November 20, 2006
At Tabithas, Miguel and Kay are hugging. Miguel tells Kay shes doing the right thing by telling Fox the truth. She says hell be so hurt. Miguel says hell be more hurt if they go through with this shower. He tells her that she has to tell Fox that the wedding is off. Kay says Fox is being so selfless trying to protect her. She asks how she can be so selfish? Miguel says guests are on their way now, they cant put this off any longer. She says she knows. He says Fox deserves the truth and he doesnt want their love to be a deep dark secret. She says she knows, but this will be a shock. She says he doesnt know that they know hes sick. Miguel knows, but they have to tell him. He admits it's not all selfless on his part, he wants to be with her. She says as she ends up laying in Miguels arms she cant help but think about how broken heated Fox will be. She says hell be alone and dying. Miguel asks Kay if she is changing her mind? Is she planning on marrying Fox? She says no, so he says together they will figure it out. They kiss, but Kay says they cant do this here. He says he wants her here and now. They fall onto the couch together.

In Foxs room, Fox tells Charity how Miguel will be so surprised to see her, in fact he never shuts about about her. He says and his Kay, well shes changed, she realizes the importance of family now. He tells her how her being here will really make this marriage special. She says hes just saying that. To himself he says Charity being here will ensure Miguel and Kay are torn apart forever. He tells her that he didnt know if she had time to pack, so he got together some of her old clothes and had new ones bought. Charity says that was thoughtful. She says Kay is lucky to be marrying a Crane, he waves his wand and dreams come true. He says not really. He suggests she wear this new red dress he bought. She says it isnt her style. He says Miguels eyes will pop out of his head when he sees her in it. She says if he says so. She thanks Fox for tracking her down, the surprise will be worth it. Later Charity has changed into her little red dress. Fox looks at her and says wow, Miguel will flip when he sees her. He says she looks perfect. She continues getting ready, putting on make-up and stuff. He tells her to keep getting ready, he wants to make sure everything is ready for Kay and Miguel and their big surprise. 

Back downstairs, Kay and Miguel are kissing and all over one another. Fox shows up and sees them on the couch under a blanket about to make love.

At the hospital, Fancy is still in her room talking to Eve. Fancy says she thinks Eve would want to keep her quiet and happy, all this talk about love triangles is only making her crazy. Eve says she is sorry. She says earlier when they were all in the room together the tension was so thick. Fancy says theyll work through it. Eve tells Fancy not to be surprised by what both she and Sheridan are capable of if they start competing for Luis. Fancy thinks it wont happen, Sheridan is over Luis. Eve warns her that Sheridan and Luis love didnt end like most love affairs do. Eve says no matter what happens, Luis and Sheridan have a connection. She says she can feel it. Fancy says they might not have broken up in a normal way, but their affair did end. Fancy says Luis is free to be with her. Eve says just remember that she warned her to be careful. Fancy says Luis is her, hes finished with Sheridan.

James and Chris show up at the hospital to see Sheridan. Before they go to see her, Chris tells James that they need to play a game. He says if Uncle Luis asks him about the man who comes to the estate to see him, they will pretend they dont know what he looks like. He asks James if he can do that? James doesnt know. Chris tells him to try.

Luis asks Sheridan if she is happy with Chris or not? She says she is happy, she has James now. Luis asks her to answer the question, is she happy with Chris? She says what he wants to know is if she is happy with Chris and not him. He asks if she can say she loves Chris the same way she loves him? She doesnt get a chance to answer, James and Chris soon show up. Eve then shows up as well. She says shes done examining Fancy, they can go in. James ends up running into the room screaming Aunt Fancy! Sheridan thinks that is the last thing Fancy needs in her hospital room. Chris heads in, Luis decides to go in and question Fancy. Eve detains Sheridan to talk. Eve wants to talk about Luis and the fact that Sheridan still loves him. Sheridan says shes married now, she has a family. Eve says she saw what was going on in that room, it was tense and she knows it was. Eve says her feelings for Luis were all over her face. Sheridan tells Eve that she is just imagining things. Eve doesnt think so. Eve says she knows Sheridan better then anyone, she knows how she bottles up her emotions and buries her pain. Sheridan tells Dr. Russell shes no longer her psychiatrist so stop analyzing her. Eve says she knows her, she knows in times of stress she turns away from reality. Eve says if she doesnt face up to her feelings then theyll eat away at her soul. She says those feelings will explode and destroy her lives and the lives of though around her, including her new family. Sheridan tells Eve to mind her own business. She says she knows what is going on in her own head and she can handle it. She says she has everything shes always wanted now. She says she has James and Chris now. She says she made a decision between Chris and Luis. She says she chose Chris, she doesnt want to be with Luis any longer. Eve says so her head said that, does her heart also say she can live without Luis? Sheridan says she is very happy, she has everything she wants. Eve says she saw the look on her face when she saw Luis and Fancys closeness. Sheridan finally admits it does hurt. She says Luis certainly didnt waste any time moving on. Sheridan says its only natural she feels this way. She says she needs to get over this, her heart lies with Chris and James. Sheridan tells Eve not to be concerned about her. Eve says she cant forget the love she and Luis shared. Sheridan says nobody remembers how her great love cost her her son, if Luis believed her then Marty would still be alive. Eve says everything that happened was because of Alistair. Sheridan says it doesnt matter, Luis didnt bring Marty home and she cant get past that. She says she has Chris and James now and couldnt be happier. Eve says fine, but her door is always open to Sheridan. Sheridan says now she will go see her son and walks off.

Luis is in Fancys room, James and Chris are there too. Luis wants to question Fancy about what happened to her. Chris suggests they go, but Luis wants them to stay. Fancy gives James some playing cards to go play with while they talk. Luis asks Fancy to think back, does she remember who she was chasing? Fancy says she never saw his face, she chased him through town and into the cave. She says he hit her, when she woke up she was blindfolded. Fancy says he tried to rape her, but never did. She says she tried to escape and fell into the mine shaft. Luis asks her to try and identify the suspect. Fancy remembers before she fell there were two people there. He asks if she can think back, does she recognize their voices? Chris begins to worry at this point. Fancy thinks she remembers someones voice. Luis asks what she heard? She only remembers Luis talking to her and saying that he loved her. She decides not to say anything about that just yet. She says she thinks she was just hearing him calling down to her. He says well given what shes been through it is understandable she doesnt remember much. He asks about when she was back at the mansion, what made her go after this person. Fancy remembers, James pointed the man standing outside the windows. Fancy says they were playing and he told her that he saw a man talking to his dad, and the man happen to be standing outside. She says she ran after him and that is how she ended up in the mines. Luis asks Chris about this man, who was it? Chris says he doesnt know, it could have been anyone who works on the estate. He also says James was just confused, he could have imagined this person being someone he knew. Luis says since Chris wont answer him then hell ask James about this man who may have murdered Phyllis. Chris says his son is just a kid. Luis says kids can be brought in as witnesses. He tells Chris if he wont let him question James then hell have to assume Chris is hiding something. They bicker back and forth, Chris eventually gives Luis his permission to question James. Luis asks James about the man he saw at the mansion when he was playing with Fancy. He wants to show James some photos of the man. Sheridan walks in and asks what is going on? Luis says he was asking James some questions about the man who took Fancy. Sheridan is furious. She asks who gave him permission to do this? Luis says Chris did. She says after he badgered him shes sure. She tells Lyuis to stay away from her son! Sheridan tells Fancy to feel better and then storms off with James, Chris follows. Luis chases after them. Meanwhile Fancy is wondering if she really heard Luis say he loves her, or was it wishful thinking

Out in the hall, Sheridan cant believe Chris let this happen. She tells Luis they are leaving. She tells him never to approach her son again. She says if he talks to James again then shell have him thrown off the force. Sheridan storms off. Eve returns and asks what happened? Luis says it all goes back to Marty . . . Sheridan hates him. 

In her office, Ethan cant believe what Theresa has said, she has to be lying. Theresa says no, Julian isnt Little Ethans father . . . he is. He asks if this is another one of her crazy lies. He says this is madness, they were only together one time and she was on birth control. She says it didnt work. He says she is lying, he thinks she would have told him about it years ago. He says she wouldnt have kept this from him, not knowing what happened to him and losing his own family. Ethan says if she is telling him that Little Ethan is his son . . . he doesnt think she could have done something that cruel. He demands Theresa say she is lying, he doesnt believe she could be as cruel as his mother. He says this has to be a sick joke. He says she of all people would know how angry hed be about this. He says they have had their difference, but they were close once. He cant believe shed keep this from him. Theresa says she is not a cruel person. He says then why did she say that to him? She cries and says he knows how she is, how she lash out in arguments. She says she meant to say he was like a father to Little Ethan. He says he understands. He says the funny thing is that hes disappointed that it isnt true. He says he loves Little Ethan as if he were his own. Theresa says she knows. She says so many things are wrong with her life. She says in her fantasies things are so different. Ethan tells Theresa that she is obviously very distraught. He says custody battles arent fun, they are nasty. She says hed know, he stole her daughter. Ethan says hes acting in Julians best interest. Theresa says what about her or Little Ethans best interests. Ethan says he wont argue with her about this, he should probably go. Theresa says she wants him to reassure her that hell always be part of Little Ethans life. He says he loves spending time with Little Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan that he is her sons moral compass, he trusts him and she trusts him too. She says dont let her down. Ethan says Little Ethan is a great kid, if he was his son then his life would be complete. Ethan says he needs to get going. He tells her to go through these papers carefully. Ethan says he wishes her the best and heads off. Theresa cries that this isnt fair. What did she do to deserve this.


November 21, 2006

Whitney stops by to see Theresa at her office. Theresa tells her how telling Ethan the truth about Little Ethan went. She tells Whitney that shes lost all hope of ever being with Ethan because if she does then he'll hate her. Whitney says shes sorry she has to go through this. Theresa says she can never tell Ethan the truth and her son will have to go through life thinking Julian is his father. Whitney wishes she could help her somehow. Theresa says being here for her helps her. Whitney still wants Theresa to make Ethan believe the truth. Theresa says she cant, the hurt in his eyes was just too great. Whitney says she has to make Ethan see where shes coming from. Theresa says Ethan wont understand and then hell try and take Little Ethan from her. Theresa says she has really messed things up. She wonders why love has to be so painful. Whitney says it shouldnt be. Theresa realizes she has to go to Fox and Kays wedding shower. Whitney isnt going as shes not in the mood. She thinks Theresa shouldnt go either. Theresa says she has to be there for Miguel. Theresa remembers how when they were little they used to dream about their weddings and the showers they'd give one another. Theresa realizes shell never have her dream. Theresa thinks Whitney can still have it though. She thinks Whitney and Chad will live happily ever after. Whitney says she doesnt think so. Whitney says shes not going to marry Chad, shes calling it off. She says she cant even think about marrying Chad when she thinks hes having an affair. She says when she takes her vows she wants it to be forever. She says she cant commit to a man that she thinks is lying to her. She says if she marries Chad then she wants him to love her with his whole heart. Whitney says they were taught that marriage is special. Theresa says shes sounding like Ethan now. Whitney says its one reason she loves Ethan so much. Theresa says but his marriage is a fraud. Whitney says like her marriage to Alistair? Theresa says in her heart she always knew it wasnt a real marriage. She says she was out of her mind to think Alistair would have done anything to help her. Theresa says she does believe if she married Ethan that it would have been forever. Theresa tells Whitney if shes basing her decision not to marry Chad on what Rebecca said then dont. Theresa tells Whitney to marry Chad, have a good life with him. Whitney says she cant have that if Chad is cheating. Theresa asks Whitney if she really thinks Chad is that stupid to risk losing her and Miles over this thing? Whitney says she cant marry someone she thinks is having an affair. Theresa asks Whit if shes asked Chad about this. Whitney says no, shes afraid of what Chad might say. Theresa asks Whitney if she really thinks Chad would lie to her so easily? Whitney says she didnt use to think so. Theresa doesnt think so, she thinks Rebecca is lying. Whitney says she had her suspicions since before. Theresa reminds her that she was wrong. Theresa says after everything they went through they finally have a chance at happiness. Whitney says shell give Chad a chance to tell her the truth. Theresa says shell see that everything is A-Okay. Theresa then says she will throw her the best bridal shower. Whitney says as long as Theresa will let her give her one for her and Jared. Theresa doesnt think it will ever happen. Whitney says Theresa was happy for the first time in a long time when she was with him. Theresa says she was, then JT showed up and she saw an opportunity to get Ethan back. Whitney asks Theresa to convince Jared to stay, but Theresa thinks it is too late. Theresa says she really did think she had a chance to be happy with Jared. 

At the hospital, Fancy is on the phone telling Esme that Luis told her that he loves her. Fancy says she thinks he meant it. However she says Luis could have been carried away, but he seemed sincere. Esme asks about Sheridan. Fancy says she doesnt think Luis is totally over her yet. She says Sheridan was angry with Luis today and it hurt him. Fancy then begins to worry, maybe she really did dream the whole thing up, maybe Luis doesnt love her. Later a nurse tells Fancy that she is free to go home. Fancy is given some instructions and pain killers. Fancy decides to make her own arrangements home rather than have someone called to get her. Fancy calls Luis and gets his voicemail. She says he must be busy so shell talk to him later. She worries Esme could be right, what if Luis just got caught up in the moment and didnt mean it when he said he loved her. What if she imagined it all?

Ethan and Luis are in the Crane steam room. They are talking about their problems. They both saw how hard they were punching the bags in the gym. Ethan tells Luis that his problem is Theresa and there is nothing he can do to fix it. Luis tells Ethan that today he realized Sheridan doesnt love him anymore, in fact she hates him. Ethan doubts that, but Luis says it is true. He says she hates him for not bringing Marty home. Ethan says she knows he did everything he could. Luis says he failed her, he saw it in her eyes today. He says he has to accept it and move on. Ethan asks how Fancy is doing. Luis says Fancy is amazing. Ethan keeps talking about his issues with Theresa. He says Theresa may finally be giving up on him. Luis doubts that. Ethan then goes through the whole recap about JT Cornell and how he didnt back up Theresas story. Later they leave the sauna and end up changing in the locker room. They continue talking about Theresa. Ethan hopes Theresa will be able to move on with someone else. Luis says what about that Jared guy. Ethan says no way, he doesnt like Jared, hes not the right guy for her. Ethan says beside Jared is leaving town. Luis asks if there is a right guy for Theresa as far as hes concerned? Ethan says there is one, just not Jared. Luis understands how he feels. Luis talks to Ethan about how he always loved Sheridan and thought there would never be room in his heart for another woman, Sheridan is the only woman hed love. Fancy shows up at this point and hears Luis talking about Sheridan. Fancy ends up crying, she thinks hell never love anyone but Sheridan. She takes off and doesnt hear Luis admit that he never thought hed love again until Fancy came along. Luis says hes realized he loves Fancy. Ethan says Luis deserves to be happy. He says Sheridan seems to be happy now. Luis says she is, she has the family shes always wanted. Ethan tells Luis that if Fancy is the one that makes him happy then hes happy for him. Fancy is off elsewhere crying. She thinks Luis doesnt love her at all. Meanwhile Ethan asks how Fancy feels, but Luis says he hasnt told her yet. Ethan says Luis needs to tell her right now. Luis agrees and says he'll go tell Fancy that he loves her.

At Tabithas, Tabitha is walking around wondering where everyone is, this bridal shower is supposed to start any minute. She says she hates human parties, especially ones that celebrate love and marriage and that nonsense. Charity walks by and Tabitha thinks her eyes are deceiving her. Tabitha says she hasnt been here for two years, nobody knows where she is. Tabitha says it cant be Charity. Charity goes into her room, Tabitha wonders how Charity could be here after everything she did to make sure Miguel never found her. Tabitha says if Miguel sees her then it will be over for Kay and Miguel , as well as for her and Endora. Tabitha says this could be the end for them all. Tabitha wonders why Charity is here, why hasnt anyone else seen her. She says she must be seeing things, it couldnt be Charity. She says it better not be for all their sakes. Tabitha walks off and Charity comes back out of her room. She says she cant wait to surprise Kay and Miguel.

Fox finds Miguel making love to Kay in the living room. Fox says Miguel will die right now. He sees a knife on the table and picks it up. He approaches Miguel to stab him but Julian grabs him and pulls him away. Julian pulls Fox outside asking him what hes doing? Fox asks his father if he saw what Miguel was doing? Julian says if he does this hell lose Kay forever, hell go to prison. He asks Fox if he still wants Kay, even though shes behaving like a tramp. Fox says shes just confused. Fox is weeping like a baby at this point. Julian tells him that hes a Crane, control the situation, continue with his plan to let them think hes dying. He tells Fox to play his trump card, his Charity card. He says its time to drop the bomb on Miguel and Kay. 

Back inside, Miguel tells Kay that she cant marry Fox, she belongs to him. He says shes the only woman he wants, the only woman in his heart. Kay tells Miguel how he is like a drug to her. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her so much. Kay says she has to go get ready, people are coming over. Miguel says it doesnt matter, shes not going to marry anyone. He wants her to go up and tell Fox the truth. She says it will be so hard. She says Fox is a good person and now hes dying. She says he doesnt deserve this. Miguel says he doesnt, but he should have told her about it. Kay says he just wanted to spare her the pain. Miguel demands she go tell Fox the truth, not telling him is cruel. She says okay, shes going to go tell him right now. 

Tabitha heads out to her yard. Shes still telling herself that it couldnt have been Charity, it must be a friend of Kays. She goes to head back inside only to be stopped by Julian. Julian confronts her about Endora. Tabitha says she made it clear, he wont be a part of Endoras life. Julian says he wont make a scene tonight, but he isnt letting this go. Julian walks off. Tabitha says if she had her full powers she could have turned Julian into a toad. She is worried about Endora and decides to go check on her. 

Fox returns to his room and finds Charity. She was in the bathroom, he nearly had a heart attack when she wasnt here. Charity asks when they can see Kay and Miguel. Fox says he has decided not to wait for the guests to arrive, now is the perfect time for them to see him. Fox sneaks Charity outside to the backyard. He tells her to hang tight and hell go find Kay and Miguel. She tells Fox to hurry, she cant wait. Fox says neither can he. 

Back in the living room Kay and Miguel are dressed for the shower. They are planning to tell Fox the truth. Fox shows up, Kay says she was just coming to find him. Fox says he was helping the caterers. He says everyone will be here soon. He also says their wedding will be the wedding of the year. Kay says she has something to say. He knows what shes going to say. He says she wants to see the backyard, he wants to show it to her. Kay says it can wait, they need to talk. Fox says she can tell him outside. She says no this cant wait, they need to talk.

Meanwhile Miguel heads out to the backyard where the party is all set up. Miguel is talking to himself about how he feels bad for Fox, but now he and Kay will be able to start their lives together. In the bushes Charity is smiling, she has no clue what is really going on.


November 22, 2006
At Theresa's office, Gwen shows up looking for Ethan, but she runs into Jared instead. He tells her that she cant find Ethan so she thought he was with Theresa? She says old habits die hard. Jared assures her that Ethan isnt here. He also reveals to Gwen how hes leaving Harmony. Gwen says he cant leave Harmony. Ethan shows up and asks why does Jared have to stay? Ethan knows what this is about, it's about Theresa. He assures Gwen that he will never leave her for Theresa. He says that Theresa manipulating their lives is no different then her manipulating Jared and Theresa's. Jared asks if he gets a say . . . he guesses not. They keep arguing about Theresa and Jared. He eventually asks if he has to cluck like a chicken to get attention here? Gwen says shes sorry, they have tunnel vision when it comes to Theresa. Gwen gets a call from Jane's sitter and leaves to take it. Ethan talks with Jared about him leaving. He never thought Jared was the kind of guy whod give up on Theresa, especially when shes most vulnerable. Jared says Ethan surprised him too, he never thought he could be such an idiot as only an idiot would leave Theresa. Ethan says hes married and wont leave his wife. Jared says Theresa claimed hed leave Gwen if she found proof that Gwen exposes his paternity. Ethan says Theresa says a lot of things that arent true, they arent lies but more of wishful thinking on her part. They argue, Ethan says he wont miss Jared and wont wish him to come back anytime soon. Jared tells Ethan he talks the talk but doesnt walk the walk. He tells Ethan to let Theresa go, let her be happy and Ethan should be a real husband to his wife. He tells Ethan hes being unfair to Theresa and selfish. Gwen returns and Jared walks off. Gwen wonders what they were talking about. Ethan says he just let Jared know what he thought about him, and he thinks Theresa is better off without him. Ethan says good riddens too. Gwen says she has a sitter for Jane so they can go to Kays shower if they want. Ethan says hes going to go see Sam and try and convince him to go as well. Gwen says good luck with that. Gwen says shell meet Ethan there. 

Kays wedding shower is in full swing. A fortune teller is at the shower, she offers to tell Theresas fortune. Theresa says she doesnt believe in that sort of thing. The woman says she used to, she reminds her of the fortune teller at the carnival who told her shed marry a Crane, a fortune which came true. Theresa wonders how she knew that. The teller says the cards told her. She can tell Theresa how her future will turn out with the man she loves but lost. She says he loves her still, but hes bound to a wife. Theresa says yes, Ethan and Gwen. Theresa asks out of curiosity, what else do they tell her. The fortune teller says Theresas heart is broken, and it is clear she cant be with the man of her dreams now. She says the cards also say this man will not leave his wife. Theresa cant believe the cards revealed all this. The fortune teller asks if she wants to know more? Theresa says yes. She asks if the cards say she and this man are over for good. The fortune teller tells her that shes never seen the cards give such a definite answer. The teller tells Theresa that she will be surprised by what the future holds. Theresa asks if it is good news? The fortune teller says yes, she will have the best news she ever hoped for. The fortune teller says she will never be with Ethan and has no chance of a future with him. She says a life with Ethan would be filled with pain and sorrow, fate is trying to protect her from it. She says fate wants her to be with another man, a man better for her than Ethan. Theresa says she is wrong about Ethan, and the other guy doesnt want anything to do with her. The fortune teller says not true, he wants her, he just feels he cant have her because of Ethan. The fortune teller  says this man is a man of principles and ethics, he never judged her for loving Ethan. Theresa says this man is Jared. The teller says if she doesnt act quickly then she will lose this Jared, he her future and not Ethan. The teller says he is her last chance at happiness.

In her kitchen, Tabitha talks to Endora about how she thinks she may have seen Charity earlier. Shes not sure, but if Charity is back then all heaven could break loose. Endora conjures up a MarTimmy for her mother, which she thanks her for. Tabitha says shes worked too bloody hard for her pension to see Charity destroy it. She also says if Charity is back it gives Kay one more thing to worry about. Tabitha realizes she cant let Endora learn Fox is dying, that wouldnt go over well. She laughs that its not like Miguel will find Charity in her own backyard. Later Tabitha sees Endora watching the Macys parade on TV. Tabitha turns it off to keep her from learning it is Thanksgiving. Tabitha gets her to help with the appetizers, Endora zaps them and sets them all up. Tabitha tells herself that Endora cant find out it is Thanksgiving. We see flashbacks of last years Thanksgiving and the mess Endora made. Later Endora has turned the TV back on, she knows it is Thanksgiving and asks why her mom didnt tell her. Tabitha says because she overdoes her woo woo on Thanksgiving. Endora says but she loves Thanksgiving, its about family and friends. Tabitha says just when she thought things couldnt get worse, Endora had to go and embrace Thanksgiving.

Kay is trying to talk to Fox, but Fox says they have to greet their guests. He walks off and heads outside. Kay realizes this will be harder than she thought. Outside Fox says he has too keep Kay from telling him the truth until after she sees Charity is back. He thinks she wont trust Miguels love for her and will stay with him. Later Kay tries to tell Fox the truth, but a drunk Jessica walks up and slaps Kay and calls her a bitch. She says Kay doesnt deserve all this, she wrecked their whole family. Jessica says she doesnt deserve to be happy and slaps Kay again. Fox grabs Jessica and tells her to calm down. Jessica tells Kay that it is her fault she is the way she is, it is her fault shes a whore. Jessica says if mom was here things would have been different, but Kay wanted mom gone so she could try and get Miguel. Jessica doesnt know how Kay gets everything she wants in spite of her lies and schemes. Jessica tells Kay how she has Fox and Miguel still wants her. Jessica starts saying nobody wants her, she's tainted.

Miguel is in the backyard waiting for Kay to tell Fox the truth. Charity is hiding in the bushes hoping Miguel will be happy to see him. Miguel sees something shocking, but it isnt Charity. He finds a table of photos of Kay and Fox. Meanwhile Charity begins walking around the backyard and walks right by Miguel, who has his back to her.

Paloma shows up at the shower at the same time Noah does. Paloma decides to talk to Noah, maybe hell finally notice her tonight. They soon hear Jessica yelling at Kay and go to see what is going on. Paloma tells Jessica Kay has paid for her mistakes, so has Jessica. She tells Jessica she can still be happy. Jessica says she cant, everyone judges her. Paloma says she doesnt and Simone doesnt either, they love her. Noah says she is beautiful, they all love her. Jessica asks them to take her inside and away from Kay. They take her inside, Fox comforts Kay and says hes here for her. Miguel then walks up and asks what is going on here? Kay tells him about Jessica flipping out on her and blaming her for ruining her life. Fox asks Miguel where he was? Miguel says he was looking at the table and all the photos of him and Kay. Fox wonders where Charity is. He decides to head off and make sure Jessica doesnt cause more trouble. Kay says not to be long, they still have to talk. Miguel continues to push Kay to tell Fox the truth, he deserves the truth now. Kay says she agrees. Miguel says then tell him. She says it is just hard, she feels like shes ruining what time he has left by calling off the wedding. However Kay agrees to tell Fox when he returns.

Paloma and Noah talk about Jessica, they both think shes getting worse. Noah says this isnt about Kay, its bigger than just Kay. He says she wont open up to him and his dad. Paloma says its like she has delayed stress syndrome over her mom leaving. Paloma says she tried to talk about her own anger with her mom, but she overcame it and now sees Pilar did what she felt was best at the time. Paloma has forgiven her mom, besides being angry all the time is exhausting. She says she has decided to look ahead instead of looking back. Noah wishes he could do that. Paloma asks who he cant forgive? He says more like a list of people. Paloma says sometimes love helps their hearts heal faster, he just needs to be open to it. He says he hasnt been open to love for awhile. Paloma thinks maybe it is time he was. Paloma ends up thanking her for the talk, hes glad they are friends. To herself Paloma hopes they will be more than friends.

Fox meets up with Charity in the bushes. Fox tells her to come with him, he has another surprise for Kay and Miguel first. He says when they do finally see her though it will be a moment nobody will forget. 


November 23, 2006

No Show


November 24, 2006
Julian and Rebecca are in bed dressed as a pilgrim and Native American. Rebecca says he can "poke her hauntus" anytime. Rebecca tells him to admit she is so much better than that whore Eve. Julian wont listen to her badmouth Eve. He says hes leaving. She says they were supposed to play stuff the turkey. He says he needs fresh air, it suddenly got very fowl in here. He calls her a guest that has worn out her welcome, be gone by time he returns. Rebecca says how dare he treat her like a sex toy to be tossed aside. She says she needs a man who appreciates her for the nympho she is. She calls JT up to wish him a happy thanksgiving. She says she wants him more than ever, too bad hes not in Harmony. He says he is, and he suggests his horn of plenty meet up with her cornucopia. She asks where he is, he says the wharf. She says shell be right there.

Rebecca and JT meet on the wharf. He says he brought a bunch of money so they can play in it, he knows she likes that. Rebecca realizes the money in the bag is what Gwen gave him, the money from her divorce settlement. Rebecca asks for the money back, but he says she cant have it. She says how could he do this too her. He says because hes a greedy bastard. She says that is why she likes him. He tells her to come away with him, theyll tour all the continents and do make love all over the world. She says but theyd run out of money fast. He says oh yeah. He says what if he told her he knows a way to make more money? She says then shed ask him to tell her all about it. She realizes hes blackmailing someone. She asks who it is, but he wont say. She says give him a hint. He says he has dirt on many people, dirt people thought was long buried. She says he's making her so hot. She kisses him and at the same time tries to get the money, he keeps it out of the way though. JT then drops a blackmail letter in a mailbox. Rebecca tries to convince him to tell her who hes blackmailing, what if this person tries to or even kills him? She says if that happens she can make sure the person pays. He says his life is not in danger, what he has in his little recorder is going to keep him safe. She says it is worth that much? He says and them some. 

At Eve and TCs, Eve has made them both a Thanksgiving dinner. He asks why she went to so much trouble? She says its no trouble, they have so much to be thankful for. TC says hes the luckiest man in the world, he cant believe she came back to him. She says they are both lucky, they should think about how fortunate they are each day to have one another, Miles and know both their daughters are happy. Later Julian shows up and spies on them. Eve hears someone outside and checks, she finds Julian. She asks if hes out here spying on her? He says he cant believe shed rather spoon feed TC than be with him at the mansion. Eve says shed rather be with someone who accepts her rather than someone who treated her like they owned her. She says he treated her like a slave, thank God she is free at last. They continue to argue, Julian cant believe shes gone back to the man who treated her the way he did. She says she lied to TC, and his putting her on a pedestal as the perfect wife and mother is what made it so hard to think she could do what she did. She says they are working through it and have made progress. Julian says shes making the same mistake Ethan is. He says Ethan is staying with Gwen out of guilt when everyone, including Gwen knows that Ethan loves Theresa more. He thinks Eve is doing the same thing, she cant love TC more than him. He says TC is angry and judgmental. She says and hes not? Julian says fine, stay here, he doesnt give a damn.  He storms off.

Simone and Rae are at the church helping to feed the homeless with Father Lonigan, who if finally recovering from his stabbing. He doesnt know why he was stabbed, but he is sure there is a greater good behind it. Father meets Simones friend Rae. Rae says they know each other actually, he gave her her first communion. He asks why she stopped coming to church? She says her parents told her that she was no longer welcomed here. Father Lonigan asks why would they say that? Rae says because she is a lesbian. He says her parents are wrong. He says the church considers homosexuality a sin, but gays and lesbians are Gods children too and are welcomed here. Simone says Father Lonigan is right, he knows shes a lesbian and has never felt shunned. Father Lonigan excuses himself, Rae still feels they arent welcomes. She says they are seen as sinners and love is not a sin. Jessica then shows up, she cries about the terrible thing she did at Kays bridal shower. She doesnt know why she pushes away everyone she loves, nobody wants to be with her. They tell her that Kay is her sister, shell forgive her. Soon some kids up, they look like trouble so Rae tells them to leave because this is a church, they dont want trouble. This one girl says they arent here to cause trouble, they are into loving not fighting. Insults are traded, Rae says so because shes a lesbian they think she goes around with a chip on her shoulder? One of the girls says dont you? Rae says leave before she calls the cops. The girl says this chick is whacked. Father Lonigan shows up, he recognizes their voices. They are actually here to help, Father Lonigan says at risk teens will open up to those that look more like themselves then at properly dressed adults. Simone says it makes sense, Rae says she guesses it does. They all head into the kitchen to help get the food. Rae feels terrible, she judged those kids by the way the looked, something she doesnt want people to do to her. Simone says they all have preconceived notions, they have to put away the stereotypes and try and see people for who they are. Rae says Simone is right, and she should give Father Lonigan another chance too. Simone tells Jessica that shes sure Kay will give him another chance too.

Ivy shows up at the station with food for Sam, but he doesnt want it. She asks why hes working? He says he gave Luis the day off today, he plans to take off Christmas to be with Grace, who is on her way home. He says the one thing hes thankful for this year is that shes out of his life. Ivy says what she did was for their love, Grace had no right to steal him. HE says Grace is the one with amnesia, not her. He says Ivy dumped him long before he met Grace. Ivy says only because of her father and Alistair and their schemes. Sam says it doesnt matter, get out of here and get a life. He says he wouldnt take her back if she was the last woman on earth. She says at least ate what she made him. He says no, now leave or hell arrest her for loitering. Ethan shows up, he didnt expect to find them together. He asks if they are working things out? Sam says no. Ivy says she tried to explain she did what she did for love. Sam says and he explained that Grace is coming home and they are going to work on things. Sam threatens to take out a restraining order against her, he doesnt want her around when Grace gets home . . . .he doesnt want her around period. Ethan suggests his mom leave and give Sam space, but she says she cant give him up. Sam says see it is like talking to a brick wall. Ivy says Sam just wont admit that she did what she had to in order to set things right. Sam says he forgived her for keeping the truth about Ethan, but he wont forgive her for what she did to his marriage and family. He says hell never forgive her, trying to get him to is a waste of her time. He says dont make him hate her more than he does. He tells her to get out of his life and stay out. She asks where she will go? He says maybe she can call David? He says wherever she goes, she needs to move on. He says he will be with Grace when she comes back and Ivy cant change that.

Grace is in her hotel room and making plans to go home to Sam. Shes packing her suitcase. She says she wasted so much time together because of Ivy. She says Kay is engaged to Fox, Jessica is married to a pimp and Noah has no direction at all. She says at least Sam realized what a horrible woman Ivy is. Grace then gets a phone call. She answers and asks how they got this number? She says leave her alone, she wont be a victim any more. Grace says she wont listen to another word they say, her mind is made up and they wont stop her. She hangs up on the person.

At Tabithas, Endora is at it again. She brings a bunch of turkeys to life. Tabitha begs her not to do this, they could be outed as witches. Endora tells her mom to chill, theyll be fine. Endora freezes time in the backyard in order to have fun. Tabitha says at least Kay and company wont witness what is going on in here. Tabitha asks Endora to get rid of the turkeys, this is ridiculous. As Tabitha scolds her, the Little Rascals theme is playing in the background. Tabitha tells Endora that its time to get rid of these Turkeys otherwise there will be trouble. Endora asks why, Tabitha says because the darkside doesnt mix with Thanksgiving, they give grief not thanks. Endora conjures up some pilgrims, pilgrims who recognize Tabitha. They look around the house, they see candles without flames, water from a pipe, once a witch always a witch they say.  They seize Tabitha and plan to burn her at the stake. Tabitha begs Endora to save her as they chase her around the kitchen. They catch her, she says witches dont get burned at the stake in this day and age. They tell her to shut up and begin looking for a stake and firewood. Tabitha tells Endora to send them packing, but Endora likes the pilgrims, they invented Thanksgiving. Tabitha also says they introduced religious intolerance. She begs Endora to save her. The pilgrims tie Tabitha to a stake and plan to burn her. Tabitha tells Endora she has to help get her out of this. Endora says she burned down the house and fixed it, shell do the same for her. Tabitha says she cant reconstitute her out of ashes. She begs Endora to save her. Endora says shell think about it. They start the fire. Tabitha once again begs Endora to do something. Endora zaps her finger and ends up conjuring up some Indians. The Indians are angry at the Pilgrims as this is their land and turkey. They all begin fighting with one another. Endora is getting a big kick out of this, while Tabitha continues to remain tied to the stake. Eventually Endora gets rid of everyone and saves her mom. Tabitha says that was a close call. Tabitha then tells her that Halloween is there time to give thanks, remember that in the future. The turkeys are still around, Tabitha asks her to get rid of them. Endora ends up waving them goodbye. Tabitha says now to unfreeze everyone in the backyard. Endora does that, Tabitha then looks in her bowl and sees what is going on. Tabitha thinks everything is back on track now and no harm has been done. Tabitha then sees Charity outside with Fox. She is not pleased at all, she says they are doomed. Endora says Noooo! Tabitha ends up fainting.

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