October 23, 2006
Fox and Kay are talking about the reception and the plans. Fox has to head to work, but he says he may have good news for her later. He says if this deal he's been working on goes through then hell be set up at Crane for good and she and Maria will be set for life. 

Pilar meets with Miguel outside Tabithas. She hears Fox and Kays wedding is growing closer. She tells Miguel no more excuses, she cannot let Fox marry Kay. Miguel says hes told Kay how he feels, hes talked until hes blue in the face. Pilar says Kay is drawn to Fox as he is stable, hes offering her love and security. She says Miguel can only offer love, he is not offering financial contribution. She says Fox is a Crane and Miguel is a day laborer on a fishing boat. She tells Miguel that even if he could provide a good life for Kay from that boat that he will always be working and wont be around enough. She tells him to find a career that will enable him to offer Kay and Maria stability and a family. She says if he loves Kay then take action. He says dont worry, hell make Kay love him.

Later Pilar talks to Kay about her upcoming marriage. She asks Kay if shes sure Fox is the man in her heart? She tells Kay that Fox isnt right for her, hes a Crane and shell regret marrying him.

Gwen and Rebecca cant find JT, hes just vanished. Gwen knows JT knows something about Theresa and Theresa is terrified that JT will reveal it. Gwen says she wont rest until she finds out what it is. Gwen thinks it has to be something big enough to blow Theresa out of the water.

Ethan and Julian meet at Julian's office to discuss Little Ethans custody hearing. Julian says first he needs Ethan to explain the matter of Theresas will. Julian asks why Theresa left Ethan an empire that should belong to him. Julian cant believe this. Ethan says Theresa wants him to protect Little Ethans inheritance. Julian says hes the boys father. Julian says his ancestors found this enterprise after arriving from England. He says no matter what Ethan thinks of his father, Alistair was a genius and increased his familys holding a thousand times over. Ethan reminds Julian that his father disinherited him. Julian says his father made some bizarre decisions and in light of those he is rethinking having Ethan as his attorney. Julian suggests Theresa named Ethan in her will as a payoff to make sure Ethan lost this custody case for him. Ethan says Theresas decision was as much a surprise to him. Ethan tells Julian that he can trust him, Theresas will has nothing to do with this case. Julian says it still makes no sense. He thinks there is a reason Theresa did this.

Gwen and Rebecca spy on Ethan and Julians meeting. Gwen knows Theresas will is connected to JT somehow. Rebecca and Gwen barge in on the meeting. Rebecca begins giving her pookie a massage as his neck is in knots, she wonders how the rest of him is. Ethan asks Julian if they can get started here with work, Julian suggests they come back later. Gwen says "Oh Gross!" Ethan and Gwen leave, Julian says there isnt much to amuse themselves here. Rebecca says she has a few costumes on hand. He begins kissing Rebecca, she says her pookie is back! They have sex dressed as TomKat. Julian jumps on the couch screaming he loves her, then he dances around in his skivvies and dress shirt ala Risky Business. Julian tries to tell Rebecca that they arent getting back together, this is just about having a little fun. Rebecca suggests they have more fun. She finds a riding crop. She says he was a naughty boy for divorcing her, its time he was punished. 

In her office, Theresa is on the phone with Whitney, she says she has to find JT and stop him from revealing that Ethan is Little Ethans father. Jared walks in, he asks what she said about Little Ethans father? Theresa says shell call Whitney back. Jared of course only heard her say something about Little Ethans father. He says thats why hes here, to talk about the custody case. Jared warns Theresa that the courts usually side equally with fathers nowadays. Theresa wants 100% custody of her son. Jared says the only way to do that is prove Julian isnt Little Ethans father. Theresa asks why hed say something like that? Why would he say Julian wasnt his father? Jared says hes just saying it would be the only way to get Julians case dropped. Theresa says shes just very tense. Jared says he will do whatever he can to help her get soul custody of Little Ethan. Fox shows up and asks Theresa if he looked at his proposal. She did and it is ingenious, shes impressed and gives him the go ahead. He thanks her and heads off to work. Jared then asks Theresa again if there is anything she knows to prevent Julian from getting custody of Little Ethan. Jared says she can trust him. She knows, shes protected by lawyer-client confidentiality. Theresa tells Jared that there is something that she needs to tell him, something important. She doesnt tell him the truth, she just says that Little Ethan is her son and Julian has had no interest or contact with him since he was born. Theresa gets a phone call that she has to take. She says shell be right there. Theresa says she has to go, he has to cancel their meeting with Julian and Ethan. She runs off, Jared knows something is going on with her.

Gwen and Ethan show up to see Jared, he got his message about canceling the meeting. Jared says a meeting came up and Theresa had to attend. Ethan and Gwen both agree something else is going on here. Even Jared knows something is wrong. Elsewhere, Theresa goes to meet JT somewhere on the street.

Fox gets a call from Alfredo, the client who loved Miguel and Siren as his models. He wants to sign Miguel to an exclusive contract. Fox remembers Julian telling him to cut Miguels modeling contracts off. Fox tells Alfredo that Miguel retired unfortunately. Later Miguel shows up to see Fox. He says he wants to get back into modeling. Miguel asks Fox to see if Alfredo would want him for any other jobs. Fox says Alfredo only uses fresh faces, he wont ever use Miguel again. Miguels asks fox if anyone could use him. Fox says the muscle boy look is pass, their clients want a more sophisticated look nowadays. He says he has no idea of any campaigns that could use him. Miguel says he really wanted to model, he rarely sees Maria anymore because of his job on the boat. Fox says hes sorry, that is really tough. Fox says he has to go deal with a business deal. Fox says it will make his life with Kay and Maria all the more better. He tells Miguel to show himself out. Miguel says his mama was right, hes a washed up model, he has nothing to offer Kay. 

At the mansion, Luis comes into Fancys room, shes having a nightmare. He comforts her, she pulls him into a kiss. The maid sees this and is shocked. Fancy snaps too, she remembers she was dreaming about that Lester guy. Sam calls Luis and tells him that he and Fancy need to get to the station. Luis says hell tell her. Sam hopes Luis means hell call her and that hes not with her. Sam says just get his butt down here now! Luis gives Fancy the message, things dont sound good.

Luis and Fancy meet with Sam at the station. Sam is furious, Luis and Fancy are the punch line of all the dirty jokes in town. Luis says this will blow over in a few days. Sam shows them covers of all the major tabloids. They indicate that Luis and Fancy didnt fake it. Sam says the commissioner is having a heart attack and there could be an investigation. Fancy asks what they can do? Sam says nothing. He says he should fire them right now. Luis begs Sam not to fire them, to give them a second chance. Sam says officers and cadets are forbidden to date, and no matter what they say, the passion on that tape was real. He says they have to stay away from one another and get back to work. Luis tells Fancy from now on it has to be just business between them. To herself Fancy doesnt know if she can promise that. 

At the cottage, Chris surprises the REAL Sheridan with breakfast. Later Chris is outside and gets a call from someone. He says hes not involved with that anymore, Alistair is dead and so is his association with him. Phyllis the maid spies on him from the cottage window. He talks about how he has destroyed everything tying him to Alistair and the Omega symbol, it is over and not to call him again. He thinks if he can just get rid of Spike then there will be nothing left to link him to Alistair.

Inside, Sheridan says hello to Phyllis. Phyllis calls her Miss Crane, Sheridan says its Mrs.. Crane-Booth. She wants Phyllis to call her Sheridan anyways. She asks Phyllis for the latest gossip from the mansion. Phyllis tells Sheridan the gossip is about her. She explains how Luis stayed the night in the mansion. Sheridan says that is old news, why should it bother her? She says he stayed to reassure Fancy, he slept in a guest room. Phyllis remembers seeing them kissing in bed, Sheridan asks Phyllis what shes not telling her. Phyllis says she walked in on Luis and Fancy kissing in Fancys bed. Sheridan says they have a right to be together, but Phyllis talks about how much in love Luis and Sheridan were. Sheridan says it was a long time ago. Phyllis says a real love never goes away, it stays in your heart forever. Sheridan says she knows. 

Later Phyllis is cleaning, we see the Omega symbol paper is still under the dresser where it has been for weeks now. Sheridan has to head to the mansion, James is having an art lesson with Little Ethan and forgot his supplies. She takes off. Chris decides to do some work in the garden while shes gone. Phyllis continues vacuuming, she ends up sucking up the paper. She picks it up, the Vendetta music plays as she looks at the contract with the Omega symbol on it. Phyllis reads it and says someone needs to know about this. She turns around and is frightened by someone standing there, someone we dont see.

The show ends with Sheridan calling Luis for help. She says Phyllis the maid is dead, someone has murdered Phyllis! We see Phyllis lying in blood.


October 24 2006

At Crane, Fox talks with Julian. He just saw Rebecca leaving his office, or so he thought. Julian says he did. Fox begins bragging to his father about how he took his advice and killed Miguels modeling career. Julian says he believes he misjudged Fox, hes turning out to be a chip of the old block. Fox asks which block that would be, he has a new personality every week. Julian says that is his prerogative. He tells Fox that hes really proud of him. Julian asks how he did it. Fox explains how he simply told the client who wanted to use Miguel that he retired. He then told Miguel, who wanted more work, that he was overexposed and they couldnt use him anymore. Julian says Alistair would love that. Fox doesnt take that as a compliment. Julian reminds Fox how he keeps saying Kay loves him unconditionally, but here he is sabotaging Miguels career. Fox says because Miguel is always around trying to help Kay and take care of Maria. Fox says he's been more of a father to Maria then Miguel has. Fox says now hell have to work on that boat 24/7, its better to be safe then sorry. Julian agrees with him there. Julian says Fox was right to cut Miguel off. Fox says while he trusts Kay, he doesnt want Miguel hanging around or putting temptation in Kays path. Julian tells Fox he is becoming more and more worthy of the Crane name. 

Outside the Bennet's Pilar is still talking to Kay about marrying Fox, she says Cranes are selfish and arrogant. Kay says Fancy and Sheridan arent. She says Fox has always been there for her, he didnt abandon her to look for another woman. She says Fox fell for her, a college drop-out working in the cannery. She says Fox is a good man and she loves him. Pilar says sooner or later Fox will become like his father and grandfather and he will break her heart. Pilar says none of the Crane men have ever become a good human being. She says they thought Julian had reformed, but he is back to his old ways. She says Fox will be the same way, and Kay will end up another miserable Crane wife like Ivy and Katherine. Kay thinks Pilar is saying this so she marries Miguel. Pilar says shed warn her against marrying a Crane no matter what. She wants Kay to just follow her heart before its too late.

Ethan is down on the docks looking for Theresa, who was spotted down here. He doesnt know why she canceled the meeting about Little Ethan, it isnt like her.

Miguel is walking along the pier. He thinks he has no prospects as a model, which is just his luck. He says mama is right, why would Kay want a day laborer on a boat when she could have Fox. He doesnt know what hell do with his life. Ethan soon walks by Miguel, he asks why the long face? Miguel asks Ethan why hes here? Ethan says hes looking for Theresa, they had a meeting today and she ran off. Miguel hasnt seen her, Ethan heads off. Miguel realizes hell need a custody arrangement for Maria if Kay marries Fox. He says he hates this.

Theresa meets up with JT on the docks. She asks him why hes in Harmony, let alone the country. She wants him out of the country. He says in Rome she wanted him to talk to Ethan, now she wants to get rid of him. He asks what shes up to. He knows she doesnt want him to meet up with Ethan, why? Could it be about her son being Ethans and not Julians? She tells him to shut up! JT doesnt understand this, this is the information she needs to get Ethan back. Theresa says there is no guarantee Ethan will leave Gwen. She says they already stole her daughter, she wont let them have her son. He asks her how she can be so pessimistic. Theresa says Ethan and Gwen took Jane, they could do the same with Little Ethan. She says Gwen can convince Ethan of anything. She says she wont lose her son no matter what the cost. He tells her that she is just as devious as Gwen and Rebecca. He thinks this story could sell a lot of papers, and money makes the world go round. Theresa says the expression is love makes the world go round. She tells him not to be obsessed with money, it doesnt bring happiness. JT says not having it doesnt make him jump for joy. JT then realizes if Ethan learns the truth then Little Ethan will lose his inheritance. JT says she wants to see her son as lord of the manor. JT doesnt understand why Ethan hasnt thought it was strange that she named him trustee if she kicked the bucket. Theresa says she trusts Ethan, why would he find it strange. JT then reminds Theresa how hes having money problems, if he got enough money he could leave Harmony. She offers to write a check, but he says he needs cash. Theresa hears Ethan calling out to Theresa, she begs JT to go. He says he will, but they arent done yet. JT leaves and Ethan shows up. Ethan asks if she was just talking to JT Cornell? She says of course not. He is positive something is going on though, she is not acting like herself. Theresa changes the subject, she begins talking about her will. He says it was never meant to be made public, now it has and its causing problems. She asks Ethan if he will do his best to safeguard Crane Industries in order to protect her sons interest. He says shes acting like shes going to die. She says she needs to know this, she needs to know he will take the company over if she dies and make it a company to be proud of. He says yes, for Little Ethans sake. 

Back at the Bennetts, Ivy asks Sam why hes home? Sam says there is no point in being a cop if your are powerless. He tells Ivy about seeing Jessica hooking again. Sam says she was selling herself to more then one man at a time too. He says he doesnt know what to do anymore. She says he cant wallow in self pity, he has to accept the positive things in life. She says they will help Jessica through this. Ivy tries to cheer Sam up, she suggests they not put off their wedding any longer. He says she is right. Later Kay and Pilar show up, Kay has a package that was on the porch and its for Sam. Sam looks at the package, its from Grace. Sam opens it, its a picture frame. There is a note, Grace saw the frame and thought of him and wishes him best on his upcoming marriage. Ivy says that was thoughtful. Pilar says it must have been very expensive. Ivy says well this must be karma, they were just discussing getting married immediately. Kay remembers how Ivy broke up her parents marriage, she gives Ivy a look. Kay and Ivy have a little talk in private, Kay warns Ivy that she better be a good and loyal wife to her father. Ivy says or what, shell tell him about David and Grace? How will she explain that she didnt bother to tell him the truth? How will Sam feel to know one daughter is a hooker and the other is as scheming and malicious as ever? Fox then shows up, he has booked their honeymoon but its a surprise and he wont tell her where they are going. She says she has to know what to pack. He says hell tell one of the maids and let her pack for Kay. Kay says fine. Sam asks Fox if hes going to have the wedding outside, this time of year it can be unpredictable. As Sam and Fox talk, Pilar points out how selfish and controlling Fox is being, he wont even tell her where the honeymoon is. She says he cant marry Fox, she has to marry Miguel. Fox hears this, he asks if shes trying to convince his bride to be to marry her laid out looser son? Miguel then storms in, he says dont talk to his mama that way! Miguel and Fox begin arguing over Pilars meddling, they end up in a fist fight! 

The cops are investigating Phyllis murder at the cottage. Fancy and Luis are there to help. Luis asks Sheridan what happened? Sheridan explains she went to the mansion to see James, Phyllis was cleaning as she does every day. Sheridan says she returned and found Phyllis lying on the floor. She thought she was unconscious, but she was dead. Sheridan says she cant believe this. The coroner says shes been dead less than an hour, she was strangled. The coroner also believes from the bruises that she was attacked by a  male. Luis asks if she fought, the coroner says no. Luis says so it was someone she knew, someone she thought she was safe with. Luis asks Sheridan where Chris is? Sheridan asks why? Luis says he needs to talk to Chris. Sheridan says Chris was working in the garden, he couldnt have seen or heard anything. Luis says he may have seen something. Sheridan says the garden is a good ways from here, Chris cant be a suspect. Luis says Chris was in close proximity to Phyllis when she died, hes a match for her killer. Sheridan says Chris knows nothing about this. He asks if she saw other men around then? She says there are dozens of men that come around here that work on the estate. Luis still wants to question Chris. Chris walks in and asks what is going on here? He asks who is under the sheet? Sheridan says its Phyllis, shes dead. Luis says she was murdered. Chris says he was just talking to her a few minutes ago. Luis says were you? Sheridan says she was too. Chris asks what happened to her? Luis was hoping Chris could tell them. Sheridan says how dare he! Luis says Chris was the last person to see her alive. He notices cuts on Chris hand, how did he gets them? Chris says he was working in the garden, he got them from the underbrush. Sheridan says if Phyllis didnt put up a fight then why would Chris have scratches on his hands? Luis says that Phyllis did know the killer. Sheridan says her husband didnt kill Phyllis! Luis asks if they know if she has any enemies? What about an ex-husband? Sheridan says shes a widow. The cops are ready to move the body, but when the go to do so Luis notices something. They find a pen on the floor, Chris admits it is his and he must have dropped it. He tells Fancy to bag it, its evidence. He wants it fingerprinted, but Chris says it will of course have his prints on it. Fancy and Luis head outside to look for clues, but Luis tells them not to wander under the tape. Sheridan tells Chris how trouble seems to follow her everywhere. He says this isnt her fault, and hes so sorry about this. She says he has nothing to be sorry about. Later Sheridan goes to make them some coca. Chris pulls out the piece of paper from his pocket, it's the paper Phyllis found earlier!


October 25, 2006
At the Bennetts, Fox and Miguel are beating each other to a pulp as Kay screams at them to stop. Ivy shows up and is knocked down by the boys fighting. Sam comes in and demands to know what is going on here. Fox says Pialr is trying to convince Kay to marry Miguel. Ivy says she cant believe that, and shes sure Pilar isnt trying to cause trouble. Pilar says Ivy doesnt want Kay to marry Fox anymore than she does. Ivy denies it, but Pialr says she knows Ivy very well and she doesnt want Fox to marry someone beneath him. Ivy says Kay is Sams daughter and she loves Sam. Pilar says maybe so but she doesnt think Kay is good enough for her son. Fox asks Ivy if this is true, Ivy of course denies it. Kay tells herself yeah right. Pilar decides to head out as she knows hes not welcome here, she tells Miguel not to give up on Kay though. Miguel says he won't.  Ivy feels bad, she is holding her wedding dress and didnt want Sam to see it. She also sees there is now blood on her dress. Fox says hes sorry. Ivy says she knows Miguel hit him first. Kay says it doesnt matter who started it, just stop it. Ivy leaves to try and soak the stain out.

Ivy heads into the kitchen, shes furious that her dress is ruined. She thinks there has to be a way to get the stain out, she consults Marthas book. Eve soon shows up. Eve says Jessica missed a therapy session. Ivy tells Eve that Jessica moved out, they have no idea where she is but they know shes working the streets again. Eve says Sam must be devastated. Ivy says he is. She says on top of everything else her wedding dress now has a stain on it. Eve cant believe shes going through with this wedding given what she did to get Sam away from Grace. Ivy says its ancient history, drop it. Eve warns her that secrets always come out. Eve says her life started going to hell when she helped Ivy manipulate Sam. She says it was bad karma. Eve tells Ivy this stain is fate, shes not supposed to marry Sam. Eve begins to wonder if everything is working out the way fate meant it to be. Eve says she is back with TC now, but Ivy says only out of guilt because he had a stroke. Eve says she has a conscious. Ivy tells Eve that she is a fool to give up on Julian to take care of TC. Eve says she cant turn her back on TC. Eve tells Ivy she wont wish Ivy luck with her marriage, she tricked Sam into this. Ivy says Sam proposed on his own, but Eve says only because she tricked Grace into thinking she was married to someone else. Eve says David could tell Grace the truth, but Ivy says he faces jail time if he does. Ivy thinks it will all work out, but Eve says she could tell Sam the truth. Ivy pulls a knife on Eve, she says she will do whatever she has to do in order to keep Sam, including killing her! Eve says Ivy cant marry Sam if shes in jail, so put down the knife. Ivy begs Eve to let this go, Grace wont come back and she will make Sam happy. Eve seriously doubts that.

Back in the living room, Sam tells Fox and Miguel to keep their distance from one another, fighting will only land them in jail. Kay says shell keep them cool. Sam leaves, Fox and Miguel keep arguing over who Kay should marry. They soon begin shoving one another again. Kay begs them to stop. Fox tells Miguel that hes not worth it. Miguel tells Kay not to make the same mistake her mother made. Miguel says her mom was happy until David showed up, she chose the wrong man. Kay says her mom is very happy with David right now. Miguel says Grace isnt happy, shes far from happy. Kay says she told her dad that she was happy. Miguel says Grace lied to make Sam happy. Kay asks Miguel how he knows her mother is unhappy? Miguel says Grace has called about Maria, hes talked to her and Pilar has as well. He says she misses them all but shes afraid to come back after hurting them all by leaving. Miguel says Grace loves them though. Kay cries this cant be. Miguel says he doesnt want Kay to end up unhappy like her for choosing the wrong man. Kay cant believe this. She says she didnt want this to happen. Miguel says what to happen? What did she do? Kay says she didnt do anything. Miguel says he knows her, he sees the guilt on her face. Kay says it was Ivy, she set her mom up to think she was married to David before she had amnesia. Kay says it was all a lie, it was a story Ivy made up. Sam happens to have walked in at this moment. Fox says his mom couldnt have done that. Kay says its true, Ivy invented this charade and convinced everyone that Grace was married to David, that is why she left them. Sam asks Kay what she just said? At this point Ivy walks into the room as well. Everyone is staring at her. 

Theresa and Ethan talk in the park as they walk back to work. Theresa has to meet Little Ethan here anyways, it's why she suggested they got this way. They talk about how they love the fall. Ethan can see something is still bothering Theresa. She says she just wanted to be sure that hed protect Little Ethans interest. He says he swears he saw some guy running away from her, who was it? She says it was just business, leave it alone. He says something isnt right here. He says she canceled a custody meeting to meet some guy in an alley. Theresa says it was important. He asks what has her so upset? What is she hiding? Suddenly Little Ethan shows up and runs into his moms arms. Later Ethan and Little Ethan end up playing some ball. Theresa is sure her son will be safe with Ethan. 

Rebecca and Gwen talk at the B&B. Gwen says Theresa canceled the custody meeting because something more important came up. Gwen thinks it has to do with Ethan or JT. She says they have to stop JT from telling Ethan the truth. She says they also have to find out why Theresa named Ethan trustee of Little Ethan's estate. Rebecca says they do have a lot of work to do, so theyll need a martini. Gwen says they have to find JT and find out what JT told Theresa in Rome. Rebecca agrees. She tries to call JT, but hes not answering his phone. She leaves him a message asking him to call her ASAP so they can finish what they started. They decide that Pilar and Whitney probably know what Theresa is hiding, they decide to work on them. Rebecca says shell take Pilar, Gwen can take Whitney. Gwen says but Pilar hates Rebecca. Rebecca says everyone hates her, so what. Rebecca heads off, Gwen gets a bad feeling about this. 

Rebecca pays Pilar a visit at her house, claiming she needs Pilars help. Rebecca says Pilar is a wonderful woman and she has been so horrible to her in the past. Pilar says this is true. Rebecca says she walked by a church and heard a voice calling to her, then she saw a bright light. She says it was warm and welcoming, she knew God was speaking to her. Rebecca says she knew that she had to mend her ways, she had to make amends to people she had wronged like they do in AA. Rebecca says she thought of Pilar of course. She asks Pilar to help her find the path to righteousness, to find the path to become a good woman. Pilar suggests she go talk to a priest. Rebecca says she isnt comfortable talking to a stranger, she wants to talk to Pilar. Pilar says shes unable to forgive her, she needs a priest. Rebecca keeps going on and on, she begins asking if Pilar knows what its like to have a secret that is such a heavy burden. Pilar remembers the secret about Little Ethan, she says she knows what it is like. Rebecca tells Pilar to unburden herself to her, which will help them both out. Rebecca tries to convince Pilar to unburden her soul, think of her as her personal confessional. Pilar says okay shell tell Rebecca what her secret is. 

At the recording studio, Chad and Whitney are in bed and enjoying one anothers company. As Whitney tells Chad how much she loves him, Chad cant help but think about the person hes cheating with. She asks what hes thinking about? Suddenly there is a knock at the door, it turns out to be Gwen coming to talk to Whitney. They talk, Gwen says she knows the secret Theresa heard in Rome from JT. Gwen says now the question is what to do about it. Whitney asks if Ethan knows. Gwen says no but hell have to learn before he hears it from someone else. Whitney is shocked that Gwen is taking this so well. Gwen says she's trying to be understanding for Ethan. Whitney says shell call Theresa and see what she wants to do. Gwen says no dont do that! Gwen tells Whitney that they have to help soften the blow to Ethan and help him get over this.

Meanwhile Chad keeps flashing back to his affair. He remembers telling a person they had to find a new hotel to meet at for next time. Chad ends up getting a call from the mystery person, they agree to meet at the designated place. He finds the hotel key he hid from Whitney earlier.


October 26, 2006

At the station, Luis and Fancy are looking at a clue they found, a piece of paper found in Phyllis hand. Luis thinks the rest of this paper could tell them who the killer is. He thinks its an important clue. He says look at everything that has happened, Chris is shot at the outside cottage, his mom is shot at the mansion, now Phyllis is dead. He takes all the evidence to the lab. Fancy wishes Luis was as concerned about her as he is her aunt Sheridan. Later the tests come back, Chris finger prints were on the pen like he said. However the paper is very unique, so unique that the paper and ink match Alistair's paper and files from Rome and the secret stash at the book cafe. The woman from the lab says she bets the paper it was taken from has an omega symbol on it like all of Alistair's other papers. Fancy wonders why the Crane maid had a piece of paper from the omega file. Luis says perhaps the omega plot isnt over, perhaps more people are out there carrying out the plan.

At the cottage Sheridan and Chris are having tea. Chris is glad James wasnt here, he could have been killed as well. Sheridan doesnt know what is going on around here lately, first he is shot and now this. Chris wants to take care of her. As he comforts her the paper with the omega symbol falls out of his pocket. James shows up, he got really big REALLY fast. Hes now almost Little Ethans age! Sheridan goes to get James some cookies, James decides to color. Chris looks for some paper, James ends up finding the paper on the floor. He sees a the omega symbol on it and thinks it is a horse shoe. He decides to draw a horse on the back of the paper. Sheridan and Chris return, James shows Sheridan the drawing of the horse he made. Chris sees the paper, he quickly grabs it and says they should keep this in a safe place so its not lost. Sheridan and James then head out to the garden to pick out some pumpkins for Halloween, per Chris suggestion. After they leave, Chris quickly burns the paper. He says hed do anything to keep Sheridan from learning about his connection to Alistair. 

At Pilars, Rebecca is still trying to convince Pilar to unburden her soul and tell her this secret she is keeping. Rebecca says they can be each others confidents. Pilar looks at a photo of Little Ethan, Ethan and Theresa. She says okay shell tell Rebecca. Of course Pilar is no fool, she tells Rebecca so and tells her to get out before she takes a belt and whips her. She throws Rebecca out and then realizes she has to warn Theresa.

At the studio, Whitney and Gwen continue their conversation about Theresas secret. Gwen thinks she has Whitney where she wants her and is about to get her secret. Gwen tells Whitney how everything JT Cornell says isnt true, so how do they know this is. Whitney asks Gwen who told her Theresas secret, it couldnt have been JT. Gwen says she doesnt recall how she found out, her mind has just been such a blank lately. Whitney says she has to call Theresa and tell her to tell Ethan the truth. Gwen says what makes Whitney think that she will do it since she hasn't already? Whitney asks what Jared thinks they should do? Gwen says Jared? Whitney says well Jared did tell her the secret right. Gwen says yes of course. Whitney tells Gwen shes a liar, Jared doesnt know anything. Whitney says shes a lying sneaky bitch just like her mother. Whitney yells at her to get out, Gwen runs!

Ethan, Little Ethan and Theresa continue to play together at the park. Theresa and Ethan end up getting into the custody issue and Ethan helping Julian sue her. Ethan says Little Ethans father deserves partial custody. Theresa points out that he and Gwen have full custody of their daughter. Ethan knows something is going on with her and asks again why she blew off the meeting today. She of course doesnt get the chance to say much, Little Ethan interrupts and they run off to do some guy things together. Whitney then shows up, she tells Theresa how Gwen is onto her and almost got the secret about Little Ethan out of her. Whitney says Gwen wont stop till she finds the secret out. Pilar soon shows up, she says Rebecca just tried to get the secret out of her as well. Theresa says that they just have to make sure Rebecca and Gwen never find JT. Pilar sees Ethan playing with Little Ethan, she says this secret breaks her heart. Theresa says she has to keep the secret and they cant say anything. Whitney says JT still knows. Theresa says he is going to be out of town with her secret as soon as she pays him off. 

Rebecca and Gwen meet back up at the B&B, they both struck out. Gwen says they know Theresa has a secret and they know JT is involved. Rebecca calls JT again, this time he answers. She tells him shame on him for not calling him back. He says hes been tense lately. She offers to help relieve those stiff muscles. He asks one in particular? She says its her specialty. She asks where he is and says shell be right over. He gives her his location and Rebecca heads off, after making sure she has what she needs: handcuffs, a feather and a golf ball. 

Rebecca heads to the hotel and meets up with JT. She has on a fur coat and she pulls out her toys from her purse. She says if JT gives her what she wants the shell give him what he wants. He takes off his pants and says come and get it! Rebecca says first he has to tell her what he told Theresa. He says hes thinking really hard. Rebecca takes off her coat, she naked underneath. She says this might jog his memory. He says he needs to take a walk down memory lane. After they do the deed, JT agrees to tell Rebecca.

At the Bennetts, Sam walks in as Kay admits Ivys secret, that Ivy convinced everyone Grace was married to David. Kay says it was all a lie, a story that Ivy made up. Sam asks her what she just said? Ivy then walks in, Sam says this cant be true. Ivy says what cant be true. Sam says that Kay just claimed Ivy set Grace up to think she was married to David. Kay says it just came out. Ivy says she doesnt know what to say. She says this is just absurd and outrageous. Ivy denies it completely and she wants Kay to apologize. Ivy says Kay is just trying to stop their wedding. Ivy tells Fox this is the real Kay, a selfish self-serving gold digger. Kay swears she is telling the truth. Kay begins explaining everything Ivy did, that this is the same woman that kept the secret about Ethan. Ivy says its not true. Ivy says she would have to be a monster to do something so evil and shes not, he loves her. She begs Sam to believe her. Kay says Ivy did this, the one thing ivy didnt count on happening was David falling for Grace. Kay also says John isnt Graces son. Ivy says the DNA test proved he was, but Kay says this is Harmony and DNA tests gets changed all the time. Kay says Sams gut told him all along David was a fraud. Miguel asks Kay how she knew? Ivy says yes if she knew the truth all along then why did she keep it to herself? Sam asks Kay to answer the question, how does she know Ivy did this horrible thing? Kay says she overheard Ivy talking about it on the phone with David. Sam asks after David and Grace left for Europe? Kay says no, before. Sam asks if she is saying that she knew and kept quiet? Why? Ivy says yes why did she keep this alleged plot quiet? Kay says its not something shes proud of. She says she was so angry with mom, she was having Miguels baby and mom still wanted him to be with Charity. She says mom hurt her so she wanted to hurt Mom. Kay says she kept quiet to get her out of her life. Sam says this is unbelievable. Ivy agrees, its all a lie. Sam tells Ivy to be quiet. Sam says so Kay let her mother throw away her marriage and family? Kay says yes. Sam cant believe her, what she did to them all . . . did she hate them that much? Kay says she is so sorry, she just thought Ivy would be here for him. She says she knows it was wrong. Ivy tells Kay that she should be ashamed of herself for hurting everyone with this lie. Sam tells Ivy that he believes Kay. Ivy tells Sam that she loves him, he just says my god! Sam storms off, Ivy goes after him. Kay then faces Miguel and Fox. She says she is sorry. Miguel says for what she did or for being found out? Kay says for both she guesses. Miguel walks off, Kay runs after him. She says what she did was wrong, but shes changed. He says what she did was . . . she was . . . forget it. He walks out on her. Fox tells Kay not to go after him. She says he hates her. Fox says well he doesnt. Fox says Miguel cant understand why she did it, but he does. He knows what it feels like to be betrayed and hurt. Fox says he is a Crane, he understands. 

In the kitchen Ivy tells Sam that she can explain. He says really? She tells Sam how she was so desperate to get him back but he wouldnt leave Grace to be with him. She says it all sort of happened. He says shes a liar, it took time and money to execute this plan. Ivy says it all turned out, they are happy. Sam says he is living a lie and he doesnt know who she is. She says the mother of his first born child and the woman who would move heaven and earth to be with him. He says he wont marry her now, they are over. Sam says what she did to Grace, to him and his family . . . it is over. He tells her that he wants her out of the house by the time he gets home. She says she has no place to go. He starts breaking and throwing things. He says if shes not gone by time he gets home then he wont be responsible for his actions! 


October 27, 2006
Miguel talks with his mom about what happened tonight. Miguel tells Pilar about Kays lie. Pilar isnt surprised Ivy did this, but shes shocked Kay kept everything quiet. Miguel says Kays silence destroyed Sam and Graces lives and marriage as well as her family. How could Kay be so heartless? He thought being a mother had matured Kay. Pilar says she cant understand it either, but what did Kay say in defense? He says Kay was angry with Grace for always taking Charitys side, she wanted to hurt her mom. Pilar says she doesnt agree with what Kay did, but her reasons are understandable. Miguel cant believe his mother is taking Kays side. Pilar says everyone makes mistakes, himself included. She says leaving Kay and Maria to find Charity was selfish and irresponsible. He admits shes right. Pilar knows Miguel still loves Kay and Maria so prove it, stand by her side and marry her. Pilar says what Kay did hasnt stopped Miguel from loving her has it? Just follow his heart and forgive Kay. 

At the Bennetts, Fox tells Kay that he doesnt care what Miguel or anyone else thinks. He says he still wants to be a family with her and Maria. She thanks him for not judging her. He says he loves her. Fox leaves to get her something to drink. Sam shows up, hes furious and doesnt want to hear anything from Kay. Noah walks in and asks why hes so angry with Kay? Sam demands Kay tell Noah. Kay explains what happened to Noah. Jessica and Spike walk in at this point, Jessica asks Kay how could she? Spike says way to go Kay, it looks like shes taken his place as the black sheep of this family. Noah asks why they are here, he thought they moved out. Spike says they came to get some of Jessicas things but they couldnt have come at a better time. Jessica says Kay knew all along and didnt say anything? Kay explains to Jessica what happened, what Ivy did and the lengths she went to. Jessica says what Ivy did was horrible but what Kay did was worse. Kay knows and begs them to forgive her. Noah tells Kay that he cant believe she let Ivy do this to them. Kay says she is really sorry. Spike, who gets a call from Chris (detailed below) tells Jessica he has to go and runs off. Kay continues to beg for forgiveness, she doesnt know what else she can do. Sam says Grace was his wife, her mother, their mother and she let Ivy take her away from them. Kay says shes sorry and hopes they can forgive her, she runs off.

In the kitchen, Ethan and Gwen walk in as Ivy is telling Fox to rip out Kays heart for telling Sam what she did. Ethan asks his mother what she just said? Ivy says she can explain. Gwen says now shes stuck here listening to Ivy instead of finding out from her mom what Theresas secret is. Ivy says she just wanted to be with Sam. She says Sam wouldnt leave Grace so she tried another tactic. She confesses all to Ethan. Ivy says she and Sam would be getting married if Kay hadnt opened up her mouth. Ethan says this is not Kays fault it is her own doing. Fox defends Ivy and says all mother wanted to do was be with Sam, all is fair in love and war. Ethan wonders if he is even related to Fox. He says lies are wrong, manipulating people is wrong. He says anyone who lies to keep a person in their life never loved the person to begin with. He says he cant believe what a liar she is. She lied to him about his father and now shes kept Grace and Sam apart to get her old boyfriend back. Ethan tells her that its a play right out of Alistairs book. Fox says that isnt fair, Grandfather set out to hurt people, this just happened. Ethan says what mother did was wrong and if he cant see that then something is wrong with him.

After Gwen talks to her mom on the phone (detailed below), Ethan tells Gwen how he cant get over what his mother did. Meanwhile, Fox tells Ivy that Ethan will get over this, but Ivy doubts it. She thinks the one good thing to come of this is that he knows Kay cant be trusted. Fox says he still loves Kay. She asks how he cant still marry Kay? Fox says he may not condemn her as Ethan has, but he wont let her beat up on Kay for keeping ivys secret. Fox and Ethan both walk off. Ivy doesnt get how Kay manages to keep Fox in love with her. 

Ivy and Fox head into the living room, Sam says he told her to get out. She says Ethan and Gwen stopped by to talk about their wedding. Sam says hes not going to marry her. He tells her to get out. Fox says his mother is sorry . . . Sam says only sorry that the truth came out. Ivy says if she could just explain, Fox says not now and he takes her off. Ethan tells Sam how sorry he is. Jessica doesnt know how Kay could do something like this to them. Sam comforts her and says "It's all lies."

Kay heads to the park. She says her family hates her, but at least Fox understands. She hopes Miguel will be able to find it in his heart to forgive her. Suddenly Miguel shows up, he was walking by. He and Kay look at one another.

Theresa assures Whitey that JT will leave town when she pays him off. Whitney asks what if he tells Rebecca or Gwen before then? Theresa makes a call to check on Little Ethan, hes at the mansion. Whitney is trying to call Chad but hes not answering his phone. Whitney tells Theresa how she is forcing Ethan to live a lie not telling him about his son. Theresa says Ethan may not know the truth but he is Little Ethans father figure. Whitney says its not the same thing. Theresa says she cant tell him the truth and risk losing Little Ethan or his inheritance. Theresa says once JT calls her to tell him where he is, then she will pay him off to leave town.

Chad arrives at the hotel for another secret rendezvous. Also at the hotel, Rebecca asks JT what Theresas secret is? He says hell tell her after they make whoopee. Later she offers to get some food from room service, but JT says they dont have room service here. She says then shell go out and get them some bubbly and munchies. Rebecca leaves and JT calls Theresa. JT tells Theresa there is a change of plans, Rebecca is here and wants to know her secret. JT says whether he tells Rebecca depends on Theresa. He says if Theresa doesnt up the ante then hes telling Rebecca everything. Theresa says he cant! Theresa says she will double what she agreed to pay him and Rebecca cant match it. He says deal, get the cash and meet him at the safari motel. 

Outside the room Rebecca calls Gwen and fills her in on what is going on. Gwen tells Rebecca to stop wasting time with JT and get the information. Rebecca thinks giving and receiving pleasure is never a waste of time. Rebecca asks what is going on with her? Gwen says Ivy was exposed as using David to get Grace back. Rebecca says she knew that one already. Gwen tells her mom shell fill her in on everything once she gets JTs secret. As Rebecca makes her way back to her room, Chad comes out of his hotel room and gets some ice. Chad returns to his room, Rebecca doesnt see him. Shes still gabbing on the phone to Gwen. Gwen says Ethan is going on about how he hates liars. Rebecca thinks it doesnt bode well for Theresa. Gwen says or them if Ethan finds out what they did! Rebecca says he wont. Rebecca realizes she forgot condoms, she heads back to the store.

Back at the park, Theresa tells Whitney that she needs to get money together and get to the safari motel. Whitney doesnt know why hed be at a dump like that. Later they head to the motel, Whitney thinks they shouldnt be in this part of town with this much cash. Theresa makes a call to JT to make sure they have the right place. Unfortunately hes not answering. She decides to knock around the rooms until they find the right one. Whitney and Theresa walk off, Chad then looks outside. He thought he heard Whitney but decides it must be his guilty conscious. Theresa and Whitney head into a room, Theresa thinks it must be JT's  room as she can smell his cologne. They hear water running in the bathroom. Theresa thinks that is why he didnt answer the phone. She tells JT that she is here, come get the money and take her secret and run off. As it turns out, Gwen is in the bathroom! She says Theresa is too late, her mother and her already spoke to JT.

Rebecca is returning to her hotel room with glow in the dark condoms, which she can't wait to try out. She happens to see Chad naked in his room throw a window, she wonders if he has a license to carry that thing! She then wonders why Chad is here? She realizes Chad is having an affair. 

At the station, Fancy and Luis are discussing the paper that indicates Alistairs omega plot could still be going on. Luis is not happy that Phyllis found the paper in Sheridans cottage. Luis says someone was afraid Phyllis would reveal their link to Alistair. Fancy asks who would kill her to protect themselves? Luis suspects Chris is involved with the Omega plot. He says look at the facts, the mansion was burglarized by someone who knew the alarm code. He says Chris could have got it from Sheridan. Fancy says but to shoot Pilar? Luis says his mom could have IDd him the same as Phyllis. Fancy says it couldnt be Chris as he was shot outside the cottage. Luis says he could have shot himself, the pros do it and Alistair has deep pockets. Fancy says if Chris doesnt love Aunt Sheridan then shell be devastated. Luis says another win for Alistair, and remember Chris said he saw Spike at the fair when his mom was shot. He thinks Spike and Chris could be working together to finish what Alistair started. Luis says they need to go get Sheridan away from Chris, shes sleeping with the enemy. 

At the cottage, Luis burns the paper and thinks Sheridan will never find out the truth, but Spike is still a problem. He says Spike isnt worth killing, at least not yet. Sheridan and James return, Sheridan asks Chris if hes burning something? He says he was trying to make a fire but he ran out of matches. James points some out, Chris says he didnt see them. He says he knows Sheridan likes to sit by the fire and read. Sheridan says hes so good to them. James wants to go play with Little Ethan. Chris says only for a little while then he has to go to bed. He tells Sheridan she should relax, hell take James to the mansion. Chris tells James to run along, hell catch up. Chris ends up calling Spike. Chris tells Spike to meet him outside the cottage and be careful. Spike says hell be there shortly. Chris looks in on Sheridan. He says she thinks hes here to take care of her, if only she knew what a threat he represented. 

Spike shows up to meet with Chris. They are both forced to hide when Luis and Fancy show up. Luis looks in the cottage and sees Sheridan is sleeping on the couch. To herself Fancy wishes Luis would look at her the way he looks at Sheridan. Fancy asks if they have to spring this on her tonight? Luis wont wait till morning or for something else to happen. He says Chris isnt around so they should take care of this. Suddenly Luis and Fancy hear a sound coming from where Chris and Spike are hiding. A cat meows, Fancy says its the cooks cat Emerald. Luis and Fancy then head into the cottage to give Sheridan the news. Luis looks around to make sure they are actually alone. They then wake Sheridan up. They ask where James is, Sheridan says hes at the mansion playing with Little Ethan. He tells Fancy to go check on James and keep a look out for Chris. Sheridan asks what is going on? Luis says they need to talk about the murder. He says he came to arrest the killer. She asks who it is, who killed Phyllis? Luis asks where Chris is? Sheridan asks why? Sheridan asks if hes still convinced that Chris killed Phyllis? Outside Chris asks Spike why he's so smug, what hes done? Spike says its not what hes done, its what Chris did. He tells Chris that HE killed her. 


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