. Luis details all the evidence and his theory that Chris was hired by Alistair. Sheridan thinks Luis must think so little of her, that only men her father hired to love her are those she falls for. She reminds Luis that Chris attacked Alistair to defend her honor, but Luis says it could have been a set up. She also tells Luis that Chris helped the FBI bring down mobsters, he was in the witness protection program, why would he do that and then get involved with Alistair? Luis still suspects Chris of being up to no good. Paloma soon shows up with James, she fills Luis in on Fancy chasing the killer. Sheridan says this proves Chris isn't the killer, he's been here with them. Luis says maybe maybe not, he wasn't here earlier. Luis thinks Chris could have been meeting someone on the grounds. He demands Chris tell them who he was with.

Fancy is chasing Spike through a park. She runs into two guys dressed up for Halloween who give her a hard time. Spike manages to get away and runs into some cavern or old mine. Fancy sees him go in and follows, only to have Spike hit her on the head with a wooden beam and knock her out.


November 1, 2006

In the mine shaft, Fancy is out cold. Her phone is ringing, Luis is calling her. Spike say "I'm Fancy and I can't come to the phone right now because I'm dead." Of course she's not dead. Later he has her tied up and blindfolded. She comes to after being knocked out. She asks where she is and who has taken her, obviously she never saw Spike's face. Spike doesn't speak, he just torments her through the whole episode. By the end he pulls out a knife.

At the cottage, Sheridan continues to yell at Luis for even thinking Chris could be involved with the murdered. Luis tries to call Fancy but gets no answer. He asks Paloma what Fancy told her, where did she get this tip on the killer? Paloma doesn't know, and James is out of the room and doesn't say anything. Luis calls in for back-up, the estate is searched and surveillance tapes checked. It seems nothing was caught on tape and Fancy is not on the grounds anymore. Luis becomes worried. Meanwhile Sheridan tells Chris how she won't let Luis use this to put doubts in her head, she knows he is not involved with this killer or was not hired by her father. Later Luis decides to go out and look for Fancy. He has a bad feeling, Fancy is smart and would have called for back up if she could.

Sam makes a call to Grace. He leaves her a message asking her to call him as soon as possible. Sam has a run in with Ivy and he tells her off. He doesn't want to see or speak to her. He heads into the Blue Note for a drink. He talks with Noah briefly until Ivy shows up. He informs her that he doesn't want to speak to her. She begs him to just hear her out and then she'll go if he wants her to. She claims how she did what she did because she loves him. She says she was stuck in a bad marriage to Julian and he wasn't about to leave Grace nor her him. She says she did what she did so they could be together. Sam won't accept that at all. She says she knows it was wrong but she loves him that much. Later Grace calls Sam and he says he has something important to tell her.

Gwen and Ethan are dancing at the Blue Note, Ethan continues going on and on about people lying to him. Meanwhile  a man approaches Theresa, she is shocked. Gwen sees him from the back and thinks he's JT. She excuses herself from Ethan, goes over an taps the man on the shoulder saying "Gotcha!" Of course it's Jared, he wonders who both of them thought he was. Gwen says just an old friend of theirs. Gwen walks off, Jared tries to get Theresa to tell him what is going on. She says she can't. He thinks she doesn't trust him. He walks off. Whitney walks over and asks what just happened? Theresa says she couldn't confide in Jared and now she may have lost him. Later her returns though, he cooled down and brought her flowers. HE says he loves her and he doesn't want to lose her.

Rebecca and JT show up at the Blue Note. When Rebecca sees everyone around she quickly lures JT into a store room. They have a quickie and then she claims she'll be right back with some martinis. She locks him in and tries to flag down Gwen, who ignores her mom. Later JT somehow escapes from the storeroom and sits at the bar. Rebecca and Gwen both freak when they see him waving to them.

Miguel walks home and can't stop thinking about how even though Kay did what she did, he still loves her. Fox and Kay are out taking a walk with Maria, Fox keeps assuring Kay no matter what he'll never hate her.

Tabitha and Endora are home alone. Tabitha is complaining about how people have totally ruined Halloween. A little girl dressed as an ugly green witch shows up to trick or treat, Tabitha and Endora are insulted that she thinks all witches are ugly. Endora zaps her and takes off all her make-up. Tabitha tells her real witches are beautiful and shows her a mirror. The little girl runs off screaming. Fox, Kay and Maria show up and Fox takes the girls upstairs and puts them down. Kay informs Tabitha about her and Ivy's secret being out and how everyone hates her. Tabitha says she doesn't and it looks like Fox doesn't . . . but another young man does and that is what is bothering her isn't it? Miguel soon returns as does Fox. He gives Miguel a look and suggest to Kay they go to bed. Up in their room, Kay thinks nobody will come to their wedding. Fox says even if that is so it doesn't matter. Back in the living room, Miguel tells Tabitha that even though Kay did what she did, he still loves her and is going to fight for her, he won't give her up. He leaves and Tabitha talks about how she's loving all this drama and soon Grace will be home and then the tomato soup cake will hit the fan. 


November 2, 2006

At the cottage Luis is worried, he feels something bad happened to Fancy. Sheridan says he doesnt know that, she could be on the grounds still. He thinks whoever she was following that she followed him off the grounds. Chris says to himself that Spike killed Phyllis and he could kill Fancy. Luis says if they only knew where Fancy got her lead. Luis and Paloma both decide to head out and look for Fancy. Luis tells Chris that hes not through with him by the way. Sheridan says Chris didnt kill Phyllis, Fancy is looking for the man who did. Luis says and shes in danger because of it. He asks Chris if he has anything to say? Chris says he doesnt. Luis and Paloma leave, Sheridan tells Chris that Luis doesnt know him the way she does. To himself, Chris says that Sheridan doesnt know him at all. She cant stand that Luis called him a murderer in their home. She says he will never accept Chris as her husband, he wont give up until he makes her suspicious of him. She says she doesnt care what so called evidence Luis has, she knows hed never deceive her and will always be honest with her. Sheridan heads off to check on James. Chris is feeling guilty and saying if Sheridan only knew the truth, hes not the man she thinks he is. Sheridan returns, she talks about how the idea of people still doing her fathers work sends a shiver down her spine. She says it explains all the things going on here lately. She hopes Luis finds Fancy. She admits he is an excellent cop and hell get to the bottom of this soon. Chris tells himself that hes afraid of that. Later James shows up, he says he couldnt sleep. Chris says hell go get him  a snack and put James back to bed, Sheridan should go relax in a bath. Sheridan heads in to take her bath. Chris makes James a sandwich. James asks where everyone went. He says Luis and Paloma are looking for Fancy. James says Fancy went after the man he was talking to earlier. Chris realizes Spike has Fancy. 

Luis and Paloma are looking around, Luis ends up paying some guy for some information. As Luis describes Fancy, Paloma says hes not just describing a missing person, hes describing a woman he loves. The guy cant help Luis, which angers Luis. He grabs the guy and demands he tell him where Fancy is. The man screams Police Brutality. Luis lets the guy go, but he threatens to sue the next time a cop roughs him up. Paloma tells Luis he cant abuse his badge this way. He knows his sister is right, but if Fancy is hurt then he wont forgive himself. He says he should never have taken her to the murder scene. Paloma tells Luis that she knows he thinks hell never get over Sheridan, but she can see that he loves Fancy. He says shes wrong, but Paloma thinks he is definitely falling in love with her. Later they are in a squad car. Luis is telling her that hes not debating his feelings for Fancy with her. He also says he is positive that Chris is a danger to Sheridan. He vows to find out what is going on with him, but first he has to find Fancy.

Spike still holds Fancy captive at the mine shaft. Fancy begs to be let go, but Spike refuses until he gets to know her a lot better. Hes boozing it up. She says he wont get away with this, Luis or Sam will find her. She says if they release her then shell let them have a head start running, she wont follow them. Spike just laughs and then begins cutting off her clothes. She begs him not to hurt her, she never saw his face. She says if he leaves her here then shell free herself later. He keeps cutting her clothes off as she cries. She realizes this guy is going to rape her. She begs him to stop, but he keeps ripping her clothes off. He then begins kissing her as she screams. She begs him to stop, which he does only to begin taking his clothes off which she can hear. Fancy becomes angry and knees Spike where it counts and then and kicks him. He falls over and hits his head. Fancy tries to get away and begins screaming.

At the Blue Note, Ivy tells Sam she did this because she loves him. She knows he loves her and they belong together. Sams phone rings, its Grace calling. He tells Grace that he has something important to tell her, she wont believe this. Grace, who is in Italy, asks if this is about one of the kids? She says no its about them, David and Ivy. Sam tells Grace that she was never married to David and John isnt their son, it was all a sham orchestrated by Ivy. Grace says that is impossible, even if Ivy couldnt have done this. Sam says Ivy had the power and money. Grace says David loves her, John loves her. Sam says who wouldnt love her. Grace says this means that their marriage, family and lives were destroyed so Ivy could have her way. Sam says that is right. Grace says but Sam checked out David himself, there were documents on record. Sam says they were forged. Grace says what about the priest? Sam says it was an actor. Grace says John is her son, they took a DNA test. Sam says Ivy must have messed with the results. Sam says David isnt her husband, hes Ivys plant. Grace says this is unthinkable. Sam says Ivy has admitted it. Grace wants to ask David. Sam says if David hasnt told her the truth so far then what makes her think he will now. She wants to ask him anyways and walks off to talk to him.

Chad and Whitney are dancing and enjoying their evening together. Whitney tells Chad how much she loves him and Miles and how happy she is that all the lies and secrets are over. Chad thinks about having an affair and how he loves Whitney, but he doesnt feel guilty enough to stop. Later Whitney attacks Ivy for what she did to Sam and Grace. Ivy tells her not to judge her, she lied to Fox about her baby. Ivy says Whitney was desperate just like she was. Ivy tells Whitney she and her mother are no better than she is. Ivy says it was Eve who changed the DNA tests, she knew the truth all along and never told. Ivy says Eve helped her time and time again. Whitney says she doesnt believe her. Ivy says ask Eve. Ivy says she couldnt have pulled this off without her mother. Whitney says her mother would never do this. Ivy says her mother is a drug addict and a former whore, she and Julian have a child running around there somewhere. She says soon the entire town will know what Eve did to help her. She calls Eve Graces Judas. Later Whitney calls her mother and learns it is true, shes furious with her mom and says she has an excuse for everything so save it. Whitney says she should be thankful she has Chad in her life as he would never deceiver her.

Theresa talks with Jared. She wants to explain why she isnt telling him what is going on. She says it isnt that she doesnt trust him. She says this involves her son, and there is nothing she wouldnt do for him, even giving up being with Ethan. Ethan walks up, he asks what being with him has to do with protecting her son? He says hes Little Ethans god father, its not like hed hurt him. She says he misunderstood. Jared decides to leave them alone, he walks off. Ethan demands Theresa tell him what is going on? She says nothing. He doesnt buy it, she always said for years shed do anything to be with him. He asks what has changed, what isnt she telling him? Theresa doesnt want to tell him anything, she says Jared is waiting for her. She says she cant tell him. She says shes given up on her dream of a life him and it took all her strength. He says he can see shes hurting. He says if there is a way for them to be together then tell him and tell him how to make her dream come true. She says she has tried but he wont believe it. He says her claims about Gwen and Rebecca? She says its the truth, even if JT gave him the proof she thinks he still wouldnt leave Gwen. She thinks hed stay with her, so there is no point in her proving anything. Ethan says she is wrong. HE admits that he doesnt believe Gwen could have done it though. Theresa says what if Rebecca did it but Gwen knew? He says hed be mad but . . . Theresa says that is why she gave up, he still wouldnt leave Gwen even with proof. She says too much is at stake. He says if there was proof that Gwen sold him out and lied to him then yes he would end his marriage. She says he swears? Ethan says yes. Theresa believes him when he says this. Ethan says he cant live with someone who has lied to him. She says Oh God. Theresa tells Ethan that she doesnt know what to do. He asks what shes not telling him? She says she cant, she runs off to think. 

Rebecca and Gwen are dragging JT off to the storeroom and they demand he tell them Theresas secret. They say the wont let him leave until he tells them. Gwen and Rebecca ask what Theresa doesnt want them to know? What is she hiding. JT says a lot. Rebecca says so tell them. Gwen says this is their chance to destroy Theresa. He says he cant, Theresa paid him to keep quiet. Gwen says theyll pay him more. Rebecca says her money is all tied up, she cant pay him much. Gwen offers her grandmothers jewelry. Rebecca thought it was lost? Gwen says nana told her that to get her to stop nagging her. Gwen says nanna thought she'd sell the jewelry and spend it on men.  JT tells Gwen to sell the jewelry and get the cash, Rebecca double it with her own money and then theyll talk. Gwen says she needs to know he has something, what does Theresa stand to lose? JT says a lot. She says shes lost Ethan, what else is there? JT says there is something else and it is huge. They dont know what else she has to stand to lose. JT says there is a huge reason, but he wont spill it until he gets the cash. Gwen and Rebecca promise him his cash. 

Ivy returns to Sam, Sam demands to know who David is and where she found him. She says she was blackmailing him to help her, thats all she knows. He tells Ivy that she is disgusting. He says what she has done makes him sick that he almost married her. Meanwhile Grace returns to the phone. She says David admitted it all. She says he swears he loves her, but it was all a lie. Grace tells Sam that she left him, her real husband and her family because of a lie. She asks Sam if he can forgive her. He says there is nothing to forgive, they were both set up. She says shes been living in sin with David. Sam says he has been with Ivy too. Grace asks where Ivy is? Sam says right here. Grace asks to speak to Ivy. Sam hands the phone over to Ivy. Ivy tells Grace that she knows Grace is angry. Grace says she is still in shock. She knows why Ivy did what she did. Grace says shes always tried to forgive and believes there is good in everyone. Grace says in Ivys case shell make an exception. Grace says shes coming home and shes going to kill Ivy!

Chad talks with Jared. He tells Jared that Whitney almost caught him at the motel, but instead she found Valerie with some other dude. Jared says so Whitney doesnt suspect him of getting it on with Valerie? Chad says not anymore. Jared warns him if Whitney catches him then it will be over. Chad wishes he could stop but he cant. He says he loves Whitney and doesnt want to hurt her. Jared tells Chris to cool it for awhile to be safe. Chad doesnt know if he can. Jared tells him to be careful, really careful. 

Theresa talks with Whitney. Theresa tells Whitney about her conversation with Ethan. Theresa says this changes everything, if Ethan means it. Whitney asks if she thinks hes lying? Theresa says she thinks hes being honest. She says for him to say hell leave Gwen is one thing, for him to do it is another. She says she could lose Ethan and her little boy, she doesn't know what to do.


November 3, 2006
Luis is still driving around looking for Fancy, Paloma is no longer with him though. He wonders what has happened to Fancy. Luis eventually gets a tip on where Fancy is. He bursts into a hotel where a guy and a girl are getting it on. The girls looks like Fancy, but she isnt Fancy. Luis lets the guy go, the girl says she wants her money as he runs off. Luis makes some more calls to Paloma (apparently), she has no new leads on Fancy either. Luis heads off wondering what has happened to Fancy, where could she be.

At the cottage, Chris realizes Spike is the one who has Fancy. He doesnt know what to do, Fancy could die. Chris calls up Spike, who wont talk. Chris realizes he has to find Fancy before she runs out of time.

In the mine/cave, Fancy kicks Spike off her when he tries to rape her. Spike hits his head on some rocks and is knocked out. Fancy begins trying to get away from Spike, but he comes to and goes after her. He kicks her over and says to himself that she will be sorry she did that. Fancy is begging him not to hurt her. He keeps taking off her clothes. She fights him and calls him a pig, even spitting in his face. Spike gets a call from Chris, but Spike tells Chris that he cant talk right now and hangs up on him. Fancy begs him not to hurt her, she wont fight him. He begins ripping her clothes off when Chris shows up to stop Spike. Fancy realizes someone else is here. She begs them to help her, she says shes Fancy Crane and can give them lots of money. Chris tells Spike that he wont let him do this to Fancy. Spike tells Chris he needs to go, he cant explain his being here can he? Meanwhile Fancy frees herself from her bonds and begins running off. She ends up stepping on loose boards, which send her down a mine shaft. Elsewhere Chris and SPike are fighting over Fancy. Spike eventually sees Fancy is gone, if she saw either of them it's over. They soon find she has fallen down a shaft. Spike says nobody could have survived that, she has to be dead. Spike says they are both in the clear.

At the Blue Note, Grace tells Ivy over the phone that shes coming home and she will kill her. She says Ivy destroyed her family and took her husband. Ivy knows what she did was wrong but she did it for love. She says Sam was her first love. Grace cant believe shes trying to excuse what she did. Grace tells Ivy she is going to tear her limb from limb, she will make Ivy sorry that she ever decided to mess with her. Ivy says shes sorry, but Grace says only because she got caught. Grace says she is dead! Ivy says shes no killer, shes a kind and forgiving person. Grace asks what she wants her to do, bake her a tomato soup cake? Grace demands she put her husband back on the phone. Sam tells Ivy to get her things and get out of his house. Sam talks to Grace, she plans to catch the first flight home. She tells him how sorry she is, but he says this isnt her fault. Grace talks about how she can't wait to be in his arms again, she cant wait to see the kids again. Grace feels if she had been there that Jessica wouldnt have taken up with Spike. Sam says thats not her fault. However he has something to tell her about Kay and she better sit down. A spying Ivy cant wait to hear Graces reaction to what Kay did. Sam tells Grace about Kay. Grace thinks he must be wrong, but Sam says he isnt. Grace tells Sam that shell be home soon. He says he cant wait for her to get home, he loves her. She says she loves him too. She says shell be home on the next flight and then theyll put their lives back together. Sam says he never stopped loving her. Sam then sees Ivy sitting around. He says he told her to go home and pack her things and then get out. He says Grace is coming home and he doesnt want her to see one shred of evidence that Ivy was ever there. Sam then storms off. 

In the storeroom, Gwen tells her mom how they have to get JT out here before Theresa sees him. JT says she will be very upset to see him still in town. Gwen says she will pay JT the money he wants. Gwen and Rebecca want to know Theresas secret, it must be huge for her to walk away from Ethan. Gwen and Rebecca scout the club out, Theresa appears to be gone. JT says that is good as if Theresa sees him then shell want her money back. Rebecca asks if that is all he thinks about? JT says no. Rebecca tells Gwen to go look some more, she needs to keep JT happy. Gwen says gross!  Rebecca says if JT isnt happy then you know how he can be. Gwen looks around the club again, she thinks Theresa is gone as she doesnt see her around. She soon finds Theresa and Whitney are in the club, they are in the ladies room talking. She wonders how shell get him out of here as Theresa and Whitney could catch them? Gwen goes back to the storeroom where JT is in a state of undress and making donkey sounds. Gwen says she doesnt even want to know what is going on here. JT says he cant stick around here much longer, but Gwen says hes not leaving until he tells them what they want to know. They make a plan to sneak him out between the two of them. He calls it a Gwen and Rebecca sandwich and hes the meat. She says they will head straight to the pawn shop and get JT his money.

Theresa and Whitney are in a the ladies room talking about whether Theresa can get Ethan back. Theresa says shes gotten her hopes up so many times only to have them dashed. She says Ethan could forgive Gwen and then Ethan could take her son. Whitney says Ethan knows how much it would hurt her to lose her son. Theresa says he could do it out of spite for her keeping the truth. She also says her son could lose his inheritance. She says Ethan and Gwen took Jane from her, she wont lose her son too. Whitney tells Theresa how she just found out that Ivy deliberately destroyed Sam and Graces marriage and her own mother helped Ivy pull it off. Theresa cant believe this. Whitney says shes telling Theresa this so she doesnt pass up a chance to be with Ethan. Whitney says she likes Jared, but Jared isnt the love of her life. She tells Whitney to go for it, tell Ethan the whole truth. Whitney asks Theresa why shes not rushing to tell Ethan? Theresa says she paid JT to leave, she may not find him again. Whitney says she did once and she can do it again. Theresa says what about her sons future? She says this is his future and his legacy they are gambling with. She says she put up with Alistair for this. Whitney tells her not to re-write history, she married Alistair to be with Ethan. She says Little Ethan doesnt need the Crane money, its cursed. She says before Theresa married Alistair that she wouldnt let anyone come between her and Ethan. Theresa says that was before, she cant lose her son. Whitney feels Theresa is letting money come between her and her dreams. Whitney tells Theresa that shes not a quitter so dont quit now. Theresa says Whitney is right, shes been letting the Crane money rot her brain. Theresa says no amount of money is more important than love. She says shell find JT and have him tell Ethan everything and blow those two witches away. Theresa is making calls, shes trying to get a hold of JT. They soon hear JTs ringtone, they realize hes in the club! Theresa catches Gwen and Rebecca with JT. She tells JT she has changed her mind and she wants JT to tell Ethan everything. 

At Tabithas, Kay and Fox are in their room talking about what Ivy and Kay did. Kay says what she did was so wrong and now everyone hates her. She says she doesnt want to lose her family, but her dad, Noah and Jessica hate her, as does Miguel. Fox says theyll get over it, and he doesnt hate her at all. Kay says to herself that she still cant stop thinking about Miguel. Fox tells her how he will never hate her. Kay then realizes her mom will soon find out what Ivy did and how she said nothing. Kay thinks her mom will make sure everyone will hate her forever. Fox says she will be upset, but eventually shell forgive her. Kay doesnt know, but she hopes he is right. They continue to talk about what Kay is going to have to face with her mom. Kay says her mom will be worse now then she was then. Fox says shes an adult, shes not living under her roof anymore. Kay says she wont forgive her. Fox says eventually she will. Fox says her mom is her mom and she loves her. Kay worries even if Grace forgives her that Miguel wont. Later Kay is in bed dreaming, shes tossing and turning. She dreams of Grace confronting her about what she did. Kay told her mom she was sorry, but Grace thinks shes only sorry she got caught. Kay tells her mom that she is sorry. Grace says all she sees is a girl so selfish and wicked that she would see her family destroyed because she was angry at her mom. Kay says she has changed, she is a mom now and would forgive Maria for anything. Grace says well shes a better woman than her as she cant find it in her heart to forgive Kay. She says she can never forgive her for the time she lost with her family, and Miguel will never forgive her. Grace says Miguel loved Charity because she was a good girl, she would never do what Kay did. Grace says Miguel should be with someone who deserves him. She says she will go get Charity and bring her back for Miguel. Kay wakes up from her dream to see her phone buzzing. She wonders who is calling at this hour. She answers the phone, its Grace calling! Grace says she is in shock over what Kay has done, but she had to call her, she had to hear it from her. She says she helped Ivy destroy their family. Kay says she didnt mean. Grace says she did, she knew she was angry with her but she didnt know she could be this evil. Kay says shes sorry. Grace says its too late, Kay is a heartless monster and she hates her. Grace says she wishes she had never given birth to her! 

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