November 27, 2006
At Tabithas, Tabitha has fainted. Endora zaps a bucket of water to be dumped on her mom to wake her up. It works, Endora explains she passed out again and it wasnt because of turkeys. Tabitha says it was worse than turkeys. She says in the bowl she saw the blonde one, Charity is back in Harmony. Tabitha faints again. Endora pours more water on her to wake her up again. Tabitha cries it cant be true. She says Charity cant be back in Harmony. Endora says if she has blonde hair, blue eyes and Fox is happy to see her then it is Charity. Tabitha says their days could be numbered, this could be the beginning of the end of the darkside. Tabitha says she has to warn Kay that Charity is back in town. 

Charity and Fox are hiding in a tool shed. Charity wants to join the party, but Fox says not yet. He wants this to be a surprise for Miguel and Kay, who are nowhere to be found. Fox says he has another idea, it will make her return a moment they wont forget. Fox sneaks her back into the living room at the house. He says she knows what to do, this will really be worth it.

Miguel and Kay show up at the party. Kay is promising Miguel that she will tell Fox the wedding is off. He says tonight, people are here celebrating a wedding that wont happen. Kay says Foxs dying doesnt make this easy. He says she doesnt want Fox spending his last days with someone who doesnt love him. Kay says shes tried to tell him but he keeps stopping her, like he knows what shes going to say. Miguel thinks Fox couldnt know that. 

Fox talks with Kay, he asks what shes doing. She says she was looking for him, they need to talk. He says later, they have guests. She says it cant wait, they have to talk now. Kay says they have to talk about the shower, the wedding and Miguel Fox says he knows what this is about. He says hes known for awhile, hed have to be pretty dense not to know that shes worried that hes going to be left all alone. Fox says she doesnt have to worry, there is always Charity. She asks why he'd say that? He says everyone knows Miguel never got over charity, that is why he couldnt get serious with Siren. Fox says guys dont forget about the woman they love because shes not around. He says Charity still takes up a lot of room in Miguels heart, the same way she takes up a lot of room in his heart. Kay says that is what they have to talk about. Suddenly Fox feigns ill. He says hes tried to do too much, he needs to go inside and get some medicine. Kay says his medicine? He says some aspirin that is all. 

Miguel has a talk with Pilar. He tells her Kay wants to be with him and is telling Fox the truth now. Pilar says during the party? Miguel says waiting will only make it worse. Miguel talks to his mom about how he never should have left Kay for Charity. He says Kay is so insecure about Charity, she fears he may leave her for Charity. Miguel says he loves Kay and promised her that he wouldnt leave her. Pilar says just in case Charity does return, he needs to be vigilant. Pilar says a heart can do strange things when old loves reappear. 

Kay follows Fox inside. She once again tries to talk to him. This time though it is Charity who interrupts them. Kay is stunned to see Charity standing there. Charity says Hi Kay! Kay cant believe this. Soon Miguel shows up. He cant believe it is her, he says hes missed her so much. He says he never thought hed see her again, he loves her and dreams about her every day and night. He says he loves her, hes always loved her. He then pulls Charity into a kiss as Kay watches.

Pilar and Luis talk at the shower. Pilar sees that Luis is in love. He says he is, he wonders if she is here yet. Luis says he never thought hed fall in love again, but he has. He says hes in love with Fancy and will tell her as soon as he finds her. Pilar tells Luis that Fancy is a very nice girl and there is a lot more to her than people give her credit for. Luis says including him. She asks what changed his mind about Fancy? Luis says it is what happened in the mine shaft. He says most people would have given up, but not Fancy.

Fancy shows up at the shower. She still thinks Luis loves Sheridan. She thinks she must have dreamt Luis telling her that he loved her. She says at least now she knows Luis never will love her.

Paloma and Noah keep talking about Jessica. Noah thanks Paloma for being so great to Jessica. Paloma says Jessica is one of her best friends, and she cant blame her for drinking. Paloma says if she was married to Spike then shed get drunk too. Paloma tells Noah how he reminds her of the pre-Spike Jessica. He says that means a lot coming from her. Noah wants to talk to an old friend, he asks Paloma if shell be here for awhile? She says she wont be going anywhere.

Paloma and Fancy run into one another. Paloma is glad to see her out of the hospital. Paloma thinks Fancy looks sad, what is wrong? Fancy says it is her brother. Paloma says she is sorry things arent working out between them. Fancy says really? Paloma says she does care about her, even though she was urging Luis to work things out with Sheridan. Fancy says she cant blame anyone for losing Luis when she didnt have him. Fancy says she overheard Luis talking with Ethan, he said hed never be with another woman but Sheridan. Paloma says maybe she heard wrong, but Fancy doesnt think so. Fancy then warns Paloma about Noah, who she saw her talking with earlier. She tells Paloma not to be taken in by Noah. Fancy walks off. Paloma says Fancy is wrong about Noah, he is great. Later Noah shows up, he has some food and drink for Paloma. She's touched he thought of her.

Fancy sees Luis at the party. She doesnt want more rejection and runs off. Luis sees her running of and goes after her. Fancy heads into Tabithas house to hide from Luis. Tabitha is there, Fancy explains what she's doing. Tabitha doesnt know why any woman would want to hide from him. Fancy goes off to hide. Luis shows up and asks if Fancy is around. Fancy is hiding behind the counter, Endora says shes right here. Tabitha says she hasnt seen Fancy around, the only blonde and blue eyed girl here is Endora. Luis says yes she is an angel. Endora says Hey mummy, he called me a bad word. Luis leaves and Fancy thanks Tabitha for covering. Tabitha asks Fancy for a favor, help her with the appetizer trays. Fancy doesnt recognize what Tabitha has made, she says it is her specialty and mumbles it is a darkside recipe. Tabitha says shell take the food if Fancy takes Endora. Fancy says shed like that. Endora likes Fancy, she says shes her half-sister. Fancy says Endora looks just like she did in her baby pictures at that age. Tabitha has changed her mind, she tells Fancy to take the tray and shell take Endora. Tabitha tells Endora to watch it, nobody can find out that Julian is her father.

Jared arrives at the shower. He runs into Whitney. He has only come to wish Fox and Kay well. Whitney says Theresa is here somewhere. Jared says hes still leaving Harmony and moving on. He says he does care about Theresa, but he has to cut his losses and go. Jared switches the subject, is Chad coming? Whitney doesnt know, she called him but hasnt heard from him. Jared tells Whitney that Chad really does love her. Jared then walks off. To herself Whitney says she feels like Chad is living a double life.

Theresa is still with the fortune teller. Theresa thinks her cards are wrong, Ethan is the love of her life. The teller says but she will never be with him. The teller says she sees a man she should be with, a man better for her in the long run. The teller says Theresa knows him already and has been with him. She says this man loves her even knowing about the other man. She says if she doesnt act quickly then she will lose him, and that will be the tragedy. Theresa says she made a mess of things with this other guy, she hurt him and treated him badly. She says hes leaving town right now. The teller says the cards are never wrong. The teller gives Theresa half a coin, she says if she finds the man with the other half then she will find her happiness. Theresa asks how she finds him? The teller says go to a place on the coast. Theresa says that could be anywhere. The teller says someplace nearby with wooden rails. Theresa says it must be the wharf. 

Theresa tells Whitney about the fortune teller and what she told her about Ethan and Jared. She also tells her about how she has to go to the wharf and meet a man with the other half of a coin. Whitney suggests Theresa go to the wharf. Theresa says this is just dumb, she doesnt want to go get her hopes up and then have them dashed. She thinks shell just throw the coin away, but Whitney says no dont. Whitney convinces Theresa to go down to the docks.

Jared runs into the fortune teller. She reads his cards. She says she sees he is hurt as well as letting his pride prevent him from being with the woman he loves. Jared says lucky guess. The teller says the cards doesn't guess. She says he shouldnt leave town, he should stick around. Jared says there isnt much left for him here. The teller says hes walking away when he should be staying. Jared says there is nothing left for him to stay for. She says the cards says there is, he will find happiness with the woman he loves. 

Later Whitney asks the Fortune teller if she can answer some questions? The teller says Whitney already knows the answers to her questions, she just doesnt like them. She warns Whitney to be careful, sometimes it is best not to know.

Theresa heads to the wharf where Jared ends up showing up. Jared thought Theresa was at the party. She says she was, how did he know. He says he saw Whitney. Theresa thought he was already gone. Jared says he was on his way out in spite of Whitneys efforts to stop him. Jared asks why shes here. Theresa says he wouldnt believe her if she told him. He says well he left his letter of resignation on her secretaries desk. Theresa wishes he wouldnt go, but she understands. She says she is sorry. He says she was just being honest. He asks if they can be friends? He holds out his hand and drops a coin. Theresa picks it up, she is stunned. She says it is him. She asks where he got this. He says its embarrassing. He tells her about the fortune teller and how she gave it to him and said the woman he is destined to be with would be here with the other half. Theresa reveals she has the other half. She says she was told the same thing. Theresa and Jared end up kissing.

Luis finally finds Fancy. She says she understands, what he said in the mineshaft never happened or he didnt know what he was saying. She says she gets he loves Sheridan and they have no future. Luis asks if he can say something? She says she is a big girl, she was trying to stay clear of him to make it easier. He says who thought hed ever fall in love with a motor mouth. She asks what he said? He says he loves her, in spite of his best efforts it is a done deal, he loves her. They then share a kiss.


November 28, 2006

Gwen is at the B&B, shes sick with a cold. Rebecca shows up to check on Gwen, she asks if she is sick? Gwen says no she loves looking like this. Rebecca hopes it isnt catching, shes supposed to go away on a romantic getaway. Gwen says she cant, Ethan is busy with work and she needs needs help with Jane. Rebecca says but shes going away with JT, shell finally get him out of the country for good. Rebecca thinks that will please Gwen, the threat of Therosita getting the goods from JT will be long gone. Gwen says so hes still in Harmony? Rebecca says hes getting ready to leave, hes working on a lucrative deal to get millions and will share it with her. Gwen says JT is a lazy bumb, he must be blackmailing people. Rebecca admits he is, and hes going to be a very rich man and that works well for her. Gwen says so hell give her money for nothing? Rebecca says what she does for JT is nothing. Gwen says she doubts JT would just share his money with her, she asks her mom if shes in on this blackmailing thing? Rebecca admits she is giving JT some information yes. Gwen says this is a capital crime, she could go to jail. Rebecca says only if they get caught, which wont happen. Gwen asks who the victims are? Rebecca says she doesnt know. Rebecca gets a call from JT, he asks if she found her passport? She says shell find it as soon as she says goodbye to Gwen. He says find it so they can skeedadle out of town. She says shell see him soon. Rebecca talk about how JT keeps all his secrets on this cute little computer drive, and if she could get her hand on his thingy, his computer thingy, then she could learn what JT has on all these people. Later Gwen talks on the phone to Ethan, she assures him that shes fine and her mom is here. Rebecca says it sounds like Gwen and Ethan are getting along well. Gwen says thanks to JT not blowing things for her. Rebecca thinks it was her powers of persuasion that made that happen. Gwen then warns her mom not to get involved with JT, she could end up in jail. Rebecca says she wont and she tells Gwen to stop frowning or shell need botox.

JT is at his place and is making up a new blackmail note. He gets a call and gets some more juicy dirt on someone from an informant. JT says who would have thought such a modest town would be full of immodest people. There is a knock at his door, he says hell have to call them back. JT looks outside but doesnt see anyone. He does however see a shadow of someone with a gun. He opens his door and starts shooting into the night air at whoever is out there.

On the wharf, Theresa and Jared are kissing. Theresa thought shed never see him again, hes the other half to her coin. He says hes as surprised as she is. She says it was Whitney who convinced her to come here, and shes glad she did. She says if she didn't then she wouldn't have meet the man she's destined to be with. They kiss some more. Jared stops her, he says this doesnt change anything. She thinks everything is falling into place, but he says things are more out of place than theyve ever been. He says that this hasnt changed anything, they dont have a future and aren't meant to spend their lives together. Theresa says but what about the coin? Jared says it doesnt matter. He says he has pride, Ethan may be out of her life but not her heart. He says he wants to be with her, but he cant do that to himself. He says hes leaving Harmony for good. She asks for one last kiss, which he grants. He then runs off leaving her sitting on the wharf alone. 

Whitney is at the party and thinks the fortune teller must be wrong. Chad shows up, he says hes been looking for her. She says shes been here, hes the one who was lost. Chad says hes here now. He says seeing Kay and Foxs excitement, well he wants to get married right away. He asks what she thinks. Whitney says she thinks no. Chad says he thought they were past this cheating thing. Whitney says there was a fortune teller with tarot cards here tonight. Chad can't believe this, she's going to believe what a fortune teller told her? Whitney says the teller took her hand and said some things to her, she knew what she was talking about. Chad asks if the teller said he was cheating? Whitney says dont get mad at her for what hes hiding. He thought she trusted him. He tells her maybe its this Jared and Theresa stuff that has her doubting them. She says she has to ask him something. She says Rebecca told her that she saw him in a motel room naked and waiting for someone. He says but she found Valerie in a room with someone else, not him. Whitney says yes but Chad was there too. Chad swears on all that is real amd good, even on Miles, that there is no other woman in his heart. He says she has to believe him, the fact that she doesnt kills him. Whitney says she doesnt know what to think. He asks where this leaves them? Whitney doesnt know. She asks for some time, shell let him know what she decides. She then takes off in tears.

Fancy cant believe Luis said what she thinks he did, is this for real? Luis says it is. He says he loves her. They then kiss. Luis suggests they get out of here and go someplace they can be alone. She says what about Fox and Kay? Luis thinks theyll have a good time on their own. He says he wants to make love to her. She says that makes two of them. They sneak off.

Sheridan shows up and talks to Simone. They wonder where Kay is, they cant find her anywhere. Sheridan has a painting or something wrapped up. Simone asks if it is a gift for Kay and Fox, but Sheridan its actually for Tabitha. Sheridan says she found it in the mansion, its a little weird. Simone says she came to the right place. Sheridan suddenly gets hit with some weird flash of Luis and Fancy kissing, Simone asks if shes sure shes okay. Sheridan says she just had a flash out of the blue, shes fine really. Simone asks if shes sure? Sheridan says shes going to go into Tabithas and sit down for a minute. Simone asks if the flash she had anything to do with Luis and Fancy? Sheridan asks why she asks that? Simone says Paloma hinted they might be getting together. Sheridan snaps, saying she and Luis and over and many people break up and go on to live productive lives. She says shell tell her the same thing she told her mom, she has a full life and no time to worry about Luis and Fancy. Sheridan says she even gave them her blessing. Sheridan then storms off. Simone says Sheridan bit her head off, but she cant let Sheridan ruin her night. She wonders where Kay is, this is supposed to be the happiest night of her life.

In her kitchen Tabitha is watching Charity and Miguel in her bowl, she says if they get any closer then it will be the end for them and the darkside. Tabitha doesnt know why their friends in the basement havent got in touch with them. Endora says maybe they don't know what is going on. Tabitha says death is coming for someone in Harmony, perhaps more than one person, so they know . Tabitha tells Endora that they have to be extra careful that nobody discovers they are witches right now. Suddenly Sheridan walks in and asks Tabitha what shes looking at in that bowl? Tabitha says nothing at all. She tells Endora to zap the pictures, which she does. Tabitha tells Sheridan to see for herself. Sheridan looks in and only sees water. Tabitha says she was just showing Endora about water ripples. Tabitha says water ripples are like life, one decision can send out ripples affecting one for years. Sheridan says she never thought about it but she is right. Tabitha asks Sheridan how she is. Sheridan says shes fine. Sheridan says Endora seems to remind her so much of her when she was little. Endora says that is because you are my aunt. Tabitha says shes proud of her deamonette, but quickly covers and says she calls Endora her lemonette because of her blonde hair. Sheridan says she's so lucky to have Endora. Endora likes Sheridan and wants her to come around more. Tabitha says they need that like they need a hole in the head. Sheridan begins coughing so Endora zaps up a drink for her. Sheridan wonders were this drink came from, Tabitha says she made a batch of them before the party. Sheridan takes a sip, she has more flashes of Luis and Fancy kissing one another. She becomes upset, Tabitha asks if something is wrong. Sheridan tells Tabitha that shes seeing people in her minds eye that arent there. Tabitha says she cant say shes experienced anything like that. Tabitha says perhaps something is troubling her and shes trying to push it out of her mind, but the image just won't leave? Sheridan says no it cant be, her life is so good and perfect. Tabitha asks if it really is? Endora wonders what is wrong with her beautiful Aunt Sheridan. Tabitha asks Sheridan if shes sure she is okay? Sheridan says yes. She talks about how her life is great, she has Chris and Marty. Tabitha says she means James doesnt she. Sheridan says yes, shes just discombobulated tonight. Later she looks into Tabithas bowl and sees Fancy and Luis in the car making out. She cant believe it.

In the living room Fox and Kay watch Miguel and Charity make out. Fox says he told Kay that Miguel wasnt over Charity. Fox thinks this is great timing, they can invite Charity to their wedding. He thinks maybe theyll have a wedding of their own. Fox then remembers Kay had something to tell him, but she says it can wait after all. Fox says they should go great their guests. Kay says he should go, shell be right there. Fox says he loves her and walks off. Kay wonders what Miguel is doing, he said he loved her. Kay wants to confront him. Meanwhile Charity tells Miguel she didnt know how he would feel about her. He says he loves her and always has loved her, only her. They kiss some more. Kay remembers Miguel promising her that he wouldnt leave her to be with Charity.

Outside Fox calls his father and says it worked like a charm. He says hes not proud of what he did, but hey you do what you have to do. He says Kay just cant find out what he did. Simone walks up and asks If Kay finds out what? Fox asks if she makes a habit of eavesdropping on peoples phone conversations? She says only when they are talking about her friends. Fox lies and says hes making some honeymoon surprises and she cant know about them. Simone says okay, she then heads off looking for Kay.

Kay ends up running into Simones arms in tears. She says he said he loved her but he doesnt. Simone says who Fox? Did he call off the wedding? Kay says no Miguel, he doesnt love her, he loves Charity. 

Fancy and Luis are somewhere talking about how they want one another so much. They are taking their clothes off and arent even inside. They head to Fancys car to head somewhere. They get into the car and cant keep their hands off one another. Fancy suggests they do it here. Luis jokes he feels like a high school student after the football game. Luis ends up getting a cramp, Fancys back then starts hurting. They soon begin honking the horn to the car and then the alarm goes off. Then some kid asks Mommy what are those people doing in that car? They look out and see some kid watching them while eating ice cream. He asks if they want some, they say no thanks. Fancy says maybe his mommy would like it. He skips off, they laugh about it. The car alarm goes off again, this time Luis cant get it to shut off. They decide to try and ignore it, but they cant. Luis suggests they go to the Seaside Inn instead. He tries to start the car, but the stick shift breaks. The car is no good. Fancy asks what they will do? Luis says they can go to his house, everyone is at the party so it should be empty. Fancy says okay.


November 29, 2006
In Tabithas kitchen, Sheridan sees Fancy and Luis kissing in Tabithas magical bowl. Shes not happy and is screaming No, no! Tabitha says to Endora what a night this has turned out to be, first Charity returns and now Sheridan could expose them as witches. Endora says Not my aunt Sheridan! Tabitha says yes her aunt Sheridan. Tabitha says this doesnt bode well for Fancy and Luis either, Sheridan is a Crane and like all Cranes they hate to lose someone they love. Tabitha says her heart could be breaking, or it could be hardening. Tabitha says a Crane with a hard heart is a ruthless creature indeed. Sheridan is screaming that he should be kissing her. Endora zaps the bowl, she makes the picture leave and some punch show up in the bowl. Tabitha asks Sheridan why shes looking into their punch bowl. Sheridan says earlier Tabitha said it was just water? Tabitha says no it is punch. Sheridan says she must be losing her mind, shes been seeing things since coming into this house. She says she swears she saw Luis and Fancy in this bowl kissing. Tabitha says her punch does make people see things. Sheridan says she didnt have any though. She says she is just tired. Tabitha says she also seems stressed out. She says its understandable given how they were just talking about the loss of her baby and Marty. She also thinks shes thinking about Luis because she lost Marty, it's a logical connection. Sheridan says she didnt lose Luis, she chose Chris. She says Luis doesnt have a damn thing to do with her life. Tabitha starts talking to herself about how Fancy, Luis and Sheridan are on the road to disaster. Sheridan apologizes for being such a downer. Tabitha asks Sheridan if the package is her gift to Fox and Kay? Sheridan says no actually its for Tabitha, she thought she might recognize it. Tabitha opens it, it is a painting of her in a pilgrim outfit. Endora says Mummy you were a nun? Sheridan says it looks just like her. Tabitha claims she doesnt really see the resemblance, but Sheridan says she looks just like her. Tabitha says maybe it is one of her ancestors. Sheridan doesnt understand why it was at the mansion. She also says the portrait was obviously bigger once, she wonders why the bottom seems like it was torn off. We see Tabitha remembering conjuring a spell long ago dressed as a pilgrim. She ended up putting her curse on the Cranes that night, the curse was written onto the bottom of the painting. It said Pain and sorrow curse the Crane heart for all eternity." Sheridan asks if she knows anything about this painting? Tabitha claims shes never seen it. Tabitha asks if she can keep it, Sheridan says sure. Sheridan wonders what is going on with the bridal shower, not much is happening. She decides to head home, shes a little beat after talking about Marty and the baby. Tabitha says and Luis! Sheridan says yes. She asks Tabitha to wish Kay and Fox her best. Tabitha says yes she will, and thank you for her portrait . . . she means her painting. Sheridan leaves and Tabitha says poor girl. She says ever since having Endora she hates seeing a mother grieving for a child. Endora wants her mom to reverse the curse like she did on the Red Sox. Tabitha says no way, the Cranes earned her curse. She says she might feel sorry for Sheridan, but she has to take the lumps and bumps with the rest of them. Tabitha says the sins of the fathers, that is how it is. She says her curse is sure fire. Endora asks what about her half sister Fancy, shes happy with Luis. Tabitha says that is what she thinks.

Fancy and Luis are about to do it on the couch in Pilars house when Pilar shows up. Fancy wants to hide, for Pilar to find them like this would be too embarrassing for hr. Pilars on the cell phone and hasnt actually come in to see anything yet. Fancy heads to Luis room and plans to climb out the window. Pilar walks in, Luis is pretending to be napping on the couch. Pilar tells her friend that shell have to call her back, it seems she has another child to take care of. She asks Luis why he is not sleeping in his own room and why are his clothes all over the place? Luis says he needed a nap. Pilar says anyone could have come by and seen him in his underwear. She asks why he isnt at Kays shower? Luis asks her the same thing. Pilar says she had to regroup, she ran into his father with that woman. Pilar says damn that woman. She says the Cranes are evil, all of them. Fancy couldnt make it out Luis window, it was stuck, so shes hiding about. She happens to hear Pilar going off on the Cranes and about how they have brought them nothing but pain. Luis says Alistair is the one who brought pain, but Pilar says the whole family is cursed. Luis says Sheridan wasnt bad, Fancy is great and Fox seems good. Pilar says they may pretend they are good but eventually their true nature comes out, they are cursed. Pilar begs Luis not to get involved with a Crane again. Luis tells his mom she sounds like some old testament prophet. Pilar says she knows she is right and makes Luis swear hes done with the Cranes. Luis says fine, he promises not to have anything to do with the Cranes again. Fancy hears this and wonders how Luis could do this. Fancy says she was so wrong about Luis. She ends up sneaking out a back door in tears. She runs off as Sheridan shows up. She wonders what is going on. Back inside Pilar wonders what that sound was? Luis realizes it was Fancy. He runs off after her saying she doesnt understand. A spying Sheridan wonders what happened here.

Julian shows up at the shower and meets with Fox. Fox says the plan is working, Kay is devastated, shes in pain. Fox is feeling bad about what hes done, he wants to tell her the truth. Julian tells Fox not to be a fool, but Fox says he cant torture Kay anymore. Kay is crying on Simones shoulder about Miguel. Julian tells Fox that he must remember that Kay was about to break his heart, and no son of his will lose to a fish herder. Fox says Julian is right, what Kay is feeling now is her just punishment. 

Simone tells Kay to snap out of it. She asks what is going on? Kay and Simone sit down. Kay begins explaining the long story about how she realized she couldnt marry Fox because she loves Miguel and he loves her. She tells Simone how they found out Fox is sick, hes dying of something and only has a couple of months to live. She says shes put of telling him the truth about wanting to break up. She says now Miguel . . . . he promised he was over Charity. Kay says Charity showed up out of the blue and Miguel kissed her and told her that he loved her. Kay says he promised not to do that to her. Simone tells her to go talk to Miguel and find out what is going on here. Simone pushes her to go talk to Miguel. Fox and Julian watch them walk off. Fox says revenge is sweet and soon Kay will be all his. 

Kay and Simone head inside looking for Charity and Miguel, but they are already gone. One thing seems to have been left behind, Charitys bra! Kay damns Miguel for doing this too her. Fox and Julian continue following them around, they are following a trail of Charity and Miguels clothes. Kay and Simone follow the trail of clothes out into the backyard. Simone is thinking this is a bad idea, but Kay says no. She wants to tell Miguel how she feels. Unfortunately she finds Miguel and Charity horizontal in the shed!

Theresa and Whitney meet on the pier. Theresa explains how her guy showed up, it was Jared. Whitney says so they are meant to be. Theresa says no, Jared said they have no future and he doesnt want to be with her. She says its too late, shes lost Jared and shes lost Ethan. Theresa says shes destined to spend her life alone. Whitney tells Theresa she has a chance at a new start here, but Theresa doesnt think so. Theresa thinks this is all her fault. Whitney says neither one of them is having a very good night. Whitney says she talked to the fortune teller too. She says the teller warned her about Chad. Theresa says stop, Chad adores her and she needs to get these suspicions out of her head. Whitney says but the teller . . .Theresa says the teller told her she would be with the man she was supposed to be with. She tells Whitney to look around, does she see him here? Theresa says forget what the teller and what Rebecca said and hold onto Chad. Whitney tells Theresa that shes in no position to give advice. She wants Theresa not to let Jared go without a fight. Theresa says she has no choice, the fortune teller was wrong. She tells Whitney that the fortune teller was wrong about her and Chad too. Theresa suggests they go find some ice cream, but Whitney would rather Theresa find Jared and convince him to stay. Theresa says she cant, Whitney is the one who should be finding Chad and talking to him. She says call him and find him and say she wants to get married right now. She wants a wedding in this town where someone actually gets married. Whitney says shell go, but she wants Theresa to think about what shes said. Theresa says Jared is leaving town, she cant stop that.

Chad and Jared meet up back at the shower. Chad tells Jared he hasnt seen him in awhile. Jared says same for him, why does Chad look like hes been running a marathon. Jared says he just had a talk with Tess. Chad says he had a disagreement with Whitney. Jared tells Chad the story about the fortune teller and how they were set up. He says he wanted to come back and find this fortune teller and give her a piece of his mind. Jared says Theresa was so hurt when he told her it was over. He says he cant play second fiddle to Ethan. Chad says its spooky, this fortune teller knew he was cheating on Whitney. Jared warns him to stop it or hell lose Whitney like he lost Theresa. Chad wishes he could stop it but he cant. He says he thinks hes addicted to sex. Jared says there are programs for that. Chad says he has his own program. He says he does love Whitney though and cant imagine life without her. 

Later Jared runs into Theresa on the pier again. Theresa was just swearing to give up on men all together when he shows up. He tells her that he cant live without her, he cant imagine his life without her. He says to hell with his pride, he kisses her.

Ethan calls Gwen. Hes still working at the office. He offers to come home to check on Gwen, but Gwen says no its fine, her mom is here taking care of her. Ethan says hes sure nurse Rebecca is a big help. Gwen says she tries. Gwen doesnt let Ethan know that the truth is her mother is off with JT trying to get rid of him. Ethan says hed like to speak to her mom, he wants to give her this recipe for a mustard plaster that can help with the cold. Gwen says that sounds unappealing. He says no arguing, put her mom on. Gwen says she cant, Rebecca is reading to Jane. Ethan asks what, a bartenders guide? Ethan says just promise to call if she needs anything. Gwen says she will. 

Ethan cant concentrate on his work. He decides Jared is a threat and he has to pay. He heads up to the Crane offices and runs into Chad. He claims he needs documents. Chad says at this time of night? Ethan says yeah. Chad says whatever. Chad walks off. Ethan says he cant let Chad know hes going into Jareds office. Ethan heads into Jareds office and we see a shadow follow him.

JT is firing his gun out into the night and yelling Leave me alone! He says he knows their secrets and they cant stop him. He says there is more where that came from. JT worries there could be more than one killer out there. He looks back out his door and says get ready for some cold steal. He looks around and ends up seeing Rebecca laying on the ground. He thinks hes killed her. He says she was his first tutor in the world of love, this is a loss for mankind. He says she was a walking sex encyclopedia, someone should have taken down her oral history. He thinks hes going to be stuck with her murder. He says he has to get rid of her body, where could he rent a wood chipper at this time of night. He also thinks a photo of her body would be worth a fortune. He decides her death doesnt look violent enough. He tries to re-arrange her body. He says perfect, she looks awful. He goes to get his camera. Rebecca wakes up and kicks him in the jimmy. She cant believe he was going to stuff her in a wood chipper. He cant believe she is still alive. He says she would have sold his photo to the tabloid if their situations were reversed. Rebecca says of course she would have, but she would have made sure he looked good first. She tells him that he can make this up to her by saying who he is blackmailing. She says they almost ran over her trying to get out of here. He asks who it was, she doesnt know though. She wants to know who hes blackmailing right now. They go back into JTs place. Rebecca cant believe JT would think to make a quick buck off her dead body. He says he was trying to make the best of a tragic situation. She says maybe shes overreacting. She says hes the only man shes cared about, but he wont tell her who hes blackmailing. She says is that love? Is that trust? She says if he wants her to go away with him then he has to tell her all his secrets. Later JT is icing himself where Rebecca kicked him. Rebecca is still trying to get him to reveal his secrets. She says the bible says secrets are bad, there may even be a commandment about them. JT lets Rebecca open the blackmail letter he was about to mail so she can see. She opens it up and finds it is his electric bill. He laughs at her. She says he is a tease. She decides to find his pen drive and find out who hes blackmailing. He says she wont find it and she wont find out who hes blackmailing.


November 30, 2006
Kay and Simone find Miguel and Charity making love in the shed out back of Tabitha's. Kay can't believe this is happening, not after Miguel promised her that he wouldn't leave her for Charity. Simone says she has to go in there and demand Miguel explain himself and let Charity know what a two-timer he is. Kay doesn't think she can. Simone has a day dream that she storms into the shed and starts beating on Miguel for what he's done to Kay. Simone pushes Kay to tell Miguel off. Meanwhile Miguel talks to Charity, he has suddenly remembered Kay. Simone and Kay listen in, she thinks maybe all hope isn't lost. Miguel tells Charity that Kay was going to break up with Fox, they were going to be married. Charity can't believe this, she wants to leave. Miguel says she doesn't understand. He says he was only going to marry Kay because it was the right thing to do. He says he thought Maria deserved a family. He says now that he knows Charity loves him, well that changes everything. He says she's the only one is his heart and the only one he's ever loved. They talk about how they can finally get married and have a huge family. Meanwhile Kay can't believe this. She can't deal with this again, she won't spend more years standing on the outside watching Miguel with Charity while he practically ignores her.

Luis chases through town after Fancy to explain. When he finally catches her, she says she heard it all.  Fancy says she heard him promise Pilar that he wouldn't get involved with a Crane, well she's a Crane. He says she doesn't understand, he only told his mom that to appease her. He says he didn't mean it, it doesn't matter that she's a Crane. Fancy says it matters to her, she's proud of it. He assures her that Pilar was just ranting, she didn't mean to include Fancy in her rant. He says his mom is the one who pushed him to date her in the first place. He thinks his mom needs to cool down, he'll talk to her later, she'll probably be embarrassed about it. Fancy asks Luis if he can really be with her, is he over Sheridan? Luis says he is. She says she sees how he is around Sheridan, Fancy feels like she fades into the background when they are together. She asks him to swear it's over. She doesn't think he can, but he says he can. He swears he doesn't love Sheridan, she is his past. He says he loves Fancy, she is his everything and his future. Fancy is touched and they kiss. 

Eve finds Sheridan chasing after Luis and Fancy. Eve confronts her and says she lied to her, she isn't over Luis. Sheridan snaps of course she is. Eve says then why is she spying on Luis and Fancy. Eve is concerned for her. Sheridan says she's not her psychiatrist anymore, so back off. Eve says she is her friend, and she doesn't have to be her psychiatrist to see Sheridan is in pain. Eve says it is because she is still in love with Luis. Sheridan flips and tells Eve that if she needs a shrink then she'll find one. Sheridan says this town could use a doctor that specializes in one field. She tells Eve she has to have heard the expression jack of all trades, master of none. Eve can't believe the way sheridan is talking. Sheridan spies on Luis with Fancy, she gets excited when it doesn't look like Luis can renounce her. When she does, a cold expression comes over her face. Eve is frightened, she says Sheridan looks just like Alistair. Sheridan says she hopes her father is looking up from hell and having a laugh at Eve right now. Sheridan says how dare she give her advice on love, Eve knows nothing about it. Sheridan tells Eve she tried to keep up a facade of a perfect marriage, but when her past came back to haunt her she dropped everything to go back to Julian. Sheridan says she so willingly let Julian drape her in diamonds. Eve says she didn't keep anything from Julian. Sheridan says her brother isn't stupid, he dumped her because he knew she was using him. Eve says she left Julian. Sheridan says and ran back to TC, who fortunately has had a stroke and can't throw her out. Sheridan reminds Eve what it says in the bible, physician heal thyself. Eve says she sounds like her father. She warns Sheridan to leave Fancy and Luis alone. Sheridan says she is Sheridan Crane, she doesn't take advice, especially from the town bitch. She says she is a Crane and she knows just what she has to do. 

On the wharf, Jared and Theresa are kissing. He says he can't live without her, he loves her. He wants to make love to her right now. He suggests they go to the beach. Theresa knows that is where she was with Ethan and even mentions his name. Jared flips, thinking she's still not over him. She can't believe it, he won't pay second fiddle to Ethan any longer. She asks if he's done? She says she is over Ethan, she just doesn't want to go to the beach because it is a tad cold, it's almost December and the wind off the water is coming from Iceland. Jared feels like a fool. They decide to go to a hotel to be together.

At the hotel, Theresa and Jared are ripping their clothes off. They are throwing them everywhere and begin making love, not realizing Theresa's scarf has been flung into the fireplace and burst into flames. Later they smell the smoke. Jared runs for a fire extinguisher and puts it out. They get a laugh out of it and the bill they will get for smoke damage. They get back to making love.

In Jared's office, Valerie catches Ethan going through his stuff. He claims he just came here to see Theresa, but Valerie doesn't believe him. She is going to call Crane Security and the cops, he's going to jail. Ethan hangs up the phone, she doesn't like that. Ethan says he is sure Jared is up to something. Valerie says Jared is a model employee, there is nothing suspicious about him. Ethan says he so quickly got himself into the number 2 position here at Crane. Valerie says and he's qualified for it. Ethan asks if she honestly trusts Jared completely? Valerie can't believe she's going to help Ethan. They end up looking for anything on his PC, she finds that he donates almost half his salary to charity. Ethan says it's all a front. She accuses him of being jealous. She says this is about Theresa and the fact that he loves her, he can't stand to see her with another man. She says do them all a favor, divorce Gwen, marry Theresa and let them all get back to work. Ethan doesn't deny loving Theresa, but that is his problem. He says even if he didn't love her, he'd still worry about her as she is Jane's mother. He says he is concerned Jared is using her. The search on the PC ends and Ethan says he just found the goods on Jared. Valerie looks at the PC and says she never would have believed it.


December 1, 2006
Kay and Simone are still spying on Charity and Miguel, who are still in the shack and in one anothers arms. Simone tells Kay to confront Miguel, find out why he gave up on her. Kay says she knows why, because he still loves Charity. Simone says he owes her an explanation. Kay says it doesnt matter. Miguel tells Charity that he wants to marry her, but Charity says shes not going to marry him. She says shes still too young, she wants to have a career. She says shes seen what it takes to have the life she wants. She says marriage isnt something she wants right now, she may never get married. He asks if she is saying she doesnt want to be with him? She says she wants him in her life, she just doesnt want to get married. Kay thinks Charity must be crazy. Charity tells Miguel that he can do the right thing and marry Kay and shell still want to be with him, if he still wants her. He says he will have her anyway he can. They kiss and make love again. Kay just cant believe this is Miguel, what has happened to him? Simone tells Kay to confront him. Kay says she cant and runs off. Simone follows her, Kay is telling her that she cant breath. Simone suggests they go for a drive, she goes to get her car. Kay looks around at the bridal shower. Later Miguel finds Kay and asks where shes been, hes been looking everywhere for her.

Julian and Fox are spying on Kay and Simone. Fox feels this is wrong, but Julian says hes doing what is necessary to keep the woman he loves. Julian tells him to stay strong. Julian then heads off. Fox says he does love Kay and this was the only want to make Kay realize that Miguel is a dirty rat who doesnt deserve her. He thinks Kay will have a better life with him and hed never be unfaithful to her. Fox says he doesnt like seeing Kay is such pain. Julian returns (after a talk with Eve below). Fox thinks this may not be worth it, he should tell Kay the truth. Julian tells him not to be weak, if he loses the woman he loves then hell regret it. Fox asks Julian if hes talking about him or himself. Julian says hes talking about them both, they are Cranes and never lose. Fox wonders how Miguel will react when Kay confront him. Julian says who cares, that isnt his concern. Fox is concerned about Kay getting over having her heart broken.

Eve finds Julian, she tells him it is terrible, the wrong man, picked the wrong man. Shes out of breath as shes saying this. Julian asks if shes saying she made a mistake and still loves him and regrets going back to TC? She says no, he doesnt understand. She says Sheridan and Fancy are both in love with Luis, one of them will get terribly hurt. Julian says Sheridan chose Chris and gave Luis and Fancy her blessing. Eve says she didnt mean it, shes following Luis and Fancy around and spying on them. Julian says hes not his sisters keeper. Eve says he must care about Fancy, she is his daughter. Eve is worried about what Sheridan might do to Fancy. She says he knows better than anyone what a Crane does when they feel threatened, they react in rage. Shes afraid of what will happen. Julian says so shes telling him Cranes cant be rational. He says this is ridiculous, he wont be drawn into this melodrama. Eve says she is worried about them. She says this is a recipe for a disaster. Eve says he knows better than anyone how a Crane changes when they feel like they have been crossed. She says it changed him. He says she is wrong, to have changed means he would have had to have cared. She knows he did care, when they were together he was kind and loving. She says now hes changed back into the Julian that everyone hates. He suggests she not be one so quick to criticize him and his family. He reminds her that Grace is coming back to Harmony and will have some choice words for her. He says hed hate to be her when she faces Grace. Eve says she was being blackmailed, she didnt want TC to find out about their past. Julian says so this is his fault? Eve says no. She says when Grace comes back shell apologize and just hope Grace forgives her. Julian laughs and says that wont do any good. He says Grace will knock her off her pedestal and Eve will get what she deserves. Eve says she knows Julian is hurt and that is why hes lashing out at her. She says shes sorry they cant be together. She says she this is getting off the point. She says shes worried about Fancy and Sheridan. She wants Julian to talk to Sheridan and convince her its too late to be with Luis. Julian says she doesnt care about what he wants to why should he care about what she wants? Julian tells Eve that he was wrong about her, shes not the woman he thought she was, he is through with her. He tells Eve to just leave him alone. He then walks off. 

Grace calls home and talks to Ivy. She asks Ivy what shes still doing there? She knows Sam despises her. Ivy says shes just here to get some furniture of hers. Grace cant believe Julian let her take anything from the Crane mansion. Ivy says there were some things that were always hers. Grace tells her to get out and never show her face in her house again. Ivy says shes trying to do that. Grace says she cant believe Ivy has the nerve to stay in Harmony. She says she will destroy her life, shell make her suffer. Ivy says she sounds like a crazy person. Grace says she is crazy, Ivy took years from her life. She says Jessica ended up becoming a prostitute and Kay has become so polluted that shes now going to marry a Crane. Grace thought that would never happen to a child of hers. Ivy says Fox is a fine young man and Kay is lucky to have him. She says shes not happy about them being married though and if there is a God in heaven then somehow they will be kept apart. Ivy says Fox could do far better than Kay. Grace wonders if Sam knows this is how she really feels about Kay? Grace says of course not, Ivy would never be honest enough to tell the truth. Grace says everyone will know the truth when she comes home. Grace says shell make sure she runs Ivy out of town. Ivy says you, the queen of the tomato soup cake? Ivy tells Grace that if she wants some truth then how about this, she should ask how much Sam loved making love to her! Ivy says Sam finally got some good sex after all those years living with her. Sam soon bursts in and takes the phone from Ivy. He asks what is she doing, just when he thinks it isnt possible to hate her even more she pulls this. Ivy says Grace will soon find out what people really think, including her best friend Eve who didnt give a damn about her. Grace asks Sam what Ivy is saying about Eve? What is going on? Sam covers the phone, he says he wanted to break this news about Eve gently. Ivy says she wont let Grace live with the delusion she did this all herself. Ivy says she will let Grace know the saintly Eve helped her. He says this will tear Grace apart and Ivy is pure evil. He tells Ivy to get out. She storms off. Sam returns to the phone to talk to Grace. Grace says shes so sorry what hes going through with Ivy. He asks when shes coming home. Grace says tomorrow. They cant wait to see one another. Grace asks what Ivy was saying about Eve, is she okay? Sam says yes shes fine. Grace says shes missed Eve, she wants to call her right now. Sam says he has something to tell her about Eve. Suddenly the phone goes dead. He tries to call her back, but her line is busy. He says shell be devastated when she learns the truth about Eve.

Grace is disconnected from Sam. Instead of calling him back she decides to call Eve. Eve gets Graces call. Grace asks how she is, shes missed her so much, she cant wait to see her. Grace says shell be home tomorrow. Eve sits down, she says wow that is wonderful. Grace says she cant wait to see her, there is no substitute for a womans best friend. Eve is looking pretty grim about now, she's got her hand on her head. Grace says Eve must have heard what Ivy did. Grace is going on about how Ivy is so self centered, she is glad to have Eve and all she does is care about everyone else. Grace says shes so happy to be coming home to everyone. Eve says shes glad shes coming home. Grace says theyll celebrate Christmas like old times, there is so much to talk about. Eve tells Grace that she has something to tell her . . . 

Fancy and Luis are kissing on a park bench. Luis tells her that he loves her, she says she loves him too. They decide to go to a new B&B around the corner and make love. Sheridan is still spying on them. She wonders what she is doing following them around like a jealous lover. She says she let Luis go, but she cant let this go, she has to know what they are doing. Luis and Fancy head to the B&B, but then they see a guy mugging an old lady before they go in. Luis asks her to call the cops, hell deal with the kid. They catch the mugger and return the womans purse. The woman is eager to testify against the dirt bag, judges love her. She calls the guy dog breath. Luis suggests Fancy call a squad car so they can get back to that business. Fancy says actually nobody is available, they have to take him on in their own. Luis says this will take all night. The mugger suggests they let him go. The old woman says Shut your pie hole poop for brains! Fancy asks Luis what they will do? Luis thinks Sam will take care of this. Fancy reminds him that if they dont take care of this then they have to wait till next week, they are both on duty. The old lady gets what is going on here, they want to make whoopee. She asks Luis if he took a little blue pill and cant wait? The mugger laughs, Luis tells him to shut up pie hole. Luis decides they have to carry him down to the station and the old lady will have to come. The old lady sees a squad car over there, Fancy runs to get help. The old lady tells Luis he may get lucky after all.

Luis and Fancy finally make their way to the new B&B. Luis wants to take things slow and easy and enjoy this night. He says they should make it a night they'll never forget.

Sheridan ends up dropping in and seeing Gwen, who is still sick with the flu. Sheridan tells Gwen about following Luis and Fancy around, they are going to go make love. She says it was all she could do not to follow them. She wonders what is wrong with her, how could she be doing this. She wonders if shes having a breakdown. Gwen says shes in a horrible situation. Sheridan doesnt know why she cant let go of Luis. Gwen says if she tries to hold onto Luis and Chris at the same time then shell only get hurt. She says its the same thing with Ethan, her and Theresa. Gwen thinks Ethan has finally given up on Theresa and her on him. Gwen tells Sheridan if she wants to be with Chris and James then she has to find a way to let Luis go. Sheridan asks how she does that?

At Crane, Ethan is trying to call the shower in order to get in touch with Theresa and warn her about Jared. He hopes she just hasnt got into it too deep with this guy. 

Theresa and Jared are in bed at the hotel together making love. Later they cuddle and talk about how amazing the other is. Theresa is glad he came back to the wharf, he says he is too. She says not many men would put aside what she did. He says he cant imagine a future without her. She says she wont disappoint him. The phone rings. Theresa says she has to get this. Valerie is on the phone, she hands it to Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa that they have to talk now. She says yes? Jared realizes it is Ethan on the phone. Ethan asks where she is, is she with Jared? Jared asks Theresa why Ethan is calling. Ethan says he needs to talk to her about Jared. Theresa says she doesnt care, they are over. Ethan says this is important. Theresa says she doesnt care, he made it clear for her to stop thinking they will be together. She says she loves Jared and will stay with him. Ethan tells Theresa that he has proof on Jared. She says oh my God, dont call me back. She hangs up on him. Jared says he likes the way she handled that. Theresa says sorry about that. She ends up turning off her phone. Jared tells Theresa that this isnt her fault, Ethan just cant let her go. He cant blame her, shes an incredible woman. Jared says he saw her eyes light up when she realized it was Ethan on the phone. Jared asks if Ethan is still in her heart? She says she has chosen to be with him. He says that is what she says, what does she feel. Theresa says its not easy for her, Ethan has been a part of her life forever. He says he knows, but he cant play second fiddle. He says if there is a chance shell go back to Ethan then tell him so he can move on. She says it wont happen, Ethan is her past and hes her future. He says so this isnt some game to make Ethan jealous. She says no. He says well he does believe her. She says shes glad. They kiss some more. She says make love to her. Theresa tells Jared that she loves him and this is perfect. 

Back at Crane, Ethan wishes he knew where Theresa was. He says hed make her hear them out. Valerie says they could be anywhere. Ethan realizes the nanny will know where Theresa is. He calls her up to find out where Theresa is. He then takes off to find her. 

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