September 4, 2006
On the hospital roof Eve shows up saying she was paged, is anyone up here? Julian says he paged her. He has a romantic dinner set up for them. She says its lovely. He says things havent been good between them and its been his fault. He says he wants to make it right again. She says this is just what they needed. She says romance is in the very air. They dance, he says he was such a fool. He says hes so sorry about what he said to Fox on the pier. Eve says lets not talk about it. She says she knows he wouldnt revert to that man. Eve says the distance is her fault too because shes worried about TC. He says he understands, he admits he doesnt like the time she spends with him lately, but hell put up with it. She thanks him. Later they have dinner. Eve gets a call, she says sorry but she is on call. Eve tells the nurse not to listen to him, stay with him, he needs her. Eve says listen to me and not him. It was a call about TC, TC yelled at the nurse and threw her out. Eve says she told her to go back. Julian says hes acting like a child. Eve says hes hurt, this is a blow to his pride. Julian says he knows. Julian continues telling Eve some story about a prince. Eve gets another call from the nurse, Eve has to excuse herself, he tells her to go ahead. Eve leaves and Julian downs his drink and refills it. A man serving them comes over to remove the dishes, but Julian says they arent done yet. He says but the next course . . . He says leave them alone and leave you stupid imbecile! Eve walks over and asks what is wrong, he almost took that mans head off. Julian says she is what is wrong with him! She thought he understood? He says he does but it doesnt mean he doesnt have to like it. He says she cant stop checking on TC for one evening. She says he had a stroke. Julian says hes paying for nurses. Eve says he only lets her take care of him and half the time he throws her out. He says TC is as pigheaded as always. He also tells her that she puts TC above everything else, her job, her children, even him. Julian says all he wanted was a pleasant evening with her, but she cant stop talking on the damn phone to her damn ex. He says enough is enough! Eve agrees and says shes leaving. He says go ahead then, get out. Eve storms off. Julian continues to drink. 

Outside the Inn, the creep is beating Jessica and trying to have his way with her. Fortunately Paloma shows up to rescue Jessica. Paloma says let her go, the guy says leave them be this girl isnt worth it, shes a hooker. Paloma uses her training and gets the guy off Jessica. The guy says Thats it bitch, now youll get hurt. He throws Paloma across the alleyway, Roberto shows up and smacks him over the head with some bucket. Paloma asks Roberto to help her hold him and arrest him. The guy ends up getting away. Paloma says call 911, but Jessica says please no. They ask why not? She says then even more people will know shes a whore. Jessica says thats why he grabbed her just like those guys at the Lobster Shack. Paloma says that is all over, but Jessica says its not. She cries maybe shell always be a whore. Paloma says shes not a whore, shes good, caring and loving. Paloma says she feels bad about herself because of the way she was treated. She says she was forced to do those things and it is Spikes fault. Jessica says not to talk about her husband like that. Paloma says she has to wake up, hes destroying her, she has to leave him. Jessica says they are wrong, Spike loves her and is the only one who loves her. Roberto reminds her of the night he had to buy her to take her home for Christmas. Jessica says hes changed, he loves her and she needs him. Paloma doesnt know what Spike did to get her to marry him, but she knows she hated him in Rome. Paloma says shes worried about her, they all are. Jessica says he did make her marry him, but hes changed, hed never hurt her. Paloma thinks Jessica is out of her mind. Jessica says maybe, but maybe that is what love means. She says she should go back inside, Spike must be worried about her. She says her bracelet is gone, Spike will be so angry. Jessica leaves, Paloma says they have to help her. Roberto asks how? He thinks they cant get through to her. Paloma says she has to try, she's her friend.

Ethan walks into the wrong room at the inn, Theresas room. He takes off his clothes and climbs into bed, complaining about drinking too much. Theresa is already in bed, she too is drunk. They end up going at it. When the lights come back on, they realize they are not with Jared and Gwen. Theresa says this couldnt have happened. He says it did, what is she here doing here? She says this is her room, he realizes he went to the wrong floor. He says he was drunk and it was dark. He says he thought she was Gwen. She says no not this time, she didnt have on a blond wig. Ethan says she didnt think he was him. Theresa admits she had too much to drink and thought he was Jared. She says how did this happen, she wanted to move on. She says this is a disaster. He says it felt right, maybe this was meant to happen. He says maybe Fate meant for this to happen. He says they made love and he loved it and he knows she loved it too. She says he doesnt mean this, but he says he does. He says maybe God . . . Theresa says no! She says it was dark and they were drunk, they have to forget this. Ethan says this is the thing she would normally want Gwen to find out about. Theresa says shes trying to move on, she wants to move on the way hes told her to do for years. She says hes like an addiction shes trying to fight. He says tonight was one hell of  a slip-up. Theresa says they are over, shes falling for Jared. Theresa then realizes Jared should have been back by now. Ethan says Gwen is probably looking for him too. Theresa tells Ethan that he has to get out of here. Ethan gets dressed, Theresa says the hall is clear so go. She says nobody can find out about this mistake. Ethan says it wasnt that horrible, and she never used to believe in accidents. Theresa says maybe shes grown up. She shoves Ethan out, he tries to kiss her goodnight. Theresa then goes looking for Jared. A man in black follows her and ends up grabbing her from behind.

At the Crane mansion, Chris and Sheridan see Fancy and Luis in the pool kissing. They decide to go, they head off. As they close the door, Luis and Fancy hear the sound. Luis thinks they should check it out. He grabs his gun and decides to go see what is going on. Fancy insists on coming with him. They head outside, Luis draws his gun and yells Freeze and put your hands up! Sheridan and Chris walk out of the bushes, Sheridan says dont shoot. Fancy says they heard a noise, they thought the burglar was back. Sheridan says they came for a swim but didnt want to interrupt them. Luis invites them to join them, Fancy says what? Chris doesnt think so, but Sheridan accepts. Fancy says of course, join them. Luis and Chris go in, Fancy and Sheridan have a little talk. Fancy says shes head over heels for Luis, but Sheridan wonders if he feels the same way about her? Sheridan says shes sorry, its not her business. Fancy says its okay. She says he doesnt love her, yet. She says there is some stupid rule about them dating, but shes getting around it. Sheridan tells her not to rush things, but Fancy says she knows how to attract a man, it's one thing she's good at. Inside the pool house, Chris tells Luis he knows about the background check. Luis says hes a cop and its his job. Luis says he needs to find out who shot him, who robbed the mansion and who shot his mother. Chris asks if Luis thinks hes involved? Luis asks if he is? Chris says dont be absurd, he doesnt even have the codes to the mansion. He asks Luis how he can ask him that? Luis says nobody hurts his mother and gets away with it, he will get to the bottom of this. Chris decides to go see Sheridan and whether or not she still wants to have a swim. He walks off, Luis says he smells a six foot rat. Later Fancy and Luis return to the pool. Sheridan remains disturbed watching them flirting. Chris asks Sheridan if she wants to go, Sheridan says she does. Luis sees them leave together. Sheridan returns when she forgets the picnic basket, she runs out when she sees that Luis and Fancy are making out in the pool. Chris wonders if shes okay. She says she just wants to go home. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha is in her beekeeper outfit, her voice is off and shes floating (someone else is playing Tabitha, which is why she's hidden). Siren walks in and asks what she has on? Tabitha says she was invited to tea with the Queen Bee. Siren soon realizes Tabitha caught the witchs virus. Tabitha says yes and its her fault! Tabitha says witches get this when they are all tense and upset. She says Siren is responsible for that. Siren thinks Kay is. Tabitha warns Siren that Kays completed the first two parts of the spell. Siren says nobody has ever managed the third part. Tabitha says shes working on the third part now, she and Miguel are in the throws of passion and Fox is about to walk in. Siren checks the bowl and panics. Tabitha says once Kays spell is finished, so will Siren be! Tabitha ends up floating, Siren suggests she go see Dr. Bombay. Tabitha says not until she makes sure Kay has broken the spell. She says a mere mortal will be the first one to break the mermaids curse. Tabitha tells Endora how Fox will be so devastated by this, he may never recover. Tabitha says Siren is too late, the third part is almost complete. In the bowl they see Fox is about to walk in on Kay and Miguel. He walks into the room and says My God! Tabitha thinks the curse is lifted. Unfortunately Fox hasnt seen anything yet, he gets sucked into some magical vortex. Tabitha wonders what happened? Fox shows up in the living room, Tabitha asks why hes here? He doesnt know, he fell down some black tunnel. He wonders if hes losing his mind. Endora says Mermaid mermaid! Tabitha says if hes losing his mind then she doesnt blame him. Tabitha says he didnt open the door to Kays room, it was the laundry shoot. He didnt know they had one. He says it was more like a black tunnel, like something from Sci-Fi. She says stick to NBC. She suggests he go wash up, he has gunk all over him. He asks why shes still wearing that beekeeper outfit? She says she got stung and looks terrible. He says nonsense. He goes to shower, Tabitha scolds Siren for using her daughter to stop Fox from seeing Kay and Miguel. Tabitha tells Endora that they dont have a laundry shoot, Endora says they do now. Tabitha says yes one that leads to the basement, its amazing Fox got out of there with his head on. Siren thinks Kay will never complete her spell. Tabitha explains to Endora why they have to hurt Fox only a little to help him and Kay. Endora wont buy it. Siren says give it up, Kay is out of time. Siren then thinks about how soon shell be singing her song to the whole town. Tabitha tries to convince Endora that Fox must be hurt, and not to listen to Siren. Tabitha says shes evil, not fun evil like mommy, but mean evil. She leaves nothing but pain and heartache in her wake. Endora says so do you. Siren says her work is done, shell go do her nails now that shes safe. She also suggests Tabitha to get cured soon before the serious symptoms she cant hide kick in. Siren leaves and Tabitha thinks Kay is with Miguel for nothing. Miguel is kissing Kay and saying he loves her. She wonders what is taking Fox so long. Tabitha knows naughty Endora wont let him up there. Later Fox shows up, Tabitha suggests he go check on Kay. She pushes him to check on her. Tabitha hopes they still have time to break this curse. Back upstairs Kay is still waiting for Fox. She eventually says Oh who cares and gets into things with Miguel. Fox finally opens the door and sees them together. 


September 5, 2006

At Tabithas, Tabithas virus is growing worse. Siren tells her to go to Dr. Bombay or whatever it is you witches do. Tabitha wont leave until she knows Kay has broken the curse. Siren says there is no way she and Kay will break the curse. Siren says she better do something, she cant wear that bee suit forever and her voice sounds different, though much better than her normal voice which drives her bananas. Tabitha asks Siren to check her face out, she does and says shes much worse! Shes repulsive! Later they continue to argue, Siren learns Tabitha sent Fox upstairs and Endora is asleep so she cant stop him. 

Fox sees Kay and Miguel in their room about to make love. Fox remembers his father telling him not to show his anger and go off half cocked. He clenches his fist so tightly that his hands are bleeding. In the room Miguel wants to make love to Kay now, Kay is trying to keep him from going all the way.

Fox heads outside and runs into his father. They are both walking off their anger. Julian vents about Eve and this TC nonsense. He says he should have put his foot down long ago. Fox tells his father that he just found Miguel making love to Kay. He says he took his fathers advice, he held back his anger and didnt confront him. He says hes going to go kill Miguel now though, but Julian tells him now. He talks about how cooler heads prevail. Fox vows that Miguel will NEVER be with Miguel again. Julian says whatever he plans to do with Miguel must be planned properly and executed methodically. Fox says hell take a page for Alistairs book, hell make sure Miguel is never with Kay again. Fox talks about how he understood when Kay and Miguel made love when she had amnesia, but this time he felt this rage. He says more than that he got jealous. The word jealous echoes all about, they wonder what that is. They say it was very bizarre. Julian gets a call he has to take, he tells Fox good luck with Miguel. He reminds him that hes a Crane, they take what they want and defend it against all others, to the death if they have to. Julian leaves and Fox says Miguel get what is coming to him. 

Back in Kays room, Kay stops Miguel, she says this isnt right. Miguel says he loves her and he knows she wants him too. She says they are kidding themselves here. He says he knows she wants him and he wants her too. He says they should make a family. She says no she loves Fox, this was a mistake. She runs off.

Kay shows up in the kitchen, she learns from Tabitha that Fox went upstairs, but Kay says he never showed up. She says she had to leave Miguel to find out what is going on. Siren decides to go finish the deed with Miguel, who must be hot and bothered, but Kay grabs her and refuses to let her do that. Tabitha says she needs some help, but Kay says shes busy right now. Tabitha says if she doesnt get help shell float off into outer space! They see shes going up, Kay quickly grabs her and pulls her back down. She then ties her to her chair. 

Meanwhile Siren sneaks up to the bathroom where Miguel appears to be taking a cold shower. She begins singing her song to enchant Miguel. Back in the kitchen, Kay and Tabitha realize that Kay managed to break the curse when they hear Foxs jealous echoing. Kay check in the bowl, she sees Miguel kissing Siren in the shower. She thinks it didnt work. Back in the shower, Miguel snaps too and tells her to get out, what is wrong with her. She sings to him again, and he asks what is that? He says she sounds like fluffy coughing up a hairball. He tells her to get out. Siren leaves and she wonders what has happened. She soon realize Kay managed to cast the spell. Back downstairs, Kay realizes the spell did work after all. She thinks everything has been broken and all is perfect. Siren returns, Kay tells her she might as well leave as her curse has been broken. Siren says this isnt over and she storms off. Kay doesnt understand how the spell worked if Fox didnt see her. Tabitha says he did see her, its the only way it can work. Tabitha then reminds her the spell said he had to be jealous enough to kill. Tabitha says when Fox returns from wherever he is, hell have murder on his mind.

Back upstairs, Miguel is in the shower still. Fox sneaks into the bathroom. He grabs a hair dryer and says Miguel gave him the shock of his life, its time to return the favor.

At the pool house, Fancy and Luis are drying off. Fancy questions Luis about the kisses. Was he kissing her because he wanted to or to make Sheridan jealous? She wants a straight answer. Was he kissing her to get over Sheridan? Luis says he shouldnt have kissed her at all, its against the rules. She says he didn't seem to have a problem bending those rules. He tells her he likes her. He says its a little early to talk about relationships, and they cant date anyways. Fancy says she wont be a cadet forever, when she graduates she will be available. She wonders if hell be available for her? He says they arent officially dating yet. Fancy says Aunt Sheridan says they are over and shes moved on, but has he? She says she is not a stand in for her aunt of any other woman. She says she wants a man who will only love her, she wont be the girl some guy settles for. Luis says she is the girl every guy dreams about. She says shes not interested in every guy, remember that. Luis says hes going to take a walk and clear his head. She wonders if shes being a fool, will he ever get over Sheridan? Fancy takes a swim and wonders if shell ever be with Luis. She begins fantasizing about being with Luis. He says he cant be involved with a man who loves another woman, but one day hell realize Aunt Sheridan doesnt love him anymore. She says shell be here waiting for him.

At the cottage, Sheridan begins burning photos of her and Luis, saying she has to get rid of these memories. She says she has to move on. Meanwhile, Luis takes a walk and ends up at Sheridans cottage. He says he ended up here without thinking about it, its like all roads lead to her. He looks inside and sees her burning things. He wonders what she is doing. Back inside, Sheridan finds a card Luis made for her the night he proposed. She remembers how it was the most beautiful card ever. Outside Luis says she cant burn that card, not the one he made. Luis is devastated as he sees her burn it. He says she must really mean it, its really over. Luis walks off, Sheridan pulls the card out of the fire. Its half-way burnt, she says she cant burn this. She wonders if shell ever get Luis out of her heart? 

At the hotel, Gwen finds Ethan in the hall, he claims he got lost during the power outage. Suddenly we here Theresa screaming for help. Ethan and Gwen run, Ethan sees Jared with Theresa and he decks the guy! Gwen says My god! Theresa asks what is wrong with him? Ethan says he just attacked her. Jared gets up and almost attacks Ethan. Theresa stops them from fighting, they try and figure out what happened. Jared explains he was hit over the head by someone when the lights went out. Jared says next thing he knew he was one the ground. He says he must have been out for awhile, she must have been worried about him. Gwen tells Ethan she was waiting for him for a long time, where was he? Please tell her that he wasnt with Theresa. Theresa says she was looking for Jared, and Ethan says he got lost in the dark. Jared suspects whoever attacked him could have attacked Theresa. Gwen says she knows a lot of people who would want to attack Theresa. Jared says Gwen is right, Theresa is target #1 for the Cranes enemies. Stuart Allen walks up, he admits he is someone who would like to destroy each and every Crane, especially Theresa. Jared goes to attack him thinking he is the one who hurt Tess. Stuart says he didnt attack her, but more power to those who did. Theresa asks who this guy is? Jared says Stuart Allen, he read his file and its not pretty. He meant to talk to Theresa about the situation. Stuart says her family company ruined her life, hell make her and every last Crane pay. Theresa says if he has a problem with Crane then shed be happy to discuss it with him. He says he tried, nobody would reply to him after he was fired. He says Crane ignores their problems. Stuart says hes taking her to court and will take her and the whole company down. He says Enron will look like nothing. Theresa says her legal department is first rate, they can discuss and settle the problem or shell destroy him. Stuart says he has an attorney who knows Crane inside and out, he will own Crane. Ethan says this isnt the time or place, but Theresa wants to know who he hired. She wants to know who would betray her, she treats her employees right. Ethan speaks up, he says hes the lawyer.


September 6, 2006
At Tabithas, Tabitha tells Kay that very soon it could be hasta la vista Miguel. Kay says Fox isnt that kind of person, he wouldnt hurt a fly. Kay says they still dont know if Fox saw them together, but Tabitha says he must have since the spell over him has been broke. Kay thinks the spell broke only because Fox is jealous, besides she didnt see him walk in on her and Miguel. Tabitha suggests Kay was otherwise engaged. Kay then remembers Tabitha was supposed to cast a spell to make Miguel forget what happened. Tabitha asks her to loosen some of her bindings so she can work on it. Kay does, Tabitha, still in the beekeeper outfit, is being weighed down by pots and pans. Kay says shes like a helium balloon. Tabitha tells her not to call her names, shes the only one who can help her make Miguel forget. Tabitha opens her spell book and says Judas H Priest! She finds something about her virus, to be cured she has to go to the forth ring of Saturn and eat the root of plant while avoiding a meteor shower. Tabitha asks Kay to watch Endora while shes in outer space. Kay says fine, but before she goes make Miguel forget about tonight. Kay then decides to go make love to Fox, she has to make sure the spell really broke. She says she just wants things back to the way they were before Siren came to town. 

In the bathroom, Fox is about to throw a hair dryer in the shower with Miguel. Fox turns it on and throws it in the shower. He tells Miguel this will teach him to mess around with his fiance. Miguel is shocked as Kay walks in. She asks what Fox has done? Kay goes to tend to Miguel, who is limp in the shower. Fox says she wasnt supposed to see this. Kay says he killed him. Fox says he deserved to die, he saw them together. Kay says but he killed him! Of course its all in Foxs head, yup another day dream. Fox is about to drop the dryer in the shower when he hears Kay calling him out in the hall. He stops and says not yet, he then leaves. 

Kay comes into the bathroom looking for Fox. Miguel asks Kay if they can pick up where they left off. He says there is nothing wrong with them being together. He tells her not to fight it. He pulls her into the shower and they kiss. Kay stops, she says he doesnt understand. He says he does, she loves him as much as she does.

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha works on the spell to make Miguel forget. Her virus is getting worse. She checks the bowl and sees Fox in his room. He says the joke is on him for trusting Kay. Tabitha thinks about the storm brewing inside him. She says back to the matter at hand though. She casts the spell, which works. She then decides to head off and take care of her problems. 

Back in the bathroom, Miguel asks Kay why shes in the shower with him with his clothes on? She has to get out. She says she came in looking for Fox and sort of fell in. He says well she has to get out, Fox wouldnt understand this. Kay realizes Tabithas spell worked. Kay goes back to her room where Fox is. He asks where she has been, why is she soaking wet? She says was in the kitchen and spilled water all over her. She says she came to put on some dry clothes. Fox thinks to himself that Kay had a quickie with Miguel. Kay says shes glad to see him, he says hes glad shes here now. HE says she is all he thinks about, her and how much she loves him. Kay later asks Fox to make love to her, she says she needs him. She kisses him and talks about how shes the luckiest girl in the world. They make love, Kay is relieved that the curse has been broken. Kay says it was incredible. Fox says it was. He sees a photo of Kay, Miguel and Maria on the dresser. To himself he says Kay will never be with Miguel again, that is a threat and a promise.

Back to the bathroom, Miguel is drying off and remembers almost making love to Kay earlier. He wonders when that happened? He says it couldnt have. He thinks it was wishful thinking on his part for wanting to be a family with Kay. He says he has to tell Kay how he feels.

Miguel hears banging in Tabithas room. He knocks on the door and asks if shes okay, he heard what sounded like pots and pans banging. She says shes fine but shes going away for a bit. He asks where? She says her itinerary hasnt been finalized but Endora will be staying here and Kay will look after her. She tells Miguel to take care. Tabitha just hopes Kay will be okay while shes gone. Later Kay pays Tabitha a visit, she says the curse is broken and everything is better now. Tabitha isnt so sure, Fox must be keeping what he saw going on between her and Miguel to himself. Kay says no, Fox would have blown up. Tabitha says unless hes holding it in. Kay says that isnt Fox. Tabitha hopes for her sake she is right.

Miguel is in the kitchen looking at a photo of him, Kay and Maria. He says one day theyll be a family. Fox shows up, he sees Miguel sitting at the table. He grabs a butcher knife from the counter and approaches Miguel from behind. 

At the Crane pool, Luis finally returns. Fancy says she thought he went home. He says nope hes still here. He says he was thinking about what she asked her earlier about him, her and Sheridan. He says she wondered if he was using her to replace Sheridan. HE says it was an honest question and deserves an honest answer. Fancy says she shouldnt have pressured him, he has a right to work things out in his own time and way. She tells Luis he can forget it. Luis asks if he can talk? He tells Fancy that her question was a good one. He says he was using her, hes sorry. Fancy says its okay, she wont cry. He says hes sorry. She says no its her fault, she was self centered to think he could be interested in her. She says she expected this. Luis says hes sorry for using her to replace Sheridan. He says she deserves better. Fancy says thanks for making her try and feel better. She says its better that this is out in the open. Luis says hes not finished. He says he thought about things and he realized he does have feelings for her, more than friendly feelings. He says he doesnt want a ghost from the past ruining something between them. He wants what they have to be genuine and real. She asks if he is sure, he says he is very sure. He says he wants her, he wants them to be together. They then kiss. Fancy says she cant believe this. Luis realizes Fancy thought he was trying to let her down. Fancy says she was, but this is so great. Fancy jumps back into the pool and Luis decides to join her. Actually Fancy makes him join her by pulling him in. Luis stops himself from kissing her, he says there are still those rules they have to worry about. He says they cant do this, they cant date. She says to hell with the rules, but Luis cant forget them. Fancy says they could be discrete, they dont have to go out in public. Luis says he wouldnt like that and she wouldnt either. He says what kind of example hed be setting to break the rule for something he wants. She says this isnt fair, this has to be the dumbest rule she heard. Luis suggests she could quit and then they could date. Fancy says she hadnt thought of that. He asks if she will give up the training for him? She says its tempting but no. She says she cant quit now, she wants to be a police woman. Luis says he thought she did this to be with him. Fancy admits she did at first but now shes into it. She says she wont give it up even to go out with him. Luis says then no dating till shes a cop. Fancy says okay. They decide one last kiss to say goodbye would be okay. Fancy then walks out of the pool as Luis watches.

At the Inn, everyone is arguing in the hallway. Theresa says Ethan cant be representing this crackpot. Stuart says dont underestimate him, he is no crazy crackpot. He says he will be reimbursed for his pain and suffering. Theresa says he just wants to drive Crane into the ground. He says that too, by the time hes done with her, well her company will be worthless. Theresa tells Ethan if he destroys her company then he destroys her! Theresa tells Ethan shes never felt so betrayed. Stuart says now Theresa knows how he feels, he was treated like dirt and his idea was stolen from him. Theresa says she has no idea what he was talking about but she had no part of hurting him. Gwen says shes CEO, shes responsible for the actions of her company. Jared tells Theresa not to say anything. Stuart says hes sure the jury will rule for the little guy, her and all the other Cranes are going down. Ethan tells Stuart to be quiet and say no more, he should go. Stuart asks why should he? Ethan says he is representing him so take his advice. Stuart leaves and Theresa asks Ethan what would make him do this to her and her company? Gwen says this is payback for Theresas greed. Gwen says first she married Julian, when that didnt work out she hopped into bed with the old man. She says Theresa didnt earn her keys to the executive power room. Jared tells Gwen to be quiet now. He says dont sell Theresa short, shes as smart and skilled as other top execs. Gwen says in the boardroom or bedroom? Theresa asks Ethan she doesnt understand why he took this case. Ethan says he thought Stuart had a legitimate grievance, plus he has not worked for a long time because of her blackballing him. Theresa says so this is payback? He says no this job is important and he wants to make partner one day. Ethan says this case could do that. Theresa says so hes making partner by crushing her and the company he helped build? She says that is low! Gwen says that is something coming from someone who has lived half her life in the gutter! Theresa says this isnt like Ethan. Gwen says she had this coming, this and a hell of a lot more. Jared wonders what is wrong with Gwen? He says everyone has done things they are ashamed of. He says Theresa has grown up and matured, most importantly shes not into Ethan anymore. Ethan remembers making love to Theresa earlier. Ethan tells Gwen they should go. He tells Theresa they should not be talking and from now on to think of him as opposing council. Gwen tells Ethan shes proud of him for doing the right thing. Theresa says this isnt the right thing, and she wonders when Ethan decided, was this before or after he came to her earlier today? Did he decide to take this case after he saw her and Jared making love didnt he. Gwen asks if this is true? Gwen says Ethan never mentioned this. Theresa says Ethan walked in on them by accident. Ethan says that has no baring on anything. She says asks him to answer the question. He says fine yes he made up his mind afterwards. Theresa says so he took this case because he is jealous she is with Jared. Gwen says Theresa is something else, does she think everything centers around her? Ethan says his decision was based on legal facts, it was nothing personal. Theresa doesnt believe it. Gwen says he took the case to showcase what an outstanding lawyer he is. Stuart returns, he says they are all making such a racket that he cant sleep. He says besides this is his case they are discussing so he should be here. Theresa tells Ethan how could he do this to her after . . . .Gwen says after what? Theresa just says how could you. Jared talks to Theresa, he says she wont win if she lets her emotions get in the way. He says she has to be ruthless. Theresa says if Ethan can betray her like this then shell do whatever is necessary to win. Meanwhile Stuart asks Ethan about the strategy. Ethan says hell let him know as soon as he has a game plan. Gwen tells Ethan shes proud of him for sticking to his guns. Gwen says it will all be worth it, she thinks Theresa is finally over him. She thinks Theresa is out of their lives for good. Gwen hugs Ethan, who gives a look to Theresa.


September 7, 2006

At the cottage Sheridan is crying. She says she has no right to stand in the way of Luis and Fancy, it wouldnt be fair. Katherine soon shows up, she asks why Sheridan is crying? She says Luis is moving on, hes falling for Fancy. She says its only right though as shes married to Chris. She didnt expect it to hurt this much though. Katherine tells her that her whole world has been turned upside down. She says she spent most of her life believing Luis was her soul mate and theyd end up together. Sheridan says but she is married to Chris and she loves him. Katherine says but her love for Luis is deeper and stronger. Sheridan says shes loved Luis for many lifetimes. She says if only he trusted her about Beth and Marty. Katherine says she hadnt been well, Luis thought it was wishful thinking. Still Sheridan says if he had believed her then Marty would still be here, she'd be with Luis. Katherine says Martys death is Alistairs and Beths fault. Sheridan thinks she should be giving thanks for Chris and James and not thinking about what she lost. She says she loves James so much. Katherine asks if that is why she is with Chris? Sheridan says James lost one mother, she wont cost him another. Katherine tells Sheridan she can no more stop loving Luis than she can stop breathing. Sheridan says even if she wanted to end things with Chris, its too late, Luis has moved on. Katherine tells Sheridan not to waste any of her life on the wrong man, go to Luis and tell him how she feels before its too late. Katherine says listen to her heart, can she go one day without thinking of Luis? Sheridan says it doesnt matter, shes married to Chris. Katherine tells her to let Luis know how she feels, its not fair to her or him. She says she must tell Luis the truth, that shes not over him. Katherine tells her to go tell him right now.

At Tabithas Fox stabs Miguel in the back with a knife as Kay walks into the kitchen screaming You killed him! Yup its another fantasy. Miguel turns around and sees Fox standing there and jumps. Kay walks in and asks what is going on? Fox says nothing, hes just slicing an apple, which he does. He then pulls Kay into a kiss right in front of Miguel. Later Miguel is gone. Fox stands and stares at Kay. Kay wonders what is up with him. She says hes freaking her out. Kay tells Fox making love to him tonight was amazing. He says it had been awhile. Fox says she seems nervous, is there a reason? Kay thinks about kissing on Miguel earlier. She says no reason. She says this whole night seems off. Fox thinks about seeing Miguel kissing Kay earlier. Kay says he looks different, what happened? Fox says hes fine, why wouldnt he be. He says sometimes people project their own feelings onto others. He asks if everything is okay with her? She says yes, she loves him. He says that is good to hear. Fox says they need to talk, hes done a lot of soul searching and hes had a change of heart about their future. She asks what hes changed his mind about. He says its about their wedding date. She says they could postpone it and wait, but he says actually he has something more drastic in mind. She thinks hes calling off the wedding and says please dont. He says that isnt what he means. Fox says he wants to move the date up, he wants to get married ASAP. He says he wants to get married very soon. He suggests they jump in the car and elope. She says her dad and his mom would never forgive them for this. Fox says fine then lets move up the date. Fox says he wants to marry her as soon as possible. He asks if she has a problem with that? She says no, she cant wait to marry him. He says hes so happy to hear her say that. He hugs her and has this evil look in his eyes. Kay looks a tad upset about the idea.

Luis is at the station. He looks at the book of rules of conduct. He thinks about being in the pool with Fancy and how he cant be with her because of the rules. Later Luis thinks about Sheridan burning the card he made for her. He then thinks about Fancy who says she wont quit the academy to be with him. Later Miguel shows up, Luis asks if he told Kay how he feels. Miguel says he tried. Luis says he better do better than try, stake his claim before its too late and he loses Kay and Maria to Fox. Miguel says he tried but it is hard to get the words out. He thinks he is the one spoiling things here, Kay and Fox are planning a wedding. Luis says a wedding that shouldnt happen, he bets Kay is in love with Miguel as much as he is with her. He says if Miguel doesnt tell her then hell live to regret it. Miguel thanks him for setting him straight. He says he hates that Luis had to give up on Sheridan. Luis says he had no choice. He tells Miguel to go find Kay and tell her how he feels, dont give up till she says yes. 

Theresa and Jared are back at the office. She tells Jared to begin finding out everything he can about Stuart Allen. They have to find something to use against Ethan and this guy at court. Jared says poor Ethan, he feels bad for anyone who takes her on. Theresa says dont pity him, he knew what he was signing on when he took this case. She says nothing will stop her from protecting herself, her company and her sons legacy. Later Julian shows up, Jared is off doing research. Theresa hopes this is important as she is busy. He says hes here on business. She thinks it can wait to regular business hours. He says hes here about the lawsuit. She says bad news travels fast. Julian asks how she let this happen? She says she didnt, it came out of the blue. Julian thinks as CEO she should have anticipated this. Theresa says nobody could have foreseen this, not even him. Julian says that is debatable. He says she is responsible for what is going on here. Theresa thinks Julian is making more out of it than it needs to be, Stuart Allen just wants a pay day. She says he wont get it from her. Julian says with Ethan as his attorney it is a problem. Theresa says he has nothing to worry about. Julian doesnt think she could stand up to Ethan in a legal battle. Theresa says dont under estimate her, others who have have regretted it. Julian asks why he should believe her capable of winning a fight against him? He doesnt think she has what it takes to win. Theresa says she will fight Ethan with everything she has and more. Julian doesnt buy it given how far shes gone to get Ethan in the past. Theresa says shes not backing down from this fight and when it is over she will be the only one standing. She says she will do what is necessary to protect her sons legacy. Julian says our sons legacy. He asks where she acquired this new backbone? Theresa says from him and his father. Theresa says shes putting into practice what she learned from them. She says shes focusing on her goal, beating her enemy and tearing them to shreds. She says she cant wait to take down Stuart and his staff, including Ethan. Julian says time will tell . Julian leaves her office and runs into Jared outside. He asks for a moment of Jareds time. He knows Jared is close to Mrs. Crane. He asks Jared to work for him. Jared says he has a job. Julian says he can work for him on the side. Jared doesnt think Theresa would like that. Julian says she doesnt need to know, theyll keep it hush hush. He says hell pay him twice what Theresa is paying him. Theresa is listening in as Julian asks Jared to spy on Theresa for him. Jared tells him no deal, so Julian ups the offer to three times what Theresa is paying him. Jared says no. Julian doesnt know why not. Jared says he has his standards. Julian thought an enterprising young man like himself would be more concerned about his future. Jared says this isnt about money, he cares too much about Theresa to go behind her back. He thinks Julian is treating the mother of his little boy pretty nasty. Julian says this is about Crane Industries not their son. Jared says Alistair put Theresa in charge, that isnt Theresas fault. Jared says he will only work for Theresa and do what she wants, including keeping Julian in his place. Julian says hes making a mistake, Theresa may be sweet and sugar now but just wait. He says Theresa will turn on him like she turned on Ethan. Jared doubts it, he wont stab her in the back like Ethan did. He says he now has to get back to his boss. Julian then leaves. Jared returns to Theresa, he realizes she was listening in. She says she heard every word and kisses him. Jared jokes to remember to turn down more offers to stab her in the back. Theresa says shes grateful to him for putting Julian in his place. She says he did offer him a lot of money. Jared says there isnt enough money in the world to get him to turn on her. Theresa is wowed, she says for the first time in her life she picked the right guy. She says to show her appreciation shell double his salary tonight, she wont let him turn it down. She says consider it a loyalty bonus. She says she needs him, she needs him more than shes ever needed anyone. She says professionally of course, but there is that personal overlap. Theresa says everywhere she turns it is like someone is out to get her. He says she can turn to him. She thanks God for that. Jared has a file on Stuart, they look through it for some dirt.

Gwen and Ethan have returned to their office. They are discussing the case. Ethan still feels guilty about taking jobs away from so many people. Gwen reminds him that he went to law school to defend the little guy. Ethan says he will make Crane pay if they did what Stuart says they did. He says this isnt personal, its a corporate battle and has nothing to do with Theresa. To herself Gwen thinks it has everything to do with her, once this is over Theresa will be history. Gwen and Ethan get to work, Ethan tells her that hes sorry their weekend got side tracked. He talks about how they should throw a party this weekend to watch football on NBC. Gwen admits she is craving that chocolate dessert on the menu tonight. He suggests they order dessert right now from the restaurant downstairs. She asks if he has the bottle of cognac still, he does. Gwen gets the booze while Ethan makes a call for dessert. Gwen tells Ethan how shes never felt so relaxed, she knows Theresa is long gone now and that she is Jareds problem now. They share their little office picnic, Ethan soon suggests they get back to work. Ethan is thinking it might be best to go for an out of court settlement. Gwen says why, this case could make him. He says but in the end it will be the same results and avoid a lot of the battle. Gwen says and once again Theresa will have gotten away with murder. Ethan thinks Stuart will be happy with the settlement. He also says hell make Crane think twice about stealing from someone again. Gwen would rather see Theresa in court and on the stand. Ethan says settling means a sure victory, a jury trial doesnt. She knows he wont lose as he's an excellent lawyer. Suddenly Theresa shows up with some files that she dumps on Ethans desk. He asks what those are? She says he asked for them and there they are. She wanted to deliver her message in person. Theresa says he thinks he may have a good case but she will prove him wrong. She says nobody will walk over her again, the sooner he realizes he cant beat her the better.


September 8, 2006

Sheridan heads to the station to see Luis. She stops herself outside, she says this is wrong, she shouldnt have come. She hides as Miguel and Luis open the door. Miguel thanks Luis for listening to him. Luis talks to Miguel about how important love is. Miguel says he doesnt want to do the wrong thing. Luis says he loves Kay and love is the most important thing in the world. He says when two people love each other than nothing should keep them apart. A listening Sheridan thinks Luis is right. Luis says true love doesnt come easy, but when it does it can overcome any obstacle in its way. Luis talks about how if he had believed in Sheridan and her love, well hed still be with Sheridan and Marty. He says he let logic get in the way. He tells Miguel not to make the same mistake he did. Miguel says hell try his best. Miguel leaves. Sheridan tells herself shell never stop loving Luis, never. She tries to go into the station, but changes her mind thinking this is wrong, what shes doing to Chris is wrong. She goes to leave, but Luis has heard her at this point. He asks who is there, but she doesnt answer. He ends up tackling her! He soon sees it is her. He says hes sorry, its just theyve had break-ins and evidence stolen. He asks what shes doing here? She says she shouldnt be here, she has to go. He says he came here for a reason so what is going on? He says she seems upset, but she says it is nothing. He says he doesnt believe her. He asks where Chris is? She says at work. He tells her that she can tell him anything, its okay, just talk to him. She says she was talking to her mother and realized she needed to see him. She says then she realized she shouldnt be here and she should go. He asks why she needed to see him. She says this is wrong, shes with Chris and hes with Fancy. He says hes only with Fancy because he cant be with her. He says he loves her and always will. Sheridan is in tears. She tells him to stop, she says she cant do this. She says she has to go. He stops her and says she came her for a reason. She says it was a mistake. He says it wasnt, she knows they belong together and she cant turn her back on their love. Luis tells her to look him in the eyes and tell him that hes not the love of her life. She says she cant. She says she cant say that because he is the love of her life. They then share a kiss.

At the recording studio, Whitney and Chad are so happy. They cant believe they are back together. They talk about how they both hoped and prayed for a miracle when they thought they were siblings. Chad says it was all a sick plot by Alistair, but its over. Later they sit on the couch and watch TV together. Chad says he never thought hed ever have a normal life and a real family given how he grew up. They continue to recap their entire saga, from Chad coming to Harmony looking for his parents to being made to believe Eve and Julian were his parents. Chads phone rings, she wonders who is calling him at this hour? He doesnt know. She jokes hes lucky shes not the jealous type. He says she has nothing to worry about, its just work. He goes outside to take it. He tells the person that he can see them tonight and hes missed them too. Chad says hes almost done here so give him thirty minutes and theyll hook up at the same place. He looks out a window and says he can see them. He says he has to go before Whitney gets suspicious. They finish the movie, Whitney ends up saying she didnt see that twist at the end, the whole time the guy was cheating on the girl and she never knew. Chad says some scene near the end gave it away, she missed it and claims shes not a very good detective. Whitney suggests she take care of the dishes and then put on a CD. He says he has to go to work, he didnt want to tell her earlier and ruin the end of the movie. He says he can stay if she wants. She says its okay, he should go. He says he loves her and takes off.

Chad arrives at an apartment. The shower is running, nobody is around. He says a shower is just what he needed. He takes off his clothes and heads into the bathroom. 

At Tabitha's Fox and Kay are talking, they wont elope but do agree to move up the date. Kay asks if he has a reason he wants to move up the date? He remembers seeing her with Miguel. He just says he loves her and wants the world to know she is his wife. He says he has another surprise for her. Fox leads her off. He covers her eyes and tells her how they are meant to be together, when they came into each others lives he had lost Whitney and she had lost Miguel. He says they had both given up on love. Kay says yes and she never thought shed fall in love on a roof during a tsunami. Fox says they both helped each other survive and move on. He talks about how they both have talked about how important trust is, and if it was broken things would never be the same. Kay asks Fox what this is about? He asks if she still trusts him. She says yes and he can trust her too. He says and shed never betray that trust. To herself Kay wonders if Fox saw her with Miguel. Fox then reveals his surprise, a romantic dinner. She is stunned, but Fox says there is more. He surprised her with a diamond necklace. She says nobody has ever done anything like this for her. He says life can always be like this as long as shes with him. He tells her how he takes care of what is his, and she belongs to him mind, body and soul. She says she is all his. They kiss and dance. To himself Fox says Kay is his, she belongs to him. 

Outside Tabithas, Miguel shows up with flowers to talk to Kay. He looks inside and sees Fox wining and dining Kay. Miguel thinks everything in there must have cost a fortune, he says he cant compete with Fox. Miguel thinks about Luis telling him to fight for Kay if he has to, and how true love can over come any obstacle. He says Luis is right, he loves Kay and he knows she loves him too. He says he will fight for her. Miguel wonders why it took him so long to realize he was in love with Kay. He says he never should have left to look for Charity. He says maybe the reason he couldnt find Charity is because he was meant to be with Kay and Maria. He says or as Theresa would say it was fate. He says they are meant to be a family. He knows hes the one Kay is meant to be with.

At Theresas office, Theresa tells Jared how she told Ethan they wont lie down and let him and his client roll over them. Theresa says she will protect her sons legacy no matter what. Theresa thinks they will beat Ethan and Stuart, Stuart signed over rights to Crane for them to use his patent. Jared says Stuart does have Ethan as a lawyer, that could be a problem. Theresa is positive Ethan only took the case out of jealousy. She says he cant stand that shes over him. She once again thanks Jared for turning down Julians offer, its hard to find people to trust in this business. He says she can trust him in business and with her heart. He tells her that she means a lot to him. He tells her that he is falling in love with her. Theresa smiles and they kiss. Later Theresa calls Little Ethan to say goodnight. Jared has found a bottle of booze. Theresa jokes Julian probably has them hidden all over the place. He suggests they open it, she says why not. Theresa says only one glass though, they cant afford to get distracted. Theresa talks about how they have to find something to just sway one juror. Jared isnt worried, Ethans not that good. Theresa asks how he knows? Jared says any man who would chose another woman over her cant be that bright. They share another kiss. They eventually realize they have to get back to work. Jared says hell go to his office with half the files and she can finish her half here. Jared leaves and Theresa wonders if she could finally be falling for someone other than Ethan?

Spike shows up at Chris office. Spike asks Chris to look at some photos of some yachts, hes planning to buy one when Chris gets him that money. He wants to know when he can order the boat? Chris says this is going to take time and Spike is putting them in danger by being here. Spike says nobody else is working this late. Spike tells Chris to hurry up and get him that money, hes bored here and hearing the call of the islands. Chris says he wants Spike gone too. Spike tells Chris that their association isnt over. Chris says they have a deal, he gives him the money and then gets lost. Spike says hes afraid Chris will be his friend for a long time, hell do what he wants as long as he wants. Spike says hell get rich and Chris will get to stay married. Chris tells Spike his plan to transfer money from foreign accounts, but they have to move slowly. Chris tells Spike if he gets caught then Spike will go down with him. Spike says once they find out the money is missing, hell be long gone and nobody will suspect Chris. Chris begins working on transferring the money. Spike tells him he is a nervous nelly, relax, hes sweating for nothing. Chris says hes worried about spending his life in jail. He says he wouldnt agreed to this blackmail if he didnt love Sheridan so much. Spike thinks of it as a fair trade. Spike says Chris does this and Sheridan never knows Alistair hired him to be with Sheridan. Chris says he and Sheridan do love one another, they have a great marriage. He says hes not worried about Sheridan and Luis still. Spike laughs. He says he knows lots of chicks who talk about a spiritual love, a love that will last forever. He says that is how Sheridan and Luis talk. Chris says its over between them, Sheridan loves him now. Spike tells him not to be surprised if one day Luis and Sheridan end up . . . . Chris grows angry and says that wont happen, that would be the one thing to drive him to murder. He tells Spike to get out and use the service elevator. Spike and Chris leave, but later Spike breaks into Chris office and into his desk to get some access codes. Spike hears someone coming so he hides. Theresa walks by and sees the door to Chris office is open. She says he must have forgotten to lock up. She then sees an access code book lying around. She says that shouldnt be, she goes to lock it back up. Theresa then heads off and someone grabs her as she screams.

Chris walks home and happens to walk right by the station, where Sheridan and Luis are inside kissing. 


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