November 6, 2006
Grace is on the phone with Kay telling her that shes a heartless monster and she wishes she had never given birth to her. She says her daughter was raised in the church, raised knowing right and wrong. She says how could she side with Ivy? She broke up her marriage, she cost her brother and sisters their  mother. She asks Kay what kind of little bitch stabs her family in the back? What could make her so mean, so cruel. Kay says she made her do it! Grace says how dare you, you have not changed one bit. Kay tells her mom she isnt blaming her, but she did make her do this. Grace asks Kay how she will make this her fault? Kay reminds her mom about how dad brought Charity to live with them. She tells her mother how she treated her after Charity showed up. Grace says Charity had just lost her mother, she wanted to make her feel like family. Kay says she succeeded, Charity became her favorite. Kay tells her mom that she never cared about anyone but Charity, she took her side in every agreement. Kay talks about how she loved Miguel but her mom would only talk about how Charity and Miguel would make such a great couple. Kay says she became desperate to keep Miguel and she did stupid and horrible things. She says Grace was always there making things worse. Kay says she was so angry that she turned on her, she turned on her whole family. Kay says shes not blaming her. She says she did then, but she realized how stupid she was. She takes responsibility for her actions. Kay says every time she tried to talk to her mom, Grace dismissed her. Kay says it was like she loved Charity more than her own daughter. Grace says she never meant for that to happen or for Kay to feel that way. Grace tells Kay that she never meant it when she said she never was born. She loves her, she is her daughter. Grace tells Kay how the day she was born was the happiest days of her life, she finally had a little girl to share her life with. Grace says that is a bond that cant be broken. Kay says she broke it, she hated her so much. She says she felt like her mom cost her Miguel by pushing him to be with Charity. Grace says she didnt push them, they were mad for one another. Grace says it was true love. Kay says it wasnt, if it was then theyd be together. Grace heard that they aren't together. She asks if Miguel is back then why is she marrying Fox? Kay says she does love Miguel, but she thought she lost him. She says she was nothing when Fox came into her life and Fox fell in love with her. She says Fox stuck by her when Miguel didnt. Grace says but Miguel is back now and loves her. Kay says its too late, shes marrying Fox. Grace asks Kay to reconsider before she marries a Crane, they are poison. Kay says Fox isnt like his mom or the other Cranes. Grace says hes Julian and Ivys son, it might seem like things are fine now but when hes crossed then watch out. Kay says she is wrong, Fox is a very good person and she loves him very much. Grace asks Kay if she no longer loves Miguel? Kay cant say that. Grace says she cant marry Fox when she loves another man. Kay says it doesnt matter, Miguel hates her now. Grace doubts that. Grace tells Kay that she wants her and Maria to be happy and she will be happy with Miguel. Grace says he is Marias father, go to him and find out how he feels before she marries Fox. Grace says to tell Miguel that she forgives her and he should too. Kay thanks her mom. She promises to make this up to her, to be the best daughter. She says shell go find Miguel now and she runs off, leaving her phone behind.

Miguel talks with his mom. They are outside on the Bennett's swing. Miguel says he has a huge problem that he doesnt know what to do about. Pilar says half the town is talking about Kay and Ivy, she cant believe it herself. Miguel says Kay has hurt so many people. Pilar says Kay has a lot to answer for, Grace could have kept Jessica on the straight and narrow had she stayed in town. He says Kay is guilty of maybe the worst thing hes heard of, but he still loves her. Pilar says the church teaches if you feel remorse then God will forgive you. She was what Kay did was horrible, but there is nothing that is not forgivable. Pilar says the Kay she knows now is a wonderful girl and a wonderful mother. She knows Kay is truly sorry. Miguel says he knows she is, but its killing him. He says it feels wrong to love her. Pilar says love is never wrong. He asks then why he feels so ashamed? Miguel wonders if he is too late. Pilar tells him to go find Kay and tell her how he feels, dont let happiness pass him by. He says she is right.  Later Miguel and Kay run into one another outside after Pilar has left. He asks Kay what is going on?

Outside of the Blue Note, Chad is having issues getting his car to start. Ethan is helping him take a look at it. Chad asks Ethan about how he and Theresa looked serious in there. He says Theresa has some big secret shes dying to tell him, but she wont. He says he doesnt like secrets. Chad says he is in a tough spot. Ethan says Theresa has been trying to convince him for years that Gwen outed him to the tabloid. He says he cant just take her word for it and break his marriage up. Chas says well one of them is lying. Ethan manages to fix Chads car. They continue talking about what Ethan will do. Ethan says if he finds out that Gwen has been lying then hell leave her. He says it will come down to whether Theresa can find JT. 

Back in the club, Theresa finds JT with Rebecca and Gwen in the store room. Theresa ends up shoving Rebecca out of the room, she tells Gwen that JT is going to talk to Ethan. She says it is time for the final showdown. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan just told her that he would leave her if he got proof she ever lied to him. Gwen says Theresa is a piece of work, those vows to leave Ethan alone meant nothing. Gwen and Theresa begin fighting with one another as JT watches. JT says they should get in a mud pit, he would pay to see this. Theresa and Gwen both have a hold on JT. Theresa wants JT to tell Ethan the truth, Gwen wants JT to tell her what Theresa is hiding. Theresa says once Ethan learns the truth about how she outed him to the tabloids then shell tell Ethan about the other little matter. She says once Ethan leaves Gwen then her little secret will bond them together forever. She says she will finally be with Ethan and there is nothing Gwen can do to stop it. Theresa ends up running out of the room and uses a chair to keep them trapped. She sees Ethan has shown up and demands he come with her right now, JT is here and can tell him everything.

Back in the club Rebecca is pounding on the door to be let back in. Whitney ends up running into Rebecca. Whitney asks if she has seen Theresa? Rebecca says she doesnt keep track of gutter snipes. Whitney says even if Rebecca had seen her, she cant believe her. Whitney bets Rebecca knew about Ivys plots to break up the Bennetts. Rebecca points out that Whitneys mom knew, and that is hilarious. Whitney tells Rebecca to shut up. Rebecca says Eve always looked down her nose at the rest of them when she was no better. Whitney wont let a tramp like her criticize her mother. Rebecca suggests she watch out who she calls a tramp. Rebecca tells Whitney that her fianc is a tramp. Whitney asks what shes talking about? Rebecca says Chad is up to no good. Whitney calls her a liar. Rebecca says then ask him why he was at the Safari Motel. Whitney says he was there looking for her. Rebecca says she saw Chad in one of the rooms there stark naked. Whitney calls her a liar and a low-life slut who wants everyone to be miserable like her. She says she is not miserable, she loves who she is. She also says be careful who you call a slut, her man was butt naked in that hotel with someone. Rebecca says she has been the other woman so many times and that hotel is mistress territory. She says Chad is up to no good like the rest of men. Whitney wont listen to this, Rebecca says she was just trying to do her a favor. Whitney heads outside where Chad is. He asks what is wrong? She runs off leaving Chad puzzled

At the cave, Spike and Chris are arguing over what has happened to Fancy. Shes fallen down a shaft and is laying on a platform. Chris calls down to her asking if she can hear him to say something. He says if she cant speak then make some noise. Spike says there is no way she could have survived. Chris says he doesnt know. Spike says if she did survive and is rescued then she could identify him. Spike says if he goes down then hell take Chris with him. Spike says its pitch black down there, black as a grave. Spike says she is worm food. Spike drops a rock in the pit, he says David Copperfield couldnt make out of this one. He says ashes to ashes and dust to dust, Fancy Crane is dead and buried. Chris says this has to stop, no more killing. Spike says who cares as long as it isnt them. Chris says cares and hes scared for his wife. Spike says he should be scared of his wife finding out the truth about him. Spike says so far hes made sure nobody finds out. Chris tells him to shut up unless he wants to find himself at the bottom of that hole himself. Spike says its over and done and Fancy is dead. Chris soon realizes Spike is right, there is nothing he can do to help Fancy. 

Luis shows up at the cottage. He hasnt found Fancy, Sheridan says she hasnt heard anything either. Luis blames himself for all of this. Paloma is at the cottage now, both she and Sheridan are telling Luis that Fancy is strong and will be fine. Luis wants to go back out and look some more, but they say he is dead on his feat and about to collapse. Sheridan asks him to rest just a few minutes, shell make him a cup of coffee. He says fine hell stay for one cup. He asks where Chris is? Sheridan says he went to look for Fancy. Luis says he what? Sheridan says hes just trying to help, he's one of the good guys. Sheridan makes him some coffee and ends up putting some sleeping pills into it. She tells herself that Luis needs sleep, its for his own good. Luis drinks up the coffee saying he is only resting for two minutes. Luis finishes the coffee and then becomes a bit dizzy. Paloma says this is what he gets for killing himself, he needs to sleep. He says he just got up a little fast. He says maybe hell have a seat for a second, a little cat nap never hurt anyone. He says dont let him sleep too long. Paloma says theyll wake him in five minutes. Paloma thinks Luis looks awful, should they call a doctor? Sheridan says hes fine, she put a sleeping pill in his coffee. She says hes in no shape to look for Fancy, now he has to rest. Paloma says he will be furious when he finds out what she did. Sheridan worries Paloma is right about that. Meanwhile Luis begins to hear Fancy calling for help in his head. Luis begins calling out to Fancy. Paloma wonders what hes talking about. Fancy is calling to Luis saying save her, shes afraid of the dark. Luis asks where she is? Fancy says help her, it hurts. He asks where is she? He says he cant see her. Paloma and Sheridan dont know what is going on. Chris soon returns as Luis is saying how hes coming, tell him where the dark place is. Paloma says he must be having a nightmare. Fancy says if he doesnt help her then she will die. Luis says hes coming! 


November 7, 2006

At the cottage, Paloma, Sheridan and Chris watch as Luis appears to be having a nightmare, but his eyes are open. Fancy appears to Luis, she says its so dark and he has to hurry before she dies. He says he wont give up, hes on his way. We see Fancy in the mine shaft calling to Luis. Chris asks how Luis got this way? Sheridan says it is her fault. She says she drugged him in order to force him to get some rest. She says she was afraid hed put himself in danger if he went out there without sleep. Paloma says hes not sleeping now, her brother is not in dreamland. Fancy tells Luis how shes so cold, she cant hang on. Luis says hang on Fancy, he hears her. Over to the mineshaft, Fancy is on a platform which appears to be giving way. Sheridan tries to get through to Luis, but he only is hearing Fancy. Chris thinks Fancy is dead so he cant have some connection to her. Luis keeps telling Fancy to hang on, can she see anything? She says its pitch black. She says dont let her die in the dark, she loves him. We see Fancy on the platform, she is now calling to Luis. Suddenly Luis snaps out of the trance screaming Fancys name. Sheridan says Fancy isnt here. He asks where is she? He says he heard her voice, she was just here. They say she wasnt, whatever he saw was a dream. Luis says no it was real. He says Fancy was begging him to find her before it was too late. They say they didnt hear a thing, but Luis knows he heard Fancy asking him for help. He gets up and he has something on his arm from where Fancy touched him, he has dirt and blood on his arm and hand. Chris doesnt understand how this is happening, he is sure Fancy is dead after the fall she took. Luis doesnt understand why he feels so woozy. Sheridan says it is her fault. Sheridan admits to drugging Luis. Luis cant believe her. She says she just wanted him to get rest. He says she had no right. She says she was worried about him and wanted to help. He says well she may have just help. He says in whatever state he was in he was able to connect to Fancy, she was calling to him for help. Paloma says Luis . . . . Luis knows it sounds ridiculous. Luis thinks Sheridan should believe him, they had the same ability before. Sheridan says that she thought it was just something they shared alone. He says he did too, but Fancy was calling to him. He says wherever she was it was cold and dark and death was calling to her. Back to Fancy, the platforms shes on continues to give way and shes still somewhat out of it. She eventually opens her eyes and calls out to Luis again. Back at the cottage, Luis hears Fancy calling to him. Chris wonders if Fancy is alive and is actually calling out to him. Luis decides to go back out and continue looking for Fancy. He says he will find who did this to her and make them pay.

Outside Tabitha and the Bennetts, Kay and Miguel talk. Kay says she hates that hes so angry with her. She says she doesnt blame him or anyone though. She asks if they can talk. Kay explains how she talked with her mom and explained everything. Kay says Grace doesnt hate her, she still loves her and even forgives her. Miguel says of course she forgives her, shes her daughter and she loves her very much. Kay says her mom really seemed to understand how hurt she was when she always sided with Charity. Miguel says she probably just felt bad for Charity. Kay says she shouldnt have been so resentful, but she hated hearing Charitys name all the time back then. Kay says her mom always pushed him to be with Charity and she hated it because all she cared about was him. He says lashing out at her mother was about him? She says she was terrified of losing him, so she did terrible things. Miguel says so she hurt her mom the way she hurt her. He cant believe it was because of him. He says he was too caught up in Charity to see what she was going through. They discuss how different things could have been for them. He says hes so sorry. She says its water under the bridge, she thinks he cant forgive her. He tells her that he may not like what she did, but now he understands why she did it. He says he doesnt hate her. She says he doesnt know how much this means to her and she loves him. He wont let her take that back. She says she wont, she does love him with her whole heart. He says he loves her too. The camera pans up to Kays bedroom window, which is wide open. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her too. Miguel says now they can be together, the family they should have always been. He says he cant hold what she did against her if she can forgive him for treating her how he did when he left to find Charity. He says if she gives him the chance he will spend the rest of his life making things up to her, he'll be the best father to Maria and husband to her. He says he never really got to know her until he came back to Harmony. He says what they have is real love, true love. He says now that shes admitted how she feels that they can be together. He tells her to call off her wedding to Fox. Kay thinks this is going a little fast. She says she came out here thinking he hated her guts and never wanted to speak to her again. She says Fox has been so good to her, she cant bear hurting her. She says Fox was the only one who stood up for her when this thing she did came out, and he supported her when Miguel was gone. Miguel knows that, but he says this is their lives and love isnt returned for gratitude. Miguel says Fox is a big boy and a Crane, hell have to accept this. Miguel says he dated and got over Theresa and Whitney. Kay says but Fox has never loved anyone the way he loved her. Miguel reminds her that hes never loved anyone like her too. She asks what about Charity? What if she came back? Miguel promises that he wouldnt leave her for Charity. He begs her not to throw their love away. She says she doesnt want to hurt Fox until shes absolutely sure this is what she wants. He says take her time, he wont push her. He does have a good feeling about this. She says she wont do anything until shes sure.

At the Blue Note, Theresa yells across the club to Ethan that she has JT Cornell trapped in the storage room. In the room Gwen and JT find they are trapped. Theresa cant get Ethans attention and we soon see Rebecca is talking to Ethan. Ethan says hes looking for Gwen, but Rebecca says Gwen went home as she was coming down with a migraine. Ethan says he would have seen her leave. Rebecca says she went out the back way and Theresa left as well. Ethan says fine hell head home. Rebecca thinks by the time he gets home and finds out Gwen  isnt there shell have taken care of JT. Rebecca walks off, Theresa yells at Ethan. Ethan hears her, Rebecca does too. Rebecca says she has to get to Gwen. Rebecca finds them in the store room as Theresa gets to Ethan and says JT is here with Gwen. She says when he sees them together hell know she was telling the truth. She says its time for him to find out his wife is a lying bitch. Ethan stops and asks what is going on. Theresa says JT is here and he has proof to expose Gwen. She reminds him he said if he got proof that hed leave Gwen. Back in the storeroom, Rebecca is now with JT and Gwen. She says Ethan is on his way here now. Rebecca has a plan, Gwen may not like it though. Rebecca whispers her idea to Gwen. Theresa brings Ethan to the room and they head in. Ethan looks in and says Gwen! Gwen is on the ground unconscious. Theresa says she knows JT was here, she swears he was. Meanwhile JT and Rebecca have slipped out the back of the club. Rebecca hopes Gwen isnt mad at her when she wakes up. JT says there wasnt much else she could do. Rebecca says she hopes she didnt hurt her, what if she killed her little girl? Gwen finally comes to and says her head hurts and shes really dizzy. HE asks what happened to her? Theresa says JT probably hit her over the head. Gwen says no Theresa is the one who hit her. Theresa says shes a liar. Theresa says Gwen was the one who attacked her earlier. Gwen says Theresa attacked her and dragged her in her and demanded to know where JT was. Theresa says she is making this up because she got caught with JT. Ethan says Gwen has quiet a lump back of her head. Theresa says she probably did it herself or maybe Rebecca did it. Gwen says don't be ridiculous. We see a flashback, Rebecca did in fact hit Gwen over the head with a beam after they sent JT off running. Rebecca hit her once, but it didnt knock her out. Rebecca said  now she had to hit her again. Gwen said she could pretend to be unconscious. Rebecca wont take the chance and smacked her again. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa is the one who did this. Theresa tells Ethan not to believe her. Gwen says JT isnt here and never was. Theresa goes to attack Gwen and demands to be told where JT is. Ethan holds Theresa back. 

Back outside the club, Rebecca reminds JT they have a deal, he is to take their money when they get it and leave and never come back. She promises that when hes far away shell come visit. JT gives her a kiss before running off. Rebecca walks off. JT wonders what he's doing, he could possibly squeeze more money out of this deal. JT does some calculations and realizes he can end up a very wealthy man.

Back inside, Ethan is holding Theresa back. Theresa swears on her brothers grave that JT was here. Rebecca walks in and says that is blasphemy. Theresa accuses Rebecca of doing all of this. She tries to attack Rebecca.  Ethan tells Theresa to stop it, hes going to have to call the police. Theresa says they are making them believe her. Theresa asks why shed bring him here if he attacked his wife? Ethan doesnt know but JT isnt here. Theresa says she will find JT and prove Gwen sold him out to the tabloid. Ethan says he cant believe her without proof, and she has no proof. Gwen asks her mom if she got rid of JT, she says he did. Theresa tells Ethan that they are just putting on a show. Ethan says he doesnt know what to believe. He says it is late though and he has to get Gwen home. Gwen gives Theresa a smile as she leaves with Ethan. Theresa realizes she cant confess her secret to Ethan until she exposes Gwen. Theresas phone rings and it is JT. She asks where the hell he is, she needs him to talk to Ethan. He says she needs to pay him, she only paid him to go away. She asks how much to tell Ethan everything? She wants him to tell Ethan that Gwen and Rebecca sold him out and use the proof from Rome. JT says that will cost her a lot.


November 8, 2006
Fox is spying on Miguel and Kay as they talk outside. Julian shows up and joins him. Miguel is telling Kay how marrying Fox will be the biggest mistake of her life. She says this is happening too fast, she can't think right now. She says she has to go check on Maria. Julian tells Fox now is his chance. He takes a swig of his flask and tells Fox to go out there and kill Miguel! Miguel calls his mom up and tells her how he thinks he has convinced Kay to leave Fox and marry him. A spying Julian continues to push Fox to go out there and kill Miguel now. Fox says he can't kill Miguel, if Kay ever found out then hed lose Kay and never get her back. Julian says then he better do something otherwise hell lose Kay anyways. Julian asks what Alistair would say? He tells Fox to think about that and walks off. Meanwhile Kay returns to Miguel outside. She says she has realized who she wants to be with. Miguel asks if he is still the man she wants? She says shes chosen the man that can best provide for Maria and give her what she needs. Miguel assumes she is choosing Fox over him just because he has money. Fox assumes the same thing, but Kay says she wasnt talking about money. She says she meant things like love and security and what is what is important in life. She tells Miguel that he is Marias father and the man she wants to marry. Fox says his father is right, he has to do something.

At the B&B, Rebecca and Gwen are talking about JT. Gwen is holding an ice pack on her head. They are discussing paying JT off. Rebecca thinks that jewelry should have been  hers. Gwen says she just wants JT gone. Rebecca says JT promised to leave once he got his money. Gwen is counting her money from her jewelry sale, she realizes they are short a lot of money. She says she needs the money they promised JT. Ethan walks in and asks what she just said? Gwen makes some excuse and gets off the hook with Ethan over what she said. Ethan excuses himself to lay down in another room and tells Gwen to let him know if she needs anything. Gwen asks her mom how they will get the rest of the money they promised JT? She does some calculations and says she needs a lot more. She says she could raid Janes college fund, but it still wouldnt be enough. She then knows how to get the money. Rebecca asks where? Gwen says Rebeccas divorce settlement from Julian of course. Rebecca says that is all the money she has in the world. Gwen says she doesnt care, she needs every single dime. Gwen asks Rebecca to think like a mother, think what this could do for her. Gwen tells her to do this, do something once out of love for her only daughter. She calls Rebecca mommy and begs her to do this. Rebecca eventually agrees. Gwen thanks her and says now she can get rid of Theresa for good and keep Ethan. Gwen gets the money together and makes a call to meet up with JT. She says all she has to do now is drop this off for JT. Rebecca says goodbye to all her money. Gwen says because of her moms sacrifice, she will have everlasting happiness. Gwen says she has to go so she needs her mom to take care of Ethan. Gwen runs off and Rebecca oogles Ethan. She says she has to obey her daughters orders and take very good care of him.

Ethan is in bed dreaming of making love to Gwen. As he dreams about being with Gwen, she morphs into Theresa. She tells Ethan that she loves him with her whole heart and Gwen is lying to him. Ethan says he needs proof. He then kisses Theresa and makes love to her. Ethan begins talking in his sleep and says he needs proof. 

At her office, Theresa is taking money out of the safe for JT. Jared walks in and hears her talking about getting money together in order to get Ethan back. She thought he was Whitney coming in. He asks what is going on, is she telling him that its over between them? She says shes sorry, she has a chance to be with Ethan and she has to take it. He asks if shes buying him back? She cant go into details but the money is part of it. He asks if she is sure this isnt some school girl fantasy? He says she said she loved him. Theresa says she wanted to, she wanted to move on. She says Ethan is the father of her . . . child, he is who she wants and now she has a chance to be a family with him. He asks if there is nothing he can do to change her mind? She says she doesnt want to hurt him, but Ethan is the love of her life. He says so he assumes she will be running the company with Ethan? She says no, as soon as shes with Ethan shes giving up the money and power forever. He says shes going to give all this up? He asks what about Little Ethan, she has been determined to protect his rights to heir to the fortune. She says she changed her mind, she wants him to live a normal life. She says she wants him to be a good person, unlike his mother. He says she thinks shes not a good person? Theresa says she wanted to believe the money didnt change her, but it did. She says she doesnt like who she became. She says shes going to use the Crane money one last time to do something good, to get Ethan back. She wont let anyone change her mind about this. Theresa has a little fantasy about telling Ethan the truth and being with him as Jared is trying to pull her into a kiss. He realizes her heart really is elsewhere. She says yes. She says he is a wonderful man but Ethan has her heart, he always has. Jared says he cant fight that. He says he can at least help her. He says hell go to the vault and bring up money for her. She says but he doesnt even know what its for. He says she needs it to make her happy, that is all he needs to know. He brings her the money and then Theresa gets a call from JT about the money and where to meet him. Theresa decides to head off. Jared asks if she doesnt want him to come along for protection, that is a lot of money. Theresa says the person shes dealing with wants her to come alone. He asks if she is sure she wants to do this, to give all this up. She says yes, its all evil and the truth will set her free. She says tomorrow hopefully she will wake up with the man of her dreams.

At the cottage, Luis is on the phone trying to get leads on Fancy. Paloma and Sheridan discuss if Luis really has a connection to Fancy? Sheridan thought only she and Luis shared that connection. Luis gets no leads, but he is sure Fancy is still alive. Paloma says sometimes people have dreams of those who have passed on. Luis says no Fancy is alive. Sheridan agrees, they have to believe shes still alive. Luis continues to hear Fancy calling to him. Luis says he just heard Fancy calling his name. We see Fancy is still stuck on the platform in the mine shaft. Chris suddenly  leaves, and Sheridan heads to check on James. Paloma tells Luis that Chris seemed very nervous. Luis says he noticed. Luis gets a call, Fancys cell is being tracked via GPS. They track her to the park downtown, Luis and Sheridan both say its filled with caves and old mine shafts. Sheridan calls for someone from the mansion to watch James. She, Paloma and Luis head out. Sheridan wonders where Chris has gone to.

Chris goes to the mine shaft with ropes and stuff to try and rescue Fancy before anyone catches on to what has happened. Fancy however falls from the platform shes been perched on! He looks in the pit and only sees Fancys shoe on the platform, nothing else. He calls to her, there is no answer. Meanwhile Luis, Sheridan and Paloma arrive at the caves. Luis insists Sheridan stick by him as she is not a cadet or an officer. Paloma is allowed to look on her own. Meanwhile Fancy has fallen down to another platform, we see shes still alive. As Luis and Sheridan make their way through the maze, they run into Chris! Sheridan asks what hes doing here? Luis says what does she think, hes been involved in Fancy's disappearance and knew she was here the whole time. Sheridan tells Luis to leave Chris alone. Luis thinks Chris knows where Fancy is. He begins yelling out to Fancy. 


November 9, 2006

Outside of Tabithas, Kay hugs Miguel and says she loves him and always has loved him, she cant wait to marry him. She promises to be a good wife and mother. She says she knows he'll be a good father and husband. He asks what about Fox? She says they should tell him as soon as they can. She doesnt want to hurt him though. Fox is spying on them from the bedroom window and says he wont lose her. He wonders how he keeps her though. He says hed rather die then see her marry Miguel. He says that is it. He remembers his fathers big speech to him about what he had to do in order to keep Kay and Maria. Meanwhile Kay and Miguel are still reveling in their love and the fact they are finally going to be together. Fox continues watching them talking, Kay is going on about how guilty she feels doing this to Fox after he was so good to her. Fox says if Kay thinks shes feeling guilty now then she should just wait. Fox watches as Miguel and Kay approach his room. He hopes his plan works. Kay tells Miguel she hates doing this, but Miguel says the sooner she does it the better. They approach the door and hear Fox on the phone calling a doctor about his test results. He asks the doctor to cut to the chase, will he live or die? Fox laughs, Miguel and Kay think it is good news. Kay wonders why hed be talking to the doctor this late anyways? Fox keeps up his fake little conversation with the doctor, he talks about how its worse than the doctor thought and hes really dying. Fox says he cant be dying, what will he do. Fox decides hes not going to tell Kay, he wants Kay to be able to look back on their wedding day and what little time theyll have as happy. He cant believe he has to leave Kay so soon after they make it official. Fox tells the doctor how he loves Kay too much to burden her, he wants her to be happy about their future as long as she can be. His plan works, Kay feels guilty and says she cant think about herself right now. She cant believe she was just about to call off their engagement. Miguel says it is some coincidence. Kay says this changes everything, she cant leave Fox now. Fox continues his little ruse, saying he only has a few months left so he cant let Kay know. He doesnt want her focusing on the end and what little time they have left together. He says he wants it to be a happy time for all of them. Kay thinks Fox is being so selfless, Miguel seems a little suspicious. After Fox hangs up, he reconnects the phone before anyone finds out the whole thing was a plot. Meanwhile Miguel tells Kay this news is unbelievable, but he still wants them to be honest with Fox. Kay wont, so he asks if shes going to keep quiet and marry Fox. Fox comes out of his room. He says he woke up and she was gone. She asks if hes okay. He says hes fine. He asks why they are out here so late? Miguel says they have something to tell him. He asks what? Kay is shocked that Miguel is going to do it.

Rebecca is ogling Ethan, who is in bed. She walks over to him and says Gwen said she cant let Ethan know Gwen is gone. She says shell have to get him to go back to sleep and that can only mean one thing. She tells Ethan that its Gwen and shes right here. He grabs her and holds her next to him. Rebecca begins stroking his chest! Rebecca actually feels some conflict, she runs off says shell be right back. She talks to herself that Ethan is her daughters husband, shes old enough to be his . . . older sister. She also says Gwen told her to take care of him. She says women on soaps do it all the time. Could she? Yes! Should she? Probably not. Will she? Who are they kidding! Rebecca goes through her purse and finds all sorts of toys and gadgets. She eventually comes across a wig that looks like Gwens hair. She puts on the wig and says this could be her best sexcapade ever. Rebecca gets into bed and tells Ethan that shes here and ready for the taking. A sleepy Ethan pulls her into a kiss. He tells her that she is hot tonight. She says hes the hot one, him and his rock hard muscle, she means muscles. Ethan ends up seeing it is Rebecca and is shocked. End dream sequence! Yes Rebecca imagined it all. She says she cant have sex with Ethan, it would be wrong. She says besides hed know it was her and not Gwen, shes so much passionate and limber. Rebecca keeps ogling Ethan, she gets hot and bothered and makes herself a drink. Ethan calls out to Gwen and asks where she is. Rebecca realizes Ethan is waking up, he cant find Gwen is gone. 

Gwen and Theresa both show up at JTs hotel with a bags full of money. They realize JT is playing them against each other. Gwen says she wont let Theresa win, shell give JT so much money that JT will leave Harmony forever. Theresa says she has more money. JT answers the door and is glad to see them both. They accuse him of playing them against each other, which he admits to. He says whoever brought him the most money gets their honey, Ethan Winthrop. JT lets them into his room. They both beat him with their bags of money. They tell him this is low, but he says he has to make the most of this chance. Theresa says hell need the money for reconstructive surgery, Gwen says and not on his face. He says his kibble and bits have taken a pounding since coming here so back off. He warns them he can tell Ethan a lie that will make him hate them both. He says they should get down to business. He says the deal is whoever brought the most money gets Ethan. He says show me the money. The girls open up their bags. JT counts all the money. JT wonders what it is about Ethan that has them fighting over him. They talk about how great Ethan is, how he is the best. Gwen is positive she has more money there, she knows she will win. JT keeps tallying up the money as Money makes the world go round plays. JT says he is done, he has no doubt who brought him the most money. He says Gwen . . . she says she knew it, she won! Theresa asks how she won? He says she didnt, he wanted to say how sorry he is that she lost. He says she missed the mark by 100 dollars. Gwen says he counted wrong, but he says he checked and double checked. Gwen looks in her bag, there is no more money left. As it turns out, Rebecca swiped it from the bag thinking a single Benjamin wouldn't hurt Gwen! Theresa says so she wins. Gwen tries to come up with the money, but JT says sorry she came up short. Theresa says now she will get both Ethan and Jane back.

At the mine shaft, Fancy is still stuck on the platform in the shaft. Luis is calling out to her trying to find where she is. He demands Chris tell them where Fancy is. Chris says he doesnt know. Sheridan asks why hes here with a rope and flashlight then? Luis says because he knows where she is. The platform Fancy is on is continuing to give way. Chris claims he came here looking for Fancy, he acted on a hunch based on Luis visitation. Luis is suspicious, how did Chris end up here? Chris says it was just a stroke of luck. Luis says hell get the truth once he finds Fancy. Fancy finally wakes up, finds shes on some platform held up by old fraying ropes and screams. They all hear Fancy scream and follow her cries for help. They find the shaft shes in, she says he has to hurry. Luis realizes getting her out isnt going to be easy. Fancy tells them to hurry, shes slipping. Luis uses Chris rope and flashlight, which he doesnt think Chris brought as a coincidence. Sheridan of course defends her husband saying it does make sense since he was going into a cave. Something ends up breaking off and falling, Luis yells down to Fancy to watch out. A board falls down, but it misses Fancy. Luis keeps arguing with Chris, Sheridan defends him and says Chris couldnt possible have known she was here. Luis lowers the rope down to Fancy and tells her to tie it around her waste. The platform shes on keeps breaking, but she says shes okay. They all realize shes running out of time. Fancy says shes ready, but then the knot she tied came undone. Hd says try again, but dont take too long. The platform keeps breaking more and more. Shes not fast enough. The platform breaks and she falls as everyone watches.


November 10, 2006
Luis and the gang are still in the mine shaft. They are stunned when the platform Fancy is on breaks and she begins to fall. Luis jumps into the pit, shocking Paloma and Sheridan. Sam shows up at this point with rescue gear, he learns Luis has jumped in. Miraculously Luis defies gravity and somehow catches Fancy. He then pulls a spiderman, slinging a rope around a beam and stopping them from falling. Sam and the others are relieved, but there is a problem. Because of the instability of the shafts it may take a week to rescue them! Suddenly Luis rope comes undone and they continue to fall.They crash through some boards and wind up at the bottom of the shaft. Luis comes too and goes to check on Fancy. She's hurt badly. He holds her and tells her not to die on him. He thinks about their special times and says he loves her.

At JT's hotel, Theresa realizes she's won and wants to take JT to see Ethan immediately. Gwen races off after her mom calls and says she needs to get back here now. Theresa and JT have car troubles though and lag behind while Theresa fixes JT's car. 

At the B&B, Rebecca hears Ethan coming to. She puts on her wig and runs into the bathroom, telling Ethan she has to take a shower. He thinks he should join her, because of her head injury. She says no no, she's fine. Ethan wants to talk, she says her throat is sore and sends him for tea. Gwen soon shows up and finds her mom in the bathroom. She explains that Theresa is on her way here with JT, they lost. Gwen sees her moms wig and thinks Rebecca slept with Ethan. She then sees the hundred dollars sticking out from Rebecca's bra and realize she stole the money that maid her short. Gwen says this is all her mom's fault. Ethan returns and Gwen goes out to see him. She stalls so Rebecca can slip out. Rebecca ends up battling with Theresa, who has arrived. Meanwhile Gwen tries to convince Ethan to take an adventurous vacation and run away, but he won't. He wonders what is going on with her. He suspects this has to do with JT, was Theresa right, did she and Rebecca set him up?Ethan suddenly hears Theresa and Rebecca fighting, he tries to see what is happening but Gwen stops him. Theresa gets the upper hand, bursts into the room and tells Gwen her days with Ethan are over. Theresa says JT is here with the proof that Rebecca and Gwen outed Ethan to the tabloids.

At Tabitha's, Fox asks Kay and Miguel what is wrong, has something happened to Maria? They says no. Miguel says he has something to tell Fox. Fox feigns ill and says he needs to go to the bathroom, they'll talk when he returns. Fox spies on them from the bathroom. Kay doesn't want to tell Fox the truth, she thinks he's really dying. Miguel wants to tell Fox though and says if Kay won't then he will. Fox realizes if Miguel tells him that he and Kay want to be together then his plan will be shot. Miguel asks Fox to please come out, he has something to tell him.Kay continues to try and keep Miguel from telling Fox the truth about them.

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