October 2, 2006

At Tabithas, in the kitchen Miguel explains to Kay that he was with Siren to protect her, to keep Fox from finding out the truth. She says this is kind of hard to swallow. He says if he wanted to be a selfish jerk then he could have let Fox find them together, it would have been all over for her. However he doesnt want to win her that way, he wants her to chose between them. He also says he knows she loves Fox and he didn't want Fox lashing out at her in anger. Kay says shes sorry, she was wrong about him. She then hugs him. She says she is touched by what he did to protect her. He says hed do anything to protect her, he loves her. He says he is just lucky Siren was there, but the whole time he was kissing Siren he thought about Kay, its how he forced himself to do it. 

Meanwhile, in the living room Tabitha is knitting and lecturing Endora that from now on they have to just stay out of Kays life. Tabitha tells Endora whatever she is thinking to stop it right now or no more voodoo lessons. Tabitha says they cant interfere with Kays life right now, they will only make things worse. Tabitha says they cant get rid of all their problems with magic. Endora says wanna bet? Endora remembers playing some game with Fox, he was talking about how if he wasnt careful Siren could cause serious problems for him and Kay. Endora wouldnt have that, she conjured up a fish tank and then zapped Siren into it. Finally she zapped the fish tank away. POOF! No more Siren.

Outside, Fox arrives with flowers for Kay. He is about to walk into the kitchen where Kay is hugging Miguel, but Endora zaps him over to the Bennett house instead. Noah tells Fox he doesnt look so good. He suggests Fox sit down and hell make him coffee. Fox doesnt know how he got over here. He says he was about to go into Tabithas but it was like a bolt of lightening that sent him over here. Noah says he does smell something smoking. He offers to check him out, he was an EMT in college. Fox thinks hes fine. Noah says the problem is Kay, shes driving him crazy. Fox says just crazy in love, he cant imagine his life without Kay. Fox asks Noah about Fancy, Noah says they are over and shes with Luis. Fox wonders what is with these damn Lopez-Fitzgerald boys, they cant keep their hands off other peoples girls. He talks about how Miguel is after Kay. Noah says Fancy broke up with him long before getting involved with Luis, so he cant be mad at Luis or blame him. He says Fancy even wants to be friends. Fox says that is the kiss of death. Fox has to head off, he thanks Noah for the advice. 

Back at Tabithas, Tabitha realizes Endora put the whammy on Fox. She knows Endora was trying to protect him, but she has to stop interfering. Tabitha says if Kay and Miguel are together then they will be safe from Charity forever. Tabitha checks on what is going on with Kay and Miguel via a photo in the living room. She sees they are still talking about the wedding. Miguel wants her to call it off, Kay refuses and says shes so confused. Tabitha quickly makes the photo change back from a magical looking glass to the photo of Kay and Fox. She then yells out how Fox is coming. She does this to try and alert Kay, who is now kissing Miguel! Tabitha distracts Fox, saying she thinks Kay is upstairs. Meanwhile Kay tells Miguel this is wrong, she cant keep doing this. They are hiding around a corner in Tabithas house and kissing. She tries to stop it, but keeps kissing Miguel.

At the cottage, Spike breaks in and begins snooping around. He starts stealing some things. Chris catches him and grabs him from behind and holds a knife to Spike's throat. Chris threatens to kill him. He says he could bury the body and nobody would find him. Spike says with all the gardeners working here, someone would spot a fresh grave. Chris tells Spike to get the hell out of here now, and if he ever comes here again he may never leave. Spike says he is broke, he needs money. Chris tells him he is stupid coming back here, what if Sheridan saw him? Chris tells Spike to go take care of his wife and leave him and his wife alone. Spike says he takes good care of Jessica. Spike asks where Sheridan is? Chris says in the shower, now Spike has to leave. Chris says they are heading to court, Sheridan is going to adopt James today. Spike wonders how Chris got the court to say James was his son? Spike says of course, Alistair. Spike tells Chris to start getting him that money otherwise he might have to blab about some of Chris secrets. Chris hears Sheridan is out of the shower so he throws Spike out.

At the Crane pool, Simone and Paloma see bruises all over Jessica, they know Spike has been beating her. Jessica says she hasnt been beaten, but Paloma says she is a battered wife. Jessica says Spike is a good man and is good to her, he loves her. Simone says that's great as she'd hate to see what Spike would do to her if he hated her. Jessica ends up yelling at Simone that shes just jealous that she found a man who loves her. Jessica says Simone couldn't and that is why she had to become a lesbian. Simone tells Jessica good job trying to distract attention from herself. They have noticed shes cutting again, happy girls dont mutilate themselves. They ask why shes cutting herself again. Simone says she will end up in a mental hospital. Paloma says or a grave. Jessica tells them to stop ganging up on her. Simone says she has to admit she is unhappy to do this. Paloma says she needs counseling. They tell her that she has to get out of this joke of a marriage shes in. They tell her that she has to leave Spike, press charges against him. Spike shows up and grabs Simones arm. He says her again, he told her to stay away from his girl. He twists Simones arm as she cries in pain. He tells her to stay out of her business. Paloma tells Spike to let her go or shell arrest him. When Spike tells her to shush, Paloma kicks him in the back of his knee and twists his arm and puts him in a hold position. They say hes been beating Jessica, he says no she just likes it a little rough. Spike tells Jessica to tell them, tell them she likes the pain. Jessica tells Paloma to let him go, Paloma does. Jessica tells Spike that they should get out of here. Paloma and Simone tell her to leave him. Spike warns them if they keep causing trouble then hell have a chat with Sam. He says he knows all about the dead johns and how they helped Jessica clean up the crimes. He says theyll all go to prison for it, Jessica could even get the death penalty. Spike says buzz off and leave them alone or Jessica will get the electric chair. Jessica ends up dragging Spike out of the pool house. 

At Crane, Theresa tells her mom that she wrote a letter to Ethan that was put into her will that told Ethan the truth about their son. Whitney is present, both Whitney and Pilar want Theresa to just tell Ethan the truth now. Theresa says no, Ethan will sue for custody of her son now and shell lose him. Theresa says for now her secret is safe until shes dead and buried. Theresa wont risk Little Ethan losing this company, she earned this chance for her son and wont give it up. She also refuses to lose Little Ethan the same way she lost Jane. Valerie turns up with Little Ethan, she says he was bored at daycare.

In his office, Ethan gets Theresas will and letter by mistake. He begins reading wonder what it is. Gwen shows up, she asks what is wrong, why does he look so shocked? He shows her, she says she doesnt believe this. Gwen says she bets Theresa thinks she can win him back with this. Ethan says not a chance. Gwen says they need to go confront her about this.

Ethan and Gwen show up at Theresas office. Ethan asks Whitney to take Little Ethan out for a few minutes. Theresa says they cant barge into her office. Gwen asks Theresa why Ethan received this, showing her the envelope. Theresa sees they have her envelope, Gwen says her secret is out. Theresa says they read it? Gwen says it was on his desk, of course he did. Ethan asks if he was supposed to fall into her arms and say all was forgiven? Theresa says Valerie was supposed to send that to the vault, not to them. Valerie explains this is her fault, she dropped the envelopes and made a mistake and delivered the wrong one to Ethan. Gwen thinks Theresa is a liar, she did this on purpose and this is another one of her ridiculous games to win Ethan back. Theresa says she is sorry they found out this way, she asks if he read everything. He says he read the entire will. She says anything else? He asks if there was something else? She says nope, nothing at all. Gwen knows her plan, if Theresa dies then she expects Ethan to drop everything and take over Little Ethans company as his trustee. Theresa thought it what was best for her son. Ethan says she could have asked him instead of leaving it in her will. Gwen says he wont do it, but Ethan says not necessarily. Theresa just assumed Ethan would do it as hes always promised to look after her son. Ethan says he will always be there for Little Ethan, but this . . . She knows its a huge burden, and its only if something happens to her. She asks Ethan if he would do this. He says yes, but in the future be more careful with important papers. Valerie apologizes again and takes the envelope to the Crane vault. Theresa talks with her mom, she says the letter must still be on Ethans desk. Ethan says he has work to do so he will see her later. Theresa says no they cant go. She says Little Ethan is here and she thought theyd want to spend time together. She tells her mom to go get the envelope, she then yells to Whitney to bring Little Ethan in. Little Ethan shows his mom some photo copies he made, then he shows them to Ethan. Gwen talks about how he's made collages with photos of Jane. Later Ethan shows him how to make a paper airplane. 

Back in Ethans office, a mysterious person shows up and reads the letter on Ethans desk. Later Pilar shows up and finds the letter. She grabs it. The mystery person hid behind the desk and wasn't caught.


October 3, 2006

Paloma and Simone go to the station. Paloma is in uniform now. Paloma thinks if they solve the mystery of the murdered johns then they can get Jessica away from Spike. They say they have to save Jessica before Spike kills her. Simone looks up Spikes rap sheet, but there is nothing huge, its all minor crimes like petty larceny and assault. Simone wonders how he got the licenses to run those clubs with a rap sheet. Paloma says he worked for Alistair, he pulled strings. She thinks that is why nothing big is showing up on his rap sheet. They discuss that Spike must have info on the dead johns and hes blackmailing Jessica with, but what would he get out of it? Simone says who knows how his twisted sick mind works. They begin discussing the murders, Paloma realizes that Jessica probably was killing the johns. Simone says don't say that, they will never solve this if they think Jessica is the suspect. Simone says they have to think outside the box. Paloma says the killings stopped when Jessica left town and the streets, when she returned they started again. Simone wont believe it, but Paloma says the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Paloma says she cant ignore evidence, but if Jessica isnt the killer then they have to find out who before someone else finds out what they are doing. 

Luis is at the gym at the station hitting the punching bag. He thinks about Sheridan telling him that shes staying with Chris and what they had is over. He ends up hitting the bag without paying attention, it in turn knocks Fancy over who was behind it. He checks on her and says hes sorry, he didnt see her. He says he has a lot on his mind, work and stuff. She says sure. She thinks he is upset about Sheridan saying things were over between them. Luis says he doesnt really feel like talking now. She says okay she wont push. He suggests they finish working out, she can hit the bag and hell hold it for her. She says he better be careful, hes not the only one who can knock someone off their feet. After she works out with the punching bag they both hit the treadmills. They end up trying to show one another off, and Fancy ends up tripping and falling off the treadmill. Luis goes to tend to her, pulling her up off the ground. They end up sharing a kiss. Luis puts a stop to it, saying they still have to obey the rules as she is still a cadet. Luis goes off to shower, leaving Fancy smiling. Later Fancy apologizes to Luis. She says she knows the rules and understands why they are in place. She says she knows the rule is to safeguard cadets from being taken advantage of by officers, but that doesnt apply to them. Fancy says she knows he'd never take advantage of her. He jokes she may take advantage of him. She also knows hes hurting because of Sheridan. She says shes not pushing for a relationship this minute, but shed like to know if they have a chance. He says he likes her, shes a good and caring person. Fancy says if she says she has a good sense of humor shell punch him. He says no one knows what life has in store for them. He says he cant make a guarantee. Fancy says she just needs hope. Luis says there is always hope, its the only way he gets through the day. She kisses him, and he says what did he just say about that? She says yes sir of course sir. 

Spike drags Jessica home. She says hes hurting her! He says bad girls get punished. He wants to know why shes complaining about their relationship to others. Jessica says she wasnt. She explains how Simone and Paloma found her bruises and she told them that she tripped and fell. Spike says she needs to stay away from Simone and Paloma, otherwise people could get hurt or worse. She says Simone and Paloma are the only two friends she has left. He says she has him. She says they care about her and want her happy. Spike says he wants that too. He becomes upset and violent saying is she saying that he doesn't care about her? Jessica says no of course not. She says he is her husband and she knows he loves her. Spike says that is right, which is why he is on the lookout for things to make her look pretty. He surprises her with a necklace that he stole from Sheridan. She wonders where he got it. Spike says he saw this and knew shed love it. He says dont lose this like the bracelet though. She says she wont. He says he wants her to remember that he is the only one who gives a damn about her, the only one who loves her. He then kisses her in a gross way. She tells him to stop it, her brother or father could walk in at any second. He says so what, they are married. Spike says she wasnt talking that way last night. She says she didnt want to do it, she was tired and he practically raped her. He gets angry and starts attacking her on the counter top. She grabs a knife and stabs Spike! He calls her a bitch and says he loves her. He begs her to help him. She says shell help him go straight to hell. She stabs him over and over, but it was all in her head. However she does push Spike off of her. She grabs a knife and tells Spike that shes tired of being used as his punching bag, leave her alone. He says well if shes going to stab him then do it. She does nothing. He says hes going upstairs to change and she will come up and help him relax. He says she has been neglecting her conjugal duties, so get upstairs. Jessica wonders what she will do, there is no way out. She begins cutting herself again. She wishes Spike would just die.

At the mansion pool, Katherine is thinking about Fancy lashing out at her. Martin shows up looking for Theresa. He says hes sorry to interrupt her reading, hell leave her. She asks him to wait. They chit chat. He asks how shes been, she says lonely. She says she misses him. Martin says its been a difficult time for all of them. Katherine hasnt seen him around much since he and Pilar called off the wedding. He says he got a job, hes trying to rebuild his life and reconnect with his children. He says its slow going, they still blame him for so much. She says she understands, she still feels like a stranger here. She thought her family would welcome her with open arms, but they always look at her as if they wonder who she is. Martin says he wishes her luck, but he has to go. She has a question to ask him, she knows he will tell her the truth. She asks if she is a terrible person? Martin says that is ridiculous. Katherine talks about how Fancy lashed out at her and called her terrible things, such as unselfish and feeling. Martin tells her that she is none of those things. Pilar walks in and says she is, they both are cruel and selfish monsters. Katherine says eavesdropping is beneath Pilar. Pilar says she didnt mean to, but she does agree that Fancy knows her better than she thought. She says she didnt come here to argue with them again. Pilar says she does her best not to despise Katherine, she even prays for her that shell find peace some day. Pilar tells Katherine not to stand there feeling sorry for herself when she knows the reason for her sadness is stealing her husband. She also tells Martin that his excuse of running off to protect her is stupid and never use it again. She says Katherine had an excuse to run away, but Martin didnt. Pilar says she was grateful when he came back to town, she was the only one who kept the faith that hed return. She says now she cant imagine why she ever wanted him back. Martin says this makes him sad, the woman he loved could never be this bitter. Pilar says that woman is gone. Katherine asks Pilar why she came here? She says she heard Martin was here and she wanted to talk to him. He thinks this is a good sign, but she says she doesnt want to hear anything out of his mouth unless it is absolutely necessary. She says this has been an upsetting time for all of them and their children. She says shes tried to convince Luis to let Sheridan go, she has told Theresa in the past to forget about Ethan, then she told Miguel to try and make a life with Kay. She says then she realized she needs to practice what she preaches. She says she needs to leave Martin and this marriage in the past, she wants to live and love again before it is too late. Pilar tells Martin that she wants a divorce and an annulment from the church. Martin says no. Pilar says hes in no position to object. She says she almost lost her life when she was shot, so she decided she needed to live her life to the fullest. She tells Martin shes moved on and he should too. She walks off. Katherine tells Martin that this clears the way for them to be married, they can have the life they dreamed of. Martin tells Katherine that they cant, they just cant. He then walks off. 

At the cottage, Sheridan is all dressed up for their court date. She is nervous, Chris tells her that shes being silly as nothing could go wrong. She says hes right, nothing can go wrong. She says if everything goes right then shell officially be James mother. She worries the judge may change his mind, but Chris says he wont. Sheridan thinks they should go to church before court and light a candle for Maureen, she hopes shes blessing what shes doing. James shows up in his little suit. She tells him how handsome he is. He says he loves her and wants to go make her his new mommy. 

Sheridan, James and Chris go to meet with the judge in his chambers. He approves of the adoption. The judge gives Sheridan his sympathies of the recent loss of her son, but she must be looking forward to being a mother again. She says she is. The judge asks James what he thinks about this. James says he wants her to be his mommy for ever and ever. The judge then grants the request. The judges assistant takes a photo of them all as a family, saying it could be their Christmas card. 

Chris, James and Sheridan leave the judges chambers. They run into Luis and Fancy. James says he just got adopted. Luis says hes very lucky, he just got the best mommy in the world. He tells James to take care of her, James says he will. Sheridan, Chris and James head off. Fancy tells Luis that he handled that well, it must have hurt. He says hes fine, Sheridan has chosen that life and hes happy for her. Fancy thinks Luis needs to work on making himself happy. Luis tells her that shes a good friend. Meanwhile James asks Sheridan if she is sad? She says no shes not, she is crying because she is happy. 




October 4, 2006
Sheridan, Chris and James return to the cottage where a surprise party has been set up for them. Ethan and Gwen show up with gifts. Sheridan and Gwen talk, Gwen is so happy for Sheridan. Gwen says shell be a great mother. Sheridan hopes so, and she slips up and says she loves Little Marty so much. She quickly says she means James. Gwen says she knows what she meant. Gwen also says its only natural of her to be thinking of Marty at a time like this. Sheridan talks about how beautiful Marty was and how she never got a chance to be his mother. Sheridan knows Gwen knows how she feels. Gwen says she thinks about Sarah every day and she loves Jane as her own. Gwen says it will be the same for her and James. Sheridan says it already is. Suddenly James comes in with his toy, some monster remote control truck. James heads outside with it to play, Ethan and Chris go with him. Gwen continues talking to Sheridan, she gets the idea that something is bothering her. She thinks Sheridan is thinking about Luis. Sheridan says everywhere she goes and looks, there Luis is. She says he was there at the courthouse after the adoption was finalized. She says it was a bittersweet moment. She says she was so happy with her new son and husband, and there Luis was. She says it reminded her of everything that could have been. Sheridan says its over, shes with Chris and she has James now. Sheridan says Luis will move on with Fancy. Gwen asks if she can handle that? Sheridan says she has to be able to. She says Fancy called her out on the mixed signals she was sending Luis. She says she told Luis they cant flirt with the impossible, she is committed to her husband and son. Gwen thinks that will be tough because she knows Sheridan wishes she was married to someone else. Sheridan says Luis will always hold a place in her heart. Gwen says dont go hallmark on her, shell never love anyone like Luis. Sheridan says it doesnt matter, shed rather die than hurt Chris and James. Sheridan switches the topic to Theresa and her boyfriend. Gwen says Jared is a godsend, but Theresa shocked them by leaving everything to Ethan in her will until Little Ethan came of age. She thought it was a trick at first, but Gwen says Theresa was upset that the will was delivered to Ethan by mistake. Gwen says Theresa was upset, she didnt want Ethan to see that will. Sheridan says that is so strange. Gwen says there was an envelope in the package delivered to Ethan, which mysteriously disappeared. Gwen thinks the answers shes looking for are in it. Gwen says it doesnt make sense that she signed her sons legacy over to Ethan. Sheridan says none of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are interested in business as far as she knows. Gwen still thinks there is more to this than she knows. 

Outside, Ethan and Chris talk. Ethan tells Chris how Sheridan couldnt have made it through Martys death without him and James. Ethan asks about the job, Chris says it is really great as is Theresa. Chris says he doesnt mean to bring up a sore subject. Ethan says its okay. Ethan talks about Theresa and her will, how he doesnt know why Theresa would leave everything to him to run until Little Ethan is of age. Chris says she wouldnt want Julian in charge. Ethan says Julian is Little Ethans father. Chris says from what he understands, Ethan has always been close with Little Ethan. Ethan says yes, but she could have chosen so many other people who would have fought to the death to protect his boys legacy. Chris points out to Ethan that he just referred to Little Ethan as his boy. Ethan says its a natural slip, he loves that boy as if he was his own.  Later Gwen, Sheridan Ethan and Chris all end up discussing the Theresa Will fiasco. Sheridan thinks Theresa wont die anytime soon so it really doesnt matter. To herself, Gwen still suspects Theresa is up to something. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha, Fox and Kay are trying various wedding cakes. Fox had a private chef whip them up for them. Kay is feeling pressured, she doesnt want to choose the wrong one. Tabitha wonders if shes talking about cakes or husbands. Fox says it will be perfect. Kay has a dream that as she kisses Fox at their wedding and he turns into Miguel. Fox goes to get Kay some more milk. Tabitha asks Kay who shes going to marry, Fox or Miguel? Miguel shows up later and asks what happened here? Fox says they picked out their wedding cake. Fox talks about how it was very easy to pick out, they both liked the same one. Miguel sees its a marzipan cake, he says Kay hates that, it makes her sick. Fox asks why shed pick that cake then? She says she doesnt know. He says she was humoring him? She says she saw how much he liked it and she wanted him to be happy. He wants them both to like the cake, he says what about the strawberry one. Miguel chuckles. Fox says Kay loves strawberries. Miguel says not in cake. Fox says he doesnt know what hed do without Miguels knowledge of Kay. He tells Miguel to go find something to do. Kay and Fox go to get more cake samples. Tabitha warns Miguel that hes playing with fire. Miguel says hes just trying to point out who will make the better husband. Later Tabitha says she just cant eat anymore. Fox asks Miguel which one he likes. Miguel says he likes the lemon. Miguel has to run and check on something, Fox says he hates lemony things. Tabitha says that is a shame, Kay loves lemon things. Fox thinks they should take a break, everything is tasting the same. Kay agrees. Fox says hell call the chef and have the other samples sent over later. Tabitha and Kay talk about Kays problems. Kay says just because Miguel knows what flavors she likes doesnt mean she has to marry him. Kay says just because shes a witch doesnt mean she knows everything. Tabitha says she doesnt need powers to see the conflict written all over her face. Kay says shes going to marry Fox and that is that. She does admit both Fox and Miguel are in her heart though. Tabitha says she can only marry one, be sure she chooses the right one. Kay asks Tabitha why she doesnt want her to marry Fox? Tabitha says she just wants to stop her from making a mistake. Kay suggests they look in the magic bowl. Tabitha looks in, Kay asks what she sees? Kay asks who she will marry? Tabitha says she sees the church, the aisle, lots of guests. Kay asks who she is at the altar with? Tabitha says she should change the channel. Kay looks in the bowl and says she sees nothing. She asks Tabitha what it says. Tabitha says something isnt right here. Tabitha says everyone is at the church but not for a wedding, its for a funeral. Tabitha says someone close to Kay is going to die. Outside, Miguel ends up playing some basketball, Fox shows up and joins him. The game soon starts to turn a little rough.

At Crane, Theresa is talking with Whitney. She has the envelope, she says that was too close. She says Ethan almost learned the truth. As they discuss things, Jared shows up and gives them a look. He didnt hear anything, but every time he finds them together they clam up. He asks why they look so guilty, did they spend too much money shopping? Whitney says they cheated on their diets and had some pie. Jared thinks they can afford it. Jared just came back to discuss the terms of the lawsuit settlement, which is looking to be in their favor. Jared heads off to do more work. Theresa thinks they need to be more careful. Whitney suggests she tell Jared, but Theresa says nobody will find out the truth until shes dead. Whitney thinks the truth should come out, but Theresa refuses. Theresa doesnt know what shed have done if Ethan saw this letter. She says Little Ethan is all she has, she cant risk losing him. Whitney asks if she hasnt thought that Ethan and Gwen might wonder why she left everything to Ethan? She says they could figure out why shed make that decision. Whitney says Ethan could figure it out all on his own. Theresa says that cant happen, she cant lose her son. Whitney tells Theresa she knows better than anyone how things can go wrong. Theresa says Ethan wont find out until shes dead and Whitney can explain why she did what she did. She makes Whitney promise to explain to Ethan that she was afraid of losing her son like she lost Jane. Theresa says she did what she thought was best for her son. Whitney says okay, but she doesnt know why shes doing this to herself. She tells Theresa that she wont die for years, unless there is something shes not telling her. Theresa says lately she has this feeling . . . . she needs to put things in order just in case. Theresa changes the topic to Whitneys wedding. Whitney doesnt think there will be one. She says she still thinks hes cheating, possibly with Valerie. Theresa says Valerie is out of here, but Whitney says she doesnt have proof. Whitney doesnt want Valerie to lose her job without proof. She says without proof she has to have faith in the man she loves. Theresa tells Whitney if she changes her mind then let her know and shell give Valerie the boot. Whitney says no, and she once again asks Theresa what is she not telling her about this will. Theresa says maybe it has to do with what happened in the steam room. She says she keeps having these dark flashes, she feels like someone is walking over her grave. Theresa feels something bad is going to happen. 

Chad and Valerie are in the elevator at Crane. Hes trying to console her about her mistake telling her that it will be okay. Valerie says Theresa was more than angry, she was scared. She says Theresa didnt want Ethan to see what was in that will. She says there was an envelope with the will, she doesnt think Ethan saw it. They talk about Theresas will, Valerie thinks Theresa should have left something to Chad as he is a Crane. They discuss why Theresa named Ethan her sons trustee, maybe she still feels bad that Ethan was disinherited. Chad thinks there is more to it than that, he thinks the answers are in the envelope. Chad offers to talk to Theresa about her, but Valerie says no. She thinks the less that is said about her mistake the better. She thanks him and they hug, which is caught by Jared as the elevator doors open. Valerie thanks him again and heads off. Jared asks Chad what hes doing, what if Whitney had seen that. Chad says it did look kind of bad. Jared tells him that he doesnt want to lose the woman he cares about does he. Chad says no, hell be careful. Later Chad discusses Theresas will with Jared. He is a bit bugged about it, but he can get Theresa to get over Ethan for good.


October 5, 2006

Outside of Tabitha's, Fox and Miguel are still playing basketball, and they are talking to themselves about how they'll show the other who the better man is. Jared and Chad show up, Chad was bringing over some wood for Fox who wanted to build or repair the fence in Tabitha's yard. They watch the game and wonder what is going on as Fox shoves Miguel to the ground. Chad thinks it obviously has something to do with Kay. Later Miguel knocks Fox down, only he hits his head and doesn't come to.

In Tabitha's kitchen, Tabitha loses the picture in her bowl. However she is sure she saw a funeral, you don't have coffins at a wedding. Tabitha thinks this may have something to do with the man Kay chooses to marry. Kay says she can't live with the guilt that her choice killed someone. She tells Tabitha that she has to cast a spell to stop death from coming to Harmony. Tabitha says she doesn't have the power, and even if she did she can't. She says she's in the death business and hasn't met her quota this millennium. She also says some places like the Shady Elms Old Folks Home depend on death coming at least once or twice a week. Kay says well if Tabitha doesn't have the power then wake up Endora. Tabitha says no, she is sleeping and needs her rest. Endora zaps herself into the kitchen having heard Kay wanted her. Kay asks her to cast a spell and stop death from coming to town. Endora says this is heavy duty stuff, but she's in. She conjured up flying unicorns and butterflies. Tabitha doesn't know if this spell will work, but Kay is going to have to clean up after these unicorns. Later the house begins to shake and the unicorns and butterflies turn to crows. Tabitha says the spell has gone wrong, take cover! Everything explodes, Tabitha hopes Endora can clean this mess up. Endora zaps the mess away. Suddenly Jared shows up. He says Fox has been hurt, he's taken a fall and is bleeding from the head. He says he needs some towels, Kay should call 911. They all run out to check on Fox. Fox is still unconscious and Tabitha thinks perhaps it was Fox's funeral she saw in the bowl, which would leave Kay free to be with Miguel.

At the Station, Fancy asks Paloma what is up with Luis, did Sam get him a Queer Eye make over? Paloma explains that the FBI recruited Luis for a big undercover operation at a local club. Fancy thinks they need to get in on this, it could be their big break. Luis, dressed in night club attire complete with gold chains, says no way! He tells them both this is too dangerous, stay out of it. Sam agrees, if they try to get involved they could both be expelled. Fancy asks to at least let them know what is going on. Luis and Sam explain this southern crime boss Lester married into a Boston mob family. They say Lester has moved his operations up here, he's running illegal gambling and prostitution from his club. Luis says he's going to go in and bust the guy. Fancy thinks this could be dangerous for him. Luis pulls her aside and says this is why they can't be involved right now, they can't let their feelings interfere with his work. Fancy says she can't help it, she cares about him. He says he cares about her too. Later they ask Luis about his back-up. Luis says a man from the FBI is already at the club, they'll signal Sam when Luis has the good. Luis takes off for club and then Sam gets a call. It seems Luis' back-up blew his cover and now Luis is unknowingly going into this alone. However Sam says Luis is the best undercover cop they have, he'll be okay. Fancy and Paloma worry. Fancy comes up with a plan. Paloma doesn't know, they could get kicked out of the academy. Fancy says if they are caught she'll take all the blame. Paloma agrees to help her. Fancy decides she is going to be Luis back-up, she will disguise herself. Fancy goes off to change as Paloma says this is a bad idea, everyone knows who she is as she's world famous. Fancy yells out to trust her, nobody will recognize her. Paloma ends up gasping when she sees Fancy, we don't see her however. Paloma says she can't believe that is her. Fancy says she told her nobody would recognize her. Fancy then heads off.

At the club, Luis meets with Lester. Luis is posing as the guy who is going to help run Lester's gambling operations. Luis sits down, has some drinks and watches the girls on stage perform. He notices something is going on in a backroom, and he wonders where his contact is. Meanwhile Lester tells two big goons to take care of Luis. They approach Luis and say Lester sent them to take care of him. Luis thinks his cover has been blown and he's a dead man. As it turns out they are going to shadow Luis. He thinks with these two guys watching his every move he'll never bust Lester. Later the new girl takes the stage, the two goons as is everyone else is smitten with her. Luis even smiles at her, until he realizes it is Fancy up there pole dancing. He wonders what she's doing here, she's going to blow his cover. The guys notice Luis looking at her, they wonder if Luis knows her.

At the cottage, Sheridan and Ethan are the only ones left, and they are still talking about Theresa and why she may have left Ethan in charge. Sheridan remembers reading an article, when someone does something unexpected it usually traces back to something from their past. They soon begin discussing how Theresa started acting strange in Rome. Ethan says Theresa was chasing JT Cornell, she swore she saw a photo of JT and Rebecca in bed and she swore Rebecca and Gwen left an message on his answering machine. However suddenly she dropped the whole thing and told Ethan they were over and she was moving on. Ethan says it doesn't make sense, after Theresa got control of the Crane Empire she could have easily found JT and gotten then proof she needed. He says Theresa knows he won't call Gwen out without real proof. Sheridan asks Ethan if he actually believes Gwen and Rebecca sold him out to the tabloids? Ethan says no, he trusts Gwen. He says he doesn't trust Rebecca and wouldn't put it past her. Ethan thinks it all ties back into JT Cornell. Whatever happened with JT, whatever he knows, it must have something to do with why Theresa stopped pursuing him and later named him Little Ethan's trustee. 

At Crane, Theresa and Whitney are still talking about the close call with the secret. Whitney wants Theresa to just tell Ethan the truth, but Theresa says she won't do that and risk losing Little Ethan. Theresa gets an email, she says it's from a PI looking for JT Cornell. Whitney thinks Theresa is trying to find him because she still has hopes of getting Ethan back. Theresa says no, she's keeping tabs on him because she wants to make sure he doesn't come back to Harmony. Theresa says JT knows her secret and could ruin everything. Again Whitney suggests Theresa tell Ethan, secrets always come out. Whitney brings up Chad's affair, saying if he had told her when they got back together that he was seeing Valerie then she would have been okay with it. She says she was in the convent and would have understood. She says but instead Chad kept it a secret. Theresa offers to have a PI follow Chad, but Whitney says no. Theresa thinks Whitney should confront Chad if she really thinks he's cheating. Theresa gets another email from her PI. She goes to check on it and is stunned by what it says.

Rebecca is at the B&B and gets a text message from JT. She is shocked. Just then Gwen walks in and asks what has her mom upset. Rebecca lies to Gwen and says one of her dates had to cancel. Gwen fills Rebecca in on Theresa's latest stunt and how they are all puzzled as to why Theresa would leave Ethan in charge of her son's estate. Rebecca offers to have a top notch snoop do some digging into it, she knows the perfect man for the job. Gwen says if she is talking about JT Cornell then no way. Rebecca asks why not? Gwen says he is the one man who can ruin her marriage to Ethan. She says contacting JT Cornell is as bad of an idea as Rebecca trying to housebreak her donkey.  Gwen absolutely forbids her mother to contact JT. Gwen leaves to get something to drink and Rebecca gets more messages from JT. They text back and forth and Rebecca learns JT is back in Harmony and he wants Rebecca to come meet him.


October 6, 2006

At the club, Luis goes to give Fancy a dollar and talks to her. He wants to know what in the hell she's doing here. She says his back up's cover was blown and she's here to help. Luis asks if Sam sent her, she says not exactly. He thinks she needs to get out of here. Lester finally notices them talking and thinks something is going on. He asks if they know one another? Luis no of course not.  Luis wonders why he thinks that. Lester says as he told him he got word that a mole was placed in his club. Lester can't help but wonder given he shows up and then this new girl. Luis says his guy is the one who sent him here, how does he know Lester isn't a mole to break up his own little numbers operation? Fancy eventually claims she does know Luis, he's a jerk. She says he came into the last club she worked in and expected a lap dance for five dollars. Lester tells her that if he wants a lap dance then she'll do it for free. Luis says it's okay, he doesn't want one anymore. Lester says yes he does, he forces Fancy to give Luis a lap dance. Luis is a bit uncomfortable as Fancy shakes it in his face and rubs all over him. Lester tells her to heat things up, his grandma dances better than her! Fancy tells Luis that he needs to act like he's enjoying this. Luis tries, eventually even smiling. Later Luis and Fancy note that something is going on in Lester's back room. After the lap dance is done, some other guy tries to buy Fancy. Luis calls her his dancer. Lester tells the other guy to get lost. However he is still suspicious about Fancy and Luis, so he puts a plan into motion.  Luis demands Fancy leave, he says he'll be all right. After being told several times she finally goes. Lester then invites Luis into the back room to see what he has going on. Luis looks around, there is a bed and a camera. Lester explains he makes pornos back here. Luis asks about distribution. Lester says they go straight to the internet, then he burns them on DVD and sends them out. He says it's a great moneymaking operation, and his new girl is going to make him a lot of money. He tells one of his goons to bring in the new girl, who is Fancy. Fancy is pushed to the bed. Lester asks Luis if he sees any reason why they should use her to make some movies with?

At Tabitha's, Miguel rushes to call an ambulance as Kay tends to Fox. She thinks Fox is the funeral Tabitha foresaw. She wonders what they were doing, why is he bleeding? Miguel says they were just playing ball, he tried to block Fox and he fell down. Miguel says the ambulance is on its way. Fox wakes up at this point. He says he doesn't need an ambulance. Jared says he has a bad cut, but Fox insists he's fine. Miguel says he'll go cancel the ambulance. He walks off saying to himself that he knows Kay loves Fox, but he knows she loves him more. Meanwhile Jared asks Chad what that basketball game was about, it was like WWIII. What was with those tremors also? Chad says the tremors felt like an earthquake. Jared says here? Chad says stranger things have happened. He says as for the game, Kay has history with Miguel and Fox doesn't like it. Chad says triangles are always bad news. Jared asks if they are talking about Chad's secret now. Chad says he is. 

Kay helps Fox inside, she tends to his cuts. Both Chad and Jared tell Tabitha they'll build her gate another day. They both have places to go. Jared wonders if Chad is going to see Whitney. He says yes, but he has something else to do first. Jared says his secret? Chad says yes. Chad makes a call and tells someone to meet him at the usual place.

Meanwhile Kay notices Miguel is beat up on his face as well, what kind of combat basketball were they playing? The boys notice this place is a mess, what happened? Tabitha says it is her old stove, it's not working. She says when she heats up one burner bad things happen, a pot exploded. Fox says he'll fix that for her, but Miguel says no he will. Fox yells he will fix it, Miguel yells he can do it! Kay tells them to settle down, she says Fox needs to take aspirin and rest. Tabitha makes some tea, Miguel brings it over to the table. Kay happens to be getting up at this point, they run into one another and Kay drops a glass. Miguel apologizes, but Fox calls him a clumsy idiot. Miguel says it was an accident, but they end up yelling and insulting one another. Fox tells Miguel they should take this out side now, Miguel says gladly! Kay and Tabitha once again come between them and break it up. Tabitha tells Kay she has to choose, Kay says she's chosen Fox. Tabitha says then stop sending Miguel mixed messages, stop kissing him! Kay says she's trying.

At Crane, Theresa reads the PI's report, JT is apparently still in hiding somewhere. Theresa says as long as JT stays away then her secret is safe. They soon begin start talking about Chad again and whether he's cheating. Whitney refuses to confront him, if she's wrong then she'll be humiliated and Chad will never get over her accusing him. Valerie shows up to let Theresa know the PI is here to meet with her. Whitney asks Valerie if she's heard from Chad lately, Valerie says she hasn't. Valerie leaves after her phone rings, Whitney can't help but notice how nervous Valerie got when she asked about Chad. Out in the hall,  Valerie takes the call. She agrees to meet "someone" at the usual place. Whitney shows up in the hallway and wonders where Valerie went to. Meanwhile, Theresa meets with the PI. He doesn't understand why he's here, he has nothing to add to his report. Theresa has another job for him, she wants him to follow Chad! She gives him photos of Chad, Valerie and Whitney. She explains that Whitney is to marry Chad, but suspects he's having an affair. She needs to know if this is true. She gives him a check to cover a few days of work.

Chad and his secret lover meet at their usual hotel. Chad says it is a good thing they came separately, he thinks he saw someone he knew on the way. He says if they were seen together it would cause a lot of trouble. After a shower we see Chad in bed with the person, but we don't see who it is.

At the B&B, Rebecca is texting JT. He says he's in Harmony and he wants her to come over. She doesn't know, she eventually agrees as long as Gwen doesn't find out. She also asks a favor from JT, she needs to know why Theresa left everything in her will to Ethan should she die before her son is of age. Gwen and Ethan show up at this point, they wonder what Gwen can't find out? Ethan wonders who she is texting? Gwen says nobody. JT begins wondering why she's not showing up, he sends her a video message of himself stripping. She gets turned on, but hides it from them. They ask what she is hiding. She says its a dirty message from a stranger, it's some new service. Ethan says she's never been shy about this before. She says fine they have ruined her secret. She says she was booking a cruise for them. She figured after all that Theresa has done she thought they needed a cruise. Ethan and Gwen aren't buying it. Ethan thinks Rebecca is lying. Rebecca asks why he'd think that? Ethan says lately he's been thinking a lot about JT Cornell. Gwen asks why he'd bring that name up again? Ethan says Theresa was convinced JT had proof that Gwen and her mother outed him. He says he doesn't believe Gwen did, but he wouldn't put it past Rebecca. He says he think Rebecca may know JT just like Theresa said, he thinks Rebecca and JT have something to do with the reason Theresa named him her son's trustee. Rebecca gets another video message from JT. Ethan asks who is texting her now?

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