November 13, 2006

Fox is still hiding out in Tabitha's bathroom spying on Miguel and Kay, who talk outside. Miguel keeps telling Fox to come out, he has something to tell him. Kay refuses to tell Fox the truth now, he just found out he's dying. Miguel says it sucks but they can't lie. He says look at all the people they know who had their relationships ruined by lies. He says Theresa would be with Ethan had she only told the truth. Kay knows, her parents would be together if it weren't for her and Ivy's lies. Miguel says Fox is a good guy, he will understand. Meanwhile Fox cooks up a plan. He makes a call and talks to someone who used to do work for Alistair. He asks this person to find someone for him, the quicker the better. Later he tells his person he wants Miguel to have the Alistair Crane treatment. Miguel keeps yelling to Fox to get out here. Fox, faking coughs, says he'll be right out. He puts a curling iron to his forehead and then goes out to the hall, claiming he must have ate something that didn't agree with him. Kay says he has a fever, he's burning up. Miguel wants to tell Fox the truth, but Fox cuts him off. He goes into this long speech about how he's had an epiphany, life is too short and they have to cherish every moment they have. He wants to make peace with Miguel and asks him to be the best man at his wedding. Miguel and Kay are both shocked. Fox says he can't think of any other way to make their special day more perfect then having Kay's best bud and Maria's father there. Kay tells Fox of course Miguel will do it. She tells Fox he should go rest, she'll be in the room soon. Fox leaves, but of course listens in on them again. Miguel hates this, but Kay says they can't tell Fox the truth tonight. Miguel thinks fox expects her to make love to him, he can't deal with that. Kay says Fox is much too ill. She says she'll only sleep in the bed next to him until he falls asleep and then she'll come get him. Fox says to himself that won't happen, he plans on making love to Kay all night long. Kay comes into the room and he pulls her into bed and kisses her. Miguel hears Kay "Oh My'ing" from the hall and hates it.

At the B&B, Theresa bursts into Ethan's room telling him that JT is here and he's going to tell Ethan the truth about who outed him to the tabloids. Gwen is hanging her head, she thinks it is over for her. Ethan tells Theresa how he's heard this before and he's tired of this. JT does show up, stunning Ethan. Gwen claims they can't believe him, he'll only say what Theresa paid him to. JT says his word isn't for sale. Theresa tells JT to tell Ethan how Rebecca and Gwen sold him out to the tabloids. Ethan tells Theresa he wants to question JT without her help, he doesn't want her putting words into his mouth. HE says as a lawyer he should know if JT is lying or not. He tells JT to spit it out. JT says he had a stringer in the mansion that tipped him off, her name was Phyllis. Gwen cheers YES! Theresa says he is lying. JT suggests they not speak ill about the dead. Ethan tells Theresa for months she said JT was the only one who could tell him the truth and he has. Ethan believes Phyllis would have sold him out. Theresa says JT is lying, it is convenient that Phyllis is dead and can't defend herself. Ethan says it is over, he believes this. He goes to Gwen and apologizing, say he's sorry he ever doubted her and he won't ever again. Gwen says it's okay, Theresa can be convincing. Theresa goes to attack JT, but Ethan stops her. He tells her that it's over, she has to accept this. Theresa won't. JT says he thinks he'll just be going, but Ethan says not so fast. Ethan says Theresa changed in her attitude since Rome and he thinks JT told her something. Ethan asks JT what Theresa's big secret is?

Paloma and Sheridan shout down to Luis asking how Fancy is. Sam and Chris have gone to deal with the rescue workers. Luis thinks Fancy is dead. He says he never got to tell her how much she means to him and that he loves her. She stirs, he realizes she is alive. He says she is in shock, she's freezing and he has to warm her up. He says he needs blankets or matches. Paloma says Sam brought rescue packs. They lower the packs down to Luis. A camera is on one of them, which allows Paloma and Sheridan to watch what is going on through a monitor. Luis tries to warm her up, but her clothes are soaked. He has to take them off. At first Fancy reacts, remembering Spike attacking her. Luis assures her it is only him. Sheridan is stunned to see Luis taking off Fancy's clothes, but Paloma explains he has to keep her warm as she's in shock. He gets her under a blanket and starts a fire, but it's not enough. He remembers once warming Sheridan with body heat. He gets naked and joins Fancy under a blanket. The trick works, she begins feeling better. Sheridan however is aghast at watching this, Paloma says she never knew Sheridan was such a prude. Sheridan says she's not. Paloma says he's only trying to save her life. Sheridan knows, he did the same for her once. She knows what it's like to be in Luis' arms, she knows Luis will die trying to save Fancy if he has to. Sheridan tells herself she shouldn't be feeling this way, she is married to Chris. Fancy tells Luis how he's so brave, risking his life to save her. HE says she's the brave one, she saved him. They begin to kiss. Sheridan breaks down as she watches this.


November 14, 2006

At the B&B, Ethan demands JT reveal Theresa's secret. He knows JT told her something in Rome that made Theresa give up on him, he wants to know what it is. JT claims he has no idea what Theresa's secret is. Gwen says that is a lie. Ethan tells Gwen that he thought she had no dealings with JT? Gwen says she didn't, she can just see JT is lying, it's all over his face.  Theresa tries to convince Ethan JT is lying, Gwen knows it as they were all at JT's room earlier. Ethan tells her that is impossible, Gwen has been here all night. Gwen and JT have a quick powwow. She asks why he protected her? He says ask Julian. Meanwhile Theresa talks with Ethan, swearing on their love JT is lying. Ethan can't believe it but gives her one more chance to get the proof. Theresa then attacks JT! Ethan pulls her off saying this is enough. He tells Theresa it's over, he believes Phyllis outed him and he trusts Gwen. He says they all have to move on with their lives. JT says he thinks he'll be going now. Theresa tells JT she will have him killed for this, she can do that and he knows it. JT runs off and Ethan basically throws Theresa out. In the hall Theresa knows someone got to JT and she cries that she really has lost Ethan. Meanwhile Gwen tells Ethan how she's glad he finally believes her, but she is insulted and feels she's owed an apology. Ethan says he's sorry he ever doubted her. She says it's okay, Theresa can be pretty persuasive. 

At Tabitha's, Miguel listens at the door to Kay and Fox's room as Fox begins kissing on Kay. He bursts in saying he doesn't care if Fox is dying, get off his girl! Miguel punches Fox, who falls down. Kay can't believe Miguel and then says Fox has killed him! Of course it's another Passions daydream. Miguel thinks if he sticks around he really will kill Fox. He heads off. Meanwhile Kay tries to put off Fox, saying he was tired earlier and had a fever. He says he wants to be with her, to cherish every last moment . . . Later they have made love, Fox comments how she made love to him like it was his last day on earth. Fox says he's so very tired and falls asleep. Kay sneaks out and Fox wakes up to spy on her.

Outside, Miguel is kicking trash cans. Noah shows up and thinks it's about Kay. Noah says his mom is coming home soon, she'll wave her magic wand and fix everything, including Kay. Miguel says he doesn't understand. Miguel says he loves Kay and wants to be with her. Noah says Kay is marrying Fox, and Fox has been very good to her. Noah tells Miguel not to pull a Theresa, just bow out gracefully. Miguel explains that Kay loves him and wants to marry him, not Fox. He says they were going to tell Fox earlier when they overheard him on the phone with his doctor. Miguel says Fox found out tonight he's dying. Noah can't believe it. Miguel agrees, it's like something out of a soap opera. Noah asks if it could be a trick, Fox is a Crane. Miguel doesn't think so. Later Noah heads off, wishing him and Kay the best. Kay comes out and hugs Miguel, saying she got to him as soon as she could. Fox spies on them and calls Miguel a stupid fool saying he can't outfox the fox.

In the mine shaft, Luis continues to hold Fancy and they kiss. HE thinks she must be feeling better, she says she is. They talk and even joke a bit. He tells Fancy she has to stay awake for him. She says she knows, but she's cold and tired. She knows he thinks she could have a concussion and that is why he doesn't want her to pass out. HE says yes, but also because Sam and the others may need their help in getting them out of here.

Up above, Sheridan continues to watch Luis and Fancy on the monitor. She hates it. She keeps snapping at Paloma, then quickly apologizing. Paloma talks about how Luis is not making love to Fancy, he's just trying to comfort her. Sheridan knows that look on Luis' face, he is falling in love with her. Paloma asks why she gave Luis and Fancy permission to be together if she still loved Luis? Sheridan says she's married to Chris, she couldn't tell them they had no right to be together. Paloma wonders if Sheridan feels she made a mistake marrying Chris. Sheridan finally admits she only married Chris because of James. She says she met James when she had just lost Marty. She says she had so much love to give and James was there. Later she found out Chris was James' father. She says it only felt natural she love him too. Paloma can't believe Sheridan. She says she married Chris for James, what has she done? She can't stay in a marriage for life because of her love for James. Sheridan says she can't give up James though, she just can't.


November 15, 2006
Luis and Fancy are still stuck in the shaft. Fancy says she is so tired. He knows but says she has to stay awake. He says help is on the way. She says really? He says Sam will rescue them, she needs to be awake to help though. She says she can do it. He says that is his girl. She says so she wont die down here? He says no, no one will die. Luis continues to keep Fancy from falling asleep. She says she can do it, shes tough. He says he knows and he will never doubt her again. She wants Luis to know something in case they dont get out of here. He says no way, no negative thoughts. He tells her she is so strong and brave, she is something else. She says that is the nicest thing hes ever said to her. He says if it is then he owes her a big apology. He gives her a kiss and suggests they put on some dry clothes before people get here.

Up above, Paloma and Sheridan continue watching them on the monitor. Paloma asks Sheridan to promise her that shell tell Luis shes still in love with him. Sheridan says she wont leave Chris or risk losing James. Paloma says it isnt fair to Chris or James to be in a loveless marriage. Sheridan says she does care deeply for Chris. Paloma says but she loves Luis. Sheridan says its too late, Luis if falling in love with Fancy. Paloma tells Sheridan how she spent more time with her mama then she did growing up. She thinks it is shocking that Sheridan learned nothing from her. Paloma says her mom believes there is nothing more important that true love. She also is a woman who believes in honesty more than anything else. Paloma says she wanted her kids to learn that so they didn't make the same mistakes she did. Paloma says if any two people in this world belong together it is her and Luis, so how can she stay with Chris? Sheridan says Paloma is Fancys friend, shes always been her cheerleader. Paloma says Fancy is a good friend, but it doesnt change anything. Sheridan says Fancy loves him. Paloma says Sheridan loves him too, and she had him first. Paloma says Luis wants Sheridan. Sheridan doesnt think so anymore, and she says she wont do anything to endanger her relationship with James. She says she wont lose another son. Paloma says yet shed sacrifice Luis? Sheridan says if it means keeping James then yes. Paloma thinks it is a lousy reason to stay married to Chris. Paloma says if Sheridan wont tell Luis the truth then she will. Sam soon returns, they have a wench and a harness to pull them up. Chris returns as well and helps Sam. Luis and Fancy are now in sweats waiting for their rescue. They lower a rope, Luis and Fancy are pulled up by the wench. Suddenly everything starts shaking, they begin falling once again. They end up stopping them from falling only a few feet above the ground. Luis says they are alive. Fancy is of course terrified. They try pulling them up once again. Chris of course is hoping Fancy didnt recognize him or Spike from earlier, otherwise he will lose Sheridan. Luis and Fancy finally make it to the top and are pulled to the ground safely. Sheridan runs to Luis and hugs him, thanking God hes all right. Of course Chris isnt too happy to see this. Sheridan tells Luis she was so frightened. She quickly says she was afraid for Fancy too, they all were. Sam wonders where the paramedics are. Luis says hes fine, its Fancy hes worried about. Paloma tells Luis that Sheridan has something to tell him, but she says not now. Luis then attacks Chris, blaming him for all of this. Chris sticks to his story that he came here by pure luck. He says he came here because of what Luis said in his altered state, that Fancy was someplace cold and dark. He says he was just as shocked as them to find Fancy here. Luis asks Chris why he didnt tell him his theory? Chris says Luis wouldnt have cared what he thought. Sheridan stands by Chris, and Sam says he has no reason not to disbelieve him either. Luis says he will find out the truth and if Chris had anything to do with this then he will answer to him personally. Sheridan tells Luis to stop badgering Chris, hes not involved in this. Paloma says they all heard him moaning in Sheridans living room, its like he was speaking to Fancy. Fancy says Luis heard her? It wasnt a dream? Luis tells her that he heard her, they connected somehow. Luis tells her about how she came to him, she says it is amazing that he could hear her from so far way. Fancy says that has never happened to her before, that kind of psychic connection. Paloma says Luis had it before with Sheridan. Luis says now he has it with her too. She thanks God for that and they hug. Later Fancy is taken off by the paramedics. She wants Luis to come with him. He says he will. Luis goes with her. Paloma doesnt know why Sheridan wont tell Luis the truth. Sheridan says Luis has moved on, she has to accept that her life is with Chris and James. 

Kay talks to Miguel outside. He asks what took so long? Why did it take longer than she said. She says things are different now. He says she didnt make love to Fox did she. Kay lies to Miguel, saying she had to wait to make sure he was really asleep. Kay says Fox is dying and that changes things. He says it only changes some things. Kay says she does love him, but she cant break Foxs heart right now. Kay says he said he wouldnt pressure her. He says hes just freaked out, she is supposed to marry Fox in a few days. He asks Kay to tell him shes not considering going through with this. Kay doesnt answer him. He says they were so close to having it all. He says Fox deserves the truth, what man wants his last days to be a lie. Kay doesnt know if she can do this, dont put this on her. He says if she loves him the way she says she does then why is she being so resistant? He asks if this is about Charity again. He assures her that he wont go back to Charity, even if she came back to Harmony. He says he wants to be with her. Kay admits maybe she is not ready to take a leap of faith in them, she doesnt know if she can believe he wouldnt go back to Charity. We see some fake NuMiguel and NuCharity flashbacks. Miguel promises her that she is his future, not Charity. Kay says easy to say without her here. Kay says if Miguel had found Charity then none of this would be happening. We see more flashbacks of NuMiguel and NuCharity. Kay asks Miguel how he can be so sure hed never go back to Charity? He says he just knows. He says he wont even see Charity again, nobody knows where she is. He says there is no point talking about it.

A spying Fox thinks Miguel is so dense. He says Kay will be his wife, Cranes dont lose. He thinks Kay wont leave him, not when she thinks hes dying. Fox says his days arent numbered, but Miguels are. Fox hears Miguel swearing he wont go back to Charity, that shes out of his life. Miguel says theyll have to put that to the test. Fox makes a call to Crane Security. He thanks them, saying he owes them. He says he has big surprise for Miguel. Fox then calls Charity and tells her that she has to come back to Harmony, its a matter of life and death.

Theresa runs into JT on the pier and attacks him. She jumps him and tells him how dare you! She demands to know why he didnt tell Ethan the truth. Julian appears and says because he stopped JT. Julian knows what shes been up to with JT. She says hes been spying on her? He says shes not the most discreet person he knows. He asks if she learned nothing from their time together? She says they were never married, thank God. He says thank God indeed, he has enough on his hands form two nutcase ex-wives. HE says Crane men have eyes and ears everywhere. Julian has taken the money back from JT and flaunts it in front of her, saying she had no right to give it to JT. She says she did, she is in charge of Crane Industries. He says others have been tried and punished for sticking their paws in the corporate cookie jar. Theresa thinks hes just resentful that he wasnt put in charge. She says its her money and she can do what she wants with it. He says she cant, this is called embezzling. He says he stopped her from committing a punishable felony. She says this wont work, give her the money and stay out of her life. He says oh she never says die does she. She says no and then attacks Julian. JT grabs Theresa, she tells JT to let go of her and shell get him his money. Julian threatens to call the cops and shell go to jail for years. Theresa tells Julian how dare he interfere with her life, and how dare JT betray her after she got him the money. She says she just wants to be with Ethan. Julian says cry me a river. Julian says she did all this for love. She says she did, not that hed understand the meaning of the word. He says its an empty and meaningless word that means nothing. She wont believe that. Julian says Ethan hasnt believed her in all these years, why would he now. Theresa says he told her that he would if he had proof. Theresa says Gwen is the one who betrayed Ethan. Julian already knows. He also says hes not a monster, hes willing to make a deal with her. He says hell let JT tell Ethan the truth . . . if she gives him full custody of Little Ethan. Theresa says she will never give him rights to Little Ethan, and only a cold blooded monster would take a child from his mother. Julian says he is their child. Theresa says Julian has nothing to do with her son. He asks what she means? Theresa remembers JT telling her that Ethan was Little Ethans father. She says she just means he doesnt deserve him. Julian says that is a matter of opinion. He says she knows his terms, give JT the money in exchange for Little Ethan. She refuses though. She says shell get Ethan back another way. Julian says Ethan is representing him in his custody suit. He says shes lost Ethan and now she will lose Little Ethan as well. He says she will lose everything. Later JT is gone, Julian is yelling good riddens to him. He tells Theresa she blew it, she will lose everything now. Theresa says not necessarily. He says yes, and you have yet to learn you cant go up against a Crane man and win. Julian walks off. Theresa cries What have I done?


November 16, 2006

Miguel is talking with his mama about Kay. He says if Kay doesnt tell Fox the truth then he will expect them to go through with the wedding. He says he cant let that happen. Pilar is glad to hear that he will be with Kay. Miguel says Kay has always loved him, she was just afraid of losing him to Charity. He says she thinks hed leave her if Charity came back. Pilar asks if he would? Miguel has some Charity and Miguel flashbacks. Pilar asks Miguel if Charity came home would he leave Kay for her? Miguel says if Charity came back it wouldnt change how he feels, he loves Kay and wants to be with her. He says he just wishes Kay would tell Fox the truth. Pilar says she will when Kay feels the time is right, think how hard Fox will take this news. Miguel says he knows. Miguel decides to head back to the house to see if Kay has told him. 

Luis is thinking about Fancy. Paloma asks what hes thinking about? He says nothing, but she says that smile is not nothing. He admits hes been thinking about Fancy. She says really? Does this mean hes getting over Sheridan? Luis says he might be. He says hes realized how important Fancy is to him and that they may have a future. Paloma asks if hes sure. He says all he knows is thinking about Fancy makes him smile. Paloma says so he has moved on from Sheridan. He says he has to, Sheridan moved on from him. Paloma remembers Sheridan telling her she made a mistake giving up on Luis, the great love of her life. Luis says Sheridan wont leave Chris and there is no chance for a future between them. Luis calls for an order of flowers for Fancy. Later Paloma asks Luis if he had to choose between Sheridan and Fancy, who would he pick. If Sheridan was available again, who would he want. Luis asks Paloma if she knows something he doesnt? Paloma says shes just afraid hes not over Sheridan and that he could break Fancys heart. Luis says it wont happen. Paloma asks if he is serious about Fancy ? Luis says he felt so close to Fancy in that shaft, it was like nothing and no one else mattered. He says she stirred something inside him, hes ready to be with Fancy if she wants to be with him. Luis says he is happy and hell see her later. Paloma hopes Sheridan keeps her feelings for Luis a secret, otherwise life will be hell for them. 

Paloma goes to talk to Pilar. Paloma talks to her mom how she is confused about love. Paloma wonders if love ever works out. Pilar says it does. Paloma begins on listing how love goes wrong for everyone in their family, so it seems. Paloma wont let herself get involved in such a situation. Pilar says love has a habit of letting nothing stop it from happening. Pilar asks Paloma about this police training, is she sure she wants to do this as it doesnt leave much time for dating. Paloma says there is nobody she wants to date. Paloma says maybe there is, but she doesnt think he knows she is alive. Pilar asks who it is. Paloma says shell tell her if it looks like something could happen. She says for now she doesnt want to be in love, it is too painful. Pilar says it doesnt have to be, just choose carefully. Paloma says she will, she won't let what happened to her brothers and sisters happen to her.

Fancy is in the hospital eating. Sheridan shows up to see Fancy. Sheridan has brought Fancy some make-up and a fresh change of clothes. Fancy thanks her. Fancy  says Luis took such good care of her in that mine shaft. She doesnt remember it all, but she remembers how wonderful he was. Sheridan says enough, she cant take it anymore! Fancy asks what is wrong? Sheridan says she doesnt want to hear about Luis. Fancy asks her aunt Sheridan if shes changed her mind about her being with Luis. Fancy says she knows what an amazing love Luis and Sheridan had, they also suffered many tragedies. Sheridan says too many to overcome. Fancy says when Sheridan said she was going to step back and let her be with Luis, did she mean it? Fancy thought she loved Chris now. Sheridan says Chris is a wonderful man, it is just painful for her to see Luis falling for someone else. Fancy understands, but Luis is falling for her now. She says Sheridan cant have Chris and Luis both. Sheridan says she has let Luis go. Fancy says she hopes so otherwise shell be disappointed. She tells her aunt to learn to be happy with Chris as she thinks she and Luis could be happy. Fancy thinks Sheridan has something she wants to say. Is Sheridan here to say she wants Luis back? Sheridan says no. She says while its painful, shell have to get used to seeing her with Luis. Fancy wonders if Sheridan can do that. Fancy thinks if Luis had saved Marty in Europe then she would have left Chris for Luis wouldn't she. Sheridan says he didnt bring Marty home. She says Chris and James are her family now, she cant lose James. Fancy says then let Luis go, let her have a chance with Luis. Sheridan says she let Luis go already. Fancy asks why they are always talking about him then? Sheridan says because Fancy brings him up and because seeing Fancy with Luis reminds her of the love she and Luis share. Fancy says share as in present tense? Sheridan says she meant shared of course. Fancy asks really? Fancy demands to know if Sheridan has given up on Luis. Sheridan tells Fancy that she has nothing to worry about, she is married to Chris and plans to stay married to him. Luis later shows up with bunches of flowers for Fancy. Luis doesnt even see Sheridan, who is standing in the back of the room. Her mouth is wide open.

At Tabithas, Fox lets Kay hear another fake call between him and his doctor. He says hell be in to pick up his prescriptions. He still wont tell Kay the truth as  he wants her to enjoy her wedding day. Kay spies on him and says Fox is so brave. Fox tells himself that Kay wont leave him if she thinks hes dying and Miguel will never take her away from him. Fox tells the doctor that he loves Kay with all his heart, even if it is defective .Kay says she cant tell Fox the truth. Fox tells the doctor he has to go and hangs up. Kay walks in, Kay asks who he was talking to? Fox says just the office, he was letting them know hed be late. He gives her a hug and says its a beautiful day isnt it. He tells her how precious she is. Kay tells Fox that he knows he can tell her anything right? He says he does. She asks if there is anything he wants to tell her? Fox says there is something he needs to tell her. He says he has planned the biggest bridal shower that Harmony has ever seen. He wants everything to be perfect leading up to their wedding. She says he is so sweet. He says she makes him want to live forever so he can take care of her. He says he cant wait to marry her. They hug, Fox cracks a big smile. 

Miguel returns to Tabithas and talks with Kay. He asks if she told Fox yet, she says no. Miguel wonders when Kay plans on telling Fox, after they are married? Kay says she hates the idea of hurting Fox like this. Miguel says she has to tell him. Meanwhile, Fox calls up Charity to see if she got his deliver. She says she did. He says good. He tells her to follow the instructions he sent and shell be in Harmony by tonight. Fox says a party is coming up and he wants here there. HE says the Crane jet will be waiting for her at the airport, shell be back in Harmony in no time.

Chad gets a call from someone and says hes at the Book Caf to meet Jared. He says hell meet her (Valerie) later, they have a lot to talk about. Jared shows up to see Chad, he asks if he is crazy meeting Valerie? Is he trying to screw things up with Whitney? Chad says its none of Jareds business. Jared asks why hes taking these risks? How long does he think he can have both Whitney and Valerie? Chad says he doesnt understand. Jared says he does, he turned to Valerie when Whitney left to be a nun. Things have changed though. Chad knows three people dont make a relationship. He says he loves Whitney and wants to marry her. He says he will take care of it. Jared says if Whitney finds out hes been with Valerie then Whitney will end it. Chad says he can handle it. He asks Jared what is going on with him and Theresa? He says nothing, Theresa wants to be with Ethan again. Jared says hes decided to leave town. 

Theresa meets up with Whitney to talk. They are at Crane Daycare checking on the kids. Theresa cries to Whitney how everything with Ethan has fallen apart, shell never have him. She explains the whole drama with JT, Gwen and Julian. Whitney wants Theresa to tell the truth about Little Ethan, but she says Ethan will take her son like he took Jane. She says Gwen will make sure of it. Whitney tells Theresa that she cant let Julian win no matter what. She says go to Ethan and make some kind of shared custody deal. Theresa notices Whitney seems tired and upset. Whitney says shes been having a hard time sleeping since Rebecca told her that she saw Chad in a hotel room naked. Theresa tells her not to believe a word Rebecca has to say, Rebecca is doing this to get to her. Whitney says she was worried about Chad cheating on her though, but Theresa says they settled that. Whitney says Theresa is right, Rebecca is just a witch. Whitney asks Theresa if she cant be with Ethan then what about Jared? Theresa says its too late for that, she let Jared go. Theresa thinks she hurt him, she can't take that back.

Chad returns to the office and tells Theresa about some contracts he put together she needed. She thanks him. He asks how shes doing today? She asks if he talked to Jared. He says he did, he knows things didnt work out between them. Chad also knows she wanted to try again with Ethan. Chad asks how things with Ethan went? Theresa says not good. He asks if shell patch things up with Jared? Theresa says she cant, Jared wont forgive her for what she did. Theresa says in less than 24 hours she has lost two great men. She wonders what in the hell shes done with her life. Chad thinks Theresa should talk to Jared, but Theresa says it is too late to make it up to him. Chad says later then she thinks, he is leaving Harmony. He says if Theresa doesnt act then shell lose Jared forever. She wonders if she can convince Jared to stay. Chad says she should try, otherwise shell end up with no one.

Whitney runs into Jared in the hall. She asks Jared if hes seen Chad? Jared says he should be in with Theresa. Whitney asks if he talked to Theresa by chance. He says no. Whitney wondered if he heard what happened between her and Ethan. Whitney says things didnt work out between her and Ethan. Whitney begs Jared to forgive Theresa and give her a second chance. He says its not his choice. Whitney thinks it is. Jared says Theresa loves someone else, he cant be with someone who doesnt want to be with him. Whitney says Theresa and Ethan arent going to be together. Whitney says Theresa feels terrible, she knows she hurt him and she does care about him. Jared says he cares about her too, but like Chad says you cant be in a relationship with three people. Whitney says Chad said that? Jared says he did. Whitney asks if Chad said anything else about their relationship? Jared just says if Theresa loved him as much as Chad loves her, well wild horse couldnt keep them apart. Whitney tells him not to give up on Theresa. Jared says he wont be second choice. What happens if she tries to give Ethan another chance down the road? Whitney says he and Theresa have something special, they will realize they are perfect for each other if they keep spending time together. She asks Jared if he can walk away not knowing what might have been. 


November 17, 2006

Ethan and Julian are talking in Ethan's office about Julian's custody suit. Ethan is still committed to helping Julian get partial custody of Little Ethan. Julian says things have changed, he's going to full custody now. Ethan tells Julian he thinks it is very unlikely that he'll get full custody. Julian tells Ethan that there might be something Theresa may be interested in in exchange for giving up custody of her son. Ethan highly doubts that. Julian says Theresa and Jimmy aren't as close as they once were. Ethan says his name is Jared, and where is Julian going with all of this? Julian drops it and tells Ethan that he wants full custody. Ethan says he'll peruse it, but he doesn't feel Julian will get it. Julian tells himself that Ethan doesn't know what he knows, and Theresa will not give up the chance to be back with Ethan.

Jared and Theresa talk in her office. Jared explains how he's leaving Crane and Harmony. She begs him not to go. She tells Jared that she and Ethan are over, but Jared doesn't believe that. Theresa says she thought she had a chance with Ethan, he told her that if she could prove Gwen betrayed him then they could be together. She says well she couldn't, so it's over. Theresa tells Jared she does care for him, and she doesn't think you have to be out of love with someone to begin falling in love with someone else. He agrees. She says she'd like to give them another chance if he would. He doesn't think she is really over Ethan and he's sure she'll have another chance to be with him. She asks if he really thinks that? He says yes, a man can't forget about a woman like her. Ethan then shows up to speak with Theresa. She has been expecting him. Jared says he'll leave them to discuss Little Ethan.

Theresa and Ethan get to talking about the custody case. Theresa tries to figure out some deal that will appease Julian. Ethan says Julian has changed his mind, he doesn't want partial custody anymore, he wants full custody. Theresa says never! Ethan tells Theresa that he gets the feeling Julian knows something, something Julian isn't telling him. Ethan asks Theresa if Julian is blackmailing her? She asks why he'd think that? Ethan says he knows Julian, he can read him as he grew up believing Julian was his father. Theresa goes off saying Julian can't have custody of Little Ethan. She finally blurts out that Julian isn't his father. Ethan is stunned. Ethan asks what she means? Theresa can't believe Ethan doesn't get it. Ethan asks Theresa who Little Ethan's father is? Theresa says he is!

Fox makes a call to his father to let him know he's dying. Julian says what? When did he learn this! Fox says he's not really dying, but he's let Kay and Miguel think it. He says it is part of his plan. Julian is impressed. Fox says there is more, he asks Julian to come to Tabitha's.

Noah shows up at Tabitha's as Kay is talking with Tabitha in the kitchen. Noah says Fox called him over to help with the bachelor party. Miguel says there won't be a bachelor party, their won't be a bridal shower either. Tabitha doesn't understand what is going on here. Kay explains how she's decided she wants to marry Miguel, but then she and Miguel heard Fox on the phone and he's dying. Tabitha is stunned. She waves her hand to freeze things so she can think to herself. She can't believe Fox is dying, she is afraid how Endora will react to this news. She unfreezes everyone. Miguel tells Kay how she has to tell Fox the truth. Fox of course shows up, so everyone mums up. He tells Kay how he needs to talk to the boys in the living room. After they all leave, Tabitha talks with Kay about what she will do. Kay can't imagine hurting Fox, but Tabitha warns her if she doesn't tell Fox then she'll have to marry him.

In the living room there is a giant photo of Fox and Kay on a big heart. Fox has begun setting up for the party. He tells Noah how he's sorry he didn't ask him to be the best man, Noah says it's okay and he understands. Miguel tells Fox he has to tell him something right now. Noah stops Miguel from saying anything about the truth because Kay wouldn't like it. Kay soon shows up and Fox pulls her into a kiss, saying how he loves her so much and can't wait to marry her. Fox walks off as he has a business call to take. Miguel continues pressuring Kay to tell Fox the truth.

Julian arrives with a bottle of champagne. He gives it to Kay and congratulates her. Miguel asks Kay if she has anything to say? Kay says yes, thank you. Fox says he needs to talk business with his dad, they head upstairs to Fox's room. Fox explains how he's planning a huge party for Kay and has a big surprise for her and Miguel. There is a knock at the door, Fox opens in. A woman in a hooded coat walks in. It's Charity! Julian tells Charity how it is so good to see her again. Fox agrees, she has no idea how good it is that she is back in Harmony.

Luis comes to see Fancy at the hospital. He has brought flowers for her and walks right by Sheridan, who is also in the room. Fancy says they are lovely. Luis eventually notices Sheridan, saying he didn't even see her there. Luis tells Fancy how special she is and how all the guys at the station really miss her. Sheridan is not liking this at all. Eve shows up, she doesn't like the scene going on here. She can see it looks like Luis and Fancy are falling in love, she also sees Sheridan notices it too. Eve says she needs to examine Fancy and asks them to step out of the room, which they do. 

Eve talks to Fancy after her exam. She asks about her and Luis. Fancy talks about how she and Luis are really getting close, he's moving on from Sheridan. Eve is worried. She tells Fancy that Sheridan loved Luis deeply and he broke her heart. She's afraid the same will happen to Fancy. Fancy doesn't think so. Eve however is worried, especially about Sheridan. Eve says Sheridan may say she's over Luis, but she may not really be. Eve says she likes Sheridan and she likes Fancy, but there is something in Crane's blood that makes it impossible for them to let go of someone they love. She says look at her, Julian and TC and the mess it has become. She fears Sheridan isn't ready to let go of Luis and she could do a lot of things that may shock Fancy. Fancy remains confident that Sheridan won't risk losing James for Luis.

Luis talks to Sheridan in the hall way. He asks what she and Fancy were talking about. Sheridan says not much. He asks if they talked about him and how Fancy feels about him. Sheridan says "Oh My God! You don't just care for Fancy, you are in love with her!" Luis admits yes, he's falling in love with Fancy. Sheridan says well she can see why, she and Fancy are a lot a like. Luis says he doesn't think so. He says yes they are both blonde and beautiful, but Fancy is her own person. Luis thinks he and Fancy can really be happy together. Sheridan says well she's happy for him. He asks if she is happy? Sheridan assures him she is happy with Chris and James. Luis presses her, is she sure? Sheridan says she is.

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