October 9, 2006
At Tabithas, Kay is cleaning up the broken glass as Miguel and Fox continue to fight. Fox is telling Miguel he was the one who left Kay with a baby to chase after a chick who never wanted him. Miguel admits he was wrong and should have stayed with Kay. Fox says he didnt so find someone else. Kay tells them to stop. Miguel says his bumping Kay earlier was just an accident. As they argue, Tabitha tells Kay that her flitting between the two of them is what is causing this. She says shes been planning a future with Fox but isnt over Miguel. Tabitha says no wonder she didnt see her wedding in the bowl. Kay asks if she thinks the funeral is one of theirs. Tabitha says yes, but the question is which one will be in that coffin. Tabitha says perhaps they will both end up dead and she wonders which one she will pine for. Fox is telling Miguel to leave, but Miguel says he has right to be here. Fox says hes tired of him laying claim to people he abandoned. Miguel asks Fox who he is to judge? Tabitha tells them both to stop this or shell throw them out on the street. She says Endora is here and she has a lot of time to find out what immature fools men are, she doesnt need to learn now. The boys apologize to Tabitha and Endora. Kay says shes sorry too. Fox leaves to get cleaned up. Miguel also leaves. Kay says all she seems to do is bring pain to the people she loves. Kay says its bad enough what she did to her mom and her family, but now someone will die because of her inability to make a decision. Tabitha says maybe they can avert this tragedy. Kay asks how? Meanwhile Fox and Miguel return, they are both planning on fixing the stove. They fight over who will fix the stove, Kay asks them not to start this again. They both leave to get a wrench they need. Kay says what has she done? She says this is bad for Maria too, she is a lousy mother. Kay says it is one thing to be a drama queen when you are young and immature, but she needs to set an example for her daughter now. Kay says everything she touches goes wrong. She says she ruined her parents marriage, she ruined Miguel and Charity, she is ruining Fox and Miguels lives. Kay wishes she was never born. Endora zaps her and she disappears. Tabitha tells Endora she is a naught girl! Miguel and Fox return, they ask what that noise was? What is with the smoke? Did she touch the stove? Tabitha says no Kay did. Miguel looks at the stove, Tabitha asks if they dont want to know where Kay is. Fox says no, but he does want to know who Kay is. Tabitha says Kay Bennett. Miguel and Fox wonder who she is, is she cute? They both say they want to meet her if she is. Tabitha describes Kay to them. Miguel and Fox ask where she lives, where did she go if she was here. Tabitha says she doesnt know. Then she realizes that Endora granted her wish that she was never born. 

At Lesters club, Lester asks Luis if he cares if this girl stars in his next flick. Luis says no. Lester says it just seems like they are old friends. Lester asks Fancy if she has thing for this guy, Fancy says no he is the cheapest customer she ever had. Lester says you cant be too careful, he did find a rat from the FBI tonight. Luis says again he doesnt care, so Lester tells her to stand up and drop her towel. Luis asks if Lester thinks she has what it takes? Lester does and tells everyone to get set-up. Luis and Fancy chit chat, Fancy realizes Luis doesnt have an escape plan. Luis says not one that doesnt include them getting killed. Later Fancy tells Lester how she hasnt done this before, shes a dancer. Lester says that is what all you girls call themselves, which is better than saying what they really are. Luis says hey! Lester says that is sweet, defending the stipper's honor. Fancys co-star Gary shows up. He wonders where Lester found her. He begins smelling her and flirting with her. Luis keeps saying watch it to the guy. Gary the costar asks who this is? Lester says his numbers guy, he has a thing for the girl. Gary says too bad, she is his tonight and he gets paid for it as well. Lester goes over notes with Gary. Luis tells Fancy they need to get out of here. They try and escape, but Lester sees them and asks where they are going? Luis says they werent ready so he thought hed get another lap dance. Lester says find another girl, he wants to keep Fancys fresh look and not have her tuckered out. Gary goes to get into some costume, Fancy tells Luis she cant have sex with that guy. Luis says he has an idea. He follows Gary and says he has a little proposition for him. Lester ends up yelling at Gary to get out here. Fancy worries, what if Luis has been busted and what if shes on her own? She begins praying for Luis to save her. Lester yells for Gary saying its showtime. Luis shows up in a police uniform, he wants to star in the movie with Fancy. Lester asks since when hes qualified to do porn? Luis asks how hard can it be? Luis says Gary left so hell fill in. Luis says Lester should count himself lucky that he's such a team player.

At Crane, Whitney and Theresa continue to talk. Whitney still thinks Chad is cheating with Valerie. Theresa says she doesnt have anything to worry about. Whitney says that is easy for her to say, she has two guys madly in love with her. She says Jared is in love with her and every time Gwen turns her back Ethan is all over her. Theresa says they are talking about Whitney here. Whitney wishes she knew where chad was going. What is he hiding from her? Theresa remembers hiring the PI to follow Chad. Theresa thinks theyll know what Chad is doing soon enough. Theresa tells Whitney how much Chad loves her, he even wanted her when he thought they were related. Theresa says now they have their whole lives ahead of her and shes freaking out. Theresa says the best way to destroy a relationship is by not trusting your partner. Whitney says shes right and shell have more faith. Whitney asks how it went with the detective? Did he find JT? Theresa says no, JT is long gone. Whitney then changes the subject, how is Miguel doing. Theresa knows shes changing the subject, but she thinks it must be pretty crowded at Tabithas. Whitney cant stop thinking about Chad, she calls him but only gets his voicemail. Theresa says that doesnt mean hes with another woman. Jared walks in and says its the two best looking women in Harmony. Jared talks about how he and Chad were just at Tabithas. Whitney thinks Chad must be back too. Jared says actually he says he had someplace to go. Theresa tries to calm Whitney down, but she says where is he? Jared leaves and Whitney continues to worry about Chad. Theresa says maybe hes on his way here right now. Theresa says maybe hes on his way to see Miles. Jared returns and has an envelope for Theresa. She asks what it is. He says a surprise. They share a kiss as Whitney watches. Jared tells her to open the letter, follow the instructions and hell see her later. Jared leaves, Theresa says how romantic. She suggests to Whitney that maybe Chad is planning a surprise for her too. Whitney doesnt think so. Theresa tells her to go home and wait for Chad. Whitney says she could be waiting all night. Whitney says ever since they got back from Rome things have not been right between her and Chad. Theresa says since Rome things have gone right for her, as long as JT stays missing. 

The PI has followed Chad to the Safari Motel, he found the matchbook in the office. He looks at photos of Chad and Valerie and says youd think cheaters would know better but they always come back to the same place. In the hotel Chad is with someone in bed, but we dont see who. Later Chad returns to his motel room with some champagne. The PI watches him. He says Theresa Crane and her friend wont believe this. 

JT is still taking photos of himself and sending them to Rebecca. He wonders why shes not answering, he thinks it is because of Gwen. He sends her a message telling her to tell Gwen to get a life. At the B&B, Ethan demands Rebecca answer him, does she know JT Cornell? She says she already told her. Ethan asks why she is so jumpy about her phone, who is on there? Gwen asks Ethan why this matters. Ethan says he thinks JT Cornell is the key to Theresas will and he thinks Rebecca knows where JT is. Gwen suggests they let Rebecca be on her way. Ethan wonders why shes protecting her mother? Ethan says the only time Rebecca is this nervous is when shes lying or covering something up. Gwen asks Ethan to let her mother get on with her unsavory plans. Ethan says he wants answers about JT. He is sure JT is connected to all of this. He says hell drop this when he gets the answers. Gwen thinks this isnt about her mom, its about Theresa. Gwen says she thinks Ethan is looking for an excuse to leave her. Ethan says no this is about the truth. Gwen says the truth is before Rome she and her mother never met JT. Gwen says drop it or otherwise she will have to assume hes doing this as an excuse to be with Theresa. Ethan says he doesnt want to be with Theresa, he's sorry she thinks that. Gwen suggests Ethan go kiss Jane goodnight, shed love to see him. Ethan leaves and Gwen asks Rebecca if Ethan was right, was she texting JT? Rebecca says well . . . Gwen says so Ethan was right! Gwen demands to know where the man who could destroy her life is. Rebecca says hes here in Harmony. Gwen flips, Rebecca says now it might not be so bad. Gwen says the one man who can destroy her marriage is here in Harmony! Rebecca says maybe with him here they can find out what Theresa is up to. Gwen doesnt want to know at the cost of losing Ethan. She demands Rebecca tell him to get out of Harmony. Rebeccas phone beeps so Gwen grabs it and sees the photos of JT. Gwen yells Oh my God! Rebecca says hes always had the best build. Gwen says what if Ethan saw that? Gwen demands her mother to get rid of them. Her phone beeps again, she says she cant delete them all when he keeps sending them. She thinks JT is sweet and is giving her a strip tease, when was the last time someone did that for Gwen? Gwen tells her mother to get JT out of Harmony and make sure he never contacts her again. Rebecca says fine. She texts JT and says shes not coming, he has to leave Harmony. Ethan returns as shes texting him. Ethan asks what is going on and who is she texting? At this point JT is drunk and doesnt seem to be understanding Rebeccas messages, he keeps sending them. Ethan continues to demand to know who is texting Rebecca and fights with her over her phone. Ethan grabs the phone and lists the recent messages. Gwen hopes Rebecca was able to delete them all.


October 10, 2006

Tabitha is looking around her house to find where Endora has stashed Kay. She hopes this spell isnt permanent. Fox and Miguel cant find out where the smoke came from and the stove looks fine to them. Tabitha thanks them and says they are good boys for fixing it. She asks if they have seen Kay. They say they dont know any Kay. The boys have to run, they both have dates tonight. Tabitha wonders what Endora has done. She remembers Endora zapping Kay after wishing she hadnt been born. Tabitha says it looks like Kay got her wish and shes going to miss Kay. Tabitha asks Endora to bring Kay back, so Endora agrees. She casts a spell and Kay returns. Tabitha thanks Hades and hugs Kay. Kay asks what happened? Tabitha says Endora granted her wish that she was never born. Kay says she does wish that. Tabitha tells Kay to hush, Endora doesnt need to cast anymore spells. Fox and Miguel show up to get a drink, they walk right through Kay. Kay asks Tabitha what is happening? Tabitha says this is worse than she thought. Tabitha explains to Kay that Fox and Miguel cant see her, its as if she was never born. Kay says like in that movie Its a Wonderful Life? Tabitha says this is a good opportunity for her, shell find out what the world will be like had she never been born! Kay agrees to take advantage of the opportunity, she tells Tabitha to question them about their lives. Fox and Miguel talk about how their dates are more than dates, theyve both found the women they want to marry. Kay realizes they are both happier without her. Kay wonders why Fox and Miguel seem so friendly, so Tabitha enquires. Fox says he and Miguel have been best buds since they were kids. They talk about how Miguel needed someone to play baseball on his team as he was a man short, Fox happened to be walking by. Kay remembers it was her who joined Miguels team that day, but without her Fox took her place. They talk about going away to college together, Miguel was the first one in his family to graduate. Kay says that means he never met Charity. Tabitha thinks this wasnt a bad idea after all. Miguel is now VP of Crane! Tabitha wonders why they are living here is they have such great jobs. Tabitha decides to send them on their way. Fox and Miguel say they finished working on her gate, they are headed back to their house at the penthouse downtown. Their dates show up and surprise Miguel and Fox, they saw their cars outside. Both Fox and Miguel drive Ferraris. The boys invite the girls back to their place to wait and have drinks while they get changed for their dates. Kay realizes Fox and Miguel are both better off without her. 

At the cottage, Sheridan finds Chris has set up a romantic bath for her. She asks what the occasion is? He says today is a big day, she officially adopted James. He thought she could use some relaxation. She says hes so wonderful. Sheridan gets in the bath as Chris pampers her. She suggests he join her. He accepts, she ends up pulling him in clothes and all. Later Sheridan talks about how this reminds her of the bubble baths Pilar gave her as a child. She says it is one of the few good memories she has, it kept the nightmares away as a child. Sheridan asks Chris if his parents ever did anything to help him sleep when he had bad dreams. Chris says he doesnt remember really. She thinks that is odd. She asks Chris why he never talks about his childhood? Is he hiding something? 

At the club, Fancy tells Luis they cant have sex here like this. Luis says they wont. He says theyll fake it so they dont blow their cover. Lester confronts them, he says he knows what is going on here. He says seeing Luis in that cop outfit made him realize what they are up to. Lester tells Luis he has a thing for this girl and he paid Gary to get lost. Luis admits he did, he paid Gary two thousand bucks to get lost. Lester tells Fancy she better be good for that money. Fancy learns Luis really did pay the guy off, she thanks him. Lester explains the script to them, Fancy called the cops as she heard a bugler, Luis has come to rescue her. He says when he says actions they strip and get to it. They begin pretending to make their porno. Fancy imagines they are in this beautiful bed with big pillows and candles and stuff. They try and stall as long as they can, Luis thinks Sam should be here any moment now. Lester tells Luis to stop looking at the door, he also wants more moaning from Fancy. Fancy moans for him and yells things like Oh yeah! Suddenly Sam and the cops break in, Sam says they are all under arrest. When he sees Luis and Fancy in bed he asks what is going on here? Luis and Fancy get dressed, Fancy says she had to help as Luis had no backup. Sam says hell deal with her in a minute. Sam demands Lester be taken out of here, he claims hes questioning Luis and Fancy next. Sam asks Luis if he has anything to use against Lester? Luis suggests they check for the ages of the girls here as well as for stolen credit card numbers from customers. Luis also says this film studio is illegal and he gets the feeling Lester is distributing drugs. Fancy doesnt know how Luis knew all that, she saw the same things he did. He says experience. Sam says experience Fancy doesnt have, she put everything in jeopardy. He says he should throw her out of the program right now. She begs him not to kick her out, she is sorry. Sam says she could have gotten herself and Luis killed. He says shes not a cop yet, what made her think she had what it took. She says she was worried about Luis. Sam says theyll finish this later. Suddenly Lester escapes and takes Fancy hostage. He says either he walks out of here alive or this girl dies. 

At the B&B, Ethan is looking for the messages on Rebeccas phone. Gwen hopes Rebecca was able to erase all the photos of JT. At his hotel, JT is getting more and more drunk and wondering where Rebecca is. He sends her another message saying he misses her. Back at the B&B, Rebeccas phone beeps and Ethan sees shes gotten another message. Gwen and Rebecca think it is over. Ethan reads it, it says I miss you, we havent talked since Rome. Ethan is sure it is JT. Rebecca says she knows a lot of people in Rome, its a big city. Ethan asks who then, which friend sent the message? Gwen wants her mom to say something, just make up a name. Rebecca begins rambling off some names, Dominic, Giuseppe, Luigi. Ethan asks for some last names. She says she never got them, now hes embarrassed her in front of her daughter. Ethan isnt believing anything shes saying. She says she has a way to find out who is sending the messages. He says the firm has a GPS system that tracks cell phones. He says hell find out who sent these messages and if it was JT then God help her. Ethan makes a call and gives them JTs number to track. Ethan learns exactly where the message came from. Rebecca and Gwen ask where? Ethan says from a tower on top of a hotel outside of Harmony. Rebecca says so what, she has a lot of friends in Harmony. Ethan says how many were in Rome? He asks once again if JT was sending her those message. Rebecca says no. Ethan says so she insists she doesnt know JT and never sent his tabloid information about his paternity? Rebecca says for the last time, she didnt know JT and she didnt expose his paternity. Ethan says fine. He says hes going to that hotel to find JT. Ethan leaves, Gwen says this is a nightmare. Rebecca says it could be worse. Gwen says yes, Theresa could find JT first!

Theresa arrives at a hotel room per Jareds note. He has a romantic dinner and set-up there. He is waiting for her, he says they are going to dance tonight. He says loves dancing with her and realized they dont dance enough. She says all this just to dance? He says yes. Jared tells Luis that he loves her and he doesnt know if he can spend his life without her. As they dance Theresa begins daydreaming of being with Ethan. She tells herself that she cant think about Ethan, its wrong. Jared asks her if shes okay? She says everything is fine. She says shes glad to be here with him and shes glad he loves her. She says hes the man she wants to be with. She tells Jared that she loves him too. Jared then surprises her with a lobster dinner. After eating Jared suggests they make love. Theresa goes in to the bathroom to change into a sexy little number. She comes out in red lingerie. He tells her that she takes his breath away, she is so beautiful. He asks where she got it? She says she bought it on her way here, does he like it. He says it is incredible. She says she picked it up just for him. They begin kissing. They make love, Theresa continues to dream of Ethan. Theresa tries to convince herself to stop thinking about Ethan.

JTs room is at the same hotel Jared and Theresa are at. JT is now falling down drunk. He heads out into the hallway where he stumbles and passes out. Back in Jared and Theresas room, they hear a crash in the hall and decide to find out what is going on. JT has fallen right into their room service cart and is about to be caught! 



October 11, 2006

At the recording studio, Whitney puts Miles down. She then looks at a photo of her and Chad. Shes convinced hes having an affair. Chad shows up with flowers for her. She says shes not surprised. He asks what she doesnt like them? She says she doesnt like that hes been off at all hours of the night. She says he cant show up with roses and act like everything is fine. She wants to know where he was and who he was with. She says men only bring roses when they did something wrong. He suggests she stop watching crazy talk shows. She asks then where has he been, she has called and he isnt answering his phone. She asks him what is going on? He says he was in Boston on last minute business. She says then why didnt he call her? He says it slipped his mind, he was busy. She asks what he was doing. He says taking care of business. She wants Chad to tell her what is really going on here. He says okay he will tell her where he was. He admits he wasnt in Boston for a business meeting. He says he was in Boston to see another woman. She wants to know her name. Chad says he doesnt know it. She says hes having sex with people he doesnt know their names. He says hes not having an affair with her. He went to see a woman for a reason. He shows up with some very scary looking Whitney doll. He says he knew she always wanted one, he found a woman to make her one. Whitney thanks Chad and says shes beautiful. He says just like her. Whitney says shes so sorry to think he was cheating on her. She says things have felt off between them lately. She says she keeps feeling like something bad is going to happen. She says shes feeling foolish now, can he forgive her for doubting him? She says she knows he wouldnt cheat on her. They hug. Chad tells Whitney that things will be better between them from now on. Whitney puts her doll down and begins kissing Chad. She asks him to make love to her. They end up having sex on a bed! It looks like the old couch is finally gone. As they make love, Chad cant help but think about his mystery lover. He tells himself that it kills him that being with Whitney isnt enough, but it isnt. 

At Tabithas, Kay continues to tell Tabitha that she is better off not being born. Fox and Miguel are making out with their dates. Tabitha tells Kay that as far as Fox and Miguel goes, just because it appears they are best friends with good jobs, living in glitzy high-rises and dating beautiful women, well it doesnt mean they are better off. Kay says could have fooled her. Miguel and Fox plan to finish up Tabithas gate then fire up the jet and head off to some exotic city somewhere around the world for their dates. The boys head outside, Kay tells Tabitha perhaps it is best she just go away. Suddenly the two dates begin asking one another whose is bigger. One girl says Miguels is close to 8, the other says Foxs is just over 9. They say wow, a personal net worth of over nine million dollars! They begin talking about how they landed Fox and Miguel, its only a matter of time they marry and leave them and take them for every last cent. Kay is furious, tries to attack them but cant do anything to them as shes a ghost. Tabitha says perhaps Fox and Miguel arent better off without her. The girls discuss how big their rings better be. Kay cant believe this, Tabitha asks Kay if shes ready for Endora to reverse her spell? Kay says yes, but then has an idea first. They all decide to teach the girls a lesson first. Tabitha and Kay whisper things into Endoras ear. The girls keep discussing what they will ask for in the divorce, like the Crane Jet. Tabitha says excuse me ladies, or should she say heartless hustling whores. She says what they are doing is terrible! They say shut your mouth, old crones can fall and break their hips so easily. Kay says now Endora! Endora zaps them, she fries their hair and then causes their dresses to fall apart. They cry shes evil! Shirtless Fox and Miguel show up, they ask what happened. The girls say the wedding is off and run off. Miguel and Fox run after the girls. Tabitha asks Kay if shes ready to make her comeback? Kay says yes. Endora casts her spell, everything goes back to before. Fox and Miguel are back to fixing the stove, Fox says for a moment Kay looked like she was sparkling. Tabitha says it must have been static electricity. Later Tabitha tells Kay that shes learned from watching morals muck up their lives over the centuries. Tabitha tells Kay that life is really all about love, finding it, winning it and keeping it. She says if she wants to be happy then all she has to do is marry the man she truly loves. 

At Lesters club, Lester is holding Fancy hostage. Sam suggests Lester put the gun down, he will look at prison for life if he kills her. Lester wont go back to prison, he demands a helicopter to Canada now! Sam suggests they calm down, he needs time to work things out. Sam tells Luis hell distract Lester while Luis takes him down. Sam asks Lester what else he wants. Lester wants a helicopter, a passport and fifty thousand dollars in cash. Luis gives Fancy a look, she slips away quickly and he races in and struggles with Lester over his gun. The gun goes off, Luis is fine though. Luis cuffs him, the bullet just hit the floor. Sam demands Lester be taken as all the equipment and film footage. One of the other cops begins making a joke about what to name Fancy and Luis porn film. Sam scolds the guy saying Luis and Fancy did work well as a team. After everyone leaves, Sam demands to know what is going on between Luis and Fancy. If they are dating then hes kicking them both off the force. Luis says they arent dating, he knows its against the rules. Sam says sometimes he can bend them, but not when people bend the rules and disobey a direct order. He tells Fancy if she ever goes behind his back again then hell suspend her or kick her out of the training program. Sam says Fancy is a natural and if it werent for Fancy then he wouldnt have been able to bring down Lester. Sa, tells them what if their little tape gets out, can they imagine the fallout. Luis says they faked it, but Sam just hopes nobody sees the tape. A cop shows back up, he suggests Sam check out the news. On the news is their porn with the words "Harmony PD Sex Scandal!"

At Sheridans cottage, Sheridan wonders if Chris is hiding something from her? Chris remembers burning the papers of Alistairs. Sheridan says she talks about her past and he never does. She says he got tense when she mentioned his parents. Sheridan asks what is going on? Chris says its not that hes hiding things from her, its just that hes gotten so use to having to hide his past because of his years in the witness protection program. He says he forgot all that time was behind him, now hes causing her to feel uneasy. Sheridan says shes sorry. Later Sheridan and Chris are in bed. Sheridan gets a phone call telling her to turn on the news. The person then hangs up. She turns on the news and is stunned to see Luis and Fancy on the TV! Chris says obviously Luis is into Fancy!

At the hotel, Rebecca and Gwen show up looking for JT. Ethan is also in the hotel looking for him. JT is passed out after falling into a room service cart. Jared and Theresa show up, they hear moaning. Everyone is on a collision course to find JT! JT wakes up and begins eating the food he knocked over. He crawls off just as Theresa and Jared find the knocked over cart. They head back to their room, Ethan then shows up and finds the mess. He says this wouldnt be the first time JT left a mess in his wake. Meanwhile Gwen and Rebecca see Ethan head off around a corner. JT then surprises Rebecca and Gwen. He gives them both hugs, Gwen ends up kicking him in his jimmy! She asks what in the hell is he doing? Rebecca says she should kiss the boo boo and make it better. Gwen says they need to get JT out of here. They hear Ethan calling out Gwen are you here? Rebecca and Gwen begin dragging JT off and down the hall. 

Jared and Theresa return to their room for some more good luvin, but they soon hear another ruckus in the hall. Rebecca wants to just leave JT and save themselves, but Gwen says Ethan will realize JT was texting her. JT comes too and remembers that Gwen kicked him in his happy place. She says shell do it again if he causes her anymore trouble. Gwen says Ethan is here, JT says he knows he tried to kill Theresa in Rome. Rebecca tells JT hes making her all hot now. Ethan calls out to Gwen, they all then run for it. JT is trying to remember where his room is. He says its right over there. However his key isnt working. As it turns out they are trying to get into Theresa and Jareds room! Theresa and Jared go to investigate, they think someone is trying to break in. Theresa gives Jared a wine bottle to use as a weapon just in case. Gwen eventually realizes this is the wrong room. They head off to the right room just as Theresa and Jared burst out to catch them, but they are gone. Theresa says she thinks this hotel is haunted. Jared suggests they go back under the covers. Meanwhile Ethan cant find anyone and he too says either hes going nuts or this place is haunted. Gwen and Rebecca finally get JT back to his room. Ethan then hears him yelling how happy he is. He heads to where he heard the voice coming from. They get into JTs room right as Ethan shows up and hears a door close. He bangs on the door, Gwen thinks Ethan has found them. Rebecca and JT have little bottles of booze and are drinking together.


October 12, 2006

At the station Sam is reading Fancy and Luis the riot act. He also tells all the others in his station that the media has acquired Fancy and Luis porn tape, so they will be under assault. Sam doesnt want to see anyone from the media in the station. He also wants Lester put somewhere that he cant see or talk to the media. He wants the book thrown at Lester, anything they can charge him with they will. Sam then tells Luis and Fancy what a disaster this has turned out to be. Fancy says shes sorry, she should have followed orders. Sam says yes, and Luis shouldnt have made a porn movie with Fancy. Sam says his #1 officer is staring in a porn movie with a cadet he supervises, this is going to look so bad. Sam says they could all be fired and for once Alistair wont be to blame. Sam asks Luis again what he was thinking getting in front of a camera and having graphic sex with a cadet. Fancy says they faked it and they didnt have a choice. Luis says he thought Fancy got away from Lester after she gave him a lap dance. Sam says what, a lap dance? Sam asks if there were witnesses, Fancy says only a few. Fancy says its not like there was a wardrobe malfunction at the super bowl, nobody saw anything. Sam says this wouldnt have happened if she stayed away as ordered. Fancy says she had to protect Luis or something bad could have happened. Sam says something bad did happen! Fancy asks Sam not to be mad at Luis, this is all her fault. Sam says shes damn right this is her fault! Luis says what Fancy did she did for him, she was doing what any good cop would do. Sam says shes not a cop yet and she may never be one at this rate. Sam says Fancy could have gotten them both killed. Luis says she didnt, she saved his life and the sting operation. Sam says it doesnt matter, and nobody who sees that tape will know they faked it. The mayor pages Sam, Sam tells the both of them are going to be on the hot seat and soon. He suggests they stay away from one another, they arent supposed to be socializing. Luis says they havent been. Sam says could have fooled him. Later Luis and Fancy share a little moment when they touch hands. Luis thinks Sam is getting an earful. Fancy says shes sorry. Luis says hes too tired to think about it now, hell have plenty of time to explain it to everything soon enough. Luis suggests to Fancy that she change, hell give her a ride home. She asks if hes sure? He says yeah. Fancy thanks him for everything and she heads off to change. Luis begins thinking about making the porno with Fancy. 

Sheridan and Chris are stunned by the news story on Fancy and Luis porn movie. The newscaster narrates saying this was an adult video Luis and Fancy made prior to a bust made on a club earlier tonight. Chris demands Sheridan turn this off as shes upsetting herself. Sheridan refuses. The newscaster talks about how Luis was working with the FBI to shut down a known crime family, but it is not know how Fancy became involved. Sheridan says there must be more to the story. Chris changes the channel, but its on every station though. Chris ends up turning it off. He asks if she is okay. Sheridan says yeah Im fine, Im just shocked. She says Luis is free to do whatever he wants with whoever he wants, she just cant believe hed do that with Fancy and in front of a camera. Chris says still this has to be a little shocking for her given the history she shared with Luis. Sheridan doesnt understand what kind of undercover assignment would have gotten them in such a position. James soon shows up saying hes thirsty. He asks why mommy looks sad? Sheridan says shes not sad, she couldnt be happier. 

Paloma, Simone and Jessica are at the Bennetts watching the porn story on TV as well. Paloma hopes her mama doesnt see this. Jessica says Noah will freak if he sees it. Simone asks what this is about? Paloma thinks it has to do with the undercover operation Luis was involved in. Paloma says Fancy went to help Luis because his backup's cover go blown. Spike soon shows up and says Well Ill be damned! He says when Luis isnt writing citations hes riding cadets. Spike says and people say hes bad? He says Luis is a stinking hypocrite, he cant shake a stick at him and Fancy No-Pants Crane. He says he doesnt do porn, even though he has had offers in the past. Paloma says her brother didnt make a porno flick, he was on a bust. Spike says well Luis came out on top. Spike suggests to Jessica they make some movies and show people how its done. Paloma decides to go to the station to check on things, Simone wants to go with her. Jessica wants to go too, but Spike refuses to let her go. Spike says he needs her upstairs. Spike says no. Simone says Jessica is coming with them. Spike demands Jessica to get her butt upstairs, she has work to do. Jessica says no, so Spike slaps her across the room. Simone and Paloma race to her side. Paloma asks how he could hit her like that. Spike says Jessica just tripped. He says they are making things up. Spike says Jessica pulled away from him and fell down. They accuse Spike of abusing Jessica, Spike wants Jessica to tell them how that isnt true. Spike says Jessica likes it a little rough. Paloma calls Spike a big stupid bully. She wants Jessica to leave him and press charges. Spike says that wont happen, Jessica will never testify against him. Spike tells Jessica to tell them shell never press charges otherwise hell have to have a talk with Sam about those johns she butchered. Jessica says she wont press charges and they cant either. Spike tells the ladies to stay away from him and his wife or Jessica will suffer the consequences. 

Whitney and Chad finish making love at the studio. Chad says that was amazing, Whitney says its never been like that between them. Chad says because the guilt, doubt and shame between them is in the past. Whitney thinks shes the luckiest woman in the world, she has him and Miles and she couldnt need anyone else. To himself Chad says he does. Whitney once again feels terrible for thinking he was cheating. She says things have just been going so great that she worries something may happen to ruin it. She thinks that those mysterious calls must have been the doll maker and him missing all those times were him checking on the doll. Whitney says he loves her and just wants her to be happy. Whitney says shell treasure the doll just like she treasures him. They continue to kiss. Miles soon begins to cry, Whitney decides to go check on him. Meanwhile over on the floor, Chads motel key has fallen out of his pants. He is too busy dreaming about his motel rendezvous to realize it. Whitney returns with some card Miles made at daycare for them. Whitney says they are so lucky to finally be a family. Chad says he thinks things will be good for them for a long time to come. The camera pans over to the key on the floor. Later Miles cries again, this time Chad goes to check on him. 

Jared and Theresa are still kissing at the hotel. Theresa says its been pretty quiet for some time now out in the hall. Jared says it was probably just some drunk trying to find his way to his room. Theresa says that or the hotel is haunted. They kiss some more and make love. Unfortunately Theresa once again begins dreaming about being with Ethan. She remembers being in the steam room with him. Jared asks Tess where she was just now? Theresa says nothing is wrong, everything is wonderful. He asks if she is sure? She says yes, both him and this evening have both been amazing. He says she inspires him. He says shes an incredible woman, hes never felt this way about a woman before. She says shes come to care about him too. She asks where they were? They continue kissing. She tries to convince herself that shes with Jared now. Later Jared gets up to get a drink. He says there is no more ice, he runs out to get some. Theresa wonders what is wrong with her? She says she cares about Jared a lot, she may even be falling for him, so why cant she stop thinking about Ethan? Whitney ends up calling Theresa up. Theresa asks Whitney what happened with Chad. Whitney says she was wrong about Chad having an affair. She tells Theresa about the gift Chad got for her and how silly she feels. Whitney says she knows there is no one else in his life but her. 

Gwen, JT and Rebecca make it back to JTs room just as Ethan arrives. Rebecca and JT raid the minibar as Ethan begins banging on the door. He says if JT is in there let him in. Gwen wonders what they will do. JT says hes having another drink. Rebecca says give her a minute, shell think of something. Ethan begins weighing his options, he either waits out here or he goes in himself. Ethan yells that hes coming in there. Ethan finds a set of keys on a maids cart and opens up the door. He walks in and says what the hell is this? He finds Gwen sitting on the bed in a negligee! He asks Gwen what shes doing here? Gwen asks if that is any way for her husband to great his eager wife? She says shes been waiting for him. He asks if shes alone, she says yes who was he expecting to find? Ethan says she knows hes looking for JT, and the firm tracked JT to this hotel. JT and Rebecca happen to be in the closet hiding. Ethan asks where JT is, she says hes not here. Ethan says he wasnt born yesterday. Gwen says her mother said she doesnt know JT and she only met him briefly in Rome. Ethan thinks Rebecca does know JT and he thinks Rebecca outed him as a Bennett using Theresas PC. In the closet JT wants to have sex, Rebecca says she needs room to work her magic. Ethan asks Gwen why shes here? Gwen says she thought they could use a romantic getaway. She thought tonight would be the perfect night for that. Ethan says this doesnt feel right, how did she get here before him? She says she sped here to surprise him. He asks how she knew hed show up at this room? She says she wants him so bad and kisses him to distract him. Suddenly Ethan hears something from the closet. He goes to investigate as Gwen says no! He asks what is wrong? She says the closet doesnt matter, what matters is that they are here together. In the closet Rebecca hopes they arent exposed, JT says he already is! Rebecca says get them back in, now is not the time. Ethan tells Gwen he doesnt believe her, he wants to know what is really going on to here. How did she get a room at the same hotel Rebeccas caller was. She says coincidence? He says and she just happened to have come into a room he thinks JT is in and perhaps hiding out in the closet? She says coincidence? He says hes going to check out the closet right now. Gwen says shes being ridiculous. Ethan swears a man came in here, so if JT isnt here then a burglar is. She says nobody is in here. Ethan says maybe there are vermin in there. Ethan opens up the closet and inside is JT and Rebecca. Ethan calls Gwen a liar, she quickly faints.


October 13, 2006

At the hotel, Theresa is on the phone with Whitney. Whitney tells Theresa that she was wrong about Chad, he's not cheating on her. She explains he's been going to Boston to have this beautiful doll made for her. Theresa says she's happy for her. Whitney senses something is wrong. Theresa admits that she's been enjoying this romantic getaway with Jared, but she just can't stop thinking about Ethan. Whitney can't believe she's hearing this, though she can't really lecture her given she couldn't stop thinking about Chad when she thought they were related. Jared, who was out getting ice, returns. Theresa says she has to go. Jared ends up asking Theresa to dance, if she's not too tired from everything else they've been doing. Theresa says she thinks she can manage. As they dance he undresses her. He says he forgot to mention, he wants them to dance naked. They soon end up back in bed making love again.

In Gwen's room, Gwen faints as Ethan opens the door and finds Rebecca and JT. He demands she wake up, Rebecca throws water on her to help. Ethan asks Gwen why she was protecting JT and Rebecca? He thinks the only possible reason is that Theresa was right, that she's the one who exposed his paternity to the tabloids. Ethan asks JT if this is true, JT says he's afraid it is. He says Gwen is the one who sold him out. Ethan can't believe this. He says he loved and trusted her. He says he wouldn't believe Theresa and she was the one being honest with him. Gwen says she did it all because she loves him, she can't bear life without him. He says well get used to it because I want a divorce! He storms off as she grabs his leg saying "Please don't leave me!" As it turns out, it's all a dream. Ethan never opened the closet, he ran to Gwen's side as she did faint as he was about to open the door. He asks if she's okay, she says she just hasn't had enough to eat today. He'll go get her dinner right now. As he's about to leave he hears Rebecca giggling in the closet. He says he has to check this out, there could be vermin in there. Gwen says there are no rats in the closet, but he wants to see. Gwen yells "I'll check the closet!" Rebecca tells JT to hide, which they do around a very small corner. Gwen opens the closet, nothing is inside. Ethan says oh well. He then notices Gwen's nightgown, it's different than what she usually wears. Gwen remembers her mother giving it to her and telling her to tell Ethan that she was here to surprise him with a romantic evening. Gwen says it's just really really old and she never wears it anymore. He says it's cute, but more her mother's style Suddenly they hear moaning, which ends up being Jared and Theresa. Ethan bangs on the walls for them to stop, but they don't. He heads over and begins banging on their door. Gwen tells her mom she will go join Ethan, she and JT need to get out of here. Meanwhile Jared gets upset with Ethan banging on the door, he opens the door to see who it is. He and Theresa are shocked to see Gwen and Ethan standing there. In the background Jared catches Rebecca and JT sneaking off. Rebecca realizes they've been seen, it's all over.

At the recording studio, as Whitney talks on the phone to Theresa she walks around and even over the key Chad has dropped on the floor. Chad eventually returns to bed, and then he notices the key on the floor near his clothes. She asks if something is wrong? He says no they should probably just turn in, he has a busy day tomorrow. He gets up and kicks the key under the bed as he pretends to straighten up his clothes. Later he gets back into bed. Whitney tells him how lucky she feels to have him and Miles back in her life. He hugs her, she says hey that's a little tight. He says he's sorry, he didn't mean to hurt her, he just forgets how delicate she is sometimes.

In Luis' car, Fancy thanks Luis for driving her home. He says forget about it, and drop talking about what happened between them tonight. As Luis continues to remember the strip tease and porn movie he stops paying attention to the road and ends up swerving the car. He regains control, but Fancy wonders where his head just was. Suddenly over the radio comes a call, an alarm has been tripped at the mansion. Worried someone may have broken in again they speed off.

At the cottage, Sheridan reads James a story. Chris hears something outside and goes to check, it's of course Spike. As they argue and Spike demands Chris get him his money, they hear the cop car sirens. Fancy and Luis show up, Chris grabs Spike and drags him off. Luis and Fancy find the cottage door open. Luis tells Fancy to stay put outside, he'll check out the inside. He calls out to Sheridan, she doesn't answer. HE finally finds her alone in her bedroom once again watching the porn clips on the news. Back outside, Fancy appears to trip and falls down.

At The Bennett's, Paloma and Simone watch as Jessica reads some magazine. They are worried about her. When she picks up a knife they rush her and say don't! She was only going to cut a piece of fruit, but she knows what they were thinking. They try and convince her that she needs to leave Spike, but she won't hear it. She says Spike loves her and wouldn't hurt her. Simone says he doesn't love her, Paloma says she's afraid Jessica is going to end up dead if she doesn't leave him. Jessica says if they are her friends then leave her alone. She storms off, Paloma and Simone discuss what to do since Jessica obviously won't listen. Paloma suggests an intervention, perhaps if everyone gangs up on her she'll listen. Kay walks in and asks what is going on? Simone says Kay has perfect timing. Simone and Paloma explain to Kay that Jessica is being beaten by Spike and cutting herself. They want to stage an intervention. They call Sam and Noah, who come home from work. Sam and Noah ask what this is about? Simone, Kay and Paloma explain to them that Spike is beating Jessica and that Jessica is cutting again. Sam and Noah want to kill him, but Paloma says that will do no good. Paloma says they'll go to jail and Jessica will lose everyone. Sam says Paloma is right, he's a cop anyways and he's supposed to prevent violence. Paloma says Jessica won't listen to them separately, so perhaps if they team up and all tell her their concerns she'll listen. Noah asks and if she doesn't? Paloma says then they use tough love and cut her out of their life. Jessica soon walks in on them all, she asks what is going on? Paloma explains they are staging an intervention. They all urge her to be honest. At first Jessica sticks to her story, that she is just clumsy and trips a lot. Noah pulls her sleeves up and says these aren't from tripping, he can see hand marks on her arms from where Spike has been grabbing her. Sam tells Jessica without her admission he can't do anything to help her, he can't charge Spike on his own. Jessica bursts into tears and says Spike is hurting her and she's so scared. Suddenly Spike walks in and asks what is going on here, what are they doing with his wife?

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