October 16, 2006
At the Bennetts, Noah tells Spike to get out. Spike says not before he talks to his bride in private. Sam tells Spike to stay away from his daughter, hell never come near her again. Spike says Says who? Sam, Noah, Simone and Paloma say they do, Sam says more importunately Jessica says so. Noah says fine, if they have to go to court then they can both testify. Sam says testify about what? Spike says that is a box Sam probably doesnt want to open. Jessica remembers marrying Spike to keep him from testifying against her. Sam tells Jessica not to be afraid of him, he cant hurt her again. He says no judge will blame her for what Spike has made her do. Spike asks Jessica if she really wants to make him testify in court? Jessica cries and says shes sorry. Sam says he loves her, hes her father. Jessica says shes sorry, SPike is her husband and he loves her. She tells Spike that hes right, she shouldnt have listened to them and she wont drag him into court. He says that is his girl. Everyone is stunned that Jessica goes back to Spike. She tells everyone she knows what they were trying to do, but Spike isnt hurting her. She says she has tripped and hurt herself just like she told them. She says she just felt so pressured by them to say what they wanted to hear, but Spike is her husband and loves her. Simone and Paloma tell her not to give into his threats. Simone calls Spike a pig for beating up on Jessica, and now Jessica is cutting herself. Simone says this is the proof about how Jessica feels about him and herself. Noah tells Spike he will pay for this. Sam stop Noah from attacking Spike tells Noah no, this will make things worse for Jessica. Sam says if they are behind bars then Jessica will be left with Spike. Sam asks Jessica to go back to therapy, do it for him. He says there is a doctor in Boston that can help her. Spike says save it, his wife doesnt do therapy. Noah says Spike is hurting herself because of him, isnt that a sign that she hates him? Spike says lots of girls have self esteem issues, hell take care of any problems his girl has. Noah ends up decking Spike and they both begin attacking each other as Jessica screams. 

Kay returns to Tabithas, she asks why the girls are up so late? Miguel says they had chocolate. Kay says its loaded with caffeine. Tabitha says she put Endora to bed but she wasnt sleepy so she got Maria up and they got a hold of chocolate. Fox says he took the bat away from her earlier, so where did she get the chocolate? Fox says the party is over, no more chocolate. Fox honestly doesnt know where she got the chocolate from as he takes the candy bar away. Endora zaps the bag, a new bar of chocolate shows up. Tabitha tells Endora naughty naughty, no more magical chocolate! Fox asks Kay where shes been, she starts telling them about the intervention they had for Jessica. Fox then notices that Endora has more chocolate, he demands Endora hand it over. Tabitha thinks this could be dangerous. Tabitha tells Endora that it is time for her to go to bed. Fox tells Endora no more chocolate for you, he takes the bag away. Miguel and Kay return, they were putting Maria down. Miguel says she went right down when he told her a story. Tabitha says he has a way with her. Kay whispers to Tabitha not to play favorites, shes marrying Fox. Tabitha asks why she asked Miguel to help her put Maria down then? Tabitha tells Kay that shes still sending mixed messages. Tabitha says someone who will be happy about Kay marrying Fox is Endora, shes always wanted them together. Fox and Kay head to bed, Endora is not pleased as Fox took away her magical chocolate bag. Tabitha tells Endora that Fox was just looking after her, he didnt want her to get sick. Tabitha talks to Miguel, she thinks he wishes he was upstairs with Kay. Miguel says this is all his fault. Tabitha says she has seemed to have made up her mind. Miguel says things could be different if he could get some romantic time alone with her. He says someplace fantastic where nobody could bother them. He doesnt think that place is in Harmony. Endora smiles, she says Fox took her chocolate so shell take something from him. Tabitha tells Endora that it was only chocolate, she cant hold it against Fox for looking after her. She says when it comes to her chocolate all bets are off. Tabitha tells Endora not to do anything rash. Tabitha says unless of course she will use her powers to help Kay win Miguel. Tabitha says shed sleep better knowing Charity was out of the way. She tells Endora to go for it. Endora zaps Miguel and sends him off in a cloud of pink smoke. Tabitha thought she was going to do something to Fox. Meanwhile Fox and Kay are in bed when the pink smoke envelopes them. Fox falls asleep and Kay ends up disappearing as well. Tabitha asks Endora where she has sent Kay and Miguel? Tabitha tells Endora she reminds her of that fickle Siren. She says Endora always wanted Fox with Kay, but now shes turned against him over chocolate. She says there is no guarantee Kay will throw Fox aside for Miguel.

Miguel and Kay are dressed up for a ball and are in some fairytale like castle ballroom. They have masquerade masks on. They dont understand how they got here. Miguel says they are here now and they need to talk. Suddenly romantic music begins playing. They take off their masks and begin to dance. Kay thinks this must be a dream Miguel is having. Miguel says then it will play out how he wants it too. They share a kiss. Kay wonders what if this is real. Miguel says all the better. They continue to kiss. 

At the cottage, Chris grabs Fancy and she ends up flipping him and kicking him. She soon says shes sorry, she didnt know it was him. She asks why he jumped her like that? Chris remembers throwing Spike off the estate, he claims he thought she was an intruder. Fancy says she and Luis came here after the alarm was tripped. Chris says he heard noises out here, it must be the same intruder. Fancy says shell look around, Chris wants to check on Sheridan. Fancy says shes fine, Luis is in there. Chris says earlier he and Sheridan saw her and Luis on the news, it really upset Sheridan. Fancy cant believe this, she tells him he shouldn't worry about Sheridan's feelings for Luis. They end up talking about Sheridan and Luis, Chris worries James is the reason that Sheridan chose him over Luis. Fancy says no, that Sheridan has finally achieved her dream with him, she has a husband and a child. Fancy says she knows its not easy dealing with this thing Luis and Sheridan share. Fancy says they just have to take Luis and Sheridans word for it that they are over. They head into the cottage when it begins to rain.

In the cottage, the porn is still playing on the news. Sheridan asks Luis how could he? He explains they didnt have sex, they faked it. He says it was just a plot to lure out the bad guys. She says it doesnt matter, she doesnt care what he and Fancy do. Luis says obviously it does matter. He wants Sheridan to just admit she loves him, tell him how she feels. Sheridan says she told him that she wanted him to move on and he meant it. She says she just got upset seeing her niece in a porno movie. Luis says she was upset to see him with another woman. Luis says its not too late for them, but Sheridan says it is and it is over between them. She says she wants to be with Chris, she is married to Chris. She says she is the mother of his little girl. She says he wants to be with Chris and not him. Luis says he can see her love in her eyes. He says hes sorry if he hurt her. He goes to touch her, she pulls away. He asks what shes afraid of? Afraid of remembering what they had together? Sheridan says shes a married woman and she wants to be a good and loyal wife and mother. She says shes afraid if he touches her . . . well she doesnt know what will happen. She cries and he ends up holding her. He tells her this is where she belongs. They almost share a kiss when Chris and Fancy walk in. Chris asks what in the hell is going on here?

At the hotel, Jared spots Rebecca and JT as they sneak off. Meanwhile Ethan says so it was Theresa and Jared making all that noise? Theresa asks Gwen why shes here? Gwen says the same reason as them, for a romantic getaway. Jared laughs at JT and Rebecca, saying they must be drunk. Theresa asks Jared if he just said someone was drunk? She asks what Jared is looking at? Jared says nothing, just trying to figure out how to deal with Ethan. Gwen takes off and pushes her mom and JT back into their room, tells them to wait till the coast is clear and then scram. Ethan tells Theresa and Jared they were really loud, keep it down. Jared says sometimes they just get carried away. Jared says if that is all goodnight. Ethan tells Gwen they should go back to their room, which they do. 

Gwen and Ethan walk into their room, she yells Here we are again! He asks why shes talking so loud? Gwen says shes starving, the should go to the restaurant. Ethan would rather just order room service. JT and Rebecca are back in the closet. As Gwen and Ethan are eating, JT cant stop coming onto Rebecca. Gwen and Ethan finish eating, Ethan wheels the room service cart out. Gwen just hopes Ethan falls asleep after they make love then JT and Rebecca can escape. Ethan returns, he hears giggling. He thinks it is Jared and Theresa again, not realizing it is JT and Rebecca. Ethan decides to go tell them off. After Ethan leaves, Gwen tells Rebecca and JT to get out of here now! She says shell try and stall Ethan but they have to get out of here. 

In Jared and Theresas room, Jared asks Theresa is she is okay? She says shes a little tired. He asks if this is about Ethan and Gwen being next-door. She says it is a little awkward. Jared says not for him. Theresa and Jared end up hearing JT and Rebecca, though they think its Ethan and Gwen. Theresa is disgusted and wants to tell them off. Ethan shows up at their room, Theresa begins arguing with Ethan for making noise to try and show them up as if this is some contest. Ethan thinks she and Jared are the noisy ones. Theresa says he and Gwen were the one making all the noise. Ethan and Theresa soon learn whoever they heard it wasnt each other. Suddenly they hear all these banging noises. Ethan wonders where it is coming from. Theresa says its coming from his room. He says nobody else is in their room. Theresa says nobody they know about. 

They all head into Ethan and Gwens room, they decide to look in the closet. They open the door and it is empty. Gwen says nobody in there before and nobody in their now. Theresa thought those sounds were coming from somewhere close by. Gwen wonders where they are. Rebecca and JT are out on the ledge. It begins raining on them. Rebecca says nothing turns her on like a good rain. They begin doing it on the window ledge! Theresa soon realizes the noises are coming from outside. Gwen becomes upset, and tries to stop her from looking outside. Theresa notices how tense Gwen is. She thinks Gwen is trying to stop them from finding who is making the sounds. Gwen says shes not, she just wants to get back to her husband and their night together. Theresa looks outside and sees JT with Rebecca.  Gwen squirms.


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October 17, 2006

At the cottage, Chris and Fancy walk in on Luis and Sheridan holding one another and about to kiss. Chris asks what is going on here? Luis says Sheridan was upset. Fancy says maybe Sheridan was worried about the break-in? Sheridan says that is it . . . no that wasnt it. She says Chris is her husband and deserves the truth. Sheridan says she cant lie about this. She says she still has very deep feelings for Luis. Chris asks if she wants to be with Luis? Sheridan asks Fancy and Luis to let her talk to her husband alone. Luis and Fancy head into the living room. Chris asks Sheridan if she wants to go back to Luis? She says no. He wants to know if she can put Luis behind her and embrace their marriage? Sheridan apologizes for putting him in this position. He asks if this is her letting him down easy? She says no. Chris says he loves her, all he wants for her is happiness. Chris says she needs to think about who she wants and let him know. He says he cant have this conversation again. Sheridan heads out to the living room and sees Fancy and Luis looking a bit cozy together on the couch. She comes back to Chris. She says she knows the answer, there is one right answer, she chooses him and James. Chris asks if she is sure? Sheridan says yes. She says it will take time for her feelings for Luis to fade, but shes made her choice. Chris tells Sheridan that he loves her so much.

In the living room, Luis and Fancy talk about Sheridan being upset about the porn she saw. Luis hated how upset it made Sheridan. Fancy tells Luis that is what she loves about him. Every other man would be angry their woman chose another man, but not him. He says she has no idea. Fancy says Luis knows hes lost Sheridan. Luis says he just wants Sheridan to be happy, even if its not with him. Chris and Sheridan soon return, they say everything is fine with them. Fancy says shes sorry about the tape. Sheridan says she shouldnt have acted the way she did, she was wrong. Fancy and Sheridan share a hug, Sheridan casts a look at Luis. Fancy says theyll go. Sheridan thanks them for checking out the break-in. Luis and Fancy then leave. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha watches Miguel and Kay in the bowl. She thinks Endoras plan is well done, but it may backfire. She is however pleased Endora took revenge on Fox as it means Endora isnt completely lost to the icky icky goodness. However Endora needs to think about what this will do to Kay. Tabitha says Kay finally settled on Fox and now she might be confused even more. Endora thinks this is just like Cinderella, but Tabitha thinks they might not be together forever and Cinderella only had one prince charming. She begs Endora to bring Kay and Miguel back, but Endora refuses.

In the fairytale dreamland, Kay says she cant. She says even if this is a dream she is going to marry Fox. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. He tells her not to marry Fox, marry him and live happily ever after. They continue to kiss. Miguel and Kay dance, Miguel tells her that she loves him. He talks about how when she got shocked it was her subconscious way of telling her the truth. She says it doesnt matter, shes made up her mind to marry Fox. Suddenly weird glitter petals fall from the ceiling. She says she has to get out of here and runs off. She tries to escape, but she finds cant.

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha realizes what Endora has done, she hasnt transported Miguel and Kay to a magical ballroom, shes put them in her very head. Tabitha says this is very dangerous! She tells her to reverse the spell!

Back in Endora's head, Kay hears Tabitha telling Endora to reverse the spell. Kay gets it, she's under a spell. Kay doesn't understand though as she thought Endora wanted her to be with Fox. Miguel finds Kay and once again makes a plea to her, marry him, follow her heart. He says if Fox is the man in her heart then what is she so afraid of? Is he too much of a temptation?

Tabitha ends up speaking to Kay through Endora. She tells Kay to have patience dear, oh and keep an eye out for Mrs. Johnsons nasty Chihuahua as she has a hunch where it dissapeared to last week. Kay says just get her out of here. Miguel tells Kay to talk to him, she loves him and he knows she wants him. She admits hes a temptation, but every marriage has temptation. He says if there is true love then temptation isnt a problem. He tells her if she wants a life like Ethan without Theresa or Sheridan without Luis then marry Fox. Miguel knows he is the man she really loves. Kay says shes committed to Fox. Miguel says shes not and they kiss some more. Miguel tells her to stop lying, look into his eyes and see what she wants. Suddenly they are on the dance floor dancing again. Miguel says her love transported them back, he is the man she wants forever and ever. Kay finally admits she loves Miguel, she always has. 

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha tells her palace with romantic clichs is limited, but good job all the same. Tabitha gives her an A+

At the Bennetts, Sam breaks up Spike and Foxs fight. Noah says they have to stop Spike, hes going to kill her. Sam says without Jessicas cooperation they cant do anything to help her or get him away from Spike. Sam asks Jessica to see the doctor in Boston, but she says no. Spike says his wife wont see a shrink. Spike then demands Noah be arrested for assault at battery. Spike wants Sam to do the right thing and arrest him. He says Noah attacked him without provocation, that is illegal. Sam isnt so sure its illegal, Noah suggests the drugs fried Spikes brain. Spike knows his rights, he wants Noah arrested. Sam asks Jessica if her husband did anything to provoke Noah. Simone says hes breathing, Sam says that doesnt count. Sam tries to get Jessica to say something, Jessica says Spike did nothing. He asks Paloma, she admits Spike didnt touch Noah. Spike tells Noah he has no choice, he has to arrest him. Sam gives the cuffs to Paloma and has her cuff Noah. She cuffs him and reads him his rights. Noah tells Spike this isnt over. Simone begs Jessica to stop this. Spike tells Simone to back off and not to talk to his wife. Simone tells Jessica if she comes to her senses then they are here for her. Spike tells her to go to her lezzie meeting or something. Simone says shes going to the station to be with Noah. She tells Jessica that she deserves better than this. Ivy has turned up out of nowhere. Shes picking up the place. Sam tells Spike to just wait, once he figures out how Spike is keeping Jessica wrapped around his finger then hell be history. Spike says it wont happen, they are moving out and Sam wont see Jessica again. Jessica doesnt want to leave. Spike tells Sam he has to get Jessica away from them, they are leaving forever. Sam begs Jessica not to go. Spike says they are out of here. He tells Jessica to get her stuff. Jessica says she has to go, hes her husband. Sam says he cant stop her, but she can do whatever she wants. Spike says she chose him, toodles! Spike then drags her off. Sam asks Ivy how this happened again? Spike and Jessica later prepare to head out, Spike has taken a quilt which he thanks them for since its so cold out there. Sam begs Jessica not to leave, leave Spike and stay here. Jessica says she took vows, for better or worse. Ivy says those vows dont mention the absolute worst, which this scum is. Jessica says shes sorry. She and Spike head out into the pouring rain. Jessica asks where they are goin? How will they live? Spike says she knows the answer, she has to earn a living again. They head off, Sam realizes there is nothing he can do to stop Jessica. He wonders where he failed Jessica, how did he lose his daughter. 

Paloma takes Noah to the station and puts him in a cell. He says he should have killed the guy, Paloma says dont say that in front of witnesses. He says hes never arrested by such a pretty cop. She asks how many have arrested him? He pleads the fifth. Noah tells Paloma that shell be a terrific cop, she has a fire in her eyes. She says he thinks so? She smiles at him. She says his shirt is soaked, give it to her and she will dry it. She says shell find another shirt. Noah hands over his shirt and says thanks. She says thank you . . . for what you are trying to do for Jessica. She says he reminds her of Luis the way he looks out for his family. He asks why Jessica keeps defending Spike? Paloma seems enamored by Noahs bod. Simone soon shows up. Paloma gives Noah another shirt, Simone sees the looks Paloma is giving Noah and wonders what is with her? She asks Paloma if shes flirting with Noah? Paloma tells Simone maybe a little. She says she likes him, hes strong, caring and a great body. Simone says Noah is way too old for her. Paloma says hes exactly the right age. 

At the hotel, Theresa sees JT and Rebecca on the balcony having sex. Gwen thinks her life is over. Ethan and Jared ask Theresa if she sees anything outside? Rebecca worries Theresa will rat them out and Gwen could lose Ethan. Ethan and Jared keep asking Theresa who is on the ledge? Theresa isnt sure what to say, Gwen is sweating it. Theresa realizes she cant let Ethan see JT because Ethan could learn the truth about her son. Back outside, Rebecca wonders what Theresa is doing, what is taking so long. Back inside, Theresa doesnt know what to do. If she tells Ethan he may leave Gwen, but he could forgive Gwen and take her son away like they did Jane. Gwen doesnt know why Theresa isnt using this bomb to her advantage. Theresa ends up saying nobody is out there. Ethan asks if she is sure, Theresa is. Gwen is confused, why didnt Theresa tell Ethan and Jared the truth? Theresa says nobody is out there, who could be, spider man? Theresa says the noises probably came from the ventilation system. Ethan and Jared say Theresa looks tense. Theresa says shes just very tired. Ethan gets a call from the front desk apologizing for the noise. Ethan learns there is a couple on the ledge having sex, people are being sent to take care of it. Ethan asks Theresa again who she saw out there? Why is she claiming she saw no one? Ethan thinks she had to see the couple out there. Gwen asks Theresa why she didnt say who she saw? Theresa bets Gwen would like to know wouldn't she. Suddenly Ethan hears screaming coming from outside, its Rebecca and JT and their sex games. Ethan decides to see who is out there.


October 18, 2006
At the mansion, Julian is on the phone making a deal for Crane Industries. He flashes back to a better evening with Eve when they were happy. Julian ends his business call. He tells himself he has to stop wasting time thinking about Eve, shes out of his heart and bed forever. He heads into his bedroom where Eve is. Julian asks what shes doing here? She says she thought shed be gone before he got back. Eve says she wanted to get some of her things. He says he thought he sent all her things to TCs house where shes shacking up now. He says the love making must be grand with his limp limbs and drooling speech. Eve says whoever packed her things forgot a few things, she wanted to come and get them. Julian says well take everything he gave her, it only proves that shes a gold digger whore. Eve says she has better things to do than listen to him call her names. She says she was stupid to come back for this. It was a stupid toy broach that he won for her at a carnival, it isnt valuable. She says it meant a lot for her because of how hard he tried to win it for her. He says hes sorry. She says save it, she wants to forget that she knew him. She stomps on the broach and storms out. He yells at her to use the back door as whores arent fit to use the front door. 

Eve returns to TCs house. Eve tells TC that shes back. He tells her that hes in the living room. Hes on the couch watching one of their favorite movies. She says maybe shell watch it with him. He says hed like that. She makes sure TC is comfortable. He asks Eve if she got what she wanted? She says that and a dose of reality. To herself Eve says sometimes first love isnt what you remembered it to be. Eve and TC watch the movie, Eve remembers when they first saw this movie together. She says that date almost didnt happen because of the crazy events of the night. She says this movie always reminds her of no matter how chaotic life gets that you can always depend on a great love. TC apologizes for the way he acted towards her when she found out about her and Julian. She says thats over and done with. He thanks her for taking such good care of him. She says hes the father of her children, shell always be there for her. They share a little peck on the lips. TC smiles. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha hopes Endora is happy, Kay has told Miguel that she loves him. Endora says Excellent! Tabitha tells Endora that shes being very childish here. Tabitha says she always wanted Fox with Kay, but just because Fox took her chocolates away shes zapped Kay and Miguel into her head to get them together. Tabitha asks what Fox will do when he finds out? Fox walks in and asks what Endora has done now? Tabitha covers her bowl and tells Fox that Endora has found another stash of chocolate. Fox tells Endora that too much chocolate is bad for her, it will give her an upset tummy. She says not her, she's half witch. Fox asks Tabitha if she knows where Kay went? Tabitha says to the store to get milk, he should go back to bed. Fox says hell stay up and wait for Kay. He says he has to do some work for his dad anyways. Fox asks Endora if she can have some chocolate? She says she gave Kay to Miguel so why not. He takes a piece and gives her a kiss on the head. Tabitha tells Endora to get Miguel and Kay back here before he finds out they are both missing. Endora tells her mom not to rush her, Kay and Miguel have to stay in until they are engaged. Fox manages to crunch all the numbers. He asks Endora if shes still mad at him? He says eating too much chocolate is bad for you. He says now she has more chocolate and he should just mind his own business. She says Please do. Tabitha tells Endora that shes being a naught girl, shes muddle Kay up so much that Kays love for Miguel may not be real as much as it is forced. Endora ends up forgiving Fox, and then Tabitha points out after what shes done it may be hard to keep Fox and Kay together. Endora says Uh Oh! As Fox is telling Endora how sad it would make him for her tummy to be sick, Julian shows up. Fox shows Julian the numbers he's put together. Tabitha suggests they go work elsewhere so she can clean up in here. Fox and Julian head into the living room. Tabitha checks her bowl to see what Kay and Miguel are up to. She sees them kissing again. Tabitha tells Endora she got her wish, Kay and Miguel are together. Endora admits she may have gone too far. Tabitha suggests Endora get Kay back here fast or Fox will end up with a broken heart. Endora says dont rush her. Tabitha says if Fox realizes Kay and Miguel are gone then its on her head. 

Fox and Julian talk in the living room. Julian tells Fox about how Eve came by the mansion to get the last of her things. He tells Fox to let this all be a lesson to him, marry Kay as soon as possible. Fox says they will get married before Miguel has a chance to do anything. Julian asks where Kay is? Fox says she went to the store. Julian says he car is in the driveway, is he sure shes at the store? 

In Endora's magical ballroom/head, Miguel and Kay continue to kiss one another. Miguel says he doesnt know if this is a dream or not. Kay says she always has loved him and always will. Miguel says he should have been there with her and Maria all along, now they can be the family shes always wanted. Kay says they cant, shes going to marry Fox. Miguel says but she said she loved him. She says she loves Fox too, hes been good to her and Maria. He says she loves him more than Fox, he knows. He tells her to follow her heart and marry him. She says she cant. She says when he went looking for Charity that she and Maria were here alone. He says he sent money and kept in touch. She says but he wasnt here, he wanted to be with Charity. Miguel says he made a mistake, he shouldnt have left. Kay is glad to have him back, but Fox is with her because he wants to be. She says Fox loves her and Maria and trusts her, she cant turn her back on that kind of love. Kay says she will marry Fox. She says Fox never abandoned her, hes loved her unconditionally. She wonders if Miguel loves her because he cant be with Charity. Kay says he had planned on raising Maria with Charity at first. Miguel says he was stupid for not seeing what he had. Kay says it doesnt matter, shes engaged and she will marry Fox. Miguel tells Kay that engagements can be broken, dont deny their love or Maria her parents. He says marry him. Miguel says they love each other and always have, Kay just realized it first. He says he knows they belong together and they could have a wonderful life with Maria. He says he promises to make her happy. She says she believes him. He says then dont deny their love, follow your heart and let it lead her down the aisle to him. Miguel asks Kay to marry him. Kay asks if Charity came back to Harmony and wanted him, what would he do? Would he chose her or Charity?

At the hotel, Ethan decides to see who is on the ledge on his own. Gwen says he could startle them and they could fall off and die. Theresa agrees. Gwen wonders why Theresa is hiding her mom and JT from Ethan. Ethan doubts they will fall if they can balance and have sex on a ledge during such a storm. Gwen doesnt understand why Theresa isnt using this to get Ethan back. Theresa knows if JT tells Ethan about her son then she could lose everything. Jared meanwhile wonders what is up with Gwens mom and that guy. Ethan ends up looking outside and catching Rebecca with JT Cornell, though JT hides his face. Rebecca tells Ethan to stop gawking. Ethan demands they get in here, he says her and JT are finished. Gwen realizes Ethan now knows Rebecca lied about knowing JT, why is Theresa trying to keep them from getting in here? JT ends up going around the corner, Rebecca says her date is very shy. Ethan says its JT, but Rebecca says it isnt JT. Rebecca makes her way around the corner too. Ethan decides to follow them, but Gwen says he could fall and kill himself. Ethan knows Rebecca is out there with JT, he wants to catch them. Gwen says if Theresa thought that was JT wouldnt she be out there chasing him? Ethan says he thinks JT told Theresa something in Rome that made her stop trying to prove she and her mother outed him in the tabloids. Ethan says he also thinks the same something has to do with why she named him Little Ethans trustee in her will. Gwen says that is a stretch. Ethan says JT and Rebecca are headed towards Jared and Theresas room, hes going to go catch them. Ethan runs off, Gwen follows him. Jared asks Theresa about this JT guy. He says its obvious she and Gwen dont want Ethan near the guy. Theresa says once Ethan finds JT then everything will be over. Jared says its never too late, he has to be able to help somehow. Theresa says she just wants this over. Ethan returns, he asks for Jareds room key so he can catch Rebecca and JT. Theresa says give it to him. Ethan also asks for Jareds help finding JT, Theresa tells Jared to help him. Jared says if shes sure. Jared and Ethan leave. Gwen tells Theresa whatever game shes playing, shes going to deny everything. Gwen follows them. Theresa gets a call on her cell phone from her mom. Pilar says Little Ethan is being so cute right now. She says he fell asleep holding a baseball that Ethan gave him. Theresa cries to her mom that Ethan is about to catch Rebecca with JT Cornell and now the whole truth will come out. Theresa says she cost Ethan his future as the head of the Crane Empire, she cant cost her son the same future. Pilar doesnt understand how she can put the Crane fortune above Little Ethan knowing his father. Theresa says shes trying to not make the same mistake with her son that she did with Ethan. She says at this point shes letting fate decide what happens, but she hopes JT and Rebecca will get away. 

JT and Rebecca are about to climb into Theresa and Jareds room. Rebecca says they need to separate and run, Ethan cant find them together. Suddenly Gwen, Jared and Ethan show up. Gwen says he could scare her mom and make her fall and die. Ethan says not to worry as hes going to kill Rebecca himself. Ethan opens the curtains and Rebecca is standing there at the window. She is startled and almost falls off the ledge. Ethan grabs her before she falls and helps pull her back in. JT is once again hiding around a corner. They pull Rebecca in, she says she may need mouth to mouth who is first? Ethan sees Rebeccas date is running off, he goes running after him knowing its JT. 

JT ends up going back into Ethans room where Theresa  is on the phone with Pilar. Ethan is locked back out of his own room, he bangs on the door telling Theresa to let him in so he can get JT who should be outside on the ledge. Gwen, Jared and Rebecca are now outside the door with Ethan. Theresa tells her mom she'll have to call her back. JT runs back out on to the ledge, Theresa lets Ethan in. She says she was in the bathroom. Ethan looks for JT, Rebecca says again she wasnt with JT. Theresa says Rebecca said she wasnt with him, Ethan wonders since when she believes Rebecca. Ethan sees JT is outside again, he then notices Rebecca has gone missing again as well. 

Rebecca lets JT back into Theresas room. She slaps him for not trying to save her from falling off the ledge earlier. He says he was trying not to let Ethan see his face. She says they have to get out of here. They run down the hall, Ethan ends up seeing them. Ethan chases after them. Gwen follows them all. Gwen claims she cant keep up with Ethan. He says shes slowing him down and ditches her! Meanwhile, Jared asks Theresa if she was really in the bathroom before? Did she see who Rebecca was with? Is it this JT guy? Back in the hallway, Rebecca is telling JT to hurry up. JT is tired, Rebecca is pulling him along. They end up in a hallway with a dirty linen cart blocking the way. They try and get around it but fall into it. Ethan and Gwen show up, Ethan says hes caught JT and Rebecca. Jared and Theresa then show up. Theresa tells herself that its all over. 

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October 19, 2006

At the station, Paloma and Noah talk with Sam about what to do about Jessica and Spike. Sam says Jessica and Spike left, they moved out and God only knows where they are or what hes making her do. Sam also says he is sure Spike has something on Jessica, hes blackmailing her into staying with him. Paloma flashes back to helping Jessica and Simone cover up the murders. 

Spike and Jessica are on the streets, Jessica is in one of her hooker outfits. He says he loves that his little wifey knows how to market herself. She says she doesnt want to do this. He says a couple of tricks will get them a nice place to stay. He says she doesnt want him to tell her dad about the johns she killed does she? Spike says she would embarrass her whole family. She says like being a prostitute isnt embarrassing enough. He says you dont get the gas chamber for turning tricks. Two sleazy guys show up, Spike demands she go make them some money. 

Later Sami, Noah and Paloma see Jessica working the streets with Spike. Jessica has just scored them some money. Noah wants to put a stop to this, but Sam says no as it will only drive Jessica further away from them.

In Tabithas kitchen, Tabitha tells Endora its still not smooth sailing for Miguel and Kay. She says its never simple when mortals fall in love, they always muck it up. Endora says Mortals Drool, Witches Rule! Tabitha doesnt know where she learned that, but witches wouldnt fall for something as silly as love. Tabitha says Miguel, Kay and Fox are now involved in this triangle. Tabitha asks Endora if she plans to keep Fox and Kay apart still? Endora isnt sure. Tabitha says when Fox realizes Kay and Miguel are missing that hell suspect them of being together and hell be hurt. Tabitha asks Enodra if she wants to hurt her brother that way? Tabitha tells Endora to look what shes done. She said Kay is being swayed by Miguel. She asks Endora to get Kay and Miguel back here now. Endora agrees and tries to zap them out of her head, but she fails! Tabitha says if they cant get Kay and Miguel back then they could be stuck in her head forever. Tabitha doesnt know what to do. She tries to talk to Kay by yelling into Endoras head. She tells Kay they are going to try and bring her back, try not to forget about Fox. Tabitha asks Endora to try her spell again. 

In the magic ballroom, Miguel tells Kay that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Kay needs to know what hed do if Charity showed back up. Would he want to be with Charity? Miguel says even if when they get back to reality and Charity was in front of him that it wouldnt change the way he feels. He says Charity was an infatuation, he loves Kay. She says he has to be absolutely positive. She says she wants to believe him, shes just so scared. Miguel tells Kay that shes his best friend and soul mate, he wants to spend his life with her. He says he loves her so much. They kiss, Kay ends up hearing Tabitha telling her not to forget about Fox. She realizes she shouldnt be here, shes getting married. He says she loves him. Kay says she loves Fox too. She also doesnt know if she believes that hes really over Charity. Kay says people dont forget their first loves and to Fox, hes her Charity. Miguel says thats no reason to marry him. Miguel wants her to marry him, hes the man she truly loves. 

Meanwhile Fox is worried, how did Kay get to the market with her car still here. Where did she go? Julian suggests Fox look for Miguel, if he finds Miguel then hell find Kay. Fox says Kay wouldnt do that to him. Julian thinks Kay is probably in Miguels arms as they speak. Fox still wont believe it. Julian suggests Fox check Miguels room, if hes there then no problem. Julian says hes warned him about Miguel, women have a bizarre attachment to first love and Kay is no different. Fox says she wouldnt do that to him. Julian says not if he plays it smart. He says you have to be ruthless to keep the woman you love. Julian says if he was more ruthless with Eve then maybe shed still be with him. Fox agrees to check Miguel's room. Of course hes not in there. Julian says Fox must assume Miguel is with Kay, he has to find them and get rid of Miguel for good. 

Fox and Julian head into the kitchen, they ask where Kay is and where is Miguel? Tabitha says all she knows is Kay went to the market to get milk. He says her car is still here, is she with Miguel? He begs Tabitha to tell him the truth. She says all she knows is Kay said she was going to the market. Fox heads off to find Kay and Miguel, Tabitha suggests to Julian he go with Fox. Julian tells Tabitha they have to talk about Endora. He says he intends to have a relationship with Endora. Tabitha  says she wont let that happen. Julian says theyll see about that. Julian walks off, Tabitha asks Endora to try her spell again. This time the spell seems to be working as bubbles float out of the cauldron.

In Endoras head, bubbles appear as part of Endoras spell. Miguel begins to fade away, Kay wonders what is going on. Tabitha realizes Endoras spell is only bringing Miguel back, its leaving Kay in limbo. Tabitha tells Endora to turn her spell up a notch. Soon Kay begins to fade too. Miguel says they are obviously going somewhere else. They soon disappear out of Endoras head. Tabitha wonders where they have been sent though. Kay and Miguel end up appearing together in a bubble bath upstairs. 

Fox and Julian are still searching the house for Kay and Miguel. Fox suggests they split up. Julian says hell talk to Tabitha again, he thinks shes not telling the truth. Fox ends up hearing someone in the bathroom. He knocks on the door and asks if shes in there. Kay and Miguel are in the bath together, they dont know how they got here together. Kay says Fox cant find them together. Fox is banging for Kay to open the door.

Julian returns to the kitchen, he asks why Tabitha is staring into a bowl and why is the water in it bubbling when its not on the stove? Tabitha says its a science project, shes giving Endora a head start. Julian thinks that is a good idea. They soon begin arguing about whether Julian will be involved in Endora's life.

At the hotel, Ethan thinks he finally has JT and Rebecca. He says tonight theyll finally find out who told JT he wasnt a Crane. Gwen thinks shes done for. Theresa thinks Ethan will learn hes Little Ethans father and shes done for. Gwen notices how terrified Theresa looks as well. Ethan pulls Rebecca up out of the linen cart, Gwen points out to her mom how Theresa doesnt seem to be enjoying this at all. Rebecca says she does look like she just ate her last chimechange. Ethan ends up grabbing who he thinks is JT, only to find it is the bellhop! Gwen and Theresa cast looks at one another. Ethan demands the bellhop explain where JT is. Rebecca says she told him JT isnt here. The bellhop says he was just bringing clean linens and Ethan attacked him for being late. Ethan says he thought he was someone else. Ethan asks Rebecca if she is denying being on the ledge with JT? Rebecca says yes. Ethan then asks the bellhop if he was having sex with Rebecca. He says no sir, that must have been Alberto. The bellhop says Alberto just passed him in the hall, that must have been who Ethan was chasing. Ethan wont believe it is Alberto, he saw Rebecca with someone who looked like JT. He also says the text messages mentioned Rome. The bellhop says Alberto is from Rome. Rebecca says she told Ethan it wasnt JT. Gwen says perhaps it wasnt JT. Ethan admits he never saw the guys face. Rebecca says JT was never here, it was Alberto. Gwen wonders why Theresa is just as happy as they are that JT hasnt been caught. Later we learn Rebecca paid the bellhop off for telling Ethan that story about Roberto. Ethan is swearing to Theresa that he thought that guy was JT Cornell. Gwen asks her mom where JT is? She says they split up and she persuaded the bellhop to help them. Gwen says then why didnt Theresa help Ethan find JT? Rebecca says its clear Theresa doesnt want Ethan to find JT either. Ethan asks to talk to Theresa in private, Rebecca and Gwen dont like this. Jared leaves them, Gwen and Rebecca do as well. Rebecca is positive Theresa saw JTs face. Gwen worries Theresa will tell Ethan, but Rebecca says she hasnt told him yet.

Rebecca and Gwen spy on Ethan and Theresa. Ethan is confused, why has she suddenly stopped trying to prove Gwen and Rebecca sold him out to JT. Why wasnt she helping him catch JT tonight? He says it was like she could care less. Theresa says it wasnt JT. Ethan says they didnt know that until just now. He also says she had something important to tell him in Rome, then she just changed her mind. He says its like shes given up entirely, like she doesnt care if he catches JT. Theresa says she cant say. He says she cant or wont? He thinks it has something to do with her will. He wants to know what is going on here. Theresa says she is just tired. She says she remembers the last time she tried to help him find JT, it didnt turn out well. She says she thought shed let him handle it this time. She says as it turns out Rebecca wasnt with JT. She says think about it, why would JT come back to the US. Ethan says he went after JT tonight to get the truth to come out, he thought she wanted that too. Theresa says once she thought it meant theyd be together, but it will never happen. She says after all these years shes finally realized she will never have him, hes married to Gwen and will stay married to her. Gwen can see how much Ethan still loves Theresa. Theresa says she is her with Jared and hes here with Gwen, they should go back to their rooms and forget this evening. Ethan says fine. Rebecca and Gwen discuss Theresas motives, she is obviously keeping something to herself about JT. 

Later Gwen and Rebecca approach Jared and Theresa. Gwen asks where Ethan is, he hasnt come back to the room. He shows up, he says he apologized to the bellhop. He says he also owes Gwen and Rebecca an apology. Gwen and Rebecca says they forgive him. He also apologizes to Jared and Theresa for ruining their evening. Jared tells Ethan hed like to get back to their room, so goodnight. Gwen continues to wonder what Theresa is up to. Theresa tells herself as much as she hates Gwen, taking Ethan from her wasnt worth losing her sons future.


October 20, 2006
At the cottage, Sheridan cant stop thinking about Fancy and Luis porn. Sheridan takes a walk, she begins thinking about how Luis is in the mansion somewhere with Fancy. She says she shouldnt be out here, she should be with Chris and James.

At the mansion, Fancy hugs Luis and tells him that he makes her feel so safe, she doesnt know what she would have done without him at that strip club. He says that is behind them, the important thing is to get through this night without anymore break-ins. Luis is spending the night, he says hell see her in the morning. He heads to his room, Fancy dreams that maybe shell see him before morning. Luis tries to go to sleep, but Fancys unable to sleep. She ends up turning on some sexy romantic music, even turning it up loud so Luis can hear it. She then thinks about giving Luis his lap dance. Luis gets up and gets some water. He then says he needs to get some air.

Luis runs into Sheridan outside. He too couldnt sleep and went for a walk. He and Sheridan end up kissing. Of course it turns out it was just a dream in Sheridans head.

Luis goes out to the balcony for air, Fancy is on the balcony next to him and is ogling him. Fancy sees Luis looking at Sheridan. Fancy says Sheridan is his past, she is his future and will do whatever it takes to make him hers. 

At Tabithas, Julian says Endora is his daughter too and hell be damned if she bars him from her life. Tabitha says hes already damned. Julian says she needs a father, but Tabitha says not one like him. Julian threatens to sue Tabitha for custody. Tabitha says hell never take her little girl from him. Endora tells her mom not to fight with her dad. Tabitha says they arent fighting, shes just laying down the law. Tabitha says in this house there is only one parent and that is her. Julian says Endora is as much his daughter and he would have no trouble getting custody of Endora in court. He says everyone knows shes crazy and its amazing how Timmy survived here as long as he did. She tells him not to bring up Timmy! She says he was the best thing to happen to her until Endora came along, and he was the best thing to happen to Julian. She tells Julian he only pretended to learn lessons from Timmy, hes reverted to his old Crane ways. She says he is an evil, viscous and threatening man. She finds it hard to believe that he and Timmy were ever friends at all. Julian says he and Timmy were close and he misses him as much as she does. Tabitha then tells Julian how horrible hes been making accusations about Kay and Miguel to Fox. Julian says if there is one thing hes learned it is that when there is smoke there is fire. Tabitha says to keep egging on his mistrust of the girl hes supposed to be marrying isnt a supportive father. She says he will probably have as much of a negative influence on Endora as he has on Fox. She asks what Timmy would think of his behavior these days. Cue the Timmy flashbacks. She tells Julian that he claimed Timmy taught him the true meaning of life and humanity. Julian says that is rich coming from her. She says they arent talking about her, they are talking about him and how hes returned from his Crane ways. She says it would break Timmys heart to know he was planning to take a child from his mother. Julian says leave Timmy out of this. Tabitha says Timmy is as much a part of her as Endora is. She says Timmy is up there watching, does he think Timmy is proud of him? Is he honoring his memory with this harassing and brow beating? Julian begins having more flashbacks of sharing MarTimmys with Timmy. As Julian has Timmy flashbacks, Tabitha sees what is going on in the bathroom between Kay, Miguel and Fox. She tells Endora to do something and save Miguel from Fox. Endora ends up zapping the bowl.

Fox is banging on the bathroom door telling Kay to let him in. He says he knows shes in there. Kay and Miguel are in the tub together, Kay fears if Fox catches them then shell lose him forever. Kay tells Fox that she is taking a bath, shell be out soon. Fox doesnt seem to take no for an answer, he goes looking for the key to the bathroom door. Kay realizes she and Miguel are finished. When Fox bursts in, Miguel is gone. He asks what is wrong? She says nothing, she was just taking a bath to relax. Fox says Tabitha claimed she was going to the store to get milk. Kay says she was going to because she was having problems sleeping, but instead she opted for a warm bath. Fox says everyone seems to be having problems sleeping, Tabitha and Endora are in the kitchen and Miguel is not in his bedroom either. She says oh really? Fox asks if she knows where Miguel is? Kay says no. We see hes under the water holding his breath. Fox suggests he join Kay in the tub, but she says no. She says shes getting out soon. Fox thinks something is up. Miguel is having trouble holding his breath, he splashes and Fox hears it. He wonders what that was? Suddenly Miguel is zapped back into his bed by Endora. Kay realizes Miguel is gone. Kay gets out of the tub, Fox says he owes her an apology. He says he thought she was off with Miguel somewhere. He says he hates being suspicious, he needs to stop listening to his father. Kay says its late, they should go to bed. Kay thinks to herself that she has to find Miguel.

Miguel finds himself in his bed and dry. He wonders what is going on here tonight. Later Kay finds Miguel. Hes confused, how did he get here and why is he completely dry? Kay says she still doesnt know how they ended up in the ballroom. She says maybe it was all a dream, maybe it still is. He says if it is then there is no reason they cant . . . he pulls Kay into a kiss.

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha tells Endora thanks to her Kay dodges another bullet. However it was Endora who got them into this mess and she has to learn to control her temper. She thinks Endoras temper comes from her fathers side. Julian asks Tabitha why she speaks to Endora as if she was an adult? Tabitha says Endoras is bright thanks to her upbringing. Julian says hes been thinking about Timmy, he realizes he wouldnt look kindly on his attitude towards her. However he thinks Timmy wouldnt like that shes keeping his daughter from him. Tabitha doesnt want him poisoning Endora with his Craneness. Julian says shes part Crane. Tabitha says dont remind him. Fox soon shows up and says he found Kay, she was in the bath. Julian says he checked there earlier. He tells Fox that he doesnt believe Kay was in the bath, did he find Miguel? Fox says no, but hes sick of listening to his fathers suspicions. Julian says he knows more about these things, he trusted a woman when he shouldnt have. Fox suggests to his father that his temper and jealousy turned her away. Julian warns Fox that hes going to be caught off guard one day and the same thing will happen to him. Fox tells his father goodnight and walks off. Tabitha tells Julian that is what shes talking about, he poisoned Foxs mind and doesnt want that for her daughter. Julian says hes teaching his son about the real world, you cant trust anyone especially those you care the most about. Julian and Tabitha continue talk about Timmy. Julian says he did change because of Timmy, he became someone he didnt used to be. He says that new Julian was a fool though, Eve never loved him, she used him for his money and then stomped over his new found heart. He says nobody will take advantage like that again, including her. Julian says he will gain custody of Endora, he says she will leave this hut and come live with him at the mansion. He says she'll want for nothing, she'll wear the finest clothes. Tabitha says no one will take Endora from her. As she gets mad, the house shakes and everything turns red. Julian says shes a mad woman. Endora tells Tabitha that shes scarring daddy. Tabitha says that is the point. Tabitha calms things down. She says if he thought that was insane then he hasn't seen anything. She tells him to get out of her kitchen and never darken her door again. He says she wont scare him with her theatrics. She says if he thinks these are theatrics then try backing her into a corner, he'll really see what she's capable of. Julian vows to get Endora and his son as well. Julian leaves, Tabitha tells Enodra nobody will ever take her away. 

Fox heads upstairs and hears stirring coming form Miguels room. He opens the door to his room and asks Miguel if everything is okay? Miguel says hes just working out. Fox says he doesnt see equipment. Miguel says hes doing yoga. Kay is hiding behind the door. Fox heads off, Kay thanks Miguel for not giving her away. Miguel says he wants to be happy no matter what. Kay says then he needs to stop tempting her. Kay says from now on they have to stay away from one another, no more kissing and no more touching. 

Kay returns to her room where she and Fox begin kissing. They make love as Kay says she loves him and only him.

At the hotel, Rebecca and Gwen discuss how strange it is that Theresa didnt expose her and JT. Why is Theresa so desperate to keep Ethan and JT apart? Gwen says Theresa also mentioned the price of getting Ethan back was too high. Rebecca and Gwen decide to try and find JT. They split up and look for JT.

Whitney shows up at the hotel to meet Theresa, who called her. Theresa says her worst nightmare is coming true, JT Cornell is here and in this hotel. Theresa tells Whitney the whole story, including seeing Rebecca with JT on the ledge. Whitney says that is gross, but why didnt she jump at the chance to prove Rebecca and JT were connected? Theresa says she doesnt think Ethan will ever leave Gwen, nothing in the world will cause him to end his marriage. She says she cant risk it, shes gotten her hopes up so many times only to get them dashed. She says Ethan would only sue to take away her son like he has Jane. Whitney asks how she can help? Theresa says they have to find JT before Gwen and Rebecca. They split up and begin looking for JT.

Theresa runs into Gwen, Gwen suggests they not beat around the bush. She says they are both looking for JT Cornell. Theresa says so she admits shes looking for JT? Gwen says lose the fake shock, why did she not expose JT to Ethan? Why would she pass up such a chance to get Ethan back? Gwen asks Theresa what has changed? Theresa says nothing has changed. Gwen says shes looking for JT to keep Ethan away from him, why is she passing up this chance to destroy her marriage? Gwen soon realizes Theresa learned something from JT in Rome like Ethan said. She realizes Theresa has a major secret that shes afraid of Ethan finding out. Theresa wont have this conversation, but Gwen wants to know what is so huge that shed throw away a life with Ethan? Gwen vows to find JT and get her secret out of him. Gwen says Ethan would leave her in a minute if he knew the truth. Theresa says she used to think that, but not anymore. She says she knows how much he respects the vows they took. She says even if she could prove what Gwen sold Ethan out, hed probably forgive her and move on. Gwen still thinks something else is going on, something that could destroy her life. Theresa tells Gwen that she should drop this. Theresa says remember what her mom always says, be careful what you wish for. Gwen says her mom always said payback was a bitch. Gwen says shes going with her instincts and they are telling her that Theresa is hiding something from Ethan and JT knows it. Gwen says she will find JT and that shouldnt be too hard since he is always with her mother. Gwen walks off, Whitney then shows up and asks Theresa if that was Gwen? Theresa says Gwen is out to get her and if she finds JT, she will. Theresa says she has to find JT and stop him for good.

Gwen tells Rebecca about her confrontation with Theresa. She knows Theresa is hiding something and if she finds out what then shell stop Theresa from interfering with her marriage ever again.

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